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The Ubyssey Mar 27, 1998

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Array u-iobs
t on jobs, jobs and more jobs
ubyssey magazine
Andy's hair piece since 1918
FRIDAY, MARCH 27, 1998
Musical Theatre Society of UBC (MUSSOQ
Normand Bouchard Memorial Theatre
Mar 24-26
 by Andy Bartiam
I never saw the original Broadway production of
Hair which opened in 1968—the same year we
moved from Montreal to California. My parents saw
the musical and liked it enough to buy the album,
which we played to death around our house while I
was growing ^ .
up   <-sOC revives
it defined a generation
and that generation's beliefs
about itself and its relationship to the
world it inhabited. It was the quintessential counter-cultural moment Five years ago,
mounting a production of Hair would have been
little more than a self-congratulatory exercise in
nostalgia for a worn-out generation too bloated with
its own sense of self-esteem to do more than wallow
in the fading glory of an idealism it no longer
MUSSOC is an AMS Club, consisting of UBC students from damn near every faculty on campus, who
just happen to like musical theatre. Because of
this, I half expected the performance-
was invited to come
back on Wednesday night for a
second opportunity to review the show,
and I'm damn glad I went Although there
were   still  minor  sound  problems,   they
weren't as severe, and I could hear the singers
clearly, well enough to realize that were some
damned good ones in the cast
Indeed. Certain singers deserve special
mention.  Janet   Vertessi   (Crissi),   who
looked so perfect in the role of a love
struck teeny-bopper, sang Frank Mills
beautifully.   She  definitely has  the
potential to go far. Mark Rosete performed the part of Margaret Mead
superbly, sustaining the long drawn
fj/1 /^ ky a cast ■ •
"ftaoo's tribal love rock musical, f)air
of people too young to remember the original
or what it represented—to fall somewhere
between a standard theatre production of a
classic musical, lacking the idealistic intensity
which fired the original group of writers and
I was wrong.
For one thing, the costumes were so bloody
authentic, and the performers so fired up with
what  they were
of THE n^F?
Not having seen the
musical Hair was something I long regretted.
For  those  unfamiliar
with the story behind  Hair,
it concerns Claude, a young man who has recently
turned 18 and thus become eligible for the draft He
is befriended by a tribe of flower children living on
the streets of New York in Greenvrich Village, who
advise him to burn his draft card and join them.
The message, for those who weren't there,
is 'Tune in, Turn on,  and Drop out'
Eventually he does surrender himself
to the army and is symbolically
killed in action in Vietnam.
doing, that there were
moments when I almost felt like I
was back in high school oggling grade 9
girls behind the recreation centre while worrying about getting my own notice from the draft
board upon graduation. Back then, it really did seem
like the Vietnam War would never end, as night after
night, on the evening news, we heard the body counts
amid never-ending horror stories.
On opening night there were such serious problems with the sound system that the audience could
not hear solo singers for most of the first act For a
musical which depends upon the singing to deliver
its message, this sort of technical glitch could
have been disastrous. By the second act the
crew had managed to fix the problem
enough that I could generally (but
not   always)   hear   the
singers. Luckily, I
out note on 'Actually' as long as the
original Broadway performer. I'm
sure I wasn't the only person in the
audience who would have taken him
for a woman, had the program not
given the game away!
Although Bechara John Saab performed the role of Claude very well,
imbuing him with just the right degree of
youthful naivete and cool hipness to turn
him into the sort of convincing character
an audience could identify with (a
difficult job in a musical!), his
singing wasn't quite up to the range
required. Like John Amenta, and a
few of the female vocalists, he
has   developed   the   ability,
essential to theatrical singing,
to  project his  voice.   Unlike
Amenta,  he  still hasn't quite
learned how to control it.
Having not seen the original, I
don't know whether or not it featured a young woman kneeling
like the coed at Kent State who
knelt over her dead friend after
National Guardsmen opened
fire on antiwar protesters, but
having Sharon Ong—who also
evoked the image of Truong,
the Vietnamese girl photographed running naked from
a napalm attack—kneeling in
this pose was very powerful. It literally combined
two of the most potent symbols of the antiwar
movement, and director Patricia Andrew is to be
commended for this subtle bit of last minute
The cast performed very well, interpreting
Hair in a way that was definitely in keeping
with the spirit of the original. In a weird
kind of way, this collection of dedicated
amateurs brought a new authenticity to
the old and largely forgotten musical
through   which   a   generation   once
defined itself. By the end of the show,
the consciousness of an era in which
the outlook of the whole world
changed fundamentally had been
translated to the audience.* THE U8WSEY ♦FRIDAY, MARCH 27, 1998
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Complaint commission stalled
 by Sarah Galashan
A public complaints commission
investigating RCMP conduct during
APEC is supposed to begin April 14,
but faces possible delays over payment of lawyer fees and the release
of RCMP documents. A date will not
be set until next week.
The RCMP Public Complaints
Commission, an organisation independent of the RCMP, has already
accepted 49 complaints which will
be investigated by a three member
panel of selected lawyers and justices of the peace.
Although the commission is
mandated to proceed with hearings
in a timely fashion, wrangling over
legal fee compensation for the complainants and the processing of
RCMP documents are said to be
holding up proceedings.
"We are pushing very, very hard
because these documents are
expected to outline who was
involved and where instructions
came from," said Chris Considine,
the panel's legal counsel. He said
the commission requested the documents in late December.
RCMP Sergeant Russ Grabb said
police work doesn't come to a halt
for the commission's investigation,
adding sifting through the materials
requested is taking time.
"There are 80 boxes of documents dealing with the APEC file,"
said Grabb, adding certain documents whether requested or not will
have to remain confidential to pro
tect secrets which may be used in
future security operations.
Among the complaints received
is a letter from Martha Piper, UBC
president She requests the alleged
violation of students constitutional
rights be reviewed and in her complaint she is critical of the RCMP's
use of "oppressive conduct"
The public inquiry will look into
whether the action taken by RCMP
officers against students and protesters during APEC was consistent with the Canadian Charter of
During the APEC Leaders'
Retreat on November 2 5 some protestors and members of the media
were pepper-sprayed when demonstrators tore down sections of a
chain link fence and later attempted
to blockade all roads exiting the
Museum of Anthropology where 18
world leaders were meeting.
The protest came in response to
the absence of human rights on the
APEC agenda.
While some students made com
plaints to the commission, others
are pursuing independent legal
action for the treatment they
received during the protest
In addition to the student lawsuits and the public commission's
inquiry, the RCMP itself will be
conducting internal investigations
into allegations of criminal conduct. Grabb said this could include
excessive force or assault. Grabb
said, if the allegations are legitimate charges may be laid.«>
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CFS vote falls flat as graduate students say no
by Todd Silver
Graduate students at UBC soundly defeated a
motion to join the Canadian Federation of
Students (CFS) last week, voting two to one to
forego entry to the national lobbying organisation and the $12 annual fee a yes vote would
have cost students.
GSS students witnessed a heavy round of
campaigning from both sides during last
week's voting. The CFS weighed in with a UBC-
specific campaign of customized colour flyers
and posters and by coinnutting its BC chairperson, Maura Parte to campus for the week.
Parte didn't say how much the CFS spent on
campaigning for the referendum, adding there
was no set campaign budget
She said the campaign was dependent on
find success
at UBC
by Wolf Depner and Chris Nuttall-Smith
Three AMS referenda requesting more money of
students, and slated for defeat only a few weeks
ago, passed in a campus-wide referendum last
week, thanks largely to a last-minute extension of
polling hours.
UBC students okayed an extra $ 12 each year to
replace a bursary fund increase ordered returned
by the BC Supreme Court, a $ 1 student legal fund
fee and an athletics fee increase that will rise $3
in each of the next five years.
The student union accepted the results
Wednesday, but according to Scott Morishita, the
AMS director of aoministration, the results could
face a challenge.
Polling was planned to run for three days last
week, but was extended for an extra four hours on
a fourth polling day due to an oversight by the
elections committee.
AMS code requires the elections committee to
advertise the referenda in a campus publication
during the week of a referendum, but the committee didn't place any ads.
Once alerted to the mistake the committee
placed an ad in' the Thursday edition of the
Ubyssey, holding over voting on the Friday.
But Karen Vlug the AMS elections administrator, said that without that extra day of voting, none
of the referenda would have garnered enough student votes to pass.
Vlug said she hadn't intended to forget the ad.
This was a complete oversight that we can take full
responsibility for," said Vlug. It was a screwup."
She added she has not received any formal
complaints about the extra polling.
But Morishita and others have suggested that bad blood
over the Thunderbird Shop referendum last month might
come back to haunt these recent referenda. The shop missed
a chance to avoid eviction from the SUB by only 79 votes—
despite a huge majority in favour of the shop, it fell just short
of quorum.
Morishita said council should expect questions about the
fairness of allowing an extra day in one instance but not for
the Thunderbird Shop. Complaints would have to go to the
AMS Ombudsperson, who could recommend to council the
referendum results should be overturned. However, the
Ombuds position is currently vacant
Meanwhile, the people who will benefit from the fees are
Carol Gibson, the director of awards and financial aid,
saw a huge chunk of her budget—some $400,000 this
term—stripped away when the university lost a legal challenge over the bursary fee and another fee increase after the
provincial tuition freeze. UBC returned that money to students, about $36 for a student enrolled in 30 credits, early
last month.
But the bursary fund referendum win means awards will
recoup much of its share of that money.
The possibility that there could be a contribution to the
volunteers. "Most of these campaigns are
dependent on interaction between mdividuals
and people on the ground talking to other people," she added.
"We do create materials to make information available but first and foremost are volunteers from other student unions who are members of the federation."
Kevin Dwyer, GSS president supported the
GSS joining the CFS. He said because students
receive the benefits of CFS lobbying they
should have joined the federation.
Dwyer said a lot of the work that went into
maintaining the tuition freeze in BC has come
from the Canadian Federation of Students,
adding the referendum was held in an attempt
to resolve the free rider issue.
"Unfortunately we have been unable to
resolve this issue at this point" he said.
Michael Kyba, a UBC graduate student who
opposed joining the CFS, said he would prefer
to acknowledge a different student organisation, one that "doesn't include protests and
trashing buildings."
"I think the CFS is a big parasitic organisation that doesn't represent students in general," said Kyba
And Kyba was not alone in his opinion as
the majority of grad students opposed joining
the CFS.
Students were also asked to vote in refer- •
enda to stop paying GSS executive council ,
and to make GSS fees voluntary failed to
meet quorum.
The GSS needs 618 yes votes to meet
quorum. ♦
CARRYING A LEGACY. Friends of Bill Reid, the renewed Haida artist who died last week after losing a long battle with
Parkinson's Disease, carry his ashes aboard a canoe Reid carved. Hundreds attended a memorial at the Museum of
Anthropology last Tuesday, where a number of his pieces are on display. Richard lam photo
fund is really positive, enormously positive," Gibson said in
an interview. Students will be able to opt out of that $ 12 fee
for a refund.
Bob Philip, director of UBC Athletics, said the referendum
win was a big shot in the arm for varsity athletics. That's pretty much going to account for our shortfall," said Philip. "I
think this sends a message that the students think it [athletics
and recreation] are important"
The athletics increase will net $900,000 per year by
2002/2003, when the increase hits $ 15 and when combined
with $400,000 per year in business-partnership revenue
from the university.
The UBC board of governors recently cornmitted
$400,000 of revenue from an exclusive banking deal with the
Royal and Hong Kong banks, to Athletics.
UBC Athletics currently receives money from exclusive
deals with Coke and Canadian Airlines. Philip added Athletics
will pursue additional sponsors—both companies and individuals—in the near future.
"We're trying to make varsity sports a tittle bit more
self-sufficient and I think that's a realistic goal," Philip
"If you take a look at the numbers in athletics, in
Intramurals, in Recreation, there are a lot of people out
there," said Bob Philip, director of UBC Athletics. "And I think
that a significant number voted and that made a difference."
As expected, varsity athletes welcomed the news of the fee
"Hopefully it'll maintain the sports that don't have as high
a status and are on the verge of being dropped by the program," said a women's soccer player, Gillian Hicks, of the referendum.
James Pond, one of the students who campaigned for both
the bursary fee and the legal aid fee, said the legal aid organisers are in the process of incorporating a student society to
administer the fund.
Pond said some of the fund's first disbursements could
go to support students fighting APEC lawsuits. And he said
the existence of the fund should make UBC think twice
before taking action that could find them in court
The referendum win betrayed the common opinion
around the AMS council table a few weeks ago that the referenda would not pass. The victories are anomalous if anything—these three referenda bring the total of successful referenda at UBC this decade to 10 of the 28 held.
Pond, however, said the results make sense. "It's not like
students will always vote no to a fee increase," he said. "It's
just got to be something they really support"** by Idella Sturino
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Quebec Bureau
MONTREAL (CUP>-Anyone taking a quick peek into
the small office of McGill University's sexual assault
centre might not notice anything unusual about it The
walls are adorned with public awareness posters and
notices for volunteers, and the bookshelves are full of
reference guides and self-help books for survivors of
sexual abuse. A handful of women chat in a corner
while eating their lunch.
But there is something unusual going on; this is the
only Canadian university sexual assault centre run
completely by and for students, free of all administrative ties. It is staffed by students and financed by
McGill's student union.
The fact that the centre is entirely student-run is
easily forgotten in light of its apparent efficiency and
the confidence exuded by its trained volunteers, who
provide services ranging from a telephone help-line to
support groups for victims of abuse.
Now, after six years of growth and earning a name
for itself at McGill and in Montreal, the centre is ready
to offer itself up as a model for similar initiatives
Gravely adds that being autonomous from the
administration allows for a bolder political stance
than might otherwise be possible. She points to the
centre's decision-making structure as one example. It
operates on a collective, consensual basis with a pro-
feminist prosurvivor mandate, which Gravely says is
not necessarily the standard for sexual assault centres.
"[The centre] is incredibly progressive and very,
very exceptional," she explained.
But some medical professionals say while McGill's
sexual assault centre has many positive points, it may
not be the most desirable model.
Pierre Tellier, director of McGill's health services,
says although the centre has come a long way, especially in the tiaining of its volunteers, its independence may actually be a detriment to providing an efficient service.
"Students tend to be a little suspicious of the
administration, and...shouldn't be. It would be much
more efficient if we worked together," he said.
He points to McGill Nightline, a general help-line
run by students with input from university professionals, as an example of a successful joint venture
between students and the administration.
Running a sexual assault centre
would be too much of a burden
for most students. But at McGill
the students do the counselling,
and the idea is catching on
...on their own
across the country as it plays host to over 20 representatives of campus sexual assault centres and university administrations from across Canada The two-
day conference, which will take place in Montreal
March 27-28, will provide practical workshops and
discussion groups on how to run a student sexual
assault facility, informed by the McGill centre's experience.
Joanne Stuart, the conference organiser, says the
centre decided to put on the conference because it
feels its operating model may be useful for others.
"[The centre] as an organisation was consolidated
enough to say to people. This is what works and this
is what you can try," she said. "It shows a bit of self-
confidence on our part, I think."
At least one campus sexual assault centre has
already turned to the McGill model for guidance. York
University's sexual assault and survivor support-line
got its start three years ago thanks to the McGill centre, says (XKirdinator Cindy Ramkripal.
Like the McGill centre, the York sexual assault service is also student-run, but it is not completely independent of the university.
Christina Gravely, who volunteers with the McGill
centre and serves on its executive committee, says
being a student-run organization has many advantages.
"Because we're on the McGill campus and because
we're students, we have our ear to the ground in
terms of what's going on and what students may
need," she said, adding that McGill students may find
it easier to approach the centre because its volunteers
are also students.
Stuart concedes the McGill model is not necessarily a sure fit for everyone. A number of significant challenges face student-run centres. There is a high volunteer turnover rate, and in the formative stages of such
a facility, volunteers can expect to put in up to 70 hour
weeks to get things up and running. And on campuses where the silence surrounding sexual assault hasn't yet been broken, a new sexual assault centre may
be met with hostility, adds Gravely.
The conference will therefore use the McGill centre's model as a basis for discussion, Stuart says,
adding that the facility's aims are not prescriptive.
"We don't have all the answers," she said.
But while one aim of the conference will be to
demonstrate an original, working student model for
campus sexual assault centres, the other is to raise
awareness about sexual assault which many silenuy
suffer through.
"Sexual assault is not going away. As a service we
are so attuned to that It's so evident that it's a problem that it has to be addressed in a public sphere,"
Stuart said.
The conference will include a panel discussion by
local women activists about the social contexts of violence against women, followed by an address by
respected journalist and author Laura Robinson.
Overall, response to the conference has been positive and Stuart says she hopes that if its is a success, it
could become a bi-annual event
For now, though, she has her sights set on this
"The energy I hope to generate is going to be
the ubyssey,
■ THE UBYSSEV « FfflDAY, MARCH 2% 1998 ,
Dalhousie profs go on strike
by Kaveri Gupta and Shelley Robinson
The Dalhousie Gazette
HALIFAX (CUP)-Despite a 24-hour marathon of last-
minute negotiations, faculty and administration at
Dalhousie University were unable to resolve their differences and on Wednesday, the faculty walked out.
The faculty, who hit the picket lines on the first day
they were legally entitled to strike, are
holding out for increased salaries and
replacement of departing faculty.
Michael Cross, chief negotiator for the
faculty association, says while the strike
won't be pleasant, it might spur fruitful
"I'm not at all sure the board [of governors] believed [a strike] was going to happen," he said. "So now that they know
we're serious I hope they'll come back to
the table and we can have some really serious discussions."
University spokesperson Michelle
Gallant says the strike has set back negotiations.
"It's unfortunate the faculty adjourned
the meetings to go one strike. We were
making progress," she said, adding that
the administration is ready to go back to
the table anytime.
Dalhousie professors say their salaries lag behind
those of faculty at comparably sized institutions and
are concerned by the fact that over the last 10 years,
the university has not filled 113 vacated faculty positions.
They rejected the administration's original offer of
a 9.5 per cent salary hike and no guarantee to replace
departing professors was rejected by a faculty mem
bership vote.
The faculty association then put forward two
counter proposals. The first called for a 13 per cent
salary increase and a guarantee that all departing faculty would be replaced. The second dropped the salary
demand down to an increase of 11.8 per cent and
asked for a guarantee that all faculty who leave
through early retirement packages be replaced.
Resolution of the faculty replacement issue is particularly pressing
as 46 faculty will be taking early
retirement July 1.
The administration rejected both
proposals. It says it can't afford the
requested salary increases and that
it can't guarantee that all vacated
positions will be replaced.
The faculty association, however,
says it can't afford not to, as the
reduced staff complement is hurting
the quality of education at the university.
Cross says the board's latest offer,
which guarantees to not eliminate,
but not necessarily fill, the vacant
positions is a step—but a small one.
"I suppose it's a recognition that
there is a problem/ he said. "[But] it
doesn't put any people in classrooms."
Though no one seems sure of where talks, or the
strike, will go from here. Cross says something has to
be done, and soon.
"There are only a couple of weeks left in the term
and people are going to graduate, we have to do something fast," he said.
Talks were scheduled to resume yesterday, with a
provincial conciliator mediating discussions.**
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UBC FilmSocl
Mar 27-29, Norm Theatre, SUB
7:00 PM
Zero Effect
9:30 PM
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the ubyssey
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speaking workshop. Learn to focus,
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Festive A celebration of culture
April 3, 1998. International House
5 pm - midnight. Food performances of cultures around the
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Most people are familiar with the British
pop   band   Chumbawamba's   hit   song
"Tubmumping" with its anthemic chorus of 'I
get knocked down, but I get up again' and its celebration of pub culture. But few of those only familiar with
the latest CD are aware of the fact that the band is made
up of radical anarchists. Past releases have included a
split album    For a free humanity. For anarchy with contemporary anarchist thinker Noam Chomsky.
But what does being an anarchist mean to Chumbawamba?
I had the chance to speak with guitarist Boff and singer/percussionist Dunstan Bruce before their performance Monday night to ask just
that question.
*Qn a personal level it means that between the eight of us we organise everything collectively and we share everything out equally. And that
we're really careful not to have any sort of hierarchy where there are defi-.
nite sorts of job divisions based on who's getting more or less money," Boff
On a nonpersonal level Boff said that the band believes mat "you don't
need someone to tell you what to do, whether they be socialist leaders or
Conservatives, Republicans, Democrats or Fascists. And that the best way of
people getting on with each other and sorting out the world's problems is to
start from the basic community level'
However, Chumbawamba are not spending their time dreaming of a perfect world. Instead they prefer to work at changing things that are happening
in the world around them.
"We're not working towards a Utopia where we flunk suddenly everyone's
going to be ninning around in the fields with no clothes on and you know,
stroking lambs and that I think what we're doing is we're aiming towards situations where there's a constant flow of information and ideas between everyone not just from the top to the bottom. And that doesn't mean to say that
everything's going to be great it just means that when there's problems
people solve them in their own communities or between each
other," said Boff.
Being an anarchist group signed to a major
label seems to be a contradiction in terms.
Chumbawamba are fully aware of
this. The decision came about
after hours and hours
of    discussion
and with
Rick Bennett
ScAccounting     Services   ltd
104, 1199 West Pender Street Vancouver, BC Canada V6E 2R1
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If you have a University Degree in ANY field you
may be eligible for direct entry into the 2nd year of
Financial Management.
For further information please contact:
Dick Dolan
Associate Dean
Financial Management
Tel: (604) 432-8898
E-mail: ddolan@bcit.bc.ca
Web site: www.bcit.bc.ca
by itself.
Every fire
needs a
little bit of
By Lisa Hale    the awareness of the fact that
many people wouldn't understand their motivations. As Dunstan
said, "There's quite a lot of irony to signing to EMI in Europe after appearing on a
compilation album titled Fuck EMI."
Boff   added   that,    "Some   people   see
Chumbawamba as being this representative of the
fight between independent culture and multinational
(corporate) culture, which is really unfair because even
though we're part of that whole monolith of top 40 radio, all
that business, that shit at the same time we're completely supportive of many many independent things, whether they're bookshops or political organisations or community groups. It's not like
we're going 'right fuck you, we've changed now, we've signed on the dotted line and so now we're just bastards."
And furthermore, they have no problem with taking the time to explain their
actions and the decision-making process that led them to anyone who asks.
The band doesn't spend much time hanging out with other members of the
industry, finding, to their great amusement that people are actually scared of
them. At the Brit Awards, security and management were overheard saying over
their walkie-talkies to "keep Chumbawamba away from Fleetwood Mac*
Perhaps some of the concern was warranted, though Fleetwood Mac had
nothing to worry about for later that evening. Danbert Nobacon, one of
Chumba's singers, dumped a bucket of ice water on deputy Prime Minister John
Prescott Despite reports in the media that it was done purely for self-promotion,
the action had social justice motives. The band sent out a press release the next
day to explain why they'd done it They had attended the ceremonies with a couple of "dockers* (dockworkers that had been involved in a strike that had gone
on for two years and just ended a few weeks earlier, with complete losses for ihe
workers and an end to unionised labour on the docks in Britain), whose struggle
Chumbawamba has been actively involved in for a long time. John Prescott had
been personally involved in some of the negotiations and really screwed the
workers over. As well, the New Labour had proven themselves to be no better
than the Conservatives in respect to how they were treating youth and members
of the art community, while maintaining a facade of being hip and "down with
the lads.* John Prescott singing along to the Spice sGirls proved to be too much
for Chumbawamba
Chumbawamba sees themselves as a venue for the dissemination of information, though they do their best to avoid telling people what's right or wrong.
"Rock and roll, as Chumbawamba sees it is something that we think is a really
powerful way of talking to anyone, whether they're like seven years old
and all they want to do is get your autograph or they're sixty years old
and they're like intellectual anarchists who know eveiything there is to
Jcnow about radical culture anyway," said Boff Chumbawamba are the
Jblack sheep of the pop world, daring to mix ideas and politics
Jnto a medium notorious for being vacuous and sup-
sportive of the status quo. They take great amusement at the criticism they get from all
^sides, from the pop word for being
Joo political and from an
archist circles for
^having "sold
Music of the new
it surprising at first
that they were
so open to doing
an interview for my
zine, bacterial culture (I
received a response to my
email request from one of the
singers, Alice, only a few short
weeks after I sent it to their website
address) even though it won't have any
effect on their record sales. However, after
talking to them, I realise that their down to
earth attitudes demonstrate the consistency of
their beliefs in relation to their newfound superstar-
dom. They continue to infuse their radical ideas, sarcastic sense of humour and disrespect for authority into
everything they do, true anarchists in every sense of the
\ '-:■.
CHUMBAWAMBA blast out some tunes Monday night at the rage. Bruce Dunston
(center) leans into his work, angus furgusson photo
by Ronald Nurwisah
It has definitely been a good year
for the UBC Opera Ensemble. Last
summer saw them traveling to
Germany and the Czech Republic,
to perform Mozart's The Magic
Flute. The UBC Opera Ensemble
also managed to put on a benefit
concert for the victims of the flood
that struck the region last year. On
campus, the ensemble seems to be
enjoying the same success that it
enjoyed overseas. Their concerts
are often well attended. When
asked about this year's successes
Nancy Hermiston, director of the
UBC Opera Ensemble echoed this
feeling of optimism.
"I think this has been our most
successful since I've been here,"
said Hermiston.
To end this banner year, the
UBC Opera Ensemble along with
the UBC Symphony Orchestra will
be performing one of Mozart's
early operas. La Finta Giardiniera.
Although written when Mozart was
only 19, the piece is very significant musically. Hermiston
remarked on how La Finta
revealed much about Mozart's
later work, "You see a lot of the
makings of Figaro, the makings of
Don Giovanni, of Cossi Fan Tutte."
While Jesse Read, director of the
UBC Symphony Orchestra believes
that the opera discusses the whole
idea of the discovery of nature. "The
whole opera takes place in a garden,
and it sort of puts out the idea of the
simple person whose life is connected with nature against the very
sophisticated nobility. You already
have that tension starting."
Like most operas, the plot of La
Finta Giardiniera contains a love
story full of hidden twists and surprises. Read describes the play as
"simple but complicated, typical
18th century opera about mistaken
identities, hidden identities."
These hidden identities are reflected in the title, translated from
Italian La Finta Giardiniera
means "the false garden-girl."
When asked about the choice to
perform La Finta Giardiniera.
Nancy Hermiston talked about the
experience that the singers would
acquire by doing a Mozart opera.
"It's very good for the voices and
it's getting them ready for The
Marriage of Figaro next year, so
they get experience singing Mozart
and it's very challenging for them
to sing Mozart it's a very healthy
repertoire for the students to work
on,* she said.
Along with mastering the music,
the performers have also had to
master the use of the Chan Centre.
The main complaint about the Chan
Centre is that the hall was not
designed for opera, a fact reflected
by the lack of curtains and difficulties with set design. Read remarked
that "This [the opera] is going to be
a very experimental very modern,
creative way of using what was
intended primarily as a concert theatre.* Fortunately, the opera does
not call for many scene changes, as
the majority of the action takes
place in the mayor's garden.
Although not the ideal hall in
which to perform an opera, the
overall opinion about the Chan
Centre has been positive among
instructors and performers.
"Having the hall irnmediately
makes everyone feel more profes-
sionaLit's so wonderful to come
out here during concert and see a
sea of people," commented Read.
The benefits of the hall extend
beyond performances due to the
fact that the ensembles also practice in the Centre. Phoebe McRae, a
Masters of Music student and
member of the Opera ensemble
said, "It's a new experience being
in a big hall for rehearsals instead
of a little room, because you always
sing out and have to get used to projecting to the back."
The popularity of opera and the
ensemble is due to a number of factors believes Hermiston.
"Opera has eveiything. It has
the symphonic music, it has dance,
it has costumes, it has wigs, it has
theatres, it has singing, there's chorus in it, and so there's a lot of
attraction there."
While McRae commented on
the power of opera, "The emotions
are very strong, and potent and I
think people can relate to that"
If this year was any indication,
next year will be an equally strong
year for the UBC Opera Ensemble
and the UBC Symphony Orchestra.
In the corning year, the UBC Opera
Ensemble will be performing
Hansel and Gretel and The
Marriage of Figaro They are also
planning another trip to Europe.
The UBC Symphony Orchestra on
the other hand, is planning to have
more concerts off campus. They
also are planing for another combined concert with the VSO. For
now, students thirsting for classical
music or opera will have to take
h La Finta Giardiniera*
,**   <*      j&
UBC Opera ensemble ends on high note
LA FINTA GIARDINIERA, will be the finale for the UBC Opera
Ensemble's season, richard lam photo '-'J
Mini Store-All Inc.
Store Q| your
belongings pi, for
the /summer-or longer!
In theatres everywhere
by Sarah Galashan
Ih4T% I'l | |W|    for the camPus community
rUI Uflll    on the
Pacific Games
Monday March 30,1998
• 12:30-1:30pm, Hennings 200,
6224 Agricultural Rd.
Organizers will present an overview of this international
sporting event, including a proposal that UBC serve as one
of the Lower Mainland's major venues.
For further information call UBC Public Affairs at 822-3131.
An alternative way to travel through Europe!
mited bus pass
Prices start at
- Hop-on hop-off bus service.
- Travel through Holland,
France, Belgium, Germany, Austria,
Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy,
Spain, and England.
Prices shown are based on travel commencing by 30 May 98.
Check with us for summer rates!
Students Union Building 822-6890
203-5728 University Blvd. 221-6221
■ Owned and operated by the Canadian Federation of Students
Since its release 20 years ago, the movie Grease has
provided a profound and much needed commentary
on high school romance. This piece of pop culture
has developed a cult following and its message of
suppressed femininity and exaggerated testosterone
within a high school
environment are
as true today as
they were in the
50s. Many live
for the moment
they will meet
their very own
Danny Zuko or
Sandra Olson,
when they, too, will be
so swept up with teenage
angst and lust that they will
burst into songs about summer
lovin' and dance around transformed hot rods with cellophane. And
now with the rerelease of Grease, everyone may get their chance.
If you're unfamiliar with the story
line, then imagine yourself madly in
love with your high school sweetheart
who is unacceptable to your incredibly
cool and exclusive set of friends. Then
throw in some snappy show tunes and
you've got Grease fever.
Since their debut together the cast
has grown up and are likely no longer
taken to racing beat up oldsmobiles at
"Thunder Road.' Many of them saw
their last flicker of fame in, or shortly after Grease.
Sandy went on to get physical, Marty found a spot on
a sitcom called Empty Nest and Frenchy took over as
station master in a kiddie show about fictional trains
that talk. No Greasers went on to find the same fame
as by John Travolta, a.k.a. Danny Zuko. Except maybe
Billy  Crystal.   Look  for   him   in  the   American
Bandstand scene. It's a little known fact that he plays
one of Johnny Casino's musicians/Gamblers to the
left of the stage.
There is no need for a disclaimer here. I fully
acknowledge myself an expert in the field. I am a
Greaser—a full fledged Sandra Dee wanna be. When
I first heard the news of the anniversary release of a
digitally remastered Grease I was stunned. Could it be
that my dreams and those of so many Greasers everywhere had been answered? To watch it as originally
intended, in its purest form, on the silver screen?
No matter how many times you see this on video
nothing will prepare you for Travolta in a tight black
studded t-shirt 15 feet tall on the big screen. The
audience is fully absorbed in the counter culture
that is Grease, while costumed fans belt out the
tunes they've had memorised since childhood.
I must admit the vibrato of the girl seated next to me was
sometimes more
than I thought I
could stand, but at
the same time I felt a
strong kinship with
this musical misfit
who wanted only to
mimic her idols.
We, along with so
many others are
shunned by society
for our outrageous
Grease addiction.
We pledge to 'think
pink' and swear our
undying love for the
T-Birds. We give into
together again
fits of excitement when the familiar Elm tunes filter
through the airwaves in Earls restaurant chains.
But this addiction to the story of a girl who gets a
makeover to meet someone else's image requirements,
while inherently self-destructive, isn't really more than
an elevated form of peer pressure. And Allan Carr, the
film's director/producer, is no more guilty of this than
any group of 15 year old boys and girls.
So watch it, enjoy it and by all means sing along.
It is your last chance to see it on this scale, perhaps
for another 20 years.*
In theatres everywhere
by Vince Yim
Wild Things features a substandard plot about a school guidance
counselor (Matt Dillon) accused of
sexual assault by two precocious
high school students (Neve
Campbell and Denise Richards),
all while being investigated by a
police detective (Kevin Bacon).
Fair enough. Yawn. Apart from
the hilarious performance by Bill Murray
as a sleazy lawyer,
there aren't many surprises. As expected,
the counselor wins
the case and receives
a   huge   out-of-court
good you are, you will not be able
to predict the ending, thanks to
certain plot elements strategically
deleted until the credits roll (hint:
don't leave until after the credits
are done). The unfortunate part
about doing a review of a film
with such plot twists is that they
tend to leave the reviewer with an
obligation to withhold plot elements, especially the ending
(that, and the preview audience
was specifically asked not to
divulge the twist ending). That
leaves me with very little to talk
We   see   the
inside of the
lawyer's   office,   we   see
how much of a sleaze bag this
lawyer is, and we have a few
laughs at his expense. Ho hum.
Then, as Dillon goes back to his
fleabag apartment, he is paid a
friendly visit...by the two young
women who accused him of rape.
And that is where the real fun
Wild Things is a twisted tale of
sex, lies, betrayal, money, murder, and yes—videotape. With
each actor playing two-faced characters, betrayal comes as second
nature to each one, leading to
some of the most bizarre plot
twists  around.  No matter how
about, but thankfully, the film does not stand alone
on the plot twists.
Simply, this film is a lot of fun.
The numerous plot twists will
have you shaking your head in disbelief, usually accompanied by
nervous laughter. Other times, the
jokes are intentional, and work
very well, such as a scene where a
couple murders a prominent
character and are about to drive
away, when the young female
accomplice is more upset over her
punishment for taking the car
than for being caught for murder.
The film is beautifully shot. The
scenery is constantly changing
from the swampy rural landscape
inhabited by Neve Campbell's
Suzie and the alluent cityscape
inhabited by Denise Richard's
Kelly. The filmmakers pay attention to detail, with recurring
images such as teeth and broken
glass. However, such over-analysis would ruin the entire film, so
why bother?
All the players were well cast
for their roles. Neve Campbell is
convincing as the trailer-trash
teen delinquent, while Matt
Dillon portrays the deceitful counselor with a hidden agenda. The role of
Kelly,     the     spoiled
teenage   brat,   could
have    been,    ahem,
filled by just  about
anyone with the appropriate measurements,
although  Denise   Richards does a more than adequate job of playing the character.
And of course, Bill Murray
plays a hilarious role of the stereotypical ambulance-chasing lawyer.
Each actor proves to be versatile,
which is necessary, as each character is not as they seem.
Though that idea is a common
thread in film, Wild T hings pulls
it off beautifully. Multiple plot
twists, complex characters, some
very funny moments, and a secret
plot twist all combine to make it
one of the better films to come out
sofarin.1998.* Hobs Hobs ||obs Hobs Hobs Hobs Hobs Hobs Hobs Hobs Hobs Hob
aire jobs
for you
the Ubyssey Business Office
Since you are reading this, you
have probably noticed something new in the Ubyssey this
year: U-Iobs.
Since September, we have
been offering free advertising to
employers hoping to hire university students and recent graduates for part-time, full-time,
temporary, or permanent work.
These job postings are listed on
page 2, right next to the classifieds, every Friday. (Don't forget
to check the classifieds for our
other income-boosting opportunities such as research study participation, scholarship announcements, and prize giveaways).
Some days we have more
postings for U-Jobs than we
have free space, so we make the
ads small. This isn't because
those opportunities are small,
but because we have been
receiving more and more ads as
word of this service has spread.
We hope our U-jobs section
has made the lag between the
beginning of a job hunt and the
cashing of a pay cheque shorter
for at least a few students over
the past few months.
Whether or not you worked
this past term, you probably
need summer employment.
Congratulations and good
luck if you've already found a
job that gives you enough hours,
pays you well, and doesn't
threaten your health. But if you
haven't, we're here to help.
Since January, we've been
phoning and faxing everyone
from software developers to the
BC government, tracking down
opportunities open right now to
We've tried to ensure that
the jobs in this special supplement are legitimate employment.
All are hiring soon, and they
require nothing from you except
your resume, cover letter, skill
and energy. In other words,
don't worry, there's no pyramid
marketing—send in SlO-and-
get-back-SlOOO—or chances for
creatively-clad photo sessions in
someone's home studio scheme.
We hope this supplement
proves useful to you, and thank
you for supporting us now and
over the last 80 years. We have
developed this and other services
at the Ubyssey as a small way of
proving our gratitude to the student body who supports us
through readership, contributions, and articles.
Again, good luck, and happv
These positions require a commitment to September 4, 1998,
TEMpfllDADY D/T AM)  F/T     We are looking for enthusiastic individuals who have
excellent communication and interpersonal skills and
a professional attitude.
Ret* S-K2
Customer Service positionas are also
available in Kelowna.
Lower Mainland
Ref# S-2
• You are proficient in Word for Windows and Excel
• You have a minimum typing speed of 30 wpm
Customer Service
• You are a customer-focused and sales-oriented
• You have keyboarding skills and are familiar with
PC's and related software
• Shiftwork is required
If you are interested, please submit your cover letter and resume, indicating the position
you are applying for and the appropriate reference - by April 3rd, 1998, to:
BC TEL Employment Centre
5 - 3777 Kingswav
Burnaby, BCV5H 3Z7
Fax: (604) 436-1352
Email: empcentre@bctel.com
Due to the anticipated high volume of applications, we request that you do not contact
the Employment Centre. You will receive an acknowledgement within three weeks.
We are an eqjal opportunity employer. We entourage you to identify
if you are a member of a visible minority group, an Aboriginal person
or a person with disabilities.
wwvv.bctel. corn
Youth Options BC is a
comprehensive provincial
government program providing young British
Columbians with education, skills training and
work experience opportunities. It includes a three
year tuition freeze, a post-
secondary space for every
qualified student and a
range of employment and
training programs including hands-on work protecting the environment, jobs
in science and technology,
summer employment, work
with Crown corporations
and help for young people
in British Columbia. So -
in addition to First Job in
Science and Technology,
and YouBet, we offer a
variety of other programs
under Youth Options BC.
JobStart helps young people gain work experience,
marketable job skills and
sound work habits in
short-term positions which
may lead to longer-term
employment with participating employers. Through
Environment Youth
Teams, thousands of voung
people have been connected with jobs in outdoor
recreation and environ-
turn to page 3.
Software Developer
ACCPAC International, Inc. the worids leading deveioper ot high enci
PC accounting software, is looking to fill the following positions:
Windows Programmers who want to be involved in the development
of market leading products using state of the art database, user interface and report generation technologies. Applicants must have a thorough knowledge of C or C++ and a university degree.
DOS Programmers who have extensive DOS experience to maintain
and expand ACCPAC Plus. Applicants must have a thorough knowledge of C and a university degree.
Graphic Artist to design webpages, program icons, screens, and background graphics. Applicants should have diverse artistic skills, be familiar with PC drawing, photo production, and layout software, and have
some exposure to webpage design.
Quality Assurance Testers to rigorously test and evaluate software and
manuals to ssure market readiness. Applicants should possess considerable experience with accounting information systems.
Technical Writers to create and update end-user manuals and online
documentation for new and existing software products. As members of
project-oriented teams, writers are involved in all stages of production
development Applicants must have excellent writing skills, some
knowledge of business and accounting procedures, and experience
writing software documentation.
Technical Consultants to provide telephone and on-site support to user
of our software products. Applicants must be willing to travel and have
experience working with Netware, NT and MS-SQL.
University Degree and CMA or CCA student. High tech
company has 9 month fraternity leave position available in
their Accounts Payable department with the potential to
become permanent. Must be a team player, used to high
volume A/P and general accounting functions.
Salary to $30K. Call Karin at Kirkpatrick Personnel Ltd.
at 682-1171 or fax resumes to 682-1194.
Email us at Get-a-job@kirkpatrick.ca.
Send your resume to:
Or visit our website at:
Human Resources Department
13700 international Place, 3rd Floor
Richmond, BCV6V2X8
Fax: (604) 207-3602
(Office Personnel)
Sales support specialist required by high tech company to
coordinate sales department, sales training, trade shows,
update content for website, and administer database. Ideal
candidate has a degree in Marketing/Communications and
2-5 years in a sales or marketing environment.
Excellent money and environment. Call Karin at Kirkpatrick
Personnel Ltd. at 682-11 71. Fax resumes to 682-1194.
Email us at Get-a-pb@kirkpatnck.ca. Hobs ||obs I|obs ||obs ||obs H'obs 1|ors ||obs 1|obs Hobs Hobs H
Junior Sales Assistant - Securities
Receptionist - Advertising
$25,000 / year
Computer Operator - High Tech
If you are Interested in these permanent positions, as well as contract and
temporary positions tor the summer, please fax us your resume.
line     Fax 682-4664
#1240 - 777 Hornby St. Vancouver. BC V6Z1S4   Tel: 682-8367
Angus Milas Professions! Recruitment Ltd.
Western Resorts
Would you like to work or travel? Europe,
Arizona, California, Colorado, British Columbia,
Alberta and Ontario resorts need people to fill
many positions in hotels and restaurants for busy
summer season. Accomodations provided for staff.
Good pay and benefits. For applications and information call Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays:
IL   Fax:685-1425
Email: inperson@conlin.bc.ca
F/T and Contract Office/Administration opportunities for
bright and energetic students/grads. Qualified Candidates
must have exceptional communication/organization skills,
previous Canadian office experience and strong PC ability
(Word/Excel preferred). A corporate presentation/protocol is
a definite asset. Excellent English a must!
Please fax/email resumes. Due to time constraints, only
short-listed candidates will be contacted for an interview.
You're tough, you're aggressive, and you've got
ambition! You thrive in a fast-paced, demanding
environment. As a recent University graduate, you
know how much effort it takes to succeed. As a
Management Trainee with one of North America's
fastest growing privately held corporations your
hard work will pay off. Because at Enterprise,
we'll reward your high performance and motivation with raises and outstanding opportunities for
career advancement.
We guarantee a first year salary of $26,000 plus a
comprehensive benefits package and the opportunity to step into a management position within 9-
1 8 months.
Fax resume and cover letter to:
Diane Reeve
Human Resources Manager
Fax: (604) 298-9244
Enterprise Rent-A-Car is an equal opportunity employer.
Visit our website at www.erac.com
Are you organized, entrepeneurial, able to handle multiple
tasks and want to be an integral part of a busy and dynamic
company? We are looking for a Secretary to the V.P. of
Marketing to be involved in the production of marketing
materials, sales reports, organization of meetings/trade
shows. You must possess an excellent typing speed, solid
computer skills (Word and Excel), and have 3-5 years secretary experience.
Salary to $36K plus perks. Call Laura DiFelice at Kirkpatrick
Personnel Ltd. at 682-1171 or fax resumes to 682-1194.
Email us at Cet-a-job@kirkpatrick.ca.
(Office Personnel)
High tech group requires an assistant in their marketing/communications department to provide administrative support,
event coordination, library management and database maintenance. Requires excellent communication and proficiency
on MSWord, Excel and powerpoint.Growth oppurtunity.
Salary to $32K. Growth opportunity.
Call Karin at Kirkpatrick Personnel Ltd. at 682-11 71
or fax resumes to 682-1194.
Email us at Cet-a-job@kirkpatrick.ca.
■SWBfc mm Mttmnr.
Earn $5,ooo to $7.ooo
Work outside
Gain skills in planning
customer relations
Work independently
Now looking for hardworking, responsible,
independent individuals to join our summer team
Call Jake at 731-5989
Applicants should have experience in the following:
Computer Game Development on Intel PC, Java or
C++, Web Server Designer. Own PC a requirement.
Phone: 268-2408
Email: Gary_chow@bctm.com
Office Support Staff, Administration, Warehousing
and Hospitality.
TEL: 683-9691 or FAX: 683-2285
First Job in Science and
Technology helps employers
provide recent university
graduates with their "first
jobs" upon graduation. If
you are graduating this
year, or have graduated
and have not found a job in
your field, call the toll-free
number below for a
detailed package, and take
this information to potential
employers. First Job in
Science and Technology is
open to graduates (any
degree level) in both the
pure and applied sciences
— including engineering.
In 1997, graduates in science and technology
worked in a number of different fields under the FJST
program, (about 75% of
these jobs have become
permanent positions). The
following as a sample of
the variety of jobs supported last year through this
• Junior Fish and Wildlife
Biologist. Wildlife and
forestry research projects;
biodiversity monitoring;
breeding bird surveys; small
mammal trapping; forest pest
management, and stand level
habitat assessments.
• Forest Technician, GPS
Specialist Duties included
geographical positioning system data collection, corrections and compilation, forest
surveys. Assessing the environmental impact of proposed treatments, and treatment area assessment and
• Computer Support and
Training. Network design
and upkeep; programming
databases; designing web
pages; hardware installation
and maintenance.
• Systems/GIS Manager.
Duties included data management; data loading and
• Survey Assistant Assisted
with oil and gas well location
surveys; legal postings; road
and pipeline construction
surveys; electronic pipe location and Land Act surveys.
• Remote Sensing Technician.
Classification and interpretation of enhanced data.
Analyzed remote sensing
• Effluent System Pilot Plant
Operator. Worked under the
direction of an environmental
engineer at a pilot plant
studying various effluent
treatment options. Testing
and minor maintenance of
equipment and process.
AT 1-800-784-0055 H'OBS H'OBS H'OBS H'OBS H'OBS ||oBs||oBS ||'OBS ||'OBS |§BI$ ||oBS ||'OB
Securities Company is in need of a Sales Assistant to a Senior
Broker. The successful applicant will have strong administrative and communication skills, experience in an administrative capacity in securities and must have passed their
Canadian Securities course. Duties will include dealing with
clients, answering questions relating to administrative or tax
matters, opening accounts, processing transfers and providing
Call Sheila Leacock at Kirkpatrick Personnel Ltd.
at 682-1171 or fax resumes to 682-1 194.
Email us at Get-a-job@kirkpatrick.ca.
Established and growing public company requires a dynamic marketeer with previous securities experience to join their Investor
Relations team in an intermediate capacity. You will be responsible
for dissemination, promotion and processing of information relating
to their stocks on TSE and Nasdaq. The ideal candidate will have
excellent customer service/communication skills, be conversant
with the internet and have a solid understanding of securities. Great
career opportunity. Salary plus stock options.
Excellent money and environment. Call Karin at
Kirkpatrick Personnel Ltd. at 682-1 171. Fax resumes
to 682-1194. Email us at Get-a-job@kirkpatrick.ca.
THE      POWER      IS     YOURS
Work TAritli
BC Hydro is supporting BC's youth by participating in Youth
Options BC. BC Hydro is looking for enthusiastic youth
who would like to gain practical experience in the following areas:
• Marketing and Customer Relations
• Customer Service
• Environment
• Engineering
• Information Technology
• Personal and Financial
Please send a cover letter and resume outlining your background, area of interest and where in the province you
would prefer to work to:
BC Hydro-Youth Options BC
Employment Centre
333 Dunsmuir Street
Vancouver, B.C.
V6B 5R3
or email
BC Hydro is building a diverse workforce
and a welcoming work environment.
We are committed to employment equity
and invite applications from
all qualified candidates.
You can also call the BC Hydro Job Information Line at
528-3382 or long distance at 1-888-528-3382.
from page 1.
ment projects - while helping improve the environment. The thirteen provincial Crown Corporations
also provide valuable work
experience to young people through the Crown
Youth Employment
Initiative - providing both
longer term and summer
employment and training
opportunities for young
people. Student Summer
Works provides summer
employment and training
for secondary and post-
secondary students.
(Employers are encouraged
to give priority to hiring
post-secondary students
who are most affected by
job shortages). In addition,
Youthworks provides training and job search assistance for young people
who are on welfare.
For more information on
accessing these programs,
call 1-800-784-0055 or
call the Premier's Youth
Office at 1-604-844-1859
to receive a detailed package or visit the Premier's
youth website at
We are rlow accepting resumes for individuals with
extensive customer service experience. Successful candidates will have:
• Excellent interpersonal skills
• Excellent communication skills
• Customer Service experience
• Banking experience an asset
A great opportunity to join a team of Customer Service
professionals! Part time and full time positions available.
Please call for more information and or fax resume with
cover letter to Mami or Leigh-Anne immediately.
#509 - 808 Nelson St.
Vancouver, BC V6Z 2H2
Ph: 689-7775 Fax: 689-1998
Student (Peer) Advisors,
In a continuing effort to increase the level of service provided by the
Faculty of Arts Academic Advising Office, the Faculty intends to hire
three to five students to serve as the first point of contact for
students attending the Academic Advising Office.
Successful applicants must be entering their third or fourth year in
the Faculty of Arts, and must have completed at least thirty credits at
UBC. All students, including international students, are encouraged to
apply, they must possess good communication skills, and be
reliable and conscientious workers. Their duties will include offering
assistance to appropriate Academic Advising Office staff, and
scheduling appointments for faculty advisors. Pre-employment
training is offered and required.
Employment will be 3 to 10 hours per week on regular shifts of 3
hours, morning or afternoon. Payment is at the rate of $12.45 per
hour. Term of employment is September 1998 to April 1999
Applications, including a resume, two letters of reference, and a
statement indicating the qualities the candidate would bring to the
position, must be submitted to Ms. Wendy Trigg, Associate Director,
Arts Academic Advising Office, Buchanan A201 by April 9,1998
Gan You Teach In Japan?
♦Salary & Extra
: Mofwhiy Payment
•^rivace Apartment
- «Tbp-Noteh
Training Program
(before departure
and throughout
-jrpuR career)
•Japanese Lessons
•Career Opportunities
•Return Right Benefit
•Health Insurance
•Fun & Excitement!
GE0S Corp. a global network of over 35D
schools in Japan and 26 worldwide. Our
teachers who originate from the West
Coast are immensely popular with both
students and staff throughout Japan.
So, we're  coming  back!  This  time  we
want to hire many new teachers! You
must be dynamic, gregarious and ambitious with a bachelor degree (any discipline) - or you will convocate no later
than  April   30th   -   and  committed  to;
teaching English Conversation in Japan
for   a   1   year   renewable   contract.
Positions begin within 3-6 months of hir-
ing.     Teaching experience  is an  asset
but not essential.  GE.0S provides every-:
thing you need to feel comfortable and ■
confident  in Japan    Interviews  will  be
held at our Vancouver GEOS school April i
1 0,11.1 2th: you must be able to attend
all three days. To apply, please fan your
covering letter, resume (indicating uni-:
versity   degree)    by   Mar   16th    to:
GEOS Language Corp., Ontario
ATTN:UBC2- Personnel Coord.
Fa*: C416) 777-0110
All hiring decisions mstfe by GEOS Japan
Web: www.twics.com/~mim/hiring.htn'
\Ssit.y0Ur Univeisity Career Centre for more info about: GEOS Corporation
EdMb'itiUui DuttibulirU
• Market unique products
at outdoor events
• Be your own boss
• Enjoy a profitable venture
For information, please call:
*» mm
Required For
Casual and summer
relief. RN students
welcome to apply.
13525 Hiltm Hi.
Sirrej, B.C.
is seeking a summer student
with an interest in the sales
and marketing of medical
products. The candidate will
be either a marketing student
or a rehab medecine student.
The position involves the retail
and wholesale sales of medical
products to health care
professionals and the
general public.
The Student must have a car
and a valid Driver's licence.
The salary will depend on
qualifications and experience.
Please send resume to
Greg orRon (604) 879-0889. |§OBS ||oBS |§OBS |§OBS |§OBS |§OBS ||'OBS |§OBS ||oBS ||oBS |§IM ||
(Outside Sales)
Do you have a great attitude and an excellent phone manner? We are currently in need of dynamic and professional-
telemarketer for a software sales company. This junior position requires telehone sales experience. You are dealing
with a known software product in a niche business maket.
Call Sheila at Kirkpatrick Personnel Ltd.
at 682-11 71 or fax resumes to 682-1194.
Email us at Get-a-job@kirkpatrick.ca.
Junior Accounts Receivable/Collections person required by
finance company to montor A/R, overdue aginag of
accounts, verification of credit applications and soft collection calls. This is a temp-to-perm position with a large, well
known finance company. Potential for permanent employment and career growth in accounting.
Call Karin at Kirkpatrick Personnel Ltd. at 682-1171
or fax resumes to 682-1194.
Email us at Get-a-job@kirkpatrick.ca.
Visitor Information Counselor
Peace Arch Visitor Infocentre (Peace Arch Border
May 1 st, 1998 to September 7th, 1998
3 days on, 3 days off, 11 hour shifts: will include
some weekends
Shirts and sweaters will be provided. Staff are
required to provide their own black bottoms
(pants or skirt, no shorts or jeans) and black or
dark brown shoes.
Peace Arch Visitor Infocentre is one of three Provincial Infocentres
in British Columbia responsible for representing all communities in
the province. Visitors to the centre are primarily rubber tire traffic
from the United States. Staff are often the first British Columbians,
or even Canadians with whom these visitors will have contact.
Full time shifts commence )une 15, 1998. Training, if required, will
take place late April or early May, with part time shifts commencing shortly after.
• Excellent knowledge of British Columbia
• Experience working with the general public -- previous experience as a visitor information counselor is an asset, but is not
• Ability to work in a supervised environment and with other staff
• Excellent command of the English language (a second language
is an asset)
• Excellent communication skills
• Computer knowledge
• Adequate transportation (site is not directly accessibe tby transit)
• Ability to work under pressure
• Retail experience an asset
01 FAX YOUR RESUME TO: (604) 5384038
Ministry of Small Business,
Tourism and Culture
Exceptional part-time professional telemarketing
position available. Flexible hours. Optional Sales
or non-sales positions. Complete training.
Please fax resume to 254-2575
650 Jobs from
over 120 of BC's leading
technology companies.
www. bctechnology.com
Private Club Seeking
Summer Help...
Located just minutes from UBC, our ciub needs part time
Banquet Servers and Bartenders with EXPERIENCE
for our busy summer season. As you will be dealing with our
members, a positive attitude, an upbeat personality, a great
smile, and strong communication skills are ESSENTIAL!! You must
enjoy working within a team environment requiring little
supervision and be self-motivated!
At least 2 years experience working in either a restaurant or
banquet environment is required along with a
"Serving it Right" certification.
Shifts will vary depending on availability and are generally in
the evening. This is a union position with wages starting at
$l 0.35 per hour. Our club has a no-tipping policy, but in lieu of
tips, we offer a bonus at the end of the year.
Uniforms, staff meals and a benefit package are provided
to the right applicant.
This is a perfect opportunity to earn extra money this summer
and to complement another part time job that
you may already have.
Please fax your resume (by March 31) to:
The Food & Beverage Coordinator
  New staff will begin in early April.
^B0X371,1917 W. 4th AVE.
Vancouver, BC
Tel: 604.687.5358
FAX: 604.687.4113
Leadership Initiative For Earth (LIFE) is a
non-profit education organization. We are
looking for staff to assist in the development
of sustainability education programs for
youth. Our mission is to catalyze the transition to a sustainable society — a society in
which human needs are fulfilled without
compromising the ecological integrity of
the Earth. LIFE provides innovative opportunities for hands-on learning through programs which have both high visibility and
broad public outreach. We are best known
for the LIFEboat Flotilla, and are currently
developing new programs to further our
mission. We are currently seeking a:
Office Development Coordinator*
Duties include:
• developing tiling and other administrative
systems for the organization
• office administration and coordination,
including database filing and word processing
• assisting in fundraising and reporting to
Hinders as required
Qualifications include:
• experience developing office systems
• solid written and oral communication
• excellent organizational abilities
• a working knowledge of wordprocessing
and databasing
Past experience in tundraising public relations and communications is an asset. We
are looking tor someone who is a team
player with leadership skills, and who has a
commitment and enthusiasm tor LIFE'S projects and vision.
Duties include:
• adding home pages to our site for program alumni
• maintaining and updating the site as
needed assisting in the creation of
brochures tor LIFE programs, including
design, editing ana overseeing the printing process
Specific abilities required include:
• adapting media files fa the web (animated gifs, audio, photos, video clips) catering to the average home suiter
• managing tiles and folders on the server
• familiarity with cross-Diatform and cross-
browser issues in website development
• proticiencv with HTML and javascript
(familiarity with CGI and Flash would be
an asset)
Qualifications include:
• experience publishing promotional material
• excellent written commumcaton skills
• solid organizational abilities
We are looking fa someone who is a team
player with leadership abilities, and who
has a commitment and enthusiasm for
UFE's projects and vision.
ReseardVPropam Coordinator*
Duties include:
• research fa new programs
• assisting in new project development
• planning and coodinating the logistical
elements of a summer youth program
Qualifications include:
• excellent written communication skills
• solid organizational skills
Applicant must be able to conduct independent research. We are looking for
someone who is a team player with leadership skills, and who has a commitment and
en/hus/asm for UFE's projects and vision.
These positions are funded through a youth
employment and training program.
Candidates must be 16-24 years. Flease
indicate your date of birth on your resume.
We are an equal opportunities employer;
applications from all backgrounds are
actively encouraged.
The contracts run from April 22 through
August 6,1998. Please mail a fax vour
cover letter and resume by April 6,1998.
Interviews will be held April 13 and 14,
1998. No phone enquiries.
"Thank you for your interest however only
those granted interviews will be contacted. •'     \
Mon, Mar 23 ~"%
The Starfish Room.
by Tom Peacock
If you haven't yet seen or heard of
Treblecharger, you live in a bubble. Craig Nony and company are
climbing up/the Canadian charts
and they deserve to. -,'You should
buy their CD\then maybe grab a
brave friend, leave campus, and go
see them play next time they come
to town.
I wasa-t~v surprised by
Treblechafjepr's quality show on
Monday night What did shock me,
though, was^meir opening band,
Bionic. Many Treblecharger fans
didn't arrive early enough to see
this Montreal $ower quartet I just
think they were afraid. Either way,
this band was very intense.
Frontman Jonathan Cummins
screamed, roared#»d spat his way
through the set w^pn expression
borrowed from* the insane.
Meanwhile his henchmen, guitarist Ian/jSUrton, bassist Sammy
Goldbergviland drummer Alex
McSween battered on their instruments and tried to appear calm
beneath the-ensuing Satanic wall of
sound thejiproduced.
Standouts from Bionic's
songlist includjd: "Greatest hit,
C'mon, C'mon and Anna Leigh
(during which ope^ fearless specimen broke from ths ftrnwd of cowering Vanoouverites. He began
writhing around on the dance floor
like a sacrifical lamb in ite death
throes) As for the rest of usiwe
choked down our. beers .and
prayed for our souls. ;
Watch out'for Bionic; they'll
ihreaien your bubble.*     /
They ask
for our grads
by name
gf; TneerMiunnineanwmiM.
An opportunity exists to join the
growing team at The Great Little
Box Company Ltd., one of
Canada's 50 Best Managed
Private Companies.
Due to rapid growth, The Great
Little Box Company Ltd. is also
seeking sales representatives for
the Lower Mainland.
excellent communication skills
and a strong customer service
bias are essential.
You will target, qualify, and close
potential accounts and service
the needs of existing accounts.
We provide a challenging, fast
paced and rewarding working
environment and an excellent
compensation package including
benefits, a car allowance, and
Take jour career to new heights in afast-paced,
team oriented environment.
The Pacific Fluid Power Division of Finning (Canada) specializes in the installation.
repair and remanufartiirc: of hydraulic systems and cnmpoyg^faUMHPHWNiv have
a requirement at our lower mainland branch for^Ml!ftirticai Designcr****^^
To qualify for this position, you must hav^CA TfeClm0l0<jiSt DJptOIItaJ
equivalent; be familiar with Autocad and ha^h&^hility to M'orlc a
quickly and with minimal supervision.
Experience in engine base design, exhaust system design, piping design and
heat exchangers would he assets.
We're a source of power for the constrvction,forestry, mining, petroleum
and agriculture industries. But our greatest power is our people.
Finning is one of the world's largest heavy equipment dealer;; with operations in Western
Canada, Europe and South Amerim. We wit, service and finance the full range of
Caterpillar equipment, plus selected complementary products.
Finning's success is based solidly on our ability to understand the special needs
of customers in many industrial sectors, and to provide solutions which increase
reliability and erTiricncv, and cut costs.
As a Finning employee you will become an active contributor to the continuing
success of the company. You will be given the support necessary to provide customers
with the right solutions at the right time. Our compensation and benefits pacicage is
highly competitive, while the range of opportunities will allow you to choose a career
path that will take you where vou want to be..
Mfesm T£&ComitUHKATtoMf in business
for over 4(1 pears, ts the only 100%
British Colombian owtwdittft operated
company irt the industry With its own
state-of the art network offering a full
suite of local and international voice and
data communications servicer. We have
the following 6-month renewable
contract positions available at our
PRINCE GEORGE locations:
Technicians (TT)
Vou will undertake various installation,
repair and preventative maintenance
activities, involving some travel and
stand-by/emergency call-out duties.
jfied TT with at least a 2-year
r equivalent, you should be
) telecom, systems and related
test procedures including voice, data and
network equipment. We also expect strong
problem-solving, analytical, interpersonal and
PC skills, especially MS Office.
Please forward a detailed resume in
confidence to: Human Resources Manager,
Westel Telecommunications Ltd,
PO Box 2130, Vancouver, BC V6B 3T5; fax
(604) 990-2143; e-mail: hr@westel.com.
Smart companies today want people with
the job-ready training BCIT provides.
That's why they ask for our grads by name.
• Construction
• Manufacturing &
Industrial Mechanical
• Transportation
• Processing, Energy
& Renewable Resources
• Business
• Health Science
• Electrical & Electronic
• Computing &.
Information Technology
434-1610 or www.bcit.bc.ca
What's Next for Grads
Are you a recent college or
university graduate?
Are you anxious about taking
steps towards a career?
This two-day workshop is designed to
help men and women face the difficult
transition of finishing school and entering
the work force. You will explore how
change affects you and how to deal with
stress during this transition. You will learn
how to:
•set specific goals
•overcome obstacles to goal achievement
•identify skills & resources to get you to
May 29 & 30,10 am - 4 pm
Pre-registration required:
Women's Resources Centre
Continuing Studies
#1-1144 Robson Street
the Ubyssey H 27, 1997
<        MARCH 27, 1998 • VOWME 79 ISSUE 44 i
Editorial Board
Coordinating Editor
Joe Clark
Sarah Galashan and Chris Nuttall-Smith
Richelle Rae
Wolf Depner
Jamie Woods
Richard Lam
Federico Barahona
The Ubyssey is the official student newspaper of the University of British Columbia. It
is published every Tuesday and Friday by
The Ubyssey Publications Society.
We are an autonomous, democratically run
student organisation, and all students are
encouraged to participate.
I Editorials are chosen and written by the
i Ubyssey staff. They are the expressed opin-
j ion of the staff, and do not necessarily
| reflect    the    views    of    The    Ubyssey
i Publications Society or the University of
\ British Columbia.
• The Ubyssey is a founding member of
j Canadian University Press (CUP) and firmly
j adheres to CUP's guiding principles.
j All editorial content appearing in The
! Ubyssey is the property of The Ubyssey
I Publications Society. Stories, opinions, pho-
i tographs and artwork contained herein
\ cannot be reproduced without the
I expressed, written permission of The
I Ubyssey Publications Society.
I Letters to the editor must be under
\ 300 words. Please include your phone
\ number, student number and signature
\ (not for publication) as well as your year
j and faculty with all submissions. ID will be
\ checked when submissions are dropped off
I at the editorial office of The Ubyssey, oth-
! erwise verification will be done by phone.
j "Perspectives" are opinion pieces over 300
I words but under 750 words and are run
s according to space.
j "Freestyles" are opinion pieces written by
Ubyssey staff members. Priority will be given
to letters and perspectives over freestyles
j unless the latter is time senstitive. Opinion
j pieces will not be run until the identity of the
! writer has been verified.
In recent years, the core of education has
been slowly fading, like so many yellow
teeth. As the integrity and quality of education has been eroded like the insipid insis-
ers of a longtime candy-popping leftist,
blame has been placed on government cuts
to funding—but now it has been revealed
that nothing could be further from the
There is a poison leaking into our
schools, our vending machines, our fountain drink dispensers, and into the very
mouths and stomachs of our students.
The creeping threat of the Other Cola
was narrowly averted in Georgia this
week when a student was suspended after
wearing a Pepsi T-shirt to Greenbriar
high school's Coke Day. In front of high-
ranking Coke executives! While the
school, in an effort to win $500 in a Coke-
sponsored local contest, had arranged for
a photo in which the students spelled out
Coke, no less! The sheer, venomous gall
that this young man showed is exactly
what is wrong with our schools. Too much
damned 'independent thought" and
"freedom of speech" and other such nonsense.
Yet right here at UBC, a student can
wear purient Pepsi paraphenalia in full
view of any Coke execs who may be visiting
our campus. And don't even start talking
about President's Choice and such curious,
communist, non-Coca-Cola crap. It's weakening the school systems, it's weakening
our children's minds, and it's weakening
our teeth.
Coke is beneficial to our meagrer
Canadian educational system. Why, just
here at UBC alone Coke donates approximately one million dollars to the adminis
tration's coffers. Students, when they
decide to bring a Pepsi to school or question what they read about Coke or other
non-refreshment related topics, should consider that turning to Pepsi is to turn away
from the very educational system which
they claim to extoll!
Those in charge of Greenbrier High
have the right idea. Coke has—and is—the
What is the point of painting if you're
not painting a Coke can in some capacity.
What is the point of chemistry if it isn't
used to lower the calory content of a Coke.
Yes—what is the point of dragging your
Coke-laden body out of bed if it is not to
further the interests of Coke? Let's get
serious about those who trespass here—
here in the land where Coca-Cola is king.
Coke is it.
Editorial Office
Room 241K, Student Union Building,
6138 Student Union Boulevard,
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1
tel: (604) 822-2301 fax: (604) 822-9279
Business Office
Room 245, Student Union Building
advertising: (604) 822-1654
business office: (604) 822-6681
fax: (604) 822-1658
Business Manager
Fernie Pereira
Ad Sales
Stephanie Keane
Ad Design
Afshin Mehin
It was a desperate night Wolf Depner. Casey
Sedgman, and Tom Peacock were sitting on the
coach, wondering why Vince Yim and Andy
Barham were irritating them so much. IJsa Hale
and Ron Nurwisah couldn't help, and Richelle
Rae was just staying away. Chris NuttalLSmith
had been laid out by a Federico Barahona left
hook, and likely wouldn't have been of much
use anyway, and Joe Clark was too busy telling
Sarah Galashan to please, oh please God stop
ginging Richard Lam. who was busy examining
the stock index, was oblivious as usual and
Emily Mak was in the hall refereeing the great
chair off between Todd Silver and Bruce Arthur.
Jamie Woods, however, had the solution.
Beating Joe Clark and John Zaozirny out the
door, he emptied his loonies into Mel the
Brumeister. But he too was foiled, and let out a
groan of despair when the cans of Canadian
rained down upon him.
Canada Post Publications Sates Agreement Number 0732141
the UbysseyM
of "feminist
I shudder every time I pick up the
Ubyssey now, which is less and
less because of your endless
stream of feminist victimisation
stories. The Tuesday February 10
edition was no different with the
two front page articles, a film
review on page 8 and the editorial on page 10 all with the same
By the way, the number one
drug involved in befuddling people prior to sex and most other
activities is alcohol. Probably
equal numbers of men and
women drink prior to going out
planning, consciously and unconsciously, to put their sexual inhibitions to sleep. Rohypnol plays a
miniscule role in befuddling men
and women into sex-alcohol a
gigantic role.
If a person drinks and drives
we don't excuse this dangerous
behaviour. The drinker has to
accept personal responsibility for
any harm that happens. We put
them in jail. A sexual journey can
be just as dangerous! Those who
drink and have sex shoiuld take
responsibility for what happens.
I don't expect the content of
the Ubyssey to change but I do
hope that one of these days feminists will start working for equality for both men and women who
both suffer plenty and are in fact
equally powerless in this society
and stop whining about their victimisation.
Ken Dent
Law Faculty not
immune to systemic ii
Without commenting on the substance of equity concerns currently raised in the Faculty of Law, we
would like to address some points
arising from the recent public discussion of these concerns. We
take issue with the idea that the
Faculty of Law is immune from
systemic inequality. It is well
established that racism and sexism (and other oppressions) continue to plague Canadian society.
Their systemic forms, in particular, may be more difficult to
recognise, but this does not mean
they do not exist If it can be said
that the University and the
Faculty of Law are microcosms of
society it would be nonsensical to
suggest that such problems do
not also exist in these environments. Indeed, the Faculty of Law
has recognised this to some
extent in its establishment of an
Equity Committee (considering of
faculty and student members)
with a mandate to help achieve
equity and a discrimination-free
learning environment
There are laws prohibiting discrimination on the bases of sex
and race that apply in the university context It is not atypical,
however, for there to be some distance between the aspirations
expressed in such laws and the
actual achievement of equity in
an everyday sense. Breathing life
into human rights is an ongoing
struggle in which the Faculty of
Law must engage, as must every
academic unit in the University.
The great challenge is how to con
front this struggle seriously by
developing the means to address
complaints in a manner that is
constructive and respectful to all
concerned, and by designing
proactive measures to identify
and eradicate problems before
they cause harm. At the very least
we must avoid discouraging
future complaints by making
those who identify and raise equity concerns feel 'overly sensitive,' our-of-line, or even threatened. The challenges posed by
inequality are difficult ones, and
are certainly not assisted by
denials that inequities exist in the
first place.
The equity committee meets
regularly, and all faculty students and staff are welcome to
Equity Committee,
Faculty of Law, UBC
W. Black
M. Kline
M. MacCrimmon
D. MacDougall
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like Preston
►(Tlannin^ ft
or »s/f
-H-ukwU be WVarious    -
}£ fPxxewenH so Sngvftertmg
by Victoria Scott
l^^^l   villi for the campus community
with President Martha Piper
Friday, April 3,1998
• 10:00am- 12noon,
Chan Centre for the Performing Arts
Since last December, UBC faculty, staff, and students, as
well as members of the external community, have been
sending in their responses to the Vision contextual document which outlines some of the trends and^hallenges
facing the University as it plans for the 21 st century. Those
responses have in turn helped to shape the first draft of
the University's Vision Statement, an outline of the
direction UBC plans to take over the next decade.
All members of the UBC community are invited to an
open forum with President Martha Piper to discuss the
first draft of the Vision Statement.
Grad Class Council
Tree Planting Ceremony
Wednesday, April Ist 3pm
Thunderbird & East Mall
Wine and Cheese to follow
Grad Class Council Plymouth Neon   ?
Chrysler can help out with
your driving ambition.
As a recent graduate, you're on the road to achieving the best life has to offer.
At Chrysler, we're rewarding that kind of initiative by offering $750 toward the
purchase or lease of a new 1997,1998, or 1999 Chrysler car or truck (excluding,
Dodge Viper and Plymouth Prowler), over and above most current Chrysler
incentives. And, if you finance with Chrysler Credit Canada we'll defer your first
three months payments!* This $750 Grad Rebate is available to all college and
university undergraduates and postgraduates who have graduated or will
graduate between October 1,1995, and September 30,1998, and all currently
enrolled master's and doctoral students (regardless of final graduation date).
From high-value subcompacts and minivans,to tough pickups and sport
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'Some restrictions may apply ®Jeep is & registered trademark licensed to Chrysler Canada Ltd   " C0A


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