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The Ubyssey Oct 9, 1992

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Array Awaiting the Rapture since 1918 Vancouver, B.C., Friday, October 9,1992      Vol 75, No 10 Announcement board
This week a£lM.E UBiSSEYs^ik
SATURDAY                             SUNDAY
MONDAY                              TUESDAY                          WEDNESDAY                         THURSDAY
12 1              13
Production for
Staff meeting a
12:30 pm
followed by a
comes out.
First Nations
meeting for the
media issue; nev
The World
issue of
Famous Ubyssey
Beer Garden
from 4pm to 8pm
at SUB 207/209!!!
The Ubyssey;
come one, come
First Nations
issue comes out
l BC Slink-ills ol Objectivism.
Intro, club inly. Conic and I intl
oul about lhc siudenls ol Objectivism! Noon, SL It 215.
I.ulhcran, I. nilcil & Anglican
Campus Minjslrics.  Ilcumeni-
I jilhcran Campus Vlinisliy:
Sbrvice ol" THanksgiving al
7bm al Lutheran Campus
(lays & Lesbians of LHC.
Discussion group (5 pm) is
cancelled due to holiday.
incmbrancc on lhc 500th anniversary of Ihe arrival ol Colum
bus. N(hhi. Lutheran Campus
Centre Chapel.
I BC Sludenl Counselling it
Resources Or. Workshop:
Motivation - overcoming obstacles lo your academic goals.
Noon -1:20, Brock 2(H)."
Sheila Copps (Liberal Ml',
Hamilton liasl) speaks on lhc
Referendum. "Quesiions both
sides have to answer."   Noon,
Christian Science Organi/a-
lion. Testimonial mtg. I!v-
cryone welcome. Noon,
U BC Student Counsel I ing &
Resources Ctr. Workshop:
Stress oul - harness your
mind power. N<x>n - 1:20,
Brock 200.
UBC SludcnlCounsell ing &
Rjcsourccs Clr. Workshop:
Dual student couples. Noon
-1:20, Brock 200.
Amnesly Intl. (UBC). Gen.
letter writing/urgent action
responses. Noon, SUB 205.
LHC School of music. UBC
Symphony Orchestra. Jessie
Read, Conductor.
The Ubyssey Beer Garden,
al SUB 207/20"
with The Lvaporalors.
UBC Student Counselling <t
Resources Clr. 1'ilm: Journey into sell -cslc.:m. Noon-
1:2(), Brock 2(X).
Intl. Relations Student Assn.
Lecture by Chris ina Rosas,
from the Natl Uni. of
Mexico, on "NA1TA: A
Mexican Perspective."
Noon, BUCH («20.
UBC Studcnis lor choice.
General mtg. lor all members: elections j'oi exec, lobe
held. Noon, BfJClI D239.
Ilrllcl/JcwishStudents Assn.
Join Rabbi M'irriorstcin in
the Succah for an exploration of Succoi. 1:30 pm,
Hilicl House.
UBC School df Music.
Wednesday noon lour series.
Robert Silvcrmin, piano.
Noon, Recital Hall.
Amnesty Intl. (I BC). Regional action nclvork letter
writing China/W*st Africa.
Noon, SUB 20$.
Toastmaslcr's in cmalional
public speaking meeting, 7-
9pm, SUB 215
Advertise your
group's on-
campus events
in The Ubyssey
forms are
available at
The Ubyssey
X SUB  241K.
for Tuesday's
paper must be
in by Friday at
3:30pm,  and
submissions for
Friday's paper
must be in by
Wednesday at
Sorry,  late
will not be
\       Note:
12:30  pm.
Classifieds 822-3977
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Saturday, Oct. 10
Professor Donald VandenBerg
Physics Department
University of Victoria
Lecture Hall 2, Woodward IRC
at 8:16 p.m.
Guide/interpreter wanted.
Will pay' 591-8612.
printing co. needs com sales rep. to
service; UBC campus. Exp. * contacts an asset. Call Eric 877-1161.
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counselling research. Please call
822-6259 nowl
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October 9,1992 mm?^ t^«^n
•+W * *<jf*  -*
' X.
f  ,      d'' ',   *■' ',  X
'■''"''    **«*
' 'd't'"'
Young tories attempt to shut down The Ubyssey
by Omar Kassis
The UBC Young Conservatives, upset by what they perceive
as an intolerable leftist political
slant in The Ubyssey, have initiated a petition to cut off the paper's
funding—in effect, to shut it down.
The petition, put forward
during last week's Clubs Days, calls
for a student referendum on discontinuing funding for The
Ubyssey. It reads, "Due to the nature ofthe material produced by Ihe
Ubyssey, being unrepresentative of
the members ofthe Alma Mater Society of the University of British Co-
lumbia we wish the President... to
call a referendum asking.. Should
the members of the Alma Mater
Society ofthe University of British
Columbia continue to finance the
Ubyssey in any way?
Students currently contribute
about $1 from their student fees to
help subsidize the paper, which
works out to approximately two
cents an issue.
The petition has received mere
than enough signatures needed by
AMS bylaws to put the question to
a referendum, according to the
UBC Young Conservatives.
"I've always thought The
Ubyssey was a political machine,
not a newspaper,* says Jason
Saunderson, the club's vice-president.
"The editors use it for their
own political agenda. A paper that
propagates the views ofthe left is
the wrong place for the AMS to be
putting its money*
Saunderson wishes to see a
new student newspaper that would
more accurately represent what
he considers to be the point of view
of the UBC student body. When
asked whether he thinks this point
of view coincides with his own, and
that of the Young Conservatives,
he replied, "That's what I hope."
The new paper proposed by
Saunderson would be run by a
committee set up by the AMS—for
which Saunderson hopes to run—
and would be edited by an editor
elected each year by the student
Current Ubyssey editors reacted strongly to Saunderson's
initiative.    , •
"The Ubyssey has not always
had the political stance it currently
has. Things change. But this is the
wrong way of affecting change,"
said Lucho van Isschot, a member
ofthe Ubyssey editorial collective.
Paula Wellings, also an editorial member said, "our doors are
open to everyone. The Ubyssey is
representative of the input of its
volunteers, and anyone can volunteer. If you join the collective, you
get a voice."
Wellings is especially concerned over the proposal to install
a student-elected editor.
"We [UBC students] don't all
vote for the president of the ski
club. There are about 70 volunteers at the Ubyssey. Shouldn't
they be the ones to choose who
they put their trust in?"
"If you contribute, you have a
say in who runs the paper."
Van Isschot counters
Saunderson's approach by addressing the Young Conservative
directly: "Fd like to invite Jason
Saunderson to come work at the
Ubyssey. He's more than welcome
to contribute."
Commenting on Saunderson's
charges that The Ubyssey does not
represent the views of most students, van Isschot replied, "The
point of a student newspaper is not
necessarily to be representative.
The point is to provide students
interested in writing with a place
to hone their skills.
"If left-leaning or progressive
people have been drawn to The
Ubyssey, that may be because those
are the people currently most interested in journalism at UBC.
"Besides, if you read the newspaper, you'll find that the Ubyssey
is representative of a pretty wide
variety of political perspectives.
And the Young Conservatives are
"I doubt whether [the Young
Conservatives] represent the UBC
student body. The Conservatives
aren't even a force in BC," he said.
Saunderson must now decide
what to do with the petition, which
he claims contains more than the
1000 signatures needed to call a
The referendum must take
place within 30 days after the petition is presented to AMS council.
According to council vice-president
Carole Forsythe, if a quorum of
students say 'no' to continued
funding of The Ubyssey, the paper
would have to shut down almost
If not, the Young Conservatives' initiative would simply be
tossed out. "Personally, I consider
having a student newspaper essential," she says.
It's happened to papers before...
by Rick Hiebert
Petition drives such as the
one launched against The
Ubyssey have happened to other
Canadian student papers.
A similar petition drive is
aimed at The Lance, the University of Windsor newspaper. The
petition, launched,late last
month, is trying to shut down the
newspaper there.
The petitkm'sinstigatorsare
the school's fraternities and sororities, with some members of
the student government. It follows two articles in the newspaper; one about the Social Science
Society {the U of Ws largert undergraduate body) and how its
members wasted society money
with expensive dinners and
drinking, and a feature reprinted
from The McGill Daily that critically examines fraternities.
Signersof the petition, which
alleges that the newspaper*poses
a severe budgetary constraint to
student council" and has violated
"the ethical code* ofthe society,
"support the dissolution of The
Lance for the rest ofthe 1992-93
academic year."
It has 200 signatures so far
on a campus of 10,000
undergrade, but the newspaper
is fairly confident according to
production manager Kevin John
"It's just a way to pressure the
newspaper. There is no mechanism
for them to coerce the student
council to getting rid of The Lance
if they dont want to," Johnson
Students are voting on an increase of The Lance's per student
subsidy from $3.50 to $4.60 October 22 and much will depend on
whether the question passes. If
The Lance is seen to have support,
Johnson said, the petition will not
be a big worry, yet if the question
fails, the petition will put added
pressure on the newspaper.
Other student papers have
come under fire from petitions
with hostile intent.
The Muse, at Memorial Uni-
to shut the paper down after it
printed an explicit "Gay Men's
Guide to Safe Sex* in February
1991. The petition failed when the
person organizing the referendum
drive failed to have the signers
include their student numbers beside their signatures. It was therefore impossible to see who was a
student and who wasn't.
The McGill Daily has hadmore
a more serious and longer lasting
problem. In 1983, conservative
students launched a unsuccessful
drive to give students the ability to
have optional fees to support the
newspaper. In 1985, the paper's
Middle East issues edition
spurred a petition drive from the
campus Hillel, who were concerned that; the newspaper was
unfairly biased in its news coverage against Jews. They succeeded
in March 1986 with a referendum
to Impeach the staff of the Daily."
However, lasting change did
not occur according to Daily ad
typesetter Rob Coetain, an editor
at the time.
"They weren't willing to put
in the work that the people they
wanted to replace did, so a few
weeks later, things were back the
way they were," he said. They
were good at whining but not
"It takes a lot of effort to deal
with a petition like the (Hie we
faced," Dawn Mitchell, editor of
The Muse said when it faced its
petition and president of
Canada's English language student press service, Canadian
University Press. "We had to deal
with lawyers, prepare a referendum campaign and other things
that took up alotoftime. Petitions
like this only take up time and
energy that could be used to address the concerns and needs that
those who bring them forward
have with a newspaper."
Power struggle erupts over student union building
by Lucho van Isschot
The AMS and the university
administration are in the midst of
a bitter feud over financial and
political power.
Yesterday, the AMS began
circulating a petition asking students to voice their support for the
AMS in this battle.
The AMS is upset partly because the university has demanded
the AMS pay for utilities and
maintenance on student society-
owned commercial enterprises in
the student union building.
According to AMS president
Martin Ertl, "[The administration]
is asking for some $200,000 a
year—about one quarter of our
discretionary income.*
The SUB, which opened its
doors in 1968, was constructed with
funds from both the AMS and the
university administration. In that
same year, the AMS signed a 60-
year lease with the administration.
According to the terms ofthe
lease, the AMS is exempt from
having to pay all heat, light and
cleaning costs in the SUB. By the
terms ofthe lease, however, commercial businesses are liable for
all such costs.
According to Byron Hender, a
spokesperson for the administration, "When the student union
building was built, there was an
agreement that the university
would continue to cover the costs
of heat, light, and power, cleaning
and all of those things for the stu
dent activity areas, but that the
commercial ventures . . . should
recover the costs of heat, light and
cleaning back to the university."
The university is arguing that
the provision which requires that
commercial enterprises pay for
heat, light and maintenance applies to all ofthe AMS's profitable
commercial outlets.
According to Ertl, however,
AMS-owned commercial outlets
should be exempt from having to
pay utilities and maintenance
costs. He argues that if the AMS
were obliged to pay for these costs,
it would be a violation of both the
spirit and the letter of the SUB
These enterprises provide
revenue which is used to improve
student services at UBC, he said.
Moreover, they provide jobs to UBC
students, he said. Acording to Ertl,
the AMS pays out $1.3 million in
wages to students every year.
"There is a two-fold advantage
with our commercial ventures—
one is that the income that we get
from them we turn back on student
services and student activities, and
the other is that through those
ventures we employ students at
good wages that they otherwise
probably couldn't get. We employ
close to 400 students."
Among the many services
provided by the AMS are the
Ombudsoffice, Speakeasy, the
Walk Home Program, and a new
carpooling program.
Ertl says because of the revenue earned from student-owned,
student-run businesses like the Pit,
Tortellini's, Blue Chip and Pie-R-
Squared, UBC students pay the
lowest student society fees in
Canada. Ertl points out that SFU
students pay double what UBC
students pay.
"Any way you look at it, our
commercial operations have been
good for students," Ertl said.
But, Hender insisted, "What
are essentially revenue-producing
operations should basically pay
their own way."
The Thunderbird Shop, the
Delly and Travel Cuts, as examples, all pay to help cover the
cost of utilities and maintenance
on the spaces they sub-lease in the
"The students claim that if
they have to pay us they won't be
able to do all ofthe good works that
they are doing," he said. "They
might have to review the amount
of money they are putting into
reserves for future projects, but
that would not necessarily translate into cuts for programs."
"I dont know if the university
has an objection to commercial
ventures per se but I think we
feel that the AMS should be paying their share ofthe cost."
According to Ertl, "Although
in rhetoric it sounds good to say
that the AMS is too commercial,
but, in fact, the fact that the AMS
is so commercialized—if you want
to call it that—has been very good.
It has allowed us to keep the AMS
fees that we ask of students quite
low, and its allowed us to employ a
lot of students and return the
money that we do earn, back to
Ertl said the AMS and the
university are divided over a number of other issues related to the
SUB as well. The university is pro-
"I don't like this
relationship. I am
an adult." AMS
Carole Forsythe
posing a policy change that could
effectively prevent the AMS from
expanding upon or renovating the
SUB, he said.
In another move, the university has said that it may refuse to
enter into anymore contractual
agreements with the AMS—like
the contract which currently allows the university and the AMS
to co-manage the Aquatic Centre.
According to Ertl, these are
aggressive moves on the part ofthe
university administration—moves
which may serve to guarantee the
administration a monopoly on development on this campus.
AMS vice-president Carole
Forsythe is upset about the
university's current attitude to
wards the AMS.
"For me, its a control issue,"
she said, "I don't like this parent-
child relationship. I am an adult."
"I think it is about the
president's office trying to centralize power—and I don't like that,"
she said.
But negotiations between the
two sides are continuing, and a
settlement may yet be reached.
Hender, who is one ofthe chief
negotiators for the university, said,
"We are continuing to di seuss these
things and I think we've made a
fair amount of headway. We
havent finished our discussions,
but I would like to wrap them up,
I would hope, by christmas."
With specific reference to the
SUB, Hender said, "If we ever
ended up in court over this, it is not
entirely clear to us that the court
would uphold the terms of the
lease—I think they would look at
the intent of the lease. Really, I
guess what we are saying is, what
is actually fair?"
As discussions continue, the
AMS is gearing up to present its
petition and its arguments to the
Board of Governors. Ertl encourages UBC students to inform
themselves and to join in on what
he sees as a campaign to preserve
the integrity and autonomy ofthe
student government at UBC.
"Fd be happy to answer questions if people come to my door.
And if it seems there's a lot of
people who want to talk, Fd be
happy to organize a meeting," he
October 9,1992
Accord is tories' massive fraud, foes say
by Jason Robertson
The constitutional crisis is a
"massive fraud" Mulroney created to
give him a much-needed popularity
boost while he continues to dismantle
Canada, said well-known free trade
foe David Orchard at a public meeting
"It will mean an emasculated
central government with Canada divided into ten balkanized republics
and Mulroney back in the saddle."
Orchard, national chair of Citizens Concerned About Free Trade, told
an audience of 500 at John Oliver school
the referendum diverts attention from
the destruction of the Canadian
economy and the transfer of our sovereignity to the US.
If the new constitution goes into
place, Orchard said, it will hand over
essential powers to the the already-
bloated provinces, leaving the federal
government unable to maintain east-
west trade lines or to enforce national
minimum standards in social programs.
Orchard said the deal gives provinces exclusive jurisdiction over forestry, recreation, tourism, mining,
housing, municipal and urban affairs,
culture and job training, with control
over immigration, regional development, andsupi-emecourt appointments
soon to follow.
Citing a MacLean's poll published
three weeks ago that said only 10 per
cent of Quebecers were concerned about
the constitution, Orchard accused
Mulroney of having made a deal with
Quebec separatists in the last election—
that if the seperatists supported him
on free trade he would -reopen the
constitution. The result, Orchard said,
was Meech Lake.
"Much ofthe text of this deal was
taken from the Meech Lake accord word
for word," Orchard said. However, he
said, "some of the Native elites have
been bought off this time around," after being given a "third order of government" and the power to use the infamous notwithstanding clause.
Also in bed with Mulroney are the
premiers and "Mulroney's cheerleaders in the opposition," Orchard said. "If
the Yes side wins, the Conservatives
willuse it as an election platform calling
themselves the saviours of Canada."
Meanwhile, the Liberals and NDP are
"carrying Mulroney's bags in the next
election campaign."
Orchard attacked the referendum
process whereby a Yes vote would be
giving the government a blank cheque,
allowing them to do what they want
with the constitution. "In this country,
without a soul having seen the text of
this agreement, we are being told we
are the enemies of Canada if we say
The audience applauded
Orchard's comment on the fate of Jean
Chretien and Audrey McLaughlin in
the event of aNo vote. "Their credibility
is going to go down the tubes with Mr.
Guest speaker Barbara Wyss of
the Native Women's Association of
Canada also spoke up for the No side.
Her group is seeking an injunction to
stop the referendum on the grounds
that Native women were excluded from
the decision-making process.
Union of BC Indian Chiefs president Saul Terry followed with an appeal to voters not to be fooled as are the
"in-the-fort Indians"—Native leaders
who have sold out—by the
government's empty commitment to
aboriginal self-government. The audience seemed to have trouble understanding some points, but listened
intently to his comparison between
Native people and their elites and
Canadian people and their governments.
The three speakers concurred
that we should reject a deal which is
not in the interest of Canadians which
was made behind closed doors by a
government that no longer represents
its people.
David Orchard warns "just say no" at meeting on Tuesday
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Exp. Oct. 30
October 9,1992 ■r-.r■■ • x'.«-;N-E--fW S 7 O PI NIO -N
Western feminists veil race, gender oppression
by Afra Jalabi
I came to Canada from the Middle
EasttoattendMcGSll. Imovedin with
a Canadian woman who called herself a strong feminist. I also identify
with feminism, and I was happy to
live withawotnanwhowas concerned
about such issues.
But things did not go too well.
Although we got along, she was offended by my way of dressing. In
particular, she objected to the scarf I
wear over my hair. She wanted me to
comply to Western standards of
dressing. For her the problem was
clean I was afraid to show my body.
This argument shocked me because all my life I had considered
veilingtheharderchoice. When veiled,
a woman cannot use her body as an
advantage. I also learned that as
women we should resist the
sexualizationofourbodiesand instead
develop our intellectual capacities. I
learned to be seen through my intellectual personal capacities and not
my looks.
She did not consider my arguments validbecause they came from a
Muslim woman. She replied that if
Muslim men dressed like Muslim
totlrat was thatifherfellowmen wore
lipstick, high heels, and mini skirts
then I too could accept the difference.
Later, she decided that she did not
want me there any longer, because I
was a threat to her image as a feminist.
I wondered why the differences
between Western men and women
were acceptable to her, but not those
between Muslim men and women.
She seemed to have the idea that
Western women had gone through
some kind of enlightenment, and it
was now their business to help Muslim women become liberated".
Itis sad that many women in the
West do not realize that their status is
not better than that of other women,
and that their superior position only
comes from the domination of the
Western patriarchy over other patriarchies.
When I started looking for another apartment, I asked if my veil
was offensive. Here, in a supposedly
liberal" society I wasin the position of
having to gain approval on my style of
But the issue ran deeper. I had
been oppressed by a Western "feminist" whose main purpose was to remove oppression from women's lives.
She felt no solidarity with me or with
with our struggle.
Western stereotypes of Muslim
Prom my own experience and
the experience of other Muslim
women, I realized how rigid and stereotypical Western ideas about Muslim women are.
We are differentiatedfrom Western women, and considered inferior.
Many Western women believe they
have the most liberated status in the
world as women. Such women equate
Westemizatiori with modernity and
liberation.    .'
Non-Western peoples' cultural
practices, no matter how symbolic
and harmless, are seen as oppressive
elements whichmustbereplaced with
Western alternatives.
Veiling is one ofthe most obvious
problematic and symbolic practices
that is politicized by the West. Many
people draw spurious causal links
between veiling and oppression. If a
woman is veiled, she is certainly naive, dependent and oppressed. The
fact that a woman is working or getting her education in a foreign country is overlooked—if she is veiled, she
is "oppressed."
fronically,many Muslim women
have the same belief that Muslim
women enjoy the best status in the
world. As women, they are not exploited sexually, they are not used as
advertisement ploys, they have had
marriage and divorce rights for centuries, andtheydonotlosetheirnames
when they many.
Moreover, women in Islam have
the right to refuse their mother role
and household tasks for which they
either will be paid or receive hired
help. In addition, women in Islam
have had the right to pre-condition
their marriage on any aspects they
The themes most frequently discussed to represent Muslim women
are total veiling and clitoridectomy
(female circumcision), sensitive and
horrifying issues not only to Western
viewers but also to Muslim women
Unfortunately, the practices selected to represent "insightful" ac-
countsintothelives ofMuslim women
are also spurious and
unrepresentative of the lives and
concerns of women in Islamic countries. The main emphasis placed on
these exotic and very limited practices divert the attention of many
women from their common struggle
and their common goals. It keeps
womenin different societies from rec-
ognizingthe potential in the diversity
of approaches for resisting the constraints on their lives.
By becoming preoccupied with
mmor symbohc issues, looking only at
the surface of society and its symbolic
expression, we are blinded to many
Captain Condom
to the rescue...
OTTAWA (CUP) — Glenn
Rockett knows some people
aren't going to like what he's
doing for AIDS Awareness
He's put together a series
of postcards about a superhero called Captain Condom.
The postcards are targeted at
young gays and lesbians, and
show students talking about
safer sex.
"I know people aren't going
to like it," he said. "They're
going to say that I'm trying to
sexualize children. Pm not. Fm
trying to teach them about
safer sex."
Rockett works with the
AIDS Committee of Ottawa.
He said that AIDS Awareness
Week targets the general
population that doesn't know
that much about AIDS or HIV.
This is the second year
there's been a national AIDS
Awareness Week. Rockett said
local AIDS support groupsplan
their own activities.
He staid he's targeting gay
youth because they have to
learn about how HIV is transmitted, and how to prevent
contracting it.
"Let's face it-—the urban,
white 30-year-old male knows
the risks. He probably knows
people who've died," he said.
"Butthe 15-year-oldthinkshe's
invincible. Nothing can stop
Ontario has the greatest
number of people with AIDS.
Quebec and British Columbia
come in second and third, while
the Yukon and Northwest Ter-
ritories have the smallest
Since 1979, there have been
6,560 reported cases of people
with AIDS in Canada, Rockett
common issues.
Limits in all societies
When Muslim women choose to
veil, they have the right to do so, and
it has to be respected as an option
chosen to neutralize their sexuality.
This option is just as valid as other
women's choice to expose their sexuality. Both cases are expressions of
female identity.
Both approaches can be symbolic erf" freedom andindependence, as
well as of oppression. Both these options can be oppressive if they are
enforced on women formally. For example, veiling is not intrinsically oppressive. Itisacontextual symbol and
has been used for variety ofreasonsat
different times.
Likewise, Western standards of
- dressing are not intrinsically liberating and emancipating. Some Islamic
countries enforced legal unveiling as
a measure of modernizing their "traditional'' societies. This shows how
unveiling is perceived to be intrinsically liberating even when it is done
coercively by the state.
The Western media did not give
any attention on compulsory unveiling as they did with compulsory veiling, because for them Western standards are essentially liberating.
women'schoicesandfreedomto select
the ways in which they want to represent themselves. The similarities
present in both contexts are usually
overlooked. Itisculturally determined
values and judgements that took the
lead in representing and portraying
what was happening to women.
ManyWestern women will argue
that even when the state is not involved, veiling is oppressive because
women fall under the dominant values of society. Butthese womenfoiget
that any society has codes of modesty
and dressing. Western women can't
go around topless, for example.
We must keep in mind that all
societies have limits, and all people
who live in them are free to the extent
of being able to use the available
Of course, we always break the
lines but also have to know the benefits and costs. Is it really worth
breaking some symbolic practices
rather than reworking the roles and
meaning behind them? That is what
modern Muslim women are doing
when they re-veil. Their struggle
should be seen more in the economic,
political andlegal spheres, ratherthan
in light of culturally specific practices
and symbolic institutions.
The problems feeing Western
and Muslim women are similar, no
matter how different they appear on
the surface. But cultural hegemony
overrides these common grounds.
Consequently, both societies
compare their ideals to the actual
practices in the other society. Both
Muslims and Westerners point their
finger at the other's faults without
reaHzingthatasdmilarfingeris pointed
at them.
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The  Cecil  H.  and  Ida  Green
Visiting Professorships
Institute of Asian and African Studies
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
A vivid storyteller and forceful speaker, David Shulman is a brilliant scholar specializing in the major literary
languages of South India. Awarded the prestigious Mac Arthur Prize and a Guggenheim Fellowship, he has edited
two volumes, written numerous scholarly articles and five books including The King and the Clown in South Indian
Myth and Poetry (1985) and Tamil Temple Myths: Sacrifice and Divine Marriage in the South Indian Saiva
Tradition (1980). He draws into his frame myths and meditations on tragedy and comedy, ritual and sacrifice,
clowning and magic, marriage and sexuality.
Tuesday, October 13
Room 604, Asian Centre Building, at 12:30 (Seminar)
The Discovery of the Individual in Pre-Modern South India
Wednesday, October 14
Room A-102, Buchanan Building, at 12:30 PM
Friday, October 16
Room A-102, Buchanan Building, at 12:30 PM
VYASA'S CURSE ON BENARES: Pilgrimage as Exile
This is a Seminar Presentation for S ACPAN
Saturday, October 17
Room 207/209, AnSo Building, at 10:15 AM
PLAYING DICE WITH GOD: Myths of Siva and the Feminine
Saturday, October 17 - The Vancouver Institute
Hall 2, Woodward Instructional Resources Centre, at 8:15 PM
October 9,1992
THE UBYSSEY/5 A dish of slop
by Yukie Kurahashi
In the Soup is another waste of celluloid
from another Brave
Young American
Alexandre Rock-
In the Soup
directed by Alexandre Rockwell
well's black-and-white
film centers around
Adolpho Rollo (Steve
Buscemi), a film-
maker-wanna-be. He is
obsessed by his neighbour Angelica (Jennifer
Beals) who won't give
him the time of day
(8:17...?), and is
hounded for rent by his
mafioso slumlords. Out
of financial desperation, he puts his cherished, 500-page epic screenplay up for sale
in the classifieds.
Through this ad Adolpho meets the
disturbingly charismatic Joe (Seymour
Cassel) who agrees not only to buy the
script, but also to finance the film...just as
long as Adolpho is willing to help raise the
There are performances in this film
worthy of respect here. Cassel's spontaneous
energy is almost catching, as is Buscemi's
ingenuous bewilderment. Beals is definitely
the one to watch, though; Angelica's infrequent radiant smiles cut through a very
.convincing jaded moodiness, in yet another
understated display of Beals' multipotent
technique. You'd almost not recognize her
from last year's kinky, quirky Blood and
These performances, unfortunately, get
lost in the soporific tedium ofthe film. It
drags in an exaggerated pseudo-film-noir
fashion; and it drags...and it drags...and it
drags...and it drags...
Maybe next time, Alexandre.
fed-* . .-*»C^E-.*•*,*. .-".
^ -«-f"»3     .
The Odyssey o
i... c_„_„^D e*„~.~ V      accidental^fell after it ended up
" * *<J*"aL
&*■ V  ---S "* Off*- - *rV&*t
by Frances Foran
What is it about a story
about boyhood that a woman
doesn't find it alienating? Has
the patriarchy so colonized
women's minds that they can
sympathize with how it feels to
be a boy, though there is
nothing imaginable in their
experience to draw upon and
compare with? Or is it that
Leolo's story is so touching in its
specificity that you can ditch the
gender polities for a while,
placated by the story of how a
boy uses language as alchemy to
make a rotten life sweet?
Leolo's family live in East
End Montreal, but Leolo
(Maxime Collin) lives in his
mind and his mind is in Sicily.
He really is Italian, though not
many people know that; his
family insist on calling him
"Leo". His slug of a father is not
his real father who exported the
sperm-L6olo on a bin of Sicilian
tomatoes into which his mother
in a Montreal market.
Italy becomes the metaphor
for all that is poetic and graceful
and unlike his own life. The
country comes to symbolize a
place and time to escape his
family, who are one by one being
stored in the psych ward, with
some familiar disorder that
turns them catatonic as they
mature. Of course the young poet
needs a muse to inspire and
excite him, mostly to transport
him to the country she symbolizes. Bianca ("my only love, my
Italy") is not a girl but a gate, a
threshold into his literary world
where the boy creates a beautiful
universe out of his poetry.
Excerpts of his life that
serve to underline the pathology
ofthe family in a film about
poetic transforamtions take on
an epic quality. He isn't just a
kid, he insists, he's Odesseus and
Orpheus and you believe him
because he is an artist. Yes, this
film romanticizes and makes
excuses for gender imprinting in
boyhood (maybe that's a French
thing - My
directed by Jean-Claude Lauzon
and My
Glory do
this too),
but ifs so
well done, you don't care. In one
memorable scene Leolo buys a
beef liver and cuts a slit into it,
and pouring over pornographic
magazines he fucks the slab of
meat. How's that for metaphori^
Leolo is a great movie
despite its deification of the
transcendent individual artis'
and a child at that—who can
churn out gold from his life's    __
dreck. Sheer ideology. This is the
kind of film that would make you
think being a boy must be great
Henry: Portrait of
one strange puppy
byTedYoung-Ing *-* ■"■ M.   M.   %/
This film is one strange puppy. Star Time, by first-time feature director
Alexander Cassini, is a bizarre and disturbing film about Henry Pinkie, a
slightly deranged but generally sweet (except
for the times when he's hacking up bodies
with an axe) young man.
The film opens with Henry about to commit
suicide by plummeting from the roof of his
therapist's apartment building. She's out of
town, and it's been a tough week for Henry-his favorite tv show got cancelled.
He's stopped just before he jumps by Sam Bones, who offers Henry a job
working for him. It's been an even tougher week for Sam. In addition to his
work doing lottery ads ("Be a winner. Win it for your country. Are you listening
to me? Be a winner!!"), Sam's a producer for a television news programme, and
it's been a slow news week.
Here's where it gets weird. Henry's job is to provide a few good news stories
by being a serial killer. Henry's kinda nuts, so he doesn't see the down side of
his job.
Then the weirdness really takes off.
This film is really amazing. The pacing in the film is meticulous, and when
Star Time
Directed by Alexandre Cassini
Control youribody and mi
Fit: Episodes in the History ofthe Body
directed by Laurie Block
by Frances Foran
To be fit means in common
usage to be physically sound;
possessed of a body with a high
muscle to fat ratio, and to be able
to withstand cardiovascular
exertion such that you can get
your heart to beat real fast in a
short period of time.
In the movie Fit: Episodes in
the History ofthe Body,
the use
"fitness" as a method of social
As she guides us through the
past 100 years of fitness fads,
Block shows that the physical
ideal of "fit" is not so much an
aesthetic as a moral concept.
Using historical footage to
document the changing body
ideals, Block shows how physical
standards became fused with
moral qualities and gender
appropriate behaviour. The
promotion of fitness under the
guise of health and sex appeal
became an expedient way to
indoctrinate individuals with
whatever values are useful-to
society, while the rhetoric
declares that the pursuit of
"fitness" is for an individual's
own personal and private well-
Conformity to the physical
ideal results in mass conformity
of "unique individuals," not in
their body shapes but in social
values. There is one brilliant
scene from 1930 showing
athletes doing mass calisthenics,
demonstrating social cohesion.
Of course when they were done
exercising, the men went on to
competition, while the women
cheered, having been taught that
"competition harmed women's
natural love for living things."
Block also uncovers the
social usefulness of male prowess. Bulk and muscle, she
argues, are specifically a male
obsession for the male body,
despite the myth that men
"build" their bodies to please
A clip shows Charles Atlas,
star ofthe wimp who gets sand
kicked in his face turned he-man
myth. Charles is shown surrounded by three generations of
wide-eyed men, fondling his
gross bleep, reassured of their
birthrights to also occupy more
space than necessary.
The use of science to reify
social values is skimmed, which
is unfortunate since social
Darwinism has been resurrected
with bionic force in the last
fifteen years.
Block does show the
confluence of eugenics and
fascism in the 30s when racial
hygiene laws to protect white
breeding practices were made in
the US and Canada, including
BC. Though she doesn't explicate it, this describes how body
"ideals," with their underlying
social prescriptions, are becoming more specialized.
Moving the "ideals" to the
level of eu/genetics makes
attaining the "ideal" impossible
for those who don't fit into the
pre-definition of social "ideal."
Using genes to justify racism,
sexism and homophobia has
proven to be more effective in
social control than fitness
because genes have the quality
of being incontestable, "natural," and irrevocable
the audience is fully led into Henry's world, it all makes sense—even seems
reasonable. Cassini, also the screenwriter, is godlike.
The production quality is surprisingly high for a low-budget first feature. The
lighting is particularly notable. Good performances by all ofthe actors and some
pretty nifty editing make this a highly watchable and thoroughly captivating
Plan for about three hours of time alone after the film; it'll take at least this
long for the world to seem normal again.
Yukie's fest fave
by Yukie Kurahashi
...I don't know where to start.
This tremendous, emotionally
explosive film blew me clean
Strictly Ballroom
directed by Baz Luhmann
away. I came away glowing, with
my hair standing on end.
It's no wonder this Prix de la
Jeunesse winner was the talk of
the town at both Cannes and
Toronto's Festival of Festivals
this year.
It's wonderfully, energetically
played, flawlessly edited, and
exactingly directed. Not a word
nor gesture is wasted in this
awe-inspiring oeuvre of superlative craft.
Strictly Ballroom is a fast-
oving, exquisite melange of
'-sgainst-all-odds, hypercomedy,
.nd modern fairy-tale. Scott
Hastings (Paul Mercurio, ofthe
Sydney Dance Company) gets on
the bad books ofthe powers-that-
be at the stiflingly strict Ballroom Dancing Federation when
he starts performing the traditional dances "his way"—adding
unauthorized, brilliantly executed steps.
This flashiness is immediately
condemned by all those around
him: his partner, his dancer-
turned-instructor mother, his
coach, and the ostentatiously
toupeed president ofthe Federation.
With the desertion of his
partner, Scott is forced to search
for a replacement with the all-
important Pan-Pacific Competition only three weeks away. He
finds an unlikely partner in Fran
(Tara Morice), a clumsy beginner
at his mother's dancing school;
we watch her blossom in both
technique and person in a
superbly edited sequence of
Meanwhile, all is not quiet on
the Federation front. First-time
director Baz Luhmann camps it
up with supreme elegance; we
get refreshing, hilarious twists of
all the traditional dramatic ruses
of mistaken identity, gifted rival,
parental opposition, and behind-
the-scenes intrigue.
Strictly Ballroom, though, isn't
simply of the competition genre;
it's also a realistic high romance
about the clashing of cultures and
being from the wrong side of the
This is THE film ofthe Fest.
It's a jolting triumph.
I've never given ovation at a theatre screening before; to clap for
absent performers and directors
has always seemed silly to me...but
this time, I just couldn't help it.
Although you've missed the
scheduled Festival screenings for
this film already, it's likely to be
brought back for encores.
Go see it. You're guaranteed an
Absolutely mystical experience.
^Mca\ ag^«anaa;
body b1*
wwuer 3,1992
October 9, IS
! •*"•*.
vOFTe* EleVfei
it was realty strange -when ifirs t came here to see alt the ads for Bzzrgardens,
rmistievmadrruttohaving Beensuchadorkjis tohavtwonderedabout their
meaning for a minute? -was the play on words simply some kind of exclusive
joke to which we pphurst yeers were not a party or zoos it an effort to avoid
taring as young and innocent into things which we are tooyoung to Be exposed
to? zohenigot the whole thing figured out...as far as the advertisers side of
things goes anyway... i was even more confused— the Trovince, a large
portion of who's income come from the sale of liquor, does not allow it to ie
advertised around campus. 'Why? Uhis policy acheives nothing of value -
tKftpt, possiBty, confusing the odd frosh at the Beginning oftheyear. do our
Beloved and revered leaders just enjoy Being hypocrites or something? everything they sum to do in education and other socialprograms is geared towards
a'frumarket'. themoreperfectty capitalist oursociety, the happier they sum
to Be. Itntilthey can make a profit on something, that is. or, that 'sjust how
itsums tome,anyway. nomatterwftozvehavein'l^ctoria,jtothingcnatyes.
we get the same old shit, the same old lies, even the same old useless
regulations, the ndp, unlike the socreds, could easily change the rules-they
didn't make thenu.it would toodgood to make But, the government in its
wisdom always has a reason, i 'msure they do about this, too, theywoutdnever
just Begreedy, woutdthey now?<y'ou would at least thinlithat theydmake
anattempt tolookdxfferentorsomething, evenjust to amuse us tittle people
down here, they could tookjdifferenx or tatkjdifferent or, even, act at least
nominaty different.just so it at least looks (ike things can Be changed from
down here-—even though we would or should stilt know that it was all the
same — lift, gets Boring otherwise, come to the ubyssey Beer garden - sub
2OT+209 ■ today at four'o'dockjand learn to live again.
The last hollywood Mohican
by Doug Farris
i  he Last ofthe Mohicans is a
very pretty film. Everything and everyone is very pretty except for the
European soldiers in their stuffy uniforms.
The Last ofthe Mohicans
Cineplex Odeon
Not surprisingly, all ofthe acting
is quite good. Daniel Day-Lewis puts
in a great performance as Hawkeye.
However, what is such a previously
cool actor doing in a big budget Hollywood production like this? Well
I guess making lotsa money.
Apparently so much
that he actually developed
pecs and biceps to make
the audience ooooh and
aaah all the way to
the ticket office.
The acting jobs
of Madeleine
Stowe      as
Means as
Eric    x
Schweig *■ "H-.
as Uncas were
also very good and
believable.    The
rest of the supporting .cast also
did     excellent
work, especially
role of Maguathe misunderstood but nevertheless evil
This film is an adaptation of the
18th Century story by James Fenimore
Cooper, and the 1936 screenplay by
Philip Dunne. It revises the original
story removing the racist overtones,
as well as the long-winded soliloquies
by the Hawkeye character about the
"noble and free nature" ofthe Indian.
In short, with the exception of the
bare-bones ofthe plot it is essentially
a new and engaging story. There is an
obvious depth of understanding of native life and ofthe colonial experience
which is refreshing only in light of
previous big-budget "Indian" epics.
The fact that the filmmakers went to
all of this trouble suggests that they
are not only sensitive to the portrayal
of First Nation's Peoples in cinema,
but that they are also loyal to historical accuracy.
But. Well there's always a "but', isn't
there? I really didn't like this film
very much, in fact I really hated this
film. I hate films about Indians that
by necessity must have a white central character to draw in the
mainstream's sympathies. Not
only that but I hate mov-\j|L i e s
that pit "good-guy"^|jlJ(p* In-
dians against the ^^^^ "bad-
guy" Indi- jjmpr ans.    For
pathetic character
was Wes Studi in the
*.    Mogua role whose desire
was to establish an Indian
Kingdom that would deal
>!t   ^equally with the white
Empires.   It is interesting that Russell
Means ( one of the
founders of the
American Indian
Movement    )
a film that effectively functions as American ■
propaganda, the same
^     Americans who practiced
\x   racial and cultural genocide against his people
on such a wide scale.
There are also no Indian female characters in this film.
Like all Hollywood
films this one revolves
around love  stories.
The all-white one succeeds but
the inter-racial one ends with the
death of one and the suicide of the
other. All films are political, and
what is progress in one time frame is
reactionary in another.
Sure there are steps forward for
Indians in this film, but there are
miles to be made before we should be
satisfied. All in all Fd say spend your
money on the Vancouver Film Festival instead.
<   i-
ffl*?      x     &$£
How these change'; came about
Fovrkey Si*f«rS.X>!
f to set all the fails X
Get all the facts!
Many Canadians say they want more information
before answering the referendum question on October 26.
Between October 9-12, households throughout the
country will receive an 8-page summary pamphlet that
contains another publication - the entire unedited
Constitutional Agreement, reached in Charlottetown,
August 28. Please look for this information in your mail
and take the time to read it so that you can make a
truly informed decision on the upcoming referendum.
If you haven't received this publication
by October 13, call the toll-free number below
and a copy will be sent to your home.
WZa Deaf or hearing impaired:
^81 1-800-465-7735 (tty/tdd)
October 9,1992 Legendary punks
live and kicking
by RJ. Levineord
n Saturday, Oct.3,
Vancouverites were
treated to a rare reunion.
It wasnt your typical
school or club reunion, it
was Dead On Arrival
(D.O.A.), a band renowned
as a leader in the early
North American punk
As a Canadian and fan
of music, I couldn't pass up
the chance to see and hear
such an important band.
Commodore Ballroom
Saturday, Oct.3
For those who are not
already aware, D.OA.
were arguably the roost
influential of all the early,
local punk bands, and were
largely responsible for
putting Vancouver on the
map as an important
artistic breeding ground
within the underground
musk scene.
Having never seen
them before, I was very
excited about the prospect
of witnessing D.O-A's
legendary live show. As if
it couldnt get any better,
in addition to D.OA. there
were three other
Vancouver bands. Unfortunately I missed the first
band, Sex with Nixon, but
the second band, Itch, was
just what you might expect
from their name - irritat
ing. They consisted of a
guitarist, bassist,
keyboardist, and drummer.
During their set it became
clear that they tried to
emulate Ministry, but failed
to connect with any of our
primal mashing instincts.
The third artist was Mr.
Wrong, a one^person band
consisting of guitarist Rob
Wright, a former member of
another legendary
Vancouver punk outfit, NO
MEANS NO. Wow! He came
out in priestly wear and
delivered a rippin' sermon
on Psychobilly. From his
hybrid interpretations of
rockabilly tunes, to his
daring chant, "Kill Evetyone
Now", the crowd was hit
with a unique and challenging experience.
Finally, D.OA arrived
onstage after Mr. Wrong.
Lead anger Joey Shithead
and his cohorts were in top
form, cruising through a set
of straight ahead punk-rock
I was curious to Bee if
punk-rock's vital nature
could stand the test of time.
I wasn't disappointed. Their
passion drew the audience
out erf their seats and onto
the floor. In their performance, D.OA reached the
essence of what perhaps
punk-rock is all about -
unbridled energy.
Those who think punk
is dead should have been at
the Commodore Saturday
night, for they may have
witnessed a renaissance.
Deperately Seeking
We are hiring UBC students
for our on-going campaign
contacting alumni
If you possess excellent verbal skills
and enjoy working with the public
Call the UBC Development Office
at 822-8900
The University of British Columbia
by William Congreve
a play about adultery,
greed, love and intrique
(in that order)
Directed by Peter Eliot Weiss
OCTOBER 6-10 & 14-17
2for 1 Preview-Tues. Oct. 6h Curtain: 8pm
Res. 822-2678
iA R T S -;
Day eight, god created skinheads
by Ted Young-Ing
Currently the darling ofthe
modern art world in Europe, Emily
Carr College's best known alumnus
is back in Vancouver after a series of
successful exhibitions in New York,
Berlin and SeouL
Varieties of Love
Dianne Farris Galleiy
To October 27,1992
If you've never seen Atilla Richard
Lukac's work before, be forewarned.
He has a definitive and unique view
ofthe world.
Lukac's latest works are of his
trademark skinheads playing in the
Garden of Eden. He has chosen to
reclaim Eden as only Lukac would
dare. One ofthe works is entitled
"Adam and Steve*.
There are four series of works here
which offer some loose narrative to
the exhibition: LOVE IN WAITING,
Lucak's work is full of paradoxes.
The works are a disturbing mix of
love and passion, male
homoeroticism, brutal violence,
Japanese woodblock print motifs,
and neo-nazi sentiment. The role
and identity ofthe skinheads is
never made clear. They either
brutalize each other or they give
each other pleasure; they are either
neo-nazi gay bashers, or they are
themselves gay, and invovled
emotionally with each other. These
lines often become fuzzy.
shows the two main skinheads arm
in arm, one naked sporting an
erection, standing in a field of
blood-red poppies and cute bunnies.
A swastika rises on the horizon in
place of a sun. One ofthe skins
holds his middle finger to the
swastika, while his friend with the
erection gives it the nazi salute.
Lucaks leaves the confused viewer
to decipher the meaning in his
LOVE IN LOSS Hermit's life
(with a beast of prey) shows
dismembered parts of one ofthe
main objects of affection being
eaten and mutilated by panthers.
The ambiguity of meaning and of
symbolism is a common thread in
Lukac's work; the lines between
passion and violence, and of
aggression and affection are often
themselves ambiguous.
Lukacs has long been obsessed
With the struggle between an
internal idealized vision of love and
human relations and reality, and
the subsequent frustration with
being unable to attain this
Through the continual
exploration of these concerns in
Varieties of Love, Lukacs has
created the most mature and
expressive work of his young
career. One can feel the alienation,
and the impossibility of acheiving
love in a brutal and aggressive
"A terrific movie with the finest
ensemble cast of the year"
Just bring one empty JH5   can or bottle
(plus valid UBC student ID) for free admission
on Sunday, October 11, 7:00 8c 9:15
would like to thank UBC students who
have made   *'" ""*
VARSITY  •  4375 W. 10th  •  222-2235
October 9,1992
President David Strangway has once again demonstrated that students' interests have little to do with how
this university operates.
Since David Strangway arrived at UBC, the administration has pursued policies which centralize power on campus.
While corporate investors pour money into the construction
of conference centres and research institutes, the quality of
education at UBC—for those who are fortunate enough to
even get in—is suffering.
Meanwhile, student residents ofthe university endowment lands are being pushed off campus and out of school by
new high-priced housing projects.
First and second year courses have been sacrificed
across the board—huge, impersonal, monster-courses have
been created to free up instructors' time for their own
research. And the teachers who could fill the void aren't
being hired.
Slowly but surely, UBC is becoming an unfriendly environment for students.
The administration's proposedactions which would place
limits on the activities of the AMS are part of this same
The recent action by Strangway against the students'
union's use ofthe SUB proves that what determines university policy is economics. And if students' interests collide
with profits, too bad for students, says the board of governors. The president's stance on the student union's subsidized
use of SUB, which students built, is incontrovertible proof
that the board considers the university to be a profiteering
corporation. The administration's seems to be saying that it
must act out of self-interest, without any obligation to the
students a university exists to serve.
This is why the student union at UBC—The Alma
Mater Society—must have the right to operate autonomously.
As students' elected representatives who (technically)
act on behalf of our interests, the student government's right
to contribute to the future of this university must be upheld.
Whether we agree with all of their policy decisions or
not, the student union is still a forum for students' voices,
and it is still one ofthe best instruments for acting on what
students regard as best for students.
When the administration disempowers the student government it disempowers students. Even if this issue is the
student unions' corporate agenda versus the ad-ministration's,
our agenda is still ours, and if the AMS is to be used to serve
students—now or ever—its autonomy must be defended.
The Ubyssey is published Tuesdays and Fridays by the Alma Mater Society of the University of British
Columbia. Editorial opinions are those ofthe staff and not necessarily those ofthe university administration,
or ofthe sponsor. The editorial office is room 241K ofthe Student Union Building. Editorial Department,
phone 822-2301; advertising, 822-3977; FAX 822-9279.
The Ubyssey is a founding member of
Canadian University Press
What do you need to have your very own club here on the UBC campus, many staffei-s were wondering? Frances Foi--ffi suggested good faabion
Bondage weighed heavily on the minds of many including Doug's.and Yukie Kurahashi just wanted to make sure she would be queen. Ted Young-
Ing haa been pacing alot this past week as time haa almost arrived for hia interview with Sandra Miranda AUdritthaa been purauaded to be ever
so slightly irresponsible and has agreed to go out Saturday and partake in a little theatre. Liz Van Aasum unfortuneatly wont get a chance to have
any fan this weekend aa ahe is going home far the holiday. Now I'm not saying thia wouldnt be my most favourite thing to do, but ahe is missing
the one and only BEER GARDEN we are having. Sam Green has been ready for this day since she-rtertedbere. Good times, good drink, and great
security. Lucho van Isschot on the other hand just wants his car back, and Omar Ka/ms just wants to ride his bicycle. Helen Willoughby-Price is
O.K.! We were all very worried about her but she will soon return with full force. Now Rick Hiebert heaj-d a nimor that some staffers wanted to
start a new club and he wanted to make sure that he was involved, especially if it had anything to do with... Jason (3ATIN1ST) Robertson. After
calming down Philippe Tleraey, Ben Levine and Josh Leonard, who by the way were just as exritedMffick, derided it would be in the best interest
ofthe collective to drink lots, and so they did. "Practice makes perfect.* Siobhan Roantree claimed, and she would know those sort of things. Chris
Woodland and Ha3ine Griffith were a tad distressed, this little voice was calling their names, and telling them to go to room 207/209 and they really
werent sure why? -Never fear I'm hererahouted Carol Farrel, -Go to the beer garden and here you will find Denise Woodley and Paula Wellings
with maybe just maybe some ofthe answers."
Paula Waling* • Lucho van Isschot • Yukie Kurahashi • Sam Green • Franca* Foran
...like join The
The Ubyssey editors
may not have direct experience in the area but they
present an accurate portrayal oflife in a frat, counter
to Geoffrey Butt's charges. I
state this as a member of a
fraternity, in my undergrad
days at McGill University.
While I cannot claim to speak
for frats at UBC, I know that
my experiences are common
throughout Canada.
Mr. Butt raised four
points in critiquing The
Ubyssey; frats' exclusionary
nature, hazing, secretrituals
and sexual assault.
Frats by nature are exclusionary, their members
pick who can join their ranks,
on the basis of sex, race,
sexual orientation, religion,
Hazing is a reality, as
The Ubyssey states. While
the frats frown upon hazing,
they sanction chapters because they are forced by
public pressure. Individual
chapters flaunt their headquarters' demands when
they serve alcohol. Almost
all frats are members ofFIPG
(Fraternities Insurance
Purchasing Group), one of
the policy terms is that no
frat can serve any alcohol. If
Mr. Butt's frat is member of
FIPG, his chapter would
The Ubyssey welcomes letters on any Issue. Letters must be typed and are not to exceed 300 words In length. Content which Is Judged to be libelous, homophobic, sexist, racist or factually Incorrect will
not be published. Please be concise. Letters may be edited for brevity, but It Is standard Ubyssey policy not to edit letters for spelling or grammatical mistakes. Please bring them, with Identification,
to SUB 241k. Letters must Include name, faculty, and signature.
"surely" lose its charter when
discovered serving alcohol.
It will take more than halfhearted regulations to stop
Rituals are an integral
part of frat life, intending to
give a quasi-religious mystique. Secret handshakes,
passwords and ceremonial
paddles are attempts to
convince the brothers that
they are in a special, elite
club. Forced drinking may
not occur in the form of forcing alcohol down throats
but excessive alcohol is provided and it is expected that
it is drunken. I was missing
out as a pledge if I didn't
drink to excess.
While it is true that not
all rapists are frat members
(after all, there are more
rapists around than frat
members), it is also true the
greek system encourages
sexist and sometimes sexist-
violent behaviour. At McGill
there was one incident where
a member of the Women's
Rugby Team was sexually
assaulted by more than one
brother at a parly for her
team. The sexist behaviour
encouraged by the frat facilitated this event. The title
of a popular frat drinking
song is evidence, "Back your
girl into the corner".
Instead of denying the
problems, all frat members
should try to effect radical
change within the greek
system (not likely), or eliminate frats altogether. Afinal
word to prospective members of frats; there are better
things to do as an undergrad.
Mitchell Leitman
Law 1
"Spouse assault includes being slapped,
pushed, punched, scratched,
kicked, or physically threatened by a partner or ex-partner. Conservative estimates
indicate that one in ten Canadian women is assaulted
by her husband, partner or
The statement above is
taken from "Assault is a
crime", a publication put out
by the Government of B.C.
Women's Programs. It occurs under the heading,
"What is assault?"
I am strategically
"Black", "lesbian" but more
accurately a Mixed "race"
(including Jewish)/Mixed
Blood Two-spirited woman
with a complex chronic/
catastrophic disability. I was
interviewed by a staffer regarding an assault by an ex-
partner and associates which
incorporated, if not embodied, aspects of a gay bashing,
racialized lynching and
spouse assault/lesbian battering. I understand that co
incidental to this assault,
and to a front page article
featuring myself, the alleged
assailant joined The Ubyssey as a staffer and has since
had one article published
pertainingto women's safety
in walking the streets at
I further understand
that she has undertaken to
complete an article on "Roots
of Resistance", an organization of people of colour with
which I am affiliated, dedicated to post-colonial resistance and resistance to neo-
colonial domination. Furthermore, I understand that
she has posted a position
paper supporting her intention to represent the paper
at the upcoming Canadian
University Press Conference.
As a person who has
been a Ubyssey staffer with
voting rights for the last
academic year, and a writer
whose first article was published in 1987/88; as a feminist news writer with Kinesis and its Women of Colour/
First Nations Collective; as
a Multi-issue or Umbrella
Activist and Advocate; as the
Coordinator of the Anti-
Discrimination Committee;
as a feminist, a woman of
colour, a person with a disability, an out n' proud queer,
an ethnocultural/ AIDS activist and as a victim, (or is
that survivor) of my first and
I hope my last spouse assault
NEGLIGENT that the Editorial Board has become a
party to my assault and ongoing harassment by continuing to harbor and
humour this person: granting her writing and publishing privileges while, in
effect, further jeopardizing
my safety and denying me
access to Ubyssey offices.
To add insult to literal
and figurative iiyury, after
Lucho van Isschot(an editor)
and I came forward with the
story (note: Lucho was the
first person to witness my
condition after the assault,
identified the alleged assailant before she left the
scene, and was present when
I reported the inci dent to the
police and ambulance), the
Editorial Board held the
story without notification or
explanation being given to
me to date! Myself and those
associated with me are
thereby subject to the very
real threat of retaliation (so
real it's already happened)
I do not consider it appropriate for me to make the
Editorial Board aware ofthe
fact one woman can have
power over another, by rights
of class or colour for example,
and can abuse this power
and be abusive. Nor does it
befit me to provide staff with
ethical and advocacy skills.
However, it is clear that this
woman has privileges that I
do not share:
-she has white-skin privilege
-she has heterosexual privilege by virtue of her male
common law, live-in spouse
-she is able bodied
-she has access to The
Ubyssey as a writer and
support from the Editorial
Board in her journalistic
I ask the Editors this: If
this person were a man and
"his" assault had been of a
sexual nature would "he" still
be writing for the paper?
Would an article on the assault be held until "his" side
of the story was obtained?
Would I be notified that my
rapist was still at large or
that "he" was writing articles
on women feeling safe to
walk the streets at night?
What is a Hate Crime and
how should victims be sup-
portedin telling their stories
and protected from retaliation?
I am anticipating replies
in writing from Samantha
Green, Frances Foran, and
Paula Wellings-Lucho van
Isschot and Yukie
Kurahashi have already indicated their personal accountability via verbal communication. In the meantime, I am passing the time
with embroidery and can be
reached c/o The Lesbian
Spouse Assault Quilt.
Nikola Maria De
Mother of the
House of Marin
October 9,1992 LETT ERS
argument cut up
Lisa Penny's letter to the Ubyssey presents yet another poorly
thought out and misinformed
opinion against the practice of
vivisection in medical research. I
think her intentions are noble, but
her logic is faulty. Perhaps she is
not aware ofthe facts.
Fact #1. Society has benefitted
to a huge extent from drug research. I cannot begin to cover all
the areas of life that have been
improved and enriched from advances in pharmacology over the
past 100 years. Antimicrobial
drugs have saved hundreds of millions of lives. Antipsychotics emptied 90% of mental hospital beds in
the 1950s. Examples abound.
Fact #2. There is absolutely no
way to determine what effects a
drug will have on a human subject
without extensive research prior
to clinical trials. Before the research, the drug is simply a white
powder. Through testing on mammalian tissue (yes, this means
animals), it can be determined
what sites the drug has an effect
on, what the effect is, what sort of
toxicity/side effects exist, etc etc.
There is simply no way to obtain
this information other than by
studying animal models. To say
that animals are significantly different from humans with respect
to drug actions is plainly wrong.
Fact #3. Human models are out
ofthe question on moral grounds.
What would you say if your doctor
said "Okay, Fm going to iry'ect you
with this white powder to cure
your persistent headaches. I've
really no idea if this will sedate
you, stimulate you, produce hallucinations, cause pain, cause convulsions, cause ulcers, cure you, or
kill you, but lefs see what it does
There is little room for debate. If
society wants a cure for AIDS, cancer or the common cold, animal
models are required for the advances in medicine.   To say that
vivisection is 'Scientific Fraud' is
ignoring the facts.
Dave Nelson
4th Year Pharmacology
Student poll might
show indecision
On the last two days of Clubs
Days, the Political Science Students' Association (PSSA) held a
mock vote on the October referendum. Respondents were asked,
"Shoul d the Constitution of Canada
be renewed on the basis of the
agreement reached on Aug. 28,
1992?" Yes or No and Why (optional). While there were some who
did not want to participate because
they had not yet read the text, the
results from the ballots that were
received are not surprising. Out of
64 respondents, 3 (5%) were undecided, and out ofthe 61 that had an
opinion, 30 (49%) voted no, and 31
(51%) voted yes. These results reflect the great indecision British
Columbians are facing over
whether or not to accept the Charlottetown accord. On the No side
many felt that Quebec's guaranteed 25 per cent in the House of
Commons was not fair to the other
provinces and also did not support
increased provincial powers because they would mean a weaker
central government. Some of those
on the Yes side felt that the agreement was a fair compromise, that
the gains Quebec made in the
House were offset by the gains the
other provinces made in the Senate, and were happy that native
self-government was finally addressed by Canada. To help resolve your indecision (or perhaps
complicate it more!), PSSA will be
holding debates and discussions
on the referendum question. Keep
an eye out for information on these
events (to be posted around campus).
Kim Chan
Political Science Students
Yeah? So does
your old man
I would first like to congratulate D.PJC Mosquin on his skilled
use of propaganda. Persuasive devices, the author so richly accuses
the MLA of employing, fill the article "Forest-Killer's Forum". Vivid
examples of character assasina-
tion, sweeping generalizations and
ill informed opinions stand as a
monument to the author's crafty
Secondly, I would like to thank
The Ubyssey for their typical, sensational coverage (1/2 page layout) of such propaganda.
It's such a shame to see efforts
ie. presentations, aimed at increasing dialogue between industry, government, interest groups
and the public, destroyed by ill
informed extremism.
The major gist of the MLA's
speech consisted of a statement of
objectives the NDP government
needs to address concerning the
forest industry in B.C.. Not withstanding the standard political,
optimistic overtones, the speech
addressed serious, valid problems
facing forest use.
Strangely enough, considering
how vehemently our hero, the defender of ecosystems (however, in
the context that the author uses
the word, it is evident that he
doesn't have a clue about what an
ecosystem is; let alone how one
functions) writes, I heard no serious criticisms from the audience
during the question period following the speech (this assumes, of
course, that our hero was actually
present). It seems the author feels
that feedback and facts are rather
unnecessary for his journalistic efforts.
Journalistic glorification of
articles such as Mosquin's sends
forth a strong message. If people
want factual information, they
must look for it beyond the media.
Kyle Whiting
4th Yr. Forestry
The LAST Work Study Drop-In Session will be held on
Wednesday, October 14.
Work Study Drop-In Sessions are held every
Tuesday afternoon at 1:30 and
Wednesday morning at 9:30
September 22nd through to October 14th.
Work Study is open to students from all provinces,
provided they have applied for student loans through
their home province.
In order to attend a drop-in session you must have:
• applied for a student loan
• and received your Notice of Recommended Award
Work Study applications will be accepted in the Awards Office
until Monday, October 19th.
fSfUS   • low low prices
• free services
• laser printing
Fax: 224-4492
M-TH 8-9 FRi 8-6
SAT/SUN 11-6
Live Music
2 for 1 Dinner Entree
Everyday until 7pm
Max. 2 per table -Max v;
Exp. Oct. 22/92
Dinner from 4pm everyday
2340 West 4th Ave.
The Senate ofthe University of British Columbia has
requested the AMS fill a vacancy on the Senate of a
student representative for the Faculty of Arts.
Full time students enrolled in a B.A., B.F.A, B.Mus.,
or B .S .W. degree program are eligible for the position.
The Senate is the senior academic body ofthe University, responsible for determining University policy
along with the Board of Governors. It has jurisdiction
in all matters of an academic nature.
Resumes detailing academic and extracurricular
background will be accepted by Teni Folsom, AMS
Administrative Assistant, in SUB 238 until 4:30 p.m.
cm Wednesday, October 21.
Brunch &
Our Specials 7 days a week from 9 a.m. till 2 p.m.
"The Beggars Breakfast"
(Ifs Recession Proof!)
2 eggs, bacon, toast, coffee, hash browns & fresh fruit garnish
Whole Wheat Pancakes "King Size"
Bacon, hash browns, syrup & coffee
Quiche Lorraine "Queen Size"
Cheese, spinach, tea as it should be or coffee
For Constitutional Wranglers
(Our coffee goes on forever like the talks)
French toast, Canadian hash browns & Colombian coffee
only $2.99
only $2.99
The Native Aboriginal Opener
(No Slur Intended!)
Coffee-100% whole wheat toast & more coffee (in our bottomless mug!)
We always serve up Good Food, Good Service, Good Music & Great Fun.
"Let the Good Times Roll Again!"
We're bringing back our 1980 prices.
What a great way to start your day!
The King's Head • 1618 Yew Street • 733-3933
1/2 Block up from Senor Frog at Kits Beach
This is not what you think...
in no way is this another ad
for The Ubyssey party-thing
today at 4pm, What party-
thing you ask?  Well,show up
at SUB 207/209 and find out!
October 9,1992
THE UBYSSEY/11 /bia(r)/ n. 1 a an alcoholic drink made from yeast-fermented malt
ect., flavoured with hops, b a glass of this, esp. a pint or half-pint.
2 any of several other fermented drinks, e.g. ginger beer.
/'ga:d(3n/ n. & v. 1 esp. Brit, a piece of ground, usu. partly grassed
and adjoining a private house, used for growing flowers, fruit, or
vegetables, and as a place of recreation. 2 (esp. inpl.) ornamental
grounds laid out for public enjoyment (botanicalgardens). 3 a similar
place with the service of refreshments (tea garden).
The above message is brought to you
by The Ubyssey newspaper collective.
For more information on this topic and
other related topics please attend our
beer garden this Friday
from 4pm to 8pm at SUB 207/209.
The guest band will be The Evaporators
starring Nardwuar the Human Serviette
l_J isj
hi t i m e
e invite you to join us for our series
of Fall events featuring:
0CT7: Dr. Stanley Coren on "Left-Hander Syndrome"
OCT 14*.       Shirley Sterling reading from her new book My Name is Seepeetza
OCT20-21: ComputerFest 1992
OCT28:       Dr. Alan Cairns, UBC Professor of Political Science, on
"Constitution: After the Referendum"
N0V4: Brian Foley of EFI on the "Importance of Surge Protection"
featuring "Triple Crown Warranty"
NOV 10:      Jackie Haliburton of Angel Hand Painted Fashion will be giving a
fabric dying demonstration
NOV 18:      Linda Svendson on her new book Marine Life
NOV25:       Customer Appreciation Day 1992
H/vents are held at
U BC- JBooiksiore,
Wednesdays at 12:30 pm.
Refreshments will be available.
6200 University Boulevard *ff 822-2665
Ethical Decision Making:
Putting a Human Face
to Issues of Today
Discussion Group
Tuesday October 13 • 12:30 p.m.
Lutheran Campus Centre
sponsored by
Student Christian Movement
United Church Campus Ministry
Information 224-3722
The last day for application for bursaries
was October 1 (not October 25 as specified
on page 31 of the Inside UBC)
AMS would like to apologize
for any inconvenience.
This week at U LJ O
UBC Symphony Orchestra
Amanda Chan, piano soloist
8:00 pm Old Auditorium
Wednesday Noon Hour
Robert Silverman, piano
12:30 pm Recital Hall $2
Distinguished Artists
Kathleen Rudolph, flute
Rena Sharon, piano
8:00 pm Recital Hall $14/7
For information call 822-5574
Superb Food &
Friendly Staff
Recommended by
James Barber's
"Best Eating*
Take out
Wedding parties
Try Our
Daily Specials
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| Fri. & Sat. 1 lam-lam
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about your
last haircut's
3644 West 4th Avenue
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20% Discount
on all services for
women & men
Mon. - Thurs.
EXP  OCT  31 92
October 9,1992


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