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The Ubyssey Feb 11, 1983

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va*. txv. N9. n
Vancouver, B.C.
Novels of integration
and understanding
not just for gays
Jane Rule's first novel, Desert of the Heart, drew skeptical
response when it was published in 1964. Critics were not ready
for such a candid discussion of lesbianism.
"Desert of the Heart is extremely frank.in its treatment of lesbianism. Perhaps a little too frank. The author almost makes it seem
"There are some facets of mental illness that are not particularity
pretty and although these things are no longer discussed behind closed doors, is it necessary to bring them into print for display?"
A former UBC professor, Rule is an ex-patriate American who
now lives on Galiano Island. She has published five novels, two collections of short stories and her best-selling history of other lesbian
writers, Lesbian Images.
Ifs dangerous for a
writer to be locked
into a world
that is narrow'
Though Rule was considered radical when she first
started addressing homosexual rights, she now draws
criticism for not being radical
enough. Rule believes in integration — she thinks lesbians and gay men should
join together and fight for an
====^^^=====^=^===== equal role in today's society.
"Those of us who 'came out' before there was a movement are
made a myth of — we're amazing. On the other hand, there are people who are very critical of the integrationist stand we take. We're
not radical enough, we accomodate.
"If there are novels needed now, in terms of novels of understanding, then they're novels that continue to suggest larger kinds of integration — not just for gay people — to keep people from being
isolated in their own values, living a world where they constantly
have to confront all the different kinds of value systems.
"That's the world we actually live in, unless we isolate ourselves,
as I see people doing. People live in apartment blocks with guards at
the gate and people have been screened to see how much money they
make or what church they belong to."
It was her search for a broader society that brought Rule to Galiano
Island, where she has lived almost seven years with her long-time
companion Helen. Sitting in her house that's tucked in a coastal
forest overlooking the Georgia Strait, Rule is relaxed.
"It's dangerous for a writer to be locked into a world that's narrow in interest," she says. "Here there's so few of us that we all need
to know each other. I know lots more people on the island than I did
in the city. It's a richer human world."
Rule's values of integration are as strong now as when she first
developed them while growing up in the United States. Her father
was a travelling salesman, and the family was always on the road.
Every few months Rule faced different schools and different environments, but she says the experience was positive.
"I learned a lot, that what one community considered absolute —
what was good, what was bad — another community didn't. And
therefore I began to distinguish between what I decided was right and
wrong and what other people did.
"In California I went to a multi-racial school. In St. Louis the
schools were segregated, the movies were segregated. When you
walked along the streets the black kids were supposed to get in the
gutter. They did, but then they'd spit at you."
Because of constant travelling Rule didn't learn to read until she
went to a private school in eighth grade. She decided to become a
writer when she realized most books around her weren't telling the
full truth. She wanted to explore hidden aspects of society.
Through her writing, Rule has continually explored and exposed
what society hides — especially homosexuality. She attends meetings
and gives occasional workshops, but most of her support for lesbian
rights has been through writing. Aside from her books, she has a
regular column in Body Politic, Canada's largest gay newspaper.
Rule wants to see a unified lesbian and gay movement, although
she recognizes tensions within such a movement.
"To have sexual orientation in common doesn't necessarily mean
you have that much else in common. When the negative political
pressure is on we are much better at getting someplace. When the
Anita Bryants attack, the people in rich closets write cheques, if they
won't do anything else.
"There'll be an issue that everybody will co-operate on, and that'll
give everyone a real high, and suddenly sado-masochism must come
into the movement or it must stay out and everyone's fighting," Rule
"I think we have a sense of community — under seige. It's much
better than it used to be.
"Your generation probably has an attitude of wanting to be accepting and tolerant and not put down any kind of sexual lifestyle —
people living together who aren't married, who have kids when
they're not married and gay people." Page 2
Friday, February 11,1983
Faix Brown
La Traviata
Operatic genius Winifred Faix
Brown recently led the Vancouver
Opera Association to a successful
production of Guiseppe Verdi's La
Traviata. As heroine Violetta, Faix
Brown reached a level unmatched
by others in the cast. She did justice
to the heroine's emotional struggles. And at 29, she is relatively
young to be such a well established
opera singer.
La Traviata tells the story of
Violetta, who is dying of consumption and falls in love with Alfredo as
she listens to his declaration of love.
But Alfredo's father intervenes,
and the couple is separated until
Violetta's death. In a moving duet,
Violetta and Alfredo pour out an
impassioned reaffirmation of their
love, thereby making the death
almost anticlimatic.
Lavish scenery, brilliant
costumes, and smooth but vital
choreography complimented the
VOA's musical competency,
though at times the orchestra had
trouble getting out of the pit.
Carlo Bini, as Violetta's lover
Alfredo, captured the passions and
sorrows with which he is faced.
Despite the predictably shallow
love story, the sensitivity of Faix
Brown and Bini as performers captures Viloetta and Alfredo's struggle and leaves the audience convinced of their romance's tragedy.
SUB 241K
Be our Valentine. f
Join The Ubyssey SUB 241K.
85% of calculated
refund includes
tax preparation.
Beneficial Income Tax Service
1854 W. 4th Ave.
Oaf tha kilter tightened Mt gnarled hand's grit) upon his knobbly sword handle and
squinted maliciously into the driving snow crystals. Ha thought hehadlo8ttha*tli»il,butr»
could new see tha tedtata gotd glow of Are ahead. H« stepped from the darkness into the
fire's Nghtsrrf the three <«klren*ew bade kirmrrw as he raised his migWsww . .and
threw It away. "You are correct," Oaf cried. "Peace is right."
maxEll M.HC90
CASE OF 12...
3*«Kriket   flQ PIONEER	
FOB maxell.   visonik uftraa
You Deserve The Difference
2053 W. 41St Ave. (Near Arbutus)
Closed Wednesday
Japanese Student Scholarships
Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co. (Canada) announces a scholarship program to enhance opportunities for Japanese students
to study in Canada.
The scholarships are open to any Japanese citizen who is admitted to a course of full time study in Business or Economics
at a Canadian university, at either the undergraduate or graduate level.
Cash amounts may be awarded annually to an individual or
individuals, to an aggregate total of $2,500.
The scholarships are tenable for one full academic year.
Individuals may re-apply in subsequent years, whether or not
they have previously been awarded a scholarship.
A selection committee to be named by Peat, Marwick, Mitchell
& Co. (Canada) will review applications and decide the number
of scholarships to be awarded in any year and their amount.
The Consul General of Japan, in Toronto, will act as advisor
to the committee.
Requests for application forms should be addressed to:
Mr. R. Michael Howard, B.A., C.A.
Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co.
P.O. Box 31
Commerce Court Postal Station
Toronto, Ontario
Completed applications will be received until April 15 of
each year, applicable to the subsequent academic year at
the Canadian university which the applicant will attend.
I Peat,
Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co.
proudly presents
The Great Pizza Pig Out
on Wednesday, February 16, and
Wednesday, February 23
You can feast on all the
Pepperoni and Mushroom
or Ham and Pineapple Pizza You Can Eat
8440 Bridgeport Rd.,     the price, Ollfy
Richmond, B.C. AA     mZmt\
270-8434 %|> *3 • «D "
per person
303 Marine Drive,
North Vancouver, B.C.
5 p.m. till lO p.m.    Dining Room Only Friday, February 11, 1983
Page 3
Church acceptance slow, as gays find God
The woman with the ponytail
leaned forward and said, "Actually, I'm amazed how much Christianity is discussed here."
On a couch across the room, a
couple of men jested and a third
studied some scientific tables. A
banner, declaring UBC Gays and
Lesbians, covered the cramped
room's entire third wall. The door
took up most of the fourth wall.
"I think the interest revolves
around how churches — both gay
and straight — are reacting to gays
and lesbians," the woman continued. "Most people involved
want to make a better church, a truly Christian church."
A new phenomena is occuring in
ecumenical circles. Gays are beginning to take an active role in their
churches. The gays' interest in
church policy reflect general public
interest in religion. And although
few people are actively involved in
churches, 83 per cent of Canadians
claim church affiliation, according
to latest census figures.
Gay men and lesbians working
with the church to change doctrine
held a nondenominational service
Feb. 1 in SUB. It was a typical
liberal protestant service. Ten people sat in a room together, said
prayers, sang guitar-accompanied
hymns, and heard a sermon.
God has blessed certain people
with homosexual orientation, and
these people should celebrate their
God-given sexuality, said the service's woman preacher, in opposition to common Christian attitudes.
The preacher, a United Church
candidate for ministry in her last
year of studies, preferred to remain
anonymous because of "present
personal involvements."
"Homosexuality is not a sin,"
she said, adding that biblical
literature's attitude toward
homosexuality is misinterpreted.
"I once told a woman who claimed the Bible forbade homosexuality
that Biblical scholars now say the
Bible does not explicitly forbid
homosexuality. She just said, 'I
don't care what the Bible says, I
just know it's wrong.' "
"To forbid homosexuality orientated people to make serious corn-
John Boswell has documented examples of gay couples and even gay
bishops in the church's early
history, and the Christian churches'
current attitudes are relatively new.
"Death   and   resurrection   are
"But we'd still like two seats together, thank you."
mitments to each other constitutes
sin," agrees Bill Siksay, another
United Church ministry candidate.
"The issue in Sodom and
Gomorrah is rape and hospitality to
guest," he said, not homosexuality.
According   to   Siksay,   author
Biblical themes,  and are as applicable to gays as to straights."
Both candidates are dedicated to
the United Church, which is completing a controversial report on
sexuality, titled In the Image of
God: Male and Female. The report
favors recognition of homosexual
The United Church is also completing a report on the possible ordination of gays, and recently accepted an openly gay person as a
ministry candidate.
The same church, to which 17 per
cent of Canadians belong, has
political clout. Five clergy are in the
House of Commons, and UBC
chaplain George Hermanson stressed members are active in UBC student politics.
"If the church moves in the direction of accepting homosexuality,
society is likely to follow," he said.
"The (forthcoming) report will
probably be accepted by 1986," he
added. "It will say sexual orientation is given but that homosexuals
must remain celibate."
Hermanson said he believes the
next step will be for the church to
accept homosexuality as positive.
"The study is one step towards
discussing the mixed up sexual attitudes we have," agreed the
woman ministry candidate.
"It's a great study document,"
Siksay said. "An atmosphere where
gays and lesbians can talk with
others must be created."
But whether a change in churches' attitude towards gays will
change the society's views about
homosexuality is questionable. And
a largely conservative church clergy
that believes in strict Biblical interpretation stands in the way of many
The largest active Christian
groups at UBC are evangelicals, like
the Inter Varsity Christian
fellowship, which considers
homosexuality to be sinful. But,
though vocal, evangelicals comprise
a low percentage of Canadians.
"Paul classifies homosexuality as
a 'degrading passion, and an abandonment of natural functions',"according to UBC baptist chaplain
Keith D'Eall.
Hell is the ultimate punishment
for all sinners, including homosexuals, D'Eall said. But he does not
consider homosexuals to be greater
sinners than himself.
He said he believes homosexuality is taught and probably results
from all societies' sins.
The Roman Catholic church,
Canada's largest, has a homosexual
support group, Dignity, and is increasingly discussing homosexual
issues, said UBC chaplain Brunon
Whatever, the Catholic church is
influential. Many look to the Pope
for guidance in major issues, including abortion and nuclear disarmament .
"Just think how much reaction
the eight Catholic bishops' report
on the economy has caused," said
Roman Catholics accept the concept of homosexual orientation, but
they still consider homosexual acts
to be sinful, he added. "Homosex-
ually oriented people are accepted
into religious communities provided
the're celibate just as I am."
According to Tesolin, there is no
major opposition to the Roman
Catholic church's current stand on
But Canada's second largest
church, the Anglicans, feel differently. This church ordains
celibate homosexual priests and will
generally ignore the issue of a person's sexual preference if he is
discrete, said Anglican chaplain
Representatives of the
Metropolitan Church, which serves
minorities including gays, could not
be reached for comment.
All churches are moving slowly
on the issue of gay rights and gay
participation. Despite the fact that
the churches' importance is declining, any change in a church's stance
on homosexuality will have considerable impact, both Hermanson
and Tesolin agreed.
Gay counsellor blacklisted by human resources
Confusion, allegations of a
frame-up, and public indignation
have forced the B.C. ombudsoffice
to reopen the Rob Joyce case.
Joyce was fired last year from his
position of job counsellor at the
Granville street Senator Project for
juvenile prostitutes following
charges of unprofessional conduct.
A 16-year-old alleged Joyce paid
him for oral sex. But the boy
retracted his statement last October, Joyce said at a Feb. 3 rally
which marked the first anniversary
of his firing. The rally was sponsored by the Vancouver-based Gay
Right Union.
"The human resources ministry
has not accepted the boy's retraction," said Joyce. "They feel the
information is not relevant to clear
my name."
In addition to being fired Joyce
was placed on the human resources
ministry's controversial child abuse
Joyce says he has been unable to
get his name off and has no legal
recourse — unless he is formally
"We want them to charge me so
we can present our evidence," said
The child abuse registry creates a
system of secret tribunals with no
appeal, said Gay Rights Union
spokesperson Richard Banner.
"The only way to clear Joyce's
name now is if charges are laid so a
judge can rule that he is innocent."
Safeguards such as judicial board
of appeal need to be built into the
present system, Banner said.
The current ombudsoffice investigation  will  examine  the  ap
propriateness of putting Joyce's
name on the registry and will be
more detailed than the previous investigation, ombudsperson Karl
Friedman said recently.
"The previous investigation did
not touch on the actual substance
of the case, it only looked at some
of the procedures used by the
human resources ministry. The new
investigation will deal with questions of substance," said Friedman.
New information about the
motives for Joyce's firing has led to
a third ombudsoffice investigation.
"I've received additional information which means there may be
more to the story than what was on
the record," Friedman said.
"We are looking at it afresh. I
want to get to the bottom of this
and determine once and for all the
answers to all the allegations.
"It has dragged on for too long,
and I am concerned not just about
the complainant in this issue, but
about the public which is being
given various stories on what the
child abuse registry has or has not
done in this case."
Joyce charges the allegations
against him are an attempt to use
his homosexuality as an excuse to
persecute him because he refused to
prepare a document specifying illicit drug and sexual activity in the
Senator hostel.
"Two days after my refusal the
false allegation was lodged," Joyce
said. "They knew it wasn't true. I
had no idea they would be so
Joyce said he voiced his concern
over the activities at the Senator,
but he felt the preparation of an official report with names and times
would diminish his effectiveness as
a counsellor. "There is a code of
ethics on the street. You have to
understand the code to work with
these people."
The initial ombudsoffice investigation recommended the
human resources ministry
reinvestigate the allegation and permit Joyce to appeal the presence of
his name on the registry. But the
ministry did not implement these
recommendations, said Joyce.
Ministry officials refused to comment about the case. Joyce was not
surprised: "They're terrified. They
know they botched it."
Joyce is critical of the ministry's
delaying tactics in investigating his
case. The ministry keeps saying they
are reviewing the case, but has
taken no real action, he said.
"Their charges are unsubstantiated and as a result I've gone from
one of the best counsellors in the city to unemployable," said Joyce.
"I'll be on welfare in about a
The ombudsoffice requested the
human resources minitry to reopen
the case following the boy's retraction last October. But human
resources decided to stand by its
original decision despite the ombudsoffice conclusion there were
serious flaws in the ministry's procedure of placing Joyce's name on
the child abuse registry.
Joyce has four lawsuits pending
against the human resources
ministry. They include the removal
of his name from the registry, compensation for wrongful dismissal,
defamation of character, and conspiracy.
JOYCE . . . fighting for rights Page 4
Friday, February 11,1983
^m Gregory's Girl diverting
SHAFFTN SHARIFF also wrote the script for Gregory's    style to match the ver
Gregory thinks he is in love. But
he is so bewildered by schoolmate
and fellow soccer player Dorothy,
that he has to ask his kid sister for
advice. At school, he is having problems and is about to get kicked off
the soccer team.
Welcome to the funny, and ir-
reverant world of Gregory's Girl.
Gregory's Girl is a minor film. It
is pleasant and diverting — but it
isn't memorable. Bill Forsyth, who
Girl, has a good ear for dialogue
Gregory's Girl
Directed by BUI Forsyth
Playing at the Bay
and narrative progression.
Forsyth isn't a very good director
— yet. He hasn't found the visual
verbal wit. At
times, a scene nearly falls flat
because it drags on a beat too long.
Gregory's Girl is engaging
enough to watch, and it is
refreshing to see male-female role
reversals portrayed with humor, but
a half hour after you see it, you
don't remember much about it. It
disappears on you.
a r i e t y I i v.e
e a member of the studio audience for
Super Variety, a CBC special to be taped at
Centennial Theatre Feb 23 at 7.30
avid Steinberg hosts this west coast talent
extravaganza with Jeff Hysloo, Trooper, Jane
Mortitee. Shari Ulrich. Almeta Speaks. Paul
Horn Ruth Nichol. Rene and Natalie Simard,
Al Simmons, Valri Bromlield and child
prodigies extraordinaire, Corey and
Katja Cernvsek.
Free tickets available
at SUB box office now.
<?A«h      CBC
<KC»!'     British Columbia
'Wf f'     2/Cable 3
Nominations for the Arts Undergraduate
Society Council of 1983-1984
OPEN: February 8,1983   Close: March 21,1983
Positions Available:
1. President
2. Vice President
3. Treasurer
4. Secretary
5. Social Coordinator
6. Intermural Representative
7. Four Student Council Representatives
of AMS
Will be held Wednesday, March 2nd, 1983
In Buchanan Building
9:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
All Nomination Forms and Election Details are available
at the Arts Undergraduate Society Office: Buch 107
2809 W. 16th Avenue, Vancouver
corner of MacDonald & W. 16th
14851 - 108th Ave., Surrey, B.C. Tel.: 585-7200
20285 - 56th Ave., Langley, B.C. Tel.: 530-2700
107 - 32988 S. Fraser Way, Abbotsford, B.C. Tel.: 853-4533
15148 North Bluff Road, White Rock, B.C. Tel.: 536-4777
562G Clarke Road, Coquitlam, B.C. Tel : 939-4511
WEEKDAY SPECIAL: Monday - Thursday
2 MOVIES FOR 1 ($5.00)
WEEKEND SPECIAL: Rent Movies on Saturday,
Sunday FREE
Movies Inside Marked * Any 2 for $5.00
$5.00 PER DAY
$8.00 PER DAY
We also accept Reservations
STORE HOURS: 10:30 - 9:30 Monday to Friday
10:30 - 8:00 Saturday, 12 noon - 6 p.m. Sunday
RENTAL RETURN TIMES: Mon. - Fri. 7 p.m.; Sat. 4:30 p.m.
For The Very Best In Entertainment
Quebec Society and Culture
Explore The French World Next Door
Study Quebec in Quebec
This summer, explore the French world of your Quebec neighbours! The
programme Quebec Society and Culture will be offered on the beautiful
Loyola Campus of Concordia University which covers 50 acres in
Montreal, the world's second largest French-speaking city.
Course Offerings
The Programme consists of a two-year sequence of courses. You may
take the whole programme or individual courses.
Students who wish to follow the full programme will take a total of 8
three-credit courses over two summers:-
Summer Programme 1983, 4 July - 12 August
FRAN C200: French Language: Elementary I (3 crs). Marthe Catry-Verron,
Associate Professor of French at Concordia University specializing in Applied
Linguistics. A student possessing the equivalent of the above course would
substitute FRAN C250: Quebec Literature in Translation (3 crs). Marc Plourde,
poet, writer of fiction, translator and teacher.
HIST C210: Quebec Since Confederation (3 crs). Cameron Nish, Professor of
History, Concordia University.
POLI C353: Quebec Politics (3 crs). Marcel Danis, Associate Professor of
Political Science.
COMS C300: Introduction to Quebec Cinema (3 crs) Brian Lewis, Assistant Professor of Film Production and Theory, Department of Communication Studies at
Concordia University.
During the Summer of 1984, the above courses will again be given. In
addition, courses on Quebec geography, Quebec theatre, Quebec and
Canadian literature, the sociology of Quebec will be offered and a more
advanced French language course.
For further information please contact:
Dr. Cameron Nish, Coordinator
Concordia University Summer Institute II
Concordia University
7141 Sherbrooke St. West
Montreal, P.Q.    H4B 1R6
The black sheep of Canadian liquors.
Soft-spoken and smooth,
its northern flavour
simmers just below the
surface, waiting to be
discovered. Straight, on the
rocks, or mixed, \ukon Jack
is a breed apart; unlike any
liqueur you've ever tasted.
Concocted with fine Canadian Whisky. Friday, February 11,1983
Page 5
The nine actors who comprise
The Boys in the Band have a
remarkable rapport with one
another. Each has a distinct
character to portray — and each
does his stage persona justice.
When the production is over, you
feel the actors have done their best
without undermining the validity of
their characters. The nine actors
who comprise The Boys in the Band
give the feeling that they've accomplished the near-impossible —
they've transcended stereotypes.
The Boys in the Band
By Mart Crowley
Directed by Zim
At Waterfront theatre
Granville Island, to Feb. 12, 15-19
First performed in 1968,
playwright Mart Crowley's The
Boys in the Band gathers together
gay men who are celebrating a birthday. It is Harold's birthday, but
he is the last to arrive.
The party takes place in a nicely
— eery rodln photo
furnished New York apartment.
The host is Michael (Keith Gordey),
who at first glance appears comfortable and well adjusted with his sexuality. When the play opens, his
greatest concern is his receding
hairline. The first uninvited guest is
Donald (Guy Babineau), the person
to whom Michael is closest. But
before the first act is over, another
uninvited guest — Michael's
"straight" college friend, Alan
(Gerry Bean) — will make another
entrance, turning the party, and
play, into revelation.
The other six characters, as
Crowley describes them, are types.
Emory (Gregg Ernst) is the token
queen. Hank is athletic, and has left
his family for Larry, who is sexually
promiscuous. Harold, like Michael,
is an aging homosexual who is worried about his looks, and has
managed to disfigure his face. Bernard is the sole black character.
In a bad production, the
assembly of established types might
be embarrassing, and even offensive; it may give the impression of
Genesis Players
make it a pleasure
to join Boys in Band
— nail lucerne photo
GORDEY (Michael), and DAVE CAM PSA LL (Cowboy).
actors just performing preconceptions about their characters. The
current Genesis Players production
avoids this pitfall. The pace with
which the actors perform is right on
target. And the production, partly
due to its sure-fire language, never
the Boys in the Band is a study in
relationships: Michael and Donald,
Larry and Hank, Emory and Bernard, and others whose ties with
each other are revealed during the
play. Michael, for example, is antagonistic toward Harold because
the birthday boy is what Michael
fears he is becoming.
Allan's appearance triggers
Michael's sexual anxieties. But
before Michael introduces a
telephone truth game in Act II — in
which each character calls the one
person whom he has loved the most
in   his  life   —  it   is  the  other
Hosanna examines relations
Hosanna is a powerful play that attempts to
destroy misconceptions about homosexuals. It
shows a gay couple struggling to understand
themselves as they grow older and experiencing
difficulties that occur in any relationship.
By Michel Tremblay
Translated by J. Van Burek and
Bill Glassco
Directed by Catherine Caines
At City Stage, until Feb. 12
Hosanna, brilliantly played by David
Mac Lean, is a stereotypical homosexual in drag.
He spends his time by gazing into a mirror surrounded by bottles of perfume and make-up and
parading effeminately around his shabby apartment.
Hosanna's lover, Cuirette, is a macho biker in
black leather and studs. Ironically, we later
discover that Cuirette, played by Allan Morgan,
pays for his keep by doing all of the cooking and
Cuirette's and Hosanna's four year old relationship is at a crisis point. They bicker incessantly. Cuirette complains about the stink of perfume in the air, and Hosanna seizes every opportunity to remind Cuirette that he is growing fat.
Their bickering is continually interupted by
telephone calls and Hosanna's hilarious but
biting comments to her unseen rival, Sandra.
After a mysterious phone call and more
fighting, Cuirette storms out leaving Hosanna
with the impression he is going back to Sandra's
party to meet another man.
Although entertaining, the rapid pace of the
first act leaves the audience overwhelmed by the
bitterness of the comments which are flung back
and forth. It is not until Hosanna begins to
reveal the cause for this tension during the
slower paced second act that the play becomes
truly enjoyable.
The best moments of the play occur when
Hosanna is alone on stage and painfully tells the
audience about the terrible thing which has just
happened to him. His life-long dream of appearing at a party dressed as Elizabeth Taylor (as
Cleopatra) has been ridiculed by gay friends.
Vanity and a short sighted desire to be a woman
have led to his downfall as the area's drag
Cuirette returns during Hosanna's tearful
description of the party where he found his
friends and rivals dressed as Cleopatra as well.
The ensuing scene is tense. Cuirette tries to
console Hosanna who rejects his attempts at
reconciliation. Despite Hosanna's defensive attitude, the love between the two is apparent.
When Cuirette tells Hosanna he loves him as
Claude the man, and not Claude pretending to
be Hosanna, Hosanna's acceptance of his sexuality is complete. He takes off his make-up,
stockings and bra, and the two embrace.
The play forces the audience to evaluate their
conceptions of gays and gay relationships. At
times, however, the characers appear too
The play would have been stronger with
characters who are not drag queens or bikers but
average men trying to come to terms with their
sexuality and aging.
characters who appear in conflict.
Larry (Richard G. Brandow) and
Hank (Kevin Murawsky) are
alienated from each other — each
feels misunderstood and betrayed.
But as The Boys in the Band progresses, it becomes clear that Hank
and Larry form an emotional core;
their tensions lead to a stronger
relationship. Michael's attempt to
control others through the
deprecating truth game backfires
when Larry and Hank become involved in it.
Crowley's strength as a
playwright is characterization
through language. Each character
has his own beat and style. Emory,
for example, is quick off the bat, and
makes not attempt to hide his sexuality behind a "straight" — unlike
Alan or Michael. It is as if Emory
has been hurt so many times before,
that he hides behind his outlandish
behavior. Dressed in bermuda
shorts and a pink sweater, he
trumpets his sexual orientation with
glee and wit — but never malice.
Emory is like Shakespeare's Fool.
He is too flamboyant but gets
responses from others.
That Emory succeeds as a
character and doesn't succumb to
the level of Cliff Gorman's portrayal in William Friedkin's 1969
film of the play is an indication of
couple. The feelings of jealousy,
resentment, and betrayal, and finally mutual understanding are almost
perfectly rendered. There is an affecting moment in Act II when
Larry and Hank finally reconcile
and kiss, while Michael is busy slipping into his fated fall by taunting
Alan about his sexuality. Alan
doesn't admit to homosexuality,
but his orientation is obvious in actor Gerry Bean's gestures and
movements — especially when he
slowly closes a personal telephone
directory that has a close male
friend's number.
The Boys in the Band takes its
characters — and us — through
catharsis. At the heart of it is
Crowley's theory that if characters
get together and lash out at each
other, their pretensions will be
stripped away, exposing the truth
underneath. The play has brilliant,
witty language — the lines seem to
ricochet off each character.
But the play's pat Freudian,
psychoanalytical answers may seem
outdated today. Most homosexuals
are more than the sum of
dominating parents and repressed
sexualities. The portrait that
Crowley and director Zim paint is
dark, but the actors who embody this production have made
their characters real; you don't get
The characters of Hank and Larry
form the play's emotional core.
While they manage to reconcile
differences, Michael slips
into his fated fall.
actor Gregg Ernst's skills. He personifies a vital force in the play.
Others in the cast are equally impressive. Keith Gordey, who as
Michael attempts to be the party's
master of ceremonies, exhibits proper control over his characterization. But Michael cannot control
others because he himself is
undergoing emotional turmoil and
Also, Brandow's Larry and
Murawsky's Hank make a perfect
the feeling that you're watching
stereotypes on stage. That is largely
due to director Zim, who keeps the
action moving on the split-level
Even if one tends to reject
Crowley's analysis of homosexuals
and homosexuality, the play is still
powerful — and the performances
in the current Genesis Players production of the play make it worthwhile to join The Boys in the
Band. Page 6
Friday, February 11,1983
Vancouver's #1
New Wave Club
1275 Seymour St.
UBG Gampas
■MS?    Pizza
i ptMEA
Steak & Pizza -  Lasagna
Spare Ribs       Ravioli
Chicken       Greek Salads
Fast Free Local Delivery
224 4218 - 224-0529
Hours Mon.-Thurs. 11:30 a.m. — 2:00 s.m.
Fri   11:30a.m. - 3.00am
Sal. 4:00 p.m   - 3:00 s.m
Sun. 4:00p.m. — 1:00 s.m.
2136 Western Parkway
1016 Burrard St.. Van. Phone 587-0675
Feb. 14-19
R.B. All Stars
Feb. 21-26
H.B. Concept
Mon.-Thurs. Open Nitely
8 p.m.-2 a.m.
Burrard & Comox
Feb. 14-19 l»IUU Feb. 21.a
"Depression new low prices in effect now. "
Oe>ea Moe. - Sat. 7 p.m. - 1 tt.m.
932 Granville Mall      687-6418
Greco-Roman Cuisine
7 Days a Week: 5 p.m.-1 a.m.
Fri. and Sat.: 5 p.m. to 2 a.m.
FREE fast delivery!
4510 Wast 10th Ave.
Luncheon Smorgasbord
Authentic Chinese Cuisine
Mon Fri. 11:30-9:00 p.m
Sundays and Holidays     '.
^      4:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m.
2142 Western Parkway
UBC Village
lOpposite Chevron St.ni.inl    --
after Classes ...
Public Viewing of Decorations and Technical
Models. THEME: "Great Journeys"
1 p.m.-4 p.m.
Winter Sports Centre
Donations to Variety Club Telethon accepted
Fri. Er Sat.
Ian Shelter & Face to Face
Feb. 14-19
Coming March 7-12
Thunder from L.A.
The Show Band:
3 Male Dancers
7 to 10 p.m.
Two Clubs In One!
315 E BROADWAY   (FREE Parking at Kingsgate)      879-4651
Patronize the advertisers
that support The Ubyssey
Spicy ground beef in pita bread,
with tomatoes, tsansiki . . $2.75
Dishes complete with soup or salad
OUR BANQUET ROOM for up to 70 people:
Anniversaries—Receptions —Birthdays. Phone us today.
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2272W.4thAVE. 736-2118
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on a full meal. Head for the corner of
Broadway and Trafalgar.
AM D.Q. Corp '1981
2601 W. Broadway
at Trafalgar
If potential were everything in life,
>uzanne would have it made*
All her life Suzanne has
adored animals. So no one was
surprised when she announced
the opening of her very own
Animal Shelter.
She built her business the
hard way, with far more grit
and discipline than money or
experience. How ironic then,
that just when things are going
well, there's another kind of
Suzanne's become quite the
social butterfly. Everything she does,
she overdoes, including drinking
beyond her limit too often. She
doesn't realise there are equally good
reasons for self-discipline now as there
were when she was just starting out.
Suzanne's at the crossroads. She
can protect her future by opting for
a moderate lifestyle, including the
sensible enjoyment of beer, wine or
spirits. Or she can gamble.
If you were Suzanne, which
would you choose?
We believe in moderation and
we ve been saying so since /'/?•/. Friday, February 11,1983
Page 7
All you need is love
• •
Kevin Pellow on 6th SHU:
Never mind about ships passing  —
one's    bound   to   weigh    anchor
sometime. Have a happy Valentines
anyway & have a tea on me!
Schat waht a special year only 4 months and 4 days till our big day! I miss
you and love you even more. CV.
Margot Kidder of Woodwards lib can
we be friends? Yours 08088759.
My Dearest Sweetheart — "P.J., — C.
— Babe". Don't be a promise breaker!
You are good with your H. I would like
to see more M.U. and H.H.! Forget
your X's. With love and kisses —
"Faithful B.-T.l."	
Gummy Bear, You set my heart
a-thumpin, on that there's no denyin,
so let me say these words so true,
Gummy Bear, I love you. Your forever
Valentine, Eagle-Beak.
What can we say? What can we do?
Where can we go to show my love for
you? Silly Valentine numberz.
Happy first Valentine's Day my sweet
and beautiful one. Your smiling face
and shining eyes make me happy over
backgammon boards, on long walks,
and even on the rainy days: You'll
always be more then the average incredible person on the street, with love
— Crazy.
To Doug & Tim O' making music is fun
let's play on! Tarn.
JJC, Thanks for helping me learn
about trusting and caring. Love T.
Dear Shakey
Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
Sugar is sweet.
So why not you!
Love Howdy.
To my lovey-dovey pumpkin pie booga
booga, beep beep. Love ya. Your
Cutie-pie darling.
To my dearest baby Lee: You are the
only baby for me!! All my love, E.J.
How do I love thee? Let me count the
punch cards? Love, Syl.
To the sweetest jelly donut I wish I
could have a dozen of you. I can wait
so don't go stale on me. Hungry for
Ann & Ruth. Without you anatomy I
couldn't bear, you didn't mind as lip or
a tear, in 3 weeks exams will come.
Best of luck from your luving chum.
Polar Bear, I love you.
Dearest Cabinbuddy, Let's kiss and
make up. Meet me in the thistle patch
B.Y.D. Honey. Love, your sweetie,
To Mr. Bill, I love you dearly and I
always will. So like be my Valentine,
eh! Jessica.
B.L. We might as well be Valentines.
What do we have to lose besides a little
sleep lotsa love, S.P.
Dear C, you are my favorite substrate.
Love, your Enzyme S.
To my yummy Valentine!! The man
who has everything but a "Ralph
Lauren" Poloshirt. With kisses m(alias
Blue Eyes).
To Mike Rocks-in-Brow
Grits are red,
Tories are blue.
With you as Pres,
Well never ask WHO?
Your good friend, Vivian!
Hey Squirel Are you going to marry
me or what's the scoop? rb
Kim, Reesa, Andrea, and Nancy. I
sure miss you diving into my heart
every day. The Flying Greek.
To my little prince. Thank God you're
a pengy with persistance. Love those
backrubs, JVCCUZZIS. Love, your
Chris Beck, the apple of my eye;
Sparkles born of precious blue are
caught and held and hide at the corners of my smile.
To the Ubyssey. How do I love thee?
Let me count the ads.
The answer you have been looking for:
Quadrophenia. For the second
answer, proceed to the Alma Mater
Society president's office somewhere
in SUB. The answer — and a secret
code word — is posted on his door.
To my Prince, Hans Solo, you send me
into hyper-space. With love and
kisses, Princess Leah.
Dear North 4th Guys, Happy Valentine's Day to all especially Al the
Smoocher! Love from North 4D.
To the men of DA FWAT, Hope you
are enjoying V.D.! With love> from the
girls who gave it their all. North 4D.
To C353 students-002, Accountants do
it in a material way, and cover their
asses so they don't get screwed. Happy
Valentine's Day! Love Twinkles.
To my darling Twin Brother: I love you
Bob Summerbell and will miss you
very much. Michael.
Mike: Thanks for making each day
brighter! Happy Valentine's Day. Love
Dear Momma Fox, Roses are red,
violets are blue, my love for you is ever
so true.
Dearest Rox Pres,
Be mine always. Love Tigger (Pooh's
Dear Dumbo,
NEENEENEE with love. Your Numbo.
To TSWITW, cuz I Love You. Lint.
To the Sigma Chris with much love
from Christine N. See you tomorrow.
Dear Haggis McBagpipes, Happy
Valentine's Day. Love your biq sister.
To My Sweetie Petey, Lurf you muchly,
many huggles and kisses. J.
Donna, Happy Valentine's. Love
To Biffs Buddy, from Libraries to
lovers, My heart checked out to you.
Love and kisses from Moron.
Dear Gak, my apologies. I still love
you. Signed frustrated by not angry.
Dear Teddy Bear, Lotsa love with 29
chocolate cream puffs on top (and a
Track suit too?). I do love you. MI.
M.J.M., Be Mean, But Be Mine!! Love
,David G. Harper:
I know a young man called Dave,
Who keeps his girl Dee, in a cave.
He says "I admit".
We figh quite a bit.
But  when   she   tickles   my   back   I
Love Deirdre.
C.K. Med. Bioc.: You make me
anaemic with anticipation, transfuse
me quick! FLASH.	
JWD, So it's been a whole year and
we're still in love! Does this make
some kind of record? All 1 want to say
is be my dear Valentine — be mine and
111 be yours. I love you forever, JLCC,
Happy 1 year!
To my Valentine, We've loved for so
long I know for now you want to be
free. But please return to where you
belong and spend the rest of your life
with me! Love always, Dave.
Flower, Let's have the longest nap in
history. I'm not going until they run
out of Guacamole. Next raft leaves
soon so don't be late. Forever yours
and all that sentimental stuff. Reverse
Alligator or Prep Zep.
Pooh, You're my sun in the morning
and my moon at night, always there to
hold me tight. Please be my Valentine
Sweetheart, Some things never
change with time, your understanding
way, the dreams we share, my love for
you. Love and kisses, Cindy.
Dearest Angie Baby, How I love your
wind blown look! Let's do internal
auditing together! Happy V-Day!
Your's forever and ever and ever amen!
W.S.C. P.S. Has anyone seen my
Happy Valentine's Day Evelyn! May we
have many more late nights (I really
don't mind missing those morning
classes). Love your Valentine, L.L.
To our Rx2 Men with hi potency, great
efficacy and a long shelf-life; the hours
in the back seats are great! Happy
V.D. Seductively yours S.P., D.D.,
R.J., J.G., S.C. P.S. Happy
Valentine's Day.
Dear David, you will always be a very
special person to me no matter what
may happen between us. Ill always
love you. Your "number one fan".
Ro: Hopefully the rest of this year's
Ups and Down's stay in the bedroom
. . . but then where would I get my fun
out of this ridiculous relationship?
With no regrets. BOND.
Gerald: Pink rules! The Black Hole
sucks! Paul: You are Mr. March in
E.J.'s fridge, right? Happy Valentine's
Day. Love RK and EJ.
Brian, Shape me into putty. Annette.
Dear Lou, ever tried heavy petting in a
bowl of chai su? The woman with
elevated T. Levels.
To the guys on EAST 4:
Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
You call us wenches
But we still love you.
Love, the ladies of C.
So, no go at crib, Mo, a low blow,
though, fo 'sho'. Be my Valentine.
To the Member from Hastings-
Frontenac-Lennox & Addington,
Please meet me in neutral territory
with some good Australian wine.
Negotiatingly yours, Skivit.
Port, I'm always in the mood for you
and will always be you're a true Fox.
Say you will be mine! Love W.
To the Pit waiter who wears the great
Levi's try to be more receptive next
time I wink at you . . . Happy Valentine's Day!
Sweetheart — Your love and patience
blow me away. Keep praying and
memorizing scripture. I love you —
Your Odie.	
To the beautiful and friendly girls of
Food Science, be my Valentine. The
Snowman (I'm melting for you).
To all the gays and lesbians of U.B.C,
111 miss you all, my address is in the
Message Book, Please write. Michael
Same seat. Same time.
Won't you be it; Be my Valentine.
And kisses, Michael.
To My Green Giant, Life without you is
lonely in the vegetable patch. Be my
valentine? xox, Sweetpea.
To Mom: Happy Valentine's Day.
From Duke L.M. and Charlie L.M.
Happy Valentine's Day my darling
Janet. I want to give you all the love I
have in my heart for being so wonderful. Hug and kisses all over. Luv
Happy Valentine's Day to the lovely
ladies from Wipissing, Saint-Maurice,
Willowdale, Rimouski and Ottawa-
Charleton. With love from your
Fearless Leader.
Here's looking at you
Dear Alpha Phi,
You have brightened my world.
You're the glow in my heart
So will you be mine.
For each and every day
My sweet Valentine.
You make me smile
Every day and night.
Especially when you say
That's right, That's right!
To Nancy:
The cutest, sweetest, nicest girl to ever
sort mall in the Commerce Mailroom.
Love & Kisses, Katte Stronrjes.
A great big 'bare' hug for Tandy's
owner from Dover's owner.
Remember . . .
Happy Valentine's Babe.
Dear Numbo: To my very own ski
bunny with the big head and the small
nose and ears. Sorry if I ever made you
sad. I love you lots. From your very
own A.H.
Love Dumbo
My Dream Girl,
There exists a vision of beauty that
borders between reality and fantasy. I
know you're out there can't you find
me? Ed.
ToBmI ~
I care a lot for you, I'm glad we're
friends. Let's you and I share a Valentine together. Lots of love. G-Spot.
You're better than bagels and lox,
more fun than laundering socks.
Since Handel's Messiah, I've wanted to
cry, "Ah there's a tenor who's tops!"
This coupon good for: unlimited hugs,
kisses,   backrubs   and   foot-tickles.
Redeemable upon request. H.
Leslee B. Change your name, with
your husband gain some fame. When I
saw you, I thought you sweet, but a
guy in a band did me beat. So c'est la
vie is what I say, and friends we remain
I hope and pray. Good luch in law,
your chosen career, and the nest time
I'm at Gator's buy me a beer. Luv Wal-
Buchanan Ladies, our coffee Queens,
lively and peppy, sweet as teens. Mary,
Claire, and Lina too, ladies like you
there are too few. The smiles you give
are from the heart, give my days a
super start. I thank you for the days
gone past, and hope my memories of
you always )ast. Love Wally.
Dear Amy, Here's a few words to someone special in my life. During the
time we've been together, I've found
out that you're sweet, kind, and considerate. You've given me something
precious. Your time and love. What I
wanted to say is that 'I love you.' Love
To my "TOOTSIE",
On this day for lovers and our 3rd anniversary together, I love you. Let my
sword of heat steam up your love buns
forever (and often). Eternally and sinfully yours, 007 Corky.
To Dearest Flossy, It sure was a good
time in the back seat of the Pres'
Escort. Liberal women like you look
good in black nighties. You should be
nationalized. Love, Fast Hands Martin.
To Rae, Nev, Sue, Sonia, Rashmi and
Charmaine: Thanx for the many services you have performed throughout
the year. Hope you have a "bang" on
Valentine's Day! Yours promiscuously.
The Guys Next Door.
To Rockin' Robyn, Birds of a feather.
Stick together. Love Jess.
Happy Valentine's Day to my little
snow mouse. The Big Red Cheese is
now blue. Lots of love from your Polar
Vicki, Thanks for being a wonderful
wife and for putting up with a lot of
hassels. I love you. Yours, Kerry.
For Wimpy, Love from one of the many
little pions who make it all possible.
To all the girls who do much more
than cooking, thanks for the dates,
pizza, Vancouver fancy meats and
everything. From B.C. and the E.U.S.
S.B. There is a girl from the interior,
whose backgammon game is inferior,
first she will bug me, then she will hug
me, yet I don't know what I'd do
without her. Happy V.D. Love J.D.
Dear DM, Thanks 4 your help 4 the
'moment'. If you need help see me! I'm
looking 4 ward 2 dinner. DF. P.S.
Good luck with your exams.
Women B-Ball T-Birds, Congratulations! You've just seen the light at the
end of the tunnel. It isn't far away.
Persevere! A Concerned Citizen.
Brian, Yes, you! Come on! Please?
Just once? Your wife will only find out
if you tell her. Dummy!
Brian, Luv your ass. Slim. Surrender
to me. Olga.
Brian, So are they charging you for
calls now? Why not blow a quarter on
me? Ill deliver. ANYTHING you want!
Dear Doris, Our three small friends
and I wish you a happy Valentine's
Day. We all love you. D.S.L.
Marc (with AC), Here's hoping your
V.D. is full of lots of love and kisses. I
love you too and 111 love you more and
more each day. Luv Di.
Brooke, What can we do next to
jeopardize my reputation. Enjoy you
V.D. Your No. 1 Fan.	
By this the love of God was manifested
in us, that God has sent his only begotten son into the world so that we might
live through him. I John 4:9.
Dear RM and GG, Thank you for your
advice on my weekly crises and for
listening. Whale.
Happy Valentine's Day Big Bear! How
about a Big Bear kiss — my place or
yours? All my love. Your Small Bear.
The Sisters of Alpha Phi proudly announce that Steven Speed is our 1983
Bordeaux Beau. Congrats! We Luvya.
To Penny, Pellow & 'Poo': Don't let
them get you down. We all still luv ya.
Huggy Bear.
Jane, I'd run a mile to see you smile.
Happy Valentine's Day. Dave.
To James H: If you don't resign, I'll tell
them about our baby. T.U.
J: Thank you for being there I needed
you the most. S.S.
North ll's heaven, but we're no
angels! Happy Valentine's Day Donna,
Tracy, Denise, Therese, Nancy,
Veronia, Ian, Craig, Ben, Robbin,
Rob, Ron, Nal, Betty-Ann, Di, Winnie,
Wendy, Rich, Don, Cord, Jody, Jon,
and Tom!! Also N15B!! Love???
Happy Valentine's, Rich D. Someone
with a heart as big as a quiche. From
the Balloon Manufacturers of
To Dennis S., don't be such a shy boy,
want to make you my boy! Let's kiss
and make up soon. From "Willing to
To C.L. The woman of every man's
dreams, have a happy Valentine's
Day. XOX. Your Phantom Lover.
To General Matilda B. Cartwright.
Love on Valentine's Day. I really need
private lessons. Follow the fold.
Wang: Still think of you often. Three
squeezes. Love Nibs.
N.F.: Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
In   the   sun   you're   my  sweetheart.
My little one.
N.R. Page 8
Friday, Fel
Dear PAW, Fresgo's, bubbly and
"cross" words. Our friendship encompasses so much. Thank you. Miss B.
"C" loves you Pie. Happy Valentine's
Shy, waited for a girl like you. To hold
you tenderly, Ooooh! Ecstacy. Joe.
J.L.: A question I had wanted to ask
you ever since the night of Dec. 23:
Would you like to go out with me?
To L.M. My sweet temptress. V.T.
To the Woodward Library Prowler,
thanks for enRICHing my life. Happy
Valentine's Day. Love, Blue-Eyes.
Dear S.P. Yes! 72184. Love you
muchly! P.
Roses are red,
Cowboys are blue.
Be strong and resist,
or Ron will nuke you!
Yup ... I guess those things will all
come on their own time . . . eh?
D.M.L. The most beautiful thing about
time is spending it with you. S.P.
Arvide, Agatha, Martha, and Sarah.
Happy Valentine's Day. Drop by and
we can learn about sin. Follow the
fold. Calvin.
Barbarc, You're the nicest. Mark and
D, I can't bear it any longer. There's
always room in my collection for one
as cute and cuddley as you. M.
Dear Betas,
Roses are red,
Violets don't matter,
when we see your house,
we can't hold our bladders
Dear Boo-Boos (Foxy Lady). I'm totally happy that you are my Valentine.
Love "Tiger".
Hi ya Buckwheat. You and Berni, I
love you, you will always be my Valentine. Your Shakin-Bakin, Laputian.
Wendy: Love can play games, but with
you I'm always a winner. You're my
Valentine — From that fwiskey widdo
RJB, Be my Valentine, Love Rennie.
To L2, Between friends, enjoy your
V.D. Love B.	
Jim Hollis, Be my Valentine, Gerald
Cheers   to   grand   marnier   nights
forever. I will never stop loving you.
Men of DKE, Oh, gosh, you guys are
soo dreamy. Graham T.
To my Big, Blonde friend (and cute
too). The tea leaves say I'm going to
win the next backgammon game! Donna Bear.
Our guy Bill (McRibs): a very special
birthday wish to u. Hugs and kisses 2
nite OK& Ely, Phora & Drauke.
Happy Valentine's Day to our
sweethearts: Polly, Jennie, Sandra,
Lana, Pauline and Donna. From
Celica and Taiwan Boy.
Geffy, . . . more than chocolate itself.
Now and forever. All of my heart. B.
HMH: I still have trouble believing it
but you are my Valentine. I know the
south downs beckons JPJ.
Lynda, You earned your reward but
deserved more. Congratulations and
Happy Valentine's Day. Barry.
Brother Calvin, I'd follow you fold
anywhere! Your second-biggest fan.
XOXOX.  _____
Good old reliable Sandra: Five guys,
one waterbed, memories. . . . Guess
Arden, All my love to you, my country
lady. Ian.
Dear Pooky, I love you muchly.
Sweet pea. P.S. Happy 23.	
To the Tway Blades, the sweetest
cuties in 3rd year forestry. Bozo.
NP and my Girl Friday. Our first
Valentine. Thanks for everything. Love
Daddy Froshbucks.
Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
Get ready for Saturday
Because I'm going to pin you.
My love. Cuddle, cuddle, cuddle? I
love you and look forward to more
snuggling in the future. Your love.
Dear Cyndy and David, The cat's out
of the bag! Happy Valentine's Day.
Love Mom and the girls.
Dal, Close your eyes and think of
England! Love HRH.	
Classical Lassie, My feelings for you
are REELY REELY strong. Won't you
be my Valentine? Coach.
Mary, Let me be frank. I love you my
little elephant. "G".	
Malcolm, You Dog!
"Woof! Woof!".
The champagne sits so lonely, drink
me it has said. Our emotion lotion
waits all night, excitement looms
ahead. But it really hasn't stopped you
from being number one and now that
Valentine's is here we really shall have
fun. Love always, J.
To The Thundergirls: UR 2 nice 2 b
forgotten. Love, The Corn Cruncher.
Super sexxy squeezy Suzy — Hugs and
kisses and lots of love — Don. B. P.S.
Watch out for those U.V.E.'s Cesoir!
Me and my Spushky Bear got no worries, got no cares! Love, from your
Baby Snuffy.
To Kathy, An un-comm-on girl. Be
free for me! Love, Ziffle.
Dear Carmen: You have a big wonder
— full heart and I like you very much.
Can you be my valentine? A.H.
Dear Karen, Soon we shall be one, entrusted forever by our love. (Now we
can shower together.) Your love, Jim.
To my 750 special, I look up to you in
more ways than one. Love and
backfires, your little two-stroke.
Big Brucey J: Under that big muscular
football-player body see you're nothing
but a cuddley teddybear. I sure wish
you'd make a pass at me Feb. 14.
To the Girls from Burnaby, Here's to
another all nighter at Patty's. Love the
boys from Richmond.
To Natalie L., A Poem,
To a lady.
E'en as a lovely flower,
So fair, so pure thou art;
I gaze on thee and delight
Come's stealing over my heart.
With love — an Admirer.
Hey good lookin' on the other side of
class, first Biology, now Math; let's increase the probability of meeting
again! Signed, a friend.
Darling "Bobshaw", We wanna get
RIGHT outta hand! Signed, the Wild
Telegram to 6th Haida: If you're looking for your Valentine's. Stop. Be our
valentine's. Stop. Love 6th Salish.
Paul: Merci beaucoup pour to comprehension et ta prevenance. Les
"Canucks" Triompheront, n'est-ce
pas? A bientot, ta photographe favori.
Debbie L.: Every day is Valentine's
with you in the Dean's office, The Pres.
BR, Remember April in Paris . . . Je
t'aime tres beaucoup! Positif! Happy
Valentine's Day. KC.
our ^T
Bonjour mon monsieur,
A little bumblebee sends you all her
love on this Valentine's Day. Always
Happy Valentine's Day. To our favorite
Canadian gigolo — Carmine Din(c)o F
. . . We'd like to see a hard heart on
you. The girls of 12B and friends.
Happy Valentine's Day Tracy treat.
Love Rich.
To Doris, Ivana, Jill, Chrystal, Lorrie,
Cathy, Carol, Shelly, Karen and Joan,
Best Wishes to you always. Love Dave.
Happy Valentine's Day Snuggles!! Let
me carry you into the sunset, to a
crystal castle built of dreams, and
magic, and love. I love you super
much!! . . . RBM.	
Jenny-Mac, A vision of beauty in
"sweats" blonde, beautiful, and cooks
too. Listen, just so this rhymes, how
"bout lunch sometime? An Admirer.
Each day we are together you brighten
up my life, and I count away the days
and hours till you make me your wife.
P.S. Ill keep counting till May 14th.
Happy Valentine's Days, with all my
Bonjour Pat, I'd like to see you again!
The Dental Hygienist.
Darling Rabbit, Glad you're my Valentine. I send you mars bars and kisses.
Love Renee.
Betty, a special friend such as you is
someone I cannot imagine being happy without. The Punk.
Dear Bill, Here It Is like we promised
don't forget your red pants Monday!!
Blondie & Perma.
Shushka-Forever? I hope so! All my
love PS-J'aime tes cheveux!! Gregoire.
Rx. No. "IOV2"
For: Pharmies 3 some's use only
Take i q.a.m.
for RICH (GQ "Fantasy") intoxication.
If symptoms persist, GO FOR IT!!!
Happy Valentine's Kiddo! Spending
time with you is the greatest. I can't
wait for California. You are number
one!! Love forever, Paul.
Dear Angel — 16 months and it still
feels like the first time. Hope it will for
the rest of our lives. Be my Valentine.
Love always. The Big Guy.
Dear Char - 1983. Looked awfully
grim, that's until you wandered in,
since we met I'm head over heels,
you've taken my heart now it's your
deal. XOX.	
Smile Inside: Always, Always. I'll see
that special thing in you. Glad you're
back, stick with me this fall. My lady,
my love, I'm tall one.
To Puppy Dog Eyes, Hey Cutie on the
foulshot line, will you be my Valentine?
The Girl Wearing Boxing Gloves.
Dear Hunny Bunny, Wanna have a
bath together? Wanna get lucky? Then
you bring the towels and 111 bring the
rubber ducky. Love always Muffin.
Claudie and Joce, We love you, you
gorgeous, wonderful, exciting women!
Our lives would be fulfilled if you were
ours. Love, Your secret admirers.
Ridley Boy, Sleep in one more time
and you'll be making your own
Nanaimo Bars, Ra ha! You're a great.
Love, Mickey Mouse.
M.C. Lawrence, you're better than
money, and sweeter -than honey, I
hope I'm not late, to ask for a date.
Anastasia, I want you to go out with
me, so don't tell me to climb a tree,
let's go to a show, tell me yes not no.
You are the sunshine of my life.
August 20th at IC and CG will be the
joyous start of our sacrament. Erin, we
will be happy forever and ever.
Hi C.B. Although it has been two
years, to me you are still oh so dear.
Love and laughter. B.F.
To TWSITW, cuz I Love You. LINT.
Happy Valentine's Day. Kittuhs, Tara
and Swell. Love Cuddles and kisses all
over in the dark. Glenster and
To Johnnie-O: You're the only man
I've ever truly loved. Thank you for all
you've ever done for me. P.S. Swedes
are wild lovers. Love and kisses.
Dearest G.M.P., how is Father Rhine
these days? I'd love to go sailing with
him again soon. Kisses from the
To Kenny, we don't think you're
pudgey. Love your Pg-friends.
Debhole — you've clubholed my heart-
hole with diholes, and still you're a
trumpadedoodah. Happy V-Day.
I don't know if I could ever say it
enough . . . thanks, I love you Emilie.
Many kisses and squeezes. Glen.
To the Gorgeous Guys on the Mens
Swim Team — our favorite Valentines!
Love always, Deirdre and Kim.
Dear CJ, My love for you will be eternal. Surprise my sexy fox I got ha
yah—Love. B.T.
Dearest Wicky, me lubs you me lubs
you me lubs you me lubs you! Be my
Valentine for eeeever. Lub Ernie.
I'd like to pinch your cheeks, you cute
little pumpkin you! Happy Valentine's
Day! Love, Puddin' XXXOOO.
To my Dumb Little Putty Tat — Ruff
Ruff Ruff. F.N.L.	
A. Riddle
On Wednesday nights we often dine;
Your locker's very close to mine.
If you can guess, who wrote this
Would you be my Valentine?
Doits, Uphill all the way, but we will
make it!! Love Micha.
Happy Val
A Prize
# ary 11, 1983
Page 9
mtine 's Day
s Choice
kwaits The
t Rm. 266.
* Claim.
To a certain special person who is also
the only reason I survived this year.
Thinking about you always. Love
Dearest J.B.: I still want a "B3" . . .
One day?! Me love you lots!! You 99.9
forever, (ar-arrr), M. Fox.
Dear Schwamp Piggy,
Roses have reds
Violets have blues
Your a sweetheart
and Elephant shoes
My Tubby: You are my shnshine, my
only Valentine,
You make me happy . . .
Thank you. Forever yours, Shorty.
To a guy in red capes-n-bunny ears.
Here's to a lifetime of
From a gal in yellow shades.
To my favourite Eskimo: Happy Valentine to you and the rest of the soap
opera cast. Love B.D.
Dierdre, I never realized how much
you meant to me until you put on your
spiked heals, got out the mayonnaise
and rope, and showed me what real
love    was     all     about.     Dave.
3 years: 3 necklaces, 2 bracelets, a
ring, 2 pairs of earrings, 6 mice, maple
syrup, a print, music, food, wine, the
ballet, fires, hot tubs, Seattle, sumac
slope, Victoria, Vancouver . . .
maintenant le partum?
Clara is every women in the world to
me. BKM. 	
Ex animo in aeternum; Happy Valentine's Day to my angel. From Sergeant
Dear C-Squared: Don't unbutton my
button-down or else. The leather tie
To Linda and Judy, Purely physical
and B52's. The Boys.
Sharon, Be my sweetums. Rob.
Mickey, "Senses working overtime"
put me in XTC, be my Valentine. Love
Baba and Bunny.
L.N.: Thou are always on my mind,
particularly so on Valentine's. To
Venue, Cupid and even St. Valentine
himself, I've beseeched. Hope thoust
will be my Valentine? A.M. Bilbo Jr.
R.B. Dinner has been changed from
Greece to Rio. Choose a time that
suits you best prior to 22-5-84. D.M.
FOUND! One Joanne Alexander.
sweety. Love, the MADMAN. Take
care and see you TONIGHT.
Brenda, 111 give you the stars. Your
imperfect Mike.
Dragon Lady, You light my fire. Sir
To my one and only, short stuff. My
love for you will never cease. You're
my friend, companion, and mate.
You'll always be my Valentine. Love
and kisses, Tall, dark and so-so.
Dear Eric: Looking forward to dinner
in March. The Ankor's on me afterwards! Love Kath P.S. — Happy
Doris, Elaine & Molly: Wow we wov
woo weely weely wild. Why won't woo
be our Valentines — Two Fish in the
Five Valentines to Barb on her Birthday, from Man, D.R., E.R., T.K. and
Welcome to Hugh, and continuing
thanks to Terry from the class of "83".
CarolYon: How I envy a cup that
knows your lips and a cheesecake that
feels your fingertips. Let it be me.
To the women of the CVC, Laura, Emi,
Cindy, Aurore, Ronith, Susan, Linda,
Alice, Lai, Lise, Shirley, Jean, Julie,
and especially Ray. I LOVE YOU
Dear Cong, Thankyoufor two.
Dear Coug, thank you for two years of
love and fun. Your the best! Happy
Valentine's Day with love from your
Dearest Ned, You are always in my
heart. I love you. OX Nancy.
To the Hardy Boys, CFM. XO Nancy,
Drew & Bess.
Bess, Happy Valentines Day. Thank
you for being a friend. XO Nancy D.
To My Valentine Erik, I can't wait for
July 30. It is going to be the best
forever. L.Y.L., S.Y.S. Jo.	
Dear Carmen, Transcontinental car-
diopalpitations from Bathurst. Love
from Mark via Consultant.
JOEY KLANCNIK, Ljubav! buns &
To the boys in the mailroom. Lots of
love the little redheaded girl with the
funny boots!
To my Valentine Cynde,
Now and always. Love Craig.
To my dearest "Corky",
Thank you so much for sharing your
relentless lust and body heat with me.
My world would be so empty without
you around me. With lots of hugs,
kisses and hickeys, ILYVM, every
INCH of you! Happy 3rd anniversary
and Valentine's Day. Forever yours
312 859058 25259 21181 355355 P.S.
hint hint hint hint hint hint hint hint
hint . . .
To my fabulous microbiologist. Let's
go away to a secluded island for a few
days. Love always Mais oui oui.
To Eager Beaver — formerly Eagle
Beak while thinking of you I feel
divine, knowing you're my lovely
Valentine, and there's nothing better
I'd like to say, than I love you on St.
Valentine's Day. Love Gummy Bear.
Alio bebe (cum c me soonage) I'm
hungry as a wolf, I'm on a hunt — I'm
after you! Signed the best "set" in Vancouver and Edmonton xox etc.
T.L.L. Happy Valentine's Dear, You're
swell. Gallons of love, your gem.
Corky! What a sexycutle bunny
sweetiepie — face! Ill always love you
Happy Valentine's Day Huggy Bear!
From your sweetie. It's been a cuddly
three years.
To my Polar Bear, stop frolicking on
the icebergs and come and share some
Valentine goodies with your snow
My Dearest JR . . . Let's get together
over a hug and kiss. You're my only
Valentine, forever. Love always
Valerie Valentine, You fill my gap.
Love, Poopface.
To Buckster & Dollster,
Candy is dandy,
Kisses are fine
Roses are pretty
Are your P.R.s mine
With love
The Kittuhs
Punkin and S.G.
To my Googimachoo,
15 months and counting and I love you
so! Your Pookie.
My Darling Poo,
Be mine forever? Of course you will
Love to infinity. Your Darling Poo
Tim-Cat, May you never find your salt.
Be mine. Leechus.
To my Sugar Dumpling,
From your Big Stud. Happy Valentine.
Missing you Jane ... a. bor
Clark, To my man of steel, We make
beautiful music together, your warm-
fuzzy hugger Lois.
Bill B. (I think!) Why do we keep coming to Canadian lit? Wish I knew but
Happy Valentine's anyhow.
Hello Chris Light. You asked for it,
you got it, a Valentine. Be mine? Sue.
Pat Payne! Hi gorgeous! Would you be
my Valentine.
Iter P. Persnalter, All my love to my
Persnickity Valentine. Love, Beep.
Dear Eunice, Baker or Langley or
wherever we may be. 111 always be
your Valentine. Love always George.
To my two-thirty rendezvous, I need
the eggs . . . really. D52-8.
Bear hugs to the BFT. Happy Valentine's Day. A lucky logger.
To the girls of section L06 and L16.
Hugs and kisses from your favorite
T.A. Dave.
Happy Valentine's Day to the guy who
is always giving me the GEARS! Why
don't we squeeze into a pair of hip-
waders and go scuba diving in your
pool, love S.B. (Stinky Bazinky).
To Jab, PDT and AH, Happy Valentine's Day to the three dashing gents in
my life. Love Malcolm.
To C & H,
Be my sugar be my life
In these days of rain and strife
Forever yours John xx
Ebony eye's — Ross's Poli 204 3 rows
down, 10 seats over from the right
6 months of lecture is not long to wait,
forget Intl. Relations, and love let's
Dear Taimi, The next time we are in
the pool don't GO FOR HIS BALL!!
Lots of love from the PHYSSTACC.
Beware of the Lost Ark
Happy Valentine's Day
Love 3rd Robson
Leibien Streudel,
Tudo isso que voce meu bem me da,
Love Gord
You're on our agenda anytime,
Thanks for all your support.
Love NUS
To my British Sweetheart, I love you
very much darling. Your's forever,
Almbo. P.S. Please be my valentine!
We met on the ROTTERDAM and I've
thought of your specialness everyday
since (that's 303 thoughts — it's
almost pormographic). Anyway you
really are a sweet angel.
Love Michael.
All Elvis' adoring fans can send their
valentine CO. Greg. Love kisses and
money, Elvis the great. P.S. Greg is
appointed to the royal order of
honeybuns; Cathy made me do it.
RB — Twinkies, beaters and times
with you are the best. I love you.
Jess — 3 squeezes. Rockin.
To the world's greatest snuffy Happy
Valentine's Day. Love Spushkie.
KBs and HBs are what i desire,
And I know a BP can sure light my fire.
If you'll be my Valentine, sweetheart
and friend,
My love you are promised, without any
With love. Sweats.
Roni, It's been a good year, hopefully
we can have many more. Thinking
about you always. UK.
Sex Bunny. A romp a day keeps us
feeling okay. Thanks for all the great
times. Always thinking of you. Love
Peter Panda! Just a note to say I love
you — you're the best thing in my life.
Love, J.D.	
Baby Sweet Cakes, I will pick up the
soap, only if you'll be my Valentine.
Love Sweetie. P.S. Pleasant driving!!
Tom, you're numero uno woof. OJ1.
Dear Biffo, Boffo, Sporky, Chet
Frankie and Marky. Here's to keeping
it in the family. Hugs and kisses. Mom
and the girls.
Dear Fat Chick: I want you deeply. Be
my unit on Valentine's Day. Lusting
impatiently next door, the old lady.
To the male Pit staff
Happy V.D.! You're the greatest.
C, J. & J.
Dearest Denise, I've loved you all your
life. Your brother Dave.
Dearest Nancy: I love your company,
your friendship, and all the things we
do together — even the absurd. You
mean an incredible amount to me and
I love you. Dave.
Snugglebum, Puddle: Remember I
always said I'd tell everyone how much
I love YOU, well now's my chance,
my love, Snugglebum. P.S. Piddle.
You can find no fairer text than the
Alpha Delta girls.
Erin on 7: Looking for the look, looking for the feeling. Found you. By my
valentine? Chris.
Lots of love the '83 loftmembers. Ill
miss you till. May "Loft Engineering"
become a reality!
To the sexiest pair of blue eyes in the
world, looking forward to learning the
ins and outs of the business.
Meg, Happy Valentine's Day. You're
the best! My love forever Love, hugs
and kisses. Keg. Page 10
Friday, February 11,1983
Valentine's Day. Bring on the beandip
sandwiches. From the Housing Collective.
Kriskie-Here, we are on the list still
looking forward to the 19th. Love and
Peace. RDB.	
Patsy Wong, From the first time I saw
you I wanted you as mine, your dazzling smile is simply divine. Patsy
dearest won't you be my Valentine?
To Sugar, the most loveable and
beautiful valentine a guy could ever
have. Thanks, you kid you! Love, MR.
Waydles, Be mine, be true, believe. I
miss you passionately, toenails and all
. . . Lump-Lump.
To Rod, Happy Valentine's Day across
the mile. Kathryn.
Jo: I hope this makes up for the ones
that never came before, all my love.
Dear Andrea, Let's be ferrets tonight.
I've got a concrete reinforced testing
chamber and 10 hrs. to spare.
Margot it may not always be obvious
but you are still the light of my life and
I will love you forever. B.
T.D. — Violinists unite! Come play
with my g-string tonight! E.D.
To the lovely ladies of E17: The girls
on top are the cream of the crop. Luv
n' kisses, the men next door, E17A.
Fuzzy Lint: I'm only a dream away.
Happy Valentine's Day — Yours
forever tall, blonde and handsome
Happy Valentine's Day to all the Aggie
women: Molly, Elaine, Barbara,
Grete, Anne-Marie, Donna, Lana,
Jane, Mallorie, Katherine, Bridget,
Brenda, Karen, Renee, Julia, Debra,
Margaret, Sandra, Aloysia, Jacqueline, Sandra, Nancy, Tracey, Barbara, Christine, Betty, Geri, Marth,
Erin (Audrey), Patricia, Alice, Rox-
arme, Jillian, Sandra, Irene, Debbie,
Susan, Lisa, Robyn, Lorena, Vicki,
Susan, Karen, Denise, Kathleen,
Michelle, Wendy, Jill, Stacey, Cindy,
Janet, Joyce, Lisa, Carole, Eleanor,
Frances, Calissi, Nancy, Marina,
Sarah, Frank, Robyn, Joni, Petra,
Paula, Elizabeth, Katherine, Denise,
Sonja, Katherine, Mary, Sandra, Jennifer, Lemay, Carol, Manon,
Sheleena, Vivian, Nancy, Janet,
Susanne, Sunny, Elizabeth, Dianne,
Frauke, Andrea, Catherine, Charoul,
Wendy, Carla, Barbara, Jill, Edith,
Grace, Mairi, Marijean, Donna,
Sharon, Moira, Shirley, Susan,
Sophia, Gillian, Jean, Joan, Carol,
Gillian, Therese, Gillian, Jane, Colette, Leahann, Deacon, Judy,
Cherilyn, Valerie, Helen, Beverley,
Susan, Hilary, Catherine, Lynn,
Suzanne, Kanval, Kathryn, Karen,
Caroline, Margaret, Gail, Maureen,
Margaret, Bernice, Kristine, Julie,
Kimryn, Louise, Wendy, Shelley, Linda, Leslie, Ann, Brenda, Patricia,
Liane, Diane, Mildred, Lora, Debra,
Cheryl (TLB), Deborah, Janet, Diane,
Teresa Dawn, Brenda, Fanny, Ann,
Lorraine, Tammy, Theresa, Valerie,
Susan, Pamela, Lorraine, Gail,
Louise, Barbara, Sydney, Mei Li,
Catherine, Margot, Beena, Carol, Annette, Sarah, Karmijuni, Kathleen,
Shawna, Pauline, Christine, Janette,
Heidy, Barbara, Debora (Spurs),
Judy, Pamela, Cheri, Jan, Sannifer,
and Gay. We love ya all. The Ravers
Stinky and Buck-Buck.
Dear Boris, My nose is pink, my ears
do twitch.
Frank Beach loves beagles, can't I be
your  . The girl with the juvenile
Evad Canada, be my Valentine! Evol,
an admirer in physics.
Sloop Ron B. July 19 and forever. All
my love, Kriskie.
Dear Dumbo, neeneenee with love.
Your Numbo.
To all the beautiful home-ec girls. Be
our Valentine's tonight. Love from
your brothers in forestry.
Dear Swamphog, the gropist loves
you. Thanks for the first one. Let's try
for another, Raul.
Happy Valentine's Day to my pooky
bear K.D. Fever, Elmo Jr., The Kidd,
Mr. Athlete and The Laserbeams. Love
Wawa mon chou a la creme adore, tu
mexcites . . . ton toblerone.
Donna: Happy Valentines love.
To Biffs buddy, from libraries to
lovers, my heart's checked out to you,
love and kisses from Moron.
Dear Teddy Bear, lots a love with 29
chocolate cream puffs on top (and a
track suit too?). I do love yo! MI
Dear Gak, my apologies, 1 still love
you. Signed Frustrated but not angry.
Francis: My dental desire! There's only
one muscle I haven't seen. Passionately Sherri.
Barb: A whole, whole bunch. XO Andrew XO
To the 2 groovy glee-ets: See you at
polts! . . . from Sweetie-pie in the cute
gold Honda.
Patrick: To many more love filled days
of cuddling. K.P.
Lori: Thanks for the first three. Dave.
H.S.M.: Ball and chain is passe. Do
you have a new tune to listen to? Happy Valentine's Day. Love 'n stuff. CJF
J.W.: The cupid's arrow hit me (in the
ear). Will you be my Valentine? C.Z.
Francis: My Dental Desire! There's only one muscle I haven't seen. Passionately Sherri.
Val my Honey; I just wanted to say be
my Valentine forever. Bum pats and
kisses, your honey.
To Joe Clancnik: Won't you run away
with me? Hugs & wet kisses, meow.
Ray, Alan, Henry, Sting: So, who's
turn is it to put on the dress, you sultry
wenches?? The Maneater!!
I tell no lies
And do not judge by size
I'm the guy with the classy ties
Happy Valentine's Day from blue eyes.
To Karen the Freighter. Love,
Dear Dave, Mike, and Shane: Happy
V.D. to our visions of loveliness. All
our love, the Den of Iniquity. XOX
ZYM: Que I'amour t'atteint — mon
eryue shisiri est a tol. BTC
Tim the Bartender: Our last date
together holds memories only we can
share. You are really a	
To the Sigma Chis with much love
from Christine N. See you tomorrow.
Kathryn my little muffin, where shall
we dine to-nite? The Cook
Dear Haggis Macbagpipes: Happy
Valentine's Day. Love your big sister.
M.J.M.: Be mean, but be mine!! Love
Damb-Baby: Always be my honey, my
lover, my sweet. Peter misses you
and Ethel and Agnes. Please discipline
them. Joz.
Ernie: I'd trade in my paperclip collection for you anyday! I love you snuggy!
To my Blue-eyed Aussie psychologist:
Analyze my mind, love, and you may
get my heart and body too. South Isle
Dish, thanks for putting up with the
grabbath atathigh foxes this year. We
love you, you animal! E.E.C.K.S.
To a distant dark haird girl that studies
on a hill, from me. Thanks for being
my Valentine.
Jeffy: Well never forget our night in
Everett. What technique! See you
soon. Love Eb and Mog. ,
To my babushka: You are very special
to me. All my love. Your Pookie Bear
Wammy: I've got what you want and I
know you want it babe! Come and get
it! Weasel	
It has been said that a little bit of
silliness or irrationality can be
beneficial. I love you — Pooky's pal.
To M: You're wonderful, be my Valentine. Love M.
To my love, armpit on Valentine's Day.
Your beav Trev.
Dear Sweats: Let's get together on
Valentine's Day one of these years.
Happy Valentine's Day! Love, B-kins.
Hugs & Kisses Nadine on the b"ball
team. Good luck this weekend. Love
Pat, Trev, Dave.
You mean so much to me. There is so
much I can give you. Je t'aimerais tou-
jours Katherine. Love "The Wimp".
Linda J. Now have gas and lost my
crass. If I'm on time, will you be my
Valentine. D.
Liebe Su (2) Honey sugar pi me, the.
Cows, and all the fungus of UBC ador
u du bist ammoura bist ammoura
habibty plo chief.
Bri, a man a plan a canal Panama.
Madam in Eden I'm Adam. These are
symbols of our love for you. Love
Happy Valentine's Day BoB (Dent 1)
Payment for babysitting books sun: 1
ice-cream sundae. Today, please! "Pre
Curie I love the way you roll your
tongue and move'your lips but nothing
beats the way you use your hips. Yours
all ways Mr. D.
To the E.P. '84 TGIF CPAX 108b
gang: Win or lose, it was great getting
inducted together. Let the Spirit carry
on! B. Ledom.
My dearest Twiddlecoze Squeezem-
bun, "May our boundless love reap
chromic passion evermore." (E.E.
Bear) L.O.L. from your favourite
Y.S.L. hoarder, L.	
Renee you make my world go around.
But why are you so dizzy? Paul.
CT Just to say "I love you" happy
Valentine's Day. LM.	
Jewel, happy Valentine's Day from
your secret admirer Jungle
Poo okay our song Africa love Teddy.
Teemo happy Valentine's Day to a real
sweetheart — mine. Love and kisses,
QT-HBUN, happy 4th Valentine's
Day! ILY SVM'itll always B Hb'BB
4evr. Can't wait 4 your S-H'K's. UR
sweetest. L-BOO.
Georgie, my Love! You, me, a bottle of
gin and a cast party, now! 1000 x's.
The the DD'SFOF'S and 5P'S. We
know what true love is, don't we? The
Dudes, I love you all a bushel and a
peck! So you can stop running now.
Love good old Reliable Sanora.
To: The gang of seven (including B.D.
and Veesh and Friends: Once again,
happy V.D. C.U.W.	
How are you, my Two Thousand Two,
A new face have caught my eye. It's
been nice, my Blau Mit Weiss, I must
move on and so good-bye. Thanks for
the memories and the fun, And happy
Valentine, Nine Eleven.
To the fourth Shu Sheiks, hope you all
have a marvellous, fabulous, bizarre,
wonderful, outrageous, and above all,
awesome Valentine's Day. Love the
fourth Kwak Kool Kats.
Sweetheart, you're the one one for me.
As if you haven't guessed From
September 25th Each new day is the
best, Happy Valentine's Day Marth,
Luv Rob.
I love you, not because of you(r) short
black hair, constantly bumping into
me, hippie bed, snail pace, or
cleverness, but because you have such
lovely bums. Wally Valentine.
Hi Gorgeous — Yah, you with the
silver V-Day Parents. Walks on the
cold beach in the twilight seem fine for
an eternity. Let me know your heart by
giving it to me today. I love you and
you alone without me is but half a pair!
Love your singing, cooking tour-driver.
Peacekeeper Peacekeeper you little
MX, How we would love to destroy
your hex. Ron and the Yanks started
your ruse, We only hope you land on
the Cruise. Signed, Peaceniks for a
Politicised Valentine's Day.
Cuddly little chipmunk. Long Long
way from home, Glad you came to find
me To keep my Guias warm. Guapa
Buhok Nimo-Pogi, My little "Foo" Jing
wen, you make me feel so happy
'cause you're my Valentine. Size 12.
Cathy Gowen Lady Fine, Is it true that
you're all mine? A girl as sweet and
cute like you, be my Valentine, make a
dream come true. You've heard this
once before I know. But me being me,
here I go. O.N.J, eyes are green, one
more time Let me be. your James
Dean. Love Wally.
R.B.: I love castles, ice cream cones,
unicorns and Marries — but most of
all, I love you. Love always, S.L.
My Darling Bear, Though we're a pair
it's true that you still have more hair.
Dear Tennis Partner, Breakfast sounds
fine. Ill bring my racquet.
To Thomas, I will always love you. Tig-
To the beautiful women of third
hamber, Happy V.D. Day.
Au meilleur amoreur d'ici a Brittagne;
may the door to your bedroom closet
always stay locked. Ill make sure your
belly-button never collects lint, if we
can eat chocolate cake together, happily ever after. I love you more than
you like Rod Stewart.
To My Christmas Tree Ladies — I like
valentine's too! — Your "clothed"
Polar Bear.
Roses are red, so is my head. What am
I supposed to do? My love, she won't
love me, She thinks I'm a dummy. So
Kako Boli to you to! Your Lumbering
To Rick Cheyne: Tho' our paths do not
as often meet, as once they did before,
we could not forget to greet you with a
Valentine once more. The Four
Mais oui oui-Happy V. Day and 16.5
mo. Doubt thou the stars are fire;
Doubt that the sun do move; Doubt
truth to be a liar; But never doubt I
love. — Shakespear and D.
To Dag: At the end of the rainbow, is
where dreams begin, follow the dream
and our love will grow. I.L.Y.G.A.B.
Chuckle Poo: You make everything
Duckie Chuckle. Love your Girls.
Gerry, Say Big Boy, I loved sitting next
to you at Alexandra's Taverna. L.
Ivan:   Happy  Valentine's  Day.  Love
To Timmy: The Super Hero of the
Raiders. Keep on scoring. Love M.
To The Nanaimo Bar of my life from
Strawberry Cheese Cake Poo.
Happy Valentine's Day
12:00, 4:00, 8:00 EXCEPT SUNDAY 2:00, 8:00
70mm and 6 track Dolby
QeUJUHt)   WARNING: Soma very coarse language and     C/^\DL_J ICC
^mmmmmmmmmr    suggestive scenes. B.C. Director. jl      II    |     lip   ^
1:30, 4:10, 6:50, 9:40
CORONET      |     dlJNDAR
DUNBAR  at 30th
Coronet: 2:00, 4:30, 7:10, 9:40
Dunbar: 7:30, 9:40, Sat.-Sun. 2:00
rAft^ftMCl      WARNING: Some violence; occa
sional   nudity   and   suggestive
scenes. B.C Director.
They toll Me
70 7   W. BROADWAY
Coronet: 2:00, 4:00, 6:00, 8:00, 10:00
Broadway: 7:30, 9:30
the Extra
Terrestrial Friday, February 11,1983
Page 11
Peek inside controversial culture
Like a curious voyeur, I started
to read Flaunting It by turning to an
essay" entitled Men Loving Boys
Loving Men.
Curiosity had driven me to find
out why Toronto police in 1977
charged Pink Triangle Press and its
directors with distributing material
through the mail which was labelled
immoral, indecent or scurrilous.
Flaunting It
An anthology edited by Ed Jackson
and Stan Persky
New Star Books and Pink Triangle
$8.95 at the UBC Bookstore
I was shocked and confused.
Confused because Men Loving
Boys Loving Men puts forward the
simple proposition that an adult
male can support and love a young
male and that the relationship can
be mutual. Shocked because the
authorities (police and government)
would stomp on the press for
presenting controversial ideas to the
community even though the content
wasn't in the least explicit.
I was also surprised to read that
the notorious essay received as
much debate from within gay/lesbian and feminist circles as from the
mainstream heterosexual media.
But that is what Flaunting It is all
about — politics.
In a predominantly heterosexual
society where gay/lesbian lifestyles
are deliberately and almost totally
surpressed every aspect of life
becomes political.
The book devotes one section to
the controversy surrounding Men
Loving Boys Loving Men from the
"gay" community's perspective but
also covers other more crucial
aspects of gay politics and life.
The   book   goes   a   long   way
"Hi! Mind if
we just browse
for a while?"
Pulne raid The Body Politic: office: December 10, 1977
The book is an anthology of the
first 10 years of The Body Politic
magazine — freely edited as an
unofficial survey of the paper.
towards explaining aspects of an active, vibrant community which is
altering the nature of Canadian
society through its politics.
Flaunting It shows the vitality of
the movement through the pages of
Body Politic by presenting the internal debate in the community on
such topics as misogyny, pornography, visibility, pedophilia,
tactics and rights.
The book covers such diverse
topics as coming out, raising
children, attitudes of gays/ lesbians
The anthology
addresses problems
which are basic
to all of humanity.
toward physically disabled gays and
lesbians, and the art, history and
culture of the community.
Persky and Jackson also include
a section on the political differences
between lesbians and gays.
For those who have wondered
why lesbians isolate themselves
from both the feminist and gay
rights movements, this section is a
From a male and primarily
heterosexual point of view, I found
Emotionless droids activated by Bim
and beer at Grad Centre bash
A totally new audience filled the
ballroom during intermission Saturday night at the Graduate centre
Folk Night.
The emotionless droids left and a
lively active crowd took their place.
The change was dramatic enough
that when performer Bim (alias Roy
Forbes) came back stage, he said,
"Holy Hannah. What a difference
a beer bottle makes. Just 12 little
He didn't elaborate on whether
the difference was the beer or the
deafening noise of beer bottles
pounding on the tables the moment
his dressing room door opened
before the second set.
More than likely, the audience
finally woke up to the fact this was
not a folk night and Bim is more
than a folk singer.
The second set continued with
Bim's lively rock 'n roll and rythym
and blues. The audience responded
with shouts, foot stomping and
That Bim has a reputation on
campus is evident — the grad centre
organized the show in only 10 days
and drew a near capacity crowd of
300 people. It puts the grad centre
on the maps as a new place for
folk/jazz/blues artists to perform.
Bim's music lyrically is very much
in tune with the times. Songs like
Half Hearted, a song Bim says is
dedicated to the '70s, and Who's
Got the Money, reflect pretty much
what's happening in the '80s.
Bim last played UBC in 1979
when the CBC still produced the
Dr. Bundolo show in the famed and
mythical animal pit.
Since then Bim has spent a lot of
time in the studio recording albums
will be holding a
day on Wed., Feb. 16
10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
(last chance to get your
ring before GRAD)
— he's got four around and is
working on the fifth now.
But it's too bad Bim doesn't do
more live shows. Apart from the
great music belted out on guitar and
the unique vocal style, Bim talks a
lot about his songs — and why they
were written.
"This is a song I wrote one day
when the woman I live with went
bowling," Waiting For You.
"Sometimes I want to pull the
covers over my head. Sometimes I
want to get drunk," Who's Got the
Money. "I'd like to sing a song I
wrote one day when I felt like jumping off a bridge ..."
He didn't come back to do a
third encore.
Open Mondays
Come in and meet Joanne
Spray wet & blow dry
STYLE $12.00
2106 West 16th
at Arbutus
For the price of Our
Incl. wash, conditioning, cut and blow dry
Till Feb. 28, 1963
For appointment call
The Ubyssey, in cooperation with Paramount Pictures (Canada) and
Famous Players would like to invite you to a special preview of
on Tuesday, Feb. 15 at Vancouver Centre cinema.
In keeping with our age-old tradition (five months), you have to work for
the free double pass. To receive your pass, bring the answers to the following TWO questions to The Ubyssey office (SUB 241k) before 5 p.m. today.
Only a limited number of passes are available.
1. What was Lords of Discipline director Franc Rodham's last film? and
2. Who supplied that film's soundtrack?
The first answer is located elsewhere in this paper. It is not unduly hidden,
and can appear in articles, reviews, advertising or event listing.
The first answer in this paper will lead you to the second answer.
After you find both answers, come to The Ubyssey to claim your pass.
Ubyssey staff members, College Printers' employees, AMS administration
and present and elected council members are inelligible for this contest.
I had more in common with gays
than I imagined. The anthology addresses problems which are basic to
all of humanity.
The book is solid reading, containing 300 pages of sparsely illustrated text and another six pages
of cartoonist Gary Ostrom's work.
When I first started reading
Flaunting It I would homophobical-
ly bend the cover back to avoid
what I perceived could promote
hassles whether it be on a bus or in a
restaurant. But half way through I
found myself prominently displaying the book — or should I say
flaunting it.
Phone    now   for    complimentary portrait sitting.
Shidios Ird.
3343 West Broadway
All students who expect to graduate this Spring are requested to submit "Application for Graduation" cards to the
Registrar's Office (Mrs. Donna Anderson) by Tuesday,
February 15, 1983. This includes students who are registered
in a year not normally considered to be a graduating year
(e.g. combined B.Com./LL.B.) but who are expecting to
complete a degree program this Spring.
PLEASE NOTE: It is the responsibility of the student-
to make application for his/her degree. The list of candidates
for graduation to be presented to the Faculty and to the
Senate for approval is compiled solely from these applications.
(fi.,0Dm.8 11:30 p.m.
? Shows! 8 JUP
Friday Feb. 18th
-CBO & VTC OUTLETS 687-4444
All Eaton s & Woodward s Stores & at the door
VAVOIVIKSIHW      .('I, I,.,,, . K, „	 Page 12
Friday, February 11,1983
AMS democracy questioned
I would like to correct a mistake
made by Craig Brooks in Tuesday's
front page story, Another One Bites
the Rust, pertaining to Michael
Shaw's resignation as Vice-
president academic. Shaw is
reported to have come under fire
last year at an "Alma Mater Society
sponsored forum on cutbacks"
when "he claimed cutbacks were
not an issue". The forum in fact,
was sponsored by the students for
an accessible education, and the
AMS was in no way involved.
I make this correction to clarify
any misconception people may have
about the role the AMS has performed in recent years where student aid, accessibility, cutbacks,
and political issues in general are
For example, in the spring of
1981 a rally was organized by the
student accessibility committee and
sponsored by the AMS.
It was attended by at least 1,000
concerned students. Many of these
students continued the rally by marching across the campus demanding
concrete action from administration president Doug Kenny. The
event drew much public attention
and would have been an excellent
launching pad from which to confront the provincial government on
questions of student needs in the
area of university education.
When committee members attempted to make an appointment
with the minister of science and
universities, Pat McGeer, (who
hadn't been on campus in 2 years)
AMS president Marlea Haugen
phoned the ministry to cancel the
The accessibility committee
which had been so successful in
amassing a student response, was
soon after badmouthed, called
autocratic by many AMS council
members, and systematically stripped of its committee status. This,
my friend, was AMS democracy.
The fall of 1981 saw a con-
cilliatory AMS attempt to resurrect
the committee in such a way as to
render it impotent. It was okay to
protest cutbacks and tuition fees
but for God's sake not in public.
The old committee had lost interest
and quit en masse.
The forum attended by Michael
Shaw was one of several major
events sponsored by SAE. Others
such as Black Tuesday in January
of 1982 attracted some attention for
the Vancouver media but very little
interest was shown by students
themselves. AMS types like Dave
Frank, Cliff Stewart and James
Hollis's persistent aim was to
peacefully negotiate with UBC's administration; to peacefully
negotiate with the provincial
government; not to ruffle feathers
in the process. That is, not to ruin
their resumes.
Eventually, the SAE was bought
out by the AMS with promises from
Frank and Stewart that the student
'Ranting and Raving'
I am beginning to get rather annoyed with all the recent commotion by the local UBC womens
group (not to mention all other extremist womens groups) over the
"pornography" problem at UBC.
The womens group stated that
the UBC bookstore should not sell
"pornographic material" such as
Playboy and Penthouse as they
found these publications to contain
sexist and racist text. Apparently,
these publications perpetuate the
fact, or myth, that males dominates
Having never even contemplated
casting a glance at Playgirl, I do not
know a whole lot about the material
it contains. However, according to
Bob Saye of CFOX's the Planet,
Playgirl contains material which is
on par with the so-called male
dominating oriented magazines.
I can't say that I have seen or
heard of any racial mens groups
complaining about how men are exploited in the text of Playgirl. The
womens groups answer to this is
that mostly men buy Playgirl. Well
how would they know that? Do
they survey all the magazine stores
to see which sex buys which
magazine? I doubt it.
The womens groups are merely
comprised of a very few genuinely
concerned females and a whole lot
of females who have nothing better
to do than rant and rave over
nothing. Why don't you put down
your pickets and give us a break?
If you radical women are really
concerned about sexist, racist and
pornographic publications, I suggest you go to the UBC bookstore
and pick up a copy of the latest National Lampoon. This publication is
many times more sexist and racist
then Playboy and Penthouse combined.
The Lampoon redicules
homosexuality and lesbianism as
well as every race under the sun at
least a dozen times in each monthly
issue. Why isn't the womens group
calling for the removal of National
Lampoon from the UBC
bookstore's shelves?
We all understand that the depiction of and or description of child
exploitation, rape and brutality
towards women has no place in
society and hence women deserve
support when trying to combat it.
However, there is nothing wrong
with the mild eroticism of Playboy
or Penthouse.
It would be unconstitutional to
deprive anybody of his rights to
purchase either magazine. Let the
consumer have the choice of either
ignoring the Playboy and Penthouse magazine stands or of purchasing either magazine. Moral oppression is, like slavery, a disease
whose cure brings freedom.
Henry Tenby
science 1
concerns pertaining to cutbacks and
aid would be heard — that the AMS
would have to become political! In
the spring term of 1982, Frank,
Stewart, and a host of resume-
collectors were elected. Since that
time, the AMS has succeeded in doing what it does best where political
issues are concerned: sweet fuck all.
Frank's press statements have
found space on the pages of The
Ubyssey and nowhere else. A four
year engineering program may be
approved, tuition increases totalling
38 per cent during the past two
years have been passed by the board
of governors, and cutbacks continue to be mapped out — all
without a peep from the AMS.
Student leaders may have been
responsible for questioning social
and political values and attitudes in
past years, but the AMS remains an
apolitical bastion of unquestioning
Paul Yaskowich
arts 4
Not my Day
Rich Day's comments to student
council regarding the rubber-doll
incident in the Pit are typical of the
engineering undergraduate society's
insensitivity to actions which are
racist and sexist when he says, "The
question we have to ask is who is
going to draw the line and where?"
He shows his inability to draw lines
or make distinctions anywhere,
The EUS administration seems to
have established a tradition of abstaining from moral decisions of any
sort. The hackers in the EUS never
learn. Give them rape, violence and
bigotry and they stand up for the
rights of free expression. No stand
is too asinine for the leaders of the
If Rich Day thinks that "dinner
table burps" are comparable to
symbolic acts of rape, he is then in
my view certifiably insane — and
has no business being my representative on council.
It is time that the silent majority
in engineering stood up and called
for some intelligent moral policy
decisions from their administration.
Greg Harms
bio-resource engineering 3
Slim pickings
"The popular notion about marriage and love is that they are
synonymous, that they spring from the same motives, and cover the same
human needs. Like most popular notions this also rests not on actual facts,
but on superstition.
Marriage and love have nothing in common; they are as far apart as the
poles; are, in fact, antagonistic to each other. No doubt some marriages
have been the result of love. Not, however, because love could assert itself
only in marriage; much rather is it because few people can completely
outgrow a convention. There are today large numbers of men and women
to whom marriage is naught but a farce, but who submit to it for the sake
of public opinion. While it is true that some marriages are based on love,
and while it is equally true that in some cases love continues in married life,
it does so regardless of marriage, and not because of it."
-Emma Goldman
February 11,1963
The Ubyssey is published every Tuesday and Friday
through the university year by the Alma Mater Society
of the University of B.C. Editorial opinions are those of
the staff and are not necessarily those of the AMS or the
university administration. Member, Canadian University
Press. The Ubyssey's editorial office is in SUB 241k,
Editorial phone 228-2301/06. Advertising 228-3977/78.
"Isn't that the one with the eggs and little bunnies?" asked Shaffin Shariff, seconded by
Cary Rodin. "No, it's the one with the roly poly guy with the white beard," said Craig Brooks
and Naomi Scott and Cathy McGann who agreed with him. "Tequila Sunrises have
something to do with it," said Stephen Wisenthal but only Patti Rather agreed with him and
only reluctantly. "There's nine candles lit sequentially I'm sure," said Brian Jones and Donna
Sanford who thought that might be right. "That can't be right; it's the one with the turkey
and cornucopia," said the four pilgrims, Robert Beynon, Sarah Cox, Brent Ledger and Emil're
Smith. Monte Stewart, Kerry Reiger and Peter Berlin crouched behind Muriel Draaisma and
waited for the exalted Great Pumpkinj. "I'm sure it's a populist proletarian holiday of workers'
rights," commented Glen Sanford and Chris Wong in unison. Arnold Hedstrom, Lisa Morry
and Neil Lucente put forward a position paper saying the holiday had something to do with
romantic love but everyone screamed "shaddaparreddywillya," and walked off to contemplate Id.
Huwoman trodden
Dear human persons of the either
of the human or huwoman genders
of the collective writing team of The
I, being a male woman of the
masculine persuasion who is heartily in agreement with all pro-non-
male unsexists such as your collective personages, would like to add
my approval to the persondate you
have espoused.
For too long, the huwoman race
has trodden itself beneath its own
feet by advocating pro-unwoman
sexists uncollectivism. It is heartening to this non-feperson breast to
see the ancient distinctions between
non-unmale and unmale hoperson
sapiens is crumbling.
A collective unhe huzzah from
me to Ubyssey. Keep up the good
collective non discriminatory triple
spaced uneditorial non-un-feperson
Randy Klarenbach
law 1
Skulking gears crude
Each time the engineers on campus do something obnoxious to
others, they explain it away with the
fact that it's 'tradition.' They then
proceed to boast about all the work
they do for charity, which they
seem to feel excuses their asinine
behaviour at other times.
I don't really care how old the
'tradition' is, nor do I care about
how much charity work they do,
neither of these is any excuse for being obnoxious to fellow students.
The incident that I am referring to
is the annual engineer 'skulk'
which occurred Sunday, Feb. 6 at 1
a.m. I am a resident of Gage
Towers and, as such, I was rudely
woken up at one in the morning
after having been asleep for two
Below my window was a group of
engineering students loudly singing
crude songs and swearing at
residents. I suppose they think that
angering students in the residences
is going to 'kick off Engineering
Week, and is going to encourage(?)
student support. I, for one, was extremely angered by the incident as
being in fifth year education, I am
in the middle of a four week prac-
ticum. This requires that I wake up
at 6:30 a.m. every day. Other people I know are in the middle of midterms right now and need a good
night's sleep as well.
If the engineers are the self-
sacrificing group they claim to be, I
feel that an apology to the students
in the residences, and an 'axing' of
this tradition would be in order.
I am witholding my name for fear
of retribution.
Name Witheld
EUS Hn bed9 with gay-lesbian week committee
As coordinator of gay-lesbian
week 1983,1 would like to thank the
engineers for their assistance in
publicizing the week's events.
Without their aid and support, we
could not have made our presence
on campus so widely known.
Despite the straightened financial
circumstances of the EUS itself, our
supporters among the engineers
managed to organize and pay for
the aerial drop along main mall.
I particularly wish to extend a
special thanks to the entire committee who volunteered to wrap the
corks, a task which must have taken
hours. The additional devotion of
space in the neusletter to advertise
the week was also unprecedented.
I hope that this venture will prove
to be only the beginning of a long
and fruitful association between
engineers and gays and lesbians of
I would also like to correct an impression currently circulating in
some quarters that these same fine
people were responsible for the
"Up the Butt Dance" advertisement. We find this improbable, to
say the very least.
It is inconceivable that those people who showed the courage, wit
and flair to advertise our cause in so
novel a manner as an aerial drop
would produce so tacky and puerile
an effort as those posters, which
could be dismissed soley on the
grounds of poor artwork. Once
again, the general public appears to
be all too ready to besmirch the
good name of the much maligned
engineers. Shame.
Brian Burke
unclassified 5 Friday, February 11, 1983
Page 13
Syberberg's Hitler captures
Germany's sleepless nights
A friend who grew up in the Nazi
era didn't like Syberberg's Hitler
because "things weren't like that."
Hitler, A Film From Germany
By Hans-Juergen Syberberg
Robson Square Cinema (Parts I, II:
Feb. 11; Parts III, IV: Feb. 12)
Also:    book   by   Hans-Juergen
Farrar, Straus, Giroux. $14.95
J calls
dummies/ toys', furniture,
heap of other things, all
"S^th emotion and meaning.
cast; playing maiiy^if-
iis jp Breifepan
The full title of the work is
Hitler, A Film From Germany.
Syberberg begins with a quiet voice-
over: "I think of Germany in the
night and then sleep leaves me,"
quoting from Heinrich Heine.
This is not a film do*ui
Nazi carnage, nor a gamv against/
tyranny, nor any exaigBSatkjnj^blT
historical  thought.   It~is^ m**.ver|^
precise   Freudian-psychoanalytic
terms, a complex of images, including guilt, fear, and shame at the
indelible attachment of Hitler to all
things German, and to the culture
of   Goethe,   Wagner,   Friedrichs,
Mann and Brecht.
Syberberg uses a vast array of objects to demystify the events of the
Nazi era, all on a single sound
stage. Hitler, A Film From Germany is a "pastiche" as Susan Son-
PANGO    PANGO    (UNS)    —
Hairy puce blorgs on this tiny
island community sang and danced
and rejoiced over valentines day.
Blorgs, always one to celebrate,
sent each other blorgentines at
$1.75 for three lines. Hundreds of
blorgs braved island government
bureaucracy to place announcements, to be read by all
island residents.
"Oh goody dum dit ditty
dumb," said one blorg. "This is
funny," said another.
The island newspaper, The Daily
Blah, recorded its most widely read
seen rising
Is, the
tinder the ban-
TJ*e aim is
iiation and
ys, to "exor-
itler, who is
And to ensure that the experience
is unforgettable, Syberberg first
places it in the form of a fairy tale
told to a sad, attentive child
(Syberberg's daughter). He gives
the tale giant, epic proportions — a
film with an imaginary cast of
millions and spectacularly over
seven hours long (in four parts, like
Wagner's Ring). It is meant to be
seen all at once in a day aad thus is
a singularly ayerwhelping experience, iff
Syberberg's Hitler is a fairy-tale
told to*a child, or alternatively, a
<Bream revealed (in the manner of
?Freud, Levi-Strauss) to a silent
* listener. The narrative is precisely
structured, yet because of its vast
allusions, some symbols are elusive.
Extraordinarily simple and sparing
in technique, Syberberg's Hitler is
source of great paradox.
"Who is the crooked one in here," asked Oscar. "Who knows." replied Ernest and Gertrude. "Why don't we ask Leonard and Jane and Wystyn?" "No, it looks like there is no
crooked person here. We're alt straight."
More Classes Starting Feb. 14
French method - French tutors
There is a day/night class to fit your schedule
The Centre for French Studies
327-0201 - 6161 Cambie Street
North Shore: Ask for our West Van Chapter
Warning: Health and Welfare Canada advises that danger to health increases with amount smoked
Average per cigarette: 9 mg "tar", 0.8 mg nicotine.
avoid inhaling. Page 14
Friday, February 11,1983
Lance  Harrison:   dixieland,   Feb.   12,   Hot
Phoenix Jazzers: dixieland,  Feb.  15,  Hot
Stuard Loseby: cool jazz, Feb. 16, Hot Jazz.
Tacoy Ryde: reggae, to Feb. 12, The Savoy.
Raskidus and Tha Roots Connection: reggae, Feb. 14-19, The Savoy.
Trama: rock, Feb. 14-19, Gators.
Nancy Wilton: jazz vocalist, to Feb. 12, Plaz-
Hands  On:   African  percussion  workshop,
Feb. 12, The Western Front, 308 East 8th,
Martin   Bartlett/Ruts   Hartenbergar:   an
evening of electronics, Feb. 13, Vancouver
East Cultural Centre, 254-9578.
New West Symphony: free winter concert,
Feb. 13, Vincent Massey Auditorium.
McCoy Tyner: former Coltrane sidekick, the
quintessential modal jazz artist, Feb. 14, Arts
Club Revue Theatre. VTC/CBO.
Iggy Pop: the Igg is back for two blistering
shows,  Feb.   16-17,  Commodore Ballroom.
Moav    Rhythm    Mission/Standard
Life/Blair Petria: co-op radio fund raiser,
Feb. 18, Commodore Ballroom, VTC/CBO.
Paul    Douglas/Vancouver   Baroque
Ensemble: Faculty recital, Feb. 13, 8 p.m.,
recital hall.
John Loban/Lee Kum Sing: violin/piano
recital, Feb. 16, noon, recital hall.
Hosanna: play about the struggle and
turning-points in a homosexual relationship.
City Stage, 751 Thurlow, 324-5227. Mon.-Sat.
8 p.m.
Garage Sale: directed by Larry Lillo of Bent
fame, Vancouver East Cultural Centre, 1885
Venables, 254-1555. Mon.-Sat. 8:30 p.m.
The   Boys   In   Tha   Band:   featuring   the
Genesis  players.  Waterfront Theatre,   1512
Anderson, 929-2476.  Feb. 8-12, and 15-19,
8:30 p.m. Sat. matinee 5:30 p.m.
The Woolgatherer: a play about a trucker
and a sales clerk. Presentation House Theatre,
333 Chesterfield, 986-1351. Tues.-Thurs. 8:30
p.m.; Fri.-Sat. 7 and 9:30 p.m.; Sun. 3 p.m.
Betrayal:   Harold   Pinter's   love   triangle
directed    by    Micki    Maunsetl.    Arts    Club
Seymour, 687-1644. Mon.-Fri. 8:30 p.m.; Sat.
6:30 and 9:30 p.m.; Thurs. 5:30 p.m.
Romantic Comedy: stars Jackson Davies.
Arts Club Granville Island, 687-1644.
The Tempest: Shakespeare's classic starring
Gordon Pinsent. Queen Elizabeth Playhouse,
684-5361. Opens Sat.
Rocky's back ... for one night only. The
Rocky Horror Show, a smash musical production based on Richard O'Brien's cult
favorite, played in town during the summer,
and returns with original cast for two performances only. Vancouver Musical Theatre
presents The Rocky Horror Show at the
Queen Elizabeth theatre on Feb. 18, at 8:30
and 11:30 p.m. Tickets are available through
all CBO/VTC outlets, including the one in
SUB. 687-4444 for reservations.
Pacific Cinematheque (800 Robson,
732-6119) Feb. 11: Hitlerr, A Film From Germany, Parts one and two, 7:30 p.m, Feb. 12:
Hitler, parts three and four, 7:30 p.m. Feb.
13: Children Of Paradise, 7:30 p.m. Feb. 16:
The Organizer. 8 p.m. Feb. 18: Point Blank,
7:30 and 9:30 p.m. Last two screenings at
1155 West Georgia.
Ridge Theatre (16th and Arbutus, 738-6311)
American Film Theatre Series. Feb. 11:
The Iceman Cometh, 7:30 p.m. Feb. 12:
Three Sisters. 8 p.m. Feb. 13: A Delicate
Balance, 8 p.m. Feb. 14-15: Kenneth
Auger: The Magick Lantern Cycle. 7:30
p.m.: Stan Brakhege: A Retrospective,
9:45 p.m. Feb. 16-17: Distant Thunder. 7:30
p.m.: Two Daughters, 9:30 p.m.
Vancouver East Cinema (7th and Commercial, 253-5455) Feb. 11-13: The World According To Garp, 7:30 p.m.: Girlfriends, 10
p.m. Feb. 14-15: Kramer vs. Kramer, 7:30
p.m.: Ordinary People. 9:30 p.m. Feb.
16-17: A Streetcar Named Desire, 7:30
p.m.: Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, 9:50 p.m.
Savoy Cinema (7th and Main, 872-2124)
Feb. 11-13: Seven Beauties. 7:30 p.m.:
Swept Away. 9:45 p.m. Feb. 14-15:
Sorcerer, 7:30 p.m.: Don't Look Now. 9:45
p.m. Feb. 16-17: The Howling, 7:30 p.m.:
The Thing, 9:20 p.m.
Information table, 11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m., SUB
Valentine dinner dance, 6:30 p.m., tickets from
Beat the February blues dance, with The Fins, 8
p.m. SUB partyroom. $4 at the door.
Chinese new year dinner and dance, 6:30-12:30
p.m., Kingsland.
Retreat on Clowning, at Camp Alexandra, meet
at 4:30 p.m., Lutheran Campus centre. Continues to Sunday.
Gym night, 7:30-10:30 p.m., Osborne gym A.
Workshop, 1:30-4:30 p.m., faculty of law moot
court room.
Broadcast of T-Bird Canada West game against
the defending Canadian champs Victoria Vikings
on 102 FM, 8:15 p.m., game at War Memorial
The geological development of South Africa,
Bushveldt and Witwatersrand: told in words and
film, 3:30 p.m., Geo. Sci. 330A. B. Skinner, Yale
Fabulous feast, soup lunch, noon, St. Mark's
Soiree de Patinage, Kitsilano community centre.
For more information come to the Thursday or
Friday rendez-vous.
Conversation hour, bring your lunch and practice
your  French,   noon,   International  house  main
Cruise missile display, all day, SUB foyer.
Speed chess championship, free to members, $2
non-members, noon-2:30 p.m., SUB 205.
Men's Canada West basketball game against
Victoria Vikings, 8:30 p.m.. War Memorial gym.
Preliminary games at 4:30 and 6:30 p.m.
Walt Disney's Dumbo, 3 p.m., SUB auditorium.
CSA Valentine dance, 8 p.m.-l a.m., Paradise
club, 1251 Howe St.
64th annual engineering ball, Thunderbird
Winter Sports centre. Public viewing of
engineering models 1-4 p.m.
Women's Canada West basketball game against
the Victoria Vikings, 8:30 p.m., War Memorial
gym. Preliminary games at 4:30 and 6:30 p.m.
Water Polo clinic for secondary school students,
3-6:30 p.m.. Aquatic centre. Continues Sunday.
Second annual famous lovers ball. 8 p.m.,
Dorothy Somerset studio (Frederic Wood
building). Prizes for best costume.
Game vs. South Slope YMCA, 10 a.m.. Aquatic
Winter Novice series slalom, 10 a.m., B-lot by
Ride, non-members welcome, 9 a.m., meet between SUB and aquatic centre.
The real ride to Trolls for Brunch (weather permitting), meet at 10:30 a.m., SUB north side.
English language evening, 7:30 p.m.. International house gate 4.
Annual photographic exhibition, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.,
SUB art gallery.
Planning meeting, bianvenue a tout le monde,
4:30 p.m., SUB i19.
General meeting, everyone welcome to open
discussion on the Baha'i faith, 1-2:30 p.m., SUB
Film, Four Families, noon, Asian centre
Tuesday's terrific taster: Soup lunch, noon, St.
Mark's lunchroom.
Edith Adamson, peace tax fund, noon. Computer Science 200.
General meeting, 11:30-noon, Lutheran Campus
centre conference room.
Recycling committee, noon, SUB 213.
Making money — investigating economics and
labour: the multinational and J. Doe, 7:30 p.m..
International House upper lounge. Part of
development education series exploring international development issues.
Eucharist with aquatic symbolism, George Hermanson presiding, 12 noon, (12 p.m.) Lutheran
Campus centre.
General meeting, t-shirt sales, noon. Bio. Sci.
General meeting for those interested in working
at, or attending, or have ideas for, the reform
seminar, noon, SUB 206.
William Young, chief forester B.C. ministry of
forests on Report Writing, everyone welcome,
noon. Computer Science 201.
Opposing War: The Peace Movement in the '60s
and '80s, noon, SUB 212. A talk by science for
peace president George Spiegelman.
Literature table, noon, SUB.
Film: South Africa — The White Laager, 8
p.m.. International House Gate 4.
Session: Hearth and Health care in Mozambique,
noon, IRC 4. Dr. George Puvey, CUSO physician
in Mozambique speaks.
Community dinner, followed by Ash Wednesday
service, 6 and 7:30 p.m. respectively, Lutheran
Campus ministry.
Meeting on learning how to skydive, noon, SUB
Bag-luck lunch and discussion groups,   noon,
SUB 211.
Weekly  gallery  gathering,   4:30  p.m.,   Gallery
Ski trip to Whistler, leaving Drake at 6 p.m. Continues to Friday.
Meeting to top all meetings, noon. Brock hall
No. 1 Album of the Week
WALL OF VOODOO - Call of the West
.Rocky's such a drag
General meeting, everyone welcome to open
discussion on the Baha'i faith, 1-2:30 p.m., SUB
Broadcasting Thunderbird basketball game vs.
Calgary Dinosaurs, 8:35 p.m., 102 FM.
Classes cancelled, holiday.
Friday Feb. 11 - UBC vs U. of Victoria
Thursday Feb. 17 - UBC vs. U. of Calgary
Classic LP
Friday Feb. 11
Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy
Brian Eno
13 February - I've Gotta New Car,
Troyce Key, JJ Malone, and the Rhythm
Rockers. REfB Veterans now based in
Oakland. This LP is a watershed of tight, rocking Ft&B and blues in a timeless, classic style.
On UK Red Lightin' (1976)
The Thunderbirds continue their
five game home stand with two
games against the University of Victoria Vikings at the War Memorial
Jim this weekend.
The Vikings are the defending national champions and have already
qualified for the play-offs by winning their first five games including
an 85-65 home win against the
The first game is at 8:30 tonight
and the second is at the same time
tomorrow. Admission is free for all
Water Polo
The UBC water polo club is
organizing a coaching clinic for
secondary school students at the
UBC aquatic centre. The event will
commence at 3 p.m. on Saturday
with films and will run until 6:30
and then again from 3 p.m. until
6:30 on Sunday. All youngsters are
RATES:  AMS Card Holders — 3 lines, 1 day $2.50; additional lines.
Commercial — 3 lines, 1 day $4.20; additional lines, 63c.
Additional days, $3.80 and 58c.
Classified ads are not accepted by telephone and are payable in advance.
Deadline is 10:30 a.m. the day before publication.
Publications Office, Room 266, S.U.B., UBC, Van., B.C. V6T2A5.
5 — Coming Events
20 — Housing
70 — Services
The Vancouver Institute
Free Public Lecture
President Peter Meincke
University of
Prince Edward Island,
Lecture Hall 2, Woodward
Saturday, Feb. 12
at 8:15 p.m.
UNFURNISHED, single room available
now in community house for mature male.
Vegetarian, non-smoker, reliable. Rent $260
plus utilities. Janet 266-6376. '
25 — Instruction
LEARN TO SAIL: Beginners Course or
Basic Coastal cruising. 30 ft. cruiser/racer.
Hands on experience. Registering NOW
Feb. Mar. Apr., classes. Don't be left on
the beach. C.Y.A. Certificate 734-1675 after
7. Sailcraft Ltd.
SEAMSTRESS NEEDS motivation. Please
call and help. Jan, 980-6351.
MODE COLLEGE of Bartering and Hairstyl-
ing. Students $6.50 with I.D. Body wave,
$17 and up. 601 W. Broadway, 874-0833.
SELF HYPNOSIS TAPES. Many titles and
made to order by a clinical hypnotherapist.
For free brochure, contact Entrance Communications Ltd., Dept. B Box 94567, Richmond, B.C. 273-7048.
30 — Jobs
Improve Your Study
Habits Through
FEE: $40 for any 4 of 5
Tuesdays, 6:10-7:30 p.m.
Feb. 8, 15, 22
Blue Room, Arts 1 Bids.
U.B.C. Campus
JOBS: Keg Ceasars is offering part-time
employment for outgoing, aggressive,
energetic young people who are looking for
experience in the service area. (Waiters,
Hosts, Cocktailing and Busing). No experience necessary. Benefits include use of
Health Club. Applications taken on Tues.,
Feb. 15th from 2 to 4 p.m. 595 Hornby St.
80 — Tutoring
35 - Lost
LOST: Reward for ladies gold watch lost Jan.
20 near Soc/Anth bldg. Has great sentimental value: Call Bertha 321-0589.
TUTORS WANTED: Economics 100,
Chemistry 103. $14 per hour. Contact:
Sheila 228-4685.
SPANISH TUTOR: Graduate of The Univ. of
Viscosna—Brazil. $10 per hour. Ph.
224-9866. Ask for Martin.
FIND A TUTOR. Be a tutor. Register at
Speakeasy Tutorial Centre. S.U.B. Concourse. 228-3777.
40 — Messages
85 — Typing
SPEAKEASY: Information Service 228-3777
Crisis Line 228-3700.
Wednesday, February 16, 1983
12:30 p.m.
I.R.C. Building #4 Lecture Hall
(Health Sciences Mall)
Dr. Puvey is a UBC Faculty member
of  Health  care and  Epidemiology
working at present as a CUSO physician in Mozambique.
Free Admission
Attention Med Students
2nd year student discussion
at Denny's — Victoria
28/01/83. Call Pat collect
389-0755. Extremely urgent!
50 — Rentals
66 — Scandals
showing in SUB this week. Showtir^eVa"r;°
Thurs. & Sun. at /:uu anu rT^ZT? are
7:00 & 9:45.
11 — For Sale — Private
plete sot, excellent condition. $460. Call
Margaret, 926-5295.
15 — Found
& mystery guest
SAT.. FEB. 12
Hellenic Hall, 4600 Arbutus
Tickets $5 — Charles Bogle Records
4430 W. 10th AVE.
EXPERT TYPING essays, term
papers, factums, letters, manuscripts,
resumes, theses. IBM Selectric II.
Reasonable rates. Rose, 731-9857.
U-WRITE WE TYPE 736-1208.
Word Processing Specialists for Theses,
Term Papers, Resumes, Reports, Correspondence, Days, Evenings, Weekends.
TYPING. Experienced $1.10/pg. for term
papers, theses, etc. Call Gordon 876-8032
after 10 a.m. Visa/MC accepted.
YEAR-ROUND expert typing essays, theses,
etc. Phone 738-6829 ten a.m. to nine p.m.
papers, etc. — reasonable rates. Please inquire 732-3647.
TYPEWRITING: Minimal notice required.
UBC location. 24 hour phone in 224-6518.
GRAPHER. Special student rates. 5670
Yew (Kerrisdale). Phone 26f>6814.
French. 2284)960.
NEW TO AREA. Adina Typing Service.
Student discounts. 4326 West 10th. Phone
PETER'S TYPING. 731-9752. Friday, February 11,1983
Page 15
Police nab four after bike heists
Police captured four suspected
bicycle thieves on the UBC campus
last week.
"On Feb. 3 Traffic and Security
pursued and arrested two non-
student males," RCMP constable
Mike Ryan said Thursday. Both
were charged with theft over $200
and possession of stolen property.
"They both face a 10 year maximum penalty, but you'll never see
them get that in a million years,"
Ryan said.
"They led us to a Burnaby fence,
but neither suspect will testify
against him due to his violent
past," Ryan said.
On Feb. 7 two other non-students
were caught tampering with a bicycle, and one was apprehended by
four students. "Subsequently, on
the morning of the eighth the other
individual was arrested at home,"
Ryan said. Both were charged with
theft and possession of stolen property.
Jim Rowed, a student who helped
apprehend the first two suspects
says the number of campus bicycle
robberies raises serious questions
about campus security.
"In one day, six bikes were stolen
outside the law building three or
four weeks ago," Rowed said.
"And there was a rash of thefts
before Christmas."
Ryan said the estimated value of
Students shout at
South African
McGill univerisity students shouted
down a South African Foundation,
speaker who favors continued investment in the racially segregated
country recently.
"Divestment is usually regarded
by well-meaning but ill-informed
people as bringing economic
pressure on the South African
government," John Chettle told 50
But Chettle said divestment is ineffective because only one per cent
of all South African investment
comes from the U.S. and Canada's
share is even smaller. The McGill
South Africa Committee estimates
total U.S. investment is closer to 25
per cent.
During the speech students heckled and jeered the representative of
SAF which is an organization of
business people and former government officials pushing for gradual
reform of South Africa's apartheid
social structure.
"All you are saying, is give apartheid a chance," students chanted.
A unsettled Chettle replied, "No.
That is precisely what I'm not saying."
After the incident, Chettle said
he could have spent his time more
productively elsewhere.
Even before Chettle arrived at
McGill controversy flared. Some
students called the student society's
invitation for Chettle to speak
The McGill student society supports a divestment policy.
At an emergency council meeting
Chettle opponents argued the society's policy to have nothing to do
with anyone supporting apartheid
was clear.
But other councillors said Chettle's visit would promote awareness
and encourage dialogue.
After the speech South Africa
committee member Elise Moser said
Chettle's approach was dishonest.
"He assumed his audience was
made up of ignorant or stupid people. He never really answered any
questions," she said.
Island gears
The B.C. government announced
Wednesday it will provide
preliminary planning funds for a
$15 million science and engineering
facility at the University of Victoria.
UVic will have a five year
engineering program which will initially concentrate on various branches of computer engineering.
Originally scheduled to open this
September, the faculty will probably open in September 1984.
Engineering will soon be offered
at all three B.C. universities. SFU
recently added first and second year
engineering courses for September,
following a provincial government
promise of $500,000.
Mutual disarmament
mission improbable
A nuclear freeze tomorrow would
cause "enormous economic disruption," an Educators for Nuclear
Disarmament member said Thursday.
"The military-industrial complex
is so deeply imbedded in the U.S.
and the U.S.S.R. that the long-term
goal of complete disarmament will
be difficult to achieve," Dr. Alan
Brain told 25 people in Computer
Science 200.
The only major difference between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. is
that in the U.S. "the impetus for
technological change is from within
corporations," said Brian, whereas
in the U.S.S.R. the impetus comes
from trying to keep up with the
Brain's speech, Disarmament and
Socialism, centred on a socio
economic analysis of nuclear
weapons. "The development of
modern weaponry is connected with
the international State system,
which is in turn linked to the history
of capitalism," he said.
There has been an increasingly
close alliance between corporations
and the State since World War I,
said Brain. In the U.S. "no big
defence corporation goes
bankrupt", and a strong arms lobby exists, he said.
Brain urged people to fight further interlocking of the state with
the military.
Brain called for a "complete
restructuring of society" and a
"grassroots, internationally
organized system of socialism",
which would not allow the incredible waste and stupidity of nuclear
weapons and delivery systems.
stolen bikes in 1982 is at least
Ryan applauded the four
students who apprehended the
thief. "A citizen can arrest any person they find committing an indictable offence," Ryan said.
Ryan said a guarded compound
would be the ideal measure, to prevent bicycle crime but acknowledged the plan's impracticality.
"You can't beat a Kyrptonite
lock," he said. "But it's only as
good as what it's attached to.
We've had cases where people cut
down a tree a bike was locked to
and stole the bike."
Students should organize against
bike thieves Rowed said.
Ryan said thieves generally steal
Bianchis, Norcos, Nishkis and top
of the line Apollos.
-chrit wong photo
SCAM REVEALED in depths of UBC wax museum as Bullwinkle the moose comes out of closet as Bullwinkle
the cariboo. Startling revelation surfaced when students for moose and mutual alarmament announced their
conspiracy. Museum curator I. Care Aboo unveiled the pseudo moose memorial and mounted it overtop the
preppy but politically correct display. Museum patrons signed petition to create Rocky the squirrel display who is
really a chipmunk.
Unemployment predicted
There are few jobs behind the
green door this year.
So found out about 250 students
Thursday at the annual commerce
undergraduate society sponsored
Green Door gathering.
During the event, designed to inform students about various
commerce-related fields, industry
representatives continually emphasized the current lack of positions, but all promised a better
"This recession had caught us
off-guard," said chartered accountant representative Heather Shannon. Her firm of Clarkson Gordon
will hire only four students this
year, instead of the normal 15 to 20.
And the shortage of students will
now spell trouble for the accounting
profession five years from now,
when there is a shortage of
managers, she said. Private industry
will also raid the few students the
accounting firms have been able to
hire and train, she said.
Shannon says the accounting profession is handling the recession
probably better than either
engineering or law.
She called the recent lay-offs of
CA students "unfortunate," since
the CA program requires employment to complete the designation's
requirements. And that requirement "may change" due to the current economic conditions, she said.
"J feel sorry for them."
Canada's three accounting
societies are being "more flexible"
in such requirements, according to
Art   Guthries   of   the   Certified
Edible journalism
The currant is a raisin-like fruit
which grows on shrubs and often
ends up in fruit cakes.
Currant is also the name of
B.C.'s newest newspaper. It's the
Unlisting reaction
The Alma Mater Society took directory) action Thursday.
With the prospect of losing more than $3,000 if 1982-83 telephone
directory sales do not improve, the AMS decided to take it directly to
the people.
Previously, the phone numbers of students were sold at the information booth and the bookstore. But with its action Thursday, student council members decided to direct their energies to sales.
The "AMS anticipates running out qf 1982-83 directories by 1984.
official student-run newspaper
Selkirk College in Castlegar.
Why call a paper after the berry?
The name comes from the paper's
goal: "Inject a currant of controversy into the tasteless dough of
Currant replaces the former
Kootenay Reporter student edition.
In a sad Sunday afternoon
meeting, the Kootenay Journalism
Society ceased publication which
prompted the formation of the new
student paper. The Kootenay
Reporter was Canada's unique
community/student paper which
provided a conscience for social
issues in the region.
General Accountants. "We don't
kick them out anymore if they get
laid off."
Rick Lightheart of the society of
management accountants said the
accounting and computer science
fields were probably the best fields
of employment prospects.
But while the accounting
seminars were well attended, the
computer science commerce option
had a very poor turnout.
B.C. Tel spokesperson Jorgen
Jensen said his company had implemented a hiring freeze. "But
wait for next year," he told the five
people listening to the computer
science option seminar.
"At the moment, prospects are
fairly lousy. In the long run, computers will be very much a growth
Jensen says it is unlikely B.C. Tel
will hire any students this summer.
Other large firms, such as I.C.B.C.
and B.C. Hydro are also not hiring
this summer, he said.
Monica Meyer, commerce 3,
turned pale when asked about her
summer job prospects in the current
depressed economy. "Final
employment upon graduation is
probably allright," she said.
"It's not who you are, it's who
you know," said Paul Sweeney,
(commerce 1.  "I am not worried
about when I graduate."
MacMillan Bloedell spokesperson Bob Matthews summed up the
current employment situation
which sees several thousand MB
employees on lay-off. "I am glad I
wasn't graduating at this time."
Many students said the current
recession would affect their future
job prospects since most employers
want practical experience. Page 16
Friday, February 11,1983
Our Selection
Your Total Entertainment Centre
CAR CENTRE, 2696 E. HASTINGS ST. 254-1601


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