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The Ubyssey Feb 17, 1953

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<    ^,:--T
PRICE 5c; No. 4fl
On Monaay .afternoon, Feb.
16, CanadVs 1,000,000tti donor
in the person of Mr. Bill Herbert
of the CBC give blood in the
Armouries. This was only fitting
In that Mr. Herbert was Canada's first donor. The occasion
was covered by CBC radio-television and by ell of Vancouver's
radio stations,
Donor's No.'s 999,959 and 1,000-
000 were reflectively Miss Dier-
dry Dewar. Arts and Harry
Thomas Law who were at the
time trying to <ollow the example
set by the ever present Engineers and to up the miserable
showing of their respective faculties.
Burnaby Love Nest Exposed
Give Talks
Hecklers predominated at the
open meeting where only one
per cent of the student, body
turned up to .listen to candidates for the positions of sophomore and vice-president deliver
their platforms.
One Of the hU candidates for the
position  of .sophomore-  reprosentti- i
tlve,   Jolin   ■HoHHons   spoke   of   the
nood for a permanent International
lfOUU(\ (
Cundld-.itoh  ItU-liunl  Drayton  mill
Hob   Utiles   both   culled   for   more
responsibility for soph member nnd ,
promised  more work for frosh. i     Km-ludinn    the    Coronation.'   the
Cwol Clregory. only female (-audi- top social even! of the year, The
date, clolniod that a woman "would KiiKineer's Red Kyc >',all. will be
lip   more   nympntltctie   to   tieweotii-   .sta.u'i-d    Wednesday   and   Thursday
Engineers Discover
Councillors Debauch
Silvestrini, Banfield, Willis,
Pringle Found In Auto Court
Engineers, indignant over the moral degeneracy of student
council members, yesterday cracked down on a quartet of loose
living administrators. Virtuous engineers were appalled to
find AMS councillors engaged in extra-extra curricular activities at a Burnaby Auto Court. *
The    four   surprised    AMS    mem-
J hers    were    .lane    IJiinfield,    "vice"1
president of A.MS: (leol'lrey I'riiifde !
•I'byssey  photo  by doe Quail.
ENGINEERS LINE UP NOTORIOUS BOOTLEGGER: Fast working vigilantes engineered an appropriate final payoff to the local representative of the B.C. Independent Liquor
Distributors Un'eorkcrated. Caught supplying lubrication to lecherous AMS councillors,
who were found consorting in a suburban "amour-court", he w-as soon shown the error
of his ways.
Engineers Stage Annual Ball;
Event To Be Best Ever Held
Senate ha.-> 'rescinded its freshman ineligibility ruling and approved the right of the students
to   manage  their  own  affairs.
The Senate has approved the
recommendations of the Men's
Athletic Committee, which are essentially similar to the Senate's
original ruling.
This ruling will be included in
1 'the constitution of the Men's Athletic Directorate which can be
amended by the students with
the approval of the faculty council.
' ' ,F
I      Not content with Kivins; a  who;
<ome pint,  most  engineers are Kiv-j   beamed;    then    he    straightened j '•<>« HIkIi Life dnrlnn publication of
riiiK a  (iiiart or more to the urgent1   his  face   and   frowned  "No  com- KiiKineers*  Ubyssey.
(imse. |)ouk Alcl-eod, li,sty  Ith year j   merit.''                         % RaKhhlr   Musi,   for   u   lucent   Joy
Mechanical,   was   sop   kumIiIiiu   his!        .. .                              •           ride   to   Ottawa   at   AMS   oxpens-
fhird    .inartful    und    demanding    ■, \ UNBRIDLED   DEBAUCHERY Vi.u«lian    Lyon    -    We    h«te    l.h
Other suspects pin. ed on tllfl
Kii^lneei-s' p.-rite |i,t. ln--|ude: Gerry   Duclos,   who   has   recently   boon
leading ii chainpuRne life on a bow
head   of   (■■impiis    Discip ine   Coin-;.
1 ' Income,
initlec;   Ann   Willis    sometimes   re-!      ,».,,, ,        ,
Joe   Nold.   who   (ins   hctiril   pro-
I'erred  to as the  political  playtliiiri
of  the  campus;   and   Denny  Silvestrini,   Coordinator   of   "Activities.'
testing  the  democratic  election  of
top   notch   KiiKlneei-a  to  tile  chief
posts   in   the  Graduate  Class.
Late   last  night,  the  two  male   '     Al    FotlieiinKhniii,    (or    reasons
members   of   the    quartet   were   ; too numerous to list.
asked  by  a   Ubyssey  reporter to Guy    Rose,   lor   the   Apiculture
comment   on   the   episode. ; Cndernruduate     Society's     recent
"Not    bnjl,"    said     Silvestrini,   , ciistliuttlon  of  Hnuineers  for  their
"but   I   got   bored   and   went   to   | slovenly  dress.
sleep." i     .'oa  Sclilt-sin^er.  who Is  suspoct-
"It   was  a   good   party   Pringle   | ed of drinkiiiK-quantities of Prince
llijlllts at  the Commodore Ca'oaret.
I.nyinn    down    well    oiled    slide j on    th"    Varsity    calendar.     This..
All  Engineers Desire
Slipstick For Memories-
Under  the  direction  of  editor  John   Stovnian   and   an  en-   c ni-ru
thusiastic   stall',   tin
ni-ann.i; co!ii|)K-li(ni.   The  \ carbnok.  edited   and   produced  ccn-
(Jerry Hodnc promised to work
"to rlddlo the IiIk tin loon of s'tu-
<l©nt apathy" while Peter Jeffer-
wh'Vtsfiised to make any "Utopian
promises" hut said he would maintain "the same excellent standards
set hy past members.''
Candidate for vice-president. Kd
Jakeman. remarked that lie would
Ptrlvo for an energetic council and
would work with new prow han
reltliiini to ihe utiiios! ,,r hi,- ahi! pli-N-l.. 1).V .stiulci-.l ol Applied Sen-in-i e»vei
Hie*, act l v' 11 le:,   wini'li   are  ol   in! "iv-!
Pa'    Thomas    spoke    Tor    cutting All    true    Kiilm ne ir      « n',    «     ■•
student    costs    at     CMC,    loweriiij;    oupx    o|    the    new    si,p.ink      The.
coat  of student   textbooks,   improv    annual   has   sound hiiiR   ol'   interest
111? ^aillpus conditions and develop     for   everv    env,i' I.    re'-nrdloss    ol
lllg "a  sense of unity". 'features;   individual   photo, m   ilih I
,, "I would he willing to have an feature, individual photo tried
exehaliyc with any other country and '.'oiirlh year student, with a
but Soviet Russia," asserted Dick luriHT and heller rev to,me of cluh
Ij'oderhlll who was also against and chess activities Cartoons and
I6wer luis fares pointing out that piiotom.aphs /it all Me iiall models
students were privileged "to have will be-included in ihis wars issue
thn Cod-.tiv I'll ability to' colue lo II will, lie ihe best Slip,lick, pro
, (IIC and  study." ducerl   hv   ihe   KiiKineoriiu   Cutler
loui'lh   to  till.
tales, versatile etiKiiieers will easily    plus  the  fad   that  it   is  held ot!  two Korestrv,     with     an     envious     .'.'.
slip   into'   the   soi ial   whirl   of   the   ninhis at  extremely  reasonable ad-   percent of their (|iiota. arc report-l
Kti.u'ineers'   Iiall     This   social   Katie ' mission   prices   makes   it   an   event   very  concerned about  their narrow !
,. ..•Idk   has   h '(insislently   rated i l lint should no!   be missed. iead.    which    KliKineers    will   llavi.
lo ■ im parti,-. I authorities as the best, i overtaken   by    11    a.m.   Wednesday,
lu   place of an amateur \<lK show   (^
Approximate   percentages   at  press
Scenes ol unbridled debauchery
which. judjJnK from scattered evidence ami Ihe condition of tli3
cabin, had been in continuous pro-
prss for at least a week ureetel
the shocked KiiKineers. It appeared
that no iniat;inali!e form of vice
hail   been  overlooked   in   the abami-
l-'o'-estrv    !•'.    'lercent,   01U'(I    lu"'sltH    <>f    iliicet    pleasure
.'iii-siiij;   t'.u   percent.   Kin-iueers
- ., i I.iiiuor   and   heroin   were   coul'iscat
percent.   Social   Work   ."il   percent,
ed   lor  evidence,   I-Tuiuie   bribes   ,)l
CLU Presents
Award - Noon
Intermurals •
\( hicli   mo,!   L-roups   use   as   an   in-
ducemen,   ,„   sell   ticket*,   the   en- ^...^    ^(.liu   „ o,.R   .,,   pei,.eil  .  I,, l!.-.!. the Civil Liberties Union
7 S  :".'   '"'"r1""    '7,1'  h,,,C<  T AK-'iculti,W.   IN   percent,   llo,„e   K, j'" ««'s wer^   turned down  hy the w^-**™***-***^'
u ai-    and    iii.ijeiiioiis    table    models -,,   ,...,.,..,,,.     \u   vn.    .,,),..,■  ft-.,.,,111..^ i 'dean   living    -.imineers. ,       ,    '     ,,
..."   puieiil.   As  jet, othei   MLiilthih       ,,     . ,     the   late  Carnett  (I.   Hedgewick,   n
and displays.   I hi v t'epreseul   work- ,_.lV(.   |)(,(,n   >|(,w   ,„   ,.,.„,„„„„„„  (l|„,      '-'   " '
inn   replicas   of   many   enuineering ,.|l()w    ,..)rr.'spi.iidlni:ly    small    per
rejects   ill   the   world,    others   are
Mltl'i\ed     hv      liie     subtle
iiUitieers'    yearliook    "The    Slipstick',   is   niiiul-   of   fan levin-   engineers.
\ Uloii-.'    : \],     I'.: '.   ir  Ii'    I'    III -    ifi   tiie
i entases.
I   l!('   s 111 > 11111   have   mi   houlile   bet
teriiu    Aeadia    I  nivei'siUcs   i'epor;
all   events   and
Ki- ■ i >
■ v e     a II
i ■! I' ' 11. i e
I'.iiKineers partially vented tlieii
rase and indi.miation by lynchtn.v
a captured boctlen.uer who Ulilkei
AMS funds by prejini: on the de
gem-ruvy   of    v, eak    willed    couucil
'   pei i eut   oi'  ■• I iideni   eni't.lmeu: i ;(" a-
.,,. ,,, l:i,, ,,,;,,., ..„„!, irs k,,„i,.COHERENT STATEMENTS
*.\ l r h     I hi'     Ian.' lie ■■: -      plieiioiu
i .     IC.I     a      ,'uei'- III'.:     ii
I- ir.-.!   a nil    ..-I ond   v ea r   t-m-j le-'-r •
,        " i i. i; e i   a '. i ■  . -  s i., 111 i i i ■ i i
,\ ill    |' 11111    tins    .slip   I ick    an    III va hi
aloe      aid       i-i      il'/ii'iiiiliiim      then     TICKETS   Lt.FT
hi,Huh    ot    ,'i:i::i iii:",       I'role-sor, Tiel.c'-;   v. ,■;;•   on   -   i
i-i    ',n h    o:    Ihe    departments    have    ,,;;,|   |,v   ah    iiuloalioi
'ood-    I,
lo   ni,t i
ilia io' i
into, in:;.
: e -.'i: I    u :.o    u ei e
io "lit       - I-i I olio-nt -       Wei
liav   in'.ai   tried   :   ,    IM"'- ">:;.i,e.|    b.v    an    ah I     I'hi;; i ii.t
i   more   banian   a."i  : !""   '' ''rl
^ '   ' '  '   hide  iii  i hosi   lhal   hare been iclili-i-        I'l'ii'"
^'•'  • osi       ...   , ,    ..;,,.   ,,.....   ,., i   ,  'Students'    Council    members    livei
like    lai
office  in   my  fir-it   veai
,. lit I no pa II wilh their blood has
been col fee, ooi<cs. (loil!.rb I1UI s illld
■llout   in
Ann; her < ..jtiiI has been liirnei!
i, biiieied- art i-h - s-! > i \ designed ,.\ulenl. llovMoer. ihei'e area few ;|1 lo danrl" i,; front of their rc-
i iiilleiee theii decisions Third ' tickets Ic't.atid ii'you rush over to e'lct.anl nose,, .lack Ky!i-| CKWX
ml   fiiur'h   jear  eie.:i r.s  will  find    Kimini-erin •';     ''in;,     the     hovs     will   llisr jockey  has  been  milted by the
and a.
KiiK'Inoers   e,   come   lo   the   campus
Liberal who was always abreaHt of
contemporary tlioiiKht and did much
to influence students to be Interested iu iii-- traditional freedoms
and iu the cause of civil liberties.
This award has been K'lven In
- ncees,i\ ,■ yea I':- to the p-'i'son ' ;
llritisa Colnuihia who ha., co-i
i rilnitod mo e io i-h il liiiertie> durum    the    I'i'lll'.
Tin-     previous     rei ipienls     have
11    I    iiad    k in'iw u    t ha.     I ,      ..... , ,   ,
been    .lack    Sco't.    Sun    columnist,
mil':   Ilex.   A.   K.  Cooke.   l!»."ii);   and
1    W""UI    ,,:,w'    ru"    ll"    Hunter   Lewis   iu   lhal.
This   j,'ai's  r"cipleul   will   be   I)r.
W.   (I,    Clack,   Immigration   offleer
and   lecturer   wiio   for   many   x-eai's
Ul"     '      "■    ,'v''1'   has   been  connected   with  the  Clvl,
peak   to   me  ;it;,-! | .• "'
The bleary even councillor-
• lane    C niliehl .     "It
Ann     Willi-
o'ihln't    h
||,    „ ;;j | nisheil   bat k   lo   their  posts  at   !
Il'iil    ,'o    aileinl    a
Mather's Nightcap
*(No ri-liilioii to Alma Malei )
Well, no (luubt you youiv.; men v,a\ hardiy wait lo ;;el muvk-
ntlvice  from an .old  l'ellou   with  one  loot   m   l!ne  ;;n«ive.   So
without, further adieu, here is sonic advice lor you:
lloj's, do not put off makiur.
motiej. Do not ilelaj. I >o il now
Too  many  of  us   wail   until   late   ii.
life  to  ui'ike  money.  At   thai   time I   pa    a d   it   a;
it   Is   ioo   late   lo   eii.jo.-.    il Alio h-    I.  .■■
,N'0      make    X'onr    llionex     eai'l.V e '    lie   ii    'm   lie
Allol her        'ill,       make    il     I'asI |   , n,|P|    ,,,,,     ,,
All    additional     tliinr      .Make     ii ,
I    I i.i leal    i      i
reirula rlj
There         is         li'i        ('.noil         lll.lkili
■' IPtl.li'.'U   one   \ iai     ml   si ,"    I h
nut    in    future    veais    the   Slipstieu ;   _v ■ • 11   -villi   toothv    ,mi
'.ill   In mi:-   hick   iioiiiorie,   and   will warm   frieudlv    handclasp ln  siippoit   ' Ii i •   hlooi!   dnv
appiy   n   p'ruuueiit   iccie'd   of   lln'ir W- d u isil a \     ,'Veiiiii:.',    will    he    for '"'   ''•': ••   loea.x   a!   :   pill    and   vvill   i|.
oisleroii-    I'nixer-itj    years ..,,.   p,.-:;,   and   first    wa ■   .ias-us: :il"    Pon-ram.    \iuln     l-'li^hl.    while '■ ('"'""'il   me, tin
The  Slipsl i.-k   mast   bea   financial while   tic    second   and    I ml    vents "ivin:-    blooil.    It    will    be   bnidia-
aiecess   this   wear      If   it   doe,,   not will    Icve    Thui'sd.i.x     .veiiiim    set i'1""1     '-"■*'     to     l.nn     Weiluesila ■   , " '     ' '"■-''     ''leanu, "tfee        Dr.    I la wl horiie,   honoeiry   chair
inish   in   ihe   black,   ihe   AMS   xx ill ■ ,,.,(,!,. for t loon ui" hi  on c K S\ X, campus       ,,| in iue-t ra I ion      will      b. ! ruiiri   o|   the   CI,I1' will   present   tli«
"''I"'   : •  i'-i   anv   tutui'e  .inn m*i I -,  tu- I'alions     tor     ihe     Hill     iuelude' (MI ;|i    lo-n'iecteil    aie    ihos"    win   .   ' I""1- -award   lodav   at   I u  ill  Arts   100.
■ "nl'i.'i'ii Support      your      under lie.in   and    Mr-     l|    'I     Mi land     \ty, vvho   find    ihil    !hev    are   unable    lie;
adii.i'i      .'iia'U   4l|,d    pa',     vo-ii     iu ,  ml    \l'-,   X      \     \l      \ I a < Is i ■ 11/. I e,   I'ro lamaie     bei,iu-e    ol     -anile     uleilii   i
•ahaii'ii'   io.   -   a    Sh|i   'ai    now    The ic-oir   and    \|r-     \V.    \     Wohe.   I'ro I'-a-.o-i     A it leur..-Ii       tin-    liuuiber    o
■ue   !•   ■•'I   i"'    .and   sine   it    i-   pro 'e-.,or   .tini    .Mr     I-'.    Muir.   Chancel- c'   h1'1'     in     'hi--     catev.orv     is     in
I   I'     a!     i ■ : I t l ' • ■ I -.     h;     K11 l; I ! 11 ' i ' l lili'le all'     Sir   Ol       i'l      i.ioi        \|:, \1       Uaat hirr.e       liiel-        -pililed        ;,.po|,  -e       i
I.o   i|   le    Moll    Ml,a    !'    I,    woiih    i! '"'M    1'ioti"   .,,,1    allll    VI'   .      \      !'■   1'iih's i  '    'l.lllllv      ii |i|il ecia led
Liberties  I'niiiti. \'iincoiiver branch.
"•■re    \t   present   he   is   the  chairman of
lM,ck    the    civil    liberties    section    of    tiie
it.'I    Students-   rui-e.l   Xaiions,   \'ancouier.  and   [t
on   the  executive of  the Civ il   I'tiltv
'•"I'lhe -   revel-,,ion-   ar.-   expected    Collin il.
!C-        thorough       elealiu
(Ii i hi n il    I 'lo'o
would    ha '.   "   ill
Dance Club to Hold Complete Week
Of Ballroom, Waltz, Rhumba Sessions
nil in
lll.ll    II:
Government Refuses To Act On
Massey Report Recommendation
DANCE     CLUB     i       holding    ba n
1 > > i 1111       wall.-,     al.il     . ail 111 h  i     session'.
iii   'he-   w.-ei;   in   hi,    |    Chili   mini
"';        a l e    ill"- ei|    -,,   oli!,i |p    I ickel -i    ia
' lie     A .\l S       n i ii e     in      I rom     e\eci
'iv e<    Im     I he    I en, i-    i •',,!,    on'inat.
Im ii lav
il     al!
\o,    I
be   rerjihu
■Y- -Y- -Y
\    ;.■ I    r eiiera I    i ule
■I II lie   II V    I lie   tlllle   \ i i||   . I
Vou     a 111    no!     ru    far
ill      .1 II   al
■lion    civ   ai    lb
A'i ill I v •■   a!   o
-      NTCI   •'      -ec
a ,   hi i -■   ami
lie -I ell     >-;t 111
i ii to : en     i,
.'   -;ii I      ill   I
i 111
'      pie
, in  '      i
ill'.     I!
v a
,| on   make   ,|
l.ooklie-   1
\\ In ii   I
10^    a    |'i ii I n n
I    I'eali.e    ,,,
belle      oil'   lo
In      i'.'    I il,    i
So   I   i it nt!
a    w oi k      1 il -I
I i-iil e;.ri. all'
' In- h.    ■:   ' a
mi ■   and   T i
' ', i i i i    i '
I   I'. il
i ) v ' .\   i ' i : i i < , i ■ a
i ." ' "       ;i"h   M  ii i,
I '.,:    I     ' ■ \ p l a  ■ li     11 I M
e 111 11 I' l.v 111 i ' 11 '        j 11' 0 I I 11 111  e
ahull    leal    ill    le  a !     I 11 I II .
Il l • ■ l        V | , • 111 111   ,  -.    ui     .' \ i
I 'i id i \     'villi    thud    i i' 111
"I    Ii H'   ir ,   1   o  ui.   II I     lie
'.  "fr:, in el, I       i i  io i     -a:
VARSITY REVUE inlors. ,(„•„
ei' ■ a ol tin io ..|-, a re a - lied I" ex.
iii'Oii.. the I'laviis Club notice at
the a u-tli end oi the Art -i Ihnldiie:
I > \ I I. V for 'i it iii" - of rein arsa Is
■ i Inl po - il le I'l'lii,! I'sa | i'h,> luo'S, .
•Y- .'('• -Y'
OH.  Ft,  H. CLARK    t ill  h  id a  dl
'ii iai oi. m ;i|| ii a pal ! a '•. I I ion ill
ihe S | i-i I ni "i Ci ii a - , ii i -. -1 i 11 ja to lie
IH'1'1      ' our in i w       a ' !"      ill      the
!!■ .i. k   I 'ho.   loMi.a
In iI Ii ■,     w 1,      ',  '',;
HOT II fJUMi if.)      w ,:.  L K.
i"   k       » ih     Ol.   lade     I I,'lei     a ai
id   i;
h:  ' .    111a11,     i   I ii, I 111,,
I'        II    '1      a I '",    I V e,|   .
I II iii  ■      a i    'he    ! i an
Ole '1,1 I W
i ill - a
<!      in       :
A I  i   I I A   i i\' I
;    ■ . - :o e   loin
1 : '-ru i   no el in :
'■ llll'l'l'elll   e     I I,
Hah   ai    i:: :: >
"i   le.  v        I    k I'll I II
111      III.   el      V\   e   .
■_'n'     Ii   is   im
•■lllie, I' ll'U    I
i ■: < m
NO   " i
Ml    at
i  i     : N A T I O r | A I        MOWSfc iPage
Tin;  rnvssfiv
T'n .M-l.iv   Fclii-ii.'u y 17   10rir
MCMitn; i  \'. \im \ \ t '. i\ I'd: m id   r'tf
An.bei C'd   a .   ' ml   das-,   mail,   I'.,   i   niln •■   Hep.o ' w   < -Mawa
.sludenl    ollb .t llpl lolla    s 1   Ml    pi   I     > '  ai     i lie  ..ah  ■!    Ol      ill.      !'  ' h-    i  i i; n        :   '  i  -i
per  jear     Sine,!,-  •npie ,   live  conl   .    I'ubh   h.-tl   in   \.m >';■   , a i o : -,honl   the   I' u i v er ,il •
y.-ar by the Student Publn at ions pom d oi l be xlni.a Malm :',..-n-iv. I ue m ail v of Hill i ,h
I'oluinbla. Kditoi'ial opinions o\pro.-i-ed herein an- tlm •■ m the "dilori.il staff of the.
I'byiiscy. and not necessarily I hose of tin- Mm a Mater Sod. i-. ..r m-- I niv. icily. I.el lei ,
to tho Kditor should not he more than la" word.. Tin- I hv ."- reservc^lm rmh, to
cut  letters, and cannot  jiuurniilcc publn a t rm of a Ii  b'Me r    recmv. d.
(M'l'iccn  in   Urock   Hall l'"1'   ";   |,|,u   .'d v erl i.,iui-
Phone ALma   P'.:'l ,'ll":"'   Vl'"n  :: ' ,:!
Executive Editor, Ed Parker; Tentui c Ldimr Lleio Coi'hnl; »',u llilito,-, \]Vra (ifeeu,
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Engineers Uneducated?
Mice To The tei)ehrin
.1    .d: in
I \ I'IMC IMS' \ Y.'- Till''.MM.       "> a.|; I
Noli    ,      expei lt>       ami      proiiipC' .-•( |   | i|   -    | \| AIM    i >!'   I'LM \l .   !
ia   i   ' w   le i:      ,■ Ii i i   ami  ulcer x a ii I
Ibe   ; i,   < hi Itl i .-ii v ■      uiui ither in l.ixx.      Thl -lMl1   ''"ol,'..   and   I'hii.v    Sp.-cilea        ,   ,tl     ,,   |,,,,;.    no.b.-      I'A   '.< I ! I  "  !
fin dr.iied   Coed        mean.     m,ii    have    had    relation Inm.  hv   the  I lepl. of  Applied   ,-.t i       -,   , iM    (l,   ;■,   |lU, '        nan
"      ' Aiib   vour  (Inn-liter.   The   -.olulioi        '"'''   ^"'viic-   .Hid.ails    mo    lah''
I ><   i i     M i n hum
I       hue       ,       pi-.tblimi         \|v I-i"   le, IJeplx
Millie    alltl     I    III,      bolh    ..it I'll,         I. II     I     lllli'ipr    I     I be    pliiltlep
 ir   ,ilii    ill.inie   ill    Han, mill inc.          iidlv.    Mm    ,ne    an,all    to    bicnini         Wi'iipbel!        1 k   o,    inle.    IT,
dnim     l.nl.x.   I      iii'ii':.I    v op   tin: i-     lo      -end      vour     mot her ill ,la'\-
ot    Mil     I'M'S   olllce     "S" *: II    lilliV    tin' II VV . I V   lo   have   j   U|r   .son.   tlll'll   Idle
e   a        lei'ile   a      v on   - mpi c|
•y-      -Y-      .y-
I 'ea i    d iss   I .a.v inm':
I I   ar      Mi'.s     I.Nx lliol
'. oiii    vv ii'i'   ailopl    In r   brol her.
*        -Y-        -Y-
\l j ■ i.sier .leaiiie - and I are in
ho e w il h I nc same tll.'ill I've I lied
lo tell urv.iclf lhal il',-- wronj: lo
coinpele xvil h '.leaiiie. bill I WIIH
I he one I ha i met him I i-rd Whin
can   v.i    t\o   about   it'.'
I refei vou to Ihe editor of
"('.a nipu..   I  Iia I f"   a,   I bis   Is   inori
III     hi        line
•Y-        -Y-        -Y-
.Mr      \    (l.   Ilnbiir on.   I IMi  \V   1 I'h
Avenue.     \L.   e'M.iK I'i'il
I'YLIN'C.       KhSAYM.        I'llLMI:'
III  I I! II   t  I Ipl    .     Ill ill),-or. i a p'n ill "       '■'.,
oi   l>   SI leel .   N'o    7   I hllllolfie   A p! a  .
I'nii crsil v   lllvil.   AL.   ui'ihaK.   nl'li
Id . \ MIXMi i    .Ml \ I ■ 1      •-. KT'    l-;\ i:
II i   '! "IOA II . i .'I b, .1.1     I .', o,   I
I  V\   f   '    .     '   ,     ',11       |-lio|:e       \|.        I.,   |,
IM 11:     .-MM        .'III      ilk'     'IMI.:
tail I'l '       Ibul        At
"!'"  i ,:,i
OIIKMISTIIY   CO \CIIINC    I  C \>.       i\|'
xini   llirour.h   iToniisiix     Arlh        :    |,.    ,,;i   type-   ..|    work   al    bom
in    Liel/e.    \L.   I..1,'.    Id'..   W     i''h
I few can I tell inx hmMinntl lhal
be ii. noi ihe I'al her of my child'.'
Mx box friend and I broke oil
.ins! before I married my husband
\v|h>   xv as   mil   mx   box   Irienil    <M
enure,   ihe   '.lay  thills  are   I   can       I'd: riN'C 11   WLAK'.'  co MM 11 \C, 1 ,\       |.|).
let   mix   hudiaml tn  riulli  on  think        iuniniiinr     and     couv r-ali oi      n
M'l.h     s'lTMi     WILL
l ■
in;; he i, ihe father hui I don'1
know if that ' . fair to cither tux
child or mx ,ln*   friend   I  lux v m\
former I ' IK ' led ila-r I 'a M - m
(i'i. is wil II si ui|.'|i,s. liea-jni' Mih
I at es I 'nix er-'il v- area. Phiim
.Mr-.   LeCall.  Al.   nlis I I. '.", , i
.. ,i. d   i-i. ■  M.\   .:', v
i .   i n: h ,i'-. \l   /ids-'
i i la   dim    Irom    -In   1
...  ; b   .i >I   ,i, i,11• h 1111 nI
in       \ !      i .fid :l nm        I' dmo      I 'A
"a, VI CI.
Ask anyone?—Engineers mi "!•;,dilation are
merely trained slide rules, puppets ul industry. Happy in their ignorant bliss, tliev
wallow in a vacuum of nothingness. Why'.'
Because they have never been exposed lo
university courses in the all important hu
manities. Everyone knows it. Artsmen preach
On entering university, freshmen are
quickly let in on the horrible truth. Faculty
members are quick to follow the lead ol
others in upholding the above statements.
even going as far as lo introduce a series ul
special lectures on moral, spiritual and human values to fourth year engineers as a lad
attempt to save them before Ihey are thrust
out into the world with (his narrow outlook.
Yes, ask anyone—hut don't ask me
An estimated three per cent ol the country's
population attend universities. Of this amount
perhaps one-tenth of three per cent enroll m
engineering -courses. Perhaps as many *s
one-half of one per cent of Ihe nation's pope.
lace take courses in the humanities. The
Engineers are thus very fortunate lo be shown
so much concern as to their lack of education.
Those engineers who are noxv reading llus
article must realize the overwhelming good
ness and revelation .which is experienced hy
;Me   >     .-..-;, ..     ••■h- have been saved    i.e.
UiuoP students -.vile- iM.ve i:oinpl°L.d one year
m   the   huni»f''t; -■;     d ..n-se-   i;,       ,   ek   and
Latin   cultuie,    philosophy    and    psychology
+Mn'tf"%ir.iwd up fin-si m. ■* imS/ons f. i>- ihe
new foiurd ,s;t vioii i-. ';... .   i   .ojipy.
l. lioxx'exer. am also h;ip|iy. ln my own
simple way I leel lhal these courses in humanities are not necessary for a well-rounded
education. Il is my humble belief: that such
study is to be found in everyday living; that
such studies are natural and are absorbed
away from the halls ol learning; that in 0110
normal reading, more knowledge is gained
ihan in an entire year's study of courses in
ihe humanities. Perhaps my beliefs are so,
since I have taken lour years of engineering
and lliiis know the values and limitations ol
an Applied Science course. I am tine
(|iiahfieil to speak.
Is il no! ama.'.iii'T ilia! so many on the
campus who ha\e never even been near the
eni.-,iiieei-ing building Id-I so live lo attack
engineering curricula and engineering standard- '.' Are not those who have so vieimisiy
..ulvocale.I lhal engineers broaden their mil-
look actually narrow minded themselves, I
suggest ili.ii Mow diver! their activities to one
phase ol education that needs greater sires,,
I refer lo lhal ul government, local geographx'
and nalural history Is it not a s;|d state of
ol lair s w hen innety per cent ol mir provincial
cabinel ministers are not (pialilied |o hold
I heir po -it ion.-.
Wake up' I '11;x'ersity courses in hutnanit ie-
are 110 end sill in solving world allaiis An
alert ami thinking citi/.enship is whal is
needed. Tune spenl in university should
) a,    11 link i eg    at! 111 ii le       I'll igini -or .
IN    \\  \\ I IM '     ill      lli'c   alle
1 m I-'"
hen    .Mi  .    I,avium hu-bnlul    e-rx    ver.x     ninth    and    I
,\|x     vine    and    I    live    will,    in x        IdioXx    I   shall   love   Illy   child   and       KIIH.   W AN'II.11   I'Kd.M    MlKT
uiolher in-laxx.      .My -   vxile     works       bet  nise   o|   I »e   child   I   shall   he.-.' '    I'.'irnahy.     \icinilx     oi   'llrnad v\ a.v v> \ \ | | ■, ,      psyi'ii    inn   T'l-'XT
hixs   Inn    I   vxorl,   iiirhis   and   am      mv   loriuer   box'  I'rieiMl   who  is   the      ami    Loiiniiary    lioad.    lor    S:"",e- ' "
,, ...    , 1    ,.   ■     ,,, ,, d 'inn        I'   \ 'Ii,    I   mm     Ii.   Sill her
I n- alteinoon,  wilh uiv niolhci        lather   ol'   Lie   child,    ltd    I    wan:       Ainu,.   Wed,   and   Im 1     I'lume   (,L ,,,,,,,.
,   , la lid.     \ I.      I   'I'll      IV elliu.'.|s
inlaw    ivliu   doesn't    worli    at   all       to lie tail   (o ex erx one, \\ lial shall       ..I..I.L. tl^i
II |-|,SON'S        IIAV        LO.MPANN |,l,;   SAI'K    '    sl  IT   <M'   '''-Ml-'--
Now    she    is    in^llie    I'lilliily    way.       1   <!<'"-*
V#ni-s   "Tlly, "'III    interview    male   students' in
Alyi'll (Irecll. cntllieot Ion    Willi    ils    lllerehalldi- l|!'ll-V
inn   iiiiiei'   lor   iirailuiiles   on   l-'ri        l.'.oNKIi     ANIi     lloo.M.     (IKNT
i/e     ::s     tall.     I'll '     Poll.     AL.
Whal call I do'.' I ivilow | ouiMil
to mar,, mx mot her in la xv, hu!
my iidi^ioi, won't alloxx  :11c lo r,   1 Iteplx
a   (liMircc   !'ro..i   nix   wife. Il.x   (leoixe.  x 011 do Iia \ c a  proh       day al'lf, noon Feb   M in Ihe ('inn       only.   H'"n   W,   huh.   A I..   I.V'MY.
Hisir.ou I1M11IL,    \niir-. h'Ui.    'I'hi-  even  has  me  wiirrieil lllerce    buildinvs     1U11I     CI     slan       (' | | L \| IS'I'P. V       COAi'llINC       l^
room 1     'Ihey    xx il!    speah    in    t le
dim i •',   experienced    in *
uronji   'il    !:':;!"   Iloilll    ill    Hut    L; ,e:n bin:-.,     \rllmr   Licl/.c    I-''-'.'   Vv'.
Koom   h.   'I'he   1 iiiii|i:iu,\    i--   prinmr        1:,;,    \\,..   Al .    I.", i',' 1 .'1 I 1
Kdil 01 .   1 lie   I   Ii,. .-.sex .
ill    inlerosloil    ill   l'iiinillel'ee    i.'1'i'd
u.it e-    hut    .v ill   :i I- 11    i'i'   :.-railual'
ill     A I'l -     XV I I •'     inter,   -I et|      in       1
luisino   ■<   career
All .s   Ste.ue     el.   Wil"   i     he   to   '-•.'
,,,.,,.  sjl uhal.lhev    ooiild   h:iv."|oe|ei're:L'       I.AT'I,'    I'bM     PLV M( 11   IM I    .', PA.-'
I  :im a     eeomlM.ii    \ rl .   Tmleni        'I'hex    e.-      lu    1,'U'd'    I bel's,    I        -.,,,,..,.,■     |„,il-.| -oiii,,-    Call    \l.
ma io: ma    11.    I    v, hoioi'V      \t   lunim        Hole fil
I    ..Ml    ' oil  ■ illi'i'Oil    a    live    lool     loll' ^|j,.      .;,,,,,,        ,,|     ,|nl   her   woilo'l'
1' 1111 1 \ ; 111
ar.   Iran
Presidents Message
Willi  the publication  ol   aunllicr  Kngiio 1-1 !
Ubyssey, ihe las!  lug week ..l in  M,.-e, , >  , ,
tivities   for   the    \ ear   ha      iii'io.i.      Ti 1     I '■■
meet and the two day ■ ol  the k-.ii,  v .1,  w ■:. ■
tilings up in ;i bla/.e ol  g|, ,,\    'I',, ::.,   i, |1 ,
who have contributed ihmr lune and idfo! t   ;.
lilC success of these Inactions I oiler  my     a
cere thanks;.   Tne results will, I  know, be a.
the   best   traditions   of   engineering,   ami    tin-
entire slucleni  body will be indebted  m yon
for the pleasure  they   will denve  i'i on,   v,,   1
Gratitude   is   in   ilsell   in.-ideonale   |,.nmri'
for   the   work   that   is   put   into   these   manu
activities,  but   I   know   that   ihe  people   wi
have done this work will agree that the 1 .-.pi
ience and  the  fun  makes  it   worihwiule    To
the   Engineers   who   have   ma   ;,,.|    neiiwh.
participated   in   organi/.ed   -Mmliui    . 111., 1,-     I
urge you to change your w ,iy . |,,;  1 •,.,,, ,-,.;, .,,1-
humlle   oi   1 io , iieioiis   1 harm     |: ■
I'm   com in '.   10   1' I ',1'   I   he 1 ial   inn    1
iu'   1 In    am ul    ■>  oI'  I he   males  mi
1 hi    1 a 1111 m   .   but    .im 1    in 1   a 1 ii . 1 i
I     hoe    been     v e   \     di-,,-1 hpoiulcil
ITle     b  ,\   ,     I ah llll'      III V       COIH'sil     .-I'll
'.10,11    I,'    be    b.icU vv a 1 il    anil    in ire
llli 1   ! e  a ei|      i.l      a   'ill "• 'lie     "I      I he
Inn-.'    ; i,.i 11   in   en io;. 1 ue   the   mole
in 11 111 a I      , 11   1.1 I    I el  1 Moll    II 1 p-       iV h.   !
hn.ih'     I    ,!,,-
si -I'll   \   ^. imi'ii
01   ph. 1 'nlll't   I e
I'M  ,     the     I    le. ■   .!■).
I car  .-'.,'
'I'll, b   Mi I ,,,      prole    I       Le
, , i:I I   1 I... '. 1     h,        h • v\   , llll       o ■ 1 ■  ,   ,.11 1
p,     ■  1   m 1       ,       a,      "    1   1 I 1   I     111     Me
'Mllle     0|      t| '   .1  IP    I       II  ■        I'H' 'I'l I"'      IU
I   ,,1       pie   en I  1; 11 m     "'     M11 I'i 1 -
M      '      I      It   el      I ha'       llll .U oillO   I If!.
,  ,     ,,  .1,     Ihit'i    .,    th 1 ail" ,•
Ml       ,h   I      I"'        |,    .,'.■     !       .'       .1,1     '        '      .
did 1 .-ood j in ol I ruled.il iur inm
. I ei in ■ 0,' hi a tMl day I hen 11 e Inn
ol 1 he I,mi I Ilia! lire pl'l.v . n'
Ac 1 h> hi . ..ml Ah' Lll.indnii
iniii |ila in ii 1 ei ins of lieat'd ■
Hoe, lie I1U10.. lhal real heard
W Ili'lMe     loo''     I In,",     he     know      I llll
I lie   'po- ue.       11,     I he     male    bail
'•■  i ■   .ui   i'l I,'i 1    10   1  :    I mill! io i
II ., I I ' V . I V  ,     I     Mil.'     I o    a. i V I       the        I'll!'
e  t|iit ■   eio,'   ami    -Mil   ret a iii   1 h.
i 111 ill it v   iii niaudeil   hv   present   tla
audience-- '    I lo,   .   he   l,ii,iv,    I ha,    ;
I iie   ' a pi iv e    w , nm u    Had    no!    In,
t be     dam e like      mill ellienl      I lid
loll"     1   ho,   il     I"       >'.  I III III     11.1 '   e      -ee III
in -ili/eiL' Mi--. Soiuei ,o| l. m ox '
ill. .0 s ! i e 1 : MM. ill . 11, il . o
.I nl    \\ Ion     ln»w a in :    lo,     Iii    ea  ,
:■•   ■    a  a   " el    IM.i     ,',    Mi.1''    ....    .el
11       a m    loop:     ■ : '.' 11 i  111.11 i o 1111
II M,     LU, iiir.i 11,   couhl    no,    lo e|-
a  .' nl-.i     I!    , .    -,   ,,li.,hie    llial    a.     I ,
I        III     'n    ill     1       ,      .; i    1   , I ,0
o   'I i     ' pole   lp.it I-i,,     !■!        -a
"N I ',.   u   a  III.   I   (i m 1 .in 1
l'\ I'lXC   ol''    \!.L   Is INI is    III-: v
nilii lilo    rale   .    Mil!!    \V   'llll;    Aie
\l . uiilii. 1'.;'■
AIM TIN    SLI' \N     I'i   A!    ft i\|il
lion.  1 ■ m 111 .   i ■ 1.1' r 1'  .  1 ■ ■ 11 1 ■ 111;   111 i \ 1 a
x\ ILL      I' \\       ( > I    It; ACI.OLSI.Y
hi!      oil,       I   I  I i/e      IL'   I I     Lj IUf     I UN
i'ii   ; 1 i;s. (.". 11
1 1
,11 I'll.' UC     .-sill,
like   new _   :,  ■:, ii"    L'aia    old   I '.'ell    '■
I iaie ,l,e,   ,   , ..' Mot   IU' I    o|.|p|, -ie
w ,,,■!, f   11,    Mi" ma a    O , I    I inl     I  \ I '.
v   S, it  lit 1  ,     I .Merit lliei        i l        I Hi'lei
Mii'lmi 'I Hi '"hen      Ci ■•'  a.      M.l
in i'i.        en Cm ma 11. \ '■'   Mi."'
■-I nop-,   a ml   1 ov is   .   I'.'i'l.i    !". v In.
LA   ".;.">;   . '-■''
lb L'    I1, li;\      SLI 1 \\ .     1; \nio
heater,    tbiositi       I Mi to o-     \Ti,m     I03fi   Seymour   St.,   Vancouver, 'B.C.
TtitPHONC   PAciric Ol71
e.   upieil    '.'  :,,,
:111' I a ■   o. , 1: 1.   . 11
Mi   , 1111 1 p 1    Lie
Ths   r    ,„.-!!„
, i       I 1   'no'      • '
I! I
hare tin- ". oi !    ,,:
Your   in"   eiio.'i,
I I n '     e; 1111 p, 1        Mil  1
loli    Im    ol Mi"
First, the
re is never loo inanx
le   I
the work.   More  h
elp  m  alw
,n 'i inl ■    I is ui 1  1 0 1 >i 1 ■    i-i     !'o
l,iia\    I! 11 m e   1..  ,1   I ei ideiu-x
11I    on    intellectual    reolu-,"
■p..   1 it 'i'   'p 'ia ' -.  .e '-. .   ai a '
I ■: 1     Mill     o> '      mo 1 11 o| ,1 ei I     i o.
,1 im     I I. 1 X e     I ,' '        ' ' it'U '        io
o a b 01 •   1 in \ Si 1     i'i -I    11111 ,
II loi 11   in   I he   11111
1 ■   1 ■ ■      ; 11)   Hi   a   e o 11 p 11 •   ol
m  I   impi od an I   elect n im-,  1 u 1
1 lines',    mum dy    I In 1 1 •    L. u'
welli     llm    I'd'S.     -Idllim
oi     111] I .    itill    . il a I    help
I      lilt      pili       Si a ■    \ ol I    oil
Al.   HK'KS
lie     I I     lo    I,',"
I, i I! I' I Oil        A o'l i
.1  I II
il      II
V\     H| III
,!       •■' III
cma I      .- tid, n
loiial        eo.lbl     I.
Mann     a-      Mr
,   ,        |l      'e        h   'il     ll'.ol     'he ."   I'M      I'
11 "i       ■ ,|     i    1      it'i l'iOi',1        ■!'     '
'■  ,,- k I ,, '. VA'elib Mi. ii
I     , ■    I   I    I    . .   I e I !       ',   e 1 I 1 , I   | , I I ., 1
!,,.'. As-! ,- 1 o,he , a 'ul in I :o I
10    , 'ion ■ ,|   ; .1 a 11 -   nm   1    :   ci.     I h
a . Mi L' I, in:- "on --.1 'A I '.1,1 le
1 i oe  - 1 ' ml ! neat 1 1        p; imbue
ml     vv a       him      ' 11 I ,! .-il     w il a     Me
Why  is  Hie On
•^(iii   Stale
Iriid  Aeeidenl
Commission   he
cirtilv   in   1
IIVIII'    (
it'   (he   appeal
•    hoard   prinriph
whilst   tl
c   loc;
1   Workman's
('(»mpi-n-,atiiiii I
>(t;inl  i'-. so
sli "iiu;
,\   opposed','
Are (M«o.',(Uii;ins
niore den
ex ralii
than liiitish
('ohiinhi ills''
t    Mo'     V.
v  "1
c         1
^ . ■ •  1
oni ■
1 rrl Toimic
The Mdilor, Suile ."
1. I'll 1 Mail
t   St IT.
1, \';nicoii\ ci   Ml ,
Flood  Relief
To must UBC si udi nis m
flooded Holland and II m.
hruli^hl hack ineinoi n- ol m
111   l'JMH.    The   inhahllan!     ol   ii
Itiiid who had up ti'l tliat inm
delusion  thai   niodern   m "ni
the   forces   ol    nature   mul'-i
theinselves  calletl   iipoe   to     :
niln ihe dyke"
I havever.    I hey     o. m     ;;.  ■
help    ) I, aire.I    in    It 1 in    ■ 1 i'.    .
'rhl'ouejt   the   eon! line-    m-i     h
m    the    la.-e   ol    I'l !    -.   n't ,
M    1   1     M! ie  I ! I"ll
11 \ \ 111  i  \ \ 1:
il     I   II I I C1 I I I I. -n    O'l
:!,   /Mm    11   i    .,
i*,,i, i .Y..:i,1,
"  o     n,     ( 'on  ill
Red -
shirts   Disgusted
Ubssyey Staffers
llll'    .ICI'i'iilia I     I loll      I lie      -Llll     , ■!      tile     I'liy   se.l'X      pi 'I.l'
1 ,1 ■ 1 ' 1 ■ '. I 1 1 ,1    ' 11    ,iie    I I l I 11 '    ill II o I 11 111 '    ! ■    I o I e I , 11 ( • 1 I
p.el"     111 ■■■,,. 1 a     lie"     1,0 v (     more    1111 p. olni i!
I 1. , ' ' I \    01 a a I ' 1   I '     I a '   , i 1 ! 1 • 1 ] 1111., 1 I ' Ii ■   I 11 . n It     ;      o  1 11 v
el 11 h I
'' I
ChefineetA Oath
•    in
10   II   I' I M I ii
jL   \v
Mp;        1
k Tutelar, February 17, 1953
Pa.'e 3
Engineers "literary" Page
.■w—iii! ijiwriniiiir-   ■■wnm   ■! uriimiMf ■  i      i - ■■iiiiil___iii_ i . j. _...j._i     j mm. ■■■ ■■■« i i "tr n---imr--n -m- -.. ■( m. ...i.j._. iii      i    .    iii j              ■    ii ri    i   iiw «f-rir «wm««m«hmmhbmmmm«mm
litaif i feel
Acrid lie
tin x- i I'ei'l said lit
I i'll st|U",tl '.a |t| hi
ills! Hill e -lUil hel
il 's    III 11    raid •sin.-
IIIIIX    i   lollell   i-llill    be
i iiow    nnmh    -:iid     be
ii   bit      .iM   hi'i
X'.hv    ii'l   'iiiil     he
I Id',   r.o  said   lie
no!    Ion   far   said   she
xx hat'.-,  too  !'u r   -alii  he
xx hole   \ on   arc     aid   she i
max   i .slay said  he
(which   wax   said   sin
lille   Ibis  said  he
it  you   Kiss  said  she
in iv   i nunc said he
is  it   love said  she
if  you'ic   v.illiiin  siiid   he
I hu!   you're  Killini;  :- aid   she
lull   il's  life said  he
lull   yiuu   wife said  she
myjv  m;iul  lie i
low   said she i
(lip  lop  luiiil   Im
(liin'l   --tup  said   die
oh mi   laid he i
:;o   slnvx      aid   she
icct'oiiie'.     .nil   In
milium   -aid    -hci
you're  (IU illi'I  .-.iiiil   lie
lyoii   are   iiuiic   sail1   shio,
Iv L   CLAIM inc.-;
Sure Test For
If   when   vmi   mi   lo   w :e.b   hi -   Lice
Vim  end   il|>  insl' ad   in  a   pan-mm
ate   embrace.
If w lien  veil  brill"  in  his   la   se tie
He    expects     will     to    slay     for    a
slli'i'l    'tele   a    tele'
If   d'-Ml!   ulass.'s   uf   I'liuil   a   (|,o    ,:
a  must
il   -i      (lolll.h lll'e      III      Si  ai.e*a III    ,
he'll   trii'it.
If   his   favorim   dene,-   in   coh'im
is   red
Whet her   ii   In-   iii    c.v ea tor,   no •"
or   head
Hal   I,,   prop    ip    i,     I. . I    a i     >      ■■■
Mid.    ie    i     .1.    il
Nature Hates Vacuum
Men Feel Same Way
t       I  III I,I l   '   O      lilKIH
'Uni   liev er: hole-'-   ! here   he     lantl-
keeii      i It, I       I nth ut.     I e.idv     L
The advent ol' hi^h altitude eoininereial i'lii;lit  has hroiiejil   h-n.-iMi    m.enouil    ny    .miniim    tie
wilh  il an enlirelv unl'orseen prohletn. known as explosive tie-   mi :"-M ,"i-   Wl"'"   •'   ",|
,,.,' , f,.,.   , ir i    .      .,,,,1     uninist   hi'ialis   inm   inl'   some   lioi
compression.      Ihe    phenomenon    aflhets    only    leniales,    unci,   ^^   ^    ^   ^  ^   ^^   ^
sti-aimely enough, only ihose intent on improving on nature. ,;„.;,)ljr  ,..,, ; .,„..,.„,   ,„„   ,,,,-„,,.   jn
•*"■••*•■■■••-      ,|l:"      "'^     1"■"ll, ,.,„,er,,,',I   vxi,,',mlv•   ,,-vi.iK  to'put    *■•>■■<    !l":    '»''»'«   <'»'"i»''i,i    ;<
np .,.,,,,,1  front. J"1'1   hil"   !"   !"'   !'l''"rnoou's   drive
:;,    Uiii, i,-,|  [muni., siunihl  retii"   "l,!| l,|l"'i   "«'-mi!.--« «( the  l-'.-.cnlf
A | ■ ■ >11 > -i I   :-'. i'litf   lo   di-'ciiss   I In
ller  , 'ui, oip.Milv
liuinnisl's  ili-i'iedi'
lo'lhl     he, nine    so    illlil-ix'e
an's Best Friend
Hail The Engineers!!
Imerv   i-lmid   mmd   have   its   silver   linini;   mikI   mo   hemaiM,
his rotrnji exlenor the EiiL'inei t sliincs lurlli as a kind, llimimit -
{      ful, and I'Slreinely   intelligent  eenlleman, # :
Me   i      neve     I'oiisifnl'    Ami    M
I'i.     I.', c IIP 'a'   i -    i '     poli-'ibh'   for   a :
no ■ I ev i rv a dale •■ of 'IV iii..al am
11 Limine' , b. ,! ,.,., ilex elope.I I hi
I'Liiii'i i,   iiii a oi   , ,n   the   h a man   r:i   t
, o'lhl   -a i!!   in    : nlin '.   'Hi   I in     bud,
o!    At Isiueii.
Li ! 'I- Mid ad. i'" I on I.'. Ill tie
nidi o| I he I'-.n ill \ of A ppl ieil S, j
mice.    'I'al,..   , I v hi     hj-    ov era lis.    hi-
; oil   s ',<,  Ut,',   in-   sin vox im:    biio,-:. SHELLEY
and   '.dial    haw    vou   -ol'.'   Come   to shelly   -inum.'d    up   the   dm v    .,
think   of   ;t_   vim    licler   rive   bath \pplnal   Seieii. e   when   lo    wr-ue
v- 1'it  h.ipp.uu il [|,.,jj   ,,,   in,,,.    I>!1111■ • _ spirit '
llil'tl    Lion    Ili'Ve,     xxell,
I'll,i,   from   hea veil   or   near   il
Louies,    ,h\-    full    lle.arl
I ii    ;ii u| ii -i     strains   of     in |e eined'i
slt'll    L  Idlleerina.
V    -^p^BBiaP
prill   ipb-il \ r,.. mi u       I,
I'l h Mi n iic: C:e     v mil,::
, ' I e i I     '. i.'U It X     i'       11 ' 1111 a    I
I he Ln .'moil"- me -.mi'1
an!    -v ill    im     I heiii    u|>
ion,:,   In     I i an   ii-sn,'   .
I uly    I'm!    il      he   dee      vo
,'!' Lll'-'illee.'. thai I- Ul!
'  lie       VV ill       I,ol       he      I  a I Ieil
■a! I M'x .
a pipe'in t/
-'sM!^,- . M,.jM J MjA
11 y       * m :■
$>     ii
I he   o
at its
olice    ler    emergency    1 '' | '.I I ,'S.      A
c   iiia    pnlihin,;   kii    Mioulil   prove
det ompre -'Sill,,. A ,f   .        ... ,.,...,..       ,,    ,,  Il     Is     ,o    I
iriko-i   a!   the   vi'iv    I'ouiolal ions   ol
o.ii-   i ix i1:/ ' i j'iu.   a   mti'in   uf   eimin
c, is ha V e in.'lie eM cli-iv e hide
penile,, I i l'-i'll I'll Ml I II till' ICI t 111''
Ol e\pio.-!V
brief ..annnarv of : 11■ ■ i: ; cpori fo!
low s
The   ctmdii ion-   iii"'.'- - .in    for   di
co',1 pi e-siol)        ala- !li,cll        alCllliie
I! ::■'.]' j ii ius-,1 :! ien ' 1 v pressi,ri/ed
a'iri'M', I. a ml vv omen p:io-, nri'l's
The   OiC  I ' "lice   oi    "\ phi   ' V e   tb'i'olll
pi i" -.mil   i-    in a ''I,'d   b\-   linir  eNplo
s i V e .. ou ml.- . ' ui il 1 :a hpea ra lice of
I o11,111e11   i', m I oa i -.   anil   e,11,it v i,,:;   111
,  |'ine~l im.lble  \ al le  a I   1 h i-   ! one,
i I 'I'oai    a     i t ,i,i> ■     'Oiblllil led     b\
(IM,,     ('       I'i,,,',      Muieeip.il      Idl      'd     his     Im-i-     Urn;     I hex     vv-.mld     le
dm ■,.,.,   Mo,,.,    i,ion:.   !'. I'm nmoed    m   remove   hiin    Inmi    Mum
1111111 a u v    and    , 111 o v\    him    In    ' u a '. <
I, iv  , i vx |i   vv ,, \     .',' ,n! '.I '  Hi re! v   a s   I hi"
Ho,'   him   '   t h.'ir -irili;   In- will
•a e'    ea U     hi       III    III    ,'     Hie -"    of    t   ha ill  -
.. ip'      r    t| Iii , ■ ■      ,'    le     .IS    p ffl I, I  e     ol'      the
node   ami     , i he:    , mid if   - e i", a 'it-   I'
Joke Session
111 I L', ! It V       > W" I
P  v,dolor:.
.f   d:
I lie     ,ei ollll ll'v
:a r-    a i'e    ma! 'o
ah   ...   hat   eon-l    '
in'-nmiL   ili-Mhi
i snuia II \     l.m ;■ b
\o    I      "il.
ille      a    liuoi
 ml   it
i        XI inv
I,   i -■  : i   , 11 o -1
a :   1 amnioe.
nil,,        . i
I,   h   ol      I:
'I    I o'l 111!
e   --    I' o Mi li
c*v*.    "V* &r Mora* CO-   S*s   SALESMAN
>>      and zw&mPe-in
I I       i, I i i i o    i   m '   I   ' .   '        Ms
IIP I II III u   11
'villi      ie    I a I k ■    o'     Mi Oi"  ,    Mia       .'I ,
eio iiiif a I
11'  Im  re,no .   in   ,,   vv a v   iIm I in a I
When     -o'lo'l a nm.     i       no mt cm,,',I
If   all    tai   ...    pom'       mi i    o.i     ■.'.
i'l" ei!
\iiil     ii't',1 >',      i" .V     i i   '     pl en
llllln" V e  I
V, oil     tan      :,    '       . ii  I '■     tap      vv    Met  . '
lllte     I'e."
*  I'h,it   palion'   i     an   L.VCIN LLC
Joke Session
T A o       1 11 I   Mil Ill '       I!
llll, lioi,I   e,j , ,  ..,     , r,r,,\
fir   i     Li,      o - I       i  ,,       M
up   e      ,'.,: ■ ,1    ■ ,,,■   ,     '
So, oml     I.or  ! ;...,.
I I I I i I I '      I  ''i Ii  \ e I 1      | o      ||...
•'('■ H* H-
srrf   ->
/liw^   .
...A I
V \    ™ (_ l ! j ...< j
UfT KkNp   )
i&vC-i-liM   C<VR
XAl^*(AH - :.4«>-MCt)  tj'Ao f-OK  ^C-UMiN-AWv   TC-ST" Oh  ^CTlWuTY W*V*>$r
Small  Cars Affect
anadian   Birth   Rate
Nurse Tells
Of Doctor's
d;     :      #.di"
\   '"     Y'l
Fhe Publications Board H;c
!'.'. ti.-p ' ii -io   -    ,i i'e     i :. ■.'.,  litis      I "MM; Set:     :
T'liLimnm ,,.     [•„,.,,'..!     '.I     im      i.'i.:'d ■!'■   '
la Mi   Ii  f'-li'imliia
;,!■'.in"     (|,,.,|,l i,-a! .in.-.    ' liux e    ami     l-eyelu!     a
\v- ,: •-,! mm ,i d   .--! rem:! ii   ul   i,..ill da'- ,   m-nil, me a        ''
\\ mm ete,    ealtle    st p, ■,; m; 111 ,ml    xV-e m    "mi"
ii;    mi    iiiihx. a iIIsii'ms   In   i \ el'v, lluti'J    Mill    I a .■ ■
-u rx'i 'X in:.-. .--,! al-.e--.  ami   Wt uiu-i,
Yi ii i have I lie man's*.,in. i|i ulil ical nui- il
\ i a i m'e nne . M I in ise win i oit capalib ',!
e\ ii:; >.' ,m.' I lie] n el d- a ■ n m!', nre | mo 111, ■ !, " -
i inm no 1  ii o i i --    : 11 lerr i '■-, .: ml i'-1 is mm oM I iei m :'
I-'    Lu-    lie; il     :n  ,! ,,,(■•■ Ale -.!    e:,'.;,|,eio    ,    -,!,,e|e
I lo X'e    :pi    1 I'i n I ! lie    , l i    .- , i M -. M  :,'.'..',    Iliinc    : i '( | M I i , '
• w H
i   | 0 i " '.i n
! ' 11 I e I 11 -    I !
'( n i a 11 id :
: i e V    , i: i ■
si 'ii-:\'(
t r.
\ WW
. i ■   m i      \ |    | i u|i
','4   •' >'•
l!    !
ah ,ii,i i
i' e i' i,:.:
,,! mn ..
u     sell
•eli i| ic I
,ll    |l,e
a^KisarawwirawiisM »fw#^^.«ri-'',P''f,'*eii,t .^^vrmni
■■ I
i I *  '7
Page 4
Tne-^HV. FpV.r.mr- 17   WSo
UBC Wins First Evergreen Game
Penn Proud Pop Of Bouncing
Varsity Wins 5-0; [ £|
Move Info Second j Jf
Place Irt League
Pomfret Proud Too;
Birds Thump Vikings
Tut'NiH'iKitiicns :»i: vvi;sii;ij\ Washington :»:•
LiNOlNELRS REVERT TO OLD HABITS at Isle ol Paradise. ■ Fall for trap .set up by rodent cunning ul' Toronto
Argo.s, and lose close race a I Olympic trials. For short history leading to the downfall of mighty redshirt team see
column by Bob Brodie.
There v, m .iu ill vv Ii ul xx Iii h i
blew CiiIIIiikwuikI ik> good on Saturday ,11 the Stadium Tim li'ilKH''
leiiil.-i s iihste lied ,i 1 -u drnbbill.
li.v I he l';i r si'pmior plux iun ul
Tile     loss.     coUpled      with     il      !-•
r i-i ii in i iii  „r  dominions  oxer  Ituyul   The doubles team, composed of Bob Hebbert and Jack Hunter,   I'luutn-i's   m-u    were   cheated   .,r
ltOdrS   Afl(l   A     I Hill   BOB BRODIE ()l!    m(iV),(l V:n.sltv lo .,.,,„.! ■ hilJj yet tp see dcfFal
a 1.1   '       i     * ii .    i     ,i     ,     i-t      ■        ,.      ......   •"I"11   "i'l'   Cnllini;wood   ;tiirl   lliuuim        .,,, .       , ,
Although   it   is   generally   accepted    that   L ngitieers   die Ihe  pine, ponj? team nlso is d >•
superior to Artsmen mentally, physically, socially, morally and   T..idl "12.nl r.-,,.n .i.,'.h    llV*",' "'""' '," .if^' K?*T   "-ai,.   «"'"   i-«
^.    ..        il .. I ,l   •     I      ,i      .    ,1 c    i    n„.,.vw,ii   „>•«> .    * lilltKOV   tills    ,'OHKll t    lll«   W'».V    to   til!
spiritually; there are some who think that the Sciencemen are  ,„>,  whistle,  Mie red  hot  students . .     .    .„,     .    ,,        '
r ■" seini-linnls.  Ihe doubles ti-iini, col i-
outplayed    Mie    Colllnuxvnod    t.eiim .     ,  ,, ,, ...        .     •
posed ut   Iloss  Uiiy and  Hon   Puns
in   everx   deiiai'lineni.   inl'll.-tliii;   o'd    ... , ,    ,' ,,    .,
s" «        ,.     ,- i   ,   i    .. i        ,i,..,.   ,....,in   ..iiliiii     , v idle,    luixd    Irvllipled   ov.-r   nil    ti
ll.       . .    i ii    " s        en.     A  e   t.lley   leallx    noun. , ,      .       ii..,j,.    ....,,. jt     i.,,.!,,,.     ,,,     tie
Litem lure   student   was   ovei heai .1 uhiu   nun    xxmsi    i,u mi,   m    m
raying  "Den. bums couldn't ndl ;..., '»  '"*  «»  ,»"  w"-v h:\r    '" ,^,:' !^,s„n.
BBPOD frtyu o polo In the ground. ' ^"""'' 'J1 ""' ,',,,l '"  ,!'" l'U,','        iGLElO SCORES
•No.  they   inn,-   restricted   theni ;     Al,,,,,.   five  minute.-   in   .lie  mun.  ,     t|h>    ,..„.,,„„„,„   ,.„,„„    d()   „„,,,„
' " UBC ntlilidi's had a big weekend as .Jack Pomfret's Tlum-
derhirds won their 111 s 1  Id'ergi'i'm, Coiilon-iiee haskelball gatllR
, in   two   years,   the   hockey   li-ain   thumped   Pil.seners   11-7,   the
soccer  team   blanked   league-leading  Collingwood   fi-O  and   thf.
swim team dropped a thriller to Washington Frosh .'{8-37.
Tliunderlii, it -    u in   over  W'esi ei a *
Engineers are once more proving invincible in badminton    Washington    »■-,-    hom    ovenlu■-.
Redshirts Lead
In Badmington
ip    I.'.",    pom' '.    ; loin ed    I he    board'
a    ho! ii     md.:   a ml    was   : he   fastest
victory    In    ut    leu-d    three    will,'
I his season lull Sul iiriluy im-hl  I le
,y   In   make   tin- posies   «n,xx-   couldn't    lie   stopped.
in.ni     mi     io.'     iliior
on     sevotul
lacking in finesse.
Only   last   week,   a   liespei tucleil
In spite ot tho few heretics win
Hfoare   this   opinion,   ths   Uedihii-s   solves each to nnc siiiti-use full ofj|i„n   (IIiuk   <-;i|,itnli/e(l   on   n   sho:
COUtlane   to   excel   in   every   field    Si lilitz."   iiiiswereil   his   friend   'ejr.ms   from   'Ind   Dobsou.   iioteliin;
the seiiil-fln.il. They will soon, urn
cloiihtedly. heat out the rest of the
oppo.sition   mil   capture  the  cup.
I le     Ac-'    liarlo ,|    hy    the    I v. o    il.
lie    hoys    v.-enlc         UinU    vveie    'up'    lor    the    liulih dispmisahh.s.      Ilriun      I'pson     lilld
love to play hut you in n't uet inueh und    thev    tmve    I'll"11    funs    theii Huntiy   Xulmrko.   Ilriun   swlshpil   I'i
lift   out   uf  the  hull   when  suiuIIik; money's  worth  us   they   more   tliim Is   \viih»liis   one iKinders   find   I)n :
ill   xxiitir   lo   fun-   lillees.   The   f ic-l'l made  up  for, those  foot hall  defeat-:. ,,y   helped   out    will,    11'.   liuzz   lllld-
vvus  ohviously   laid   out   hy  an   arts- Vfkinus    xfen-    in    the    loium    until ani,    Ihe    '^ai'luiM''    man"    of    thf
man.  The  t'-ain   is  extra  kooiI   fill- iii'prter    time    hut     they    eouldii t muni,   snapped   up   all   loose   IkiIIp
year i\n<\  fiordy  dates,  spurts   rip- stop  the  aroused   I'liC  outfit  after and   mmmullv   l.iade  ;,   iiiii.sancf  of
reHentatix c  for  the   KiiKinet's,  saxs that. hiiusi-ii' wilh Ins hustling, lioiinditi;,:
heller   III   all   the  other   sports   In;
it  vlll he a Iouk'i one to heat.
Hi-   .lohn   Aid,cml   personally
Nik tbe leust of these Is athletim.    he «rop-il for a nickel, "fii   -wliii'i j Varsity',  first  v<»h1.  Some  hrillia.it j lJ()M  t|i.|n
e einpliasis Is more on partlelii.i-
ne.  I'll  he  hack  in a  miu ; midtii
■xi I,allies    followed    and
piliiiK up points towui'Js
then   liohsiin.  in a solo  run.  nhceu
Hie    mt I'iiiiuii'.i 1   cup.    Hesides    xvp
It looks as though the track totu.i counled  lor Jo points as  llirds .and
will    he    fairly    striini;,    too.   Jlou.a \'ikiu^s    eipled    the    lir- I    ip arte:
'Kyle,  who  vxas third in   the   IViriiic .||  (,v,,n  .,,   \s.^    .,[u _,;,.,,   U;iS  ;i||
MN'orthxvest  mo.ss-i'ouii'.ry  eliampion- t(,r u,,. |I()VS  |r)ni  i:ellin«h.'iiii.
Last uprlns. In an attempt to ills    ''cniinds  i
Organize the Scienceitien. the Arte'11 *'■  ' "  "  "'""    "■"■ -" " ' " ; |iM0W   we  could   win   tin-  cup  any
I'-riini the slarl. the race was only di   good   shot    past   the   soalkftepei \ ^ ^^      ||(Mvevei-,    everyone    tiiriiinm slli"'   wi     '"'  n""lil";   the  dist'anc. Hi ids. roared   mil   in   the   second
hetween   l'HC   and   I.'   of   Cut.   but j HKikiiiK   the' score   2-n.   The   s,'u,'f" | (jl,t" ,rils ;i vsond'time and  works off   ,0r ""'  Kll«il,e(,'-S-  T!"' 1',!S'  o1'  U"    dar.x.i. out m ored  Western   IH-^and
men   decided   not   to   oppose   th.
forthuomiiiK    Engineers    L'byssev
The results were temporiu ily chu fate held the dei'ldiim hand. Hah
otic. For want of exercise, Midway down the curse as the ten
Plumbers hegun Ki'owltiK fat on , don mouiited. the Itedshirts for-
thetr nightly 40 brew. Itevoltinv. ' M't 'uhout their heer and begar
at thts Artlsh dissipation, a ki-oim lowin.i; with both hands. I nfortr.
Of them decided to particii ate iu'nately the shell they had borrowed
athletics. Of course the only syrln,! : had been mass produced by the
sport worth considering was row ! Kaiser Shipyards durliijj the wa.'
jn„ • lleinu a seimaiionallst ul  heart, the
At that time, a numbei of opl-,'    .shell ,fe« fd.-d that this was a nood
ed  Artsmen   were   also   trying   out.  time   to   break   in   two.   This   «av.
Cal   the   ad vim' ntse   it   needed   am
lelllaii.ed      iinehanued      nut
In   the   second    hal,'   CoIMiiiim ood
decided   io   ruuuh   it   up   with   L'Ii.'
but euili   lime  the  students  chilled j »"«"'•"  A and  It. Ki.KlneerinR   I  aoJ
tl.el,    opponents   mi.h   xxorked   the   :' < 1st and -Jud yeursi, M-chs A and
ball   with    machine   like   preeisioi
the  excids  eue.'K.v  stoied  up  while;
lu    inl i imur;'!    basketball.    !•;,,.
HM I lis.
Tliaiiih "'lords    just     missed    Hal
a da .    nlahl   iu   Itelliii«hain.   If   the
riiitie   xvoiild   have  la'-teil   two  more
minutes   limy   would   have   muiKhl
\'iki,ms Imi they started a little t.oi
ten 111   will   be   composed   of  spirited walked   oil    Mie   floor   with   a   old
KlLt-illi-crs   who  will   be nivillj;  the'r Ujn    ilt    ,|l(.    I,;,)!'     Win,     ,|i(,i,.    ,,,
all for the faculty. I'ense ( licking and wil I, Nyliauu a n••        Hacked    up    by    several    hundred
The    boxi.m    tournament     which his mates holdii,", down  Hob Wood     I'lJC   inehri.iles,   who   made   a   hell
starts  soon   xvill   uixe  some  of  our man,    Vikings'    t;'iiM    centre.    I'M."    ">( a  racket.,  llirds always threuter.
,.                             ,       ,        ' liairv   muscular   patriots   a   eh a lie', maintained their lead ."•<;• Mi as thev    ed    hut    just    couldn't    make    th:
I!,   (hem   KnuliieeriiiK   und   others! . . „., 	
to do  lej,'itimatelv   wliat  they  have entered  the  last   ten  jnjiiut.es.              .made.    Ihey   tmiled    1:1-11   at    the
probably    wished    to   do   lor   soine PLOT THICKENS                                    "''''   '"'   '''"'   lirs!'   ilropjied   hehln-'
iillie.   That -im   to   knock   the   bind, llirds    heij,iin    lo    lire    fnuu    Hit' -;:;l  :!l   th'-iiai!', then  rallied  to tie
ioff   some   artsinaii.    (Don't   Md    e.\ 11 ememlous   pie e   miilvvav    ilii'ourii    ''   "I1 midway  through  the third.
cited, you  fell.ixvs. you tluve lo take ,|,e   ipiill'ler   .-ind   little   J:.ck   .\iylet
•mil   nolelied   Ills   second   marker   otj0EW  FR0M   HEAVEN ! your   turn.   \'o.   r.o.   .Inc.   Vou   can'1
the   dav   on   a   lovelv   placed   kid'
the r
making     the    best     of    a
Alidxvax ,in  tin- second   half  Hod I ^""♦'N  H"  r'"
lire entered* AM teams are doiuu |
wel^ especially the I'luuiiieers A !
team   which   has   won   11   out   of
on.  a   ."d't"   bundle  of  supercha r:-e i
Soccer   Is   not   being   played   juiil , hold    'hem    wit ii    yo,ir    tail    while   vitamins      nearly     pulled     Vikiir;
between    the    uprifihts.    Score   it-u I ||(JW  |)f,UM1S(! Mie'l'leld could easll.v   you hit  then.). Ail ilm-e interestel   ,.Ve,i
for  crew  but  since  tl»e;r  presen
brought   on   sever   nausea   annum allowed them to ed«e out the stern
the     red-blooded     engineers,     th. -iediou   by   ".It   seconds.   The   bow
coach was forced to usl; several to section,   not   liax.ne.  ,,  coxswain  N
go  back to  their  tiddleywinks.   Al -deer  it,  wandered oh' cmii'se.  Nev    u...- r,     .«„.,■>     ,.,,     .............s     ».. ..   , eau-ed  by the sturr that   falls from   tor  further  notices. .,,:ls   i,,-,.i,.i   iim|   the   plot    hemu,   t
ch   was   terrified   h."   ertheless.     it     wa,    able     to    heal] which     _ave     ip,.     ,-oalkeeper     no ~mmmmLmaL     ' niok    faurliar.    Ilu,     llirds    show..,;
  , ........  ..ii       \ i.. i o. ..i. ..... i,      k 7n   r^C CEDE ^%
Iheir      eulibie      h\-      scoriim      ni,c
Campbeli    soon    after    scored    tw      ,„.    ,„ |-,| j, k f.„    for   it    |a|if..    This    i-    should     waldi    the    Imllctiu     hoar»'
(lltick     Koais     on     booir.iii.u     kick   p-au-ed  bv Mie stuff that   falls from   for  further  notices.
Wi! Ii lour minutes to mi I he sen e
'he »ntiie xvus fast  and delighted
the   small    .ilteiidaiice   iiiiinensely.
though the com..
rumors  that  even  the  most  feeble Southern   Cal   for  third   place.  Tl.m chance   ,u    all.    Mario    <'li.rtni.it
Ot engineers could  snap an our at judums    lArtsmm,   all,    .-iile.l   tlw   who played ., dushini; uuii.e despit-
Vlll,   he   decided   Ut   givt-   them   t- it   was   impossible   for  one  crew  t< i his   m;e    w.,s    awnrded    n    p.nallv
stray  shell.   With   the  first  stroke , place    buth    second    and    thhd    ii[hut  failed to score.
the backwash hurled the coai-hho'.,: ihe   same   me   and   therefore   di
fUld  three  seiners  onto  the   beach tdared   I'BC a  dead  lied   with   ITP'jthe
THE HELL WITH  HICKS for    second     pla.-et    and    uwanlel.    The s«.,-und team walked off wlrh
~ After i-auUonlns the boys to lak- third    place    to   Southern    Cal     S( }>   "--'   victory  over  a   short   bunded
it easy, the couch asked them to try much  for  California 'Sons ,u   Norway  team.  Howie  Lea.
again.  The*   quickly   found   that   u       -.;,.,,   st„p   was   Ontario   and   tin j1-'"*   tw"  ",,ills  aml   ,','""','   l'1'1'^1""1
t.hey drank oner will, on- hand ami ,ii\mpic   Trial-.   \Miile   the   I'luiuh '•*••-''   " "'"  -"'   ,""'
rowed    with    the   other,    'he   iilmve ,.       ,( n<   ,,,,,.   i;i   I'aliiornia.  a   tin
disaster    could    Im    avt-.ted.    How , ■,, t *-i I   C'vil   I hm ineer   who   prefe
ever,   it    was   Hot    loll'.,   before    Mmv ,.,.,|   MM'"im!a   of    Mate, ial-   Iii   I'edM.
hecaiue  so  etlB-fidsed   wi'l,   Ihe   be. thahh      ..ol    ;'.'iu    h'Mcr   lo   the
that   thy   failed   to   uoth e   t a   ;    i o ; . ,,        ,,;    ;  ,,     | ,• ,    \, m >. i. 11, m.
coach's    speedboat     wa-     mi.id"    :■ |;    ;.,-   cpi-.i,e   In-     -. h   ie c   III,    I'll
keep     up     xvilli     tili'lil.      id'.iis     'A a MaMiieer      v. m •■    a II In-a I a lile    lililes-
liiter reinedi'd h.x   lU'im.'   il peed ora!c"\    wa-    u-"d     lie    then    im'
boat   to the  stern  of  the  sbelli.  T'n imal    Mm    one    ih   | vx ea him-s    mil;
engineers   were  so  pleased   b.x   ihi. ,lloll   ,,,    ;||   | omipi ,,-.   except   h,m
-.iport  that  they   beuan   iruiniu.i;  dii ,f.|f
Igeiltly   --  sllxini;   no   be. ,1   n,   fals CH|CKEN   REDSHORTS
lUinors   ffoiii   the   north   arm   thiu        u i|iM|     ,hi,     ,,,,.,.     ,,,,,,,.,1.     ,;,i
(lie   channel   was   bee,.miu.;   clu.ke.1 mj.J|(>     Kl,(|.shi, , .    s     pull,",i    fa.
with empty beer bottles, .||(    jn   |].()|1(   o,    M ,.|(1|.   (|.„u..
After     Mie     slille     rule     kid-     hie s,„p|,,|lh      ,;„,        heard     sold     lllllsi,
corrected   their   professors   exams ,hi||i]l:,   ,,„,   ,,,,,,,    ,   ,,rr|ll(|e,l   U11 d ■
they    headed    south    n.    try    some ( (|W,     ,|.1|)i|.|,    (pt|    ||i(i       |!l(,      W(,r
Cnllfornjti    beer   and    nive   i„s,r:,, |iivi,K    aiaiuciis    -iimiim-   -omm    m
lloivs  on   "The   Kudlineiils   ,,i   II,,w hi.(i   ,i|1(|   ,,,.,,,_,|jlh|,_   |(,   |h(1|M    S(, .
llig."' they   opened   a   small   rovvin:   ' i|11;     ,,,.,,     ,,,,,    ,,,,,,.,,    ,h,.n.     „,,,.,.
school   with  the  -I,,:;;!,!   "Hold   he ,.|r   ,,,.,,.,,,   ti!(, |„1V.   unjehlv  headed
bore,   learn   to   oar."   Hm-iim--   wa f|.    (i:),.(,   ()||   s,(|(.,   |||1W   Ui.,1,.   (,l(.
not   so   .imod.    l-'ortniintelv.    it    wm ,,,._,,.    VVhl,n   ,,,,,,    , itlll ]) v   ,o,,k    I.
not  loin;   before   public  opinion   .!■■ H||l|,   ,,,,,,,   .,,..|j|K   ,]l(,   ,,,,,,,,.   ,„,.,,
Swim Team Needs Cars
For Trip To Moscow
The   UBC   swimming  squad   left   Crystal   Pi ml   after   llieir
meet Saturday evening  with   their second  .straight   loss  m   lln-
Evergreen Conference series.
'I'll is    one     wa-    si,    i lose,    il     w a
ha ial     lo    ht'llev '      xve    lo   I     i'      'I'll
si r li-dit   point -   while luildini-   Wi
en,   to   three.
Zaharko threw in a lonn ono-
iianiler l i make I he ui o're .'ePS'J
Mid Mm  i'lie rooters i!o wild. Ilu'.
. ad lo s;iy_ dirty old Western pulled ahead .main and then, wa-
.und,    weepin.tr'   and    KiiashiiiK    of
• '•'■'.'..   i:i   the   l'HC  stands.
Wi.ii    four    ininul.es    left    lllrdf
' railed hy  lu and then they started
The   oviilion   ..-ivi'li   Thunilei'binl- oil    io   diive.    Mcl.eod    dropped    111
hy  the  hit-; i itiwd   vvus  almost .worth Ihree    .successive    free    throws    but
tho c  -eve,,  siriiiidit  losses. \ 11.iiia,-  stalled the inst minute an'
.lohn  .McLeod xvus terrific I'm  Mm Hut   Mair led  a  final  cheer for th"
winners.   The   bin   sou! I,pa vv   rack".! Leopold.
PKituled   Hint   tin-   crow   compel,    m
Ihe   forthcoming   spiin,   champion
Ships    because    it     w ;, ;    fell     Mia.    a '
w ere    well   a hi i.d     'I'hex    I'o wed    like
imidmmi.     desperaleL      mviim      m
he    Amamauls    ipud    «'e-
last     a     tievv     had     appi
■ill't'li     III   •
could    lick    the   mils hi'
('     of     ('ill
On  the  ilai   of  the   mm
' 111" 1 11'
Clew    i ilr'.'.s out    ill    shod
s    aid     Lu
M'lliee.r'-:    - xx eaters i    -I rm
"     lll.lji   . I ;
chilly    to    their    wailim
" Why     a re     t i.e>     ca , i
V   III              "111
Hint's."    a     snee, ii lor    w :
i    pel ",l       '
i|i*f'i*-id"      '
- dte> i
-'■X ■■         1^   ■<
I III   I llj II
HO'       'Il
oad   in.I   ami'    o', i i lake   the    \r;.'o
rail,-     llh    vx Im ,    I i'i aciii" v
The    moral   ■ e    r'11       -mi :    i      t In ,
.-:   "ii" ih   oi    M .,' ■■' ia I   ii,   lie    i'iur ir
"i ■ 11 i I' a d 111 11 a i', i c' 11 a r h    111 e
I     I  it     on io    and   tho  t<»*
I i mi I    -lore,    in hid ' i,"    ei - lil    pel ii I -
I! Ii.al ill I lie ill V ilia coll,pel it ,o|l,
XX a -   d   lo   ■'<"   .1)1    I he   WesM'I'll    W.I ■■ ,.
iur i on Lrosi] Tea m smir m 'ire a.-
in   his,    vein's   iii'-C.
The -ev en points iul.cn hv I he
I'S I. 'am for a Mrs! iu Ihe .'uu-yard
tree style reallv was the lurniii"
poini of the meet. The '-111') ai'd
relax was the Lid exeiii to be run
ot'l and up lo ibis event CIIC was
theiiil by si,\ points.   •
A last minute sulislil iilioii put
.lim Cuiiifiehl ill the race in place
iu' Uti'iei■' - x no vv ir; ahseiil from
Ihe    meet,
Til • loo! ot ' he pool xv a - ueai ax
blown ol i as supporters from both
loams vx mil ulmo-l will1 lo se
who would finish in first place
.litn ('null boil who held the i'il,:i'
' _...     •    «,.,.       over    Wa.-liilmlou s    Carlson    up    I
CONGRATULATIONS!     „„. „, ,„ vard- .iu.-t cm.di,, 	
Dangerous Dick Penn lie- ; , p..;',; :,,,,i w.,, heafi-n by miix
came a paler early Sunday i imiihs m a second. Swinunin,.
To had  lo  leave  the      "'"      I'i" >:"'''      indUidual      i.iedlei
e,i i lie in I he ev eiiini',, ('inillle' I
tm ik first place to uihl fix e poin1 -
to   oil!     score
Ihe        I"
s w a in
I        ll.ellll-'.
an  viiil     hit
o.itne at Bellingham early hut
go I home in tune lor the arrival of a six pound, eleven
ounce haskethall player.
Mother, hahy and Dick's ulcers tile doing line
Hill I,      Imi   •     I'f.i i h,       pl||      I ,p'|        heal!
nilo    llns    ia imi    ;i ml    w I'l i     il,	
poill I oil   ill   a     ie-
Tw o    i,i cal    supporters.    < iptlaii I
■.ind   llimh.   alwii.vs   -Mviiiu   .heir   ut
most      and      hot il      sw im mil,::      two
event        ju-l    missed   a    I hird    iilie e
11 a iison. a new coiner w im - w a m
lor the fi.'si time ai lh>> last meet
in l','dli>,e,hiiiu w hen w,- reallv
Heeded him. .nmle a v\ oinlel'l ill ef
fort    al    la -!    Sa' iin! iyd    hi ,s
Lv ei v one w no .-a w Sal il, ila.v '
ev t',,1 l\ liov -. ; 11111' 111L-, 11 a lo- ; of i
poilli vv a j re.lll/ed, a w on.lei I'll
how o' spoi pniiiir hip and a -.'.a u
ill It am -'.ipporl. mil often w I'
liesseil. w ,i. show n h\ I he w ||, i'
The team truvr-ls to Cheney a"d
Moscow, Idaho, for the wpekeni
and an acute Iransportatiuii short
age is present. We are, therefore
making an offer to anyone with i
car who would like to make the trp
to  contact  the   team  manager.  Stan
Wednesday.   Teh.   IK,   !!»."»:!—   Mu-   inn   ;,
i; llll p.in.: South l'urnaliN' \'.s
,.\irfiu-i-i' Keserve. IJ.-Li (' \vs
] a,o J''ni'l (.'iiinp II vs. Hei'iim
111111 I '•
Vandio-voort     or      Captains      Pet"'
MARIK    LOOKED    GOOD Lusztig   and   Al   Borthwick   immerl
.Imav    XI irik.   CISC'-    I'm   and   dm ately.   The  team   leaves  at   12:30  o-i
xar.l   I'ree   slvle   wonder,    was   up   n, Thursday   aoo   vail   return   late   Sal
Iii-    ii'lal     "liill'lard     ill    spile    of    a urd.iy   evenincp   An   allowance   of   a I
head   cold,   to   take   fir-l   place   lem least  $30  will   be  made   for  gas  an I
or-     ill    but.i    evi.uls    lor    a     I ill o I    nf Oil.
In   lid   points  and   a   new   record   for
if lioiiii -. Spread . . see how
I it is' No trace of fatly
xx iisie on lop , Mill rich flu v or i lu'oiuth-
i m ! ' All Hoc us Spread.-i a re pi "pa red
I roiu I lev eriimeli! |y .peeletl i ,i .m'od ,e,| I s
in spotless kitchens. I'lve.rx proi "ss is
rigidly coiiliola'd and slriilly suijer-
V 1 ~ e 11
Ham <$. Chicken Spread
Devilled   H.im Chicken  Spread
Turkey  Salad  Spread
Beef &  Chicken  Spread
CjCt MA/UL frl t{0t*t?l UtOftUf LVlth,
n M.-i'ln      I'      vs.'
'ran on".        I 'im rui.iey
('lu       Mii'lis    A    vs
f   m.i     meet i ikj     nf     tlo-    on     I lu-
,   oopus     imudrrhac.k     Cltih     «il
-t v le I Ii- nev t imi
e", '.'.', second-- bea' Ihe roe, oal .a
in     I !i|','    lix    .link    l'cei|o1,    ami    the
lie     I ill I lielfl     lo     I I col':.', e     Kuiylll
iii     I'i I'i    "I    d; "    I'l'i'iHii!        Marik'
I i lie       l        in two     -ei t in i i teh i II I
I 'o     i 'a mid i : n    I id ". i olio m.i '"    in i r1,
a I e I 11 II       .    a     lie"   i   Olio   i      W III     I        Iiiil"     ha id.     i   ni,     a       i ' olid pi.o c     ie
Mie     ..mi   iii     I , M      -.id,' rend      for
' l    poid
'.l"l  "II ii     J.i.llli" ' ni     .ollleil     allot he
'   ,: i ■■    p o 1' i m    11'     p I, i' 111'.:     ■ e i ■ 11111    111
■O       I ""    V    I 1 ll    b.o   Iv      M I like    mill III';    'I'
a   I    .oil    ami    i   I i'i " I "ii Mi       .ecu,id
i • h i m I    V, ■■ ..i 11' ': i ei'      mi, m      I! list .
, a I       o     "II I e. ell      III      ' ',. I.'l'ii'il'i
I  a   lo'OI   U  'la
ot    I-i"    xX/„,
,A ' I   t'n   ."   v
i,.,,ii ,m     '.>.!.
I   CAN   AS
at   noun   i o  rnn'ii
hi "o ", i ,|   Oym
'lei   .or   oil i i '-',, ctl   in
i     'ii,,ir     |e     plav     -it
h.-pl iinlli'i ,     io      \A h
M      IM'd     I'M atop-     ,o r
I.      ,'.,,. '     '     OOlO'tl".
. e    mi       ■    I!  r    inr r !
,,        ■'.-   n.i    r   '.('' "Ml
11nf-   m(11;f-   i.ii i;11


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