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The Ubyssey Mar 12, 1929

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 v. I
Issued Tr»kb Weekly &j> M Skdsnk* Puhlications Hoard of The l/rtiVeritt_, of i3Hll.lt Columbia.
ttttfaaj-e-jaag;'    " |    ' i VTiMtril  riim __BS-i---i-M-sd-i--tt^ mi ' im i'ai   '
By Msraloma
Hftttf Un. ltd tMtrttl
V* ssba-htog attack whioh rolled ap
Si* points in tbe flrst half of the final!
r tbe Tlsdall Cup gave Meralomas
lead irweb ensbted thein to fiosj.
bard, flfbM. yarslty, squad
(*WSft A ipklblfflat last
if. .>. Ibuhaicepped Et |m lois
9. th. U, B. 0. backfleld did
.„. .Mfts'ttf.)* .'.'-*'. -v ■•
J|lM#.^el'4lU>tbaA-aftl«.ten m ,
>ut over foribrAtst score.  Men
stJ_|«|»tiDi^i i«ae^''j|t««fc.l*r I»alj
Accepts Position
asetam the
i tried to break thf
' IMMSfUl at<
J ted. ^Before
ipfi M
rtltiHM ..itiMH NllltriltflrtW
S • SrwsejiW^|B_pi W^WPPBeitsjfJ g lVwf*m VPvfViPiw
briefly addressed a .ampalgu meeting
in the auditorium at noon m Friday.
Ross Toimie acted as ohairmbn.
plan U not adopted and he is else
be will favour some othSr form
eentr«li_«uon of the finaneiAl sysi....
He wnuid continue to. be a sea*
ttaternitr pa. beltevthg that ill
pmldant khoUld not be eonnectbd
with these brgAnisatloiiS. Thero SbtnrM
be tnore fnterest In student Actlvitf*,
tod he wtjuld do his eo.t .to Swiss
li In oottclttslon MVADunn said be
is surt) there will be a capable and
admirable administraUorJ it either of
the other candidates is elected;
Mr, bong. Macdonald said he felt
gTeitly honoured at being bominated
W the highest aud moltTrnP-rtant office in the student otwnisitlonA H*
*■ etlitatec  ho spectacularAebsn|es,
■ ■   ve«lty.   As Junior tdSnber,
tinue td>aoi^',;A.A'AH^A^^
Munn thought there were
t shoild be emphasised
ilbt the
Varsity Ovil to N SHM if Ntl«li Kksjrt^iikifif Ftsts
For the first time ln the History of Vanity the Annual Outdoor tnter*
Crass Track Meet, which takes piao* tb-mOrrow, will be ran on the Oval aad
with Ideal weather and an exceptionally large entry list, the meet premises
to b* tbs keenest and most Interesting ever held.      ,
e 100 yds,, a flick of
. '■   ti': ■.')     r.i .nil"- A'
fraternities are on the whole good
for the Unitert uy If Ihey db not tie*
part from the Ideal of service to,the
ma Mater. Two . points in tbelr
vor and ope agejns|  fraternitleA
ie!f lb'
itery ooua
e, h_ cb
at* honour
id worth as
lobi inm S
back.   Phil Willis featured in a spec-
taewlar ifty  yard   run ■ down .tight
Srlng. At this point Varsity were^very
lose to a score but were battel bf
itches, forcing a safety touch. The
lay w'ai ji.e-sawiriM lb ceiltre field
-hen the tm\ whistle t>le**V,
| The final addresses on Vocational
luldance iWM Slvab Wtettoesday, at
1.10. In Aggie 15o, whSia Silas EdnA
Miss 'Peatce's fUbJ-dt lh "Opening*
I Brtence 1* Wnstltutronal «s)rk in the
1 nlted States prepared Miss PearcJ
fW her PWsent position Of General
Secretary of the Y. W. C. A. in Van-
eeeverr     - • 	
Mr. Robinson, the chief librarian of
ie Carnegie Library, will Speak otj
[Openings for Women ln Library
'ork." In this connection it is in-
resting to note a statement made
/ Mr. Robinson on a previous occasion to the effect that th* lime is
it   coming   when   only   university
radges Will be abbolnted for theae
lift iiii mt n
ComiHg Events
today, mXsch ia-
Elections for President of A,
M. 8.   Mt-S. J. fl. Jamieson
speaks on "Juvenile Delln-
qulncy and ltd Treatment,''
,_ Ag. 100, noon.
InterCIass TrAck Meet, Lower
Field',*' p.m.   Played. Club
..   pretext.  "Rollo's Wild Oat."
AuaitoTium, 8 p.m.
Is   srspoln
tbe "
lMf*ie«0.  HlSab-
,ri„m .....^.Miri
thd erfdorsement of eW6t
vii*i-m Slbdbiits' ~
lay night, after the
udanlmously reeom
llkington for tbe post
international and nAtionil«organisa*
tip-as tern valuable soctsi aud sebol*
-town studehu who woul-other-
Ben., connected
tor three
sSttSSef Uf IbWmS^wMlJI tbjf 15
Alma Mater, continues ob lu present
oourse It will be A dead letter th
Uni. ii.lt yeAr. Its efficiency Is almost obhvlated, students seem to nave
ltt-t interest, quorums cAU h_t, be obtained, "D\rnn can reJuVehbte the
A. M. S. as he has AHs '30,tl declared
Mr. Morley. "No i .her man can,*' he
Speaking  ln  support of  Mr.. Macdonald, Miss Clegg paid tribute to hi.
(Continued on page 4)
# Wail, rtod &ke€
_  .....        jo poitton bt FeaWrb
SMitor in hiii second yeak   i„ thii
posltttm hb drstirtiUlshsd biubelt bit
bis clever and original "Muck" page
appearing twice-a-week.
This irear, as. aewA manager, Mr.
ias organised and guided
t covertnir n.ws on the
A both systematic And afle-
His work and ability
._,„ c,Siriratldh bf the Itt-
ebmlhg lbkt» while bis record ot service jfofti-Ays ah ihtbrbbt And reSpon-
bibtlttf Itt -olMte IdumAltftib whldb
attgurl well fbr the publications of
Iiiftriir'l    ii l     ii    ■      • i  iirr      ii m
Nomination pspers of all candidates for positions other than
president oM the atudenta' Council must be In the hands of the
secretary of the A. M. S. by six
o'clock on Wednesday, Maroh 13.
,i -I'.i.t i.'if. .■^."..»...-
wtge have to boArd^ta, a privaW home,
Camossi fleolared that he bas noticed on different oooaslpns in the
Auditorium bbck voting on general
voting bad been observed
Science star, ThoHib*., who will
backed ty strong rubbers sudb As Fell,
Tbe half mile will prove to m a
nt the l.sifvmlie Selby Ihtendb tb
break the rbcord and Chappell OS*
bt bbing tbb riM. __oitl_i in
progVamttie as Vanlty'A tb>e
distance runners, Dunh/ selbtf ,.^
Carey will be matched aalnst each
Shields, Wroth. Atid AlPea will W»
with other tor title of Varsity's bent
IMt expect!
bus xmt
have ihe
Slons suol
^ tef a*t%*m%rk»
I hn ta m bait prov.d theto.-
. td be lb Vie b*»t ihtbtesa bt
the University. The tnemD.ni thAlh.
Selves are ant bf aU Univetsny student* i in all logical thinking tkett
frAternity must Always be a subsidiary
organisAtlon in its parent body—the
Alma Mater Society. The fraternity
however, can be of great material benefit to Its members in their university
life, it is a means of consolidation
of those closer and more intimate
makefriendshlps which we would inevitably make during our university
careers. With those friendships, And
with these associations a man Is moi*e
Abie to Uhderstabd the importance ot
University Activity, mere Appreciation
(Cbbtltiued on pkgd 4)
"iii i'rw«Ti .i,.. ., iinl.lMli .tnu ,M i ■ i   ii
Two McKechnie Cup Rugby Stan In Actfon
Alpen the record
break his own rtctl
wii» _.._
high and low hurdles, amongst
promising competitors,  _n.ll sbow»
good  foitn.,   Ir
hurdlfi, will
dangetotniVy an
the track has
tbe jumping pits
aad all that la beefhtf ft fl
meet mny su-.e_Aful Is afli
thusiastie speotAters to 1Mb
oval during tht eviati.
ii   r  miV./.I    -I'lllllKl   ,.,
widened and
i» tf""    '
s iswsaw. fjej^amssi sipai I.fSp
Western rjAnadd inter^colleglAtA Rugby union m Vancouver, the Metni
Athletic execvitlve hds received , 4
tetter pans.d on to them by th*.
Shrum, president of the local Big I
Four, in which there is news ebb1
corning varsity's fhtttre part In iti*
tor-colieglato Canaalau Rugby. Students will remember the two gabies
with Alberta last nbvember as without doubt the most Interesting <.tA)n_
oh the bporta cAW bt
events wer> aitreiinely sAtafA-thry
from a flnknclkl lUbdWlnt aa well.
A small proflt-lyj^'Jmk emM
ductibn of the trateiling eipensee ot
tbb prAirie Wsitofs. '   ". - y*
.. Cprresodbaepce Urttb JbO tblob cdbi.
membership in the Te|
it is proposed tbAt t
colleges #ui play off .
meet B. C. and that next yea'r thd
flnala will again be held lb Vancouver
about Thanksgiving time. The number of gamea to be played haa yet .to
be -ettled aad tbe endorsbment of tbe
manners of play-off by tbe, local ofll-
olals bas aot So far heed dbrte.
Candidates for all peSftmhS er>
•tudsnta' Counoil, 1*ft>-ltSd,
will be allowed to publish their
Platforms in the ''Ubyssey.1'
Thilc should he written ih let*
tkr form dfldrnabtl te members
of the A. M. S. and algned by
the esndlddte. Letters rWtt
net sxoeed MO words In length
and must be handed In to the
Publications etffeb net later
than 10 a,m„ Thursday. Letters
must be vVrltten legibly and eh
one Side af the papei* only, the
''Ubyssey'' assumes no rlapOAAI-
{illIty for non-publlcatloh of let-
srs which fall to meet the fere*
polnfl   requirements.	
' li
1" ')
-i?«'S 2
i ¥*
She UbyHtirg
No news
whioh are
(kfembar of Paolflo luter-Coueglate Press Association).
Tfils newspaper la A member of the Paolflo Inter-Colleglate Preas
dftpAtohes credited to tt may be reproduced except'by newspapers
,   members of the Paolflc Inter-Collegiate Press.
issued every Tuesday and  Friday by  tha  Student JPublloatlons  B'jArd  of  the
University ot British Columbia, West Point Orey.
Phonat Point Orey 14S4
Mall gubaortptlona rate: 18 per year.   Advertising rates op application.
BD-TOR-IN-CHIEF—Maurice DesBrlsay
editorial Staff
Advertising Manager-^A%V^•a5^^"^»ta^^^'l,.l
MlMUMselUsteUnts—Syren .towards and Vlotnrli
n Lecky
'lotoria aeadai
BdHerS*fer*trie* Issue. .-._,.._
Senlori Margaret Orant.     Associate: Bruoe Carr ck.     Aaalstanta: Maxine Smith
and Vernon van Hlokle..
Proof Headar: Nlqk Muaaallem     	
At this time of tbs year, when the sooial whirl has somewhat subsided, and when only the stress ot election campaigns
remains to perplex the undergraduate mind, one ls naturally led
to a few moral reflections upon the time-worn and much-abused
subject of cramming.
It Is perhaps inevitable, considering the Ineradicable tendency of human nature towards procrastination, that scholastic
efforts should be reduced to a minimum during the term ln the
confident expectation that through the miraculous intervention
of Providence the necessary results win in the end be achieved.
But in ths fnat analysis, is thore any adequate reason why the
Wajority of students apparently find it impossible to accomplish
W certain i^ttij^ df coftslstent work throughout the year in
spits of tije manifold activities which offer momentarily super-
tor attractions?
FVw be it from us to dilate upon the primary purpose of a
University education, for the question is, after all, one which
must be settled by each Individual to his own satisfaction. Ih
our perhaps too-ldoalistic opinion, however, the four years at
college only serve to defeat their own ends when they do not
Awaken In the possessors of average intelligence a more or less
intense interest not only in the immediate objects of study but
also in tlie pursuit of knowledge for Its own sake. Is it Impossible, In an institution presumably devoted to higher learning, to combine scholastic and sooial activities ln satisfactory
proportion, or even to derive a certain pleasure from study itself?
uxui.vit"liH»*riii    'ii,'    i i "ifiVi:1" n
._M_____ai   _P__b___u___m—--—-_   S_ssa__fl_ss____
II^ivkmsMp Results
. .mil	
Major and* Minor Chess Champions
bave been crowned in the Upper Common Room, |t A. Pllkington retaining
tbe Senior title for the third successive year and J .Davidson walking
off with the minor event.
Second place ln the Major Cham*
pionsW bid not yet ,been deolded.
Following Pllkington, who has, finish
ei) bis schedule with 9 wins, 3 draws
and no losses, are M. McGregor and
N. Abratoson. Each has won five
games and lost two but while Ahram*
Son has one draw against him, McGregor* has none, and has a winning
position in his adjourned game with
Lane. As these two have not yet met
over the board a tierce game is impending. It is quite possible that
neither of these players will win Hec-
ond place. J. Clayton and C. Garwood
have finished with seven wins and one
draw each, and will not be out of the
picture until of the others has won
two more games.
In the Minor Tourney first and second places have gone to J. Davidson
and JR. Klnntnmont, the former finishing 2ft Sanies ahead of his nearest
rival. The winner and possibly tbe
runner-up of this contest will be promoted to "B" class next year.
A match has been arranged between
the Varsity Chess Club and the Theol-
ogs. It was originally set for Wednesday night but has been postponed
for a week. On the Theolog team
will be Dr. Shrum who won two games
for the Faoulty against the Chess
Club recently. The Club team has not
yet been chosen.
Harry Warren, Arts '25, member of
the Canadian Olympic team, made
certain ot his Blue by winning a place
on the Oifovd University Track team
in the recent University trials, according to Prof. H. T. Logan. Warren beat the field In the hundred
yarda and will run for Oxford against
Cambridge. He is the flrst U. B, C.
graduate to win his Running Blue.
On account of the Easter holiday,
the University will be closed from
Friday, March 29th to Monday, April
1st, Inclusive.
A dense oloud of tobacco-smoke filled the Women's Building, Saturday
on the occasion ot the annual Arts-
men's Smoker. Boxing, a 20 yard
dash, speeches by members of the
faoulty, singing by the D. 0. K. K.
Quartet and skits by various undergraduate organisations made up the
long and lively program that lasted
until 12 o'clock.
The flrst item, boxing, provided
plenty of exitement, the battlers
showing more enthusiasm than skill.
None ot the bouts were to a decision.
The 20 yard dash was won by N.
Terry, the Sophomore flash.
The D. O. K. K. quartet which rendered not a few numbers during the
evening, was well received hy the
Dr. Sedgewick, the flrst professor
to apeak, surprised the audience by
seriously scolding them for the apathy
of the University. Tbe other speakers
followed the more traditional Smoker
vein, Prof. Logan singing the woes
of Romeo and Juliet, Prof. Soward ex
plaining how he had been mistaken
for a Freshie and Dr. Shrum describing a new use for pumpkins.
Skits were presented by the Society
of Thoth, and the classes of '32, '31
and '30. The most outstanding of
these were the Thoth Club's daring
number "Living Statues" and Arts
•30's "Crystal Casing."
Mr. McKelvle, of radio fame, proved
most popular, his impersonations win
nlng long applause.
Apples and punch comprised the
refreshments, while "Missouri Meer
schaums" and MUlbAnks provided the
On Friday, March 15th, an lllus
trated lecture will be given on "In
fantry In Battle" by Lleut.-Col. 0. R
Perkes, V.C., D.8.O., MC, P.P.C.L.I.,
In Applied Science 100.
The Unit wtll parade Saturday even
Ing at 7.45 p.m. In the Beatty Street
Drill Hall tn uniform with serges,
belts,and sldearms. Those to whom
uniforms have not been issued will
parade "mufti." It is expected however that uniforms on requisition will
arrive sometime early this week. All
cadets are aaked to watch the Notice
Board carefully.
Class and ClubNdtes
 'i - "■'.<
Debating Union
The meeting of the Debating
Union' for Tuesday noon haa been
postponed to the following day, .Wednesday, at the same time in Arts 108.
Every member of tbe Union is
Urged to attend aa this will be the
last meeting of the term. The officers for next year will be elected.
Dr. MacDonald will speak to the
members. Tbe meeting will begin
sharply at 12:10 and will close about
12:80 ln order to allow the members
time to have lunch after the meet*
Ing. Everybody out.
■   t   i.   .
Philosophy Club
A meeting of the Philosophy Olub
was held at tbe .borne ot Miss Evelyn
Cruise, on Monday, Maroh 4, when
tbe eleotion of tbe following officers
took placet President. Frank Morley;
Vloe-Presldsnt, Evelyn Cliff: Secret*
ary*Treisurer, Evelyn Cruises and
Margaret Logan and James Dunn complete tbe executive.
There are several vacancies ln the
membership tor students ln Philosophy. Applications must be signed
by two members of the olub . and
placed te the letter*racU in tbe Arts
building before Friday, March 15.
Address letters to Miss Evelyn Cliff.
Aggie Oratorical Contest
In room Agriculture 101 at 12.05 o'clock. Contestants are limited to a
five minute speech but may choose
thetr own subjeot. All members and
any others Interested are urge* to attend. • -.-
An open meeting ot the Physics
Club will be held one week earlier
than usual on Wednesday, March 18,
at 8 p.m. ln Soience 200. Mr. Kenneth
Logan will address tbe meeting on
tbe "Ultra Violet Photometer." Mr.
Buokland will speak on "Spark Photo*
graphy," and Mr. Donaldson on the
"Hot Wire Gas Analysis Apparatus."
All first year students are cordially
Invited to attend as these subjects
will be of particular interest to them
March 12,
Letters Club
The meeting of the Club whioh was
scheduled for to-night at the home of
Mrs. H. C. Shaw, 1184 Montcalm
Street, will be postponed for one
week, unUl Tuesday, March 10th.
La Canadlenne
The following have been elected to
membership of La Canadlenne.
Phyllis Campbell, Isabel Dee, Mary
Ball, Margaret Moscrop, Margaret
Large, Fralley Hill, Margaret Muirhead, Mary Herbeson, Donald McMillan, Roger Mermoa. They are all
cordially invited to the meeting tonight.
A combined meeting of La Canadlenne, La Causeale, et L' Alouette will
be held, March 26, 6.30, at the Piccadilly Cafe, 581 Oranvllle Street.
Those members who Intend to go
please hand name at once to the secretary of your Club, The cost of the
dinner will be 60c.
Historical Society
At tbe last meeting of the Historical
Society, held on Thursday, March 7,
at the home of Miss Margaret Orant
a stimulating paper was delivered by
Miss Marie Kaak on the subject:
"Ib the Societ Republic Permanent?"
The following officers were elected
for the coming year: Honorary President, Mr. F. H. Soward; President,
Margaret Ross; Vice-President, Percy
Henderson; Secretary - Treasurer,
Thomas Barnett.
From a long list of applicants the
following were elected to membership: Helen Bell, Donalda McRae,
Rita Sargent, Betty Johnson, Betty
Moore, Helen Trltes, Thomas Barnett,
Eugene Cassidy, Hugh Morrison,
Brian Tobln, Donald Watson, Jack
Will the person who has had a
loose-leaf note-book, containing year's
notes belonging to D. John Leach,
Arts '31, for the last three weeks
please return them as soon as possible.
Either leave them at the bookstore
or at the place from whioh they were
Lest on Campus Monday. Chi
Omeag Pal Fraternity Pin. Shield
and aclmltar design. Finder please
leave at bookstore.
Most human beings are notorious
for their sentimentality (especially
the Americans I) and now we feel the
approach of the end of this Varsity
year with — well, with mAny feelings,
chiefly something strangely near to
bome*siokness, A very undignified
feeling: that which one has when,
with parents, sisters, brothers, great
aunts and grand-cousins peering anxiously into ths compartment, break
out with: "Well, goodbye! Goodbye!
Goodbye I" and tbe train pulls out of
the -busty station, bringing that
chaotic finality whioh attacks tbe
wretched schoolboy at the pit ot hta
stomach, when be realises there le no
Perhaps we should follow the example of our "fashionable philosophers" and self-ordained skeptics who
demand of life nothing more than
"Reduetle ad absurdum."
a   a   a   a
Campaign time is dangerous time,
or rather, a time when we have a
right to be suspicious.
We are ln honour bound to vote.
Yet, do you know, some actually un*
derstand the why and wherefore of
their decision. Extraordinary achieve*
ment that, so It seems I I remember
onoe, a worthy individual at Public
School, clad in a suit ot reach-me-
downs and yellow shoes, wbo intend*
ed to give us a leoture * on "Tbe
League ot Nations." He spoke for 35
minutes on cholera and tbe lack ot
sanitary arrangements In tbe Crimea
And then collapsed gracefully on tbe
stage in a dead faint The Head*
master advanced gravely over his
prostrated corpse and announced in
even tones: "Gentlemen, you may dis*
perse.  The lecture Is ended."
For some reason or other tbe two
aeem to have something In common
though my sympathy extends to tho
pussled ones. At any rate, tbe three
candidates for selection, speaking impartially, are all aplendld men. May
tbe best man survive!
As I write, I look out of tbe publications window and amongst
others ot less horrid aspect, I see a
car in which, though It Is probably
built for six,
recline twelve people, ln various
altitudes.   Their faces are hidden
from casual
Inspection — in fact casual inspection
is not
Invited. They seem very engrossed,
they doing?
I wonder why this can be?  What are
Suddenly from tbe midst I bear:
"C'mon baby! Papa needs a raw pair
ot shoes!".
What Is this? — 1   Oh no, it cannot
Ot course that's what I'm saying, but
despite all
other tomfooleries, tt is about time
on the campus was stopped.
We usually associate dice with street-
and establishments intended for that
At least not with University men who
Supposed to possess a fairly mediocre
of brains.
By Ernest Harteock
Both tall and pale IS he, and stooped
and alinder,
And like a stork for longtlf.ude of
His velce is tremulous and thin and
His head Is bleak and radiant as an
A nose he has, full "tretys," like a
And eyes as green as any prloresse
(For in his manner there Is nothing
And he ls full of moral jokes, I
He never catches on when pupils ask
Derisive   questions   timed   to  halt
But stops and painfully purusea the
Of settling every trivial disputation.
So when the course Is through, none
has learned much,
And students still thing Chaucer wrote
In Dutch.
Rowers Prepare Progrii For
tanual Crew Bay
Coal Harbour is a lively scene with
ail the crew practising tor the Unj-
verslty Boat Club's Annual Crew Day,
which Is to be held on Saturday.
March 16. '
The First VIII., under the ooaohlag
of Johnny Oliver, ls out four times a
week, jn preparation for its raoe with
the Vancouver Rowing Club's senior
oars. This race Is a preliminary ea*
oounter to tbe meet with tbe unlver*
slty of Washington the following week,
Tbe other events will Include a race
With a IV, from Brentwood College,
and competitions In the 1194b, 7*1
HB-lb. classes against these of toe
V. R.p.
The mixed events wm be novejty
races In which co-ed* will take part,
with the regular oarsmen. Canoe
races will also be held,
A tea danoe la tbe V, M. 0* club
house wlU close tbe events of the
day. Admission to this will be Sfty
WM llttt hi fair if Mntfir IntM
Heart*? ti Twtriwr if Straw Viti
In the straw vote held last Friday,
the Manager System received a substantial majority. Official figures have
not yet been Issued but it is given
out that over 800 voted—more than
sufficient for a quorum.
» I 11* * taeae**em****mM*am*m****i*e*)iia>
SitWdajr Stoning  .
Lester Court
(By xavttastea)
___i*_J_Lf^_MSk« '*_*•»
amsissKatisa us jam ft amali
. -S-L-. |-«_^_^a|a—   ||N|M M0|*£   ______*
ror mrMim, uni nn, in
a.S'Siisi>MSisiisns*«iis isi-im sisis s» a mi < n
Best of AU
pW*^ss Wff^^P^e
. «ah wuimLLi enm*
_____B_____l_____M_._t __U_____S
nme^nmmm**mwwm*' **** spwarVfw
m I
cosU no more than
a vacation at hbme.      M   ;
Mentteal, BoSSi, New Ye*   :
er'aW.J^SStflmWanamifnt SmSJp\ysj']<^0 .
THE OUNAIID •. S. 00. IT*.
122 Haitinis It., W., Yaimivii, ¥0,
, I   s  S11S1 Hi*. Illlllllll I I I Hi
Evening Dress
Gentlemen who wish to attend meetings or "functions'''
where Evening Dress ia considered de rtgueur can be
accommodated at tbe Parisian
Coetnasera (opposite the dree*
venor Hotel on Howe Street)
■■»*a_r ■_-?.«
and Collars extra.
Only One Address
Parisian Costumier.
841 HOWE ST.
Opposite Grosvcaor Hefsl
Phooe, Scjr, 8499
|iS Si I IS i,  S  I  IMS  IIIS    SSI! S III I SiSlSil
The meet rjp*te-eae*
Typewriter  sa  the
a Watch.
A very Special Prite te
Varaity Students
Exceptienally Easy Terns.
Oatspas Representatlvei
Alts '89
Phone, Doug. S7B0-2 W^nWW^-
Om prise only, buys all th
styls aad comfort a ysusf
bsab needs. At the Nstioo.
al Ctethss Shoos.
Clothes Shops
■'rsyvHO __ie^^^ssPSrW e^s_i^B ^^^s^vvc-wnew awns^^
/■ f'1    •'      „„, i *' -
JNttfa/aotioi. Guaranteed
are/ait are)S»sf ihe earner
' '  nWtTtiSt&M
tie wonderful new Bancroft
stAodew eve here.
George S
We fs*«we lunclee, Aiternoon
Teas aad After-Theatre Specials.
Catering te Balls and Banquets
a Specialty.
W# make <*w own Candy and
Pastry frem tn. beat Ingredients
722 Oranville Street
nsn I smsssts
McUod's Barber Shop
662 Dnamafr Street
(Pacific stage Depot)
Drawing Instnunenti
Set Squares, T Squares,
Scale*. Rulers
Drawing and Tracing
Foustain Pens
Loose-Leaf Ring Books
550 SEYMOUR ST. 550
Way baok la the little apple town
of Wlnesap, situated In the core of
Okanagan Country, a little frail old
lady ls waiting hopefully tor news of
her sou's election. She Is Ma Me*
Ooofus. white-haired mother of the
People's Candidate, and she has ua*
swerving faith In the dear boy's sue*
To visitors she sometimes shows a
oberished picture of Rufus ln his baby'
hood, sprawled gurgling on bis turn*
my. "My boy," she whispers, with
tears in her voice, "my own boy, the
apple of my ef."
"I know he will do bis best for the
Ssople. He is so mild and kind to
Is old mother. He always thanks
me so nicely when I send bim money
to buy books. He ls always buying
books, ball very studious."
Here In Varsity, whenever tbe
Stress ot campaigning allows bim a
Soment to himself, R. MoOoofus,
e People's Friend, is gaslng fond*
ly on a little golden locket that he always wears neat to his heart
"Oood little mother," he murmurs.
"She has set her heart on my due*
cess. For her sake I must win, How
oould I keep up all my social activities It she didn't send me money tor
toy books/'
To-day the people make the decision that means so muoh to this
pair. Let them not forget that a
vote for MoOoofus means a vote tot
a safe, sane, sound and snappy regime.
Anpry Aggies Ask
For Vote Probe
Aggie circles and Aggie grain
growers are highly Incensed at the
insult proffered tbem by the Rt. Hon.
Tolmie. He openly announced on the
front page ot the Ubyssey that a straw
vote Would be taken among the stu
dents on the Financial Manager
Syatem. The members of Agricul
ture consider this a direct affront
upon the condition of their Common
room which ls to everyone's knowl
edge bedded down with straw.
A committee Is being formed at
present to thrash out this matter with
tha President. Various points such
as the senior having the advantage
on account of their stack privileges
and the Players' Club members who
know tholr oats, will be settled. Special care will be taken by the committee to see that things won't go
Probably when tbe chaff has been
separated from the fruit and the
stooks have been winnowed from the
divots and t*»e greens have been faithfully curried the aubject will be
"We like a man who calls a spade
a spade," spoke the Aggie committee
foreman. He went on to say that he
hoped the same meeting methods
would be adopted as those of the recent milk probe.
A rigid vegetarian diet will prevail
at all Council meeting whilst the straw
vote ts being discussed. Hay will be
the motif of the floor design to make
the Aggies feel at home.
The committee Is comprised of: Master Cato; Mr. M. Lerner, Squire Yar-
wood; Miss Agatha Stewart; and
Farmer Harold Cliffe.
Oray K.: How do you feel?"
K. Oray: Like a census."
Oray K,: "How's that?"
K. Oray: "Like embracing ten million women."
•   •   *
"Waiter, my bill should be thirteen
dollars Instead of fourteen."
"Oh, sir!   Arn't you superstitious?"
■ »-
tommuhore Cafe
Delioioue Steal*    -,-    Cnvrteou* Service
Radiophoto of McGoofus' Inaugural
on Wednesday
What People
Are Saying
Or. Q. Shrum: Hey, you little
Prof. H. Legan: 0, Romeo!
O. Pollock t Henri, your future
holds ....
Prof. P. Soward: Who writes
the Muck Page?
Dr. Sedgewlok: Pfff! What
First Thoth Statue: This ls
more than I can bare.
vie Odium: Break—Now stop
fighting boys!
Doug. MoNlel: Next we have—
Jimmy Dunn: This is no race,
get off my lap.
Hennlger and Hebb: Another
little drink won't do us any
Alleged Jokes
McGregor:  (to girl walking down the
street):  "May I come too?"
Gal: "You'll never come to, unconscious." —Ex.
• ♦    «
"That steer belongs  to  me."
"It won't belong now," said tbe cattle thief, drawing his forty-five.
• •   •
Registrar:  "Name, please."
Prosh:   "Whose?" —Bx.
• •   •
"Do you play the piano?"
"I don't know—I never tried."
There are several things I can always count on.
What's that?
My Fingers. —Ex,
a    a    *
Most men call a spade a spade—
until they drop one on their toes.
a    a    a
The "Fuerst Bismark," bound for
Bremen, was on its flrst day out. A
group of college girls gathered at the
dintg table with that eagerness characteristic of the weaker sex. The
waiter approached with a pitcher of
Ice water.
"Wasser, frauleln?" he asked.
"No," replied one of the girls with
characteristic Intelligence, "Welles-
ley." —Ex.
• •   •
Boas: Hey I What are you doing ln
that corner?
Pat: Begorra, boss, Ol'm rest In'.
Boss: Resting! From what?
Pat: Wurra, wurra, a guy can't
slape all the tolme. —Ex.
• *   *
Barber: Is there any particular way
you'd like your hair cut?
Freshman:  Yeah,    Off.        —Ex.
McGoefus an. Mtfiikstldy
Prepare to rasugural .
Rivalling the inauguration cere*
monies of President Hoover, the prep*
arations for the inaugural ot Mr. R.
W. MoOoofus got under way yesterday. The supporters ot Rufus are
so confident of his victory that they
demand the Inaugural to take plaoe
tbe day before the election.
Voters should not be deterred hy
tbe tact that there are no signs
screaming "Vote for MoOoofus, the'
people's friend," since Rufus is con*
ducting a whispering campaign.
A last minute speech will be given
by tbe candidate from the Cafeteria
Counter where be will be protected
from the sneers, Jeers and leers ot the
crowd by a barricade et potato salads.
Free sandwiohea are to be handed to
deserving Freshmen.
Maybelle McOIIlIcuddy will address
the assembled fairer sex and harangue them on tbe possibilities of
bigger and better Common-rooms.
Her platform, though at first unsteady, is to be strengthened by several out-posts. An exhibition of her
handwriting will be shown to all who
doubt her Illegibility.
Voters down to the last man are
expected to back MoOoofus and McOIIlIcuddy into victory,
Bored Fan: Ten bucks If you sock
tbat guy!
Referee: Cut that stuff, will ya?
You tryin' to start a fight?      —Ex.
a     a     a
"What will you have, sir?"
"A toasted cheese sandwich."
"On toast, sir?"
"No, bring it in on horseback."
a    a   a
First Thoth Dancer: "What's that
patch on your costume?"
Second T.   D.:   "That's  no  patch,
that's me!"
a    a    a
Hot: I wantsh a flowersh.
Shot:  Potted?
Hot: Nona yer blshness.     —Ex.
For Sale x
Eto. and So On
Patronised by the elite.
Wlulin. Brazier & Morfay
The men who put tha "Hull"
i tn "Bulletin Boards" j
We are golag to tell the young
ladies ot U. B. O. a beauty secret
wblcb, were It known to the feminine
world at large, would put all the
beauty shops out ot business. We teat
we are violating all the ethics ot the
business but we are going to give It
to you ln strictest confidence. "Look
as good as you oan as long as yes
oan." There, it's out. Do that aid
you will benefit mentally, morally
and physically. We bave other beanjp
secrets at The Hollywood, 888 Ctfsm-
ville St.   Sey. 48.8.
Tbe vet
•• ptmm.	
tone effects
Ores in and teak them <mr.,   ,
Turpin Bros., Ltd.
Men's OtttftUm    ". „,'
____H___l  _Mea_s _t. *____f__lia_FW *_.' 4__ __fl____t
^PWJF   wsvOsWMWeprS "▼ •W-^Bsa^BP   ^VSBft
lor Madam* and
alUeccasion Coats,
Unusually handsome
.fined _*leur«omblnations.
New, youthful silhouettes.
Swagger/ mannish tittcf.
Virtually waather-proof.
Tailored in the English
Trim/ chio simple medals,
Richly fun-trimmed models.
Lined with fine
Crepe dc Chine.
A fit for every figure.
A price for every pttrss*
,c ■*<
Exclusive with     ■'■*'
Jusia Minute!
Don't Forget
*T*teMi*K*d lUt
VANCOuvaa, a a
Phone, Sey. tee W* ■yyv*
.  .K„- *-_!.—    ■
lar brand of foothill
*f ieam held tbe
er. Royals to a 1*1
ibjj* contested
ith ^sfgny having a
i Tbe colllge team played
itball shoving the effects
ura4ry> wAlning. Tbe for*
oomblnW well but were a little
following up. .The flrst bait
ill fdugbt both |._Ti biibi
threatened., Two % minutes before
lialt-Ume W^kbnrtl when a high
centre was fahetj Into the net by the
wind, tbe Varsity goalie being out of
but oltadel. After refreshments tbe
Bros s«atd ssade determined
Bad bveral nArrow
Smith, tbe Vanity tall
pot-shots at long range.
bl MbXiUor wbo made
,_ value for thetr
__....     MIS flbjafli.  Smith ex-
eellid himself and baa Sever played
better game. The calves all showed
fjwovement, NeM perhaps being
McGregor; Roberts. Smith;
aimers. McKellan and Eng-
yi1 il '■"■' '■-       '■
i feature ot
rear men'a play, although
kt few minutes ot the game
lt4ne^eBc*^|y their
other points on free and
s.. Captain Bower .fitted hli
brind of ilaslidg rug-
■ ace, Web* Perdue, lidner, David-
Ward, Shaneman, McQuarrie.
i. Suffering k T37ii tet^rsai of
lora. from tbelr last gtdM, # U. B.
Io better thah draw against Bi-Klng
lleorge oa SAtdrday. The plAy oh
both alrjee was unsatisfactory, only
th. poor showing qf their opponents
Having Varsity from d.feat. There
Was no score.
Playlet: the flret halt with their
backs to the wind, Six-king George
jjield the upper hand And twice came
year to scoring. After the Interval,
varsity reversed the process but
could not s.br..
Varsity .till holds first fcl_.ce ih
ihe second.. MU-of the league and
ttas only! the Froah to boat to make
Sure of the honors.    . .
The warn ..was* Brent Brown,
Earner, f Pllklngechi, Burnt, Baker,
lartin, WotfiSl Mutou* Cbabelle, Oil*
Bsple, dletYlAnd, B. B_d*n, Terry,
Iriffln add HAll,
kfetmon. Ttam Swamps
tm«m littrKMHatei
An apparent championship team In
Richmond loomed Up before Varsity
Intermediate Canadian Rugby squad
bh SAhtrday and took the students
Into camp by the score of 23*8. Again
Coach CamoSSI's line worked to perfection, but the backfleld was a little
Off colour. Wllmot was Injured and
was forced to retire being replaced
by Morrison.
The first half ended 171, but the
local boys staged a come-back tn the
second and held Richmond to h)x
points, themselves getting two. Ail
Uf Varsity's points were made on
dead-line kicks, Latta getting two and
Chodat  one.
The line-up was—Allan,  Morrison.
Boore, Wrlnch, Brown, Hall, Wllmot,
eatVey, Vougnar, Latta, CrAwfotjd,
Donaldson, MacKlnnes, Wallace, Cho-
dAt, Oreen, Kelley, Ross.
Rett film frtt n.m
(Continued trom Page 1)
of what his Alma Mater means to
blm. And finally, the fraternity gives
a>art fgr {ood and all, a tie which
exists throughout his graduate life; as
yet this is practically the only tie
which exists between graduates and
their Alma Mater.
"I approve of a term of, probation
for new fraternities tot the strnble
reason that a fraternity which had &ot
furthetabcs of the interests of tbe
Alma Mater Society ai its primary
object, could very easily prove a man*
ace to our ooiiege. until a newly
organised group has proven that suoh
ls Its object, It should not be officially
recognlssd. A term of probation can*
not conceivably barm tbe new often-
Isatlon. while to the existing fraternities and to the unlveralty as a whole
It gives a higher degree of assurance
add safety. Probation will ensure tbe
fact that fraternities #111 continue to
hive the Interests Of their university
ai tbelr primary consideration.
"To\ fraternities  as■ adult   bodies
should t* granted a degree of Beltsy a repre*
terrtUy   Couri.ll.
ivemment is ob*
Ihd practical
sSntatlve   inter *1
Such a system of
vlously tbe only
method. ;   ■■      ;;,
"The present flood of comment, both
editorial and otherwise, In your colt
umns, would aeemto lbdloate A new
Interest in the biW questtdb, tf
all that Is being written is to be re
garded ln the nature of information
td the student body, It is to be welcomed.   If, however, lt Is jo be re
garded as one side oi a decidedly one*
sided controversy, then someone has A
mistaken idea,"   .A
Varsity J
venti&niai^tM Mti
league ItatteW YttfA     	
><i problem
gl. fdrmS. for Jdlnini M. bi
trolds ot tKe thre. epAtehU tf
Ankles li gift eiiWkteMK"       . .■ -,u
v&rtity jnWor .o__»{ WA.
selt.--Buddha, ,,..,.,■
mifetftr ft
Candidates Address A.M.S.
(Continued from Page 1.)
work th cbnneotton with ..oineconUni.,
whin he showed effldiency and leaner-
ship and made it a joy to work Under
him. He has confidence and personality and Is a vigorous speaker,  she
Suporting Mr. MUbtt, Mr. Paul
Murphy enumerated twee character-
lnUol a trssldfent shpulfl hive — pop*
ulArlty, odbriie and i|pbttence. Mr.
MUtth's expeii-nc., Said tile speaker,
covers three and a half years as
assistant manager of a factory and a
year as A. M. B. treasurer, whioh dlf*
flAUH position be has carried obi exceedingly well In the oplnl.rt di tbe
committee on finance. He has bad
tbe courage to say that he Is against
the Business Msnager plan, and has
all the ttirie heceiaary qualltlbi no-
cessary tor a president, said Mr.
Murphy. "Cab you find a better T"
he asked.
Speaking for Mr, Dunn, Mr. Lltch
emphasised bib executive ability ind
extolled bis high dualities.
i Mr. Willie said that Mr. Mac-
donald'i work lb cohhectlon with
lnltlatldn; tbs Prosh Reception, tbe
organisetlttb. of tbe Mamooks Club,
the improvement Of Peb Meetinge ind
the Student rati
shown his oiigib
ership, vigour Iiii
Mr. Cammossl
pand and must
of Insight, tralj
Selfish and lo;
versltles as thi
felt, can imp
system  bas
udgment, lead*
at we shall ex-
lwart leaders
d ability, un*
ib oan face ad-
Mr. Munni be
.,     Ipirtt of progress which is hec<3Mery.
Mr. King stressed tie tact that Mr.
Dunn Is the only bob-fraternity ban-
illdate. He his character, ability, determination, and is bbbiased.
Mr. Gold said tbe object of hairing
a Junior Member is that be be trained tor the-presidency, and Mr. Macdonald has done his work success*
.  Mis. C41e, speaking for Mr. Munni
palled finance the bis P°**\t> and believed we peed aa btany flnihcial mett
bn counftf as possible.
The meeting was then adjourned.
The registrar wants Irifortaitloii id
Reference to Roman Kouatabtlnovltob
Fwedoroff as important mall is being
itold for him.      '
aw —*t.iisa
an iriii
n>nianiai r-iiife,|ia   ■
Deflinltioh of woman—a figure o
speech.       .^ .       — fix. J, h.
. SympAtn^l. limited by cdblprebeni
Suppressed Stskm attd Supprelsed
bmqtlpns. are dangerous things to
Sei) with. ,
• •***-**-
l j   HmU»
ill r-iiiM,ii»
We feature a NOOK-DAY fitfUto for 50c. that ls bard to entafc
Private BanqnAt Boom tat Parties hoih 1. lo 12S.
_•> . ■   m
We measure success by accumulation. The measure te false. The true
measure ia appreciation,
-—Van Dyke.
Special school ifyies
and prices  at  our
The personal exchange of
photographs   with   classmates keeps school mem-
dribs for all time.
Live Forever.
4B Granville Street
University Book Store
Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Saturdays. 9 a.m. to I p.m.
Loote-Leaf Note Books, Exercise Books and Scribblers
at Reduced Prices
Graphic and Engineering Paper, Biology Paper.
Loose-Leaf Refills, Fountain Pens and Ink.
Pencils and Drawing Instruments.
Crepe Paper for Masquerades, etc.
VA N B&0$i
Ideal f of Darlces
and Parties
Prompt Delivery
Van Bros.
ISSS Commercial Dr.
PHbne High. 90
M&rion Mrotoria
Corset shop
711 Dunamuir Street
I spring Merthahdiw
is arriving daily
at bur establish-
mint. Wesreiip
to date In every
HHe of young
men's wear at thi
'<A»k fdt your Varsity DtstottHt"
Tito 1-Al^BS* OlUttf
DRUG 00., LTD.
il WsiUfn Oibirii
An Irllh hiif in
green add gold
with Individual
tor the gitbsrlf
of oonvmal souls
en or abbot the
dur party hoyeltlesatklde..
orations Male: entertaiblhg
more dellabttu) for yourself
«>.    -;■■• t,'A 'fj
MuAft -' Aa __■ ly^hiriit,   fl_____j
m WKaWkim
,\ WW eaawe^^esmtaMaaj^ntj   j,
i^mrnmmyk. ■<, '
10th and Blaasa m»gty Oat^
■ QV"'
11 .'«'■
\3hE fOdrnsUst tor khe Seventh Grade Times wis
toTsrtrlewirtg Wllltam 1-nes, president of ths Twelfth
AventH NewbiMper DIstHbUtlon Services Limited, lb
the latter* private .onietehce rc$hi, -,   .
-Wiitild m mirid telUhg -Ur reader* hbw you got
ihiiain thi world ?" asked tbe new! fitherer.
"Not at all," replied the great man. "You aae, I've
alwam been a keen reader of the Iktest Utei4r|ii||
beginamg my early career with Grimms' Fili-y Tales,
"When I waa appointed to the prWiyWty 6t this
company, 1 chanced to pick Up a copy of a Publication
which bad a profound influence over my Ufa. I reter
to The Busker. My business Is keenly Interested In
aervice, which, X understand, is the keynote el the
B. C. Electric Railway Company's publication.
"So throughout the years 1 have kepi Ar east with the
times by reading all the latest ideas on tran.portatlon
and other public service In The Busser. Se I wovjd
advise mi ambitious young man or worhAn to fetA
The Baiter and thus keep informed on the vital
problems of their city,"
Read " The Burpr"
In tbe cars every Friday.
C 2-29


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