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The Ubyssey Nov 13, 1952

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 fy K.& i
ISH-CO"J- -1*
NOV 1 41352
1             -M.    *", A
a-JJJffiAJW !
Players Club
To Act
Grad Pix
PRICE 5c; No. 20
Soc red
M. J. COLDWELL chats with Dr. N. A. M. MacKenzie  Wednesday  prior to addressing
students on policies of the CCF.
Engineering, Forestry Faculties
Blast Homecoming Committee
After  receiving  a  "slander-*p mi' By PETE 8YPN0W,CH
ous" letter from tho Forestry rYfhflllflG   MIInPIlK        A  81°UP  °f  engineers  c"n"
Club executive, Students Coun- LAVIIIIIII|W   JIUUWlllJ    verged on the Publications Of-
cil moved  that  in  the  future f-^.L    Al   hinriAr        fiCe     Wednesday     screaming
thev   "request   thai   criticism 3P6flK   Al   1/1111161 "sloppiness" and "Inefficiency"
from   any   campus   group   di-      German dishes and speeches | °n   pa^   °f   the   homecomi»«
rected towards Students' Coun-  h    t       (;p,.man Pxrhan«e stu-   comrmttee-
il    Kc    n«nctr„Mi,/-    o,,^    ,hat      * g [     " We th lllk  t he lle.tl.eiO.il ill.; <0>„-
cil be constructive and that dents were featured at Inter,
su^-'efitictsm refrain from national House's second na-
mentioning individual naiv.es.", Uonal dinnor of this year> heW
In their letter to students' Conn-  in Acadia Camp, last Sunday
cll'.tlie  Forestry  Club made a for-   night.
mill complaint in reuan! to the "!n-
Irmunrd Spieler led tlie prosi.ui,
mittee.was .hopeless," (hey moaned.
"This   is   the   lir-et   time   Hint   we
.■altminted an efiiiiemy and found
t.to.be a injnus quantity.
When   asl<ed    what    was    wront;
with   tho   parade,   they   ebiitiinieil,
"Wluit   was  wronir  with  it?  Il   \\,i-
ll'.n.ecniinn     uas     handled     wit.,    ;,i„l    student    li.e.    That    Uernim   ^  F| . ^ y  .^^^ ()[. ^ ^.^ y    y ,
,-pevial   relereme   to   the   v..tinK   ..«    Clients  have a  rmiuher time that.   |)0((y   |.m,w   tte>t„.,1   ((imi|1(,     W;,
Hie name ami  the arruimiimi>;' the   >u''  "''"    "''   '''"''"   ""• diCn't   know   whetliei'  we  were   .uo-
iiue'eu'candidates   ill   the   |/i:adr. The loo<! is poor and heating and * i"l?  until   the  last   minute.-   In   the,
other  comforts  are >at  a  verv  low   opinion of the  liroirp.  who retmed
BALLOTS NOT ISSUED leV(i,_    s,u,    ,.lailu„,     Alsi)     man>.   ,a>  iJenlily   tlit-m e!W .  VThe   oom-
••Hii'lbits  were  not  issued   to per-   students find it difficult to finance   mittee   sot   so  fouled   up   Willi' its-
-ous us tliey arrived hut were later   Mieir   studies,   althounh    they    ,uel , "wn   |»iiper   work   that ' it   hint   all
live   months    holidays   each   year.   !«.">'h    with    the   object   -of   boine-
Wane* are ^> low and living costs   roniing."
so   hiL.li    that   education   liecoines       They were especially hirter about
Tiie   Knmp  also   objected   to   the   ainuist  prohibitive lb*'  hnndllni> of the <|lleen dec! ion.
'biiili-liauiled    way    in    which    tin
■flicient and   ineffective"   iva;-   the   uiti,   .,   t<i 11<  on  (iertnan   education
was     handled     wit.i    anil    student    lii'e.    That    Gemini
- tudenls liave a  roiisdier
we.  wa~   her  contention.
received-  by    a    few    people."   com-
pliiineH 'the   Forest ry   Kxeculive.
"They    were    lopt they    didll '
I'lricli Stipke, second speaker of   s)|(nv ,|p ,„ tl|f, s,|Im, ,„„„ Heve|..(1
coni.niltee-.    .le.-hle.l    t..    select    the   t,,e  (n-ellillu,   ,.,„.,,,,   laIk  ()11   |)uliU.   |iii|idre(|   K(ud,.ms   ,,.„,   K1)|   ,„   ui|h;
candirales themselves.' cal developments in Germany since   out j)a]|()(S
the  war.
Another   point   mentioned   in  thc REPAIR   BUNGLING
complaint   was   that   <|iieen   »•nidi-      One of the  main  preoccupations       T()   |ml|;0   „,,   t(„.   this   limiuliitK
dates     were    forced    to    ride    in   of   post-war   Germans,   maintained   t|u,y  \n!friin  indiscriminately   hand
.aroups   although   several   I'aniltie'-   stipke,   is   that   of   unification   ol   ill(_,  ()|U  |m||l)ts  durliit-   the fjiiine—
arraiii'.ed    for   their   own   convert-   their  country.  Tliere  Is.   he adili ,1.   .,,,,)   tli«e>i-p   weren't    enough   ballot
ides. 11    striuiH    feelins   against    re.inna-   |,„xt,Si    Tliere    were    lisuo    ballots
ment as a means to unity. distributed,   but   only   a   few   li'iin-
drei'-  were  turned  in.'
"The committee made a ii/.zle
out of liomecomiiisi." was t licit
Al   the   parade,   uroups   who   did       The   official    policy,    he   stated,
not   wish  to  have  their candidates   was   one   of   Kuropenn   integration
packed  in  a  cir with  two or three   as a prelude to German unification.]
i.l her   .e.irts.   were   told   that   tlicj
would   be  disqualified   if their girls
-.at   ill   sepal-ale  cars.
forestry proiesicd tli" "c.ictatoi'i
al tactics" used by convenor
frank Carroll, Jim I'aiicr-eon am
Ken   O'Shea.
DeGroot To Speak      :nllM|, uftu.re aa,.,*
('llliHllllllli.-   In   their   uol'1,.4   r.t   fk-..;  VUCQW     llOiaerS     fVlUSl
Coiitinulnu in their series of five
lectures   on   aspects   of   literature Pick   Up   DlfOCtOrifiS
tiie    Kiudish    Departtnent    is    pre-      Tliere  is  still  a  small  supply  of
senium Iir. A. W. de Grout, Special (he   IHTiiJ-a:'  Student  Handbook aud
Lecturer in Classics and Slavonics, Directory  on   sale   in   the  AMS  of-
lu rej-'ird to the new  council m-i-  on   Monday.  N'oveinhei-   17.   Ur.   i'e- fice.  Ticket,  holders  are  requested
lion  I'ftO   Kill  Si. .lohii  said, "(er-   Groot   will  talk on  "National  Char- to   pick  Up  their   handbo.i'ks  so  as
lalnlv     we    wdi-niii >    const riict i v.-  actei and Stvle" in   Arts inndiirinu to   eiiuble   sales   |4,i   he *<-ei 1 e-ii a 11 ed
ciitlcism   but   nut   siander." the  Monday  noon  hour. at   the  earliest   possible date.
Asia Will
Be Heard
- Rolston i
"The voice of Asia is going'
! to be heard in the world in the
I coming years for good or bad,"
| Mrs. Tilly Rolston, B.C.'s Min- j
i ister of Education told mem- j
i bers of UBC's United Nations ;
; Club. k i
j     She  streHsed  tbe  fuct   that  ('nn- |
ai'i   must   lielp Japan   build  up  a
' healthy  economy  by   IriidliiK   with
her in so far ns It  would not hurt
; iiur own eciiiioniy.
!     Mrs.   Rolston   was   speaking   ol
; her recent trip to Japan and otliei
i counti-les of the Fur East. Describ-
ill!',  Tokyo,  where she spent  most
' o( her time while In the Hast, .Mrs.
: Rolston said that she found it dull
j and drib.
j She waa very, impressed, how-
jever, by the flowers and plants
i which she found In the Japanese
i parks  and   lining  their  streets.
The minister ol' education said
i that she would 'remember Japan
' best   for   Its   smells.   She   put   the
meat number *>f smells down to j
i poor sewage'disposal and the lnrs;e j
; amount  and   jjreiit  many   viu-ietles ]
of fish that were cnnue-»>ed by the !
, .liipeine-e people.
Answering   u   question  from   the :
audience   as   to 'the   Social   Credit
altitude toward the lilited Nations p
Mrs. Itolstoii said that she did not i
kijow   too   miicb   about   it   b It   did
know   that   the   charges   of   anti-
••em'itisin      ireqiiently     le veiled •
aiiaiiist t'he Socreds are completely '
liiise.   "We   hiive1  people   of .every
nationality   ind   faith  in  our- movement  and ..we   welcome their  cooperation   most   heartily."   Mrs.   Rolston 'said. ' '   ;
Queried   on   the   attitude   of . the
Japanese  to  the occiipafion   forces
Mrs.-  ItiflWIoii   sab!   that   she   found ;
i'   to  lie  tri ''nelly and  co-operative.,
She  was obviously impressed by
the   . ic.iHtk's   aviiilalile   to   the   oc-
' cupation    forces   in   Tokyo   wliich
<lie   said   were   luxurious   beyond
• Imagination.
Mamooks Request
Return Of Tools
I.ast   week's request  by  lhe  Ma-
jtnook     Display    l)e| irttnetit    that
i their two borrowed staplers lie returned   had   gone   unheeded   up  to
] press time  last  night.
Included In the request for thf
return of the badly needed tacker-
staplers was a request that the
sable showcard brushes borrowed
during Homecoming week be returned to the Rainbow Room in
Sout'    Brock   basement,
"Please,     I'LKASK    bring    back
ill I- equipment!"  is lhe cry of l\ive
l!einrns,   Mainook    Display    Depart-
nii-iii   manager.
Stresses In Speech
Saskatchewan Record
That Scored chief, Solon Low. hud once stated- before a
crowd in British Columbia,, that "international Jewry" w^s
allied in a plot to "destroy the freedom of the world," was
asserted by M.J. Coldwell. CCF party head, at a campus lecture
Speaking  under   the  auspices  o •   **~ —'~
this   university's   CCK   Club,   Cold-   AT      KIOON
lis   charges  against
the.    Hocitil    Credit
well   renewed
laclallsin    in
Despite denials by H.f'.'s premier, lie again quoted Low as
darning the troubles of the world
in "a plot oi International Com
riiunism, International finance and
international   Jewry."
"We feiught the persecution oi
the Japanese-Canadians before aud
after lhe war, und we will fight
I Ills new kind of racism." Coldwll
In  this  lie  waa  supported  by  :i
few   words   from   Angus   Mclnnis,
veteran   .MP   for  Vancouver   East
.Making the keynote of his talk
Lhe ethical and humanitarian ulnis
of tbe CCF. Coldwell emphasized
the record of tbe Saskatchewan
That province hns the most pro
gressive   scheme   of   public   Instu
a nee   for   hospital   treatment   anywhere   in   North   America,   maintained  the speaker.
Coldwell stressed that "change
by consent" was' the basis of Ills
party's policy. We are evolution
ary," he explained, adding that
a major part of CCF thought -and
education was. based on goodwill
and not on class hatred.
CCF,' in Its advocacy of soclal-
iwtlon is 'working toWai'd tho
establishment of thi'ee basic rights,
Coldwell.said. Tliere are: rights of
infants ' to proper care at birth;
lights of children to good 'educations; rights of adults to earn a
Speaker closed . by stating th>u
his purty stood behind all efforts
to enrich the i.itional culture 'of
Canada. "Canada is linking a national theatre, art gallery ;|iid. library."  he  said.
ISC Will Sponsor
Masquerade Dance
Following the successes of past
years, the Interr. itiiiniil Students'
Club is again holding a niasi|iieriide
on '.inturday, November la, In
llruck   Hall.
In .accordance with the Furopean
carnival custom, dancers must
come masked, but masks may be
obtained at the door. Prizes will
he given for the best and most
original   cost nines.
The ISC has invited all members of the l'.\ Club, the Foreign
Language Clubs, the International
House Committee. the Chinese
Varsity Club, the Indbm Students'
Assoc it ion nnd 'he Alpha Omeaa
Society to  the dance.
Admission price is .Mic Tor members, 7">c for friends. Members
are reminded to bring Iheir membership cards.
Drew Speaks
1    Revival  of the Progressive t
Party in British Columbia after
j its defeat in the June 12th provincial elections, will be on©
i of the main concerns of Hon*
\ George A. Drew, leader of thf
National Progressive Conservative Party when he visits, thet
i campus today at 12:35 p.m. in
the auditorium.
Colonel brew will be sp.onsoVed
; tiv the student Progressive . Conservative - Chili 'and' will probabjy
speak on the past session of Par!i;
anient, goveiniiiebt taxation., and
perhaps a few comments, on the
; C.S. elect ions. ' _• ,'
lie   will   fir.-t   attend   a-jetVeml
'discussion   meeting   with   members
: of   tbe   student    PC   Club   in   the
I .Men's Lounge of the Bcpck Hall.
i '   Alter'speaking to the students in
■the  university auditorium,  licywill
lunch  with   the  president and   the
facility   members   Mt    the   Faculty
i Club    where    lie    will   say   a   few
Service  Planned
For UBC Jet Flyer
'     Military -funeral    will' he    held
I from      St.     John's      Shaughnessy
! Church   tomorrow   at   2   p.m.   fbr
'I'BC   student   Bill   Boss.
1 i
Hill   (William   .lamesi   Ross   was
killed about -t p.m. Sunday when
the jet plane lie was flying crashed
just outside Vancouver. Boss was
in fourth year mechanical engineering, and has been with the City
, of Vancouver 112 Support Squadron stationed at Sea Island for
Ihe  past three years.
For One Thin Dime, You Can Slaughter Engineers
Thc Linniiul March of
DitiU's invasion ol the cain-
pii- will take place Nov. 20
iiikIci thc spinseirship of lhe
F,iiL',iiii.'ci'ino UiuUTi'i'aduuti.
Socii 'i y.
1     i har^c of events tire a
; i111•(■ man committee, "Red
Wci.lu'i-ill. Monte McKay and
l'oli O'Shaiu'linossy.
ovi'.'K Tin; toi*
"We are out to lop last
ju.ii''i ([iieita,'' e.aicl chairman
Vvc;!ieiill. "To t-oiich this
qoal wc intend to subject ourselves to indignities never
before conceived by mortal
man or Engineers."
He said that students, particularly the Frosh, will he
able to avenge themselves
against the Engineers for the
,Umlaut's and other acts ol
mayhem e\eiciscd against
them al I lie bi'L'/mni: c, ol lhe
term   bv   spra/nc',  Al   llickb-.
president of EUS, with a slir-
nip pump.
The stirrup pump will he
handed to any student who
has 25c to donate to the
cause. Hicks vvill nol move
lroni Ihe spot he is standni!''
nor attempt to protect himself in any way.
"II this doesn't satisfy their
sadistic natures," smiled Mc-
Ka,\, "iheii they can bid h a1
thu lemon pie lo be auctioned
When asked how a lemon
pie could accomplish this, ho
answered that Gerry Stevens, .secretary of EUS, will
stand like a true red-blooded
Engineer and let the lucky
purchaser throw the pie
rieht into his face.
The serious nature of the
activities will sec the crown-
in ; of a little crippled boy
from  Children's  Hospital as
"Engineer for a Day." He
will also be made an honorary member of EUS.
To start off the day's events
vvill be a chariot race down
the main mall at 12:o(). The
Redshirts are issuing a challenge to all faculties and organizations to enter the race.
Those wis'iino lo do s > '-an
enter their application al the
EUS olliee.
Other   activities
clude greasy pole climbing,
expectorating and cigarette
tolling ontests. To close the
two-hour long period vvill be
a football game between the
N'urses and Home Ec girls.
The final chapter of the
Redshirts" 11)52 March of
1'imr's campaign will he writ-
a v.
tilt's e le'.'ci-.i'.e on the downtown arc In "accept" donation-,. PAGE TWO
Thurs.iav. November V.Y 1952
Autliori/iMl im second class mail hy the Post office Dept., Ottawa. Student subscriptions
tl.'in per year (included in AVIS i'eesi. Mail subscriptions $:.'.n<l per year. Single copies
five centes. Published thi'oiii'.houl tiie Universlly year by llie Student Publications Hoard
of llie Alma Malcr Noicety, I'uiversity of lirilish Columbia. Kditorinl opinions expressed
liiM'eln nn; those of lhe editorial si a IT of llie l'h\s<ey. ami not necessarily those of the
Alma Maler Society or of llie I'uiversity.
' Offices ill  Hrock  Hall For display advert islni?
I'hone   Al.ma   HUM Phone   ALma   I'.'-TiM
Executive Editor Gerry Kidd        Managing Editor         Elsie Gorbat
City   Kditor,   Myra  (Ireen;   News   Kditor.   Hon   Sapera:   Women's   Kditor,   Flo   McNeil;
Literary Kditor, Hull  Klkint-'lon; <TP Kditor, Patsy llyrne;  Kditorial Assistant, VauKhan
1 I yon:   Staff  Pholneraphcr,   Mux   Lovely.   Ilesluiieii,   I'ete   I'ineo,   Mike Ames,   Kd   I'iirker.
,Letters to  the  Editor should  be  restricted  to  150 words.   The   Ubyssey   reserves  the
right to cut letters and cannot guarantee to publish all letters received.
Strictly for the Ostriches
The Forestry Undergraduate Society senl a
letter of protest to Students' Council complaining about the mishandling of Homecoming ana naming specific instances of confusion
as the result of the inefficiency of Homecoming Committee members (also named).
'Students' Council thereupon deemed it fit
io pass a motion requesting all campus organizations to refrain from all but "constructive" criticism and furthermore not to name
individual-council members in a critical vein.
The reasoning behind this inane motion
seems to be that personal criticism is in effect
slanderous and that criticism as such i.s necessarily a post-mortem affair which cannot
change the outcome of past events and canno'
conSfequently be constructive.
Constructive criticism, then, i.s an offering
of feasible alternatives to a contemplated action. The Homecoming Committee had the
htittefit of such advice but decided to ignore
it. if, therefore, after the fact critics of Homecoming game to the conclusion that postmortem advice was just a waste of breath,
they were only proceeding on the th».v«is that
Such suggestions would be ignored in tiie
fvitul-r as they were in the past.
Furthermore, the criticisms directed against
the' committee were self-explanatory as far
as alternatives were concerned. The allernn-
I ve to confusion is order; the alternative lo
stubbornness is willingness to listen   Surely
therv should he no necessity '•> launch into
lout-, explanations upon tho nal-.'-.e rl order
and efficiency. However, while the motion
as passed by Council wa.s directly a resuh of
Ihe Homecoming fiasco, it is in essence a
.ymptnm of the mentality of the pr< sent
'. 'ouncil.
Student officers are elected on a personal
platform. They do not run m parly tickets.
They have a personal mandate, personal responsibility to the body which put 'hem into
office. Nevertheless, the tendency in councillors seems to be a sublimation of their individual responsibilities into the responsibilities of the body as a whole. They are willing
lo take the credits but are modestly shy in
shouldering responsibility for the failures.
In line wi'.h this latest little Council effort,
we have one constructive suggestion (not
criticism) to make. We suggest that if councillors are not ready to bear their personal
responsibilities in the portfolios to which they
have been elected; if they are unable to hear
the criticism which i.s an inevitable part af a
democratic society; if they wish to bury their
tender heads into the sands of Students' Council as a body; if they wish to remain mere
nameless cogs in an organization, there remains only one possible solution (no alternatives Ihis time)—to surrender the mandates
which they took upon themselves as responsible individuals acting on a trust.
Seats Of Learning
AH enthusiastic group of UBC boosters festooned the campus with toilet seats as decoration for the homecoming weekend. As a
prank the Great Toilet Seat Robbery was a
However when after a few days the loiVl
seats did not reappear in the places originally
intended for their use. and when later the administration gave a preliminary estimate of
$1,000 as the cost of reinstalling, replacine, and
repairing the seats, the prank turned into a
major financial crisis.
The administration called in Students
Council and representatives of the Engineering Undergraduate Society (the inevitable
scapegoats) to inform them that the administration could hardly be expected to pay flu-
cost of student prahks. Students' Council in
its turn maintained that the AMS was in no
financial position to do so either.
The several compromises suggested tried !o
spread the cost evenly between the perpetra
tors of the prank, a special levy from the student body, and the administration.
However, since then a week has passed.
Students Council lo whom the matter was
given for consideration did not bother to
broach the matter in its regular meeting.
Councillors seem to have adopted a wait-and-
see altitude hoping that the administration
won hi  forget the matter.
The administration has now decided to wait
till the final costs can he determined, and
then will decide who is to foot the bill.
The buck has heen passed around and has
now been left lying. Undoubtedly, if the
eventual cost turns out to be as high as estimated, Ihe bickering will begin anew.
It will do no good to protest the unfairness
of spreading the cost evenly, It will do no
good to demand that the administration pay
lhe costs out of its maintenance budget. In
the final analysis, even if the administration
undertook to foot the bill, the burden would
still he borne by the student body.
it's this way       by gerry kidd
One ol' the more t'ascinntiim
dilfSt-raisei's coining; under llie
-'contentious issues" label during the past three weeks is llie
sipiabble over Uie .style and pro-
VH'iinnnlii.u oi' C.inadiein television.
Not since Ihe ec i ol' intense
povkei and comic hook criticism
lin^ve vve seen such a mass eit
lli(-l< ou the tiistes of the Caller
diiin putilic. And as it stands lo-
da.v,. ii looks lilo- a resoundiui;
victory I'or the zealous Mouse of
I'erhap-i .it's hec;iiise t lie frit:Id
Haj-rel hoys are in ee prolific
llijin the rest of ii--. eillil are ahle
lot monopolize the letters lo the
ed|tor columns in all the down
losi'ii dailies, hill ii seems that lhe
puiir      neglected       TVieWel        who
wants lo sit (| iwn in front of his
set and he nil eriiiiiied. nol lee
inj-ed lo, is being' enlii'i'ly for
r.o'l ten.
Kvervoiie   agrees    thai    lllerc   is
no   use  spending   millions  of dol
lars    hi inn ini:    television    to    l he
eolisl     wilhoul    ei    fair    miarau! ee
Hint    tit.-   ipiali: \    of    the    pr ''hie
lh)lls    will    HiireiMl    the   cosi.    1*11 !
let s    qualify    this    ' qnalit y"    la ',.
We   i   in   hav e   iuuemii! y,   bea nl v .
fet'liim.    anil    even    a    nie-saiie    in
sii.ch   show-   as   are   now   s.-eii   on
V a'tillll'        I'll,I 11 IH'! Ill      llie      C! at      ie
I '.S. We can have ipialily comedy
and I i 14 li I musical shows jit.sl as
we can have ipialily "drama"
and concert shows. They don't
have lo he stuffy to he Worth
A g iverninenl monopoly iu
such an influential field as television would lie something ap
proai-hing a national catastrophe.
II could proline:' eonse:|i|enees
which would nipple the Iradi-
t ion i Hi broad mil look of I he
I 'a naillau public, and bring about
an unhealthy nationalism which
i .mid only end in misunderstand-
ini.     and    a    cleavage    ol'    worl I
"friendship. It is ipiHc astonishing io consider t hat through such
a medium as TV. lhe thinking of
a '"■> hole ua! ioll could he put on
such a dangerous bins. I tin it's
iplile feasible, Ci-t all c.V'e below
l-ie   border.
Utile hy llie intelligentsia is
ill ancient philosophy, but gov
ointment of opinion lo lhe aes
lie-tii js something new. The
p.i- ihil it.v is ii it im milieiil I idii.v.
bill il is il danger to he watched
in the years ahead if lhe ('ana
ilian   government   continues   with
M -    pres-nt    policy   on   lelev isioli.
The weiilers who are gushine
hiller    tears    over    llie    I'lllUle    of
Canadian talent have completely
overlooked the rather Important
fact ir of money. The CBC lias
Kime into Ihe hole so far in putting up iransinltlers and studios
in eastern Canada Ihey will hardly have money left to cultivate
Iln apparently limitless field of
local I a I eat.Tliey realize thai one
of the main reasons for lhe mass
emigration of talent to the I'.S.
is the economic nth-action. Mow
do Ihey expert lo pay the prices
necessary to keep our arlists at
home'.' Higher licence fees?
Thai's hardly advisable.
The obvious answer to Ihis
problem is euinnierclal TV. Not
wide-open "highest bid" com
llicrcieilisni, but il (|Uillified system of sponsored shows sold to
re- ponsihle companies and corporal ions, wilb ;i legisia! ive body
set up t i guide and colli rid I he
.-.lyle and content of lhe material
pal forward by lhe hacks and
I.el - give ihe hucksters a
chance, I'm sure I'd much rather
look iit h i nny Kaye than some
1 year old prodigy murdering l>e-
I'liissev on ail untuned piano.
And any way. if wc don'l like
vviieil the hucksters Hive u.s. we
ha vi al h-ast t lie emisolat ion I hal
we're not   p.i vine, for II.
Ubyssey Entertainment Editor
Our friends down in Hollywood
may    have   made worse   movies
t It si ii  "Aaron  Slick   from   I'unkln'
Creek", but if they have I haven't
seen  thorn.
The title of the epic should
have been enough in Itself to
warn movie patrons. Aaron Slick
from not Pumpkin Crick, not
even 1'iimkin Crick, but Rood old
Piinkln Crick,
Principals in the drama are
Dinah Shore, Alan Youii',' nnd
Hubert .Merrill, all of whom burst
out inli) something rescmldini!
seines at every flick of the screenwriter's   wrist.
Now M|ik Shore has n nice
voice hut has a smile which she
could runt to Mi toothpaste companies for advertising space and
still have enoiiRh molnrs left
over to rival a neon sign. I have
been under the Illusion that
Dinah could sing, but apparently
this wns before she attempted
some of the "June, spoon, moon"
tenrjerkei-8 in this particular
I understand that Mr. Young i.s
a Vancouver boy who emigrated
to the USA nnd that he is quite
a success on TV, but If Aaron
Slick U a snmple of his ability
all I can suggest Is that he should
have stood in bed.
Alan Young has a nice face but
someone forgot to tell hlm he
couldn't sing. One scene that will
gii down In my private history of
cinema miracles is Mr, Young,
as Aaron Slick, out feeding the
chickens early one morning when
suddenly a 4h-plecp orchestra, no
doubt hidden behind the rooster,
breaks out to accompany him in
some priceless ditty which would
make even Spike .Jones take to
canned heat.
Robert Merrill has n nice voice
and a nice face but how this con
cert baritone ever ended up in
Punkin Crick is something that
only a Hollywood casting director could dream up. Mr. Merrill
ends up In the movie by selling
Ifolocheta (chocolate spelt sideways) in n sideshow, a fate lie
probably deserves for the acting
lie displays which resembles fhe
emotions of a hypnotized seal iit
a I'TA meeting.
A fourth principal in the movie
is an unidentified young lady
who has neither a nice voice or
ii nice face. The only excuse I
can see for her being in the movie
at all is that she must be the producer's sister.
True to Hollywood's conception of the farm life Miss Shore
and Mr. Young sprinkle their dialogue with plenty of "gol durns.
purtln nighs. sluices, plumb
cra?.vs ' and other Kraser Valley
XettefJ tc
the Cditor
Kditor, the  I'byssey,
Dear Sir:
Willi reference lo the siring of
words hy H, P. T. and It. (!. appearing in your "(luest Kditorial"
recently we can hardly call it
an article, as an article is, hy
definition, reasonably coherent.
We notice that Sen. Joseph McCarthy is referred to as a great
Furthermore, the writers compliment McCarthy further, by
that sinceresi form of flattery,
imitation, by their hysterical denunciation of Ihe YCV and COTC.
Indeed, we sincerely sympathize with lhe typesetter who
pill the i|ueslion mark after the
title.   "Intelligent    Discussion."
As an example o fiucoherenl
to the fifth paragraph (My their
thinking, we draw your attention
fruits ye shall know . , . i. Let's
face it. Wars are nol caused by
Ihe mere existence of generals,
but by human greed and hate on
an international scale. This is
only one example of the muddled
thinking, or rather, lack of
thought, with which lhe editorial
abounds. One would almost
imagine that the authors had had
Iheir minds dulled by Ihe COTC
training Ihat they so deplore.
Yours  truly.
Two   Trained   Killer-; "
Apparently somewhere between the songs and the chickens
tliere is supposed | , he a story
As far as I could discern Mr.
Young (Aaron i and Miss Shore
(Josy not Josephine, nol Joe
but Josy i live on adjacent farms.
Josy has a trait peculiar lo most
of Ihe North A inerican female
sex:  she wants t i gel  married.
Since, there is nothing else ou
the farm except chickens, horses
cows, pigs and the odd pile of
manure, Aaron is the logical
choice. Mill il seems that Aaron,
who has no mother or father in
the story and was apparently
hatched from an egg is so stupid
he thinks the birds and llie bees
spend their spare time with
wonns«and  honey.
Josy and a Punkin Crick Ma
Kettle immediately b-etle off for
Chicago to kick up their heels
and try to spend the green stuff.
Tint as all pretty young milk
maids In .the hig city. Josy is
accosted by an lRfifl Krrol Flynn
In the person of the aforementioned Mr. Merrill who, to expertly mix a metaphor, lias smelt
a rat in Ills oil well and wants his
20,(100 cabbages hack, but fast.
Al the end of the drama Josy,
a shy little wench, buys a bottle
of Mr. Merrill's IIOUH'IIKTA
from the unhappy looking concert,
singer and tackles Aaron like a
Western Washington lineman
after (leorgie Puil.
Needless lo say, they lived
happily ever after.
The audience didn't.
Notes, expertly and promptly
typed at moderate rates. We hav;>
served IMC students since Mil-;,
hone AM. uOlalt. Mrs. O. O. Robin-
son,   11 sn  W.   llth. (27 I
expertly and promptly typed al
moderate rates. We have served
CMC students since MMIi. We u-e
Campbell's "l-'orni Hook for Thesis
Writing." 'Preparation of Term Ivs
ays" by lilakey and Cooke. .Also
Ksviy specifications issued by the
llepi.   of   Applied   Sience. (20)
lost. <;rky   parkkr  :»i   pkn,
vicinity Kngiiieering Miiililing. I'll
North  lM-I'.'I.. (21 i
M It JOHN        MKI,        AMIIOTI'
please ph me T. It. at PA. S7u::.
I'lgeiil. (211
will hold code practise classes Moll,
aud Wed. noons in the Club Room.
All those interested welcome. Hut
P. I.
ItltPHOKF      PAci » It    O I 71
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and Mar; gorging*; Castings —1.">2
pages, convenient reference tables with
"lie-llut" binding. Regarded nil over
the world as an authoritative treatise
on Aluminum .Mloys. Available to stu.
dents of Canadian universities ell fit)
cents post paid. Postal Hole or money
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Address: Drparlmrnl of Information
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otoAtud and. Jourudnd. (if&L)
All   Lost   and   Found   ads   will      books.  Mini's ring, silver with gold.
now be accepted at the Lost and
iioves,   women's,  dark   brown.  lea-
Found   Wicket   in   the   AMS.   Of-    'tjer.   Classes,   brown   horn-riinined
fice.   Ads   are   automatically   in-
rerted   in   the   Ubyssey   after   a
in   brown   case.
lireeining slide rule in Muck ra>
Lost  or   Found   slip   is  filled  out     t,,,,,,.,.,,.,,   ,,.,,   „,.,,,,_   ,.,„„,.   ,,,.,„„
in    Brock    Hall.   Although   there
is  no  charge  for  the  ads,  a ten
cent charge will be made for any
article   claimed   through   the   University   Lost   and    Found.
Summary    of    articles*  reported
lost   up  to   November   1L\   t!i.o2:
! handle. Iv-rchief, red design with
e Mack border. Accounting Princi-
i pies,   Noble.
Summary of articles found up In
1 N ivemher   12.   \WW>.
Stole, light green, (iioves. white.
Hat. ski type. Kerchief, white with
Waterman's pen. hlue with silver
top. Parker pen. green ink nv-
ward). i
Leather loose leaf hinder, pelible ,
grain,    lost    November    in.    Loose
leaf,   black.   Wallet,   brown   leather,
lost    in    Library    Nov.    li.    Wallet,
btown,   zippered.   Hi.   luu   notes   in,
Key-Tub    hinder    Two    Who   Note
ISC Offers Help
Have you a problem?
- Whether your problem Is employ
ment or social participation, thi
International Student Service is
operating a Counselling office
right  here on campus.
There are limes when you have
a problem that you wish to dlscus-
with someone who can assist yon
in   solviiiK   them.
The ISS in their sponsorship of
a Counselling Hureau feels that it
is their duty lo provide a service
whicli deals with welfare problems
such as housing', employment,
and   tutoring.
The activities of the ISS at"
sponsored mainly by student contribution.
, ,             Cub reporters will have an opportunity to learn more about Counselling Service timetable is
and   Saturday   nights in   the   ,           , .                   .                     f   ,     „TT,          „                  . .
.     , the machinations and mysteries ot the    Ubyssey    at a special as lollows:
Auditorium. ■ meeti     to bo held with |he edilorial board Friday at 12:30 p.m. M«niiny. fun-unr.      l»r. orluhy
VV.   H.   \eats.   tallious   Irish   play- .,,,,, e Arts   Hhlg    'IliiM'tn   —   Ken   I'erris
,    , ., ,        All reporters  who have been con-• j.ins   mug.   a  i.au isen   i < i 11.-,
wrigbt  and   poet,   is   the  author  ot
the     main     play.    .Player    Queen,.
Player Queen   is a  comedy  fanta-y
Waterman's pen. gold top, brown ,, ,   ,
wallow,   gre-ti   und   brown   scenes
bottom    I'ountain    pen,   grev    with-        ,       ,,       ., ,.   , ,
I'arki-r Pen.  Ronson lighter. Hrace
gold  top.   Parker al   pen. dark   hlue   , ,.
, ,        ., ,. , :   'I. silvei- metal. Slide rule, behind
with    silver    cap.    I'ountain     pen,: ,,   .,,. ,,. , ,      .     ,
..    , ,, ,       , ;  \rt-t  Ituildiiig. Slide rule,  in lirown
black    and    marble    colored    spots ,. ,      ,
se.   Kevs   I->   with   green   plastic
lag.  "A   Latin   Reinler."
l-'or any information regarding
'ee-ee article-i, please contact the
I' ii i vi rs it \ Lost and Found In the
A.M.S Office I Hrock Halli between
I - : rto   and   l!::!u   daily.
From $10.00
Complete with Sheets and Index
Clarke & Stuart
Co. Ltd.
550 Seymour St. Vancouver, B.C.
PLAYER'S CLUB NEW PLAY "Ways and Means" by Noel Coward include (1. to r.)
Jacque Delmarque, Roger Mossop and Arth ur Hughes in the cast. The play will be
presented Nov. 20, 21 and 22.
UBC Players Club To Produce
Three One Act Plays Next Week
3    rollicking   cc
all one act plays, will be pre
ih,ee rollicking cemedie, Expose  Meeting   Friday
r,Td b>; <t "f pioy;rs In   Publication   Office
Club   next   Thursday,   Friday ^
in which an actress takes Ihe pluci
All reporters  who have heen con-
trihutini;'    to    the    'Tbyssey'"    1 hi- I
year  will   have  a   chance  to  ivet McGOUfl  Clip   EIJITIS
•Arts   llld.if.  :i,,iii.|.:in
II.   HI,   Rm.  4.
Tuesday,     1 l..'.n.| o :>(l    _     \\iu\.
:elher    with    various    inemhers    o i j"""""""""'""" "   "'"""I"   ■■■•■■■•»    Morley.   II.   HI,   Rm.    I.   12.:l0-|.:lu
of the queen of a n.vtliical meuiev-   ,l,«'   "'H""''"'   '"'""d   and   will   learn ' <~ I     . Z'tnSm\    D/m ,f   (}eor*p   Uol,M'   "'   '"•   "'»•   '■
al  kltiKdom.  The stars of  this  fan-   >:o,m'   r,lr,he'-   ll,,t:lils   of   reporting ! >*"   1111 W   rUM.1    DOUT       Thursday,    12..HI.1..'IP-Lea    Bam
tasy   are   Roger   Mossop   and   I I'.ir-   '" ->'n,'lal il,ul coveriiiK events for j       The   first   round   of  elimination   liPlt|.    H.    Ill,    Rm.    4.    :un-4.:hi-
hara   Webber.
A   typi-al   N'oel   Coward   comedv,
W'uvs   and   .Means,   i.s   the   second
llie "I'hyssey" specifically.
trials   In-   th-   Medium   Cup   inter-   AK»es   Wil ford,   II.   Ill,   Rm.   j.
aiiiveisity dehatiiiM team have been       Friday,   ] I.;i0-I2.:in          nr.   Hos >.
'•un   off.    The   field   has   heen   nar-   Ar,s  Ml(l-K-
I'.lay,  Coward  portrays  in  this  play   '"-"",'''   l",;,,s-   i-'Htiiu?   experience   earned   down   lo   twelve   who    will.     —	
for   those   interested   in   takiti'-
,, ,          '           1".  ..     4    ,   1".    '    "ti    the desk,   lenrniim   newspaper
the  well-known   sophisticated   Lni;-   , ,   ,                    ,.      .  ,
layout, or    trainum    tor    editorial
The   f'.uuous   Kimlish   dramatist,
jobs  there  will  he ample opportun-
eiiter  into the  final  round  startiiiK
this  week.
arlianu'iilary      l-'oruin      and      .lei'f
nrn-r  ,:ilso on   last   vein's  "eani   in
.-V   1>.   Herbert,  is  the oriKi..ator of ' K(lit(11.,   wi|,  ,„,  .iV.MiiUW  t(,  .,„<.       On  Kriday  Ron Cheffins. a men..
the   third   and   last   comedy   on   the u>,;.(i   ,|U(„ti()I|s   „,.   f()   u|v„   ,1(lvi,,. : her   of   last   year's   team,   and   Ivan
bill.   It   is   a   burlesque   of  il   London       1  ,, ,   .    . ,     ' i.-a, 1,..,,,      1,,,     student      will     inee'
iiliiilli     anv     11   liters    pertainnm'    to    Miiaam.     law     siuiiini.     win     no.
"'«!"     ''ll'»>    '-"titled    "Two    Cetltle- ,(,,.   ,'i(,;(|   ',„'    ioiirtialiMIl                                   -'""1      McNeely.     the     president     of
men  „i   soh..." PUB FJARTY
A.'.nission   price   tor  students  on ,,,„,,,,„,.   |V|;ljU    ,,„„„    ,,„   U|,x
Tli.irsdav   and    Krhlav   ni-iit-,    \..- p;|1|   |im|v  ui,,   |N|)  ,)(i (|i^ ,,,.„.,,          ,  ,p.|1:l.,. „„ -R, -dve,|  :!iat   a   Mar-
v"mb"''    " 1(l    -'     wil1    ,l"    "'" The  ...litorhl   h.anl  will  wch-o.u.     ''!ed     Woman's     I'laee     i-     in     the
r,,"lS'       Ka'"">-       >'A-U{       [-       |,,|,i,li,V „MV   MMd'-iits    who   are   itiier.-ted   in     Hdlll"."
i.iSht.    Saturday    niulil,    Xoveniher ,(1|ll)|,iMl.   ,„„   ,|ilV(,   ,„„   ,„.,.,,  (](1W!1
2L-.  will  he open  ,0 Hie  public  Stu- „, „„. „„,,  „,,,vimHlv                            , MOSTLY   LAWYERS
dents    will   be   admitted    Suturdav .,.,,     ,    ,                 . '   .                     .,   '      Still  in  the runnin.n  lor positions
I he    pub   room    l-e    in   Lie   north. '■
also but  will have to pay the re,„. ,,.,„.„„.,„,„■,.,.,„.„   ,,.,„.                        '•"    "'"    !"»'...    c.ns.sli.iK   ot    lour
lar   fifty   cents   admission   price. members   are   Tom    Kraurk.   presi-
Kach   day's   performance   benin- **                i,             «.,                           'dent    of    I'.X    Club.    John    Coates.
at    S:.'!ii    p.m.    in    the    I'uiversity
.\ild!tni iitin.    There    will     he    only
Canadian Singers
Seek More Help
Hruce   Lee.   I'eter   Lowes.   \'aimh:in
Lyon.   Joe   Nold.   all   lawyers,   and
,-i.sj,    tickets   on    sal...                                  <#wwf»    '»>VI C    I  ICip |.,,|,    Caniphell    and     Ted     lladwin
These    three    coir.i'dies.    termed        A   leiitative   date   for   the   debut.- who are   in   Arts,
by   the   Players   Club   in   a   "mosi    of Hie  CISC LreiiHi  Canadian  Situ- They  will compete in a  round of
delightful    way   to   spend    in    eve    ers has heen set  lor the end of this ' di hates   next   week,
nlnu," are   what   is  culled   the   Kan    month.
I'liiys.   presented   each   year   by   the'      A    irenernl    llleelinu    of   the    cluo »*/                      I
I'C.   The   Sprinu   flay   bill   will   he ; will  he held  in   Hut  (!l  this   h'riduy GrdCIS      VVarneCl
announced    duriny     the    Saturday i «'i'li   the  chief   business   beltn:   the
ni.uht   performaiice.                                 | discussion     of     their   inmiim   per Tq      Tlim       In      PlC^
—                                                                       loi'llieillce.
Bond   Out   Tonight                  flnh    officials    announced    tint ''"•l!   ''"V   l"r   t"niin«   I"   «'"i(lu-
The  Varsity  Symphony  will  hold i there   were   still   positions   open   lo '"'   P'uiios   lor   this   year's   Tott'm
a    practice    Tliitrsday    eveiiim,    at • prospect He  mile  nnd   female   sin.;- i"   Saturday,   Xoveinber   1.1.
'L:!n  in   the   Hand   Hut   (behind   llie j ers.     The   Kriihiy   meetini?   will   lie All   -tm'enis   in   their   uradiiMtiim
Hrock).   Anyone   is   welconie.             ithe  last   lime new members will be yea,' who did not  have Iheir photos
admitted, taken    by    I'olyplioto    Studies    are
This    is    LLC's      first      Krench- requested    to    turn   a    :"-    by   MC.
Canadian    SinuJim    uroup,   and    ac- inch    ulo-e-y    pholo,    These    photos
iiitdill-   to  tile executive,   il   has one must    be    ill    llie    Tolelll    office    by
portani   a.s  ;i   hoik!   neck."   Wauled, ! of    the    I'a-test    ci-owinu    inember .Vovi-mher  I- if they are to appea,'
Spanish   .uuiiar.                                             -hips  nu   the  campus.                            • in   the   I'i.",:! Totem.
Good Neck Wanted
\ot ice seen on Quad :
"Condition   of   body   nol   as   ini-
i!0vet t_9 40
\ ^*4.1
*'101 "l ui>'""ut"
LA WWv«<_?-
PAcilic ^l!2l
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dress wear! Pr. 1&95
HBC Men's Shoes, Main Floor
INCORPORATED   2""  MAY  1670.
ompanii. PACE FOUR
Thur.:lav. November V.l 1952
Puck Battles
Edged By Olympics 7-6
Beat Vies At Home 3-2
Olympic Cafe slipped into first place in Ihe Vancouver
Commercial Hockey League Friday night before 900 paid fans
when they stopped UBC Thunderbirds 7-H. It was the second
deteat of the week for the Bii.is.
l-hnlik Kredrirksun's boys presented a spiut resis, nice with
goalie Hon Anderson coming up
v, ith some nice save*. The Col-
legoinen flashed more fighting
.-pirit   ih.m   in  their  previous   til's.
A  group of luihl.ivers  looked  af-
.     ,,  ,,  i  ,....,,  u,.,„.    went   iihead   wit li   Hume   and   Meier must  ol   the   I luiuderhlrd  scor-
, v  ,,     ,.,„    M„    Million   getting   credit   on  m   small
ui u    honors.    Newcomer    lion    lie
neiieiil on pushes ironi tlryschui;
and I'.ailey. The .Merchants evened
things up in the dying seconds uf
the period during ii scramble
ii'titmd   the   net.
lu   the   third   period   I'llC   again
worth -larleel the scoring at U::!:i7.
Winner i'ete Hume added a pair
,.nd Thuuderbird's fastest front-
liner. Steve dry-clink, notched two'
goals. The flniil (iryschuk giu!
ciiiiie on n nice dash Loin his own ■
zone after ilei'eiieenian Ken Ward
liiiil fed hlm the rubber.
Jim Todd, stroiis forward, pot-
led Iii- first ^uiil of the season
iu the third period as the Giynipii <
had built  up a 7-1 lead.
Tne   g'.inie   was   rough   i't    times
around  the  twines.
Mike (liroday wan the bad niiin
with two consecutive trips to the
sin  bin  for  high  sticking.
and both goalies came up with
some fine stops. I" Ill's defence
was .-.p.iuy and their (hearing poor
Dob Croulx :iu<l Mike Oiroday handed out heavy body-checking all
Credit for assists went to Hume
Ward, (iryseliuk.   Hughes, and  Hill
Sherwood   who   set   up  two.
With the score tied :'-2. the \ ic- in both Sunday soccer mutches last
tenia Merchants fighting ii.-ully weekend. The first stringteam lost
around   the CMC  net and a  crowd   1-u   lo  a   rambunctious   Royal   Oak   brook.
Footballers Foiled
By Royal Oak Club
Picked On?
I'nw illing or nol. the campus lu :
been placed in the position of
niuintainin'-r a double staiid-ard of
academic eligibility I'or extracurricular activities. Athletes are
rei|itiri d lo maintain a "I>" average
in in out of ;i mininiuin of 12 iiniis
■ i semester while students in nun*
ithletii activities are reiiulred to
niainiaiu a '•'<"' avenge in all 12
minimum units.
College football and other allied
arts h.ne Imp been the whipping
pos's nf collegiate critics. Over-
emphi'.si- has become the nasty
word in athletic circles and un-
foriiir.aiely there is consider tble
leason lei believe the charge lo lc
lulL   nierilei'.
If there is any injustice in the
term, it lies in the fact thai Hie
few schools thai practice athletic
abuses have brought about a blanket smear upon all. Tliere .tre many
institutions, including this one.
which continue to keep athletics
in their proper place and whicli
have not resorted to such corrupting practices as athletic scholarships aud lowered academic standards, liul lei continue to -accept
i he rhliulously low re(|iiireinents
of the PCC is to support llie theory
thit athletes are here to play and
win panics and not to pet a uni-
veisitv  education.
In actuality, the vast majority tit
athletes at California maintain u
creditable average which often
surpasses that of the regular student body. It is a distortion to
subject them to -.in inferior eligibility standard.
i'niversities     should     maintain
Playing rugby that livcJ up to the standards of inter-citv  s<""" k,nd °r mn,'K,n °f n'-adem,<'
-\/r  tr     l    ■     r- ..•        \t       ■.      ti        i     i •   i i   ir    '    ^'.-'''i'i'V   if   <"'l.v   to   justify   such
McKechnie Cup competition  Varsity   rhunderbirds and  Van-  ;i(,iviti(,s ils  .,  ,PR„linatP  purt  of
couver Reps battled to a scoreless draw on Tuesday afternoon   the   educational   process.   Perhaps
iiiiine team caught up with the
vbitiiig Minis. Then came the payoff by Lie Ha worth-'.iryschuk combination. ' *
Itil    Olsen    held    Victoria    fan-
pellb Hind   with   terrific   saves 'all
Most of the play was centred
iroiind the CMC net. hut the Victorians just couldn't penetrate the      contests but the pucksters had to be content w th an even split on the games
strong  college  defense.   Ward   and
(iioulx played an outstanding game    OlflS      IntrdmUTdlS
THERE WERE LOTS of goals scored by the Thunderbirds over the weekend in their two
November   12,   Sparks   vs   Sta'
I'lidois vs Teacer training.
November    Ll,    12: :W    I're-Meds
vs   Turkeys,   lleepletishes   v.s   Mae-
(ioniums,    LL'i    Migs    vs   (ihouls,
Vai-slty   came   out   the   underdog   Spooks  vs   Recreation.
KieldliQiise   l2::iu   I'.K.I.   vs   W'es
irds and Reps
Splash to Draw
Muddy Field and Soggy Ball Stop
Scoring Punches, But Lots of Thrills
of 2.nuu hysterical fans up on their   Drugs  squad,  while their brother-
feet,  centre  Steve (Iryschuk  Inter-   second   string  varsity,  bowed   to  a       *"^'"'" 'o.Vn^, '"'" '    ""'.at the Brockton Oval. the pacific Crust (onference chiefs
cepted a pass, skated from his own i I l deluge, compliments Cedur Cot- '                                                                   Meanwhile in the capital city the hometown Crimson Tide   s,lnlll(l  take another look at   their
blueline.  through  the   Victoria   d-   .age. November   is   12::n.   Hron/.e   vs   squad p()U„ded out a l(i-1.T decision over the North Shore Reps   "tl'lHk"   se"S"   °'   VU,1,PS   and   re"
fense    and   set   up   Don   llaworth       In   the   other   game   there   was Kx-liyng.  Amblers  vs   lilacs.                                                                            . consider.    ■-■   Reprinted   from   tho
,.   ,     ,    ,                 ,           ii     i i to chmb atop o   the McKechnie Cup standings. .,.,,,,.  /.„iii-,.,.„i„„   «„,.!•,i„„   c„ii»
lor tiie winning goal                              little doubt  as  to  who  would   win. ,  ,                                      '                                               in n.uh   ( ahloi man,   Berkeley,  ( allr.
llaworth  started   the  scoring ■_
the   slx-niinute   mark   of   the   fir-
Varsity was not outclassed but just
nol at their best.
i to climb atop of the McKechnie Cup standings.
November    lh    LM'.n    Pinks    vs       |   playing   ;l   full   pa   minutes   of
One Varsity Team
Wins - Grass Hockey
UBC football mourners can dry away their tears—Varsity
has at last a winning team (but not in football).   The Varsity
Grass Hockey team ran through, trampled, and tore apart the ,
Vancouver Cardinals last Saturday, winning by a tremendouV
M-l   score.
Va: -ity's .ioiinda  ciialked  up th" "
in ,t     ii. ;rker    with    a     well-pl.o-ed
, hot    hetwix    the    Cards    two    una,
UthouiLi   '!'"•   Miidents   lo--
Little   Dippers.   Kx-.l'.iyo   vs    Home   scorch's,   rugger  on   a   rain  soaked
Kc. ground    the    teams   produced    one
of      file    1 ill"- 1       gallics       -ceil       oa
• Oillie ed   tin-   lei'- ae
•L"g   Mera-
ui-.a   seconds   to  climb  into  ;i   sec-
Attention Students
November     L
loine   Kc.
Macdornian     v>
id   phice   tie   iu   the   Poll   Irving
m>  rae.  Wing.:   John  llamiitun        Anyone who is bewitched,
■ .,..,,,!  t;il.  ;,,;,],,,j-,      !':i''1  al!  points  fir  ihe  Uraves, | bothered and bewildered over
going over for two tries und com- \ t}lc reecnt co ntroversy about
downlown   piiclies   jn   niali\   a   .\'e;i'.
Loth   i-i(I.
of  tile   _•:-1111«■  w:l-i  fourteen   players
1, ist
tlioir agile inside forward. Have
Hallel. due to a traffic collision
with some reckless opposing l>lay
,.,.. Hiev still presse,; hard thmii. !<•
,,„, the first half. Hut Junipi'"^
Jounihi was the only one to score
in  ihis  period.
Soon after the half-lime breath-.'
, mllnals staged a friendly gatli-
cring around Varsity's goal, and
when no one was looking, poppi"'.
Uie ball Past goalie Harry Price.
Taking this Insult to heart the
students again pressed forward,
and were amply rewarded. Le-
lirnndon see red tjie winning «'o:'.'.
nnd I'eter Lowes made it certain
willi a third  marker.
Thi- victory gives Varsity Hire-
wins to only one loss, a record almost unheard of around CHC Th"
name was fisl and open, and at a'l
limes, iiiteresliug to watch. Followers of the team claim that thL
group are thc best we've had for
four   \ears.   And   despite   the   lack
of   support    this   '■forgotten   team
seems to he  winning, besides their
games,   a   good   reputation   all   ovtr
the  city.
November     14     lleepletishes     vs
November IT   liollert.   vs   l.ittl-.    n
November 1>  VOC vs Spark-.
November l'a   Aggies    vs   Nursi
I Lest h.'dllled I .
>':i\ etiibe.- 21     Colonials    v-    K
X. >-i i-in her 22n '  l-!.\-l Lug v -   M '"■■
erllllg   ti
-t   one.
• the
Golf finalists
Charlie Swanson and Max Swanson advanced into the
finals of the UBC Golf championship tourney when the hot
shooting brothers registered semi-final victories over Rocky
Myers and Dave Edgell, respectively.
Playing even par golf all the way, Max had little
trouble disposing of any of his opponents in his march to
the finals. However. Charlie was hard pressed by Myers on
the first nine and had to rally coming home to eke out a
two and one decision.
This marks the second consecutive year in which the
two divot-digging Swanson brothers have met in the finals,,
last season Charlie squeezed out a tight win on the 35th
As in the past- the final will take place this coming
Saturday and it will be a 36-hole match over the fairways
and around the traps of the University Course.
UBC Rowers Meet Oregon
A   week   this Siitiirdiy.  at   two  in men   trom  lei^t  year's crew.  Kot'till.  . -shell.    This     boat,    cheaper    than
the   afternoon,   the   IIIC   Thunder- aiily,  Oregon  L  in  a  similar   posi-   American   shells,   cost   only   ifU.unn.
turd Crew will be lying off the end tion.   LLC Coach   Krank   Head,  ha-    bin    compares    L. vora ..iy    to    any
t)|-   ||,,,  C|'|{   linek   with   Mie  a!wa>-c not   yet   ^elected   the   Varsity   ei'.'ni    -hell   in  Ihe  world.   Lighter and  lip-
n.iwerlul   Oregon   Slate   Crew   right and will  not  do so until  next   week     pier  than   most,  il   reipiires   greater
I,,.,iii,.   tin in.   Tiie>   will   he   aweiit In   Lie  meantime  many  husky  nov-.-kill   to   row.    Whet,    m-isiered.    '"■
j,,..  ||,,. stariinu gun  I'm' one of Lie ees    .re   training   diligently   in   lhe    will   skim   across    the    water   wiili
,,._,.,      ha-<l-.i>ilglii      raCe,     oil     the e   pe    that    Lead    will    select    Ihelll    unbelievable      speed.       Ilel'.il'e      tbe
\,u-lli    pacific    Coa-I. ' >:'  a   -e:il   ill   the   "big   eight."               :ace,   Ihe   Crew   Captain--   will   !.>-'-
•|"IU,   Hex,    u'ew    to    fla-'i   aero-'- .'.V.'s TOO                                                     a  coin   In  -ee  which  i:v«   wil!   riih-
c ,,     leni-'a     line    nill-iele     the     Villi 111   Ii   telegram   l.l-l    Week,   Oregon     in     this     boat.     I'-orlUliiitcL .     I'l'.l".
,ii,(1.   pawing   Cluli   w'ill   will   Ihe ■Mioiiticed    thai     Ihey    will    bring   other  shell   is   al-o   fai'L    new   ami
inn. i,  coiet-il  "eg-.'"  hi|i.   'I'lii-  cup. Iheir  Junior   \'iii'sily   Crew  as   Weil,    is     in     excellenl     c(i!i(liti.)li.     This
,11,; i,   ■   ,     u ,w    iii eii   won   h>    Llie ia am1: -   h.ee'e   it   thai    this   crew   i      ■■•hell,   hnill   hy   lhe   I'einriii;   Poem k
. — j »• i.   L   a   perpetual cc   from    hein:;   a    pilsnover.                    I'.oal     Work'    iii     Seattle    anil    \-il-
\'ancoii\cr   forwaial   liany   W'ialcr-
;eft   alter   a    scant    I."    lniniUcs   of        ln    ,\Ii 11«• r    Cup    piny    over the
play with a  badly cut  forehead and 'weekend  the  Birds came back into
ive   Kiahman   retinal   soon   niter . content ion    with    a    stunning win
with   -.in   injured   knee.                               V(M.    S()lllh    fillrnaiiy     IJ i ttl ^ are
'      Lespeia  ,:„.  1,  -  „,   Li-:,n,:in  and    ""w   ,i"1,   "';'   ril'sl   P'ai'e   wl,h   tW"
cf  Poh  .Morford.   Danny  Oilvi" ,  .lo,-
W.. riio-'k   a lei    De.; ..    M a-   \i ilia il   th ■
11i!'11 -    ! .e 111 e    no    with    a     top    11.11 ■ ■ a
-.-.;. :in ,   tie-   Pep-.   In i:,e-   1 a .. v   : o   ^.-;
.  '.'. e y    w ii ll    ei    In.    Tie-    1 )- -    ol    cop
\ -I '    - pecjai;   '    Alor!' iii'    w ,:-   k,-( til'.'
.   lep a-   i In-  pird . w -i i  .awarded  two
penalli'   kick-;.
Lil'.'l-    ll.'iil    I hei:'    best    e hutlce    to
wr;ip   up   I I's-   giililc   ill   I he   --ec ind
ll.i li'.     Left     '-en: re    (ierry     Ma ill    ill-
Icreepled    a     \'a llcoil \ ee'    pass    ami
line.I   I li"  ball  on:   : i   w hi .-er .lohn
Xewtou who wu hauled down only
>■ .ird- -iwa\- front their own line.
('each Alhei t Laith Wiiile called
upon two of l.i-l yciir's stalwarts,
.lim McWilliams and I'ete (Irani-
ham. lo replace Mike Pell am!
Pah Ilartlelt in the forw-ird rank---,
tlranthaiti who is leaving for Indonesia at the em! of the month
will he out of Pird uniform unlil
I hi'  '."ij-'."i I  sea- ui.
The geillie Was also Hie first of
ill!-, sea-ain for American I'ooto.iil
sleir (leorae Puil. Puil who holds
down the right wing position o-i
the rugger squad when football
finishes pl'.iyed his customary
steady game, though given little
chance to shine.
Ill a  preliminary  game the  I'.irds
the Ostrom Plan can get all the
dope from Joe Nold or Bill
Bidding. They are registered
in the Student Directory and
will be glad to explain to any
iiuii-   inn   have  played  one i student w hat the fuss is about,
Don't be shy, phone the boys,
& .■"•a^^ie^i^e.AL^i'MI-AWilHi
Hrs. 9 a.m. - o p.m.     Sat.: 9a.m. to Noon
Loose-leaf Note Books, Exercise Books and Scribblers,
Graphic Engineering Paper, Biology Paper, Loose-leaf
Refills, Fountain Pens an dink and Drawing instruments
Owned and Operated by
The University of B.C.
•\ i-
a -i
,,.,,., lN    ie-teeiin    LIP'   and    Ore-.-m Lov.eur.    L'-id    is   pleased    with iieil    al    nearly    i".\ '.    i-    Ihe    type
■si;,;,.     |i     wo-    Li it    pri'M'tited    iii Lie   p'-ogres-   hi,   Inv-   are  linking, used    hy   most    American    iniiver-i-
I'p.i     ae    .\ew,">n    lie.ill.   California Me'     I'eeL    lhal     both    Lie    \':r'sitv ties.
a,      ypn      w.oii     the     Tiniiid"  hbal ci I   .1 iinii>r   \'ari-ty   Crew    sluud   a'         P.olh   LIU'  and (Iregou h:ivc  be.-n
C:,.w     ,p-io d   a   -   ;it,i   I""   I > ■ n L-1L - leiist    a    :ai ."ai    eiiaiiee.    of   coin-,", training .-itice college opened.  Ilot'i
,,:     -.I'm    I'-   a  "ea   t lo in-■ L e.   and e    lot    will   depend   upon    this   last will   hive   -'c\eral   novice-   in   their
ia      kni'ili.-       li  iu       of      Ille     (logon Week      o|      t|-.l.llillg.       Hid      Upon      til" boats.   Moth   h I Ve   excellent   coeie'ae-
I   . • ■ )\   i 1 cr    i olid i I ;. 'II-      Ihe     il 1 '.'    of     the Pol ll    W ill    ha \ e   g  oil    -hell-      Sholl : i
iilW    LACES,   NEW    HOPE r.oe he    the    race    of    the    e,  i r     MOX'T
1     .;   .Li.!   hi'   he   i' e ad I.Ml- Ui.   ha T'ii-    will    he    ill"    I'll' -I     race    '"!' MISS        I'I"         Valiioillel         Powiu.
..a.le      the    '. ■ c\    A a'ill    .ill'i    Lo|||     ual>- I   Ll'.       le   w       Le L) ee ll.l ■ Ijll i i I.      lalill.., Clllh,    \ OVe III lie 1     _'!.'    ill    .'    o'eljek.


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