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The Ubyssey Sep 23, 1925

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,j: jpr    "    ^      '    v n T r f«^fr i
5 76; <( ^: *'Jw/*
3Np IbgfiHPH
Issusd Weekly by the Students' Publications Board of The University of British Columbia.
" m
Volame VII.
U.B.C. Student
Plans for a proposed Student's
Court for the maintenance of disci'
pline within the University have been
drawn up by the Faculty Committee
on Student Affairs and submitted to
the Student's Council where they
trere discussed yesterday. The formation of such a body would mark a distinct change in the method of enforcing order at U. B. C. amj would place
this University side-by-slde with the
larger Canadian Universities In its
method of securing discipline, The
luggeston for a Court arose when the
4Hd Marshal system was discarded* In
the spring of this year, as unworkable. It ts expected that the proposed
eonstitution of the Court, as drawn up
sjjp the Faculty Committee, will meet
with the approval of the Council in
its main features and that some form
of Student Court will be an actuality
this year.
Provision for Student Counsels
The constitution provides that the
Alma Mater Society through Its Student Court shall have full powers or
punishment and shall, through disciplinary Class Officers maintain order.
The Class Marshals would be the
Presidents, and Vice-Presidents (if
any), of the various years. Minor
offences would be dealt with summarily, by the Issuing of warnings by the
Class Marshals, but offences of a more
serious nature ,such as theft, wilful
infliction of bodily Injuries, dishonesty
in examinations, damage to University
property, insubordination to the constituted authorities either of the University or of the Student Body, must
be reported by the Marshals and dealt
with by the Court. Any student may
make a complaint, and the licensed
may engage counsel from among members of the student, body.
Personnel of Court
As planned In the proposed constitution, the Court would consist of the
Presidents of Ihe A. M. S., of tin-
Men's Undergraduate Society, of the
Women's Undergraduate Society, of
the Agriculture, Arts and Science
Men, oi one Senior Class, In the respective positions of Chief Justice,
Junior Judge, Deputy Junior Judge,
Senior Prosecuting Attorney, Junior
Prosecuting Attorney, Sheriff and
Chief Marshal. The Vice-President of
a Junior Year would be Clerk, and the
Presidents of the Junior and Sopo-
more Classes In the three Faculties
(Continued on Page 4]
This Is an extra Four-page number
of the Ubyssey, prepared spasmodically during the frantic rush of registration and published two days earlier
In the term than any other Ubyssey.
The speed with which this edition has
been thrown together has handicapped
Its appearance and news value but we
hope the few announcements whlt.i It
las been found possible to make
through Its columns will Justify Its
appearance and hold the m-ld until our
first regulalr edition appears, early
next week.
Extra Number
Musical Society
Plans Early Start
All Students Interested are
Asked to be Preaent
at the Try-ouU
The Musical Society proposes to resume its activities early this year, ?nd
no time should be lost In making application  for membership.
First-year .«*• -nts especially are
urged to lake advantage of this opportunity ot participating In the musical
life of the University. The purpose ot
th-' society Is not only lo promote tin
< atisi oi music, vocal and insi rut.ieii
iti!, but also lo offer an opportunity,
to llm e students interested In music
of paiiakiiiL' in ensemble work
throughout 'lie year. The society, consisting of a (ilee Club of mixed voices,
and an orchestra, wll! endeavor to produce work of an artistic nature, and
all members, old and new, may look
forward to a year that will establish
music more firmly than ever In Hie
life of the  University.
Mr. C. H. Williams, the conductor,
has stipulated that the old members,
is well as the ir>w, be tried out this
year. The try-outs will he laid at an
tarly date, and lr.lovtnetloit a.-, to the
time and pine - will be posted In the
halls. Voices of different parts will
be f.'iad on different day*, ihern b.-ing
one day for sopranos, another for contraltos, etc., and a day for the orchestra. Applicants for membership In the
orchestra will please bring their Instruments.
In former years li has been iIn-
custom of the society lo present two
concerts during the college yiat, one
before Christmas and one In Ihe
spring, and other minor musical events
during the year, such as sttldini re-
cliahi. This ,e,ir several chsnge-i may
he made In the programme.
All HiudeliIs Interested will please
watch the notice boards for further
Here'a a Chance to Make Money
Telling About that Vacation
Many students of U. B. C. spend
their summer holidays working for
wages which will assist them in carrying on their University Courses.
Students are therefore invited to
submit (o the Sunday Editor, the Dally
Province, descriptive articles, not ex-
cecdini: 2ii(mi words la ler.gth, recording t In-ii experiences ill various jobs.
I'hotogiaphs (Negatives I'relerred)
will be welcome, and the articles
should be written in liglii, breezy
style. The more unu.Mia! the Job
the hettei ihe chance of its making n
worth while story.
Two or three stub articles may be
paitl for al current ratis and published
in the Sunday Province. Unaccepted
articles will be returned.
Council Positions
Must be Filled
Nominattona Cloae at Noon
on Friday, October 1st
Nominations for the positions of
Treasurer of the Alma Mater Society
and President of Men's Athletics will
be received by the secretary of the
A MS. up to 12 noon, Friday, Sept.
2fi. these positions having been left
vacant by resignations since the spring
elections. A vole will be taken on the
Friday following!. Oct. 2. According
in the constitution both officers must
be undergraduates of the Junior or
Senior year of any Faculty. Nomina-
'ions must be signed by ten members
of the A. M. H.
Amendments Made,
to Constitution
Ut. and Scientific to Appoint
New Members to its
The appointment of the remaining
members of the Literary and Scientific
Executive must be made at a meeting
to take place this week, according to
"•**> of the amendments to the constitution of that department, made at the
"io«e of the spring terra. The relation of subsidiary organisations to the
central body have been fixed by the
new clauses, the more Important of
which read as follows: /■
Art. 4.. CI- 3.—All constlutent societies shall be placed in one of fl/e
divisions, I.e.: Literary, Scientific,
Social Science, Musical, Dramatic
Cl. 3.—Each of above to have one
representative on the Executive, to
be elected during the first week of
the term by the various president*) of
societies in the respective divisions.
CI 6.—Fourth week of each month,
each representative shall call a meeting of the presidents of the various
societies in his division and shall report to the executive at the first meeting of the mouth.
Art. 7, Cl. (a).—A general meeting
of the department shall be held with-
In the first two weeks of *>ie fall ternn,
at which the functions and activities
of the department and its constituent
societies shall be outlined.
All presidents of socletlee Included
under the department are requested to
leave their names and a rough draft
of their time-table at the Lit. and
Sclent. Office Room, Auditorium Building, before Thuroday, 8ept, 24th.
Reporters to be
Chosen by Contest
Students with Journalistic
Ability urged to Compete
Are you journalistically inclined?
Well, here's your chance. The Ubyssey wants reporters, and is going to
choose them hy competitive open
try-out. This is an opportunity which
you idiould not pass up, for while, as
a general rule, the Ubyssey offers
neither lame nor quick promotion to
would-be reporters, this year special
circumstances compel it to offer both.
For one thing, almost every member
of the editorial staff is graduating
this year, so that successors will
have to be chosen within the iflxt
few months, and these successors
will, of course, be picked from the
reportorial body. Then the feature
editor wants people with bright ideas
for his department. Another opportunity for budding journalists and humorists to make names for
themselves. All In all, If you have
ever though! of trying out for the
Ubyssey, now Is Ihe time to do it.
Fresh men and frCshettes are especially  urged to do so.
To learn the conditions of the conies, all candidates are requested to
be present nt a meeting to be held
Friday, where the rules of the contest will be laid down. Time and
place of the tneeilnif will be announced later, Watrh ihe notice boards
In   th"  audi orlum. 2
Kki»ti:mhkh 23ki>, 1925
tMtmtier  I'aclflo  lnter-ColUglste   Press
Issued every Thursday by the I'ubllca-
tloti* Hoard of the University of
British Columbia.
sDivoaiai. searr
I'Mlli-l-lli-l'lllel' A.   KuHc   llllticj
Hculiir  lOdlter MIkh Mud It-  lloyl.s
Aknih-IiiK-   lid 11 mis       William  I'   Murphy
AIInn  Wiiiu-IIii  I.mil'
David Warden
l-eatiirc   Kdltor I'irlc  Dtui'i
Miini-tN Kdllnr Dave Taylor
Aet.-l'hU-f  Ili-pnrU-r    Kenneth  A.  Htlu-ll
■vsnriM staiy
Itiislni'Mri Manager II. (I. Mi-WIIDa-im
Circulation Miituiger W. Mci'iillougli
litislni-ss  AHslxtitnt I.  Stanley  Allen
XAMsaooa: ■ears'
Kdltor Miss Marlon Smith
HuBlnt-HS Manager J. S. Allen
aoseom fob tii wans
Hurtle   Hi.yli-H
We have arrived!
Once more the Ubyssey sends forth
greetings to Its fellow students, new
and old. Once more we hall familiar
friends; once more we extend to-be-
familiar friends cordial welcome not
unmixed with naternal advice. But
with what added cheerfulness should
our welcome this year be colored,
greetings sent forth from the heart of
the Promised Land, the long, long-
promised land Into which we have been
safely transported without the loss
of our Joshuas or our Moses.
To those of us who began our
academic careers in the catacombs at
Fatrvlew, this sudden accession to a
wealth or light and beauty is positively bewildering. We are dazed with
the appearance of architectural cleanliness and bewildered by our lineal
freedom. Hence It Is that we of the
older years partake, In some respects,
even more of the qualities of the
Frosh than the members of the Class
of '89.
Environment, however, Is only a
part of the world of a University, and
therefore we still feel it encumbent
upon us to focus the spotlight of our
three—, two—, or one—year's experience upon the stranger within
our gates.
To '29, we would say, then, what
others have said to us before. Let
your studies have the first but not the
only place In your mind. You are
primarily students, but your position
as such entails secondary obligations.
All are expected to ptnilelpate In some
form of student activity. Al least one
sport Interest Is essentia! If the student Is physically capable. Take' time
to consider in choosing both your
courses and the clubs you Join. II Is
not too much to say that many of
the friendships which last as long as
any others into mature life are formed and shaped In Ihe student club and
on the playing field.
The problem of concentrating on one
particular form of study and student
activity, or of leading as all-round a
life as possible. Is one that each student must settle for himself, always re-
merrTberlng that the specialist Is generally the most successful but not
thereby the happiest of men.
All of which Is by way of a moral
digression and, as such, constituting
a serious lapse from the jublliatlon
with which we saw fit to launch our
first editorial ship of the year. But
the Importance of the Immediately
forthcoming years lays heavily upon
us. The obllsatlonf., Ihe strenuous activity they will demand from those
who are now but entering student III'--
for the first time, compels us to point
the solicitous linger. This year and
the Nenrs Immediately following are
ones ol foundation-laying, years In
ultlcb t radii ions will be formed to he
I -is-i-d ilint n lo dim futurity.
In Mo- word-, ot our uutrauslaieahle
llliilloe,    li    I-   lit'    In   will   to   see    that
Ihesi   t rndli Ion- ai<   o'  the rlL'ht  mm i
It Is tilling, In these (IrsI days In
olir new home, to extend tin- thanks
ol the student body to those who tiro
primarily responsible lot our better
etl conditions ihe Public. Ilrltlsh
Columbia Is a comparatively sparsely
settled province, burdened with a tremendous debt, and with her rich,
natural resources scarcely touched.
Here, there Is no wealthy class -our
people are forced lo work, and work
hard, for their living.
These factors loomed formidably
before our eyes, when we determined
lo launch a publicity campaign that
would draw people's attention to our
woeful lack of accommodation in the
old buildings. Many thought It Improbable that British Columbians
would be willing to make further
sacrifices to make more pleasant the
lot of the minority who attend college In this city. Vet what occurred?
In the short space or one day almost
fifty thousand signatures were obtained to a petition asking for the Immediate construction of the proposed
new buildings. Few indeed were the
refusals with which we met—-with
the result that work on our new home
commenced  nlmosl   Immediately.
Now that the work Is about finished, the Ubyssey, as representing the
entire student body, desires to thank
the people of British Columbia for
the sacrifices they have made and
the sympalhetlc support they have
so freely given, during these last few
May Issue Ubyssey
Twice Every Week
The proposal to convert the Ubyssey Into a twice-weekly, four-page
publication is receiving consideration
by the Student's Council in conjunction with the Editor-in-Chief this week.
It has been felt for some time past
that a more up-to-date news service
than could be provided by a weekly
publication Is needed by the students and this want, Joined with the
problem of increasing the shse of the
paper to give all student activities
their fair share of publicity, has resulted in serious consideration of ruch
a step. With sufficient co-operation
from the advertising public It is expected that a bi-weekly paper could
be financed without difficulty.
The remaining appointments to the
Ubyssey staff will be announced next
week when It will be known whether
it will be necessary in create additional ollices.
The Handbook
A Handbook will again be published
this year, work on this publication being well under way. Any executive
members who wish to check over Information being published In it respecting t lie li- societies should do so
AT ONCK. The deadline for copy Is
tomorrow. Miss Marion Smith Is the
editor of the Handbook.
The Issue In being rushed to ensuro
Its being out on time for Initiation.
It Is expected that Freshman Copies
will be ready even sooner, though It
has not been found possible to publish  the  booklet   this  week, owing  to
the difficulties attendant to the Mottling In our new home. It is hoped that
this extra edition of the Ubyssey,
though hearing obvious marks ol the
haste w*th which It had to be prepared, will serve as n partial guide. In
conjunction with the University Calendar, to ai'comniodate students until llti'  Handbooks ale printed
.lai k    It       ' What'     happ. ! ' 'I    alinin
: 'in1   I  a P' in   \ en     \ I ■ I  \ .hi  had  w lilt
l'   :   i      Kit    -'  '.       Kill'
I'ei. I    U        fih     i.,ai     ' ,'     all    Mull
■le ml; "
lite Utttrjeratty of Irtttutt (Columbia
All cheques must he certified and made payable to "The
University of British Columhia."
1. The sessional fees are as follows:
For Full and Conditioned Undergraduates
In Arts and Science-
First Term, payahle on or hefore ()ct. 5th $50.00
Second Term, payable on or hefore |au. 18th.. 50.00
In Applied Science—
First Term, payahle on or hefore Oct. 5th $75.00 *
Second Term, pavahle on or hefore Jan. 18th.. 75.00
In Agriculture—
First Term, payable on or hefore Oct. 5th $50.00
Second Term, payahle on or before Jan. 18th.. 50.00
In Nursing-
First Term, payable on or before Oct. 5th $50.00
Second Term, payable on or before Jan. 18th.. 50.00
Alma Mater Fee— Payable on or before Oct. 5th $   7.00
Caution Money—Payable on or before Oct. 5th      5.00
For Partial Students
Fees per "Unit"—Payable on or before Oct. 5th    10.00
Alma Mater Fee—Payable on or before Oct. 5th      7.00
Caution Money—Payable on or before Oct. 5th      5.00
In Teacher Training Course-
First Term, payable on or before Oct. 5th $30.00
Second Term, payable on or before Jan. 18th.. 30.00
 $ 60.00
For Graduates
Registration and Class Fee—Payable on or before Oct.
15th    ' $ 25.00
After ihcsc dates an additional fee of $2.00 will be exacted
of all students in default.
The Aima Mater Fee is a fee exacted from all students for
ilk' support ot tlic Alma Mater Society. It was authorized by
the Hoard of iiovernors at the request of the students themselves.
The Caution Money is a deposit from which deductions will
h': made to cover breakages, wastage, and use of special materials
in laboratories, etc. If the balance to the credit of a student
falls below $1.50, a further deposit of $5.00 may he required.
2. Immediately after October 5th and January 18th, the
IUirsar will notify students who have not paid their fees that
steps will be taken to ensure their exclusion from classes while
the fees remain unpaid.
3. Students registering after < Ictober 5th shall pay their
fees at the time of registration, failing which they become subject to the provisions of Regulation 2.
4. Special fees are:—
Regular supplemental examination, per
paper    $ 5.00
Special examination, per paper     7.50
' iraduatioti       20.00
Supplemental examination fee> must be paid two weeks
before the avinnnaliou, special examination fee- when application for I'viinin alien i*- niadi, and gradual inn fees two 1veeks
lu'l'oiY t'i itioiro-atinii.
!•'. 1>AI.I.\S.
£1 Brptkmbkh 23w>, 1925
Kiiltnr       A. Xerxes .Mctlooekh-
AhmmIhIi- Kdltut' .AdidphiiN X. Me(loeekl»
Kxi'h(itiM«- Kdllor A, X. Mctloot-kle
llepurti-r     Ad ilphus Xorxi-N Mctloockle
Assistant Mr,   McUnteklc
I   never   saw    a    purple   cow,
I never hope to see one,
But by the purple milk we get
1 know that there must be one.
To the Oovornor of North Carolina,
said the Governor of Tennessee, "You
can't make a monkey out of me."
Cost Less at Spencer's
Young men's fully lined!
gabardine and English
Paramatta raincoats; fully
lined and well tailored with
all-round belt, convertible
collar, slash pockets; in full
length style. Sites 34 to
Wool gabardine raincoats
in several wanted shades,
thoroughly tailored in the
popular trencher style
with convertible collar, all-
round belt and slash
pockets; fully lined. Sizes
36 to 44
David Spencer
Do Not Forget!
Gneting Curds
Xerxes Welcomed
With Greatest
Of Enthusiasm
"Xerxes," said our new editor-In-
ehler, "where have you been all summer?" "Ah," I said, "wouldn't you
like lo know? And where have you
been, and why this unexpected civility?" "I." he said, "having been
working for the Point Green Guess-
yet, and what 1 want is some of your
adilce. Who do you think would
make me a good feature editor? To
run Die runny page, you know."
I was silent a moment thinking, you
know. Then I spoke, "What you
want, chief, Is a clever man, ono who
Btanda out above the common mob,
a matt of itttelletl, of Imagination, of
genius, wl'li a seti.se c.1' humor, and a
gill, lor mixing with people. He must
have a wide nnd uilcd experience,
a knowledge of human nature, of men
and women, of books and events, and
possess tact, judgment, foresight, and,
If possible, be handsome as well.
Chief, on thinking it over I will ac-
'cept the  position."
"But 1 never--" he began. "There,
there," I replied, "I know you never
dared hope that 1 we-uld take the
job In view of our disagreement of
last spring. But that was only momentary and was never serious. You
may have called me a totally unnecessary Incubus on the fabric of
society, and I may have added that
you made me as mad as a giraffe
with a sore throat, but that was only
a lover's quarrel, as Elsinore used to
say when she threw the Pub. phone
at me. I cannot desert your paper
In its hour of need. My experience
Is at Its disposal. This summer I
have seen much and travelled far, from
the rum-running settlements to the
south, up to our Northern border, at
Mount Edith Cavell, where she was
shot. After I take care of your
humorous page, unusual things will
begin to happen to your circulation."
"That." said the chief, "Is what
1 am afraid of."
"Have no fear, sir" said I, "I may
be intellectually miles above the common mob, as Elsinore has so often
told me, but I can and frequently do,
stoop to their level. As to the quality
of humor you will xet, that will depend entirely on the students themselves.    With me in charRe—"
"Rut   I   never—"
"—Willi me In charge, and a callable staff working under me, Hay Hl-
sinore, and one or two others, any
thing can be done. I want all those
who can, to try their Hand at a feature story when they try out for the
reporters contest, anil I would much
appreciate It If the various members
of the student body would turn In
to   the  Pub,   office,   any   good   jokes
The real reason why George Led
Ingham got that Job drlvlnR the B. C.
Electric bus out here was so that he
could tell Doc. Sedgewick where he
got off at.
One purse is too often drained
Further io drain It;
Oiif  pay men1 too seldom disdained
For thee to disdain  It.
One  feeling  f io  l!'.\e  despair
IV'   prudor.pc   lo  smother;
Aed fees thir. yt't.r more dear
Than   those  n»   n,,>   other.
.       *        *       4
I  can Klve  not   the cold hard cash,
It'll   will   tiled   e |i < t   not
A  cheque I'i'i i >   11 n  mo rash
That  th" Hanks  will accept  noi:
The   i|<-h|ii-   ol    the   l-Vo-di   for   some
(it   tin   tiuitked  lor some  sort ov
The    Herd    lo   ( III tall    e\pen*e
To   be   llel'e   lOIIIOI'lOW
A    N    M
Public Thoualit* oa Left.   Private Tnot*|ht*rRM*}liif from Left te ftlfht, la
the Order Printed
Well, this Is the time
I hey  Initiate tue, and I
let them do ll,   Initiation la
something you really want.
Moral Development Is the big thing
I really think thai a
little chastisement, etc.,
won't do mo any harm
T. M. C. Taylor. Pres. of M.U.8.
tells me that
I get off easy
Thla year I'm going to work hard
and if I see him next year
show him that I
really amounted to something
t.  annul inn ivammmmm
they happen to see (photographs excepted). And If they don't like the
quality of stuff they get, I hope they
will write to the paper about it,
Instead of going yelling around the
common rooms about the paper being in the hands of a clique, or being
rotten, or no good, or words to that
effect. As to the feature writers, I
will share the office with them, fifty-
fifty, nnd I'll let them do the work,
while I'll take the credit. And Elsinore can always answer the phone for
Even then, the chief seemed loath
to accept my 'sacrifice in taking the
position, but after I had talked to
him for about three-quarters of an
hour more, he acceded with a graceful "Oh, well, what's the use?"
—A. XerxeB McGoockle.
1st Villyun: "Quick, where can I
hide? The police are after me."
2nd Villyun: "Why not try the Administration building. It's impossible
to find anybody in there."
That's what
These   Freshmen   are.
One ot them
Is so dumb
That he thinks
Taylor Is a Race Horse
He's A Mayor.
Is  so dumb
That   he   wears
Balloon  Pants.
And one of them
Is so dumb
That    he    thinks
He   can   Understand
The Calendar.
that I have to stand by while
guess I've got to
far from being
The guy who tells you that
Is a   liar,
mess or paint in my hair and a
is very unpleasant and It
to get out of It. 1 hope I meet
on a dark night.   The dirty crook
old line about being sorry, but if
It'll bo over his dead body
inking boxing lessons
I mre am going to
am a damslte better man  than he,
after all, the big *♦-!! ♦!*!♦!— *!!!
J.W. Foster Ltd.
34S Hatting* Strut, West
All the Newest Models in
College Suits and Overcoats,
at Prices that are Right.
See US Be/or* Buying
stsleg the ears and IsHoaoulattasss
ovldsnt there—
Bread and Cakes
Tfye Only 'Dance School
which makes a feature of dance instruction
for University men and women.
You will receive the very best of attention
here, and be given the very best of instruction.
Many of our students say they learn more
here, and they are right.
The Vaughn Moore Dancing Studio.
518 Hastings St. West (Opp. David Spencer's)
Phone, Seymour 707
Open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. THK   UBYSSEY
Nki-tkmhkh 23hi>, 1925
Ws ars aeeati far Ms
HOTSPUR FMlkall lasts.
Our "Tuflls" loooer Ball Is Mis ohwet
ft sfcampless. sad aur "Rsp" is the
•all asaln ohossn by (lis Vsaoouvsr
Rugby Union this ssason.
McGiil-Sparling Ltd.
Ssy. 4853     718 ROBSON 8T.
Pencils and
Fountain Pen ink/
Repair Dept. to
meet all emergencies.
Everybody has a Blazer those days, either
for Snorts' Wear  or  as  a  House Coat.
We  have  them  In  University
Colors and other combinations.
$7.75 each.
Men's Outfitters
Sporting Comment
University has begun again: we are
nil glad td that; therefore we are glad
that we mu.'il again study. To not a
few, however, the opening of university also Implies the beginning of nth
letlcs, Although dellnlle Information
Is unavailable, this article, nevertheless hints Indefinitely at the general
stale of ubieties,
In the first place a president of
Men's Athletics must be elected as
Brio Huestis will be unable lo take
over this olllce, This means that all
men prominent in athletics must bestir themselves to get tilings started
Immediately, possibly without any executive aid. This includes the tracing of that new crenture, the freshman, to what haunts of athletics he in
wont to Inhabit.
English rugby has greater possibilities than ever according to the daily
papers. The Varsity officials say that
this year the McKechnie Cup will return to the University's silverware
case. Everyone hopes thtir prognostication will come true. U. B. C. will
probably agf.ln enter two teams In
the Miller Cup competition, at least
one in the Intermediate league, as
well as the freshman team.
Canadian rugby players have had
several practises under the direction
of Coach Rose and Lever Bates. Intercollegiate games with the universities
of Washington, Puget Sound and Alberta ate to be played in Vancouver
this fall as well as regular league
The first Boccer team Is entering
the newly-formed Pacific Coast League,
If difficulties regarding amateur
'standing can be adjusted. All
soccer teams must be ready to
play by October 3rd. All Varsity
soccer men rejoice that Mosher will
be "between the posts." The front
line, however, will practically have to
be reconstructed although the defense Is Intact, The second team has
b?en promoted to the second division
of the Mainland League because or
past good conduct. The third team
will again function in the Junior Alliance.
Finally, possibly most Important,
where are the teams to practise? The
field at T . B. C. certainly does not
appear lo be ready for use but might
he made so If students had time to
attempt   li.
AlthouiJi the plans tor Initiation
have not > el been disclosed, we are
in a position to assure the members
of the class of '2!l that I hey will not be
disappointed. The ceremony Is to he
serious, solemn, anil Impressive; and
a word of warninK ---defaulters nitiy
expect to le- severely dealt with
Kvery member of the Freshman class
is reqt'ired to be on hand this much
is certain; directions as to time and
place will be given later. All details
are at present shrouded In mystery,
but it is a sale guess that proceedings
will be In line with the tradition
established last y»-Br, "only," to quote
the  time-honored  phrase,  "more  so."
610 Seymour Street
 Headquarter* for Service	
Club Luncheons, Dinners and Banquets
Private Dining Rooms for Private Parti**.
Suitable for Mooting* and Social*. Fraternity Banquet* a Specialty.
EVERY EVENING • • 9.00 pm. to 1:00 a.m.
The new theatre ill Point llrcy, with
Its spacious singe, Us lighting equipment, and Its dressing rooms, luxurious Indeed alter Bill Talisley's kitchen (for which the Player's Club
was truly thankful), Is an Inspiration
to anyone Interested in acting. There
are quite a number of vacancies In
the Player's Club I his year, and they
will be competed for In the "Try-
Outs," People who wish to try-out
should make their applications without fall before a specified date, which
will be posted on the Player's Club
board, to either Alfreda Berkley,
Arts '26, Avis Pump>hrey. Arts '27,
Harry Warren, Sc. '26, Leslie Brown,
Arts '28 or to the Honorary President
Prof, F. «. C. Wood, Room G., Arts
Library May
Issue Handbook
Owing to the non-arrival of furniture and other necessary equipment
the Librarian regrets that Loan and
Reading Room service cannot possibly be given until October 1st and
probably later. Students may register for the library, but Identification
cards will not be given till library
service is installed.
In the meantime the Librarian Is
working on a handbook containing
rules, regulations and general information connected with the library,
which he expects to have printed and
issued to the students within the next
week or so.
Student Court Planned
(Continued from Page 1)
of Arts, Applied Science, and Agriculture, would be Assistant-Marshals of
the Court.
Powers of Punishment
The court would have full powers
of punishment. It might (1) reprimand the Accused; (2) Impose a fine,
accruing to the A. M. S.; (3) suspend
from participation In student activities; (4) recommend suspension or expulsion from the University; (5) Impose as an alternative such other penalty as it  might deem just.
„ iSJia        	
Unl'oriuuali l.v. there lias been much
delay in Ihe Instalment of equipment
dishes, tables and chairs, etc , and
during the llrsl week the Cafeteria
will not he open for business. Miss
Hansford Is keenly disappointed but
hopes to carry on as soon as possible.
She had hoped to serve tea, coffee,
and sandwiches, until such time as
the kitchen  was ready for use.
Inter-co'legc Track Meet takes
place al Winnipeg on October 17,
1!)25. All Interested see Jack Buchanan In front of Auditorium Bltlg., Wednesday and Thursday noon. Only
track available Is at Brockton Point,
where Jack will be found at I o'clock
each day.
Youth, Charm, Beauty
and Personality are combined in the gift that is
always appreciated—your
McKeniie Studio
619 Granville St.
Phono, Soy. 2103
High'vlttMt work at moderate price*.
For Young Men
Fine serge and herring-bone
suits, one-button, two-button
and D-B. model.   Special.
$25.00 and $29.80
C. D. Bruce
Cor. of Hastings and Homer Sis.
Royal Transfer Ltd.  .
Baggage Delivered
Furniture Removals
• ^wl&« $mm IK
Best Value In Canada
*T*HE same quality as before, but
our increased sales of this wonderfully popular stocking has enabled
us to secure it at a further reduction
in price, the benefit of which we are
ifivi/itf to our patrons.
A pure thread .ilk ho**, with reinforced ooie», heel* and toe*; *emi-
faihioned, rib or hem top*. All
*ize*t all .hade*, and two *tyle«, at
the very low price of, per pair,
Evans & Hastings
•:• PIONEER     •:•     -:•
Price* Right
A   l«-«l**   (UCCIIt'Ul   (UtlNIS*   C.KIIR
We m«k* a tpeelmlly e/
Osios Preflrsmmss, Lsfsl Firms
KSRsrsI CssHwsfoIsi Prletief
See ** before ordering ettewhere.
Pheae, Isy. IBS     870 Ssystwr It


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