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The Ubyssey Apr 1, 1953

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April 1, 1953
w   —
Thanks to some quick juggling by Students' Council at
their meeting, students will now be faced with two alternatives when voting on the fee increase referendum today.
Voters can approve a purely stop«gap motion by giving 25
cents to the Literary and Scientific Executive or they can
solve the immediate financial problems of most campus
organizations by approving the $2.00 referendum.
The 25 cent increase to LSE was put forward at the
last AMS meeting with the intent to give needed money to
that organization. LSE certainly needs the money, but so
does practically every other organization. •'
Elsewhere ou this page are the explanations of why the
other groups require additional money. Giving only LSE
25 cents will accomplish little, it will solve LSE's problems
for one year. The other groups will come to the next
general AMS meetin gand the fight will be on again.
UBC is the third largest university in the country. It
has one of the most extensive extra-curricular programs of
any university on the continent. It also has Hie lowest AMS
fee of any large Canadian university.
University of Toronto has a student fee of $46; McGill
students -pay $36; Queens' fee is $37; Western Ontario students pay $41. Meanwhile UBC students exist on $16 of
Which $5 goes to the War Memorial fund and $1 goes to the
International Students' Service.
By approving the $2.00 referendum students can do the
following things: give the LSE at least 25 cents; continue
publication of the Ubyssey at three times a week; give an
increase to each undergraduate society, to women's athletics
and to men's minor sports, and have a proper Special Events
program again.
Students have an opportunity today to end the annual
bickering over AMS funds. $2.00 is a cheap price to pay
for campus unity. -—A. F.
• ]»
LSE Groups Need $$$
For Club Quarters
Following are the reasons why the LSE feels that it should
receive a larger grant:
"-   ~- ——— $ would   like   a   room   where   their
members could meet for discussion
Need Money
For Programs
Like practically every other
group on the campus, men's and
•women's athletics need more
At present members of some
rilC teams are forced to pay their
own   way   on
own  cars.   Because of shortage of j
funds MAD cannot hire a coach fori
Ihe   .layvee   football   team   or   the
Bravex basketball  team. i
Two Issues
Of Paper
Next Year?
If students want three Issues of
the I'byssey per week next session,
they will have to vote for the proposed two-dollar Increase.
The Ubyssey requires 25 cento
per student to continue publishing
on a triweekly basis, and the fee
Increase would grant this amount
tc Publications.
Pub Board's five-year contract,
with Standard Publishing has now
expired. This agreement had cost.
Publications 67 dollars per isflue of
The Ubyssey, but printing costs
have risen sharply since the con-
fact's inception, and Standard
Publishing now demands 80 dollars per issue. This amounts to a
total increase of $1:100.
A bargain will be given students
If they approve the 25«cent levy.
Kach student now pays $1.30 for
three Issues. Without an Increase,
this $1.30 would produce only two
Issues —65 cents an issue. By voting fo rthe fee Increase, student
would receive an additional issue
of The Ubyssey for only 23 cents.
Ballot To Determine
Insurance Question
Polling stations will be open today to enable students to
vote on a referendum asking for approval of an Accident and
Insurance plan and two different types of fee increase.
Students will be aeked to answer^
'yes"   or   "no"   on   the   following
(1) Are you in favour of an
assessment of $4.12 for Accident
nnd Surgical Insurance?
(2) Are you ln favor of an assessment of $2.00 tor the following purposes?
(a) A minimum of 25 cents to
the Literary and Scientific
(b) To   keep   the   Ubyssey
three editions per week.
(c) Undergraduate    Society
(d) Special Events:
(e) Men's  Athletics;
(f) Women's Athletics.
(3) Are you In favor of an assess-,
ment of. 25 cents for the Literary ]
and Scientific Executive?
nnd still vote for question 3.
Council would like to emphasize
that the AMS fee of $16 will be
Increased by only $2.00, not $2.25,
if both questions 2 and 3 are approved. The maximum fee increase
will be $6.00 (to the even dollar),
whether question* 1 and 2 are approved or 1, 2 and 3 are approved.
That means If the voter gives
his approval to question 2 he does
not need to bother to vote on
question 3.
Of the present Alma Mater Society fee of $16, $5 goes to pay off
the debt on the student-financed
War Memorial gym and $1 goes to
the International Students' Service.
The actual AMS fee has never
been raised since the university
j was founded.
[ The referendum requires a two-
U students approve question 2, it; third* majority to pass as it ia au
will be unnecessary to vote for i Alma Mater Society money by-law.
question 3 as the Literary and! Polling stations will he at their
Scientific Executive will receive atj"*"'"1 nlat'es •** the quad, the en-
least 25 cents from the $2.00. How-' glneerlng building, in front of the
ever, voters can defeat question 2   library and Brock hall.
sessions both formal and informal.
A project of this nature would do
much to accomplish an exchange of
ideas between foreign and Canadian students, which 1« one of the
expressed aims of the international
clubs on the campus. The room
could function as permanent club
headquarters and would be a place
j to which members might drop iu at
j any time of the day.
!     2. The political clubs  are  inter-
I ested in getting a place where their
trips  and  use  their I , ,      , ,. . .  . ,      ,     ,
1       .   . _■ libraries could ba put into circula
tion. These political libraries could
all be set up in one room. In this
way the literature of the various
parties could be shared by all those
Members of the ski team had to   interested   in   political  activity.    If
The Ubyssey was nt one time a
daily newspaper, but a sharp drop
in the enrolment of the '4ft-'50
session slashed the AMS budget.
The I'byssey has been appearing
only three times a week «lnee. Students will decide whether there
v. ill be only two editions next session.
pay their own expenses to a ski
meet at Itantf tills past season.
Additional money would also he
msott to expand the intra-mural program. The intra-mural boxing and
wrestling tournament and the varsity noon-hour games had to lie cut:
out this year because of lack of;
fund*. Over half the men on the
campus take part In Intraiiiurals.     j
MORE MONEY ', vvmild     have    a     typewriter
Women's    athletics    need    more' mimeographing   facilities    for
this room were established it could
also be used to hold discussions
and informal debates between any
of the members of the various
.1. Both the International and
political clubs desire to have a publishing room at their disposal. Thus,
any club wishing to print material
Insurance Explained
By Student Council
fo All Students: , up  to  a  maximum  of  $250.00  for
For some time now your Alma-each surgical procedure according
Mater Society han been giving con-: to the ccale of fees for each opera-
sideration to Installing, In the tint-! tion with no limit on the number
versity.  a  surgical plan  to assist! °* »"<•■»»  operations needed  during
...... . I tbe eight month  period.   We feel
students   In   the  payment  of  sur-:  ,        -,     .     ,. ,
i that this should go a long way In
geon's fees in connection with frac-  allevintlllg heavv 8Urgi(,ai expenses
tures, operations and other surgical! that can occur to a student either
Won't Be
Over $6.
The AMS  fee  must be in even
dollars   since   the   Administration'the   ''nlvei'8,ty of Alberta. >and  is j of group buying, all students must
Such a plan Is already In effect
In two of our eastern universities;
on  or off the campus and  where
no workmen's compensation is paid.
In order to obtain the advantages
accounting office does not want to
bother with dollars and odd cents.
For that reason, if both the insurance scheme and the $2.00 fee
Increase are approved, the total
AMS fee increase will be only $6.00.
available  to  students at  the  University of Washington.
| In order to present you with the
I cost of a surgicai plan- re received
quotations, based on Information
ve provided, from leading insurance compunles in Vancouver. On
the basis of these quotations it
wa« decided that the New York
Life  Insurance Company  can  pro-
money for coaches and equipment. fls(V
At present teams have to travel on 4 Tju, |,„n,anitiM groups, such
trips iu cars and can take no spares as tha Historical Society, the Let-
ami no malingers. Oirls playing | tf.rs Club and the Economics Club,
badminton   for  the  school   have  to   W((llld .,,S() like ,, rf)0nl whl(.h lhpv
I'-'V &'• | could iwe as a permanent meeting;
Many   of   the   teams   need   now   place.    This   room   could   be   used I
utrip.   Intra murals,   in   which   one-   for ,-ieiuliuir talks and -so forth,   In
; (trillion, refreshments could be!
served in a club room of this type. \
"•>. Many o ftlu-- fine arts groups'
si.eh in Mussoc. .lazzsoc and the \
Player's ('lull have been generally
!i;.mpi'|-t>d    by    restricted    filiuucea. !
Hut if the accident insurance or
LSE referendum are passed, then
the AMS fee increase approved will
amount to $4.12. to 25c, or to .$4.37
if both pass. In that event the! economical plan,
administration   might    raise   their
fees to bring the total Student tee       "^ °n the "reselU enrollment
to the next even dollar. | duta thB eight-month cost per stu-
I dent   for   tills   coverage   would   be
''Student Council is planning." ', $1.12, a monthly cost of 51 '-i cents,
stated Treasurer Allan (Ioldsniith,! Kach student would be covered for
"to prevent any additional fee in-, the university fall and spring terms
crease from going to the admlnis- which is approximately eight
t-ation." months.  Students would he covered
participate at the time of enroll-
] ment with exceptions being made
! for D.V.A. student*, those covered
'. under family plans and others objecting on religious or other legitl-
| mate grounds.
This surgical plan, in conjunction
witli   the   B.C.   Hospital   Insurance
( Service and  the university  health
i service,   would   give   each   student
vide  the  most  comprehensive and ; at the University of (British Columbia a very complete coverage.
We ask your support for this program because we feel that the al'a
rentu a month cost is going to keep
no one from attending our University, but an expensive operation
Students' Council,
Alma Mater Society.
third of all I'lM' girls participate,
i oiilcl lie expanded. WAD ufficialn
say they can exis! on the present
Iioilu'el     ln.it   they   can'l   build   a   pro
pp.I 111
I    'I'll"     interna l ional     k r o u p s
It's Your Money -
Get Out And Vote


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