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The Ubyssey Oct 19, 1960

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Thursday noon in the Armouries, the Men's and Women's
Athletic Association are put-
ing on their First Annual Athletic Day.
The purpose of this day is
to further the knowledge of
students with regard to extracurricular athletics on campus.
Every   team   will   have   a
booth, displaying trophies, photos, equipment and team players.
For your entertainment,
various sports will put on
shows to give you examples
of the kind of activity they
enjoy. Gymnastics, Fencing,
Wrestling, and Judo, among
ftthers, have planned exhibitions.
The program for the after
noon will begin at 12:30 when
the Booster Club Pep Band
will lead a grand march across
campus to the scene of activity.
There members of the Cycling team will depart on a
whirlwind tour around the
University winding up with
three laps around the stage in
the Armouries.
At one o'clock the Badminton team will indulge in a spirited match. Following this the
mens' and women's gymnastic teams wili perform stunts.
Next, the Fencing squad
with their epees and sabres
give exhibition bouts.
The Wrestlers will tangle in
pretzel-like forms and display
the   fine   points   of   amateur
wrestling as used in the Olympics.
And the weightlifters will
bare their muscles and hairy
chests as thev toss 200-lb.
weights over their heads.
The Rowers will display the
shell in which they won their
silver medal in the recent
Olympics in Rome.
There are 3500 students, or
about one-third of the campus
population, engaging in extracurricular athletics.
Practically all sports have
two or more teams competing
on either the intercollegiate
or local (downtown) level. In
order for these teams to continue their public relations
job it is necessary that you
support athletics either as a
player or a spectator.
It is hoped that Athletics
Ejay will encourage all sportsmen and women to come out
and participate.
There is a sport for every-i
one at UBC—whether it's judo
or football, curling, or archery, we've got it. The planners
of Athletics day hope that
those who do not wish to support athletics as a participant,
will support athletics as a
spectator. v
You may choose your sport
frdm among: Badminton, baseball, basketball, b o w ling,
cricket, cross-country and
track, cycling, fencing, golf,
grass hockey, gymnastics, ice
hockey, rowing, rugby, sailing,
skiing,  soccer, squash,  swim
ming ,tennis; volleyball, wrestling or weightlifting as well
as the four mentioned above.
As you can see, there is a
tremendous amount of diversity available to students. This
is one reason why the supporters of men's athletics feel that
no student should be without
active participation of one
form or another.
Lastly, for students who are
anti-athletics, it is hoped you
will lower your resistance for
one afternoon, and come and
see just what it is you are so
disinterested in.
Remember .tomorrow, 12:30
in the Armouries fir the1 first
annual Athletics Day. Come
and see what athletics has to
No.  15
Student Interest Key
To Successful Sport
President WAA •;
Perhaps! you are unaware that 65 cents of your $24 AMS
fee is allocated directly to the Women's Athletic Association.
With a total budget of almost
eleven thousand dollars ($7,150
from AMS fees, and $3800 from
a Board of Governor's grant),
the WAA carries on one of the
largest university athletic programmes for women in North
Last year, over 600 women
took part in the nooni hour Intramural programme. Ranging
from archery and track to skiing and swimming, the eleven
Intramural activities provide relaxation and inter-club or inter-
faculty competition.
Extramurals, ariother aspect
of the WAAA programme, involve two hundred women.
Twenty-one teams represent the
university in local, provincial
and Pacific North West competition. Thanks to the high quality of coaching, UBC grasshockey, basketball, skiing and
badmington teams are among
the best in the province.
Last year, our first in the Western Canadian Intercollegiate
Athletic Union, UBC women
won four out of the six events
entered'. Tne 1960-61 season will
see UBC coeds competing against
other  ^western   universities   in
tennis, swimming, volleyball,
basketball, curling, badminton
and figure skating.
While -the WAA programme
has maintained a commendable
record of performance during
the past years, the factor of increased enrollment has brought
new problems. Facilities for
Intramurals, now in continuous
use, are in danger of overcrowding in the near future if the
present trend of population increase continues.
But there is one factor which
is even more fundamental than
facilities and finances. This is
student interest.
Unles the WAA programme
is being carried out in the way
students want it to be, it will not
be accomplishing its aims. As a
student you should be aware of
howyour money is being spent.
It is your program—see that it
includes your interests.
As a student, you should be
aware of the fact that the value
of your athletic programme is
directly dependant on the enthusiasm andi participation of
the team members, managers,
and the students in general.
Athletic  Program Has
Wide Range Of Sports
. . . long-time Booster Club
member and now President
of the Men's Athletic Association.
. . . Badminton Big Block winner, and 1960 President of
Women's Athletic Association.
President MAA
The Mens Athletic Association Last year
is pleased to be able to bring to
you this special edition on athletics. It is our hope that by reading this supplement, you will
become better acquainted with
the opportunities there are at
the University for those who are
interested in sports.
M.A.A. is the organization on
campus which is directly re-
sponible to M.A.C. the President's Committee on Athletics.
It is our job to cope with the
problems which arise in the
various sports, and in addition,
to keep the students of our campus informed on all aspects of
our athletic program.
It is an attempt to help fulfill
the latter purpose that Athletics
Day has been planned. We sincerely hope that all men and
women of our campus will make
an effort to see the various displays and exhibitions in the
This is the first time such an
even has taken place and we
hope that because of the interest
shown by you it will become an
annual event.
This year we are also looking
toward increased attendance at
our sporting events, particularly
football, basketball and  rugby
•games.- .;}'■■' ■,•*-•';.   '■>...,<'
our football and
basketball teams had little
trouble overcoming the opposition offered by Alberta, Sask-
atchewan and Manitoba. However, this year is a different
story — at least as far as football is concerned. Last weekend
our "Birds" were beaten by a
much improved Alberta team.
The new leagues which we
have entered has much to be
improved on, however. As far
as football is concerned, it is
essential that a fourth team be
added to the now existing three.
It is hoped that Manitoba will
enter a team next year. If they
do not, then something will certainly have to be done. If and
when a fourth team is added to
our football league, I feel it
will be an attraction for spectators — the competition will
be keener, the league more colorful.
Athletics are an important part
of campus life. Not only is it
a source of fascinating entertainment, but it is also a means of
building our bodies into tbp
physical condition.
Whether you are an athlete
or a spectator, we hope that you
will find a place in our extensive and varied athletic program. Page  2
If you are looking for fun,
fresh air, and an opportunity to
put the books down for a few
hours and get- -away from the
daily grind, you will find it in
The Sailing Club' has six
Penguin class dinghies which
they sail every weekend, by the
kind, permission   of   the   Royal
The association between fencing and some film "swashbucklers" is an unfortunate one
because it gives the'impression
that one merely has to pick up
a foil, sabre or epee (the three
fencing weapons,) cut a few
strokes in the air and become
a proficient fencer.
Vancouver Yacht Club. The
sailors use the RVYC Jericho
Club members gather every
noon hour at the clubroom in
No. 361 of Brock Extension.
The club is a member of the
International Penguin Class
Dinghy Association and the
Pacific    Northwest    Intercolle-
Fencing is a sport requiring
great patience and it is only
with perserevence that a fencer
starts to feel the beauty of the
foil, which, although the basic
weapon, is the most difficult to
The U.B.C. Fencing Club offers instruction in foil (the "jab-
Weightlifting is a sport which
requires strength, speed, balance and co-ordination.
No one is naturally endowed
wfth all these abilities, but
through intensive training, a
serious weightlif ter can develop
The notion that a weightlifter
is like the large hairy logger,
all brute strength, is completely
erroneous. Rather, a weight-
lifter must be a true athlete.
He must be in top physical
condition and have the mental
discipline necessary to apply
himself to the sport." Weight-
lifting is a demanding sport,
but the sense of achievement
a successful lifter derives from
competing makes all his efforts
well worth it.
During the past two years,
weightlifting at U.B.C. has
grown from a handful of interested individuals to a team
of 12.
Amongst the various team
members are several B. C.
champions. They include:
Westley Woo, Murrey Rabino-
vitch, Richard Murakami, Roy
Shatzko and Wayne Cannon.
The team competes in local
It is hoped there will be three
Gymnastics teams on Campus
.his year.
A Thunderbird team and
Frosh team for the men, and a
women's team will be formed.
The teams will workouti Tuesday and Thursday noons in the
apparatus gym
This season we will be competing on a home and home
basis with Washington, Eastern
Washington College of Education, 'Seatle U'snd Washington
State* These contests will take
giate Yacht Racing Assoc
The sailing team particips
four intercollegiate re
each year as a "Thunde
The UBC club is the he
the first regatta of the ye
be held November 12 ai
New members are welcon
bing" weapon) and sabrt
"cutting" weapon) at
Armouries every Wedr
night between 7 p.m. a
The Club competes i
W.C.I.A.U. and his in th
claimed many of the laui
the B. C. Championship.
meets     an     in     compe
against   athletes    from
western provinces and tl
cific Northwest area.
So, if you are interesl
an aggressive sport, Vv
lifting may be the answ
any case, make a point
tending the first compe
for the U3.C. team this
on the afternoon of 0<
22, in the weight-training
of the War Memorial Gy
See the team in actioi
perhaps discuss your poss
of making a place or
weightlifting 'Birds.
place  mainly   in  Februarj
The teams are ably guid
Dr. H. D. Whittle and cap
by Alex Ross. We are lo
forward to a very succ
."Mrs** JJ W*'"'
t *
* *
w*'-!**       '
£ *#  *   Tf *  *   ♦
* . t ~,.r- ,j\ .. v<
Are you looking for a .good,
;Sast'spprt?: •■'■'    ■ -;'".--: .■"''■■"■■" "".
If so, you should look into the
possibility of joining ^.B.C.'s
wrestling team. ■   'ij:
Wrestling (not to be confused
with the acrobatics oin. T.V.), is
i sport which develops stamina,
co-ordination, quick thinking
ind body strength.
Contrary    to    general    belief
wresting is a sport which is dependent ^m©re * upon quickness
and eo-ordiiiation rather than
brute ^strength.
This year the. U.B.C. team
will be competing in local meets
plus two major ones against the
University of Washington and
the universities in the W.C.I.A.U.
If   you   are   at   all   interested
in wrestling come out to <
the U.B.C. practice session:
Thursday noon hour and
day afternoon from  2-4 i
apparatus gym.
Better still, drop down '
armouries on Athletic's E
see the wrestling exhi
and to visit the wrestling 1
Heavyweights are still req
The  Big  Block  Club consists
jf  members   and   managers   of
University "Varsity" teams who
have won the Big Block; lAward.
This award is given to niembers
yi Thunderbird teams who have
jxcelled in their play ajnd participation on their team.
"   The   selection of award   Winers   is   made   by   the   Awards
Committee made up of  student
epresentatives      and       faculty
The Club consists of representatives from most of the .28
sports at U.B.C. and is growing
The Frosh Smoker held in the
''pll and the Awards Banquet
held in the Spring are the two
nam functions organized by the
Club*. ............
The Men's Tennis Team consists of about ten players who
play matches each week against
A tennis ladder is set up this
year and players can try to
work their way to the top. There
are two main competitions each
year. The first is the WCIAU
Competition to which the teams
send  three players  this month.
Also, a squad travels to the
Southern U.S. to Sacramento
each spring just after exams.
There are other minor competitions with local players and
neighbouring colleges. Official
practises are held each Monday
at 5:30 in the Field House.
Any student interested in
playing should attend one of the
UBC this year has fieldei
teams: a Thunderbird squa<
a Junior Varsity
The  Thunderbirds   play
urday  afternoons   in the
Division of the Mainland le
•The Birds were promoted
finishing on top in the s<
division last season.
Coached by Roy Nosellg
managed by Ken Horodysk
soccer 'Birds are shaping uj
year to be one of the top t
Highlights of this year^
be a trip to California in Nc
ber to take on the Universi
California and Stanford ii
hibition matches.
The Jayvees, under c
Duncan Ascough are also 1
ing for a successful season,
are now playing in the f(
division, but could be pro»
if they finish well. Sttobfr 19, 1960
THE      UBYS S, E Y
Page  3
UBC's Teams
Of all sports at UBC, Squash
\, perhaps, the least known.
, This is surprising in the light
f a Sports Illustrated report
mich listed Squash as the
umber one colligiate winter
port,; and one of the fastest
ising games in the U.S.
Squash is, of course, having a
2-birth here, but it is relatively
nknown on the collegiate level
l the West.
This is the Bowling Team's
rst year on Campus.
Last year it was organized as
club and was ihighly success-
There are two evenly balanc-
d teams of six men each. Each
f the twelve men have, either
|hefU.B.C. Curling Club is one
f tjie outcasts of the campus
jue. $.o the lack of campus facili-
es.     ".':  ■
Members of the U.B.C. Curl-
lg Jteams may be seen to con-
grge On the Pacific Curling
sink oh Fourth Ave&iue every
unday afternoon atjjij.30 p.m.
'hi je-most people are converg-
ig an their dinner tables.
All the practice, usually non-
dstent, is done at the Pacific
UBC does have a Squash
Team, and a Squash Club, both
of which have been extremely
active in the last two years. Although hampered by the lack of
courts on the campus, and by
the basically negative approach
given the sport in circles where
it counts, UBC is represented at
20 Tournaments a year. They
play matches with city teams as
in the tryouts this fall or last
season, bowled averages of 210
or higher.
One, Ron Craig, has averaged 261 in Winnipeg; another,
Jerry Devine has averaged 250
in Victoria. Jerry was also
high man in the tryouts with
Curling Rink  during the  week
when "free" ice is available.
The U.B.C. Curling Club has
14 four man teams which participate in a regular round robin
competition. The winning rink
earns the right to represent
U.B.C. in the W.I.C.A.U. championship against such very well
knpwn curling provinces as Al-
beirta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.
: Even under these handicaps,
If, during the next few days,
du happen to stroll into Mem-
:ia;I Gymnasium, you may think
1 bedlam has broken loose.
At first glance you may be
However, it is only coaches
ic£ Pomfret and Ried Mitchell
inning the basketball hopefuls
irough prelimiiiary drills.
U.B.G; will field three teams
ds year: Thunderbirds, Jayvees
id Braves.
'Ehunderbirds task will not be
an easy one, for absent from the
workouts will be veterans Barry
Drummond ,Nx>rris Mortin and
Dave Dummaresq who have
Coach Pomfret will be looking
for replacements and feels "the
team, by mid' season should be
as strong as last year. I will be
looking' for more speed and individual manoeverabiiity.' '   '
Last year the Thunderbirds
won the Western  Inter-Collegi-
well as inter-collegiate matches
with U.S. schools.
UBC has won more than its
share, of the silver at these'
events and holds several championships at this time.
The Squash team plays at the
Vancouver Raquets Club, 25th
and Oak. New members are always welcome, and enquiries
should be directed to Bill White-
law at AM 1-2321.
243 average.
Our main competition will be
affected by challenge matches
with local teams, but we are
also hoping to visit Victoria
College arid to have a telegraphic meet with other universities.
U.B.C. won the W.LC.A.U. curling championship in the 1959-60
season ',
It is hoped that in the near
future a Curling, Rink will be
established on the campus so
that more people may compete
and that OUR favorite game may
become a highly respected sport
the the University.,'
Curling is not an old mta',«
game; come and see us play at
the Pacific Curling Rink. Hoot
ate Basketball Championship,
with an impressive 11-1 record.
League competition for the Birds
this year will only consist of the
w.i.c.B.  ...'■•-.■'; (
This year the Jr. Varsity team
will play American Jr. Colleges.
This should prove a valuable
training ground for the team and
help develop future "Birds".
On campus this year will be
seven nigh school scholarship
Ediior-in-chief ^ Fred Fletcher
Editor  Mike Hunter
MAA Representative Sid Brail
WAA Representative  Ann Pickard <*age 4
Wednesday, October 19, 1960
Sport Open To Wo me
Extramural Teams
Lead College Leagues
MONIKA   AHLEN,   U.B.C.'s   number one 'tennis player   led
Thunderettes  in   fhe  first  event   of   ther 1960   W.C.I.A.U.
Busy Noon Hour Games
The Women's Intramurals program caters to the noonhour
' sjporjts enthusiast.
The'! season is already well un-
d^r way. The Indoor Track meet
the first of it's kind, was held
during Frosh orientation week
io introduce the freshettes to
"University athletics.
The success of this venture
ean be seen by the outstanding
participation of the Frosh in
Intramurals thus far.
The points competition started
last Thursday with the Intramural Swim Meet getting under-;
-way at Empire Pool. Final stan--
dings were: Education first with";-_
2/6 points, Frosh second With 25
and PE third With 15 points.
Practices have already started
ior the Volleyball League. Actual games start Monday in the
"Women's Gym.
Other activities before Christmas are Table Tennis, beginning
on October 31 and Bowling beginning on November 8.
The table tennis is both
doubles and singles competition.
The bowling pits teams from
various faculties, undergraduate
societies, clubs and sororities
against-one aapther.
"After   Chrisynas.   badminton.
basketball, archery, skiing and
another track meet are planned.
You can play too.
All women students on campus are eligible to participate
in Intramural with the exception of Extramural team members and members on outside
teams of comparable calibre.
This means that the girl who
plays    on    a    Thunderette    or
Senior   "B"   basketball team is
Ineligible   to   play   intramural
If you find that you have been
left out and want to play on an
Intramural team come to the
Women's Intramural Booth on
Athletic Day and sign up to represent your faculty or club.
Awards for the winning teams
will be presented at the AWS-
WAA Banquet in the spring.
Last year Alpha Gamma
Delta won the Spencer Trophy
as the top Intramural team.
Louise Broune of Physical Ed:
ucation won the trophy for outstanding. Intramural participation.   .
One third of the women on
campus participate in Intramural or Extramural Athletics.
Our athletes have won fame on
the city, provincial, Canadian
and International levels of competition.
Last year in the Western Canadian Intercollegiate Athletic
Union UBC won the badminton,
basketball, swimming and tennis
titles. In speed swimming the
UBC girls set new records in
every event.
The Women's Athletic Association! sponsors sixteen Extramural teams. If you are interested in joining one of these
sports see the girls at their booth
at the Armory in tomorrow's
Athletic Day extravaganza.
WCIAU and a trip to the PNW
Women's Intercollegiate Tennis
championships in Yakama will
give UBC Racketeers a chance
to show their powers.
Last" years shuttle shovers
took the Vancouver city and the
WCIAU crowns. Events this year
include four tournaments, Intercollegiate matches and a city
Out of the gym comes the
sound of bouncing balls and
pounding feet as the WCIAU defending basketball title holders
take the floor. This year three
teams will compete in the City
Only the women play this different form of basketball. The
traditional five players are
changed as six women take the
floor ia a basketball game with
limited dribbling. Feature of the
year will be a PNW Intercollegiate Conference in Everett, Wash.
"Bull's Eye" girls. Our Maid
Marions participate in mail-
matches with other Canadian
Universities, an Intercollegiate
meet and a Vancouver city
league. Athletic Day will see the
girls practicing their shooting at
anyone who tries to enter the
Even through the rain and
snow the traekstera keep practicing for suimnep aneets- with
Vancouver Clubs  and Intercollegiate Telegraphic Meets.    ,
On guard boys. Around this
campus are the fearless Fencers.
Seems that a sword is the best
way to hook a boy or an extra
piece of bread in the Common
Block. The fencing, team practices with the Fencing Club in/1
the Field House every Wednes-'
day evening.
A real feminine game is presented by the curling girls. Lessons in sweeping are at the Pacific Curling Rink. Each year
the girls enter the local bon-
spiels and the WCIAU Curling
One of Canada's top figure
skaters is forming this new addition to the women's athletic programme. A trip to Saskatchewan
is in the offing for the team as
the girls try for the the WCIAU
Bully. Bully for you. Hockey
holds th* reputation of being one
of the ISTgest and most active
of the teams in the Women's
Athletic system. November 14-15
will see UBC host the Pacific
North West Grass Hockey tournament.
Feature of the year for the
golf team is the Homecoming
Gold Tournament scheduled for
the University Golf Course during the week of Homecoming
Past gymnastics teams have
Won top honors in Canadian
meets under Jeannette Burgette.
This year plans include the
PNW c'hamiponships in Seattle.
UBC's skiers last year topped
the NW Intercallegiate Ski Meet.
This year plans include Western
Canadian championships at
WAA sponsors two teams, the
Speed and Syncronized Swim
squads. Last year the speed
Swimmers broke records in all
events in which they were entered in WCIAU.
Jumping Volleyballers are
preparing for trips to Sask. and
Washington.. Spike w-ith College
Spirits; Girls!    ' "'."": ;■_
MARH.YN    PETERSON    .    .
first winner of the  Barbara
Schrodt Trophy.
Trophy Gives
Marlyn Peterson, last year's
WAA Vice-president, was the
first winner of the Barbara
Schrodt WAA Trophy.
This award, presented for the
first time last year, has been established to give an award for
the top female athlete at UBC.
Points for the award are based
upon participation, skill, athletic
service and team spirit.
The trophy was presented to
Marlyn for her participation as
WAA Vice-president, basketball
player, big block member and
chairman of the first Thunderette basketball tournament.
The award was named for
Miss Barbara Schrodt, the executive secretary of the Women's
Athletic. Executive.
-Marilyn.was recipient of her
fiftfe B^-^toi*=7ija§t: »yeaV. -:/


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