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The Ubyssey Feb 16, 1926

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ar^J-rVWW  ''(t^1      f    '    fy^l' V1 '-,  «i r^l^vyiTiYKK^'yt^r'^iffip* "'        •*    ■.tT9*»-'-l--"j"»*r'*--^ ■'H*»wv"r'«vF) »- '•"-■"'"' jw "■«■■*" ■$**•""     ' *,* 7-'"" ^ f i*7r  rw,~"','l V, *   "75
i ft; i
CtiVtl Iff 1/0
/ssuad TViea rVo«*(y 6;y the Students' Publications Board of The University of British Columbia.
* aaana
Volaase VIII.
No. 3S.
U. I. C. Carrie* Off Hottoce of Moat.  Abaraethy Stars.
The O.B.C. Swlmmen came home from Banff on Monday morning bearing
all the laurels of the Interootleglate swimming meet.  Not only did they beat
S University of Saskatchewan aad Alberta, but they alio won the big Silver
, Srst prise for tbe open meet. This trophy they brought home with them,
It IS now on display in the hall of the library.
Varsity won the cup with a grand total of 18 points.  The University of
Saskatchewan was second, with 18 points, and Calgary third.
s* One of the most spectacular ot the events waa the 80 yards free style.
Abernethy carried the Oold and Blue to victory In this event, altbougb
a hotly contested race. In the 100 yards, Bruce MacDonald came sec
Reg. Wilson won seoond in the
Biter a very hard fight, In the
I, Oordon   Baker   Wdn   lecond
agalnit tbe keeneat of compett-
t deciding factor of U.B.c.'s vie>
„ ai the big relay, It waa a moat
Jtlng race and Varsity and Sat-
Hewan were neck and nook all the
pjsm '1
^ „ last man, T#e Aber-
r, by a superhuman effort, gained
ieh or two, to Come in first by a
J breadth. Tike was the hero
the meet. In his event, the 80
yarda free-style, ha eetabllehed a record tor the baaitt pools. In this race,
he had agalait tun the Western Canada champion JO-yard iwimmer; and
all were certain that U.B.C. had no
oheaoe against this old itager; but
to the snrprlSe Ot all, the Gold and
reached tbe finlih flrst. A dose
sat aevertbeleis a win.
five   iwlmmeri   declare that
ilvir Had a bettor time In their
were treated like kings
T_,_  .„,.. Stay, and left the Hot
nrlngi Sttnday morning with regret.
They were virtually given tbe key to
the city.   Alt the winter attraction!
were open to them.   They tried their
Mod at ikling and tobosannin* at-
^/.leaded the big Amason hockey game,
v >'Mgieoe attending the Saturday night
hall given in their honor after the
, swimming oonteet  The five boys are
i aapeetattr eloquent in the praise or
the parka' lupetintendent.   Thii official seemed to take a special interest
in the U.B.C. boys, and deserves special thanki from the Men's Swimming
Club and Varaity in general.
Freehmon Look Like Winnera
Interest In the forthcoming Arts '20
Relay ii rapidly approaching the climatic. In nearly all classes eliminations have now been held and the
eight tried men and true are knocking
Off the odd extra pound in preparation
lor the gruelling grind.
In the triala exceptionally fast time
waa made with the Freihman Class
having the edge. Pat Taylor covered
the course in 6.07 with about fifty
more Freehmen right on hla heels.
, The first eight men in that class
earned their place, but some ot the
laps are being challenged and changes
may follow. This looks like the team
which will win at preaent.
Arta '38 ran their eliminations on
Friday and burned up the road tn
fait time, Ian Balmer and hla cohort! are making one laat valiant attempt In thia race.
Over in the Applied Science building, Red Brown may be heard holding forth to hla henchmen of Science
'87 telling of the glory to be won In
the Relay. This olaaa may surprise
•ome of the dopes ters.
Arta '8? with several good men are
not letting the grass grow under their
feet. Their time In the eliminations
waa a trifle slower than that of the
Freshmen. Not much Is known of
Art! '33, but Harold MoWllllams can
be counted ou to do all that can be
done when tho great day comes. The
first and second year Science classes
are also running and may be expected
to put forth lots of fight.
Roll on, the 24thI
Proofs of plotures for the
Annual must be handed In to
Mr. Brldgeman before 0 p.m. today; otherwise the choice will
be left to the photographer.
Will No Longer
St on Council
Important Amendment to
Constitution Pasgfd Friday
Aa important Alma Mater meeting
was held at noon on Friday last. The
flrst important Item was the bringing
forward ot ah amendment to the constitution ot the Men's Undergraduate
Society to the effect that the executive of that body includes a Secretary-Treasurer to be appointed by the
Students' Council. The amendment
Tbe most Important business of the
meeting dealt with the vexatious
question ai to whether or not the
Editor-in-Chief ot the Publication!
Board should continue to hold a seat
on the Council. Mr. Tommy Wilkinson read the propoied amendment
to the effect that thii ieat he held
instoad, by a junior member, to be
elected by tho Student Body. Mr.
Wilkinson outlined hie viewi on the
matter, showing that the dual nature
of hla office made it impoeeible for
the Editor-in-Chief to expreaa hla
opinions freely and to criticise the
actions of the Council when he saw
fit. Emphasis was also laid on the
fact that there wan no desire to do-
tract from the importance of the
position of Chief of Publications, and
that this should always continue to
be an "A" office. Concernlug the new
junior member, continued Mr. Wilkinson, the position will be one ot a
representative at large, the office to
be filled by either a man or woman
student of the third year. The advantages of having this third year
student on the Council were pointed
out. After the amendment was moved and seconded, the meeting waa
thrown open for dlaouaaion. Mr. Earl
Birney, present Editor-in-Chief, reiterated the statements made by Mr.
Wilkinson and outlined his views aa
previously expressed in the Ubyssey.
Mr. Jack Arnold suggested that the
Bdltor-in-Chief should be elected by
the Publications Board, but It was
impossible to bring forward auch an
amendment at thia meeting, inasmuch
as ten days notice bad not been given. The amendment before the meeting was then put to the question
and carried.
Mr. Wilkinson closed the meeting
with a plea for some attempt at tidiness on the part of the atudenta,
about the common rooma and a request that they ahould "Keep off tbe
Grass." Students were urged to support the rugby team; Its hard battles
during the next two weeks.
On Saturday the second team took
every act in their match against
North Vancouver, the acore being 24
to nothing. Some of the sets went to
three games hut the Varsity players
tad the edge over their opponents
The team consisted of: O. Carpenter, I. Stevenson, R. Noble. B. Brown
and Misses J. Partington, A. Hopkins,
I). Porteous and E. Eddy.
Members are reminded that entry
lists for the Varaity championships
will be posted in the Arts Building.
Entries close Wednesday, 24th.
MR. WILUAM 0. MURPHT and MR. JOHNNY OLIVER, who are easing on Saturday morning for the University of Southern California, where,
they will debate the negative of the queation "Resolved that war, except in
the caie of Invaiioni, should be declared only by direct vote of the people."
win semi-final
Rugby Team Renounces Hope
of Rounsefejl Cup
Vanity'! hopei oiR cleaning wtth
Victoria for the Rouneefell Cup were
daihed in the semi-final on Saturday
afternoon with ex-King Oeorge at
Brockton Point. The ex-High School
team steeled its courage after the
previous week's defeat and retaliated,
beating Vanity by a soore of 18—8.
The playing was not as fait aa that
In the Tlsdall Cup final, although the
tackling waa excellent at all times.
Varsity backs wero doing iplendid
work but the ex-King Oeorge men
seemed to know their move and kept
them in place most of the time.
Johnny McLean did not play wing
forward for Varsity—nor was Abernethy at fullback or Bain on the forward line, but even so, U.B.C, hail a
strong team representing It. Peter
Price played forward and Shaw receiving half, both of them exhibiting
aome splendid playing In these positions.
Past Start
Had Varsity been able to keep the
pace set at the beginning of the game,
•.here would have been no doubt of
her victory. Eaton made a fine gain
at the start and Varaity fought hard,
but ex-King George tackled in good
style, and finally Rowan made a brilliant run, and passed the ball to McKay who passed to Barr. Varsity
bucked the combination just in time,
Ralph Shaw going through for Varsity. Bob Rowan cross-kicked this,
however. Howard Eaton gave ex-
King Oeorge an anxious moment when
he rushed down field with the ball
only to be stopped by McKay.
Gustafson now made a good opening and Tommy Louden took advantage of it to open the scoring for
the college men. Price failed to make
the difficult convert.
A few moments later McKay dashed
through centre for the exHigh School
men and passed to Bill Bryson, who
scored quite near the post. Bob Rowan converted this successfully, Although Varsity tried hard, they were
unable to equal the acore before half-
Vanity Outatarred
The Ex's proved much better In the
second half, Bill Honderaon scoring
for them ahortly after the Gtart. Rowan missed the convert, however, from
a difficult angle. Kelly made a «ood
kick for Varsity, but Barr caught It,
and rushed back again to the blue snd
gold territory. Oyles made the final
try of the afternoon for the ex-K.G.
team, Bob Rowan converting and
bringing the score up to 18. Varsity
once more made a desperate effort,
'^uf. were unable lo tally, and lost
heir chance for the Rounsfell Cup to
-■x-Klng George.
(Co. tinued on Page 4)
Fine Programme
For Opera Night
Preparations for the Musical Society concert are well under way, and
it ii expected that everything will be
tally arranged before the 88th. Scenery la being procured tor practically
every number. The Mikado numbers
will be especially good, with the proper setting of a Japanese tea garden,
reaplendent with fragrant blossoms.
The proper atmosphere haa been procured for the II Trovatore scene, with
a dismal prison in which the hero
languishes. Splendid scenery hai
been obtained for the Pirates of Pen-
aanoe, also, in which the inebriated
membera of the Men's Glee Club hold
their drunken revel. Proper costumes are being arranged for all the
numbers. With the assistance of the
excellent lighting system which the
Auditorium boasts, these numbers
cannot help but be the splendid success for which every member of the
society has been working. The style
of programme la entirely different
from that usually put on by the Society and the transition means a great
deal of hard work.
Tickets for the concert are extremely low-priced aud may be bought from
any member of the Society at any
time. A full programme of the treat
In store will probably be published in
'rlday'a issue. Don't miss It, it's going to be great.
i   <m
U.B.C. Soccer Mtn
Fail t o iOiipUy
Loco Chattae af IvUlnlasMl Cup.
Unable to Score AgaJsait
Tears, idle tean, are aU that re*
main of Vemity'i Mainland Cup a*
piratlona.  At laaat It wu with adek
feelings and with nolaea of wail
imprecation, and knaahlnf of
that the few Varsity student su;
m left the field where the Vi
ver  Engineers  triumphed  by
The three thousand spectators,
who lined  Gamble Street grenade,
and who unanimously lupported Var-
sity, were sorry to lee the tean lose.,
On the whole it wai too bad.
Engineers Scare
But the hard thing in tbe defeat to
•wallow waa the fact that for three-
quartan ot tho game Varsity controlled the play. Hngtaeen b
with a rash but PhlUtpa relieved
seat Wilkinson away, who
beautifully. The opposition
to their left wing for Mosher to gave
neatly. Buckley gave to Cameron
who paaaed to Yip, Yip passed back
and Cameron mined ait open goativ < >\y
The enemy's centre waa dangerously
hear scoring, but collided with Baker
and Ledlngham. He returned, tin*
gamely returned with his leg bandaged only to retire again Mar tie
end of the halt Play moved from rl
Phllllpi to Creei to Cameron, wj»o ♦ 4m
again gummed up hla ohance7 The, jM
Snglneen' centre hrt!,^a^eiWfM
who was playing a strong, though ' ,!
rough game, passed to the outside .. '1
right Strang. The wing daahed down
at full ipeed, twinging over a vot>
feet crosa which the inside left heatV
ed into the corner. Soore 1—0 for
the Engineen. Mosher seemed pas-
sled by the play.
Cameron Weak
Laat Thursday evening the Freshies proved conclusively the the art
of party-giving is Inborn rather than
acquired, and that they had inherited
it In a large meaaure. The party waa
a huge success from beginning to
end, and the Freshies who were there
had a real good time.
The executive are to be congratulated on the tastefuiness and simplicity which characterised the decorations, Great bunches of green balloons reached from one balcony to
the other, reminding one of huge
clusters of green grapes. Qreen
streamers draped the balcony and
hung from the lights. Huge Arte '39
create were placed effectively around
the hall.
During the evening excellent punch
of a pure and mild quality, guaranteed not to hurt the delicate Innards
of the Freshies, waa served. The supper Itself wns plentiful—there were
large quantities of sandwiches, cake,
Ice cream and coffee.
After aupper, Tommy Taylor addressed the gathering, He announced that with the exception ot offenders brought before Council, no.ono
was hereafter required to wear the
obnoxious green ribo»0*. The an
(Continued en
After the reeultent, centre Dan.-
eron, without permlailon from his
captain, went to Inaide right, lending
Crees to the outiide position. Varsity began with a smart rush led by
Yip, who, deapite the three men
checking him, slipped away. He went
through the defense and shot. The
goalie, Lindsay, saved brilliantly; in
fact, throughout, the game his work
was spectacular, Varsity was now
controlling the play; Manning, In
Crute's position, was returning the
ball well; the opposing half backs
and full backs, however, never faltered, aways kicking first time and
passing with precision. The Varsity
right wing was weak. Crute waa not
at his position of right full back and
his absence was felt. Buckley worked like a nigger and Crees tried hard
but Cameron miised shot after shot.
He waa not in hla proper poaltion,
and he constantly interrupted Bock-
ley, Crees, or YIp. Undoubtedly he
should be disciplined.
Engineen Soore Another
At laat Engineen worked down;
Phillips saved. They came again.
This time in a mix-up with Ledlngham just outside the penalty area;
their inaide right fell. Referee Allan,
who waa up with every play, awarded
the Engineers a free kick. The Inside left, Howie, prepared to take the
kick; Mosher set himself. Howie
drove the ball high into the upper
right hand corner with a teniae
kick. Score 8—0 for Engineen.
Mosher apparently expected the play
In the other corner. It waa a tough
break for Haggle.
Oppoalng Qealle Playi Will.
Varaity now put their boot! to the
ball. Baker drove one of his Md
time cannon ball flrst-timera far np
to Wilkinson. Tommy, who was la
fine condition and playing at the top
of his form, took the ball right In hla
stride with wonderful iklil and lent
over a high croaa. The ball came
down right In the goalmouth. Tip,
on the play aa usual, ruahed the
goalie. The latter, aide iteppiag,
cleared. He again won applause tor
savea on shots by YIp and Wilkinson.
Finally Wilkinson worked down near
the goal line, waa cornered, but, turning quickly drove from the difficult
angle into the Engineen' net. Score
now 8—1 against Vanity. Juat be-
(Continued on Page 4)
/ a
February 16th, 1926
tti >,
Iltr Ibpary
(Member of Paeiflo Inter-Collegiate Pren Aiioolatlon).
lasued every Tuesday and Friday by the Student Publications Board ot the
Unlveralty of Britten Columbia. West Point Orey.
Phons: Vanity 1484
Mall Subaoriptiona rate: $8. per year.  Advertising rates on application.
Editorial Staff
Senior Bdltors—Misi Sadie Boyles and Min Marlon Smith
Associate Editors—David Warden, Don Calvert, Mlsa Kathleen Baird and
Mlia Florence Caasidy
Feature Bdltora—Brio Dunn, B. Morrison and 0. Vlnoent.
Aiilitant Bdltors—Mlu Dorothy Arkwrlght, Min Alice Weaver.
P. I. P. A. Bdltor—Oeorge Davidson.
Suilnm Staff
Builnan Manager—Harold 0. MeWilliami.
Advertliing Manager—J. Stanley Allen,
Circulation Manager—Dlgby Leigh
Senior, Sadie Boyles; Associate, Don Calvert
Proofs, Mary Biler.
17    1
The "Ubyssey" oongratulates the members of the Men's Swimming Club, who have juat returned from winning first place at the
Banff Swimming Meet. The victory is of more than usual importance when it is considered that this was the flrst intercollegiate
gala ia whioh U. B. €, has participated and that, therefore, our men's
achievement will Stand as a record whioh future teams will be spurred on to equal.
Manager Dalton Allen and Mr. Erie Huestis can with justice
share to the credit, for the idea of holding such a meet began with
them. They deserved praise, therefore, whether the team had won
or not, for the choice of Banff as a place of meeting was an admirable one. Apart from its virtue as a more or less equidistant venue,
,the name of this famous resort lends a desirable prominence to the
contest. We hope that a genuine tradition will be built up upon tho
record set this year.
There ia stilt one subject which haa not yet been given its annual
Siring before the eyea of the Student Body by the editorial staff,
Snd that is the matter of saving seats in the Cafeteria.   Every noon
fctlr the first floor of the Auditorium ia invaded by hungry students,
great is this invasion that by twelve fifteen every ehair and table
Is filed or "being saved," with the result that some poor unfortunates are forced to stand against the wall. Thia state of affairs is
quite unnecessary, as the Cafeteria is quite large enough to seat
everyone, if the Student Body were duly thoughtful.
There are two ways in which this overcrowding might be avoided, First, many students have the hour from eleven till twelve
free; and might without any inconvenience to themselveB go down
to the drill and eat at 11.30. By twelve these students oould vacate
their chairs and ao leave room for the majority of students who must
eat from twelve to one.
In the seoond place, those who do occupy the Cafeteria during
the noon hour should be unselfish enough not to save chairs for their
friends. This practise of saving chairs ie really a very thoughtless
one) for it means that some ono must stand while a chair remains
empty, on the often unwarranted assumption, that sometime before
the hour is passed, some one will come and occupy it. If every student would use one chair, and vacate that as soon as he has finished,
it would prevent the overcrowded and uncomfortable conditions
that so often prevails now.
There are two popular slogans we might adapt to our own use.
"Eat early," and
"One man, one chair."
The Sophomores held their class
party laat Friday evening at the Am
bassador. The hall was decorated
with red and white streamers and
bleeding hearts in accordance with
the Valentine season. These gave a
very pleasing effect as they swayed
In the breeze of the electric fans. Toward the end of the evening streamer! were thrown out over the assembly, causing carnival atmosphere.
Supper was obliged to be served
In two sittings as so many were present, and was served on the balconies
and in the largo banquet hall.
The music waa supplied by the Ambassador's regular orchestra and met
with the approval of all.
Those acting as patrons and patron-
esaes were Dean Bollert, Prof, and
Mrs. Soward, Dr. and Mrs. McDonald,
Dr. Bogga, and Dr. and Mra. Keenley-
The class executive aro to be congratulated for the success of the affair.
In a darky religious meeting, after
the preacher had beer condemning his
people, a young lady arose and said:
"Last night I was In de arms ob de
devil; But to-night I'se In de arms ob
de Lawdt"
A voice from the back of the loom
spoke up. "Kay, Uintah, am yo' all
gwlne lo b« occupied to morroh
"Your speedometer shows you have
gone 86,000 miles. Deen taking some
long tours?"
"No, the 5,000 I* the distance I
have covered going back and forth
to the office, and the other 20,000 the
distance I have covered looking for
parking places."--Ets,
*|»*i*,*-'*-a»*a*^»^>......a..a.-a. .»>»»».»a..a"..».»«*-^...
j    Correspondence
til l II i | I litfftaax mtn I I'tut ti 11
Bdltor Ubyssey.
Dear Sir:—
Dump—"A dased or pussled state,
absence of mind, dejection, low spirits."—Oxford Dictionary.
Thia refera to "The notorious
apathy of thii year'! Student Body"
(Mr. Muck), whioh "Hai been com*
pared to a Sleeping Beauty without
the Spirit of a Corpie" (Mr. Buokley).
Far be it from me to call my beloved Alma Mater a refuse heap. 1
spoke disrespectfully only of the student body, which la Quito a different
thing. 1 am sorry to waate your space
in thla manner, but 1 oould not allow
anything to dull the untarnished brilliancy of my litorary reputation, etc.
Youn sincerely,
Editor Ubyssey:
We state with muoh regret that the
meeting called last Friday waa not an
authorised meeting of the Alma Mater
Society. By clause 12 of the constitution It is required that two weeks'
noUoe be given on tho bulletin board!.
Only ten days' notice was given.
Due to the desire of certain member! of the Council to havo this clause
Btrictly lived up to we have taken the
liberty of informing the members of
the Alma Mater Society and Vigilance
Committee of this alight Infringement
of the regulation!.
Sincerely youra,
T. B. ARNOLD, So. '87.
B. KBR8LAKB, So. '27.
.iii|..-.i..».i.iii.i iiiiiiiniiti.t.i in muffin'i i i
Class and Club Notes
*j».»-»-e"«*'0***-e*.»-.e-e-e>«#. »«*<>.«e)»»0''--o«»«*e»o-*o«o»o»0'*t
.Modifying influence at Daylor University, which Is lu Texas:
The Baylor marriage law was modified at the meeting of the faculty last
night. The rule formerly declared
that a student who married must
withdraw from school for three terms:
now tho student Is required to withdraw for only one term.—Ex.
The greatly increased costs of recent years nave caused the authorities of Yale University to announce no
Increase in Its undergraduate tuition
charge from 8300 to $350. The announcement also added that additional
appropriations would be made to prevent the Increase from adding to the
financial burdens of the self-supporting students, who now comprise one-
third of the undergraduate body and
are receiving aid from the University
to the amount of 1271,303 a year.—Ex.
Uuiversity of California, Feb. 13th
(P.I.P.A.).—Interclass track at the
Unlveralty of California will Btart this
year on February 23rd with the annual meet whioh will be held on the
recently Improved Berkeley Oval. The
meet will be over a period of two
days, and will comprise fourteen
events, the firm seven of which will
be run off on tho 23rd and the remainder on Ihe 25th. This meet, as 11
linn In the past, will attract much at
lentlon as It marks the opening; of
Ihe (rack season for tho U, of C.
The students of a Tennessee college have purged themselves of all
carnal sin" by throwing evolutionary
documents, rouge and novels into
campus bonfire.—Ex,
I  > Hi HI'|n| i|n|i'l"|i'|n|  |l|n|i I I  I  I |l|l| II I
A meeting of La Cauaorle will be
-eld to-morrow evening, at the home
ot Miss Mildred Lynn, 4880 Third
Avenue Weit (corner of Third and
olmle). The evening will be do-
voted to a discussion of tome of La
Pountalne's fables.
The meeting of the Engineering
Discussion Club will be held henceforth on Tuesdays Instead of Wednesdays. This week Mr. Frank Barnsley
will apeak on "General Electric
Teiti." Time, 12.10; Room 202, Applied Soienoe.
ARTS '87
Arts '27 are holding their class
party this Thursday at Willow Hall.
The Juniors have a reputation for
plenty of pep and clasa members are
assured that this will be tbe outstanding event of the year. Arrangements
are in charge ot the oxecutlve.
The Agriculture Discussion Club
held their banquot on Friday, February 12th, at 5.45 p.m. in the Grill. A
very excellent meal was served, followed by a very enjoyable toast Hat
ns follows:
Tho KIiik The Chairman
The Ladles V. Vroom, Miss Milne
Our   Alma   Mater	
 F, Mutrie, T. Wilkinson
Our Faculty....Miss Allen, Prof. Sadler
Our Freshman Year	
 L. Buckley, J. Swanson
The Fate of Our Sophs	
 W. Matthews, K. Thornebe
Betwixt and Between 	
 B. McCurrach, S. Bowman
The Froatlng....C. MacKensle, C. Rive
Our Grads W. Oough, L. Atkinson
Our Traditions L. Mallory, H. Ross
The evening closed with the singing
of the National Anthem.
The B. C. Electric has announced
Hie  following bus  service beginning
Monday, February 16th:
'.eave University.        Leave Sasamat
6.00 p.m. 6.00 p.m.
6.22 p.m. 6.40 p.m.
7.02 p.m. 7.20 p.m.
7.42 p.m. 8.00 p.m.
8.22 p.m. 8.40 p.m.
9.02 p.m. 9,20 p.m.
9.42 p.m. 10.00 p.m.
10.10 p.m.
A complete schedule of bus service
has been posted In the library. Any
one wishing to arrange for special
service should phone Mr, Dickie,
Point Orey MB.
Tickets for Opera Night, February
'8th, may be procured Friday noon In
the foyer of the Auditorium. The
aeats are SO cents, 75 centc and 81.00.
The 78-esnt aeats have practically
been aold out but a few remain, which
VII ba disposed ef Friday. Excellent
seats at 80 oents may stilt be procured and a number of 81-00 seata
remain.    Friday noon, Auditorium,
All waa ready. The switch waa
aet. The crowd of onlookera ranged themaelvea on either aide of! the
track. Por a few minutes there was
a tenia silence. Then faintly In the
distance— "clikkety-olack, olikbety-
clack"—and we knew she was coming I Louder and louder grew the
sound. Paster and faster became the
monotonous clang of the wheels.
"CUkkety-olang, ollkketyolang," re-
eoboed through the hollow woods,
and with a roar the oar with its human freight shot around tbe ourvi.
A wild shriek went up from the onlooker! aad wai re-eohoed with a
wilder and more terrible one from
the racing, swaying car. Fifty
yards In front was the ash-plle and
the oar didn't show the slightest signs
of cheeking its terrific speed, Their
faces were drawn and pale. Their
lips were set. Their hands were
clenched. Their eyes bulged out with
fear. Thirty yards more to the ash*
pilot —twentyI It was a matter of
a couple ot seconds now. Still the
oar Sew on. Ten yards! —five yards!
"Jump I Jump I Jump!" shrieked a
hundred voices. With a whir aad a
roar they shot past and In a body
they threw themselves onto the ash-
pile. A momentary vision of frantically waving arms and legs, a thousand walla rending the air, a terrifio
crash as the car ploughed into the
siding, a cloud ot ashes aad dust rising in the air, and it wai all over.
But those happy days, gentle read*
er, are ao more. No more will the
virgin toreit behind the Applied
Science building ring with the merry
shouts of freshmen, sophs, Juniors
and seniors alike I No mora will thu
speeding, clanging oar resound
through the hollow woods I No more
will students flock In droves at dinner time to see the one and only original asset ot the University! Someone has ripped up the track.
a » t
More Athletics in
College Life ?
In view of the recent disousslon
relative to the Introduction of American football at the U.B.O., an article
in "Le Quartler Latin," organ ot the
students of the University of Montreal, of February 4th, 1926, while
having, perhaps, no direct bearing on
the question, is nevertheless of Interest. The article, entitled, "L'Athlet-
isme et la Vie," Is an answer to those
who have deplored the pre-eminenoe
of athletics In University life, and the
so-called "supermen" or athletic
heroes who are tbe result.
In the opinion of the writer, Canadian universities should devote a
larger amount of time to sport ;and it
people complain of the undue attention given to games and to the importance of a victory, it will merely
indicate their lack of foresight as
compared with the students, the origin of whose interest in the contosts
is the experience of life it affords.
Here lies the real significance ot
athletics, affirms the writer, for what
could be more similar to lift with its
struggle for position, than an athletic
contest in which each side adopts
every tactics to carry off the victory?
the statement of Wellington that the
battle of Waterloo had been won on
he playing fields of Eton seems to
explain why those who fight for success should encourage athleticism.
The athletic hero must necessarily
possess the qualities which count in
life or he would be unable to maintain
his position as such, and all the courage, skill and judgment he haa required to gain the victory in games
are invaluable to him in after life.
Thus, says the article, our admiration for the athletic hero is not as
vain as it might seem; it is aa old as
human Intelligence and haa characterized the greatest civilisations. It
is nothing more than the instinctive
recognition of the great law of nature,
that Is, the struggle for existence, "le
trlumphe du plus hardl et du mleux
di:v-, la survie de la force Intelll-
gonte sur la falblesse sans resources."
Freshmen Party
(Continued from Page 1)
nouncement was greeted with great
glee, and nil the Freahlea who were
present donated their ribbons to form
a great chain, which was then presented to Miss Matheson to be kept
as a class souvenir.
Mention must be made of the excellent work done by Miss Thelma
College, head of the committee, and
Miss Betty Matheaon, Vice-President
nf the class.
Thanks are also extended to the
patrons and patronesses—Dean and
Mrs. Coleman, Dean Bollert, Mrs.
Kllnck, Mr. and Mrs. F. G. C. Wood
and Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Logan.
......  .     ♦..♦-■♦• —
One student came to school In an
aeroplane at the University of Oklahoma after authorities had forbidden
students to bring automobiles to the
degrees] SuperUtive In quality,
tha world-lamoui
jopytaj   WIIJHUS
W.   ear  earJaV w^B^BaevJl
<* a
give bast service and
longest wear.
Sif aWsSMMfej
Church's Famous
English Shots
Are Exeeptienal in Quality,
Style and Werbnaaaadp
Ingledew Shoe Co.
it.M'il I < S I 'l"li I I luti I il n ti I 'I' n I s I
eosiodert £aft
Oillofee* Miala.  OWrtiosi Sirvtoe,
•I*   DANCIN8   •:•
873 Granville Street
<.a«|M|ii|iitil l'l"l"Hieiitii|i| lilii»»IH>t"HHtii
Lewis Wharton, b.a., uj,
Tatttea Stvia la UaJvsrslty SaMeetg
fte«B 828, Shelly SatyHaf,
118 Piadir Street, Witt
4878 78l Ave., W„ Wilt Nat Srty
?T. ORgV BB7-L
Mew UsaVeteHV etedeato have fsejed,
Vs S*ewSBjp eat   e^eaaivBMBBpjBBj   f-Mss
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Wi itaad ready te aaalal all who aaad
Oar Ssorslarlal Ceum Is one which
appeals to Ualveralty students.
If Interested, give us a call at any ol
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Chocolates, ete.
Lamey's Drag Store
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Your Photograph.
McKenzie Studio
619 Granville St.
Paona. Sey. 3103
High-class work at moderate pries*
smtf .■VySrHV ■ ■
C 1-i_..
FbbruArt.' 1 6th, 1926
1 ».haMiMW  M>« If*
! am not vain by nature, in fact,
rather the reverie, and what little
disillusionment I may have nourished regarding the manly beauty of my
physlogonomy, has been badly shattered, In fact completely smashed, by
Brfeotly frank and outspoken
ends, ot whom 1 seem to have almost a Superfluity. You know, the
kind ot Jolly old egg who slaps you
breeslly on the back on a wet Monday morning as you clamber into one
ot those damn red monstrositlei, ex-
Claiming "Why, how's the boy this
morning ? Came away in a hurry and
forgot to ihave, I luppose. What tbe
deuce have you done to your collar
aad what's the matter with your
foest" You know the sort of magot
thean. Well, to proceed- The
Other day, urged by frequent pare-
«raphe in the Ubyssey, t deolded to
stake myself to Brldgman'a, don my
Bntiflcal robes, and git "done" for
s Annual. So about three thirty 1
found myself closeted in a little room,
trying to decide whether I should assume an Arts, Aggie, or Soience robe.
To tell the truth. I wasn't quite sure
whioh was which. However, In the
end I picked the one with the pretty
blue border, and staggered forth. I
Jolt exaotly as it I was going to the
lentlst The gentleman who greeted
me looked, to my startled eyes, almost like an executioner. He bade
tte be seated.. t sat. He bade me
smile oweetly. I emtled. He asked
me In the kindest possible tone to
St my head allghtlyV It was duly
ted—and at that moment my back
#6Uar atud allppad and started to
obey the force ot gravity, whllo the
eoUar Itself strove to function as a
sort ot halo round my benighted head.
BuJ; I maintained my calm air ot Indifference, my haughty head slightly
tilted, .my smile iweetly fixed. He
oreised the trigger, or whatever the
doofunny behind the pall is called,
aad It was over. At least, so I
thought until I roae to go. Bat ao,
once again I was forced into the torture chair. Once again the held waa
slightly tilted and the smile sweetly
fixed, while the collar stud started a
sort of relay race down the small of
my back,—and it was in the middle
of what seemed to be a sort ot record breaking lap that the doofunny
Sin clicked. I staggered forth from
t photographers a broken man.
Well, its over now, and I wish the
dead past could bury its dead But
It canTt, for that bally photo has got
to appear in the Annual. It shows a
sort of haggard broken monster, with
glaring eyes and straggly hair. But
what's tho use of protesting.. . . The
photographer said it was an excellent |
llkenes, and I'm not going to argue
with him and find myself In that
chair again. Besides, everyone else
aeems to agree with hlui. Daru that
collar-stud, anyhow!
(With Apologies to Browning)
Not a word to each other;  we kept
the great pace,
Neck by neck, stride by stride, never
changing our place;
I turned in my trousers and made my
girth tight,
Then shortened each garter to make
the length right.
Rebuttoned   my   waist   coat,   leaned
over a bit,
But danced I less slowly, No, not a
whit!—Queen's Journal.
Father: "Now, son, I'm afraid I
won't see you In heaven."
Son: "Oee, whatcha done now,
• Cabaret Belmont
{ Granville and Nelson Sts. ;;
lAAAAi.J.J.i.i.AajA-AAAA||AaAA4, .
Best Productions direct from
New York at the
Strand Theatre
Excellent features and arlisti
that can be aeen or heard
nowhere else hi Vancouver.
By P.I.P.
Chapter    V.   Diad Min'a Quleh.
Two mounted men followed by a
burro were straggling along the trail
that led Into the deptha ot Dead
Man'a Ouloh. The way bad narrowed
until there remained only preoarloua
foothold tor a single hone. One
false step, and both hone and rider
would be hurled Into the oruel depthi
"Great place for an Arte '88 hike,"
laid Rodolph Speedy. "It would solve
the problem of the Freshman vote."
Old Man Carson grunted. He pointed ahead, where a rider was threading hli way along the trail. Tbe figure grew larger and more distinguish,
ed as it oame nearer, and became a
man with a long oloak and a broad
brimmed sombrero drawn over his
eyes. He stopped a tew paces from
"Hullo." grumbled the rancher,
"Hullo." replied the cloaked strangir.
"Excuse me, but I have the right-of-
way^ You're heavily loaded and
wanting ter go somewhere in a hurry,
I guess I'm travelling light, and goln'
nowhere in particular. You'll have
to go back and wait."
Old Man Carson frowned rrlth Impatience, but baoked his hone tor a
couple of miles along the trail to a
wider ledge. Speedy and the burro
did the same.
"Remind! me ot the itreet can on
the way to the Vanity in the morning," laid the tenderfoot, ai they
waited. "That's where I learnt to be
patient and suffer in silence."
"Did yer notioe that man's facet"
asked Carson when the cloaked rider
had passed.
"Yes," replied Rodolph, "I saw that
he wore a short beard and was continually smoking a cigar. With bis
commanding presence, I thought he
was a librarian."
"We got ter hurry," said the rancher, "(lit a wriggle on and step on it."
The western stars were twinkling
in the western heavens, while the
western moon hung low over Dead
Man's Gulch. The western sagebrush loomed spectral grey and occasionally a western cactus gave an
additional lmpresiion to the riden.
Tbe western breese sighed, and now
and then the weitern coyotes gave
their class yell.
At the foot of the gulch wound the
silver ribbon of a river, with a shallow, gravelly bed. On the near bank
was a deserted shack that raised
memories in the tenderfoot's mind
of his track club days.
Carson stopped and pointed to the
cabin.    "Thar  It  is,"  he shouted  In
triumph, "We'll both be millionaires
now."   "Big   stuff!"   replied   Speedy I
with feeling,
Thoy descended the steep trail, and
when thoy had reached the river,
watered their horses and picketed
thorn near the cabin. 'Come In, said
the rancher, striking a match'. He
Ut a lantern and commenced unpacking hla kit.
High up on the side of the gorge
stood tho mysterious stranger with
his cloak wrapped around him. He
had followed Carson back along the
trail, and now was silently watching
the cabin.
Four horsemen made their way
down the trail. They tethered their
mounts and crept toward the cabin.
"Thla la the place," whispered  the
We have s largo inortment af
Wlnohaatar Flaahllohis going
at vary low prion.
Is ■ specialty with ua.  8a(iafaotion
George Sparling
Say. 4883     718 ROBSON ST,
(Copyright 1886 by Tommy Barnatt
and Jaok Bridge)
No Self-Reapecttng atuUunt ahould
read these:
Our Ideal of Ihe absent-minded
prof. Is one who walked into hli
room, put hli cane in bed, and went
and itood In the corner; tied hli
spaghetti, and ate bis shoe strings;
washed his hands, threw tbe water in
bed and jumped out the window.
Ran.: Why ii a rabbits nose always shiny T
Berries: That's easy. Because his
powder puff is on the other end.
Fruit:—Hasn't Dort a wicked UneT
Tives: Yessuh, and she shoe
strings it out.
Russ Palmer had his car overhauled the other day. it does everything
but talk. When it does he'll bavo to
sell it.
Mr. X.: Give me a sentence with
the word celery In it,
Mr. Y.s Alright. Every time Dcd
goes down celery takes a drink.
Check Girl:   Aintchu gonna gimme
a Up?  Why, the champeen tight-wad
of this town gives me a dime.
Billy M.:   Well, gaie upon the new
Divorce ii one of the penaltiei for
catching dear out of season.
Baail:   I Juat paid 8500 tor my dog.
Jaok:   What klndt
Belli: Oh, part bull aad part collie.
Jack:   What part is built
Basil: The part about paying 8500
for him.
Young Lady (after violent dance):
"There! My heel's gone I   That's done
for me for thia evening,"
Youth: "Oh, bother! Don't you carry apare par tat"—Punch.
flrst, none other than Rattlesnake
Ike. "Look at these pans on the
bank, Captain El Loco."
The second figure chuckled with
delight like a professor who has made
a Joke.
"Now fer it," hissed Rattlesnake
Ike, as he raised his rifle and took
aim at the silhouette of Old Man
Carson showing black against the
window of the cabin.
(To be continued).
That priceless possession —
an easy mind — is the immediate reward of insuring
the happiness of your dependents against the day
when you can no longer
help them with your living
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Can't you read your
notes of the lecturer
"No—doggone it I
skipped over to class
this morning without
my Dixon's Eldorado P'
IT leads—all dealer*
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Lose Title Tilt
To the Adanacs
Saturday night at the Y.M.C.A. before the largest gallery of the year,
f>- .the league-leading New Westminster
i;' Adanacs defeated the vanity Senior
; - A basketen by 88—18, The pace was
•T so fait that toward the end of the
f game, the playen were slowing up
through sheer exhaustion. The checking wai heavy on both eidei, though
the mm being left unmarked under
m* the baiket. No sooner would a Var-
t slty man soore a basket than the
h- Westminster iquad would retaliate
with two. so that the icon was all
but doubled.
Of eipeolal note wai the penalty
shooting of the wlnnen, making every
eaaaoe count.   The blue and gold
Sad, on the other hand, failed to
e advantage ot their few shots,
Tanny Butler played hli usual brll-
ttaat game and Arnold Henderaon'a
checking and panlng wai exceptionally good.
Thla Win glvea the league title to
„    the Adanaci, and the right to com-
),  pete for the   Dominion   of Canada
K, Champlonihlp.   The Vanity   wlahea
v you the beat of luck, Westminster!
ft, , The Teami:
■J,\ « yanlty—F. Butler, 4| Hartley, 8; A.
fV.;Hehderoon, 8; H. Henderson; R. Gor-
^^eoni Neibltt, 3; Aune, 8.
«L,Adanaoi—Fnier,   18;   Booth,   2;
Ukle, 8; Hood, z; Glfford; D. But*
Soccer Men Defeated
j,?,, (Continued from Page 1)
tore half tithe blew. Allan banished
« McQoveron, the centre halt, for trip-
R; ping.   Thii play had previously been
V cautioned.      Vanity unquestionably
hid the advantage this half, yet, in
spa of the efforts of PhnSpc, Wilkinson, Yip nnd Ledlngham, was only
able to notch one goal.
YIp Net Given Chanoe
f$L   Vie second half wai aa aad, as sad
^'   oouW be.   Engineers with nine men
r/,„ befd Varalty'i eleven scoreless.  Time
p. (kW again Phillips and Ledlngham
V   gent the forward! away only to see
the ball come sailing back after the
play had been messed up.   Wilkin-
tend Yip tied repeatedly: the for-
both crossed and checked well,
latter wai tireless in hla effort!
acore.     Quene,   however,   wai
,':■ watched at times by as many as five
listen.    The   Vanity   forward!   and
halves simply would not paia to him,
Kferring to boot the ball over jthe
or around the aide. Stevenson,
oat ot Condition, continually avoided
heading the ball, and dribbled instead
of shooting.
U. S. C. Men Not In Condition
The Engineer! staged a few quick
ram. Once Strang broke through,
bat Ledlngham caught him. At another time the inside left hit the bar.
The crowd all the while in vain called upon Varaity for a goal. Yet al
though the boys never ceased in their
efforts, although they hemmed in the
Engineers, Referee Allan's whistle
Blew time with the score unchanged.
Varsity, as stated already, had hop-
od to win its way into the Mainland
Cup finals. Yet for a Varsity team
to do so it Is imperative that every
player be In condition, and that especially the forward line be practised
together; things that the Varsity
team obviously has not done. Nevertheless the game was a good one to
watch. Vanity, no one can deny,
tried hard. The management in particular was very disappointed at losing the game.
Lineup:—Moaher; Manning and Baker; Buckley, Phillips and Ledlngham; Cameron, Crees, Yip, Steven-
eon and Wilkinson.
Wednesday night, the Senior B
"net-aaggera* who havo set an enviable record this season, leave for the
Okanagan, to meet the Kelowna and
Pentioton quintettes on their own
floors. Arrangement! have been completed whereby, they play Kelowna
Thursday evening and Pentioton the
following night, returning to Vancouver Saturday night, The team will
have Ua handa full lu theae two
gamea aa both towna have atrong
teams. This will be the first time a
Varaity team ot any kind haa played
in the Okanagan. The team had a
work out Saturday night and will
have another tonight in the Normal
Gym., ao that tbey should be at top
form tor their gamea. The men
making the trip are Bill Gray, Run
Robinson, Johnnie Swanaon, Hub
King, Bciyw Gibion, Norm McDonald, Ornulf Aune and Bill Thomion.
About That Sports
Once again we are going to attempt
to run a week-end schedule of games.
Thia ii an essential Item in any properly conducted Sports Sheot, especially where our aotlvltiea cover so large
a field, But to conduct It properly,
the co-operation of all concerned is
essential. We must have the announcement! of the games in time for
compilation tor tbe Friday issue, and
It il imponible for the Sports Editor
to rush around and get these on tbe
fast morning. For this reason reporters Will be held responsible for giving
the advance on the games they cover,
nd it ii up to team managers to get
*n touch with them.  By this we hope
o give student! at least a chanoe to
turn out tor the games. The spirit
of the corps is going to be paraded
n our sporta page if those concerned
vlll aid the Bdltor In doing this.
Ruggers Lose
(Continued from Page 1)
The support given by the College
waa very   weak.     Undoubtedly   the
gam was disheartened by the lack of
Interest shown.
Next week Vanity will field its
very best team against an all-star representative Vancouver team. Casey,
"Ike, BUI and Johnny will all be gong great guna after their rest. Be
here (in the west end of grand
stand) to cheer them to victory!
Emancipation of women at the
Western Normal School:
At the Western Normal School,
Macomb, Illinois, the men have adopted the plan of having the third
Thursday of each month aa a Coed
Day. Tbe fair sex make all the dates
on these occasions and are responsible for the social conduct of their
company. It is also understood that
they are to pay all bills.—Ex.
Leader Beauty Parlor
4447 Tenth Avenue, West
Phone, Point Grey 618
The School That Knows
Its Subjects
Established in Vancouver S years ago.
Consult us and be convinced
how wo teach Piano Playing
by music in twenty lessons,
without exercises or scales.
Rex School of Popular Music
422 RICHARDS ST., Cor. HASTINGS Phone, Seymour 8788
BatflVadk AAAJlAAA .O. A A A A A* A A A AAAAA AAAaV**"*-1"*-1-*- aa.aS.ta8.
Varsity Cubs Win
Game Prom Hyacks
One of the few Vanity teams- who
won their game in the week-end
sports waa the Vanity Cuba, who beat
the Hyaeka 86—1 in the aecond Canadian Rugby League game. Although
Vanity played a good game, they
were not noarly aa superior aa the
aeore would Indicate, The Junior
Hyaeka are a very inexperienced
team; to many of whom Saturday's
game was their lint experience with
the Canadian code. Consequently
Vanity had the game all their own
The stan of the game were mostly Vanity playen: McNeil, Ross,
Chambers, Meredith and Farrlsh each
contributed a touch. Jerry Mathews
played quarterback for the flrot time
nd hli efficient handling ot tbe team
is made the key position his own.
After the game Doug. McNeil and Don
<"oung were elected captain and manager of the team.
As the deoiding game of the series
somes next Saturday, when the Cubs
olay the Meralomai, the whole team
Is reminded of the Wednesday practice.
Team.—Moiorop, Duckerlng, Faggo,
Pearce, Davies, Leach, Cameron, Gordon, Sutherland, Boss, Meredith, Mo-
Sweyn, Plummer, Mathews, McNeil,
Farrlsh, Chambera, Doberer,
February 16th, 1926
Both Grass Hockey
Teams Slump Badly
The aprlng weather and bright sun-
sine apparently turned the thoughts
of the young men on the two grass
hockey teams away from their game
on Saturday. Or perhaps it was the
result of the freshman and sophomore
partlea. At Brockton Point the Vancouver team trimmed the Vanity
team and the crlcketera at Can naught
field taught the U.B.C. team enough
about it to enable them to win every
game they play for the remainder of
the season, if they can remember to
iroflt by the exhibition of skill and
combination that 10 luoeenfully
bowled them over, The boys were
knot up to standard and It Is hoped
'that they have better luck and combination next Saturday,
610 Seymour St (Ambassador Cafe)
MARCH 5th, 1926, at 9 p.m.
FOR TICKETS, CALL   Bill Davis, Bay. 5020; Lloyd Ellis, Fair. 5520-R;
"Mao" Oaugall, Fair. 4266-R; Srahsm Fraasr, Bay. 1934
  apaao asTa aw 	
University ot Alberta has won. the
McGoun Cup emblematic of the Western Universities Debating Championship.—Ex.
Say, HioT whash a good thing to
kill the breath?
Try oarbolio add. That ought to
kill anything.
AA *•-*•*•-*•- ■^--^-i-^'.A AAA AAA A A A A^--*-■*-■*-
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The New Medium and Light Weight
Spring Ovirooati in la.
Orep In aad leak them ovir.
Men's Outfitters
Another Spencer
and Young Men's
Models at
Look into this
David Spencer
Mistress (instructing new butler):
"Now how do you addreaa a baronet?"
Butler:   "Your lordship."
"And hla lady."
"Your ladyship."
"And an admiral."
"Er—your flagahlp,"—Widow.
I i*tiit.|ii|ut'it tit mtntit I Hi |iitiift«|.| l.*.|i*t,l I
Jackson Bros., Ltd.
Phone, Bay. 1818
♦th Ave., Wast, at Yew St
BIS. W. MINION, Manager
I—.. n»,i«ni'tn.iK'i i- i i a it.«!■»■< i ii.<iiintii
, I'. .■>». HI  .III t  ' ill tl.-r.ft It I iffr-f-t.
Half Price and Less
1184 Granville Street
Phone. Seymour 1013
Transfer Ltd*
Baggage Delivered
Furniture Removals
Phons, Point Any 188
Moodies'Meat Market
C. H. Hoodie, Prop.
Fnsh Mists, Flab, Poultry, Butter,
f pga and Chun
4395 Tenth Ave.. West
Champion Dance Instructorsj |
Ihe Vaughan Moore Private
Dance School
Has the reputation of being the one school
which guarantees its instruction and positively
hacks up that guaiantee. You will learn
more here than you believe possible. Winners of the Rudolph Valentino Dance Cup,
4a\ the San  Francisco  Dance Cup and many
Vaughan Moore Private Dance School
The Leading Dance Instructors.  -   518 Hastings Street, West
Opposite Spencer's.     ->     Phone, Sey. 707 far Appointments
If You Want
Style and Wearing Satisfaction
Spring Top Coat
The Shop Of
Thos. Foster & Co., Ltd. il
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