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The Ubyssey May 20, 1958

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No. 69
Graduation  1958 Page 2
Tuesday, May 20, 1958
in the class of 1912
•    •    •
Yes, McGavin's superb baking standard is right from a byegone era.  It was
in 1912 that the McGavins baked their first delicious home-quality bread.....
and the McGavins continue to make fully-baked, golden-fresh bread today	
Baked locally, McGavin's loaves are wrapped right from the oven — delivered
within minutes to your store. Old-fashioned GOOD eating begins with McGavin's.
Jo ihsL
University of British Columbia
The Government of the Province of British
Columbia congratulates our University on the
fine contribution it has made to the development of this Province.
Of all the resources of British Columbia we
count as greatest our youth, educated in the
cultural traditions of our past and trained in
the science and technology of the present.
Your Government, through its Department
of Education, is most concerned that our high
school graduates enter the University well pre-'
pared for a higher education. Only is this
possible if we have sufficient able and dedicated young men and women training for
teaching. To all who ore suited in ability and
personality, we commend the profession of
HON. W. A. C. BENNETT, Premier
. RAY WILLISTON, Minister of Education J     Tuesday, May 20, 1958
Page 3
Graduation List, pp. 13-16
Honorary LLD's To Eight
Five outstanding UBC graduates receive honorary degrees
at the Spring Congregation
which marks the fiftieth anniversary of the granting of the
university charter.
The Jubilee congregation is
also granting honorary degrees
to three graduates of other
Canadian universities at the
annual ceremonies in the Armories, Tuesday and Wednesday.
UBC graduates receiving degrees are: Dr, A. E. Grauer,
UBC chancellor; Mrs. Evelyn
Story Lett, wife of the Hon.
Sherwood Lett, Chief Justice
of B.C.'s supreme court and
former university chancellor;
Mr. A. E. Lorl B.C. Supreme
Court; Mr. F. R. Joubin, uranium develoner; and Dean Walter Gage, Dean of Administration and Inter-faculty affairs.
Graduates of other Canadian
universities receiving degrees
are: Dr. J. E. Wallace Sterling,
Stanford University president;
Judge Joseph E. Clearhue, Victoria; and Mr, Ralph Pypus,
president of the Canadian
Chamber of Commerce.
The distinguished Canadians
receive honorary Doctor of
Laws degrees with the exception of Joubin who receives an
honorary Doctor of Science.
Dr. Sterling is the congregation speaker Tuesday, Joubin
will address the students on
Dr. Grauer, 1926 Rhodes
scholar, who succeeded Lett as
chancellor last year, is president of the B.C. Electric and
B.C. Power Corporation. He
is a former AMS president.
Mrs. Evelyn Story Lett received her bachelor and Master
of Arts degrees from UBC in
1917 and 1926 respectively.
She served on the students'
council for three years, holding
the posts of Women's Undergraduate Society president and
AMS treasurer. She was a
member of the committee
which drafted the AMS constitution in 1914.
Mr. Justice Lord, former
AMS president, graduated in
1922. He was first named to
the UBC senate in 1924, and
the Board of Governors in
Joubin received both his
bachelor and master of arts degrees from UBC. He is noted
for his recognition and development of the Algoma uranium
field at Blind River, regarded
as one of the most important
'Continued on Page 5)
GAEL STOTT has "won her second gold medal in fout-
years. She has been awarded the Governor-General's
medal for highest standing in the arts and science. She
was the outstanding student in B.C. when she graduated
from the Oak Bay High School. The Ubyssey likes Gael
Stott. — Courtesy Province
Newsman's Daughter
Wins Gold Medal
Members Get
Professor R. W. Waters was
awarded a senior fellowship
and Professor G. L. Bursill-Hall,
department of romance studies,
a pre-doctorate fellowship.
Dr. K. D. Ne-ageie and B. R.
Blishen, department of sociology
and criminology; R, P. Dore,
Asian studies; Miss Marketa Go-
etz, department of German; H.
V. Livermore, romance studies;
Dr, Stanley Pech, Slavonic studies; and D. Avrum Stroll, philosophy, all received short term
Gael Harling Stott, daughter
of prominent Victoria newsman,
is the winner of the Governor-
General's Medal for top student
in the arts and sciences.
Miss Stott, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Arthur Stott, has won
$4,000 since her last year at Oak
Bay High School, when she won
an award for the outstanding
B.C. high school student.
Her father is associate editor
of the Victoria Times,
Miss Stott did not work on
the Ubyssey which is an indication of her intelligence.
She will work this summer on
her master's thesis which deals
with the effect of "salinity on
Lionel Thomas, UBC School of Architecture, has
heen commissioned by the 1958 Graduating Class to design
aud complete a series of mosaic panels. They are the
class' gift to the University.
Cast bronze panels projecting from the 23 by 30
foot south wall of the new Brock Hall extension will form
the bases of the mosaics each of which will represent one
aspect of education. Strong, integrated colours, impervious to the effects of weather will be used by Mr. Thomas.
The original plan of the class was to ha ■< Mr.
Thomas, whose wife is working with him on the project,
design a mosaic mural which would cover the entire wall.
This would have cost $12,000. Thomas suggested
th.e present $8,000 plan.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas have begun work on the panels
c*>:.d expect to have them finished for the Fall congregation.
4000 To Attend
Summer Session
A record credit course enrollment of 4,000 students is
expected at UBC summer session, according to university
(.•hieials. Approximately one-third of the courses offered are
hi education.
"Although about two-thirds
of oar students will be teachers,
our courses are mostly in arts
and science," stated Dr. K. F.
Argue, director of summer session.
Registration must be completed by June 10. instead of the
first day of the session as in the
Several outstanding visiting
lecturers will teach in the geography department, which is offering six courses this summer.
Courses will be given by Prof.
R. B. Batchelder, Boston University; Prof. Archibald Mac-
pherson, University of Edinburgh; Prof. Austin Miller, head
of the department of geography,
University of Redding, England;
and Prof. R. C. Estall, London
School of Economics.
Prof. R. C. IIonoybone, Institute of Education, University of
London, will give a course in
research in methods of teaching
Walter Havighurst, research
professor of English, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, will instruct a senior course in fiction
wri'ting and criticism.
Executive of the 1958
graduating class are: John
Duerkson, president: Lorna
Setter, vice-presideii Alice
Baumgart, secretary, Sandy
McCurragh, treasurer; Phil
Oakley, social convenor.
George VI
Statue Fo*-
Gym Garden
A statue of the lat«. George
VI   has   been   preser to   the
University of Britis :olumbia
by Mr. P. A. Woodw-   ,
The statue, to st • u i i the
garden area of the War Memorial  Gym,  will  be  unvei'^d  by
the Lieutenant-Governc'
Ross, on June 22 at 2.'■('
Tire nine-foot sir's-,.
ond -"isling of the «t -' s
Kin's   on  the     Ms : i
Bv  v s   .'ham  P. s
F'    i.i-
"; to
•im iter
VYsilier   binsr
J, B. CU'rilute
i\, E. Lord Page 4
Tuesday, May 20, 1958
Authorized as second class mail. Post Office Department,
Best Wishes to the Class of '58
Thompson, Berwick & Pratt
University Architects
it n iitimiiii
Student subscriptions $1.20 per year (included in AMS fees). Mail
subscriptions $2.00 per year. Single copies five cents. Published
in Vancouver throughout the University year by the Student
Publications Board of the Alma Mater Society, University of
British Columbia. Editorial opinions expressed herein are those
of the editorial staff of the Ubyssey, and not necessarily those of
the Alma Mater Society or the University. Letters to the Editor
should not be more than 150 words. The Ubyssey reserves the
right to cut letters, and cannot guarantee publication of all letters
Managing Editor, Barrie Cook     -     News Editor, Barbara Bourne
Senior Editor, Allan Springman
Reporters and Desk:-^-Neva Bird, Mary Wilkins, Laurie Parker,
Irene Foerster,    Ken Lamb,    Judy Frain,    Ronnie Hansen,
John Cook, Carolyn Henderson, Marilyn Smith.
Photo Editor,   Mike Sone
Final Thoughts
On A Trite Motto
To many a 1958 graduate, the future must seem strange
and nebulous, or at least uncertain .
What will you Be doing thirty years from now? What
unimaginable scientific advances will have revolutionized
day-to-day living?   What social reforms will there be?
What will have been the cold war's outcome?
Will the world be dominated by communism or capitalism? Or will some completely different, more workable
socio-economic system have evolved?
With the very survival of the human race on earth in
doubt, no graduate can be certain of his future, no matte>
how well-planned, e must at every turn relocate his life's
purpose in relation to the changing world that surrounds
But he seldom does.
Most people, graduates and illiterates alike, go about
their trifling occupations every day, inanely believing in the
imomrtality of the status quo.
The graduates of a generation ago refused to question
that elief; thus today they are totally unprepared to cope
with sputniks, atom and hydrogen bombs, subluminal perception and the other horrors of this age, and their predicament is largely of their own making.
Thus the onus for preserving our civilization falls on
this generation, and once more the sins of the fathers are
visited on the children.
But this time, as never before, we are allowed no margin
for error. Upon the generation that is now coming of age
depends the salvation or the destruction of human civilization as we know it.
So before you leave this university forever, graduates,
we ask you to take a few moments to think about its motto:
"Tuum Est."
We hope you realize that "Tuum Est" does not mean
merely that it is up to you to do the est you can in your
studies, nor merely that it is up1 to you skillfully to apply the
knowledge you obtained here to every serious problem life
faces you with, nor merely that it is up to you to disseminate
that knowledge a.s widely as possible and to fire the soul of
every person you ever meet with your own zest for learning.
"Tuum Est." means all those things, of course, and many
others like them. But it is more than a motto; it is a way flf
life — a way of life that can. be more strict than the most
ascetic religious order.
We who are still undergraduates hope that you who are
graduating will remain faithful to our motto, trite and banal
as it sometimes .eems.
It would be terrible to wake up some morning and find
that the world had died of an overdose of tranquilizer.
Unbeknownst to its author,
we are reprinting Mr. Barrie
Hale's timeless monograph on
the phenomenon of graduation, entitled "Pith — on the
Graduating Class".—Ed.)
Presidents Message
All right, so you're graduating. So what? By George,
we the undergrads know just
how you are graduating. As
we take that jaded metaphorical torch from your faltering
hand, we know just why it's
Go on, just try to deny that
you got through that Egyptology course by boozing up your
professor; that you copied your
Economics thesis from a Depression number of Fortune.
We know, that even as you
receive your glassy smile and
your diploma and the warm,
soft handclasp that you still
don't know how you did it;
that you are the best possible
argument for the theory that
our Universities are turning
into either trade schools or
rest homes for the unemployed.
We know all this because we
have had the best possible teachers — you.
University is so constructed
that as each moves shakily toward graduation, it becomes as
much like the class that preceded it by four years as possible without government by
Eugenists. This is what is also
known as Standardized Education.
At the end of the process,
each succeeding class disappears in the lower echelons of
the economy, never to be heard
of again, unless perhaps they
are killed in an automobile accident.
This loss of identity is the
fundamental weakness of the
Graduating Class, for no one
commands much respect when
they are not around to ensure
that such respect is forthcoming. Ask Jesus Christ or the
Fathers of Confederation.
We, however, are still University Students. We will be
so for another three to five or
six years. We shall still inhabit the Georgia and clutter
up Granville Street and have
the community's .arm curved
fondly around our shoulders,
while you, you poor nonentity
are wondering how you will
support your second child on
sixty a week and walking to a
job that you don't like and
won't be able to transcend for
at least ten years.
You may argue that this is
an Expanding Economy; that
society is hungry for Young
People with Education,
Nonsense. Why do you think
your old man worked like a
piston for forty years to get
you into university? To make
sure you wouldn't be around
to compete for his job until he
reached retirement age, that's
So you, you there, looking,
frankly, pretty funny in your
cap and gown, enjoy what is
left of university to enjoy.
Grab those last few minutes
of dull oratory. And then, so
long, suckers.
Today is a day of satisfaction
and pleasure for us all.
To you, and I am sure to
parents and members of your
immediate families, there must
be a special pride in knowing
that you have achieved an ambition and earned your university degrees.
We are always sorry to see
those with whom we have
worked so closely for a number
of years leave us, and this is
particularly true on this cam-
President N. A. M. MacKenzie
pus, where the students have
traditionally played such an
important part in the life of
the University.
This has been an exciting
year for us all. We have seen
a renewed emphasis on education after the startling Russian
scientific discoveries, new re-
sponsabilities assumed by the
Canada Council, and last but
far from least, the concern
over higher education displayed by the people, of this Province, and in fact the whole of
Canada, in their remarkkable
support of the University Development Fund campaign.
Higher education has assumed
a new and perhaps, at last, its
proper significance on many
I would like to pay special
tribute to the leadership which
the students have shown in this
and other areas. You are being
rewarded at your Graduation
for your dedication to your
academic work. This is the
first and will remain the most
important aspect of a student's
life, but it is always satisfying
to realize that many have been
able to supplement this with a
concern for and interest in a
whole area of activities. I
think particularly of the contributions to the building of
the University, of your willingness to tax yourselves still
further for our benefit, of ventures such as the Leadership
Conference, the Academic
Symposium, and indeed this
paper, Thc Ubyssey, which has
kept us all on our marks.
You leave us with our continuing good wishes, and the
sincere hope that you will
achieve what you set out to do.
At the same time we hope that
you retain your affection for
the campus and Point Grey,
and that you will come back
to visit us from time to time.
Today is Graduation — a
milestone on the wfay of life, an
intersection at which members
of our class turn off onto various
roads. The routes are many and
the choice rests with ourselves,
Ardous and exacting is the future
as we step forward into our new
role in society.
It seems appropriate on this
day of decision that we pause a
moment to appraise our University years, to evaluate the many
Peggy Andreen
•—Photos by Mike Sone
benefits they have yielded and
to cast a glance at the responsibilities that await us.
To what extent then have these
years contributed to our education? I take the liberty of making a convenient division of this
education into three phases.
These are the training for
specialized vocations; discipline
in citizenship; and the development of both mind and body, The
sieentiiic advancement of a
community   is   largely   depend
ent upon its technical and vocational accomplishments; its cohesion and duration upon its
sense of social maturity. But the
quality of its civilization is dependent upon its standards of
morality, its unity of purpose,
its ultimate goal. Mastery of the
sciences, be they natural or
social, fixes the limits of the
course for the ships of humanity
but does not indicate the goal of
their voyage, still less supply
wind to fill their sails.
The great aim of education is
to discipline the mind—to train
it in the full use of its own resources, rather than to merely
saturate it with the teachings of
others. We have learned both to
question and to reason.
These University years have
furnished us with an embryonic
knowledge of techniqes and the
arts. But that is not all, They
have bestowed upon us a keen
sense of values, and insight into the forces of good and evil,
They have nurteured in us philosophy of life — an ideal to guide
and discipline us, The means by
which we hope to attain our
end have been provided and the
veil that maskek the end has
been paritly withdrawn. Knowledge, however, is not the end,
Nor is our education the mere
acquisition of that knowledge.
The boarded purpose of education is to stimulate and in some
measure perfect our specifically
human capacities of thought,
emotion, and behaviour. New
identity has geen rendered us
and we are now equipped, to
seek and realize the rewards
that lie before us this day.
{Continued on Pag« 9)
S«e   VALEDICTORY Tuesday, May 20, 1958
Page y
Building Programme
Shifts Into High Gear
UBC's massive building program is in full swing.
Money  for the new bu'ldinas  and  additions  will  come
from the development fund which is matched by the provincial  sovcrnment.
The  total  of  the   fund   was
$3,022,404 at the end of  April.
A ni. mber of major gifts are
still to come according to development fund officials.
Contracts valued  at $4.7 million   '.vill  be awarded  for addi-
I the   proiect,   the  amount   to   be
j matched by the government.
The   new   wing   will   contain
'; undergraduate and science reading rooms, open shelf collection
s of 40,000  books,  and  space   for
special collections and stacks.
A S2 million  medical science
tions  to  the  biological  sciences
and chemistrv buildings and the: builc'in»   is   r^»™<* to   replace
first unit of men's residences.     , the  pi'°'senl  ■"^''™l huts.    The
! contract     for     the four-storey
structure will be let in January.
One of the four blocks making
tip the first unit is already under construction on Marine
Contracts for the remaining
thret  olocks will be let in June
A Canada Council grant of
$185.''00 for construction of
men'.- residences was announced
last week. The units will be in
full coeration in H);">9.
Tenders for the four-storey
addi*: in to the biological science
building will be let in June.
Construction of the $1.1 million
istruc.ire is expected to start
immediately. It will be complete^ in June,  1959.
Co-itruction on two additions
to ti - present chemistry building is exceeded to start next
mon!;!. The additions will house
labs,  ■'. lassrooms  and  offices.
Te.'.ders for Ihe addition to
the imi'ai'y may bo called in
A Canada Council grant ol'
5)750/00 pending approval of
archi'.ecl's plans and evidence of
contractor's tender has been announced by Council officials.
During the UBC development
fund "Irive, Walter C. Koerner,
president of Alaska Pine and
Colli, lose,  donated $375,000  for
1059. Th.e proposed site is opposite the War Memorial Gymnasium.
Throe buildings are under
construe!ion now and will be
comnleted     before     December.
(Continued fiom Page 3)
uranium developments  in the
Dean W. Gage received his
masters of arts degree from
UBC in 1926 and joined the
staff at that  lime.
He is chairman of the Joint
Faculty Committee on Prizes,
Scholarships and Bursaries and
is a witty mathematics lecturer.
Judge Joseph B. Clearihuc,
judge of the County Court of
Victoria, retired from the
Board of Governors last year
after serving for 22 years. j
Phybus,   president  and   gen- '
eral     manager    of    Commonwealth Construction, is a graduate of the University of Mani- ;
toba. j
Dr. Sterling received his j
bachelor and master of arts at j
the University of Toronto and I
Alberta respectively. He was |
appointed president of Stan- j
ford University in 1949. I
CLASS   OF   '58
J. M. Dent & Sons (Canada) Limited
VANCOUVER         ....        TORONTO
Graduates   in   Arts
Commerce   and   Law
I'or a ('si.scm- ion ab  ut such possibilities, contact:
Maurice E. Thomas, C.L.U., Manager
The Empire Life Insurance Co.
1520 W. Georgia St., Vancouver
MUtual 1-8377
New IA filter cigarette
with an All-White Tip
Per Gradua
Ad Astra
isn't what we like to think it
was, but all who have passed
through UBC's ivied halls will
catch the idea: our wish that
for 1200 young people Graduation will be a stepping stone to
happy and fruitful lives. The
future doesn't look easy, but to
all who today are facing it,
bearing sheepskins, good luck!
V*ancouoer Sun
"W Page 6
Tuesday, May 20, 1958
Scholarship Awards
The Governor-General's Gold Medal (head of the graduating
classes in Arts and Science, B.A. or B.Sc. degree): Gael Harling
Stoli (Victoria).
The Wilfrid Sadler Memorial Gold Medal (head of the graduating class for the B.S.A. degree): Tom David Douglas Groves
The Association of Professional Engineers Gold Medal (head
of the graduating class for the B.A.Sc. degree): Thomas Alfred
Nordstrom (Armstrong), with honorable mention for Todd W. Garrett (Vancouver),
The Kiwanis Club Gold Medal and Prize, $75 (head of the
graduating class for the degree of B.Com.); Don Frederick Cox
The University Medal for Arts and Science (head of the humanities and social sciences groups in the graduating class for the
B.A. degree):   John Ramsay Gittins (Victoria).
The Law Society Gold Medal and Prize (Call and Admission
fee) (head of the graduating class for the LL.B. degree): Gordon
Baillie Shrum (Vancouver).
The Hamber Gold Medal and Prize, $250 (head of the graduating class for the M.D. degree): William Alexander Webber
The Horner Gold Medal for Pharmacy (head of the graduating
class for the B.S.P. degree): Ian Carl Caldwell (Richmond).
The Home Economics Graduation Prize, $100 (head of the
graduating class for the B.H.E. degree): Eda Marie Ciriani (Fernie)
The Canadian Association for Health, Physical Education, and
Recreation Prize (best overall record in the graduating class for
the B.P.E. degree): Ian Bruce Kelsey (Vancouver).
The Canadian Institute for Forestry Medal (most outstanding
all-round record in Forestry, B.A.Sc. or B.S.F, course): Everett
Bruce Peterson (Saskatchewan).
The H. R. MacMillan Prize in Forestry, $100 (head of the graduating class for the B.S.F degree): Robert Charles Brooke (Chase).
The Dr. Maxwell A. Cameron Memorial Medals and Prizes,
$50 each (heads of the graduating classes for the B.Ed, degree:—
(a) in the elementary teaching field — Vera Elsie May Coss
(Kaleden), with honorable mention forNancy H. Seed (Vancouver).
(b) in the secondary teaching field — Hadden Gilmour White-
law (Vancouver).
Moe and Leah Chetkow Memorial Prize, $100 (head of the
graduating class for the M.S.W, degree): Iris Nordman (New
Special Prize, $50 (head of the graduating class ior the B.S.W.
degree): (Mrs.) Janet Gordon Moore (Vancouver).
The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada Medal (outstanding achievement in the course for the B.Arch. degree): Wolfgang
Thiersch  (Vancouver). «
Special Prizes, S50 each (head of the graduating class, Sopron
Division of the Faculty of Forestry): Gyula Juhasi (Vancouver),
Gyorgy Lesko (Vancouver).
Sidney Wayne Hubble (Kelowna).
Burroughs Wellcome Fellowship in Anaesthesiology and Applied Pharmacology, $1000 (postgraduate study and research):
Dr. Floyd G. Williams (Vancouver).
The Canadian Life Insurance Officers Association Fellowship,
$3600 (research):   Dr. W. B. Chung (Vancouver).
The Poulenc Fellowship in Applied Physiology, $500 (postgraduate study and research): Dr. Floyd George Williams (Vancouver).
Savage Shoes Limited Fellowship, $1500 (study and research
en problems of children's foot health) (renewal): Dr. A. M. Inglis
The Ahepa Prize, $100 (proficiency in Greek): John Green-
way Hall (Vancouver).
The Anne Wesbrook Scholarship, $200 (for graduate study
and research):    Patricia Phyllis Lum (Vancouver).
The' British Columbia Electric Company Limited Graduate
Scholarships, $250 each (for graduate stuck): Ian Douglas Currie
(Vancouver); (Mrs.) Doris E. Gibson (Ontario); June Margaret M.
Smith (Vancouver).
The British Columbia Electric Company Limited Fellowship
in Agriculture, $800 (for graduate study ancl'iescarch): Gioachino
Guccione (Vancouver).
The British Columbia Electric Company Limited Graduate
Scholarship in Engineering, $500 (for graduate study and research):    Noel Peter Hamilton Brooks (Vancouver).
The British Columbia Sugar Refining Company Limited
Scholarships (for graduate study and research in science liclds):
Pascarapathy Canagavalnam (Ceylon) $300; Vinod Kumar Comar
(India) $350; George Gordon Gibson (Ontario) $350; James
Thomas Pennell (England) $350; George Alfred Slrasdine (Vancouver) $350; (Mrs.,) Sandra Margaret Taylor (Vancouver) $4SG;
Richard Anthony John Warren  (England) S3S0.
The British Columbia Telephone Company Scholarship in
Engineering and Physics (for graduate study arid research): C'hak
Ying Butt (Hong Kong) $800: Christopher Ryland Huntley (Brentwood Bay) $600;   Ronald Bert Norstrand (New Westminster) $7C0.
The Canadian Pulp and Paper Association, British Columbia
Division, Fellowships, $500 each (for graduate study arid research
in thc field of forestry i: Marcus Arthur M. bell (Victoria); David
Bell Little (Vancouver).
dard     Company     Graduate
Tho  California   St;
$1000 (for graduate studv and research in mmlof.
Claude Hubert
'ies Limited Follow-
ii chemical cngincm
$2000 (for grad-
Donald James
$1(500 uraduale
Tho Canadian L-.dusti
uate sludv and research i
Whittle (Burnaby),
The Canadian Kodak Co. Limited
Mud.v and research in physics:    Donald Herbert Hal) (Vancouver),
The  Cominco Fellowship,  $1000  (for graduate study  and   research  in  metallurgy):    Robert Thomson McAndrew  (Ontario),
The Don Bucklard Memorial Scholarship in Forest Pathology,
Donald Cox
l nomas   iNordstrom
Tom Groves
Gjula Julias/
$65 (for further study):   (Mrs.)   Robena   Claire   Robinson   (New
The Dr. F. J. Nicholson Scholarship, Chemistry, $500 (for
graduate study and research):    Keith Yates (Vancouver).
The Edith Ashton Memorial Scholarship, $250 (study and
research in botany and biology): Thomas Benjamin Widdowson
(Read Island).
The Gault Brothers Limited Graduate Scholarship in Commerce, $700 (graduate study in field of business administration:
Donald Frederick Cox (Victoria).
The John and Annie Southcott Memorial Scholarship, $100
(for research in B.C. history):   John Neil Sutherland (Vancouver).
The Lefevre Gold Medal and Scholarship, $125 (proficiency
in chemistry, continuing in graduate studies): "Douglas Allen
Hutchinson (Vancouver).
The New York Life Insurance Company Award, $550 (research
in field of life insurance): Robert Laurence Johnston (North
The Richard Claxton Palmer Memorial Scholarship, $240
(for graduate study and research in agriculture): William Woodbury (Victoria).
Scholarships for French Canada Studies, $500' each (for
graduate studies in'French Canada field): Jocelyn Gauthier
(Vancouver):    Melva Jean Dwyer (Vancouver).
Shell Oil Fellowship for Research, $1200 (for graduate study
and research in chemistry):    Ronald Van Der Linden (Vancouver)
The Standard Oil Company of British Columbia, $950 (for
graduate study and research in chemical engineering): William
Craig  Clark  (Vancouver).
University Graduate Scholarship, $200 (for graduate study
and research):    John Frank Kluck (Penticton).
The Vancouver B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation Scholarship,
$125 each (for graduate study): Todd W. Garrett (VancouvS*)
Engineering; June Margaret M. Smith (Vancouver) Arts and
The Vancouver Women's Canadian Club Scholarship, $100
(highest standing in Canadian History, proceeding to graduate
studies):    Richard Colebrook Harris (Vancouver).
The Warner-Lambert Research Fellowship (Pharmacy),
$1200 (for graduate study and research): Abram Jacob D. Friesea
The Canadian Association of Geographers Book Prize (proficiency in Geography):    Richard Colebrook Harris  (Vancouver).
Tire CKNW Scholarship in Television, $500 (for summer
study in radio and television): Alfred John Edwards (Vancouver).
The German Government Book Prizes (proficiency in German): Eugene Egert (Vernon): Arend Jan Stamhuis (Vancouver))
Stephen Storm   (Victoria).
The Gilbert Tucker Memorial Prize, $25 (leading student in
History 404):    Charlotte Sylvia Marie Girard (Nanaimo).
,The Morris Belkin Prize, $100 (best essay in the field ei
Freudian Psychology):    Stanley S. Blank (Vancouver).
The Macmillan Company of Canada Prizes in Creative
Writing,  $50 each:—
(a) best original short story: Olive Claire Sanford (United
(b) best original poem: .Richard Alan R. Watson (Chilliwack)
The United Nations Prize, $50 (achievement in United Nations work on campus):    Richard Colebrook Harris (Vancouver).
The University Essay Prize, $25 (best essay in courses given
by the Department of English): Erna Suse Suderman (Abbots*
The Victoria Daily Times Prize, $100 (best piece of writing
in mass-media field):    John Sebastian Butterfield (Vancouver).
British Columbia Lumber Manufacturers Association Priae
in Architecture, $100 (special design project involving use of
wood):    Martin Douglas (Vancouver).
Northwest Plaster Bureau Scholarship Prize, $250 (outstanding in progress toward profession of architecture): Marti»
Douglas (Vancouver).
Powell River Company Prize, $25 (proficiency in field of
planning):    Wolegang  Thiersch   (Vancouver).
The David Bolocan Memorial Prize, $25 (outstanding in
psychology):    Neil William MacDonald  (New  Westminster).
The Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire Scott Memorial
Scholarship, $100 (high standing in Biology 332): Felix A. Duriiy
(British  West  Indies).
The Slavonic Studies Graduation Prize, $100 (highest standing in Slavonic Studies): Joan Katherine Marie Portsmouth
(Alert   Bay).
The Vancouver Natural History Society Prize, book (best
studenl in Botany):    Karen Lenore Sperrings (Haney).
Hadden (.ulmour Whitelaw
The Canadian Forest Products Ltd. Prizes, $100 each (general proficiency in forest engineering): Twrrence Neil Stringer
(Vancouver);     Alan   Gerald  Dent,   (Summerland).
Engineering Institute of Canada (Vancouver Branch) Walter
Moberty Memorial Prize, bookks, $25 (best engineering essay);
Ray   Chester  Friend  (Nanaimo),
Engineering Prize, $25 (best thesis in Final Yecr): William
Craig   Clark   (Vancouver).
The Heavy Construcl ion Association ol Mrilish Columbia
Gradual ion Prize, $50 (highest standing in field of highway engineering):    James Todd Rothwell (Vancouver),
Tsse II. R. MacMillan Prize in Euros! Engineering, $100
(highest standing in Forest Engineering): Terrence Neil Stringer
Machine Design Prize, $25 (best design irr course M.P. 4fi:-S);
Mark  Stanley  Chappell   (North  Vancouver).
The Timber Preservers Limited Prizes tbesl plans .and specifications ot a structure of treated timber): First Prize, $75: —
James  Todd  Rothwell   (Vancouver);  Second   Prize,   $50  —  John
AWARDS — (Continued on Page 7) Tuesday, May 20, 1958
Page 7
Awards Continued
Alexander    Waison    (Vancouver);    Third Prize, $30 — Herbert
James Thornburn (Vernon). ,
Merit Awards, $15 each — Raymond Francis Jefiries
(Ontario); Leslie James Parmley (Penticton); Richard Arnold
Grainger  (Ontario).
The B.C.D.A. Scholarship in Dietetics, $100 (for dietetic interneship):    Lois Patricia Martin (Vancouver).
The B.C. Electric Company Service Award in Home Economics, $1200 (special training programme in the B.C. Electric
Company Home Service Centre): Lorna Ann Seter (North
The British Columbia Parent-Teacher Federation Scholarship. $100 (highest standing, proceeding to teacher training):—
Patricia Ethel Hulme (Wynndel).
The Lillian Mac Wescott Prize, $60 (outstanding in the field
of clothing and textiles):    Joan Natalie Berry (Vancouver).
The Singer Sewing Machine Co. Prize (portable electric Singer Sewing Machine) (proficiency in field of clothing; entering !
teaching field):    Patricia Jean Ledgerwood (Vancouver).
The Allan S. Gregory Memorial Prize, books S50 (merit in
moot  court  work):    Ccrine Flett Robertshaw  (Vancouver).
The Canadian Law Book Company Prize, books (high standing in the subject of Conflict of Laws): Gordon Baillie Shrum
(Vancouver);    Alan  Douglas  Thackray  (Vancouver).
The Canada Permanent Mortgage Corporation Prize, $50
(highest standing in course on Mortgages): Samuel Morris Hub-;
erman  (Vancouver). |
The Carswell Company Limited Prize, books (highest stand- j
ing in Third Year):    Gordon Baillie Shrum (Vancouver). j
The Nathan Nemetz Prize, $50 (proficiency): Peter Gerald;
Corbett (United States). j
Prize for Proficiency (anonymous), £50: Samuel Morris j
Huberman (Vancouver).
The  Ayerst  McKenna  &  Harrison  Limited   Prize,  S100  —'
(hiyOest standing, Final Year, in the combined subjects ot Obstetrics and Gynaecology):    David Eric Hastings (Vancouver).
The C. V. Mosby Company Prizes (books) (promise in medical study): Peter Robert Grantham (Vancouver); George D.
Tupling  (Vancouver).
The Dean M. M. Weaver Medal (outstanding record throughout medical course):    David Eric Hastings (Vancouver).
The Dr, A. B. Schinboin Memorial Scholarship, ,S'.>5() (highest
standing in subject ol' surgery): David Eric Hastings (Vancouver),
The Dr. Frank Porter Patterson M-morial Scholarship Sl.'a)
(special merit and interest in orthopaedic sur.uery': Arthur Joseph
MacGregor   (Vancouver).
The Dr. Waller Stewart Baird Memorial Prize. S50 (best
graduation dissertation):    Peggy Lou E. Andreen (Vancouver).
Dr. W. A. Whitelaw Scholarship. $200 (general proficiency
and promisee    George Gordon Biely (Vancouver).
Th.e Hamber Scholarship in Medicine. S750 (proficiency,
proceeding lo interneship): William Alexander Webber (Vancouver).
The Health Officers' Prize in Preventive Medicine and Public Ilealtli. S' 00 (prnfiHr>ncy and promise in the field): Arthur
Joseph MacGregor (Vancouver).
The Homer Gold Medal and Prize' (SI00 and Gold MedaD
(highest aggregate standing in subject of medicine): William
Alexander  Webber   (Vancouver).
The Ingram  &  Bell Limited Prize (.t'ov overall  standing,  interest,   participation   in   student   affairs):     William     T.     Brown'
Mead Johimon of Canada Ltd. Prize in Paediatrics, $50 —
(highest standing in Paediatrics): Charles Alexander Bruniwell,
The M) mn M. Weaver Scholarship. SI200 (overall standing
with special inlerosl in lhc humanities: Charles Alexander
Brumwell  (Victoria). i
.The Richard and Mary Legit Trophy (undergraduate class ir,
medicine niaJdng Ihe most outstanding contribution during the
year^: -- Award won hy Fourth Year Class.
The Samuel and Rebecca Nemetz Memorial Scholarship,
$IOu mm.mai mninmo lor medical research): 'William Alexander
Webber   (V a n c o u v e '•:),
Thm Civil Defence Ri'ize (expense-paid course at Civil Defence  Col!o.".e,   Arnprior,  Ontario):  Kenneth  Konkin  (Vancouver).
The Cunningham Prize in Pharmacy, K5() (outstanding record
in all years of courser    Ian Carl Caldwell (Richmond).
Tin1 II. Ch LePatourel Fellowship in Hospital Phsirniacy (for
hospital pharmacy interneship), $500: Charles Richard Kuhn
The Dean F. L. Woods Memorial Prize (donated by tbo Pharmaceutical Association of Ihe Province of Rriiish Columbia), S50
(prolieieney in both the oractieal and theoretical parts of tho phar-
iv.aci'i'iica! subjects:    Donald Laverne Lancjille  (Matsqui).
The Morels Awards, books (hichosl slmmiim in pharmaceutical ehotnimi'\ v. John Thomson McDonald (Campbell River),'
Elmer Harry P.uti:laJ'.f (Abbotsford).
Th.e rhsu.mim. Aiumni lionk Prize omistanding all-i'ouin.1
peitcniial  phsirmacisl);    Douglas Llewellyn Thompson (Victoria),
The Poulone Geld 'Almlsd (higliesl clamum; in the pharmacology coursei;    Abrc.in Jacob David Frieson ('Vancouver).
Csmsulian As-socisilion of Social Workem d b'estlor Vanoiuivm'
Area Uranch) I'ri/o. books S;.'5 (all-round pruli ssional promise soul
activity, Master of Social Work Program): Iris Nordman (New
Junior League of Vancouver Scholarship, $500 (for lurlher
study in Social  Work):    Gordon William Welsh (Alberta).
Laura Holland Scholarship, S20;i (oulslanding record, proceeding to next year of course): (Mrs.) Janet Gordon Moore
Mary Isabel Buckerfield Scholarship, S250 (high standing,
proceeding lo next year of course): Margaret Joan Turner (Saskatchewan).
Social Work Alumni Prize, $25 (best thesis for Master of
Social  Work degree):    Joy Gertrude Bryenton (Vancouver).
AWARDS — (Continued on Page 10) I
William Alexander
Good Luck To
Grads of U.B.C.
and Thanks to our many
patrons from the university
for their patronage.
2611 West 4ih
CEdar 8314
Best Wishes to Grads of '58
Marty's Ltd.
4409 West 10th Avenue
ALma 2360
Pep si-Cola
*B-       ImAm   AAnrk   RnnSttAritd
Trod* Mark Registered
Die province of brjiijh columbB
No field of endeavor offers more
opportunity to the men and women
of tomorrow than the . . ;
WLWf   m  m     *mk
Department  of   Industrial   Development,
Trade and Commerce
Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
Deputy Minister
Minister Page 8
Tuesday, May 20, 1958
to the
Owned and Operated by the
University of B. C.
Sincere Best Wishes
to  the
Graduating Class of 1958
From the Following Professional and
Businessmen and Firms
9. J. M
fi. C. (jrauet
W.(j. Kflunin
(Z.h* Met
£. £. tflcHeeH
j.Kfl. Buchanan
(fort/eh Jamil
H.&. ftlaclflillan
Hon. C V). Hathber
(jecttfe  7  CuHhihghaftt
S.C. -hiMtict Telephone
Judge JfiSeph £.  Clearikue
ffeljchJ XauHifetetJ ■&■ Cleaned
Austin A-55 Cambridge - - $1995
— CALL —
CEdar 8106 10th Avenue and Alma
Cchgratu/attchJ   (jwfa
45IJS West 10th Avenue
ALma 2404
Come in and listen to your favorite selections in our
2914 Granville Street
CHerrv 5144
Park Royal
WAlnut 2-1288
With one century of progress behind us,
we look forward into the unknown. The
future is yours; British Columbia's destiny is in the hands of the young men an'cl
women just starting their careers.
Sincere good wishes trom B.C.'s largest agricultural
organization — now 41 vears old.
Dairyland  Milk Foods,
Pacific and Delta  Canned  Milks
Arctic Ice Cream
Fraser Valley Cottage Cheese
Fraser Valley Butter
Instant Powdered SvveeUuilk Tuesday, May 20, 1958
Page 9
(Continued from Pago 4)
We have learned to fathom
llhe proven channels in the
ttream of life — in art, In commerce, in professional ideals and1,
most important, in the development of human charactter. Recognition of these standards
gives us direction, purpose, and
drive: direction because it reveals what is good and what is
evil; purpose because it gives
an ideal to pursue; drive because
the ideal invites action.
Mere recognition of an ideal,
however, will not suffice. The
ability to distinguish and critize
is not to be neglected — to distinguish     between     fact     and
opinion and o criticize with a
flavor  of  creation,   born   of  a
vision perceiving good. To forbid
criticism   is   to   assume   infallibility.   Without   it   our   society
would  become  enveloped  in   a
superficial sense of complacency
and    platitude,    ill-adapted    to
brace itself against the unique
challenges hurled at it.
Many of us <have studied
under men and women learned
in their respective fields and we
have consequently drived inestimable benefits that will endure throughout our lives. These
benefits will assist us in the fulfillment of the obligation now
placed before us. Our obligation
while tempered by our personal responsibilities and ambition,
is to serve the comimunity well
with leadership and industry,
imagination and integrity.
Education has furnished us
with a means. Today we must
determine the routet that leads
to the end vve desire. Knowledge and intellectual equipment, when without an ideal to
drive them, are as machinery
without power. The arrow that
marke the way merely to
wealth and power does not
necessarily follow the course
that is marked success. We must j
forever cherish our skill to dis-!
tinguish the two. j
Our education thrives on what;
we make of ourselves. Let us j
hope that we have caught its J
spirit of justice and reason, |
truth and humility. May we j
■with God's help assume our responsibilities with vision and
vigour and forever strive towards that ideal community instilled with a spirit of tolerance
and  understanding.
—Peggy Andreen.
Opportunities in Banking are many. With more than
765 branches in Canada and abroad, this Bank needs
young men who can advance to responsible positions.
Your nearest branch manager will gladly give you
Parsons Brown
Varsity Automotive Service Ltd.
J, J. SMITH   -   J. C. REID
10th Avenue West at Blanca
(University Gates)
ALma 1201
Congratulations and Best Wishes
Serving the University Area
4544 West 10th Avenue
ALma 2590
535 Homer Street
MU. 4-0311
Every Success . . .
Graduates of 1958
General Equipment Limited
224 West 5th Avenue
EMerald 8881
ami   fcv&Ay.   Succcaa
1050 West 6th Ave. Vancouver, B.C.
From Your UBC Alumni Association
Drop o note to •   om 252, Brock Hall, U.B.C.
VANCOUVER 8,   B.C. Page 10
Tuesday, May 20, 1958
Congratulations Grads of '58
*   •
3547 West 10th ALma 1005
on your graduation vvith
wishes for your future
bu.sines.s success from . . .
Next time one of her dates bring up the Schleswig
Holstein question, she'll really be ready for him.
Ready for that test tomorrow, too . . .
if that bottle of Coke keeps her as alert
tonight as it does other people.
"Coki" It a ragtiMMKl tr«d«-m«<rk.
Class Will...
We the Graduating Class of
1.958 of the University of British
Columbia, being of sound and
undoubtedly educated mind,
hereby revoke all will and testamentary dispositions of every
nature and kind whatsoever by
us heretofore made, repudiate all
hasty promises and foolish utterances made by us in past
carefree days, and declare this
to be our Class Will and Testament.
We give, bequeath and devise,
1. To the lily pond, the Engineers.
2. To the Armouries Premier
Bennett's next campus
3. To the University, another
two years free of Open
4. To the Arts Undergraduate
Society, a quorum.
5. To U.C.C, a bulletin board.
6. To   persistent   and   patient
I        Awards  Continued
Special Prize, $50 (proficiency in Final Year):   Derek Norm-
! and Nunney (Vancouver).
The  Athlone Scholarships  (United    Kingdom    Government)
(fares, maintenance and tuition for engineering study in the United
Kingdom): John Hugo Duerksen (Langley); Alvin G. Fowler, (Sardis); Thomas A. Nordstrom  (Armstrong; Robert S. Roger (Pen-
! ticton).
Canada'Council Awards (pre-doctoral awards — announced
in April: Dorothea Mary Ross (Vancouver); Sheila Ann Ross
International  Nickel  Graduate  Research Fellowship,   $1500
j each (announced in April, 1958): renewal.— C. Donald Cox (Vancouver); new awards — Keith Gordon Davis (Vancouver).
j Law Undergraduate Society Prize, $50 (best contribution to
Legal Notes; awarded in March, 1958):   Edward Horsey (Victoria).
(a) Special Scholarships, $2000:      Pierre J. M. Jolicoeur —
| Repeniigny (Quebec).
! (b) Studentships, $1200 each:—
William J. Bloomberg (Vancouver)
j Thomas M. Connor (England).
I Philip C- Eastman (Vancouver).
i Herman J. Fink (Burnaby).
i Robert G. Grcggs (Vancouver) ;
; David J. Huntley (Brentwood Bav)
s Albert T. Isaacs (Halifax)
Michael  Jackson  (Vancouver)
Garth Jones "(Vancouver)
Charles J. Krebs (United Statc-0
Woo-Pok Lay  (Vancouver)
Louis  F.  Mo'nier  (Montreal)
Dilantin B. Mulliek (India)
William F. Murison (Vancouver)
Miles T. My res (Vancouver)
Frank A. Pavne (Vancouver)
John R, G. Pritchard (Victoria)
Dalibor J. Ruzicka (Norway)
Harvey R. Schneider (Medicine Hat)
Prithe P. Singh (India)
Richard B. Smith (Vernon)
Mary Todd (Esquimalt)
Donald G. Watts (Creston)
Keith Yates (Vancouver)
(c) Bursaries, $1000 each:—
Rudolph Drent (Vancouver); Todd W. Garrett (Vancouver;
Tom D. D. Groves (Wcstholme); Gerard II. Gubbels (Victoria);
Jacob Hildcbrandt (Sardis); Douglas A. Hutchinson (Vancouver;
Gyorgy Lesko (Vancouver); Del let' Matz (Vancouver);, James M.
McMillan (Vancouver); George T. Needier (Nanaimo)'; 'Walter R.
Rasmussen (Rurnaby); Klaus E. Riockhoff (Vancouver); Michael
Sehulzer (Victoria); Gael Marling Stott (Victoria); John; T. Yuan
(Hong Kong).
Woodrow Wilson Foundation (SI400 and tuition fees): John
F. Chant (Vancouver); Rudolph H. Drent (Vancouver); Charlotte
S. M. Girard (Nanaimo); John R. Gilfins (Victoria); Bohuslav Kym-
licka (Vancouver); Gael Ratling Stott (Victoria).
Town Planning Institute of Canada (certificate of distinction.)
(for outstanding record in programme leadur; lo a Master's degree
in Community and Regional Platinum): To be awarded later,
patrons of the Cafeteria, the
epicurean experience of Nat
7. To  Brock  Hall,  a  less  expressive art critic.
8. To     the     Ubyssey,     more
women editors.
9. To the critics of the critics,
Barry Hale.
10. To tardy drivers, faculty-
parking permits.
11. To the cultured few, a coffee-bouse on campus where
both great revelations and
cafe expresso may be imbibed.
12. To the Special Events Committee, Anita Ekberg, bound
to pack them in.
13. To the Faculty Club, that
den of dark debauchery, a
delightfully enigmatic bust
of Gino Lollobrigida.
14. To our athletes, the adage:
"If at first you don't succeed ..."
15. To the Engineers, for the conversion of all to their
righteous way of living, Oral
16. To the CoHege of Education,
an opportunity to justify its
Finally, we leave in trust our
gratitude, to be added to the
gratitude of those who went before us and hose who will follow us. And though we take
away with us thc spirit of our
great university, founded is it
is on independence and profound
enlightenment, yet we leave this
spirit to those who follow in the
hope that though vve are g one
i will never die.
Signed, published and declared
in the pi-o?ecrico of the Graduating Class of 1958, as and for its
Class Will and Testament.
May, Nineteen Hundred and
—Samuel M. Huberman.
OVER 30,000 UBC
One of the 1104 UBC
graduates at this May, 193<i,
congregation, will receive
the 30,000th degree granted
by the university.
Since UBC's incorporation in 1910, 29.1.71 graduates have passed through
courses given iiy the unbvr-
sitv <v;.d obtained degrees
Congratulations Graduate
• • •
Stuart  Keate
B.A. '153
, . , which will also go down in
history as the year of the
U.B.C. Development Fund.
We're happy to headline this
as one of the most magnificent
stories of '58!
Bruce   Hutchison
LL.D. '51
VICTORIA, B.C. *?.*■ Tuesday, May 20, 1958
Page 11
Class Prophecy
Vancouver and the lower Fraser
Valley exclusively for the past
two decades.
NEWS ROUNDUP ... tonight CBUT takes you to FOL-
LOWJOHN where one hundred
Earth people are living in the
new land of broader horizons.
"With you to describe the civilization is Jack McGaw, specially telesprung to this most uto-.
pian planet of the inter-galiactic
system.   Come in. Jack McGaw.
*T* TT* *J*
Peek,    earthpeople.    McGaw
speaking.   Here we are now on
Followjohn,  the  planet  discovered just ten years ago in 1974
by Sir Ken Brawner while he
was doing research on obscure
constitutions of the inter-gallac-'
tic system.   Financed by head of j
the Canada Bank, George Mor- j
fitt, many    earth-leaders    were '
transplanted here as part of the {
Public Works Programme. That
eminent    family    man    George >
Jones, whose selective breeding
theories are household    words,
and  Mrs.   Kay  Piro,  thc   well- ;
known    bachelorologist,    chose '•
the earth   people  who  were  to ;
populate this new land. !
A few moments ago we inter- j
viewed Don Jabour, Senate lea- .
der of the opposition. Asked ,
what he thought of the Federal j
Government Scholarship Pro- !
gramme, he said: "Egad, it just |
isn't traditional." I
Moving on down Solar-way,
we see Dr. Wayne Hubble, just
back from a successful "Around
the Gallacy in 80 Hours" campaign. Dr. Hubble is on Followjohn to grant the Honorary
Degrees in Real Estate. There's
Joan McRae skipping along with
Ann Louise Ritchie. They're
cheering Stuart Piddocke and
Ken Hodkinson who are standing on Oxydol boxes handing
out heretical pamphlets called:
"Bill of Rights f >r Followjohn-
What  in  Universe    name    is
that man doing over there0 Why, j
it's Mv. Phil Oakley, Crown Zcl-
lerback   Manager.   He's   posting \
signs — they say: "Join now—
the  Society  for the Prevention
of Cruelty to English Sparrows t
in Western Followjohn." '
He  is  being  joined  by  Tony |
Richmond and Everett Peterson, j
both recently returned from the j
Inter-gallactic Forestry Convcn- j
tion   in   the   Vancouver   Police ;
Court. Ooops, Pardon me, m'am.
Oh, you're Louise    Van    Allen,
the  interplanetary  fashion  consultant, aren't you? And here is
Russell  Fraser.     Mr.   Fraser  is j
currently representing the Lady j
Croker     women's      superiority |
rights movement. j
And there's Roger 'Tic'klctoos' |
Bailey, plunking his ukulele. He i
and that inter-regional ballad ;
singer, Howard Johnston, put j
out another recording the other j
day.     It's   called:   "In   this,   our
great centennial year." The flip
side isn't much good, something
about "They don't dig coal in
Fernie anymore."
That sign up there says: —
"Beauty . is Truth." I wonder
who — oh, it's Ian Currie's shop.
I hear he's renounced his earthly
intellectual pursuits to become
a barber. And there is the Lord
High Trade Commissioner to the
Milky Whey, "Ginger" Mac-
Eachern. He is entering a red
jaquamoon   driven   by   Murray
McKenzie, engineer of the Interplanetary Song Fest. Asked for
his opinion on Trade with the
Middle East, MacEachern said:
"Ask Charlie Diamond, he owns
all the Cadillacs around here."
Randy Jones just hurried by.
As Inter-planetary Censor he
said: "Oh golly whiz, Tom Toynbee is playing with Blocks again
— just wait till I tell John
Chant's Royal Commission." The
Chant Commission has been investigating athletics, but it is
running oul of business. Mike
Fraser   refused   a  spot  on   the
(Continued on Pag* 12)
to the
University of British Columbia
551 West Broadway Dickens 3461
of '58
University Pharmacy Limited
IV2 Blocks East of the Empire Pool
ALma 0339
and Best Wishes Graduates of 1958
Munshaw Colour Service Ltd.
1250 Richards Street
Vancouver 3
to the Graduating Class of 1958
44fi9 West 10th Avenue
ALma 3075
To the Graduates of 1958
Best Wishes to the Grads of '58
Success in Your Future Endeavors
Mrs. Munro's Confectionery
4601 West 10th Avenue ALma 1106
Congratulations to the Graduates
•    / *
Pitman Business College Ltd.
1490 West Broadway CHerry 7848
Required For Consumer Research
Large Canadian Company with Head
Offices in Montreal has challenging position
for Psychologist in Consumer Research Section of Marketing Research Department.
Minimum qualifications—Honors EJegree
in Social Psychology — Knowledge of Statistics — Age under 30. Some business experience in consumer research in the Canadian
Market would be an asset.
Position will include the co-ordination
of Consumer Research within the Company
and with Advertising and Research Agencies
for nationally distributed consumer products.
P.O. Box No. 40, Station H,
Montreal, Quebec
College   Printers   Ltd
Don't be fooled by appearances. Good
Time Charlie missed his last payment,
so both car and smile are due to fade
away. How different had this madcap
boy set aside a few bucks in a Royal
Bank Savings Account. Car, smile and
girl might still be his. Take heed and
open your Savings Account today.
There's a handy branch of the Royal nearby
44,10 W. 10th Avenue
Vancouver 8, B.C.' Page 12
Tuesday, May 20, 1958
(Continued from Page 11)
"Western Inter-Collegiate Athletic Conference team so he could
devote himself to his violin; Ed
Wilde went back to earth when
he got a job sellingy panda bears
nt Hudson's Bay Company;
Frank 'tarling suffered a fractured finger bone in a 'light
touch' game with International
playboy Hugh Millar; John Butterfield, owner-manager of the
B.C. Lions, went broke; and Fil
Keuber has taken up birclwatch-
There's Sven "Sunny" Suncl-
quist, Commissioner ot the Liquor Control Board. He came
here because Earthmen had forgotten what Al Jolson sounded
like. He's imitating 'Uncle' Ben
Berto now. Berto's here too,
he's playing Man. in the Walter
Shynkaryk     production.     'Man
and      Super-woman."      Debbie
Greenberg is co-starring.
Q.C. the honourable "Sam"
Huberman, is stepping out of his
spanking new triple-powered
Ford (tlr.s is a paid announcement) to chat with Ronald F.
Longstaffe, Director of B.C. Forest Products. They are joined
now by Sir Michael Puhach,
first man to discover a mode of
cheap travel for Provincial Cabinet members; he called his winning thesis on the subject: "One
Way Tickets." And there's Dr
Peter Grantham. He's currently engaged in a unique experiment sponsored by the United
States Government,'called 'the
unearthly' aspects of%Canaclian
Wheat on the Chinese population."
Stepping un on the podium
no wis Toastmaster's President,
Jack Giles.   "He's here to referee
Wools - Needle Point - Petit Point
Knitted Gsjods by Bleyle
Also Made-to-Measure Articles
Homecraft   Importers
2:148 West 4th Avenue
CHcvry 261 4
a debate between Neil Merrick,
President of the Chamber of
Commerce and Corinne Robertshaw, leader of the Inter-Gallac-
tic Labor Organization — a
splinter group that survived the
Followjohn election. These two
debaters were down on earth
awhile ago, too, but Supreme
Court Judge Stanley Beck, ruled
them ultra vires.
Earthpeople: we are about to
ascend in the exclusive CBUT
Telenik, heading for the East
Block, Parliament Hill. Hullo,
what's this? Crowds are storming out oi the buildings. There's
quite a commotion here,
Among these milling leaders
on Followjohn are some of the
most prominent ex-earthmen.
On that soapbox over there is
Dupont President John II. Du-
erksen. Under that tree i.s the
Interplanetally renowned prophet. Dr. John Gittins. Standing
"BEAUTY BREAK" on Campus wishes all
the Best for the "Grads" of '58
5736 University Boulevard ALma 1909
Ion that Biazilian nut is Bruce
I Caswell,   winner  of  the   space-
! world    YoYo      championships,
j Facing  the  camera  now  is  Dr.
| Leslie Hassan who has just chal-
| lenged the eminent divorce bar-
rister   Dave   Nuttall   to   a   duel.
! That figure whomping in on the
white steed is Party-Whip Mer-
! rill Leckie — whoops, he fell-
it's  alright;   Heather  Clark   has
| charged in.  helmet  in hand,  to
j minister  aid.     External   Affairs
j Minister Al Thackray and Secretary for State Ed Greathed are
tugging at   the  coat-tails of the
Governor    General.    "Whacky"
Bryan Williams has joined them
—   he's  calling   lor  quiet   on  a
point of order.
... Yes, earthmen. the Governor General. Dr. N. A. M. Mac-
; Kenzie, is about to make an announcement . . . Here he  is!
!     "Followjohners. I    must    declare the end of the planet Fol-
lowjohn. You must all return
to Earth and take up your respective organizations there. I
regret this, but the move has
been rendered necessary — Bill
Davis has challenged the quorum!"
in next week to hear a panel
discussion by four top experts
in the field: Bill Jory, Norma
Johnston, Arlene Dill and Cecil.
Topic for the experts is —■
MU 3-3625
TA   7937
581  GRANVILLE     .
A one-year course in Librarianship leading to the degree
of Bachelor of Library Science is offered, for university
graduates, at tne . . .
The school provides a placement service and there are
good openings in various types of libraries including:—
Public libraries for adults or children; university and
college libraries; government, business, scientific and
technical libraries.
All inquiries should be addressed to the Director, ■University of Toronto Library School, Ontario College of
Education, 371 Bloor Street West, Toronto 5.
Best Wishes and Success to the
Graduates of '58
The Connoisseur Shop
4433 West 10th Avenue
ALma 1520-R
fi&At  UtiAhsiL to ihsL
ol 195S
MU. 1 -7838
MU. 1-0413
to the
MEN'S and BOYS' WEAR   ,
4548 West 10th Avenue ALma 3564
Congratulations Graduates of  1958
National Furniiure Stores
138 West Hastings Street 1076 Granville Street
350 Columbia Street, New Westminster
The Work of Mercy Never Ends . . .
Keep Your Red Cross Ready
Canadian   Red   Cross
British Columbia Division
1235 West Pender Street
Vancouver 1, B.C,
^hadualion fiosim '58
A   Final   Apple   to   our   Final
Nineteen Hundred and Fifty-
eight is a j ear for the externalist
who laugns befoire the silence
of his heart,
combing his beard before a
mirror,  as  if something on this
side were not on the other
side   also,   lie   is   brave   in   his
laughter, shaking the fossils
of Eden with chortles, as if the
immortals has  nothing
to do bul play hide-and-seek with
laughing  men.
The  world   is   ordered  by
laughter. But  metaphysical
grunts must stop,  sooner or
later, before a  place which has
no echo. We shall then forget
!!o   laugh,   so   that   even   the   sea
'     grows older and older.
Our   hoards   will   grow   around
our   laces   and   we   shall   forget   what   we   looked   like:   We
shall drown in our beards.
Perhaps   it   is   better   not   to
graduate  from  the  apple stage,
I     but remain amidst thc
: trembling  shadows  of  crocuses
|     and   fruit   blossoms.   Let   us
' remain internalists, even outside
1     Eden, never finding other
apples to eat when we feel the
snake quivering in our limbs.
Then vve may laugh again with
beardless   faces,   among   the
mingling shadows of another
—Richard  Watson
to the
Whether for home or
business, our office
stationery and printing
departments will serve
you in many ways.
Stationery    and
Printing Co. Ltd.
1035 Seymour Street Tuesday, May 20, 1958
Page 13
Graduation  Results
The Degree of Bachelor of Arts
Abrams, Mrs. Mabel Helen,
Vancouver, Second Class Honours in English Literature and
Language; Anderson, Percy Milton, Alberta, Second Class Honours in Geology; Auchinachie,
Gerald Muir, Duncan, First
Class Honours in English Literature and Language; Baker,
Donald Noel, Vancouver, Second
Class Honours in International
Studies and History; Boone,
John Arthur, Oliver, Second
Class Honours in Zoology.
Carlson, Sigurd Camillo, Ontario, Second Class Honours in
Political Science; Chant, John
Fulton, Vancouver, First Class
Honours in Economics; Coleman,
Ann, Victoria, First Class Honours in English Literature and
Language; Drent, Rudolf Herman, Vancouver, First Class
Honours in Zoology; Easton, Patrick Warren, Vancouver, Second Class Honours in Psychology.
Girard, Charlotte Sylvia Marie, Nanaimo, First Class Honours in History and French;
Gittins, John Ramsay, Victoria,
First Class Honours in Sociology; Harris, Marcia Sarah Olivia, Vancouver, First Class Honours in English Literature and
Language; Hinchcliffe, Peter
Michael Dominic, Vancouver,
Second Class Honours in English
Literature and Language; Hubble, Sidney Wayne, Kelowna,
First Class Honours in History
and Economics; Irvine, Lance
Laverne, Vancouver, Second
Class Honours in Philosophy;
Johnston, Marguerite Anne, Vancouver, First Class Honours in
French; Kymlicka, Bohuslav Bo-
humil, Vancouver, First Class
Honours in Political Science.
Latham, Curtis Fraser, Vancouver, Second Class Honours
in Psychology; Law, Alan Green-
v/ell, Vancouver, Second Class
Honours in Mathematics; Moor,
Donald Robert, Lumby, Second
Class Honours in Philosophy;
McArravy, Gwyneth Mary, Nanaimo, First Class Honours in
English Literature and Language; Macdonald,' Neil William,
New Westminster, Second Class
Honours in Psychology.
Schulzer, Michael, Victoria,
First Class Honours in Mathematics; Seigneuret, Jean Charles
Bernard Gilbert, Vancouver,
Second Class Honours in French;
Soligo, Ronald, Trail, First Class
Honours in Mathematics and
Economics; Toren. Eleanor Ru-
berta, Vancouver, Second Class
Honours in Political Science;
Watson, Richard Alan Rosen,
Chilliwack, Second Class Honours in English Literature and
*      *
Degree of Bachelor of Arts
General Course
Agnew, Pauline, Vancouver,
(P); Alexander, Kenneth Grey,
Nanaimo, (2); Alt, Samadh, Trinidad, (2); Allison, Barbara
Rose, Port Kells, (2); Anthony,
Thomas Murray, Vancouver, (2);
Anton, Douglas Percival, Mission City, (2); Aylwin, Allan Le-
roy, Alberta, (2).
Bahrey, Steven, Craribrook,
(2); Bailey, Eyvoile Pearl, Trinidad,, (2);_ Bain,  Wendy  Eliza
beth, West Vancouver, (2); Baxter, Nan Lawrence, Victoria, (P);
Bi.yne, Sylvester Clarence, Trinidad, (2); Bell, Michael David,
Bermuda, (P); Bell, William R.,
Jr., Vancouver, (2); Berryman,
Jsnet Louise, West Vancouver,
(2); Blair, Hugh MacLean, Alberta; (P); Boak, Anne Mary,
North Vancouver, (P).
Bowles, James Keith, North
Vancouver, (2); Brett, Robert
Burton, Vancouver, (2); Brockington, Peter Michael, Vancouver, (2); Brown, Jeremy John
Fisher, Vancouver, (2); Buckingham, Robert Rcay, Vancouver,
(2); Burr, Lawrence Herbert,
Vancouver, (2); Burton, William
Donald, Burnaby, (2); Butterfield, John Sebastian, Vancouver, (2).
Campbell, Kathleen Rose,
Vancouver, (P); Cannon, William
Roger, Victoria, (P); Carefoot,
Viola Mabel, Vancouver, (2);
Carrington, Eleanor Ruth Kemp.
Richmond, (2); Chambers,, Michael Philip, Vancouver, (2);
Christie, Marion Edith, Sechelt.
(2); Clinton, Alfred, Vancouver,
(P); Coe, Ngaire Elizabeth, N.
Vancouver, (P); Cohen, Arnold
Ralph, Ontario, (2); Collingwood,
Thomas Arthur, LL.B., Vancouver, (C); Coutts, Dorothy Mae,
Westview, (1); Craig, Ronald
Sheldon, Trail, (C); Cresswel),
John George, Grantham's Landing, (2); Croker, Sheila Stuart,
Ne wWestminster, (P); Cromie,
Maureen Ann, Vancouver, (1);
Currie, Ian Douglas, Vancouver,
(2); Cynk, Jean Shirley, Vancouver, (P).
Daly, Eleanor Joy, Vancouver, (P); Davies, Robert Keith,
South Burnaby, (2); Davis, Murdoch Richardson, Vancouver,
(2); Dawe, Peter Gerald, Victoria, (P); Delbridge, Sallye Bernice, Vancouver, (2); Dey, William George, Vancouver, (2);
Diamond, Charles, Vancouver,
(C); Dickinson, Paul George,
Vancouver, (2); Diespecker, Eugene Newman, Victoria, (2);
Dohm, Patrick Donald, Kamloops, (2); Dowden, Victor Boyd,
Vancouver, (2); Drent, Jan Janz,
Vancouver, (P); Durity, Felix
Augustus, Trinidad, (1).
Elder, Thomasine Ada, Manitoba, (2); Eliuk, Selvester Douglas, New Westminster, (P); Elliott, Valerie Joy, North Burnaby, (2); Elstyne, Mrs. Harriet,
Vancouver, (2); Emery, Arnold
William, Vancouver, (2); Faris,
Donald Leonard, Vancouver, (2);
Floch, Wolfgang, Vancouver,
(2); Fraser, Derek Russell Thur-
low, Rossland, (2).
Gale, Edward Scott, Vancouver, (2); Gamble, Denzil Delbert
William, North Burnaby, (P);
Gauthier, Jocelyn Mary, Ontario, (2); Gillespie, Malcolm Jackson, Vancouver, (2); Gniewotta,
Harold George, Vancouver, (2);
Goetting, Mrs. Eleanor Louise,
Trail, (2); Gogel, Albert, Kelowna, (21; Grant, John Lendrum,
Ontario, (2); Greenberg, Debbie,
Vancouver, (2); Guichon, Ter-
rence Kelly, LL.B., Ladner, (C);
Guns, Thomas Brian, West Vancouver,  (P).
Hale, Hilary Joan, Victoria,
(2); Harford, Donald Barrie,
Chilliwack, (2); Harper, Mrs. J.
Beatrice Cm-rat, Vancouver, (2);
Harrison, Donna Marian, Vancouver, (2); Harrison, Richard
Tcrrence, Fort Nelson, (P); Har-
vie, Elizabeth Gay, Vancouver,
(2); Hawkes, Barbara Mary, Victoria, (2); Hawkey, Thora Elizabeth, Creston, (2); Hecker, Stan
ley James, North Burnaby, (2);
Hemingson, Betty Louise, Victoria, (2); Henderson, Norman
McCarthy, Vancouver, (2); Hesh-
ka, William, Saskatchewan, (2);
Hosein, Towfeak, Ladner, (P);
Howell, Frederick George William Granville, South Burnaby,
(2); Humber, Sandra Sydney,
Victoria, (2); Hunter, Iain Campbell, Victoria, (P).
Irwin, John Richard, Kelowna, (2).
Janzen, Erwin Jacob, Vancouver, (2); Johnson, Charles M.
Fitchew, Sidney. (2); Johnston,
David McClary, Beaverdell, (2).
Kalns, Mrs. llga Drosme, Vancouver, (P); Karpowicz, Jadwi-
ga, Vancouver, (2); Kier, Digby
Robin, Youbou, (2); Konrad,
Abram Gerhard,  Matsqui,  (2).
Lamont, Gwendy Kortright,
Kelowna, (2); Lamperson, Geo.
Walter, Powell River, (2); Lander, Barbara Ann, Kelowna, (2);,
Leatherdale, Barbara Gene, Vancouver, (2).
Lefroy, Donald Arthur Lang-
lois, Vernon, (2); Leslie, Barbara
Joyce, Nelson, (P): Little, Jennifer Anne, Nova Scotia, (2); Little, Margaret Elizabeth, Victoria
(2); Little, William Francis, Cul-
tus Lake, (2); Lloyd, Gwenda
Katherine, Salmon Arm, (2);
Low, John Cunningham, North
Vancouver, (2); Lowe, Penelope
Mary, Alberta, (2); Lum, Lorna
Kate, Fort Steele, (2); Lytle,
Clive Barry, New Westminster,
Malkin, Mrs. Mary Frances,
Vancouver, (2); Marchak, Mrs.
Maureen Patricia, Vancouver,
(2); Marin, Joseph, B.A.Sc, Ph.
D. (Michigan), USA, (C); Marrs,
Ronald Robertson, Victoria, (2);
Mawhinney, Anne Marie, Van
couver, (P); Miller, Gertrude,
North Vancouver, (P); Mitchell,
Margaret Kathleen, New Westminster, (2); Moore, Robert J„
Victoria, (2); Morrison, Nancy
Elizabeth, Saskatchewan, (P);
Munday, Lennard Ray, Vaneou
ver, (P); Murphy, Archie William, Sidney, (2); McCallum,
James, North Burnaby, (P); Mc-
Eown, Donald Cranston, North
Vancouver, (P); McLennan, Glen
Elizabeth, Vancouver, (2); MacLeod, Flora Margaret, Sardis,
(P); MacMillan, Alexander Ian,
Vancouver, (2); MacRae, Donald
Keith, Saskatchewan, (2); McRae, Joan Frances Katherine,
Vancouver, (2).
Nachtrieb, Sheila Ann, Vancouver, (2); Newhouse, Gordon
Herbert, Vancouver, (2); Newton
Shirley Lorraine, Vancouver,
(2); Okazaki, Amy Emiko, Alberta, (2); Orr, Allan Donald,
Victoria,  (2),
Pearce, Richard Mott, Victoria, (P); Pearmain, Robert Dan,
Victoria, (P); Pizarski, Ted Anthony, Vancouver, (P); Planidin,
Paul, Mission City, (2); Portsmouth, Joan Katherine Marie,
Alert Bay, (1); Prentice, Douglas Bruce, Chilliwack, (P); Purely, John Willard, Vancouver,
(P); Putland, Peter John, Victoria, (P),
Richards, Leo Baldwin, Hat-
zic Island, (2); Robinson, Raymond Michael, Victoria, (2);
Runge, Britta Maria Ruth, Vancouver, (.1),
'Safruk, Bernice Helen, Manitoba, (P); Salmon, John William,
Vancouver, (2); Saucier, Mary
Dubois, Alberta, (2); Savage,
Lauren William Clive, Victoria,
(2); Schooley, Jennie Grace, Vancouver, (2); Schram, Richard Ro
nald, Kelowna, (P); Shallard,
Meryn Ann, Vancouver, (2);
Shorthouse, Sylvia Anne, Nelson, (2); Sieuchand, Alexander
Carlyle, Trinidad, (2); Simon,
Linda Jane, Vancouver, (2); Sinclair, Sharon Sue, Vancouver,
(2); Skelding, Susan Arminella,
Ganges, (2); Skoko, Norman
Mark, Alberta, (P); Sloan, Frances Davida, Vancouver, (2);
Smith, Patrick John, Lake Cowichan, (2); Smith, William Thomas, Vancouver, (2); Stelzl, Edward Stanley, Vancouver, (2);
Stephen, Isobel Marie, Vancouver, (2); Stephens. Sharon Jane,
Vancouver, (2); Stick, Mrs. Edna, Chilliwack, (2); Storm, Steven, Victoria, (2): Suderman,
Erna Susan, Abbotsford, (2); Sullivan, Dorothy Margaret, Victoria, (2); Summers, Norma Isa-
belle, Vancouver, (2); Sund-
quist, Sven Ingwaldson, Port Alberni, (P); Sutherland, Hugh
Roy, Vancouver, (2); Swartz,
Mrs. Eva, Vancouver, (2).
Tallon, George Bernard, Alberta, (2); Taylor, James Andrew
Fair, Vancouver, (2); Tesbrey,
Vera Agnes, Saskatchewan, (2);
Thompson, Joan Ann, South
Burnaby, (2); Toft, Bernard Leon, Vancouver, (2); Tomlinson,
Frederick George, Ladysmith,
(P); Tongue, Thomas Eric, North
Surrey, (P); Tribe, Jonathan Harold, Penticton, (2).
Ulland, Mrs. Lillian Olive,
New Westminster, (P); Unwin,
Wilma Maureen, Penticton, (2);
Van Allen, Margaret Louise,
Vancouver,   (P).
Warren, Patricia Ann, Vancouver, (2); Warren, Robert Irving, Victoria, (2); Watson, Paul
Alan, Vancouver, (2); Weston,
William Charles Percy, Vancouver, (P); West wood, Patricia
Maud, Victoria, (1); Wiebe, Walter Willie, Burnaby, (2); Williams, Edmond Claud, Victoria,
(P); Wylie, Marion, West Vancouver, (P).
Yorston, Barbara Sue, North
Burnaby, (P); Young, Emily Ad-
wena, Nanaimo, (2); Youngson,
Loretta Ruth, Vancouver, (P).
Zaklan, George Leonard,
North Surrey, (P); Zinovich, Li-
da Tanya, Fernie, (2).
Degree of Bachelor of  Science
Eisenstein, Abraham Percy,
Vancouver, Second Class Honours in Biochemistry; Elliott,
Peter Wayne, North Vancouver,
Second Class Honours in Chemistry; Hayward, John Stanley,
Vancouver, First Class Honours
in Zoology; Holsworth, William
Norton, Alberta, Second Class
Honours in Zoology; Hutchinson,
Douglas Allen, Vancouver, First
Class Honours in Chemistry and
Physics; Johannes. Robert Earl,
Ontario, Second Class Honours
in Zoology; Jordan, Werner
Hans Gcorg, Vancouver, Second
Class Honours in Chemistry.
Leung, Franklin Chuen, Hong
Kong, Second Class Honours in
Bacteriology and Immunology;
Matz, Detlef, Vancouver, First
Class Honours in Physics and
Mathematics; Morgan, Frederick John, West Vancouver, Second Class Honours in Physics
and Mathematics; McGoran,
Mary Theresa, Merritt, Second
Class Honours in Physiology;
MacLeod, John Cameron, Ontario,   Second   Class   Honours   in
Zoology; McMillan, James Malcolm, Vancouver. First Class
Honours in Physics and Mathematics; Needier, George Treglo-
han, Nanaimo, First Class Honours in Physics and Mathematics; Pearson, Arthur MacDonald, Manitoba, Second Class
Honours in Zoology; Rieckhoff.
Klaus Ekkehard, Vancouver,
First Class Honours in Physics
and Mathematics; Sawatzky.
Erich, Manitoba, Second Class
Honours in Physics; Stott, Gael
Harling, Victoria. First Class-
Honours in Biochemistry and
Degree of Bachelor of Science
General Course
Arnott, David Alexander.
Kamloops, (P); Atkinson, Glen-
ford Thomas, Victoria, (P); Bide-
shi, Ralph Roland, Trinidad, (2):
Brigden, Ernest George, Alberta, (P); Butler. Richard Keith,
New Westminster, (P); Campbell, Charles Colin Robin, Vancouver, (2); Chen, Larry Truman
Vancouver, (2); Conder, David
Walter, Sooke, (P); Crichlow.
Eugene Chin-Loy. Trinidad, (2).
Davies, Ifor Morris Phillip.
Vancouver, (P); Diemert, Albert
George Henry Joseph, North
Surrey, (2); Drugge, Nels Leonard, Salmo, (P).
Easter, Calvin Bruce, Prince
George, (P); Eckstein, Lois Kathleen. Alberni, (2); Egert, Eugene
Vernon, (1).
Gamble, Leonard James, Abbotsford, (2); Geddes, Margaret.
Ann, Vancouver, (2); Goudie,
Carol Eileen Elizabeth, Notch
Hill, (2).
Haqq, Tennyson Aziz, Trinidad, (2); Husbands, Laurence
Ewart, Vancouver, (2).
Jewell, Thomas Ross, Victoria, (P); Johnson, Arthur William, South Burnaby, (P); Johnson, George Allison, Squamish,
Karas, George Nestor, Vancouver, (P); Kore. Runjeet, Vancouver, (P),
Lee, Antonio Chun Hung,
Hong Kong, (2); Lee, Shang Key
Luke, Hong Kong, (P); Lorz,
Harold William,'Vancouver, (2);
Lum, Patricia Phyllis, Vancouver, (2).
Morris, Stephen Charles, Victoria, (2); Muenster, Lothar Joachim, Vancouver, (2); Murakami, Lily Mariko, Vancouver, (2);
McHardy, Robert Alexander,
Vancouver, (2); McKelvey, Shirley Ann, Creston, (1); McLaren,
William David, North Vancouver, (2).
Ng, Peier Raymond, Vancouver, (P); Nichols, Vern Melwyn,
Vancouver, (P); Nicolls, Oliver
Warburton, England, (P); Norman-Martin, Charles Gerald.
Morris, New Westminster, (P).
Peterson, Melvin William,
Vancouver, (2); Piro, Katherine
Anne, Vancouver, (2).
Rose, Michael Frederick, Vancouver, (2); Sangha, Tara Singh,
Victoria, (P); Singh (Gill) Sucha.
Vancouver, (P); Sparrow, David.
Murray, West Vancouver, (P);
Sperrings, Karen Lenore, South
Burnaby, (2); Tabata, Sachiko,
Vancouver, (2);
Won", Tom Laung Quong,,
Vancouver, (P); Wonnacott, Jane
Constance, Kamloops, (2); Yar»
osh, Walter, Richmond, (2), Page 14
Tuesday, May 20, 1958
(Continued from Page 13)
Bryenton, Joy, B.A., B.S.W.,
Vancouver; Fowler, Douglas
Weatherbee, B.A., Vancouver;
Holloway, Mrs. Shirley Kathleen, B.A., B.S.W., Burnaby;
Moir, Ward Washington, B.A.,
B.S.W., North Vancouver; Morrison, Archibald Oscar, B.A., B.
S.W., New Westminster.
Nordman, Iris, B.A., (Pacific
Lutheran), B.S.W., New Westminster; Ross, Robert MacGregor, B.A., B.S.W., North Vancouver: Tuckey, Elisabeth Ursula, B.A., Vancouver.
*T* *f* -V
The Degree of Bachelor
of  Social  Work
Barberie, Dorothy Joan. B.A ,
Vancouver, (2); Bjarnason, Orion Don, B.A., Cranbrook, (2);
Brown, Jacolyn Marie, B.A,
Vancouver, (2); Coady, Patricia
Anne, B.A. (Alberta) (2); Coltis,
Madelyn, B.A., Victoria, (2); Dafoe, Ethel Erlene Ruth, B.A.,
Saskatchewan, (2); Dafoe, Eunice Luverna, B.A., Saskatchewan, (1); Davis, Dorothy Diane,
E.A., Vancouver. (2i; Doxsee,
Harold Robertson, B.A., (Manitoba) Alberta, <2).
Finlay, Ann Hvm':e'\ B.A.,
Vancouver, (2>; Fromson, Et'sa
Elaine, B.A., Vancouver. 12*;
Fuchs, Grete Renate, B.A.. Alberta, (2); Gentleman, Glenda
Elaine, B.B., Alberta, (2); Goodwin, Harold George, B.A., Mt.
Allison, Vancouver, (2); Hager-
man, Goldie Jeune, B.A., Vancouver, (2); Hansen, Joy Kris-
tine, B.A., Vancouver, (2); Hin-
kel, Shirlee Ann, B.A., Alberta,
(1); Jellis, Jennifer Anne, B.A.,
Alberta, (2); Joasalu, Hilda, Vancouver, (2); Kern, George Herman, B.A., Alberta, USA, (2).
Lammer, Harvey Sheldon, B.
A., Saskatchewan, (2); Lindsay,
Ellis George, B A., Penticton,
(2); Mah, Bess Jane, B.A., Alberta, (2); Moore, Mrs. Janet Gordon, B.A., Vancouver, (1); Mc-
Cormick, Lindsay Laurier, B.A.
Vancouver, (2); Macdonald, Janet Mary, B.A. (Queen's) Saskatchewan, (2),
Paling, Freda Helen Mary,
B.A., Vancouver, (1); Peirce, D.
Andrew, B.A., Alberta, (2); Pro-
kop, William, B.A., Salmon Arm
(2); Smith, Rog?r Madison, B.A.
Washington, USA, (2).
Turner, Margaret Joan, B.A ,
Saskatchewan, (1); Vaughan,
Jack Stephen, B.A., Vancouver,
(2); Watson, Eunice Lenore, BA,
(Lewis and Clark College, USA,
(2); Welsh, Gordon William, BA,
Vancouver, (1); Wong, Carole
Anne, B.A., Vancouver, (2).
Sheppe, Walter Alvin, B.A.,
(William and Mary), M.A., Brit.
Col., Zoology, Virginia; Stark,
Ronald William, B.Sc.F., M.A.,
Toronto, Forest Entomology,
Alberta; Swanson, Max Lynn,
B.A., M.Sc, Brit. Col., Metal-
lurgy, Vancouver; Wesemeyer,
Harold Heinrich Kurt, Cand.
Phys., Diplom.-Physiker (Hamburg), Physics, Ontario.
Adams, Audrey Marilyn, BA,
Political Science, Vancouver;
Adams,    Margaret    Belle, B.A.,
! Sociology, New Westminster;
Bennett, Edward Bertram, B.A,,
| Physics, Nanaimo; Chow, Jih-ou,
1 B.A., (Taiwan Normal Univ.),
; Mathematics, China; Darknell,
S Francis Alan, B.A., Sociology,
! Ontario; Francis. George Reid,
j BA., Toronto, Zoology,
1 Geen, Glen Howard, B.A.,
; Zoology, New Westminster;
; Greenaway, George James, B.A.
i Education, South Burnaby; Har-
j mankaya, Nejat Cemil, Econo-
j mica, Turkey. ,
I Jeyaratnam, Kanagaratnam, j
sB.A., Political Science, Malaya;;
i Jolicoeur, Joseph Marie Pierre, [
! B.A., B.Sc, Zoology, Quebec; j
: Klassen, Herbert Corneluis, BA. |
': History, Clearbrook; Koerner, \
. Nicholas Thomas, B.A., Slavonic i
| Studies, Vancouver; Krosby, s
i Hans Peter, B.A., International i
Studies. Vancouver. ■
'     Madhosinuh.    Clarence, BSA,
Botany,     Trinidad;     Matheson,
Male■ilm   Anuu.-i,  B.A,,  Criminology, Vancouver; Mensen, Esther
Doris,    B.A..    Physiology,    Vancouver; McConnell, Ruth  Ethel,
B.A.,  English.  Vancouver;  Rob-j
crtson, Georgimi Beth, B.A., Zoo-;
logy,   Alberta;   Robertson,   Lyle j
Purmal,  B.A., Physics, Ontario; ;
Ross, Dorothea Mary, B.A., Psy-j
chology, Vancouver; Ross, Sheila Anne, B.A., Psychology, Vancouver; Shanahan, Eileen Marie,
B.A.,    Psychology,    Vancouver;
Shrimpton,    Douglas   Malcolm,
B.A., Botany, Vancouver; Suiker,
Alice  Petronella,  B.A.,   Physiology,       Vancouver;       Webster,
James   Bertin,    B.A.,    History,
Graduate Studies
Ali,     M<.t. ,.fi     Alhcr,   B.Sc
Uromdenm-     r'ol!m.;e    (Univ.    ni'
MsidrsisV  M ''■'".  Unnlosy   1 ,:ibnra-
lory (Ui'i"      >' Madras). Xoo|m.<-
lodin;   ]*"■'■■ '   "    Svalouluk.   IV-! *
MA,   (!'"'' ' i     BiohM.'v      '""'I
Rotati v !,   ' 'Ikma'sui '     ]i,,.'ii'--1
man, r;    ' mm   M 'V    'VT  '.
fUnim     •     ;.,■..     ^   PhV       "■   .
CUV",       I   ml mm     ' -U I' mi <■    ■*.<■.,*■■■
B.Sc s'VKssssmuu v|  ■'•     ivv;   ■ '   '
Us i '. ■  i,m.     *  l:it,!l'i'S,
SHeng, Cheng-Chun, B.Sc, Peking, Geology, Taiwan; Stras-
dine, George Alfred, B.A., Bacteriology and Immunology, Vancouver.
Taylor, Sandra Margaret, B.A.
Chemistry, Vancouver; Wieler,
Verner Jacob, B.A., Planning,
Vancouver; Williams, Robert,
B.A., Planning, Vancouver.
**V *T* *T*
The Degree of Master of
Finlayson, Malcolm John, B.
■A.Sc, Washington; Fjarlic, Earl
1 John, B.A.Sc,  Quebec; Korach,
Pablo Fabian, Ind. Chem., Chile;
s Larson,   Raymond   Sverre,  B.A.
Sc, Vancouver; McKay, Donald
Roderick, B.A.Sc. Quebec; Pad-
i gham,  William  Albert, B.A.Sc,
Vancouver; Park, William John.
j B.A.Sc, Vancouver; Peters, Bru-
j no Frank, B.A.Sc, Esquimalt.
!     Stacey,   John   Sydney,   B.Sc,
Vancouver;   Turnbull,   John   D.
1 Shand, B.A.Sc, Ontario; Watts,
Applied Science
The Degree of Bachelor of
Applied Science
Beare, John Wallace, Manitoba, (2);, Caswell, Bruce, Brazil,
(2); Claggett, Freddie Gene, Kelowna, (2); Clark, William Craig,
Vancouver, (2); Duerksen, John
Hugo, Langley, (2); Hahn, Phil-
lipp, Vancouver, (2); Hawrelak,
Dick Alan, Fernie, (2); Heller,
David Henry, Nanaimo, (2); Kilburn, Douglas George, Vancouver, (2); Kyllo, Martin A., Fort
St. John, (P).
Martin, John Edward, Hope,
(2); MacKay, Edward, Cliemainus,   (P);   Ratushny,   Frederick, . Kamloops, VI
Victoria, (2); Solonecki, William
Joseph, Terrace, (2); Stevens,
Robert Michael, Vancouver, (2);
Sunjoto, Indonesia, (2); Sykes,
Rendall, New Westminster, (P);
Yuan, John, Hong Kong, (2).
Dent, Alan Gerald, Summer-
land, (2); Graholm, Eric, Ruskin
(2); Jarvis, Paul Elliott, Ontario
(2); Ram, Bhagat, Victoria, (2);
Stringer, Terence'Neil, Vancouver. (2).
Craig, Douglas Bennell, Che-
mainus, (2); Hankinson, John
Delray, Vancouver, (2); Love-
seth, George Edward, Duncan,
(2); Patsch, Benno, Black Creek,
VI);   Spencer,    Bruce     Everton,
olph    Joseph,     Trinidad,     (2);
Borch, Vincent Gylding, Nelson, i Edward Clarabut,    New    West-
Vancouver, (2); Reid, Lome J.,
Vancouver, (2); Rion, William,
Vancouver, (2).
Sydneysmith, Sam, Vancouver, (2); Wakabayashi, Henry.
Kamloops, (2); Wilcox, Gordon
Leonard, North Vancouver, (2).
Babb, Alan Frederick,    West
Donald   George.   B.A.Sc,   Crcs- I Vancouver, (H);  Balgaroo, Rud-';
ton; Whitmore, Bruce Cecil, BA
Sc, New Jersey.
%*      H*      %>
The Degree of Master of
Ayre, Gordon Leonard, BSA,
Ontario; Combret, Robert Jules
Louis, B.A., Paris, B.S.A., Montreal, France; McGibbon, Maxwell, B.S.A., West Summerland;
Svvierstra, Ernest Emkc, BSA,
Pitt Meadows.
Atkin, Albert James, Brittatv
nia Beach, (1); Baker, Colin McKechnie, Alberta, (2); Baker,
Victor Thomas, Vancouver, (P);
Bayne, Allen Rowan, Vancouver, (P); Bellmont, Frederick
Kasper, South Burnaby, (2);
Berto, Benjamin Bruce, Vancouver. (P); Boulanger, Thomas Bernard, North Surrey, (2); Brady,
Bolotin, Moshe, BSF, (U. of
Wash,), Israel; Kun, Stephen F.
Peter, BSF, Alberta; Newnham,
Robert Montague, B.Sc. (Wales)
Galbraith, Donald Stewart,
B.A., Physics, Vancouver; Gut-
mann, Francis, B.A., Physics,
Vancouver; Johal, Darshan
Singh, B.A., Planning, India;
Lee, Randolph, B.A., B.Sc, Geology, Ontario; Loney, Thomas
William, B.A., Planning, Van-
Mitchell, Constance Ann Lorna, B.A., Biochemistry, Vancouver; McConnell, Robert Shean,
M.A., (Cambridge), Planning,
North Ireland; MfGovern. Peter
Osivirl, B.Sc Planning, Vaneou-
■ er ^ laeQuillan, Anthony Mill's 1','•',A, Agricultural Micro-
'.<   ■   Vsnicoit ■■ ". '-'   son, ,lohn
Muttart, Merrill -Edmund
B.Sc, Sidney; McVea, John Morrison, B.A., B.Ed., New Westminster; Wilkinson, John Bowman, B.A., B.Ed., Milncs Landing,
.'M.   iQucn'sU
•'andelis Nicolas,
■hiuglon; Penda-
ala Setty, U>."
; '•;, India; Quist-
' iarie Raymond,
!■ ,     Vancouver;
The Degree of Bachelor of
Science in Agriculture
Dent William John, Squamish, (2); Groves, Tom David,
Westholme, (1); Kirwan, Sidney
Calvin, Antigua, (2).
Aylard, Kenneth William,
Sidney, (2); Barber, Dorothy
Chilliwack, (2); Bergis, Imants,
Vancouver, (2); Case, Vernon
Wesley, Port Coquitlam, (2),
Clemson, Jan, Armstrong, (2);
Davidson, Wendy, Vancouver,
(2); Davis, William Lyon, Ontario, (2); Dummett, John Alistair,
British Guiana, (2).
Edwards,   Alfred   John,  Vancouver, (2); Farmer, Joanna Margaret, Kaleden, (2);    Frederick,
Rexingford,  St.  Kilts,  (2);  Jan-
7,en,  Adolph Jacob, Abbotsford,
(2); Kennedy,    Patricia    Dawn,
Wellington, (P); Kovacs, Audrey i
Irene,   Abbotsford,   (P);   Kreul-
zigor,   George   Oscar,   Merville, ■
(2); Kroll, Victor Arnold, Alber-;
la, (2V
Mover, 'Rudy Henry, Vancouver, (2); sVlVCurrudi, John Alex.,
Mew Westminster, (2): Osborne,
James lie'. ■ i, Montserrat, (2V
(V-borue, \ m C Earl. 'XUmtser-
r..i. .'"" Oslrovskv, Panic!, South
Uu, -.,-,, (2); P <tterson, \! -.
Unci, Us , r:v, (!U, P-■!•,>, 1U, v. sm
..Choi'lson, Weil. Yatim.uvm', (2),
Kiehler, Waltraud Marie, North
Vancouver, (2); Wincll, Thomas ,
Alan, Quesnel, (P.), :
(2); Davison, Donald Morse,
Enderby, (2); Dinsmore. Norman
Henry, Vancouver, (2); Dolphin,
Robert Leslie, Vancouver, (2).
Heskin, Bernard Anthony,
Selma Park, (2); Hibbert, Paul
DeLancey, Mission City, (2); Jef-
feries, Raymond Francis, Ontario, (P); King, David, Vancouver, (2); Loe, David Manuel,
Vancouver, (P).
Miltimore. Alan Ross, Salmon
Arm, (P); Nielsen, George Oliver, Osoyoos, (2); Norrish, Harold Ernest, Vancouver, (2);
Parmley, Leslie James, Penticton, (2); Plunkett, Patrick David
William, Vancouver, (2); Pow-
lan. Frank, Vancouver, (P).
Rogers, Robert John Leslie,
Yukon Territory, (2); Rothwell,
James Todd, Vancouver, (2);
Thorburn, Herbert James, Vernon, (2); Wigmore, John Richard, Vancouver, (P); Wood, N.
Arthur, Revelstoke, (P).
Allison, Roy William, Vancouver, (P); Archibald, Dennis
Jackson, Trail, (2); Arismunaiv
dar, Raden, Indonesia, (H); Ar liason, Norman Gisli, Vancouver,
(2); Brookman, Ronald Roy, US,
(2); Butt, Chak Ying, Hong
Kong, (H).
Crowson, Donald Beattie,
Vancouver, (2); Dial, Nirmal,
Nanaimo, (2); Dill, Herbert
James, Vancouver, (2); Forbes,
Jack, Salmon Arm, (2); Frazer,
Edward, Vancouver, (2); Friend,
Raymond, Nanaimo, (2); Garrison, Garry Jack, Bralorne, (2);
Grier, Brian, Victoria, (2).
Hayne, George Stephen, Salmon Arm, (P); Irvine, George
William, Cranbrook, (2); Irwin,
Robert, Alberta, (2); Johnson,
Donald, Vancouver (2); Karsa,
Ketut, Indonesia, (H); Kemle,
David, Vancouver, (2).
Legg. John, Vancouver, (P);
LeNeveu, Gordon, West. Vancouver, (2); Liebelt, Alvin, Richmond, (P); Middlemass, Robert
Alexander, West Vancouver (2).
Nightingale, George, Clover-
;!ale, (H); Nordstrand, Ronald,
New Westminster, (1); Nordstrom,  Thomas,  Armstrong  (H);
Pearson. ''  m-m>;e Edward, Van-
ccuver,   (2>;   iu-
Richmond,   (2);
Manitoba,   C);
John   Albert,
u.,k,   Williar.i
e.ssell,      l'a,i,
Yo.shihL;;i, 'v- - mmuver,
■ ;,vard, ,Issues, Kc, hnat, (2);
aek Fred (Uinlher, Vaneou
vei', '2'; Siiiu. Sanuiel. New
Westminster, (2); Skeldin.m a.
Alexander, Vancouver, (P);
Smith, Bryan Robert, Vaneou
ver,   (2);   Smith,   Ronald   Blair,
I minster, (P); Brooks, Fred Jack-
ison, Alberta, (2); Brooks, Peter
, Noel Hamilton, Vancouver, (1);
I Brown, Gary Winter, Vancbu-
! ver, (2); Budd, William Lome,
! Vancouver, (2).
! Chappell, Marcus Stanley,
| North Vancouver, (1); Coulter,
; Donald Mervin, Alberta, (2); De-
i venyi, Denes, Victoria, (2); Djwa
Djing Kioe, Indonesia, (2);
Drummond, Thomas George,
Manitoba, (2); Duprey, Donald
Fagerholm, Vancouver, (2); Faw-
sitt, Tliomas Edward, Vancouver, (P); Fraser, Russel Gordon,
Vancouver, (P); Garrett, Todd,
Vancouver,  (H).
Gibbard, Glen Arthur, Kelowna, (H); Gordon, John Robert
Meehan, Alberta, (2); Gray,
Daryl Herbert, Duncan, (2); Hil-
debrand, Daniel Gerald, Abbotsford, (P); Johnson, Ronald Walter, New Westminster, (2); Kama, Richard Joseph, Vancouver
(P); Kcech, Roderick t. eorgo,
Vancouver, (2); Laird, .Allan
David, Vancouver,  (2).
Manhas, Karm Singh, Itorth
Vancouver, (2); Miller, ' aalcl
Daniel, Alberta, (2); R, :elly,
Keith Alexander, Var,. uver,
(2); Morrow, D'Arcy Jar ., Alberta, (2); Moul, Dougl i William, Port Alberni, (2), McAllister, Ian Ross, Vancom. i, (P);
McDonald, James Wo ■■Airy,
Vancouver, (2).
Neild, Jeter John, Va .>uvcr
(2); Neilson, John Thorn , Vancouver, (2); Oliver, Jar ■ .■■ Edward, Vancouver, (P); ■-*;er,
Gary William, Victor' t,2);
Read, Denis Colin, Ti • V \P);
Reader', Philip Joseph, '•■ h n'ta,
(P); Roggeveen, Roland '':. ,,ies,
Alberta, (2); Russell, " Uurarn
Neil,   Ontario,   (2).
Shaw, Glenwood, Va,; »-ver,
(2); Suzuki, Toshio, Noss: Uur-
rey, (2); Swoboda, Philii .'. /id,
Vancouver, (2); Thomp.,. .. aiu
David, Vancouver, (2); ' -,- ■ \lo,
Blake Alexander, Roses ■,.•, >2);
Woodhouse,   Gary   Ovv- ,ri-
cou\'er,   (2<;     Ziegler,     .: .     >h,
Soutli Burnaby, (2).
*       H*      H-
f)''.\,T.i,'i:.i,    Louis    1U\, 10"
nil mi
(I     A.
Ivlskk, Jo si
lie Aielenk;
.\U'I Wi!1!.
mm     O'V    (V
I,.,.- Tuesday, May 20, 1958
Page 15
(Continued from Page 14)
Gunn, John David, Wells, (2).
•P V •TP
Bryan, Patrick Robert, Ques-
nel, (P); Causey, Allan Robert,
Vancouver, (2); Costanzo, Ronald Albert, Vancouver, (2); Fowler, Alvin George Jenkins, Sardis, (2); Gri, Norman Joseph,
Kelowna,   (2).
Hafer, Rodney Arnold, Royal
Oak, (1); Haldeman, Alfred S„
Royal Oak, (2); Hassell, Denis
John, North Surrey, (2); Huntley, Christopher Ryland, Brentwood Bay, (H); Irwin, John C.
Langley, (2); Jeffery, Arthur
Charles, North Kamloops, (2);
Jones, Edward Peter, Trail, (2).
Miller, Gerald Stuart, Nanaimo, (2); Moore, Zelma Esther,
•> West Vancouver, (2); McKimm,
Terence Frederick, Vancouver,
(2); MacNaughton, Robert Gordon, Kitimat, (P); Rantz, Robert
Donald, Victoria, (H); Rasmus-
sen, Walter Ronald, South Burnaby, (H); Roger, Robert Stewart, Penticton, (2).
r Saimoto,   Shigeo,   Vancouver,
(2); Tateishi, George, Kamloops,
(2); Tolley, Lamont Clement, Alberta, (2); Winestock, Alvin G.,
Saskatchewan, (2).
Barnes, Arthur George, Vancouver, (2); Dictze, Siegfried
|V Helmut, Alberta, (2); Douglas,
Martin, Vancouver, (2); Kleyn,
Lodewyk Boudewyn, Vancouver, (P); Roberts, Dennis Gough,
Victoria, (2); Skjelvik, Toralv,
Vancouver, (?); Thiersch, Wolfgang Bruno, Vancouver, (2).
Albert, Henry Allan, Vancouver, (2); Allan, Derek Victor,
Victoria, (C); Anderson, Gerald
Herbert, Vancouver, (P); Armitage, Ronald Harvey Owen, Vancouver, (2); Armstrong, William
Snencer, Vancouver, (C); Audet,
Gerald Wilfrid Michael, Vancouver, (2);
Bailey, Roger James, Victoria,
(P); Bice, William Charles, Alert
Bay, (2); Bishop, Robert John
Winslow, Vancouver, (2); Borg,
Ronald Peter, Vancouver, (C).
Carlson, Laurance James,
Vancouver, (P); Castle, Gary
Charles, Vancouver, (C); Clasby,
Ralph William, South Burnaby,
(P); Clayton, John Eclric, Se-
chelt, (2); Conclie, Kinley Elwin,
Vancouver, (P); Connell, John
Gavin, Vancouver, (C); Cooper,
Robert Gordon, Richmond, (1);
Corbett, Gary Edward, Victoria
(I); Cox, Donald Frederick, Victoria, (1).
D'Arcy Goldrick, Michael Kevin. Vancouver, (2); Davis, Arthur Maurice, Yukon Territory,
(C); Davis, John Chester, Alberta, (P); Dewhirst, Gordon Medley, Vancouver, (2); Dickerson,
Robert Warren, Vancouver, (2);
Dixon, John Chapham, Vancouver, (2>; Downing, Charles Janus,
South Burnaby, (2); Bunion,
Kelts  Robert, Vancouver, (P).
Eagle, Rrueo Gerald, Vancouver, (2); Elsener, Leonard Frank,
P Vancouver, (2); Farac, Dusan,
Vancouver, (('); Fil/.pal rick,
Druid Ross, Vancouver, (2);
Fournier, John Robson, New
Westminster,   (V).
Garnett, Donald Gilbert, Van-
"itnrnr. (l): Gile,s, Jack Michael,
Victoria, (C); Godfrey, Peter
Thompson, Nelson, (2); Grauer,
George Gustav, Vancouver, (2).
Hansen, Walter Harold Bruce,
New Westminster, (1); Heather,
John Robin, Vancouver, (C);
Hughes, Ronald Pontifex, Victoria, (2); Hunnings, Glenn Brian, Victoria, (2);~Hurst, John N.,
Cloverdale, (C); Husband, Bryan
Eric, West Vancouver, (1).
Jascolt, Igor Boris, Vancouver, (2); Johnston, Edgar Palmer
Vancouver, (2); Johnston, Norma
Bernadine, Vancouver (2); Johnston, Robert Laurence, Vancouver, (2); Johnston, Ronald Mar-
vyn, Vancouver, (2); Jones, Stephen Randle, Victoria, (2); Kirk-
land, Philip James, Vancouver,
(2); Krahn, Jacob Abram, Abbotsford, (2).
Lavallee, Bernard Charles,
Vancouver, (C); Lazzarotto, Ernie Edwin, Vancouver, (P); Lindsay, Thomas Barrie, Vancouver
(2); Linton, Gordon Stanley, Nelson, (2); Lloyd, Edgar Raymond,
North Burnaby, (2); Lochhead,
Ian Murray, Vancouver, (P); Logan, Donald Hugh, North Burnaby, (2); Loshusan, Keith Archibald, Jamaica, (P); Lys, Roslow
Peter, Alberta, (P).
Mahon, Kenneth William, Vancouver, (2); Meissner, Martin,
Vancouver, (1); Merrick, Neil
Victor, Vancouver, (P); Mitchell,
Donald Hector, Vancouver, (2):
Moggridge, Clarke Irvin, Ontario, (P); Morfitt, George Lyell,
West Vancouver, (2); Muir, J. D.
Vancouver, (2); McAllister, William Beckford, Vancouver, (C);
McAteer, Kenneth Davidson,
Vancouver, (2); McBurney,
James Terrence, Saskatchewan,
(2); McCourt, William Kenneth,
Burnaby, (2); McEachran, David
Jeremy, Vancouver, (2); Mackay, John Rayner, Vancouver,
(C); MacTaggart, Alfred Frank,
Vancouver, (2).
Nagler, George Irwin, Alberta, (1); Paulson, Gordon Robert,
Vancouver, (2); Pellicano, Marie
Rose, Penticton, (2); Peters, John
Ross, Vancouver, (2); Peterson,
Carl Harold, Vancouver, (P);
Racich, John, Richmond, (2);
Rovers,   Gerald  John,  Victoria,
Schumacher, Stanley Stanford, Alberta, (C); Shearing, Roderick William, Victoria, (2);
Smith, James Thomas, Vancouver, (2); Smith, Melvin Henry,
Victoria, (C); Sommers, Montrose Sheldon, Vancouver, (1);
Stewart, John Neil, Vancouver,
'P); Stowe, David Howard Ross,
Ontario, (2); Sutherland, Thomas Patrick, Alberta, (2); Swanky,
Oscar Edward, Hixon, (2).
Tonybee, Thomas Arthur,
Ganges, (2); Treasurer, Roy B.,
Vancouver, (P); Valentine, Charles Peter, Alberta, (2); Wallace,
Fraser Gill, Vancouver, (1);
Walsh, William David, New
Westminster, (1); Warren, Charlotte Louisa Verney, Vancouver, (P); Wasylik, Joseph Walter, Vancouver, (P); Watts, Stuart Bradley, Vancouver, (2);
Webber, Eric Sidney, Kamloops
(P); Webster, John Lindsay K.,
Richmond, (2); Wild, Leonard E.
J., Vancouver, (2); Williams,
John Crawford, Vancouver, (2);
Wolfe, Isidor Morris, Vancouver
(C); Woods, David Campbell,
Vernon, (2).
Graduate Programme—
Allan, John Rodger, B.A., W.
Vancouver, (2); Anderson, Russell Lee, 13.A., New Westminster,   (2);   Arclicl,   Vernon   Clan-
ville, B.A., Port Kells, (1); Banner, Boyce William, B.A., North
Surrey, (2); Biehl, Norman Leslie, .A., Vancouver, (2); Bower-
ing, Ewart Harry, B.A., Oliver,
(2); Brown, William MacBeth.
B.A., VancPuver, (2); Burns,
Alexander, B.A., Vancouver, (2y,
Calder,   John,   B.A.,   Vancouver, (2); Caldwell, Isabella Frances, B.A., Chilliwack, (2); Campbell, David Henry, B^A., Kelowna,   (2);   Campbell,   Mrs.   Mary
Eileen,  B.A.,     Vancouver,     (2);
Cannon, George Harry, B.A., M.
! Sc,   Vancouver,   (2);   Cardinall,
j Eric   Rhys,   B.P.E.,   Vancouver,
' (P); Christie, Donald Alexander,
B.A.,     Chilliwack,   (2);     Clark,
| John Joseph,  B.A.,  New  West-
! minster, (2); Clarke, Charles R.,
B.A., North Vancouver, (2); Cooper, George Ashtead, B.A., Gib-
| sons, (2); Covey,    Elliott   John,
j B.P.E.,  Cultus Lake,  (2);  Crea-
I mer,   William     Samuel,     B.A ,
s Courtenay, (2); Croll, Alan Scott,
B.A., West Vancouver, (2).
j     Davies, Elved Vaughan, B.A.,
Victoria,   (1);   Davies,   Kenneth
William,   B.A.,  Sardis,   (2);Daw-
son, Horace Richard, B.A., Victoria, (2); Dunbar, Allan, B.Sc,
Courtenay,  (2);  Duncan,  Marjo-
rie Evelyn, B.A., Vancouver (2);
Epp,   Henry,   B.A.,   Chilliwack,
(2);   Farina,   Norah,   B.A.,   Vancouver, (2); Farr, Herbert Charles, B.Sc, Merritt, (1); Ferguson,
John Clealand, B.A., Chilliwack
(2);   Freeland,   Gertrude   Lydia,
B.A.,   Vancouver,   (2);     French,
Frederick   Charles,    B.A.,   Victoria, (P).
Gagnon, James Hubert, B.A.,
Rossland, (2); Gilbert, John R„
B.P.E., Port Alberni, (2); Goode,
Eric Stanley, B.A., North Vancouver, (2); Goodship, Geoffrey
Lawrence, B.P.E., New Westminster, (2); Greig, Jane Margaret, B.A., Vancouver, (P).
Harrison, Patrick Thomas,
B.A., South Burnaby, (1); Haw-
kes, Zia, B.A., (Sheffield), Vancouver, (1); Hawthorne, Mrs.
Catherine Isabel, B.A., Vancouver, (.1); Henderson, Alexander,
B.A., Burnaby, (2); Hollins, F.
Edward, B.A., Sardis, (1); Holt,
Gerald Anthony, B.A., White
Rock, (2); Irving, Donald Humphrey, B.A , Oliver, (2).
Jenks, Robert, B.A,, Campbell
River, (2); Johnston, Howard
Earl, B.A., Vancouver, (2); Jones,
Harvey Gordon, B.A., Vancouver, (2); Killip, Bessie Helene,
B.A., Vancouver, (2); Kitley,
Walter John, B.A., Victoria, (1);
Kope, Jacob Frank, B.A., Chilliwack, (2).
Maglio, Eugene Anthony, B.
Com., Kimberley, (2); Mallory,
Mrs. Margaret Wilson, B.A.,
South Burnaby, (2); Maxwell,
Ernest David, B.A., Vancouver,
(2); Mitchell, Evelyn Jean, M.A.,
North Surrey, (2); Montador,
Peter Alexander, B.A,, Vancouver, (P); Moore, Sheila Geraldine, B.A,, Vancouver, (2); Moran, Frances Marion, B.A., Trail
(1); Morley, Mrs. Kathleen, B.Sc.
(Wales) Abbotsford, (1); Morley,
William John, B.Sc, Abbotsford
(t); Macauley, Johnina Margaret, B.A., Vancouver, (2); Mc-
Dougal, Mary, B.A., Vancouver,
(P); MacLeod, Ian Norman, B.A.,
Terrace, (2); McMahon, James
Patrick, B.A., Mission City, (2);
McNair, John William, B.A.,
Victoria, (2); McNamara, James
Mietumt, B.A., Vancouver, (2);
M'acSween, Angus, B.A., North
Vancouver,   (2),
Niven, James Stanley, B.A,,
Vancouver, (2); Novak, Mrs. Nellie Elaine, p,.A., New Westminster, (2); Pavelich, Mrs. Joan Lena, IS. A,, Vancouver, (2): Pel
lit, Wayne Allison Burns, B.A.,
Vancouver, (2); Pincotl, Clifford
Earl, B.A., Vancouver, (2); Primrose, Neil, B.A., White Rock,
(2); Rodekop, John Harold, B.A.,
Clearbrook, (1); Richardson,
Tohn Rhys, B.Sc, Vancouver (2);
Rossetti, Hector Armand, B.A,,
North Vancouver, (1); Rusler,
George William, B.A., Vancouver, (1); Russell, Kenneth Gordon, B.A., Vancouver, (2).
Shannon, Robert James, B.A.
Oliver, (2); Schellinck, Henry
Edward, B.A., Courtenay, (2);
Slade, George Raymond, B.A.,
Vancouver, (2); Smyth, Mrs. Agnes Campbell, B.A., Vancouver,
'D; Stevenson, John Harold,
B.A., Vancouver, (2); Tait, John
Michael, B.A., Kelowna, (2); Tat-
roff, Daniel Peter, B.A., Vancouver, (2); Taylor, John Ayl-
mer, B.A., South Burnaby, f'2);
Toochin, Donald, B.A., Burnaby,
<T); Van Home, Harold Bircham
B.S.A., Chilliwack, (2); Waldie,
William Herbert, B.A., New
Westminster, (2); White, Michael
B.P.E., Vernon, (2); Wilkinson,
Percival Edward, B.A., .Victoria
(2); Woodhouse, Mrs. June Cameron, B.A., West Vancouver (2);
York, Larrie B., B.A., Vancouver,  (2).
if. >(, if*
Secondary Programme—
Hansen, Edward James, Royal Oak, (2); Hattrick, Andrew
James, Jr., Vancouver, (2); Jory,
William Mervin, Vancouver, (2);
Lloyd, Gordon Furness, New
Westminster, (2); Matheson, Erl-
ing Walter, North Vancouver,
(2); Rosse, Louis Arthur, Vancouver, (2); Sharp, Thelma Lillian,
Vancouver,  (2).
Shilling, George Laverne,
Vancouver, (2); Sparks, William
Francis, Vancouver, (2); Stam-
huis, Arend Jan, Vancouver, (2);
Stanley, Constance Louise, Nor.
Vancouver, (2); Thrower, Joyce
Adair, Vancouver, (2); Turner,
Frederick Samuel, New Westminster, (2); Whitelaw, Hadden
Gilmour, Vancouver, (1).
Howard, Edmond William, Victoria, (P); Joy, Kerry Robert,
Sidney, (2); Little, David Bell,
Vancouver, (2).
Martin, William Frank, Manitoba, (2); Nagle, George Shorten, Manitoba, (2); Nichol, John,
Trail, (P); Oakley, Philip, Victoria, (2); Peterson, Everett B.,
Saskatchewan, (2); Phillips,
John, England, (2).
Renshaw, Leslie Francis, N.
Vancouver, (2); Richmond, Anthony Eaton, New Westminster
(2); Robertson, John Keith. Ladner, (2); Sharp, Peter McKenzie,
Victoria, (2); Stromberg, Ronald
Jaimer, New Westminster, (P);
Welsford, Walter Duthie, Vancouver, (2).
v **V T*
Sopron Division
Bachelor of Science in
(All of Vancouver)
Andody, Edith (2); Bajak, Denes, (2); Bella, Imre, (1); Benko,
Geza, (P); Csapo, Imre, (2); Gy-
ongy, Erzsebet, (2); Hejjas, Joz-
sef, (2); Hirczy, Bela, (2); Juh-
asz, Gyuta, (1); Kassay, Victor,
(2); Kovats, Mrs. Marta, (P); Ko-
vats, Miklos, (P); Lesko, Mrs.
Anna, (2); Lesko, Gyorgy, (1);
Ncmeth, Lajos, (2); Nemeth, Zol-
tan, (2).
Orloci, Laszlo, (1); Orloci, Mrs
Marta, (P); Palkovics, Janos, (2);
Pandak, Laszlo, (2); Paszner, Laszlo, (1); Szalamin, Gabor, (2);
Szasz, Istvan, (2); Szasz, Mrs.
Julia, (P); Takaro, Laszlo Pal,
(P); Treso, Ferenc, (2); Viszlai,
Mrs. Eva, (2); Viszlai, Janos (1).
*      #
Elemenlary Programme—
Alden, Alisen, Vancouver, (2);
Anderson, Beverley Enolia, Vancouver, (P); Arclen, Sharel, Vancouver, (P); Babcock, Mrs. Margaret Olive, Vancouver, (2); Chilcott, Margaret Elizabeth, North
Vancouver, (2); Clark, Mrs. Mary
Louise, Vancouver, (2); Coss,
Vera Elsie May, Kaleden, (1).
Davidson, Joan Alexandra,
Vancouver, (2); Dill, June Arlene, Vancouver, (1); Garritty,
Bernward Charles, B.A., Saskatchewan, (2); Griffin, Barbara
Cecilia, Vancouver, (P); Heal,
Marjory Ethel, Victoria, (2);
Meyers, Marilyn Lois, Vancouver, (2); Minto, Henry, Vancouver, (2); Mortimer, Mrs. Elizabeth, Vancouver, (2); McCor-
mick, Margaret Ursula, Kelowna, (2); MacKillop, Katherine
Rae, Vancouver, (P); McLauch-
lan, Robert Edward, Vancouver,
(2); Pankratz, Frank, Mission
City, (2); Parsons, Sidney James
Langley, (P); Pym, John Douglas, USA, (2).
Richmond, Virginia Braddock,
USA, (2); Ryder, Lorna Maria,
Trail, (D; Seed, Nancy Helena,
Vancouver, (1); Teel, Beverley
Irene, Campbell River, (2); Thomas, Margaret Joan, Vancouver
(P); Toynbee, William Manson,
West Vancouver, (2); Whiteley, :
Patricia Sophia, Vancouver (2);
Willard, Hazel Grace, Saskatchewan, (2). j
Home Economics
The Degree of Bachelor of
Home Economics
Altwasser, Lynda Mae, Vancouver, (2); Aten, Edwina Mary,
Salmon Arm, (2); Berry, Joan
Natalie, Vancouver, (2); Biddle,
Ann Dorothea, Victoria, (P); Calder, Joan Sheila, Alberta, (P);
Chong, Shirley Shu Ying, Vancouver, (P); Christie, Donna Marie, Alberta, (2); Ciriani, Eda
Marie, Fernie, (1); Cohen, Sandra, White Rock, (2); Conn, Joan
Marilyn, Pioneer Mine, (2);
Craig, Anita Evelyn, Vancouver, (2).
Dunn, Marie Esther, Ontario
(2); Enjo, Ritsu, West Vancouver, (2); Etherington, Sandra
Ann, Vancouver, (2); Fall, Josephine Margaret, Cobble Hill (2);
Fichner, Avis Joy, Alberta (2);
Grocock, Elizabeth Diane, New
Westminster, (2); Haahti, Mirjan
Helena, Stewart, (P); Heslop,
Anna Marion, Trail, (2); Hrehor-
ka, Annette June, Sinclair Mills
(2); Hulme, Patricia Ethel,
Wynndel,   (2).
Leclgerwoocl, Patricia Jean,
Vancouver, (2); Lindsay, Eleanor
Mae, Vancouver, (2); Martin,
Lois Patricia, Vancouver, (2);
Matson, Lorraine Anita, Vancouver, (2); Mitishall, Marilyn Jean,
West Vancouver, (2); Potter,
Jean Margaret, Saskatchewan,
(2); Ritchie, Ann Louise, West
Vancouver. (2); Routliffe, Janice
Anne, Ontario, (P); Seter, Lorna
Ann, North Surrey, (2); Thorn,
Diana Rebecca, Vancouver, (2);
Yuan, Josephine, Vancouver (2).
The  Degree of  Bachelor  of
Science in Forestry
Au.  Ken..;- Ton, 13.A., Vaneou.
Atkinson,  "Ronald  Bruce,  Sth.jver,   (Pi;   Babie,  Theodore  Lnw-
Rurnaby.    (2);    Brooke,    Robert • fence, Alberta, (P); Beamish, W.
Charles.   Chase,     (11);     Hansen,   Randolph,   B.A.,   Burnaby,   (P);
Norman   William,     Golden,   (2);   Beck,     Stanley     Martin,   B.A,, Page 16
Tuesday, May 20, 1958
(Continued from Page 15)
Vancouver, (2); Becker, Alec
Joseph, Vancouver, (2); Bram-
mall, Harcourt Robin, Vancouver, (2); Brawner, Kenneth Le
Roy, B.A., Summerland, (2);
Bruk-Bosnic, John, B.Com., Vancouver, (2); Burke, Kenneth L.,
B.A., White Rock, (P); Bush, Patrick George, Vancouver, (P).
Corbett, Peter Gerald, B.A.,
U.S., (2); Corbould, Brian Bernard, B.Com., South Burnaby,
(P); Cox, Kenneth, Bruce, B.A.,
Victoria, (P); Delmas, Constance
Gwendolyn, Rossland, (P); Diamond? Charles, Vancouver, (P);
Drozdzik, Charles Anthony, B.
Com., North Vancouver, (P); Edwards, Jack Lesgor, B.Com.,
North Vancouver, (P); Erickson,
Johann, B.A., Vancouver, (P).
Fashoway, Joseph, Vancouver
(P); Foy, Frederic, B.A., North
Vancouver, (P); Freeman, Laurence Ascr, Vancouver, (P); Frie-
sen, Nick,  B.A.Sc, Aldergrove,
(P);   Fyfe,   William  George,  B.
Com., Vancouver, (2); Gallinari,
Lucian,   Vancouver,   (P);   Gero-
nazzo, Daniel,    Trail, (P);    Gilchrist, Aluin Greaves, B.A., Vancouver, (P); Green,    John    Wil- j
liam,  Vancouver,  (2);    Grober- j
man,   Herbert,   Vancouver,   (2); j
Groves,   Jack,   South   Burnaby, i
(P); Hallatt, Halet Francis. B.A., j
Ontario, (P); Horsey, Edward, B. |
Com,.   Victoria,   (2);   Huberman, |
Samuel,   B.A.,  Vancouver (2).     j
Jabour, Donald Essev, B.A., I
Vancouver, (P); Jonnson, Kasper
Marvin, B.A,. New Westminster
(Pi; Jones, George. Vancouver,
(Pi; Jonsson, Carl Roland, Vancouver, (2); Kemp, Marvin Gerald, B.Com., Vancouver, (P);
Kenney. James Harold. B.A.,
Vancouver, (2); Kirchner, David
Courtney, B.A,, Victoria, (2);
Kroll, Gustav, Vancouver, (P):
Kueber, Philip. B.Com., Duncan
(P). Lambert, Clement, B. Com.
Vancouver, (Re Lambert, John
Douglas, B.A.. North Vancouver, (2i; La/.enby, Geoffrey John,
B.A., North .Vancouver, iP);
Lambert, John Douglas, B.A.,
North Vancouver. (2r, La/enby,
Geoffrey John, B.A., North
Vsi"(.(Mivc!', (['.; Leckie. Walter,
B.Com.,   Vancouver,   (2);     Long,
Ralph Harry, B.Com., Vancouver, (2); Longstaffe, John Ronald, B.A., Vancouver, (P); Loom-
er, Herbert Myer, B.Com., Vancouver, (2).
Millar, Hugh Alfred, Alberta
(P); Miller, David Miles, B.Com.
Deep Cove, (2); Montaine, Lome
Albert, Vancouver, (P); Morelli,
Rudolph, B.A., Kamloops, (P);
Mackintosh, Murray Fraser, B.A.
Alberta, (P).
Nuttall, David Stanley, North
Vancouver, (2; Paget, James
Francis, B.Com., Vancouver, (P);
Petrasuk, Peter, B.Sc, Alberta
(P); Puhach, Michael Stephen,
B.Com., Vancouver, (P); Pyrgos,
Nicolas, LL.B., Vancouver, (P).
Reed, George Walter, Vancouver, (2); Robertshaw, Corinne,
B.A., Vancouver, (P); Rosbor-
ough, Frank, BA., Vancouver,
(2); Ross, James, B.A., Alberta,
(2); Shrum, Gordon Baillie. A. B.
(California), Vancouver, (1);
Strombeck, Kristine, Vancouver
(2); Suiker, Heber Moroni. Van- '
couver, (2); Thackray, Allan,
B.Com., Vancouver, (P); Top-
ham, Lawrence White, B.A.,
Vancouver. (P); Trent, Marian
Jean, Vancouver, (P).
Verchere, Arthur, B.Com.,
Ladysmith. (P); Whelen, George
Edward, B.Com., Victoria, (P);
Williams, Bryan, B.Com., Co-
mox, (2); Wooster. Anthony K.,
B.Com.,  Vancouver, (P).
Quebec, (2); Farquhar, Donald,
Vancouver, (2); Forseng, Evan,
Vancouver, (2); Goodall, Roger,
B.A., Vancouver, (2); Grantham,
Peter, B.A., Vancouver, (2).
Halak, Joseph, Vancouver (2)
Hastings, David, Vancouver (1)
Hibberd, John, Vancouver (2)
Hunt, John Egerton, Vancouver
(2); Janz, Leslie, Langley, (2);
Johnson, John Eric, Vancouver
(2); Johnstqn, John Dallas, U.S.
(2); Kong, Glen, Vancouver, (2);
Konrad, Daniel B., B.A., Abbotsford, (2); Marits, Maldus. Vancouver, (2); Meeker, Henry demons, B.A , Vancouver, (2); Mid-
dleton, Arthur, Vancouver, (2);
Mitarewski, Walter, B.A., Vancouver, (2); McGeer, Patrick,
B.A., Vancouver, (2); Macgregor,
Arthur, Vancouver, (2); Nnubia,
Anadu, B.Sc, Nigeria, (2); Rav-
aris, Charles, A.B., Boston, US,
(2); Ryan, Donald, B.Sc, McGill,
U.S., (2); Sherrin, Darrel, Van- j
couver, (2); Smith, Verne Pater-
son, B.A., Vancouver, (2); So,
Yan Po, Hong Kong, (2); Soga, ,
Kenichi, Vancouver (P); Sooko- j
choff, Michael, B.A., Vancouver |
(2), Stewart-Burton, Margery i
Ann, Masset, (2). i
Tripling,   George,   B.A.,  Vancouver,   (2);   Webber,   Williair,
Vancouver, (1); Weeden, Donald, i
Chilliwack, (2); Woodward, John j
Burnett, B.A., Vancouver, (2).     '
Anderson. Paul Roy, Vancouver, (P); Bruce, Patricia Anne,
Richmond, (P; Burnstein, Mitchell, Vancouver, (P); Bye, Noel
Hindley, Vancouver, (P); Caldwell, Ian Carl, Richmond, (IV,
Cepuran, John, North Surrey,
(P); De Bourcier, David John
Gavey, Victoria, (P); Dezell,
Clifford, Prince George, (P);
Emsley, Marilyn, Vancouver (P);
Fevang, Leroy Conrad, Vancouver, (2); Foster, Richard Edward,
South Burnaby, (2); Friesen,
Abram, Vancouver, (1).
Graham,   Jean   Elizabeth,   N.
Vancouver, (P); Hassan, Mervyn
Leslie, Vancouver, (2); Hornosty,
Roy   Walter,     Vancouver.     (2);
Innes, George, Creston, (2); Kern-;
bel, John, Vancouver^ (P); Kon-
kin,   Kenneth,   Vancouver,   (2);
Kornitsky, Joseph, Vernon, (2); j
Kuhn, Charles, Vernon, (2V, Kuss \
William, Vancouver, (2);    Lan- i
gille, Donald, Matsqui, (2); Mitchell, James, B.Sc, Vancouver,
,P); Macdonald, Bruce, Vancouver, (P); McDonald, John Thomson,   Campbell   River,   (2);   McMillan, Donald, West Vancouver
(2); Oberson, Bruce, Vancouver
(P); Ratzlaff, Elmer, Abbotsford
(1); Rock, Clifford, New Westminster, (2); Ross, Donald. Vancouver, (P).
Simonson, Eric, Vancouver,
(P); Swanson, James, Duncan,
(2); Terry, Philip, South Burnaby, (P); Thompson, Douglas,
Victoria, (P); Warkentin, Ruth*
Margaret, Aldergrove, (P); West-
cott, Michael, South Burnaby,
Physical Education
_Cr om well, Shirley. Langley.
(2): Dean. Elixebeth Agnes Isabel, Fawn, (2); Douglas. Marion
Joyce, Manitoba, (1); Karras, Edward Herbert, Grindrod, (2);
Keith-Murray, Marnie, North
Vancouver, (P); Kelsey, Ian B.,
Vancouver, (1); Mann, John R.,
Victoria, (P); MacKay, Graeme
Morrison, Vancouver, (2); MacKay, Malcolm Campbell, Vancouver, (2).
Nunney, Derek, Normond,
Vancouver, (1); Russell, James,
Trail (2); Sarich, George, Princeton, (2); Wright, Arthur Joseph,
Fernie, (P).
Allan, Barbara Muir, Vancou-
; ver, (2); Andreen. Peggy Lou,
| Vancouver, (2); Banno, Masaka-
i zli Patrick, B.A., Vancouver (2);
i Bennett, Richard, Oliver, (2);
; Biely, George Gordon, B A.,
Vancouver, <2)\ Brown, William
, Theophlos, B.A., Vancouver (2);
I BrumwoU, Charles, BSA, Victo-
iria, (I): Burgoyne. Bud Robert,
s Vancouver, (2); Burton, Jeffrey,
[ Naramata, (2i.
Chan, Eugene John. Vancouver, <2>; Coopland. Ashley Taylor, North Vancouver, (2>: Cun-
iiinuham. Warren John, Van-
eouver, '2 ; Enta. Tnmniv, B.Sc.
to the Graduation Class of 1958
—■ from —
Lance Bissett Limited
420 West 6th Avenue Vancouver 10, B.C.
Why go all the way to town to make your
Travel Arrangements?
We have been appointed by all of the Major Air Lines,
Steamship Lines,  Bus Lines,  and Tour Operators
to serve the University, Faculty and Students.
If you are going Home or going Abroad, We can Serve
You BETTER at our convenient location.
You Pay Only the Regular Fare
Your Headquarters for Travel Anywhere
4576 W, 10th Avenue Phone ALma 4511
*^ttb<ftm$*$ag (tonqmit^


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