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The Ubyssey Mar 14, 1950

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No. 88
Ewing Releases Budget Figures
Treasurer Reveals Standing Of
Alma Hater Society In Statement
818.050.00      ,
|10,4»4.S4       $
1 * Pass fund
2,810.58         10,931.18
lttse. Ixpenses
4,800.00   i    '"-'
• 8,763.15
830,030.45       81C75.43
• H,mi5 wae peM to the UBC War MemorlaT Gymnasium to pay balance
ol o«r debt
8 9,200,00 .
6 5,306.30 1911.88 total
Audit and Legal
30840 req.
284.87 standing for
Stationery and office
1,718.96 minlstra-
596-48 tion,
Telephone and Telegraph
Miscellaneous Expeanes
850.00         •  -■-•
810,494.54        2
v ■     *»
Olee Club
2    197.40        |
Varsity Band
Civil Liberties
4.47 (cr)
Social Problems
Parliamentary Forum
United Nations Chtb
Radio Society
30.45 (cr)
Amateur Radio
High School Conference
37.16 (cr)
Jan Society
8 2,408.00
11,898.96       |
•#*     •    ■* ■'
1 3,000.00
see Publications
see Publications
see MAD
2   146.04 (cr) J
Commerce US
Physical Ed US
Nurses US
Engineers US
Home Ec US
Aggie US
Pharmacy US
Pre-med US
Arts US
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Meeting Starts At
11.30 In Armouries
Out Going Council to Present
Honorary Activities Awards
. When UBC students gather in the Armory tomorrow for
the Spring general AMS meeting they will write 'finis' to one
of the moat hectic financial period* in the-history of the society.
When Walter Swing's financial statement ia received the
final installment ot the $42,000 debt which stifled AMS activity
——        '    " .    ' * fo' two years will be gone.
Lectures scheduled for  11:30  a.m.
'Tween Glosses
Debators Triumph
In Canadian Finals
...Two UBC debators have triumphed
in the dominion debating finals in
Ottawa held Friday and Saturday.
Alistair Fraser and Rod Young, in
strumewtftl this year in winning the
McGoun Cup for UBC, won over
finalists from eastern universities.
Fraser and Young left for the east
via air last Wednesday to participate
in the national competition.
The UBC team upheld the negative
or a resolution which debated whether
the Communist party should be outlawed from' Canada.
The resolution waa the same one
the team debited whep they won the
McGoun Cup, emblematic of the Western championship, early this year.
Mordi Grot Head
To Present Funds
Greets Letter Society Mardi Gras
general AMS meeting at 11:30 a.m.
85008 to charity tomorrow at the
Committee yvlll turn over almost
in the Armories.
The committee has already donated 8508 to the proposed Women's
Presentation of the remainder of
the funds to various charities will
be made by Bob Amiable, co-
chairman of the Mardi Gras Committee with Lonl Francis.
haVe been cancelled for the 2-hour
Other items on the agenda are:
approval of the revised AMS constitution and by-laws, presentation of
Honorary Activity Awards and the
robing of the recently-elected Student Council headed by John Haar.
Students may propose amendments
to the revised by-laws and constitution which Is today printed in The
Ubyssey. Constitution was revised
this year by a committee headed by
law student Frank Collier,
Special HAA award will be presented to Canadian Legion Branch
72 for their meritorious work in the
past More than a dozen other students will ^receive the highest' AMS
award also. Legion was nominated
for the award by Public Relations
Officer Bob Currie.
New Student Council will officially
tdke office at tomorrow's meeting,
except for the treasurer. Ewing will
remain in office until June 30, when
the fiscal year ends.
John McKinnon, treasurer-elect,
next years work while Ewing remains
will begin the work of preparing for
to clear up this year's financial affairs.
Last installment of 210,000 is included in the budget to be received
by students tomorrow. This last
amount completely pays off the debt
which was discovered two years ago.
>   1
Next Thursday ~
A group of interested students and faculty members of
the English Department have
called a second meeting for
Thursday, March 16, at 12:30
p.m. in Arts 203, open to all,
to discuss the proposed 1950
production of "The Alchemist".
This play is one of the world's most
famous comedies and offers excellent
acting parts to a large cast.
It ia hoped many students will be
interested in taking part in this production which will be the 1951 successor to "Masses and Man."
Purpose of the meeting will be to
introduce the play, to those interested
so that they may become familiar
with it during the summer holidays
and be ready for tryouts and *e-
hearsals next autumn. Associated in
fhe production will be Or. Roy Dan*
ieUs, Or. Philip Akrigg. Mario Prise*
and Dorothy Somerset.
Or. Roy Daniells stresses tbe English Department's desire to drayr together and work with all students
interested In presenting ths great
plays of the past and present free'to
the student body of the University
*        *        *
United Nations Club will hoMUSett
final meeting today at 12:30 PJUU la
Arts 100. tlfl
Speaker will be Rev. Father Bennett, advisor to the Newmaft PuH
who will discuss the "Vatican* flit
For Membership in the UN/*      ' 4
Annual elocections will be TU«2U%
March 21. Nominations must be placed
in the AMS office by this OOJttlPg
Thursday. • vi
Complete Text Of Proposed AMS Code
1. The name of the Society Is the
Alma Mater Society of the University
of British Columbia.
2. The objects of the Society are:
(a) To promote, direct and control
all student activities within the
University of British Columbia as
represented ln the following associations and societies and their
subsidiary organizations:
1  The Undergraduate Societies
U  The   Literary   and   Scientific
ill  The Athletic Associations
Iv The Student Publications
\       Board
v The   Women's   Undergraduate
(b) To advance the cause of higher
learning in the Province of British
(c) To promote unity and good
will amongst its members.
<d) To acquire by gift, bequest,
lease, exchange or purchase any
lands, buildings, or hereditments,
whether freehold or leasehold, for
the use of the Society.
(e) To erect on such lands any
buildings or improvements necessary for the proper use and occupation of the same by the Society.
(f) To fake or otherwise acquire
and hold shares or stock debentures, debenture stock bonds, obligations and securities issued by
any benevolent or charitable Society or Company within the Province of British Columbia or elsewhere.
(g) Subject to the provisions contained in Section 12 of the Societies
Act to borrow, raise and secure
the payment of money in such
manner as the Society sees fit and
in particular by the issue of debentures.
(h) To make, subject to its by-laws
and Section 3 of the Societies Act
course in any faculty or taking a I
course partly ln one full year andJ
partly  in  another  year  In  any
facult or faculties, and a graduate   student   doing  work   for  a
double degree.
(b) All students of affiliated colleges who have paid the fees of
The Society for the current University session.
(c) All graduate and partial students who have paid the fees of
the Society for the current University session.
seniors^ Active members shall be
calssified as freshman, sophomores,
juniors or seniors.
i A freshman shall be any student registered in First Year
Arts and Science or its equivalent.
11 A sophomore shall be any stu-
First Year Arts and Science or
its equivalent.
of   British   Columbia,   ex   gratia
benefit payments to members  of
the Society who suffer personal
3. The operations of the Society are
to be chiefly carried on at the University of British Columbia, University Section, Point Grey, Province of
British Columbia.
The  Alma  Mater  Society  of  the
University of British Columbia here- I
inafter referred to as "the Society" j
shall be composed of active members
and honorary members.
1.  "Active Members"  shall  comprise:
(a) All registered undergraduate
students of the University of British Columbia. An undergraduate
student shall mean a student who
has not received a degree from the
dent who has completed only
University, taking a regular full
ill A junior shall be any student
who has completed First Year
Arts and Science or its equivalent plus one other year in any
faculty and who is not in his
graduating year and who has not
received a degree in any other
Iv A senior shall be any student
who has completed three fully
accredited years at the University or their equivalent.
3. Honorary members shall comprise
all graduates of the Univeristy, members of the Faculty, and others upon
whom honorary membership may,
from time to time, be conferred by
the Society or by Students' Council.
4. The rights and obligations of members of the Society shall be as provided in the By-laws of the Society.
5. Active membership in the Society
will cease:
(Continued on Page 2)
s Page 2
Tuesday, March 14, 1950
Member Cinsfllih University
Authorised ss Second Class Mall, Post Office Dept., Ottawa. Mall Subscrlptlon«-$2.00 per year.
Published throughout the university year by the Student Publications Board of ths Alma
Mater Society of the University of British Oolumbis.
EditoHsl opinions expressed herein are those of the editorial staff of Ths Ubyssey and not
necessarily those of thc Alma Mater Society nor ef ths University.
Offices ln Brock Hall. Phone ALma 1824 For display advertising phone ALma 1288
GENERAL STAFF: CUP Editor, Jerry MacDonald; News Editor, Art Welsh; Features Editor,
Vic Hay; Sports Editor, Ray Frost; Women's Editor, Shirley finch; Editorial Asst. Les Armour.
Senior Editor HUGH CAMERON
Shut Up
Secession movement of freshmen from
the Arts Undergraduate Society has been
successfully squelched by the parent body.
Freshmen, who form 17 percent of the
student body, point out that only 30 percent
of their number enter second year Arts.
Freshmen who are about to enter engineering hesitate to consider themselves as arts-
mn for bolivious reasons. !
The faculty of arts and sciences, for purposes of administration, has always been a
catchall. It not onty includes legitimate arts-
men (if we might use the term) 'but commercemen, home ec students, and pre-meds.
These groups, for purposes of student activity,
have been organized as separate undergraduate societies.
Freshmen, of course, are artsmen in a
sense that the others are not. The university, for obvious reasons, endeavors to inject
a general cultural background into in-coming
students before they proceed to specialization.
But the arts undergraduate society is,
to all intents and purposes, defunct. It is, and
probably always will be, a standing Joke.
Artsmen love it as an emblem of their delicious disorganization. But it is hardly the
body to organize freshmen brim full of bounce
and energy.
The USC committee which Investigated
the matter concluded, wisely we think, that
freshmen should be independent. The Arts
Undergraduate Society, mustering its molding
pride, succeeded in squelching the move by
a proportional vote at a USC meeting.
Arts US argument was the secession of
freshmen would end the arts group. Maybe
so. But the Arts US is not doing anything
about it. If they want freshmen to stay they
will have to do something constructive for
The Ubyssey doubts very much that Arts
US can do anything. But they are welcome
to try. Otherwise they had better retire to
their snug chairs in the Brock Snack Bar
and concentrate on their time-honored job
of amusing engineers.
Another Era Begins Tomorrow
UBC students will see the end of one era
and the beginning of another in the UBC
Armory tomorrow when the Spring general
AMS meeting takes place.
It Will mean the end of a burden of debt
which has stifled and frustrated campus activity for two years. With fewer students in
attendance next year it may mean that more
money will be available to give more and
better services to Students.
When President Jim Sutherland robes
incoming President John Haar he will pass
on to him a Society more stable from a financial viewpoint and thus able to give a
more rounded activity program to students.
Two executives are responsible for bolstering the Society. The 1948-49 Student
Council, headed by Dave Brousson and ably
abbetted by Paul Plant managed, with the
hejp of $15,000 in bonds, to pay off all but
$10,000 of the deficit.
This year Walter Ewing, faced with
lower enrollments and less money, has even
managed to lay away a surplus in spite of
the debt.
Students truly owe a large debt to the
Student Councils who have so ably carried
on the business of the Society and kept it in
a position where it could give them the
maximum in service on the funds available.
(Continued from Page 1)
Teacher Training
Social Work
USC Administration
13.62 ( cr)
LSE and Special Events
Players Club
•Musical Society
Frosh Orientation
180.66 (cr)       37.72
Pep Club
370.45 (cr)
3,555.50        "   *7vev   '
$1 3,006.13
$ 2,289.90
Grant from Pass Fund
$ 1,800.00
$     486.54
$     113.46
Ubyssey  and Engraving
$ 2,360.00  & Pass Fund
$ 4,818,93
$   150.75
Photography Dept.
Pub. Board
Pass Fund
(cr) 10,610.75
5 4,055.00
$ 2,910:58
Accident  Insurance
9   325.00
$ 3,700.00 $ 1,003.06        $    700.00
•Grant from the Pass Fund to MAD,  Ubyssey and Totem are shown in th»
total spent for these organizations.
Paris-London Show
Studies Fashion
A study of current fashion trends
is offered to all University women
when Eaton's Paris-London showing
takes place at the Hotel Vancouver
on March 20, sponsored by the Pan-
Hellenic Society.
Fashion dictators, such as Dior and
Balmain, will show their newest creations. Dior's evening dresses will be
a highlight, with both the long and
the short of it.
The simplicity of day clothes is
completely belied by these rich and
sumptuous models.
Balmain has dictated that daytime
styles will be 15 inches from the floor
with a natural waistline.
Ealmain's evening dresses are even
shorter than his daytime collection.
There is not one long dress in the
collection, which is a surprise as
Paris has never before taken short
everting   clothes   seriously.
All proceeds from this performance
w*ill go towards the Women's Residence Fund. Tickets are on sale at
$1 and may be bought from any sorority woman.
1 On a member ceasing to be a
registered student of ihe University of British Columbia, or on
ceasing to be a student of an
affiliated college.
11   On   unanilmous   resolution   of
students council pursuant to the
exercise of Its powers under By-
Law 3, Section 4, Clause (d).
The Society shall hold two regular
general meetings each year, one of
which shall be held within the first
fifteen days of the fall term, and shall
be known as the "Semi-Annual Meeting" and the other within the period
March 16 to March 31 in each year,
which shall be known as the "Annual
1. At the Seml-Annual Meeting the
Treasurer shall present a financial
statement for the preceding year ending June 30, duly certified by the
Auditor, as well as a detailed budget
based on the proposed expenditures
of all subsidiary organizations, and of
the administration expenses generally, but providing for an operating
margin of at least 5 percent; and the
Secretary shall outline the policy
of the Society for the coming year.
At the Semi-Annual Meeting, any
business arising out of the activities
cf the Society may be discussed.
2. At the Annual Meeting the Treasurer shall make a financial report
of cash receipts and disbursements
as of the 15th day of Match of the
Calendar year in which the meeting
is held; the auditors shall be appointed; and the Secretary shall make a
report upon the activities for the
3. Special General Meetings of the
Society may be convened at any time
by the President upon resolution of
the Students' Council or upon request in writing duly signed by one
hundred active members of the Society in good standing. No business
shall be transacted at any Special
Meeting except that for which the
meeting has been, convened.
4. Active members only shall be
entitled to vote at meetings of the
Society and «ach active mamber in
good standing shall be entitled to
one vote only. Honorary members
may take part in discussion, but
shall not be entitled to vote. Voting
by proxy at any meeting of the
Society shall not be allowed.
5. Twenty per cent of the active
members for fhe current session, present in person shall constitute a
quorum at any meeting of the Suciety.
6. No notice of the semi-annual or
annual meetings shall be required to
be given. Not less than twenty-four
hours notice of a special general
meeting specifying, the place, the day,
and the hour of the meeting and the
general nature of the business to be
transacted at the meeting shall be
given by posting the same upon the
students' notice board at the University of British Columbia', such notice
shall be signed by the Secretary:
provided always that the Students'
Council may by resolution provide,
from time to time, such.other manner
of giving notice as it may deem good
and sufficient.
BY-LAW 3 Ex£CtfttVE
1. The name of the Executive of the
Society shall be "Students' Council.'*
2. The members of the Students'
Council, shall be:
(a) The Honorary President who
shall be the President of the University of British Columbia.
Cb) The Honorary Vice-President
who shall be elected annually at a
joint meeting of the incoming and
outgoing Students' Councils.
(c) The President, who shall a senior
who has attended the University of
British Columbia for at least two
years and who has not previously
held the position of President' of the
(d) The Secretary, who shall be a
junior or a senior.
(e) The Treasuier, who shall be a
(f) The President of the Literary
and Scientific Executive, who shall
be a junior or I senior and who is
a member Of & constituent society
of the Literary and Scientific Executive.
(g) The Co-ordinator of Activities,
who shall be 4 junior or a senior.
(h) The Chairman of the Undergraduate Societies Committee, who shall
be a junior or a senior.
(1) The President of the Women's
Undergraduate Society who shall be \
junior or a senior.
(j) The President of the Men's Athletic Association, who shall be a
junior or a senior,
(k) The President of the Women's
Athletic Association, who shall be a
junior or a senior.
(1) The Junior member, who shall
be a junior. •
(Ih) The Sophomore Member, Who
shall be a sophomore,
(n) The Public Relations Officer,
who shall be appointed by vote of a
joint meeting of the incoming and
outgoing Students's Councils before
the end of the Spring Term. In the
event' of a tie, the incoming President shall have the casting vote,
(o) The Editor-in-Chief of the Publications Board, who shall be appointed in the same manner and at the
same time as the Public Relations
3. The duties of members of the
Students' Council shall be:
(a) The Honorary President and As
Honorary Vice-President shall act
in an advisory capacity and shall
be mediums of goodwill between the
Society and the general public,
(fo) The President shall preside at
all meetings of the Society and of
the Students' Council. He shall be
an ex-officio member of all committees of the Society and shall undertake all such other duties as usually
fall to the office of a President of a
(c) The Vice-President shall assume
and carry out the duties of the President in his absence.
(d) The Secretary shall take the minutes of all meetings of the Students'
Council and of the Society, and shall
conduct all correspondence of the
Student's' Council and keep on file
copies of all letters written and received by the Society or by* the
Secretary which relate to the affairs'
of the Society. The Secretary shall
read the annual reports of the subsidiary organizations at the apnual
meeting of the Society and shall keep
the minute books and secretarial
records of the Society. The Secretary
shall, in Addition to the above duties,
have such further duties as may from
time to time be prescribed by resolution of the Society or by Students'
(e) The Treasurer shall take charge
of and be responsible for the funds
of the Society, and shall carry out
all such other duties as usually fall
to the office of Treasurer, or as
may be prescribed from time to time
by resolution of the Society or by
Students' Council, and ln addition,
but not so as to limit the generality
of the foregoing, shall observe the
i On assuming office he shall, at
the expense of the Society, provide a fidelity bond in the sum
of $2000.00 by a company selected by the Students' Council.l
ii   He shall immediately upon the!
receipt   of   any   funds   depoist)
them   with   a   chartered   banh
selected by the Students' Coun-|
iii He shall not disburse any funds
except in payment of bills authorized by Students' Council.
iv   He shall  keep  careful  account)
of,  and  be  responsible for,  al
monies  received  and" disburse
by him, and shall file all billsj
receipts, and vouchers.
v   The Treasurer shall render eac
month a statement including re^
ceipts   an   ddisbursements,   anc|
the working capital position Tuesday, March 14, 1950
the Society as well as purchases
and sales of inventory, to the
Btudents' Council, and at any
other time on the written ret
quest of the Students' Council.
vi The Treasurer will prepare the
budget of the Society from the
estimates of the proposed ex-
endltures by the Undergraduate
Societies, Literary and Scientific  Executive,    the    Athletic
(h) The Co-ordinator of Activities
shall be acting President of the
Freshman Class, and shall be responsible for the co-ordination of all
major University functions and
events, and for all booking arrangements under the jurisdiction of the
Alma Mater Society Co-ordination*]
Committee. He shall work ln close
co-operation with the Treasurer to
ensure the financial success of the
Association,    the    Publications [ various activities of the Society, and
Board, The Women's Undergraduate Society and expenditures for any other purpose authorised by Students' Council,
and shall present it to Students'
in particular, he shall be responsible
for reeciving and approving Control
Reports, and referring them to the
Treasurer for his approval.
(1) The President of the Men's Ath-
Council for adoption by the end ]letic Association shall be responsible
of the second week in September.
The Treasurer shall obtain a
financial report for each activity
and function, and shall present
it to the Students' Council,
viii It shall be the duty of the outgoing Treasurer  to remain  in
to the Students' Council for all men's
athletic activities.
•fj) The Chairman of the Undergraduate Societies Committee shall perform the duties prescribed in the constitution of the Undergraduate Socle-
ties Committee, and shall have such
other duties as are prescribed in any
office  until  the 30th June at By-Law or resolution of the Society
which time the incoming Treasurer shall assume office. The
incoming Treasurer sha'll attend
all meeting of the outgoing Stu-
or of Students' Council,
(k) The President of the Women's
Undergraduate Society sha'll be in
charge of all women's social activities,
dents' Council. The outgoing j including the women's initiation, and
Treasurer shall be responsible snaU act as Vice-President of the
for closing the fiscal books of Society.
the Society
ix The Treasurer shall present to
the Students' Council any recommendations from the Auditors and shall report to Students' Council by the end of the
year what the results were of
any  action  taken.
x The Treasurer shall be responsible for approving vouchers,
requisitions, petty cash payments and purchase orders.
xi It shall be the du;y of the
Treasurer to appoint, subject
to the approval of the Students'
Council, an individual to manage purchases, sales, and custody of any current inventory,
and he shall be responsible to
the Treasurer.
xii It sha'll be the duty of the
Treasurer, In collaboration with
the  Co-ordinator  of  Activities,
(1) The President of the Women's
Athletic Association shall be respon-
ible to the Students' Council for all
women's ttthletlc activities,
(m) The Sophomore Member shall
assist the Students' Council in a
general capacity.
(n) The Public Relations Officer shall:
i   Sit on the Students' Council as
an ex-officio member,
ii   Sit  on   the  Publications   Board
as an ex-officio member,
iii   Be an ex-officio member of any
committee   set   up   under   the
Alma  Mater  Society,
iv   Foster   the   development   of   a
Public   Relations   Program   for
the  Society,
v   Handle   publicity   required   by
the Society  in relation  to  the
Press, radio and other media,
vi   Cooperate  in  every  way  poss-
of the Society.
(g) Within one week, of the last
day of the spring term aiiume office
at a joint meeting with the retiring
Students' Council.
(h) Have full control of all activities
under the Society, and any rule made
by it in connection with any such
activity shall be considered as final
and binding, provided always that any
such rule may be annualled by the
Faculty Committee on Student affairs, or by resolution of the Society.
The officers of the Society shall be:
(a) The Honorary President
(b) The Honorary Vice-President
(c) The President
(d) The Vice-President. In the event
of the President of the Alma
Mater Society being a woman, the
Vice-President shall be the President of the Undergraduate Societies Committee.
(e) The Secretary
(f) Tha, Treasurer
2. The signing oficers of the Society
shall be the Treasurer or the President and one of two signing officers
appointed by the Students' Council
for that purpose.
1. The election of the members of
Students' Council shall be conducted
as follows:
(tO The President and the President
of the Women's Undergraduate Society
shall be elected on the first Wednesday in February. The Secretary, Coordinator of Activities, Junior Member and Treasurer shall be elected
on the second Wednesday in Febru-,
ary. The Chairman of the Undergraduate   Societies   Committee,   the
betical order. Bach voter shall write
the number 1 upon the ballot opposite the name of the candidate lor
whom he desires to vote, and .the
number 2 opposite the candidate of
his second choice, the number 3 opposite the candidate of his third choice
ditiocs and terms in all vespects e.
the Students' Coundl iwsy by resolution prescribe, and in particular by
the Issue of bonds, perpetual or redeemable debentures, or any mortgage, charge or other security on the
whole or In part of the property or
and progressively until all the candi-1 assets of the Society, both present
dates whose names appear on the and future, including all fees or mem-
list are allotted choices. Each candi- t bershlp dues now or hereafter due or
date shall be credited with the num-. payable,
ber of first choices marked opposite BY-LAW 7 FEES
his name. The candidate who receives | A request fey the Society to the
more than 50 percent of the total Board ©f Governors for an alteration
number of first choices shall be de- fa the amount of the membership fee
clared elected. If no candidate re- of the Society as fixed by the Soard
celves more than 50 per cent of the of Governors of the University under
total number of first choices then the Section 40, Clause 1 of the British
candidate with the least number of Columbia University Act of British
first choices marked on his ballots Columbia, RSBC, 1948, C8S3 shall not
Shall be credited to the candidates be made until the request has been
ran for office are made known, of approved by a referendum by secret
dates with the least number of votes ballot of the active members of tiie
shall continue to be struck off the Society. Two weeks clear notice of
list and the votes credited to their llntentlon to hold such a referendum
names shall then be distributed among shall be given by the Secretary of
the remaining candidates on the list the Society, on resolution of the Stud-
In the manner aforesaid until: j ents' Council or on petition signed by
i   a candidate receives more than  °ne hundred active members in good
50 per cent of the votes cast, or! s,and'inE of th« **'** and tHe proposed request shall not be deemed to
ii   until two candidates remain on  haye  ^  approved  ^^ ^^
the list in which case the one  per cent of ^ Actjve ^^ ^
with the larger number of votes  ^ ^ ^.^ of ^ VQtes
shall be declared elected.
Where a candidate whose name has
been struck off the list aforesaid is
the next choice on the ballot, then
such ballot shall be counted in favor
of the candidate next subsequent in
choice to the canddlate whose name
has been so struck off.
Where by reason of choices the
voters and by distribution of votes as
aforesaid a tie results between two
or more candidates then the Elections
cast approve the change.
1. The Funds of the Society shall
consist of the following:
(a) The annual membership lea
which shall be payable not later
than the last day for payment of the
kill term University fees, and which
shall be collected by the Bursar of
the University under authority of the
Board of Governors. Three dollars
of the  membership  fee shall  be de-
Sophomore Member, the President of ; Committee   sha'l   determine   in   such   posited to the credit of a Pass Fund
manner as it deems fit which of and   out of   which shall bo  operated  the
,   , .   , ible with the Publications Board,
to approve control reports sub-   . .  _,    _,„     .    _., .    ...    „ ,
.... , ..,..,,,        „_ ,(o) The Editor-in-Chief of the Pub
lications Board shall sit on the Students' Council as an ex-officio member, and shall be responsible to the
Students' Council for the activities
of the Publications Board.
4. The Students' Council shall:
(a) Act as the Board of Directors of
the Society.
(b) Be the only recognized medium
between the Society and (i) the
University Authorities, (il) the general public.
(c) Subject to the provisions In the
By-Laws and to the extent that such
power may be conferred upon it by
the appropriate University authority,
have and has hereby conferred upon
it the capacity to accept and exercise such duties and powers as it
may in its discretion deem requisite
for the better management of the
Society and of student affairs generally where the interests of the Society
• i and  those of non-member students,
mitted by any subsidiary organization of the Society wishing
to hold a function requiring any
funds from the Society,
xiii Before authorizing any allowance for travelling expenses, the
Treasurer shall insist on receiving a statement of proposed
expenses, and within one week
after the return of the person
or persons to whom allowances
were made, shall obtain a detailed account of actual expenditures, and shall make any necessary adjustments.
xiv The Treausrer shall be required
* to prepare and present to the
Annual Meeting, in addition to
the report required by E'ylaw 2,
Section 1, a statement of his
general activities during his
term of office. He shall also be
required to discuss this report
in detail with
the Literary and Scientific Executive, the President of the Women's
Athletic Association and the President
of the Men's Athletic Association
shall be elected on the third Wednesday 2 weeks proceeding the election day until 5 p.m. on Wednesday directly preceding election day. Nomina-
any of those days, the particular
election shall be held on the next
day in which the University is in
(b) Nominations for the position of
President and President of the Women's Undergraduate Society shall be
received   by   the   Secretary   of   the
in what order such candidates shall
be struck off the list,
(g) After the ballots have been counted, the returning officer shall place
them in a package, - which package
shall be sealed in the presence of the
scrutineers and preserved by the
Returning Officer until after the annual meeting of the Society,
Student Pas.s System under which
each member of the Society shall be
entitled to a pass issued by the Society
which shall gain admission for the
holder thereof to such University
functions, as Students' Council may
(b)   All monies  received by subsidiary organizations and societies un-
(h) Polling booths shall be open der the society. Such monies shall
from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on election •*» remitted by the treasurer of such
j™ organization   forthwith  after receipt
(1)  All elections shall be in charge  * •*me' to *e business office of the
of the Elections Committee, and the Society.
elections shall be conducted to com- I   B- **? •Motion for a refund of
Society from 0:00 a.m. on the Wed- !piy with the aforesaid sections and (leeB ol *• S^etf shall be made in
nesday at .least one week directly
preceding the election day. Nominations for the remaining positions shall
be reecived by the Secretary of the
Society by 5:00 p.m. on the Wednesday at least one week preceding the
election day, and provided further
that any defeated candidate has the
privilege, within two days after the
results of the election in Which he
for whom they are cast. The candi-
filing his nomination for any other
office to be elected In any subsequent elections.
(c) Nominations shall be signed by
not less than ten active members in
good standing of the Society. All
nominations shall be delivered to the
Secretary of the Society within the
persons or bodies attending, visiting ] time aforesaid, and„shall forthwith be
sueh further regulations as the wid ! ^ingand delivered to the Treasurer
committee shall make from time to * *• J*1* *■» b* ™?e in wit;
i     uiwu ~i.   » . .„„..„.   Ung and delivered to the Treasurer of
time, and which ate not inconsistent   ._,,,„.        , ,  .
,,,.    , . ..     e   : * , the Society shall be made on or before
with the by-laws of the Society. ' ...
„   „     .'.„..,_       ±Un~   the thirty-first day of October of the
2. No student shall hold more than ' '
_    ,    A ,  _       .,   current session, and such refund may
one office on the Students* Council , .   ,     .,    _ ti
be made by the Treasurer after ap-
during any one session, and no student shall be permitted to run for
office on the Students's Council un-
less eligible in accordance with the
XV   The ^Treasurer   shall   authorize :^"f"u'~ ti0"ning""at  the "university  ol | posted  by  that officer  on  the  Stu
the Bursar of the University of
British Columbia that any portion of Alma Mater Society fees
receivable by the Bursar from
British Columbia are concerned. The
foregoing provision shall not be constructed as in any way limiting the
dents' Council bulletin board.
(d) No student shall sign the ncmin-
ation papers for more than one can-
autonomy pursuant to the provisions j didate for each office.
time to time and designated by 0'r^¥y-Law7^nd"the Consu'tuUon
resolution of the Society for any q{ ^ Societyi
specific  fund,  be paid  directly .,. „     ,.,   ,   .'.   „    „     .   . .        ,
.       .     n           .                       a Constitute itself a Court of Appeal
by the Bursar into such fund from   the   decisions  of   ^  Judicial | the President of the Women's Under-
(e) Active members only shall have
the privilege of voting at these elections. In the case of the elections of
and not to the Society.
(f) The Junior Member shall be
Council liason officer on the executive of the Alumni Association, shall
pe in charge of Homecoming Activi-
Committee    of    the    Undergraduate! graduate  Society  and   the  President
Societies Committee, and as such be of the Women's Athletic Association,
proval of Students' Council.
3.  Any student organisation under
the Society -may spend money for the
, purpose and up to the amount pres-
Eligibility Rules of the Alma Mater-^  for ltg  ^ m the budget.of
Society, the   Society,   but   shall   not   spend
3. The newly elected President.and j monleB which aTe not ..pretcrlbed In
Treasurer shall be required to attend j the budget exoe,pt by speoial pernvls.
all regular meetings of the outgoing J aion in writing from the students'
Students'  Council  and  shall  be en-  Council.
titled to participate in their deliber- j 4. No capital expenditure over
afion, but shall not be entitled to vote. ] $1,000.00 shall be undertaken unless
The remaining officers following their authorized by a General Meeting at
election shall be required to familiar- , which a letter of approval from the
ize themselves with their new offices Auditors must be presented,
with the guidance and advice of the ; 5. The treasurer shall deposit a sum
current office-holders, and to attend calculated on fifteen cents per each
at least half of the regular meetings member of the society in a fund to
of tiie outgoing Students' Council, be known as Uie Brock Sinking Fund,
and shall be entitled to participate such fund to be a first charge on the
in their deliberation, but shall not be revenue of the society and to be ap-
entitled to vote. The Council-elect Plied in the abbsolut© descretion of
shall meet jointly with Council-in- *e Students* Council to the defraying
office before the Annual Meeting of <* the depreciation of the furnishings
the  Society.  The final two  council 8nd equipment.
|ties ,and shall have such other duties |of the gaid Coimnittee>
empowered to ratify, confirm, atnend ' only female members shall vote; in the I meetlngs for ^ year shall be of a  BY-LAW 9 FACULTY COMMITTEE
vary, alter, rescind or annul in such j case of the President of the Men's'jomt nature ^ inciude the incoming  ON STUDENT AFFAIRS
council. i    T^ Faculty Committee on Student
manner as it may see fit any decision
as are assigne dto him by the Stu<
dents' Council.
lg) The President of the Literary and
Scientific Executive shall be responsible to the Students' Council for all
student activities other than publications, athletics and social funclons
»r activities.
te) Meet regularly each week during
tiie session and hold special meetings
as maV be required,
(f) Have power to engage and pay
such assistants as it may require or
deem necessary for the efficient
carrying out of the work of the
business office and of other activities
Athletic Asosciation, only male mem
bers shall vote. All other members
shall be voted upon by the student
body at large.
(f) Voting shall be by secret ballot
and the method shall be as follows:
If the number of candidates nominated for any office exceeds one, then
the names of all candidates shall be
placed on the ballot paper ln dlpha-
BY-LAW '« BORROWING POWERS ! AfWrs shall subject to By*Law 3. Section 4, Part (b) be the first medium
between the Student body and the
University authorities. The Society or
1. Subject to the provisions contained in Section 12 of tho Societies Act
of Britislli Columbia, the Students'
Council   may,   for   the   purpose
carrying out the objects of the Society,
borrow, raise or secure the repayment of such sums or sums of money
in such manner and upon such con-
..'the   Students'   Council   shall   at   alt
01 1
times be entitled to call upon the
said committee to confirm the activities  of   the  Society by   endorsing
(Continued on Page 4) ,^11,-Lieji) ,i,Silijm,llj, j!J,J li'^l BJjy.jlli|J.pi^^^
Pig* 1
(Cont. from Pogt 3)
from time to time its proposals and
All matters concerning which • conference lis deemed advisable shall be
referred to s Joint Committee on Student Affairs which Shall be composed
of three representatives of the I'm*
ulty snd three members' of the Students' Council. Should this' Committee not endoiwe the proposals of
the Society it may amend or annul
them end its decisions shall be considered as the combined judgement
of tire 'Faculty snd the Students. A
minority of two members of this Committee with the consent of the Chairman of this Committee may appeal to
the Senate of the Unlverdty of British Columbia any decision made by
the Committee. The office of chairman
of the Committee shall be held by one
of the Faculty members, and he shall,
in the event of a tie vote on any
question, be entitled to a casting vote.
1. Any form of gambling for money,
or for any monetary equivalent is prohibited within the precincts of the
University. Card playing, not involving gambling, shall be permitted
only in such places sa are authorised
by Students' Council.
2. Drinking of .intoxicating liquors
on the University Campus or at any
University function is prohibited and
*ny person appearing on the University campus or at any University
function while showing any evidence
of having consumed intoxicating liquor shall be subject to penalty.
3. No publications or advertisements
whatsoever shall be printed or displayed or distributed and no member
of the Society shall attempt to sell
or dispose of any publications or advertisements on the campus of the
University without first having secured permission of the Students' Council.
4. No student Is allowed during the
session to take part in athletic competitions or games for any team or
organization other than a University
team without first notifying by letter the Men's or Women's Athletic
Associations of their Intention, and
slating their reason for so doing.
5. Subject to Section 59, subsection
1, clauses (g)  and (h), and section
59, subsection 2, and section 84,
clauses <b) and (f), and section 88,
and section 92, clause (d) of the British Columbia University Act of British Columbia, R3BC 1948, C3S3, the
Judical Committee of the Undergraduate Societies Committee of the Un-
dergrauate Societies Committee shall
have power to levy a fine not exceeding five dollars upon any person
found guilty after trial under the
provisions of the constitution of the
Undergraduate Sooletles Committee of
violating the* provisions of any of the
By-Laws of the Society and shall
have power to suspend the privileges
of or impose any other punishment
upon any member of the Society f
the violation of any regulations made
from time to time by the Society or by
Students' Council.
All social functions sponsored by
organizations under the jurisdiction
of the Society shall be conducted in
conformity with a code of regulations
to be kept and administered by the
Coordinator of Activities, subject to
approval and amendment by the Students' Council, and such code, together with such amendments as may
from time to time be made by the
Students' Counoil shall be incorporated and is hereby deemed to be incorporated in the constitutions of the
Undergraduate Societies Committee,
the Literary and Scientific Executive,
The Men's Athletic Assooiatiion, the
Women's Athletic Association, The
Publications Board, and the Women's
Undergraduate Society.
1. All subsidiary student organizations within the University shall be
classed as follows:
Tuesday, March 14, 1950
(a) fhj» literary snd Scientific Bx-
ecutiye.' |
Cb) Undergraduate.Societies Com- .<
(e) Athletic Associations.
(d) The Publications Board.
(e) The Women's Undergraduate
(f) Student grganlzations of affiliated CoUeges.
2. The said organizations shall be
composed of such subsidiary organizations and shall control such activities as their respective constitutions
may provide, and as are approved from
time to time by the Students' Council.
3. The constitutions of the major
subsidiary Organizations and their
subsidiary organisations shall not
contain provisions repugnant to the
Constitution and By-Laws of the Society, and shall- be subject to the approval of the Students' Council or the
Society. The activities of all such
organisations shall comply with any
regulations or resolutions made from
time to time by the Society or the
Students' Council.
4. Any group of students proposing
to form an organisation for any purpose within tiie objects of the Society,
shall first make application to the Students' Council for permission to organize aa a body subsidiary to the
appropriate organization listed in Section 1.
8. Any student organisation not
subsidiary to the Society shall make
application in writing to the Students'
Council for permission to use the Society's name or notice-boards or those
of its subsidiary organizations.
6. Student political clubs may be
organized under the Literary and Scientific Executive to bear the name and
to profess the policies or recognized
political parties (or comparable organizations) subject to the, following
1. Such clubs shall in all respects be
subject to the rules of tho Society
and the Literary and Scientific Executive.
il, Except as provided above, such
clubs shall not be directly affiliated
with, or receive funds or directions
froth, any outside organization. Without limiting the generality of the
foregoing political clubs aa herein defined may Join 4nter-univendty political federations provided'that tush Federations are not osnnsMed with any
political party and further provided
that such association shall not in any
way bind them or limit their complete responsibility to the Alma Mater
iii. No such club shall participate,
directly or otherwise, in elections to
any student offices outside of the club
itself, and acceptance of any such
support shall render any candidate
for office ineligible.
iv. Violation of any of the aforesaid
regulations shall render the clubs concerned liable to suspension.
7. Other than designated political
clubs, no organization in the Society
shall become or allow Itself to become
an Instrument of partisan politics.
i. Any such organization deemed by
the Judical Committtee of the Undergraduate Societies Committee after
regular proceedings set forth in Section 8 below, to be or to have been
improperly acting in the interests of
a political party (or comparable organization) shall be liable to suffer
suspension of its charter.
ii. Such charter may be restored by
the Students' Council only if and when
the Council is satisfied that the organization concerned will serve the
purposes and only the purposes for
which it was organized.
8. Proceedings of the Discipline Committee of the Undergraduate Societies
Committee against organizations under this by-law may be initiated only
as follows:
i By resolution of the Students'
ii By petition to the Students' Council signed by five members of the
organization concerned.
ill By written charge signed by any
member   of the Society  provided
. Committee shall first   investigate
the weight of the charges before
instituting proceedings. .<
iv Proceedings once instituted against
air organisation  shall follow tiie
normal procedure as prescribed by
the constitution of the' Undergraduate Societies Committee.
- 9. The  annual  reports from  the
secretaries and finance managers ot
the Undergraduate Societies, the Literary and Scientific Executive, The
Publications Boaffl, the Athletic Associations, apd the Women's Undergraduate Society and each of their
subsidiary organizations shall be In
the hands of the Secretary of the Society within ten days from the election
of the President of the said organization.
10. The proposed expenditures of
the Undergraduate Societies, the Literary and Scientific Executive, thc
Athletic Associations, the Publications
Board, and the Women's Undergraduate Society referred to ln Qr-Law 3,
Section 3 (e) (vl) shall be in the hands
of the Treasurer of the Society before
April IS of each year.
11. If any subsidiary organization
of the Society desires to invite a
speaker other than a member of the
Society or of the university to address University students, it shall first
apply in writing to the Students'
Council. The Students' Counoil shall
have absolute discretion as to the
granting of permission to do so or the
refusing of such permission.
12. Minutes and reports of both
general and executive meetings of the
Undergraduate Societies Committee,
the Women's Undergraduate Society,
the Men's Athletic Association, the
Women's Athletic Association, the
Publications Board, the'Literary and
Scientific Executive, shall be forwarded to the Students' Council immediately after the said meetings, for
consideration and ultimate approval,
amendment or rejection by the Students' Council.
' 13. All student organizations or
groups of students who propose to
organizze or conduct any functions In
the name of the University shall secure permission bjr resolution of the
Students' Council before organising
or conducting such function.
1. The Society shall not be.liable
for, nor assume any obligation in respect of any injury sustained by -any
member or other person participating
in any student activity and a member
shall not. be entitled to make any
claim upon the Society or any of its
subsidiary organizations in respect
thereof. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Students'
Council may, in its absolute discretion
pay or authorize payment to any
member or other person the amount
of any portion of the expenses of any
member in respect of any injury suffered by that person in or about the
University, or elesewhere, if having
to do with University activities,
whether as a result of participation
in any student activi'ty or not, provided that in no event shall the payment to any person In respect of any
single injury suffered during any college year exceed the sum of 2100.00,
except under Jpeclal circumstances
where, in the absolute discretion of
the Students' Council, a larger amount
may be paid. Provided that the total
amount which the Students' Council
shall have authority to pay for and
in respect of injuries during any
college year shall not exceed 2-3 of
the monies in a fund to be known as
the Accident Benefit fund. No payment shall be made to any member
until after the end of ithe college year.
If expenses from Injuries suffered
by members during any college year
shall exceed 2-3 of the monies in the
fund, the Students' Council shall have
power in its absolute discretion to prefer one or more than one case to the
others, or to pay the same in order
of priority, or in any proportion which
it may deem tit. Such payments shall
be ex gratia. The foregoing shall be
deemed to confer no right upon any
member for any  expenses  Incurred
that in such cases the Discipline by reason of injury as aforesaid.
2. Tiie sum of 82000.00 shall bs deposited to the Accident Benefit Fund
esch year, and any balanoe remaining over 11000.00 at the end of each
year shall be written into the general
funds of the Society.
3. Requests for s 'benefit from this
fund Shall be made to the Accident
Benefit Committee who shall be empowered to make recommendations
concerning any request to the Students' Council.
1. The auditors of the Society shall
be appointed by the Society at the
Annual Oeneral Meeting and shall be
paid such remuneration as the Students' Council shall determine.
2. The auditors of the Society shall
have a right of access at all times to
all books and records of the Society
and all subsidiary organizations, and
shall be entitled to require from any
and all members or officers of the
Sooiety, or any subsidiary organization
such information and explanation as
may be necessary for the performance
of the duties of the auditors.
3. The auditors shall make an annual report fbr the preceding session
ending June 30 to the members of the
Society on the accounts examined by
them and the report Shall state:
(a) wether or hot they have obtained all the information'and explanations they have required;
(b) whether in thUr opinion the
balance sheet referred to in the report
is properly drawn up so as ito exhibit a true ahd Correct yiwt ot the
affairs of the Society according to
the best of their information, the explanations given to them, and as
shofn by the books of the Society.
The seal of the Society shall not
be affixed to any instrument except
in the presence of the President and
the Secretary and by the authority
of a resolution of the Students' Council or of the; Sooiety as may be prescribed in and by any such resolution.
The said officers shall witness every
instrument of which the seal of the
Society is so affixed in their presence. The seal ot the Sooiety shall
be kept in the custody of the Secretary or such other person, firm or
corporation as the Students' Council
may <from time to time appoint.
1. Minutes of the meetings of the
Society and of the Students' Council
and of the meetings of the subsidiary
organizations and their executives
shall be kept at the offices of the
Society In the Brock Memorial Building, The University of British Columbia, Point Grey, British Columbia.
2. The books and records of the
Society may be inspected by members
in good standing at the Offices of
the Society, University ot British
Columbia, Point Orey, British Columbia on any business day except Saturday, during the University term,
between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and
4:00 p.m.
1. The constitution and by-laws shall
be amended only by extraordinary
resolution of the Society passed at
a general meeting of the Society by a
two-thirds majority of such members
entitled to vote as are present In
person at the meeting.
2. Amendments may be initiated by;
I Any member of the Society provided that the proposed amendment shall be signed by at least
one hundred members of the
Society entitled to vote and
handed to the Secretary of the
Society or
II The Students' Council after a
majority vote.
3. The Secretary of the Society shall
forthwith after receipt of such proposed amendments post at least three
copies in conspicuous places about
the University buildings and shall
submit a copy of the same to the
Students' Council at the first meeting of the Council held after their
receipt by the Secretary.
4. Not less than tan and not mora
jo guftsod etp M4j« sXep Xwjin ueqj,
the proposed amendment or amendments,  the Students' Council  shall
submit the same to the Society st a
general meeting' Notice of intention
to propose as an extrsordlnsry reso*
lutlon a resolution embodying such
proposed amendment or amendments^
shall be given In the notice convening
the general meeting.
1. The Students' Council shall havf
power to appoint Committees to control student activities or for any other
purpose, and in particular, but with-]
out limiting the generality of the]
foregoing, shall appoint the following I
(a) The Elections Committee
(b) The liomaooming Commutes,!
which shall be in charge of Home*]
coming activities. This Committee!
shall present to the Students' Council!
for ratification a complete schedulel
of all proposed Homecoming Activl«[
ties at least two weeks before Home-]
(c) The Freshman orientation Com-|
mlttee, which shall be in charge
all  Freshmen  Orientation  activities^
The Co-ordlnator of Activities shall
be chairman of this Committee.
(d) The Eligibility Committee, whic
shall, subject to the approval of ti
Students' Council, enact and enfor
such eligibility rules for participate
In athletics and holding of studs
offices as it may deem advisable.
Chairman of the Undergraduate Sods*
ties Committee shall be chairman
this committee.
(e) The Alma Mater Society Co-ordl
ating Committee
(f) The Accident Benefit Committe
8. The Students' Council shall hav^
power to make such appointments
it deems necesasry, and in partlcula
shall  make   the  following  appoint]
(a)   The  Business Manager  of  the]
Publications Board, who shall be aj
pointed at the first Students' Counc
meeting   following   the   election
appointment of the head of the de]
partment of the Publications
concerned, and shall be appointed
collaboration with representatives
the retiring executive of the said
Cb)  The Senior Editors of Stud*
Publications. These appointments shalj
be made at the first Students' Cour
cil meeting following the appointmer
of the Editor-in-Chief of the
llcattons Board and shall be mad
upon   the  recommendations  of
Publications Board.
(c) The  student members from tl
Students' Council to sit on the Joll
Committee on  student  affairs.
Students'   Council   shall   make
above appointments in collaborate
with an on the recommendation
the outdoing officers concerned. '
(d) The Manager of the Book Ej
ohange, who shall be employed ui
a contract basis.
3. The Students' Council shall hai
power to make such further rules ar
regulations consistent with the Cons
tutlon and By-La*ws of the Socle.j
as it may consider advisable relatlr
to any student activities under
control of the Society, but it
no delegate any of the powers
duties conferred or Imposed upon
by the Constitution or the By-Lav
The Society shall have the pow|
to make such regulations from tin
to time as it may deem necessary
advisable concerning the activities
The Students' Council or any of
subsidiary  organizations  and  to
peal, vary, alter, or amend the
in such manner as it may deem
An honorarium shall be granted
the President and Treasurer of
Society   and   to   the   Editor-in-ChJ
of the Publications Board consist
of the payment of their tuition
at the University of British Colur
during their term of office.


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