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The Ubyssey Feb 18, 1958

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No.  4!)
ALMOST READY FOR its tenants is the campus structure pictured above. A spacious
play   area   has   been   provided   in   the   foreground   for   patrons   of   the   new   venture.
Bennett  Machine   Names
Dunning New Geology Czar
Eng'rs Have
Two Balls
A recent study of all the
men's undergraduate societies
has revealed that thc members'
.of the Engineering Undergraduate- Society are the only campus
men with two Halls. The best
the Foresters, Lawyers, and
Aggies could offer is one, while
apparently, the survey reports,
lhe artsmen  have none at  all.
According to reports from tho
Kugineer's office, their Balls are
traditionally bit; and colorful.
In past years Ihey have been
the source of much excitement
and enjoyment for both the Fan
"sneers and their girl friends.
Although hard feelings have
been known tn .arise from these
Halls, (he girls generally gel
quite  a  charge  from   Ihem.
The EUS Social Convenor reports that this year a f ltturistio.
llii-mi has been chosi-n for Ihe
Km'.tnoim's Halls and lhat the
Im;; event h,is been ihibbods
( mdimnk  "
11  is o\ pooied that  Va iii'iiin et"
pi -: who I in open to be (Iowa
:. -.1,-n ii,. Uvdnesday and Thurs
11 , i. i: i.".hf v. sl! Ik- simpnsm I
v. ,'■■.-0 bio f'lwl nl' as-.orti d fly
i : ,.iiip e. ;. mid rod-mis hind 011
m I immodms-'-. < I ran vi I le
.mi- m   mn i    pl.P hmm       The  dis
.'or li I. .md in' ist
ill   pioh.il.lv    he
ii!    ho    launched
v >m mm.. I la- pl'u-
aision boom supplied by con
- n : loii.'d liquid si Icohol fuel
i .-'■pi.'iivnik ' vi. ill i irbi i for I h ree
si.isi on>> lia If hi an s bel are ga in
m sso much mcinieutum that dis
lteesratiou w ill  beam.
. i >
■ny   o if. (i   sm
( Sod I p. nil    '    i.
h   p iii. '-,mi;
Sinn    hmap   :
I in 11
Dean Henri C. Dunning, 26,
will be the new boss of B.C.'s ;
sprawling mining and geology
industry. \
Hi.s role, as "advisor" to the j
provincial government, was
announced Thursday by Premier W. A. C. Bandett's office
in the Provincial Rest Home,
overlooking Victoria's inner
harbour. The Applied Science
dean, who got $1216.72 a year
from the University, will get
$1)0,000 a year plus room and
broad from the provincial government.
Dr, Dunning, who will take
over hi.s new job March 1, will
decide the tenure of the staked
claims, prospectors licences,
the location of claims, and "a
hundred and one" other pr-ob-
Jems in the mining industry
administration, then pass his
decisions to the provincial government for final authorization
Premier Baudett hart hinted
at the beginning of January
that this post was lacing ere
a led, but Dr. Di inning's resig
nation from the tinivcrsil.v
was a surprise. He joined the
University staff in UMIB after
many \ ear:, expi nonce ui I he
geological field. 1st 1IC0 he
•■\ sm given thc pesi I ion of Dean
of (iracluah Sl tidies. Simm
there he row lo be I'resideld
nl' the U.'liver;, it.\ , and in t !);>'.-
wa.,   promoted   to   Dean  of   Ap
plied   Science.
It is evpcvhij lhat, the government will offer Dr. I hisi
inns au add11 ional job as v, ice
president of Axle Yenner eiren
.Ltd.. the company which now
owns I be cent ra I t wo ilm (is nt
licit u;h  (.'ohunbia.
"When contacted this morn
ing,  Dr. Dunning said  that. Iris
decision to accept the government was promoted by illness.
(It is reported that he is sick
of Canadian University salaries).    When asked why he had
not accepted thc position when
it was first offered him six
weeks ago, Dr. Dunning replied that be felt it was hi.s
duty to the engineering students to carry on as dean until
he personally was assured that
Captain Mandy Arris arrived
home safely from the Engineers'  Ball.
Several names have been
mentioned m connection with
the filling of the vacancy created by Dr. Dunniiig'.s resignation. Prominent among these
was New vi lie N. Sparfo, but
this is n-ow considered unlikely because his examination
policies would create unsur
immutable difficulties in lhc
Faculty ol" Applied Science.
At present, ior every ,">()()
first year Kngsneers that regis
lei", onlv "ab are able to color
second-year Ftp.; mooring. Mr
Sparl'e's policim, would force
the faeulh. lo find smcommo
nation ior all s;.t)l) m ap-coml
\ car Kng meerim; IV ill i the
.shortage of space on th i\ i-.-im
pirn,    it    is   unlikely    these-    is-
(i'l 1" ed I'm '111 les would be
SO all,lilie.
s   'A a.s  revealed   today  '.hat   a  new  Supmr-Vali!     tor.    wm.s
P'-mng  on   (lie  campim.    Air.   Bart   Kieesmp e.-,   ms mwer    ■
tiie   ni.i'.pui ii'e-dt    now   store,   announced   touay   (sm,:    the   tie m
buildup;,   located   at   the   north   end   of  the   main   Mall,   wmkh.
he   ready   lor  business  by  next.  September.
Besides Huper-Yalu's usual mass volume grocery produce --.
this store will feature several special departments which will
benefit this campus.
Mr. Fleemeyer expects the busiest department will bc
the stationery section. Here the mass produced general Arks
Degree will be sold. The store, having the most modern priu'.-
ing presses in Western Canada, will be able to offer thes<--
dogrees cheaper and faster than was previously possible. As
in past years students, as lung as they have enough money,
will be able to buy these arts degrees without proving any academic ability.
Complete facilities have beep .made ,'V. ailable for tim -",-
who wish honours degrees in arts. They include tho nv>-,;
complete basket-weaving: facilities en the North American
"continent, Courses as advanced as Basket-Weaving 510 will
be offered. For those artsmen who are unable to cope with
such involved work, elementary facilities for teaching reading and \vriting  will be provided.
However, anyone not wishing these honours degrees
would not be required to spend any time in classes.
It i.s now fairly certain that facilities will also be available for Pencil Sharpening 500 and Finger Painting 503 set
that a person with a bachelor of education degree can go on
for a master's degree,
A deature that is sure to be popular with the campus
engineers is the glass walled cocktail lounge on the roof.
Besides the standard engineers' 128 ounce glass of beer, all.
types of  liquors  will   be served,
Of course, in keeping with the laws of British Columbia.,
vodka will be for sale in ease lots only. However, this quantity will l)e adequate to satisfy the needs of all engineers arriving  in pairs.
California wines will lie offered at the lowest black j nark ot;
prices ever.
The meat department will also he popular with the engineer:-,; but full details of this department will noi be known
until   registration   next   September.
'lhe produce section will leafut'c some of the most exotic:
I nut,-, ever seen  on   this  campus.
When interviewed this morning, typical ark-man, J). V"
"Moo:-e" Morrison said, "This is eertaniv a slop forward No
longer  will we arl'-nieti be  r.-quired  to vwwh   lout   veai--. betore
obtainuig.  our degree
wi irt li while  I smu ll.ic.
u ui   nsnl-
mailable   he    the
n -    ui
sou-,  l
I lie   pom
I; m>w
lion v. ill lie f
my Dean Pallor M. Kage. as
present i lis oi of Annum Ira
linn ami ltd"; -Facully Affairs,
to Deail u! Applit d. Science.
University officials im 1 (his
would eliminate lhe need to
find 1'acilitie.s jor aim- second
year Fnginis ring .students
boa Wondhead, presihi
-.ot miy , ei Mill i lent id, "1 IK)
wsii   main re   u ink r  m m  can Is
When cold act i i k 1 )i -as i
1 he new Stipt -i V alo mi Pa
won id   hav e   in   la pi uiat e   :::
ol p,mi, sd ion
Air.   Warlw    Ikialei:,   v.he   w.i-.   WsiUigAtrm   SSunplW   I. ■  .'-.olle ifs
donation.,, lor tiie k-mwa! i.'-p-.-ii; Development lund, told our'
reporter lhal lie v.as •■' riiaimy considering wan. pip. die i i coper cent sales tax im arts limy-pes, so iiia: eveivbndv in th1---
province  uouul   he  11t.s;<.,■  |.o aMord. ecu ,
rv   11 mi- - i : ■ r sal i pi'i
ii- ps'    I ha!    i be   nop sect v\\   eot, id
!'- iianl v ,,• i at Inn Im; ye sdmo
easripim. He ■ tated lhat mm, hi
iald, ilm)! leu a : arts nan beau .,
aul| -of i.    m sm     p   such     V. .   t  Si ICIOI' Page
tliE    UbvSsev
Tuesday. February 18, 1953
Distributed five ' > all sludents of the University of British
Columbia by the emurtesy of the Engineering Undergraduate
Society thereof. Mail copies 82.00 payable to Father Pearson
in the A.iVl.S. off'ce silo promises to .send tim E U.S. half of torn
profit). Publisher! in Vancouver, if the printer.will admit it.
b ythe Engineering Undergraduate Society of the University
of British Columbia. Editorial opinions expressed herein are
those ot the editorial board appointed by the Engineering
UndcrgrafusiU' Scmiety. and not necessarily those e>t the' Alma
Mater Society, the Uuive'rsify. the Ubyssey. Patricia Marchak.
lien Trewiuo. or Mike l'p'arson l.t't'mm to the editor should
not be: submitted tos' this msu.- hc-.'uu so ss.- esmft be boipm-ml
with   the   damn   beings
EDITOKS:        Bi:;i4   lisiir.   and   Osm   Whi'Um
CONTKIBUTOHS:   -   -   Ron    W.-rtlmer.    Kelvin    Stewm't.    No'sri
Cri,  (mid  Delaine,  Jim  Taylor.   D   Irving
TYPISTS and SCENERY.        Betty Anders,,n   l.-is  HiIA   Jan.ct.
Davis  smd   Alex  Husband.
A Sheepherders
ir -IPO
s'ibOO years ago Moses said: Manes *,,-■
Pick   wy   so ii'   fowed.-;. ...   .
is. pip; s   '.-■ v.' r   a -s. a-s
Mount  your asses arid camels,
,,,'.,,,       , , Ts.-xi.a-   s'-.'i,!'   C'are.els
Ami  I  will it-ad  you  f)
Tho promised land. Ai:d   "d-h'    evmi    tar
3000   years   later,   IT   B    Bon- '   y..ur  promised  land
mdt saie.p Wo  are  m-p  ordinary
T.ay  down  your shovels. All   born  unite  and   f
Sit   on  your asses, Bo*. I ssi-sh, I'd been ln.i
l.pfp.  pp your Camels Aim!  B-.m.nelt born   a  i
This  is   the  promised  land. Sincerely.
pVosv m B. C. Bennett Moll  Brim;
An Artsman
The  E.U.S.
We have heard much about apathy, particularly the
student type, in this and past years. In fact it has become
such a well known subject that most of the. campus has
become expert at maintaining a state of apathy. Various
causes given for this condition have included fraternities,
the size of the campus, the results of football games, the
A.S.U.S. and so on. The effects, also numerous, will not
be mentioned he res
Probably    the   two   biggest    reasons    tor    this   condition
are that  the umpord.y of .students ,..{<, mil   hve on campus ami
that    tiie   mo-,I    mime-.film    sol'!    i >!    .-fm!en!    lite   doe-     ma    Ink
p I a e e on c a m p s. i -
I ,:H'kdy, boss.-ver, 'here m a hope hm cum t'ampms
that will undoubtedly keep 'dm Ikf'.C spirit alive- until
the desired ecnditioirs exist. That hope i.s the "esprit (|e
corpa" ot the engineers. One can scarcely imagine the depths
h, ss'hieh this I's.inipiis ssmuid souk wilhout the eipg'umeim and
their fun-lowing, laughter-creating antics Not only that, s
is tlu- engineer.-, mid only tlw engineers who have managed
in slciv level headed amongst intellectual barred, mrerss'orkekl
education student-., ivs-league
/ea lops  lawvei'-.
Reviews of 1953 Ee.giueer-
"We would like to make a.
collection of these exoe'iimo
papers " Vancouver   Waste
Paper Co. Ltd.
"A Croat Literary Wick. A
Mo -t For i'isa.o'same." - Editors
195 3.
"if ss as not as good as last
years "     Editor,    1957.
"I cannot d«> any worse than,
("his." Editor,   1959.
"it has mans- good, uses and
should  go dossm  well." The
Sanitary Journal,
"It   covers   a   lot   of   grmisil
We   are   not   quite   sure'   sshal , i-m Li ■ a . r    t   i        c i     r>
,,-.,    ,    . . .    , fc.aitors   note—this   is   the   story   o . John   Smurd,   bo'.-
svitlp  but  we expect to base a , , "
bumper  harvest  next  vear.    Engineer,   who  for 9   fantastic  years,   lived   the   life'of   a   2nd
The Agriculture Weekly. \ear Artsman, facing the horrors of Spanish. French, and ever
"One of the finest papers in English i'DO, risking his life and his honor for the E.U.S. Here
the country.    In the country it them is another adventure of John Smurd as taken  from  liv--
has only the cows  to compete secret t'lles of the EUS
with." — Times Literary Sup-       n.r r  i     o i   *«n    , '
i  "•**,*•        My name is John Smurd. When •
piement. ,        .,      , ..        .       , . ,   ».        ,
I   walk  down  the  street  people       I   first   became  a   pseudo-art-
"The  editors   have   put   fire   look  at  my  pink sweater,   with man  9   vears  ago.  It  was quitj
into  this paper.    They should   the    chartreuse    basket-leaving simple. All I had to do was flunk
have   put^ tins  paper   into  th(T team crest on it( and turn Bside Phvsics  10l   and write a  lette,
tire.      -       Bangkok    Weekly   in disgust  muttering something to th" editor of the Ubyssey coit-
Journal,                                            like  "Filthy   Artsman   !   !   "   to plaining of Freudian symbolism
"We. learned from this paper   themselves. Little'do they real- in the front page headlines. Al'tm.
that   the   region   north   of   the   i/.e that in the pocket of my yel- this is was simple to worm my
editors'  ears  is  the  largest   um   low pinstriped Ivy League pants way into the  Dylan Thomas far
employed area this side of the   there   is   the   badge   of  a   secret club,    and    even    the    insidious
Criticks Circle.
Explorers'  Jour-   opcratism   for  the  E.U.S.
tRed Tape
" ilm  piHsao'sit s     of    Hritssl
('ohm ibisi has provided us ssdt i
ho. Humps         i irst  tln-ir ositisa
ss it    aud    see'ondly    the    ed il
llnhr witless native."    Bet
Education  and Teaching. ._ , ,
"Send   us-nvrM,,,    small-    PrGVailS
able. Moral   Welfare  Soci
ety  Daily,
nunerco-meii,     and
(...kmipi.is -pi.id has been ilenioii.st rated during, the sear
through our ssminim.; die (.'hallenge of the ('heering (,'tpi,
ilm iVfari'h oi Dune prnwder Itossd opium, our eom.'fiAo oyi-r
campus "osa-Mimi-nl  and  high percentage athm<l;uieo ;d   AIMS
general    meetings,    lhe   mil lm.--ISism    put    mio    the    blood    iliisa's
suifl   lhe   ms'1'i.ni   oj   mlmr   act or i( a -.-,   m   whmh   mi pm-or-   pom
an  md. is e  pari
Tin. parlieuiar ss .-ok ■ >: impr,-..- i-, t!r- highlight of 'io-
p'-bkL s.'sha lor dm. m !!m week ol Ism Eng: neer's Hall,
il will be si spirstoil meiobi ,a! mn piona'siiig m: o.dis'o vear In
ot tim   ss . il'd.s.  a   l p'.iliy  big opal lis   klllel .
Vos  Iss  Dos?
i Edilot ks MoP' - Tile follow
inp, is a copy oi a letter rec.-is
inl i.s a lo.-sil mill from a he
esti'S' 'gimlmde wlilSS ol 'An.
vs im   is   new   m   the   lumber   ., a
poi-i im;    bll.-.IOeSS-i
Edilor.   ihl'i   lamSses
Dear   Sir
lip'i-   h'-h    kar   ul   Np.    4   !■■ ■ ■
ln- r   so-   pel   u I   s . ui   sa .a   mi'    "
Inn   ss'hiiii'   .spiel-s    iiiii-l   hok-     ■ "
nor   m a s   mis.'-t m     ( idem, ea-   , -.
lonmber  ia!   guol   hip  dec  sp"kh-
wool    r-sl    .-old    bk    rol.uti    s\o-it
unci dor apll! hoi/ Sphoil ik-S
grade. \"e no! pee dor -adpi!
in iter Aemples so /.cal m ik-r
msik' tinwn hi u-s i.inrl der : ,;
hob'   mn-   oi11   /.en!.
Vo  i nu li-"; -shin   No    I   loopi: i. :
■sag   son   o. a   lu   i k -r   Ooiak    in;.
vo   ss ami    ko ■     -!-   m p    . m I -,    I- •:, r
I.ok-   I. -  ,s...    Sua ,|e        [,|   pp,,-.    •   :
ui'ich   ! pp.    Pi    Pm  up do-'  !■ A
'This  -work sickened  me,  but   ;
imam  I must rarrifice myself to
be'    .mod    i'ii'    -soe'iety.    ( )ile    tun
lor     •■:>..tmoie     I      disco so red
vi.'inio     Pair     whereon     sfvA-opo
su'lsmt'n  svere  actually   phnmm,
to   tlsihp   nurses.   Immediate-lv
put    mi    rny   lime   green    turt!-
neck   -ssa'siter and joined tim oie
1'YPU'U.   UC'AE   Iden1ificah.il    Wr>    p,   ,,,,,,,   n|-   ,lu,   Nl.,..;,,
pretended  to   get   drunk  on   'mi'd'
■ i    tlumbl-'full    of    dihite-d    roo
hei-r. s leis making the' o urs.s oils-
g". i si v. I  ss :th  artsmen  fi iros'i"'
I   ss' add   I ilm   to   stop  am!   P '.
w     pp i" ■■   beil    1   caunol.   1   o  k
al. sv'   :   ..eg   ,m   mdsmali   for
hd    S
I );
ssiispt's  thai""
o flmy call you'.'"
dieS'e   there's  a   lads
ks  about  si»i s
Chain  Letter!
' d   of  .skin""
mi    ot   .on ip,. ■
"'   pso'duii,   .-.ir
;h   sir.'   \ ou"
!    hascn'l    lisal
s^ii'll    lieu'e    aiieoi
iss any scars"
p-mki   ofier   s,m.   a
a . ■ .      Sei Id
ik-.l'     S'OUIA
■:       --    : ■ .    I ir. u    am,
o";:p:  .       ineo 1.   11! i km
.ii"   si *■ 'c :p,   || na  doc-   m
m    a    .vol.      Simph.    .--.
|.' s r    : SP--S','1 -.    vs 11-.   si i'i     . .
I'tpi".       iPPiiie     up     sol,r
i - P        ..' a m a 1' --     m i     lla
:; p ■ i 11 p... b. ■ 1   dm' i m I  run.
Ve    sail'    In    ,[v.    .a,k
limp hid   s e ,\v nod   bk
rol im  ss i ml   bumm; ■;
i.si.P   much   re-spd-, -;,
:'                Sl
al    •-;,.,-1-
aud    go      m :
.    ,:    P.p.    ssmoeii     'i'lies
p.S el'    :
'   "   '     hi
(. 'omnia n        'm-
:  [\:.v.    '•:■■■  mo i"o it m,      1 !
d.-r a:
;.-• p ,{v~
k  smcl  1
lave  si.hu       lb,"
■ ■    11    um tertaVi'i's  kk  s
bi ■  fo-
print  t
a ken.
a-S    Im-   sill Or    off   his   ia Tuesday, February 18, 1958
thE   Ubyssey
Page 3
I able
Engineers  Invent
ew  Kaaar
> *   p um. -   :
ml after
•.-a       unci
L a\<j ■ -iH A rav M. ti *s    Yap ■ A A i > T u h>
—-'"""' ~\/ (OIL     Ai      'A')
f '   -^
-' ;^SWS'*ft"-f*''*!''s"'P''*:' '"'"'*
: r.:'
pi d
a    v   m
. '!■•     -•■    " -■■ .    ss creii I    a isvay-
"-    lp  fe-  p;.-n
': sic Empw ,..-'s weren't alwavs
'as , p,   ■    i-    , mora ' in p
tile    IV-u   SA'P     PiVi'.;,      '.¥'
highly    receptive     m    t.
'Pi 11.-'-
tooi-  sip h'"  women ;      The   transmitter   consists  of  a,  mitu-u   frequency
Th-.! Frosh weren't always, los>s handsomely-fmimmd cab-; In rare ca-es where a receiver
looking irwp   of   a   more   utility   mode.' is   found   due   ':o  trie   neybcenre
D' sm Gun sung refused to stand Um must prom hum' feature of: of thc maintenance crew ko in-
lip .f.r the  Engineer's. | which is thc radiating nmnopole   stal Modification "A", the cavity
('embody knows what be has; antenna located at /the lower! retains the utterly Useless proton' throve-'" to get us oft the : end m' Em chassis. Tim antenna tective shutter pur in when the
s'mot    ar   pas   times   or   another.) ; is    tea.    fir
';': c   Commerce   boys   weren't ■ :^p:d-'s   from,   twin    f as
Am   Kt"'   '■•  i.as'c a   tmpoi'-svsir  at    tub"- wwr.ifs'm ..'"*. 'sm
:'•>■    M .'.'-"-    o|     Dime;    food,all    m-m-mm-
..   am    p:    ' ::■-   -tadiuin
'"'u- A,.,; .. a .-- he hu ■■ 1 to ek-an
LP' '.im ".mm P\at 'titcs made m
t'p sta<:iipm on lhat same day.
Th."/   remised.
pr, m   -,>,;„,■•.   tim--
'i    mm     ".vave i component was mad..
iAmy       Thi-   should   be   destroyed   by
miull   the   :';;■-:   main   has ,    \"ei".-   few
rc-cci s -ip; ss ill lie Phi <\ \ { pat  has e
1 ma    hmd    tu -,    iiIpi-Ii f a-atio' s    c ,r
' A;''     A I -
ft uncut
i ll-
IA e   P     , i ' v
A.    common    mistake    mi    the
part   of   '.he   inexperienced   oper-
Somesmdv   had   plahited   EUS | XlDimm  Oofmium imrbtrmancc ; :'tor 1S tn start  the  ^a.ismimao
on    the   wmdows   of   tlu-    Bus . '^^{ not. ho,,v,Vt,;   be t,X|>oot.; off at too huh a PRY. I
Cofttv S'A.oo !    ,        ,..,,.,,   ,:,.,,,,.,,.*,„,-      i      Entifelv apart from the strain
,    led  meter these  circumstances.      j ' ;
h >nm   co  'neat  the  nurses   m ; j which  is imposed on  the  mech- j
the football i<ame. j      t:!  general,  it should be made i anism,  this  type of transmission;
Tne    EUS    treasurer    wasn't '-i ril!-"''  w  Ivy tiie equipment oiU is   inadvisable   as   ir   invariably;
kee^im^ tour sets of books j the   ground   for   tlu-   most   sriti-s-, res;llitv<  ,,,   oremature   operation |
Tie Engineers dress- a bigger factory mmratmw The bipods j Repeated strain .'if th i-sort will
-crowd in the stadium, for the nms, under these cireurnstancos, j i;elu>r:it}y r,»suiT (n a complete
March ok Dimes that the Birds 'ne laid extended ,rv. the kround,! I)rt,a!<dnwn ,of trit,, rt.ceivcr sys-
issp"- cirsiivi   in   years. , r>'-'  hw\   amy be  folded;  but  are   u,ni|    which    then,    in    general, |
,'Vnd.s'    'Marris   (a    prof.)   was   tsirely,   it  essm, aetaimed will   never   attain,   operate   satis-j
Thrown   i".   the   hydraulics   tank        There i- an almost unlimited | factorilv   with    that    particulars
1 ! - r i
las',  sprm,; ' variety m   -;uitahle  Oimiti.His  for; transmitter. 1
''hie rose arts buildim.: wasn't; msiaUation Th.e uipirf exper-j In nroner oneratinn. the
s,mot,her sn-se Super  Valm , wived   op-ersitor-s   tepl   tint   the i cyclically •  varying    TTlE    will
kv-n "[':A-'si'io and himsm:cessor ! ivost s:itis!'acm>rs   t'estdts sire oh-   yradualls-  rise  to   a   tremendous
•-v.'oi ain'':   'v,v  thrown   in   the   lily   tamed   sshrm   a   new  pospiou   is; peak. At this time, a transmitted'   \
pea i aihav the sprite.; A'MS meet- : tried a:   Usist  mice  a   sssmk ' puis"  of  approximately   ten  me-
.in:: -      ■[,,   p,.-,.-!.,-   v\\  pirieut.uums,   it : t;n sy ;i 11,~ is smnersills   t'Mnsmittcd
!-'t-:'s"'P ss'creifl jeahais of wili be soimd t'n.it the rm'ci ver • an<i'1 '-'u' r 'diant risivisan' becomes
vi'sp.'Piee..s-, binoii,   wliich  m adjus'.abl.   to  a ' virtually incadescent
dd  admit Unit   en-    vers    svi.U   ~vv\ ■■'    c:v    be   inter- 'I'he .e,;|U i pntcnt.   nm--d    noss    s.'o
r      m
•'.    -sip
Asm- superior m atl re,-,-! locked -.sir
iXUKPT makiii..; use ot traspnm-P'
"-'-'> va iv   .,    fi
:' ' - '•'.'sis not a soft touch    t,tn (.,,.-,.
or 'p    '. iS-siii hours m-r ssaa-k.        -m,
e   :i a -i -ri' s    el   :-,! udi-ut -   .'■ -ad
IV.   I'm
■ v , ,    i  i
,.p'.   csm   :ip.   inter
■;-;-t, p-m'riep, v,\   lhe eff   Vvw   air   tor   a   shop    period
.(--.-•[..   ami   so.  rii'o- "f    mamienancm    The    nnersitm'
.;m)oe;--     p,s    the should   pay  careful   attention   lo
the   recover,   ma!-,in;;   sure   tliat
,      .   -,   ,      .    ■ .all    esioaeitor-    d'salmr.a.    dossb;
v ■    1     -    o . ,e a .' 1   l ■■
I     -a , ,,.,   ,,,,.,,,| :iMi'    !''''   colli!, iticiil    !.;    e rs.u h 1.111'/
...1.1,1     -;,-,, ht'pii s ",ll!.    back       h '      s,      cpiiosi'enl
r orm
-em ssaad
: 111• ■ ■-   in
st ;i:
( Pic
■ip    i a 'i
li       f P
s rm pi i-ii I
I .    a     tell
'. s I P ■'".     o
,M   ^*t-»*,s      i -/
Ot^Ml £Lv!2>       CONCf.tr
i s. i: Nt.-,,.     n    1 -t.uas
(D'ei-   ia i„ pni      oc i 'f CO
ARE'fret.s   Hlockh( "py-, i
kff!*' p*
ttlbE    UbySsey
Tuesday. February  "'o   ;]'58
Requirements   For   New
Course  Announced
1 I        /   I
C '    '
i !'   1.
I   !
FORCKT V(M!K OTHER blind  eiuu-. p.. ,   r-..
Official Report
From  EUS  Rep.
;P!kCiAi.,    KUS   ffk.pf
s a    T OHO f T f     s   a A'S- : \ '
; / :   , , ^ . ,., .. i %
Armtcmv 4C-C
' ' m ri'stiitim; decrease m e :- the     existing     reepsi.p'    p
"icr nc\ . pip-si■  1 7,'i o;   tim  1 fi.iT-e'-   C
Inseminating    Engineering dar   o!    the-    Un isam- Ur-    ;>.
4CS    -   Basic   Operational   em- re-ads   as   t > > I bow ss    "B. :   •■
mop i .e",ips     and      hosv   to   eope- degree  wil!   b-  gr;-rt( v.    .
'.-.-fp them, dichite   is   rec|uire'd     '■■     w
Inseminating    Engineering the department  cemci rm k
406 -••■ Friction Forces ptrndue- he  has cnnipl'led    ;.     mm
i'-'.g Osidllafory  Motion.           . amount   oi   practical   \s -:y
Inseminating    Engineering late-d \(* his chosen prof, m
,„._...    m      450         Two  weeks field   ssork If is hoped that thc is '.'-:
to  ft   taken   .at   the  end  ol   the lion of this course will : so
st cond   term,   lemrth   .war.   in relief   ior   the    frustrrd w '
vv. umctiori   with   Nursimj;  48ti the'  wives of -die ,'irtsra '
Tin    studem    is   referred    lo no (censored' at. id!.
rw <".
v     s.iva'e
cour.so in
■.-..;. vci'.r   t
: m ;\< -wi,     men
SEX           k'ii vvr.   t i   ismpumpa about""
P-..p' ai's   an:;   old   maids   as   (bo- 1    s;id..    " PrnhU I'm    •
v.t r 1 rial   manapeiiita it,"
"Tl.<    'e-rmslt- <pf  the  spoon's   m He  said.   ''What s   fi.;.
. t rt   deadly   than   the   sr.alm"   - do  with  sc\7"
X.emm..                                  « That's   all   they   third
.     "And   (Tod    marie'   mar    snmi sex  -• Ihe poor mau'.- k
Vie    . est   of   tim   earth."      -   Old And   marriage''.'   Toes
T'mt.-a.a nl. "Darling,   when   sstfrc
WOMEN sop   can   rim     thni.sm
Vi ciiiio   can   be   idisiried   into house." Tin;.-  mean  tin.
t-Pp-'-p    class. .           tlu-   lioaul ilub smaehine,    the     vacuum
; a    i di ifpept.   and   t sm   impem soul   tim  ovi-n.     Chi i a  \
.'.'        T.'t :';■  are V se'"d   m auliiu! orce   is   o |   |   ,  eo-ri.
a ---'-  ■• -             vv s i-a     Mans! u Id    P
':''■ a  "i      . I'p      ,-i  '.'■  ' a i     I: Pad i i:.,;'  •
' n-
(:'o:'.o-'s Ah.Pp
; t v. the p,p- '
.a-..adom so I' ■
j- ::!• d ■ Fins:-, •■',.
'kmamlo l-map: ■
1'p fklowio;, :-
p-.-i :   io Rms-p
ihsppl,- ,,,, ,,;,
j. pop ru e; ' a- '.li IA
i.   of'      repors     :
•'.     1'd'S
Is.      ,     r. ■..".
■-.,.-■1..-,:'      f.-,,.
i -a - (     >.. man  _ no   mmai    v m-
■■ipaliona!   eiePmriny   bei-ire   : r-
s i ■.■ •.; at a p. aoi o: inn. rest
■as elo".'! kimss' t i " a <' . ss a
, i w is.   ami   t m y   ka V'-nd   missed
pop   ai   that.
i rout iii
o   ,. i p
■■^Y l: a
Ik     !    !
.     W
,  ',*^
.    \    V    s   \
S  \^   !>
;t '.            s'- ',        i i
r _.p...rt*.
i          \         k - -
>p: q\ ilidinffjoiV Hri'ii*-
». -  - i       V !        U ft rfnlalnl V  I i        i --.a i   i , 1 i '.
«    '^
1 I
»j«p»       ••mtmv
m       4a«
I'S      To,,
J mm
il miR
H p^
mmmm T-.sesdav. Februarv IS. 1958
thE    UbySscy
Tween Glosses
To Discuss Bribes
Phil:   How To
Hey. George! You got a parcel from home
B.   I.   G.   >h:
onlhmg to be hu d   !•■■-,   the  univm'sity would  be   an    ultra-modern   outhouse,   located    in   the | ner Grin
r-.-a-ldle of the  law::-   m   front of  the old  Arts  B udum
;      FORESTRY   CLUB       Gm-w "foSt      ClITVOS
I speaker,   Mr,   Summers.   Topic.
I Effective   methods     of     bribing By   PHIL
cabinet      ministers.      Tomorrow Following   are   the   latest   ap*
noon in F&G 100. proved   steps     in     be     followed
ff*       ff*       •¥• when testing curves.
;      VARSITY     Flying     Sorceress 1.   Obtain   a   car   capable   of
; Club         Meeting  of  all  campus speeds in excess of one hundred
| witches   at   noon   today   in   the miles per hour.
Forestry  Common   Room. 2.   Obtain   job   as   Minister   of
ff*       ff       ff* Highways in order to have legal
PHRATERES           Dr      blah right  to tmd   curves.
Motts will speak on "The Intima- ,'L      Appropriate       provincial
, eies   of   an     Armadillo's     Love funds   for   building   a   highway
Life" Tuesday, 12.30 in Arts 4iifi with   curves  to   be   tested.   Hig'h-
I                      ■':'•       ff       ff* way need not necessarily be loe-
NFCUS   The  Notoriously atcd   m   as   to   be   useful   to   the
Futile Collection of Useless Ser taxpayers;   but   if   must   have  an
vices will hold a meeting at  tin abundance of curves.
Georgia this everting at 7 p.m. 4.   Drive    car    from    ill   onto
ff*       ff       ff- highway  from  i.'b.
SCM            Sex     Continuance 5.  Look out   for  voung  punks
i Movement   will   have     a     guest in   mountie   uniforms   who   also
I demonstrator   at   their   Wednes use  highway.
day evening meeting. Room 217. 6. Using car from  (li  test  the
Mary Bollert  Hall. curves  on   highway  from   (3)  at.
ff       ff*       ff speeds ot one hundred miles per
VOC    -     Varsity   Orgy   Club hour.    The fact that speed  limit
meeting  will  be  held at  t h-  Ski is  fiftv   miles  per  hour  is of  no
Lodge on Seymour Mountain mi significance in this test.
Saturday     night     and     Sunday 7.   Do  not  worry  when  young
I morning. punks  from   (~p  stop  you.  Make
sure   that   they   realize   that  you
WANTED: Remaining third of know  that   they     are     ineornpe-
1 :•:■■ announci sm ■
mil: ( f (he DC G
nms ais ai li it  11'  . , m
'.-: I'd    ol     ( ben  :':.-   ' ■■
-.     a. • ,'i    tor   -  :
1 Ami-,    so    '.'..,     :,
aisp-    \v en     ri t ;oa -
"io   -he   govt me m
ms    'viven    jii    i«m
w   plans   did    m :
Ac  convenience-  w;
cuts,    so    tr
i '"iv. si    up   bv    u
. sic:   tim   appro-,.r
•- as  made   m   iC
In   order  t..
'ape;- titan Em,*
hi" ssey    is   pre-
.md for whim
'■■'. lb r    u.-ek    tm
-o.'n'ption has k;
.'. ss;: ■:: campaig:
head   ol   the   U.B.C.   P I -mrimg   Department,  announced   that   the   next ; R.c. to complete set----Axel Wen-, tent.
i      tt.   Ride   a   bicycle      for     one
*        *        * month    while   curve-testers   3 ic
WILL TRADE'. Information on   ense  is under suspension,
sheep     herding    for     approved        l1   Resign a.s Minister of High
nent -
P-, tat'
A ' IC--     Si
1 !>:m.
.:■ Li:i2
-h- .>'(-ver
ion,, all
ri b> the
■i rniiii'iil
■■:   Kinds
i Softer
p.. eh the
. -, no
■m.-ii A-a
"■  ,. : unci
the admim-tra! :<m ;-.i a reduced
rice    Tins   -t mm: mm   wa-   or
iginally    I a | i 1'
people     whs-
Mr      t'ookisea
wa.\ ,   but   -- '■'■ v
foil  raei-m  :
chariot design-■-Kuss   fraser.
ppp^p,,,—--_,__—...-_—»—«,,——. : *        *        *
U FOR SALE:   Ln ct    ,,;'   tail
WA.N'i't-ik)       V'uni;     man     as    Van-its Model   Airplane   (dub
'.aufiem-   diirmg   peril.d-   wheim * * ■*•
ways,  i.l'nfortunately  slop  (9)  is
not  followed se- often as it  might
FOUND    1.
■<•   l amu s   m   va
ns- drivers
WAN 1'ED: Strong bob to hold
i    imps   psf   Spanish   Ranks    Guma
wonderful      e   p-wm-c       avail-      Photic    Roil   at    Victoria   or   at    chariot   to   u heels ■ -Engineering   rna.'   claim   at   EU.S    Oflicc    b
able  to   tiip    p-m o'u   if  Acadia    .Kamloops  on   Sundays. Undergraduate-  Society. demonstrating fit
The   toiht   expert.-.   4th   Year
1 Civils, have inspected the iuuld-
': ing   and   they   tsmssk   it   will   be i
ideal  lor the Ac-idiaus
The   EUtfEF.R   fii 'A;-    Sliilll   bottle
and   tap,
Futs   blood    iv,    ■ . vv:   vein-   like
maple sap.
We   drink    .;    : m ;■■•    ,a    mv    or
■ r. :)!■••  to - -   -
,-,- sorrow.
: a c 1 ■ 111 e S i
.(ii     and    t^1''^    h'el    1 k-p     s.mSl   ;-:!l   Cay   torn", a   (',,,- ' mori'pp'-A .
sn  Camp
es    t has-    We   drink    it    , -'< .r,     ,<*\ lh s.    vs <
iieing ,      drink  it   s'r. mo   vo.pw,
'""'"   !nr - We   spill    tt   op    Im. k,      ss;    soiil
Talking to the TOP IVIA
—flie IBM Representative's Job
.'.ill    ne
'.,-; d   by
We   curgle
And   Pack
si. e   I'u
We    sSSSid'
'-, burp
.,.    (till     lie lie
,- I-. hi Ul   '
u    Ami  'Im   ....
e j 11 i -a •-
1     Fro so  fillip   o|   oil p
The days..of the  "hoiFffJ/ow-we/f-incC expansive salesman,
whose  main virtue was his glib tongue and charming manner,
have   largely   been   relegated   to   the   past   along   with   the,
moustache  cup,  celluloid collar  and spats.
C  K. tGOPfcR
I Sale* Representative
Today, the successful sales represent:)- t'ommeree, Business Administration or
live,  especially   in   the   business Mai hemat ies on which he can -build p
equipment   Industry,   is  an   advanced superstructure of  practical  knowledgv
mnna.gement consultant with n specific about lhe application of < leclronic and
line of products to markel. lleanalyses Heel ro-mec ha n n„ 1   principles   t o
a prohlem situation, translates it   into business.
;i  machine function and  recommends     -p.-        «   i i >      m.i   i-, i
., .i     ,   ,-     i   ,-      ,    , ,- I his probablv soiince-s a Id  he l>i    (irmu-
lhe rncd hod ol s-olutioti lo top executives     ,.ii    *      #l i '
,       , i   ■ -i      ,- i       .- hble   to   Ihe   iinuergr.'H bade  concerned
lor Iheir consideration arm  action. ( -.,.    ,       ■ '     . . .
with choosing ;, promising earner, but
To (ju.'ilify for this type of position a he should  renumber lhat  a  well-paid.
man must have-, in addition to a (ileus- challenging opportunit v i- lhe onlv wav
mg fiersorinlity and an eixpiirsng mind, lo create personal satisfaction, which is
sin foundation of uuTversify  training in \\\\n\ most < f u- real's  waul..
Selling to the top man can earn  yev
a top income
The t.op man make-- tiie important decision-:. Dm  ( ]' if;  nm--; f,.,-
reaclnng  decisions   these   lop   men   ma-   mamac   i-   to   -mfy-l    t;
llecirnmes   ;inil   the   il'M   snle;-   repve-.i nl si! ivi     .-   'la-   m,.s:    .vk-
I rsllliOiiCC"   I fm:  l|ec|'-is a;.
Drmlmiling and upoei'g.'rmiualr -tubiiit' n;i- im p . spi-e.
:d.p-,i(l ipl'a'kly m cm. o- Lie I ss.-d ml pa mas hi h : i - .. .;,. ,, wp t;
ia.- ; ni'i-mi i.--1   orpa im ,    a  sm I;  ; lit    im ■. '.':■ ■•     \ .    .pp.   p '   ,       , ■      .   i>, k I
'. i v i
S  ';■•■  ,-■   c;.'l'oi
A   k f"
ft ,   si
Hpoi-iS    OHl*. t;    It, i        p
i" r   Pi
! 1    i
\ euivmi > or'   IL'am'h;   1M-i   Do
^'t    :*-\\i- Page 6
Friday, February 14,
Manpower For Rowers      Red Shirt Skiers
y Engineering \Basis For UBC Team
Since the UBC rowing crews have-risen to  the position of number hue team in the world.
Jpspgineers have been  prominent   in  their  activities.
This   i.s  particulaly  noticeable
.-:p.v   that   Frank   Read   has   ro-■
..'•■d as bead  coach of the UBC
earn   and   his   place   has   been
: .."en by ex-a.ssistant coach John
'h'irreu. j
Warren was in Engineering
" UBC when he commenced his
p.ving under Head. He rowed in
'■'■ boss position for the UBC '
.-:w which was just edged out
■:   a trip to the  1952 Olympics.
Taking  Warren's   place   a.s as-
. -'ant coach i.s another Engineer,
hn  Drisson.   Drisson  stevps  oik
::' the  ranks of retired  oarsmen
ci into the coaching ranks with
.0    reputation    os    being    "the
; st oarsmen ever produced  un-
'-. r  tho  era   of   "Frank   Head."
"Warren   wa.s   mainly    respon-
de   for   producing   the   world
•ating   Four.   In   this   four   was
-..mhie  MacKinnon  who  in first
ar     Engineering     began     his
completion of his first year he
had become a dedicated crew
h\ the eights, engineering was
even moid "stronly represented.
Key man on any eight oared
crew is the stroke. In lhe 19MJ
edition of the UBC's crew,
Laurie West first, year engineering,  pulled  the stroke oar.
After the stroke' posiihm the
man which mind relate the messages to the- rest of the crew is
the number seven man. For
several seasons Ihis position lias
imen   held  down   by  engineers.
One1 of the1 men which put
the engineering faculty into
prominence' in rowing seas Mike
Harris, captain of the IIKG crew
and winner of the l!)5f> Alhlone
Mike combined his rowing
talents  with a  degree'  in   Engin-
wing   career   and   before   the   coring Physics to prove' lh;U dis
cipline  in  athletes leads  to  discipline in the academic field.
Rounding out the quintet of
Engineers which added to UBC's
j laurels in tho 1956 Olympics
j were Doug Macdonald, Dick
] Me Lure, Bob Wilson and Wayne
, Pretty. McLure and Wilson took
a   year   out   from   their  studies
I * *
j to   work   with   an   Engineering
| firm   in   Australia.   They   have-
now redo rued to UBC and rowing while completing their third
year mechanical engineering.
Macdonald is one of the
veterans of the crew having
rowed ir. the BEG in 1954. Macdonald is now in hi.s second year
engineering and is one of the
bigger fellows on the UBC team.
I'retjy has now entered first
year engineering and is working to retain hi.s position em the
UBC crew its interest picks up in
rowing and each position is
i lought   for   keenly.
Since   the   UBC   skiing   team   acquired   a   championship
ratine, Engineers  have predominated  m  their competition.-,.
John   Piatt,   one   of   Canada's.--	
top skiers, is currently represent- and l"d\v>> uel1 I" Uu' slalom and
ing   Canada   at   the   World   Ski \ downhill.
Championship in Austria, Piatt: Two third-year Engineering
completed first year Engineering : students picked up Big Blocks
at UBC last year and will be i last year for their effort..- in
returning next year to continue the field of skiing. Harvey Abell,
in his course, after spending a ; third-year Electrical and Don
year on a good-will tour for: Sturgess, third-year Metallurgy
UBC and Canada. Piatt learned '■ ical, both die! a great deal to fur-
lus skiing at the Heel Mountain ; ther UBC position in the Wes-
hill   in   Rossland. s tern   Intercollegiate   Ski   Cham-
MECHANICAL   ENGINEER j phmships last year.
Current coach Allan Fischer,: Abell, in his fifth year on
of the UBC team is also a prom-; the team contributed a great
inent Engineer. He is a 1955- deal to the team with his cross
graduate in Mechanical Engin-, country skiing and jumping,
coring from Wastington State ; FOURTH YEAR
College. !      Terry     Striimer.     fourth-year
This i.s Fischer's second year in I 1A»'t'«t     Engineer,     has    contri-
eoaching   at   UBC.   He   was   formerly   otw    of    tiie    top    cros/
You Can Build a
Technical Career with.
V-   What 5s Can ad kin Chemical?
* •   A   s.'Siny.   pimo • . mm ami  ,'pw'-wmt am  ( 'an nhuit
cimipam .    I' ■   '•-"■yPsA l.fill!   plain   o,i   a   -Mt)   ,a p-   -ap-
al      I  .1 ma 'UP m ,      \ 11 p-.'i'la .     ..   m a-.I       ok     ■■     pia ill - ..
pcf'mdmmi.   ii  iiipi,   ; c-'iiuk , ,p ac-akm   man ilk is'i mum
unil, ,md a I'd in
pit ii l   ami   v   il.'i
11"-.   P
II    i I. ' SS i.' I
s    -Oram,
.md  pd
Pi.a   o!
■d   .Hi      I oa   (  . >mp,i a
11 a 11 Ps    e)l    11 ,   PI v, 111 p
ff-   Who'  cb
' noil icor in thi. Department sou is mi! a! K> c.tik.p! upon
" utilise vour cmmiee'nny U'.imum m ssork ok lip-
o I loss up.'   is pes;
-   Ds-mm   ok   all    mee'hahi.a!   ..'...piipiiiciil    imkalum
pre - aire  sc ,-ml,,   hw.cm,   he,il   p \a!i,i mpi -,.   pipw,.-
■'phd -   handling ei|uipmcnl   i irnsh   np.'vlm ;m.m. I   moi
k Sup..-!'- i -am ok skmiikmp •'>s amii nm and held
Ui dvoi i,m ( u.» k aiamm ; mm mm imp vo -. -,■-,,
lA'h io nn'iii   oi   e- \ i -i iii"   pi i a .   i p   impi m, aa am:   i a
billed   a  great  deal  to  tiie  team
with  his  cross-country skiing,
country and two-mile runners in        Fl"on'    ->^-<>»d-year    Enghwer-
Canaria  and entere'd  WSC  on  a    '"K tw« <1»'!1  have showed  well
track   scholarship.   Fischer   will   thl* s,';is<>n  ,or  UBC-
presently   be   competing   in   the, SECOND YEAR
Canadian     Ski     Championships;      Dave Jones  leads  the  way  as
—        . s he jumped into prominence with
* s his second and third place- showings in Wenatchee' in January.
Jones competes in slalom and
downhill. He learned his skiing
at the Reel Mountain Ski Hill at
Peter Miller also in second
year, st a rted to ski m Vas -mi/
ver smel ha-- Pmai on tin Th u m
ilmbm I   h   mi   Pa    ' hrc    a   m ..
In the little publicized field
ol* gymnastics, the UBC this
year has beet) dominated lav
one man Dieter Weichert, a first
year Engineering student.
Every lime' Dr. Doug Whittle's
UBC squad competes in a
meet, Weiela-rl alsvas.-s had-- his
nine h'amali'S i.s collwdum ap
provim.ahds half of his l.-smo
total   points.       t
Baring si slip or some .ohm
mishap. I fei im i... i paia I Is pood
for I i IP'-1 pine in lhe uk'h-a .,. a
long'hor-. . hori,'. ml;. I smd pm'ai •
led bill's, -m ill rings a ml f so -. m.
i-r..'isi- c \.-ul
file    p'sa po-,
less   ss Im   ip
SO   p. . 11 p ■:    i i | I : i .
Of se-
npo,m mo
'tiggftsfi" ,#2 Deadline
Feb, 19
No. 49
Blitz Nets
Food Big
ssue In
*tf fe
. . . 2nd member
and Dave Wild
their desyv  tor
ed    Frosh   prm.
-.ion   of   Food   S
ia lent mn  of  WC
ie    -ISl'iil
ui'    vva.s    a
P. hm
o i oimcii
. . . 2nd member
Marion Chi
that the painth
Art (killers, bi
Mildred Crock
Ihis room In* m
both men and sv
ing   of   the'   Eo
eep    she    soli
inve-sl iga timgs h
pu rpose, and i ha
have In he' tiro
ihe   Ailminisl r.Tl
!.'"l    sic! 100
meed    til
111 S'CI'Slt '-.     I-
UBC Fund Total
Now Over 77<?o
Al press deadline the Blitz total was S4o.489.77, ;,s well
as an additional $700 promised  hv  telephone,
Over 2,000 students canvassers carried on the one-night
Blitz of downtown  residents.
Added to the fund total before the Blitz, the Development
Fund now stands at $,7,7bt>,h54.4-f.
Before the Blitz, the fund stood at 85.721,1,74.(14.
Student Councillors went out canvassing on their own
in the afternoon so that they could he free to organize m the
Ben Trevino said thai the group had collected ''over $1,200"
in the afternoon. * ■ ■     ■
Home Ec, Forestry      S  2 o78 79 j      Auhrt'y   H(,lK'r^   "Aslant   to
,,,.-,.,,,! the'   president   tor   the   Develop-
1 (). a I.-: 1 4 i
, .,„,. _      ment   Fund   told   Blitzers   m   tin'
•El**}! ad     . ,
, „,    A rmounos Pm0   Ilm  Exccip \w ol
kkhii i a,
...     ..        toe   Diweloim AAl!   Emai   me!   kien-
'.I -tPli   i 0
,  ,,    .   ,       sl;i \   ami deigil. al  lo ad,  l i a    •<< us-
Medicine, Nurse's
in.'i.p I pi o i • mop -ui o . i ,,,...- i
amount k o,- m i n.-'m , 1 . -,-. i
.gos-ermoou;     .
Praising lhe sailuiio ei v:v v;
sers. Roberts 'Paled '.'sal th
were   "heroes   of   tile-   Big   Flit.-
Full  cm ersme p f P-.   Hid a  o. a.-
sop Ad  oser  ram., sP-pimi  ( ',!());
sill    csi-mm.     Ivaelio   Soeieiy    an
sioiiticers    I'.ili     Ealle'iil s ne    and
■lack    McCiaw    tin.k    os'er    com
oleic   oporaiious   of   the   slatioii
from   7 do   8:.'-; I)   and   from   10: la        Dealt Andrew, speak ing on t ho
unlil   miehlight. , behalf of the university sa-d that
Eroadcasls     origin;,ted      from    "[l)v   <uwt^<    h;es   surprised    im
Ihe Armouries, Blitz control cotm und  i>!('as,,(l >is  "immeasurably"
Ire in  Brock  Hall and  from  thel	
Radio Society's studios. i imv.
Programs and newscasts wore       ' W6CH   V»<iQSSCS
sent   to   the   downtown   studios !
"live"  through special  transmis- ! TUESDAY
sion  lines obtaine'd for the occasion.
■I'.        Sill
ia ::    ai
■WiiifA"    IP MM'
.  -   .  V/Lih,
 "**"""" fe.
(Hi O   t IM hoi Ik
.  .  . WA.D
Eari'.esi    dona! ion    rcporhel
to the ( kimpsmm  hea,l. pimders
I'.'ime   from   Mr.   Frank   Mud
Im'.   si   pr is ale-   ea! I A"0.
Donat ion   wa.s k I .hill).
t   aOS'SI- -m'A   'neg.m   ■'!   akSll.    I'll
se i-k:i a po iai-; --Pjipp ■>■ .ami a bra-
m : on cans a---.m .; im aa-do r, ',..
I lie A p-o-Si i samm m'd ore-:a len
"led,   ( 'hsu be  Ceimaghim
lb     V   p  m   .   colon I.-V   SS iili   kit
■ii'iu   i.sin.k,   rci-eips    Oe..;,.-,    :,i
il.iiit'lilsllli.il      Pm o- k -' -,      I 1 , i -     ,-,,
lift     l» III,     I   ff
The Four Winds
Talk on ku, Noon
JAZZ     SOC     pi'.-Pt..:-     ' Tim
Four    Wind--" talk urn oo
puarlepp soger-, am! sis-m'imS
SAH-al jsi.'A Al iini-ii i.iii,!-, m
Physics   TXh
VCF    mme 0 ;    IP -, ,-p, . ,l    ks, is
("CF. Ct.U I
loss   F
bl.F/TJEb' AN      STU'DEW
a     St 1,). to.
a I. , I , i i
iCmOmm Pa ye 8
thE    UbySsey
Tuesday. February :f, 195?
THE UBYSSEY   Sociefy Must Learn Control
,,.!.,,,yp ., slp„1,„,,r,„,me,mMs,," „,» Of Science And Technology
spimmmumw fjvu  I it vear.   Single copies  f.vc cents    Pur.hsned
:-.   Vancouser   srrr'spsi.iit   the   University y-m   by   the   >'-'-c>'':')\
Authorized cs second class mail.   Pest Office Department,
i a "sy   University   of
cations   Im-arci   cf   the   Alma   Mab
ish   Color, km a    Editorial   opinions  exprwwa   herein   are   '..nose
 :'- •'■■•■ -   of
By H. C   Cunning —  Ikm,  Applied Science
<f toe editor::., .'t.-.ff of the  Ubyssey, and  m :   pmessmily  -''ff/1
e Alma Mati r Society or the University.   m. : ers to tsimmW;^       A j.-..(,.,,;, .,,,,hf,,. |i;.s sa,,| that      into   existence     for     over   100      energy  to  devot
til.''    beasts      \ears after tin   original  disec
so"..mid   not   hi    mis-re  than   150   words.    Ike    .. i •■■-■soy   rcsi-rve-   mo
ask to cut le'-.ers, m,d cannot jmai'antec p. c ;.,.."mii of ail a'sers
alare.epia r.i:;..;
News Editor -.
CUP Editor  . ».
Barbara  TAmme
. Laurie Parker
fc'.ii.   M.sc -
' i:;e ps.uct-
ance of human affairs, c-mm ii
onis- m eirmkmy w.sen he is cry of Ilm < f'fect of lu'ht op they have the necessary peier-
nol thirsty am! makiny lose silver salts For radio the in- ent ability. We must no' deal!   \hf  sear  round terval   was   ita   years,   for   tele-      mand too .great a dissipation of
vision  12 years, for the atomic      their   effort   and    still   e meet
bomb 6 years arid  for  transim     pre-eminence   in   technology.
tors ,1 vears.
While a case mi'A.hl  be made
for    tnis    pessinm-t ie    view,    a .,      '        ,              • CONTROL
more realistic, hopeful and mo- Today     industrial     research If |uiman relations are m be
dem   conclusion    is   that   man ^'oratories   have   to   maintain niainlained   at   a   k,Vel   a :ove
dil'S'ms mainly in boin- able to a   nuv   halance   between   pure self-destruction,     society   most
iiii'.i nature tl) his own use. ;md   :'Pfhed   research   if   their learn to control the use of   o:i-
"pmimrs  are  to  maintain  their (,m,(,   .,nd      me'hnolotfv.     mn(,P
We    nw<
meM.    H.
p.-'lm'v   to   Dean
Tins   process   has   been   poinf.
on,   :u   a   most   irrmptlar  man
.(|    U)    pv,.mirV       ner.  for a  lorn;  time,  but  it  has
, ,, been ureal Iv accelerated in re
Liici'ii:    1 seip'.m •
es-nl  decades.
competitive   position   in   I'id.i,- society is Kuided large lv b-  Ihe
try.     The  two  ;<rouos of sciem ,,ducatod   person.     sur(>|v    this
-lists work side by side mrans th;U a]] (.ri,,{.st(,d  p(.nple
This   approach    hsus    become j->i11st  try to attain  a  maximum
L* (.' - s: .'     ;    I   i
h.st   Octoi.ie;'.
Idea.i   Andre
:   .:■   a   literal   sense   "sm
e (::<;!   not   tace an  open   ;
:   :■'!  dei,   but   lie  die!   ns;
rm. -   pointed  out,  at   Pres
iciest   and   pp.Pu.fimp «
Futherpa re. Premier Bennett's re;.
p.v;fatiim  v;-..-
i-  formal rep I;.
-a<ei,   pot   cfmt'Ap'p.s  ol'   us   to   muf«est   tV
krm.v  trie  smix-hfe  word.
n   the   campu-s          ,,,                              •   ,                       part and parcel of our eivili/.a-* understandim;   of   science   and
'  ,.           Western  mar.   has  developed      ,                        ,               ,,   ,           ,,
1 ■                                                               '            tion   as   we   know   all   to   ssab technology.
from     ssaitehmy.     the     currmd. Compulsory      eAmmtmr;      in
struu;.:le  be'tweii the  East  and these   aroa-s   must   ye   given   at
"('  a";  Wl'   XV",,U1       the   art   very   recently    to   the
■■'-■   hie   came,   as      point,  where  national  existence
MacKenzie- .-,   re-      demands     an     ever-increasing
We   have-  come   to  expect   almost,   daily   announcements   of
Die Open  Phntse
the West.
"The   troubk-   witli   a   society
mrrnal   replv.  Who  we-re-   we  to  miifUeM   that      tu,w advances in the control of      lh;i« do('s no! believe m science
...   -Vurt"  one:?   It was.  m-   Dean  Andrew   has      nature.     Revolutionary     fuels,      i'»cl   enjtmeerio-   or   see   their
we   will   with-      tlii:   Sputniks   and   nuclear   I'm      P
sion   for  peaceful   purposes  are
recent   examples.
No Bands,  Please
■-poll -o)
ml   b
Tfie time ..
] * dot ., S (
:m.. that v.'e '.-
fie hip rally ■
;.. m- that AA"-
Bopper pep :
ppsl ^peasm.h
it    CHI';       .   '
we- want h. m ,
ill.' k > their < '-:
IPC ill   act.   ';."*'■ .' '
' mm   arc:   i"h<
■the  result  of
smh   thai   e   :
I pmo 1;- s'i:i ic '
■ :;"-   m 1 v   e\ m
1 a    ' -ai r   --! it-   .'
. r en'
y'ssir as a re.siilt ol the- S
ik'ahii any ml'lammalm'y ■
: kne 24th, nor because 1:   s
vi'.'pi.--   h>   both   the  'Ihri"1   h
mm!,   editorials   of   an   ".;'.
:.  thi.-, pii.^e.
' psai-e ip, a result, of the-.
• ,>:- thai inlellpmnt slucier.p-
0 pKlmmmt. 'ITiey do not ' c
pvorimp   ihey   read   that   :'■:
At i'mof ionphf Kclitoimk -   .
r ,pu j- ,,   personal   obsc-msm:
".'-.    opp'sotuci   research.   It
'. mm   well be the nature ■
':,, ;!t."   f!'urthei rnme.   1;
my poodim.t said on (bis 1
'    - :i"   \ml! -say   it.  ;md  '":
s  md   -p mmin oc    11 ill mm m
i'.     mam   topic,   xs'lpcp,
.- iAip i   i -  commy  to   -.p.-;, :■
'.■-   Sit   m cmmip al the m\
' : a   ' leap;! p   t hoi r   i'sii 111:
'he   m.U 11 pi is.    He    ha.
of'.p .-I    till ouph.    d	
c .-, 'led -a-   ol   hi-,   aiiheoe
'..:      A ' 111    Pa 11    alio SS'   a    c: ■. •
:   •      •,,,]   hi,   .poeeh
--    pm'-onp  mi  a   liieory  ■
a     . -   11. 'i'le.'l ly    vs'll lliis    : ..-
.p.i i-.. im Imoemp
-.. Crechters ,i.-.k-
rials   until   alter
Tliese accomplishments de
mand a nice co-orrfmation of
clh.rl   by   many   diseinlines   ot
ss'' Mch p.ol i i ica j 'seienci a ecoiu .
m te- a -i I oi- me e, adm inist-rn
I mo a ia- ,-,,,1 i s,,, |, ;, j import-
smt. km! pure aud applied
scientists niusl play a leading
part. Enpineerin" lias been
defined   as  the   prol'essi >n   that
possibilities is not that it cannot be civilized, but that it is
not  likely to survive."
llistary provides jtiany examples of this truth but the
Creeks wil! serve They made
si bepummy m science and, to
a much ie s-.p r < 'stent. in e up:
in'i nil1.:. Ni it In: t Sim; hit
t lear f. .in,- e mia rihm- wi re
,sf>lp■ to masmsiip the adsmm'.-
and, like I he Ch im-se, I lies ,-a ii
I'ered the ineS' it able consecpa m
lessl as lar.ee a part in our
Arts curriculum for "Humanitarians" as .ueni -,al educ ition
has been given is1 the professional scientific eurneiila
The need for breadth of "ducat ion works bote. ways. Ungi-
•■weriiKt educators have, m my
life time, tripled And quadrupled the amount of "yen-
mad education" in their cirri-
cola. In the same time mere
has been no ohantrt in tf - ;cj-
( uce requ iri'ini'S'.'' for ,'-,rP-
e diicid ioi:  ;it   I TU"
One' ("ampulso'.A course in
science for the B.A. ricRre-- -md
for some the professional courses succeeding il. or closes s  re-
men  pointed  out      coifverts  the  sources  m   power Thl'  ('n^<»'^-  and   the  scien        (;)trd  {q   .^   ^ms  hard]l,    ,dp.
fiasco   and   the      in nature to the use and benefit,  of  man,
ln   the  past  it   iias  been  natural   and   relatively      easy      to
matorv      nature
list must be- taught to play
their full part in the preservation and growth of civilization.     This   nce'C'Ssitates   a   pro-
oncms   bemause      (ir;uv ., Iairly sh.|rp ,1islim-ti<*n    *l'H'r   ■''ttention   to   the   so-called
Humanities and to  Human  Relations  so  that   they   cam  inter-
quale  to   produce:  the  typo  of
leader the world greatly re-rnds.
beiiiK that ene.ineerinn   after a
•t   .science     and     techimlotty
".imit acts accord-      between   pure   science   and   came  -ii emiotlouallv       piuee-imm,;    the    usual    concept
Adonis   can   make
.ch appear en tin:-.      ,, .     .- ,.       , ,
11 the    scientists    discovery    and
-■   conclusion.-.,   or       application   has   become  so  ab-
euitorial   :i|i|H'.ii',-s       hreviated  that   tochiy   the seien-
,-!i material exam- ''s'- ;il,c' e'lmirieer work lai'pcls m;ide in this resprmt in ria'-nt
as members of a team and in years and they are- a r'c-t'lect ion,
many instances it is impossible to some eslent sit least, of the
to  draw  a   sharp   line   betwee'ii
onside'rable   time   kp;,'  applies!      Iur  llu'ir  lellow  men and  take
some   part    in   tin    puulbyp   of
human  id fail's.
(il'eat       Stride's       bave       llee'll
i;,i    e iiitor   feels   tha
m   •- e-fore, ehiripy, o
''   Wini   siuum       ihean    -ir   to   assi;.;n    individu
y'ri.ap   mci'ea.-.e   m   ".general   studies"    thsit    is    to    tie    found    in
s.iill    bidore,
Hi    p-lell
credit    for    major    P-cnnolojm'      prolessionsiS   corrip-ulsi
The-  incresisniy;  tempo  of  ihe
apol ica! ion   o|   scieu'i il m   elisc^.-
V.  the .-indents.        series   is   illm.traled   very   we'll
<a   brin.tpii'.t  mis
But   it  sea i'i.-: certii m   that   lor
man.v   s ears  most  of our scum     ***;
lists   and   eapAmeers-    will      I
fully  occupied   m   lhe- strict   ap
plications    of    '.heir    pr'olcssion
io speai-, oi: a
■ill! to the lil-
i- is. no riAi-oii
iciiop.   in 11    iiial
e  and   ea mi ii ior
io    pf-    .-.,-.      We
by   a   few   example-.     Commer to   llu     lh-i p.s   ea    msmlsUici   sum
rial   pholop'rapSps   did   not   e'ome       ssiii hsisa- aji tim little tune aaa^
a ■ o
i a
■timt    b.
Filmsoc Presents
Tuesday. Feb.  IH   afSO, tkhtf 8:tht ,I(PIH'
Free to Love
"Ii"   (iirl   ol   Ihe   Kosirirm.   :.'•*■ *.
<{ mumi-- ha  i cuts .'\ dub-   •),',,  .a
Lefe -'.aoe ir..
1    "Hurt
C-srC-//   %JfJv>
Tp,,,    M -.   , ., , j,
oi   ) he   aiJisi/ i"P   1
,M. ripSSs   liu'    eeeav- T.ifsdiPv. fVrm.mry lev "PM '
THE    l? B Y S S E Y
race 5*
Tween Closses
(C'cr;lir:uee!  ircm  F'ept   3)
A-l . ■■ * t -   -   ■,-    A   '-- - "- -      m   . .   m -, '.
.P. IT HA CMIuA-   msp.r'ia":
.' fOilS*.       V.'e:'"c. -PSr .        .'. " ' •     '   '."-.    .   '■
il: ."..
kiavcmc  c::?.cii
Yimcp-pv.e   -7'p'p?-:.,     ;:   km
v/c-ipr, f; ■■',   ;•    ■-
Kocp-p ■ - ?-,■.;-.
Mock   Parliament
Voting Wednesday
(Continued  from   Page   1!'
islra.tiom    Improving    the    cop
ditions of the  playing  fields.  ;•),.
said,   could   be*   done.:   by   build- i
ing    more,    so   that    each   field1
would   be  usee   less.
Blood   Drive
Totals   Still
Under Quota
FEE-MET'    S'O:
'■■ i      I
"/ip'-'o-:,;     ■■:•:-
ft K G 1 ■ C A .v
I n",  0       .'"    * -
' 'I;      A -:st i;"'m     k  "
.'"?---'      Cm
be   -•. "'. m     '■   k
it :■:;.    -.:."*
ikrkv?.:AV :
*     *>,'     Hi     t*
J!   .'
514 IF AM.
t   If    < '',m /'
1 J '''  .'    flip
£o   j I   L  «•
>      i     ,
lev. a p. -ss.
will    be   held    concurrent J v
m'sPr-p   ititi-".'   Id-   Lo'x-rols   lost    a    \'o(e
..'.s ,-:  si gpit it>n   to the pis ihlerri.
".:'.'<r II P t
^milh   oroposes  that  the-  present
i   i ", U">1»
gomsmtie'     w.oich   acts   a.s   (Jov-
• ■•rnor-Gi-neral   be  disbandi'd.
'   ''"■  ,;'1 He-  sugges:ts   th.'it  edther  Dean
"■ ''•■■ ^"'' Curtis   ->;■   Presidenl   'MacKenzie
iV<"*'    '"'".could   be   ;.s,ked   to   act   as   Gov-
:oi-aa,   ;    eimm-Cem la.l   for   Mock   Parliament .
Candidate's   for   WAD    Presidenl, Theei   Carroll  and  Klemmr |
Film's, stres.se-i! Fie- nei'd  for ex-1',
p;msnm of fhe Women's Athletic
v alb ci
m   the
Still  Free
.ooi-rm '
house i iMystors still .surrounds the
iriepti's oi tin- persons respnm
"••"' ib'- sible lor lhe- destruction of three
■ -" :l"! i ,-,amtnms j,,' t|u. Brock* Hall gal-
:";'is   to    lurv las!  week.
'      '"a RCMP  iocs  as  yet   received  m-
-■ >-'t r     siiflicipiit    in formal ion   to   come
momi     (,, a-,;,   fk-cisi pp,  as p>  ilm ivspon-
'■-'"   -r.e ; spole   paris-
''■"''' T a      St ueleni -     Council      lias
''■"•'   '     o.'sSi-k   a   SlOh   rms.o'd   lor   mlor-
.'!•■     IClellills
um.'Sl I- ,-,| am    h
e. "iuoc.ro.- asm tinny-; ive--
tints P I'd'A-p v,ci'p' aooate-d 10-
day   to   t'l'iia   fr<.   total   to   19o0
'm.sits, i r k  d (i tin   plbjeciive.
j     "This   mrmurT   is   consicuraoiy
'Miss Carroll slated that "more' k,s   ;h;,n   ;-   mmuis,   be   at   this
continuity   is   required   if   WAD;p,,mt
i.s to operate efficiently." WAD ;     T...   , .,.,   ,   .  - -,     „-..,,.  ,„,
' ■ Joe   sseo:   if*:   C-looO   is   m^ent
should undertake more events ; ;mri c vt.. r, ,-<-<,:,.-,.. ]n this pro.
like the WAD GOD contest, mm j V!(!(.(. ( vt,_,.y .,.y n,(.,re thkn f(0
these' events, as well as sport*! .K ,-S(!l;s rt.c.ujrt' b;nod tr.ansfu-
should ha\'e more extensive | viuns. In the- pv-.st 3 vears
publicit.sp she added. 1 72.000 pints .■' ia-nxi were- u.sed
"Tiie time' has conic ssdm"'. : T!tc blooc: :s j-ksveri to victims
IaF.C should enter into Com- "• industrial ,,r,6 aoloinobr.e ae-
pi'tition with tin.' Uni\"ersiti. s s cide nts. post-pr.tri cmrf sur.gical
of Wi stern Can-ids in wom-i)'.- cases, .mo i.gyonc else- who
s'l'ini'ts."  stilted  Eleanor  Filers,       occe..-   it.
SQiiie e-i tl.-e recipients eif this
blimp m.'.s i .• ycHii" friends or
your   :,'.:;ii!v       .\cc-o   h;  the   onl>
recjuirea'pi'tit  -   your gener-asity
Wemdy Bain', Can.iicpiU km makes 1hi.» possible .
WUS presidenl. stated that WUS. Tv,cl t!-,i1( rnilies .pk) one sor-
must re-main on Council, tor it ■ nri{> p;,Vc ob-t-ady far exc-ee deo
is the only way in which wmnen t.1(;r qUl-,t;-.-. Thm. art Kapp;.
h.-u'e* a \-oice,' on Council How- ' Smma .mo. P"o Knjma Siyjivio
ever, .she- iidde-d. liierc must be ■ irate ro ii ies ,.m.; Aiph«. V'lo sor-
change-el within WUS: Fie mean- orilsp
ing  ol   the- organirat it'pii  puis!   ne \\"e. -.
bronght to t hi   at le ni ion -tt i \ < rp   (.r,
ivciiiiiM    on    ismipus:    amei    Wt S    ,,, .   ,,-   ;
must   pla.s   ,-,-   gri ,,! or   pmd   ' o   i n        , ,.-
( ' i - m I) i. :-
Sin said thru such CrmipH-'i-
1 ion would des e lop ; i n tie r
standrird   et   pkpr.
,'  g. vi .   .mi il   be   glv-
.      v. k-    aiul  a   wins
. .a: :      :      Imm.im
■   :■ I!   pi opli    s> i a   lo m.ul    ( 'sod
'('km   :...-    vvivd    '
' iiPsa a     iPPma:
g    !   A     i P c ki, i e ! I I
"Co llo'.ourablp Mr. Jus-
iioe .1 ('). Wilson of tim
Si i v p me C'.ur! oi Bri! rdi
ik-liis'i1 no. ss i 11 sp; ak on
"Ik-ss To Figiil 1,sov Suits"
! st. ..p.. in ia ;a.l mg room
m pp. I,;m, labram, 'i'oes-
os-v     Febrmu's    IT
IMMMRp.. .
^fp-c-p, -   p-
*■■*', .-^ > 5' X *<■•  Sifiilr
'- *'A|f%i^Jx^vn'?'',^'
y-l'SP'   ;      W .aR4K„0,T
-   ',  > V.^p    ,Pyis^ »l^*l
.A ,g V        •*,
>V   .yf's .  >'
* > ss .,,        y
t s*^,m%-'P
tii.il vs 1 'S |-„,|i : . ,,- d\ mi,, ,, :
ami'. act I v 11 Ip - - ill" as . ,op- m-
sng 'I our C nicies for One n iii'ii-i .
smd nu es; igal mg Find Sers ici -.-.
Miss Carl.sfin said that it sin
ss'ere elected WUS president
svhether or not WUS ssg-r* to remain on ('oune'il. site' csaitllii try
to .show the impend:ima■ °t making   women   roeogm/eeh
Y' it mg  ss 111  la'.-:i' place    Wedlie:
das     li'iini     Id    a ai:     ;i.    4    p.m..
Acadia and  Fold Camp may s op
from   d-tidiu   Wcempseiay.
An adsamce poll will be iicbi
loil,is I lami 1 1 d-lo p.- :i do pi
I'm   Sooth   F.roci,
A.\!S    (koai-    am-s     m     s-ov,   .
Your Marks
We V.   -   -P   v m.pp.m      .Asechip..
skids pa  ■•(.■•;?.■!■ studs  tpeh-
iiKjiiCs    tvtp    improve    your
SP,,pd,s.    M.l'-tl'i S     o|    y .)U1'   s|.|i).
loo;.-   .'psi   be-  «i'hi':'Vo(f   ui:h
Se ss. nip,, mm, idS.o'k
A I'ree KeadJti,<j Skill
Sui'\e> ps'lli esliatdo you to
mX' ho'sv tsiiis can I'll1 iiCSC'Dls'i-
pi.slieP r'hont1 'sh vl\ <* -'-''-
i pi t" .' p  eso   '.■ <U,v
reading lab
L'.">»ll-   \S .  ::>lh I.  H.  Tola
li *
'111  h'M> \\   AM)
n \ n KDAV
i'1'pi'iisi rs   ku .me ,kk
Wo Hid ii
\s|-     VM'
i f
L. 0 m i n q
Pocs for People - Chambers ior Children
Gerries for  Gents
No.    :hkl\    -!mlu\     Aii -Siemu    Mode!
I'       .'        ..    . .       ..-.-.       ,      .    -   ■    1
No.   1!>!I \-    Fmt's   Iksi
p.>      I   SlI'P-    i .aCllO"
\o. im.   i m  ii.ipp
Nm    ITl.lk-   Tin    Flunk
1 h <mo
,o ! be        Ig'i     hi
I'll        **"■•,
■*"■•'"» f| m w Page 10
Tuesday, February 18, 1953
ookmen   Swindle
pun:  in.in
uatecl   II
-I 1
l-t     I SS o    \>, p.-
eft ROj 1#>,
collect Hi!',    I
e \ .     ooi
it.-,     vsuki      uiadp'ip.pil.       aPa.
i 111 ll'S,
a      ivali.'ii
sssis    I'nii r ..a
alive   serene
itudetits   svlio   have
An    add"d    enliceniemt    oi    Id
nooks they don't need should
pot them in the box provided
,m   (he  Library  lobby.
volumes    0
f    "best    sell
efs       lll-
chldesd "Tile life history of Roy
Rogers and his wife.' "Old Ve-1
lev,"      nod      "Saddlcbank     Bav
nt  sou others who war.
as a I'esuit  the t lekel-
better   got   vmir   iickv
Dill;.      1 !1C    gl
Vicki  ,h
If   you   have   a   nesv   textbook ! Pa .'son,"
that   isn't doing you much good, '■.      The   salesman   said   their   em
II   put   that   in j cyclopedia   is   second   best   onls
: to   the   Encyclopedia   Brittanica.
Indents     Book s wilich they said is worth S1.400
ickeks   (quickly   ramm
Neil Peters
a, librarv. It
Cos N«
;t:i, am!
Bill Rm-.-.
d foe AMS
oil ices   at   rn
pin   might   as   we
dan     S
Drive   is   not   meeliipg  with   ade-
piafe   support
looedia    Brittanica    retails
iii tmpirm
tor around  Shoo
A   a p-
okcsioan   saiel   !!m   drive
i     not    g o i 11
Op.-ii   lb
icults   re
For    i
im thei     information.
-hone lhc AMS office, AL. 4404,
, nd   ask   km    World   Ft
ii versify
I'p-me! :p isap.     ss'ill     niri'l     . ai
Thursd; y  m Vhysics  '.'.ill   at
I     p m     to    eieicuss    tiua I
pkms  fen'  displays.
Peterson  Calls   For  Free
University   Education   Here
'Mmiso-r m   Education. om!
F. C.   Legislature   Fritkss
1    base   to
aciiec.l  trie  stage  m
ixm.im mo>.
For   Imformation   Leading   To
gross to    as    a    pr-n mce.    or
nation,  ss hen a  university em,
cation slmuld be- oroe'idi-.'l op-
pilot el y   iro-e   of  charge   hi   a!.'. '
Hosep'Vgr,    he   called    ma,    t; ■
federal   govermrumf   to   take
"more  acl ive   part"   in   pro1,"! -
ing    scholarships,     loans    a"
bursaries. As an  alternative "
a federal plan as was n.m'i '"
soldiers    after,   the    sear,     M.
Peterson    smgg'esied    that    v
federal   government   match.   * '
pimvinoial    gosermuent    do','. .
for dollar iin scholarshins
legislature,  ii.' saiti  thm
• Tip- plialit y ol. 'esm'm
the ;>!"'w meo is im ores in.
ileteo'i. ratio's ui m ko :a
training   "'
•   T'
i > s i c r 11 ■
iir   depsirt-
in    order
md    alums'
Po'cmo •,',':to mmsgmasil r:
"The o:'"S'tnee.-; d,.i. and pa".'
shcuilil. co'itrid and pros-id
"t   the
-a (imp
md    V'
Fnis'or.si! s,     trohnic.
'rational    training'     m
leg is-
.Liture   is   "      asp.   as far   as
p 'ssiblo,    so   ■■■" "."ding capital
..    i   a:i;-r:i's::-    Fsimis" to   I'm.-
;:' mietm.' .
m.'ivsdc elm
-'■    .^T.aDO.i
i  ' AolUlS e   *
': . the ouul
'''. ('■  stag'-
-ir  rh
*   S
on ri'iei
'god s action
m match all
- op to a total
,1- gis'em tie-
university ami
-■:■;«' to change
puis "and p.m
• •.vet of Pu-
'g g mmL- is n.g
Ps     1'i'Ci'ives    a
:. mooes i im
. - .   hut   ii    Im.-,
p'uoeipli-    F.tat
-k„n!d   oa'.v    .
-. p pom-1   t'-ia"
.tr:iiits.    .pal
Sl---     hollpl    is   -
"■mds   ami   'v,
matter.-- m' national cones""'!'.
• To permit "tho emmm. :
tine. of. sip-itPo residence- op
selfdigm-iatm.:, basis, tiie Co '
tral Mortgage and Housing 0-:-r
pors.iti.m Act shop hi be ammd
eel to ailose t'n.-' Coroorat.s.m, t;
loan money m the'- univers''".''
pig tim m.p.vt ms'i:>rable 'Cm.'.''
•     "To   Of
ding' -\"-'ii-
,,-    fm    ,s-e
mi is mpe i
t'"e Nap.'Ps.il Cinii'iviv- ...I
{ kimipS! i" Cms omil les shm pi
be   mm'-1 ■ se--1    '"   fi-i   ocl'   e.'i PP. i
'\! !'
She      Cm':
■',,.'<. i aaa I a p"
-a ' I ic
The   Arrest   And   Conviction
Of   The:-   Person   or   Persons
Responsible   For   Defacing
ie   PiidTiinqs In   The   Broc
1  i icr,J
In i
U   £•' s
f   tf   l>     'V      * '"      I     I    *"  r      *f   )  'P
1   i »     »     a   * f
9 fi
hmtf  >i
Sosm- of UBC's highly  touted-
bad; ...ton team entered  one ot I
diest meets of the season
la.-.t   Aseekend   and   rose'   magmi-
i'icme     to  tl
e  occasion
meet    was    t
In Vital local
ne    annual
PIsisoiT;   m
P'w   • '   mi   .'Ps'lSiim     | lie   meed   ss a-
hole   ; . day,  Salmons'  ami  Sun
das-      ;   ihe  hsirdssaiod   courls   u
Do Well
FI.H.'   ushered
one   of    iI -
iird of sports into the  Alhleli
I'-m r of  UBC
lop snuttle  aid
m.'tllt'e  over  the   we
d sis Ui
eutered   in   talis   lugiils
touroesA Finn 1,among!
FFiC   sail
log   cress    look   second
■LrriMik,    ,Ii
( ors man
as   lhe   North   Wc-s)   Inter
sib'        (ie-gatta        iicl.i     in
esKe   plied   Pie   c
oil   actually   led   tiie   was
as he learned  with.  F"!
o    SS' ill    I in-   men's   doubles
sill     Im'telle     Crocker     of
to     SS' 1 11
did  Yacht   Clu!
ost i ,m i ml asp ssa.is
held al tin
) oo Salurdas
se I'ii'Sl oppoi--
miits of the season for the l.'fH'
smli'men  to  -shoe   pm  re.-aill-;  ol
m   iraiiinm   ni'i
dim-      a   doubles   title'
og.'s   i psi ml
-'..'in       and        'i eske       ids
ss'idl as thev  reaciied ;h
ul   I I a-   men ..  cp
in   i iim   i o
-port    ;is   more    >|
a   pom
I ban   si   Yrir.si!
s'   i-.siraiiiii
le   liii'ili:
in   V.
<■ iiagi ill.     C
IPoroia    .ui
ere   elite-
'0     10     I tie
I p 1 (I 1 S       ill
i rom   nu
ll'     Coll,
11 m I a (111 i
mm.p   sum
!'<       Coil
*     Of
M.O,   T
ff<m f,
"    DKUMivp >NF     \
ra:   '■.,.:;   i o i.'sv a I'd   Un:   th       I      i
is  i \ p'-cstt'd   to   slow    All
film t-'.-c-iiketuj    attack     in    tmm:
crsppul  series;;   this   weekend..
■ss   siii   (he  a. I, id-i am ! c-, roe
.   Um   I'liiii'.-si 1   id.'    In,op   ;
'•' o- ed    re,     the    crew, .-:    beeai
ore  familiar   o, p.h.   the   eoi upa
^iKmi's jbuji (iiiiiiyi^irj
rli-IDAYS Ol'E'N   Tl I, h
d-' A> d d-VT (A D   2fv    MAY    16 dO
OPKY' DAi LV 9 TO Iv.'M)
I'll Ob ik
(Sol Page 12
Tuesday, February 18, 1958
Birds, Bears Take To Ice
In Hamber Competition
HBC 'Tluiiiderbirds take to
the- ice tonight for hoc first of
their two .prune series ngainsl
the   Fumei'sbs   oi   Albe-rlsi.
Tho first game >>!' this 1 lumber
Cup compel it ion ha-, the Birds
and the Bears laogic at li:'.',() in
the  Kerrisdale  Arena.
This will be Isms first, last,
md .mis- chance' to sc Um FBC
lioci-.es    lesiui    in    intmaadlegiate
Couple! ll.li ill   I'll IS   Vi ,11.
FBC has won km Hamber
('up cin'olermpic sd tiie winning
Ilm l\ C. Albm'ki mtha-. only
once. This was in tiie inaugural
y ear of 1 ha I . d'he local loam is
rated at hsist. an even chance of
.regaining the trophy this year
atfer iheir fine performance in
their league play in Ihe New
Westminster Commercial Fcad-ic. '
Coach   Ron   Roundly   wil!   be   FOOTBALL STAR
sending     three     well     balanced        Alherta   will   be   bringing   a
forwards  lines   against   the   Gol-   top   notch    contingent    to   UBC
<len   Bears. wiln litem atfer winning a major
STARTING LINE percentage of their games in the
Don Lauriente and Merv ' prairie circuit. One of the big-
Cronie from Trail combine with ! Se.st name players on the team
Brian Judge of Vancouver to picked up his major title in
form the starting line. Veterans another sport. He is Mike Las-
Bill Yuill, Mike Church and Art |ulk, rookie of the year in the
Pearson Jonn  a  line with  vliry-   WIF'U
Women's Notices
' iiASKETEAuL: Today al
12:55, Ac - Ph 1. V/dd, at
12:25, Ph V - IH and rt
12:55, Ph VI - PE 1, Fei.
at .12:35, vVR - DG and ,U
12:55.  Ac -  KAT.
BADMINTON: See no tips'?
bi Wo meat's Gym.
se Two
i"     svommvs      gr.'1 -'  m,-.'.-  -y
.•mm--   t ho--   weekend,  wen    h: d'l-
■#|   lighted   by   rugged   phis-   wmo'i
saw   imuiy   minor   injurie--   nod.
the    hospitalization    of   an    s-'.x-
Brit   player.
UBC   teams   emerged   will-*   a
victory  and   two   tiCs,
The Brit .player, Vitm.nia
Wade, received her injury :n a
hard and fast game aapins' Varsity. She is reported to be" in
satisfactory condition in Vancouver General  Hospital.
The  game   was  the   second   of.
two.   half-hour    games,     which
both resulted in 1-1  ties, played
by Varsity on Saturday.
In    the    first   match    against
.Mums Marilyn Peterson of 'Car-
sitv scored within 10 minuter of
Over   1500  rabid  rugby  fans  wore kept   on  tbo   edge   ot   Uw fjrst half
their   seats   as   they   watched   trio* UBC   Varsity   Rugger   XV       The score   remained   1-0 until
background.;.    Yuill,    hails
Brandon,   with  Church   the  only
,,      . ,   . .,,,,   snatch  a !>-0  win  from   tho  Vancouver  Heps  in   the  roug-hest-   minutes   before   the  end 'of  the
ottensie e'   --m i    on   i m
second  half  when   Sheila   IVFmrc
of the Alums scored  to eveg  up
from     Medicine    Hat;    Pearson, ' A1|)(,,"|., team    is    Vera Pashea), 'toughest battle  seen  at  UBC  this year
sedio  played  a  season   of  profes
The   game   was   a   typical   Mc-
out   for   at   least    three   weeks
t-,  ■         /--.                                                                               ,.,,.,-,             ,   i         i- i       j   oui   ior   ai   leasi    inree   weeks,   im, ».,.,,,,
B.   (..   boy  from   Prince   George.   ^U)nii\   hoe'kev   with   thc   Spring-   tvochrne   Cup   match-      leatureri d"-   ^"'"*
'   .           „   ».  ,                      .sion.il   iioimv                         i .Scrum   ha 1   Lee Smith  had  his        ru    ii,0    Varsitv-Brit    contest
Archie   Gaber   of   Nelson   com-   ti,,]d   wiians   of   the   American s bv     bang - crash     rather than                                                                          lu    uu      v,""u)I1,n    c omest
, -             w,     „              c-   „i          i               liieuciM.s                                ,.'',.,,              ,          , head    worked   over    which    re-   «rit  u.a   i.n   m  half time   Ador
bines   with   George   Smgh   and   Hockev League   Prevous to this , technically   good   rugby. I              .            .                                        im n  i< a   i. u  ai nan  time.  ,\.,tcr
nui   pu„„„,i,   to  roonri oof  the   110CK"/         d,ot,          t    ,, . tu,m suited in a minor concussion and   {ive minutes of near-perfectplay
Bill   Cherpeta   to  unmet  out  tne   .     ,    j scored 126 points for the ,-_,...„ tMrnniFQ '■ ,*        .*.  .           j f-     u         i    n
ecmnp.i,.,,   nnils    Tenth   man   (,n'!                 T               ,i     a im.,m, : MANY IN J five stitches and finally, a badly ; ia    tho    second    halm    Marilyn
Todd „f row-,... RIvpt. 1 cards HONORED
second   best,  on   the   injury   list
and it may have been a Phyrie
Muir out for some time. sity to end tho sccond gairu, ul a
Burly   Pat   Dohm   along   with I ^Anua ownvneu. , ,11,11 e may o«ve uwu «  to>n<.|     From thc kick-off, UBC started   tje
Captain George Nagle form the!     A-cards -will be  honored  and, victory for the Campus Rugger-; well     The    forwards   displayed:     In   the  third   m;Uch  UBC  do_
main  defensive  unit  with Mike   the   Pric0   for   thosc   vvho   llave i mcn' 'their  usual  power in  the  loose : foatod Rurnabv Lions 3-0 i„ the
Lauriente   and   John   Sage   pro-   none will be 50 cents. j     In the last  25 minutes of thc : and som(, o£ thc yoi»r\s best hook-' first    Kamc    of    a    round-rei-bin.
viding   the   second   rear   guard       The second  game of this two \ tfnme,   Varsity   picked   up   four j inR by Malcom McKay gave the | tournament between the bottom
pair.   Marv   Tansley   and    Ron   game  total point series will go | serious   injuries.   Dave   Howard j backs a j,ood Hhan:, of the ball    1 fiyo   u^ms  .     (ho   j    „l]e   Th
BAD PASSING ViiCV of this K"™? was generally
1     , * * ii m j - t .      a .,    „ i   o. n n 1 tnr    uik    tpnn    vuiirn    up   viiiii'n'iii
Molina will he sharing thc goal   Wednesday nighf in the Kcrris- j had  his sports  career-cut  short,
tending duties for the: series. dale Arena at 8:30. \ tor this term when he suffered
- — —    ia badly dislocated hip. The fleet
Swimmers Lose Two
Meets On Weekend
From Ihe scoreboard point of view, it looked like a lost
weekend for the UBC swimming; loam as they e'lroppod two
mools to University of Washington teams Actually- it was ayy -
Ibmo but lhat for coach Pvi^r Lus/tip's boy.--, as limy swam
iheir best limes of the season anil scored flashing upsets 111
soum events.
('hi Friday nighl Fm l.k of W.
frosh evenerl lhe score with the
Birds as Ihey won the mod
' irds had
mm car
■ mod
Bad passing from tho base of   slow d"<? to Lio.ns starting with
'.V ^ I I the scrum and a very tight cover , «'nly *ix pla.vors and never play-
winger   was   operated   on    that ,,,-,",.   ,,     due wilb a full  team
sclelon.se   bv   the   Reps   kept   the 1 '"s  * •"' •'  ,ul1   »am.
. Varsity   team   from   making  any1      Ral* Hart with two goals wii
serious  threat, ' Particularly    aggressive   on   the
A   multitude of  penalty   kicks : forward   line.   Barb   Hay   scored
j evening   and   i.s   iti   satisfactory
I condition,   although   he   will   be
in  hospital  for  six   weeks.
Next.   Hal   Rogers   picked   up
: three   broken   ribs.   He   will   be
Birds Drop
FBC    Thunderbirds    finished
also served to keep the half more ! tho ,hird f':oa1'
I OSS ever    till
shed    a    im
il 1 ilillb -:, bid ore  t i
Mam   in   the  440-yard   freestyle.      their   pls.viug  ed'  the   lhali   Fsmr
Both   Main   and   Stan   Powell    d'emi    Conference    m    a    losing
formed   part   ff  a   three   ssaiv   tie    wa.s
for   ,.,',111,1  p-lso'i    m  thc  IdtkvmaP       L'^   v   -"'Cht.   tin-  Birds   ilrop
p--d    a    light    coute-st    lo    Fsisteiai
or less even, Henderson and Mc |
Gavin both missed long goal 1
shots. :
Again,    Varsity   pressed   hard ;
after   (lie   second    half   kickoff
This   time   they   sveri'   rowarcied
After   Gerry   McGavin   had   mis
sod   tsvo   from   the   40   and   4a. \
Teckly    Hunt    split,   the    uprights :
from   f'.tl   yards   out   for   Ihe   lirst-
Gym Teai
ireeslyle    OVetll.
Alllmilgh   be,den   i;h '.'d.  bs   ; h
,,!'   w.   V'arsitv   Clu'e    ",g  eseiimg.   lhe  iir,-,i   Canadian
iiimlon,   ah
SS'Sl       I'll'I lie    I
')U  '- aid    free :
■ci mil
Ha   :.'()() yard  v.
,   .,>■ ■' *>■*. o    i-mi i
puss oil ui
ou    Sal.urd.iy    night,    ilm     Birel
proiliiccd     the     sippiid     iiiglic
1 '    '     i, i i ia in -r  of   pom::-   sc. m -d  a pa i o--
V'!'ii'    ;"""      111"     Hll-sl-  lea    thi'     :-'  ..'  on
keamaic    fdVCbHAW    WOlSl
p ri-iui   in
I |
ial ;:  first    o
IS        pl'llil
gi'iiki    in    o
; s i i I : 11 a ss ss .
--. Isde Ui t!
ia a second--.
iag iisiss um
md husky
kkh ysod  Id
us rat
e '.amidi:
A-;t    sc.'ia   iii'lually    svon
(ik oipian  Fili   Slide-!   iv'iiii  n
-ic    the    trip   wUh      the      Bli'd:-.   bo
pc     whose  plaeings (lid   sioi  figure ti
quad    h .st    mil    to   tim   pose erfi
.,      ..-imiai     place    ('"oiral     U.'isloop
;; I,,,, vi -bk
1 hi rr s    1.'ru m Pim id   a i id   1 .ami'1
PP -pi :e      i   ich   co I h •■'! ed    ['■'   pom Va
m   I'm-   FBC   iilm'   on   Friday
e Sal  ii, i   s ,   tin    Id I'd   line  of   I he
:      i-liai,   coi.i Id   Ooi    comieci.   gi s m ;'
iii-    I pp -i i- 'ii   o a ao bers   opperl un l i y
o     Pi   p-.i opal '...-   m    I I'm   --;( mm ig   th
e     o.pppa ol    Iv!   Pi'derson  sea . it.p.h
e      Pp;     I'BC, with     ID    pf 1 i tl t   -
■' :-s'eplu os  mid   1 ii'i: om as ;cl   col
e     lee-O.-el    eight    sold   SIS-    pom!-,    res
i ■ 0 I I S- p ■ 1 s .
and final score of the gamee
Back came the Vaucouve
Heps. (lose Ihey managed b
keep off the scoreboard P, s
minor   miracle
Has   C 'ock mg  bobbli-r!  tim   sad
i ss a i    ' ards    from    the     line     ss d
I li las- 1 e;i ma le.-- i ip m an pp. vi  ,v\i
,    i pel v    pi 111 nick    Siuole or   io   ; .m.i
(merge   Fo i.l   had   fresh   sm    is
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p. 0"
\ 'rosimhal       Cham }H- ■:
( 'oul'lemiy    on    Febi'ii ,
;    m, c?


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