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The Ubyssey Mar 23, 1928

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 . i^*r%.
/asued TWce Weekly by the Students' Publications Board of The University of British Columbia.
Volume Xs
VANCOUVER, B.C., MARCH 23rd, 1928
No. 38.
Province Cup Goes
to Senior "A"
The Varsity Senior A basketballers
carried off the B. 0. Championship
Monday night when they beat
Kelowna 89-17 In a rough and fairly
Close game. Since they won the first
game 80-20 Varsity has a total soore
of 89-37 on the Series. The boys re-
;urned home Tuesday night with the
provincial cup in their possession and
' e right to meet either Raymond or
Imonton, Alberta, in further eliminations for the Canadian champion-
Snip. Varsity should be given a
Chance to progress towards this goal
V they have a team fully the equal
>f any in Canada as haa been shown
n the recent series and the games
against Washington University.
Monday's game was too rough to
be a particularly brilliant exhibition
Of baskotball. The Hornets fought
desperately ln an attempt to seize
victory from the new champs but
Were unable to progress much against
Varsity's fast attack and steady de-
tenBe. Kelowna started out fust and,
because the locals were somewhat
battered from thu previous game,
lumped Into an early lead. Varsity,
however, gradually came to lifo and
|«d 13-9 at half time. During the
second half Varsity added to their
margnln until the flnnl score stood
29-17. The last ten minutes of play
were rather ragged as both teams
began to feel the strain of the gamo
without  substitutions.
On the serieB Varsity was unquestionably' the better team. Although
handicapped by a strange gym which
Was, moreover, considerably smaller
than usual and very low, the Varsity athletes put up a splendid game
in all departments. The forward line
Showed up especially well, the combination, speed and accuracy of the
{'layers being remarkable. Kelowna
ound the defense difficult to fathom
as the scores would seem to indicate.
Vnrslty's stars en Tuesday night
**ero Oront and But lor. Wally Mayors
was suffering from an injury recolved
in the previous game, but at that lie
was always very much In the picture
antl managed to secure fi points. McEwen and Orant had also been badly
roughed up, the three lighter members of the team taking a lot of illrt
from the heavy Hornets, ('rant .shorn'
with his long shots. Both McKwen
and Mayers were again liamperetl hy
the unusually low erllliu: hut (Irani
sank shot after shot from eeutre.
His slmls seemed tn (ravel in a ih",nl
line fur the basket and their aec'tr-
acy was amazing. Hugh ran in tl
points during the game and made
openings for many more play:. llutler
turned in a star gamo at running
guard, snaring' 8 points and presenting a stonewall defense, along with
Henderson. The big boy had a gala
night, picking off rebunds with amazing consistency and flinging passes
about with gay abandon. Atlhough
he did not acore as much at Butler,
Henderson was equally effective on
For Kelowna (layton, the Winnipeg
ace, was again outstanding. He was
ably assisted by "Boney" Williams.
The Whole Kelowna team showed a
tendency to use their superior weight
too much wtth tho result that several
Varsity men were painfully bruised.
The Hornets are a snappy team but
are not nearly in a class with Varsity. They are rather too Individual
and have not the same training.
Hon. President- -Dr, L. H. Kllnck,
President—Robs Tolmie, Arts "i\s.
Secretary—Mary Watts, Arts '2!i.
Treasurer—Russet Munn, Arts .10.
President    Mens    Undergraduate-
Bertram .lugger, Sc, '211.
President  Women's  Undergraduate
--Oeraldlne Whitakor, Arts 'ill),
President   Literary   and   Scientific
RBiecutlve—Orevllle   Rowland,
Arts '29.
President Men's Athletics—Thomas
Berto. Arts '20,
President Womena Athletics—Mary
Carter, Arts '29.
Junior   Member—Douglas   MacDonald, Arta '30.
Li>.f'i^«ivi^ii,prj^yiHi!RJ'i "ft'*H"' "
Next Friday evening at s.no there
will be tin concluding International
debate of the year, when Ilie women
nf the Universities of Washington
and British I'oliimbia meet In debate
upon the su ijeet "Resolved; that
American universities are attempting
to educate to j many people," The
dobate In In be hold In the auditorium
of the King Edward High School,
nnd those entering are to he ,i-kt"l
to (innate twenty live cents toward
the  rau.-ie  of debating.
Ii   Is   rAiii'i-   iinfortiiiiaie   i hat     ih"
Women s    debaf•     < one  i    so    Ural'    Ihe
end   of  I lie  yi •; i',   Iiiii   il   i ;   hoped   i 'i   ■
a   large   < -se,\ ,|   ,,,     \'a >,- ai \       111,i, \< ■
will    he    en    11: j 11. i    Iii    li-.-'i    I        ..'
promises    In    he   a    '.'<<■,.[    i v. nine's   ,"|
tertainineiii. This di let'" is i,, |, • .a
the sanie nature as the dehal" aaai'i"
Ihe I'nivot'sity of Washington last
year, for the Oregon type of debate.
Is to be the form followed, Much
team will have one of ils members,
devote a twenty minute speeeh toward the establishment of the ease,
and the other member ol the team
will endeavor to destroy Ihat ease by
a rigorous cross-examination. This
system aiways admits of u greas
deal of wit anil shrewd thinking and
Is much more exciting than tlio older
type of debate.
Miss Hetty Moore 'lit will develop
tho case for the alllrrnallve In Ihe debate on Friday evening. Her debating
reputation promises that she will
evolve a very strong case, und our
sympathies are extended lo that member of the Washington team who will
he obliged to cross-examino Miss
Moore al the conclusion of her speech.
On the other hand, It rests with
Miss Margaret Mulrlieiul ','11 to cross-
examine the speaker developing Ihe
case for the negative, and since Hint,
young lady him been busy for the
past few weeks (involving a bewildering list of questions with which to
terrify the debaters from the South,
It Is coiilldentlv expected that Hie
University nf British Columbia will
make a splendid showing In this
new style nf debate.
Miss Helen Smith '2I» and MInh
Margaret O'Neil '28 are ln travel to
Seattle ou April 3 and are prepared
to startle the oltUons of that city by
their development of fhe negative
Aide of the case. It will bo remembered that Miss Smith won the
women's prlte in the Oratorical Con-
tost last year and that Miss O'Neil
has ably distinguished herself over
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Permanent Officers
Chosen bv Seniors
11" Senior Classes held their final
i-ia-:-. meeting on Thursday, March 22,
in Arts ion.
The eli-eiIon of tho permanent executive   va-i   the   fl:.-,t.   tills! less   Of   tile
meet ing, which resulted as follows:
I'r    i"e>H,   lioii",   Telford;   Vice I'resi-
d> nl    Hope  I.timing;   Secretary, Autl-
i'ij'  I'olilnson;  Treasurer, Jack Hark-
i\--;   Vii|edlciorJnr.   .lean Tolmie.
T'.ie  ,'iadiiaiion   programme  as  out-
I   :  •:  bv i ".■ rreslileni, Hong. Telford,
\   i y ■ |i -,-, bora' "   ia 't in": from May
io Ms.'.   1'.:   \v ii li a;  least  one major
'\ i I:!    eiie
,1: i- ei
■ il>■< s :
Council Determines
Frosh Eligibility Rules
I.'  ie. ;   ,;|    ' lei,",
.\ls\   'l     ! ;im     I ir.   :i:nl .Mr
'    '  i     i if.in","    |.0',\ i   r    i Iiiii
\ sin Oliver   Hotel.
..'ay   |i -7.He -  l> nn   Clement' :   Dinner, Agrli ultiiis .
Ma\   li    H.iie    11, an   and   Mrs.   Coleman   "Al     Hone ."     Shnugbnessy
Coif Cluh.
May    |u A',,mi    ('ongrega! ion,   audi-
May   |u    sun -Convention,   Auditorium.
May   1 I     l.iio    Dean   Ilollert's     Ten
for Women.
May  11    I).on    Alujiail Dance.
May   11!    s.lii'i    Chancellor and   Mrs.
McKechnie Iteceptlon.
In   charge   of   tie-   Ilnnquol,   Jerry
Newmarcli   ns   convenor,   will*.   MIs.j
Audrey Iloliinson and Maty Cole com-
plel'.ng   Ilie   committee.
The plciile Is being arranged by Al
Inn Joins, Margie (in Ig and Doug.
Mclntyre, Wigwam Inn was chosen
In   preference   to Bownii  Im:Intul
II was decided h.v ihe i hits that a
(lance should b" held in'ler the class
biimiuel. Originally ll «m Intended
nol to have it dance because uf the
expense, hut the class scorned very
much lu I'lnin Doug. Telford suld
that a diini c would be put on If all
the text of the fees were collected.
Monday, March 28th, at 8 p.m.
Auditorium Any student wishing to enter please get In touch
with the Literary Society executive   Immediately.
The chief Item of business done at
tin. Students' Council meeting on
Monday night was to finally clear up
the problem of eligibility rules. Tom
Berto and 1)111 Thompson were present lo protcMt against tlio rule us
formerly slated which would have
barred all Freshmen from a major
activity before Christmas. Doth were
in favor of the spirit of the rule but
thought that In Its present form lt
was too strict. After much discussion
it was decided that notice be given
"f th" fo'.lowiiiir regulations of student ititi.it i- s I ii he passed as a liv-
la ', '
-!,,|-Vlce   !       ■l~'1 I'"' Hi -'     ef     I ie'     til    I     year    be    lie'
|s   Mem ! allow" !   In  repie nail   the univ'rsi'y  in
j es i"   i he ii   i ii"   ai ' i: ily,   ath |. I le     or
,-, '  ,       j lu i re I'.v,   un i ii     : liey     h,i\ <■     obtain si
■ uni p'a le  s'aiiil im'  by  I hell'  i liristmas
I lianer A'xani ■'.     ,\n\    I'l'isliman   failing   lo  uh-
I lain   sui'h  coiiipleie standing shall not
iinri-seiii   :h"  Cnivcrsity  in anyaetiv-
i i;.'.
Tli> billowing rules were also
1. Violation of (hose regulations
shall be punished by suspension from
all activities, and at the discretion of
:ittn!e.",t.A Council suspension from
lectures may be recommended to the
University  authorities,
'.'. The commit toe to enforce these
rules  shall  consist   of:
.lunior member as chairman.
President of Women's Athletic.
I'resident of Men's Athletic.
I'i'tsidiint  of  L.  S.   }>'..
The committee shall meet within
Ilie first two weeks of the fall session
and nt least monthly thereafter, It
shall be held responsible for the
strict enforcement of these regulation*
ami for reporting cases of their violation to the Students' Council.
It wan rolt that Council should have
some control over the Inviting of
outside speakers to address University audiences, and It was therefore
decided  to give notice  of the  follow
ing by-law:
All organizations Inviting outside
speakers In address University students shall apply to the Students'
Council for permission to hold such
a meeting; nnd Council shall express
lis approval or dissent In a separate
mot Inn of its minutes.
$41.as was voted to buy new
sweaters for the Science '31 men who
loaned their sweaters to the rugby
team for the Waratah game. Announcement was made of two stu-
lent meetings, the annual Almo
Mater Society meeting to be held
March 30, and Presentation Day to be
tieai   April  il.
Inter-Class Track
Meet Set for
Varsity's cinder path stars, both
men and women are all set to do
their stuff at Brockton Point tomorrow, when thu historic lnter-class
meet takes place. For weeks Olass
Athletic Reps, have been lining up
all their possible talent and eaoh ll
confident that his olass will come out
on top. The meet should be the most
successful and hardest-fought in years
as each class is eager to gain any
points that go toward winning tho
Governor's Cup.
No one class has a great share of
the stars, although the Science classes which are combining for the event
will be tbe favorites. Art Fell will be
certain to collect a few points in the
sprints, as will Selby in the distance
events, Hob Alpen Ik sure to win and
will likely Bet, a new record In the
pole vault and place well un in the
weights. Along with Dtnoin he will
make the Engineers' entry n formidable one.
Aria '30, the winner of the meet laat
year, has a very good chance of making It two in u row, Any class that
has such first, class mou as Chappell,
Oaiidin and Dunn In Its ranks is sure
to make lis presence known before
the day Ik over. This trio can bo
counted upon to Burner the majority
of the points In the 880, mile and 2
rniios while- Roberts will represent
his class in tho shorter distances.
- Shields la ihe outstanding man for
Arts ".".), "Cokie" Jumped 20 feet, ll|/2
Inches In Seattle, which beats the pre-
iii Varsity record by more than a
foot, so another old mark i.t pi actio-
ally certain to fall hero. Shields is
nl"0 very good in the weights and
may cause the old records to tremble.
Todd, Chandler and MacDonald will
also be out for '29 and should collect
a few points between them.
The Henlorn have two regular point
getters In MrWilliams nnd Hatfield.
HathVld has been jumping around 5
feet 10 incho-i consistently and if he
keeps this up another record will go
by the hoard. MeWIIUamti hasn't been
doing much this year, but, If he is in
good condition he may ntirprlse some
of the yimni;,-,tois In the mile event.
The IA'riAi aren't eoncoiled much of
a chane > this year to win, although
Terry A one of the best men in the
sehool ia ihe I In and half-mil" and
v. ill a11 i  i |,e odd point.    Tlie yonrllngs
'A ill    i ike!;     (h)    l,e-;|     in    I he    :■'p I i 11 ' s    lis
ihey   lei" '    Iiui'i'ii,   A'a.i 'er   end   Caul
in   lie   sliDi'ier   distances.
Tbe lirails have Kllioti mid llailey
ami both these old I inters will be out.
to do tin Ir he.-t, and will undoubtedly
win quito a lew points. Not, much
is known of tho Aggies, but ihey may
pull a surprise ou ihe rest,
(Continued on Page 4)
KeK.K* and the Daily
Killtor, I'byssey,
Dear Madam:
I would like to give Council's view
of one or two misunderstandings in
the dally papers.
With regard (o the lectures on
"Companionate Marriage": I do not
think It Is remiss to ninke a public announcement of the fact that you and
I were agreed ihat, should the University authorities, for some unthinkable reason, wish to curtail the studenls' right to have speakers address
them on selected topics, we would be
together ln defending that right. The
dully press to the contrary, the Uni-
verslt) authorities have not taken
such action ami, so fur as I am aware,
do not  intern! lo take it.
Tuesday evening Mr. F, Pllkington
Informed me that the Literary Society proposed hold lug an open meeting at 3 jein. Hie next day at whioh
Mr, England :>f the Ku Klux Klan
would give au addrees on his organisation. Mr. Pllkington wished to
know if the proposed by-law brought
forwttrd on Maroh 19th applied. I
asked him that the lecture ne postponed for a week while Council considered its propriety, He did not
agree, I Informed him that, If he
maintained that position of defiance,
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MaboM 23«&, 1928
uH?? HbgHHrg
(Member of Paoiflo Inter-Collegiate Press Association).
leaned every Tuesday and Friday by the Student Publications Board of the
University ot British Columbia, West Point Orey.
Phone: Point Orey 1484
Mall Subscriptions rate: $8. per year. Advertising rates on application.
Senior—G. Davidson; Associate—M. Chrlstlson; Assistant—T. Keeling
With this issue the "Ubyssey" eoases publication for tlie year.
The hard-worked staff is about to transfer its energy to lonK-neu-lected
considerations of essays and spring examinations With some relief
but with more regret, we end our labours. If the editing of n bi-
weekly paper is an exacting task, it has unique, privileges. For one
thing wo have been able to say what we think, how we think, and
as often as we think. Thia ia a privilege worth many hours of labour.
Nor are we ever contradicted—except in the next issue—and always
we have the last word. Therefore if our homiletio disbursements have
fallen on unkind or deaf ears, it matters little, since we have "had
our opinions and printed them."
In the hands of capable successors wo leave the high cause of
college journalism. We are confident that they will carry on to new
successes; will scale new heights as yet untried. May they have
always things to say and say them bravely. For our readers, in Haying farewell, we have this kindly wish; may they be just, as successful in the coming examinations as we intend to be.
track meet
Tomorrow is the day of the annual inter-class track meet i and it
is expected that the general calibre of the event will be quite as high
as in previous years. If weather conditions are at all favorable the
dhanees are that a number of records will fall, as track men have been
following a rigid training program for some time past.
The work of Traok Club officials this year merits considerable
praise, The program outlined for the season is probably the most
extensive in the history of the sport. Last year's indoor meet was a
good innovation and merited a great deal more support than it received,
The annual relay has been praised by faoulty officials as being the most
efficiently organised of any yet. The meet with Washington meant
more than the soore indicated and shows that there are men at this
University who, with a little more coaching will be fitted to enter first-
olass competition almost anywhere in the country. One more meet is
still to be staged with Puget Sound. This will oomplete what is
generally considered to be the best and most ambitious schedule of
events yet mapped out in University track circles.
K.K.K. and Daily Press
(Continued from Page 1)
the only course open to me was to
cancel the lecture entirely. He kindly
agreed to wait until 10 a.m. Wednesday, at 8 a,m. a special informal meeting of Counoil agreed that the lecture
should be postponed. Mr. Pllkington
Was so Informed.
As a result we have a great headline, "Varsity Council and Students
Clash." And under this head: "At
the eleventh hour the Literary Society
was forced to cancel Its scheduled
meeting." "The Counoil was enabled
to do this by virtue of Us own by-law
of Monday, March 19." On March 19
Council gave the customary two-weeks
notice of the following by-law: "That
all (University) organisations inviting
outside speakers to address University
students shall apply to the Students'
Council for permission to hold such
meeting; and Council shall express its
approval or dissent in a separate motion of its minutes." The by-law Is
not yet in effect as any thinking
person realizes. The first clause
merely puts in black and white what
has always been the practice. We
have forms of application for rooms
on which three lines are left to be
fitted out explaining the "purpose of
the meeting." This part is not always
filled out, but so long as Council
knows what that purpose Is (and organisations usually do as the courtesy
of explaining ln plenty of time), we
have not demanded the technicality of
completing the form lu detail. The
second clause was a courtesy to the
Faoulty Committee which has and always has had the right of reading over
our minutes and discussing Items of
them. The various topics of discussion of the clubs are lost to others
than Counoil tn the Item of the
minutos that "rooms and dates bo approved."
Accdnortoonoutcg hlcat yndw
According to accounts the Literary
Society hod made arrangements for
this address over a period of from
three to eight weeks, but one Council
member heard about It Just 11 hours
before, and Council as a body Just 6
hours before the meeting was scheduled, Meetings of the Literary Sooiety "have never been banned before," because obviously it has not
been neeesssry.
In accordance with the regular
privilege ot student presidents I consulted a member of tha University administration. I gave the substance of
this to Mr. Pllkington privately. It
was given to the press without the
consent of either party concerned
It was also announced that
an effort will be made to teat the
validity and scope of the by-law, Students' Counoil has control of any
meeting of University students under
Summer Session
The Board of Governors announce
the fallowing appointments to the 1928
Summer Session:
Visiting Instructors.
Dr. J. B. Appleton, University of Illinois, Urbana, III. Course In Geography.
Dr. J. W. Bridges, McOlll University,
Montreal, Canada. Course ln Psychology.
Dr. W. H. Carruthers, University of
Saskatchewan, Sask. Course in Economics.
Dr. N. E. Laserte, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alta. Courses in
Education and Psychology.
Dr. M. W. Wallace, University of
Toronto, Toronto, Ont. Course in English.
Mr Hunter Lewis, University of
Washington, Seattle. Course in English.
Mr.   LeHlle   Howli'tt,   University   of
Toronto, Toronto.    Course In Physics.
Local  Instructors
Mr. F. Dickson and Miss Jean Davidson In General Biology; Dr. M. J. Marshall and Mr. J. Allardyce in Chemistry; Mr. W. K. Beech, Mr. W. H.
Fenton and Miss Isabel Lewis In Advanced Commercial Work; Dr. G. N.
Weir, in Education; Dr. W. L. MacDonald In English; Mr. H. Chodat,
Miss Janet T. Grelg and Mr. E. E. De-
lavault In French; Dr. Isabel Maclnnes in German; Dr. W. N. Sage and
Mr. F. H. Soward in History; Mr. H.
T. Logan in Latin; Dr. F. S. Nowlan
and Mr. L. Richardson, Mathematics;
Mr. James Henderson and Dr. J. B.
Wyman In Philosophy; Dr. G. M.
Shrum In PhyBlcs.
A meeting of Arts '28 will be held
to-day In Arts 100 at 18.10. Nominations for elaas offiaeo must be in
the hands ef the executive by Wednesday, Maroh 28. Elections will take
place on Maroh 30th.
the auspices of a student organisation,
no matter where held.
In conclusion I should like to suggest that the press tlnd out more
acourate details from those Immediately concerned of what has actually
transpired before taking the statements of disgruntled and Irresponsible
persons who are anxious to carry a
private disagreement before a public
which does not know the actual facts
of the occurrence. In this instance It
Is a University affair entirely. Yet
someone has given It the complexion
of a momentous conflict comparable
only to the struggle for Magna Carta.
Prea. A.M.S.
The Editor, "Ubyssey."
Dear Madam:
As this is the last regular publication of the "Ubyssey" for this term,
we feel that we are voicing the
opinion of the student body as a whole
in commending the able and efficient
management of our college paper.
Editor's note:—
"Something accomplished, something
Hath earned a night's repose,"
Letters' Club met for a delightful
evening on Tuesday last at the home
of Magistrate Shaw, Montcalme Ave.,
when Mr. Bill Masterson read a well-
organised and attractively-written
paper on Anthony Trollope. The dramatic power of the author was especial*
ly stressed by Mr. Masterson who
read three vivid death-bed scenes from
the writer's books, The Bersetshire
series was used In illustration of Trpl*
lope's method of writing of the same
characters in a series of volumes. Jane
Austen's influence on tbe writer was
also described by Mr. Masterson,
Mr. Laurence Meredith was elected
ss new president ot the Club, white
Miss Alice White become seoretary.
Newly elected members sre Miss
Margaret Orant, Miss Jsan Andrew,
Miss Dorothy Pound, Mr. Maurice
DesBrlsay, Mr. Don McDermot, Mr.
Dave Brock, and Mr. Dave Dowler.
Five vacancies still remain to be filled
In tbe fall.
The Historical Sooiety of the University of British Columbia Is open
to members and prospective members
of the junior and senior years. The
Society is devoted to the study and
discussion of subjects of historical
Interest. All those who wish to apply
for membership should address their
applications to the secretary, Mr. P.
Murphy, giving their qualifications.
Qualifications are the academic interests of the students.
The final eeting of La Canadlenne
for this session will be held Monday
evening at the home of Miss Margaret MacDonald, 5030 Blenheim Street,
Take Dunbar car to 35th Avenue and
walk two blocks east.
All new members are urged to attend. Business will Include the election of officers for the session 1928-
A full attendance is requested at
the final meeting of the Studio Club
to be held next Thursday evening at,
the home of Miss Francis MacDonald.
Dr. Sedgewick will speak on " Schubert." Annual elections will alao be
The closlug meeting of the Students'
International Club will be held tonight, Friday, March 23rd at the home
of Mrs. H. T. Coleman, 2834 41st Ave.
West, at 8.15 p.m. Mr. E. E. Dela-
vault will speak on the "Ethnic and
Racial Origin of the French."
All members are urged to attend.
A meeting of La Causerie will be
held on Wednesday, March 28, at 8
p.m. at the home of Miss Helen
Sutherland, 3622 1st Ave. W.
The final meeting this year of the
Mathematics Club, will take the form
of a business meeting. This will be
held tn Arts 204, Thursday, March 29
at 12.16 p.m.
Professor Christie will give a lecture on "The life and work ef a
Forest Engineer," to-day (Friday) in
Applied Science 102, from 12.06 to
12 36,
Scholarship Notice
Students of the University are
reminded that several scholarships are subject to application
made to the registrar NOT
OP THE FINAL EXAMINATIONS. Those Interested should
consult the Calendar.
A Possibility
and a Certainty
It is possible that your mining stock
may yield handsome returns, but it is
certain that an investment in Life Insurance will earn substantial profits;
nnd a Life Policy is immune from all
the risk associated with most other investments.
Do Things
in an up-to-the-minute practical
way. Use a Boyal Portable, most
modern of lightweight writing
machines, tar typtag lecture notes,
reports, theses, and essays, and
for all oorrespondenee. the Portable embodies the same features
as the Standard Royal Typewriter, and is finished either In
black, the new wood finishes, or
your eboice pf smart colors.
Machines may be bad oa trial
without obligation.
Campus Representative
9. a. TWB
Washington Debate
(Continued trom Page 1)
and over again In both international
debates and various forensio happenings in tbe University itself;
hence great hopes are centered ln the
team to be Bent to Washington and
the very best of wishes accompany it.
The attendance at the Saskatchewan
Debate in January was tbe largest
for over three years, while those
constituting the audience at the
Maritimes Debate ln the following
month were even greater in number.
It is hoped that despite the lateness
ot the year that the ever-increasing
interest In debating will again manifest Itself and that a gratifying
audience will be present on FRIDAY
Freshette-Junior Debate
On Thursday noon, March 29, In
Arts 100 women of Arts '29 will contest with Freshettes for the inter-class
debating shield. The subject is one
that is being much discussed at the
present time and there should be a
large turn-out. The subject is "Resolved that 'Student Government' in
this University is a fallacy," and the
Juniors, Margaret Grant and Muriel
Bowes, will uphold the affirmative,
while Jean Berry and Marion Sangster
wtll try to prove, tor the sake of Arts
'81, that "Student Government" is
what we have nothing else but.
 »-—^-»~ ■—
Arts and Aggies to Hold
The Aggies and tbe Arts Freshmen
will clash ln a final forensic duel on
Monday, Maroh 26th. Tbe history of
this session's lnter-class debates up to
the present is as follows:
(1) Arts '28, won rrom Arts '29.
(2) Arts '30, won from Arts 31
(3) Agriculture won trom Arts '28.
(4) Agriculture won trom Arts '30.
(5) Arts '31, won from Arts '29.
Now   the   winners   of  the   winners'
league,   I.e.   Agriculture,   debate  the
winners of the losers' league, i.e. Arta
31, for the lnter-class Debates Shield.
Next Tuesday noon, there will be ln
place of the usual lecture, 4 short
speeches by students. These are to be
"Some Estimates of the S.C.M."
The speakers will be Miss Gwen
Musgrave aud Miss Carol Coates, Professor Beckett and Mr. Ralph 8ted
April 28th to May 4th are the dates
set for the S.C.M. spring camp.
thi wkmtjgm
QftUfl 8T0M «KVI6I
T8Y us to* west ne«t
Drug wants sad tm* the
quality, stavica
Co., Ltd.
The QrlskUsl
ef Westers OaooSa
The Gables Tea Room
Near the PiaytngPleW
Hon* Qoolrinf ftue* Modwafr.
Union College
Dining Room Service
Luncheon st 12:15 sharp
Evening Dinner at 6:15
3Bc. each.
Table reservations must be made
in advance to Mrs. Myen.
Veer head dtssrvis Hie attssbea ef
Vancouver's Best Barbers
Racers Building Barber Stop
Special Student Rate
Public St«nofraph«r
M4-33S Regere BuUdlog SEYMOUR «
pefldenee Phone, q*H*g, lSSf-L
— or
(4 Is ussier Is Vsssesvsr 1
8 is ■rmsh Osbmlss
Are every day proving their
uMftilnsM te -Mme Unlvv
ilty Oracle, er 'Jnetairatjs.
Mot enlr Se they train tor
tbe huebteee watie% tut they
alee give eapcrt CeaeSlat te
the** whe need eeeletesee
In their Unlvmlt**
If you need suoh services
and You'll Never Regret It
H. J. SMOTY, 8.A., TitemUam*.
FHON8S i S8YMOUR 1S|0 ami 7111 Maiioh H8to, 1928
Tip-Top Tailors
301 Hssdngs St, W.
Suite and Overcoats
One Price Only
Try • TIP-TOP Still or
Overcoat and Save Ten
to FlfUw Dollars.
Student Stenography
— theses Work -
Gertrude Rive
■sy. 0701-L
Ttie Feature Staff
Feature Edltor.Roderlck A. Pllkington
Assistant Editor H, Koshevoy
Jokes Bdltor M. F. McGregor
It Is the end. The Muok Staff haa
cracked its last oraok and punned Its
last pun. Today It resigns from Its
lofty position In favor of the "Totem"
whose comlo strips henceforth will
hold undisputed sway on the campus.
So now we bid farewell io our Innumerable patient readers and our tew
Impatient contributors. We have done
our best for the Muck page and if at
times the humour has become strained
we have been the first to realise it.
We make no excuaes other than to
remark that the writing of about 4,000
words of muck per week is no sinecure.
This official farewell ahould be full
of tears and sobs, but, to tell the
truth, we heave a long sigh ot relief
and dance a dance of Joy that the
whole business Is finished.
Believe tne, brother,
From now on
We're through with Muck pages.
 « ♦ »   i..    —
A brave, undaunted three
In search of the Transcendental
Lost In the Analytic
The a priori Soporific
Took at last a kind of mental
Naumenal, phenomenal spree
"For how do we know that tree
Whioh we see, to be sure, we three,
(Mostly Category, we agree)
Will still be as now a tree
If we're not there to see?
that because tbe price Is only flvs dollars the shoes might not
be good value.
We all know Henry Ford's big idea—controlling the source
of supply and enormous production—cutting down tbe overheat
per car, enabling retail price to be lower.
That's the way Umpire Varsity Shoe Manufacturers work It.
They own thslr own tanneries, eliminating middlemen's profits,
and their tremendoua output gives continuous employment to
17,000 skilled shoemaksn.
By Unldng up with tkis concern, we are able to offer their
famous economy Une of Men's Oxfords at $5.00 per pair, and we
claim tost In St, good looks and wear they are superior to anything offered ln Vancouver at the price.
563 Granville Street Phone, Seymour 841
No more muck.
The work Is ended.
Every thing Is past and done for.
ir by luck
Our work has tended
To provide the mirth and fun for
AU the mob
Who think our Job
la a clnoh from end to start;
Well, I guess we've done our parr.
Looking back,
We see behind us
All the muck we've perpetrated.
Every Krack
Serves to remind us
How soon Jokes get antiquated.
Through our dreams
Pass endless streams
Of things we've mentioned on this
In prose and stansas droll or sage.
The Vision
Up there rise
With fiery eyes,
The ghosts of things we have offended,
Till, terrified,
We see our fears
Are verified;
And know, with tears,
Our Jokes were worse than we intended.
The Spirit of the Cafeteria
Comes before us, cold and grim,
Asking how our wit inferior
Dared to give offense to him.
"Great am I,
My strength unfailing.
Thousands die,
Mid thousands wailing,
From my pie.
'Neath my sway
The college student,
Grave or gay,
Tho rash or prudent,
Fills his tray.
Thousands dine
On substitutions,
Their constitutions,
Peak and pine."
Menacing, the shade departs
In his place then up there starts
A water-nymph, tall and entrancing,
Who wears, her loveliness enhancing,
A wreath or littles round her head.
She wept and through her tears she
"Alas, how can you be ho cruel
To mock me ho
Until I prow
The laughingstock of every fool.
I once was called tho Lily Pond—
Ah,   happy   recollection   !
And In my waters John was fond
Of  seeing  his   leflection.
But  now  they   throw  In  frogs  and
And   crusts  and   Borland's   Sundae
And all thla makes me far from good
to see,
And John  forsakes  me.    Woe, Oh
woe io tne!"
Wailing, she goes without downcast
And then appears to take her place,
A shape so much unlike that dainty
So dignified and yet withal so hairy,
Wo guess at once, for he was such a
hairy un,
It it, the spirit of the Great Librarian.
With savage glare
And accents wlerd
That through his whiskers whistle
"Young man, how dare
You mock my beard!"
How soon we'd die If looks could
Church's 'Marquis*
Wkes OssrsH'e 'Mortals' ar*
rived «te other Ssy, II seodi
ear stares Is this aeeetar itylc
Ingledew Shoe Co.
Baxheeiva Agamta
finiMiiiMiiiM .S'isi i i s)
Days of laughter, days of lectures,
Nights of dances all have fled;
Days or chess games and conjectures
Frosty mornings spent In bed.
Ail of these and many others
Seem of no Importance now
For exam-time wtth Ita bothers
Comes to crease the student's brow.
Worry, worry Is our key-word,
Speed or therell be h- • I to pay
A paas will be the crammer's reward
Failure wa.Ua for those who play,
In John's castle show new faces,
Even Aggies congregate
In the stacks and other places
Where they strive to postpone Fate.
English one, and French eleven
History six, and Latin four,
Eo thirteen, and Physics seven,
Render up their store of lore.
Four more weeks of all this hurry,
While we swot with might and main,
Bluff through fourteen days of worry,
Then forget it all again.
H. K.
More  shapes come crowding  into
Martha and Doris in the fore,—
Beauties, Freshmen, Aggies too.
And loud they clamour for our gore.
"We've  suffered   Insults,  lots  and
Your krax on us are note so good;
Rubella's jokes are fair in spots,
But still our vengeance cries for
Then   there   appears   the   pullets'
famous queen,
Hen No. 6, whose savage vengeful
Whose spiteful, murderous unrelenting mien
Shows plainly that her purpose is
to wreak
Her vengeance. With a gesture meek
We seek to pacify the irate hen,
Thank goodness that she knows not
how to speak,
Or we would hear an earful there
and then
Or  such  fowl  language  as would
shock the toughest men,
The nlght-mare grows,
The horrors swarm.
Kandld Konfessors, O. T. C.'s,
Chessmen, Kate-eaters, rows on rows
Of every shape and size and form
Force us to cry for mercy on our
Gargle McHootch,
Erudite  savant,
Blames us for things
We've said or haven't,
Tons  of X's
That mark the spot
Remind us ol crimes
We had forgot.
And  now advance, with  wrathful
A mob of wild professors,
Who wildly wave their weighty
To smite us poor transgressors.
First of these is ... .
No more muck.
Exams are nearing.
Finished Is the Old Ubyssey.
Profs, may pluck,
Our efforts queering;
We'll only say we've been too busy
Writing ever,
Stopping never,
Cutting lectures every day.
Wonder what the profs will say.
Proud father arriving at son's fraternity house-"Does John Smith live
Brother InebriaH—'Yea, drag him
ln."~Wlsconsln Cardinal.
Vmmouvw'b LeaaHne Business Cells*.
NkjM Softool fesr ssfhls soon week.
Sfttcfonft may enroll
at any time.
422 Richards Si m Hastfois)
Pleas, 8ey. 91M
I sis i iiiii isis i i s * n I i i i I tn
We hope that after exams
are over you wl remember that we are ready to
Altar Ajrtif at, trswNI
tmammSSm  *%  mmm*aje*%
Hire • new
Crew-Neck Sweater
"Your Bogptn friend"
Gold'* Haberdashery
"Th* Llttlt Shop Around tho Ceraw*
ss i si i if si i si min iii i s ni i i i mu
Just arrived-"*
shipment of
Tennis Rackets
Priced from
$2.05 to $19.00
We Specialise tn
TetmM Re-strin|»g and Repass
I'llU i       mi
Deaf. 4131 718 R0I80N If.
s i iii sisntns s< s mmiM-iili inn.sip'i
eomedore Catt
Oslifiesi Ussls* Ceertsess Ssrvlee
•:•  DANCINfl  •••
872 Granville Street
SIS  I HI  I SH Si'SHi»'»SlS S I'S Mill)
Evans & Hastings
Maaulnss, Anaaals,
Osass Pref ruowes, Lsial Fsr-as,
Social Slatloasry,
Pester Work,
Ssasrsl Oesmsrelal PHatlat
See u* be/are erdarinj el***>a,*r*.
PImm, ley, 181
871 Isystfsr IL
*T*H£ used car* we
* are now offer-
Ing for Mite will
measure up to the
expectation*) of n,
practical man who)
knows an auto'n worth. He will
realise Ihat Ihone can that can be
bought for little money will really
give good net-vice. So we will experience no difficulty in placing
The She* That Hives Veer
Bella* a Leaf Bide
Ternta. Service Derate
Oor. Alms sad Broadway
Phone ley. 1710 THE   UBYSSEY
Maroh 23rd, 1928
To-morrow, the big event on the
oarsmen's schedule will be pulled
over when the Vrasity crews stack
up against the strong Vancouver
Rowing Club aggregation. This is
the traditional Varsity vs. V.R.C. regatta and will take place in front of
the V. R. C. olub house at 2.80 p.m.
Owing to lateness ln starting, the
Varsity wateroutters did not make
their usual trip to Washington and
therefore have been provided with
ample time to train for this ovent.
The senior "eight" will row a mile
and a half oourse over Coal Harbor
finishing at the Rowing Club Clubhouse. This race has excited some
comment as tho Varsity shell will
eontaln at least Ave experienced oars
and will be coxed by the Australian
oox, Riohardson. The following Is
the list of events:
I. Flyweight Junior  single soulling
—K mile dash.
II. Novice Fours.
Varsity—stroke—K. Martin.
3—B. Gordon.
bowLlef. Friedlekow
til  Varsity vs. V.R.C.--140 lb. senior
Varsity—stroke—Kon  Thurston
1 7—Frank Smith.
8—Reg. Wilson.
B—Walt. MacDonald.
4—Vic Odium.
8—A. D. McCallum.
2—Ross Tolmie.
bow—Doug. Telford,
uox—L, Richardson,
IV. Junior Fours.
V. Novice Open Singles.
VI. V. R. C. 140 lb. eight vs. V. R. C,
Senior Four.   .
VII. Open Scratch Fours.
VIII. Light Weight Novice Fours.
Varsity—stroke—D. G. McCornmck.
3—C. Klrby.
2—G. Dawley.
bow—R. Hnsse.
Immediately  following    the    races
there will be a tea-dance held in the
Jlub house. Managing this will be:
liases Helen Matheson, Dorothy Kennedy, Esther Eddy, Mary Carter,
Dorothy Keillor, Esther King, Marlon
BullOck- Webster, Peggy Gourlle,
thelrim Colledge, Margaret Riggs,
Mrs. Jtt<?k Grant and Mrs. George
Clark., .
New Cup is Donated
i       to the University
. At'lhe University Rowing Club annual spring regatta there will be the
additional attraction of canoe races.
In the past these events havo been
highly entertaining, duo to tlio numerous upsets and it is expected that
this year's programme will be up to
the usual standard. A new feature 1»
a cup donated by Gordon Daker for
the Men's single paddle event. A11
those who have ever paddled ft canoe
are Invited to enter the races. Puddle-
ing  nhilily  is  <|iiiA   unnecessary.
All ( ii Iran ts men at ThomiwouV.
bor.t lion.--'- at tin- Mitianee to Stanley
park al :' p.m. Sat unlay. Kv-ryllilm:
Is fue an') phi h i -. • nl winner wll
C'ive ll  1 AA I   In  I A1  I'M  iliini'e   v.
Athletic Clubs Meet
Then Men's .Grass Hockey Club
held their annual meeting in Ag.
114. on Thursday. The following officers were elected: Honorary President, Prof. F. G. C. Wood; President,
W. 0, Richmond; Sec-Treasurer, S. V.
Clarke, Vice-President, S. Preston. The
office of Captain was left over till
next year. It was decided to put In
an application for a local park for
Wednesday afternoon practice next
year, The meeting then closed with
a hearty vote of thanks to the retiring
A final meeting of the Girls' Grass
Hockey Club will bo held at noon
Thursday next, In Arts 103. An
election of officers for tho coming
year will take place, so all members
should endeavor to be present.
It Is hoped that next year Varsity
will be able to enter the High School
League, and perhaps walk through
to victory. The team has done well
and shows promise, although It has
hud no real opposition.
The annual general meeting of tho
soccer club was held last Wednesday
for the purpose of electing officers
for next year. The elections resulted
as follows: Hon, Pros., Dr. Todd;
Hon. Vlce-Pres., Professor Lloyd;
President, Mr. Don Allan; Vlce-Pres.,
Mr. Mel Gaudin; Sec.-Treas., Mr. Allan Todd; Managers, 1st team Mr.
BJv King, 2nd team Mr. Maurice
Baker, and 3rd teum Mr. Kinnemont.
lt was decided to outer the second
and third teams in tho Vancouver
Junior Alltnnce as "A" anil "B" teams
respectively. The question of the
budget was discussed and Mr. Logle
brought forward figures to show
that the club |*as not overdrawn, despite statements to the contrary by
Ilie Pres. or Men's Athletics. Tho
meeting then adjourned.
At a meeting of the McKechnie
Cup Rugby Team on Thursday, March
22, Mr. Phil. Willis wbb unanimously
electod Captain for the season 28-29.
Suggestions for the various offices
of tho club were made. The election
to these offices will be hold next
Thursday, March 20, in Ap. Sc. 100 at
At an enthusiastic Annual Meeting
of the Canadian Rugby Club Thursday noon, the following executive was
Honorary Presldi.nt--Poun (.'lenient.
President--«W. P. Haggerty.
Vice-Profident—Cecil  Helmer.
Secretary   John   Colenutn.
Plan.; uvi'm niado Cur next yiiuA:
[■ire-HCiisonal practice, and certain
(•in-siinns of organization were discussed.
Gym Awards Made
In the <!his' Gymnasium classes
which have been so Mtrivs.sful this
yenr, thiei' idrls have obtained block
'letter;-: Klla II. SI. Pierre, lionalda Mr-
Rue. ;iiii| Mary Cowan. Tin re have
been   (ifiy   tried   and   true   nn mii'T -
Application has been made to the
Students' Council for permission to
hold a meeting of the Literary Society
next Wednesday at which a member of
the Canadian Knights of the Ku-Klux-
Klan will explain the aims and objects ot his organization.
Negotiations for this speaker have
been proceeding for a couple of
months, but final reply was not received until March 20. On account
of a by-law requiring consent of tbe
Students' Council, the Literary Society was aBked to postpone the meeting from Maroh 21 to a week later,
so that the application could be considered ln a formajjvay.
The tag day In support of the international Student Service sponsored by
the Historical Society, the International Club, and tbe S. C. M, realised the
sum of $77.59. A draft covering this
amouut has been forwarded to the
International Student Service Committee, Geneva and will be devoted toward the relief of needy students and
the development of International cooperation among the students of the
The committee wished to take this
opportunity ot thanking those taggers
who gave so willingly of their time
and the student body who so generously responded to their efforts.
On Thursday last al noon, In Arts
20S, Ihe flint Hireling of the newly
formed Fencing Club was held, Irvine
Keenleyslde occupied the chair. The
chairman opened the meeting by outlined (be future plans of (lie club. Mr.
Keeuh yslile ali-o ntinouncod Hint Monsieur c; de Mervieux had made a
special offer In V. B, C. students only,
which included  Ihe use of bis rooms.
Hon, President--Prof. T   Logan.
1'renidont I.   Kcnleyslde.
Vlce-I'reslilonl--V. Kendall.
Sec-Treasurer—H. Melllsh.
Instructor—-Moniiieur (J- de Mervieux.
The niei ting Ihen adjourned.
Track Club Pep. Meeting. Today. Everybody out to see the,
special Importation of talent
from Honolulu.
Saturday Evening
Lester Court
(By Invitation)
Nothing Too Largs    Nothing Too Small
Accommodation  and  Terms to Suit All
For inform ilion  PHONE DOUG. 800
follnv.     the   n
■on.dderiiii:     ihe     dis
The final* In the Varsity Badminton
Tournament were played off Saiurdii)
night at the Drill Hall. Tbe resulm
were as  follows:
Men's Single;--Noble beat McKar-
lane, 15-10,  10-15,   l.'-K!
Men's Doubles — Solly and Sparks
beat McFarlane and Noble, lIi-12, 15-1.
Ladles' Doubles - Mbues Pound nnd
Lvle beat Misses Kiddy and Mathoson.
16-18,  15-12.
The Ladles' Single-, and the Mixed
Handicap have yet to be played off.
In the former, Misses Lyle and Eddy
will battle for the title.
On the whole the Badminton teams
have shown remarkably good form this
year, both the A team and B team
haVe rought their way to good standing in the league.
- ■ -«•»
A meeting of the Arts Men's Pnder-
graduate Society will be held In Arts
100 Tuesday noon, I'2.20 sharp, for the
purpose of elect Inns. The offices lire;
President, Secretary and Treasurer,
anil nominations will be made nt the
A Correction
Owing to it mistake In tha list handed In to the "Ubyssey,'' the account of
the records and record holders published In Tuesdays Issue was Incorrect,
The following are the corrections:
440 yds.—Mottley, "25; 53 ,<K,.
880 yds.—McWIlllams, '25; 2.03 3-B,
Mile—McWIlllams, '25; 4.39 3-5.
Broad Jump—Shields, '26; 20.5,
elasse.|   Ihi'   ill I .lei,line    has    been      IV
A   linal   ineetlin:   will   be   held   Tiles
day   inion   in   Arts   loll.     All   nn inber.-,
should   be  present.
An invitation has been received by
Ihe I.iti rary Kmily to hold a debate
under tlie aunpice-i of the ('arlcton
Parent-Teacher Association. fi is
proposed that two teams of student..-;
should debate on some topic of interest i» the Memorial Hall, Kingswny. at
Joyce Head, on the second Tuesday of
a suitable month.
If debaters who have recently prepared it subject would got In touch
with the executive of the Literary Society, such a contest could be arranged
and thus bring the University In contact with tho public.
Compact as a wiilch a
necessity for fiveryone
who has writing lo do.
$.'5.1)0 down and $5.00
a month will buy one ol
those wonderful machines
with carrying oast).
Very Special Price to
Varsity Students.
Remington Typewriter (o,
Phone, Sey. 2408
The University Book Store
Hours: 9 a.m. lo 5 p.m.; Saturdays, 9 a.m. to I p.m.
Will students kindly call at the Bookstore
before the session closes and claim any
lost text books.
Proper   identification   must   accompany
each claim.
Track Meet
(Continued from Page 1)
An innovation of this will be the two-
mile relay, open to all men who did
not run for their class In the Arts '20
race, and some keen competition is
The women will also be out in force,
although they have been handicapped
this spring by the bad weather. Such
stars as Mary Carter, Torchy Bailey
and Thelma Mahon will be out trying
to shatter the past records. The
girls relay will be a great event, Arts
'30 being favored to cop the event.
The final meet of the year will be
at Tacoma on March 80, against College of Puget Sound. The local boys
gained much valuable experience last
week at Seattle and should give the
Tacoma boys a good fight. This meet
will bo held outdoors, where the Varsity men will be much more at home,
and the odds are with them to turn
In a victory to wind up a successful
The   Girls'   events   for   Saturday's
meet ore as follows:
100 yard dash.
50 yard dash.
76 yard low hurdle.
Broad jump
High jump
Throwing the basketball.
If you can do any of these things
come out and support your class. Owing to bad weather the entries are
not yet settled. There will be a cup
presented lo the winning relay team
and all points will go towards winning
the Class Shield. 2 o'clock at the
A debate will bo held between n
Freshman team, and one representing
the KKsllnno High School Forum, In
tho Auditorium of Kitsilano High
School, oil Friday, Mureli 2iith at 8
p.m. The subject under discussion
will be, "Resolved that Vancouver
should own and control tho public
utilities supplying it with electric light
and power, gus and street-ear service,"
Vurslty will take tho affirmative.
School of Business, Ltd.
tfl. C. Commercial)
June  - July  - August
Special Rates
H. C. DUFFUS, Prin.
709 Sey.
Georgia, VV. 5771
There's   a   singing   in   the
There's a chorus in the trees,
And everyone agrees—■
That it isn't going to freeze.
There may be a difference of
opinion on some subjects, but
when it comes to EASTER
CARDS to carry a message of
Spring and Easter Greetings
to friends far and near, why,
there is just one place to get
what you really want.
Stationers, Printers,
' ' Engravers » <•
At the
Sign of the
See the new "K" shoes
for Spring in the Men's
Exclusive Shoe "Den."
One of the best, the famous English "K" shoe sells
for dollars less. You'll like


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