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The Ubyssey Nov 17, 1925

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Stye Hhyiiiiru
Issued Twice Weekly by the Students' Publications Board of The University of British Columbia.
Volume VIII.
No. 14.
Arts' Cavaliers
Prance Around
Lester's Lists
"O, Memory, bring back to me
That wonderful night In Juno."
November 13th, night of the Art's
Dance, wns hardly romantic, that Is
from the point of view or the true
romance of park-meandering; and
shady groves which the poets rave
about. Rain, Vancouver rain, and the
bleak winds. But once Inside Lester
Court—the cue Is given, the curtain
drawn, and the Inner stage revealed.
Streamers produced a shattered
rainbow effect over each and every
light—or to drive It to tho limit, over
each and every miniature sun. Balloons more richly colored than tho
bottom of a South Sea lagoon, bub
bled against each other In mid air.
Yes, and there were many other
things—but who goes to a dance In
such a cold critical state of mind aa
to analyse the elements and details
which, as a whole, give that feeling
of a perfect atmosphere?
The setting was right; thorefore,
the dance was, too. It couldn't be
anything else, for Isn't everything a
product of its surroundings? The
formal edge of the evening was soon
dulled by the starch beginning to wilt
in the "boiled shirts." Only about
halt the men appeared in Tuxes.
And what portion of that half ever
appeared before, or will ever appear
again ,ln that same Tuxedo Is an abstruse matter for Probability to decide.
The Bit-down supper was as welcome, especially to poor boarding
house students as It a feast of the
gods had been tilted off the airy tray
of winged Mercury. The tooting of tin
trumpets (not like the golden ones
the angels honk) shattered the mellow atmosphere hanging over the
feast. It makes me wonder If the gentleman was right who mentioned In a
recent editorial that the students of
the U. B. C. had attained their
heart's desire—seclusion and tranquility from the rattle of our Iron
Age. At least the trumpets gave the
men a chance to talk. The party
only needed that little touch of
Bacchus to give it the complete absence of self-consciousness so necessary for pure pleasure
After supper the balloons floated
down, and many a gallant Lancelot
or Cervantes nearly broke his crown
spearing one of the right color to
match the dress or complexion of his
lady love, The 1'eter Orchestra began to hit Its swing touched perhaps by the fumes so cruelly denied
to us, The feature dance of the evening was "Flag that Train," and the
orchestra was especially decked out
for It In railroad caps, and smutted
There were very nearly as many
present at the dnnce as there had
been at the Frosh Reception. Many
of the faculty were there, some of
whom, one could not help but notice,
seemed to be musing on what a much
pleasanter thing It would be to teach
aesthetic dancing rather than the
more Intellectual gymnastics.
Much credit is due to the Executive Committee and ail others connected with making the dance a success.
At last the Varsity bus it gyinna-
slum. One of the construction cab
Ins, across the road from the oval,
lias been fitted up, and It makes Ideal
training quarters rinse ut hand. This
gives the boxing Hub the npportun
Ity, which, It ha-I been complained,
has never been given them, ami thus
they have not been as successful Pi
the past us they believe Ihey can he
The gymnasium In ready and all It
needs now Is a large number nt' tun
bltlotiM youths, not necessarily Tin
xans or Jack Doinpscys. If you don't
know anything about the manly ail
of self defense so much the better;
now is the time lo learn under one of
the best coaches that has ever offered his services to the Varsity. He
Is offering his assistance gratis and
at his own expense, expecting In return a little Interest on the part of
the students. How about It? The
first meeting will be on Tuesday,
November 17th, In the new quarters.
Varsity to Watch
Freshman To-night
Come on, Frosh! Let's lead the
whole Varsity, including faculty, to see
the most widely advertised "Freshman" In  the world.
Kvcrybody intends seeing Harold
Lloyd in "The Freshman." Let's all
go together tonight at 7 pin ; a special section Ir; being reserved for Varsity students.
This will be a real night of fun.
Something to write home and tell Paw
Special Varsity music Is being supplied by the famous Capitol Theatre
A song sheet Is being printed for
the occasion, and with the assistance
of the Orchestra students should be
able to show the downtown people
what  real Varsity  "pep"  Is,
'I'hi' Hooters Club is hiiiidllni; the
-sale of tickets for the big night. They
will be on sale In the Atnliloriiiin
building tonight from 11 a.m. to
■J p.m. The price Is only Mw, two for
Students want, to sen all the faculty present; Just drift back to the
days when you were freshmen, and
join tile students lit one night of her
tic fun before you start composing
i miiiih.   for  "The   Freshmen,"
All   lie i t    111   Unlit   ol   the   Cllfiltnl   III
ll I.Y 'ilir only time the section ctni
he procured Is for the " to !• I'i show
< 'twit*' * inly or seals will be lucking
Musical Society
Members     nf     {he     Musical     Society
are asked to note thai In future, pine
Uses will In «ln tit 12:05 sharp, and
continue until i.': li'i. Time will thus
he provided for eating lunches between lii'lii and 1, without encroaching on the rehearsal period. A business meeting will he held on Friday,
November 20, und all members are
requested to be present, as several
Important announcements will bo
Frosh Given Tips On
Xmas Plays
St. Saviour's dafcatad 4-1.   Varsity has now won thrto out of
six gamos.
Varsity's first soccer team boosted their league average nt the expense of
Ihe fast stepping Saint Saviours squad when Ihey emerged on the long end
of a four-one count ut Hob  Brown's enclosure Inst  Saturday.   The stud
cuts wero seen to hotter ad vantage than at any time this year, and It was
a clean cut win.
The churchmen were seldom In the picture, although Mosher had several
closo shaves. The losers drew first blood when Moffat scored from close In
after about ten minutes of play.
Later, Crute equalised with a well
placed kick after obtaining tho bull
from a scrimmage resulting from n
corner kick. Roots had no chance
to save. With the first stanza about
halt over, Crees sent in a shot which
the .Saints' custodian would have
got, but one ot the losers defenders
deflected the sphere Into the opposite comor in attempting to clear.
The students led by the odd goal In
throe at the interval.
Aftor the oranges, play opened
briskly, and green shlrtod soccer
men staged a come back, but could
not brenk the collegians' defence.
Manning at center half cleared well
and fed his forwards nicely, so that
Cruto and Mosher were particularly
Newcombe increasod the Varsity
lead after Manning had passed to
Wilkinson, and Roots had no chance
to save. About five minutes later
Duller took a right wing cross and
completely fooled the Saints custodian who ran out ot his goal. This
was the last score of the game, and
from then on It slowed up somewhat.
But the game waa pocked full of
thrills as both teams played a fast
brand of soccer, and adopted tho
same kick and rush style or game.
Line-up:—Mosher; Crute and Baker;
Gibbard; Manning and Ledinghani;
T. Wilkinson; Newcombe; Berto;
Butler and J Wilkinson
It seems that sotno of the Frosh
are still Ignorant as lo the nature of
the Christmas plays Most of them
have heard rumours, however, as to
their quality. Tho four one-act plays
have been chosen to keep the audience Intensely Interested every minute of the evening, nnd such variety
has been shown In the choice that
everyone lb certain to bo satlsflod.
Beauty, drama, comedy, and the
"thrills" which tho Victoria Collego
debating team so vehemently denounced, are all offered.
The Seoond 8hepherd's Play
The first article on the programme
will ho tho mlraclo .play, "The Second Shepherd's Prax* which deals
with oventB occurlng at tho tlmo of
tho birth of Christ. There Is a good
deal of comedy Intermingled with
more serious acting. The wholo
piece is brilliant in costuming, scenery and lighting, and will be seen to
advantage upon the new stage.
The Dumb Wife.
The second play shown will bo An-
atole France's hilarious comedy, "Tho
Man Who Married a Dumb Wife."
This tells of tho trials of a Judge of
the seventeenth century, whose wife,
like many of our newly-acquainted
Freshet tes, is beautiful but dumb,
Through the skill of a surgeon she
finally regains her speech, but only
to produce the most laughable scenes
imaginable Mlllu Allium ami J.
Jacob take the part of the wife Catherine and the Judge. Leonard, respectively. Iinris Clarke makes a great
deal of the small part of Alison, the
maid. It Is worth a trip from New
West minster to see her lively battles
with the servant, Giles, played by
the  Murphy twin.
The Luck Piece.
"The Luck Piece," by l'erclvnl
Wylde, Is a thrilling story of murders, drunkards, and old hags which
is Intended to keep the audience
tense with emotion from start to finish. Albert, a dissolute young bartender, played by Leslie Brown, kills
a man in a violent quarrel when the
two nre alone in the bar room. He
nnd his old mother Annie (Isohel
Burton) plan that Albert shall line
some drunkard Into the room and,
after a sufllcleiit number of drinks
have dulled his memory, convince
blm that be bus committed the minder. Ill the meantime Annie will be
bringing the police to the scene. I,cm
He Hewlett lakes the part of Die
drunken gentleman  who "tulghl   miir
l|lT Millieillle, hill Would never steal."
The     w M |'i|     lighting     effect     III     "The
Luck Piece" nihil to Us hnri'iii', milk
lug a suitable background for the
phiv, which ui min,ill v works up lo a
hlnnilciii'iillm- climax
The  Fatal  Rubber
"The Fatal llubber," last nil the
list,   Is   a   short   I'linieih    hy   Maurice
Mat lllg, which serves In relax the
lalll Hi I'Vcs nf the audience lifter
"The I,nek Piece," ami send II hnllle
In a k< ii ii I litiiiiinir. The play Is nf
ll"!ir> VIII., his wife, Catherine Purr,
and their son, Teddy, and daughter,
KlUaheth. The four 'ire indulging lu
a game of bridge, and break Into the
wildest quarreling which royalty will
permit. The play becomes faster
and funnier minute by minute, closing In the highest pitch of excitement and action.
Bailie Waged
Over Balloons
Saivnvv ami Art* have first
fraouti in rvcvnl years
liy (lus Madeley
Riot fe Ik lied Fllpl'ellle on I be alter
noon of Friday the thlr'ienth, when
the Arts men endeavoured lo regain
the twenty-five Inch corduroy bays of
tho "college humorist."
At about u quarter past two on that
afternoon, when Otis Madeley "who Is
.t lending and specially provocative
member of the Arts '2H cIims" went
nvor to (lie Applied Science building,
lie was seized by two of the Science
men, but managed to escape, only to
be recaptured on leaving tho other
end of the building by some dozen or
so Science men. They then bore him
upstairs to one of the drafting rooms
where they unceremoniously removod
the "offending bags," and mercifully
lent him a pair of overalls.
Thon they hastened to the notice-
board near the women's entrance and
posted them with the caption "MAD-
F3LEY? Gun tore them off the board
and again endeavored to escape. The
small army of Science men who had
mustered by Ibis time seized him and
paraded him mound the Arts build
Ing. At the end of the parade they
pinned the bags to the window of
one of the draft ing rooms.
Bags at half mast
Tho Science men, not think Ing the
position sufficiently conspicuous pro-
ceded to the roof of the Science building, and, with due nnd reverent ceremony, raised the bags to "half mast."
Meanwhile In the Arts men's common room the "provocative member"
lllated to his fellow Arts men with
wrathful Indignation, and, led by
Frank O, Adams, a small band valiantly stormed the citadel, succeeded In
lowering the bags, and made a temporary escape with them. The Incident was a maximum "causus belli"
lor a long overdue Arts vs. Science
By this time, the whole faculty of
\pplled Science bad mustered, and
met the handful of defenders on their
way   out,     Long  and   vociferous   wns
the    fight     Which    ensiled,    during    the
course ol   which  the 'offending   hugs"
were lire|i,''iiil.|> torn asunder.
tne  men,  dressed  In  over
far   superior   In   numbers,
in   wresting   the   remains
galliini   hand  of   Arts   men,
and   Ironically   raised   what   was   left
of one lei; ot ih" hags to hall mast on
he /lag pole again.
The next morning, a number of the
Science men were seen selling small
portions of the "trouserage" as iiouv-
"iilrs In order to raise sufficient funds
io re-Instate lb" unfortunate Gus Madeley,
"The fair, the chaste, the
Unexpresslve Bags."
At noon a delegation of Science men
Accompanied blm down town where
they went from shop to store and from
store lo shop, endeavouring lo find a
pair of bags equalling the damaged
niies lu niiignltlceiice, splendour nnd
'XpaiiKe. After a long and fruitless
search ihey found that they bud
destro>ed it pair of bags which were
unique in tin Ir expanse, so, falling
for   the   trickery   of   ralesineii,   ihe>
Were   lotceil   lo   be   satisfied    with    the
'next    be   I,"    which    Ihey    were    told.
•ipitilleil i lie "gone but mil forgiii lent,"
mi   In tiiHh  were a mere twenty two
lichen   III   clrclllillelence
All a: ■' ed i hat ihe tin liietit w a-' ii
■noil Jul,.- up lii a point, hut thill ll
ui. -Olih cut t h il Ion tar ll Is rumour
il I hut tin new bags will he pre ent
il III  tin    Th'-nln    I'llll'   lo nh'li
.   .a-   .
MIhh IIiiiisI'iii'iI wiiithl like to cull
tile ii 11 I'll I Ii ill of the stlldentH to sntlie
new services the Cafeteria now bus
to offer Afternoon tea Is served, not
collected III Instalments ut the Grill,
every afternoon from II to 5 at prices
of 20 and 'Jfi cents. After tea, light
suppers will he sold, hot lunch prices,
till Inte In the afternoon. Arctic
cakes, chocolate burs, cigarettes and
hot drinks are on sale at all times.
The   Si i.
alls,   and
t'oiu   the
Second Team In
Brilliant Form
Defeat Collltrs 3*2. Evans turns
hat trick
U. II, C. second division soccer team
won their third straight game, thereby advancing to the third round of the
Allen Cup. Their victims were the
Colllngwood team or first division.
Varsity won by playing hard every
There was fierce fighting on both
tides, Colllngwood attacked but Dynes
the centurion drovo back their line.
Sutherland, who Is wont to be the
last defender, thinking that a goal
ought not to be scored, cast himself
upon the ball und hurled It once more
into the middle of the fray. The V.
B, C. forwards, believing the barbarians' goal n fit object for plunder,
pushed off with a great shout and
made for that part of the field In whloh
was the enemy's camp. Now tho battle had raged for but fifteen minutes
when Evans, running with the utmost
swiftness, throw the ranks of the en-
'■my Into confusion. The Varsity, encouraging each other because the
omens had sho vn the gods propitious,
followed Kvnns fiercely and fell upon
his neck from every quarter when he
drove the ball with destruction Into
the enemy's citadel.
Varsity Soores
Bill Gray and Stevenson, combining
well on the right wing, soon worked
tba ball down. Evans snapped up a
difficult cross and kicked it high Into
the upper right hand corner of the
net* The large crowd of Colllngwood
tupporters was amazed wt
Varsity followers yelled
hoarse. Colllngwood,
newed their vl|
Lundle Croat
shot first time
second brlllant"
length and turned the ball away. Boon
again Flea saved. This time, being
charged, he waited until the Colllngwood players were on top of him
iniS then threw the ball over their
leads. Swanson got Bill Gray away
who centered to Tom Warden. Tne
'atter's bard shot was deflected from
i bark and Kvnns, racing In, slammed
hrough his tliltil goal. Splllsbury pui
n a lust shot which tho goalie saved
Colllngwood   Comes   Back   strong
With tlie wind In their favor In the
second half, Colllngwood played a vuy
langerotis game. In a few minutes
they tallied, when Dnve Warden nils-
t'd a centre which Nestman immediately lodged past Sutherland,   Charlie
,eek sent the Varsity forwards away
nore than once, but corners, not goals,
resulted. Shllllngford, Collies' Inside
•Ight, scored their second from a close
This closed ihe scoring although
Hob Lundle tried hard to Increase Col-
llngwood's count. Frank Robertson,
however, held him well In check, ably
assisted by "Fat" George Dynes. For
Colllngwood the outside right, right
half, and left hack played consistently. The ent Ire Varsity team fought
hard. Lineup Sutherland; D, Warden and Dynes; Swanson, Leek and
'{obertson; Gtay, Stevenson, T. Warden, Evans and Splllsbury.
vigor a
Thursday and Saturday are
student nights for the Christmas
plays, Yellow tickets will be
accepted only on Saturday night,
and only students will be admit-
tsd on student tickets. The
doors will opsn at 7.45 and the
performance will begin at 8.15.
Th.ttiks to a larger auditorium,
there will be seats for everybody, and no need to choose be-
twstn standing outside the duors
before the performance or
around the walla while It '■* In
Arrangements have been made
for special busses after the performances. THE   UBYSSEY
November 17th, 1925
®ij? $h|j00n}
(Member of Pacific Inter-Collegiate Press Atsoclattoa).
Issued every Tuesday and Friday by the Student Publications Board of the
University of British Columbia, West Point Grey.
Phone: Varsity 1434
Mall Subscriptions rate: |3. per year.   Advertising rates on application.
Editorial Staff
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF—A. Earle Birney.
Senior Editors—Miss Sadie Boyles and W. Murphy.
Associate Editors—Miss Wanetta Leach, D, Warden, Miss Marlon Smith and
Don Calvert.
Feature Editor--Eric Dunn
Assistant Editors—Miss .lean Tolmie, Florence Cassidy
Chief Reporter—FranclB Btovons.
Proofs—Miss Mary Esler, MIbs Dorothy Arkwrlght
Sport Editors   Dave Taylor and Miss Doris McKay,
Exchange Editor   John Grace
Cartoonist   George Thompson.
Literary Editor -Darcy Marsh.
Business Staff
Business Manager   Harold G, McWIIIInms.
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Circulation Manager—Dlgby Leigh
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Feature—Ted Morrison and George Vincent
Senior—(1. Ashworth, Kay Baird, T. Byrne, Jean Fraser and Alice Weuver
Regular—C. Brown, M. Cameron, Florence Cassidy, May ChrlstUmi,
Doris drompton, Q. Davidson, E. II. Ewort, H, Gartshore,
Mary Oeorge, L. druham, II. Grantham, Winifred Hall,
Lillian Hodglns, A. Madeley, J. I). McLean, Jessie Moimie,
P. Murphy, I). Palmer, F. C. Pllklngton, a. L. Phillips,
Q, Stevens, K. Stewart, R. Tolmlo and Ruth Ware.
Senior,  Sadie  Boyles;   Associate,  Don  Calvert;   Assistant,  Jean  Tolmie;
Proofs, Mary Esler.
There were In ancient times aotno who had their own pet theories, fancies, and philosophies, nnd who considei'iMl the much-cm vicariously ".elected to roKulnto the thought of the communities in which
they lived. All who dittttKi't'od with thcue persons, were rciiardud
with suspicion, if not with contempt. Much guiding genius, moreover, took certain precautionary tneaKiires to secure his theories for
posterity. Those methods were simple. Hcgularly he banished the
dissident, often he impressed him, and occasionally he beheaded
him. In those days the ordinary person who had an opinion or n
whim cherished it at his own personal risk.
In the twentieth century, however, a much different, method is
employed. If anyone in authority who is a member of parliament
has an enemy, he gives that enemy such a severe castration before
4he law-makers of the country, that the object of his attack is completely humiliated. If he is not a pai'linmentnrian, he rushes the
enemy's nnme into front page headline,—advertising or cartooning tho unfortunate's depravity; and ont! is inclined to think that
after all, the ancient way had its atlviintages, i'ei'Hims nowadays,
are much too ready to criticise, and most often ihey do so on In just
grounds, because they do not thoroughly iinderstund the ohjeot of
their attack, and for thnt reason are prejudiced, Ketalitition, in the
majority of cases, is unwise, inasmuch as it gratifies the aceusor.
who is much more effectively dealt with if ignored, Moreover, public opinion, in the end, judging the question no its merits, settles it
for all time and in twelve months senreely n nnii-iuiii- i< heard nf the
once feverish contraversy.
This vejir tite "Annuiii" is tmdei-e'iiiiig severnl i-ittlier milieul
cl.lUlges. In the first place, its iippe-inincc is tn lie quite (lilVet'eiit ;
We are to have u hnril-euvoi-i'd honk, nlimit eio'ltt incites by ten in
size—n much mure convenient shape to handle than that to which
we have hitherto been accustomed. The absence of advertising matter, too. should add considerably lo the beauty of the volume, besides making it still more definitely it souvenir of their college days
for the graduating classes to carry away with them.
Another matter has come up for discussion, but has not yet been
decided upon—indeed it is a thing for student, opinion to settle.
It is this: Should our "Annual" continue to be called the "Annual," nnd nothing else, or should we give il a mime of its very
own? Other I'liiversilies have given to their publications of this
sort some characteristic name- shall we do the same.' The "Annual" editor would be very glad lo receive expressions of student
opinion on this subject, and suggestions for a suitable title. So
keep it in mind, and be on lite look-out for ideas.
Eat More Arctic Cakes
and Help Building
Save your Arctic Cake Tickets!
Drop them In the boxes placed at the
entrances to tho Grill and other convenient places! Help lay the corner
stone of the Women's Union Building
at Point Grey by winning the prize!
In other words, the Women's Union
Building Committee has seized upon a
new Idea with a view to raising the
necessary SIB.OOO for the fund. It Is
this: to win the prize that Is being
awarded to the person or person saving the greatest number of Arctic
Cake tickets.
Now after figuring this out; with
approxniiitely 1.500 students, each
student eating at least two Arctto
cakes a day, six working days a week,
and eighteen weeks until Ihe contest
closes, what could he easier? If each
and every student tines his bit, the
chances are a hundred to one that
the commute" wilt win. Another argument -waste Is tho great social
evil! Even a little Arctic Cake has
a purpose In society, Remember
this and destroy not one.
NB, For those saving for a brick,
make up your set, get your Ice cream,
and then turn In your cards,
|> ^«a»#»a«a«««t"»»«' ■«".-»-« «a......-.i.a...-«-a-«-.-..-|i
Correspondence    j
November 11th, 1925.
Ed 11 or Ubyssey.
Dear Sir:
We have all seen some of our fellow students wearing beautifully
painted oilskins, during Hub wet spell.
Some of us have seen other fellow
students wearing heavy, loud check
skirls, presumably the type that loggers are wont to wear. These two
Innovations have come to us from
Varsities below the line and rather
than wait for any more Ideas from
hat quarter, 1 would suggest that we
forestall them with some of our own.
We have many different, costumos
to choose from: Trapper, Indian,
Logger, Eskimo, Cowboy, Pirate and
Scout, and a host of others. Any of
these outfits can be made by any tailor al trilling cost.
Of course, to carry out the full effect of any one costume, It may readily be seen that the accoutrements,
which go with the costume, should be
carried along. As, for example, should
A student be wearing a cowboy outfit, It would be necessary that he
carry a brace of six shooters and ride
a horse. For those desiring to appear tn Eskimo garb, It would be quite
the thing to paddle out to Varsity in
a tyak and then walk up from the
beach with a harpoon In one hand
and a piece of blubber In the other,
Hoping my suggestions nre not In
vain.    I remain,
Yours respectfully,
J Class and Club Notes
ARTS '27
Tickets to the number of 263 were
sold by Arts '27 In their drive In connection with the recent Alberta-Var-
slty English Rugby Game. The en-
ergotlc and business-like members of
the Junior Year netted $120.60 in
their whirlwind campaign. Some
members even permitted a lapse of
their academic dignity to the extent
of soliciting sales before the game,
Saturday, A booth, run In both halls
In the Arts Building during the early
part of the week, also helped Increase tho proceeds. The members of
this year deserve great credit for the
whole-hearted way In which they
threw themselves Into this caiupulgn,
and, It Is hoped, huvo established a
precedent which other years In tho
Varsity will follow,
A. U. S.
A general meeting of the Agricultural Undergraduate Society was held
on Thursday, November 12th. At this
meeting It was decided to hold the
Agriculture dance on January 15th, at
Lester Court. Sid Bowman was elected the Aggie yell leader.
Examination Schedule
Potted In Arts
A temporary lime table m the Christ
nuts   iKlimlllltlloils    lu   the   KaculH    nf
Al'lH   Mini   Science   lilts   been   placed   nil
the notice boards In the Aits lliilldlng.
Owing to the ft loin of the choice
of op: Inns In the Arts course it Is
tlllllcult lo avoid "elahes" In the ex-
nullum Ion ilmc tahlc, but It Is hoped
lllltl these may be entirely eliminated. It any student llmls it confUtt In
his examinations us set down In the
temporary draft of the timetable he
should report, the matter at once id
the Registrar's Olllce, wiih a stale-
nietit, || possible, of the number of
students affected and any suggest ton
as to how the dlfllculty may be overcome.
If the person who borrowed the
knlsninliie brush from the bucket outside the stage entrance to lh,< innll
lorltim has Mulshed whitewashing his
cellar, th" I'luyers' Club would appreciate It |r he would return this
hru-.li, which wns hut to the t'liih by
Ihe person whose name |m Inn tit op
the   handle
Notice To Debaters
Will the lollowltiK please meet to
day (Ttiesilu.M In I,. S. I». olllc" ill
I-.Ifi sharp; Misses Jean Tnltnle, Groin
Mather, Mallee Murphy; Messrs. Kobe,
Murphy, Craig, Dunn,  Hunter, I'urdy.
The tickets for Varsil) Theatre
night are rifle and not line, as was reported in last  week's Chyssey.
S. C. M.
Several subjects of national Importance which should appeal to
students of tho Cnlverslty have been
suggested as Hpi'dal topics for intensive sfuilv to be conducted hv the
S.  C  M.
Chief among them deals with the
Chinese situation. Students of this
Institution ought to be interosicd In
obtaining Information and exchanging opinions on this topic, the Importance of which  Is Intel-national.
Comparative religions have also
been suggested as a topic for discussion which will probably be considered  In great  detail after Christmas.
All students are urged to attend In
Room Agriculture 200 at noon today,
nt which further suggestions may be
"The Student," official organ of
Ihe S. C, M. In Canada, Is a comprehensive Journal of Student christian
activities. Subscriptions (,$t.i)0 per
year) may be tiled with Miss Clare
McQitarrle, '27.
For further information see Mrs.
M. Gordon, who will be In the S. C.
M. Room W from !) till 11 every
morning of the week.
The Freshman Class Is putting on
a I'ep meeting on Frldav, November
L'mii. at 12: Hi in the Auditorium, to
arouse enthusiasm for the .McKech-
nle Cup game to be played on November L'lst
A committee of five has been
chosen lo arrange the programme.
They havo sonic good Ideas and have
pnuiiisoii something different and
unusually  good.
Everybody out, both for the I'ep
meeting iiml (he game.
Tickets for Hie Freshman Class
Hike on Saturday, November 21st,
to the xatiie ami dunce can be obtained   from   the  monitors  next  week.
FOUND—Pearl Necklace near Lester Court, apply Students Council Office.
The two upper years of Agriculture
held a most enjoyable class party on
Wednesday, November 11th, at Kll-
larney. The patronesses were: Mrs.
P. A. Bovlng, Mrs. H. M. King and
Mrs. O. G. Moe.
Under the patronage of Prof, and
Mrs. Duckerlng, Dr. and Mrs. Buchanan, and Dr. and Mrs. Hebb an enjoyable class party was held by
Science '28 and '29, at the Winter
Garden, last Wednesday evening. The
executives of the two years aoted on
the committee. Lee's orchestra supplied the music, and, as la the custom
at such function everybody had a very
good time- The party, moreover, was
somewhat unique in that no class draw
was necessary.
Prof. W. S. Duckerlng will address
the Engineering Discussion Club In
Room 203 Ap, Sc. on Wednesday,
November 18th, at 12:16, This is not
a lecture, so come one, come all.
The last meeting of the term will
be held In Room A 202 next Thursday at 3 p.m., when Dr. Dederlck will
speak on the subject "Methods of
Computing Logarithms."
Members of the graduating classes
and of executives must have their
photographs for the "Annual" taken
as soon as. poslble. This year the
photographic work Is being done by
special appointment with Brldgman's
Studio. Do It now, and get It over—
all the individual pictures, or at least
as many us possible must be taken
before Christinas.
S.  M    U.  S,
All Science men take notice.
The   Science   Smoker   will   be   held
In  Dominion  Hall  on  Saturday,  November  31st.  at  ,X  p.m.    Please  come
early and avoid the   crush.
The Women's Undergraduate Society held their second meeting in
tho Auditorium, on Friday, .November 13th. Miss Lenora lrwln occupied the chair.
Miss Hollert explained that. It was
proposed to formulate a system to
advise students regarding part time
and summer employment. In order
to get Information on the subject,
Miss Hollert wishes any girls who
have been successful In obtaining
employment to submit reports on
how they have earned money, on or
before the 18th.
In connection with the Women's
Building, two plans for raising money
were discussed. The proposal that
tho women students should glvo their
caution monoy was passed unanimously, It was also suggested that if
students would band in their Arctic
Cake coupons to the W. U. S„ it
would be possible to win the one hundred and twenty dollar first prize offered for a complete series of coupons, and In this way Increase the
funds.    The  meeting then adjourned.
A very pleasant mooting of the
Letters Club was bold on November
12th, at the homo of Dr. F, C. Walker, when George Vincent read a paper on "Rudyard Kipling." Mr. Vincent outlined the chief works of the
author, dwelling longest on his short
stories and on the poetry which Mr.
Vincent endeavored to justify on the
grounds of Its appeal to the most un-
educuted men.
"Hey, there I   Anal you a friend
of mlnef"
"I certainly tn. I'd do anything
In the world for you, Yee, owj*.
thing I"
"All rliht-prove HI OWemeback
that Rldorado pencil you borrowed
tut night."
If leede— el> aWm
The University
Book Store
Open from 9i80 a. ni. to 12 noon.
I p. m. to 4 p. m.
Saturdays, 0i3d a. m, to 13 noon.
Loose'Leaf Noto Books,
Exerolss Books sad Scribblers
At Riduoed Prion
Also, Qraphlo and Engineering Paper,
Biology Pspsr, Ltjoss-Lsaf Rsfllls
Fountain Pen Ink
Best Productions direct from
New York at the
Strand Theatre
Excellent features and artists
that can be teen or heard
nowhere else in Vancouver.
Cabaret Belmont
Granville and Nelson Streets
Manr  Unlraralttr atadeata have feiitid,
and ara now fin-llnf, thai a (ratal*)* la
en* of ike mauy eourie* la Ike
— of —
We stand ready to assist all who need
Our Secretarial Course Is one which
appeals to University students.
If Interested, give us a call at any ot
336 HASTINGS ST.. W. -1 §JJ; j1*,!
MAIN and TENTH •   -   .   -   Pair. 41
K!nfi Edward Old Boys
9 p.m. to 1 a.m.   Lee'e Orcheitra
Noveltie* — Entertainment
Couplet, $3.00   Ticket*, Bay. 2446-R
l'«*^taf»'|-.S.*»i.»M»ta»>e-»i+~Oj*0*%~4yne>.Oj.-1h*et*+*.*te4  » November 17th, 1925
thing m Antm another.
'.mtneeti at?**-."
Wud-PaiwtofJ eiaclM lamp Shades
A Variety of Neveltlet for
ArtUtlc Shales        Christens (Hto
Prleee Reaioneble To Order
Sey, .761
of the telling price ol goods
goes to taxation on an average.
If, instead of using imported
goods competing directly
with our own products,
B. C. goods had been
bought, over $8,000,000
would have been contributed by way of taxes to
the building of Schools,
Roads, Hospitals and other
necessities in B. C.
Half Price and Less
1184 Granville Street
Phone. Seymour 1013
Sporting Good. Sale
Everything siorlfloed-your
opportunity to buy 8portlng
Eqiilpmtat CHEAP.
George Sparling
McGill-Sparling Ltd.
Sey. 4603     718 ROBSON ST.
Ladle.' Black Kip Skat- d» A £A
ing Shoe* Per pair y4*«)U
Ladle*' Tan faced Black £g AA
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Ladle*'  Chrome  Tan d»C CA
Skating Shoe*. .Per pair ^d*«)U
Boy*' All Black Skating d»*J AC
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Boy*'Tan Faced Skating t»M f"A
Shoe* Per pair aj)<t.DU
Men'*   Black  Box   Kip *f* AA
Skating Shoe*   Per pair $3.UU
Men'* Tan Faced Skat- d»C Cft
ing Shoe* Per pair *p9*3U
Men'* Profe.iional Hoc- d»/J AA
key Shoe*, Black, Per pr. $D.UU
Model T Hockey Tube t*A  Of*
Aluminum finish, Per pr. ^*V.03
Men'* and Ladie*' Auto d»Q f?A
Skate*   Per pair $a),«)U
The    Pattlme    Hockey d»0 CA
Skate Per pair ^L.DM
Boy*'    Hockey    Stick*     OC
 each      *C3Ca
David Spencer
By P. I. P,
Chapter III.—(Cont.)
A tall bearded man wan nit (Inn In
a corner of the room. "Aha, another
mystery," ho mild to himself, "Why
(loon a 25c meal cost ,10c?" Ilia keen
penetrating eyes roved over the room,
scanning Intently thu faces of all
newcomer*. "Was I right?" ho murmured." I thought he must he connected with the University to have
such an Interest In this contest.
A short, burly man entered and
took a vacant place. The beared
man rose and took a seal ut an adjacent table. Ten slow mlnutee
passed, and then a rod-faced Individual appeared, recognized the burly
one and sat down hostile him. "Hello,
Krankel," he said, "How goes It?"
The other man bent forward and
whispered, "Got him safe, Money
now three to ono.   Sure thing."
And not a word escaped tho Intent ears of the tall man with the
black beard.
The bearded man rose aud approached Frankol. "Will you please
pass the sugar?" he asked. "The patent automatic doofunny on my table
Is out of order.'
Prankel reached over the table and
proffered the sugar caster. The
bearded man shot a glance of satisfaction at the man's wrist, for there
was revealed a small Indentation
about one mm. deep and 2 mm.
long, evidently caused by some blunt
The tall bearded man returnod, finished his caviar, then rose and left
the brilliant gathering.
"Excellent my dear Whatson, said
Flintlock Bones, taking off his beard
whou he came to where I wag waiting. "You follow the red faced man
aud I will shadow the burly one."
Another move toward the solution
of the mystery of Sammy Oowiskl
was about to be made!
Chapter IV.   Pursuit.
We had not long to wait. The two
men came out together and made
their way across the grassy lawns
of the Campus. We followed closely
behind, keeping well In the shadow
ot the shade-trees,
At last they made their way to a
large and apparently deserted house,
as lonely and forbidding as the Administration Building. They unlocked the door and stepped Inside.
We pained and looked up and down
the street. It was deserted, except
for a walking edition of "College Humor," who was busily occupied lu
searching for fragments of corduroy
cloth. "Come," said Flintlock Hones,
darting  up  the  steps.
Tiptoeing aliniK the passage we
halted outside a door throiiKh which
the sound of Frankefs voice rent the
air.    "That Is tlnul. Ulnks," we heard.
"Five hundred dollars Isn't much
for a Job like that," came the volco
of his companion.    "That Is what we
agreed   on. rtie   betting  in   bettor
than ever," rejoined Bitiks. You will
make a pile, now we havo tho champion out of it, thanks to me,"
"Well, come with me to Kamchatka
and place your bets with mine. The
boat leaves today."
Flintlock Hones swung the door
wide and stepped Into the room. At
the sight of his revolver their hands
shot skyward. "Hlnks and Frankel,
1 arrest you for the abduction of
Sammy Qewlskl," snapped the detective, "And for gambling contrary to
the law of :i ("oaten, 1920."
"Where's your proof," snarled
"Haniniy Qewlskl himself," said
Flintlock Hones," Look for him,
I searched over the house high and
low, but It was empty, All 1 could
fltid were some chestnuts und a
Vancouver directory.    I   returned  and
confessed   my   failure.
"Can't llltd him!" exclaimed the
detective,   "|   was   sure   he   was   here."
A look of triumph shone on the
sallow visage of Frunkel. "And the
monthly hoal for Kamchatka sails
today at four without Sammy Qewlskl."
"Qresit    heavens!"    shouted    Flintlock Dunes an he lanced at his watch.
"II   Is  half  past  one  now!"
(To be continued)
If dancing and late n'ghts Interfere
with one's scholastic standing at college; one Is advised to stop going to
Thanksgiving Day
Nymph Enjoys Aqua
By tho Littlest Editor
Thanksgiving Day I What a farce!
Personally I felt thankful for nothing, I was In the depths of despair.
W« were all fools worse than fools.
Why, oh why had we undertaken to
do this turrlhlo thing? Our future
seemed nothing hut coldness, blackness nnd horror,
And yet, with hruve fiieo* and a
smile on our lips, we marched down
the road. The charge of the light
brigade wns a cowardly thing in comparison with what we were doing.
Their act was In response to duty—
ours the following of an Ideal. In the
distance, down the road, now only a
few blocks away we saw our fato
beckoning to us. And what a cold
gray futo It was. It lay there still
and stern DA III No us to enter into
combat with It.
One block more, and the Literary
Editor turned to me with a sickly
smile and said, "It's— it's nioe and
warm today, Isn't It?"
I was past reply, but one of the
others beamed happily, "It's going to
be groat."
From this time on my memories
of Thanksgiving Day are confused,
and my next clear Impression Is of
standing on the brink of what seemed to be an icy grave. One ghastly
moment In which the cold sand cut
Into my frozen feet, and then one of
tho others cried Jubilantly.
"Come on, gang, let's go."
They went, and I followed. Splash,
splash, splash, and then icy oblivion.
At first I felt nothing and my one
thought was,
"If this Is Nervana, give me H • • -."
The ghastly moment passed and I
emerged gasping and frozen Into the
warm air of a November day. Queer,
I must have heen under a long time,
for it was pouring rain, and 1 had not
felt It before, But it was too cold
to work out that problem then, and
In desperation I struck out for the
shore. Oh the blessed relief of tho
warm sand on my feet. At last I had
found something for which to be
Oh' well, It was worth It. At least
I can boast of having been In for a
swim on Thanksgiving Day, only an
a rule 1 don't admit that It was cold.
"Oh, yes, "I say to my friends, "Of
course It was cold at first, but I liked
It after a while."
I don't add that by after a while I
mean the next day.
Version No. 1234567
Ilelieve   (tie,   sister,
From  now on
I'm  through  with  inett.
At  the   Frosh  "Stroll"
I   was   Introduced   to  a   blond   young
Merry  blue eyes;   a dazzling smile;
Was very favorably  Impressed
Cntll I discovered that he giggled
Like  a  freshette;
And that he was like
Mary's  Little  Lamb;
Everywhere that I went
He was sure to go.
And I spent the rest of the day
Trying to ditch him.
So, believe me, sister,
From now on
I'm through with m-'ii.
Cream of the Jest
Last night he came
I felt his hand upon my cool shoulder
I quivered under his rough caress
I  felt an ecstasy
Of savage  mockery
lie picked tne up	
Tonight   I  stand on   the  stops  in  the
I   hear  his  footsteps  on  the concrete
With rhythmic stride he Is coming
lie will pick me up again ....
Vail.    Who   said   u   milk   buttle   lins/i'l
gut   a   soul,
California   Pelican
l-.'dll.'ir "Chyssey."
Dear  Sir:
Through the medium of your valuable column we would like lo offer
our humble regrets lot our pari in the
Madele) incident. We trust that this
sinci re apology for our crude and
haihaii'iis actions will be accepted by
the Aits men.
Humbly  yours,
Science "JS.
Gaston Takes Five
Freshettes to the
Annual Arts Dance
Hear Earli':-- -
In pulling pen to paper I am so
intituled that I have dllllcully In be-
ciniilni! articulate, and If my words
are ritlher incoherent, It is only partly
because emotion dim* my oyen, and
weurlhOHS clings to my aching limbs.
There are other reasons far deeper
than mere weariness . I have an Injured soul! Iluf nevertheless, I am do-
termlni'd to make a protest against
the lying rumours which all these Jealous sub-editors are spreading round
about me. Why can't they lot me
conduct my little column In peace
without trying to ruin my reputation?
Mere and now I will nail tho llel I
not intentionally. Was It my fault
that they all eked me to take
them? Was It my fault that I accepted them? It was my bounden duty as
a senior, and tlvy wero all darn
pretty. And another thing, Earle,
even If I did take all five In ono taxi,
what would you have done? How
could I discriminate In favour of the
few to the exclusion of the many? I
dare say we did lock a bit queer as
we sailed up the stops Into Lester
Court, but It was damn rude of the
doorkeeper* to laugh! I hate undue
publicity, Earle, but I wish to Insist
tlat I did not take them down to supper one at n time, and nonce have
five suppers myself. My dear fellow,
It simply Isn't done! By the way, old
boy, did you ever see such a glorious
aggregation of youthful beauty and
gaiety as that which tempted ancient
seniors like me to terpslchorlan exercises?—Why, thnt little girl from Victoria.
But I digress. What I want to know
WALTZ? They completely disappeared! I was actually forced to dance It
with a sophomorette! it Is quite true
that I asked if I might take her home;
but an extra girl or two would have
made mighty little difference to me,
and six could have crowded In easily
enough I'm sure. But the others failed
to turn up! I waited and waited In the
fog; but all to no avail. Some blighter
had the cheek to say that he had seen
"em all drive off In a car along with
a couple of graduates. 1 admit I got
fed up. I admit I went home. I admit I, I—held that girl's hand In tho
taxi. 1 admit I am a perfect devil.
Hut I rern.se to admit thnt I left five
ll'eshelles stranded on the steps of
Lester   Court!
Veins more in anger than In sorrow,
I I-1,   I,   III,- •>,- V •',, • I,
'•H   I -,  Ml,.-Mlil.-,.
I   i «. ri". ,,f am, 1. ,
i)M> H'%1   Will  IUY.1
The Intermediate "A" team won a
hard fought victory over the Mera-
lomas on Saturday evening. Varsity
started off weak and at half time the
score was 8—1 In the Meraloma's
favour. Jack Legg scored for Varsity ou a foul. The varsity started
the fireworks In the second half,
however. Meralomas started off with
a basket, but Varsity settled down
and ran In a number of them. The
final count was, Varsity 16; Meralomas 14,
Varsity—Legg,   1;    Roes,   fl;   Stewart
(C), 7;   Crawford, 1;  Ingledew, McLean, Qlllesplo,
Meraloma—Pollock,     I;     Lnnge,     4;
Phillips, 2;   Dolby, 2;  Cuminlngs, 2.
Tommy Wilkinson (freshmen note!
Is not (lie Chanielloi' of the University; tun- In (ireshette note) Don
Litmnni. Iaan ol  Women,
"l.o\e  ih\   liiiiilier as thyself."
"Aw,   he'd   gel    a   swelled   head!
PHONES: PT. GREY 285-R and 138
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Something Real
In a fountain
—a product of Qeo. S.
Parker, creator of the $7
Parker Duofold Pen, and
his slaMed Duofold craft*
—a Pen with a I4K
Qold Point, smartly
Fluted Grip, and a handsome rolled Qold Clip, or
rolled Gold Ring-End-
all at the price of ordinary
pens with nickel clips.
Same pen with larger Point
and rolled Qold Band In addition at $3.50.
Try to equal it under $4 or
$4.25~-make your comparison
today at any good pan counter.
The Parker Fountain Pen Co., Ltd.
Factory and Oeneral Office*
Toronto, Ontario
Parke. Black anJ Gold Pencil, to match
(At Am. Ladu.tot Overbite Jr.,13.50
Big Brother  Over-eUe, «4
sua* » Caiiaea *ene PH«ea»a*Ma>SWa>e
Parker Pens
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Larger SizesfS»,$5 and $7
Evans & Hastings
PIONEER     •:•     -:•
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»    II.fit*   .UCCMirUL    lUIINItl   (tun
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OTKtat IV 18« I'HCTIXO »uiuc
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Magulnsi, Annuals,
Oases Progrsmmss, Legal Forms
General Coaimorols! Printing
See u. bejuire ordering eleewhere.
Phons, Sey. 189      976 Seymour 8t. THE   UBYSSEY
November 17th, 1925
A Gain 1
You gain this year bscause
you can buy the official
U. B. C. Christmas Cards
right at the
University Book Store
Freshies, Sophs, Undergrads,
Old Friands and New.
They'll be glad, so will you.
Jackson Bros., Ltd.
Phone, gay. 121S
4th Ave., West, at Yew 8t.
010. W. -JACKSON, Manager
American Ruggers
Score First Try
Harry Seed Stars For U.B.C. In
Bellingham Game
Hurry Seed starred lu Vurslty'a second half stand al llolllnghiiiu against
the Hlate Normal eleven. The I'. II.
C, captain featured with two forty-
yard runs, being downed on the two-
yard line on the llrst attempt, hut
squirming over tho line on the second for the llrst und only touchdown
scored against an American college.
The llrst half was a sorry story
for the visitors, who lost much
ground hy costly fumbles and errors,
while the blue aud gold came hack
strong In the final stanzas, but their
rivals took the scoring honours by
getting over twice as a result of
looseness In Varsity's back play.
A feature of tho contest was tho
fact that out of three forward passes,
U. B. C. completed two, Currlo and
Anderson, while the winners made
only one out of a dozen. The final
score was 46—0.
Conditions were poor, but tho play
was spirited, and tho crowd were Impressed by the showing of the visitors. A fair amount of Canadians
followed the team, and were entertained royally by the home team.
Line-up—Mallory,   MacLong,   McDon-
Donald,   Watson,   Mclntyro,   Hall.
Morris, Currlo, Nowby and Watson.
8ubs:—Seed,      Anderson,      McPhlll,
Rich, Dawson, Morris, Woodworth,
Todd and Chambers
the T0Y0 eo.
-;•   Imported Silks   •:•
Kimonas, Fancy Goods
786 Granville Street
Cor. Robion
It's a common occurence lor some
stores to claim, or to convey the impression, tha! they are ■jiviiitf theirnier-
cliHodise a-way. We, therefore, wish
to go on record that we never give
anything ana) and never claim to,
The utmost we promise is to save
money for our patrons hy selling the
finest obtainable men handise at the
lowest possible prices.
But we make no secret o( the fact
that, on every sale, we aim to make a
profit tor ourselves. So i\o other
stores.    But we admit it.
Men's Outfitters
Phone. Bay. 5152
- FOR -
Magazine*, Stationery, Film*,
Chocolate*, etc.
Lamey's Drug Store
Cor. Broadway & Alma
Prepared to Win
Varsity women-banket bailers expect
a large turnout to root for them at
their initial game of the season, when
Senior A team will meet the "Y" girls
at the Y. VV. Gym on Wednesday. The
exact time will be posted on all notice
boards. Watch 'em- Senior A team is
composed of—Flora Musgrave (Capt.),
Jennie Wilkinson, Gay Swenclsky,
Winona Straight, Marge Bell, Doris
Shorney, Jean Carlow and Mary Carter.
Those picked for Senior B team nre;
Jean Musgrave (Capt.), Dot Patterson, Doris Woods, Doris Allen, Marjorie Lannlng, Gerry Whlttaker, Virginia Welsh, Beth Carter and Beryl
this week has certainly outdone himself as In has turned out his bent
; omedy since his appearance in mov
iiiK pictures. For LatiKhs and Sits-
lense none of his past contributions
an be compared with THE FRESHMAN. You start laughing al the be-
pdnnlnK of the picture and never stop
till '.he end.
LLOYD as the MICRO enters "0||,.M,
and his queer notions an to how a
student should act create Kales of
laughter. There Is a very laughable
and suspensive football rume In the
picture, the hero taking the part of
the water-boy, and belnx at the same
time under the impression that he
was a very Important substitute, He
however, Rets his chance to appear
In the Kaiop which causes great
amusement and at the same time he
covers himself with glory.
No university student should miss
this picture as it Is guaranteed to
make the most chronic cranr lnu*.*b.
One   Eversharp   pencil   In   Mech.
lab. II.  KKRHLAKK, Sc. '-.'T
An umbrella, on Wednesday, from
the landing of the upper stalls of the
library. Between lour o'clock and live
Finder please return to Council ollleei
or Miss Agnes King.
610 Seymour Street
Headquarter* for Servica	
Club Luncheons, Dinners and Banquets
Private Dining Room* for Private Partiet.
Suitable for Meeting* and Social*. Fraternity Banquet* a Specialty.
LUNCHEON, Served Daily, 45c.
MUSIC andl>ANCING §TCXF,y..,».
Miller Ruggers
Divide Games
Varsity staged  a  line  surprise  on
Saturday     afternoon     nt     Brockton
I'olnt In gaining a victory over the
Wanderers,  12-10.  Wanderers found
their opponents much stronger than
they expected and only after it hard
fought  game  were  tho  Varsity  men
able to got such a close finish,   Willis
went  over lor  the Collegians  In  the
llrst half;  In the second, Kelly gained   some   joints   above   the   White-
shirts hy getting a try.   Louden and
Parker   each   scored   one   also,   but
both  attempts  at  conversion   railed.
Thu playing of all students was of a
much superior quality In this gume,
King Ed,  Old  Boys still displayed
their    Improvements    and    defeated
V.  11.  C.   In  a  20—0  victory.    BUI
Crone, star back of their team, who
is out for the season, was not on the
field, but the men played their very
best   In   spite   of   the   fact.     Kenny
Carlisle was successful In getting a
try   In   ench   period.    Gwyther   also
scored a try besides kicking four successful    converts.      Barrle,    Eccles,
and Stan. Allen ivlao were successful
In gaining points for tho ex-students.
Sparks,  Bain und Tuppor starred In
play for II. B. O.
The Teams:
U.    B.    C—Luyatt,    White,    Kldd,
Davidson,   Gordon,   Bain,   Sparkes,
McNeil,    Bull,    Abernethy,    Willis,
Tuppor,   Taylor,   Murphy,  Henderson
VARSITY:—Pottlnger,  Forester,   Mc-
Quarrle,   Alpen,   Chappell,   McMillan, Doldge, MclnnoB, McLean, Kelly, GuBtafson,  Willis  Louden,  Eat-
on, Helmer.
Badminton Tournament
On Saturday the Varsity llrst team
defeated the North Vancouver Badminton Club on the latters courts by
a score of fourteen matches to ten.
Varsity started out rather badly, losing five of the first seven matches,
but after becoming more accustomed
to the courts and lighting took the
majority of the remaining games.
The play was marked by the misfortune which attended the U. B. C.
players. Two of them broke their
raquets In the fray, and most of the
rest of the team broke strings.
The teams were—Varsity: Messrs.
O. Woodman, O. Marrion, J. Shakespeare, G. Carpenter, Misses V. Milliner, J. Creer, G. Harvey, and M.
North Vancouver .Messrs. J. Hill,
ll. Macnauchton, II. Wright, R, Shake
speare, Misses deckle, K, Hill, (!, Turner, and lv Kaynient.
On Wednesday both first and second
teams are playing the 7th Ilntialiou.
II Division at the Ct ill Hall, at 7. In
p.m. On Saturday there are two
matches against Fairview, the first
team playing at t. e Drill Hall and the
second team playing at King Edward
Gymn In the afternoon
Men's Interclass will be played on
one of the King Edward Courts on
Tuesday, 24th November.
Players in the handicap tournamont
must arrange with their opponents to
play olf on Tuesday or Saturday as
all rounds In finals must be completed
by Piatitrday.
LOST — On Saturday afternoon,
probably on the Campus or the bus,
a short string of gold beads. Finder
(dense turn in at Publications office,
or else telephone Kerrisdale 1009L.
Varsity's most Important Rugby
Game until Christmas Is to be played
next Saturday, November 21st. Is It
worth your while to see this game?
Just ask anyone who saw the final
game last year. One of the big athletic tradttons of this college Is connected wtth the rivalry between Vancouver Rep nnd Varsity for the coveted McKechnie Cup. Capt, Johnnie
McLean and Coaches Jim Scott and
Stan Fnrquharsoii are very pleased
with the number and excellence of
this year's material They are uurn
that the team will uphold Varsity's
IrudllIons.   Will you?
The team Is training Intensively
now, This year's hack division Is
showing remarkable clans, The effect
of Stan Fartiuharson's coach Ing Is
very marked, and the special attention which Jim Scott Is giving the
scrum is producing gratifying results.
In addition to (he team which played against Edmonton, (lustalson, '('upper and Sparks are all playing brilliantly. Final work-outs will be held
at   Brockton   Point   on   Wednesday.
Tickets will bo on sale on Wednesday in Auditorium, and one complimentary ticket will bo given to everyone who sells 20 tickets. Here is
your chance lo save 60c and to help
the team at the same time. The sale
of tickets is in charge of Gaundry
Phillips, Brit Brock, Johnnie McLean
and R. Shaw.
A general meeting ol the Rugby
Club la to be held In Room Applied
Science 100 on Tuesday, at 12.15.
Some very Important and Interesting
business will be discussed; one Item
being, the problem of bringing the
American Olympic Team up at Christmas. Come out and support the Rugby
Club, today In Room Applied Science
The executive of the Men's Swimming Club announce thut they have
now definitely secured the period on
Tuesdays which was purely tentative
before. The full list of periods Is
now as follows:—
Monday 4.15 to 5.15 p.m. at the Canadian Memorial Pool.
Tuesday 4.30 to 5.30 p.m. at the
Chalmer's Church Pool.
Wednesday 3.30 to 4.50 p m. at the
Canadian Memorial Pool.
Thursday 8.00 to 9.30 p.m. at the
Chalmer's Church Pool.
Norman Cox, the swimming coach,
will be present ut the period on Wednesday.
There are ten vacancies In the club
yet to be filled.
'"'he Third Soccer Club wants a
tra'ner. Here's a nice job for someone who knows the work; don't,
forget that all trainers are rewarded
with a special sweater. See Russ Logic or Dave Taylor,
j \Jhe largest selling
quality pencil
in the world
Superlative in quality,
the world-famous
give best service and
longest wear.
rlaln Midi, per dot.       $ 1 .SO
Kulih.r audi, par doj.   |t.78
n-fl all dealer.
Ameirican l.e.d Pandl Co.
i 220 Fifth Ave, N.Y.
The Rector of St. Marks Church,
Iter. A. II. Sovereign, extends a very
cordial Invitation to the Facility and
Students of the I'nlversity to attend a
special Students' Service at the
Church, corner of :>nd Ave. W, and
Larch Street on Sunday evening, Nov.
22nd.. at 7.30. The subject of the
Sermon will be "Fitting New Thoughts
into Old Moulds." The Choir, Winner
of the David Spencer Shield In the
Large Choir Class nt the B.C. Musical Festival, hi preparing special
LOST—Fountain   Pen   (Hlbbens)--
Return to P. H. Keeling (N, V. 437Y).
The Dance Style
That Suits You!
You hsvs a dlotlno*
' tlvs style or method
ot your own. This
stylo should be con-
Instructor. Beoauee
wo give you personal
Instruction, in a way
beet adapted to your
personality, we nave
earned the reputation
of being, the oohool
" where you learn more."
Private Instruction
Morning, Afternoon or
8ey-707   -   518 HASTINGS ST., W.
oppoalla David Spa near'*
Royal Transfer Ltd.
Baggage Delivered
Furniture Removals
For Christmas-"
Your Photograph.
McKenzie Studio
619 Granville St.
Phone, Sey. 2103
High-class work at moderate price*
The Varsity Clothes Shop
The Outstanding STYLE
Don't Fail To Come In And See It
Thos. Foster & Co., Ltd.


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