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The Ubyssey Oct 8, 1929

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 FA j'ZZ
•* i'f.iit I l'''#t,'A" '
issued t*fceWee\kh h #*• Students* Publications Board of The University of British Columbia.
._bn______t__t _h______ In __nl_____M's^ teMimmmmmO* BeetV la aMsstk-B
w w^F^ni^iPB^^psj Tv^B«BJw SW Hm^^OvJnwJ jpp     jmHsfnFV   W wJIwAB     iW ™Jb_^sWRw^WI^W
,«. 7 'IIAm i .""'^!'. ■■■■     1'
pis clad freshmen gsthered about
a bugs m st Recreation Park, con*
dftg a stfeseeus day 4_f initiation
.•a-comsrs, es prt»w. Oo#'
men gathered at
tslou no* ¥saded for the
.Sid about- the flaming pyre
te songs sad yells of tbelr
fater^ .    -> < >,> • )  j      ;
_ speetacie waa witnessed by
crowds of Vancouveritee lining
Street Tbe, City Fire pe*
gii4_____i; _fei________k iii_____i__B-i-s--i-b--h'
n*% Sift RMpHt
At present tbe University Library
numbers 7200 volumes, 1100 ot which
lpve been acquired since the close of
tsMft  Ittfgll*
"It la not a general library," stated
My. Ridington, the Librarian, "being
designed solely to help the University
students in their courses. There are
whole fields of knowledge that are
untouched, but within Its limits it
is an effective book collection, and
an excellent working tool for students,"
The collection ls admirably housed,
as the Library building Is one of the
finost of its kind in Western Canada.
The space, however, is Insufficient for
the use that ia required of it. An extension is urgently needed, pointed
out Mr, Ridington, and plans have al*
ready been submitted for one, about
half aa large as the present structure,
Which will accommodate the reading
room   and   a   permanent   periodical
A portion of the new books will be
<ia exhibition every Friday afternoon
in the Seminar room ot the Library.
Thisv exhibition will be a regular feature, throughout the sesstop. By this
means students may become acquainted With tho new books before they
are lost in the permanent section.
wbb nt mmm mm
tickets to the Frosh Reception will
be given free to all undergraduates
neat Tuesday and Wednesday from
II to I, Arta students will receive
their tickets trom the Box Offloe in
the Quad., Science and Aggie students
from tbe Box Office ln the Auditorium.
Hlach undergraduate Is entitled to one
ticket. The attention of all students
Is drawn to the clause in the Constitution relating to attendance at University dances.
m mm, tm
The Men's Undergrad Bxeoutlve
wants applications from reliable Varsity men for tbe position of door
attendant at Varsity dances. Since
there Is a function almost every week
the position would otter a fair source
of pocket money. Those wishing to
make application should see Doug.
Btoedonakt before next Friday.
day night from 7 till 10,
On her arrival the freshette was
seised upon and "dragged" around tbe
nr to
ke runs or "Three
fr" and bsfor. ihey had time to
ily understand .what,sit,,Wig. all
about ten veryTfflclent Captains, gleefully aided by the big sisters htrtUed
them off to receive some lollypops.
They were allowed time s to digest
these while Master Betty Whiteside
called tbs role—and woe to any Ireah-
ette during the coining weeks if she
Was not there to Jump up and bow as
her name was called!
j^mmms  "
comment during the following
' It was relieved by an owaslon*
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jArts 'it blossomteiotttinto vend*,
title for the delectation ot their Alma
Mater, staged a well-planned Pep
meeting in the Auditorium, Friday
The orchestra, led by Reg. Brum-
iley, played the opening number, a
spirited movement from ths Opus
lYeehman, entitled "Freshie." Sol.
parts Were taken by Harold Harper
on the aocordian, and by Teddy
,8Hngsby,and Les Robinson, two of
the Frosh vocalists. The orchestra al*
so played the neat number "Walking
With Susie."
Harold Harper played with great
feeling on the plano-accordian the
selection "Sweet Sue."
Information concerning the Smoker
to take place on Saturday the 5th,
was announced by Doug. Pollock,
president of the Artsmen.
The entertainment was continued
by Professor Fake who performed
tricks so marvelous that the Sophs
are still wondering how he did them.
Professor Fake ie registered at the
Unlveralty under the name of O. S.
The masterpiece of tbe Pep meet*
ing was the last number, played by
the orchestra entitled "Berets and
Skullcaps." Two freshettes composed
the words. During the number Audrey Reid, Helen Thompson, Mary
Darnbrougb, and Mary Matbieson,
danced very ably.
ThoSe in charge ot the Pep meeting
were: Ina Armstrong, Bob Arkley,
Molly Bardsley, Reg. Bromlley, Howard Cleveland, Mark Collins, Bill Bun-
ford, Mary Dambrough, Ronnie Howard, Jean Jamieson, Mary Matheson,
Les Robinson and Ken Telford.
Tittcco Flirts Carol laity
Freshmen and Upper-classmen met
a manner somewhat more cordial
than at Initiation at the Frosh Smoker held In the Eagle's Hall, Saturday
night. Professors' speeches and piano
solos by Malcolm Pretty featured the
evening. Doug. Pollock was tbe official
arbiter at the smoke-feet.
The evening's events started with
"Jaic numbers" played by Jack Emerson's "British Columbians." Welcoming speeches were made by Dr.
Sedgwick, Dr. Sage, Dr. Shrum, Dr.
Davidson, and Professor Day,
Amateur clouting by U.B.C. Boxing
Club represented by .7. Tough, O,
Ward, and Cliff Parker then held the
attention of the fascinated Freshmen.
Malcolm Pretty took the crowd by
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Demonstrating bow brains oan beat
brawn, Varsity„ Senior soocermen
came from behind to hand tbe police*
men a 1*1 laolitg, Saturday, at Ker-
rlidals Park.
The Students took tbe field with
ted men for tbelr opening engagement of the Ma_on and for Ave min.
utea until the arrival ot the eleventh
man Were sore beset. The Bluecoats
made the moat of their opportunities
however, and burst through the U.B.
0.imm. & bnlge the net for the
fflS^'full lineup, varsity took
the game in hand anif bombarded the
opposing goal. A certain goal wss As*
ted over by a defender but Phillip's
drive from the ensuing penalty struck
the bar, The Oold and Blue squad
penned the burly "cops" into their
own half; yei at halflie were still
a goal to the bad.
After the oranges, with the sun in
tbelr eyes, Varsity continued to press,
the forward! playing pretty football.
After fifteen minutes' play, Wong
broke through add Placed his shot
out of the goalie's reach to level the
•core. The cheering had scarcely died
down when Partridge gave Varsity
tbe lead with s beautiful header. Tbe
lag tbelr weight freely, but Manning
aad Roberts were safe and cleared re*
Statedly. Again the Qold and Blue at*
eked and Wong netted once more
after a sole effort to make the game
safe for the Jubilant Students, who
were still dangerous when the whistle
blew. :"■'...
The  whole  Varsity  team  played
stellar football and were foil value
tor their win. Chalmers and Cooke
on their respective wings dropped In
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Resistrar Warns Stydnrts
■»wMwiJr--Wr,1ss_p   ■\nw*w*w*W'< wtWStySMnewmnssm
It has been called to the attention
of the Registrar that several students
have selected for themselves courses
that are not In conformity with Calendar regulations. The rules lu reference to the courses open to students
In the different years are clear, and
students must choose their courses
on their own responsibility, though, if
any student ls in doubt, all possible
Information and assistance will be
given to him on request.
A complete list of courses for First
and Second year students is given on
page 73 of the Calendar, and the regulations in regard to these are set
forth on pages 72 to 74; io other
courses are open to First and Second
Year students. A full statement of the
requirements in reference to the selection of pass courses in Third and
Fourth Years Is given on pagea 76
and 76, and the regulations in regard
to "Examinations and Advancements"
on pages 88 to 91.
The Registrar wishes to draw the
attention of students in Arts and Science whose standing is defective in
any way to regulation "8," page 90 of
the Calendar:
No student may enter a higher year
with standing defective in respect ot
more than 8 units.
No student with defective standing
of more than 8 units of the year immediately preceding or with any defects from a year earlier than the one
Immediately preceding, shall be allowed to register for more than 15
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Coming Events
Meeting Women's Undergrad.
Sooiety, Auditorium, neon.
Traek Club Meeting. Arte 108,
Alma Mater Meeting, Auditorium, neon,
Chemistry Sooiety Leoture.
Senlor-Freshette Tea, Cafeteria, 3.80 - S.30.
Froah  Reception, Auditorium.
ijPSJi m
nLimUg. ahA SaeAne'l_e__p aa St_______k. B__p___m B___BM SeA__R_l f^iMk__S
y set away te a
series oa Setur-
Trouncing New Westminster to ths tune of 814, Varslti
flying start in tbelr opening sane ef ths Canadian Rugby
day at Athletic Park. Before a record crowd, the students, by sheer -™.«.
determination, pounded tbelr way to a brilliant win over tbe team wblei
**HWtt»8TO _dft_ft» m»et o.W w«.
minster kick-off aad tbe Royal City men regained possession   - -    - ■
However, the college line held Inn aad Westminster was "~
on their third attempt RsOftring d'Basum's pant on the "
H UfWIi&iWW? AKim
a bidlyTwrbrtubed knee sad wai replaced et quarter by"ooee
Debating Executive
ThreaUn$to Resign
Due to a difference with the Students* Council, mombers 61 the De-
bating Union executive will resign
on Wednesday, It was announced at
a meeting that sooiety held In Arts
108. Monday afternoon, A meeting la
called for Wednesday When the matter
will be discussed In detail.
The U» B* 0. team for tbe New
Zealand debate will consist ofsiamea
Sunn and Prank Morleyt The re*
oeptlon committee to eatertfln the
visitors wss else appointed .     ^
Out of twelvsw*r»oo« ^trying m
for admittance WmTOsbeSog7uo-on,
six-werb aooeP*Jd7Tbe polsllility et
further tryouts Will be considered st
the next meeting, -
"Remember college traditions and
revere tbe CBirn In order to he worthy
ot the apirit that made the Cairn a
lasting tradition of our Alma Mater,"
laid Russ Munn, president of the Al*
ma Mater Society, during the ceremony at the Cairn at eight a.m. on
Saturday, October 5th.
Mr. Munn also told the Freshman
olass of the great oampalgn held by
former Varsity students to have the
Varsity buildings built in their present location, and emphasised the fact
that the Cairn, built by those students, represents one of the greatest
traditions of a young University.
Blaine Colledge, president of the
Women's Undergraduate Society then
addressed the class and pointed out
the tremendous difference between
the new Varsity buildings and the
old shacks at Fairview. She added
that It Ih up to 'S3 to carry on the
Varsity traditions with as fine a
spirit and co-operation as the campaign of '.3.
Introducing the Honor System,
Douglas Macdonald, preeldent of the
Men's Undergraduate Society, stated
that although It might at flrst appear
ridiculous to the Frosh, it is really
Intensely serious and means a great
deal to the whole Varsity. According
to the system it rests entirely on the
honor of the Individual a* a. mature
man or woman to uphold the standards of the University. Mr. Macdonald concluded hy praising the Olass
of '83 as the best Freshman okas In
Ave years.
After the ceremony the entire class
waa served a free breakfast of coffee, rolls and Jam in the cafeteria.
Arts '31 ts Mscto Hiw ftf fiift
A meeting of all those who have
been able to make contributions to
the Valedictory Olft of '81, ts called
for Wednesday. October 10, at 8 p.m.,
In room Arts 108, It Is desired to oomplete an inventory of the work done
this summer and to acquaint the Arts
and Science classes of '31 and the
University with the amount of material that ha. been so far collected.
A plan of action for the winter
months will be discussed, alao means
of raising funds for the furtherance
of the idea. Members of the Valedictory Executive and anyone Interested,
particularly those who have gathered
historical material this summer, are
asked to attend. Anyone who has material for the Valedictory scheme but
unable to attend the meeting, please
communicate with Uric North, president of the '31 Valedictory executive.
Mahon, V.B.O; foUowad
vantage when .Letts ^
.„,. wed %tim
and Shields made ,,..
kjek. Latta andOraoer
to make It 8-0.
tne Kicking, and were pufrr
the Varsity punters. U.RC,
the ball, lost yards In two d
recovered' when Shields b
spheroid sj**y ywds tothed
an additional point. The Ro
to make yards and rSUifquL .
session. Parker and Shields aaek
the lih* did some splendid
Jork.omuer crossed fer
Weld's conversion brought;
score to 10-0 at tbe enXef
Varsity gained possession ef the
ball when Orauer ran the kick back, te
oentre, but losing yards, were fdrced
to kick on the, third. Westminster's
(OsntlawM on Page 8)
___l_____.Mi-__________r______t_____l   _____MI_ _V___ __________________
Rwnitisuvtw MO IR UnWl
twl rflipNI:UMRM
jw io un aiass oi «ra oo some ok
natural leaders. Others there aye,
doubt, In Aril1., who are willing
. capable to serve on the class ax*
The past two weeks have helped te
show to tbe olass of Arts '38 some ef
and     ..... ..... ... „__
ecutlve. On Monday, October 14 nbtt-
inatlons will be received by the Junior Member of Council, Brie North.
Elections will be held ln the Auditorium on that day at 12.10 sharp.
Nominations must be signed by ten
members of the class. The positions
to be filled by men are; president,
treasurer, athletic representative, and
literary representative. Tho positions
for women are: vice-president, secretary, athletic representative, and
literary representative. The class reporter may be either a man or a woman.
The current week ls open for campaigning. Supporters ot candidates
may post bills, and for the two major
offices, may call meetings at whioh
candidates can address the olass.
The-opportunity for U.B.C. students
to attend the Institute lectures is to
be renewed this winter announces
Prof. John Davidson. In the old days
In Fairview the lectures were well
attended by both students and faculty. The late Dr. F. P. Wesbrook, Srst
president of the University, was Instrumental In organising the various
educational bodies ot greater Vancouver to form this central clearing
house for the very beet each Society
could present, and the result has been
an annual series of excellent lectures
on a great variety of toptos not usually covered In a University curriculum,
and given by men who are specialists
In their own particular Held. It Is an
opportunity wblch all who can, ahould
take advantage of.
This year the lectures will be held
every Monday evening at 8.18 p.m. la
the Science Building of the U. B. C.
and the opening meeting is on Monday, 7th October, when Dr. Samuel
Petersky, the President, wilt give an
address on "The Newer Medicine,—
Health Audits." Dr. L. S. Kllnck will
occupy the chair.
We hope to have the program of
lectures in our next issue.
i. f,i
M9aa«sr ■'■#*•
. "V (Member of 'Paolflo Intl^Coniglete f^.S* Aeeodlatleh)
Fhene.^!«t.J|i-ey 14S||.A«   ^■■■.■^■..,       ;*j
MbU Subscriptlone rate: tt p«^|^ Advertising rates cn application
BDITOR-IN-OH__}r-R0-erlck A. Pllkington
Bdltorlel SUf»     ... _,   A^a   %t
,{d Orantham
Clews and Club Notes
tMietaeSB Staff
Senlort Phyllis Pr*f*M'     M   AeSooiatei Barbara Ashby
L t ' *■
After s long and dangerous illness, ths Varsity Boccer Club
"" oil the way to recovery, For tbs last three years tbs
4 remnants at tbs Faithful have tons forth weekly to
ittvtiiAble defeat.but never save In. Now with a bard
exeoutlve an* plenty of enthuslaatlo material ths olub
id. The owning gams of the season, last Saturday, gavs
teShi a chance to show Its m.tal which resulted (ri the
Wdat of tbe strong Poliee team*
. The Soccer triub is one of the oldest in tbe University. Many
ot thejprdsent btudents will be surprised to learn that from 1980
to IMS, the Varsity team was one of tbs strongest on the coast,
d occupied a place at top of the First Division. The slump that
KIT or W effijcts every branch of sport get in a few years
_ and student interest in Soccer waned. Ugt year tbs Sooner
isn Showed themselves to be true sportsmen when tbey voluntas ftstga^thstr Major status to give place to ths growing
 Now it seems that the dark days are over and tbs men wbo
iy dots wot mako a plea lor student Interest In this game, lor
l< is a well-hnown fact that winning teams always draw sup*
teni and therefore the Soccer Club seems destined to recruit
ubStantibl body of followers.
Ull|pii, i..,;$..,
e coming year, tbe
rerllty Studio Olub is ready to re*
i applications for membership.
Any man or wpman who Is especially
fond of tousl. and desires to IndUle.
in this activity amongst a circle de-
voted entirely ta matter* mnsical,
should address a short nets to Hiss
Vthleen Walker end place it In the
Roman's Letter rack.
_ . dio Club meets onoe every
three weeks fer discussion on music
In all Its aspects, Kntertainlng pro*
Srams are arranged hy the members,
, deflnlte stadard ot musical ability
is required ss qualification for membership."
a* G* M»
All women on tbe campus who are
st all interested In the S.C.M. are
most cordially invited to the Informal
gathering to be held this etentng at
7148 in Crosby Church Parlors, corner Larch and 8nd Avenue West.
(Take 4th Avb. oar.)       .   .
All men Bterested IS ths S. 0, M.
ays cordially inviud to attend a meeting to be held In the Cat sad Arret
Tea, Rooms, corner University Boulevard iffjMM *H« m stsnlng.
Supper \W wilAe served At •,».
A sing-song, speeches, and s discussion group will follow.
Last Friday's Initiation celebration had made clear tbe need
of more active supervision of all snake-parades if tbe good name
of the university is to remain unsmurched. As always ln sueh
SJSsJn, ism^ktott Of non-university men—most of them the
rougher element—joined in the procession and were directly
reeponsible for a greater part of the damage done. These Intruders bave obviously no responsibility to bold them back. They
rejoice in tbe opportunities for rowdyism, and whatever tbey do
Is done in the name of the University of British Columbia, an
Institution to which they do not belong and for which they care
The Initiation Committee took a great many precautions to
curb and direct the exuberance of the Frosh, but failed to provide
against interlopers. The Ubyssey suggests that in future parades
of this sort there should be a number of third and fourth year
students whose duty it it. to warn off any non-university men.
These students would know by sight most of the men of the
three upper years and could not mistake the newly-lnltlated
A precaution of this sort would do much to prevent the
wanton destruction of property which so frequently accompanies
a snake parade and would ensure that the U. B. C. was Judged
by her own actions and not by those of a hooligan rabble taking advantage of an opportunity to break the law unscathed.
There are a *ew vacancies in La
Canadlenne far,third and fourth year
students. Applications must be In the
hands ef tbe secretary by noon, Friday, Ootober 11.
There will be a meeting of the mem*
hers to consider the applications, on
Friday, Ootober 11, at 1848, tn Arte
ii ' i'»
Woman's Literary Society
There will be a meeting et the Bx*
ecutive of the Women's Literary Society, including class Literary Rep*,
resentativea, Thursday noon, 18.10,
Arts 105, It is necessary for everyone
to attend as a tentative program toy
ths year Will be drawn up.    (
Varsity Christian Union
$he V.O.U. Will meet for Bible
Study Friday it 1U0 in Arts 104. All
are welcome.
tober 8th, at 8 o'clock. There will be
un eleotion of new members after
which Carol Coates will read a paper
on "The Japanese Lyric."
Initiation is ever, and was considered by all—even the Freshmen—as
quite a success. To anyone who kept
in touch with the initiation program,
which has been in operation during
the whole ot the last two weeks, it
must have been evident that quite a
number of ideas were collected in the
complete program. A major portion of
the credit tor a successful initiation
must go to Doug. Pollock, President
ot the A.M.U.S. A number of the new
innovations including the. Freshman
committees, Pep meeting and bonfire,
were his.
The theatre party was arranged
chiefly by Irvlue Keenleyside who
secured the full co-operation of the
Strand management for the event.
Barl Vance, preeldent of the Mamooks; Jack McDonald, president of
Science, and BUI Roaoh, president of
Agriculture, werq tireless ln their ef*
fonts In all departments and lastly,
hut by no means least, the Freshman
by his splendid co-operation and fine
sportmanshlp made the Initiation program a success in his own Interests
and a pleasure to the entire initiation committee.
Chairman, Initiation Bxeoutlve.
■smii—wm »**,
One hundred and forty students,
the largest number yet had by the
club, have applied for membership
In the Players Club. Try-outs are to
be held on Wednesday and Thursday, and on Tuesday the names of
the successful aspirants will be announced. It ls known that among the
newcomers to tho University there le
excellent material, so the club t« hoping tor a very successful year.
Thi students of the University
have always received with great enthusiasm the presentations of the
olub, and with no less enthusiasm has
tho public of Vancouver and the province welcomed any of Its performances. So with the members already
known for their ability, and with the
additional talent being received in
the new members, there Is every reason to look forward to greater things
than ever from the University Play*
ers Club.
The Cafeteria management wlahes
to remind all students that the trays
must be taken back after use,
Historical Society
A short meeting of the Historical
Society will be held in Arts 101 at
12.16 p.m., Wednesday, October 9 for
the purpose of electing new members.
All members aro urged to attend.
Chemistry Society
An open meeting of the Chemistry
Society will be held In room Sc. .300
on Wednesday, Ootober 9th, at 3:15
p.m. Dr. Begles will speak on "Re*
cent Advances in Biochemistry." All
lntereated are welcome.
"How much do you love me, dear?"
"Do you really want to know?"
"Here's my checkbook, you can
look over the stubs." Ox.
•    e    e
"You say your voice has volume f"
"Yes, volume. I can throw it out."
"Well, throw lt out ln the alley."
The rteeet la Oaaeda-ltOhain
Speeial Attention to Varsity Students
time is here. We have by
far the best assortment we
havo ever shown, and at
prions that are very moderate and as usual our high
quality, That we always
look after flrat.
Turpin Bros.. Ltd.
Men's OuUUtwi
«8S ORAimtLl ST.
Itr y«*fc a
tee at «»    .-
College M«it,
UMpectioa. Drop _a'"|a|	
we waat you to auke thii your
dowa-tewa beadqulfien.
will Jia 4rW relB«*t»r CMW
KrsaSls who gave tbe» fetch wee-
detfu! It «d wvie. i« the pe*.
Dose Charlie bow the OeHuai
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A1 Sho. Repair Shop
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' H i % i
Everything in
_.    _.    -"•~*Aah
Electrical Suppl
^^^w*^l x^lW■*^Wp^p^^s^B,^.^ivj=|l j /
4463 m*y+^
111111 "il!^]Ptmm^
IMIY .     '
*    t
'    '' 9J
i     ,t M «J^pjsl,fi,'iij'«
A iw__ii_l___d:'i-kM-
Cmi ||| md, asm _]yii__-^<
" uT^*Fm  ^fem ■BBBBBBB^t^^^r Pbbjbbjbbbbbb:
1 * \
PlKMWPclmiGreyHd   .
Udlea'and Qerrts'Tallw
44t9 West lith Art.     WiCiNscdesXm
Expert Tire
and Battery Service
General Repairs
P. 8. Beach ft Sen
Qas Oil
assumes a      i
when one
commands tbe
Bounty, freed emi
Bern o*f Oemntton
Campus H
».' (
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it is easy to select a Tuxedo to meet your requirements at Dick's.
Correctly Styled models to suit all types, tails, shorts and regulars.
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::,;::,: ■ :',^«;i^«^ipipa:
-siiia-iu/__-■___. -__i__i
13 ' '«
iiiHeiile imstifld a
■ _tiif/*T?r"Hi ^,g*rrTr'i'—^ T^ 'WWSSHSW^e
and Vou'/l Atew Rsgref If.
, . . •    J    ,     «M|*ii_|»_fci
.   Ikf ^r|Urrt» BA., Presidsirt
.. .M-ffBT MB AT
^-We-w^i-Vsri'sii. .1»s ienmi'11 i i s'ismx
The   '
Brightest Store on
%, Qfaaville Sliest
Catering ts telle and Banquets
a Speelalt^,
We make our owe Cen*y end
Pastry frem ""'
'If com
——-—jpujj.- --■■   - ■■--■ ——-
ng Jean
sis to tha
Ited MS esessttve by
Ubeck end Florence
MlUons of Women's
liW-ttos •*•* to App.
ffixt elf.
Ice of Pre/
Jsii$^Sf,*AU tdesftsfl, oftte elass
Peb weeties. The gsesttens
ductorary gift and gowns tor the executive were deferred to the nest
i' inia »'»
ea sspesslve girl;
lllh ILMMSM*I%ilnilllililSii ipiHHljil
ffliSSiffis ffir UniffiB
»   ^* ™VW*V|T amwrny   ^
»   v
)    t 1
■ |Ciri'
• wf/glj^BJIppjIP ^SBBBjJ. i„/|^
. JwS't?. slSL^
,  J » '   'A    I' '   ' ' ' i •' S-
I        il,   J        I   1, \    rf      ..Sj
""*__!&SktmPl ■»   *&*!    M "^f^y^^^ f &
duality • Service
Sob Poet Oftce 29
U .iiiiiii.^iiui
Drawing Instruments
Set Squaiet, T Squares,
>   Scales, Rulers
Drawing and Tracing
Lodse-Leaf Ring Boob
Miwhefe, MffljM p<H$**W %jNi$
Flauni their defiance of the tyrant's wtllt
A million pennants taunt the ohillina'breeze
from wood* in panoply upon the hut,
And ordered rows that Une the stmts of towns
'AttoyedmrutM Votyfnno\ golden gowns
' '   Make Wrave display.      >   ,.,
%meu>hmM dU^MMm^i^rim defe4t-~
Life—death—and life fn> e)eeth-^emi victory t
with pomp and splendor now the ripe months m»*t
Their do&^e&t M yearly history
WW vMTOl»n camwn^tme
which reign* till, hops nsurpmg, eigne appear
Of new life that demands tit heritage,
And hurts into fts own.,. somewhere, ..but hers
ls green monotony.
^ffA^Mfy^i gkf AAdA A^Aib   MA|^yA |^|I|A
Arts 'tl held its flrst elass meetlag
last Monday. Tbe greater number el
"*\l AbWRt PsBWjBWP   ^f^PW    P^rfVpsfBJ* ^^i^piA
selves to do so.
year's w<
a tss ball wl
The stock ef 4MT11 olass pins,
carried by o. 9- Allan; bat run dut
add those members who want plos
Should get in touch with the '11 secretary. A list wUl be made out and
an order sent in this Week
its will be posted for members
ng to w
■ent in
vho are going to wear gowna. Aa order will be eent into the curator al
e maiirti
««♦« ******** n.«M.eseH#Si
fftWt dsss Shoe Repairing
Best Matsrlal Used
4523 10th Avtnua West
t|l u^TSfiyon to
come and see tho
unique selection we
Have now In stock of this
merchandise, our assort-
iM||t consists of fancy
betes of unique shapes
spd variouc slaes, Including glove and haadkor*
chief bo«e; desk seta,
comprising pens, paperr
Knlvee, Inkstands, notebooks, notepaper and envelope reeks and blotters;
candlesticks ot various
Rises, bridge card oases,
and children's money box*
es, aad trays. Bsoh aad
every piece Is Individual.
Ideal for bridge prises snd
gifts. Prices flom
68c to  SIStSO
^w  f Ww^PWWIp  ^^PBI
reiiileus qessttohs and'
reJlgWn are «nne nf
» > i'/tii    i m A'   "i   '•  i
who feend ths Tues*
ss| yesr will be
m -Sat the)j^ewNI -
leg dK-tnus? jl% Wm
emir of the Movement i
dlrwted te mow essential
nual phases ef
^ffll be made,
its activity. An sfort .
however, to have Occasional public
Daring the past summer much of
aotlvity was continued. A
in Vancouver during
r   studied   Streeur's
ral spent two weeks
"to i
„.. 3
.Bed from Page 1)
•these units to inolude
or suhjecu) in which
ifltiier^"^ °r p*mU,"*Me "^
AIM the attention of partial course
Students in Arts and Science ls called
to regulation "I," page 89 of the Calendar:
The passing! mark will be 60 per
cent ln each subject, except In the
case of First and Second Year students who, during one session do 15
unite of regular work, in which case
an aggregate of &0 per cent, will be
required and not less than 40 per
cent in each subject. In Beginners'
Oreek and Beginners' German, however, the passing mark is 50 per cent
ln any course which involves both
laboratory work and written examinations, students may be debarred
from examinations it tbey fall to present sausfictory results ln laboratory
work, and they will be requited te
pass in both parts of the course.
Any student taking less than 18
units, or pursuing an Irregular course
is a "Partial Course Student" and cap
be given credit only in those subjects
in each Of which he makea 50 per
oent. or over.
..   i iniiM,      i
iwwiwi vwaijp whims*vo iiteaeiitff
(Continued from Page 1)
al drag or solo—"I Love Coffee" preferred, rendered with the proper am*
ount of feeling. Songs and yells ably
led by lKtle ladles Elaine College. Mar-
Ian Orant aad Margaret Muirhead,
concluded the kindergarten part of
ths evening's entertainment
The Preshettes were tbsa catted
forward by the president to take a
pledge of loyalty to their Alma Mater
Sooiety, obedience to the raise aad
regulations of the Unlveralty and the
edicts of the Students' Council and to
act to the utmost of their ability up*
on the truth of the words "Tuun.
ist"—■ It's up to you.
Students who have not already done
ao should report to the Registrar's
o_.ee at once their Vancouver ad*
dresses and telephone numbers.
* Al,'   «
a-..a m,;
.  __Jfe*
bean fl
yafi ^iFW*m
made twelve yards on bo
teen on a neat ti^     "
yard gallop,
cmsesd the
'esknineter ^
Vu badly hart wh
«iR_l%t. ,
've minutes apiece tor the)
* "Royals began the Seal fMUtte
on their own thirty-yard Una. Coleman nailed his man on Atke,Second
down. Parker caught the kick and on
the flrst down romped around right
end for a pretty gain of thirty yards.
The light swung from end to end
until Shields' twenty-yard run again
brought the ball into enemy territory.
New Westminster gained, onjy to be
forced back for a safety touch. On
an exchange of punts Shields kicked
dllne to ring up
New Westminster* Again essayed a
to the deadline to ring up 14*$.
forward pass with disastrous effect
as Parker, scooping it up, dashed
thirty yards to put it aero**. Shields
converted and scored eaether dead-
"nai whistle sounded! 'flap, (wore,
Varsity's nae, which ones move
looks good tor the traditional "atone*
walF' sobriquet, fliscon(jerted the vtsl-
rs who exoected to. gala heavily on
'A^-.M^tifoP*^ Al-
isy com*
aa a result of Vai
Wltt this form af attack, .these v
well covered in tie Uter stages of
game. Varsity's hackflsM. thoufch
ragged at times due to the Short traln-
seld wdrk.' 's^laliy during *Sie last
half. Dr. Burke has put tbe Unlver-
sity further in his debt by tbe ahow-
ing ef his squad. Last Saturday bas
definitely banished thi Royal City's
ra.y hopes, If acv, for ttlg, seaaon.
Line-up:   Smith,   cm^aWT^m
Jack,   Winters,   Jacflw,   Mitchell,
imings, P  '
, Sblelds,
Rhodes, Duncan
Cummings, Patterson, Oordon, Cole*
lestley, Orauer, Latta,
(Coattnued ftps fnse 1)
storm with ble spssepated  music.
Everyone crowded around the piano
and sang the songs be played.
Refreshments In the hovel form of
older, apples, cheese and crackers
nourished the -famished throng. To*
bacco and clay-pipes were also distributed to the smokers.
iii ,    ft   *i~)f    T^fWij^t
*   W1
junior socwrttes
Are Snowed Under
'        .»«__»»■_.      '       * f
The Varsity Junior Socoerltes, opposed by the Renfrew Argylei, were
defeated by tbe orembrtwiMi score
of 18*0 last Saturday afteriwon.
Varsity to»d^ Pe| «»#»•>.to
the second half, due no doubt to Frl*
a hard nut to crack wbaa^oon-
ete    ■***
^2_ti%lw>tb*11 ____fi__ftJ!dfitti
g__-_«AMn« - ^ iyttJ-ffiyJ__-1--_H
PSsmooie sttacas, waereas nsnirew
S*p» t £«
soored In euiok succession after tea
minutes play. Varsity  totted tbe
punch at tie orucial ntomsnts.  __.
Bestrew, tgj^ «J2J»1J wfltMt
— -        4*^* #ip»r*'*fc$*^* -*£**;
"1-r*SSRflPjSRw f*"w*ppi
pectlYS members are rnvited to. attend. **, ,  ' •» ,m
P-St-BBSC """
*'''"'    <     -'A-Ar   ' *""' !
Saturday markW tbe beginning o;
the Orass Hookey season. Varslt.
MaVed thu, Oruoaderi tat jOgneeshj
,<£5rV ofvL %n4e?%m* centre
orward, scored He only seal. The
nse of the Crusaders.
The forward
....... ^ ..... __
were essctualry checked by "tht strong
defer*"- *_>f*t~_i  M_M_i_-l_k_-L      I T
_ of the Varsity
^lng, from the ex}
bsld lins to'Twck, ,
The line-up wss as follows: For*
ter and Barclay; Backs, Les and
Wll bed    ,x
one should tur
l.oe as possible
h     ***>
so every
__L_._A.__.. '_Si_JU_J__i^, ^ ItehiJttih-l
^m^*^t*aBa 9Mm*3a*3m*mn*ft ^*w *n*^a^**t*i
M Ae"
.embers of e
(Continued from Page 1)
perfeot centres, Partridge and McKol
[or were fart and ttteky whll*,wini
kept the Hue together In fine style.
Phillip* at centre wis a'hest In aim*
self with his fearless tackling arTd
er were tart and tricky^ While,
kept tbb Hue together •    '
it genu* wis a
_.__..   ___.       __^^_7-- WlW^
^rr„l.,.,        M
londay, ••—Men,
•day. liMftil-Women.
_. .. 'atwn»^ S Mrt«»,n« «». °°r-
aft»%oon as usual and all
§gMtf plsyflm«nrt bl odr
t _U _.__._  . M-i.   ''    -_       . -
th.    ^
Arse *^^*Loks*t?Iit us win
the game    m >• ■      • . a   ».-...
*. a   *,.«       '»«>
P.ip;: Yash - the referee
crooked.   »/- ■ «, •* i - *
«  Bx.
-U.'?»A   M-,r '»i'.
i\'- ' ,   -'rtf-il''***.''»¥#'*'"*   ■ '*;fi
, i_v »>VT « T*
^^i i i, '< i.
v     M'l
Ncm*BMakabie fi rrel—24*). Mote Ink Capedty
Than Average, Size for Sixe, and
•Guaranteed Against All Defects
Hitch your writing to the Star of all pens if you
want to star in your chosen work.
There's never been another so handsome to
carry as black-tipped Parker Duofold—never
another eo shapely to hold-—and none with our
47th taj>fwement---Frw*aur»/e*s Touoh!
It adiuata its flow to the speed ot your hand
arid epeede your htmd by easing your stroke, tt
sweeps pen worries out of your mind, so yonr
brain has a dear track fwthlrdrlng.
Look for nor famous imprint on the barrel,
"Geo. a Parker-DUOFOLD," before yon
accept any pea
•The twto Duofeld SoMmtle, Van. at wed. te %m
fMlMS MtkfMlien. Any d*t**xt*a pan* tf UI be te*
jleeed wlibnm ihsiss, pwrtdad eee^rtewjiea lisinlt-'     '
a-ifclWH wak lie let tat*ttipMtaoaaa4taaM»n*km.
', Tb»l*aj|»wPOuntami^o Company, Llaoltwl
Toronto!, Ontario
' *T1
suits yeiJISUK
•,•44*,)'. - ^
*t\m 5 h ". jflni *gmi WI e> rf sBsWtipt
...V «.f,-s«/A -.«»:-__ v3vlr
***"*,-fa? W* ,is^s^f spps|iis^_
"iv«._  ^-» ^-y .1... iM.^iy.^V*.^ Hl-«nt»»
,1.  /,mV*    i__r>i„fe.
,„,  *   '..-_.',^V."M«I
.(. .      .      . ,      „  .^.„. , „,,,,„. i ,i,   iyi^     l  .     iy      ■     I,     I      ,1        L,  iiiiiii        Illll     111111,14
University Book S
pa". '
Hcun :9a.m. to 5P,m.,
*t_e__ ,r. 1'   ii       . v.*   -ifjl
I    J   t   fi'    <%Sfe, !»■*
Loose-Lea. Note Books. Ewrcise Boc4s and Scriblert
d< Reduced f*rUm «■# .
Graphic and Engineer- Paper,JWo«y Paper. ' *'
Loose-Leaf RefUli, Fottatain Pens sod Ink.
Pencils aud Drawing Instnioents.
Crepe Paper for Masquerades, etc.   '
V riTH
•       *«V*!l
*lfind Buckingham
to smoke and
if -.*    . l;
'    ' ,A#i_
■.f s; . jsljfa'tetisAi


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