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The Ubyssey Feb 21, 1956

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 isrwmv wr0 v crawif
mmMMk VMSm A&Em
Volume XXXIV
Number 52
Redshirts   Revise    Rules
Xate £ftort Jlajke*
Central Washington 52 UBC Thunderbirds 50
UBC Braves 61 Vancouver YMCA 55
Colorado College 16 UBC Icemen 3
(See Details on Page Seven I
The presidential elections for'
the  EUS  will be held  Wednesday,   March  ?lh,  in the  Engin-'
(•(•ring Building tioin 10:00 a.m.
until 3:00 p.m.
First and second slute.s ot of
fieers will by elected va the following   two   Fridays.   Included '
in   the  first   sbte  will  be  the ■
Vice-President  who must be in !
third year next year, the secre- .
tary who can be in either third [
or fourth year, the professional i
relations    representative    w h <■> ,
must be in fourth year, and the
Undergraduate Societies Heptes- ;
entalive who may he in second. ;
tnird. or fourth year.
The second slate to be elected '
on March  23rd.   will consist  of1
the   troosurer   who   must   bo   in
Kurd  ur fourth  .icar,  Publicity <
reprtsentath e   who   must    be   i..
third or fourth \ ear, the Sports ;
•'f)ie>entaiive   who   can   be   in ■
(Continued   on   Page   7)
FLASH! Brock Hall cub   reporter Shoz Kapop  3rd Civil'   ''
has   just   informed   the   EUS   j
desk    that    Student    Council   j
which   had previously  threatened  that the-  executive  was   i
riding   for   a   fall"   in   their   j
enthusiastic  publicity  for the   |
Govida's Gallop has suspend*
ed the EUS budget! j
The   EUS  has  unanimously
voter!  to  award  Messrs. Conway,     Bray.     Longstaffe and
crow   the   Blotz   Medal   with   '
Cluster   for   bravery   and   po-   .
tential   sacrifice   beyond   the   :
..•all  of  student   duty. j
As   every   student   idio    n n t '
5->1111rj  knows,  the   biggest,  social
even1 of the year, the Engineer's
Mali,   is scheduled  for this  Wed-
■ ic-sd;.\ and Thursday night
"file special events of ihe even-
ei;   wilt   be   the   dance   routine
• r '-veted   In    the   second   year
'''iivir.-ily  nurses   who are  now
meaies  al   Ihe  Vancouver Co n-
eral  Hospital.  Unfortunately the
meaner waj'es received by these
nersr-s  will   lie   rel'leclod   in   'he
eiiounl.  1,1'  material   which  they
,i:i ai'l'ord fei   their dancing ee.i
: i' !'ir>,  'l'l :r  1111 r-,i...   \i ho ;i re  propel . : If      lll!s     !'i  111 ! Ill'      .in        Jo.Ill
'.'in - n'l'    I ',ii   i >! -1 j 111 n i (> > i
,\!;e     !!
' !       '      '   ■
Change UBC Courses
To Fit Socred Needs
Engineering Undergraduate Society officials announced
Monday that extensive changes will bo made in the Civil Engineering Curriculum to fit in with the Social Cierlit Govern*
ment's new policy of "imaginative engineering."
EUS  President Ralph   Sultan ''  ■ "           — -
'tween classes
said the Engineering faculty
must gear itself to tit the changing requirements- oi the Provincial' Government. "Our present
courses, founded on old-fashioned logic, are hopelessly out-'
moded," Sultan sidd. 1
Last week, Highways Minister j
P. A. Gaglardi declared that his \ EVEN ENGINEERS will gasp
choice of a tunnel crossing the i ,,t Musoc's 1056 production, th(?
Fraser River at Dous Island, dus-1 "Maid of the Mountains." which
pi to the recommendations of', goes |onight and Wednesday
qualified Engineering consult- J night in the Auditorium Student
ants of a bridge crossing ut An- ] prices are SO cents
Maid of Mountains
1956 Mussoc Show
; nacis Island, was a "triumph of;
' pure imjigirneion over cold, hard
engineering facts ''
'■      Sultan   said   thai    cm riciilum .
changes would be geared to the i
Mirustei s   iinafMiii':\ e   r> mure
. merits
Suiti'in el.iborati'd on the cur
r'tcula changes, which will make ';
, UBC   Engineering   students   ac
; eeptable to the Minister of High :
, ways: j
(Continued   on   Page   4)       '
i       Several   ridiculous   council   j
1   members last night wore flirt-   !
[   ing with  sure,  sudden  death   i
i   by  Engineering torture  when
i   they proposed a motion to suspend  the  EUS budget on the
,   eve of the Engineer's Ball.
Even Big Brother Ralph
Sultan a n d h i s immediate
henchmen couldn't have slow- ,
ed down the stampede of i
sheep that would have undoubtedly resulted from such
an idiotic move.
It's  Finally  Happened:^	
Phil Goes Underground Conquers
Ministet of Unbelievable Highways, P A. Foolhardy,
announced today (hat the Social IVbit liovei lunent will
build an underground tunnel from the Unbelievable Highways Department Offices m Victoria to the Minister's home
in Klamhoops.
"This is just another link  in the e; er-expaudiiip, hie,!i-
t     wav program in ,B.C ," the Minister ;,iid, "and it  won't cost
i ' "       ..        *
j     tht   people oi our province' om- peony.
• The Minister, when asked to explain  In-w  die tunnel,
which will cost'S.'i,;>(')?.I)h0,llli(i.ti;i, uould sr,.' die people
of B.C money, said that the tunnel woidd make U mine-
cessans lor him to take an airplane home In Khunhoops
every weekend.
' And we may even lei the people ol b t,' o-;e the tunnel
toe,"  the  Miriistei   said, "i!   a  suitable  loll   i-   levied''
I     Lad> Clod) v.-i st U'kers .rod stcn
cih. ma\ cost the Engineers Silrtd
1 d' the\ are not removed bv Wed
i nosday,
Sludenl Council passec t mo
tion Mondiiv uml'i'i order-m.; t!"
■ redshirts to remove I lie advei
lisbig h\ Wc-diiesihr.' or p.u
Ruilding-s ioH^ (Iromuts i"i ice
mammnih ta.-k <'os! would tic
Ai the eot.ncil meeting First
Me.oiher-AI-L.irge, Boh iMel.e.m
imiiiO lo (lie defense o| [|m- 'hi'A'o
i redden ''I'igieeers   S:ud in
"The engineers are trying
to co-operate with council for
tbf- first time in years arid
their oiler to remove itu? stick
cr» by I'nday should bo as
ec't'-'c!. Aftfr all they are
ben-; as voaaoutibl^ es ericpn
p.t:r<  can be-.
■A-      *      *
tion 'vvill prcserd iM'eviar'', an
Indian film portraying life after
Hea'h The film will he shown
Thursday, February .'3 m Toy--
its 2(10 at <i :t0 o'd 9 oil p.m.
'Tht   m'ice   lur   stuuiths    is   33
,i       >      -y
C.L.U. EXECUTIVE please at
tend   meeting   in   club   room   at;
noon   Tuesday   to   arrange   for
the general, elections
DR. WOODHOUSE will lecture on St. Augustine in The
Presidents Commit toe on Spirit'
ual Values on "Early History
of Christian Beliefs" in Arts
103  at 2 30 today.
* -k     *
Quadrennial Conference will
study the third day's theme,
"The Christian Church and it's
Mission" at 'A '<() Wednesday in
And  3\:i.
* -A        •*
meet in the Board Room of the
Brock at, 12:31). Plans for the
forthcoming Mock Parliament
will lie finalized. All political
eluh.s make sure thev are present.
■A >.        *
come everyone to a discussion of
' Ho(dinoll'e"'s Life Together"' in
Ar's Ida at Wed   noon.
V        -A        -A
will hold 'die sj.'t nn.; gem ial
ejections   on   K rid ay   in   Physics
201    All  members picas,-  make
an   effort   to   In.    pre-drli til
■>;       'A-       A
U.N. CLUB flre.M. nis Ur Rose
.speak int; . ai "Ru-sei r.nd -n r R(>
lations with Polanri. C'.echoslo
vaKin, and YukmsU.via," on Tuo'-
day, 4:."ili tin \Veih,esd.,v at ; ;;u
te   e o(t.    Mi'    Pi \ iir!'   w i.ll   speak
Ml        'The     Pel
' ica 1   ■• )i gan i/at mn
NEWMAN CLUB  e.i.' ', n,i   .
' mil-.'    ut:    H.e i,'   'I h-' ,.!■) :\ ,in,|,  f
'ec ll'l"   . 1 "' I   h'rv    i''.'ll  ■   I   "P.e,
'    'III      VY.      I     .''     .,    ".O    I' '    ;,       l;   .
:' 11:'
'Csn.li -;l    ■ :i    p;.,,,i G,
sr;. ci.assf::-. THE UBYSSEY     By bluebird scott
Authorized as second class mail, Post Office Department,
Student subscriptions $1.20 per year (included in AMS fees). Mail
subscriptions $2.00 per year. Single copies five cents. Published
In Vancouver throughout the University year by the Student
Publications Board of the Alma Mater' Society, University o:
British Columbia. Editorial opinions expressed herein are those
of the editorial staff of the Ubyssey. and not necessarily those of
the Alma Mater Society or the University. Letters to the Editor
■houla not be more than 150 words. The Ubyssey reserves the right
to cut letters, and cannot guarantee publication of all letters
Without a Slide Rule, Yet
When your executive aproached me for a few words in
"his issue I thought first that the game was up—to write in
words without symbols. Had they asked me u> accelerate or
!o suffer a small displacement all would be well; but no—it
must be in words. Then I remembered seeing five chief engineers, Rail', Murray, Jack, Ken, and John together with a
freshman gathering old coke bottles on the campus yesterday.
Their object was to sell these at two cents each to finance a
trip to the Commodore. By the end of Monday afternoon their
collection was complete and stored in E408. They had worked
pretty hard though and decided to catch a little shuteye on
a drafting table before making the five way split.
Soon Rail woke up and decided to take hi share and get
back to work. He divided the pite into five equal parts and had
one bottle left over. He put his fifth in his locker, threw the
odd one to the freshman and went on his way.
Then Murray awoke with the same idea and not knowing
what Rail had done found he could split the pile into five equal
parts with one left over. He threw this extra one to the arts-
man stored his "fifth" in his locker and went on with his
business.   Now   it   happened   tha'    they   gatherer!   Jim    enm; git
hot! los so that Jack, t K
in turn. Knell had 'iir !
pile   11 ve   way ■-..
N'oW     it   -s    i ihv Mil -    I !'.;
just   enough   lor   a   uoifei
great evening arrives  is
to buy a Ball ticket'.'?
d Jo!
in   could
pli.'i :r.:
vo   mi! I lo- or
e   I':.' ;.■ mi   art.s'.iieri   :y
■. .Hut   what   we "won';   knew   unt
d'.ci John collect enough on his  bottles
R. F. Hofdov. Hon. Pres. El'S
Engineering—A Fine Art
The material .success, winch lias lollowed the application oi
science to industry ha.s partially hidden the true nature oi
scientific endeavor from the lay public, and perhaps, (.von
from the scientist himself. Tins is particularly true of applied
In sumo subsequent age when our technological marvels
have lost their novelty, the great scientists and engineers ot
our day will be thought of not so much a.-; distributor.-, oi material benefits but rather as inspiring example:-; ot the crvniieo
intelligence of the human race. They will, tie classed wit.it the
philosophers, the writers, and the artists; and thou- work will
be judged by .similar standards.
The significance of science ;s not to be round in an evaluation of its practical results or an enumeration ot "vie shortcomings of the present industrial age. The significance of a
Greek temple of a Greek drama to civilization tl mud be regarded as otie of the marvelous, products of the human spirit
which will have a meaning for man as long as lie continues
on tins planet, The growth ol modern science may be likened to
the building o( medieval cadiedral. tt is the work of many hands
and has arisen .slowly and to some extent irreguhirlv-
The monks in the dark ages preserved the remnants of
one civilization to enable another to come to life. Perhaps, ut
some measure at some lime, the- scientist and engineer may
have a similar opportunity to transmit to posterity to studies
we now call the UuinaniUe.s This .is the rospunsibtlty that lies
heavily on the shoulder^ cf engineers. unci -.civ;'. reds and fin-va-
who educate- them
The men of applied svieike must prove themseivo.s win thy
of the challenge to whatever extent it is pi v-:er.vb. Th"v mud
understand no! only their icehnical professieti..-, but also the
needs and aspirations of the human spirit.
The zest of ihe Engineer'., work lies in the pure joy of its
oceativeness---in the thrill of overcoming the perpetual challeng.*
which inanimate nature seems to present to the human brant.
This is the spirit which ha.- made possible all advances «',
knowledge. U I.- but another aspect of the imaginative vision
winch has inspired pools, pointers, ana composers. The- scientist
is the most reeom recruit to the ranks of er'aihe. worke".--
He must realize hi.-. kmshu>. Wo may hope '.bat yvg litevatcre,
and philosophy, .f vmcvs'-arv , cm be carried dwough .-;. periou
of turmoil by the nvhn'cai ;r.ati who has had a Idn-.:-! educ;-
tion and rmJi/.vs *o the tuv, ds. mrpm-ation
IJoris Pavlav, F..fig. 1
/ Was a Student
Councillor For EUS
I have always been a good engineer. That's why it gets
me. I can't speak to my friends (because they won't talk to
me). Even my family thinks I'm a dirty Council member.
But really, I'm a good engineer.
Each Monday, when I go to our little U.S.C. cell meeting, I shudder when I think of what could happen to the campus is these diabolical, fanatic, greedy, cheating, etc., etc., etc.,
people ever took over.
Like last week, when comrade Lila Votahcllofalotolstuftski
came up to me and breathed "Hello, Comrade Bluebird' —(God'
if we only had women like that!)—I returned her burning gaze
with my silent cold eyes. In a flat monotone I answered, "Good
morning Comrade.'' (God! What a woman'i
She <God! What a woman!) slunk up to me and put her arms
around my neck—but I wasn't interested. I knew she (God' What
a woman!) was working for the councillors. She' had been properly brain-washed—at one time she would have made a Rood
engineer, or maybe several good engineers—but now she was
a  real party girl (what a doll), so I  wasn't  interested
She breathed into my ear (that's why my hair is singed on
one side), "Bluebird, honey, can I call .you comrade'.'''
Still in my flat monotone. I snapped (but she got away)
"Sure. Lila." (I had decided to play along with her—the doll.)
While she (God) was chewing on my car, she (what) asked
me to come with her to the big wheel councillor meeting that
night (woman).
"Thinkelcert- I tain that can are beranged " (I didn't want
her to  think  I  was  wise  to  her. so 1   talked  like  that)
"iUmmnnn, you're so nice. Comrade." she murmured, ii had
her eating out of my hand.) Then she (God! What a woman')
planted another burning kiss mi my lips il took her cigarette
a u as   alter  I hat. i
We not In (he lag meelinc alien! 7 o'r.'nel; I! was a urunb)
liiikuic, joint on the East side called ihe Brock Hall Obey were
treii! ing as a college shop ;md  greasy   .-peon diner '
Lila led me to a back room but it must have been the wrong
one because il was full of people. I couldn't recognize anybody
but Lila's (God! What a body!) becaues they were- all wearing
black robes <it looked like a chapter ot the Klu Klux Man that
didn't use  Rinsoi.
The big guy at the end of the tabic-. Comrade Bray, 1 think
they called him looked at Lila, then at me. then back at Lila.
"Ah, Lila, I see .sou have Comrade Bluebird with you. Is lie-
ready to undertake operation YV"
"Plan Y"" I repeated in my dull monotone not letting on
that I ouln't   know   what Plan  Y  was.
"Yes, Plan Y—Elimination of Alade Akesode, he's dangerous
to our cause."
Lila answered. "Because he's trying lo make a fool of our
glorious leader lie has a pour sense of humour and is forever
trying to play on words with Bray and Donkey and Asses (only
In.- pronounces it Asusb That's why he has to go, honey. (She
tried to kis.s me again, but I wasn't interested.)
"OK, but  how do I  fit  in'.'"
"Your job is to get htm into the north basement arid then
the Pravda writers will see to it that lie is run through he
F'mvcla presses and if thai doesn't, impress him with the truth,
nothing will."
"OK," 1 said and, with Lila (the doll' in hot, hoi pursuit. {
set out to lure Alade Akesode to live basement. 1 knew his
usual haunts. 1 checked the nurses' residence, the girls' dorm, and
finally found him on the steps of Mary BoUerl Hall. He was
sitting (here, slicking pins in a doll which held a shepherd's
crook, mml serenading the girls with a melancholy air called
''Voodoo Moon."
"Hi, Alade," 1 said, flashing rny oepsodent teeth, "Come
quick, (hero's an audience in the north basement of the Brock
and they want  a guest  speaker."
I caught up with him just as he was entering the Pravda
o'Tice and turned him over lo the local red head (and vice versa.)
-mrade Beck,
Plan Y was complete, Lila congratulated me for sever-*!
hours, but I wasn't interested s'o I got up and went, buck to the
The councillors were chuckling as I oroke into their reyutnr
Mnnda\ nh.rhl joke session. 1 made my report and Lila wanted
to congratulate rne again, but there were too many people
around and an,\ way, I wasn't interested
Two councillors in flit hack corner started to make up a
>.nut; that began with "Alas, alack, poor 'Vk went smack' but
tiicy  couldn't get any  further and gave it  up.
I was assigned to carry out Plan 7. this I found was the
e»ciermiuatiori "I Big Brcher Halph- -1 luted to do this because
lie was Beta than mo.-l engineers ;,nd w;)S almost likr- a brother
ot me I tound him with his flocks on the rolling hillsides of the
V. C Institute of Technology, with his faithful sheep-cloy Mac
by bis ?iole
That damned dog could smell councdiors run where ami he
bit, nm. (He shouldn't have done that, because 1 am really a ec xl
guy ) I toict Big Brother that some of his sheep had strayed and
'were now mixed ui> with j herd of uiscs (.pronounced A.sus) and
he barton out  on  the  -dead run
1 r;n ale:;,.; with him. uiuil wo were far enough away from the
Engineers are not dull, unthinking sheep.
Not  at  all.
There is nothing dull about
an engineer.
sheep, then let him have it.
Lila started to congratulate
me again, put I wasn't interested and besides Mac had
heard the shot and wa.s hot on
the trail. I knew Lila would
think Ralph was finished but
he wasn't really, because I let
him have it with a 3fi. and anybody knows an engineer can,
take at leasi 40 before it starts
to   bother  him.
I decided to find out more
about operataion X on the way
back to the local council meeting. We stopped off at a speakeasy located under the civic
auditorium. (One flight down
and   ask   tor   Norm.)
This joint was in the Greek
Quarter and was a Council
stronghold. It's so strong, in
fact, that most of the comrades
go by two or three letters instead  of  a   name.
I ordered a couple of drinkr;
at the bar and brought th-m
back to the bible Well, here's
nurd in your cup.'1 said I..'.l.),
downititi tier drink in o-a ;..'. >.
I li'ol her aiioll.er ore's. I
! i.gui'i d a few mere :-. :a - e
Won Id   reve.i I   every t him;   ' i V.-.l
operation  X>.   I   was   pLymg  it
cool while   Lila    was    k:-- :."■;
Ii 1 ole disinterested me. I v. ve;
trading my full imps for h-v
empties She had f>7 to mv b- ..r
and was becoming taikati'. ■'.
".Bluebird, honey, do >ou n-a'.'.y
think you can handle operation  X','"
"Shurtainly. doll, thish -.1'
bird (.•'•)  manage aw   right."
I decided to find out whul'
operation X was--but, I hag to
be careful, she must net suspect  1 am really the hero
"Whash oprashui! X, D'.'-II?"
I asked m my dull flat monotone, (.smiling with no\ pepso-
denl teeth but not with uv
cold, fishy eyes).
'Oh, Blue-bird, honey, vou'•■■■:»
so silly. Operation X is getti-.'i
the councillors into the frai-
gincers'   Ball "
"Thash OK. just wanned <"e
if   you   knew.   Thash   all "
Armed with this vita! info,
which I had carefully extracted
from Lila. ! slid her off rny lao
and started out at a fast ontwf
for the Brock tt could h.i\ .->
taken hours if Lila '.God' What
a woman!) hadn't insisted oi
carrying   me.
My craft) brain was form e
lating a plan—-at. all costs, f
had to stop (his invasion e;
our sacred (but pagan) rites--
our Goddess Godiva would b .
exceedingly hostile if any non-
believers   gol   to   the   ball.
Lila dragged me into t.h» back
room again. She held me e.;
her lap while I made- my report. She was sure lu u>f,:i,
considering she was si; drunk
"Bluebird, honey, what abom
Operation X?"
"Oh, lhat." I sain ia roy
usual monotone, "and turning'
my unsmiling eyes on tne d<~
somhky of councillors add-.s',
'be   my   guests."
Lila turned out to be a
nar.sv m disguise d.'iawd1 are':
although I am sriil not i.)tei-
csted, we are getting ruarrn d
tomorrow We have to fc tl
sake oi the seventeen lit'le
mor'stors we art going to P.-.ve. Imagination  Triumphant!
Socreds No Turnip Heads
The   Hon.   P.   Foolhardy   an-- inK   converted   into   an   lid   mile ing by-election in the five meni-
nounced today in the house that extension   ol   the   Sumh-y   Park ber   ridiii"   of  Cassiar,  the  new
ln line with the Socred dividend bridal   paiii.   and   the   new   Oak Cassiar     to     Podunk     Crossing
fthf.rm.ii policy, the recently plan- Street   Bridge  will   be  walled  in Turnpike    which    inadvertently
Hid Deas Island Tunnel is being and  used   lor  an  aircraft  hangar ended   up   in    14   feet   of   Okan-
rerteri   to   Lulu    Island   tanner lor Ihe surplus  aoverumoni   a;r- agan Lake water, would be pi'o-
Sncd   Fei'dstrool   lor   use   as   a planes, vided    with    submarine   service
One day. a man tried to board
a train with a small puppy in his
arms, but was told that he would
have to take the pup back to the
ha.ugane car before he could
board the train. However. Ihe
man just ducked behind one of
the cars and shoved the pup inside his shirt and a woman .Hist
boarding the train saw him.
When he boarded the train, he
sat  in  tin- seat  in  front  of heir
After the train had  been  going
for about an hour, he began t>
squirm in his seat.   After a short
while, the woman who had been
enjoying his discomfort thought
'she would rub it  in  a  little so,
.leaning close  she  said.   -What's
: the     matter,     isn't     he     house-
I broken?"
"I don't  know." lie said,  "but
;I don't   blink  he  has ever been
■turnip cellar.
In  addition   lo  these   now   pro-    lo   expedite   service   to   Ihe   tax-
Mr.    F    explained    that    since    i<,(-'ls the  lion    Minister annoimc      pavers.
tlu   rntdiwa. s  program  had  now
rt" ached the point where Hie taxpayers   could   no   I on nor   alfoiTl
to   drive    automobiles,    the    lar
.veeme tiovt-rnnirnl will be adopt
big a   new   policy  of   LOO' -    ul lb
Ziilion  of  all   new   public  works
'VV n li   this   fD(\    in    v lew .   Mr
V.  announced   t hat   the   Kelow na
float m ..; bra Ilw will  be sawn  i at o
St l 1  OOs      and     donded      I o     - he
C. I Oi    c< iicessinn.i ire   ill   1 a is!    I ,a
';( la       T",t     !'( . V   e\l i -!1s|om    ;».    be
•d   that   mi   \-iew  ol   Ih
e   limii-nri
"    -.A   ' '   '
J. J
I.  F.
Vancouver  Block
MA.   2S
*f YttOfc STmt • AT VOWR fcooR
Special   R,ite   to   Slinlenl.-
white di\m:k .i.\( kits
am) accessories
I .ale-.l     Sillide    I'm a-.led
l::!IT West llllli Avenue
ALma l.'diO
The  Rudolf Steiner
in  B.C
"8 (Jmvn Street, Vancouver 13
. B.C.      Phono KE.
Lectures on
By E
lia    rre-School   Yef
I'.'-      Tht
(ii'oiind   o!
.: r.a'lt ;       >atll l'dii', .    F
25th    S:i;>
p.in    at
tnm;i-  Stmi-.o.   lt'.-U   \\
e -:   i. > r <
ad way
The    Hle'lieilbil'V    Yt i
r-    I ('«-!•
li    The   Tra
mine   o i
Fji -
c: 1
tie-     A litlT-'-it \    ala!   K
Sundae.   1' i
hi 11a : ■
's    1
u ,-   r    at  K..\   (')- im:m-
1 ll-ll   \V(mt    1
boad w a
1'- -     A.'.-'h -c::'    V,,
r-     The
I'"oi initm   i
1'   ,!u(|e
nelV .
!'..'■..-    m  "     S. i!  :,;!     Id
hfV        al'Cal,
', .    Kehi
.. t
1 .     ''■:.'   ; ■           a:    ' '  t     ', ,
ia .  ,,V".
Ail    (hdiel
,   in . >
i a     ,    >:   ' - ■'
Till-: l BYSSLY
Tiasda. .   I-',1 :-i:,-
'm      Hi at" 11IE UBYSSEY
Tuesday, February 21. 1956
Culture returns to UBC once more when the curtain
t a is os on the Engineer's Pep Meet in the auditorium at noon
hour, under the auspices of the EUS.
Or.eanr.iers Don Watts (4th Physics) and Bob Wilcox
('■1th Much.) promise an abundant display of gags, skin
ami sex as the Engineering Clubs team up with the filth
year Nurses to stage an hour long scries of dramatic skits,
punctuated with the mellow strains of the CJodiva Band.
Conductor Rohm Scott has been holding regular practises
with his ;.;riuip .since 11 .'50 a.m. and says the Band will be
louder than ever tins year.
All Engineers are requested to attend this event. The
Third Cisils will be on hand to see that nobody else does.
What Is An Engineer?
-Now It Can Be Told
An i.nmneer is a composite of many things; lie has I he
curiosity of a freshman, the stubbornes.s of Alade Akesode, the
iiudacity of the pub board, the gentleness of a bull, the temper
ol a muse [student), and the personality of a UBC cop.
Outwardly, lie looks just like Shakespeare, meeting his date's
1he average sloppily dressed |,;U(.nts. Tim Buck, and liquor
Canadian   male,   only   sloppier.   j'c(nsr;.
Inwardly, he differs greatly.   Hi
has an mcNplamable urge to find   locUu.f.s   facuMv
out how and why
works -from machinery to girls.
.He can be founo looking at,
luming at. climbing over, under,
wnd in. touching, exploring, and
Unking apart anything that moves
o.naohhior. eiilv, of course- lo
1i ed Ins ii sabahh- curiosity
He loves curs, beer, his slider-ale. girls, initiating freshmen.
contests with Aggie.s, excuses to
laid the pub-board, hts girlfriends sister, imd Spanish
Hank.-. He hides Artsmen. IVIon-
flav     mornings,     double    dates,
do this thing rigid," Mussoc star Thora
Hawkey is .saying to George Warne. The
scene is from Mussoe's 1956 production of
''The Maid of the Mountain," which will be
presented  tonight  and Wednesday  night   in
He tolerates kid brothers, "val)
mixers," Com-
mercemen,   inlaws,   and   nurses,
on a blood drive.  On the  other!
hand, little  girls  like  him,  pro
lessors   put    up   with   him,   the
(Jeorgia   welcomes   him,   Aggies
fear    him.    parent-,    love    him,
freshmen   dread   him.   S'udents'
Council   hates   him,   and   coeds
respect him.
An engineer is primarily con-;
corned with having the greatest;
amount   of  fun   in   the   longest;
possible   time,   for   he   realizes
that  these are  the years of his i production "Maid of the Mountains," will prove to be a Bonanza
greatest capacity, beer and other-j     Mussoc officials told the Ubvs-
the Auditorium. The fanciful operetta revolves around a girl-meets-Sic'iLan-bandit
theme; but the real highlight is the tunes,
not the plot. Show goes at. 8:15 p.m. Students' tickets cost  50 cents.
- -Bob  Sterner  Photo
Mussoc Calls
Mountains 'A
Maid of
Music  Society  executives  are  confident   that   this   ye
EUS Course
Teaches HE
wise He has, and will give you,: M,y that -tickets on sale at
data on anything with numbers! Kelly's are moving slowly, but
in it: best horse-power to weight : VVfV ,)re oxp<.ctinK -, rusn a.s cur-
ratio, mass of the earth in grams., tam time draws near."
volume of the engineering build-! student tickets, priced at 50
ing in cubic angstrom units, the oents wi!1 b,, ,,n s.jI(1 in Urv
date of the next world war. the, qu;k! in m,, AMs u)fi(.(. anri at
campus population in 1957. and;the d(M)r 011 performance nigfits,
It has recently been announced   Grace Kelly's measurements, Paul said,
thai the Home Kc. Department But when you come home after I i'|,js year's, operetta Ls the1
In,, completed a Home Manage- a hard day at the brewery and: storv 0|- |;;,,u|jt.s i,^, m mo
mint House at great expense you're tired, worn out. fatigued.! mountains of Sicily and an arte the University. However, it rundown, disgusted, and ragged,' coun<_ 0j Teresa the governor's
e not so well known thai, co- |,e will help cheer you up. andjmaicJ wh() ,.xpoM.s thoir j,.ar]er
liicideutal with the announce- make life seem, worth living jto tru. governor's guard who
ment.   ihe    K.U.S.   presented   a   again with a sentence ending in!seut hdm ,D r>i>vil's Island i
words;   Ring-;     Ham.   V[WC    Wc.p   klUlVVn   iu
j.i.iper •'."iiitled "An  inquiry Into   those   three   little
Hie   fh'ct cahtv   of   the   Home   dans doo
.IManaimmeid   Plan'    Therein,   it 	
was stated that, after exhaustive
research Ihe conclusion had
been re. cned ibal "\o homo can
in   complc'e without a  man.''
B'.'Cogni/mg that bus placed a
l •, spun- ibiPy i ai Ihe shoulders,
■o'.e of ihe F.ngineers. recommendations v\ere made in Ihe
i laj.'er lo tii- ef led I hat a com se.
liesigncd ''.i i»ro\ hli reality to
I'k- lb .me M.magi ment Plan.
! !■ -pl.ieed   on   tin    clin iciihun   ol
■ -', Mngii n ' is ng course This
' . '.ur.-e lne   11   i n '.enl al i vcly   nam.
■ n       M K     rai
of this year's production, while
James .Johnson, who is well
known through TUTS, is the
Dramatic   Director,
The Choreographer for the operetta  is Grace  McDonald  principal   of   the   B.   C   School   of
Campus   irateruitics   and   sore Dancing.
orities will  Ilex  their collective       The   time    i.-   11.15   pm.   and
vocal cords tonight, as the Inter-   February   23,24.   and   25   in   the
Fraternity   Council and Pen -Hoi-   t,rBC    auditorium
Greeks  Will
Sing   Tonight
In the- da\\s of ancient Rome.
an officer called away to tlm
wars locked his beautiful young
wife in armour and gave the key
to his best friend, with this admonition, "If I don't return in
six month.';, use this key. To
you, my dear friend, I entrust
it." Ten miles away from home
he saw a cloud of dust, approach,
ing, and waited. His friend, on
horse back, galloped up and,
said: 'You gave rue the wrong
*        *        -k
"Hello,   Madam   Mi mi   .speak
ing."    "No, no. operator.  I said
Vancouver,,  is  Musical   Director''Glv*'  mt' Uu' ^rcroom,'"
* A *
The sudden entrance of a wife
has cursed many a secretary to
change h-'r position.
look your best
at the big game
i   Old re
11     operate
aiu-.e sv-tii
■ me Kc II Us-
it- w eiild cou-
woi k at the
i Ilt.nse and
,    rotar\    i-X-
11 is IV11 i i pr.irt leal ci I'clt-s
led this u.mld be a great step
n- ;•■- i\ ancmg the cause ol co-
<•duc.it ion '.vhile providuic. the
s'u<i' ut-- l.dv'iig the Management
I'l-ogcam with many maji'i problems  which  must lie  met   under
lenic Association present the annual   Greek    SoOgfesi
The. annual  event,  which   IVa-
i ures    1 fi-viecc    choii's   d r a w n
I'i'em   the   r a n k s   of   c a m p u s
greek',    is  scheduled   for   ft   p m
loniuht   in  liie  Auditorium
'I'w. I ve I ralernil ies and nine
soi i.irii ie-. wdl compele vocally
for the cup .iwarded to Ihe best
snug team
Patrons el the event are Dr.
ami Mrs. Norman A, M McKenzie. and Bngad.er • nd Mrs Sherwood  Lett.
Fraternity officials said the
quality ot 'he song-trains, this
year   is   exceptionally  high.   To-
Members of the Ubyssey
Editorial Board are summoned lo a meeting in Stan Beck's
office  today  ai   noon.
Elections will be discussed.
Records and .Magazines
Continental Book &
Music Centre
nil HOWL ST.
(just  off Pender)
I'Acijflc   4711
Skilled,   Polite    Service
"your best" starts
with your bra
iiuiliil    home lite    coiwlil ion.-,    its
well .is the pitter-patter of liny night mav  see « defeat of Bt'U* \
|jritbl'-m.s which do arise m most Theta Pi. p-ereimial son-gffst win-j
fcijosehokis. ncrs,  sources said, !
3766 University Boulevard
A Complete Dry Cleaning, Laundery and Shirt Service
Phono ALma 0104
— An-( your bra ihoold b« tin
Exqis-.iie Form, for lo\oliesl lm»i
:i ihoulrl bi
cxqts-.ue rorm, tor Ico oliest lin»i
unci or HiiOoncI iwealeis! Shown
top NO 4?,r) popular Circl O-
Form in wLte latin or broad-
clotli Cn'clft-ilirched o.ips elastic
insert for breallung comfort,
Junior A A cud, 30 36, A cup,
30 36 E 8. C cupi. 3; 40.
Frlc« $2.00 Be'ow famou»
''SOS"witlicurve itiichedund«r-
eup, fliving lion support and
control Satin or broadcloth
A cup, J0-J6,B4Ccupi, 32-40.
Prie* J1.S0 [ US
It ilhLs-i
Tuesday, February 21, 1956
Handy  Hints  For
Junior  Redshirts
Several letters have been
who  this year will be  attendi
campus year." They all ask tor
dales and so on.  Mere is some
1. Getting    yourself    a    dai«.
This can be accomplished in several ways. Vmi can walk past
Ihe nur»e:>' residence, or ydii can
take an old girl friend; If both
these plans t'aij. then you'll have
to have some sort of bait. A
'aa or '56 Cadillac is ideal hail,
especially if you  happen  to like
tli r cress   ivas too tight,
She scarce  could   breathe;
She snee/ed aloud.
And there stood Eve.
*        *        *
And then there was the widow
who   '.old the  bachelor   "Take   il
from mo, dont  get married!"
*        *        A-
A cote little trick from St.
Wore a newspaper dress
to  a  hall.
The dress caught fire.
And burned her entire
Front  page,  sporting section
--and all
Fine   Foods
Mellow Whip
Ice Cream
10th and Smamat
ALma 2596
Blues In
The Bonk
Usui- manager* olten figure in
neve!.--. pla.ss and movies bul
the latest version of Kafka's
"Tim Trial" is the first time
""'■ v ut-on ,;i\en Pie leading
•eile !n fm opera. If'-- a two-hour
o.".':'" ;-nr U 'lor. One morning he's
■e'-aceountabiy arrested From
!-.,'(-n en, he stagers from oik
c-'ld hope- hi another, never
ioaremg a, :>,i| iie is accused of
'" wa., ids accuser.-, are. At. tin
lecil   '"'irl.im   ae's   marched   of:
■ aid ■' ibbed :,, (i, alii by mer.
ii-    i' " si! 'I   know.  Tbc  score h;e
' '.-'•   . sirkmg si ii md el feels than
ie - ."     aid be;u-. out  nne critic'
• •:<:.,    :11 ei     |i|,d      ' "The     Trial'
pi e\ , i-  t e  I j (. -  just   t hat."
Wiiii       aijue    h'oyal    li.ilik    niiin
■ .'■ -I'.' lie       .;,). .(I       'lI'IiiH'       SOICCs
■'■e:i so' Jul, |s looking alte'"
:-ii - e ii !'■<•-■' e.i.. ii. and making i
i ': !•- ■, ,f t:ic bail I-.. too They'n
^ -.-. a ■. ■ glad le iia\ e t' H C men
,i-  de-p- sitors  because  though   the
;i iin 'ec Is may he small. 1111• > have
a h,u ■-': o.l gr, as ing into respect
.-e.-ie :-..ii:.i alter graduation, And
e, ■ bko to be in on the ground
iiii.if There' .»re am number of
t'.'V.ii Bank brunches in Van
i 'Hive and ib environs, all keer
■ .- add more I'BC names to
tee nooks Drop m, any time.
Tb» Royal Bank of Canada
received from  first year  types,
i\g their  "biggest  event   oi   the
advice about what to do about
advice they might find  useful
; the  type  of girl,  who, filler  the
ball,   will   whisper   "Goodnight.'
it's   been   wonderful,"   and   kis.-
you  sweetly  on  Ihe  lender.-
I II this also fails, you'll find it
necessary to use a bear-trap and
a  gunny  sack. ,
2. Dress:   Dress   r,,r   the   ball'
and check  to see that  you have'
I your   ticket   and   corsa.ge.   (Dan-,
dehorns are not being  worn  this
yean.    See    to    your    persona]
grooming   Is  vour  T-shirt  clean
and  your   red  sweater  pressed'.'
•(Patches  on   blue  jeans are  definitely out of fashion j Concerning   the   matter   of   caulk   boots
—Inst year, several forestry en-!
gineers   showed   i.i(>   with   dirty
\ caulks — It is essential that they
should   be   polished.
3. Meeting   you  date:  This   is
a very formal occasion, and best
' behaviour is required. Do not
barge in without knocking, and
; above all, attempt to create it
. good impression. If you are going to have a drink before you
go, prove that you fire a real
gentleman, and pass your bottle
around belore you drink out
of it  yourself
4. Gelling to the ball: Moment-'
her  that   your  girl  gets  on   the'
bus first, and you get off first.
5. Behaviour   at  the ball:  Do,
; not  rush   straight   to  the   "Kiss-
onietor."   Take   you   time,   and;
: see some of the models on  the
; way, and when you do get there,
, remember there are others wait'
1 ing, so don't take over an hour,
i     On the way back to your table.
i take   the   short   cut   across   the
j nance floor. This may be count
jed  as  one   dance,   and   you   are
.' now eligible  to settle  dowTi  to
, some serious drinking.
,     Discriminating   taste   requires
I properly   mixed   drinks,   so   ga-
' ther  up all   the   bottles  on   the
table, empty the contents in the
ice   howl,   and   stir   with   your1
i slide rule gently until the cursor
drops off.
Hemember   to   offer   the   first
drink to your girl. This not only
i makes you a gentleman,  it also
! makes her a guinea pig.
'     Time   your   exit   -so   that   you
cross the floor during the home'
' waltz   This counts as the second
dapee.   and   you   will   be   known
as   the   Arthur   Murray   of  your
6. Getting home: This will be
1 le.tt a.s an cxorrL-e for the stu-
, dent
Get a Nurse and Get the Gravy
A Short time ago an article
appeared in the "Vile ting" written by some disgruntled student
complaining about the amount
of time he had to spend in lectures and labs, with the result
that he had no time for, let us
say, pure sex. This chappie is
sure in due straits. However,
lie iK-i'd not be dismayed for
evt r. for, in the tallowing discourse, a fiolution to his problem   will   be   put   forth
Let us review the situation.
For the sake ot argument, let
us say the student is a fourth
year Mechanical. The total number of lectures a week is 18. The
total number of hours s)x-iu in
lab and problem sessions' is 15.
The total, a.s any fool can see,
is .'13 hours. Now, add to this
total an hour out of school spent
in doing homework for every
hour spent in school. Our total
is now 66 hours a week or 11
hours per day.
This calculation is based on
Ihe fact that no work is done
on Sunday, because Sunday is
a day set aside for sleeping.
Now, we must allow tbree hours
;i day for eating and two hours
a day for preparation tor school
and what have .voir Plus one
hour a day for getting to and
from school. Our total now
stands at IT hours a day' This
leaves precisely seven hours for
slei pmg or . . Now it is this
"or" that 1 am going to tell you
The solution for sex is simple:
iusl got yourself a inir.se, Now
this   is   not   hard,   in   fad,   it   is
.Suppliers of L'BC laboratory manuals, graph papers and
law case books.
T/V .1742
151  IV. Hastings
Free Parkintj
Try our new 5ti Metallic Pearl. Dyeing, Re-Sueding,
Refimshing,  Reejazing
♦437 Wftit 10th Avenue
very simple. Nurses .are clamoring all over the country side
just to get a look at an engineer, let alone even go out with
one. So the problem of getting
ono is not hard. Actually the
problem is keeping them away.
Now you have a nurse. She
works li-11 shift every day of
the week including Saturday
and Sunday. She might get a
late leave to 12 o'clock on a Saturday but what good is that
unless she is living fit home and
then you have the sole privi-
ledge of picking her up at 1.1:00
p.m. and taking her home in
your bomb Stopping outside for
the short kiss and saying goodbye for another whole week.
After you have known this
nurse for a short time, let us
say two years, she will allow
sou to walk her to the door and
you might even be invited in
for a cup of hot chocolate and
watch the tail end of the late
movie on T.V. If your nurse
does not have a T.V. >ou should
consider getting a nurse who
has a T.V. Or failing this, buy
sou and your nurse a mirror, set
it up in front of the chesterfield, and sit back and watch
Now don't get all hopped up.
because living in this land of
their sex is short-lived. Conic
twelve o'clock your nurse will
kick you out and you will get in
your bucket and go home a satisfied num. Not a satisfied man
in Ihe everyday sense but a man
who has just basted the gravy
before having the full course
meal     However,   you   are   s.dis
Once during a sc \ ere ra n
storm three rooster- found
themselves caught in the deluge
T\\ o of litem ran tor Ihe barn,
but the third and '-marte.-.t oic
made  .1  duck   under  the   porca
•A * -i.
I le. 'How many beet's does h
take  I o  make you  P r.-./s ' "
She: Fi mr or fi v -, and don't
call   me  dizzy
Your   old   Double   Breasted
Suit   to  he  made   into a
Single   Breasted   Model
549 Granville PA. 4649
fied in the sense that if you and
your muse were together
alone for more than three hours
you would really have something
to write home to mother about.
It is this sense of satisfaction,
coupled with -your stringent
lime-fable allowing only a few
hours otf for entertainment, plus
your nurse's strict hours which
will give \ou new hopes in life
find end vour's plus her frustrations.   Believe   me,   it   is   true
j       (Continued from Page  II
(!) Water Supply and Sewage (Civil 4(56) will be changed
to    "Effective   Pipe   Dreaming
: 4(iti,"
(2.1 Theory of Structures (Civil
455) will be changed to "Bridge-
work afld Tunnelling for Moderns." Tho new course will stress
the aesthetic qualities of bridges
and tunnels, de-emphasizing the
stodgy, old-ffishioned logic which
characterised    tho   old    course..
(3) I'lngineering  F, e o n o m ics
' (CE     475)   will   be  changed  to
funny Mnne.\  for Fanciful People." The course will place great
emphasis   on   modern  economic
doctrines, a- advanced by Social
Credit     A    prerequisite   to   this
'course   wilj   be  Coupon-Clipping
' 245.
Other changes .mnoui'iced will
(li A requiri moot that graduating   thes'v   be   written   m    uri-
iiginat: \ e blank verse
|      (2.) Th;i!   crystal  balls  be  sub-
; stituted    for   slide rules    to    id-
n'L  Fan   Arls 200 lie ,, rcquis
\ ile to  all  advanced  Kugmeor'mg
I :i   in lit ion .   several    is w   sub-
■ jei'ls    has e    I icon    prop. oad    for
Ma-tor's .aid  l'h!> Tin-,",. Three
ol' those are:
Can -,\ alt i   nie uphill"
Whs      do-'su't     ,,     due, -lege., ,;
si ooi   rock.'
1 hue b;u d caj' \ Oil push oil ,i
Lit Hi   Audrey   nailed the bath-
i o.iiu s'm, ■ .md the:' laughed anu
bundled    be    no.,     -.he    kin-W   lit"'
fa' la-i   w.is  has ing   a  beer  part;
at   Ihe hoi,so  dial   iiiuht
C-at d      !,dmho    missing    engh
iiri-i'i ' Ms, be dresse,, so well'"
Second     Curd       ' Ye.-,,     ;Uld     s*
quickly   too'" 'TWEEN CLASSES
(Continued item P»g* 1)
I Tuesday, February 21, 1956
will hold a meeting on Wed.
noon in Physics 301. Speaker
will be Rev. Frank Hunphip-
* *     *
gists presents a film: "A day in
1he life of Upjohn"—demonstrating large scale antibiotic production at noon Tues. in Westbrook
* *     *
Dr. F. K. Berfy speaking on the
introduction of hypnosis to dentistry. 7n physics 202, noon today.
* *     *
Committee will present Dr. Peter Dewbowski speaking on the
Italian novelist Alberto Moravia
at 12:30 today in Arts 206.
* *     *
Committee will present Dr.
Earle Birney and Mr. Melvm
Walker La Follette reading selections from their poetry on
Fri., Feb. 24. at 12:30 in Arts
* *     *
FROSH  COUNCIL  will hold
meeting at Wd. noon in the
Men's Club Room.
a met ting on Wed. noon to dis- !
cuss the last minute details con- |
cerning the tour of the Vancou- i
vtr Sfiiety Building and Smok-!
* *     *
he id  a   meeting  in  Arts  102   at!
Wed. roon  to discuss the  com- i
.K£ sgcjjJ. All members are urg
ed to attend.
* *     *
PRE'-MED   CLUB   will   hold '
a meeting of all those interested
in purchasing microscopes at reduced prices at noon in Chem. ,
200 en Feb. 21, 23, 24.
*        *        *
CAMERA   CLUB.   All   members  of the club  are requested
U- attend the opening of the Ben
H.Yi Tout Salon at the Art Gallery   Tues.    12:30.   An   import-
art  jt.'sion will he  held Tluirs.
u\   8 00   in    the   International
House    Bring your  prints  from
the   Jr.si session.  To  be opened
by Dtf.n Andrew.
•k * *
on 7.'ed. noon in Physics 200 for
showing of "Food and Nutrition"
and    The Human Digestive Sys- ,
alberni invasion Artsmen   Termed
Lousy   Dressers
e   Biea-teg   —   ?.;■-,;]   C
Shirt.-,   -. ■•".'   yr  ,-.
'. '. cvJ"
Block Ei-.-:  '.:  Vvecdwc
r::\ 1
W.  Hastings
PA.  4i)o3
in the
f    ^
add to the
In an attempt to rescue the
'Birds from the wrath of the
rabid   Alberni   fans,   the  Pep
Club has planned an invasion   j
to the island city for the third   <
game   of   the   B.C.   Regional   }
Olympic   basketball   playoffs,
Friday. February 24.
Students catch CPR boat at ]
3 p.m. Friday afternoon, catch !
a chartered bus from Nanaimo j
to Alberni and back again, i
and  catch  the  midnight  boat   j
home   from   Nanaimo.   Total   i
cost for this trip is S3.00 plus   j
admission. !
UBC students go to Ihe polls
Wednesday for the final slate.
With fifteen candidates running
for four vital positions Hie Ubyssey presents below details of the
actual duties involved according
to  this  year's   incumbents.
Kingston. Ont.—(CUP)-—Faculty officials at Queens Uni-
versity here htfve expressed disapproval of the "fantastic garments" worn by Arts students.
T-shirts and sweatshirts worn* — —	
Then there's the stenographer
to lectures were the garments'
under fire. Faculty officials said!
the apparel "did nothing to en-;
hance the reputation" of the;
university. ,
Professors hesitated to draw who had to take three pay-cuts.
;i hard distinction between. On the first, she cut out her
"neat" and sloppy" clothing, i dollar lunches; en the second,
but felt thai a tactful expression j she gave up nylon hose: and on
of faculty disapproval might pro-; the third, she lost her amateur
duce   an   improvement   in  dress1 standing.
of   students. - ;
A  suggestion  was  even   made
by   some  faculty   members   that
students   and   f; culty   return   to
the 19th century custom of wear-'
ing  academic  gowns   to classes.;
No positive action by students,
has been made, but Arts Society -
"Is this colfe#
as   the   girl   cf
Query  in cal
Reply   "Pure
your dreams."
"I'll have a coke!''
■k      ■*      *
Then there is the tale of t.'-.t
members at Queens have agreed chorus girVs daughter attending
to wear ties and jackets to class school for the firsl time Th#
in  future to set an example for: teacher  asked  her    -what does
AIMS Vice-President must oversee    the   College    Shop,   act    ;is
Ch , irma:
other Arts students.
Professors are not likely to
develop an unfavorable bias to
"sloppy" students, one official
"Professors   arc  a   queer   lot."
said  Professor II. L. Tracy,  "bid'
not   Unit   queer."
ibr Stnilent  Ilmr-
Models Top
Y-E-S spell?" The little girl
answered, "Mink."
And then there is the widow
who wears black garters :'n
memory of those who have
passed beyond.
Did you hear ?bout the tired
young bride who couldn't sU-y
awake  for a  s< oa'ad.
in.: Cons' lot en, and llniiour-
an Act i v;l \ ('uiumfiiee and run
the (bad Cla--  I'Murations.
Second   Member At -Largo  has   p i    • C L*
the   main   job -ol   organ/ing   the   rSSrllOn     JllOW
Frosh   Reception   and   in   doing
so   administrating   a   budget   of
three  to  four   thousand   dollars.
In   addition   he   acts   as   lh<
The   woman   .undying   for   '-f.~
Let   told   the  so*- -,i   worker   tln-t
her   husband   had   deserted   h<- r
ten years before.  Upon enquiry,
tho   worker  discovered  that  the
woman had ten children ranging
Coed models will strut, and   from a lew months to ten years
male eyes will goggle Thursday   in age.
noon, when the Women's Under-       "Bui."   she   said,   "how  about
graduate Society presents its an- all those children. 1 thought vou
Chairman   of the   rood  Services '.,.,.         ,' j             ■      .       .  j        I   ,
.,                                        _,      . niiiil   lashion   show. said your husband deserted vou
and    the    Kmplovment    Service ,,.,     .   ,.   .          ...      ■       ,     . ,  ,, ,.,.,..
„                       '     '  .                   , Ihe lull-dress displav is sched- ten years ago!
Coinmdb.es   and   ,s   a   member ^ ^ ThiM.sdav   Ft)lm|arv 2,v -0h, he did!    Bid. you see. he
o   the Brock bxteiision. Finance, ^ w               Kvmn;ishllir .sneaks back once in a  while  tt
Elections   riFCUS In vest, gat,ons, ^^                  - ^ [{j        ,    izc,.
and Accident and  Benefit Com-   . .    , , „    .      . *     *     +
mcorporated  in   the new  Spring ; *     *     x
mi, ,    ,' t, ,   »,     , ,j   stoics   loaned   for   the   show   bv i Clipping from an  Arkansas
Ideal   Second   Member   would      '   , '     ,,,,,,,„,,.,„.>,..   • • &   ,„,,■„„   +u,icit*
,,..,,, .       Hudson's   Bav   Companv.   Thev   "eu.-pap*>i.     A   roaring   twister
be    efficient,    able    to    organize ',,,,,,,     ',    Hst    Tnesriav    r-irriprl    r»f.     tn'in
will    be   modelled    by    student: »asi   iutsna\   carriea   on   joun
mannequins  of  both   sexes. | Squire's   house    and   furniture.
The  two-hour show  will  also j A11 of his four children are misf-
lealure    musical    entertainment; »>g-   Neighbours   promptly  don-
during the intermission by  Ken-' att'd a new bed '° Sive Jc,hn a;:d
and to handle people, this year's
incumbent Mike Jeffery said.
Ideal   Co-Ordinator   must   get
along with  people and in aridi
tion   needs a good  memorv and ,        ,
■    ..       .      . .... ' ,   nv Hamilton, Acadia Camps an
organizational    ability,    pre-sent ,,.
lis wife a new start
incumbent  Don MeCalhim felt.
svver lo Vic  Damone.
*      *      •
U)5fi's Totem Queen   who will TALE 0F A TUB
AWARD                                                   preside inspirit over the picture- A   hi«   clt>'   sttno  vacs:ioninc
University    Chil.w   Committ.-e   pa.-keri    animal,    will    also    be l"   llu>  ''f>"»"'.v   went   swimming
must  organi/e  Club   Dav  in  Ihe   crowned   at   the   Fashion   Show. m  ,lu'  raw'   in  J1   deluded  mi.l-
'fall   and   Ihe   Ilommrarv   Activi     The luckv coed has been  picked ^ond'     Alon-   canu'   Ror'   Denk'
ties    Award     Banquel     in    Ihe    Iron,   dozens   of   entries   bv   the v'h(J   llod   kno,!i   'n   hcr   dothts.
Sprmti.     In     addition    he    must    d iscrmunat mc      Ubvsscv     photo Sho   «»PlH-d   around   umil   sh©
award  a  ST.000  bmkot   in strict   stall.                                       ' lotmcl    J,»    ()ld    rti;sh    u,;>    ard'
porportmn    t„    each    chib's    in-        Coed   models   are:    Marg   Mr- lu,ld,M«     il     in     {ront     of     h(T
dividual   needs.                                       Rim.   Vmlet   Cooper.   Lois   Sper- »l;ll'l'lu-'    tou f.rdf.    nim    >ayint,:
U'C'C President aNositson the   ling.  Anne-Louise  Ritchie.  Carol
Sliiden!   P.icili! ies    Brock   Fhxlon     Sinclair. Jo Ann  .lohnson,  Norah
sum. l-lnnoni-arv Activhies  Frosh   Tiirnbull.    Trish    Kdgell.    Diane SuVv-     >;,u:    n,,n'    ' y;"    ',rS'
thinking  that   'co.'  has  a   .mttooi
You   nasty   mar.,  do  you   know
(hat   I'm  thinkins."'
"Sure.'    >;ii(i     noli
Ora ntation      and      Const il ut ion    Drink \v;iler.     Harb     Leilh     and
Lorraine  Mill veh ill.
in   it.
During tin
i ircu-- m a I.
south, a pa:"
eleclric storm i.
elepiianl ol tla
pi i le Next mo
e. rl.\ . 'he low i.
, ., I i
■■Come   ou'
,,    "t    :- s:n. .1
a       town dow  '.'.
marly    -. .old t
■.i-< ri   the .sing o
.a!':!   t. Ma.   -
•-. bri_ d ar cl
'.-'.-liibe got    .\
.'  ■ -mite "        1
-,-■ i|i   • w .. •:
.   .    i- hi    ■"'
m   . .   m . -
i .,   ilia:.;e   w 11   ,
W   .a!   :-   il.     •
-;,,-,- ,,ui  -a .
A'iii;    weal
I   told   viui.
.am      m       f Coffee,   Parking
Top   Vote   Issues
Parking lots and coffee-vendors dominated the stage Monday as fiftceen third-slate candidates presented their platforms
tor Wednesday's Alma-Mater Society  Elections.
First to speak was Merrill
Leckie. candidate fop Vice President. Leckie foresaw the day
when parking meters will be
set up on campus. In strong opposition to such a move, he advocated that a central parking
lot be built in the coming year.
He also felt that more publicity
should be given to the expanded
College Shop.
Second contestant for Veep
v.as Jim MacDonald, who asked
tiiat NFCUS be reorganized in
both its cultural aspects and its
medium of exchanging ideas,
along the lines of the Pacific
Schools Presidents' Association,
oi   which   he   i3   the   committee
chairman this year. He said he
would assure that the S2 million
housing expansion planned for
next year be executed in accordance w i th t h e student's
Murray McKenzie left most
of his speaking time to his seconder, Gordie Shrum, who criticised candidates offering better drinking fountains and hydrants . . . referring to Tiki
Graham no doubt. He said what
council needed was a man who
could offer intelligence and enthusiasm to the job of Vice President. In the twenty seconds left
to him, MacKenzie offered to do
his best, without making any
"wild promises"
No seconders spoke for the
remaining twelve candidates due
to limited time. Running for Coordinator of Activities were John
Butterfield, Arnie Holm, Dave
Manson. and Ben Trevino.
Life and Color Into Council
Butterfield entphasised the necessity   of   better   coordinating
Frosh Orientation. He also said i
he   would   "encourage   all   stu-
e'ents to visit the Ivory Tower."
Holm advocated that the Co-
crdinator t;.k.- over "complete
-. '.ami of all sHideiit facilities."
{.'.-■ promised :- put "lite and
- ■•.-ior into co, ,:■. e ' aim vote i or
.;•  "wet hoiiteeomm.i;.'
Manson and Trevino stressed
l.-.i? Frosh Orientation Program
.-.-. their major job. Manson concluded his speech with "I wish
"-.v opponents joiid luck, find I
ape that niuie i.v just a little
better." Tnw mo congratulated
p'.osent co-oramalor Don Mac-'
C.ilium for de\ tsing a new sys-
m in for coorcl'u ding events, and ;
suggested torn, with orientation
week "so hectic." club day be
r.mved hack a w.-ek. He conch.id- ,
-*'d, noting thai his name was
''is! on the ballot list, "bottoms
Candidates   tor   seeond-mom-
bcr-at-large explained that  their
job   included   'leading   the   food-'
services committee   First speak-
i-r,   Ralph    C'.ey.'ii.  adviealed
"suggestion boxes all over the
campus" to help the councillor
in his job. He also petitioned
for more general meetings because "council will have come
to  the students."
Hod Dobell fell thai tie Food
Services on campus at present
should be open lo student ill
peel ton and rcconmiendu! mus
He said he would work lor a
paving job on the Fast Mall,
ami fi  B. Se. degree at  UBC.
Mo McNeill, third candidate,
suggested that the Brock Cafeteria be belter situated and
belter organized in Ihe new extension. She also advocated a
Frosh Card that would enable
frosh to vote for Reception
Queen candidates at either the
dance or the splash party.
Final Second Member candidate was George Morfitt who
stressed that Frosh week he
given more publicity, and that
a Prodi handbook be distributed
during the first week instead
of the present distribution time
of October, He hoped there
would be several cofiee■ vending
machines on campus next year.
Bigger Better Club Day
Second cam I a. I ah  for the final , all the clubs on campus and their
k  "losition   on   th..-   slate   was  Phil t activities  to be   issued on   regis-
C-ovan.   Geva,-:   sa'd   the   chief j tration  day.
concerns oi !.\e UCC chairman i Dim to hick of space in Ihe
were the allot im.-. of funds fairly, Engineers Edition of the Ubys
«:inong the various clubs. He , scy, Ihe stands of the candi-
oointed out the >a fee lo be paid , dates apart from those given in
by students re xt year for the : speeches, will not be printed.
Eirock Extension would go main-1 Elecl ions will be held at nine
^l.y to clubs. i polling   booths  on   campus   and
Third, Sam Hubenuan, poti■' nt the camps from 10 am to
fcimmd for a "bigger and better; 4 p.m. and from ."> to 7 p.m..
club   day."   lb-   said   he   would I Wednesday.
like to see new  clubs encouraged •-■- -
-each as tlu- n.f.v defunct Jokers CUt'CD
.!lub, and  mo>     colorful and  ef- jnCCr
Active adver-ismg for club dry,; 'Continued from Page I)
which he ftll was the most im- either second, third, or fourth
portanl to ory'.c.i.dug Ux> Frosh year.
* Final speaker for UCC chair- Tim nominations must he
man was I. e.-w hoteube'-g. felt handed in to the EUS office by
that general meeiings of UCC ' -I'.Oi) n.m on the Friday before
should  be   held every  month   to , the elect ion
I'lomote  knowledge   among  stu- ,      ft is hop-.d that there will be
dents   about   the   various  clubs. \ a   good   number   of   candidates
Ho also explained that "vending; ior  all   Ihe  posilions.  The  suc-
.inachineq   on    mi.-,   campus   are   cess  of   the  Engineering  Under-
. ai'l  fe.'is hie   necamo  the  coffee , graduate Societies activities next
..aw pay's for Uu   other food ,  -r- ■ year depends on having a good.
vices," Howev.m he felt that the    active   executive   ami   the   o;ih
coffee  shops:   should   he   opened    u'.'iy winch we can have a good.
at night. , I'H-tiiT   executive   is;   I is    elect um
•        Marc Roll,  'h-h  candidal'' for '' them now. Your support of these
l-'itivi r.-itv    Clubs   Committee : elections  will   ensure that   Uteri;
Chairman   ;n.-.hed the  idea of a ; '-' lots of activity around the F.n-
<Ijb  bookie!    "3 information on   g'.ocenng building next year
The increase in the Soviet
Union's output is due to an in
crease in their Home Consumer's prices. Dr. II E. Ronimois of UBC's Economics Department declared Monday before an United Nations Club
Dr. Ronimois explained that
the price of any article in the
USSR was way above the actual cost but that this profit
was called "over-tax" find
counted in ;.s part of the price.
Actual investments and capital does not come through
production efficiency in Russia, he said.
Every engineer likes to see a
broad smile—especially  at him.
*        *        *
"Good morning Nurse." said
the doctor, 'how is that sick
engineer this morning'.'"
"1 think he's improving.' she
replied, "he just tried' to blow
the foam off his medicine'"
Tuesday, Febru;-. y 21, 1933
Birds Lose Close Game
To Central Washington
UBC Thunderbirds, p.yx
Drummond and Ed W'ur'e, L-' :
last  night  when the  Wicij.ms
to win 52-50.
High scorer for the Bird, was
Ted   Saunders   with.    12    r:   ::ii;
.closely follosved by Mik= F;me:
I with   10  points.
The. Trip to Centra', f v.- the
last game of the seasor. was necessary because Whit wort -. a-.ri
Central were tied for s-rcemd
place in the standings foK.>vs i:u;
weekend games. Had Wd.t worth
lost, Birds would have dmafikei
the game to Central in f:.c r of
resting up for the B. C p 1.-.y - --'f
games this  weekend.  O:  c;::'-'.-
; Whitworth didn't   lose   s-.i   Erds
had   to  play the game
Only seven players, G.rac
Gimple, Ted Saunders. Jim Pm-
lock. Lyall Levy, Jack Hei.'.s a- o
g. without John McLeod, Barry
;. thriller to Central Washington
-cored  in  the  last  two  seconds
Mike Eraser and Frank Tarling,
madia the  Trip.
Lance Stephens celebrated his
19th birthday last night and at
the same time, scored 24 points
to, lead the UBC Braves to their
first victory m the Junior Men's
Particularly significant is that
the game was the first defeat
suffered by YMCA this season.
With a minute left before the
final whistle, Stephens tippeTl in
a free shot of Dave Hortons to
put.the Braves out in front 55-
54. Horton was fouled again and.
added two points while Stan
Ctustin and Lance Stephens completed the scoring with two free
shots and a field basket
The Sitting's Great! So Buy Now During Our
Annual Ski Clearance
of Boots!
Rieker-make ABC Ski Boots
For men or women. Rubber companion
.soli'-j, toe find heel protectors, spou^o
rubber excluder rmg.
s,i/es        . .
Weatherdoth Ski Parkas
rV-r mop ;;.i(! women, ill' wi.n-:i -woof,
s''at(-''~i'epeil(ap woivber cloth. T")ra,.v-
atnno hood 'mil oul'lm Small
medium, lar-\>      	
Riekers "Olympic" Ski Boots
Pebble grain boots of heavy, waterproof leather. Sponge rubber padded inner tongue and  ankles
B,-,,k,,, 2295
Women's Grenfel! Ski Pcirkas
V/ind-prvo!   and   Wi'ter-pm j;, :-,T.    S'vieu
s.n:f  ev.Us
Small, medium, large
Nylon Acetate Parkas
Men's Gabardine Ski Slacks
1 or it en or women.
})-('(-veil. ;J   zipper,
'  :'■  })illiO\ ers  W.t.il
.'it    uoi fcr.-l,   d.-c'.i, -
Ol finest quality all-wool gabardine. Con-
.mt'otive  dj'ape  style,   a zipper  pocke,'.-
Blaek  with white i:!eck.
Men's Whipcord Ski Slacks
.s(r:.;n.;   nooc   nrn'i   Jide :;■. ■!   coils     Si.:11c
■A'iii'  full /Ipoers. *7fi!Q
iVleduim   ami   lerire & °J
H15C Ski Shoo, .'emud  F'*i'H>r
V\ hipcoril pants have- cnnservati v'e draie,
heel cup and  .')  /.ippered  pockets.     lJ.il:.
and light   prey  in
assarted tuze.s 	
1595 I
Birds Win,  Lose
In B.C. Playoffs
UBC Thunderbirds remained in a contending position in
die B.C. round robn playoffs by gaining a split  in  two games
last weekend at  King Edward gym.
The Birds irornced F.ilers 112  • ........
SI   on   Friday   evening   but   l-'S1.: Later   releree   Marshall   .,ahl  he
in  the last  four seconds of play! would never  have called  Drum- j
1o   SeaFun   511-50   the   following  mond   if  he   realized   tin-   score
night.   In   other   playoff   action,   was  tied.
SeaFun upset Alberni 5!) 56 and'     The  winner  of the  six  game;
Alberni   in   turn -topped   Kilers| round robin tournament will red
J   V
•by an B1 76 count.
This weekend UBC travels to
Alberni for a Friday game be
tore returning to I'BC War Memorial gym lo host SeaFun in
the 9 o'clock feature mutch next
Against Eilers .hick Pomfret's
crew scored first ami continued
•o score almost at will against
die City Senior "A" champions.
play  of Ted Saun-
e'er:.. Harry Drummond.
Wild. ;.mri John McLeod
T'uiru!; i-birds   raced   to   a
had b> hi'' quarter and increased
their mar-in to 41-21 by the
half time intermission.
Eilers Ur-rc outscored 21-0 jn
the third i,oarler ;md were down
74-36 in tt-o final frame before
rallying lYmfret used his wh.de
'.he fray a-al every
r   made   tl'ie   scoring
bench ii
UBC pla
tight clx
fease, sp >■ k. d
who   time   and
present British Columbia in the
Canadian Olympic Trials to be
held in Ihe UBC War Memorial
gym   late  next,  month. ;
UBC   (82)    Wilde   8,  McLeod
25, Henwood  2, Pollock 11, Ma-!
dill 2, Levy 7, Martin 2, Drum-i
mond 5, Forward 2. Saunders 12.
Fraser 8,  Gimple t>.
Filers  (51) --• Forsvthe   1 1-1
Holmes fi. Keeley 2, Lewko  Lor- '
enz   (i,   Maleckr  5.   Ramsey   0,,
Schloss 2, Ttait 2, Moses, Borgc ,
UBC 150V -Wilde 13. Mcleod '
17. Henwood, Pollock 6, Madill. \
Levy 4 Martin. Drummond 2, i
Forward. .Saunders (>. Fraser 2.;
C-FUN (52>--Upson 4, Pickell ■
14. Stuart 5. Ball, BurUv-ll  12,
Mitchell.   Brown   2.   Carter   4. !
Wall 8.
W    L    Y      A
U    2
2    0
big Ucisons foi Thundoibn ,.b 81-32 '\in nui Films
UBC starting .qiiards Barry Drummond (left> and Ed
'. Birds lo.sl to SeaFuns .rj!i-50 the follow inn night.
Colorado Too Experienced
For Weakened UBC Icemen
Alht mi
I      I
I      1
never did solve
mg   oi   tin-   Biro
by    (drummond
igain   stole   the.
ball from I'm rattled cilv champs.
F.ilers hit only 10 per cent
of their .-shots while UBC was
good for nearly 50 pei cent,
hitting 30 out of 64.
.SeaFuns,   fresh   from   a   Mir-:
prising upset of Alberni  on  the
Island   battled the Thunderbirds:
To Western
UBC swim team heads south
this afternoon as they meel
Western Washington Vikings m
Bellingham at 4 o'clock.
Nine swimmers will make the
trip, instead of the usual fifteen,
and coach Peter Lusztig will
■on even terms throughout the! navt. to count on DoUg Kil
contest, with never more than burn and Gerry Van Tets for
a few points separating the two; vvlus in ^c backstroke and
••lubs. 1 brcaststroke    repectively,   The
UBC trailed Lance Hudson's : ^uo of Ken Dolan and Dan Fran-
team 12-11 at the quarter, but cjs Wl\\ probably finish one two
took a short 22-1!) lead at the in th(, diving, but the team is
half against SeaFun's zone de- still undermanned in the re-
fence. SeaFun held a 117-32 lead !nys al)r| distance events.
at the three quarter mark and The Varsity splashers, weaken-
were still on the long end of ] CT) r,^ tlu, ioss „f st.Ven men to
a 50-4« score in Ihe final minute; studies and a lay-off from pror-
of   play. j fice   due   to   the   weather,   wili
Two foul shots and then Ted; have   to  turn   in   some   surprise
UBC Thunderbirds ice-hockey
team suffered three straight losses in their four game tour of
' Colorado. Shorthanded by the.
loss of defensemen Cliff Frame
and Bob Gdhooly and torward
Mike Tompkins, the pucksters
played    ihmr   final    name    last
night   ,iguill.-.l   Colorado   College.
Denver took tile measure of -
UBC twice, thumping the Birds;
21-1 and 15-1 on Thursday find j
Friday. Denver set a*school scor- j
ing mark in the 21-1 rout with j
captain Jack Smith setting the I
pace with four markers Birds |
lone goal came from the stick j
of Bobby Greigerich, hardly I
matching Ihe American s output j
of, six goals each in the first '
two   periods   and   nine   in   the
third. UBC goalie Howie Thomas
turned away (12 shots.
Next evening UBC held Denver to 15 goals in a 15-1 rout
which was biggest brawl ever
5-em on Denver tec. Bud Pearson notched the Bird goal unassisted.
Improving and moving lo Col
orado College Doc Mackay's
Thunderbirds stopped all but ;
John Andrews whose five golds,
paced Colorado to a 9-1 win. |
Stalwart Howie Thomas blocked !
59 shots in the losing cause,
Thomas, suffered a cut that
required five stiches. and Bobby Greigerich have been playing brilliant hockey for the outclassed Birds, according to faculty representative Frank Gnup
in a letter on his Colorado Dotsel
and Fuel Oil Co. stationery.
Applications by letter only
are now being received by
athletic diretcor Bus Phillip*
in the War Memorial Gym office for the position of Men's
Athletic Association secretary,
which also entails a seat on
Letters must be in the hands
oi Mr. Phillips not later than
Tuesday, February 28. Applicants are asked to state their
age. sex, marital status, experience, and salary expected.
Loewen Wins
Foil,   Sabre
UBC sponsored provincial
fencing finals held last weekend,
were won by Cavaliers club
while UBC's lone contender,
John Loewen made the best individual effort, winning the
Open Foil a n d Open Sabre
Allen McCulloch and John
Hcinrich' starred for Cavaliers,
winning second place in the
Open Epee and first place in the
Junior Foil matches respectively
Dave F,rbe of Blades club came
first, second and third in the
Open Epee. Open Foil and Open
Sabre events to come second behind  John   Loewen.
Braves  Meet   Y
' UBC Braves meel YMCA Wed-
; nosday in the third game of the
; Junior Men's finals. The com
| test will be the preliminary at
j Lord Byng gym at 6:45 to the
'Wiley.s-St. Regis Sr. "B" battle.
| UBC and YMCA met last
: night in the second game after
I the "Y" came back to take the
! opener 69-62 in overtime.
Saunders'    tip   in   of   McLend's
shot made it 50-50 with just six,
six seconds to go. Barry  Drummond   committed   a    "very    de->
Mutable"  foul  on  SeaFun's   Hon
Stuari    who   gave   his   squad   a1
."»2-a0   lead   and   the   ball   game..
Women   In
UBC seni-'i" Kit'1'* basketball
mam takes on Sunset in the second semi finals game of the
•.fiiior 'B" women's play otfs.
Wednesday thill) at Kniii Edward
g\m By defeating the Sunset
<a|iiad t ii e Thimdert.l U-s v. : 1 1
make om last stab al first place
ay taking on .Filers Thursday
eight in the finals.
Tile Thiinderctles Uolv ousted
by Filers from tup mu>( in Ihe
. - i i \ B" league 'nlal pom! .-or-
a---, di'spile their 4 1 game cdgi
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mine Nan-m' ill even I'-ngH1'
.-. 11' ii '  ilil-  ■ ea.-' i':
Slai im.;   .  i. m        im    I 'llf   ,, I-.
.,e!m        \a|,      Sn.   '..       "        .',!m!   !/
I .",;.;-.-   Ileal     lie  Ti me     -.1  .'me,
• .i({   ' e!'\<. .I'd-   C'  i'e-i i;   Im II >
'Yt i binds-. ;n.
performances to repeat their 44-
36 win over the Vikings two
weeks .ago.
The team leaves for Bellingham from the Gym at 1:00 p m.
Be there, men.
Make the
Your  Headquarters  For:
South Brock - Opposite Coffee Shop
Mon. to Fri.~11.30 to 1.30
Owned and Operated by Your A Urn a Mater Society
t* MWSUM£*MWttM>4* f«Un>nW-Ji»MW»W¥M


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