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The Daily Ubyssey Feb 22, 1949

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Full Text

 The Daily
En gin eers'   Edition
No. 70
New Facts Aired
Tween Classes
Ubyssey Editor Investigates
U of Washington Dismissals
(One of the most widely-discussed controversies of thc American academic
world has centred recently around (lie University of Washington and its
decision that a follower of Communism is not fit to teach m a imit'crsiti/.
To piece together disjointed reports of (lie last year. Tlie Daily Ubyssey sent.
senior editor Les Armour to Seattle to bring readers a complete picture of
the situation,  This is tlie first in a series of four articles by Armour.)
SEATTLE, Wash,, Feb. 22,—For five decades, the University of Washington has moved ahead slowly, steadily, tranquilly. Nestled between a small forest, Lake Washington, and
the gay pageantry of Washington Canal, it has seldom been
ruffled by the round of scandals which has plagued its rivals.
Presidents came and went—occasionally they went at the
displeasure of the Governor—but one administration succeeded
another in a quiet, orderly way and no one feared the wrath
of the State Legislature.
Then one day, last June, six professors were called into b
the President's office.   The State Legislature, they were told
Legion Presents
Debating Trophy
At the monthly noon" meeting
of the Legion today in Ap.,Sc.
202 at 12:30 p.m., the rules for
competition in an inter-faculty
debating forum will be discussed.   The purpose of the Legion
in presenting a trophy is to encourage debating on lhe campus
:md   to  give  our   university   a
larger pool of debaters on which
they   can   draw   for   inter-university   debating   competitions
such as the McGoun Cup finals.
Oilier    important    business    on*   the
agenda  of  today's  noon   meeting  wil!
include    presentation    of    resolution.;
for the provincial convention, a report
'",y  the  entertainment  committee,  and
'in amendment to the branch by-law;'..
if.       if.       if.
Engineering Marvels
Compete At Ball Of Fire
Fashion Show Billed     Annua! Science Hop Heralded
For Open House      , B? Burles?ue pePmeef h^n b
I J wenty  marvels  ol   engineering  m  miniature   will  be  on
With more sights than a three-rins;  display at the Ball  of Fire engineers' formal Wednesday and
circus   promised   already   the   Open   Thursday, at Commodore cabaret.
House   committee   ha.s   added   another     'I'o herald '.he Ball nf Fire, burlesque^-   -
attraction to the forthcoming program,   will  n-lurn  briefly  to  lhe  campus  d
'  al   noon.  A  pep  meet  will  he  hel
Newest   addition   to   tho   festivities
in   lhe  auditorium,
is    a    fnslfion    show    scheduled    for
At press lime, negotiations were
March 5 when beauteous coeds will ,,,i| t,„inj., on bv lo,m~d,stance to Cm-
afrut the latest in coming spring ,,n!l.v ,„ |)ii()k (,nf,ln„,,Js ,-w0(,th,,,rl,
fashionS' Lady  Godiva,  for  the  pep meet. God-
Esme MacDonald,   in  charge of  the  * '•' .^-'nd.s her love,  hut says .she  may
fashion   show,   issued   a   call   Monday  >'l,:    he   able   lo   make   it.   since   her
.. .       _.     v,     .   ,,,  . ,  ,,   I for would-be models, Tryouts will be  horse has, the heaves. She claims sheS,
.    ,       _ ,,   r-, ... i    ii        ,(.„„,      'Home Arc  Inc Hunted    is a  full-) ,.       ,. „, ,, ,.
had established the Canwell Committee to see whether theie 'n)lom, f.,m to bc presi,n|(VfI ,t n()(n j held in Brock Hall fartagc room. Thurs- "Mm/; callouses anywav, nam,; ,,-,v-
was any truth in the persistent rumor that the university wastoday m  Pliysics "aoo/Vhis film «i«'-jflay at 12:'10 p'm' ^ hy-styi- all these centuries.
piets   the   now   way   of   life   that   ha ; |    The   show   itself   will    bo    held    in   M'.'X   Ui( TUUaS
resulted   from   the   retiu-n   of  Europe':. I conjunction   with   Open   House   fef.li-      hi   hei    absence.   1 he   lenisnvc   pm-
tormented    Jewish     people     to     their ! vities  March  5,  from 3  to 4  p.m. mmi)   includes   a   recce   by   thc   False
homeland—Israel. 1  - •      ' l^'T ;i'"' ^h'sclo chorus, a present.it ion
.IsMdent.s. ^al. sman:   "Waiter,   bring   me   a   l;I;i:s-   ;,y  thl,  Nll,.MV,  rlu|erc,radmite Societ- .
Pre-School Course
o Be Offered
in During May
a "hotbed of Communism".   The President urged the six men
to co-operate with thc Canwell Committee.
Urged Co-operation
t He asked whether they were Communists and, when they
s«id they would rather not say yes or no without some consideration, he urged again that they co-operate with the committee and they left.
Throughout the long summer the Canwell Committee heard
endless testimony. The six men refused to answer questions
regarding their affiliations on the ground that the constitutions
of the United States and of the State of Washington did not
permit any body to enquire into the affiliations of a citizen.
The professors were not permitted lawyers and were permitted only to answer questions put to them by members of the
Nothing was accomplished.
President Investigates
After university sessions resumed the president determined
to conduct his own investigation,
The Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, on advice
of the president, requested the Committee on Academic Tenure
to investigate tbe political affiliations and fitness to teach of
Professors Gundlach, Phillips, Butterworth, Jacobs, Ethel and
Eby.   •
In the middle of January the committee reported it.s findings.
By majority decision il ruled that Professor Ralph Gundlach
(department of Social Psychology) should bo dismissed on
grounds that he was unlit to teach at the University of Washington because he had "weighted" questions in questionnaires used
in his social psychology research.
(The committee examined till the questionnaires used by
the university social pschologists. It objected to four. Only
one of these had been prepared by Professor Gundlach.)
Unscientific Research
It found, further, that some of his research was largely of
an "unscientific" nature, They concerned race prejudice, the
pychology influences affecting elections and several other fields
common to social psychologists.
Four witnesses were presented during various hearings to
show that. Professor Gundlach wa.s a Communist. One of these
is now being indicted on a charge of perjury.
It was further charged that. Dr. Gundlach had, belonged to
"Communist front" organizations. Organizations named were:
A group to aid Spanish Republic Refugees, Consumer's Union,
and a night school for trade unionists in Seattle.
The committee ruled by an eight to three vote that Herbert
Phillips,   Professor  of  Social   Philosophy,   and   Joseph   Butter-1
worth, Professor of English, should not be dismissed.
High Integrity
Professors Phillips and ButterWorlb, it found, were admitted
Communists and had been Communists aver 10 years.
It found further, however, that both were men of "high
professional and personal integrity" and that they had discharged
their duties well throughout their period of employment.
Five o! the eight who voted against dismissal said, however,
that they "agreed m principle' that Drs. Phillips and Butterworth should lie dismissed hut thai the existing regulations on
academic tenure did not permit dismissal of the men because
ot affiliation to any political party which was recognized as
legal by the United States Government,
Resigned From Party
The other three professors, the commit lee lound, had all
resigned Irom tlie Cummunisl Purty. In consideration of this
tact, the coininillee was unanimous m ,!,s decision lhat no action
be taken against   ihem
President Raymond lb Alien considered the report for
several da\ s.
Thc film  is sponsored  by  the  Inter- f''f   l,,mi,,u  j,,kv   f'"'   :'   1,i,'l<""-" ',""1   ^V,'r;i1   :M^'   Al   ^XliuX   „
collegiate   Zionist   Federation   of   Am- |Waiter:  -Ya.s,  .sir,  and  what   will   \,,u ,ehe tra   will   play
erica,   B.C.   branch.   (IZFAh lhave   Cor   yourself'.'"
After  baring their souls  to   the  public   in  past   meel
today EUS gathering will be strictly for Engineers only,
the auditorium at  12:,'S0 p.m.
Highlighting the show will he a cunning expose' of
sex and seducli >n by the fairer1,members of the renowned
society nurses. Musical background will be provided by Al
McMillan and his varsity dance hand. '
Thi.s annual gatlwrmg is just a'prelude of the festivities to ctxm'e at the Ball of Eire, annual EUS cabaret scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday at the Commodore. Since
engineers are so-well respected hy the local constabulary,
it is presumed  the joint  won't  he raided.
So come on out
daring' show ever Ii
so lirim; (I
id'-   lor ! !w
11 oil i'    Ad mi
:e   -,|a] :|   e!
(lie various departments ami years
of Applied Science have thrown their
collective hats hi the ring in competition for the mystery prize awarded the oiitstandiiii; table Oisplav al
be ball,
Tile )J,ir'v. which is nCiaaad p,
( a.'iip.n ■- m bis lhance :.i)X -,ln cr co-, ■
")■■■ beat Willi Haley's comet, will open
with the ;;i adust 111:4 student.■,' iim.h'.
on   Wednesday.
.Members-    1
he     faeiillv     will     b
[', Irons
Students who were unable to
apply for demonstration course
for Pre-School Supervisors in
January are advised that plans
have now been completed for
repetition of the course.
Theory of pro-school education, combined wilh the opportunity to see
binary iii action, is to be offered dur-
in.c May at tin- Acadia Camp Prc-
.Sclco)   centre.
I'-TA ■■: ii'ty croups have also beer*
'.,,■■■a need bv ihe organization. Topics
ie-'aei •!> promate informat'ive pro-
'■ . m ilis. ussions have been drawn up
('■a c moderation. Subjects include:
^ a;;:i development of thc child, sex
■ hic.'.t.i n. family living and religious
!:Ce .",'ai!   student;   are   advised   to
'  :u(   m   applications  as soon  as  pew-
ble 10 committee officials.
Engineer Training Needs
l!>    .1.   \.   IIM.WSOX
** *
II I   I    1)
bob :\.'.( Aioiuni;
Bob McMordic
Tlie     Kncinecrs    IJnderUi'.iil.ia'o    ,'>>     1 e .a
isetv  stands as a  symbol  of our  urn!',     b.ll.
('i.owme,  animosity   between   engineer-
mc     depsrlm.eii's,     must      be     era ,ed
(ii eater      parlicipa: ion       111      act,v.! a
must   b" ciicouicadi,  (>i :eim/.'i> a ai  ai .■!
Ii   a:
pi amine   of   these   active ies   inn.-,!    be   |       1
■I'll ibuted    h,'  all    > ear.,    and    all    de     C,e
p,n tments. I' 111 '
i,* 1.1
kov imm;i,i,
lat'S    1'
Roy RudciclS
ii,        I   l.Vle   1        |S,a.    j,      A
m  :       tmdeiei.-.il'l.c-
,'co,a     |..,     j)    „,,,,     ',
cvh'ii. uisrn.
He then pr.n.s-a'
fee iininendat too I li
Worth be cw.smr.ss.ei
other  ihrms
A   tnui'irity   ai
rhdjtp;:   ,ncl    Unite
lhat    1
do   l'io,ird   ot   Regents   with   the
'■ iundlneh, Phillips and Piutter-
io   ai-lioii   1 ii,-   taken   against   the
Oeell     i;i V all     ,i     i.i   :      , |
la- ill 11. ic   u C ii   v. ha :   1
It   .should   become   (is,.,
siiident.,    I.ilse    a    pei-.
tile     nmiisr    s'.udei.'.s
1 ma
v ism:
ii    b
ml ei'p
,Uls,e   II
li'l',    lie    .,.Hit,    ll.ii'l    I'O.l 11V    Willllei!
ui.'.a.'d.     Allen    tell    lhat    tlie   dr.
ecu: '"a;  .laicl' '11 lie  1 enure  Ci dild   be
in- -,e  ,d  1 ,ri 'I'i'i I (.'• immuni.sl •.
O   inil.limed     1111     I'a;;r-      ',
1 \\ I a Vi,'. \T|n\
Says Finlayson
la a. a; :!;,• f,i,"• u11'." of Applied vScietice
.  bl evti'nd y.reetin.i-vs to the student
oi   '■];■■ ;mi,ual   Kncmeers'  Edition oi
• Till   1 bciy ijhyiaey.
a,    ■ , . '    a ■■     I    reteria rl    to   the   m-
v ' .   .as   d. ss.s;' i    '■ i r   engineers   cap-
a'ai    . '    |i!'"V,dmi;   human   leadership
. ai     siias'ia'd    oi'e.sni.'ation    and   mnn-
.memeat.     Tim     question     naturally
"a si"a   >'.-hat   kind   of   education   must
1    1     .   Ii    li   our   yoimj!   engineers
1      to     in nt 1    in    meeting   the   rc-
1        a  V       1   the   broader   field   that
1    11       I   1    them?
F        1      ill     '.lie question   is  how  to
il.ii     bunamsm    with    technique.
/    j}       humanism   in   education   we mean
■  stud>   of  man  in  all  his  relations
thinker,  as  artist,   as  a  social  and
ii'al    I'liiif;:   by   technique,   thy   ac-
(    i.s t mu    oi    that   special   knowledge
v i .ch"   dai'Vllv    concerns   the   making
I   a   livelihood.
We    must    face    thi.-,   question    witil
cana::   seme   and   a   proper   percep-
n   1.1   'cabtie.-,.   It   is  no  p,ood  giving
ha-,"   a   aai;,' term;.;   of   culture   if   he
c em;   to   starve,   ami,   in   thi.s   day
:   (jransiMii.   c   e.  not   much   more
s. ■■■ i      a,     provide     hull      Willi     some
e iiiipii cu   I'm   eainuiji his daily bread
■:,.i   Si   leave   ins   mind   narrow   and
1 ''a  . ../,■  ,,,!■ ,1   .nhihon  ss  that  there
old     la-    an     honest     endeavour    to
■'    ■due"   m"    1 n|;mi"-criiiji  ciirri-
■I 1 ■■" m e|,-men's of what we call
1 aim.i.m.es. The other may be
ss.s ..■,. ;.si, me in which technical
■ aaa. ■ a ■■■;( 1 , conducted, tf it. u.
'•■'id. ■: merely a.s llu- acquisition
a     s      San     number     of    rules     of
a ■        im'      as      :i      piece      ■ if      SCI'ioUS
, 1 ■' X        as r a;     I 'm.i    we   ai'c   intro-
1 "    'a"     , ■,. 1 ■    1,1    'in-   humanities
'2- ■ ,     ,        i ia ■ s    n,.'    only    tcch-
o 1      "i a\    w omen    with
. . o' i .' A;'.-,    p'ilenfial
1   * M  COPY
\ ' ^   hE  IN  PUB
**  "^ifTIARY 29
^ l!      II (Iu       11 qui     m't<   if.
1 "led   that   onp.s    deadline   tor   TUH-
"m    'liiihni   li.mdlsiMik.   is   Kebvuatv
id 'im 1 I11I1, are (<i ha\e hill n'ord.
i Ib.-ii 1 iiiCs in (he t'o.ldicalioiis
; -'id b.\ I ebnmi \ '.'!! at nnon.
' '<■■ ■'! ' i,l,.. ,,,(■ tn liacc till Merd'-
lii' ■ 1 Inli. in the Tiiblirations
. 1 c   I' ■    ( 1 lii'iiar>   J'i   111M111.
'     (      lo!    ■ A    l.a        i,,,|        ,,,        ,„,,,,, ,|1(,        ,1,.^^.
" ' '        ''"'      '"       iliehnlrrl      ill     11CM
1     [   ,,e|0|.,,|.     , ui!   1 liliiiini editor Page 2
Tuesday,   February   22,   1941).
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letters to the editor
Ldilnr  This   Issue  —  TOM   HUSTON
EDITOR'S NOTE: We wish 1«» tl>;<»k
Professor Armstrong, Honorary President ol
the EUS for tlie following guest editorial.
Change, continual and neve r-endim',
change and improvement, is the normal ;il~
mosphere of engineering education. Engineering education on this continent was, until the
end of World War I, a rather narrow undergraduate training of decidedly vocational
flavour. The subsequent period of rapid
industrial expansion resulted in highly practical study program.-: which emphasized tech-
nicnl methods and applications.
Engineering curricula were offered  (and
b     re     for  textile  engineering,  petroleum
em;   eebng, gas engineering, foundry engin-
g    n.l many other.-:. Although these cur-
I   <'he   same   fnimdalion   of   general
m' \mm,   -,,,,1   chemistry   along
■ .■, s   i-'iv. fluid mechanics and
e 'emphasis was placed on
:• uiieibai   pertaining   to   the
■. ■ '.     ■ mi app'.ications of those branches
ii'     e   ring.
the pre cut trend is away Irom Ibis
undergraduate specialization, ll is coinpara-
ivoly easy for a well-grounded graduale to
absorb the details of many special applications during his early induslrial employment.
However, it. is seldom possible lor him lo
strengthen his grasp of fundamental mathematics and engineering science alter graduation if his undergraduate 1 raining in these
fields was not. adequate.
Many employers of engineering graduates have encouraged specialized undergraduate training because they have been
able to profit inmiedi.'ilely from th" skill ol
the new employee will; no "wa.■■le ' ol' Pipe
or money in a trainin", ole::, However. Canadian industry doe-, mi p>-
number of tier e .p iisnabp, :
tions lo just il v    neb !:.i;: < ■   :
i e   a    •' 11
ucation   i renas
A survey of engineering employment
records may indicate a further reason lor the
current trend away from specialization. It
appears lhal three or four graduates per
year per bundled thousand of population are
necessary to supply the needs of the strictly
technical phases of the profession. Thi.s figure must be increased considerably during
the next lew years to make up for the interruption of World War II. Fortunately the
policies of DVA in Canada and the GI Bill
of Rights in tbe United States coupled with
tbe curuent popularity of engineering arc
providing us. at. the moment, with an abundance of engineering graduates.
However, in pre-war years, our-universities were graduating at least three times
as many engineers as were need in purely
technical positions. If only one-third of our
pre-war graduates entered the practice1 of the
technical profession of enginoeering what, are
the rest doing? The majority of these men
are still in industry doing jobs which they
were not specifically trained, such as planning production methods, scheduling the flow
of material, increasing production, decreasing
co. Is, improving working conditions, and
selling the  manufactured  product.
Il would appear then that we should
train engineering undergraduates for adaptability rather than for a specialized skill. This
would lead to increased emphasis on fundamental science and mathematics and only one
undergraduate differentiation — that between
the research type of student who will proceed
to a graduate degree-and the one who is
into'-ostod in design, production, sales or ad-
minis! ration.
To (glide Harvey N. Davies, President of
Si weiia In.dilute of Technology: "Our aim
t'lbb-.' not be lo leach engineering but rather
In prepare our graduates so that they mev
leew   i ■ 11- ■ 11:' ■< ■ ri11"   for  themselves on  llva  job
! ve
Editor,   Daily   Ubyssey,
Dear Sir:
On behalf ot the Students' Council I would like to congratulate the
Engineers on their record of outstanding  activities  this year.
Their high degree of organization
their leadership in many campus
nf (airs, and above all, their assistance to, and co-operation with, the
Council on many occasions, have set
an example for future EUS Executives to follow. We sincerely hope
thai next year may bc a.s interesting
and   profitable.
Dave    I'jiousson,
Electrical  '<t<b
Editor,   Daily   Ubyssey,
Dear  Sir:
"To vote or nol lo vole?" is no
longer the question. Now it is simply "are there any ballots on which
to  vote?"
I presume there were olbcis, like
myself, who arrived al the Auditorium around 1:30 on Wednesday
expanding with parly pride and
ready and willing to mark lhal great
big decisive "I". Rut no. Deprived
of my big chance to put governmenl
into power not by my lack of
spirit and good inlenlions, but by
tlie university's lack of ballots,
"Indeed, this is strange," I though!.
"Have UBC students finally become
practically conscious?" It seems they
have, and to a degree unsuspected
by I lie AMS. II is to be hoped that
there will be some official inter-
ropalion regarding Ihe validity of
Ibis election. II is lo be hoped too,
and more fervently, that there will
be even more voters next lime and
more,ballots than volet's. A loss of
a few. ballots is slight in cost and
energy: a loss of voters cannot be
Yours   truly,
Pln-llis Webb
Editor, .Daily   Ubyssey,
Dear Sir:
I wonder how many people, like
myself, rushed enthusiastically to
the Mock Parliament polls yesterday only to be told "I'm sorry you
can't vote; there are no ballots left!"
Is Ihis a demonstration in the
conduct of free elections for the
benefit nf the German students who
will soon conic here to study our
very democratic ways'1 Or is it just
proof of the soundness nf the old
i nlilical   advice   la   "Voir   earlv   and
One may  a   '.   " ' r    '■
branch of engii > irr;
tion of the faculty of ,\r
the supervision ol  a pm-- >ui
It   Would   seem    I'o'l   i 'liable    il
respect to chemical i mpit iei ■:
as an example I hat ob-i-t rii-i
engineering  course.-,  rbould
physics deparlmenl   an;1   Iota
under tlie botany department,
It   is   indeed    lime    thai    llie    faeiillv    ol
I id   la ri i'l !y   Ullllot'
nol   an ensunei'!',
i'   I bo   policy   Willi
Sir;   i--   11)  be   1 ,'lkeli
il and  nu'ehaii ical
Colli,"    it I 11 11 ' |'    till'
\   i ii"inei'i'ing
A i a ii s i! '-■■■ ai us- 111 a: is i id lhat, a.s is customary
::■ I"1 po>i-!'iii of leading chemical engineering
ch''.vs in Canada and the United States, a
'eparnio deparlmenl. of chemical engineering
be sol up in lhe faculty of Applied Science,
To fjtlrsel stall of suitable qualifications
d i- necessary thai such incoming people1
1'" com..-,need that the university i,s willing to
aoecpl   its   responsibilities as  regards the  in-
d    the    AMS    fail
Pons void hec.uise of back of ballots,
then I trust the party which lopped
the partial poll will rln the honorable
thing and insist upon a real election,
with a ballot for every would-be
Murrav   I).   Iti'vce
hue! ion   ol   chemical   engineering,   which   it I
If   at   first   vou   don't   succeed,   tv
I try,    try,    again.   Then   slop.    No    use
nol   under   lhe   present   set-up.
1 being  a   fool   about   it.
Editor,   Daily   Ubyssey,
Dear  Sir:
Apparently thc Wednesday Editor
of the Ubyssey is hopeful of eventually obtaining a position on the Vancouver Daily Province Staff. I drew
this conclusion after reading his editorial "A Means to An Endicott,"
which wa.s as fine an example of
fuzzy thinking and blatant distortion as has ever appeared in the
above-mentioned daily. If our
young-hopeful editor keeps this up,
and continues lo draw his political
views from the Readers' Digest,
Time, and the financial Post, he
may ' even attain Mr. Swan yard's
i sailed position, when that worthy
sleps  down,
This particular editor implies Ilia!
Iho UPC Peace Committee is a
"communist front'' because a few
communists and smypathi/.ei'.s were
active in the organization of the
Toronto Peace Council: very illogical and very very, unoriginal,
Mr. Editor. The UBC Peace Committee hopes to get Dr. Norman K.
Black and Itcv. James Mclvin, both
on the Vancouver Peace Council
Executive, 6ut to speak in the near
future: I trust lhat our young editor
will be there to hotly accuse them
of   being   "communist   stooges."
Our adolescent editor friend'implies that the SCM i.s sponsoring the
Peace Committee. It is not; and
Turn Waldon, president of our Committee, is not president of the
SCM, as was stated in the ofiending
Our Committee was sponsored
by a group of individuals desirous
of actively working for the preservation of peace. Everyone interested
in the aim, regardless of political
or religious affiliations, is invited
to join.
W.   A.   Roedde   Jr.
Thc Editor, Daily Ubyssey, Dear
Sir: I was very surprised and shocked to read in The Daily Ubyssey that
treasurer Paul Plant wishes to eliminate women's athletics from the
UBC  campus.
Granted, the Women's Athletic
Representative may be quiet and
add little to discussions, but, before
you oust her, Mr, Plant, ask yourself   these   questions:
1. How much docs it cost for one
person   to   sit  on   the   council?
2. How much money is spent mi
women's athle' ii■-,','
a. How much money a- isllnS- i
,   mu   the   VPC   Caeda   Im    AMS   I'e,    :
I     I'"!'     ol:e     paid     cold     llaiai     I :,. ni ,i
cash   to   die   AMS   aud   rec lVe,|   vera
bltle   in   return.
Cttt athletics from the program
o'i'cred to women, but also cat fees,
or why not hand out a huge sippi
;d the gates, "This University open
only to men!"
Slightly   Disgusted.
Arts   '.18
Ed. Note: -Plant proposed m,l In
eliminate women's athletics, but
only to eliminate their represeula-
lion   on   student   council.
■ ■       •■■■&-
inent will be held in the gym on February 2-1. Please sign entry sheets on
notice boards in the gym before February 22, The entry fee for non-club
members will be Tac an event. Please
bring your membership cards.
Pon UBC cordially invites you to attend its Friday noon meetings, which
include testimonies of Christian Science healing. Arls 207 at 12:30.
day, February 22 in HM I at 12:.1(l.
Gob; and tenors needed. Come and
I'h.ioy yourself.
II Insli iiction in hingn 12:20-1:15. Wednesday no noon instruction but. usual
practice session ilsill In ,'isill in B .').
rtisry 2,1 Aids 111], All CCF members
are urged to attend.
February 22 cancelled.
of the UBC Jazz Society will be held
on Tuesday at 12:11(1 in the club room
behind the Brock. Everyone interested  is invited to attend.
ish-brown, English made "Dunlop"
with ragline sleeve. Brown leather
gloves with cloth lining, in pockets.
Phone CE libll. Dennis. Good reward,
washroom, Monday night, Feb, 14. Kay
Address inside. On campus, Wed.
F.  R.  Mutton.
folder Tues. Feb. 15 on bus on No, 1G
streetcar: name on time tabic A. G.
Ward. Please return to Lost and
borders wool kerchief. Ha.s "made
in Belgium" tag. Phone BA 9588-L.
parking lot Wed. Friend gave them to
vnu by mistake. Please leave at Lost
and   Found.
An Artsman
Got A Ticket
i'he first  year boys are very sad,
The  second  year boys are hopping
The  lh.ii d  year  boys say  ibeCve been
For  an  .a '■ man   :,,'   a   ticket.
i ba I ,-.■   -„, s -.   be'-    ii"!   la   blame
1 is   -,i are is  a  aim  mus:  l >e insane
I'» i   an   ail-man   got   a   ticket.
Tho   engineers   are   in   the   air,
Their wives wrt'n'l go wilh an artsman
! here,
Tin- ele-.'l i scab   nave built  a  chair
For tli.it ,n I.-,mini wilh a ticket.
Now if lhal ai Ism,ui loves his hide,
And  doesn'1   want   to  see  it   fried,
Fi om   tlie   bail   he   besl   a   hide
Or   else   lelurn    thai    ticket.
f,   'i;
Delighted be\s :s,j ,,.,, :, .-
lo ' et in .: , mli ii hi.- i i- i'n
word' ■';;   '   <v.   b- ■   i :m   n i
lUS      lie',' "I is,    i    1.      I'
I In1  prop' '■ ai
or Old   ibieie
Lindner     ol
' j ' s       K I o I l li I I I
'bev  nui-I   lie   vitv   wi-i',  and   very   i..;oo<|.
1 (u a t  ;i) i ■   lie        i
the  e.'tmpi,     t
Wire   us,   ,a'<i   ,■■
Ulicle,    he    ;,|     ;,
rxcRishb;! ,ia
PUP   ",;    i.
tn  a el   .
1 a ti' her-,, (corrupt old men) who
diem been :,priiiu,im>, citizens by
■M"  ei dpi is, del nudum,  the   wt'onp, ■
!e:d im;   CO. il    i'lphls   lor   M.S   many
'   (.'l,l;    bus   member:,   what    can
■■ d   wit li skinny   moppets,  hai ely
lime e!i shea, and hoppini; up and
.. ■     •
I .iCU ;e
"n ihi i- -d   me   limy,   ihm.o   venial
. ■    a i: in ■   In   ei I,iia |   |i>l    | hn   reel   ol
'   i    ,"      ,'.'i i|     vi •!'v.
I he I nu ai ll mid ;.hon I it ip, have
i the ib hei il I n 1 It,pic displayed
a'   lh.it   repent   ."humbles;  known
n   Al.i. .     Moid iiip.
e  r       e, ,i |   -a j ||   i i ssd I    had   barred
■ i ,       ,i   ( 'al il! nlliil- i ,   I I my   It'll    he
ike    .nn!    aliiih'    hy    lhe    required
an it■- ■     A     a ( 'oluin u 11 i'.l , I no, 1 hey
s a asp. il |. ni    id    "people --,"   just Id'
' "li .lde",i!,ly     ii nn,     thai     oi     lhe
en     ;,  i a i n : 11 ■ 111   in d i ■ i ■ i (I i n pi r,i I tell
Ir   •'     lo    run    it.     business,    the
!..'■•' ! ,e    I 'm.p'i cried aloud lhat
parly is not a pohlieal parly, in lhe accepted
definition of that term, i.s pretty badly behind
the realities of our I imes.
A "political" party, in the democratic seu.se
ol lhe term, is a party lhal contemplates be'iip.;
voted out. ol nlfiee, as well as into it, ll abhors
the Idea ol a one-parly stale.
Bul your Communist party, wherever il is
lo lie lound. .stoutly maintains lhe "dictatorship" ol the proletariat; aud in pursuance ol
that aim, believes in lhe one-parly slate. Oner
in power, it cannot be voted out; it must be
blown out. And lhe history of Communist
novoHiments is the history of cynical and
persistent   disregard   of  civil   riphts.
"And that  is why the campus Civil l.iberlies
Union,   b\   its   insistence  that   Martin's   views
arc "merely political" demonstrates an  unlit
ne-.s in  the I ield ol' liberty  that   i.s alnu i.st   be
yonil   heliel, «
Thai I-; lhe academic side of lhe nr.e.uinenl.
There i.s anol her.
The Benchers barred Martin, because thoy
mil his adherence to Communist methods and
principles made him unfit I > become an
ollicer ol a democratic court. In so dome,
lliey nr<' in it alone in their act ion.
for almost cvoiy trade union in pie demo-
or,ilu: '.so! ap (ip die basis ol actual experience
ilt-  i '"tmuiui i- Is, lur, come, or ip comuisb to
by les bewley
Kmpdoni) staled lhal: "Tim Communist Party
is an oryani/alion which is structurally till-
leroiit   Irom   every   other   political   parly."
The Council 1'urlher slated thai " "act ive
as'-ocialion wilh any Communis! oriym i/al ion
is mcoinpal iblc wilh lie i iblipal tons ot loyalty
lo Irade, union principles" ami called on all
ib, unions, iii 11 morels lo oppose lhe Coin-
mums! line, bul In bar all known Connniinisls
and   ( 'omtnunrd     ,y n ipal lu/er:    I rom   holdinp,
ea eel i 1 I vi ■    ip'   .(Ii'lt 'p,,il ie    oil Irr...
1 >',\' I i\'o\ ember, the OlO cseciilbc board
Wan e,l\ im e\ I raord inary power,--, io beipn its
"mit'.bl ie. ! or sini/iie; ei m.ai 0" as pari of a
t lri\ i ■    to    (ni rec    b'l i    w ni"    and    ( 'otmmuiis!
inline,,i'f lion, da ', 1 n r HP, \'o\i. iho Ab of I ,
haa   loll,,,, nd    .ml
The    I ] ,,. it   -    unions,    a      a    result    n|    bit ler
e'-.pel aoui'i        iii" a      i pi\\      reached     ("s.'iel l\      I lie
-din'  im. il;.,a   ,, .   1 li.it   laken   by   the   Benchers
ol   I'm   1 ,a\v   Si u'iel v.
Nov lhe lisnlinp ,,;,.. .Ip,., a ■ W'jll iiJ(, (',vl|
1 abi'i'l ia Union renin- .' | b,- 1 ,nnp-lat un- b>
make b :mp. i ■■ ii d, b p- nb'oii-. b, piano any
t'e-sirs-i nip   open  ( ' inn-,:     jus  llppp  "polit I ■
< ,d" bolu'l.-." i. « |ip:
■U'd. in We n «■:.- n ,,! ;bn A. i e : n , p.lral urn
1 ' -    o i . .   '; i,, , i ■.  -1 a,       ■; ii   t  -, i ■:     i i  ! i;. i ■   (,,   , ■ n i
i each in'..;
iiii-el in:.;
Siu    i  i .ui i
i       I i a i i i ■ ■    I ' 1111 n   ( ' 11: i'; i' i ■ . .    | i i ■ p i
ill"    I    e \ i -1 \      I I , 11 1 e    1.1 : : 11 a ,    11.    i'n-    I
a       \ Tuesday,   February   2-.   M\\).
Page 3
cimi i curses
Public He.
Active Durinq Course
Little Trouble For ,
<*% «    *** B      li". li e
posf-urao waems
Wh- ma- what you might call the
s-l .coimisstiom People loot; at Willi
Ci'e-f    until    lliev   ask   what    colli'ses
"Public   Health"   makes   them   wary,
, in'   "Sixth   Vear"   gives  a   nasty   jolt.
By   DANNY   WILLIAMSON It  lhe question  happened  In be asked
rP1 •.„.,.,• i i   on a ,--t lectcar. Ihev stand up and give
Phis term Die engineers have .scored ' h
one  success  after   another.   The   uniiv   l'■-  l|l('i'' ■•eat,  it   il   was  in Thc Totem.
find co-operation of the cxecuiivc ami   tin \   move on  with a respectful smile.
the   entire   red-blondcd   .-(mhac    bads       ., .,
1 'id  act llally   v.c ale still (p.nte yollm;
were    lcsponsible    I'm'    the. a    nccom- , .
.■or  Jrlilr. homo ol   us even Joe. up  the
plishments. ,   . .       '        , ..
iiioimlama     tor    a     weekends    .skime,.
The   Heel   Cross   lilood   Ihusr   vdmn   ,,,,„,,,!,   ad,,,   Vl.l(.   ,h  l.„il.|K  „h(,   t(l()k
was   the   first   project   sparked   by   llm *,,,,,   hoc,,, m climb Grouse one nichf.'
We ;.;ct   iiciled  to a   few  parlies  too.
i'iipnecr3    thi.s    year    col b" le-l    ms
lilood  than  ever  bohae.
One    (liousaiid    eti.cbici m    .ifiirli
thc annual baiifniet. A « I ism   ■<,
bad by all,  includini; memo, ■■■■  of  ;b
Ubyssey .staff.
Another victory wa; ruined in i'.,
engineers when their c.imlai c n
lhC'C|llccn of holiiecoinim:. I'.l ■ .Im
dan, wns elected by a widi   ni,n  so
The  March   of   Dimes  m;um   , ho?..
the power of the rneaneer. .   K    ihi
drive the Crippled Children'.  Ibaal'
received a cheque for SlilHV   In  ,m -a e
Both, Canadian and foreign
studeniu wishing to enter the
b'niled Slates lor post-graduate
siuiT'o will have little trouble
in syitniii", entry, slated Mr,
Hiaile; Caivm. USA Vice-
consul at \'ancoitver, when he
add res -ed ['[!(' .students yes to I've   it ider   I he   auspices   of   (be
T.\ p. . ' f p.': an - b a '.-.I I'ii
module,! menlnl'v di I'lc , nt
hm.ai'i:   i ..   mid   c: limit.ib-.
m   en! i v
.-cmlem..     aiip[\ m"     |ni     entry    ana
lowms  ,-\ '.I, ■nee  i ,f  I'n oiiii-i.iI   i capon-
hi h i.s    I   -li    in I le   i;'! ' i ai'-y   in   ;jii'ic-
U-; !he iic'r: .-.ai ,'■   sub ■ I'm   posl-amaihi-
I . "hahiy n!    lirsl    because    we    were
i" '■ lab.cu lor   second   year   e.irls,   but
mm    tor aim  own   peisonalitic.s   or   al
lea.-1 our knowledge of first-aid. After'aio -tub;,.
a   mild   bale  paid',,  one  ijirl  woke   Up I     ,,    ,-  ,      ,- , ,",
1 A    Irsi    o|    acciedileil
m x!   inurnin-   to  find  a string of  red ( , ...    ,    ,
sad li'.dlls Hillside tile house What
"is,.!'i pron! of iiiidyhi!.; love could
sin    cam.in   ask   for?
X.'aaI ,,-; lor la. aiily how about our
I '"meconium, Pi'iiiccss'.' Though sonic
Acme said lhat sciencemen, hidden
ui'o'i r    Ihe    bleachers,    eathercd    losi
to   an   Artsmaii's   squeal,   it   nil    win' '
lo   a   good   cause   Nev I   .Mar   v. e   bane ■"'"ll"    ''"d    fi ,i(" i    'hem    in    with    he,
lo have your doubled supiioii. Il(i1"1'   1>,ul   lha!   counts   from   an   ob-
Somo people have complained  .slum' vmiely   imiebablc   source
the  engineers   lack   of  color   lbs    ;, e.u |\
Wc   -have   attempted    to    piomoie    tb.e a,e>
extra-curricular   aclivil ie.   of   die   an >, u
ie |)U//leit hy our course
I is very p.aclical, Since
as    len ned   the   following:
g/nccr.s    rather    than    (o    pre    'C    the
campus   with    a    few   laim.ln-     If   .son
want   laupjis   come   to   the   ,-muue"e
Pep  Meet,   that   is   if you   has"   a   red
Tlie engineers have -i-al plan
underway for Open House Day. All
tho EUS models will lie on ili.-.pluy m
the Armories and the labs will he
open to the public. Come on oy< r and
hsivc a look.
Sweet   Thing   "Would   you   coma-   v
my aid  in  distress'.'"
Salesman: "I  wouldn't   cue  v h ,:   ■ "U
were  wearing."
■k        *        *
Aha  she cried  in  anguish   wild
If   I   do   thi.s  I'll   have   a   child.
Aba  she   did,
Aba  she  had,
Anrl   now   she's   looking;   for   im   dab
*        *        ■,'.'
Mary   bad   a   little   plane
And round the skies she'.I  i's-l:.
Now   wasn't   it   an   a v. i'n!   . '■ "m
I Ii l   pretty   *
In   ('iy.   Dump is a  type of sani-
filb   When   il   a-,   filled - the   dump
:■■ ' 1 hero   wi II   bo  a  new  rcsidon-
le   for   Vancouver.
m.-U it nt ions   to
cible   lo s-lmly
b"  ob|.lined   from   the   US   altor-
S'eliei al      The   list   includes,   nio. I   of
uiii's i i -n ms.    Students,   attendim:
nl     iliese    an     warned    that    I lie;
--'    tab. e   a   full-day   coim-.e
■i **""
> i
'   /
^\s3V'  ENG/NEtA—,
■~'~\ l
. i /'"'
/ <
y .x
Three   men,   a   lawyer,   a   doclor,   and   apply   mathematical   principles   to   Ihe
all  engineer, appealed  before St.  Peter   control   of  natural   forces,"   the   enj;in-
I    the   pearls    cute,.
The    lawyer .  bow 111i. 1 ci|    St.    Peter
will,   an   eloijuent   addiess   and   before
hi      vi'iierable     .Sam;     could     recover
lie.  composure  he   was  handed  a   writ
of   mandamus   and   pushed   made   and
tiie   lawyer   strode   Ihiom.bi   the   open
I'lie   Vaiiioiivm   bee  parlors,   in   a   porlals.
!   experiment;;   by   one   of   our I     ,.,    ,,     , ,    , ,..       ,,
I       I    led I    know   ;,oii Dr.    Brown,
a    and  his as.,nci;ites.  have ap-b.       „       .        ,          ,   '.      ,      . , .
St.    Peter acknossieoyed the    doctor .
hei n   proved   to   be   Verv   1111
ui'  replied.
This soiinih d iiicaiiim>h'.'-a to Si.
Peter and   be  lost   bis  temper.
"YoUiil; man," he .said, "smu can jm
lo hell with your mathematical principle-; and try your hand on some
natural   resources   there"
Mill oil net loll.
isenl   diem  he
ill    poisonme   come    to    aiir    riiy.
mi -ual and hilarious      a
i m
ills   m    am   I'ficb.ci oui
■:..  I  i;'n'.her. thai  whole | fm ward.
fely   drink    beer   in   an I     "'  ',!|i   l"-i|-:,ic;   for  a
i.   one   moid   with   most '     ^-   be n    S'asn .Iy   sh
.-ui'..'..    ea',    UHishruums  ;'in   so: is .
lump. work  >mie.   [f ;,,,:i
'»    lo   hell."
lleuisn:.;  tb.e   familial   re-a
vhich   I   have   not   ve
ia'   I'l'il il   of   the   fiii'l
nee!    tor   the   lectiire
a'   ss e  are  an   integral
hie   and   thmyfnrc   ss e
; a   a f p sii"'.'rs   moved
.:     Si   a   more   centf-.d
the   emn
well."   I,
"Always ylad to tactile a loiieh job."
said  the cnt;iuecr.s as  lie deparled  for
,.    |,.,Vl,   _.in,|    ,, onM'ic   nether   regions.
re their lime. Web-I    Siranac    reports    soon    reached    St.
[Peter.  Sounds  of  scony   and.  sufferim;
ui,,,  had  been  ,- land- ' 'M('  '"'"" -slilieil in hell. New arrivals.
alicr   reviewing   both   places,   selected
tin    lower region. The Sain!  asked  for
,.,!,.     !„, ,..;,„[.      ■''  "'port  on  hell.
k  hi-, head. "1      'That   ei.cmieer,"   reported   the  mes-
rei-lied.   "we hiase   no ' ,,en^er.    'mas    transfoi'mcd    lhe    place
a job you eanlYou would not know it. He has harn-
f'-ed  the fiery furnaces for light and
made I power.  He has cooled  the entire place
cr feel  m.ois   a'  homo   ' Ves;    ss   lh   aililicial   rclri:.;ei'ation,
,;'■ !    ' 1 s a   is,d   mi,    ,.; j    '■'r|]1,    hrinii's'oiie    lakes    have    been
'  ■ a-     -  ■  •   a-  .'..ne.    '   "   " ;     d'a'iied    and    the   air    filled    wilh    Cool
. ■ 1 fumed  isas's'.'s. Ha  im-  built bralim-
|:   '   "       !' :    '     ■'■"■'      I   isms r|   siiiti.'la   thl'oiwh   oh- Idrm   cliffs.
FOR CaA'-iGba A.r,if.i MOMfiWOI-'K
*    % f W4 w »®
\ i
0    »   ,„■ Proof"1
-l     C,    IA1-
♦ '      . iftiii «iwFWa
if. ! I * J      '
1'laliS ,'   HI.'ill
AIM il \\{>   \<     1 M,l\iil I.'S
roi.vpu.\si. si.idi: (tn.i.'s
ziri'u;  i;in<;  hooks
i lie' e      SS'iai     S'   eei        uinl     lull
From  $2X2)
FOI'.N'T.M.N   Pl'i.YS
"■■l.iliiniei s   and   i'riiiferB
il Si-, nioiir St.        V aiiciius cr, lid
^ORDS . . .
(t'onliiiiied from I'ii/fc I)
Three Dismissed
The Board of Regents acted on Allen'.s recommendation and
dismissed (b.mdlach, Phillips and Butterworth, It further placed
Jacobs, Eb,v and Ethel on two years "probation".
It refused lo enlarge upon the term '"probation" except to
demand that the three professors submit signed affidavits to the
effect that they were no longer members of tho Communist
Parly of the United States, Deadline for the affidavits was set
for February 1. ■ . j *-i
Immediately following the dismissals, Professor Thomas I.
Cook submitted his resignation fo the president, (Cook wa.s then
on leave of absence teaching al tbe University of Chicago),
In a .statement Cook said "in acting against the recommendation against the decision ol the Committee on Academic Tenure,
:he Board ol Regents have committed a serious breach of
academic   freedom  anil   rights."
AUP Statement-
A lew day.s Inter i\\>: American Association of University
I'rofc.sMiiaa issiu'd a .-.'alement e\ni'essin!t its stand that "no
nun i.i outliy Miioicb us-iic'ial'iuii and, as lei I'j, a.s Lhe Communist
r.ihiii   in   il   should   not
Parly   b-  a   lose
m n.d Utile  liliiil
lioic m.nl 'parly,   men
!.. !,sn'h."
i •'•■" :v|!:rn - \- j j I condui.'l
l'i m.'.ri'ssis c-Coiiscrs :ili\ e-s
lb"     I. -I     'a       I'scU. Mo,   :        I'
if if* if
II ' , I 1  I
io.- :
iduniim:  "I,, ,    ,,f   Ihll!
m   tlie    .Vuilnoisum.
i  i    or
O.'a         l.'Ol          tO
' (' I
r_$*%if*§_n W42k
ife's Beffer Ihings
ble   V,AA,y
mini a'   ia
,' i
I'    i'lllisi      I
bill    I I olio
a i bam ,-d ..nice IHi':;
uf,eh-le s.' i minimm, lo
nil     lor     moiil b     in i;au
a I.  -     Ui     lilll     IS
mi la I c rail i re:     I  us ..! i un;    pi elei 1
11 .       i"       I'r.tiisl as     ad 'sen 1111 o1 r ■     s'ein
illiei I    l'..-,qii;i e   ss
■II     ! I' I ' - I 111
( hieiua:    Th 1.     1.     (he    onlv    major
"di e.ui c> a s m ssbicli a marked
lams ■ . inre Itiaa ha.s been noted,
h iss esei . its a .ci'iidcnl influence is
s.ii 'is off-el bs the decline ill lhe
'.ile-e.il cauls' of 1 rcatis'c art; ill the
.I'iia ca ss 1 here ha,* been such u
i-iiiiii lie I iu I lie output of poelrv,
1 ■ 111111!: 1:;, and painlmr, (especially
mch   kiinSMu   as   Privv   Paint-
A    I'm..-   lb i'.l
T' e t il ATI'
lill    Oil!     Volumes    ale,I' ills     ..nun    a I
.10 ,;   ihe  l urn  of  1 he milim.    S p
er   da-cos ere, I    lli.it    the   prolific   pel
e -pon ., bin     h n      ', ii i,-,    elas-,.i      I ,a
it s.
ih I
& h    "V
It *'
1     1J
Id    il
ll ' \'l'l'       1 ri;
1,    lie-man.
See.    Che
|i..!i!,   an I   u   lh
Is in    ss a     ' \\ b ■   wa.-   th
mi,' lhal 1: i no loncei worth,' of
s uiccm sums, Tim; is fell to be due
to the institution of tiled walls in
s1 alii -1 losels  mid   public   vvasbiooms.
1 loss es is ,  m  tlie  movies, lhe slronj.;
I , lichen! user the s ca.:.a. lias been
ms'. in d I iius lea! 111 mi.; ss mmel ideal.
uehe.ilcls .shaped, hi i!..;il!-hail ed fe-
iiiiiii'.-,. 1a IT'T. foi m.stance the un-
.11 iniai 1.. ai.j a iii ,d seas for Clara
I'n ma,   .,   nd   head,   iii ..cubed   a.s   pus-
e.-una    '   \'uldle-S op."    Ill     lilii.'l    it    Willi
Jean Harlow, flasen-bairerl stair
a, Ci.Is Ihe s"eim iandmics was iris am li:;;! i :,c. r. arlli. also u rcd-
i ■■,!■ 1 AM ' "ce s minr ladies ap-
a,   .is , I      '    s   -I s     a     emum'Ci's   ill   an
■m ii'i'ial ies    In   I
I he    (|''|le-   di
eepii a SSi'b fellow
u."   1      .ui   cm;!llecr.s
iurr lo iiurt could
eekinj; aller better
iide ssas most freer ,r. iroliirit: I'or
. 1 :,-•■: soman and
 '.h-.ee   of   th-
. tn line
;! a ails
'■: X .■rX-AA:Aj>:igfi Page <f
et ni ia r
Bird Cagers Drop
II ■ ■ •   *  +*m, mg Ik   IK   W      ^m*.    *m.   fi \*  ^k.  wafc   «>m[
^b ^m=^#'     W   iLrf 1 ▼   V tLA ^Cp4 lii ita» I   1 M
K,\  V,U, tIKAV
Thunderettes Take
Lead  In  Semi-Finals
UBC's  Thunderelte   basketball   entry
in    die    Vaiieoiivri     Cagc'ae    Senior    li
l.iip.Mie    took    all    impressive    lead    in
illieir   isvo-gaine.   lotai-pond,   sciiii-Iiii-
;.,]      .   !•;   ..'.-.      Sii'lll   l|,l',   ,      |' O IU ( ) i 11 !',      P)     H      '■'• I  " (i
vinery    over    Greenwoods    at    UBC
Bird Swim
Ten  ssearv Tbunderbird  honpers returned   to  tlie  campus j' ,„       .   „ ,, M.   . w....
■ ' [ Mcarnie Summers and Mimi Wright
yesterday morning after one of the longest, most gruelling, and ;1J1K.(,d thl, Vill.iSily „a|s with nine and
most tiring road trips in the history of basketball at UBC. 'seven  points  respectively.
To suy nothin;; of the close 57-1).'!
defeat handed io Ihe 'Birds by the
■Whitworth Pirates Friday, and the
disastrous win of the Eastern quintet
with a 71-114 margin Saturday, the boys
from UBC are returning a liltle the
ttouc Or wear..
Thursday  inorning  al  sewn  o'cloc1;.
- the Pomfrctmer.  set   out   foi- Spokane
At   five   o'clock   on   the   afternoon   ' .'
Friday,  three  hours  before  the game.
Iho boys arris'eil in Spokane.
There had been a nine-hour layover at Seattle because rail lines wist,
blocked anrl trains could not gei
through because of the weather.
During the trip down inest of (la
hoys managed to get hole or no shir-
cye. Upun nrris'al at .Spokane the
'Birds managed lo squeeze in a 1 i'11<•
bit with a quick three hums bel'on
the  eight   o'clock   game.
So it was with only three hours
steep that the UBC hoopers took tbe
floor against the Pirates. Truly the
'Birds got off to a "slow start''. At
the breather they trailed by u 3li-.it
Somehow the 'Birdmen pulled up
their socks in lhe second canto and decided to show the Whitworth team that
they .still had a little tight. With fuui
Thunderbird Pucksters
Bow To Nanaimo Squad
Nanaimo (5; UBC 1
Nanaimo 4; UBC 2
The dog-tired student pucksters fell tsvice before the tough
Xamiimo Clippers on the weekend. The result leaves the loCabs
m the brink of elimination in the best four of seven games
aeries svbicb Nanaimo nosvs leads 2-0.   .
On    Fiiday    ni.plu    a    decidedly    hot*  	
'lipprr crew jumped on a tired and
ba v. ib.lered local sextet to score four
:oals   before   Bob   Koch  collected   thc
rosn  i earn
VV   L    E A Pet.
Central                       10   2   721 G-il .83:!
Eastern           I)   11   708 a-P .751)
C.P.S        i)   'A   1)87 581 .?ail
Fac. Lutheran     II   I!   G62 589 ,7.")il
Western   „         4   S   OS G7,"i .'AX',
v.n.c. .               :i ii 58ii oin .250
Whitvsorth             3   I)   OG'J 725 .250
St.  Martin's       1 11   570 7l.i:i .08:;
minutes to go there was a 47-all tie.
But that wni "thirty" for the 'Birds
as the Pirates came through with a
Ui!,t-niinute (have lhat the sleep lack-
ins 'Birds just couldn't match, and
after a couple of smart rebounds and
free shots by Babe Adams of Whii-
worth,  thc  game  was  all   user.
\*rmsE and wok si;
Things were even worse Katun!, v
night when tin- Its.in had lo move s
to ('b.i'i'.ey, ceding jit..: a few marc
hoiii:, of sleep so  ' i i. :   ;be , ib '    b 11 p , -d
' let'l  ll'SS    tai'bll.,    be   Sal       i   .'    ala s
tl;.'   b,c. '
Tbe   id   bl   V.   p   :        be     lb,   '.■   a   Wa       ■
ia;;Uni   go ., ,   a.      ; •   ,   die   ');..,-;..     ',)'■
forced  a   ! ia-e.•-',..-,,y   i e   fo;-   '[.-,:   is ".' -.
'Die  (haa:,11 in is   v in   or    br    I- .   ;  a
w.ts    a    cole., 'lei.e    w-,ii. ■■ a' a ;  .     Is     I 'it
home    It am      Ne.a 1;.-    ,ip     ''. , ■    be'it L-
ii-iirinu-.i   en   Ihe   club   b  i    ib,    s-.ss   n.
c.cluinn .ei the gym v, t ::  o-,-,   •   .,  os-
Ihe   vain
Despite die sleepless i.i.p.a
1'b.sd '.Mitchell and '.air; ,ba.'. li I'
turned in near hi illi.u.: pe, !'■ ss
: n  the  road
Agsinsi Wh::wi>rlh l-'o; ->sb ru
H   and    Mi'cheil    ..an    Mb     Ai    (.
Milch.dl   vlid
liidt.iU.s'   lone   tails'.
The fame was highlighted by the
ai tcan leferoeing of Nick Smith,
'"ami; Freiiiacl-.Min ihreaiened to svith-
■ raw the locals from the series if
S'.nith was allowed to referee again.
The league dispatclied Ed Downy and
Mill Wilkes lo handle the remaining
Tlie 'Biols did much better on Saturday night svhen they jumped into
qoal lead on counters by Bob Koch
from Wag Wagner, and Bob Lindsay
ni a solo effort. The Clippers came
back strong to score twice in each, ot
'be final cantos.
The next game of the series is scheduled for the Forum on Wednesday
night with Hie fourth fixture star for
Nanaimo Saturday. If the locals lose
twice U will be all for this season
for   th-ui.
The 'Lkrih- will be in a far bettei
po-.inun. v. ben ihey take to lhe ice
an Wednesday. They will have had
four days rest after playing seven
games  in  eight  days,
It    is   expected    that    a    home    town
crowd will  help  the students consider-
ably   since   the   hostile   Nanaimo   en-
s-imlib  were rather abusive.
'I'he LTiC band will be jnesenl to
spark up the proceedings. A full
house of student supporters is in
order for this crucial encounter. Gam ■
time ik S.,'10 Wednesday at the Forum
Itterman Takes .
VOC Ski Meet
A velvety course and a blinding
snowfall set lhe stxige for the Varsity
Outdoor Clubs annual Dam Downhill
mi   Sunday.
Tempted by the smoothest course
hi years, nearly all thc "A" class
skiers schussed its entire length and
most of them stayed on their feet.
Fastest man from the Snow Pole
to Whistler's Pass seas Nels Itterman,
who took" 55 seconds for the trip and
I iek up a year's tenure of a big chunk
ef silver for his reward.
•rend    is.
'A"  Men:
1. Nels Ilterman 0:55
2. Don Manning 0:56.2
'A.   Art   Westwuy         0:59.2
Jim Aitke.ii 0:59.2
"B" .Men
1. Gene Smith 1.14.2
2. Jack Lintolt 1:20.2
ll. Peter  Tassie               1:2(1.6
' C"  Men
1. John Dobbie 1:57.2
2. Harry Slathers 2:53.6
.". Carl Jokisch 2:55.0
"A" Women
1. Anne Hatton 1:00.6
2. Waverly WiiUon .    Pli.'i.O
3. Isabel   MacKinnon   2:22.0
"B" Women
1. Murj Millikan 2:31.(1
2. Shirley Taylor 3:00.2
ll. KatTly Anderson       4:35.3
■'('" Women
1. Yvonne French
2. Shirley Taylor
MacDonald, Cook
Top Bowling League
A ■■ 'he V.irspy Bowling League eom-
; b ' e S I1, lli.r-d '.seel'; ol operation
,)in. MacDonald had the high indi-
i.isl score of DM si lute Harvey
1,1 th l'"'! .Conk of the DL"-, rolled up a three
:i,e l-'oiiam Mt.ndas. February 28 ',.,,,
8 bl) tn skate away then fiiiaiusal I
.i,!,.|,... i Tuesday   Division
bob;--,   ot    the   skate   |...u !v    will    be   Mechanical     Boobs
Used   is   a   I'niid.   v inch   is   for   the   Sigma   Chi   Snappt
riiii.-e   o(   financing  a   iicv.   cabin   or   ' m    r\aps
■  norlh  shore  hills  next  year. i1'"1'1-   Campers
Members of OBC's .swimming team pulled [ia"cilirr Salur-
ckiy night to completely swamp University "I Washington
Huskie Frosh squad 47 points to 'J.C>, breaking tsvo Varsity water
records in the process,
The highly-rated Huskie Flush team''-'  	
o1   svbicb  all   members  are a   part   of   |;1
the regular powerful squad from their   It
college  svbicb  is  rumored   to  be  able   X
to hold  its own in National Collegiate   v
competition,   couldn't    keep   up   with
the  pace of  the  local  swiinmeis.
Dick.   Ness'lon  made   up  for   the   lax'j
efforts cf liis Washington mates svhen   ;
lie cHpped 3.4 seconds off the existing   j
CBC   record   in    the   100   yard   breast
stroke   io   establish   thc   new   tunc   of   :.
1:11:7.   While this svas a  groat undercut off  lhe old  time,  it   seas slow  for
Newton,   a   sensation   on   the   regulars
of   the   southern   college.    Usually   he
Hits  the  finish  marker  for  this  es'tani'
:n about  1:09.
At  the  same  time   that  Ncwlon  set |
the   new   mark*,  Nick .Stobart   follow- ^''^ ' <»   _'«»«* ! °   ''
ing behind in second place, also made   I opinai        .. ,
the   record-busiing   column,   climbiii":
I tie   finish    wall   at   the   1:14:4   time
The    one    other    Smashed     record.
changed   by   Bob   Thistle   in   the   100
yard   back   stroke,   was   lessened   2:1
seconds,   officially   recorded   nosv   at
Possible excuse for the unexpectedly
pool' shosving of the U. S. Coam is the
fact   that   at   noon   time  of  Saturday,
the    Huskie    Frosh    were    swimming
against   Western   Washington   College
in  Bellingham.
,   After   taking   the   meet   ihero   by   a
clear  margin  of points, eating dinner
on   the   run,   and   leaving   Dollinghani
in   late  afternoon   for   the   UBC   mee;
at Crystal Pool, they were stuck; outside of  New   Westminster.    By   taking
trams,  buses and   taxis  in   thai  order,
the Frosh managed to reJich their ties-
i minion about 45 minutes late.
Coach   Jack   Torney,   svho   sees   that
Ins  team get stiff workouts es'ery  f I a;,
in  Iheir campus pool, figured  Hi.it. tin-
i-oys  could   handle   tvao   meets   in   one
lit'    meeting I
a.:   A'aiirnd
ball  coach   Don,;  Wind!'
pi'i sent    the    pros ince   ;,
ol'   the   bed   Ci'os.-;   Swim
lion.   Whittle   lift   on   Sunday   inuriiiii
Pis!   after   bis   Thundei-bu d   s.'.'aiiniiiei
h.-ifi  picked  up a sin-pri. inglv  easy  vu
Su y   os'er   the   l.a a \ ei si I.',    of   Wiisbuij.
ion   Flush.
Engineers Tough
For Intramurals
Time pressed  engineers have proved
lough  competition   in  the  many minor
sports,   as   indicated   by   the   standing
o'  tb.e four I'ligint't rs  teanis in  the 40
cam intramural legaue; 4th year team
aching   1-l'h   in    total   standing'   with
i-in-:- ye;,a, f.illi.svmg close behind.
Tbe   •-rienceiiun   came   up   to   semi-
■ iad.s    in    s-olli'S'-ball,    (ouch    football
ea  tug-o-war, but  ss'ere slightly out-
i lle,\-t'd,  ou'.-toiiched   and  out-tugged
l  tbe  final:; of all  events.
Clreates*   standout  svas  the perform-
nce   of   engineers   in   intramural   ski
ompetititiiis.  The  engineers paced by
ip   point    getter    Don   Manning   and
teammate  Jim   Aitken  took  their  sec-
hask"t-  ( ,,,;   .prapdit   scin   closely   followed  by
•"'"  n " 'die  architecture  skiers.
First and second year basketball
teams have not as yet had time to
prose themselves put engineers are
idwav.s a threat. Teams for the forthcoming .swimming and track meets
lie now in training and offer a potential   threat  to  other  entries.
Outdoor Club
ng Party
use this
pure, clear
hair dressing —
and save money
Outdoor  Club   members  an
.ill   raiser   ,n   tic
sua gate     of  711.
IMayed   INmib
m>'h       | ,-,..(   party   sponsored   by   tbe   group   Pl,i   D(,|t   Warrior*
mm   ,et:,,e'ed    approximately    lad)   cnthu.M-   Fappa  Sig  Airwiclo
as'      and   uroved   highly   successful
f».i! unlay, it s>.ar>
through with In
helped out with
Ifeted  six.
Were  it   not
For   this  sin.dl   ve
There'll   be   a   ioj-:
Ten   timet   woi .e
again    an
eii'iib    M.
Mechanical    Helical.'
Interested  .Indents   who  are   lacking -Sigma   Alpha   Sobs
heiica    :b"  necessary  item, skates, arc advised 'sagga's
,,   ,..,-;,. 'that     icnlab     can    he    made    in    the Kappa   Sig   Hubbies
Forsyth   F.a-11111   I'm-   the   two-hour session, Thursday   Division
,n    ,np i       .   . I'hi Kappa Sigma  Bulltlogs II
M.\    girl   said   'sc:-,'    la:'    uighi.' Zebes i)
,' l.'- nigi ■atulat ions.     When .i     lite     sstd- ,V']'0    Suds \\
11 ' ■!■'.'■" bins II
' '•'. lab    wedding"" [)f   Fruinps <)
I "V-        'Y-        * ^ Pin   Delt   Knighl.s <l
blodiei    'riiioaiii;   nii.iil   iniespaetedts i [)eke   Daredevils tl
"Whv   1   never   ,   .
1) iiighlei ;     "(.Ml.     I
9 0
tl K
I) 8
I) _«
II (i
'     !l ;i
!l 4
I) 2
it 1
I'lavcd Points
Alpha    Delt    Rummies          II .'!
cr.    >ou    must   I'loughjockes s                          0 ?.
P.a    U   Osvls                              !» |
Friday  Division Pla.sed Points
,s'-sj;>, —"J.*"1*   ^ *pf*-^W%^
Ai . iitv ^JSfe JBm     jJUhti-    Jin*   .*»?. i       ks-       , r,\,   /■ .    <v_     /,s/v5
Architeti    Le    Corhon'ers    II
l.tliior   Ibis   Issue:   Dul (I   \U'ltl!AY -ALLAN
Dike   Stars
Kappa   Sigm.i   Chnld.s
Archileel   T   Stplares
Phi    K    S    Bnllv    ilolle
Kappa   SI gm. i    I'a jags
Sigma  Phi  Phoos
Ma    Lambda     Mil,-:
bebe   Two
ft ^lOOI*iS
I .oris
In    l:
lU.ilor   It
I    11", 1' 11. , I I.
'\b     s        I",I
aU YDS. FREESTYLE: 1. Knight
i FRO: 2, Costigan (UBC'L 3. Kosmin
(Wash). Time—:2."i.2. 100 YDS. BREAST
STROKE: 1. Newton, (Washd; 2.
Stobbart (UBC: 3. Stangroom (UBC'
'i'iine—1:11.7 Uicsv rccoislb 200 YDS
FREESTYLE: 1. Creedon (UBCb '..
Wagar 'Washa; 3. Rosenberg (UBC r
T me 2:iiS.a. bm YDS. BACKSTROKE
l/Hiistic HXiX'A. ■>. OkivPin .Wash i-
a M.ua h..l!   'UBCb   T,:. .     ! is I.   n . ...
1. cord b    bm    YDS     Fb'bl'iSTYI b      '.
C.l I ■!■■'! 'ITU'.. 2. Ilea ii a lis W , s '
2       Kiaillli!      I W  e.b   I.     'bare      Us'iS 11       1   ,i
\ DS.  MEDLEY  RACE.  I. W,,si,;:;,,■ s,
2. CBC. Time    l:2«.-b L'lltl  YDS.  FREESTYLE    RELAY:    1,    CBC;    2.    Washington.   Tinie--l:.")ll.0.   loll   YDS.   i.N'DI-j
\'1DUAL MEDLEY: 1. Stobbart tUBC'
2, Stangroom (UBCb 3. Svane (Wash i
T-me-l:5lU). FANCY DIVINC: I
Hawthorne 'UBCb 2. Pnginire (Washa
3, Richardson  iWashd.
]i    N
« Just o fow drops of "Vaseline"
IIiii Tunic before brusliing or
itunbiiig combtions thc scalp,
,gnes   natural    hie   and    looks   to
scan     bain,    keeps    those    unruly
'(mi licks' in place without sme.il'-
; op.   I Is i;   i -, c i a  i, i gri a on . . . and
- ' a--,   a r aid   .ill   <\a.v   with   this
<     .    ■  '. ..     .'    Ir..:     I. .inc.     A     bottle
S'/t^iptonu .- /.', 'a S i .s/.pi,',-,/ia, brittle
!'.:!■ :   .a...   /    /.,■/,,    sa   I'llllb   t,r  brllsti,
I   /.Si "    i-.'i-i/a/    'Wi/1   I,IIHC b.t/l/ltt'ls.
They're an education in Hie nibclvc:,3
They lighten the daily grim
put zest in the VW-t <..: :
in the East. And v-
pleasant smoking, frosh fo t'ai
go for frosh, cool Player's (
M?;'* a* ; \* **  '•■' i-Tt ''


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