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The Daily Ubyssey Feb 2, 1949

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 The Daily Ubyssey
No. 59
Get Go Ahead;
Vets Canvassed
Roundtable Will
Debate on Plan
The "democracy scholarships" plan for German students is closer to becoming an
actuality today.
A trust fund has been established
under Alma Mater Society  auspices.
Dollar donations will be solicited
from veteran-students during the February DVA pay parade,
University Roundtable will argue
tbe merits of the scholarship plan on
February 10.
The scholarship plan, which was approved by students at the last general
meeting, will bring German students
to Canadian universities with money
collected from Canadian students.
Since the endorsement of the plan,
the Bursar'p office has been collecting
one dollar from every student with
th.eir spring lees t
Veterans on DVA officials said tho
pay increase was too late to go into lhe
An attempt will be made to collect
the dollar from veterans at pay parade on February 3 and 4, ISS offic'als
said today,
To facilitate veteran's donations,
tables will be set up in the Armories
during the pay parade.
Dave Brousson, council president
and student veteran'expressed confidence that the appeal would be met
by the vets.
In conjunction with ISS releases.
University Radio Society announces
that there will be a program of special
interest to all university students
broadcast over CBR on February 10
at 9:15.
The program will feature a University Roundtable discussion that will
be broadcast across Canada on the
topic "Can the International Student
Exchange System Work?"
Defenders of the system are Clitf
Greer and Greg Belkov, who introduced the scheme to the campus.
The negative will be taken by Bill
Mullett and D. K, Paul.
Moderating duties will be handled
hy Ray Fraser, producer of the University Forum Show.
The program will bc aimed at acquainting the students and the general
j.ublic with the details of the scheme.
Yodelling Hucksters
HUCKSTERS SING PRAISES of Mata and Hari Dancers
(forthcoming Radsoc production) and Ben McConnell, candidate for president of the Alma Mater Society over facilities of
URS, "the voice of UBC". . A Bob Steiner Photo
Turner Bares Vote Dupe
In Student Elections
Last Year's Ballot-Stuffing
Cited in Tighter Control Plea
A vote fraud in last year's Student Council elections was
'''revealed Monday.
Pub Gets Back Slap
From Happy Council
Stern, whip-cracking student councillors unbent long enough Monday
tnght t" hand old orchitis to the
Daily  Ubyssey.
Publications Board members, who
had shouldered the job of producihg
the special extra edition dealing with
the Home Ec tire, got a vote of
Campus  To  Be Combed
By  Beauty  Seeking URS
The University Radio Society has revealed a weakness for
feminine pulchritude.
New Home Ec
Building Planned
A new $200,000 semi-permanent home economics building will replace the army huts
destroyed in last Friday's
$150,000 fire.
Building officials announced the
plan after an emergency meeting
Monies from insurance funds will
be combined with those left to the
university by the late Mrs. Rogers
and the Parent Teacher's Association.
Meanwhile, $700 has been raised in
a campus wide tag day to replace losses in the fire.
-"§> The Radio Society, who announced
their contest last week, boast that a
planned ''giant beauty contest" will
discover the real queen of the campus.
To achieve this, president George
Barnes says that thc contest will be
"wide open." '
The URS challenge has  been  taken
up by  the Frosh  who intend  to enter
beauty  candidate,
their Totem queen, Jan Olsen, as their
Pan Hellenic Association are also
entering thc competition, probably
with the queen of the Mardi Gras.
The mtcrfralernity council has pledged  full support of Pan Hell's choice.
Voting for the ideal campus lovely
will take place in the three-day period
preceding the Spring Radio Show on
March 2.
Students may voice their opinions
on pretty coeds by buying a ticket to
the Spring Show which will entitle
them to one vole for the girl of their
Chick Turner, co-ordinator of activities, brought the case of ballot-
stutfing to light when he demanded
rtneter control of voting in today's
One student had taken over a polling
booth in the applied science building
towards the end of the day. telling
the polling clerk he had been sent
from   the   elections   committee.
Then he spent the rest of the day
crossing names off voting lists and
stuffing phoney ballots in  the box.
Turner did not specify who benefited   from  the fraud.
To guard against similar brcachap
of election rules this year Student
Corned will require all voters to sign
a.s they vote today and in lollowing
elections February 9 and Hi.
Plots Laid
Redshirts Plan
Dimes" Drive,
Jolly Pepmeet
The engineers' annual boost
for the March of Dimes campaign has been tentatively
olanned for r;ext week. Final
late is pending.
Last year the red-sweater crew
raised a sizeable contribution for the
fond  with their  Mile of Dimes drive.
Final plans or the annual Engineers'
Ball, nicknamed the Call of Fire, were
passed Tuesday. Chief worry of the
Redmen i.s the illegal sale of Ball
tickets   to   Artsmen.
AMS Election Expected
To D
AT 10 A.M.
Here is where you vote today:
Polling booths will bc open from
10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Brock Hall,
Auditorium, Applied Science building, Physics building and bus stop,
Signatures will be required before
students vole.
Five Dollar Fines
For AMS Rules
Students who flout the Brock regulations had better beware, warns
Dave  Williams,  USC  Chairman.
Williams expresses the intention to
promote a new system of discipline
on the campus, whereby the offenders
of minor regulations will be punished.
Court sessions will be held shortly.
A $5 fine will be extolled from
those who have made infractions of
the E'rock Hall Laws and other campus regulations.
"The syst.em of seizing AMS cards
ha?, proved inefficient," stated Williams.
The Court intends to forward to the
Administration thc names of those
who have been fined and have not
payed up. The forwarding of names
v.II accompany a request that the
administration withold marks of those
students   involved.
Traffic Snarls
Force Bus-Stop,
Traffic Changes
Eight-thirty morning traffic
ffiams at the main mall and
University Boulevald have finally   forced   a   change   in   bus
Signs have been erected for
the new bus stop at the intersection of the Chemistry building road and the main Mall.
In an attempt to clear up morning
traffic jams on the campus, the Provincial Polite are asking all motorists
v\ho come by way of Marine Drive
to come in by thc north entrance.
Only exceptions are those who normally park in the south parking lot
and do not have to enter the main
mall at all.
Police  state   that   this   system   will
speed   traffic   all   round   if   everyone
Five Presidential Candidates,
Business Manager on Ballot
Heavy balloting is expected' today in a hotly-contested
Student Council presidential election.
A record five candidates are in the field for the top student
In'addition, sludents will vote today on a referendum to
decide future fiscal policy of the student society.
Polls will be open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
<#.— . ,—,—~~ _	
Alma   Mater   Society   officials   predicted a  record  ballot as a  result  of
clear weather and the emergence nf
five popular and well-known candidates.
Candidates for Alma Mater Society
President are:
Gordon Baum, president of Arts
Undergraduate Society.
Ben McConnell, second year law
student and McGoun Cup debater.
.Mm Sutherland, Parliamentary For-
urn president.
Harry Curran, member of coucil
before enlisting and present public
relations officer of council.
Inn Mackenzie, present junior member of council.
Student's will be asked to choose
between three alternatives on a referendum arising from this fall's sensational Plant investigation committee  which  studied  student   finance.
Voters will  select:
1. The present system.
2. A student finance board to control  the treasurer.
3.Employment of a business manager.
Polling booths are located in the
Applied Science building, auditorium
foyer, physics building, bus stop and
Brock Hall.
Greer Asks
DP Fees
Be Waived
AMS OK's Plan
Admin. Approached
Students coming to UBC
from Europe in the exchange
plan instituted by Cliff Greer.
and Greg Belkov earlier this
year will not have to pay AMS
fees and possibly will not have
to pay tuition fees.
According to Greer the students
have had their AMS fees waived by
Students Council. This is in accordance
with several other displaced persons
who are on the campus.
"We are going to ask the Administration," said Greer, ''to also waive
thc tuition fees for these students."
UEC students are paying an extra
dollar AMS fees for the purpose of
bringing these students to the campus.
Greer and Belkov proposed the plan
when they returned from an ISS summer seminar last year.
The scholarships will be awarded
an University of Hamburg student,
adopted by University of B.C.
Beauteous Coed
Wins Prof's Kiss
— Curvaceous Jean Suffern
won a beauty title and a backstage kiss from a professor,
tlrough her natural ability to
fill out a bathing suit.
Miss Suffern was crowned "Miss
Martlet 1949" at a skin show held at
Victoria College, UBC's island affiliate, sponsored by the Martlet, student
publication, to bolster its sagging finances. It is a yearly event.
its of a line-up that included former
Six hundred eyes weighed the mer-
the smooching prof? He was judge
UBC student Pat Henderson, Oh yes.
Dr.  A. L, Wells.
Alums Plan World-Wide
Fund For UBC Expansion
UBC alumni all over the world will be contributing to the
development of their alma mater if plans being formulated by
Alumni Association come into effect.
 . ^>    "This     isn't    something    new    to
"The biggest noon-hour broadcast"
ever to be presented on the UBC
campus will take place today
at 12:30 in the Auditorium under the
direction of the University Radio Society.
The controversial topic will be:
"Fraternities and Sororities —- Their
Speaking on the pro-side will be
Les Bewley and Ron Grant. On thc
cot.-side will be Cyril Grooves and
Allistair   Fraser,
Slated  Ray  Fraser of  the  Radsoc:
"We have endeavored as far as possible to air this issue in an intelligent
as opposed to a rabble-rousing manner."
At attendance of 1,000 is expected
for the half-hour broadcast, al which
10 to 15 minutes will be devoted to
questions and comments from the
A Few Seconds Make All thr Difference
By Val Sears
Fire Chief Turns Seven Second Hades Loose
I can get dressed in seven seconds,       somebody   breaks a   fire alarm   box, This   is  only   part  of   the   routine       fire fighting science can make it. gram   started,"
I  could  have  clone  it   faster  only       Chief"   I  asked. according lo the Chief. At the same The  fire truck is a gleaming 2'j- "We   have   to   rely   on   somebody
the boots were too small.
That's still too slow  for UBC  lire
He  obligingly   walked   over   to   the      lime a call i.s sent out I'or additional       ton Ford, purchased from war assets      spotting  the   (ire  early.  That's   why
wall,   pulled   a   switch   and   all   hell       Im |p  if necessary, a  siren on  top of       and   bulging  with  the   latest   equip-       iliere   are   over   200   pieces   of   fire
department   standards   Chief   T.   W.       hoke   loose
Murphy told me after I had climbed
out of his "night pants"—he can <!<■
it  in five seconds,
It's those few seconds that make
all the difference in the fire fighting business Chief Murphy explained when I di'opped into the UBC
lire hall for an interview yesterday.
"Fxactly      what      happens      when
At leas', throe hells started clanging at once, a ticker tape-like machine mi tlie wahl began clicking out
the location of 11 ii- simulated fire
and firemen appeared mil ol' a hole
:s  the ceiling.
In   hass   than    twenty   seconds   they
were-   all  on   tin    iruek   and   ready   In
the power house begins wailing and- merit, including a compact inhalator fighting equipment scattered all over
a gas pump with a thousand gallons pump. the campus and students should  be
per minute capacity goes into opera- "We  used  about  550(1  feet  of  hose familial-   with   their   location."
Hen. for tho Home Economic fire and tbe "We   would   like   lhe   students   to
■'In  the old days it  was even bet- city    departments    used    lhal    much leave    the   equipment    where    it    is
'et." be said. "The Imrse stalls  used again,"   Chief  Murphy   lold   me. llough"  be added. "Cut   if lhe siud-
t.i open automatically." "Our   only    trouble    is    we   don't cut who lifter lhe extinguisher from
The    fire    hall    doesn't    have   any have  enough   water.   There   has  not tne physics building  will call at  the
horses   or   dalmalinn   dogs   but   it   is been   one   extra   gallon   diverted   lo fire hall we'll give bun a hangar folia,!    about    as   complete   as   modern the  campus  since   tbe   building   pro- n
alumni associations but it is new to
UBC," said chairman of the board,
J.   F.  Brown.
The Alumni-UBC Development
Fund is a plan whereby former students may express their loyalty to
their university and their interest in
their university and to enable them
io participate in campus development.
"The fund will be used mainly to
further educational benefits," said
Mr,  Brown.
"Many universities in the east depend entirely on alumni contributions for all their etxra curricular
activity," ho said.
There are over 12,000 potential
members in the alumni group at
UBC. It is hoped by the committee
(Continued on   Page 3)
Fire Tag
Home Ec. Ball
Will Boost Fund
Contributions collected at
the Home Economics Ball to
•>e held in Brock Hall Thursday will swell the Tag Day
lire fund.
The dance will be thrown
open to general attendance.
Price is, fit) cents.
Th.' Alma Mater Society Fire Tag
day collected a total of $li7'l, as student:,    exchanged    their    quarters    for
small  .scarlet   tags,   Monday.
Contributions are still being ac-
c, pted from tardy givers, at the Daily
Ubyssey offices, which has thrown
..pen   its  facilities  for  the  fund.
Money collected will be used to
partly recompense the sludents who
lost S.'IOOO worth of equipment in the
liiaaslimis dawn bla/e that razed six
Sympathetic' campus groups have
ieihe'1   la   tin-   fund's   aid.   and   aided
a    'ollc.laig   enlilriblll ions.


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