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The Ubyssey Feb 18, 1930

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Full Text

 Ryrv 'flimmif*
> fiTA iJy i-     ,'       * i    l,J*t.   ,
i" *,
'   *
i   flHTif
,Jg   HJa\
1 ' *"' ?*
JL. ■.     *^vA
i   in
„■ .1
jjiuecf r»i«e rf>*to 6j> </ie StWertit' PuMicatfOru floarJ o/ He Unims*ty of British Columbia*
.s» a
' J_TlFE«M Injh* deibV
.._.  . _ *___i[ijj ^ . __   ..
P§V\, „,... ,.
Bempl* tH added a
i Of Stftultti-« the In*
in pohlto spiking,
a nowtomer.to Uni*
WW sttWessful
, HI In the faot
i, J.
_ ton,
Wlnram, and B. T.
t* . . .
'u • /.i|i"'W>'iii^'iw>l'l'f>n1
i      ,
th* Northwest Student Pan*]
Conference will moot to poi
February tl, tt, tt. Wot. H. ». _.
profesosr of economlos of the
varsity of British Columbia trill de*
liver two leotures. Professor Angus
has recent)? returned from the .Kyoto
Couferenho ln Japan,
Marry Sn*sar*v, a post*graduate
student will represent Vfotk He lo
put sent hy the Student Christian
i Other speakers will ho Paul Oil
orris ot
rofessor  1*
enrlttu   1
isber, repMi
)The conference will be limited to
sixty student repretentatlvet of which
pontals and Occidentals will ho
ty of Oregoof
at Hoed  (Jolttgei
Or. B. Oulv*r of tho
lle____Mi si-____r_________s isM
BsswVwIIbjH IfJpM^^ PRImlf  e^S***
____N_______S  I __hl___M__ '___l_____4_______rf_____B
Unprecedented fanforee from the
instruments of th* "Originals" told
everyone within a radius of a mile
that the Blevdath Attntw) Sclenoe Jam*
boree woo in progress last Friday at
Lester Court.       v
Putting their oollege education to
praotleal use, euttrprlslng 'onimeers
decorated the ballroom with flashing
eftetrle slant, *mbU*on*d with the
names of th* four feats and the msny
courses to AnnUod goiohoe. yunoh
was syphoned from a bariSel thrones
o sloes tube bent to spell th* name
"Boteooe" before reaching tho glasses
of tho multitude.
To avoid tbe ignominy ot being mistaken tor m*r* 4*}»m*n_ •« JJJj
(her problstts eol
log ot the paolflo.
i^iIiVn,,', i
the nod*
Mate.' a —_■ a. j_rf___Mt_____i
^Outlining tho, opportunities tor a
career lit Aviation for Applied Science
graduates, Fit, 14. 0. B. Wait clarified several aspects relating to tbe
functions ot the R.C.A.F at a meeting
Of the E.I.C. in Ag. 100, Friday.
Lt. Walt commenced by explaining
the new Provisional Pilot Officers
training scheme. Under the control
of the Department of National Define* fhe R.OA,IV undertakes U>
wain mechanics aha pilots. In this
,''__s__rt___-_a____M_aJ______i' ' _o _i___a__i ______*__    ■___'___• _OS'JO _ta _,'■_   ^__tj_>>Ai ■
i^euvsoufjoii, totty-trve canoioates coo_-
» the varioua ualveitUl#a_may
the .flying course  at Camp
for three imcoetslve tumblera,
(or Instruction In this various
of Aeronautics, the most Im*
"-.Tlilii.-i mm     ■....-i-l.,-.-      .li ii iS friiin-.     i**.:
summer proficient students fit*
their wing badge and, if they
J**jm*mm^mary w^rmar  wt m^mm**.'*mm>mmmti^ymm*rmw ,mst^'*m*mw^mwmw
|i the degree the training ful*
j,rooui|»jp«|lji for a eommtr-
io work o. the alrforoe le grad*
liy hoeoming more varied, stated
Walt. The most Important dutlee
lent Include a*«ol photoeraphy,
*_»loraUon,'lBfMt flr* patrol
it news slwrW the growing lm*
ice of air tfflioport
prime iutereet to engla**rlng
iuileolo tti heed tor trained men
supttrVtte the detlgn, mapufaeturO
d tests of all aircraft. Lt. Walt
towod that in these capacities the
Jlltge of gtjieoct*!?
iltloas prom*
!, After giving a fow stolittee rofleo*
[ ting the rapid progress of civil avla*
Xfn durtag the last three year* with
itopeet to atr cluOt, tactorte* and
icensed pilots, Lt. Wait concluded by
Sating that the credit of Canada'* air
powev reete<i with the Bnglneering
• Accomeanted by- shrieks ol delight
from SofShmOrli and howl* of horror
from Freshmen, the Arte '18 draw took
place in Arts 1W Monday noon.
by the girt of each oouple on Wed*
tdav or ThumUy. If a girl lo not
»hed mp W h*^ peWtm by Thuro*
Af) "Miirtsiy take7 any mas sho
pleases, no ticket eflleo win .tomato
open on Friday la case ot difficulties,
ihat a froshmah night for the Spring
flay had keen proposed, The but?
gees manastw of the Players' Club tm
be arranged it «0(T members of the
Olass are willing to.attend. One dollar
Heats would he sold tor 7Bo. A notloe
will be pooted concerning the time
the tickets may be purchased at the
Froth To Bank Worts
Willi Bucflfic Orators
Agriculture and Arts '33 will debate ln the second round in the competition for the luter-Class Debating
Shield, today, noon, In Arts loo.
The subject le, "Resolved that
Christmas expulsion is in the best
tatereitt of the Students." The affirmative will be upheld by the Aggie team
eonslottug of Mr. Wlnram and Mr.
Whimster. Mr. Owen and Mr. Oraham
wtll represent Arts 'ts.
.Arts 'S3, Agriculture, and Arte '80
live all survived the flrst round of
the Debating schedule, and today's da-
hate shoul* be closely contested.
Bngineert   display.* an%ktfA
sashes of red running diagonally a«#
ross their chests. ^Lmarohed to Oup*
clenco songs ih*
UaUon of the
eluding "Mr.
el-edit tar
ball faaja
Patrout Imi
oocantcit WCre »,_
8. Kllnck, Dean Sh
Prof, and Mrs. W
H. W. Hill, and
, „ Ihtokering, Dr!
r. end Mr*, j. c,
To GiveTrogtam
Senior*, 19; SJlTOoftO, t,
Intermedfatf «*«, Sj Ix-KIng
InternsJdlate "S," 0;   tx-Ma*
Freeh defautfsd to Merelemos.
Varsity, 4; P% Qrfy United, 0,
JuHloei, 1; Regents, t.
Junlere, 6{ Columbia Oolltge,
Vsreity OtrOer* "A" Men, 21;
is-Varalty, t7.
nm% 1; drusadere, 1
Oy|.C, *k B»Sewt« Van, 4.
Varsity, 0;  Bx-Ncrth Van., 0.
UL. JHU'l'iifl
The oompl*t* Choral Society of Vap*
couver will be featured at the Muojoal
Recital On Thursday. Vlaittag artiste
are sjn, Stuart MofaarmW. A.T.oll.,
moiko sotmno; Alfrddo Meunier, Portuguese pianist, and PSlro Ortati. operatic tenor.
1, Choral Sooiety and Orchestra*-*'
(a) Invlotus Hahn
(b) Cherry Ripe .Land
t. Solos—messo soprano
(a) Caro Mlo Ben Olordanl
(b) An Irish Love Song Lang
Mrs. Stuart McDtarmld, A.T.C.M.
At the ptano.Jean McDiarmid, Arts '33
3. Piano Solos-
fa) Nocturne In F.sharp ..Chopin
(b) Valse Brllllanto ln F 	
Alfredo Meunier
4. Solos for tenor (selected)—
Plero Orsatl
5. Choral and Orchestra-
la) Kerry Dance  O'Hara
(b) Full Fathom Five  Wood
Special Choral Orchestration by
C. Haydn Williams
Tickets for the coming Musical Society Comedy, "In the Garden of the
Shah," which wtll take place Friday
and Saturday, March 7 and 8, at 8.15
p.m., will be on Sale At the doors and
booths, and at room 207, Auditorium
Ohsmt Loses In SomiFbal
if Ono Tswntwnt
HJd. Olund. the "gUnt-klller" of the
"0" Clasa Chess players,waa eliminated from the Handicap Chess Tournament, yesterday afternoon by R. A.
Pllkington. After a two-hour struggle,
having lost and then recovered a
pawn, Olund allowed his queen to be
trapped and th* game waa over.
Other game* flnlshtd Include a victory by W. Hennlng over Phil Parker,
by which the former roach** th* semifinals. He will play off with the winner of the 01aytou.Me.IHet tout which
Is yet le be decided, The winner ot
this teral-Onal wtll play Pllkington for
flrat plaoe la the toarney.
Plane for the Championship Tournament ar* wail under way and this
•vsnt should be started next weak.
ToUm Notice
There ar*'.still several ethlatio
team* for whioh "Annual" wrltempe
have not been resolved. The eeptalne
ef theae teams ore asked to ee* that
the reports are handed In at ths
"Totem" office as soon ae possible.
N.F.aU.StlHlentT(W RUMRS
The annual tour to furope, open*
gored by the Natlonol federation ot
Canadian Unlvtrtlty students, id now
being organised for the year. The
party that makes this tour Is composed entirely et University student*
with suitable chaperon** chosen hy
lb* N.F.C.U.S,
This tonr onsMea students to msk*
tho European trip, in congenial company, at a Very nominal cost and It
arrauged oo that It cornea well with*
in the summer holiday season.
Mot yoar several U.fca ettdeots
Jr numbtr will avXll Ktelv'a of
the opportun ty to visit Oreat BtlUin
andconUuentalWmna to We weans.
The y.B.C. repMtentaUve on the
TrgvOl Commtttlon is W. Brio North,
JuntoVMember of StudenU' Ooonoil7
Addltionallitoroatlon in regm ta
"Wmt^^Pa time.
' '4; •
*.        fl
I ,''
', ('
__Maa al f j^M______k__t _m SM aostitJiO
VSNII IMRRMSnIf Tm*i isfflPi
rttwlt Sstdf Illllll IMl'.
they trouuefd "
tutt te
• I
The annual tag-day for international
Student Service will be held Jpder
the aOTpltj*.>f the IntemaUOnhl
the IntOMJattOnal ReUtton* (   '
Sttrdoot Chrittlan Move
e I.B.St ft* Amei
it this, year ooncentratj!
tion on aiding Bulgaria,
ot the students of Sofia
T.B. and one*third of tho  __
body have only one meal a dOy^J.
aro livine in t^rvats and oouin, . .
idle the need for profeaskraal men
Md ▼wen to develop itha resources
The Las. orgardgaUoh Is equipped
to handle this sitoatm. « the more
fortunate students of the wet-Id supply
It with funds, It saved the Auttrlan
studenU similarly situated after the
War. It bis t*tup setthilphostels In
franco and Oermany^ which have been
the salvation of students, poverty-
stricken aa a eonBequence of the War.
Letters dub Issues Plea
For Sophomore Recruits
Written applications for membership in the Letters Club for the session of 1.30-31 should be mailed so
as to be in the hands of the secretary
not later than Friday, February 21.
They should be addressed 'to Miss
Carol Coates, Arte Later Rack, or 810
27th Avenue West
At eaoh meeting of the Club a
paper le read on some aspect of literature or some literary figure, and a
general discussion follows. Booh year
an Original Contributions Night Is
held at which creative efforts Of mem-
bore are read and criticised.
Applicant* most be at present in
their Sophomore year, and ooth men
and woman are eligible.
'".VC'ii '■"■PP'
■■^^7 *^^^****   ,^p**ymm     v**nt^vsi w^f^
whllo Howard Cleveland I
nlca gai»e at fullbeflkT1
:, ft J^rratt, Murray. Maeoo; /,^^
TOOAV, PtS. le-
Debate, Aggie va. Arte M, A.
100, noon.
Arte IS vs. St. tl, internists
THU«0OAV, FBS. te-
Arto Mtn OndtrgreO meeting,
A. 100, neon.
Mueleal Sooiety Recital. Auditorium, neon.
Arte 11 Olee* Party, U.B.C.
Artai'U Olsst forty, U. B. C.
Oo-Od  Ball, Vantouvtr Auditorium.
*■ '*- A*.
'   \*
In a cleanly
tured by the shooting of Latta. the
Varsity Senior Soccerites ran Point
Orey United ragged to chalk up a 4-0
win, Saturday at Kerrisdale Park.
Varsity had the game well In hand
from the outset and with the forwards
performing as never before soon
swarmed about the Point Orey citadel. Latta commenced the afternoon's
performenee by picking up a loose
ball to crash It Into the net for the
first counter. The Students continued
the onset and Crute hed hard luek in
seeing his drive strike the cross-bar.
A moment later Cooke tricked two
opponents and sent a pile-driver be*
tween the posts, In Coo meantime
Chalmers and Roberta performed so
nobly that tha Orey* only had one
opportunity to net which was missed.
With Crute swinging the Uetfaer
aboutin fine style the second period
waa all Varsltp P#_wt Orey, one man
abort from the start, lost another
through injuries. Latta nicked up a
Judicious peso to run ae*&4k* wins
loos. Altboufh Ptfnt^y ^Sts«k*i
ipeemodtealjy th* College forties*
wm seldom threatened. The Oreye
down o .hot with hli hand tn the
fata) area. Before the end Partridge
wrtsffiei through a melee to defy the
UopdJeener • lourth tiate.
The Vardty m*n were aji in ftp
form especrally the forwards who
orieed s>en their wiMoot'\*f
%} their activity. B. Wright _
throughout with speedy raiding, __
(ng given much scope by the clever
maaoi.vt.ag of the wMy FariiiH.
The defense woo always sound, while
Utu almost itole the show with hla
spectaeuier tboottng. Polat Orey, a
man short througbout, gat ty a game
fight against overwhelming odds oat
was unlucky In catching Varsity In
such a playful mood.       ?
mors, Wfliht    _..,..
man, Wright (B), Part'Idge,
Cooke, and Latta. .,'?
j> *
(Member ci Pacific tottlf-C<-a*giaw l¥d_#Jtotoeiatfe*i).   .
**«*> ,tmSgn%^\\^ "T 0< ""
Phtnt. (felni Orey 1404
Matt* Subscription* rami tt pair yea*. Advertising rates ea application
_5DCTOn*m*CHIBF---Rodtriok A. Pllkmgton
toitoriet staff   '
■'V,  ft •
-vw«- -»-5ir---v'J wJW^ .
li-1_7^^-$__ll_..7(_ma.JI. JtnkTnson, Art MoKtnaie,
Kptf J,, Hammejt, ITftMoby,TL l^fVWkiWfSi meSt, •*.
^ 7 <$, IhmimT iUice Row*, H. Blown, TK ttefln,
Y, .... # Butln*** erne
Advtrtlslng Manageri loVttyfton***1 "f*0* ^Jffotstiftlotv Managtn J. Turvty
r ~ Busihtts Attlataati W. P, XAwson
,u ,     ■* * Senior: Phyllis Freeman^  _. _     Atsoolatoi Barbara Ashby
Mi. w*
&r, i 'A'
ffc(s Northwest Student Pan-Paciflc Conference will meet ln
OrtlAnd tor three days, starting February 21, Sixty delegates
lo eoas, universities, Including U.B.C, and represent*-
d_tjfoe> Jatttyt S-Ml New _5ealat.a\ will attend.
^110^ is met'elyone mantteatation of a world-wide
>t »tu4ent organisation, both national and Interna*
tlOnei. tTh* N>,dtJ.B, and the N.fi.B .A. of tho United States bring
' /.r^iiithsr student* of the North American oonUnent, Most ot the
#ySiWW: Wtrles have national student organisations and. we
Mlfove, internationjil aooooiationo. Perlodio conferences are held
toy students from all over the British Bmpire, ths last taking plaoe
in Montreal a year ago.
,'    This Paa-Paciflc 8tudent Conference, sponsored by tbe
XM.C.A. and Y.W.OX, if continued, may in time give rise to an
international student organisation of Pacific coty-trleo, The Immediate advantages of this ta the way of student tours, exchanges, disouselon of problems, and competition as in athletloe
aad debating, aro obvious, The taore indirect benefits' in under-
Btanding and goodwill are the f<«3id of universal attention to-day.
tn any pise H. b. Sneaarev, a poet graduate student, TJ.B.C.
Ihd prof. H. r, Angus, who has been reeuested
the conference, will represent not onlythii university
els of Canada,
ue the University of British Columbia will be taking a not
rtant part in a world-wide movement, despite the faot that
student delegate ls sent by a private society and not by
Some people have been viewing with concern the number
of sooial functions, which take place at the University, and whioh
seem to increase yearly, tt is indeed a moot point whether the
limit h*e riot been over-stepPM ln the number of these official
and unofBdlal affair*. N.vertHeleso, the latest comer among the
wi^'toM^ $ tW^l* S(*ft_ j******* *• 0lie ^lcl1
everyone wfeleomea, namely the Co-ed Ball.
Women's Undergraduato Society executive of last year
^ repeft the Co-ed dance Which has hitherto been only
t>eap Year. They set a precedent which haa been followed
this year, and 1* likely to continue. In a co-educatlonal institution
like this the arguments ln favor of it, from the point of view of
both sexeB are self-evident. The old question of whether or not
women should take some of the burdens as well as the advantages of their freedom by paying their share of expense, is involved
also. Social custom has persisted as regards most of the
social end of university life, but it is all to the good that for one
major event of the year this should be reversed.
Social Science Club
The Sooial Sclenoe Cluh will meet
tomorrow night at eight o'olook at
the Cat and Parrot tea rooms. Mr.
C. B. Stickney, Secretary of the Van*
couver Harbor Board, wtll speak on
"Vancouver Harbor Development," Its
present and future. Students, not
members ot the Club, but Interested
tn Seonomlos, are Invited to attend.
A obsrge of twenty*Sve cento will be
made for refreshments.
MatbematJcs Club
The Mathematics Club will meet on
Thursday evening, February.to, 1st©,
at 8.1. jam. at the home of Mr. Ralph
James, 4715 4th Ave. West Mr. Orant
Morrison Will sneak on "Notations,
""""~        eudT.
Present end ...." All Interested
are cordially Invited to he present
Man's Oym Club
Thar* will be a turnout at I p.m.
Tuesday (to-day) but not Thursday.
Next week end from then oa there
will be touraouts oa Tueeday and
Thursday at 9 p,m.
Men's Athletic Executive
Men'* Athletlo executive will meet
oa Wodneeday at 4 p,m. in the Council
OStoe, Important business will he dis*
A meeting ot the Big Block Cluh
will he held at noon to-day in Arts
100. Proposed "Eligibility" Rules will
be discussed and considered in detail.
All members should be present owing
to the importance ot the matter under
Graduating Classes
There will be a general meeting of
the Graduating Classes in Arte 100 on
Wednesday 19, at 1118 sharp.
Every member Is eipected to attend
aa important business is to be discussed.
Radio Club
Art* 'tt men Interested tn Interclass
debating wtll moot at noon to-day ln
Art* 108, at 11 *har».
Track Club
Will th* members of the Track Olub
whose names appeared in a recent
issue of the "Ubyssey" please be at
Bridgman* Studio at 8.80, Wednesday
February 10, for the Track Olub pic*
La Canadlenne
A mooting ot La Canadlenne to bo
held today, haa bean postponed until
further notloe.
Forestry Club
Mr. O. At.rnethy will address a
meeting of the Forestry Olub on
Thursday, February 80, at noon In
Applied Sclenoe 888.
Members ot the Interttailonal Rale*
ttons Club We advised to consult the
following tor the next meeting:
(toner*! i Disarmament
Mel), International Relations.
Showell, "Disarmament No Quaraa*
'    tie of Peace, Ourr. Hist, 8«pt,
\ *Browh, "Mein Factor* of Dtearma*
meat, Curr. Hist, Oct, 1888.
Problems of Peace, Lectured, second
and third series,   ,
The lenden Novel Oenferenee.
*The  London Naval  Oonferenoo,
Foreign Policy Aas'h P*m*hi*i
- vii, tat. ■<-»—"
Bywatpr, "London  Naval Conference.'* ~ "    "
Onoe;*' Llvf Ago, Jan 18,1880,
French a Tr"    lA"" ~l" J
Naval Pro
v, Ago, Jan IB, mo.
foung, 4ho WorW fetdo
oblem," Curr. Hist, Doe.,
•Dnut-Lame, "Prospects of tho five
Power Naval Conference;' Contemn, Rev., Jan., 1880.
Article* by ,1. (Jerauld In tho 1888
issues of Current History.
Philip Ker, "Navies and Peact,"
Foreign Affairs, Oct, 1888.
Brail.ford,   "Abolish   the   Battleships," New Repub., Deo. 88,1888.
Huddelston, "Thrse or Five," New
Statesman, Jan. 11, 1880.'
Huddlestan,   "France   and   Italy,"
Ibid, Deo. 14,1988,
(0) ITALY:
Day, "The London Naval Conference," The Commonwealth, Jan. i,
L 1980.
(f) JAPAN:
Kawakaml. "London Naval Confer-
onoe, .8th Cont, Deo., 1880,
The Bdltor of the Ubyssey.
Dear Sir:
The formation of sodietlos ls a
favorite amusement wherever under*
graduates are gathered together In
one place, They are Invariably formed with immense seriousness and are
designed to uplift somebody or something with ps little delay so possible.
Members are selected for their \entnt
Ihg and their good intentions (vide,
the recently formed society which decreed that no one with less than second olass academic standing should
be admitted and thus eicluded one of
it* or^ai promoter*), Nowtotokhid
of thing Is becoming serious dad 1
suggest that, In the interests of the
University a* a whole, something
should be done about It.
My own Idea IS (yes, another society,
I admit) a Sooiety for the Propagation of Amiable Minor Vices, to
be known as the 8, P. A* U. V. It
Is not sufficient that we Ignore these
uncomfortable upltfters, we must
arise in the pride of our own disre*
putableness, and claim the right to
cultivate our pet vices as essential
factors in our common humanity, We
would do well to remember the words
of the old lady In, "My Friend's Book,"
speaking of her departed husband,
"Ho had one fault, he had no vices."
(Would the Scrap Book Club like to
discuss the atatement that, "Men who
smoke and .wear make the best husbands"?).
I am pleased to aay that the S. P.
A. M. V. haa now the enthUHlastlc aupport of many members of the S. C. M.,
and I am now making otrenuou3 efforts to capture members of the V.
C. U. Others wishing to Join ln the
good work should apply to officials of
either of the two above mentioned
bodies. No qualifications are demanded except willingness to learn. Students of the Department ot Erotics will
be admitted free.
Yours, etc,
President, 8. P. A. M, V.
What People
Are Saying
Prof. H. P. Angus: It's really
the same, only more oo.
Johnnie   Caretalre:   They   nn*
doubtedly know something,
these prof*.
Prof. B. A. Or'immond: There
te no Christianity In Beon*
Jean MeOiarmldi 1 wish I could
take about five people to
the "Co-ed."
MOec" Sedfowleki Anybody who
has anything to say la undoubtedly ahead of hla ego.
O. Hoydn Wllll*me—R*memb*r
now thi* coat is not permanent.
Prof, Oelavouie-"I'm a regular
Sherlock Holmet,"
Be. Mill—"We're Just earning to
Rose Munn—I don't have a darn
thing to say on Council
Prof. A. P. B, Olarke—Ood, what
a Class!
Engineering Institute of
-   Canada r
A meeting of the JEngiuaeringUngtl-
tute of Canada will £. held in Applied
Soience 100, Today* noofl, Tdgoday,
February 19. *       '•        r
Speaker: Mr. H. Mucklestone.
Subjeot: Graphical, Solution of En*
gineering Formulae.
Arts '31
A meeting will be held Tuesday
noon In Ap. So. 804. J, M. Saunders
will speak on "Television." All mem-,
bore and othjra interested era Invited.
*, <
Chemistry Society
An open mooting of the_Ch*mistry
Society will M^hald^oB^edMSday,
February it. in SeTtO© at tillPftm.
Bach senior and graduate student
ot the work he is doing, toe object
being to acquaint those students who
aro Interested tn the researoh work
whioh le being carried on In Chemistry at U.B-Cj	
"Yes," said the hard hearted father.
"I'll take her back.
So they passed his plate and grandfather gave him tho **st pieces of
chicken. —Ripe Owl.
Phons, Sei* ttihS-*
Ve Mo BBwaiBPBgai m p mt
-■ *«r - Z *,'•>
*aBllrWpB   affSrvS
tltilhttljtt__r'' *
f  i    •
t >i
itiei Opened I
Malted Milk Shops
__ -i myt*^ma**r*mp  *^*mtf^a^^s%aj
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essweeaWasirj e»*wWwwsBBs!Wsw*l
________!   ^i___l_a_Ma.   T^  ^*_H____aMMa.
eiWW  tHr^NaBa^WS    a^   S_W^WSSmBBPS
1 uHftM&M|. .mm   jmF___________I
eja^eip wBaHu saaMp   s w*ea_B^|
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' ftfYdkWAiw
"•     '^-- '"j. !...•■• iLrf' '
(From the *Ubys*e>" Wles for
Feb. It, ,11.0)       i
The Western University Ser*
rice Olub ai»d the^ Returned
Soldiers' Student Club amalgamated to form ^tWfrortliy Sor-
vice Club, with Mich Bnitmeu In
command, Other offtoers were:
Harry Letoon, seoond In command; ThorUof Larson, adjutant; Colin Ferris, assistant aft.
Jutant; Alex Monro, reorultftg
offloer; Horry Logan ahi Mors-
ly Scott, war rooords: Oordfon
menT'and Bill Beverldgo, pub*
llotty agent$   #   §
The University Rugby XV won
the Miller Ous, emblematic of
tbe olty championship,.by defeating tho Centrals 14. The
team: Owyther, Welti*, Morrl-
son, Boos, Muster, Ternan, Tetto,
Honeyman, Oooet, Bloklo, Carlisle, Swanson, Plummer, James,
Hodsoh.     tt%
Agriculture Won the inter*
olaMdebotihs shl*ld by defeat-
iniHVts 'M the motioto was
"Resolved that tho application
^ ■-" »j_ tM .^losod
# oeutdof In-
.. _ JSSSsfi
homo Of Mr. and Mrs. Leon J.
tadnor,     #  ,  #
'to basketball. Varsity defooM
edjhe Stow Westminster "t*
9S-SS; be? ffJ^SSeU*
tt. Varsity: Ca^StnToroti,
Buchanan, Anderson, JQtopn.
teWy Intermediates: Callig-
ban, PttertOn, Mather*, Andsr-
son, Arkley.'
•P,      B)      m
The' University intermediate
Rushy XV beat Viotorla, thus
settling ail doubt an to -their
righti* the intermediate eimmp-
lonshlp Of the Province. The
team: Hatch, Russel, Hearst,
Soitoway, Arkley. Harvey, Scott,
Caljaghan. Wallace. Hatch,
Jones, Oregg, Weld, Meeklson,
Gunning.     ^   ^   ^
The soccer XI won from the
S„ N. W. M. P. team 1*1 in the
ret league game of the year.
The team*, Keenleyttde, Wolver-
<Aitta»-t&. 822%.
--—     T*   -fryr-f-T >-* r    i
(From the Michigan Doily)
"Student life at the University of
Pari* t5 years ago ls strikingly die*
terent from the life there today/'
Prof. Hugo P. Thlemr>, ot the romance
languages department at the University of Michigan, declares, "In IBM,
when I first attended that tOttltoUon,
ono oould, not work for a degree. Tho
only recognition ot work was In the
form of a letter or statement of recommendation from the professors—
not all were luoky enough to reoelv*
those letters." M
Mr. Thleme, with Dean John Bffio*
ger, of the litorary oollege, waa
among tho flrst Amerloan students to
go to Parte instead of Germany. The
attitude ot the German* universities
ot that time was different from the
rrtnch In ths manner of handing out
degrees and in treatment of foreign
students. '
"A diploma from any American
university, he said, and the payment
of a small fee, admitted on* to open
and closed lecture*. Th* student*
occupied the traditional Latin quarters, in walking along the famous
Boulevard de Saint Michel, one would
SO* students from' every country in
the world, some of them dressed in
moot biaarre oostumes.    ,,,,*.»•'• m .;
"It *** indeed a gay W* that
Student* led. They crowded the>Ioe
or absinthe shops and ditehiied their
problems of studies. The life Seen on
the streett indicated that students
were more interested in pleasure than
trm^Wft ireie no roflWl«<»»*' ft*
Student behaviour, everyone lived
Where lie. pleased ond ih a most im*
person*! relation," he said.
r*ib>tor owMrthbw lo Changed.
Students have demanded that attention be given to sfarts. The Ainftjk
can itudent lite is Hit up as a model
to th* French youth. Tours, oottrl*s
of study, and diplotnai ore readily
ottered to foreigner*. Tne authorities
Of the University try to meet Amerloan
college requirements with such arrangement* as the "junior _ year
abroad" plan, and summer schools.
The old spirit of freedom l* gone.
Everything lo regulated now.
VAIniTf iiuCKciilS
Eltariab of Wssrs
S    Mh|o Pasot Gfoy ee
^  , • fm\im*\*. ANftCOMai
pisi\   i   '-tipifoO' and Ooeeo' ^*Sy ^
JPSt HSJ SHi       wl.'OSg. SBI ^BBW
jitu mm s e—tuM si si i i mif nn mo
A*S«fet_____l '*%■ - |Ujba   -^m-*i i
W - mMmMwmrmwwm^em^w
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17 Inches by 60 Inches for
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felt. May be seen any tlma In tht
Curator's office.
We oan else furnish the same thing
In slsa* 17 Inehte by 87 Inches for
half th* prioe
In view of the faot that thee* have
yet to be mad* up It la advisable to
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The Boot lo Beeety Work
isBBii it *w_-iit--i tumnrifi
weys^itBP ^^    •■gfe^s^sw^^e www* w^yaesmjt*'
A lighthouse attitude towards tho
problem of higher education—'Who
shall have It and why—is shown by
Dr. John D. Hicks, dean ot the Arts
Oollege of the University of Nebraska.
Flrat, he answers the objection that
two many youngsters spend their four
years In college In having a good
time; In taking frats and proms more
seriously then trig, and calculus.
Dr. Hicks admits that tbe world Is
"oollege complexed"; that, It has become socially conventional to shoo
progeny oft to college quite regardless
whether they have any bent tor education or not
The frank dean turns a bit jocular
and suggests a simplification of tho
process of calling a man or woman
"educated" by giving Ph. D. degrees
at birth to babies weighing ten
pounds, M. A.'b to those weighing
nine pounds; B. A.'a to those weighing
eight pounds, antl plain teachers' certificates to those weighing seven
pounds or less, commenting that in
the majority of cases such degrees
would as aptly characterize the recipient at "educated" as a degree does
under the present university system.
In about the same day's press Dr.
Anna Y. Reed, professor of personal
administration at the Sohool or Education at New York, adds her quota
to the higher education discussion by
advising girls to attend eo-eduoational
institutions if they want to meet
potential husbands.
Shall wt need segregated and
specialised college* T One group for
those whose dads make the conventional gesture of senr-'ng son or
daughter to school, no n,_.uer what he
get. out of ItT Another tor those who
really want education and are willing
to pay the price of ItT
—Dalhousle Oasette.
MoGlil, January siswr-he work
of the National Students Federation
of America And of Canada, justifies
their existence as muoh th the part
thoy aro playing in promoting world
peace ae in the services they are sup*
8lying to studenU," sale Lovell C.
orroll, on his return from the
N,S.r.A. congress at Stanford University, in an interview yesterday afternoon he recounted Mb ekperlences
and told some ot his impressions of
American colleges, customs, men and
women, The contrast between Canadian aad Amerloan girls, the latter
meeting men on perfect terms of
equality, was pointed out
A bus service rune from Palo Alto,
the nearest railway station, to Stan*
ford University, but this convenience
Is not patronised by the students. In*
stead they watt by tho roadside for
a passing automobile It Is an unwritten low among the students that
none of them pWalnga csr shall refuse
a lift to other*. Freshmen there are
not permitted to Join fraternities, hut
all live together.
Found Difference*
At the flrst danoo he attended Carroll nercetvedii. diperetooo from those
tn Canada, the men brought girls
but did not stick to them. Instead,
cuttlng-in was frequent, a astern
which, In the opinion of the Canadian
representative, adds greatly to the on*
joymeut "American girl*/' ho stated,
"are wonderful," They ore neither
fteitoohsoiou* nor hold, and win dis*
cum on equal terms with men, ;'any*
thing from athletloe and aesthetics to
erotic* gnd eugen'oB." .They them*
selves are athletic, spending as much
Ume dn the playing-field as at pink
*As befits a region where U is always summer, Stanford college la- set
amid beautflul surroundings., Distinctive dred* ls a feature. Th* freshmen
and sophomores regale themselves In
mole-skins and leather Jackets, while
the upperclass-men are resplendent In
corduroy olothee. There lo now a
movement on foot to have these latter
washed moro than onoe a year.'
The Oongross
The congress attended by about 400
delegate*, opened with plenary session* on general eueotlons. ^mong
thoso considered Were:—finance, a
permanent secretariat, and international relations. A hearty agreement,
to aid distressed European students
was reached, The honor eyeteut wa*
discussed thoroughly, setae college*
reporting that their Undents wrote
examinations with no professor to the.
room. At one university the honor
system woo tried and worked for two
woefcl. Then the students discovered
a professor spying on them, and Immediately began to eheat When
asked to giVe his opinion, the Canadian delegate replied, that, within bis
experience, although some cheat at
The often defeated and greatly
plsod Varaity women's grass b<x
toam upeet the dope at Connaught
Park on Saturday af^noon jihen it
hold the league leaders, ^ B*Nor
Vancouver, to « scoreless draw,
students, showing a B«*>Wjtf
_erv*d~sinoe North Van, Wi
into thaiame towfn and
by a fraction the-tio7w*o
strongeet toam wa* wilbl* ..
mud whioh sat bet
soora because
th* custodian.
The ghtheo;
oh, Metro '
to Oraoo '
down nicely
ward* got tL. _„.
the defending ml.
centre half hooked
1th Joan Comer*
the ball out
who took it
dog the for*
tho nortbslders brought U up. 1
Mowat. at left wing, checked
sucossitully Mme after time te .
opportunitlu tor the co-ed front
who made oontinual raids, In the
ond halt tha game who fee'"4-i
tho excellent clearance* -jjt
Hams, Blue and ooldjM
\te%~. ■ _
;The defense wa* -m
^^4ll______e  __li    tL,'t   ■ -mwawt      '     "
^^mamspm**   -rsss^ ^s^sfs-s-^BRs^^    ^^e^^
11 est Impossible de ne pas rire en
voyant lee efforts que font certalnes
personnes pour se rendre ridloules,
nai. jamii mu niesjMOoiLtJ.e.L (mumwaumt)
klooution ano txpataaioh
truMirri tuoomnuY mm* m runar mi m-wn
sss^swjssi    HBMI J__l_______a____l ________t____l_aa_____l   mammmmm
smstW^u%ytm.mmemomn.       tit tn. mt
high school ou arriving at college they
put away childish things. Following
the plenary session the congress split
Into groups to consider such things
as student government, the subsidisation of college athletics, alumni representation on student councils, publications, student government ln women's colleges and fraternity relations.
He then contrasted elections'Tn the
N.F.C.U.S. with those Irr-fhe N.&F.A.
In the Canadian organisation officers
are chosen hy ability, without considering whence they hail. In the United
States sectional feeling plays a great
part, West and Bast supporting their
own nominees. There were many
pleas, however, for abolishing of regional prejudice and eleotion of the
more suitable candidate.
A permanent secretariat was Inaugurated with head-offloe in New York,
each ttudeut giving two cents for this
purpose. "The establishment of an
executive secretariat by the Stanford
congress has certainly been a step m
advance and will provide effective set**
vice organisation. It will give the
officers an opportunity to prove that
some of the vast potentialities are
capable of realisation.    „ „ „ t
"The work ot the N.8.FA. aad
N.F.C.U.S. justifies thetr existence ae
much in th* part they are playing in
promoting world peace, as Iu the services thoy are supplying to studonto
in flelde of co-operative buying, travel
tours, debating competition, end providing a means of securing valuable
information from other oolleges to aid
In the solution of probleme common
to all unlveroltlesjl said the Canadian
repreBeatattve, lie mentioned Chat
»*>(. N.F.C.U.S. intend shortly to start
a campaign tor $10,000. the interest
of which will establish a permanent
Berkeley,   Feb,   fi.^Ttp   .
started a's an experiment in the
of the dephttioft of hi
tion for men kt the Unlv
fofola, hie, proved *6
now eight sections of —
being maintained, with an
ot 110 studonto.' In maklt
nouueemeat, Prof. Frank I
ger, head ot the deWrtuwat,
only if of tiie nWh are tr
work for credit; It of them ....
tors" In the oless, taking the'
merely because they enjoy lfc> •'
Tap dancing, according to Professor
KlodBerger, it A moms form of es>
tfolae, with MoWfWWds thythm to
mike it very alrOCtifOC^ T, Haskell, a recent ffMnie It the Unrf*f.
tity Of OaliforM«» ^J»tftoeo#
major, ts InstrUoiing the M*m HS
is now taking two or three yeofo et
work in phytloal eduoaMoa. v+<**.• t
Dancing classes of this tyv* were
taught by Profettor KleekeTg* ^
fore the war, when titer* WOf*
olasses and sports. HttBlgml'u^^-.
Sailor's Hornidpe art :Vtt*«Mh^M^
log were popular then but the elasset
were discontinued oi nece.nlty due to
reorganisation of the work Of the department.
A new variety of education seekers,
"intoxicated biology students," haa
made its appearance at a Jaokson,
Miss., college.
The trouble, and there was trouble,
came about when Mlllsap College o«-
olals discovered several gallon cans of
grain alcohol used in the Woloor department for preserving trogs and
flsh had been mysteriously emptied.
At the same time, dlreotor* of tht
college, came upon a biology inotruo*
tor and a few of his students apparently under the influence of liquor.
The officials .moiled the empty
cans. They smelled the breath* ot
the teacher and his pupils. They
Went into a huddle, deolded the soentt
wero similar and made a ruling that
Assistant Professor James ColHo and
biology student. Uriah Banks, should
depart from the Institution.
The "Intoxicated biology itudent*1'
Were offended by suoh treatment The
professor himself refused to leave
school, declaring suoh aotlon would
be an admission of gttllt
The campus Is In an Uproar. Leaden of the student body threaten to
call a macs meeting ot protest. It's
silly to "kick them pet of school for
stealing preserving alcohol when thoy
could get real corn whiskey without
any trouble," Is one of the arguments
LOST at Selenee Bell. Rhineeteno
Braoalet Return to Margaret FIMay
er Book Store.
"Do I undontand," said the Irate
father, "that there I* *ome tdt
affair between yon and that toil
ous young McOregor?"
"Not   very   muoh,   papa,"
Marjory tweetly, "only yon."        _
/> •j9
IP perusing the leteet hytttrloal
i W ^Annoyed ran" in the
laf of this «»>le*»ee posey
le lltorelly eerrebt) we leer
.« ttgiiw iulteseaoi farm
weenee* oetamn. our eery
it* le obviously « Heve to
Mi eetkurat is teeming
 joroi sue ho ws tw» aioj
y el sowooolna each in osio
reee |*t tkrMttof or Mb liner
Orlrted, Mew w*
.. _. JERft*.
V   *<   .',
i^rHmf hli
m sere to point out *hat
ill rei
that pegioe
ftoohtoaa Can
--- **
oeeureey*   ,   ,   -
ettteyee^ ebjeeto
BOSS *p*«*. Permit us to
Pk: tho< Intermedia*
les.sPernjiwt* Winn
jeet of
  >„   ,, i   .    ,
,  Baeketbell^fc* never boon neglee*
zsr m^Jj-fSf a_H__aMa_r aalated out the
.,    me«WTe^tho tewesmted teem, Slnee
> ,< >, SavllBMoe aft jsfireiTheo keen owera-
: " ' ^^rh7kesh*to*H report* end oo
»**« hefiWy he oeeeeed of a prej*
ee ageleot our fighting hoepetera.
We fool than arty man who walls
suoh maudlin ret as "these beys working their heart out" Is much mere at
home erooalng "8onny Boy."
In eeOOluolon w« remark that our
Bret Impulst was to pitch thlt amai-
!r)0 coaoeetlon of sob-stuff In the basket where It to obviously belonged.
Qn second thought we decided that It
might provide some amusement to
our numerous admirers. (Oh yes, Mr.
Pan, we have some,)
First hit Bfiwtli
Vanity Intermediate "A" Bngltsh
era downed Bx-Ktog Oeorge IW>
on Saturday atteraoon, en a t-utfaoue
of earth celled tower JSrppI*
under the umplrag* ot  Hoy
iron* " * i
o Varaity team started of with
the advantage ot the slope and numbers aaeVpresood hart tor a period.
After* good ran of the tiweeguartor
Mae Brown dodged over from the
wlhg to plant tho hall between the
posts. Awarded a, plaoe klok Mean
oeavortod, The stay Seotuatod between the goalo, oeok team hating
narrow eecapes hut always managing
mat ike ball to safety.
. Met tho rest Varaity weakened tor
a abort time but soon reeumed the
former atandard of play. Tke game
woo hart fought aad tho Kings caved
severe! time* by kleke. At the finish
play was on the Oeorgee' twenty-five
yard line.
The Varsity threoquartore wore
well fed with tho hall hy the scrum
aad functioned ably oeaotdering tho
wet bail. The scrum entered trom
returning the ball too muok and not
keeping It at their feet The threes
all turned tn a good game, a* did
Captain Wood who played a stellar
of offensive rugby, hie host ot
Pllkington, Tobin,*
team was:
e. Wood, Davidson, Griffin, TP«,
Bright, Nesbltt, OottSreU, Hen*
, 0. Cleveland, H, Brown, CkWd*
'04 Var*
n-wr m»rm i
,„_     iV**dty|(
Varsity JuhlerflSok th«t second
etli from the faittt*pplng Regentt
th* Soore ot 1-8 la a very mediocre
no at Dunbar; Batorday.
Flaying one man short, and without
the assistance ot their, regular left-
wing, the Students oould hot with*
stand the battering of tbe Well-bet-
aneed Regent*. It tostgnifioant to note
that tho Junior* were a hotter match
for their opponente than In their previous encounter when the soore wae
14. ■ i'
Regents opened play aad after
fifteen minutes hard-going soored on
a scramble la the goal-mouth Another
counter waa added fiv* miautoe otter
the Studente had beaten all hut one
opposing book and then lost the hail,
After the oranges, Varsity backs
gave an aerial display to withstand
repeated attodko ot th* Rediblrto. Cox
snapped up one of these long drives,
and dribbled up to glvo Aaleersburg
a good pass on which the latter soored
, a*s*nto * dualised
made several good
Vanity's lone goal
after Saunder*'
oaves. <
Vanity—Saunders o. Smith, Wiles,
Aaldereburg, -Nior. White. J. Smith,
Dickson, Cox, ana L. Verdlel.
showed considerable Improvenwnt
over previous performances, their effective tackling in the first hop being
largely responsible for the lack of
soore in thai period.
Btocellent kicking hy the %Magee
back* kept the hell at the CoTlegtant'
. dents,
ave been
verid loore
il....  ,   .... 
t th* counter-play started
mm mo waa the case.
which retuif'tedlo the only store ot
Varsity made ». MUont attempt to
 * fOTe.«aallfwhistle
After a hard fight, with both toams
evenly matched, tke Varaity Grass
Hookey tiam wa* narrowly defeated
by 8 geam to 1 by the Crusedera in
a match at Brookton Point on Satur-
the first half the play waa
no goal* were wored. But
ie later part of th* stcond
i, game livened up considerably.
PMing team score* twh poale
In oulck succession- The Studeut*
rallied andf after the forward* had
mad* o eulek run down the field,
tMgtoa shot a goal from a dlffleult
jMiU. Ah attompt was made to even
ajT the scoro hut tho anal whistle
Mew before VOrStty waa able to increase Its total,
^The Varaity line-up was ao follows:
Weaver, Jakeway, Leo. Creator, Pros-
ton, Hughee, Stsveneon, Freeman,
Jockeon, Bomp!* and Ward.
Membert of Che Clasa of Arts '81
are reminded that ttotooto for tbe Olass
Party are to he distributed from the
euad oa Wednesday aad Theioday
noon of this week. "Ko men need ap*
Sly," ttoketa wtll eety be given to the
women of the Claaa.
Tke Party  I* being held  la the
"Oym1' from 8.00 to 18.00 p.m,
iBHi1)W t*0
^ur* at the Vplty 0V*1 Sa- ,
1 asawot tne more
W*$L      '*
The ftodenu looked like euro winner! in the first tow minutes ot play
but after they had made two or three
, la the seeonl Quarter tee piarwa*
about even until ot. of the Hew w*ot*
minster boys broke away an* reaeh*d
the Varsity f8-y«S Use. 0* the neat
t JSrtloge booted a
W^WB    ^^^^   trmjmwjnssfo    ^?
on Q{>w«l5^
the Student defense, Westmisster
again ktokod* thin time fog a rouge,
making the score 4-0.
In the last quarter the Varaity men
woke up. Starting in their own half
of the field, the Bine and Oold com-
plated a ten-yard forward pies, McLean to Chatford. Soon after this Burgess ran hack a kick twenty yards,
again raising the hopes ot the tired
team. The whistle blew before a
further score.
The team — Lino: Malcolm, Orr,
Mitchell, M.Ouire, Cron, Thompson,
Nesbltt, Cade, M.Knight; Backfleld:
Burgesn, McLean, Hisette, McTavlsh,
Chatfleld, Hamlin.
ilbCc. mcKEYsaus bite
Tke U.B.C. team was swept off It*
feet by Kx-Soutb. Van. at Memorial
Park on Saturday when the opposing
forwards broke through the students'
stalwart defense to score four goals
unanswered. The South.Van. aouad p»y the players salaries. If the public
!•>• sett
^**y    OSBBaSSSS^j^
short two players exploited the
side game to, great ar
co-ed* failed to solve I
a very poor showing,
played a good game especially Blml
Teppo at fUUback who whs one of the
beet player* on, the nald. Thelma
Mahon, at centra forward turn*d in a
good performance and proved hOreelf
a heaven-sent gift to toe team. Carol
Sellars at inside forward was outstanding. Mary McDonald playing
with a wrenched knee deserves praise
for her gameness throughout in guard-
lag the student net
The lineup was: M. McDonald; M-
Roes; 1. Teppo; A. Hicks; A. Vat
Vooght;  M. Moacrop;  M. Manning;
S. Mo
e»po; A. Htoks; A. Van
T. Mahon; C. Seliare;
A meotrng of ti* Philosophy DUont
itou OIu. wat hen at tho home of
_____Mi __________________!' ____M_____i_Bdii_____a
B»U Oluk Wa* h*M at tke ...
las Molly Lookhart on Thursday,
February 18. Papon were given by
Miss Isobel Dee. and Mr. Ian Farquharson. Miss Dee's topic was "The
PsydhoTogy of the Theatre." and Mr.
Fafqubarson's "Campus Bthles." A
great deal ot discussion followed both
arstty made 1 s§l
sing the we.
Gordon, Feidue and patmore turned la particularly notable nertorm*
anoee for tke home boy*, bet tbe
whole toam deoervea commendation*
for the fightlag spirit ehown.
,/,-TBe < team—Neweon, Cameron,
Smith, PoUard. Steers, Hilts, Gorton,
Patmore, While*. Frattlngw, Ladner,
Wrlnch, Perdue, Morriseai Oustafson.
Piats^m of AtMstJcs
Vemjoieie toan
Norman, Okla.—The public must
decide soon a change in athletic policies in universities and colleges, W.
A. Adams, dean of tbe College of
Business Administration, at the University of Oklahoma, said recently.
"Athletes will be placed on an openly commercial basis within 10 years
unless steps are taken Immediately
against hidden commercials," Adams
The Oklahoman condemned the recent policy adopted by school after
the Carnegie report for each to
"clean, its own house." He referred to
this action as the "humorous self-
whitewashing of schools ta tne Big
Six Conference."
"The best way to get super-foot-
bhlf teams out of universities Is to
ieves college institutions should be
educational, mien athletics should be
handled la a way that would make
sports subordinate to education, or
athletics should be severed from university life and allowed to take ita
place among sports already made professional.
To prevent open commercialisation
Adams made the following five suggestions'
3. Faculty members should predominate on tho athletic board of the
sfnmtt be brought under itTlOTWh*
trol.     ...
8. No atudent or prospective athlete should be employed by the ath-
8. Athletlo stats should be made
up of pkyetoel education. toaobwre
rather than eoaohes of the various
sthbttojeams. U>' m ih**^
coiiegto# eeatorte to ei
*9*m.***9m **
parBotpatiea pstrttoutorly la
6. Ditcontiuuance of ImtMtat ito*
dluos fleM houae* whick attract hut*
crowd* to see tha geeftMUieoi ooa-
tettt between tuper college teams.
Var-lty's substitute Senior "A" hoop
squad completed its seeson's schedule with an easy win at the expense
of the Orads ln a ragged gome at V,
a.o. Saturday night' The oollege boy*
ployed llotleeo basketball showing
little interest in the game Ond at halt*
time held a soant two-point lead* The
peooajd iieriod was marked with a
come-back by Bx-Vawlty who forged
ahead 1841 The tltudeht* reteUatod
with three baskets In quick suocetJ
siou add tho fray ended with the loser* forcing tho play, tho viotory Itsslt
brought little credit to the undergrade
but It save them ave wins la ton
storto which Ineldentty equal! the roc*
ord made by tho super-athlete* ot the
pre-Ohriotmas squad.
^**m****ma*mamw9mm ■ Waw*mM^SSSf tgpWfg W*^^H w Sg Bs^^^flgBsJalBee-*'
m^^Hr7MWW^Tfffmm sm* ma*
■ • .     -       »    _ i
Somebody wants f
your Photograph •
$Om^ uheel stiles
end prices et eur
413 Crsavflle
Hoetii9a,m. to3p,m.j
Utos-Leai Note H^.^^*^01" *^
Graphic aad E*^mi^ Paptar,
< 106A& n-ttf''. S
Looee-Lea. HoWlg, Keunt,
PwkUs aba Wvtiiig1]
Crepe Paper for ltdcm*^aU eiu ■      ^
<-'i>Ai-XV.> Ai,'W'V<
fellows |at
*■*■; .1
«i tf<f.
.^*»   i V     *-l -


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