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The Daily Ubyssey Nov 4, 1948

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 The Daily Ubyss
No. 26
NEW STRONGHOLD for UBC's 2000 engineers is shown in this architect's drawing of the
new Applied Science building now rapidly nearing completion. The new building, according
to the Dean of Applied Science, J. N. Finlayson will be opened in 1949. The building will be
the most modern university applied science building in Canada.
Traffic Court
Nipped At UBC
Traffic Waywards
....The University detachment
of Provincial Police refused
liency to a* student who was
speeding to an 8:30 lecture
Tuesday at UBC traffic court.
Two students were charged at this
weeks session of University traffic
Charged were:
Philip A. Tindle, Forehtry student,
was charged with speeding on Marine
Drive to an 8:30 lecture.
The magistrate would not accept
the excuse of the lecture. Tindle's
sentence was remanded to Saturday
Arthur Phillips, Applied Science,
wag charged for speeding on University Boulevard. He was fined five dol
lars or five days.
Unlike the usual downtown "get a
ticket-pay a fine summons these sessions are carried out in the high tradition" of provincial court lore.
UBC Teachers' Fed. To
Vie For Hew Salary Scale
All Teacher Trainees
Welcome In Organization
Speaking to the University Teachers Association Tuesday,
Mr, Stan Evans, Assistant General Secretary of the BCTF, gave
a summary of federation organization and objectives for this
AMS Retakes To
Be Taken This Week
Retakes for pictures taken during
registration will be made this week.
Special rates to students have been
made by thc studio where reprints
may be had for fifty cents for an
untouched print and a 30% reduction on retouched mounted pictures.
Fraternities and sororities may
have their pictures taken for special
pages in The Totem in tlie next two
weeks. These will also have a special rate.
AU retake appointments and spc-
ial group pictures must be made at
the photography studio behind thc
Brock in room A3.
Mr, Evans emphasized that the fed-1
eration was as strong as its members.
He suggested teachers of E'.C. should
strive to improve their professional
status and insist upon maintainance
cf high standards that outside teachers would be encouraged to remain
in their own provinces where there is
a definite shortage.
Included in the objectives for this,
year are: securing federal aid for educational finance, increasing qualifications for certification, controlling
of wholesale importation of teachers
from other provinces and negotiaton
of a new basic minimum salary
schedule. For purposes of negotiation
$2,000 to $3800 for high school, $1650-
$3,000 for elementary school.
Different committees are studying
pension problems, curriculum revision, tenure laws, membership and
organization and amendments (o the
Municipal Act.
All certificated teachers are free
to attend the meetings of the U.T.A.
Members should hear Mr. Pritchard
education attache to i'he British Embassy in Washington, who will speak
during education week, November 14
to November 20.
Beef and Wine
Question Form Re
Grants at Legion
The Canadian Legion has prepared
a questionaire for vets on extension
of grant*
Branch 72, Campus Legion Branch
, i.s requesting all DVA and loan stud
ents who  are contemplating the recasting of extension of grants to fill
in the forms.
The Legion needs all the Informa-
British Eat Cows,
Conquer Indians
.Nineteenth century East' .^flians,
ascribed the British conquest of India
to beef and whiskey, Dr. Havail of
the University of Bombay told a
meeting of Philosophy studenU Wednesday.
"The first thing they noticed about'
the British conquerors was their liberal use of beef whiskey and women,"
lie said, "and naturally they thought
the superior British power came from
eating sacred cows and drinking forbidden liquor,"
Dr. Havail proposed a synthesis of
eastern and western phiosophies as
the ultimate solution to India's problem.
"Wine, women and song, by themselves don't suit the Indian temperament,"  he  added. ,
Civil Liberties
Sponsor Talk
Civil Liberties Union to sponsor
talk on the South African question
on Friday at 12:30 in Aggie 100.
Frene Ginwala, an Indian student
at' UBC will outline the adverse
social circumstances her people live
under in South Africa. She has recently arrived from London, and
plans to study chemical engineering.
Attention has been focused recently
on  the  plight of the Indian population in  South  Afirica,  with  the  enforcement of restrictive measures by
tion possible to build up the case of j the newly elected Malan government.
needy vets.
Pritam Singha,  a local Indian  also
Quehtionaires  will  be available at  at UBC,* will give an account of our
pay parade today and Friday. I own B,C.  race laws.
Rules Committee Enforce
Alma Mater Penalty Code
Players Club
Plays Begin
November 16
Mysteries, Coward
Benet Featured
Players Club to present three
one-act plays, starting November 16.
Stephen Vincent Benet's famous
historical fantasy, "The Devil and
Daniel Webster," will spark the fall
productions of the Players Club.
Jabez Stone sells his soul to the
devil. In the famous trial scene Daniel
Webster, the outstanding American
lawyer defends Stone from the devil
who claims the mortgage of Stone's
A   rousing   square
the action.
dance   enlivens
The lead roles are taken by Cyril
Groves, Ron Wamsley, Stuart Campbell and Birnie Reid. Direction will
be under John Seyer.
The second play, directed by Wally
Marsh, is the mystery melodrama;
Dark Brown.
Moira Mulholland and Jim Smith
are in the lead parts.
To add color as a contrast to melodrama, Noel Coward's musical comedy, Red Peppers, will be presented
This play was one of Coward's "tonight at 8:30" series which had a long
Broadway run.
Old   time   vaudeville comes   back
to  the theatre   in  Red Peppers  and
for  variety   two  dance routines  are
Joan Powell has the part of Lily
Pepper, while Philip Keatley plays
George Pepper,
The two student nights will be
November 16 and 17, Tickets available free under the pass feature will
be distributed on Thursday and Friday this week in the Quad.
The plays will also be presented
Thursday and Saturday nights for
faculty and  the general  public.
Curtain time will be 8:00 p.m, student nights and 8:30 the other performances.
Tween Classes
ion Frustrated
Barney Blows Brains
As Bugs Bedevil Date
Ave Maria Tops
Film Soc Showing
"Ave Maria," starring Benia-
mino Gigli will be shown by
the UBC Film Society in the
Auditorium, Thursday, November 4'at 3:45, 5:15, 6:45 and
8:15 p.m.
Ave Maria is the tale of the attempted framing of a famous tenor
by a cafe songstress, The black-mail
misfires and the plot turns romantic.
The origin of the production is Italian-German but adequate English
sub-titles have been added to explain
the  dialogue.
Music is by the Berlin State Orchestra.
Pity   poor   A.B.   "Barney   Russ."
"Barney," chief public relations
officer for university Canadian
Legion, has made three tries at
announcing the date for "Operation Pigskin." Each try ended in a
First attempt was made two
weeks ago, when it was announced
that "Pigskin"—the transportation
of disabled veterans to the football
game on November 13— would
take place Noevmber 15. Barney's
steno fumbled  that one.
"Barney"  burned.
Last week an attempt was made
to correct the datoj by a further
announcement. It, too, came out
November 15, in the confusion
surrounding  the  correction,
"Barney" blew up.
Wednesday, ihe Legion Letter
carried a final paragraph explaining for the last time that "Pigskin"
would be held November 13, not
November 15. Except that the
paragraph wasn't there. A compositor had dropped it for space
"Barney   broke   down,
P.S.:  the date of "Operation Pigskin"   is  Saturday  November   13.
The Social Problems Club is presenting a panel discussion in Arts 100
Friday at 12:30 p.m.
Topic will be "Liberty in Modern
Speakers on the panel will include
Professor Barnet Savary, Professor
Hunter Lewis, Don Lanskail and
Hugh Legg.
Coats In Brock Lounge, Liqour, and
Litter On Campus To Be Checked
The Rules and Regulations concerning campus activities
will be strictly enforced. ...
® :	
Dave Williams, chairman of the
Discipline Committee has brought
forth a set of rules which his committee will enforce according to the
provisions of the code of the Alma
Mater Society.
Most unlawful activity of the students occurs in Brock Lounge where
coats and hats are prohibited.
Taking of coats and hats into the
lounge, putting feet on furniture,
butting cigarettes on the floor and
eating lunches in the lounge are
strictly taboo according to the edict
istued by the committee.
Card playing in the cafeteria will
not be allowed.
Several weeks ago the Brock Procter, Joe Collins, the staff of the caf
and commissionaires got power to
enforce these regulations by the confiscation of AMS cards together with
laying appropriate charges.
AMS cards will admit students to
the Players Club Fall Plays on the
pass system,
General fegulations have been made
concerning the activity of gambling
alcoholic beverages and litter on the
All infractions of the above are
prosecutable by the disciplinary committee as outlined in the AMS code.
Next Library
Head Campus
$64 Question
W. G. Ireland
Rumor Spreads
Rumors that Willard G. Ireland will succeed Dr. W. Kaye
Lamb as UBC librarian are
still unconfirmed.
Questioned about the report which
appeared in a downtown newspaper,
Prof. G. C. Andrew, Assistant to the
President, declined to comment.
Speculation as to who would be
the new head of the UBC library has
been rife since the announcement of
Dr. Lamb's resignation was made
some time ago.
Dr. Lamb was recently appointed
Dominion archivist. He will leave
UBC at the end of this year for Ottawa to take up his new duties.
One of his major contributions to
his Alma Mater is the new library
wing, which he planned.
At Ottawa he will be able o bring
to fruitition his lifelong dream of a
national lbrary for Canada.
If Ireland is appointed he will be
UBC's third librarian. First was John
Ridington, who is commemorated by
a room dedicated to his memory in
the new library wing.
Atomic Researcher|Coming
To Campus 'By Request
Dr. 'Bruno Pontecorve, senior principal Scientific officer
of the United Kingdom Atomic Research Establishment will
address interested members of the University and the public
in the University of British Columbia's Physics Building on
November 5, 6 and 8.
Dr. Pontecorve commenced his ca
reer in Nuclear Physics in Rome, collaborated with such pioneer atomic
researchers as Fermi, Rosei'ti, and
Bornadini in their work with artificial radioactive materials.
Later he worked in Paris and Cam-
bidge and came to the U.S.A. in 1940
where, in 1943 he was asked to join
the Atomic Energy research group in
Montreal. Recently he has been devoting himself to problems in the
cosmic ray field.
Friday, November 5 at 7:30 p.m.,
he will speak on "Meson Decay;"
November C at 9:30 a.m., "Low Energy
Beta Ray Spectroscopy With Proportional Counters;" and November 8 at
4:00 p.m., "Geophysical Applications
of Nuclear Physics."
Daily Ubyssey Gets
Airing In Debate
The Daily Ubyssey will be raked
over ihe coals today in a Parliamentary Forum debate in Arts 100 at noon.
Speakers on the resolution: "The
Daily Ubyssey is failing to function
to the advantage of the university"
will be Frank Collier and Les Bewley.
B.C. Vets Will
Administer Fund
The Army Benevolent Fund will
soon be administered in B.C. by a
volunteer committee of three well-
known   Vancouver   ex-servicemen.
Chairman of the Provincial Committee is Hugh Allan, Executive-
Director of the Community Chest
and Council of Greater Vancouver.
Members are Oscar Orr, Vancouver
Deputy Police Magistrate and B, T.
Giraud, Vancouver business man.
Herbert M. Stevensom World War II
army veteran, and formerly engaged
in rehabilitation work with the DVA'
has been appointed full-time executive  secretary.
"Our objective is to build an organization through which we can
make a lasting contribution to the
general well-being of veterans, not
merely as an agency concerned with
dispensing financial assistance, but
concerned as well with the welfare
of the veteran over a period of years"
Mr.  Allan explained.
Veterans organizations and wel*
fare agencies thoughout the province
will forward applications for assistance to the Army Benevolent Fund
Committee office in the DVA build*
ing at the corner of Bute and Haro
Sheets, Vancouver,
A Parliamentary Forum debate will
be held today at 12:30 p.m. in Arts 1«0,
The topic will be "Resolved that
the Daily Ubyssey is failinr, to function to the advantage of thc university."
Prominent enmnus public sneaker
Frank Collier and law student Les
Bewley will match wits in the forum.
A candidate for "meanest thief of the year" has left
his mark on the campus.
An amateur cracksman Tuesday night jimmied the
cash drawer of Honrj Kong veteran, Jack Proctor's cigar
stand in Brock Hall basement.
The drawer was empty.
Prod or reports that none of his stock was touched.
Meanwhile provincial police stationed on the campus
say that five pelly thefts have been reported to them in
the past week.
They are investigating. Page 2
Thursday,   November   4,   .1948
The Daily Ubyssey   .
Member Canadian University Press
Authorized  as  Second  Class Mail,  Post  Office  Dept.. Ottawa. Mail Subscriptions—$2.r>0 per year
Published  throughuut  the  university  year  by  tho Student Publications'Board of tlie Alma Mater Society of the
  University of E'riiish Columbia.
.y, .y. if.
Editorial opiniuns expressed herein are those of Ihe edit aim] : t.-iTf of The Daily Uhys.<;ey and not necessarily mose
of the Alum  Mater  S 'fii-iy   nor  of   the   University.
•Y- -Y- if-
Offices in Brock Hull.  Phono  ALma  1C24 For   display  advertising  phone  ALma   3253
I,»lTOK-IN-( llliir   -   -   -   -   UON   IIAGQAKT-
MANAGING  UUITOIi   -   -   -   -   VAL  SEARS
GENERAL STAFF: News Editor, Bob Cave, Novia lleberl; Features, Ray Baines;; CUP hditor,
Jack  Waixerinnn;  I'lioto^rapliy  Director,  Kllutior Hull; Sports  Editor, Cliuek  Marshall;
Fililcr T.Khiy — AIM' WELSH
It k\ not The Ubyssey's policy to lay down
here a rigid program and policy, hut merely to
state a £ew principle; by which its editorial
policy will be guided.
First of all, il. must lie made clear that
oujt, policy is entirely independent of any
othej- university organization, including Students' Council. This principle was established
sev$ra,l years ago when tlie editor-in-chief
who ex officio held a seat on council was
separated from that body for the stated purposes, of making him independent of Council's
influence in order that he might be in a
position to. criticize Council's policy.
The Ubyssey is the official organ of the
student body with a means of expressing its
opinion on Council actions, The only other
way, in which an individual student, can effectively approve or disapprove of Council's
actions is by calling an Alma Mater meeting,
a step very few are willing to take,
IL is Ihe Ubyssey's intention to examine
clo;. Iy and discuss freely through this column
any action of Council which we feel merits
student, interest. This will be done, not in a
spirit of fault finding, but  in the hope that
io Knowledge that their decisions will be
aired before the student body, will impell
Council fo give its most mature consideration   room   FOR   RENT,   10   MINUTES
Lost j
Ails    bldg.    Tuea.    morning,    Finder
phone  Eileen.  CE 7372.
bldg. black Shaeffer pen with gold
band on bottom of cap. Finder please
phone  Barry  at KE 5097-Y.
i.round armories. Finder please phone
BA 4215-R.
who borrowed my airforce bag on
ihe VOC work hike two weeks ago,
kindly bring it to the VOC clubroom.
(A charge oj ten cents is made for
all Signboard nofice.v. unlli f/in lxcc\>-
tiov oj Found and Meeting nnnuunce-
wrist watch Tuesday- night. Phone
Mr.  Bakony at BA 3264-R.
For Sale
;:Lle pi:'.!.'. Si/.e ?A medium. Single-
breasted. Phone KE 4517-R. Can be
;:ee'n at 1547 W C8th Ave.
coupe.    Excellent    condition,    Phone
needing my light fawn mint-cat so
badly phone for the .'sleeve lab which
I have, or turn in the coat to the l.er.t   MODEL    50    CHRYSLER    PICK-UP
Jack at CE 4331 mornings.
and Found without delay. Left in 1IM
1 on Tues. 1:30 two weeks ago. AL
in good .shape, five good tires. $100,
Fort Camp, Hut 6, Room 25. Ed Bay-
on to all matters within its jurisdiction.
This point of editorial policy alone demands detailed treatment at present. For the
rest it suffices to say that, it i.s the aim of The
Ubyssey to uphold matters which we consider to be in the interest of the university
as an institute of learning. While supporting
all institutions favorable to the university,
we shall not hesitate to decry anything or
anyone thai tends to detract from its good
(From Tho Uby.s.soy, October 1, 1929).
off crimpus. Breakfast. AL 3375-L.
Dunbar for 8:30's six days per week
if possible. Call Anne, KE 3407-R.
who live around Puget Drive. Phone
Paul or Bruce at KE 38G2-Y.
portation for 2 for 8:30 classes. Mrn-
Sat. Vicinity 25th and Cambie or 12th
and   Manitoba.   Call  FA  5G13-L.
letters to the editor
WORLD FEDERATION ™mhcr    al,cnd    the   noxt   NFCUS
National   Conference.
Dear Slr: In    view   of   the   clear   statement
Lgst year an AMS general meeting   our.tcd  above  from  the  IUS Council
approved     "conditional"      affiliation   '(I-01'1',   ■'md   Livingstone's   acceptance
with IUS.
In December, at Winnipeg, the
NFCUS delegation to the IUS Paris
convention was committed lo apply
for this conditional affiliation. Grant
Livingstone was recently quoted a.s
saying that, "the Canadian delegation
was  shunned,  refused  admittance  a.s
of tin's statement while in Paris, it is
difficult to understand his change of
mind a.s expressed in his recent interview. It would appear that far
j'roin ".shunning" Canadian students,
the JUS looks forward to the utmost
i (.operation,
V/t aiv anxious to hear Livingstone's
an   official   delegation,   and   treated   lc,!))lt from this Council to the stu-
V/ith scorn by the Communist students   (l,'"lK   llc   represents,
at  the  meeting." Wrrl(|   Federation   of   Democratic
•|,A^t.Paris it was agreed that nffili- Youth
aj|K|n must  be in  the spirit of cooperation  and  mutual  respect,  and  this
CQtild not  be  gained   through   eondi-   t.lTTI.K  \, Sr MHJ Y
tional, affiliation, Thus  the  follov.-hi:;
action,  emoted  from   the  It!!-; •; 'annul        hair  Sir:
report,   was   taken:
Sunday, November 7 after the 9:0(1
Mass at Our Lady Of Perpetual Help
Church. General feeling after the
Nov. :, in Ap. 100 at 12:30. Dance
tickets will be on sale, Speaker to be
symphony concert are now available
al G5 cents in thc AMS office.
is ready for you
Phone   number   and   address   of   every   blonde,
redhead   and   brunette   on   tho   campus   is   in
The Student Directory, now on the press. You
can .still reserve your copy.
25c The Student Directory 25c,
Reserve your copy now in AMS or Publications Office
speaking club on Tus. neon in Hut
M-8. Learn how to speak with confidence. New members welcome.
Christian   Science   organization   will
be held in Arts 103 Fri. 12:30 p.m.
at 12:30.
If you like to sing there is a place
for you in the Engineer's Music club.
Relaxation, good fellowhip, voicie
training. Come to the Brock Stage
Room on Fridays at 11:30 each week.
A.C. is cancelled due to ihe UBC
symphony concert at noon.
Club in tho north end of the Armories
in   the  club's  link   room,  on   Friday,
Nov.   5   at   12:30.   New   members   are j lhe   Fish   and   Game   Club   Friday'
welcome, ' Nov' 5- 12:30 l5-m- in Physics 201. Films
I will be shown.
Like a Letter Home
"hi order that the NFCUS io|,,v-
sentatives may he able to participate
freely in Council four observer cauls
bc immediately granted to the delegation. The Credentials Committee
(IUS) asks the delegation to stay at
council in the spirit of cooperation
and to take the opportunity to learn
thoroughly about the work of the
IUS. We invite it to participate actively in all sessions and debates. We
request the delegation to carry back
u fair | report to the students of
Canada and to place the question of
affiliation  before  them  again.
"Finally the Credentials Commitc o
calls upon Canadian students to come
into IUS and to decide thi.s finally
and in clear terms accordin;; to Ha-;
constitution at their next National
Further, our delegation approved
an IUS proposal that an IUS Council
l:" ' I'dlh' A.'.'o:nhl.v" : '.. v . I.
'•■'■olio day i; i s; i i L in Ihe \), . |,
11;.11, that it wa.s as well vit , ■ ! .n
avoiding embarrassing decision', as
is the parent organization a tier
which it vwis molded. I refer u,
the hasty and unanimous re'erriiiK
ol' the Israeli request for ."ulif.is-
: ica to the "all-powerful" Set'ili itv
Council, lt was extremely intei •'.-
ing to note that the assembled
delegate.,- wore later informed of
their insufficient knowledge (of
the countries they represented) to
l.e asked ' to vote on thc Soviet
resolution regarding the control of
Alomic Energy. They were not
made conscious of this shortcoming
when voting on the Canadian resolution In dispose of the Israeli
i   i]i;r I   for  membership.
As  skeptically  as  ever,
ft. If. Ch.lkow, 2nd Yr. Arl.s
Monday,  November  8 Field House
1. Phys. Ed.  "B" vs Newman "B"
2. Agfie vs Fiji "A"
?>.    Beta "A" vs A.T.O. "B"
Tuesday, November 9 Field House
1.    D.U. "B" vs Mad Hatters
:..    Kappa Sig "A" vs Phi Delt "B"
?>.    Forestry "A" vs Mu Phi "A"
Tuesday, November 9 Gymnasium
1. Alpha Delt vs Architects
2. Forestry "B" vs Newman "A"
Wednesday, November 10      Gymnasium
1. Sciencemen vs Beta Chi
2. Phi Kappa vs Zebes "A"
Friday, November 12 Field House
1. D.U. "A" vs Chi Sigma Chi
2. Beta "B" vs 3rd Engineers
3. "'Zctc.s "A" vs Pharmacy "B"
Monday, November 8—Sigma Foo vs Teacher Training
Tuesday,*November 9 — Sciencemen vs Stringers
Wednesday, November in — Phi Delt vs Katts
Friday, November 12—Winner of November 8 vs Phys E.
The Daily Ubyssey sent home
to father, mother or to the little
brother who'll be here next year
will tell the folks at home how
you're spending their money.
The Daily Ubyssey
Send The Daily Ubyssey Home for a Year — $2.00
Urock  Hall,  University  of  British  Columbia
This Week
7:00   Hi-Jinx Prock
345   Film Society showing "Ave Maria'' Auditorium
12:30   UBC Symphony Orchestra Concert Auditorium
2:00   American Football UBC Thunderbirds vs Lewis and
Clarke Stadium
8:30    Football Dance Brock
In This Corner	
by jim banham
Half hour radio plays just aren't
adaptable to screen play and "Sorry,
Wrong Number,'1 currently playing in
\ancouver,  proves the point.
The radio drama depended on the
increasing I;• n.-;i-1n and impending murder lo leave ihe lislening audience in
a sla:',e ol menial i• '•. 11;111e;t i<11i and wilh
a good acfross d<>ing ihe pari it generally succeeded. But the actors in the
iilrn have Ion much, of a load io carry
and tbe piehuv comes out a near flop.
Barbara -Stanwyck plays lie spoiled,
pampered daughter of ;1 Chicago drug-
: lore ii:ei■;!i"I. Her hu .hand, Hurl I .an-
easier who .'.he '.|o!e IV' an a girl friend
in e.:!!>'ge, ■ he haa sel him up as a-
vice-pr(\",iileiil in her iaiher's company.
SI e won'l alh-w haa any ! r- -.'doiii
ami he starts io peddle hi-; lalher-m-
law's drugs lo i'i!e<.;,il outside Iru.le.
Ilia cohorl in the deal is an employee
in the eheiiii' In.' 1 ;!.. sail* >ry v.'; ,o i
discovered  11\   | ! a •  i i, -I |i ■(' I I ii .    .nil     |(i    hi
that Lancaster plans to have his wife
All this is told in flashbacks as Miss
Stanwyck lies in her bed in an empty
house. Bedridden and a cardiac neur-
eiic -— all of which is explained in another series of flashbacks — she bears
(wo nun (dotting (ho murder of a
wmnan over her telephone and a.s the
evening wears on she realizes that it
i ; herself. At the same time her bus-
hand's accomplice is trying to contact
him to I fl I him that the game is all up.
Kven though the two plots are skillfully interwoven, all Ibis manages to
llai.e Ihe edge of terror off the film.
IVli.s Stanwyck is vei'y competent as
Lancaster's wife without looking sexy
while in bed and manages to look suf-
iicicnlly rumpled and scared during
the   big  scenes.
Lancaster ju.l doesn't seem to com."'
I' lii" J1-,; e-!)'y il i , because he hasn't
much u! ihe >■■ ripl to work wilh. Much
i el a a. .and   \\ il h  a  minor  role,  is  IVli , ;
Stanwyck's father who is fiddling away
in Chicago while his daughter is strangled in New York.
The final scene of the picture doesn't
live up to terror of the radio. One sits
waiting quietly for it,but she just
gels murdered and the audience can't
hoelp feeling that she deserves'everything she gets.
Walt Disney's newest, color barrage
finished its first run this week and the
work is a mixture of obnoxiousness and
pleasantness. It is so, not because of
Disney's inadequacies but because of
Ihe material that he is forced to work
It is bard to say which of two sequences is the worst. One concerns a
bumble bee trying to escape from the
.Bumble Boogie, all done up by Freddie
Martin and his orchestra, replete wilh
Jack Fina at the piano, Rimk.sy Ivor-
m'-aov wa-; undoubtedly proud of the
flmhl    of   Ihe   bumble    bee    when   be
wrote it, but what Martin and his
men do to it shouldn't happen to the
lowest of Tin Pan Alley music writers.
The music loving public that can stand
it has. really got what it takes.
The second atrocity committed by
(lie directors was letting the Andrew
Sisters sing the accompaniment to
Little Toot, a tugboat who is disgraced
and redeems himself. Their nasal
twang should be laid to rest somewhere in the midst of the ruins of the
The rest of the film is rather pleasant
to walch and few more atrocities are
perpetrated. The best scene is the
legend of Pecos Bill, a figure in early
Texas. His adventures are mostly pure
skips!ick but most of the sequences
don't measure up to the best of the
talents. Jf someone could give back to
Ihe mm, ie-going public the pure, raw
char.acler comedy of Harold Lloyd or
Charlie Chaplin, Iheir forlune would
lie made . Ihur.sdav.   MDVeinbt'i"   ■!,    I'.M'i
Page 3
Lambda Chi's Celebrate Victory
UBC LOCAL FRATERNITY Lambda Chi will celebrate the success of their fraternity brother, Harry S. Truman in the U.S. Presidential elections when they have "their pledge party
Saturday night. Truman, a member of the International Fraternity Lambda Chi Alpha with
which the UjBC group will soon be affiliated as an official colony, 'wilHje sent a letter of
congratulations   on   his  successful   re-election.
Cornflakes For Meal
Says Ubyssey Poll In
November 4, 1934. UBC students answered an advertising
question last week. Thc Ubyssey has just finished tallying up
the results.
Mcr.t university .students have a
hank account, spend $25 for a suit,.
chink Coke, rend thc Reader's Digest
end  are  bad  spellers.
These are Ihe fads most, apparent
in the remits cf the qucf'ticneiiie
i.n.'.wered    by   .several    hundred    slu-
lccw preferred "Cfipc-nuls" for
hrcakfnst while one senior Arisman
cleaned   his   teeth   with   "Popsodent."
Beauty aids cost coeds from fifty
cents  upwards.'
leverages ranked in the following
v.'.'iy. Ciiiifior ale first, coca cola second
deiils, beer   and   milkshakes',
i r, ucli: Is.i !;e . ' ,ia 'is :.:: •..-. : i ; -.,[
ifuil.sal ai ■,':.] ', !;. siii 1 '.: f)i ■.','■. I am i
Liberty were lead by mus,! siudi nt.
ami they all read the daily newspapers. The Satovpost wa.s .second
( hoice  amonf.;  all   students,
Most students ptofer com flakes
r.r a 5i:ml;.r (.('real f. r brcakl's. -t.
i.Tany of the .students :X.:u \X.:i: 1 ties
occr.sjc. nal ki.ipcred he it In;.; fur    break-
f, St.
Spelling   errors   were   many:    One
 * ^        	
4!i">8 \V. 12th       AL. 114!)L *
Notes;,   F.ssays,   Thcar.a,   Ar.ruralely
Typed.   Reasonable   Rates
Typewriting, Essays, Theses,
Notes, Manuscripts, Etc.
Mrs. A. 0. Robinson
4180 West 11th Ave.       AL. 0915R
Hansard Society
Meets Nov. 8
Newly formed Hansard Society of
I UBC decided to hold their first gen-
i eeal   meeting   on   Monday.   November
A prcmincnt faculty member will
he asked to address the next meeting
of the Hansard Society.
Thc newest campus club baby was
formed to study thc institution of
parliament and i'o promote its basic
All students interested, in political
;./fairs and government are urged
to attend.
* * #■
Mr. Felix Payant, widely known for
his work in the field of Art education, and for many years the editor
of Design Magazine, will be thc first
.' pcaker in a series of fine arts lectures sponsored by the University
Fine   Arts  committee.
He will adrrcss on audience on
November 5 at 12:30 in Room 202 of
the Physics building. His topic will
be Modern Art. Members of the student body and the general public are
cordially invited i'o attend this lecture.
* * *
When   Gil   Steer   staggered   oft*   thc
field after playing 55 minutes he collapsed at the bench.
"When do we leave for Calgary?"
he asked.
The Thunderbirds fere not completely whitewashed. They fought
every inch of tho way, but they just
could not cope with the superior
weight and experience cf the Idaho
While the 'Birds will probably win
a lot of respect from the fans and
from the opposition that is about all
they will win this year.
A pretty discouraging prospect for
n good coach and his game team.
TORONTO (CUP)—Feature of recent field day at
i     University of Toronto was a "greased pig'' contest.
At the height of the afternoon festivities, a greased
porker was released among the onlookers.
Amid shrieks from coeds and shouts of encouragement
from less ambilious bystanders, several hardy students had
a try at holding the squirming "ham on thc hoof".
One muddy but happy Trinity College student finally
subdued the pig and was awarded the grand prize of the day.
The piglet went back to the Aggie barns.
vicinity cf Sasamat and N.W. Marine
Drive. Phone AL 0516-M or AL 0800.
1306 Bidwell Street for 8:30 lectures
Mon. Wed. and Fri. Phone Margaret
PA 2793.
"Fall Dresses and Suits to enslave the
Feminine Heart"
Your Friends can buy anything
You  can   give  them
EXCEPT Your Portrait
Make your appointment now at
<z\\cCan\£.i\    cSbudlo
(Opposite Safeway at Sasamat)
4538 W. 10th Ave. We Have Cap and Gown ALma 2404
Your Brakes
Must Hold
Winter or summer, in town
or on the highway—wherc-
ever you (hive, your brakes
must hold. Unchecked wear
can produce dangerous brake
conditions with little or no
warning. That's why we believe in period inspection,
It's the one way to make sure
your brakes will bc equal to
tin1 next sudden emergency.
Banish   Washday  Blues   At
43C8 W.  10th Ave.
Phone ALma 2210
10 pounds for .35c in '/a hour
S  a.m.   —   10  p.m.   Mon.   thru   Fri.
8 a.m. - ■ a. .'ill p.m. Sat.
"Lnglish Style
i ... ''
VS.lWX. huh
Specializing in
Sparkling Gifts with
a Personal Touch
II':-; really fun to make Christmas gifts . . . for you know that no matter
how large or how small, they will be appreciated . . . for all the care you put
into its making.
* j
Encourage de-luxe loafing by crocheting a pair oi
metallic slippers of elastic metallic yarn in cither
gold or silver. These slippers require 3 spools
metallic thread at $1.29 spool and 1 pair wedgie
slipper soles at $2.69 pair.
Jewel Yarns
A non-tarnishable metallic yarn to knit or crochet into
iitiiaaclivo sweaters of accessories. Gold or silver, approx.
75 yards to a cone   6<)c
.!'■ an'i-y     anil     iVmiii'ii;     Co.
."»(!<)'  Seymour  Si.
Argyle Sock Package
I'.'s thrilling to knit colorful Argyle Socks and economical
;.e. well. The Corlicelli Argyle Sock Package contains
sufficient yam to knit one pair of perfectly designed
socks up lo size 12. There are eight color combinations
lo choose lrom and each package has easy to follow in-
si run ions that make knitting a pleasure. Per pkg. $1.3.1
cUfS^^1 Page?
Thurselay, November 3, 1943:
'Birds Meet
League Leaders Here
For Important Tilt
When the Thunderbirds go
looking for their first football
win of the season this Saturday, they will run up against
a team that owes its present
position to a man that has only
made six points so far.
Lewis and Clark holds the unique
distiction of holding the Northwest
conference leadership after three
one-point  victories.
The Pioneers edged Whitman 14-13
scraped by Linfield 20-19 and then
eked out a narrow 14-13 call ovei
previously undefeated Willamette.
The hero of this piece is Chuck
Allen who has kicked six out of seven
converts to make Lewis and Clark
the only untied, undefeated team in
the conference.
Coach Joe Huston has been repeatedly warning his men against
over confidence, pointing to UBCV
upset 27-6 triumph last season.
The Pioneers base their winning
ways on a smooth working T-forma-
tion and the smart play calling of
quarterback Freddie Wilson, a University of Oregon transfer.
Another star of the visitors offensive firmament is light weight Hal
Ellmers. It was Ellmers who showed
the only spark when his team went
down to defeat last year.
Hope for a 'Bird win brightened
today with the. announcement that
both Dougie Reid and Bob Murphy
are in good shape for t'he tilt.
Gil Steer who played practically a
whole game against the College of
Idaho is also raring to go, as is Dick
W    L
Lewis &  Clark
College of Idaho
British  Columbia
T Pot.
0 1.000
0      .750
Mitchell, missing since the start of the
season with a knee injury.
Only lineman Pete Trim and halfback Bob Brewer will be missing
when Don Wilson sends his men out
for their first win this season.
In The Stadium
Students Meet
In Rugger Classic
Another classic game of the rugger
season gets under way tomorrow
when the university's two entries
in the V and D First Division English
Rugby League.clash in their traditional duel at 3:45 today.
This season's conflict between
Varsity and UBC will bo fought to a
hard finish on the top field.
The UBC squad will be out to revenge their 8-0 beating suffered at
the hands of the Varsity fifteen earlier this year, while Varsity must take
the game to keep their unbeaten
record  intact,
A real show is promised for t/ic
spectators since the players are out
for each others blood with "anything
goes" as their battle cry.
Varsity Soccer Star
Joins Scottish League
Stop Press
The winning streak which shoved
the UBC Braves up to the top of
thc Senior A basketball league came
to an abrupt end last night on the
campus maples when the newly formed student squad was defeated 56-34
by thc Dominion champion Clover
In the second half of thc double
event of the qther student club tlie
Chiefs racked up their first victory
of tho season, against an ineffective
Chilliwack crew
CJ IN JUKE MOST PHOIOGRAPHS lor newspaper use, the face
of the central figure in this picture is totally unimportant—the
toe is the thing. The upraised foot of Freshman End Chuck
Allen Is the main reason for Lewis and Clarke college's leadership in the 1948 Northwest Conference race. The Portland
youngster has split the standards with 14 out of 17 conversion
attempts. His toe artistry beat Willamette, 14-13, Whitman,: 14-13
and Linfield, 20-19. Holding is Reserve Lineman Jim Haskett.
Hanley To Meet
Bodie in UBC
olf Finals
Jack Cowan Offered Conctract
With Dundee United Eleven
Jack Cowan, 21-year-old ace of the Varsity soccer eleven,
has signed a professional contract with Dundee United of the
Scottish league, to become the first Canadian ever to make the
jump from Canadian to Scottish ball.
Cowan    is    currently    waiting    for *
av-i fsefc'ae*
T- /**' /'"
Editor This Issue - RAY FROST
Husband Leads Legion
To Crosscountry Win
Track Club Takes Second Spot
In Annual 'Mural Classic
Bill Husband yesterday led his Legion powerhouse to an
easy victory in the Annual Intramural Cross Country run.
Established as overwhelming favorites in the pre-race predictions the Legion squad scored an easy victory over the
Track Club "A" team, their closest pursuers, 24 points to 55.
Mura '
Medal;, t "Dick Hanley's unconscious first nine holes against defending champ Doug Bajus won him the
right to meet Don Bodie in the finals
of the University Golf Club Championship, this week.
Hanley's putter went completely
crazy on the outgoing nine as it
sank birdie puts which ranged from
2 to 20 feet on the second, third,
fourth, fifth, eighth and ninth holes.
But the climax came on the par 4
sixteenth when Hanley rammed in a
curling 45 footer to clinch the match,
2 and 1.
Bajus was playing superior golf,
but Hanley was unbeatable. He
turned in a brilliant 32 going out and
came home with a 37 for a total of 69.
Bajus with his even par 71 was just
not  quite  good  enough.
In the other semi- final match Don
Bodie edged out fellow Marine Drive
member Bob Esplin 2 and 1.
All those who are in the first and
second flights are requested to fill
in the match play sheet which will
be posted on the west side of the
Quad notice board.
Husband,   defending
repented   his   hist
(ever   Beta's  Ez  Hcnnigei
individual  honors.
year's   victory
to   take   top
All men interested in junior Varsity
American football, please turn out
in the stadium at 3:30 today. First
game to be played Monday evening,
Nov. 8, against Vancouver Eagletime,
Henniger finished ninety yards behind the flying Husband and some
hundred yards ahead of Lyall Sund-
bcrg,   number   two   Legion   star.
Ray White, of Kelts', took fourth
spot as last yeai's top four finished
in the same order. The winning time
of 1.4' 27" will set a new record for
the modified eoureo. Alterations made
ihis year in ilie route make comparisons   Willi   femur   years   impus.-i'ole.
The Legion quailed, Husband
fit st, Sundberg ihird. Porter ninth
and Thompson eleventh scored 2-1
points. The Track Club's "A" team,
comprised of untried first year track-
sters    l"mi.-hed    a    surprising    second
with   Chap
i i    s . :•: : 1 i .
. , e:   as
and   ?
Major.-,    n
'  i m:   n
of    S;
i   ii,i
Sherman     :
■i.lll.     Tax t
'S      t\Vi
and    ('■■■■' .
,.il     iveeut;
scored liti 1
Betas and Kappa Sigmas battled
right down the line for top fraternity
honors. Henniger. second, gave the
Eetas a five point lead over the Kappa
Sig.s    as    Glover    finished    seventh,
Nov. 4 Arrows vs Eagletimes at John Oliver gym
Nov. 5 UBC Chiefs vs New Wesminster Luckies at N.W. YMCA
Nov. 6 Eagletimes vs Chilliwack at Chilliwack High School gym
Nov. 6 UBC Braves vs Arrows at King Edward High School gym
Nov. 10 Eagletimes vs UBC Chiefs at UBC gym
Nov. 10 New Westminster Luckies vs Clover Leafs at UBC gym
Nov. 12 Eagletimes vs New Westminster Luckies at N.W. YMCA
Nov. 13 Clover Leafs vs Arrows at King Edward H.S. gym
Nov. 13 UBC Braves vs Chilliwack at Chilliwack H.S. gym
Nov. 17 Arrows vs UBC Braves at UBC gym
Nov. 17 New Westminster Luckies vs UBC Chiefs at UBC gym
Nov. 18 Clover Leafs vs Eagletimes at John Oliver H.S. gym
Nov. 19 Arrows vs N.W. Luckies at New Westminster YMCA
Nov. 20. Eagletimes vs Arrows al King Edward H.S. gym
Nov, 20 Clover Leafs vs Chilliwack at Chilliwack H.S, gym
Nov, 24 Eagletimes vs UBC Braves,at UBC gym
Nov. 24 UBC Chiefs vs Clover Loafs al UBC gym
Nov. 25 Chilliwack vs Eagletimes at John Oliver H.S. gym
Nov, 26 Clover Leafs vs N.W. Luckies at New Westminster uvtn
Nov, 27 Arrows vs Chilliwack at Chilliwack U.S. gym
Turner's twelfth place over Jink's
seventh increased the lead to ten
points. Armour cut down the lead
.six points as he finished twenty-four
to Burch's thirtieth. Kappa Sigs Elsey
nosed out Ketchen by one place but
it was not enough and Betas squeezed
through 93 points to 90,
Gil Blair, only ineligible competing,
finished fourth in the race as one
hundred thirty-three weary pavement
pounders  finished   the  race.
transportation and passport details to
be arranged, and expects to fly to
Scotland within the next two weeks.
He will collect 2,000 pounds for
signing the contract plus regular
weekly pay during the playing season.
A third year electrical engineering
student at UBC, Jack hopes to be able
to continue his studies at Edinburgh
University if time off from games and
practices permit. Failing that, he will
spend a year or two over there and
then  return  to UBC.
Cowan wa.s first spotted by Bobby
Calcler, a top authority on Old Country football, who has been in Vancouver for the past year refereeing and
searching for talent.
A left fullback, Cowan has the rare
gift known to soccer players as a
"natural left foot."
He first started playing soccer while
at Vancouver Tech. Three years later,
as a UBC freshman, he won his Big
Block with the Varsity eleven, and
has been a repeat winner each year
since. In his freshman year he also
captured   the  Ed  Bailey  Trophy,   as
From $10.00
T-Squarcs, Protractors, Set Squares
Complete   with   Sheets  and  Intex
From  $2.69
Clarke & Stuart
Co. Ltd.
Stationers and  Printers
550 Seymour St.     Vancouver, B.C.
•   «i«MI •**
A Picobac smoker will tell you that it's one ol
thc mildest, coolest tobaccos grown and therefore
particularly suited for a pipe. And because of the
texture of the Burley leaf, it burns slowly . . ,
smokes cool . . . stays lit!
In short, it's a pipe tobacco  that  new smokers
welcome . . . that  veteran smokers swear by.
Taste will tell.   Try a pipe ofa        ■*—""'
The Pick of Pipe Tobaccos
ihe outstanding rookie in senior soccer.
This summer he was in the Coast
League with Vancouver City, Mainland cup winners and semi-finalists
for thc Dominion cup.
Although several Vancouverites,
nfttably Fred Whittaker and Jackie
Whent, have played in England, Cowan will be the first Canadian to perform in Scotland. A South African
player is the only other outsider
currently active in the Scotish league.
Jack expects to start with the second division Dundee team, and hopes
to graduate to the first division soon.
Dundee is at present in 5th place in
the 15 team first division. Bobby
Calder told Jack that he should have
little trouble making the grade in
However, Cowan's success will be
a tremendous boost to soccer here,
both at UBC and on the Coast as a
whole. He will leave secure in the
knowledge that everyone here will
be pulling for him to make good' in
his big chance, and proud of the fact
that Canada will at last be represented in Scotland, home of some of the
best soccer in the world.
Outside Chores Make   .
the Inner Man Thirsty
y   Plus2i
'   wartime taxes
atui orders.
Ask for it cither way ... loth
trade-marks mean thc same thing.
181 X


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