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The Ubyssey Jan 27, 1928

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 Issued Twice Weekly by the Students' Publications Board of The University of British Columbia.
Volume X.
No. 22.
"A Co-ordinated Programme of
Child Welfare" was the subject ot an
address by Judge MaoQIll of the
Juvenile Court, to the 8.C.M. on Tuesday noon. Judge MacQill" experience
in Child Welfare work, her up-to-date
attitude and the fact that she Is a
University woman herself, gave to her
address that character which is so
attractive to a student audience.
The speaker flrst drew attention to
the present lack of Co-ordination between Child Welfare work and other
Sooial Service activities, and proclaimed the necessity for the application of
intelligent citizenship to the problem.
The future work in Social Service
should be put on a scientific basis, and
this must be done by Unlverstly
trained men and women.
Judge MacQill then traced the history of Child Welfare work in Canada,
and compared the Canadian system to
that of the United States. The first
work ln Canada waB done by the Children's Aid Society in Toronto in the
90*s. The Children's Aid Act of 1893
allowed tor the invasion of the rights
of parents, and gave the state the
power to care for orphans and later
delinquents were taken into consideration. In 1894 the right of private
hearings for child-criminals was obtained and in 1908 many problems
were settled by the Juvenile Delhi-
quence Act. In Canada, by the Britiah
North America Act, all young delinquents are treated as criminals,
whereas in tbe United States, the
Juvenile Courts have been developed
along Social Service lines, and delinquency is treated as a state or a condition and not criminal. However ln
practice this difficulty in Canada
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The Graduating Clauses of Arts,
Scli'nci' nnd Agriculture held a novel
excuslon to Wigwam Inn on Wednesday, January 25th.
Al 1 o'clock about 150 studenls assembled at the Science Building, and
from there they were taken in busses
to the "Harbour Princess," where they
were inel by some thirty who had
•nvccdei!   Illi'in   111   cars.
On arrival hi iIn- dock, the most
desirable portion; ol ihe ship were
immediately seized by card fiends.
All excellent Ihrec-picco orche.sira
supplied the music for a dance on the
alter deck of the boiii. Alter a few
dances, souk sheets were disiribuied,
and with Jerry Newmarcli nt ihe
piano, every one joined in singing the
old Varsily favorites. Several Impromptu solos by merry science men
were encored. Points ol interest on
the trip, were the Second Narrows
Bridge. Darnell Mill and Slave Falls
Power  Plant.
On arriving at Wigwam Inn, ihe
class proceeded In a Ions queue io
the falls, where the natural beauties
of the scene were pointed oui by
Doug. Telford. Whlie here u science
snowball light was waned which culminated in Ilie ducking of several
over-zealous enthusiasts. Al'.er a I'oni
race by several Artsmen back io tlie
Inn, the dance Moor became ihe
centre of Interest, Several medleys
scrvtl lo make Hie party informal
and give embarrassed ladies sullleiein
"nerve" lo ask llielr hoy partners io
supper, where the presideni leli cal
|e(|   Upon    lo   deplore   the   quickness   nt
Ihe seniors In removing all table
'I'lie evening pleasures consisted ,,|
dancing, bridge, boating, and many
others natural to ihe environment At
V!|n. after a prolonged search lor huts,
coats. Kodaks and baskets, everyone
SDITOWfllll)    Hied   out    lo   the   boat
Alter a pleiiMint irip back to ihe
cl! y. dm im: u hicli refreshment , w ,i i
served io Mime ol the sinners, dam
ers, and bridge players, ihe hunt ar
riled at I" o'clock. Alter all had dis
embarked,  the class set   out   for lioine
lo   sllldy    Ilie    pages   they    tlet.'lected    ill
ihe   afternoon.
The Abolition of the L.S.D.
On Tiu'siIh.y lli« Literary nnd Ncii'iitiHe Kxi'i'iiliw waited on
Council with tlio recommendation Hint thoy, as a body, bo dU-
Kolved nnd a .lunior member bo put on Council to fulfill the
functions of tlio present executive. This imi<|iic surest ion,
column* as il does from the LS.P. (itself) speaks for itself.
The at'Hunu'ntH presented in favour of this radical step
were mainly that (a) tlie smaller societies had no need of repre
sentHtion on the Literary and Scientific lOxtcutive and were quite
capable of looking after themselves, and (b) that the executive
had practically nothing to do, in ihat all its major duties were
attended to by Council. The main functions of I lie I literary -
Scientific Executive at present is passing budgets, all of which
have to be re-passed by Council.
There aro several ipiestions to be considered in this issue:
(1) Can the lesser clubs be dropped from the li.S.D, and be
made .self-supporting and self-continuinix/ (2) Is it in the lies!
interests of tho Student Hody to require all clubs, literary and
otherwise to pay a nominal membership fee of one dollar before
beintf granted a budgel ? Ill) Finally, could a "lunior Member.
on Council in place of tbe President and executive of the I..S.I).,
keep in touch with the major organizations sufficiently well to
do without an executive?
These questions are put before the Student Moily for their
consideration. In tbe meantime on the recommendation of
Council the LS.I). executive is forming a committee to draw up
a proposed const it ut ion. name, and powers of a body or executive to take ils place. This will be presented to the studenls in
the near future.
The real trouble exists in the present const it ut ion of the
L.N,I), ll is as vague, comprehensive nnd fine-sounding as a
lawyer's brief. We can all smile, for instance, at that executive
meeting every two weeks to "foster," solemnly and indetinilely,
"the intellectual life of the University."
The truth is that the L. S. I), is imbued with too high n
sense of duty. They are probably somewhat disgruntled by their
inability to perform these duties. We think, however, that they
might have come down lo earth to do ihe few Ibings ihat re
maitied for them to do.
We believe that the lesser chilis need neither representation
on the Ii.S.I). nor budgets. Trey are quite capable of being self-
supporting and their interests have not enough in common to
permit one person to be an adequate representative of them all.
The larger societies, Players Club, Musical Society, Debating and Literary Societies need one representative on Council,
just as the various athletic societies have theirs. The needs of
all groups must be balanced against one another and against the
needs of the whole I'uiversity. If the Literary and Scientillc
Executive were abolished, the Junior member put in its place
would have to havo an executive under liini at any , ate. in order
lo perforin his duties well.
The real need of the L. S,  |).  is reformation,  not  abolition.
Tlie   const it III ion   should   lie   revised,   ilie   functions   of   the   e\eel|
live made clear, For tlie rest there was many a lliinu' that the
L.S.D. could have done lliis year to prevent Us present slate
of despondency. There w as i lcli.it i Hi;' I n lie l'el'i it'll! -i I, At laA the
lmped-1'oi' cliaii'.:'!' is coining from the debaters i heniselves, The
question of representation and budgets oi' the smaller societies
could have been determined. We hope, now that the Literary
and Scientilie Executive has seen the need for change, that they
will bring a delinite and useful plan before the student body.
The Annual Science Mall will lie
belli at l.esier Court on the evening
of February Jmli. Preparations are
going ioiwnrd and all reports indicate
thai ihe I'uiietioin will outclass any
previous nff air. The connnitiee in
charge are working in the hope that
the (lance will 'surpass all former
liinci inns. Two hundred and titty
tickets will be sold and Science men
will   have   first   choice.
Students. Attention !
Beginning Monday, January 30, and
until further notice, classes In
Phyalcs 1 and 2 and In English I
scheduled in the time-table for 9
o'clock, will meet Instead at 8.45, by
direction of Faculty. Thii Is to assist in relieving the congestion in
bus and c*r service at the 9 o'clock
H.   T.  J.   COLEMAN,
A meeting will be held today In
Ap. Sc 100 »t 12.20 sharp. Many
Important things to be discussed.
Everybody   out,
In spite of repeated requests, only
a very few graduates have complied
with the regulations drawn up at the
beginning of the term for the Annual
write-ups and photographs. It Is
absolutely Imperative that this preliminary work be completed within the
next week. Otherwise the editorial
staff will be seriously handicapped,
and the publication of the "Totem"
will be delayed for some time. A
little co-operation on the part of each
graduate is the only way in which the
Annual can be made successful. It
is surely justifiable to ask for this
cooperation in a work which is undertaken primarily for the benefit of
the graduates and which Is a traditional gift to the graduating olass.
Secretaries of the various clubs and
classes, and captains of the athletic
teams are again reminded that they
are responsible for the write-up or
photograph of their different organizations. Members of the major exeeu
tlves must hnve their photographs tak
en during the next week. The work
on this part of the Annual has hardly
begun, and the delay will seriously
Interfere with the final publication.
The editor will be glad to answer any
questions regarding the Annual, and
messages can be left at tha Annual
Office, Auditorium 204,
Council Sits on
L.SJ). Query
The Students' Council hold a long
meeting on Tuesday evening; the
councillors only ceasing tholr labours
In time to catch the last bus home.
The mala subject of discussion was
the abolition of the L. S. D. -- a
question which was thoroughly debated from all angles. The L. 8. D.
executive was present. At first they
desired to sue the department, as
now constituted, abolished and a
member appointed to council to attend the duties at present performed
by the department. A long discussion
finally ended ln the passing of a
motion that the L S. D. form a committee to draw up a tentative constitution for a body which may take
its place.
John Williams appeared on behalf
of the Swimming Club which wished
to send a team of four women, four
men, a manager and a chaperone to
Banff. The Council decided this was
not possible this year. A team composed of two men and two women will
be sent, howevor, provldlug the
Swimming Club can arrange for the
chaperono's fare.
The subject of a gymnasium caused
some discussion. It was decided that
the President of the A. M. S. be instructed to approach the Board ot
Governors in connection with the
cor.striiction of a temporary gym-
luislum. It Is hoped to bave this
building completed and ready for the
students by the oponlng of the Fall
Coming Events
Fri., Jan. 27—Vanoouver Institute, "Political Freedom,"
Prof. H. F. Angus, Aberdeen
Shool, 8.15 p.m.
Sat., Jan. 28—Rugby—Science
vs. Rowing Club; Arts vs. Ex-
KIng Oeorge.
Soccer—Varsity   vs.   St.   Andrews.
Basketball—Sen.   B.   vs.   "Y"
at New Westminster.
Mon., Jan. 30—High Jinks.
Basketball—Women's  Sen.  A.
vs. St. Marks.
Swimming—Varsity   vs.  "Y."
Tues., Jan. 31  — S.C.M.—"The
Modern     Newspaper,"     Mr.
Lukin  Johnston.
My a unanimous decision oi tlie
judges \ris ';:n yesterday defeated
Arts 'ill in Hie first of ihe men's ir.ier-
r-llis.s debates. The subject, of which
Arts ';;n upheld the iiHirina live, was
"Resolve,I that no students shall he
( Xpelled from 111" 1 nlversity at
Christmas." ami Messrs. McDonald and
Kobsoii nol only proved that the
Christmas exodus is unfair but also
suggested a remedy for the condition
which   makes   il   necessary.
The main point on which the af-
Urinative based their defense was their
contention   that   if   proper   steps  were
lllken before students were admitted
io tin rnhersiry the majority of those
uiilli to carry on the work would be
eliminated and there would be no
iced for Cnrisimas graduations. They
,HIV lie,, te I I he 11 e of enl ranee cX
aniin.i i ion-.   a   sin l   oi   sit l ing   process,
ill    U ll K  II    ill.'    W Illllll   he    si Ipli'lll    Is    tesl
i il on In < general U now lodge, and his
ill :i I ai ter and school leeol d coli.dd
i red        Ml       McDonald,    the    III st    speak
ei. i \ plained ihe aims ol I In author!
ii' - in . vpelling student- ujid to
w ba i i \i i ni Ilie ('hrlsi mil'. e\atnliia
i ion- in i i y mil lliese alms w hit. Mr
Mol' i ni . la bora toil i be pi opic-i d pin n
ol   en 11 ai.ci    ixnlninai ion
Tile        spi !||,e|".        |m        111, ■       lleglll lie,
Me-sr Mel art hy n ml I i. aeon eon
siil' 1 i 'I lie ipie-.l inn ol expulsion
I I (.III ! !n pollil ot liini ol Ils causes
ami ii . .fleet . on ihe liiilii Idtlal stud
enl and on the I ui\ ei mi v as a w hide
Tin it ai mum nt - were, however, very
similar and Ihey adv anced three main
point . in lav or of expulsion. Thc\
(Continued on page 2)
With two McKechnie Cup games
and a flsturo with tho World Famous
Waratahs definitely arranged, Varsity's flrst Rugby squad will again
enter upon a period of strenuous
activity. Two weeks from to-morrow
the Miracle Men are all set to clash
with the Vancouver Rep. ln wbat
promises to be the hottest battle of all
time. On the following weak the Blue
and Oold will oppose the Victoria Rep.
on the Vancouver field, and ten days
later, on February 29th, the team will
clash with the Waratahs.
the mckechnie cup
February 11th will again see U.B.C.
at war with its traditional rival the
Vancouver Rep over the historic piece
of silverware known as the McKechnie Cup. This cup was donated by
Dr. McKechnie forty years ago as an
Emblem of Provincial Championship.
Varsity did not enter the McKechnie
Cup series until 1921 when they won
the trophy in their first season. They
have held the much coveted trophy
five times—1921, 1922, 1923, 1924 and
1927. The chances of again winning
it are extremely good and although
the coming conflict promises to be a
great struggle, the odds are in favor
nf the Blue and Qold, Our team has
not lost a league game since November, 1926. Following that historic
tussle the "Miracle Men" bave scored
90 points and have had 17 points
tallied against them. Twice Vancouver has suffered defeat by the score
11-0 and Edmonton also was beaten
by the same score.
To-morrow evening will see the Tlsdall series more than half finished.
Two games in this league are arranged for our representatives. Science is
scheduled to meet the Rowing Club
at 3:15 on the upper Oval while Arts
are all set to tangle with the Ex-King
Oeorge squad on the lower field at the
same time.
The Science squad still maintain
that they will keep up their unbeaten
record. As usual, however, there are
several "crocks" after the game with
the Firemen.
(lustafason has dislocated h I s
shoulder again, and may be out of the
game for some tirue. Estabrook haa
reported a sore knee and lt is not
known whether he will be able to play
or not, while several other minor
casualties have been received by other
members of tlie team. Arts are still
irylng to get over their last defeat.
Dicky llright will be out for some
weeks with a broken ankle, while
Howard Katon is progressing favorably and will be able to take his place
against Vancouver,
In the Intermediate Series Frosh
are expected to meet the Meraloma
"B" at 2:15 on Struthcona, while Varsity will play Ex-King Oeorge on our
own Campus at '1:00 p.m.
Friday, January 27th
, 8 p.m. to 12 p.m.
English  Bay.
Stop Press!
Results of Women's Debates
Arts "Jit repreiieiiieii by Misses
Helen Smith and Hilda Marshall defeated Misses Marlon Swanson and
Margaret O'Neil of Arts *28 after the
Judges had disagreed at first, The
subject was: "Itesolvcil that the modern weakness of the family as a social unit Is beneficial to the race."
Results of Victoria Debate
Spare:   McDIarnild. T H K    U 13 Y S H E Y
January 27th, 1928
QIli? Ibpanj
(Member of Pacific Inter-Collegiate Press Association).
issued every Tuesday antl Friday by the Student Publications Board of the
University of British Columbia, West Point Grey.
Phone:  Point Grey 1434
Mall Subscriptions rate: $3. per year.   Advertising rut "a on application.
Editorial Staff
Senior Editors—Francis Pllkington and Oeorge DavidBon
Aasociate Editors—M. Christieon, Bruco Carrick and Stewart Reid
P. I. P. A. Editor—Mnmlo Moloney
Foaturi! Editor~ Roilerlek A. I'llldnglon
Sport Editor—Irvine Koenleyslde
Chief Honorlcr  -M.  DesbrlMity
Literary Editor: Lauronco Meredith Cartoonlut: C. Dudley Qaltskoll
Business Staff
Biislnoss Mnnuger -lltiv. Patrick.
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Senior    (1. Davidson:
Ahhoi'IiiIc    M, t'ln Istlsiin ;
Assistant    T. Keeling
Tim riH'Oiiiiiii'iiiliilitm whii'li tin* Literary niul Xeiciililie lOxitriitivij
jiroscMli'tl to Connci! lliis week, iininely: thnt a .liniior iiieinlii'i* lie put
on Count'., in pluce of the Lit. unil Seii'iilitie President ntnl his exeeu
live is worth*, ol' I'on.siiler.ition liy tin* student hotly. Uni of Nazareth,
out of this or^ry of sflf-ilcpi't'i'iation nn tin* pari of lint said oxi'i'iitive
has come this important surest ion a prohlcm which the student body
has persistently refused to consider for two years.
Last year several intt'llitfi'iil mom burs pointed out the possibility
of tlio situation arising when (here would be only one man of tlie
junior year on Council. This means that there is only one man with
council experience to carry on to tho next year. It is a tradition that
the President shall have one year on Council before his election.
Neither the Student's Council nor the student hotly bothered to
do anything about this last year. The letter and editorial comments
on it were entirely neglected. In consequence the very possibility to
which the letter alluded has arisen this year. There is one junior mat)
on Council. We present this fact to our readers for earnest consideration.
We hope that the Council will see fit to bring this matter before
the student body. The constitution of the Alma Mater Society ought
to have been changed last, year to guard against such a situation. We
feel sure that such apathy will not prevent its being solved this year.
It is the duty of the members of the Alma Mater Society to give this
problem some thought and to demand that it be remedied. As long as
there is but one junior member on Council it means that the election of
the President of the Alma Mater becomes a deliberate destruction of
tradition or a farce.
"Can any good come out of Nazareth.'"
In order to prevent the overcrowding of buses during the morning
rush at Sasamat antl 10th Avenue, and consequently to diminish the
number of late arrivals, classes in English I. Physics I mid Physics fl,
are to commence at 8:4") instead of nine o'clock.
Considering that many of the students have such long distances
to come, we regret that it has been necessary to start lectures earlier,
and only hope that students will comply with the regulations and turn
Up on time. We also hope that between H :■!."> and !l :">."> students from
the three classes will consider lectures which are in progress and make
as little noise as possible in the halls and common rooms.
Editor I'byssey,
Tear Minium:
Attached herein !.-• a copy of a letier
which I have addressed to Ihe I'rosi-
deiil ol Hie Student's Council. In
view nl' Ihe Interest which Ilie subject .should arouse In ihe siuileiii hotly
may I ask ihat you he kind enough
lo publish it in your columns with the
hope iluii ii iniii liiliii' lorili some ex
presslons   ol   opinion'.'
Yours  sincerely,
.Innunt.v   ..'71 li.   Ill-V
Mr.   Leslie  llrouii,
President,   Sllldellls'   ('illllll II
I'ltlverslly  of  II   C
Dear Sir:
Mlglll I bring Hie following sllg-
gesllon hefore the members ol ('nun
ell, inisiiin.; ilini it may he favorably
received and iluii
he taken upon  ll ','
In   the    Library
some live or sl\  vi
versliy      Archives,"
newspaper  "clippings,
I'nlveisliy   affairs   lor
Department of Health
Institutes New
Class and Club Notes
One (ii ilie most enjoyable ineciings
of La t'aiiiidieiHie was held Wednesday evening at ihe home ot Mis-
Frances   Madeley,   IAVI   -llll,  Ave.  \V
In tin absence of the President. Mr.
Thomas Kirk prou-d a most able
chairman, keeping the nn in hers entertained w|ih a variety of mimes
judged lo Improve the vocabularies ol
every  one   pi'eseni.
A mosl interesting collection of
French. Hel.clan and lunch coins was
shown  by Mr.  II   IIAdioli'.
Among events mentioned for future
meetings me addresses by Miss ports-
mouth and Miss Tipping, both numb
er-,   of   tlie   French   depiiriineni.
These   should    prove   both   Interest
ing and educative.    All ni'-inbers wish
im:   to   hear   tin-in   shut.Id   watch   the
nmlce  hoards  for further inl'oi ■mat Ion.
A meeting of the Studio Club will
be held next Thursday evening at the
home, of Dr. A. F. II. Clark, Paper on
Beothovi-n's Symphonies with Illustrations by rocor Is and good programme.
The Social Science Chih will meet
January :ii), at X p.m., at the home of
Mr. .Voriuini Cold, ,'UOA' Cedar Cn-s-
cent. Dr. Lyle Telford will address
the club oa "The Companionate Mar.
riage." Each member is invited to
bring a  friend.
Tlli'l'e     will      be     11      n Iiiii;     ol      the
"Alotieiie" on Ti|e.M|iiy. .lanuai.i -At,
ai tin- liotne oi Mr. Laird. LIHI Nat;
ton A \ ■ -:iiii- A li nn mbi-rs an- urged
io In   i le iv a i  eii/li i o'ciork sharp.
At the monthly meet lug of ihe
Nurses' Undergraduate of tin- 1'nl
v»irHlty In the west wing silting room
of     the      Nurses   New    llollle,   Celienil
Hospital, cor llilli Ave and I leather
St., at S pin Friday, Jan 27. Miss
Oernldlnu Hartwcll, of China, will
speak  on "Nursing  In   China."
Lantern Klldos will be shown All
Interested are cordially Invited.
Monday,   January   30th,   Noon,
Arts  106
I     All  members  and   those  wishing   to
j become   members  are     asked     to     he
| present.     The   programme     I'or     lliis
term will be given and some important
announcements   will   be   made.
[     On   Moiidav,  Jan.   :in,    a     team     re
present Ini;   Ilie   I Ml C    Chess   f'llll)   Will
travel to North Vancouver to plnv a
mali li airalnst the North Shore dies.-.
Club The Varsity men are all in
form   and   are   conlldeiit   of   ulving   a
good      account      of      I lleinselves        The
team will In- if A, Pllkington D'apt.i,
A P Melllsh, II D. Illschoff, (i. li
far-dalix, C Ynrwood, J. Plant, (',. .1
Howl.mil.   E    II    Tull      Spares,   Morsh.
Mel iregor
A lecture on "Chess openings" will
tin given ou Tuesday, Feb. 1, al 12.1(1
noon In. Arts 20N. This Is the first of
a serins of lectures on chims arranged
by thu Varsity club, All Interested
are  Invited  to attend.
some   action   may
an-   io   be   11 mi ml
Itillles called "I'nl
which contain
pertaining lo
the period In
which the collodion.-- were made,
rpon ln<|Uiiy I was liiloriued Hint
these "clippings" tiro no longer col-
lecfeil ami have not been lor several
yeai-!-. It seems lo nn- that such Is a
regrettable lncl ami one in need of
remedying. The present collodion Is
a .source book wlien-iii much data of
Interest and value may bo found.
There, one may read nf the day by
day Incidents of I'lilverslty life. (Inactivities of clubs and societies, reports of Senate meetings, the progress
of building al Point Orey, lists of
graduates and those honored, presentations made, ole. In all It contains a
wealth of contemporary material, Devalue of which Increases year by year.
It seems to nn- that we are making
a crave mistake In not seeing to ll
ilia:  this collodion Is continued.
My suggentlon would be that il.t
Council Investigate this mailer and If
necessary subscribe to the dully papers In order to keep ihose records.
Should the Council favorably consider
this suggestion, I can put ihein lu
touch with some one who would be
willing to do the necessary work of
i-uiiing out, pasting and indexing
these clippings.
Yours In the interests of the I'nl-
I'M 11 or,  "I'byssey,"
Dear  Madam:
lu view of iho wild statements of
certain Interested people, I would like
lo state emphatically that I am no'
opposed lo the Idea of a Students'
I'nlon   for debaters.
As for Ihe policy of Ihe "I'byssey,"
It can be readily seen that the editor
gave the announcement of ibe meeting to discuss the I'liion from page
space, although lliis notice was not
issued by any responsible organization. It is io be regretted dial a
printer's error changed the number of
ilie room io In- used, but I 'ail to sei
how lliis had any iiilluei.ce on t lie tin
n-n I ion    ol     I In-    m u     hod> Furl Ic-r
'llll ice -    a llll    I'i    nil- "I     I lie    I ' nioi:    u ill
fee. i i e tlii a li'e a r il i ion ;\ ■. I liu -i
nl a i: \ 11111ei i i n!)111 o:■ ca I, I /..11 io11.
wilh iln r'li ii u I ei \ i m- I In- U'-ila I
n Ail.- "I i i ei'A" lit i le in im iln
alu- ol i,eu:. \ aim- ami >-i u, ee> o:
Ma v I also dra vv to lie ai t'-ni in oi
i In aforeim-iii iom-il people thai i in- • \
• i ui i v e of i lie Lilei ary and I tebr i Ac
Sim iit\. held on Tuesday noon, A-iii
ily endorsed I li" proposed I 'tiion. Thi
lad was known to the orlidnaii-rs if
iln   statements.
As for l lie plan of a re nrgnm/.' d debuting organi/a1 ion. appearing <.\er
my signature: il is obvious that iln-
I'nioti. a.s a ih-baling club, would , i nn
full I-' presentation on tin- pi -.hi i -1
D'diaies  Couneil.
In   conclusion.   I    vv ould   III;,-   In   .-1;  ■ e
iAn    I    much    p-eler   hoei ,i    n i i i < i   m
io    i-'iiii ill-ills    allegation-     mad      "!>•
'.i i nd   tev    hack
YoUI's    sillCel'elv ,
I-'.    C      PI Lis IN',  l"\
Health education lectures will be
given for the balance of tho Kuster
Term, beginning next Tuesday, Hist,
on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
of each week at 3 p.m. In Arts No.
101, and ure open to men and women
The outline for the lecturo. which
Is arranged by Dr. H. W. IIIII, Pro-
I't'Hsor of Health and Nursing and
Hacteilology, will he presented hy
Mrs. C A, Lucas of the Medical Department The series Include: (Ion-
oral definitions or Health, Public
Health, Hygiene, Sanitation Epidemiology, TtierapeyllcH, Cuctorlology, Importance of statistics and kindred
subjects In relation to tho prevention
and elimination of discuses generally
and communicable diseases particularly.
It should he clearly understood
that no credits will he given for this
Course which is being glveu at the
rei|iiesl of a number of students who
desire to know something of Public
Health. We understand that certain
students would like to have the opportunity of learning something of
First Aid to the Injured—mo far no
formal roqueBt .has reached the Department, which is ready to serve the
student body In every possible wuy.
Compact as a watch a
necessity (or everyone
who has writing to do.
$5.00 down and $5.00
a month will buy one of
these wonderful machines
with carrying case.
Very Special Price to
Varsity Students.
Remington Typewriter (o.
Phone, 8ey. 2408
McLeod's Barber Shop
S62 Dummuir Street
(Pacific St*!* Depot)
Where Students Meet
Sophs Win Debate
(Continued from Page 1)
lower   our
-, were not
slated mat the sudden disappearance
of slackers ai Christmas acts us a
spur io the remainder of the class,
thai ihe presence of incompetent
stuilenls Is a liliulruiice both lo professors and to other students and
finally, thai If such people ure allowed to remain they will
scholastic  standard.
Rebuttals, in this ib-bati
particularly lively. Mr.
declared thai the change lu environment iron) high school io Varsity was
a doilnlte test of ih" student's ability
io work and not a reason for allowing failures to remain alter Christinas. Mr, McDonald suddenly realized and stated a fact which had long
been apparent to his hearers, namely,
thai lie and ills opponents v.vi-f advancing the same arguments for different ends,
The delivery of all four speakers
was uniformly good and there was
an interesting contrast between the
vigorous and forceful style used by
the allirmallve speakers and the persuasive  method of the negative.
Saturday Evening
Lester Court
(By Invitation)
Nothing Too Largo - Nothing Too Small
Accommodation and Tsrms to Suit All
For Information, PHONE DOUG. 800
Evans & Hastings
Magazines, Annuals.
Oanos Programmes, Legal Forms,
Sooial Stailanery,
Poster Work,
General Commercial Printing
S** ut before ordering eteewhere.
On Saturday afternoon at Con
miiight Park the Men's Crass Hockey
teams are both out to avenge lltelr
mainland leairtie fixture. These two
t 'iiin-. are both out to avenge their
defeat of last Saturday, and Incidentally te Improve their loaioie standing
Cotisefluently   un   Itiien-MiIng    contest
should   ensue.
♦ ♦ ♦
In     llle     |n   ! -.oil      " llll      -ii     l( illlllV      fe
I 11 ,  I,,  d     ,1      ". al'el .     a I I-   I     ellll'l \ Ini'     II     ol
■ lliilii v ,    i ,n     t ii Kei ■      Mr        I    iifl'er    ni.v
■ iin ei e.-,i   i bank -
I   only   hope   iliat   voii   need   ||   mote
llian   I
li    McWl'ILLAN
Overseas Education League
Hon. Prasldent H. R. Tho Rt. Hon. Viscount of Wllllngdon
President The Most Rev. S. P. Matheson, Primate of all Canada
Honorary   Organlje Major   F.  J.   Ney,   MX.
I'nr   Teachers, Graduates and t'ndertfrrtduntes.
13th Annual Visit of Teachers
from  Ciiiiiidii,  Newfoundlnnd,  Austriiliu nnd New Zealand,
to (ircut  Britain     11   Days in  London
thence by Orient Line S.S. Orama (First Class Saloon) to Naples, via Qlb-
i-altap nnd Toulon. Other places to be visited: Pompeii, Capri, Rome,
Florence, Sienna, Pisa, Genoa, Mentone, Nice, Cannes, Monte Carlo, Shores
of the Mediterranean, Marseilles, Avignon, Lyons, Paris, etc.
Eastbound Sailings: June 20 from Montreal to Glasgow, per S.S, Metagama
and July 4 from Quebec to Southampton and Cherbourg, per S.S. Empress
of Australia, returning August 25.
Sixty Days
Round trip ocean passage, all expenses of rail and other travel during trip,
baggage transfer, ocean and rail gratuities, meals and hotel accommodation
included  In above cost. ^^^^^^^^^^^^
5th Annual Visit of l/ndertfraduates
including Graduate* of 1926 anil  1927, of (he Universities of Canada,
tn Great Hritain. France And Belgium,
nailintf from  Montreal. June 20th,  per SS.  Metatfama.
Seventy-three Days
Round trip ocean passage, rail nnd other travel expenses during trip, moats
nnd hotel accommodation, baggaQu transfer, gratuities and cost of travelling
incidentals  throughout  included In above cost,
2nd Atintm! Holiday Summer School in France
.,,,.        .-/..■.- ,.,,.,.. ^. j   ,       w.    ,. . v,   .  << <    ...      .... ci       <..«<i..»f*,<i|       .      „,,g,       K.,0       .« U.,.1       ^.'MVWW      «.«
the (li*.pc».,ii cl the Li.iguo by the French Ministry of Education, The term
will he fioin Juiy 17th to August 05th, 192B, preceded by a flve-dny visit In
London, titi-amshlp arrangements nre an follows: Eastbound. by the Em-
pi ess of  Australl.i.  July 4;  Westbound,  hy the  Empress of  Scotland,   August
Round trip nr.i'.in passage, rail and other travel expenses during trip, gratuities, government tax, baggage, full board and residence, at tha Lyoee
Victor  Ouruy,  and  five  days  In   London,
Tuition   and   staff   fees  will   be   divided   per   capita   and   will   not,   It   is   estimated, exceed $:'!» 00 additional,
Phont, Sey. 189      576 Seymour 8t.
For  .ill  further  Information,  descriptive  Illustrated  circulars  relating  to  any
of the  above  visits,  alternative  transportation  arrangements a id  application
forms, apply to
The Honorary Organizer, Overseas Education League
Boyd Building, Winnipeg, Manitoba Jauuaby 27th, 1928
Tip-Top Tailors
301 Hastings St., W.
Suits and Overcoats
One Price Only
Try a TIPTOP Suit or
Overcoat and Save Ten
to Fifteen Dollars.
TRY   US  for your next
Drug wants and note the
and  SAVINQ.
Drug Co., Ltd.
The Original
of Western Canada
j8|llllllllll,lir'illll/'"'''"*"^ll^"wf""1"" ■■M'HM'BBB]
Dance Novelties
Larirest Stock in Western Canada
The Ford Oriental Co., Ltd.
Seymour 1925        300 Water St.
Aggies Indicted
In Dairy Scandal
The spei'liil snnllury Inspector employed by tbe Ken! uiv Department
has lirought to light the tllsgrut-nlul
conditions Unit prevail in the dairy
run by Hie r'niiilly ol Agrlrullure ot
this university The slate of tin- ditlry
is loo nu lul io describe and lull dentils have beep suppressed but It Is
sillllclenl lo slnle Unit Ilie entire
health ol the university Is endangered
The slgitl ol the plare wus enough to
disgust even a chronic eilfeterlil pat
Suspicion us in the conditions in Hie
Aggie dairy wen- llrst iirnused by Ihe
mttve* admission of u vvi II-known Aggie
student that be liked milking because
It made bis hands no clean Following
up Ibis cllle, Hie Investigator loreetl
bis way pasl Hie llounclng Committee
ami penetrated Into Ihe Dairy itself.
The sight Unit inel ills eyes so shock
eil lit tn Ihat Im was easily evicted and
be has been loo sick to touch food
ever since.
An ofllclal raid on the place followed, anil important document* were
found showing Hint the Agriculture, authorities nol only were aware of the
disgusting conditions, but eneouruged
anil even unforced the neglect of all
principles   of  sanitation.
We publish one document below:
Rule*   Which   Are   Observed   In   the
Dairy Department
1,—Remember that in dairying,
cleanliness Is of minor Importance.
2.—Small articles and glassware
are most easily found If replaced in
some other position than tiial form
which (bey were taken. Best of all,
put them back dirty.
3.- -When stirring curd In cheese-
making, allow as much whoy and curd
as possible to lull on the floor. This
will help to create the rigid atmosphere.
I. ll is nol advisable lo finish up
a process by washing up. Articles, il
left lying about, help to relieve the un
employment situation for someone
5. Churn lids, etc., are most easily
located when left lying on the door,
window sills or some equally clean
fi.--Offices, etc., should always be
entered without knocking. This Indicates good manners.
7. Lastly, people who work with
their heads and not their hands are
respectfully reminded that so does the
woodpecker and he Is Hie greatest kind
of  bore.
♦ -^ *>
"I hear your room-mate is somewhat   ol   an   inventor."
"Oh. vi'S. some of his excuses for
cni'itm lectures are in use ali over
tin- w oild."    Kx.
Who was It, when my shoes had h.iles, When corns wh-iI I imiki- me in y life liati-
Did patch the tops anil hx the soles, Ann my pour sole did irritate.
And save me from the fear of colds Who put me in a lili-.sful state '
  Of  —
High-Grade Shoe Repairing
4493 10th Avenue, West
The Pleasant Thing About
Falling Through the Ice-
is What Comes Afterwards
a good steaming, heart-warming drink of cnll'i-f !
a flt'ecy, wooly, warm blanket! a roaring lite! a
fleep, downy, lazy, easy chair !
That's nearly worth falling UiAO'idi the ice (ay.
•'VARSITY'"'shoes arelike'that. They wrap you.-
feet up in all -enveloping coml'oi I like that last delicious moment before von I'.ill asleep that'.-.
"VARSITY' comfort.
$8.50,   $?.()(),   $5.00
"For Young Men and Men Who Want to Stn> Young"
Phone, Seymour 841
Where To Go
Take cars I!,, Iti or la lo the Sill-
dents' I'arlhinient. Sen future after-
dinner bores giving Impassioned pleas
for belter quarters for Kngllsh profs.
Take some car lo I lie Library. See
the winter nuts in lln-ir unlive r|c
lllelll. Ileal Ihe cat elllllei smoke his
Take an illumined cur lo tin- W'o
men's Common I'ooin Hear Hie rui>
meow nnd Hie an.--wcrlnr. snarls when
the  I'byssy's arrive    very  Iniere.si Ing
Spend Ihe Afternoon in flu- Cafe
lerlll     (Hie  ol   the  gieillesl   ceinelil   und
sulphuric works In Western Camilla
Note the wa> the •■indents drink soup
und usk us why we need a musical
club.    Take a gas mask
Keel  lonesome'       Vlsll      iln      Aggie
Chateau  and   sludv   a   i in ions  f row Hi
of  alfalfa  ou   Hie     llinun im;   Commit
Special slghi si'i-lnn lour ol an un
del-world den disguised by the inline
of "Men's Lower Common Itooin." The
notorious denizens of this inlainoii-
spot have been said lo use even more
colorful language iluin an Kngllsh
pro)'. The place Is sometimes mis
taken for the Library on account of
all rlie useless books lying around,
Hus leaves loth and Sasamat sometimes during the day.
Waste a few hours In the Science
building wilh those sturdy men who
originated (he phrase "seeing red."
They are much maligned for they
really will not bile sightseers. Take
a  bicycle.
Visit Du- sickroom of Iln- Varsity, ihe
Men's L'ppcr Common Itnom, where
the haggard-looking faces of the Inhabitants show the results of succumb
ing to the plague of "chessliis." Very
humorous scenes are provided by some
students who attempt to study there,
Take a rifle.
Don't forget to see Vancouver's most
beautiful scenic view, the Lily I'ond.
A wonderful expanse of stagnant moisture whereon there bloom, in all their
exquisite glory, a couple of weeds, lie
sure to lake street car No.  17 1-2.
Take curs 2, H, ,r. to the Winter Oar-
den on Friday night. See the most
outstanding athletic even! of the year,
Hie Arts'.In dance, in spile of appearances this affair Is not a wrestling
match, There should be no dlfllculty
in passing Hie door-keeper, but just
in case he objects take a couple of
nickels  lo pacify Din).
Of special Interest to students is a
trip to a lecture room, where petulant profs, slam Inexorable doors In
the faces of peeved  students.
« •*■ ♦
A relative of mine I had never seen
before came io my  house last  nlghl."
"Never seen before, elC Wbal's his
"H" hasn't L'ot any yet, hut we in-
t'lel   i ii  christen   him   I l"tir> '. "     Kx
* *     *
I'll I ll I'I llll-    .l.llli'    L-lllle    III   ihe    llalll'i'
> '   I "
M'.i Inn Sin- inn -i Inn, Mo t of
l'.-i   i loi In-. at'" le-1'e      l-A
* *     •
A li     lAiiii-    ( l!ei w i-i'ii    ' In-    act s i
J ii.-1   uoinc   for  a   litl 1"   I i"Ai  air. dear.
Sin A lit'l" drauulii. v on im-an, 1
suppose.      Kx.
* *    *
Tom They say hruneites have a
svveeier disposition   than   blondes.
Ted Well. ni> u it"'-- been hot h ami
I can't   se,- :mv   difference.     Ia.
* *     *
" \ll i Alii, I ack Hi--re'.'" called the
condin tm   11 urn i In- front  of t he car.
"1 [old on " cried n feminine ■ nice.
"Waii  until  I vet  my clothes on."
Tin- entire earful of passeiiu'er.s
craned lln-ir neck- lo look, A ulrl
col   on   v ilh   a   ha-le-t   ol   laundi;. .     Kx
• »     »
I'e 'li h 1'iofe- -or "\"xi dav ue
Aeill take tl"- hi" ui Shak'--peaiv
I '.'!.i. ■  prepared "     I lv
* u *
i'i ill. -iir "\\ Ai i an v on i loi ni'
\| p. i. li ai'iilni'   ■ 111m ihiui','.'"
Mi "No       ii       in-i     li ■■ 11-nini-     lo
Mill    '       IA
Slllde '   \|\      In | I      u .1 II el
W.1 il. r     ' \\ li.ii    .lei    i "il    liat •
Snnl, "I  il    ki-io-
\\ .ii'.  '       'lis   k   I      I"! ' v    i "iii
I  Hill'    I I ll",If        H
lih.  i       -, i .ll     i .1 li.,
io. :
l.i -i
no hi
SI    il   -A.     '.', V   e        ,1,1,1.     I.Ill      \ol|        .'.
il     latt imI   to   -i i Ike  eles eii  and   I   slop
|n .1  11     o ii   w inil'ln i   u ak' ii   viol I A
*     «     •
"I ion  v mi In -111 ■ \ i   a rnbbii'    tool  ev er
hroiulit   l: ooi I   luck
"I -dioiilil -aiv -o M v wile leli urn
in in.v pocket iln' oilier niglii and
l liinit;li l    ll    w as   a   inouse "     K\.
McHootch Submits
I'rofessor (iiilgle Melloolcli. the em
liieiil expert on Ology, has come lor
ward with a miiiiliei* of Interesilng
tllllleii of slflllslics, the exclusive rights
lo vv llic-li he bus kllidlv liollllleil lo Ihe
Kent Ure    Deplirlllielil.
"Klri-'i ol all." began I'ml Melloolcli, "Die iiinotmt nl lime wiisled hv
Ihe    liniD     sllldellls    ol    Hie    I'llllelsllV
is amii'/.tiii' Consider tin- time tlie>
cinplov in shaving. This, ol course,
does not  apply l<> the  Krnsh     II  Ihey
could be pelsllllilcil  lo allow   Hiell' Illll ll
ly   beards   lo   grow    Ihey   would   save
Unbelievable   llllioillils    ol    Utile    which
could be employed In other directions,
such as h inning bow to become librarians.
"Tin- average inan has to shave once
n day and most students follow Ibis
example. Kstlmatlng the average limit
required as fifteen nilnules and cotinl
Ing six days a week and fifty-two weeks
to a year, in the four years of his
Varsity course a student would save
,'112 hours, or 19 days (allowing eight
hours' sleep for each day). This lime-
saving plan could be followed In a fit r
llfe-durlng twenty years as librarian
once would save 95 days, or over three
While on the subject of libraries, I
might mention another way In which
an enormous saving could be made,
this time In money. A library book
lasls about ten .vears on the average.
The Arabian Nights and similar works
are worn out much sooner but the
works on Economic*) restore Hie average. Taking half the wear and tear
on a volume to be due to handling,
I find Ihat the other half—five years
of the book's life -is caused by the
actual reading of the tonic. Now If
students could be Induced to read with
one eye only, the resultant wear on
the book would be reduced by one-
hall. This would effect a great saving thai could be diverted to more
useful purposes, such as building new-
hovels for professors or buying soap
for Science men."
Clllegeb 3okes
Clerk: "Well, sir, I'm getting married  next week."
Hoss: "(iood, I am always glad for
my employees to marry. Then they
don't   mind  staying  at   the  stoic  and
working overtime."
* *    *
The only reason most flappers don't
look worse than Ihey do is because
they   can't   grow   sideburns.    Kx.
* *    »
Kair  Maiden:   "Would you put  your-
silt out  lor tne?"
I l.r Sliiok :   "I certainly  would "
Maiden    "Then  plea-" do.    11 A   alter
i w .-lv .   and   I'm   a vv ! nil v   -deepv
1 i'M "She Im,ill v   --iid   I  miuhl   kiss
ki.- -   Ip-i on   eil h"i    eh.'.'i;
I's nl ' 'And   d id   v oil'.'"
Ii.-ni "Well.    I    hesitated    a    long
I illl"    h"l VV eel!   I hem." K\.
* +     *
IAe-1 ('ar Salesman: "Well, what's
tin- mailer wilh the car von bought
iioni   lis   a   week   ago?"
Slung One: "Well, every pan ol it
makes a noise but tlie horn."    Kx.
* ■>    *
Welax : "I see where I hoy liuv e at
la.-t decided to pave i he streets wilh
wooden   blocks."
Welhx:   "How did   that   happen'.'"
Welav:   "Well,   the   nieiiihers   of   Hm
committee   put   their   In ads   together."
A Sultan a I odds wll li his  hiireni.
Thought   ol   a   way   lie cniihl  scare  'em.
II-    caiu-lii   him   n   iiioii-.-e
Which     hi      Ireed     ill    Ihe    IlllllSe,
I'hu      'a 11 i'lc  i In- ||r~ i  harem -catein '
*     i     *
" I lov    .lid   v oil   conn    im o   Al     i oiin
"llv   aii "
" l-'l.v in;-   machine ""
" \l).    -   Mil k   "
•••»••»«>*•••*•- ■**•**•*>*•***%..*••*<
The Inst lew day*, the fellows
took advantage ol our apecial
otter, ao we're going to lei it
uland lor another week.
Juit bring this ad. in
and get your regular
$1.50 Ties for
"Your Hosom Friend"
Gold's Haberdashery
"The Little Shop Around the Corner"
♦ ■»■■
The Gables Tea Room
Near the Playing Field
Home Cooking. Prices Moderate.
George Sparling
Wo are clearing out odd lines
of Athletic Equipment at COST
and Doiens of Other Real Bargains
We play the gume indoors and out
Doug. 4131 718 ROBSON ST.
A sfi em* mm A A A tm* A st s its A A -**■ *    * -*- *   *   ■*- -•- -+■ -+- -■*- -*- -***■
•" •  *T T *V •   •' '•' V 9S* T •"▼▼▼"▼▼"▼ ™ ™ ™ T ▼
Your head deserves the attention of
Vancouver's Best Barbers
Rogers Building Barber Shop
The Winter Garden
at English Bay
on the Pacific  Const is at Ihe disposal of UNIVKRSITY CLASSES
at reasonable prices.    For
Larue enough to accommodate a
crowd. Small enough to make you
feel at home.
Dnnce Kvery Saturdny Night,9to!2
Admission, 5n Cents
Percy Lee's Country Club Orchestra
•>•**• "•««»•.••<. •*••*§•
•   ♦  •
Handsome  young man desire* partner for Leap Year Ball.    Box 309, Pub
licationa  Board  Office
WANTED — Manure Spreader for
next Aggie Ball. Apply Decoration!
570 Alarm Clocki.
Apply President of Freshman Year.
]X nwnliiK unil running un
aiilii tho tliliiRs you don't
kin ni nn. tho IhliiKH that
will hurl you. Soinn part of
yuiir iitfrt tiii'cliiuilsiii inuy ho
mil nf iiiljtistinoni wltliuiii your
Km i« li'iliti'. V\'i> will In- ahlo to
iliiiM i ntiil ri'int'iiy the trouhliv
Why nol iiiukt* into of our nor-
ilci's','       Wo     iliiirKi'     hi'UmIIiIc
llltllt'  Illllll   IIKIlIll       fl'l'M.
The  Shop  That Givei Your
Dollar a  Long Ride
Terminal Service Garage
— Limited—
Cor. Alum anil Hroadway
Phone Bay. 8710 THE   UBYSSEY
January 27th, 1928
U.B.C. Hoopsters
to Stage Games
Three men's basketball teams will
be seen In action In league games on
Saturday night. Two of these will
be played at tho New Westminster
Y. M. C. A. against Y. teams. In the
flrst game Varsity's snappy Intermediate II. crew take on the Y. boys.
The local boys are (led for Ihe league
leadership and If Ihey continue in
their present form should win the
championship. The Senior B. men
lake on the Y, in Ihe second encounter.
At seven o'clock on the same evening the Intermediate A. men play the
Normals at Normal (lyin. After this
struggle the Senior A men will p,.iy
o practice game with some other lea in
Although the Seniors lust to Province
on Saturday night, the game was very
close, and (he boys still hnve high
hopes of copping the title. They are
training hard ami aim to surprise
the Adanacs when they meet litem In
New Westminster nexl Wednesday.
—       ♦    *•**■**»"»    ay-- -       -
For the purpose of the initiation
of new members, and Ihe election of
several officers, the Scribes of Thoth
held an evening meeting last Wednesday at the home or Miss N. King.
The fourteen new members of the
Club were all present, for the ceremonies, The new scribes are: Misses,
M. Dow, E. Wilson, O, Ryal and M.
King, and Messrs. J. Moss, F. Underbill, M. McOregor, R. Gordon, L. Harvey, E. Goranson, R. Buchanan, H.
Hickman, A. Burcb ,and N. Freshwater.
A solemn Initiation of the above
mentioned then ensued. Each was
asked to display his or her talent In
one of the lively arts, either dancing,
music, or singing.
Thereupon the following officers
were elected: Second Scribe, Mr. F.
Underbill, Secretary. Mr. A. Burcb,
and Keeper of Ihe Baksheesh, Mis.
0. Ryall.
Tbe Club has been asked to supply
an Hem tor the Men's Smoker. It
Is also aiming at several meetings to
discuss or Illustrate Ihe lively arts.
To talk these matters over the
Scribes will meet on Friday, February
3rd, at noon.
Address to S.CM.
(Continued from Page 1)
has been overcome by careful supervision ot the child. In Juvenile Court
work "probation Is the keystone of the
arch," and the court enquires not into
what the child has done but why. Before a decision is given all possible
data on the physical and mental condition of the child are collected and
the aim of the court is to correct any
Many reasons are given for child
delinquency. Some of these are feeblemindedness, heredity, environment,
and the changed status of the home.
Modern Social Service workers take
all these into consideration. Moth
science and love are necessary in
Child Welfare—a scientific approach
to the problem and a sympathetic
treatment of the child.
Judge MacGill believes that the
work of the Juvenile Court will bo
more successful when other Social
Service activities are brought Into coordination with it. If tho workers In
all fields wero In close touch the hen-
fit would be mutual. A child's appearance in the court is often due to the
fact that his mother has been forced
to go out to work. "Mother's Pensions" solve problems of this sort.
Again a woman may be supporting hor
aged parents and In this case an "Old
Ago Pension" is necessary. Sfict enforcement of the "Factories Act,"
"Maternity Protection," and a "Well
Baby Clinic" are essential to the well-
being of the children. A "Child Guidance Clinic" to look after the older
children arid a "Psychopathic Clinic"
should work In cooperation with the
Juvenile Court. Compulsory Education and Special Classes for the subnormals are also necessary for a. successful programme of Child Welfare
Lastly, Industrial Schools should be
carefully organized with special aid u
tion to segregation according lo age
In closing Judge MacGill expressed
the desire that Ilia leaders and work
ers In Child Welfare In II. C. should
be western men and women inilneii in
our own I'niverslty.
Kor mxl Tuesday noon the S.C..M.
executive lia.'e secured Mr. I.llklll
Johnston, Kdlior, Magazine Section of
the Province, lo speak on "The Mod
ern Newspaper." These Tuesday lectures are held In Ag. loo and com
ni"iico at  1 J: ID sharp
CR055 COUNTRY       ^ **'
reB 0. /9Z8-
hetmillsCmtirrt    ii-ssP-;
-a—   novrr.
t» -   Aourc  mot finite
• • • •   rime
  CtlQL   «'0VV3H
Cross Country Race Set for February 8
The above Is n map of the Cross
Country Hate which will be run on
February sili. In about ten days al
least twenty harriers will be out to
heal Bill Selby, last year's winner.
If Selby wins again he wilt have
demonstrated his ability as a timber
cruiser, hurdler, path-finder, runner-
awny-from-bulls, and chicken chaser,
lo the satisfaction of all.
Soon after the start the runners will
find themselves wandering about in
Point Grey's dense Jungles, climbing
fences, falling over logs, and crashing through Impenetrable undergrowth. The Jungles, however, will
be left behind soon and tbe ambitious
mud-waders will find themselves lu
Ihe middle of the vast cattle country,
the domain of the Aggies. Hero Ihey
will have to demonstrate their quali
ties as swimmers when they come lo
the newly plowed fields. It Is hoped
thai the aforesaid Aggies will keep
their bulls under sultlcleut control as
ll Is rumoured that one of the runners has been offered a pair of beautiful red silk punts in which to sport
bis form. Finally Ihey will turn the
corner and bring the finishing line
Into view, and It Is here that they
will have to show their sprinting
This year there promises to be much
compel ll Ion for the honour of being
chased over ihe finishing line. Bill
Selby is out to win and so are many
olhers, Including Chappell, Dawe,
Shields and Dunn,
Taking everything Into consideration, the evenl ought to be a decided
success ibis year.
For the Hecond time this winter the
Vurslty Swimming Club stars will
tan&le with another club in an
endeavor to regain their lost prestige.
Si'iee their disastrous showing against
V.A.S.C. the Varsity swimmers hnve
beon trutning intensively for an attempted come back. Their opponents on Monday will be the "Y"
team. The Varsity team will be out
to do their best for on the showing
111 Ibis meet depends the sell ctlotl of
the team which will uphold Varsity's
honor ln the Banff meet. This team
will be composed of two women and
two men.
The Varsity team is going strong
and they are grimly confident that
this is going to be no repitlon of tho
fiasco against the V.A.S.C
Reg Wilson is ln good shape and
should cop his events. The team will
be handicapped, though, by tho loss
of Kettle Tingly, who will not be
The team would appreciate a little
more support than they have heen
accorded of date and it Is up to the
students to supply  that support.
Varsity will stack up on Saturday
against the Meralomas when the college boys face the Athletic Club In
a Canadian Rugby game. Tho students, with but a very short season
of practice behind them, will he up
against what is probably the toughest team in the Intermediate League
—the team which bowed ln defeat
when they challenged Varsity's Big
Four Champions Just before Christinas.
Whatever may be the outcome of
the tussle, tbe university boys will
have gained a worth while exner-
lence. The game Is to be playoAit
McBride   Park  at 3  p.m "*
Varsity's team will he chosen from
the following men: Chandler, Green,
Kobson, Campbell, Hedreen, Pretty,
Coleman, Odium, Gold, Stanley, Watson, llarrell, Fox, Berto. Bailey,
Abernethy, Fraser, Deiich, Flsh and
I hick Chasers arc
l in     Momla v     tiii'hi      lolliivv inc     i In  I
Si lill'l OUI I I ll . V.l I I I V |ci men lncl I
IA I, ,1-c lee:,'. ,1 l,i| .. el • ellllllhll I e I j
III    I lie   .lllllloi    pi,l V   nil Tin     I'll Ilie   VV II      j
ib",inn ni ,ii ' In ..iii.i ,i V.ir- im i
■ hurl i h i i i inch vv a I in i . il I e bin n >w ■
a   I'nal   ti Mb I       Willi   the   .'iicoiirui'li'!'
iiiii.    '" n    iinii      hor!    n eil    a liinii    a
ma  i;.   by    ui t.di I -  In   >plll   l In in  en   olli  |
I in I.   11 i       In a v civ     pin Im i ed    up    and !
vv enl   ibrollgli   In  a   '.i o  lleleat
I lie Interim dlaie till, bus gone by
del Islun e| i he |. agile i" Kx KI a c
(I. lll'ge.
First Soccer Will
Play League Game
On Sttturduy the first soccer team
will resume their league schedule
when they meet their old rivals, St.
Andrews, at McBride Park. In their
last meeting St. Andrews were victors by a scoro of 6-2 but since that
tlmo the flrst soccer team has improved considerably while St. Andrews
bave lost some of their most valuable players. Manager Russ Logle is
quite confident that his team will
turn tho tables on Saturday for ho
feels that it is nearly time that the
team won a game. The strongest
team possible will be turned out in u
desperate effort to get Into the win
column Elmer Anderson the budding goal keeper hopes to have an
easy time on Saturday behind the
two stalwarts Wright and Allan at
full-back. The usual half-back line
will be out ln force with Don Emery
at. right-half, Cy. Manning at centre-
half and Dick Spilsbury at left-half.
A speedy forward lino has beon built
up consisting of Duffell at outside
right, Doug. Partridge at inside left,
Mel Gaudin at centre forward with Al
Todd and Guy Waddington on tho left
wing. Tne game will start al L'AO
p.m. The park Is at the corner of
Fourth   Avenue and   Waterloo  Street.
Inglcdew's hold juht two Hales
a year hy reducing tin* price on
certain standard lines, there
in a sale running at present but
we hnve not (pace here to give
Ingledew Shoe Co.
/•..K'/h.III «'  .-tjft'MfS
i  Commodore Cafe
Delicious Meals.   Courttouu Service
-:-   DANCING   -:•
872 Granville Street
^».«*»'»-t***i"»**-«>-*-«*-*"***'*»'i*«»''«-i» •*-*»* «*»+■*•-•«•■•••
By the English
Apply Mornings at 8:45
Room L
You Are
In Luck-
it your folks have taught you how to work
and spend less than you earn; if you have a
talent lor sticking to your task ; if you have
the courage always to face the facts and go
Have you learned how greatly Life Insurance can influence your "luck" by helping
you to financial comfort, leaving you a free
mind and a light heart for study ?
Our little book, "Common Questions Briefly Answered", contains some of the most
encouraging facts in the realm of high success.
Send for a free copy.
is s nightmare with on* loot.
Two children with ont bun ;
Two turnips with s single root;
Two cabbage hesds in one.
We're not quite sure whether
Homer or Shskespesre wrote
thst, hut somebody wrote it.
We're writing to let you know
thst we have the most gorgeous
selection of Psrty
VALENTINES  for Everybody.
Come in and see them
for yourself.
I 4 in number in Vancouver I
. and ,
I     8 in British Columbia    j
Are every day proving their
usefulness to some University Grads.  or   Undergrade
Not only do they train for
the business world, but they
also give expert Coaching to
those who need assistance
in  their University  studies.
If you need such services
and You'll Never Regret It.
R. J. SPROTT, B.A.. President
PHONES; SEYMOUR   1810  an
^\ Corner IWI
Georgia and Denman
Most Beautiful Ballroom In Canada
4 to 12 p.m
Admission, 50 Cents,
Auditorium now available for Private
Dances and Balls, Concerts, Lectures,
Banquets, Etc.
The University Book Store
Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Saturdays, 9 a.m. to I p,
Loose-Leaf Note Books, Exercise Books and Scribblers
at Reduced Prices.
Graphic and Engineering Paper.    Biology Paper
1 .ooM'-Loaf Refills.    Fountain Pens and Ink.
Pencils and Drawing Instruments.
Crepe  Paper for Masquerades, etc.
411 Your Book Supplies Sold Here.
a^Jmmm'imj.j^mmm mm mmmmmmm'mmmmm_mmmmjum^a*^m^kTmaapmmm


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