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The Ubyssey Jan 15, 1929

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 f¥rw ^jppwpf*
> c
Issued Tivice Weekly by the Students' Publications Board of The University) of British Columbia.
No. 20
Great enthusiasm and esplrlt do
corps featured the llrst 0. O. T. ('.
parade, In the form of u smoker, thut
took place lu the Masonic Hall, loth
nhd Trimble on Friday evening.
Songs and other entertainment Intermingled with short und appropriate
Speeches to form a particularly lively
program that augurs well for tho
future of the new organisation.
A feature of the gathering whs the
presence of a number of members of
the staff and of the University Branch
Ot the Canadian Legion, us well as
several graduates and mllltla officers.
Among those present were Lt.-Col.
Logan, Lt.-Col. Letson, Lt.-Col. A.M.
firewn, Dr. Ashton, Dr. Shrum, Prof.
Angus, and Capt. Macintosh.
Items of the entertainment Included a Piano solo by C. Madsen, a song
1 r**he Drum Major" by W. rhllllps, a
Member of Arts '25, a reading, "Gun-
la ijltt," by 0. Craster, a song, "The
Holland Men," by Capt. Macintosh,
a bagpipe solo by J. Coleman, and a
lurid description of life at Work
Point by 0. McLean.
An outstanding event of the even-
trig waa the address by Ross Tolmie,
A. M, 8. President, who explained the
filiations of the Alma Mater Society
, and the Committee of Military Education, and the position of the President of the A. M. 8. under the existing circumstances.
Reminiscences of military life were
Indulged ln by Dr. Ashton, who convinced his listeners that a number ot
interesting things happen in the army.
Colonel Logan, the Offloer Com-
mandlng, explained the details of the
0. T. C. organisation and policy. The
Corps will eventually consist of a
battalion of headquarters and two
companies of two platoons each. Senior officers for the present will be
members of the Faculty who have military experience.
"The course will consist of two lectures a week, with a number of drills
Bxamlnatlons will be held at the session for tho "A" and "B" certificate,
qualifying the holder for the rank of
lieutenant nnd captain respectively.
The uniform for the present will be
the regulation khaki cap, tunic, punts
and puttees with the white cup-hand
and U. B. C. cap badge us distinguishing emblems.
Captain Macintosh, of the P.PC.B.I.
waa called upon to act as "Devil's Ad
vocuto,"   ami   expressed   his   satlsl'ae-
tlon with the progress of the Corps.
in the business part of the meeting
W. Thornher, Brown, MacMlllan. and
Keeling were elected members of a
Social Committee with instructions to
prepare a lively program of entertainments tor the ensuing year.
In preparation for their class party
in the Hotel Vanoouver, Saturday,
Arts '31 conducted its draw yesterday amid all tho usual festivities. Dr.
Sage and Eric North officiated and
drew the fates ot students from huts.
"Ie It a boy?" asked North, In determining the gender represented by
Jntlals Amid general laughter lt was
announced that tickets would bo given
out to girls only.
The executive of the class has worked untiringly, and they promise that
this will be the host party any class
In the University has ever held lu
spite of the protests of Arts '.'10. Eric
North and the different committees
spent most of their Christinas boll-
days arranging the details, aud everything points to a very successful
Patrons aud Patronesses are: Act
ting President and Mrs. Brock, Dean
an.l Mrs. Buchanan, Dr. Sedgwick,
Dean Bollert, Dr. and Mrs. Hugo.
Notice to Scribes
All reporters are requested to
attend the Reporters' Meeting,
TO-DAY, In the Publications
Offloe at 12:10 noon.
Totem Staff Begins
Yearly Torture
Work on the 1II2D Totem Is now well
under way. Both the business uud
editorial stuffs havo orgnnlieil tholr
depart incuts uud are now going ahead
wilh the actual work, which Involves
tho co-operation of students outside
tho organisation.
This year u now feature Is being
added to the Totem In tho form uf
Indian art work. Designs of Totem
poles and other Indian curvlngs will
provide the general sotting for the
The "Totem" etaff this year consists of Miss Jean Woodworth, editor,
and Misses Bessie Robertson and
Barbara Ashby, assistants; besides
the business etaff of the Publications
Following ls a notice Issued by the
Totem editor;
It ls Imperative that members nf '20
either ln Arts, Science, Agriculture,
or Nursing, be photographed immediately in order that pictures may be
ready for the Totem. Members of
executives listed below must also be
photographed, Will the presidents of
the following executives make themselves responsible for seeing that the
members Of their executives are photographed as soon as possible, preferably this week? This will materially aid the work of preparing the
Students' Council.
Women's Undergrad  Executive.
Men's Undergrad Executive.
Arts' Men's Undergrad Executive.
Science Men's Undergrad Executive
Agriculture Undergrad Executive.
Women's Athletic Executive.
Men's Athletic Executive.
Literary and Scientific Executive,
Tho Publications Board.
Pictures aro to be taken at Bridg-
man's Studio, 413 Oranvllle, Sey. 104fl.
For the benefit of those not In '29
that nre interested in making sure of
obtaining their Totem, there has been
a notice posted outside the Toteni
office, Room 204 Auditorium, on which
they should sign their names.
Senior A Basketers
Will Disband
Varsity's Senior A Men's Basketball
team is no more for this year. With
six straight league games under their
belt and a clear road to their seeem1
consecutive championship ihe team
has been forced to disband.
The trouble started when Don Horton. the flashy new forward nnd Illll
Kent failed to make the grade at
Christmas. Ted McEwen, the best
center in the West, was forced to
leave because of bad eyes. On top
of all this Arnold Henderson, tho best
guardsman to wear the Blue and Oold,
decided ho would have to glvo up the
game and devote his time to study.
This left only two regulars, Norm.
MucDouald and Ed. Paulson, and
Akerly, Chapman and Vandervoot as
spares. The team had a meeting and
decided It would be Impossible to continue. Permission was obtained for
the remaining men to play under the
colours of the V.A.C.
Finalists For Oratorical Contest
Will bo Chosen Monday
Try-outs for entry to the annual oratorical contest will he held on Monday, January 21 at I! p.m., In Arts Hit).
The speakers, who choose their own
subject, are con lined to a time of live
minutes. Four men und four women
will he chosen lo appear as Dualists
lu a contest early In February when it
medal will he awarded the winner,
Class Literary Representatives are
asked lo assist by having their classes
represented In the tryouts.
The fact that success ln this con
test Is altogether Independent of ability In debating, and that Ihe Judges
will weigh the speeches on their totality of merits should encourage lively
competition. Furthor advice may be
had from Frank Morley who Is lu
charge of arrangements for the contest.
Varsity Debaters
The Women's ■Building, ou Friday
night, will be the scene of the first
Intercollegiate contest Hits term, The
debate is scheduled to begin promptly
nt eight o'clock.
Tho arbiters of this word battle will
be Mr. Leonard Milne, Mr. Claude Me-
Alpine, nnd Mr. H. lt. MacMUlan.
They will decide whether the representatives of B. C. or Manitoba have
proved their side of the topic, "Resolved thut a quota system of Immigration should bo adopted hy Canada."
Varsity's standard hearer will uphold
the affirmative while Messrs. Sanderson and Richardson of Manitoba will
support the negative.
His Worship Mayor Malkln litis consented to keep the contestants separated on  tho platform.
On the same nluht in Kdmniiton Mr,
Denis Murphy- and Mr. Cnville Row-
laud will discuss Ih" negative of the
same subject with the Cniver.sliy of
Alberta. Moth Varsity's Teams have
been amassing tlgures of Immigration and emigration which prove their
side of the case. Orientals, Slavs, and
Scotchmen are destined to be used to
prove the truth or falsity of the Nordic Myth. Canada's tremendous resources In all lines of economic endeavour are sure to be paraded by both
sides and even her spiritual life will
bo laid hare.
Messrs. Bernard Tobln nnd Charles
Brazier are U. B. C.'s representatives
here, These men have both had experience in intercollegiate debates
last year. Bernard Tobln was one
member of a team that met Idaho
here last year and he won an oratorical contest during the same time.
Charles Brazier upheld U. B. C.'s honor in Missoula, Montana last year.
Both men are speakers of no little
ability who will make Manitoba's
team go all out to win.
On Friday at noon there will be n
pep meeting at which Manitoba's men
will he Introduced to tho student body.
Coming Events
Harold  Brown speaks.  "Mua-
tollnl and Modern Italy." Agr.
100, noon.
Reporters'  Meeting.    Publications Offloe, 12:16.
Judge H. O. MacQill will speak
on    "Parllamentar>     Procedure." Women'a Upper Com
srton Room.   3 p.m.
Arta '30 Class Draw.
Varsity Plays Weakened Team In Keen Encounter
In an exciting game of fast football ut Brockton Point, Saturday, Varsity
Kngllsh Ruggers, playing tholr tlrst Tlsdall Cup game, ran circles around
the Firemen lo come out on top of a 111-5 score. Seldom has a smoother-
working college tlftoen heen seen In play, when answering Bert llarratt's war
cry for action, they smothered the Iire-llghtei's' attacks, and took advantage
of every opening to add points to tl steadily Increasing total. Opon play was
the order of tlie day with both learns tackling hard.
Without discussion the Alma Mater
meeting on Friday unanimously voted
In favour of making the following
amendments to the constitution:
1. To erect upon tho lands of the
University of British Columbia any
erection, building, plant or equipment
for tho use of the Society, or of any
of its associated organizations, provided always thut the consent and approval of the requisite authorities
shall have boon flrst had and obtained.
2. To insure any such erections or
buildings with the consent of the
Board of Governors nnd tho other
requisite authorities, assign any
moneys payable to loss, make such
Joss payable to, umong others, any
Trustee or Trustees for Debenture
holders, and to Insure all or any plant,
equipment and personal property of
the University and assign any moneys
payable to loss.
These resolutions were read to the
meeting by the president, Mr. Tolmie,
and were.jpassed unanimously. Those
who hud not already done so remained
to sign the declarations of endorsement which nre being circulated
among the student body, according
to the system by which the definite
approval of the members of the Alma
Mater Society la being obtained. The
amendments will not become part of
the constitution until the requisite
number of names has been secured.
On Saturday, Varsity Junior Soccerites started the New Year by giving
the    Vancouver    Stock    Kxehani/e    an
! artistic   lesson   in   chasing   the   round
! ball to the tune of |u-i.
The rejuvenated (iold and lllue
sqtmd at last cauie into their own and
were   .superior   in   all   departments   of
| the   game.     The   re-arranged   forward
[line treated the spectators to a
dazzling display of combination and
shooting. Chalmers, supplying the
much needed finish, led the line in
superb fashion and the other men all
played ep to him and gave him perfect support. The defense was air
tight but had little work to do, their
chief trouble being how to keep warm.
The Students started with n rush
and by half time had piled up the imposing lead of six goala. On the other
hand the Exchange was easily held
In subjection.
In the second half tho Collegians
played Just as strongly, adding a further four goals. In this canto Stock
Exchange found the net from a breakaway. When the final whistle blew
the Jubilant Soccerinen cavorted to
the dressing rooms after having scored the grentest and best deserved victory in the history of U.B.C. soccer.
Spectators were pleased with the
good sportsmanship of C. Wright and
T. Chalmers who both deliberately
missed penalties given for accidental
offences. The goal scorers were as
follows: Chalmers, 5, McKellar, !),
Kngland and King, 1 each.
Chalmers wus perhaps outstanding,
his shnrpshootlng leading Vnvslty to
victory. McKellar turned lu the best
game of his sweet young life while
the other forwards combined bountifully.
Tlie vital proxy sheet. This sheet
contains, It Is altogether likely, the
hundred or ro numes necessary to
bring our total up to the required 1200,
Anyone harbouring same Is asked to
return It Immediately to Students'
Varsity took tho field with only
eleven men but shortly ufter the start
ihroo more cnmo on, but thoy wore
always a man short besides lucking
several of the regulars Including Wilson, Eraser, Noble and Capt. Phil
Among the substitutes Oaul played
well at center three-quarters and kept,        '
the opposite backs guessing with his
swerving runs.   Nixon also turned in        •:
a    stellar    performance,   his    white
sweater  being always  visible where .:
the play was thickest. '
For a few minutes at the start of *
the game the Firemen were danger*
ous. Murray relieved with a well placed penalty kick. Varsity played the >
ball to their opponents 16-yard Hue
through a series of runs. A forward
pass necessitated a scrum from which \i
Fell  secured  to  carry  the  ball ten ''}
yards closer.   Alpen opened the scor* 'i
Ing for Varsity when he scooped up a *
loose ball and went over.    Murray's ,
well   placed   klok   added   two   more
points with a convert from a difficult        ¥
angle. '.'
Varsity maintained the offensive %
nnd forced the play to thetr opponents
goal line where Farrls dove on the
ball for the second try. Murray's attempted convert was short by Inches.
Sletore the half "eUded' U.B*. mMST*^
another five points, Fell scoring on a
fumble, Locke converting the try to
make the count 13-0. • ,
At the commencement of the second A|
half play centered about mid-field for ,'W
several minutes. In an exchange of Hi
long kicks Firemen gained consider- :;
able territory bringing the ball to ;'j
Varsity's twenty-five yard line. The '■%
city team then took tho aggressive, a :'%
three-quarter run resulting in a try
by Errlngton which was converted to ,..]
glvo tho Firemen their five points. •'.A
Varsity kicked off and pressed, the '> ■",
full-back's timely kick to touch relieving'. The Firemen gained some
lost territory on n free kick, bringing
the play to center Held. Then came
the prettiest play of the game. Estabrook taking the ball ou a pass from
Barratt broke away, starting a three-
quarter run which did not stop till
everyone on the line had handled the
ball, aud the last man, Phil Barratt,
placed it between the posts.
Before time Gaul secured a try for
Varsity, bringing the final score to
Playing for Varaity wore: Ford,
Locke, Fell, Gaul, P. Barratt, Estabrook, B. Barratt, Murray, Mason,
Mayer, Farrls, Sparks, Alpen, Nixon.
Women's Lit. Arranges Course
Of Lectures in Public Speaking
Tho course of four lectures ln public speaking given by the Women'a
Literary Society will take place Informally In the Women's Upper Common room on four consecutive Wednesdays at 3 o'clock.
The first of these will take place
Wednesday, January 16, when Judge
Helen Gregory MacOlll will speak on
"Parliamentary Procedure." Judge
MacOlll, the only woman Jurist In
Vancouver, ls Judge of the Juvenile
Court, and Is well known throughout
Canada for her active Interest lu university affairs as well as In Juvenile
This address will be followed on
January 23 hy ono on "Debating," by
Prof. Harvey, head of the History Department Dean Bollert's address on
January 30 will be on "Public Speaking," while MIsh Blanche Nelson will
speak on February 5 on "Voice Culture."
This course 1ms been arranged to
meet the needs of many Women students of this university, hut lt has
been necessary to limit tbe number
to tho first forty who sign the list ported on tho notice board. Those taking
this course are under no obligation to
speak or to spend time In preparation,
January 15, 1929.
She Hluuuuut
of   the
(Member of Baclftc Inter-Collegiate Press Association).
lasued  every  Tuesday  and   Friday   by   the   Student   Publications   Board
University of British Columbia, West Point drey.
Phone.* Point Orey 1434
Mall Subscriptions rate: $3 per year.   Advertising rates on application.
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF—Maurice  DesBrlsay
Editorial Staff
Senior Editors—May Chrlstlson and Margaret Grant
Associate Kdltnrs: 1'hyllls l.'rieinan anil Hructi Currlek.
Assistant Editors: Maxine Smith and Malcolm Pretty
Feature Editor—Hlmlu  Koshovoy.    Literary  Editor—Laurence
Sport Editor:  Temple Keelinit Exchange Editor:  Marjur
Reportorlal Staff
News Manager—Roderick  A.  Pllkington
Doris Barton, Kdirnr Brown, Margaret Crmdmnn, Mair! Dingwall, rimrles (llllespl,-,
ftonuld (Iriinthaiu,  Milton  Ilarrell,  End  HoniHworth,  ll.  A.  King   Kusscl  Kltniln-
inonl. Maigiin t Lyle. W. A. Madeley. Mamie Moloney, M. F. McUrt-gur, John Morris,
Kathleen Mumiy, Nieli Muwmllcin, Olive T. Helfe, \V. Shllvook, Vermm van Sickle,
Edith Hltirdy, Mills Wlnruni.
Builneis Staff
Business Manager— ftalph Brown
Manager—Alan  Chandler.    Circulation   Manager-
le McKay
Advertising   „     _      	
llilMln.HM Assistant*—Hyrot: Edwards and Vlctorlu Kendell
Hi-iit'ii-i .Margaret Orunt. Associate: lirue,. Currlek.
Assistant:  .Maxine Smllh.
Proof Header*]: Bred lleeiHWorth and NU'h Miissallcm,
John   Lucky
We are going to be morul again. We suppose wo ought to
apologize, but we really can't help It. There Is a certain predilection ln the editorial mind which leads It, when It metaphorically chews its pon and muses upon Its next effusion, to a
consideration of those subjects the discussion of which is fondly
believed to elevate the moral tone, to instil dofty ideals, and In
general to bring up the much abused student body In the way it
should go.
As the result of this distinctly praiseworthy characteristic
of our own mind, we have cast a reflective eye over the various
phases of the life of the campus, and have succeeded In gathering
together a number of topics which, in the ordinary course of
events, would probably be treated separately and at length in a
series of ineffectual and insipid outpourings from the editorial
pen. In order to avoid such frank confession of the extremities
to which even the mightiest of intellects Is sometimes driven, we
decided to present these moral discussions in brief, In a series of
topic sentences, which, we sincerely hope, will be sufficient to
remind the reader of his duty upon such points. At the same
time, this cursory method will release the victim from the monotony of digesting future editorials upon well-worn subjects, and
ourselves from the unutterable boredom of composing such inanities.
Firstly, the Library staff has seen fit to Issue new regulations
regarding silence In the sanctum.   The moral is obvious.
Secondly, the Cafeteria staff is still under the necessity of
spending much valuable time In collecting the miscellaneous
remains of approximately five hundred lunches. This is an appeal for co-operation.
Thirdly, the Annual staff has begun its yearly labours. It
has become too cynical to expect even adequate support, but it
it optimistic enough to believe that its frequent notices will at
least be read, and possibly in one or two cases be carried out.
Fourthly, the Christmas Exams.—but we can't keep this up
much longer. Anyone who has followed our discussion this far
will probably feel, as we are beginning to realize, that we have
been saying the same things for time immemorial, and that we
shall probably continue to say them throughout an eternity
which is too appalling even to suggest.
Class and Club Notes
Classics Club
Th9 first meeting of the Classics
Club for this term will be held on
Wednesday evening, January 16, at
the home of Prof. Robertson, Wesbrook Crescent. A car leaves Sasamat aud 10th Avenue ut 8:10 p.m.
Miss Joyce Jenkins will give a paper
on "The Pastoral Lament."
Those ir embers who have not yet
paid their fees ure requested to puy
them at once to Mr. Rouvler.
Men's Lit.
There will be a mooting of (ho
Mens' Literary Representatives at
12:15, Wednesday, In Arts los to plan
a schedule of the Men's Inlercliiss Debates. A representative of every
year. Including Agriculture and
Science, thnt wishes lo participate In
this debute, must be present at the
Studio Club
The University Htudlo Club will
meet at the home of Professor Thor-
Her Lursen, 12U5-27th Ave., W„ at 8
p.m. next Thursday, January 17. Professor (I, (i. Hedgewlck will speak on
"Schubert." A musical program
will be supplied by MIhs Kuthloon
Fisher, Mr. Vernon Van Sickle, and
Mr. Harold King. All active and honorary members are urged to attend
this meeting, ns some Important matters of business will be discussed.
—syatejt • *r*et** s*>o***t •**• •••j«*^*-a)"$s*»i t#f
Saturday Evening
Lester Court I
(By Invitation)
Nttlilsi Th Lsrts-NtthMi Ttt 8m-.ll
AiMSunttstlts set' Tsrisi ts Suit All
Harbour Commission
Replying to a delegation headed by
Harbour Commissioner B. O. Hansuld
from the KI wants, concerning the establishment of a course in commerce
and business administration at the
University of British Columbia, the
Hon. J. Hinchllffe, Minister of Education, stated that the matter would be
considered by his department.
Faculty Briefs
Several professors have been ill
lately. Prof. M. W. Williams hns had
a bad attack of the flu and is
still too ill to return to his work. Prof,
l<\ C. Walker has been very 111 for
some time. He will not he able to
resunio his work this month.
«    «    *    *
Dr. T. H. Boggs is again lecturing
in Economics, fclarly lust fail he was
ln a serious motor accident in California. When the University reopened, his doctor would not allow
htm to take up his work. Since he
has not yet recovered his full strength
Dr. Boggs Is at present only giving
about one lecture a day. We are glad
to bave Doctor Boggs with us again
and we appreciate the spirit he has
shown ln returning to his work, although he ls not yet fully recovered.
* *   *   *
The course In Agriculture given
each winter at this University commenced January 8 with an enrolment
of eighty. Some difficulty has been
found In obtaining lecture rooms owing to clashes with Philosophy I. and
other subjects. We hope these clashes
will soon be settled satisfactorily.
* *   *   *
From Agriculture comes another interesting piece of news.    Thero Is a
strong rumor on tho campus, based on
truth, that ono of the Junior members
ot   the   agricultural   staff   Is   to   be
married at the end of this month.   So
far rumour has failed to disclose Hum
name of the lucky (or unlucky !i man. ,
No doubt he Is bashful uud has made
all promise secrecy,
* e    *    *
President Kllnck Is at present In
Kustern Canada, So far he has not
set the date of his arrival here.
There Is au opportunity for three
freshmen to "break In" on Journalistic
work. Apply to the Business Olllce
of the "Ubyssey." Administration
Anglican College Briefs
The Anglican Theological College
opened for the new term on January
:l. and now student activities are in
full swing. A very interesting program has been arranged by the Literary Society, aud sevral speakers
have heen invited, including some of
the I'niverslty professors. On the
evening of February (j, a Student Social is to l)e held, when the staff of
the college and friends of the students will be entertained by a musical
program  followed  hy refreshments.
At. a meeting last week the Principal
outlined to the students the nature
and formation of a Parliament for
debating purposes. The men expressed themselves In favour of the Idea,
and such a Parliament has now beon
formed. The first session ls to be
held on Monday, January 21.
Der Deutsche Verein
The next meeting of "Dor Deutsche
Verein" will he held on Thursday,
January 17, at the home of Miss Letty
Hay's aunt, Mrs. A. J. Griffith, 6200
McDonald Street, nt 7:45 o'clock.
Take No. 7 car, get off at McDonald
Street and walk three and half blocks
down. All members are urged to attend and to bring their song books.
The next meeting of tho Mathematics Club will be held at the home of
Professor O. E. Robinson, Westbrook
Crescent, on Thursday, January 17,
at 8 p.m. Mr. Ralph James is the
speaker for the evening.
There will be a meeting In Science
200 on Wednesday, January 16, at 3
o'clock for the purpose of organizing
a Radio Club. All interested are asked
to attend.
Sketching; Club
It Is intended to form a Varsity
Sketching Club, to cover such work
as pen, or ink, sketching, painting,
cartooning, caricaturing, and designing. Will all those who are Interested in tho formation of such a club,
please get in touch with Ronald Russell—leave a uoto ln the letter rack.
Mussolini to be Subject of
A splendid opportunity Is being
given to all students to hear an address to-day on "Mussolini und Pros-
>nt Day Conditions in Italy," by
Harold Brown of this city. Mr. Brown
has travelled recently In Italy where
he has made n special study of this
I (piestlon, Since his return he has addressed the Canadian Club ami several
service organizations In Ihe city. All
are cordially Invited to attend th|><
meeting which Is being held under
S.C.M. auspices lu Agr. Inn at i2:ln
sharp,  to-day.
Gowns are on sale at the Curator's
Office, Room 301, Auditorium, at 16.25.
Quality Without
English Quality given
without stint in leather and workmanship
make Church's the
leading shoe for men.
Sxelueive Agente
A cynic Is one who knows the price
of everything and  the  value of nolle
lug, - Kx., J.L.
•    *    •    •
Security Is mortal a chlefest enemy,
The most Up-to-date
Typewriter on the
Market— Compact aa
a Watch.
A very Special Price to
Varsity Student*
Exceptionally Easy Terms.
Campus Representative:
Arts '20
Phono, Doug. 2755-R
Fs; liftraiitlM, PHONE D0U6.8G0
Still On
The Big January Sale
Great Money Saving Event
Turpin Bros.. Ltd.
Men's Outfitters
ilie itifurratty
Uritiab (Unkrnibia
All cheques must be certified and made payable to
"The University of British Columbia''
Arts and Science   -
Applied Science
Nursing     ....
Teacher Training Course,
Last Day for Payment
January 21.
F. DALLAS, Bursar January 15, 1929.
On« price only, buys til the
style and comfort a young
man needs, At tha National Clothes Shops.
Clothes Shops
Cor. Gambia and Baitings Sts,
Satisfaction   Guaranteed
Drawing Instruments
Set Squares. T Squares,
Scales, Rulers
Drawiug aud Tracing
Fountain Pens
Loose-Leaf Ring Books
550 SEYMOUR ST. 550
If there were to be an Aggie
Prat It probably would be oalled
The Mu Delta.
An expression never heard In
the Caf.—"Good Gravy/"
,   , «!.«.■«,.
The Fog
TRY   Ua   for   your   next
Drug wants and note the
of Western Canada
Brigheet Store on
Oranvllle Street
We feature Lunches, Afternoon
Teas and After-Theatre Specials.
entering to Balls and Banquets
a Speolalty.
We mtkt our own Candy tnd
Pastry from ihe best Ingredients
722 Oranvllle Street
>ss»ss»sssi..s>..a„a>-»w*.».».».»^i''M-—-«*.»..»,!»■■->;■■»-■, i
Out* present almost dally fogs ure
perhaps the most enjoyable things to
reach Vancouver since last winter.
They are free'tickets lo another land-
1 do not refer to trallle smashes to
a fu try land of half-seen shapes and
false distances.
To set out In tho mornliiK Is like
beid mil no; a dream, lloth surroundings and events are a drouinllko mixture of the strange and tho familiar,
and everything is taken us a matter
of course, lu one respect It is even
better than a dream, It can bo appreciated while still In progress. Lectures and the University seem far off
aud Incredible. They belong to other
people, like accidents; or are too ultimate to worry about, like death, marriage or the April exams, Past and
future are Insignificant; the present
Is all-absorbing.
On a foggy morning it Is best to
travel by automobile. It Is true that
street-cars are safer, but, they are so
full of reminders of Everyday that
the effect of the fog Is spoilt. A
street-car, like a Scienceman, is a
monument to Its own enviromeut.
Fog Is not a mask but a revelation.
It does not weaken perception; It
strengthens it. Under ordinary circumstances every object is seen as
part of its own surroundings. It has
to light with Us background for a
share In the limelight. Now tho fog
blots out the background and the object Is conpicuous because solitary.
It takes a fog to teach the true value of car-tracks. Usually they are
accessories to the tramcar-s dally
crime of noise making, and the only
thing in their favor Is that they shine
when the lamps are alight. But now
they aro silver threads leading
through tho Labyrinth. As we cruise
along the middle of the road, they
stretch some ten feet ahead of the
car and point the way through chaos.
Our driver follows thein unswervingly and with complete trust. They are
his mariner's compass.
The fog raises the driver of the
car to an Importance never enjoyed
on clear days. Hefore, he ranked with
chauffeurs; now, he takes his place
with pilots, navigators and explorers.
He ls another Columbus sailing Into
the unknown. His followers may murmur of doubt (even n Columbus hus
back-seat drivers,) but he points not
to a floating branch, but to a name-
plate on a lamp post and the doubters are silenced.
Sunlight Is deceptive. It Is not until you drive through fog that you discover that the streets are the hunting
grounds of monsters. In sunlight,
these go about disguised as streetcars, trucks and other mechanical
hldeousnesses. Hut you have merely to
see a street-ear emerge suddenly from
tho mist, stare unbllnkingly at you
with Its single eye and plunge forward with a roar only to miss you by
a scant foot and you will know it for
what lt really is-a monster. And the
street car is not the worst. Humming
up a hill In somebody else's Whippet,
we heard a strange clanking and
coughing. Nothing could be seen, but
this noise waK all about us. Suddenly
we encountered the cause. Only tho
celerity of the driver saved us from
the clutches of a new monstrosity,
hunting prey in the very middle of
the road. It missed us hy barely an
Inch and Its disappointed ravings followed us Into obscurity. Yet, In daylight that terror pusses unnoticed In
tho guise of u steam-roller.
Near the gates of this seat of learning the fog ends abruptly, probably
the effect of the hot air, or perhaps
by arrangement with the bus company, H"re, tho pilgrim of Learning
emerges Into the prosaic realty of the
ordinary world. The fog Is forgotten
except as au excuse for being late.
♦ft»S)s)»t)»t)s)»t)t) I ♦»♦»♦»»♦♦♦♦♦»
Litany Coroner
Whon thoy
That tho ago
Of miracles
Has passed,
Laugh at them.
And deride the unbelievers,
Ono of the wonders has
Coine to pass.
The Second Soccer Squad
The sole remaining survivor
Of the desolation
That has swept
Over Soccer
Therefore let the Varsity
He Jubilant,
Not only because
Tho teum
Piled up a huge score,
Because the crowd
V. H. C. supporters
Increased from three
To olght,
Muklng It a record
Since that day It was
Humoured that four students
Watched a game.
And Mabel, always
An ardent football follower,
Says she never was
So thrilled
As when the left outside
Mis-kicked and
Scored a goal!
All this may never
Happen again
So let us rejoice over
The incredible, startling, and
"I hear you math- considerable money by straining your vocal cords,"
"Yeah, I'm a chiropractor singer."
"A  chiropractor  slug""
"Yes,  I slug In  all  tbe Jolnls."
* •      •
Salesroom Visitor; Why refer to the
car as a Job'.'
Salesman: Try to sell one ami find
out Ex.
• •      *
Prof.: When two bodies come together. Is heat generated?
Frosh: No, sir. I hit a guy yesterday and he knocked mo cold.
- Ex.
O. T. C. Smoke
Dr. Ashton's cigars.
* «    *
The   "Drum   Major"   and   "Ounga
»    *    ♦
Col. Logan remembering his position of honorary  president of the S.
C. M.
* *    *
Ross Tolmie trying to explain the
Impossible:   Councils'   position  in   the
().  T,  ('.  controversy.
* •     *
And   Dr.   Ashton's   story   "with   no
* .    *
Tlie fighting spirit stirred up by the
Scots' piper.
* *    «
"Holland   Men,"  as  interpreted   by
Capt. Macintosh.
«    •    •
The white cap-band to be worn by
the cadets as an emblem of virtue or
Is it virginity?
* ♦    #
Tho first mess— Coffee, Cake and
cigarettes. Now what about a canteen ?
* *    «
Reminiscences   of   barrack   life   at.
Work Point, as told by a survivor,
* *    ♦
Sandy Moore's uniform.
* »    *
Tbe ethical senso of tho soldier at
rifle ranges and elswhero.
The ghastly rumour that Corps, will
* *    ♦
The capture of the gun by night
attack at Oxford.
.    .    .
The  Irh.h  versus the Scots.
.     .     .
The "Devil's  Advocate."
| Haa!  Haa!  Black sheep!
i     Have you any wool'.'
i Yes, n!r!   Yes, sir!
I     Three bags full.
; One I'or my master,
One for my dame
, And one  for all  Ihe  college  situ
j to  pull over the eyes of llti.NN
Classified Ads
A meeting of the Muck Staff will
be held In the I'uh, Olllce m noon today to discuss the gathering of Muck
and Its Inherent principles not to mention Its view from Ihe standpoint of
the Ionic theory nf conception of ill-
limiting solubility product.
All   Interested  are  Invited   to  stay
•   *   •
Melisors DesHrlsay and Brown will
sell by public auction In the Publication's Office rrom three lo four to-
morrow afternoon a valuable collection of genuine antlt'iies, Two hundred precious tomes, Anuals, forgotten lunches, original manuscripts of
"Les PommoH 8avante," Economics I.
to 10" Incluslvo, 'Practical Trig." partly obliterated and two neck tics.
Freshman to act as linesman for
the Soccer Team ns tho last one was
overcome when the team won a game
lust Saturday.
* *    *
Hy the Chemistry Department, a
fairly new test tube lo replace the
one broken by accident last Tuesday.
State references and amount desired
In a sealed envelope.
* *    *
Hy Senor Mussolini, a boy with a
bicycle to deliver ultimatums.
* •    «
Rabbit's   feet  and   portable   horse-
shoos for Arts '30 Class Draw.
♦    ♦    *
Several descriptive escays suitable
for the Freshman year. Those that
have not been used more than twice
are desirable.
The mascot of the Upper Common
Room, S. Lauder has been missing
for several weeks. A roward of two
Bus tickets awaits tho finder.
A substantial reward is offered for
Information leading to the conviction
of the person (or persons) who has
been stealing lump sugar from the
Will trade Class Draw partner for
anything.   What offers?
Mr. Oray King would like to meet
a financier. Object to obtain a loan
of five cents for a new rubber ball.
Meet me at the Library door at, !1 o'clock. I'll wear a red nose and you
wear a piul< carnation.
Alleged Jokes
Prof.: I told you yesterday I'd give
you one day to hand in that theme.
Frosh: Yeah, but I thought I could
pick any day. —Ex.
* •      •
"What's this?"
"A Portrait of a Lady."
"What!   And   you  call  yourself an
"Oh, no!    I'm a woman hater."
— Ex.
•     »     •
Euripides: Have a peanut?
Aristotle: Thanks, I shell.
«      *      *
"What's the meanest thing you can
do to a woman?"
"Will her a fortune payable nt the
age of thirty-live." —Ex.
• «     *
The Inspector was testing the general knowledge of the Junior class.
Shipping a half dollar on the desk, he
said sharply:  "What's that?"
Instantly a voice from the buck
row: "Talis, sir," —Ex.
Here's where I double my allow
said Ihe Freshman as he folded a
dollar   bill.
I wo-
If we are lo believe history Solomon
I was an expert In mailers of feminine
beauty.    If he were of this day, and
lived In  Vancouver, he would Head all
j his   wives   to  The   Hollywood   for   no
jollier shop could  meet  such  exacting
j demands as were evidently his in the
i matter  id'   maidenly   beauty.
j    There are plenty of Solomons today
eyeing   you  critically   so   better come
down  to the  Hollywood  lleauty  Shop
imkI  see   what can  be  done  about   it.
S2,"> (iranvlile  St, Sey,   -liiNIt
Student's Gowns
Kept in Stock
We can also make up
any quantity to order,
We havo already supplied many U. B. C.
Phone: Sey. 3372
VUNUvsr'. Lsstflni  BuiIsmi OsIIsm
Night 8ohool four nights eaoh
Students may enroll at any time
422 Richards St.   at Hastings
Phone, Sey. 9139
Commaborc (Haft
OelMuu* Meale   -:•    Courteoue Servic
January is a Bargain Month
718 Robson St.
You can get almost anything
Sporting Goods
at a big saving
George Sparling
Doug. 4131 718 EOBSON ST.
What is Better
than a
There should be one in
every man's wardrobe.
No suit covers such a
wide field of usefulness;
good for business, for
dress-up wear, for evening wear.
is the geatest blue
serge value Vancouver
has ever known. Single
and double-hroasted
models, for all types-
January 15, 1929.
■i_ ■ . 	
Junior Hockey Loses
To Meralomas 4-1
Varsity's Junior Hockey team lost a
hard-fought game to Meralomas. 4-1,
last Friday. In spite of the score
Varsity held Its own up to the last
ten minutes of the game, when with
the score tied 1-1, Meralomas slipped
past three goals in quick succession.
Meralomas scored In the first period
due to some good combination play.
The second period was scoreless and
in tho third period Carswell equalized
for Varsity on a splendid solo effort.
At this point it appeared that Varsity
would win but Instead they suddenly
wilted nnd lost.
The game was not up to the usual
standard, it was marred by tbe unsteadiness of both teams. Over-skat-
Ing the puck, passing where there was
Ho one lo receive, and frequent fulls
were common, but, although devoid of
thrills, the game was Interesting
For Vnrsity Willis and Carswell
were outstanding. Willis had a busy
night In goal and performed his duties
like a veteran. Carswell scored Varsity's lone goal and was the most effective man on the Ice. He played practically the entire gamo without a rest,
travelling at full-speed all the time.
Thorne nnd Pike worked hard and
both hud hard luck with their shooting. Callan, playing a good game ut
defence, was a llttlo over-/,ealous and
got two penalties. The absence of
Smith and Mathews, the regular
wingers, wus a severe loss to tho
team and It Is quite possible that
with these two Varsity would have
had the necessary extra strength to
As it was, the most coiispictous
weakness of our team was lack of
practice. The boys were badly out of
condition and it was small wonder
since this wns their first appearance
on the ice since before Christmas. A
few practices, however, will bring a
great improvement: for the raw material of a real team is there.
The history of the University
hockey team up to the present has
been rather troubled. In their first
game they drew with Ex-KIng Oeorge,
a strong team. Then due to the
Christmas exams, and tho Victoria
Invasion they were forced to default
the next throe games. For this they
were threatened with expulsion from
the league and they found their practice hours at the Arena had been appropriated by other teams. And last
week, when there was no time for a
practice Varsity was ordered to play
Meralomas. So considering all things
the team has not done badly and
under their able manager and coach,
Bill Selders, the team ls certain to
retrieve the name of the University
in their next few games.
The First Soccer team has been
compelled to dissolve nnd the reasons
for its dissolution are no doubt of the
best, but lt has done some noble
things during Its existence. To begin
with, In losing a great many games,
It has lost well, which to some A an
unheard of thing. Secondly it is really i
Incredible that the team voluntarily
resigned its position ;m a major sport J
lu favour of American or rather ('ana-i
dlan Rugby. lint who knows',' Perhaps the latter is really supposed to
be a game. Yet I wonder if the
sportsmanship that exists in ('. 11.
would have agreed to auch a proposal
If the positions had been reversed?
Such distressing problems cause a
myriad of innocent thoughts und possibly doubts.
*   *   «    *
The English have an Idiom "to rise
to the occasion." 1 think l should
mention the fact that several members of the U.B.C. rose to the occasion
ou Friday night In the honourable purpose of Toe H. who with their help
as a dance-baud entertained an Institute of the Blind ln Vancouver. There
seems nothing extru-ordlnarlly exciting
in this nor perhaps Important, but (I
have used the word before) It wus
under the circumstances, a thoroughly
sporting thing to do. The world ls
made all the happier by sporting actions. To some this will merely he a
truism but to a few others, a very
strange Ideal.
«    «   •   *
I see thai Wllllamefte University
has an official employment b.ireau for
women and that Is a success. It
seems to me that I'.H.C, could have
something of this sort equally well,
both for men and women. Of course
It may be that we are reluctant to
encourage anything of this sort he
cause Vancouver Is invariably void of
reasonable positions, This can easily
be learned by hitter experience.
There Is no duty we so much underrate  us   the  duty  of   being   happy..
Bx., J.L.
•    •    •    •
Marriage Is not a thing you can talk
about tn the abstract. One marriage
Is not n bit like another.-(>. M. Robins.
There are only fourteen days of
practice left before the Swimming
team representing the Unlverstly of
British Columbia leaves to attend the
Banff Winter Carnival to compete ln
tho annual swimming meet which has
been the feature event of the Carnival for the past three years. In two
out of three yenrs the Varsity swimmers have captured the cup awarded
the winning club. If natural ability
and hard work do not bring Ihe trophy to the U. 11. C. again this year
It will he a grout surprise to followers
of the sport.
The eventK for men are: fin, Kin, and
220 yards freestyle, diving and a I-
man relay nice,
The events lor women are: Mi and
Jim yards freestyle and a diving contest,
Thi* teams will he selected hy Ihe
couch uud Ihe number gtdug and their
choice will depend upon the stun
durds attained and the amount of
practice put In during tho nexl two
The Memorial tank Is open every
morning from eight tn hull-past as
well as during the regular evening
periods for all aspirants to the teams.
Practice at loust once a day Is ud-
Ringing up their eighth consecutive
victory this season, Varsity Intermediate rugbylstfl bumbled Ex-Tech
at Renfrew Park, Saturday, by seven
points to nil. The field was frozen and
the grass wet, so tho brand of rugby
wns of the rough and tumble variety,
though not without flashes of fine
With two of their best men, Oaul
and Nixon, playing with tho Senior
at Brockton Point, Varsity fleldod
only fourteen men, Cokle ShloldH being a notable recruit.
The llrst period was scoreless although Varsity had slightly the better
of thB play. Shields came nenr to
scoring ou a penalty kick.
in the second half, tho Varsity team
took things Into Its own hands. Twice
the bull was dribbled across the Tech
dead-line before It could be touched
down. An almost certain chance to
score failed when four Varsity forwards dribbled the ball across the lino
only to huvo It bounce sideways
twelve feel Into the arms of the only
Ex-Tech, player at hand.
Varsity's first score canto when
Shield's dropped a perfect Hold-goal
from the middle of a knot of players.
Five minutes Inter Garner ran thirty
yards for a splendid try. The convert
failed. The Ex-Tech.'s still fought
hard but could not break through.
Two minutes from Ihe end, Munn, Ihe
Varsity half-back, plunged across the
line from n live-yard serum, but tho
referee had apparently forgotten the
ndvnntngo rule and awarded Varsity a
free kick as an Ex-Tech, player had
been off-side. The llnal whistle blew
soon after.
Playing for Varsily were: darner.
Pllkington. Hreut Hrown, Wood. Baker, Martin, Ibirns. Munn, Chappelle.
Terry. Shields, <;ilA,pir and Hill
Badminton Senior Team
Successful at Chilliwack
The Vanity "A" team went to Chilliwack ou Saturday, .limitary 12, and
defeated a team of the 47th Battalion,
Badminton Club, by a score of 20-4,
However the play was not such a
walk-over for the visiting players as
the score seems to show.
Playing for Varsity were: Helen
Matheson, Esther Eddy, Jean Russell,
Margaret Lyle, N. Solly, J. Sparks, V.
Ferule and H. Holmes.
lunior Class to Hold Election
For New President
At a meeting held in Aggie 100 on
Tuesday lust, the class President,
Jimmy Dunn, tendered his resignation
owing to his appointment as Mens'
Athletic Representative. Election of
the new President will he held prior
to the Class Draw on Wednesday HI
In Applied Science 100.
Ileiitley Edwards was elected new
Men's Athletic Representative in
place of Allan Todd who has loft the
University. Plans for the Class
Party were discussed and It was decided that It will he held ut Willow
limit on January 25.
All IhoMo who httvt' paid their fees
are earnestly requested to attend the
Class Uruw on Wednesday 1(1 ln App.
Sc. loo Anyone wishing to enter Ihe
Is hereby duly warned to pay the
fees    $1,5(1    hefore th« draw.
Senior A Women Stars
To Wrestle Meralomas
Senior "A" women hoopsters will
stage u very Important game when
they meet the Meralomas' team on
Tuesday night, at 8 o'clock, In the
V.A.C. gym. The Varsity team have
all their old stars back again In full
force and nre confident of a good season. They have been twice victorious
over the Meralomas' teum und with a
little support In the shupe of rooters,
ought to play their usual tine gume
on Tuesday. The team will be: Thelma Muhoit, Hottle Tingley, Claire
Menten, Jean Whyte, lleno HimtIh,
Marjorie LaniiliiM, Mary Campbell.
Senior "H" women wore forced to
default to the "Witches" on Saturday
night, owing fo the Illness ol several
of their players. The teum will play
Its next game on Wednesday night
at 7 o'clock. In the Normal gym,,
when (hey will challenge North Vancouver.
There will be u meeting of the (lolf
Cluh ou Friday, January IH, ut 12:15
p.m., In Arts 104. The purpose of this
meeting is to discuss the program for
the spring term, especially with regard to tho coming golf mutches with
Victoria College which are to tako
place towards the end of February,
and with regard to tho University
Open Tournament. The results of the
Faculty-Student mutches will uIbo be
discussed. ,
The golf team sent to Victoria was
composed or W. Kettle, R. Arkoll. H.
Hrown und O. Baker. It tied with tho
strong Vlctorlu team with a scoro of
It-all, and It hopeB to take the College
team Into camp when lt Invades Vancouver in February.
:i.\. <*'■..* '.■♦, <.'-.>;.A'V'f-<i><$^X^<i^\^?'''.'.^*-''^ '■&-'•' A'."»
(University Hill)
Up-to-date in every
respect with all modern conveniences.
Very reasonable rates
Phone Pt. Grey 877
Fine Repairs Real Service
Varsity Service Station
Phono: Point Orey 28
10th and Blanca  (Varsity Gate)
Ideal for Dances
and Parties
Prompt Delivery
Van Bros.
1956 Commercial Dr.
Phone High, 90
S«S»S'l .
Evening Dress
Cientlemen who wish to attend meetings or "functions"
whore Evening Dress Is considered "V rtgueur can be
accommodated at the Parisian
CoMtumers (opposite the tiros-
vennr Hotel on Howe Street)
for the modest sum of 12.50
per evening .Shirts, Ties,
and Collars extra.
Only One Address
Parisian Costumiers
841 HOWE ST.
Opposite Grosvenor Hotel
Phone, Sey. 8499
■*»•«-♦•* «».■«..Hi.*,.— «ll.lll,l.ll>„ll.l,>„.!,>.»
II     m    ll    i      m     h hum
McLeod's Barber Shop
562 Dunsmuir Street
(Pacific Stage Depot)
— or —
4 in number in Vanoouver 1
8ln BritUh Columbia    j
Ar»  eyere i*y  irsvlSf   tfc*lr
vmIiiIiimi is mms Uslvsr*
•l(Y Oralis, sr U»ssr|r»4«,
Ntl ssly ie IIms ti-klsj (sr
IDs feiitlMM rnatM, but tSsy
SltS Sl-S 11(4*1 OosiIiMii ts
Hum whs snS itsltttMS
Is  thslr   UM«wtHy ttwIlM.
They have Just recently opened a
New School of Aviation.
// you need such services
and You'll Never Regret It,
ft. J. SPROTT, B.A., President
PHONISi   SEYMOUR. 1110 • 71M
Ihe New (Orpheum Cafe
We feature a NOON-SAY LUNCH for 50c. that la hard to equal.
Private Banquet Room for Parties from 15 to 126.
University Book Store
Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Saturdays, 9 a.m. to I p.m.
Loose-Leaf Note Books. Exercise Books and Scribblers
at Reduced Prices
Graphic and Engineering Paper, Biology Paper.
Loose-Leaf Refills, Fountain Pens and Ink.
Pencils and Drawing Instruments.
Crepe Paper for Masquerades, etc.
Krlc Simpson, Kreshmnn niKby star,
who broke a lei* last, term, Is hark
aKiiln at tho University after an ab-
sence ot over a month.
Cat and Parrot
Gables Tea Rooms
Under New Management
Hot Luncheon, 12 to 2,
Light Lunches, 25c.
Teas, 25o. up.
Dinners, by arrangement.
Room for Bent for
Evening Parties, Etc,
We have a full line
in  stock  to satisfy
nil requirements.
Loose-Leaf Manufacturers
Homir Strut      Sty. 203
Have You a
Double ?
To be more exact have you a suit with a
double-breasted vest? It's the style that's
meeting favor with college men. We have
them in fine English Worsteds in neat pin
stripes, checks and novelty weaves. A
real value at-■-
Hastings, at Homer


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