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The Ubyssey Feb 10, 1933

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Issued Twice Weekly by the Students' Publications Board of The University of British Columbia
No. 28
Oxon Movement
Praised by Dean
From Columbia
Uf. Bev. C. 9. Quainton Des-
oribts Effects of New Re-
liglotis Rovivtl
btenst practlblllty and extra-
ordinary power to change a man's
life are tbe two great chancterlstlos
ef the Oxford Group Movement
whose alms were outlined by Very
lev. 0. I. Quainton to a luge and
agpreotetivo audience Tuesday, I p4n.
in Arts 100.
from tiw outset, the Dean mad*
tt ctear that the Oxford Oroup Move-
was no common "revivalist"
f organisation.   On the oon-
brinp a vitalising and dy-
ores Into th* Uvea of men
It gets back to  tht  very
of Christianity.   No re-
       jmag" are allowed.   No
talk as to the mtdlectud dlfftoultits
la the way of Christianity are per-
'Oroup drive for the four "absolutes"
love, perfect purity, perfect
and perfect humility,
the mlraoulous thing about
lbs whole atevement la that th* re-
obtains. "Whan religion will
man repay a debt of tons
and then go to Jail, It must
> power," declared tht speaker,
who also dted ether Instances of the
asiggmf  potency   ef   the   Oxford
_T'________i__i   Vitf_i^^aiiHM>___tA
uroup stovemen*.
•   Dean Quainton traced tiie history
ha tho mlad of, frank Buohmann,
tastniy-flve years ago. and shewed
e*l(^i   WffffPOvW^WP   wei^^nw ^ atrtt   #v   vw/   tww   *x»a   wapww
•ffsi^np   "gpugw tt ^Moqaojts'    ^*^   wpeanengoa
Um go to the leaders of the Move-
gMBt fcr advloe on even the mod
*wti^n!10SgS^^yii-mPO-pmiWSeWSW  ^Mi  wWmi  tJtSS^S  iMa*_WSWi^ s
-lifts, but they ask tiw simple quts-
..4tMW*me*^m think about m
Thus original thinking Is required to
those who would Join the Move-
nMOt but If anyone soaking help
does desire to talk over any of his
problems, he Is directed to on* of
those members who has had similar
problems and who has solved them.
Tne speaker stressed particularly
tiw terrible blow given to th* pride
of a man who accepts the doctrine
of tiw Movement, and In closing, he
hoped that his hearers would keep
aa open mind concerning tin Movement Leaders from Oxford will be
vidtlng  tiw  Coad   In  March,   he
Revels Tonight
This evening gees tiw lad. all-
Unlverrity formal of tiw season with the Alma Mater BaU,
taking place In tiw Crystal Ballroom of the Hotel Vancouver.
Len Chamberlain and his boys
will provide the ainnojtry stimulus for djffldfgj whloh wtil
take place between S and 1. Supper la the Hotel dining-rooms
will split up tiw evening.
the oeoadon will be Vie" Bogtrs
ind Dorothy Thompson on whose
shoulders has raited tiw res*
pondbUlty of ovtrsnlng all ar-
have been Installed by tiw Id*
eneemen, the results of wheat
latere are expected to-surprise
the guests agreeably.
Patron* cf tiw affair art!
CTtiMtiler **H !****■ Mffttuhni*,
Dean and Mrs, Suflbaaea, Deaa
and Mrs. Clement, Pun Bollni.
Dr. Sedgewick aad acting Dten
by McLeod
gjTiNmm to mw mffiwmz
t: t
Claims Speaker
Bev. Blbert Paul, of th* fird Bap
tid Church, spok* to a large audi-
«nce at tho open matting cf th* Vardty Christian Union on Wednesday,
Ittruary IS, on th* subtest "Christ
Grotesque Art
Display Coming
art In som* of Its mod
grotesque and startling forms will
form a subject ef violent controversy
amongrt those students who so* th*
newest exhibition of it, which will
be on display In th* Faculty Boom
cf tiw library next Tuesday.
This group is the second collection which has been loaned to this
unlverdty by th* College Art Association of New York, largely
through tiw efforts and interest of
Mr. Ridington, on* of the mod important sponsors of tiw U.B.C. Art
The exhibition consists of forty oil
^T»«twj- by members of the "American Salon," and to quote Mr. Bid-
ington, "is likely to provoke even
more student dlscusdon than th*
collection of sixty water colors, on
view a few daya since."
Th* speaker suggested tiw double
use to watch the word Technocracy
had beta put, fird to describe tiw
exhaustive energy survey of North
America made by a group of skllltd
saginsert and sttond, te sagged lilt
setting up of an •eonomlc system
based on tiw rule of technologies
skill. He odd tribute te tiw Immense
vdue of their findings and said that
many things disclosed and suggested
by th*m deserved mod thoughtful
conrideration and would be of un-
dubted vdues hi solving many aspects
of our present complex economic
proteins. He mentioned their advocacy of the abandomant of th*
price system and agreed that their
contention as to the inadequacy of
that system and th* need of on* more
vitally related to the processes of
production In terms of energy was
The speaker's critiqism of Technocracy was directed toward the
(Please turn to Pag* Two)
there was once ah
And still is. Maybe
tiw eenlore aren't so hot, but watch
those pedagogues 'speed. Not only
ere all thdr dass fees pdd-clasa
note-but tiw gymnadum
which are voluntary, are also
collected ln full from every oae ef
tiw sixty memben.
Moreover, when they throw a party
it stays thrown. A theatre party at
tiw Alma jast Tuesday showed an
attendance cf fifty-eight, Induding
patrons aad patroness*s. After th*
show th* future instructors cf our
youth effervesced up to thi home of
Mains, tiw roof cf which Is however
still In place at the time of going to
LOST—Alpha Rho Sigma fraternity.
Initials I. P. I. on back. Finder please
return to bookstore or notify Isadora
Pelman via Arts Letter rack.
Stadium Waivers
Stadium Wdvers are now
available at the accountant's
office, Auditorium 303, and dl
students are urged to rign these
In order that work may be got
under way as soon as the weather settles.
The amount haa been left
blank so that students may deride for themselves jud how
much they want to give. It
was felt that this plan would be
more equitable.
There is some talk of organizing the distribution of these
waivers among the students,
but, so far, nothing definite has
been done. An announcement
In the next issue of the Ubyssey
is expected.
Research Council
Offers Bursaries
Of intoreri to the Increasingly celebrated U. B. C. soienceman WUl be
tiw announcement of scholarships to
be awarded by th* Nationd Research
Council this year.
They are divided Into three types,
bursartes, studentships, and fellowships. The first are valued at 9*00,
and are open to applicants who have
gradauted with high distinction in
scientific study.
The studentships ar* for 9780, and
are open to applicants who hav* d-
ready don* some original graduate
research in sdence.
91000 fellowships will be given to
certain students who have gained
distinct evidence of eapadty to conduct Independent research hi science.
It is to be noted that owing to th*
Depresdon, the number of scholarships Is reduced, and outdde of the
mod outstanding dudents, no others
need apply.
March 1 ia deadline for applications.
Further information may be obtained at the Registrar's office.
Are Institute Topic
"'Canadiana' from a collector's
standpoint" will be the subject of
an address to be given by R. L. Reid,
Esq., X.C., at th* forthcoming lecture of th* Vancouver Institute to
be held on Saturday evening at 8:18
in Arts 100.
All students, and others interested,
may attend tiw meeting in anticipation of a lecture at once novel and
educational In view of the fact that
the gpeaker, borides bring a member
of the Board of Governors for th*
Unlverdty, Is sponsored by th* Canadian Authors' Association, and Is
conddered an authority on his subject.
Mr. Beid has a very vduable cd-
lection cf material relative to Canadian Literature, and this, together
with his knowledge of tiw subject,
should provide a mod entertaining
evening for all able to attend.
Hon*d-to-goodnest students have
put ln a call for books. The Church
Co-Operative Camp Council hu bent
word to Students' Council that many
Of tiw men in the relief camps are
anxious to make good use of such
texts as can be obtained for them.
"Som* of these men hav* attended
Unlverdty," nys Mr. Alan Chambers, of th* Council, "and I can advisedly say that all of them will
make thorough use of any of these
books which the Students' Council
could provide."
A lid of th* required volumes follows: '
LANOUAOIS-2 Elementary French
B*ad*rs; 1 French Self-Taught; 2
French Dictionariesj 8 Elementary
Spanish; I English-Swedish Dictionaries; Books in Norwegian: Ibsen,
etc.; Tracts or Stories In French; 1
Elementary German; 1 French Oram-
mar, and, or, Reader; 1 French
Primer; 1 German-English Grammar.
ENGINEERING — 1 Encydopaedia
of Motors; 1 Elementary Electrical
Engineering; 6 Elementary Diesel Engineering! 1 Elementary Mechanics;
1 Handbook on Marine Diesel Engineering; 2 Elementary Gas Engineering;
Engineerig Journals; Old Geometri-
cd Instruments; 1 Book on Batteries;
1 Steam engineering; 1 Railway Construction and Survey; 1 Elementary
Steam Engineering; 3 Elementary
MATHEMATICS-2 Ship Navigation; 8 Elementary Algebra; 1 Advanced Algebra; 1 Elementary Trig-
VARIOUS - 1 Book en Nature
Study; 1 Book on Dramatic Art; 1
Book on Mind Training; 1 Simple
Geography; 1 World Geography;
Book on Chess; 1 Phydology of Sex;
1 Elementary Phydology; 1 Pitman
Shorthand; 1 Atlas cf the World.
Dryer Proposed For
British Trip
Victor Dryer, lmperid de-
abater, has bean recommended
by tiw Parliamentary Forum to
Council for conrideration by the
N.P.C.U. as a candidate for a
two-man team to tour Great
Britain In tiw faU ef this year.
Neil Perry, his partner, was
nominated   as th*   dternative
The team will be
of one representative from tiw
eastern Canadian Unlverdtiee,
and one from tiw four western
The federation of students ia
Great Britain which is sponsoring the trip, has agreed to pay
all expenses with the exception
of tips, from Montreal back to
New York or Halifax.
The members ef tiw team will
be ottoson oa tiw beats of scholastic standing, debating ability,
aad eattegs achievements.
Plunkett's Pretty Protegee
Palpitates Pepster's Party
i      ^_——_—_—»—_—_,
Ole Olaen and His Commodore Boys Add Zest to Programme
Featuring "Dumbell" Stan
Vardty Peppers scored another tre-fbrought them back again and again
Student tickets for "Iolanthe" wtil
be available at tiw Auditorium box
office from 11 am to 2 pan. Monday,
Tuesday and Wednesday next week.
These tickets are 25 cants each and
are not reserved. One ticket will be _______
Issued to each student, dthough anjeeived great applause, and the pal
additional one will be Issued upon | pitting pepsters were only quid
presentation ot a signed order from em>d whtn ai md Audre ^g^ a
llttl* skit. Audre won her way info
the hearts of the freshmen when
she appeared in a little girl's dress
of  pink  whatyoumaycalllt,  with  a
mendous triumph at Tuesday's Pep
Meeting. At twdve ten, when th*
performance was scheduled to commence, th* Auditorium was packed
to eapadty. At lead fourteen hundred were present, every seat was
occupied, even th* sacred precincts
of th* publications pew being Invaded. Th* aisles overflowed with
sprawling sophomores.
Th* fird choice item was th* appearance of Ol* Olson and his Commodore Cabaret boys, playing "All-
Canadian Girl." Harry Hill and Ole
hiaself next gave a sterling representation of "Goofus," Ole appearing in a simple smock of homespun
and straw hat, Harry wearing a
countenance that would have made
Chang Su*y green with envy.
Closely following this number, Al
Plunkett mad* his appearance with
a song and severd dy remarks, delivered In the inimitable Plunkett
manner. Audre Carlin next danced
onto the stage wearing—wdl anyway
"Boll on Mississippi, Roll On," was
the  tune she danced to.    She
some other student.
What People Are Saying
Robertson (to latecomers): If you're
coming to the next lecture, you're too
bow In her hair. Al and Audre were
enthusiastically endorsed following
their   appearance   and   the   dudents
before they were allowed to leave,
It seems that when Ptprier Lyle
Stewart arrived at the Vancouvr to
collect his guests tiw only person
in sight was a man who, approaching, asked Lyl* if he were writing
for somebody. "Yes," sdd Lyl*, "for
Al Plunkett, Miss Audre Carlin, and
a pianist."
"I'm it," stated the man facetiously,
and tills delayed proceedings eondd-
erably. When Al, Audre, and severd pepsters had safely gotten on
th* way, and were in fact halfway
across Burrard Bridge, Al suddenly
became uneasy. Looking around he
said unhappily, 'Tm afrdd we've
forgotten the mudc!" And then a
light flashed to the brain of Lyle.
"Mlgawd," he screamed, "we've forgotten the, plsniri!" Ill* poor man
was found wandering around backstage at the Vancouver, half distracted at the prospect of missing one
of Varrity'a far-famed Pep Meetings.
In the time that, remained Bob Osborne Introduced Varsity's Senior A
team, following which Ellensburg
appeared disguised as a scarecrow
hung by the neck. Ole Olsen proved
his ability as an orchestra leader and
demonstrated the sterling qudity of
his band. "Hell's Bells,' '"Pink Elephants," ln which Harry Hill again
panicked the students with his bacch-
analllan antics, under the moat ghastly colors from the spotlight, and
"Brother Can You Spare a Dime,"
Parliament Bldgg.
To Appear For
Not th* mod mudcd of the preparations for the far-famed lolanth*
are the actud vocal rehearsals, for
slowly but surely, to the accompaniment of Incessant booming and banging, tiw Parliament tBulldlngs are
going up on the Auditorium stags.
J. McCance, stags technician, aad
J. Osborne, scenic artist, employed by
both Players' Club for tiw pad M
years and the Mudcd .Sodety an
reproducing tiw scenery as It appeared originally on tiie Savoy stag*
la Lfrr^-tt th* D-Oyle Carte productions.
Th* flrd Is a woodland scan* representing an Arcadian landscape and
the second the Parliament Buildings
st Westminster with the Ifeanws in
the background. Both that* are exact
reproductions from photographs but
about half the Savoy rise. This, In
the opinion of the Mudcd Society Is
Its outstanding year, and It is accordingly making its greeted expenditure tn scenery to date.
Stag* direction ia In the hands of
Edgar S. Smith who has directed
Mudcd Sodety productions for the
pad two years, and Margaret Cottar
of Arte '84.
Totem Stiff Gets
Wind Up re Photos
Notwithstanding the trouble to
which the Annud Staff has gone to
make pidure-taklng this year pleasant and convenient there ere still
som* people on the campus who have
shown an astonishing reluctance to
be photographed. Pictures should
hav* been hi weeks ago, and deadline
la fad approaching. Seme ninety-odd
personal write-ups have not yd been
received and these MUST BE tN by
Monday at th* latest
Following is a ltd cf those people
who hav* not been photographed.
Will these people please make appointments with Artona Studio and
have these pictures taken Immediately. If any mistake has been nude,
kindly notify Totem Editor.
ARTS—Atkinson, J. R.; Harris, A.
A.; Hogg, G. P.; Kagnoff, Morris;
Lang, Jean H.; Niven, Tom.
Lock*, Art Elliott, Bob McMaster, MUt
Share, George Kellet, James R Wilson, Bald Fordyce, Vidd Thomson,
Pros. Radio Club, Pres. Am. Inst
Electricd Engineers, Pres. Panhellenic, Pros. Forestry Club.
MUSICAL SOCIETY-Charles Armstrong, Kay Johnston.
W. U. S.-Pat Ryan.
S. M. U. a-Erlc Parr.
N. U. S—Eile*n Davies.
If any of these people have been
photographed already, please gd In
touch with the Totem Office, In Book
Exchange. Class write-ups and Clubs
and Societies write-ups mud be in
before the 17th of February.
Expressionism In
Modern Theatre,
Discussed by L.C.
Two Papon Given; Scone From
Elmer Rice's "Adding
Machine" Read
"It means not troubling about the
outdde, except ln so far as It expresses th* Jnrid*," Jack Parnell
quoted Galsworthy la an attempt to
explain the theories and practice of
Bxprcsrionism in tiw modem theatre to a tensriy concentrating Letters
Club assembled at th* home Of Mm.
F. O. C .Wood on Tuesday night.
The paper was read by Bonnie
Howard, followed by a second one
on the same subject by Den Cam-
on. The movement wag initiated
by young pod-war Germany. It
was this upheaval of tiw nationd
soul of Germany which explained
tiw ecstatic, mystic, even apocalyptic
nature of mueh cf tbrir literature
produotd ia this period of chaos,"
Bxprtsdon was variously defined
ao "a new technique for tiw purpose
of giving the mod intense effect,"
"an attempt to give... a material
abstraction of Bealtiy," "a difference
in approach to Art, tranderrlng tiw
•mphads from technical display and
imitated surface aspects of nature to
creative form."
A seem from Elmer Blot's "Adding Machine" was read aa an example of •xprtsdbnistic technique.
Sound, color and lighting play Important parts, although the dialogue
ln this play remains understandable.
Different types of •xpresrionism
were described by Don Cameron,
and he duddated severd experiments
Which are being carried on by Bur-
ap#en and American theatres, tn coe
type, tiw actors are picked out by
strong spotlights, while tiw red of
of the theatre is in complete darkness. In another, the auditorium
lights are left up, so that th* audience can feel itself and integrd part
of the action. One extremld deplores the use of human actors at
all, attempting to express emotions
by means ef lights and plastic
received with great applause.
With the lad number "It Don't Mean
a Tiling," the meeting broke up,
everyone hoping that they had not
heard the lad of Ole and his boys,
or of Al Plunkett and Audre Carlin
(Taken from tiw flits cf tiw Ubyssey
February I, 1923)
In February 1918, some unique anonymous person (may his fame live
forever) penetrated th* offices of
tiw Publications Board to use tt*
telephone. Not a very unusual tiling
-plenty of '88 students do tiw same
thing every day. Ah, but listen!
When this paragon had left, tiw astonished Pub board found a niefkd
neatly depodted bedde the phone.
How about continuing this noble
custom, atudenta.
While tiw women frolicked at th*
1188 Hl-Jlnks tiw men, not to be out-
don*, hdd a smoker and banqud
from which all women were ex-
duded under threat ot dreadful penalties. The highlight cf tiw evening
was an interclass blindfold boxing
match. Th* three judges could not
agree whether Leblnham '86 or SChell
'88 won. So th* two who disagreed
were deposed and mad* to tight it
out themselves. Prof. Angus struck
out msnfully for Arts '38 and Dr.
Sedgwick gave him the decirion after
he had tended a neat punch la his
opponents left eye.
—-S. B.-C.
LOST-1 Kit of tools oppodte Stadium. Finder please notify D. Kennedy via Arte tetter rack. Reward.
today-V.CU., Arts _H
Bible dudy, led by Mr. C.
H. Judd.
Arts *S8 relay turnout, aeon,
Alma Mater Ball, Hotel Va»-
couvor, I p.m.
Saturday—Senior A Basketball,
Vardty vs. Province, V.A.C.
Gym, 8 p>m.
Vancouver Institute, Arts let,
8 p.m. Speaker: R. L. Hdd,
K.C„ on "Canadiana from
a Collector's Viewpoint"
Monday—Dr. G.  M.  Weir oa
"Educationd   Problems   In
B.C.,"   Point  Grey  United
Church,   8th   and   Tofaato,
8:15 p.m.
Wednesday-Arts '20 Relay, fcJt
p.m. I*a|t Two
UiUi wiarr
Fed Madeley, Vivian Ltxtor,
3fy* Ibgafipg
<Mtmber C.IP., P.I.P.A.)       Ttlepbone: Point Orey 801
Issutd twice weekly by tht Studtnt Publications Board
of tht Alma Mater Society of tht Unlverdty of British
Columbia. Vancouver, B.C,
Mall Subscriptions: $2.00 par year
Campus Subscriptions: $1.00 per y*ar
EDfTOR-m-CHIEr-r: St John Madeley
Tuesdays Stuart Keate Frldayt Norman Hacking
Sport Editor: Day Washington
News Managtrt Frahccis Lucas
AMOdate Editors: Archie Thompson and John Cornish
Associate Sport Editors ■ Arnold White, Christie FUtcher
Literary Editor Kay Crosby Feature Editor Ouy Palmer
Assistant Editors! Jack Stanton. Zoo Browne-Clayton,
Boyd Agnew, David Jacobson
Exchange Edlton Nancy Miles
rree Lanced E. J. Costain and A. Mayse
Office Assistant: Janet Hlgginbotham.
. .jliMary Cook, Darrtl
iw, Stperaaee *&«*«%_,
IftSS DdW Ste Murray Hunter.
Mary Cook.
Editort Pat Kerr
Associate Editors. Virginia Cummln|s and Ltena Nelson
Assistants; Ruth Madtltf and Hedley S. Fowler
BusUWM Manage*. Beg. Price.
Circulation Manager. J. Balcomb*.
Osculation Assistants: C. fppklnson, Alex Wood aad
VM.WMV- «--^   ^^ ghj^iiion^^^^^^^^^^
The new congtitutlon, a draft of which appears on page 3 of this tggue, is out. President
Whimster assures the Ubyssey that every care
has been taken in its compilation and that the
wording is legal and fool-proof.
There will be an opportunity for students
to ask questions concerning the proposed schedule at the Alma Mater Meeting next week,
although no definite action oan be taken till
two weeks from today.
A careful examination of the constitution
discloses the fact that Council is given
slightly more power than they have had before. Whether this is good policy or not, is
a debatable point.
It seems to us that if we are to have a centralised government, anything that tends towards putting more power Into the hands of
the board of directors should be considered a
step In the right direction. On the other hand,
ia the question of whether the system of central control is the Wt possible system. We are
inclined to aay no.
Since centralization has been the objective
Apes and Ivory
By Arthur Mayse
Occ. Obs. descends like an avalanche upon
my book reviewer but she alao gives me the
poem that won lor her the Letter's Club laurel,
and ig accordingly pardoned.
You who sack Beauty, listen, I hav* found her,
Shining with star-dust, quivering Ilk* light;
Snowy, ouster*, in som* grave glimmering mountain,
Or swirling skywards in a swallow's flight.
I have heard robins In the crystal morning,
I have smelt plum-flower In the white of noon,
I have seen trees against the sky st sunset,
And lawns spread softly underneath th* moon.
And, for my solace, after days of discord-*
TO bring this gift the cool; far stars sweep low-
A diver hush upon a purple garden,
And lilac perfume In the afterglow.
"That's very nice," said Peter, looking over
my shoulder. "What's next, BUl?"
"Go look in the drawer," I instructed him.
"There «hould be something laid by."
Peter came back, face puckered tragically.
"There isn't," he mourned. "What shall w§
"Give me that poem you were working on,
and I'll try to write a short, short, short story."
Now here, set down in due order, are
Peter's poem and my short, short, short story!
'   Correspondence   '
Editor, Ubyssey,
Dear Sir;
Wo wish to draw attention to the
mod Inconsiderate conduct of a certain class or group of Second Year
Artsmen. They have not got the
common decency to respect outdde
speakers who com* out at noon
hours to address th* Engineering So-
ddy on tht campus. Even an Arts-
man should realise that th* time to
arrive at a nvsding is not more than
10 minutes late, and it is not exactly
polite to dam doors and otherwise
make loud noises so dear to the heart
of a sophomore while a prominent
enghwer is addressing a meeting,
These interruptions have been continued for severd meetings, but laat
Wednesday they war* particularly
disgusting. If stats for lectures mud
be obtained, surely an open meeting
of a campus organisation dots not
havt to be disrupted in the process.
Hoping that this complaint will be
road by and hav* Its effect on these
Imbeciles, we remain
Friday, February 10,1933
Wh*r* th* blossoms sway under th* moon
I and my friends want by,
Swinging along to an aprish tune
(Ap*-folk singing under tiw moon!)
And th* gladded of apes was I.
(Her* Peter, overcome by grid, leaves a break
to be filled In by the Individual reader)
Homeless under th* northern moon
I dream that my friends go by,
Breaking my heart with an aprish tune
(Ape-folk singing under tha moon!)
And th* sadderi of apes was I.
It waa dark in the glacier, but when the
party put on the rope in the shadow of the
buttress the sky waa lightened with predawn
glory. , Wes was growling to himself while
the alpine rope that linked him to the next
man snaked jerkily into the chimney.
He had joined thia party in the dark, and
of campus politicians for the past five years, they hadn>t toW him there WM a womjm in
it is almost hopeless to attempt to move towards decentralization.
We prefer not to take any definite stand
on the new constitution just at present. We
think it better for all concerned if the students
consider this problem for themselves and come
to their own conclusions, without the goadings
of a set policy from the student newspaper.
Once again students are requested to sign
away some of their caution money. There is
a feeling among some students that this continual demand for caution money has become a
tiresome habit. Nevertheless tiie need is urgent and the whole student body should respond with their usual generosity.
Many students feel that the stadium problem is no concern of theirs. It is their concern.
The stadium was built through student effort
and it must be completed through student effort. As it stands it is a wasted investment.
It requires only the price of two shows to
make up ihe amount signed away in the caution wavers.
The stadium is your property. Even if certain students may never benefit from its use,
they should realize that a completed stadium
will benefit the university as a whole. With a
little concentrated co-operation from the student body, the stadium should be ready for
use next autumn, but only if there is wholehearted response to the plea for caution
How about it?
A list of some of the brilliant achievements
of chemistry graduates from this university
was published in last week's Ubyssey. Facts
such as those should be given widespread
publicity throughout the province. The best
way to spread this very necessary information
is for the students themselves to see that it
reaches the right quarters.
Last year the Student Publicity Committee
did valuable work. It would be folly to let
their work lapse for lack of initiative. The
question of the government grant is bound to
come up again in the near future and the
student body should be prepared to present
incontrovertible proof to the public of this
province that their university is really worthwhile.
It until the last minute. Not that he had anything against women—but Hall's Fireplace was
a climb for men, strictly for men, and for men
only. This he announced audibly, swearing
into his whiskers as he began the long vertical
crawl. Back and knee—friction holds where
one clung with chest and cheek and progressed
mainly by will power—Wes wondered how
long tiie woman, somewhere overhead in the
grey light, would last. They'd get her there
somehow, of course; tiie leader understood his
game, and by the motion of the rope he knew
that the man ahead was a veteran climber.
He was struggling with a bad stretch now,
where the chimney narrowed to a mere slash
hardly large enough for his body. Wes shortened the distance between them and waited,
with the rope belayed precariously to a ragged
spur in case of accidents. 'About the only part
of his predecessor visible was his feet. Feet
shod with heavy alpine boots, shapeless from
previous batterings, but armed with a businesslike set of triconis, tiie terrible climbing-nails
that take one securely over crag and icefield
alike. They were kicking fire from the chimney now, those triconis, clawing and scraping
for a hold that would jack the climber up the
near-overhang to the easier pitch above. Wes
watched anxiously. One slip would pluck
them both away like flies from a wall; the alpine rope, even with its high breaking strain,
might not stand the vicious double jerk of
two falling bodies. Not even if it were belayed
above, which was doubtful. He breathed a
sigh of relief as the climber squirmed slowly
over by holds barely visible to the eye, then
tackled the bad place himself, coolly enough,
but swearing at every painful contortion. He
slipped once. The rope tightened instantly,
yanked at just the right moment, and by
steady, skilfully applied help brought him
Wes appreciated that bit of work, for he
wasn't exactly young, and a dive down Hell's
Fireplace was rather a grim joke. Now that
the worst was over he climbed in leisurely
fashion, letting the rope lengthen again. The
chimney spewed him out at last to the little
rock platform at the top. He shook his hair
from his eyes and looked about for his next-
in-line—spotted him at once by tiie triconi-
shod feet that projected from the shadows.
"Thanks, fella," he said.
"Don't mention it!" A slim, scratched hand
offered him cigarettes, and the woman of the
party grinned  into his blank face over the
Editor, Ubyssey,
Dear Sir:
Occasional Observations does not
agree with my "Spouting* on tht
Fountain." Well, that Is only to bt
expected. Who ever heard ef a women with any sort of sympathy for
mtthaphydes. the rtvitw should
have been entitled For Men Only.
It was only that I did not want to
appear to hav* assumed the band
garb of a "Mysogynlst" that all "In-
ellectuals" assume that I did not put
this heading there. The rsgretable
feature of this whole affair ii that
I am on the dde of the majority of
reviewers, truly regrettattri Never-
thdest lt Is characteristic that perhaps th* only Intelligent woman in
fiction, (charity forbids us to discuss Uf*) is bring berated by a woman as "boringly Introspective."
D. B.
ftov. Elbtrt Paul Is giving a series
of Sunday evening addresses dealing
with topics related to the matters
stressed by the leaders of th* Oxford
Oroup Movement. All studtnts of
tht Unlverdty ar* cordially invited
to com* and hear thott mod interesting and timely addresses. They
ar* as follows:
February H—'Tiw Experience of
February 1»-"A Ood Who Leads."
February 38—"The life Changer."
Students holding book exchange receipts are asked to call at th* Book
Exchange office between 11 and 2
and get them exchanged for pay
vouchers which will be cashed at the
accountant's .office. Warning is hereby given that these vouchers will not
be payable indefinitely.
Class pins for the following classes
are now available In the accountant's
office: Arts '85, '36 and Science '36.
The sum ef on* hundred dollars
haa been placed In the hands of the
Bursar by the High School Teachers'
Association. This is to be used for
the purpose of making loans to graduate students of this unlverdty who
are taking a course in Teachur Training. All applications should be
handed ln to the Registrar.
Technocratic   Lack-
(Continued from Pag* On*)
tendency on the part of some of its
advocates to claim that all our social
problems were technological problems. While admitting the vital effect of any economic sydem on the
life of the people Mr. Paul affirmed
that Christ represented a disclosure
of attitudes and vdue essential to
true living and that His challenge
to men today was jud as valid a one
in the field of human and spiritual
relationship as that of the findings
of modern science in their particular
fields of interest.
Bancroft Studio Dance — Sat. 3:30-7
"Jud Where The Bus Stops"
Pt. Orey 67, Night Calls Elliott IBM
4479 W. Tenth Ave., Van., B. C.
Manuscripts, Essays, Theses, Etc.
Mimeographing, French
Barber Shop
Our Motto IS Satisfaction
Ladies' and Gentlemen's
4473 10th Avenue West
From coast to coast Canadian
smokers are becoming more
and more  decided in their
preference for Winchester
Cigarettes. More rapidly than
any other Canadian cigarette,
Winchesters have won their
way to the top in public
favour ...
There is something in knowing
bow to mike cigarettes.
Imperial Tobacco Company of Canada, Limited.
Class and Club
V. c. v.
On Friday in Arts 304 at 13:10 Mr.
C H. Judd, secretary of the China
Inland Mission, will speak to the
Union. Mr. Judd hasllved In China
for 43 years.
Tiw Union Is conducting th* evening service at Wad Vancouver Bap-
tiri Church on Sunday and all dudents who ar* reddents of this district are cordially Invited to attend.
There will be a meeting in App.
Sc. 237 at Noon Monday, February
The ski races this year will be as
Thunderblrd Race starting from cab-
In 10:00 a.m. Sunday, February 19
Dam Mtn. Down Hill Race starting
from Dam Mtn. Snow Pole 10:30
a.m. Sunday, February 26; Women's
Race starting at 11:00 a.m. Sunday,
February 36.
The Parliamentary Forum will" meat
next Tuesday In Arts 100 at 7:30 to
discuss the resolution: "Resolved that
Democracy as Accepted In Anglo-
Saxon Countries Is a Failure." Marvin
Darrach will lead the Government and
Oeorge Luxton the Opporitien.
Jacoby ltw«
48 Hamilton Street
Maufacturing Jewellers
and Prit* cups
Engagement Rings
From $88.00
Watches • Signet Rings • Class
Pins - Frat Emblems - Fountain
Pens - Birthday Cards - Bridge
"Some Aspects of Japanese Poetry" ;
by Yukio Takahashi, will be presented |
next Tuesday, February 14th, at the
home of Mrs. John Ridington, 4512.
Wed Id Avenue.
Popular Rendezvous for
All Student Functions
Tea Dansants
Class Partite
SEY.  5742
Bancroft Studio Dance — Sat. 3:30-7 Bancroft Studio Dance — Sat. 3:36-7
Let's Vitit Europe this Summer!
Persondly Conducted Tours. Fares include aU expenses from Victoria
and Vancouver to British Isles, through Europe and return.
Educative Vacations for Canadian Youth
(18 years and under)
7 Countries—52 Days—All Expenses Included—$675.
Leave Vancouver July 2nd; Return August 22.
• Countries—42 Days—AU Expenses Included—6475.
Leave Vancouver July 2nd; Return August 22.
Take advantage of these very low rates—enrol now. For full
Information cdl or write to
Cinidiin-Amerioin Overseas Ante Teurs Ltd.
University Book Store
Hours: * a.m. to S p.m.; Saturdays, 0 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Loose-Leaf Note Books, Exercise Books and Scribblers
at Reduced Prices
Graphic and Engineering Paper, Biology Paper.
Loose-Leaf Refills, Fountain Pens and Ink.
Ink and Drawing Instruments.
Crepe Paper for Masquerades, etc.
Friday, February 10,1933
Page Three
Proposed New
Section 6, 37-"Sori*Ust Act"
(1) The name of thc Society is the
"Alma Mater Society ef tiw Unlver-
slty of Br ltish Columbia"
'   (I) The objects of th* Sodety are:
(a) To promote, direct and control
all student activities within the Unlverdty of British Columbia as represented In the following atsoolationi
and societies and thtir subddiary or-
1. The Undergraduate Sodotits.
8. The Literary and Scltntine Ex-
3i The Athlrtto Associations.
1 Th* Students' Publications
(b) To advance the eauae of higher
toarning la the Province of British
ia) To promote unity and good wiU
amongrt it mtmberr,
(d) To acquire by gift, bequed,
tiaat, twehtngt or purchase spy landti ^
buildings or hereditaments, whether
freehold or leasehold, for the Use of
mswm  '
<t) To erect on such lands say
buildinp or Imprevtmtnto nictattry
for Ihe proper use and occupation of
tiie sslno by the Sodotyi
(f) To take or otherwise acquire
and hold shares or dock dtbtnturet,
debenture dock, heads, obligations
and ttcurttttt Issued by ahy btn*vb-
lent or charitable Society or Company
within the Province of British Columbia or dstwhare;
(g) Subjed to the provldon* con-
talntd in Clause 10 of Sodttitt Ad
to borrow, raise and secure the payment of money In such manner as tne
Sodety ices Kit, andln particular by
the Issue of debentures;
(3) The operations of the Sodety
are to be chiefly carried on at the
Unlverdty of British Columbia, Unlverdty Section, Point Orey, Province
of British Columbia.
By-Law N*. 1,-The Society shall
be compottd of active m*mb*rs and
honorary members,
(a) "Active Members'' shall com-
prise aU r*glster*d undtrgraduate
studtnts of th* Unlverdty of British
Columbia, the Anglican Theological
College and the Union CoBega ef
British Columbia, graduates, undergraduates and partid students who
have pdd the feat of the Sodety for
the current season. An undergraduate
student shall mean a dudent who
has not received a degree from this
v Unlverdty, taking a regular full
course in any faculty, or taking a
course partly in one year and partly
ln another year ln any faculty, and
a graduate dudent doing work for a
double degree.
(b) "Honorary Members" shall
comprise aU graduates of the University, members of the Faculty, and
others upon whom honorary membership may, from time to time, be conferred.
By-Law No. 2—Any member of the
society may bt expelled from the so-
Bancroft Studio Dance — Sat 3:30-7
After the
Alma Miter Ball
on Friday—where else to
drop in for that "little
something" but at Scott's,
where you will meet your
Or why not have that Dinner Party there before the
722 Granville Street
clety by a resolution passed by a
seventy-five per cent majority vote of
the members of the Students' Council.
By-Law No. 3-The Society shall
hold two regular gtntral; meetings
each year, ont of which shdl be held
within the first fifteen dtyt of the
Fall term, and shall be known as the
"Seml-annud Meeting," and tht
other during the lad week in March
in each year, which shall bt known as
tho "Annud Meeting."
(1) At th* sdd Sami-annud Meeting the treasurer shall present a fin-
anciri statement for the preceding
ytar; tha auditors shall makt a report for the preceding ytar ending
June 30th; and th* secretary shsil
outline the policy of the Sodety for
the coming year. At the Berai-Aaaual
Moating any business arislng<out of
the activities of the Sodety may. be
(2) At the Annual Meeting the
treasurer shall make a financial report ol cash rooripts end disbursements to the 15th day of March cf the
calendar year In which the meeting
it hdd; the auditors shall he appointed;
sad the secretory shall make a rtport
of cash reedpta and disbursements
to the Uth day of March of th* od-
cedar year In which the meeting is
hdd; tiw auditors shall b* appointed;
and the secretary shdl makt a report
upon the activities for the year.
(8) Special Oeaeral Meetings of the
Sodety may be convened at any time
by tiw President upon rcsdution cf
the Students* Coundl, or upon a request in writing, duly signed by one
hundred active members of the Soddy in good standing. Up business
shall be transacted at any Spodd
meeting except that for which the
moating has been convened.
(4) Active members only shall be
entititd to vote at meetings of the
Sodety and each active member In
good standing shaU be tntitltd to one
vote only. Honorary members may
take part in discussions, but shall
not be entitled to vote. Voting by
proxy at any mooting of the Society
shall not be allowed.
(5) Thirty-three and one-third per
cent of the active members for the
current session, present in person,
shall constitute • quorum at any
meeting of the Sodety.
By-Law No. 4—(1) tbe name of
the Executive of the Sodety shall bo
"Students' Coundl," and tha members
of the Students' Coundl, for the time
bring, shdl be tho Directors of the Society.
(3) The members of th* Students'
Coundl shall be elected annually in
th* manner provided in th* regulations of the Society.
(3) The duties and powers of the
members of tht Students' Coundl
shall be provided ha th* regulations
of the Sodety.
(4) The Officers of the Society
shall be Honorary Preddent, Honorary Vice-President, Preddent, Vice-
President, Secretary, and Treasurer,
together with such other officers as
the Society in general meeting may
by resolution determine.   The duties
[of the active officers shall be as follows:
(a) The Preddent shall predd* at
all meetings of the Society and of
the Students' Council. He shall be
an ex officio member of all committees of the Society and the Students'
CouncU, and shall carry out all such
other duties as usually faU to th*
office of a preddent of a society.
(b) The Vice-President shall assume and carry out th* duties of til*
Preddent during his absence.
(c) The Secretary shaU prepare and
keep minutes of aU meetings cf the
Sodety and of the Students' Coundl,
and shdl be retpondble for conducting aU correspondence of tho Students'
Council and til* Society, And shall
hav* such further duties as may, from
time to time, be prescribed by til*
regulations of the Society or by resolution of the Students' Council-
(d) The Treasurer shaU take
charge of and be responsible for the
'unds of the Society, and shall carry
out aU such other duties as usually
fall to the office of treasurer, or aa
may be prescribed, from time to time,
by the regulations ot the Society or by
resolutin of the Students' CouncU.
By-Law No. 5.—Subject to the provisions contained In Clause 10 of the
Societies' Act, the Studenta' Coundl
may, for the purpose of carrying out
th* objects of th* Society, borrow,
raise or secure the repayment of such
■mm or sums of money in such manner and upon such terms and conditions in all respects as the Students'
Council may by resolution prescribe,
and In particular by the Issue of
bonds, perpetual or redeemable de-
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Valentine's Day?
bemures, or any mor*g^_ ige or
other security on the who.t or any
part of the property or assets ot the
Sodety, both present and future, Including aU fees or membership dues
now or hereafter due or payable.
By-Law No. I.—(1) The auditors of
the A. M. 0. shaU be appointed by the
Society at th* Annud Gtnerd Meri-
ing and shaU bt pdd such remuneration aa the Studenta1 Coundl shall
(3) The auditors of tho Sodety
shsil have a right of access at all timas
to aU the books and records of the
Society and dl subddiary sodttits,
and shall be entitled to r*qulre from
any and aU mtmbtrs or officers of
Sodety and dl subddiary sodttitt,
[such information and explanation as
may be necessary for the performance
of the duties of the auditors.
(3) The auditors shaU make an annud report for the preceding session
ending June 30th to the members of
the Sodety on the accounts examined
by them and the report ahsU state:
(a) Whether or not they have obtained aU the Information and explanation they have required.
(b) Whether in thdr opinion the
balance inert referred to In the report Is properly drawn up so as to
exhibit a true and eorreot view of the
Society's affairs aooordlng to tip bed
of thtir information and the *xplsn-
ations given to them and as shown by
the books of the Society.
(4) In addition to the aforesaid report tht auditors ShaU make interim
reports to the Sodety as of October
Urt and February 88th each year,
which reports shall comply with the
requircmenti of this By-law.
By-Law No. I.—The seal of the So-
doty shall not be affixed to any instrument except by the authority of a
I resolution cf the Students* CouncU
or of the Society, and In th* presenoe
of such officers of the Sodety as may
[bo prescribed in and by any suoh resolution, or if no officers are pro-
scribed by the resolution* In the presence of the Preddent and the Secretary: and such officers shall sign every
Instrument to which the sed of the
Sodety is so affixed In thdr pre-,
sence. The ted of tht Society shaU
be kept In,tht custody of the Store-
tary or such other person, firm or
corporation as the Students' Coundl
may, from time to time, appoint
By-Law No. 8,~(1) Tht By-laws of
the Society may be amended only in
accordance with Section 33, subsection 8, of the Sodetico' Act of the
Province of British Columbia. The
amendmenta may be initiated by the
Students' Coundl after an unanimous
vote or b$ any member of the Society, provided that the proposed
amendment shall be submitted to tha
Secretary in writing rigned by not less
than one hundred members of the Society entitled to vote.
(2) The manner in which an
amendment or amendments to the
Constitution take place shall be as
provided in the regulations of the
By-Law, No. 9, — Minutes of aU
meetings of the Society and of the
Students' Council shall be prepared
by the Secretary of the Society, and
of all meetings of subddiary organizations of the Society and their executives by the respective secretaries
of such organisations, and dl suoh
minutes shaU be kept at the of float
of the Society, Auditorium Building,
University of British Columbia.
By-Law No. 10.—The books and records of th* Society may be Inspected
by members In good standing at th*
Offices of th* Society, Auditorium
Building, Unlverdty of British Columbia, Point Orey, on any business
day during University term between
the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.
By-Law No. 11.—The Society shdl
have power to make sudh regulations
from time to time as it may deem
necessary or advisable concerning the
activities of any of its subddiary societies or any other student society or
organisations, and to repeal, vary,
alter and amend the same from time
to time as it sees fit, in such manner
as may be provided in any regulations made by the Sodety or by tiie
Students' CouncU on its behalf.
By-Law No. 12.—The Society shall
have power to enact by resolution a
code conristing of Articles relative to
the conduct of dudent affairs, or any
branch or part thereof, and to alter,
amend, vary, repeal or abrogate the
same, from time to time, as it may see
fit in such manner as may be provided by its regulations or by any
regulations made from time to time
by resolution of the Studenta' Council.
833 Granville
Phone Sev. "'
ARTICLE I-Definltlons
1. A Freshman shall be any student taking at least nine units or its
equivalent in the first year of any
A Sophomore shall be any student
who has completed nine units or its
equivdent ln the first year of any
A Junior shall be any student who
has completed nine units or its equivalent ln the second y^ar of any Fac-
A Senior shall b? nny student win
N-"h  completed  tlv  '; -'   nnd  s^cv '
■••   "nd   wh"   '' - ■•-!->'   y
!f<?    rir    its    PfJ" y    th"    *tV
a    i- th--  K  ■•
A TICLE O—New Organisations
1.  Any proposed student organize-.
tion for any activity under the Society ShaU make appUcatlon to tha J
. u._   Council for permission to
organise. #
8. Any student organization not
'subsidiary to the Society ahaU make
application in writing on or before
the 30th day of October In each ses-
don to th* Students' CouncU for
i pcrmisdon to use th* Univ*rrit)t
nam* and crtri. With tht appUcatlon tho foUowing information regarding tht organisation making appUcatlon ahaU be submitted:
(a) Names
Alms and objects;
Conditions of memberships
(d) "Comptete llri of aU members!
(•) Complete llri of officers.
The Sodety ahaU hold student
members of such organisations re-
spondbl* to the Soddy for tht can-
dud of the organisation in any way
in which It may be held dirtctiy or
Indirectly to affect the Unlverdty.
8. Organisations act subddiary to
the Society and not applying as in
Section I shove and not obtaining
recognition by tiw Sodriy shdl not
use the Unlverdty name, orad or
netloe boards.
ABTICLE m-Students* CouncU
Tht name ef tiw executive cf tht
Soctoty shatt be "The Students' Council," and tite members of the Students' CouncU for the time being
shdl be directors of the Sodety.
1 Th* •members of tile Students'
CouncU shsU be:
(s) Th* Honorary Preddent who
shall be the Preddent ef tbe Unlverdty of British Columbia.
(b) The honorary viee-erorident,
who shall bo elected annuaUy at a
Joint meeting cf the Incoming and
outgoing Studenta' Councils;
(e) The President, who shaU be
an undergraduate of a graduating
class of any Faculty who has attended tho University of British Col nobis tor at lead two years;
(d) Th* secretary, who shaU he
an undergraduate'in any Faculty and
who shaU have completed tht Sophf
omort ytar;
(t) The treasurer, who diaU be an
undergraduate who shall have completed thtBophomora year and who
shaU not be hi th* graduating year
of any Faculty;
(f) The preddent of th* Literary
and Scientific Executive, who shaU be
an undergraduate of any Facutly who
shall hav* oompleted the Sophomore
(g) Th* preaident of tht Mtn't
Athletic Association who ahaU be an
undergraduate of any Faculty who
shaU hav* completed the Junior
(h) The president of the Men's
Undergraduate Society, who shdl be
an undergraduate member of the
graduating class of any Faculty.
(i) The preaident of the Women's
Athletic Association, who shdl be an
undergraduate of any Faculty who
has completed the Sophomore year;
(j)   The preddent of the Women's
Undergraduate Society, who shall be
an undergraduate of the graduating^
class of any Faculty;
(k) The Junior member, who
shall have completed the Sophomore
year and shall not be in the graduating year ot any Faculty.
3. The officers of the Sodety shdl
(a) The honorary president;
(b) Th* honorary vice-preddent;
(c) The vice-preddent; who thaU
bt tht president of the Women's Un
dergraduate Society. In the event
of the preddent of the Alma Mater
Sodety being a women, th* vice-
preddent ahaU be the preddent of
the Men's Undergraduate Sodety.
3. The duties of the members of
the Students' CouncU shall be:
(a) The honorary president and
the honorary vice-preddent shaU act
!ln an advisory capacity and shaU be
mediums of good wUl between the
Society and the general public;
(b) The preddent shall preside at
all meetings of the Society and of
the Studenta' CouncU. He ahaU be
ex officio a member of all committees of the Society and shall undertake dl such other duties as usually
fdl to the office of a preaident of a
(c) The secretary shall take the
minutes of all the meetings of the
Students' CouncU and of the Society
and shall conduct all correspondence
o_ the Students' CouncU and keep
on file copies of aU letters written
and received by the Society or by
the secretary, which relate to the
affairs of the Society. The secretary
shall read the annual reports of the
subsidiary organizations at the annual meeting of the Society and shall
k_ep the minute books and secretarial records of the Society.
(d) The treasurer on assuming office shall at the expense of the Society provide a fidelity bond in the
sum of $2,000.00 in a company selected by the Students' Council. The
treasurer shall take charge of and
be responsible for the funds of the
SoH-'tv. H« shall Immediately upon
receipt of any funds deposit the same
)-« -, "hi''*»,"'"d bank selected by the |
"fi^onf' Council. The treasurer
"Vli not disburse anv funds except,
r, ..-„„,-,rt of bills certified by the
"♦,,j*„t.,' Coime'l. pnd then only by
•>    •>,",,■,„   *i---fi   fe„   the   treasurer
. •      ,,^.,„r.|r^,pri  i„,  »>,e president
■ >i.    ",-)ntv   „. v,,. ♦»,„ two slsn-
dents 'CouncU. the treasurer shall
keep careful account of and be retpondble for all moneys received and
disbursed by him, and shall file all
bills, receipts and vouchers, fit shdl
render a statement of tht finances of
the Sodriy to tht Studenta' Coundl
each month, and at any other time
on the written requed of the CouncU. Tht treasurer shaU obtain a
financial report of each activity or
function within fourteen days of th*
date of such activity erf unction
and shsil prttent It to tht Studtnts' Coundl. The treasurer shatt
prepare the budget of the 8ocl«ty i
man the estimates of the proposed expenditurti of tht Undergraduate Sodrites, tiie Literary and
Scientific Executive, tbe Athletic Associations Ind1 tbi Student PubUcations Board, and present It ln the
fourth week of th* FaU term te tit*
Student-' Coundl for adoption. Th*
treasurer -*">_ii also do such other
work as is usually done by a treasurer of a society;
(e) The Junior member shall bt
feting president of the Freshman
Clam during tiw FaU term, tie shaU
be rttpondalt for the assignment of
rooms sad bdl off toss sad ShaU be
In charge ef Homecoming sctlvitltt
and shsil have such other duties as
are assigned to him by tht Students*
(f) The preddent of the literary
and Sdtntlfic Executive snail be re*
tponrible to the Students' Coundl
for all student activities other then
publications, athlttios and sociri
functions or activltitt;
<g) Tbe president of the Mtn's
Athletic Association shsU bo respon-
dblt to the Students' Coundl for aU
men's athletic activities;
(h) The president of the Men's
Undergraduate Sodety shall be re-
spondblo for the men's" Initiation,
dlsolpUne, and att undtrgraduate so-
dd functions not under tht control
of the Womtn't Undergraduate Society;
(I) Tli* preddent of the Women's
Athletic Association shall be re-
spondblo to the Students' Coundl
for aU women's athletio activities;
<J) Tbe preddent of the Women's
Undergraduate Sodety Shall be In
charge ef aU women's sodd activities, induding the women's Initiation, and shall ad as viot-prtdd*nt
of the Society and shall take over
and perform aU the dutitt of tht
president during his absence from or
InabUlty to attend at any mooting;
4. The Students' Coundl shall:     I
(a) Ad aa a Board of Directors
of the Society;
(b) Be the only recognised medium between th* Soctoty and (1) the
Unlverdty authorities, (8) th* gen-
•rd public;
(c) Have control of all affiliated
student activities, subject to th* ap-
prbval of the Society and the Faculty
Committee of Student Affairs;
(d) Appoint two of its members
to sit with the president of the Society on the Joint Committee of Student Affairs;
(e) Constitute Itself a Court of
Appeal from the decisions of the
Discipline Committee, and as such
shall be empowered to ratify aU the
decisions of the said Committee;
(f) Meet regularly each week
during the session and shdl hold
special meetings as occadon may
■ (g) Have power to engage and
pay such assistants as lt may require
or deem necessary for tht efficient
carrying om of th* work of th* business office and of other activities of
the Sodety;
(h) Wlthki one week,,after the
lad day of the Spring term assume
office at a Joint meeting with the
retiring Students' Council;
(i) Hav* fuU control of aU activities under the Society and any rule
made by lt in connection with any
such activity shdl be considered as
final and binding, subject, however,
to a power of annulment vested in
the Faculty Committee of Student
Affairs which ia subject to appeal
to the Joint Committee of Student
Affairs and to the Senate of the University ot British Columbia; or by
resolution of the Soddy.
5. The elections of the members
of the Students' Council shall be
conducted as foUows:
(a) The president shaU be elected
on the second Tuesday in March. All
other members shall be elected on
the third Tuesday In March;
(b) Nominations for aU officers
shall be hi the hands of the secretary of the Society by 5 p .in. on the
Wednesday preceding election day;
(c) Nominations shsil be rigned
by not less than ten active members
and shdl be posted by the secretary
on the Students' CouncU bulletin
board upon completion;
(d) No student shall sign the
nomination llri for more than one
candidate for each office;
(e) Active members only shall J
have the prlvUege of voting at these [
elections; I
(f) The elections shall be by!
(preferential) baUot; ]
(g) No  dudent shaU  hold  morel
than  one  office   on   the   Students'
CouncU during any one session;        >
(h) After the ballots have been)
counted, the returning officer shdl
place them ln a package, which package shall be seded In the presence
of the scrutineers and preserved until after the annud meeting of the
(I) Polling booths shsil be open
from 10 a.m. to 4 a.m. on election
(j) AU elections shall be In
charge of th* Election Committee,
which Committee shsU be appointed
by th* Studanta' CouncU, and tha
elections shall bo conducted to comply with tht aforesaid sections, and
such further regulations as th* said
Committee shaU make from timt to
time and which art not inconsistent
with the sdd -foresaid sections.
1. Th* funds of th* Soctoty shdl
flotudd of thc foUowing:
(s) An annud ft* of $10.00 collected from each member by the
Burtar under th* authority of the
Board of Oovtrnort or collected in
such manner as the Students' Coundl may arrange and shati be payable not later than tht lad dap for
payment of the FaU term Unlverdty
(b) All moneys received by student organisations under th* Sodety.
Ibest montys shall be remitted to
tiie business office of tht Soddy.
8, Applications for a refund of
fees of tiie Sodety shall bo nude hi
writing and deUvtred to the ttcrt-
tery of the Sodety on or before the
31st day of October of th* current
8. The budget of the Sodety ShsU
be prepared by the treasurer from
tht estimates of tht proposed expenditure of the Undergraduate Sodttits, the Literary and Scientific
Executive, tht Athletic Associations
and the Student PubUcations and
presented in th* fourth week of he
I*aU term to tho Studtnts' Coundl
for adoption.
4 The sdd ettlmatos shatt be in
th* hands of th* treasurer before tho
third week of tho Fall term.
8. Any student organization under tbe Society may spend money
for the purposes and to tht amount
prescribed for its use in tht sdd
budget, but ShaU not spend moneys
which are not proscribed in the budget except by spectal permisdon ln
writing tint had and obtained from
the Students' Coundl
1 All moneys raised by donations
to the Women's Union BuUdlng Fund
and proceeds ef special functions of
the Women's Undergraduate Soddy
Shall be depodted in a trad fund for
the permanent Women's Union BuUdlng and shall be administered by th*
Women's Undergradaute Sodety subjed to the approvd of the Students'
ABTICLE V^-Beportt
1. The annud report from tho
secretaries and finance managers of
the Undergraduate Societies, th* literary and Scientific Executives, tht
Athletic Associations and each of
their subsidiary Organizations shaU
be in the hands erf the secretary of
the Society within ten days from
the date of the election of the preddent of the said organization-
2. A special report shaU be submitted at any time at the requed of
the Students' Council.
ABTICLES VI—Faculty Committee
The Faculty Committee on Suu-
dent Affairs shall be the flrd medium
bewteen th* dudent body and the
Unlverdty authorities. The Society
and th* Studtnts' Council shdl at
aU times be entitled to caU upon the
sdd Committee to confirm tiie activities of the Society by endorsing
from time to time its proposals and
ABTTVLE m-Jo-nt dJmmJttoe
AU matter! concern-hg1 which a
conference is deemed advisable shall
be referred to a Jolni Committee of
Student Affairs which ShaU be composed of three representatives of the
Faculty and three members of the
Students' CouncU. Should this Committee not endorse the proposals of
tht Society lt may amend or annul
them and Its decision ShaU be con-
ddered as the combined judgment
of the Faculty and studenta. A minority of two members of this Committee with the consent of the
Chairman of the Committee may apped to the Senate on any decisions
made by the Committee. The office
cf Chairman of the Committee shdl
be held by one of the Faculty members and he shall in event of a tie
vote on any question be entitled to
a second or casting vote.
ABTICLE vm.—Sociri Functions
1. A joint meeting of th* executives of the Men's Undergraduate
Society, the Women's Undergraduate
Society, the Men's Athletic Association and the Women's Athletic Association shall arrange a schedule
of social functions and athletic activities under the jurisdiction of the
Sodety for the current year. This
schedule shall be presented to the
Students' CouncU for ratification not
later than the end of the third week
in the Fall term.
2. AU organizations under the jurisdiction of the Society, including
all Fraternitiea and Sororities, desiring to hold any major function
shall first secure the permission In
writing of the Students' CouncU.
3. Attendance at University dances
shaU be restricted to members of
the Sodety and guests. Guests shall
(a) Honorary guests, who shaU
comprise such persons as the Alma
Mater Society sees fit to invite.
(Balance of Constitution wUl appear
In Tuesday Issue.) THE UBYSSEY
Friday, February 10, IMS
University Basketball Teams
Make Complete Cleanup Tuesday:
Senior A Down Ellensburg 35-27
Swiiior "A" Outfit Displays Class
Half-time Score 21*8
At U.B.C. Team
Runs Riot
Maybe It was some hidden power
in Hooker Wright's long stoeltings;
maybe lt was the superlative exhibition of the Senior "B" team, ov maybe it was something dst that inspired Vanity's Senior "A" basketbaU team Tuesday night; but whatever tt was proved to be so potent
a fens that the Ideal lads fought
their way to a thrilling 86-17 victory
over tiw much-touted and heavily-
backed EUensburg Normal quintette,
and wen tiw admiration of every Individual who was fortunate enough
to bo a spectator.
The VAC. team turned on the beat
right from the opening minute of
play and literally burned up the opposition with thdr smart, fart-
breaking offensive plays, and thtir
impregnable sone-defense. With th*
exception of about seven minutes in
the second half when tho EUensburg
squad staged a scoring rally that
brought them to within one point of
tying tho score, Coach Allen's outfit
had a dtddtd advantage at all times,
scoring from every angle after spectacular rushing plays.
Contrasting Stylos ef Way
A feature of th* conted was tht
unfaltering speed of the Blue and
Oold squad, contrasted with the comparatively dower and more methodical style of the. Yankees. Vardty
pinned thdr faith to fast-breaking
plays and won, whereas th* deUber-
ato and much dower style of the
Normdltes  proved  their  undoing.
It wss not the esse of one or two
individuals starring, that won the
gam* for th* loed boys, for the
whole team functioned as a single
unit and with nice precision. They
reeled off 31 points to EUensburg's
I to the fird stoma, but were out-
scored by S points after the red
Ken Wright and Bardstey Top-Scours
Individud honors go to Ken "Hooker" Wright who played a whirlwind
game of basketball and accounted
for IS points. Ht Uvtd up to his reputation and put in severd boskets
via the one-hand route to draw a
big band from the crowd. Smiling
Jimmy Barddey wu next In the line
with 8 points to his credit. He had
the crowd In a frenzy In the flrd
half when he snared three baskets
In loss than half as many minutes.
lint Half Att Vanity's
lbs flrd oanto devdoped toto a
U.B.C. parade to BUansburg*s baskd
and back to centre again. Ken
Wright opened the scoring after a
minute of play on a weU-timed shot
from tht dde. EUensburg retaliated
with a long field basket that mad*
tilings look dangerous, but Osborne
and Nicholson each foUowed up with
a basket, and the Yanks called time
Plays Good Game ]
Otbocuo end Mathison, Increased th*
Blue and Odd lead by two points,
the score bring tf-14
With the resumption of play Wright
scored again and Barddey foUowed
Up with a brace of baskets to give
Vardty a 10 point lead. EUensburg
called time out once more. A foul
shot netted them another point,
which was Immediately overcome by
Barriey'a third successive baskd. A
score by each team left U.B.C. a 18-
S lead.
Vardty Seta Pace
Rann Mathison, tricky forward for
Varrity, replaced Nicholson, and Ken
Wright went to centre. PI Campbell
sneaked through to Increase the loed cagers' lead, and the teams traded
a basket and a foul shot to make the
half-time score 21-8,
Second Half Close
EUensburg seemed determined to
go places In the second half, and act-
uaUy outscored the local quintette
by three points, but they could not
get through—by—around—or even under the Vardty defense to shoot from
close in, and had to be content mostly with long shots.
They scored two baskets while
U.B.C. were getting two free shots,
but  two  unusual   tallies,   made  by
After this juncture the lood fans
were due for a mod uncomfortable
seven minutes, during whloh they
were to see a 18-polnt toad mdt
away under a sustained EUtntburg
onslaught, until Vardty was holding
grimly to a dim one-point advantage.
Playing with remarkable calmness
and driibtration, the Wasblngtonlans
gave a beautiful exhibition of ball
playing; aimed succeeded In disorganising Coach Allen's aggregation,
and did succeed in making every ont
of the spectators' hearts miss a few
With unerring accuracy the EUensburg team passed its way to scoring
position, and accounted for five baskets and three foul shots, whUe Varsity only marked up one point, to
make the score -8-87.
Yankees Miss Chance To Tie Scon
With only a one-point drfidt, Bl-
I lensburg had a chance to tie the score
when a double foul was called at the
tip-off, but missed th* shot. Vardty
mad* good, and one* again stopped
away from thdr opposition. Ken
Wright and Rann Mathison did the
red of tho damagt, Hooker scoring
two baskets, and Bonn two fouls to
end the gamt 85-87.
The teams:
EUensburg—Cast, Hoch, SU1 (8),
Ocndow (8), Haney <8)4 HaU, Fuller
(I), dough, Batiey (4), Hedley (8)
Varrity-K. Wright (IS), D. Wright,
Matthiaon (4), Bardsley,(8), Osborne
(8), Nicholson (S), Campbdl (8),
Olrls Beat Adanacs
The senior girls had the toughed
gamt of the evening, and Jud managed to eke out a one-point victory over
th* Adanacs In th* tnltid gam* by
a 88-21 score.
Both teams dished up a poor brand
of ball In the first half, nrither dde
being able to tak* mueh advantage
of opening* and after two periods
Adanacs wore ahead 18-8.
After tho toad (?) of tho crossover, the co-eds came to life, and
stepped away from th* oppodtion.
However, jud when everything was
looking rosy for Vardty, the Now
Westminster lassies decided to do
things In a big way. Suiting action to
thoughts, they put an a determined
spurt that brought them closer and
closer to thdr rivals.
Just when it looked as if victory wss
to be tuhied into defeat for the loed
outfit. Old rather lime stepped Into
the breach and handed the game to
Varsity.. The final score was 88-81.
Gladys Munton played htr usual
good form, and waa best supported by
Dot Hudson.
Senior "B" Five Win;
Score  54-16
Score 36 Points in Second Half I-Girls'
Team  Wins
Tbe Senior "B" Squad upheld their
reputation on Tuesday night by
swamping Lynnmore to th* extent ot
88 points. The boys did not get going
till tiie second half, but then titty
became deadly, and ntarly *v*ry shot
found the hoop.
In th* flrd half both teams were
playing very poor basketbaU, and for
a while it looked Uke anybody's Mme.
A few timt* the Vardty worked tbt
ball up tht floor for a score, in something Uk* their usual style, but thdr
playing was not consistent Tbe bslf
ended with the Hue and Oold
slightly In the lead, on the better sad
ef an 18-18 score.
lbs ascend half started off with a
bang, when Sutton, Webster and
Prlngle mode 8 prints for U.B.C. In
the Bret forty seconds of play. Vardty
had It thdr own way for the test
cf the game. Th* Lynnmore squid
made a magnificent rally to score on*
point on a foul but did net tally
again that evening. The" final score
was Vardty 54, Lynnmore If.
General Lucas showed his squad
how to play basketball by .turning In
a fine game, and coming out oa top
as high scorer with 18 points. Sutton
and McDendd were right in there
with Lucas, and they worked the ball
bite tho basket, time and time again.
Vardty-Sutton (8), McDonald OO),
Pringle (8), Lucas (18), Webster (4),
Bolton (4), McLeod (8), Stokvis.
Lynnmore—Strong (8), D'Easum (7),
Stevenson (1), Fiddes (8), Atwood,
Campbell, Jones.
Bancroft Studio Dance— Sat. 3:88-7
Swimming enthusiasts are to be
given the opportunity to join In an
interclass swimming meet to be hold
at the Crystal Pool, Thursday, February 83, at 7:00 p.m.
The gala wiU be foUowed by a big
social on the balcony of the Pool. Further particulars will be announced.
LOST—WIU the student who borrowed
Polly's French Dictionary several
weeks ago kindly return same at
once? Same place.
To Engage In
Varsity ..Tournament
Next  Week
Shaughnessy MUitary Hospital entrenched thtmselvts still more securely* In th* top berth of the B
Division when they defeated Varsity's
entry by 11 games to,5 lad Monday
Pat Cowan was absent from the
Students' line-up, but his place was
Sited by Paul KosooUn, who, teaming up with Jack Sparks, won the
only Mens* titniblea ef tht match for
bene Homage and Hope Palmer Win
Irene Homage and Hope Palmer
deservedly won their flrd doubtef
and galnad potato for thtir second,
when their opponent! defaulted. Irene
mad* a fin* partner for Ken Atkinson In the Mixed Doubles and the
two were unlucky to lose to Osrie
ByaU and his partner In tha third
In the other games Oliver Lacey
showed his mattery over the backhand strokes, but on the whole
played below bis usud standard.
Margaret Palmar and MoUy Locke,
though losing their games, fought
hard dl the way.
(Refreshments   served   after   the
games were enoyed by airt.
Today and tomorrow Vanity's rod*
shuttle store wtil be taking a very
active part la the annud B. C Cham*
plonahlpo which are hdd at the Van*
'«r Badmlntota Clvb. Lad year
the coUegtana' attempts were mod
gratifying and this year they should
be at load equalled.
Heading the title aspirants from Pt.
Orey Is Paul Kozoolin, the 1932 Junior Champion. Although he has
played very Uttle this season, Paul
can nevertheless be counted on to
give his opponents a red fight. If
he fails Vardty can rilU rely on
OUver Lacey to bring back the laurels. Lacey, a Freshman, has been
going great guns this year, having
won the Junior Singles at Duncan,
V.I., and, more recently, the Singles
Championship of the Vancouver Badminton Club. He is a decided favorite to take the Junior title this year.
Atkinson Good
Another threat to dl and sundry
Ice Hockey Boys
End 1933 Season
After Tough Time
Varsity wound up their Ice Hockey reason last Monday night, and
hung up thtir skates for another
ytar. Looking back over th* pad
season not many bright spots show
up for the students. Before the
teams ovtn got started it was found
that it was impossible to put two
teams on tho Ice. League authorities
Issued the edict that two of tht teams
tntered In the Junior League were
to be dropped, also two In the Intermediate divldon. Manager Dick
Briggs, to prevent Varrity*a coming
out on tho short ond both timet,
provided with tho high-ups that
Vanity's Intermediate antry remain
la the kague, at all costs, dropping
ss compensation the Junior entry,
with positive assurance that the
Juniors would bo provided with a
berth in the League next year. As
a result Vardty remained in the Intermediate Ltagut, and two other
teems who might have proved moat
to tho Blue and Oold puekehattn,
drafted out. Ibat left three other
powerful aggregations, with the for-
at their bead.
AU season long the students hurled
themselves   undespdringty    agalnd
BSM8R      wS_Sww      "_BSS^S      #gW8BWS*^»       **j^*jgHNPSV>SVSSf
but were unabd to do much about li
Xing MacGregor, star ef severd
years standing on Vardty lea Hookey
teams, left Vanity temporarily hi
the first term. Bod McLaod, a member of lad year's Intermediate squad,
Who graduates this year, couldn't
find the time for hookey this year.
BUl Sharon, who partnered BUl
Fowler on defense, went well during
tbe Brat term but had to drop out
at Christmas.
But on the other hand some strong
additions came to th* Blue and Gold
banner. BUl Fowler played, for th*
first year out of Xing George hockey
circles, with Vanity, aU reason on
defense. Gordy Livingston*, who by
th* way hu also distinguished himself under tho wing of BUl Castel-
ton, went wdl as a forward, had
more weight than any other member of the squad, and was about the
only one that could give ss hard a
check as the red of th* leaguers.
Chuck Symonds, Harry Horsman and
Cec. Ramsden all went well as forwards. Ernie Carswell and Don Matthews used thdr greater experience
to advantage during the season.
Manager Dick Briggs, who is also
President of the Hockey Club, wss
at hand at all the games and handled
the boys with unquestionable wisdom.
Varsity finished the season In third
placo, and next ytar with the two
berths open to them, and thdr lod
material back again a different story
will be told.
The Track Club pftri.tat has
In royal city
tomorrow aft.
the various teams) Athletic rossm
dives must hand In a Bd ai ____>
teams te Mas Stewart ea Satai
Each team stud amage foe essi
ten mtn, to bt tt th* Gym. at 8*
Wednesday.  Ihe cart at* aoeeei te
transport cssspstttoss, effldala,
tht pesos to the darting Uae, am
•MB   met   IPf   J^IMMIMMHy    wMB. a-PHpn
requested  support la this sm
Complete lineups of dl relay
teams, arranged in order of running,
mud be handed in to the Ubyssey
Office not later than Saturday noon.
Classic Arts 20 Relay
To Be Run Wednesday
i ■    '   i i      i
Traditional Relay  Race  Promises  Usual
Excitement—Arts  '34 Picked As
Favorites To Win
With a possible entry list ol eighty-eight runners, representing practically every dags and faculty in the University of
British Columbia, the classic Arts 20 Road Race, scheduled lor
next Wednesday afternoon, thia year promises to produce the
closest competition seen for a long time. Interest in the event
is running high, and at present the catchword on the campus
is: "I hear you're running in the Arts 20!" As an inter-claM
attraction, it surpasses even the cross-country race, and should
go a long wayg towarda deciding tiie winner of the Qovernir'a
Chsago, Of Count
As in previous yean, tbe start of
the raoe wiU be at 18th and WUIow,
at 8:88 p.m. At a track dub matting at aeon today, tt is hoped that
a change in the count wtil be of-
fteted. Instead of cutting from Uth
to 4th avenues en Yew street, lt Is
proposed to travd by ltth and 10th
to Waterloo aad then to 4th down
Waterloo. General opinion has it
that some way bas te be dtvtttd to
eliminate 4th avenue traffic dangtn.] Arts M fbveaed
It Is expected that eleven
will cater the event, four from Arts
and four from Sdtnoe, sad one gap-
resenting the Theologs, Aggie* ond
Commerce, lack teem consists ef
eight men each man te sua a lap of
one utile. Difficult as it Is to predict a winning combination, Arte '84
at present look like the outfit to
boat And with Swift, Stewart, Barclay, Agntw, Dave and Laurie Todd,
and Chris Ddton lintd up, they Mr-
telnly look as If thty mesa business.
But tiny wtil have to do some
heavy plugging to better Sdenoa 18,
headed by George AUen and John
Smith, and tho Aggies, lad year's
winntre. Tht tetter entry wtil probably center around Salisbury and
Turner, soccer ace. Commerce too,
with Stott, Brand, Farrington, Pugh,
Houston, Andrews and Xlrkpatriok,
might spring a Utile surprise on tho
dopestan. George Sinclair wtil tap
a strong Science '84 list, while Northcott should do Science '88 an awful
lot of good.
Thodogi a 1-raat
Union and Anglican CoUtges wUl
In dl probabUlty combine, and this
would decidedly strengthen thdr
chances. Ward, Dobson, Loat, Cock-
burn, Harris, Thaln and Addison wtil
no doubt represent tht would-be ec-
deeeastlcs. Both Arts '88 and Science
'88 Intend to enter dark-hone teams,
and thdr candidates hav* not been
disclosed. Grubbe, Mttne and the
Johnson brothers wtil run for Arts
'88, and their work should makt the
race all the keener. No teams hav*
as yet been dennltely selected, as tt
is tho Intention of many of tiw athletic representatives to stag* eliminations as a basis of Judgment Th*
find entry lid wttl bo posted la the
Tuesday Issue of this publication.
(so far as'Badminton is concerned,
at any- rate) is Ken Atkinson, a veteran of many Ubyaseasons. Prettnt
holder of the Varrity Singles crown,
Ken haa entered the Open Singles
this year and should go a long way
In th* event, hit usudly heady play
has Improved sttti further this season and this fad, coupled with his
long tournament experience, should
pava his way to th* latter rounds of
the Singles event.
At the moment of writing it Is not
certain whether or not Jack Sparks
and Pat Cowan hav* entered the
Tournament, but if they hav* they
are certain to give a good account of
Yet another Varrity dudent may
bring glory to his Alma Mater: Gordon Samis, who turned out with the
Studenta at tht beginning of the
present season, wiU be performing
In the individud events. He wss
Lacey's partner lad year and there
is little to choose between the two.
This is saying something.
As has already been announced,
Varsity's annud Tournament wUl be
staged on Monday, Wednesday, and
Thursday of this week-day. A well-
bdanced list of events has been
drawn up and the Club la anticipating a successful "Tourney."
Entry forms are placed oa the notice boards to tho Gym and In tiie
Quad and wtil be taken off at 11 a.m.
on Saturday, Feb. 11. Hie tournament Is open to dl Unlverdty dudents, but the memben of the flrd
team are not allowed to enter th*
handicap singles and two memben of
the tint team are not allowed to
enter the handicap doubles together.
Vanity's senior soccer team is
scheduled to resume after a five-
week lay-off with 7a gam* agalnd
Westminster City at Queens' Park,
Now Wtstmlnster, on Saturday. It Is
doubtful, however, that th* gam*
witt tak* place, as th* fteld In th*
Boyd City Is reported to be a foot
deep to snow, and a thaw, at this
time, appesn rather unlikely.
Should tho gam* bo played, Vardty wUl prtssnt a somewhat re-ar-
ranged appearance. Tht place of
Max Legg, who has left Varrity, will
have to be fUltd. The new partner
for McGUl at fullback wUl have to
be one of the half-backs, and will
probably be Bod McLeod, who has
had some experience ln that position.
This shift wUl leave the half-back
podtions to bo divided between Paul
Kozoolin, BUl Wolfe, Buss Stewart
and Ernie Costain. It is probable
that the chore wttl fall on the first
three with KosooUn in tho centra,
Stewart on tho left and Wolf* on*
the right KosooUn, however, haa
reported leg-trouble, aad may havt
to be replaced In th* centre berth
by Wolfe or Stewart
Max Legg*a absence alto loaves one
less man available for duty on the
attacking Una. The choice rests between Dave and Laurie Todd, Hughie
Smith, Otie Munday, Ernie Costain
and Bud Cooks. Hughie Smith it
tho probabl* cholc* for th* right
wing post while Laurie Todd wttl
likely play tnrid* to him. Otto Munday, absent in the lad two games,
will be back to fill the centre forward podtion. Dave Todd, who got
his "terrific" drive functioning In the
previous game, seems a certainty for
tht inride laft berth. Ernie Costain
and Bud Cooke are in line for tho
outride left Job, and it is probable
that tho Cherubic on* will start In
this podtion.
A meeting of the Men's Track
Club will bo held in Arts 108 on Friday, 18:18.
Bancroft Studio Dance — Sat. 3:30-7
Have You Entered the
We carry a full line of
high - grade Badminton
Equipment — Racquets,
Shuttles, Shoes, Sweaters,
Flannels, etc.—at reasonable prices.
It will pay you to let us
fill your requirements.
George Sparling
939 Granville St.
Points for this event wUl be
awarded, 8, 3, _, towards tbe Governor's Cup, for the fird three teams
finishing to that order. The Judgn
will le Bootees Davidson and Shrum.
Profs. Logan and LighthaU, who wtil
bo assisted by Harold Wright Bob
Gaul and Jim MitcheU.
;no coupons
-all quality."
tOror20* M
23fV25< IJSL
— and Smile


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