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The Ubyssey Oct 18, 1929

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 __?> '»?. -
■_r nr
* h.
Issued Trie* Wseklp bp the Students' Publication Beard of The linker slip of British Columbia.
am*rme%*vn*mm*awiam*w*^   Ln
__________________ H_____s__i __§ V________d_i__i ____b I ______ ^^u*sw
will fiti ii iiwh n lu mm
At tbe oAolal opening ot the dynv
«lum, plans for Armistice day, and
purchase ol gowns were the main
features at the last regular Counoil
meeting, held Monday. Ootober 14,
. tt Wai moved that a vote ot thanks
be attended to Mr. Leslie Brown, for
hli ktod assistance in the building ot
*__.*» mui
sr«&°ia_ffii dm,
ided tbat a wreath be
.the Memorial from thi
r ipean Service League and
lis should be sold on tbe
Sting November l.
Moved tbat the Business
be Instructed to purobsee
is at tbe stated price, and
e^ensary bunting for tbe gym*
to provide protective
c only of tbe central
gymnasium, ss tbe others
.a position to need pro*
(.. in ajMRlon to tbelr ro*>
* the Women's Onus Hook*
ire to be provided with
ed tbat tbe budget ot
Literary  Society .be
Is to be used for tbe
of speakers from tbe
diversity sad ether In*
orchestra tor tbe fresh,
Varsity s_inior»Rug8e_slwtti meet
Vancouver Rep, to the flrst game of
the McKechnie S^tes on November
Utb. Varsity lost this cup to Van-
couver two years ago. 4
This Saturday, Varsity WlU clash
With the Seaforth Fifteen at Brookton
Point The coaches are continuing to
make the Miller Cup games a series
of practices and tryouts for Varsity.
New men are being played every
week and by the time the McKechnie
Cup gamea start rn unbeatable team
should be chosen.
This week In the game with Seaforths, five new men will be tried
out. They are Norman, Mercer, Wood,
Pllkington and McConnachle. These
men have all shown tbelr worth In
the Intermediate league and an excellent exhibition is expected.
Coaches Tyrwhltt and Kennedy are
putting the boys through stiff morning practices and the condition of the
team has Improved one hundred per*
Wemm's AtMetit Society
tosftrts Letter A wards
At the first meeting of the Women's
Athletic Association held in Arts 100
on Wednesday last, the president and
tbe beads of tbe various clubs made
announcements regarding the program for the coming year.
After the minutes of the last meeting bad been read, Miss Lois Tourtellotte announced when Badminton
practices would be held. Miss Margaret Kerr urged those Interestsd In
swimming to turn out and train for
the team. Grass hockey practices
were also announced, as well as the
program and alma of the Oymnaalum
and Outdoor Clubs. The president of
the association, Miss Thelma Mahon,
mentioned the Fencing Club aa being
cn probation, Its success depending
on the Interest aroused thla year.
Big Block awarda were made to
Miss Florence Carlyle and Mies Rattle Tingley, small block letters to
Miss W. Watson and Miss M. McDonald, and round letters to Miss B.
Oleed and Miss I. Ramage. The preeldent deplored the comparatively
small attendance, and urged that
strong support be given all Inter-claas
meets and rallies.
New Zealand Debaters
Messrs. 0. IL rtoWtsM W, I Motthtjoy ahd Walter Hall ot Victoria
,   College, Ne* jfcelgnd, will debate a tJl.O, team at tbe Women's
...'.. ^iW^v^twrtey,||Sit :
New Zealamhrs Face U.B.C. Team
hi brter-Collagiate Debate Saturday
Debaters from Viotorla College, New Zealand, will meet a TJ.B.C. team in
tbe flrst inter-coUegiate debate ©t the session, In the Women's Building,
Saturday evening, Messrs, 0. R. Powles aad W. J. Mountjoy will represent
New Sealand, while J, Dunn and Frank Merley will uphold this university.
The subject is, "Resolved that the British Empire Is In grave danger of
disintegration." Bach speaker will he
allowed twenty minutes to speak with
minutes for a rebuttal. *^
Messrs. Mountjo;
are travelling^*
the National tlnl
Students, organli
tlonal Student -
Powles, end Hall
r* the auspices of
lUon of America
and the National Federation of Can
adlan University Students are cooperating. The tean) will leave immediately after the debate here tor
the Hast where they will debato Men*
day with Calgary and later With Regina and Saskatchewan.
Both members of the team who will
speak tomorrow are Well experienced.
Mr. 0. R. Powles, L.L.B. ls past secretary and present vice-president of
Victoria University College Debating
Society. At the same Institution he
has been secretary and vice-president
of the S.C.M. Last year he represented Victoria college in a debato a-
gainst Bates College, Lewteton, and
has already taken part in lnter-unlver-
sity debating contests this year.
Mr. W. J. Mountjoy ls secretary of
the V.U.C. Debating Society, chairman of the Debating Committee of the
New Zealand National Union of Students and a member of the N. Z.
National Union of Students' Councils.
He holds many awards for both oratory and debating and has many
times carried the colors of his college to victory.
These speakers have sent the following greeting to Varsity^ "Tena-
koe, U.B.C. We would like to express
to the students of U.B.C. our thanks
tor the kindness and hospitality that
have been lavished upon us, and our
appreciation ot the cordial welcome
to the Amerloan continent that has
been accorded us. Tenakoe (Greetings) and Kia Ora (Oood Luck) from
Our own speakers hardly need Introduction. Mr. Dunn Is well known as a
speaker of high quality. Although this
Is his flrst debate for Varsity he has
taken part in many lnter-class debates
and oratorical contests. Mr. Morley
is also an experienced debater, this
being his third year debating for
Mr. Morley's message In an Inter
view was: "We have thoroughly enjoyed the visit of the New Zealand
debatera. They have done muoh to
give their country a warmth and
closeness to us and we trust that thla
success wili have the added one of
favorable decisions in their debates.
We hope that they will work with us
for the promotion of International
Mr. James Dunn welcomes the visitors thus: "Kia How Yah. New Zeal*
andersl I hope you are enjoying your
visit as much as we are. And I am
glad that you are being kindly treated
(Continued on Page 6)
Outlining the provisions of the
treaty of 1901 between U.S.A. and
Canada, wblcb provided for an International Joint Commission, Mr, Lawrence J. Berkeley, secretary of the
latter commission, gave his address
at 11 am. In Arta 100 on Wednesday,
October 11.
The international Water Ways
Commission formed In 1902 by Canada and U.S.A. to investigate certain
problems along the boundary between
the two countries, completed lis work
In, 1909 and before going out of existence recommended tbat an International Joint Commission, possessing
wider powers than the latter be established by the two countries. This
Commission would settle all disputes
arising between the countries. The
promotion of this Commission, said
Mr, Berkeley, was of incalcuable value to tbe weaker country, Canada.
The specific problems that, should
come before the International Commission were problems dealing mainly
wtth the boundary, the navigation on
the lakes and rivers between the
two countries and certain Agriculture
The Commission was to be composed of 6 men, three representatives
from each country. The Commission
had to agree as a whole on all questions discussed before coming to a decision. This method has proved very
successful so far, the speaker stated.
Mr. Harvey introduced Mr. Berkeley
to those present and thanked htm for
his very Interesting lecture.
WwiMiite CortHnt
01 AiSajto Vtttariss
Tho Intermediate "A" rugby team
meets Bx-Klng Oeorge at Douglas
Park at 1.00 p.m. Saturday. So far this
year ihe team has yet to meet defeat.
The team is built round a nucleus of
last year's Intermediates, who lost
the play-oft for the Mainland championship by a single try,
The team has turned out on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, besides
for the customary Wednesday after
noon practice. There has been a particular stress laid on passing for the
threes and packing around the ball
for the forwards.
The team will be picked from abundant material, but the following are
practlctlly aure of a plaoe: Hisette,
K. Wait.s, H. Brown, Horton, Mcll-
moy, Davidson, Shaneman, R. Burns,
B.   Brown.
It.   !   >  A  I I *
to husu m» g muit tar
to University records. Varsity upper classmen triumphed
tperienoed rivals, tbe Frosh, la a dual meet held Wednesday
i|ty oval. Tbe score was II to II. Both men's aad women's
Smashing two University reoords,
over their less exi   '
afternoon at Varsi
events aire Inoluded In this, cimputation. ,
Thelma Mahon showed greet promise of being a future Olympic star
when she beat her own record of ll 14 seconds la the 100 yards, women, by
sprinting to the tape yards ahead of her nearest vital tn 1144 seconds.
Ledingham proved himself a star 1    '
the Varsity record with a heave
i star In the shot-put when be easily broke
ot 40 feet l-i lb. McNaughton was a good
assess, second when be put tie bill llleet
Big Four Team
Visits Victoria
Saturday marks the premier invs*
aloh Of VlotorteT* the glory-sseking
Varsity Big Four Rugby Squad. Victoria has shown little promise so far
as • serious contender for leecue
honors but are being especially
primed tor their meeting wltt their
old rivals, the V.B.C. On the other „__ ___ ,
hand, the students are not under-esty m/'JAg seeofli
matins their opponents' worth. T|ej Henderson of A
rigorous training rules. They have
no desire to again, tempt Dame Fortune as they did in the earlier sessions of their VA.C. game, and last
year's near upset at Victoria.
The boys were badly battered in
tbi Vanoouver struggle but* with one
exception are all set again for tbe
coming tussle. ."Moose" Parker is
out of this tangle, at least, with a
badly wrenched knee.  Camossi, oaa-
1 Inch.
.President Kllnck cancelled aU ijr>
|i.rapte.idewi_..T_ __
Wire   ran  of -*sewi.1
meant'toil there were
between st3**-
la tbe 1
tain and line stalwart. Is his old se!
again, and promises to give the Island
buckers some real shocks. "Parker's
place Is being taken by Dirom who
showed up hloely in last Saturday's
encounter. By great good fortune for
Varsity, ".Okie" Shields escaped further injury to his half-healed ribs,
and is now in the pink of condition.
Bnough to eay that Varsity's Seniors are preparing to double the score,
Vancouver made against tbe Capitals.
With three victories to their credit
they wilt then feel confident of vanquishing the Meralomas, unknown
quantity in Varsity's rugby equation.
Coming Events
TO-OAV, OCT. 18—
Song    Praetiee,    Auditorium,
Debate, New Zealand vs. Varsity, Women's Bldg., 8 p.m.
English Rugby, Seniors vs.
Seaforths, Brockton Point.
2.30 p.m. Intermediate "A"
ve. Ex-Klnga Intermediates,
Douglas Park, 3.00 p.m.
Sooeer, Seniors vs. Pt, Qrey
United, Kerrisdale Park, 3
p.m. Juniors vs. Hastings
Athletlo, Dunbar Park, 3
Grass Hockey, Women, Varsity va, Sx-South Van. Trimble Park, 2.80 p.m. U.BC.
vs. Bx-North Van. 3.18 p.m.,
Trimble Park,
Canadian Rugby, Seniors vs.
Victoria. Victoria Juniors
vs. Dodekas, Connaught
Park, 240 p.m.
Arts 'It Olass Meeting, Arts
100, noon.
Vanoouver Institute Lecture,
Se. 100, 1.1! p.m.
ScahMMi Ctats tt EitntAi
Imm (tataf Mi it Outlet
Arts '81 will act as hosts to Homecoming grads at Ita annual tea-dance
to be held In the Stanley Park Pavilion on November 11. An important
olass meeting will be held on Monday noon in Arts 100, when Professor
H, T. Logan, Temporary Honorary
Preeldent of Arta 'II, will apeak on
"The Significance of a Valedictory
Olft," Arrangements for the pep meeting, which the Sophomores are staging
on Friday, November 8, and other
important plans will be discussed at
tbe meeting. Every member of Arts
'82 Is urged to be present.
WW classmen ftfi
to b
tat* ielbr, last year's ^
the bid atjthesurtand
two law. On the third, how
made &Wd#-7 passed
as he might the iefoaoe
aot Overtime Alton's lead   ,
wis aet as .seed ei last rear
wai ttsees-
was' won
it was in
failed to make the extra inch re*
quired to break the record.
The three mile became a faculty
dual between? Carey of Science 'li
(Continued on Page 6)
The best scrap of the season (according to both Sophs and Frosh) got
under way yesterday afternoon in tbe
Varsity Science Building. It started
when the Froah gathered to rescue
some of their number who were undergoing the gentle Soph custom of
"tapping' —and when the frosh gathered th. sophs gathered—and then
the fun began.
For a while the fighting was general, but finally lt centered around
the soph stronghold, the front door.
Falling to take this position by a front
assault the freshies tried a rear attack. The sophs, however, executing
a brilliant piece of strategy, allowed
the frosh momentarily to gain the
door and then proceeded to eject
For those who were not so fortunate aa to get chucked out the door,
tlo cutting and tapping were the order
of the hour.
Coup de Oraee
Aqua pura made its appearance
early in the game When the frosh
manned a hose from the third story
and played it indiscriminately on all
the combatants. The coup da grace,
however, was whea the hose to the
lower ball waa called Into play and
poured cooling streams over tbe combatants until the hall was a elose rival to Hart House tank.
Casualties were evenly divided, ripped shirts, blackened optics aad
ruined suits being aa muoh in evidence during the remainder of the afternoon. Miss Bradshaw la the Bn*
{lneering Society Offloe was beaelged
y a constant: "Where's my penT"
"Did any one bring In a wallet T" "Bay.
I Juat lost a—" etc., ad Infinitum.
The Sophomores Anally declared
themselves victors aad finished the
day with a defiant "Toike Oike" aad
the well-known "We are, we are- ■
etc., followed by a chorus of "Poor
School, however, takes Us fight
kindly and as an aftermath the Varsity reporter overheard a soph and
frosh unite In declaring It "one peach
of a scrap." B'w,!*.^^r'*,
Issued e*ry **«&««,^i§^^ Board et th.
(Mettlftr' pt' Paolflo Int^-Cotteglala tY««». AuccMsi).
Fhon.;|olnt »r«y S0;.,*,-   ,'".,■::,, aa %   ■
Mall 4u>soivptions rats: 18 por .(year. Advortliing rates on application
EDITOR-IN•CHlgrP.ultiS.rlok A. Pllkington
BcfltorUI Staff
' Spm fidttori Fred M«nu*worth Bsonange Editor* Marjorie McKay
Reperterlal Staff
^$T^ksjr*ismm^^ Wisiit
inf. ft, Davidson,
i, M>eao.
nose Sts*   ..'.
Advertising Manager*, 'j^Wr*^"**'' _feffi^%n*«*r« wwu*m L»w,0tt
S«rHre.fer-«ne< Issue
Associates' Bessie Robertson, k Orantham        Assistant; Doris Barton
The announcement that a Literary Supplement ls planned
for early in November lb one of interest to the whole University.
It pan not be published, however, unless there are sufficient contributions, We hops no one has the idea that the Supplement is
>nly for ths use of those who have natural talent for creative
' iiary wot*, ft* swtce 11 also at the eei^e (rt anyone who can
*m to express them. The "Ubyssey" Is primarily the 8tu**
newepajier. The Supplement endeavors to fill the need for a
♦nt magaslne.
<as The excellence or otherwise of the Supplement is a good
Ittdfoation sa to whether the university is Intellectually alive or
#rmaflt. There tjre some students whose courses require their
undivided dtteatlon-HW-l athletics completely occupy the time
Of others—bttt ths majority have leisure to think about and to
uss tha things that interest them. This being so, there should
no dl-Rculty la assembly* material for a Supplement that will
sal to everyone. »there Hi It will Indicate that the students
»ot makiag tie most ot university life, and that their Inter-
Whenever the Muse
„...,. „. 7[„ These visits are rather
Mjpjht k&d m valued the more highly for that reason. Are
rWB to toe honored early next month, or is It just a rumor? One
thing ii certain! the Muse will not come without considerable
f Correspondence
As ia previous years, all letters for
jttMtBBtton ta these columns must be
jMootapaaied by the writer's name.
The letter will be published under a
pseudonym If desired, but in any case
"flBis*-'* •".
Your editorial in Tuesday's issue
lowered very greatly the moral piano
to which you .usually attain. The
Honor System you ridiculed with the
Intent of holding it UP to the Student Body as an object of laughter.
May I suggest that ln so doing you
have subjected yourself to our amusement,
Vour interpretation of thi. System
waa ono which attempted to tear
down U.D.C.'b ideals ot Honor. Why
not criticise constructively and not
destructively. Remember that aa Editor-in-Chief you hold a position of
Influence in the Student Body. If any
one be so foolish as to believe your
editorial, it means that such a one
wltt disregard this Honor System. To
me, aad to many others, the Honor
System Implies that every one, individually, conduct himself or herself
to bis or her self-respect and to the
glory ot our Alma Mater. Why don't
you challenge us to support this system to the best of our ability, instead
of treating it yourself so eneertngly?
you write cleverly, Mr. Editor, why
not admirably f
Tours sincerely.
Baiter's Note: Although the writer
of the above bas preferred to remain
anonymous and not give In her name
(not necessarily for publication), we
feel that suoh a delicious confection
Is too rare to be withheld from the
student body. As to tbe truth of our
oontrntion (wblcb she does not attempt to disprove), we merely aak
her—would she report to the Student's Council it she aaw one ot her
friends smoking on the campus, or
even a "strange man" smoking ln the
corridors t Aad this la what anyone
who wishes to live up to the Honor
System is compelled to do, other Inter-
{■rotations ot tbe system being mere-
y a comfortable method of declining
essw-gasaasajBTHii I'lrT11  , i," nTi'ivi"
The Srst meting of the Badlo Olub
will be held In Ap. Sc. Boom SOI at
11.10 Tuesday, October tl. All Interested are invited to attend,
editor, ubyssey,
Dear Sir.'■<-'
Thpse who attended the Frosh
Reception on Friday could not bave
helped noticing tbe large number ot
outsiders who wire present. By outsiders I mean those people who are
not in the slightest way connected
with Varsity, and also I Include those
who bave attended Varsity tors short
period at one time or another,
The Frosh Reception is given primarily to welcome the Freshman class
and make them better acquainted with
the upper years.
How was it that these people were
able to sttfnd, presuming that they
all presented tickets T Ie there no way
of distributing the tickets, so that
only students and those connected
with Varsity, would be allowed to attend?
I ventur- to say that If thla had
been the case on Friday—there would
have been enough room to make dancing enjoyable. As It was it resembled
the last Frosh held in Lester Court,
and those who attended it will remember the crush. It was largely because ot the crowding at Lester Court
that the Auditorium is now used. We
are therefore defeating our own ends
by allowing auch a large number of
outsiders to attend. I may add that
this ie also applicable to claas-partles.
"Among those Preaent."
EDITOR, Ubyssey,
Dear Sir: —
The cause of this communication
at this time, is concerning the Freshmen "elections" held laat Monday
noon. The term "elections" is a mask,
sb it were, to the foolishness of the
so-called meeting. To begin with
there were no announcements to the
effect that a meeting would be held
at that time, but at tbe last minute,
understand, It was announced ia the
Cafeteria ihat a meeting would be
held In the Auditorium immediately.
To this ill-timed notification, about
one-fifth of the Freshman class responded, which result oould hardly bu
expected differently. When it came to
the election, the voting waa not held
by ballot, as It moat certainly should
he, .but Instead conalated of etanding.
Consequently many freshmen, In their
more foolish moments, voted for candidates for the same olllce.
It happened, also, that yours truly
was one ot the candidates for president, but being one ot the more "fortunate" people who were not not) Sed
of the election—therefore not being
present, the worthy Junior Member of
the Council crossed his name oil the
list up for election. This method of
procedure was entirely high-handed
and Inefficient.
To make matters worse, these "elec-
, The etudept Section of the ». I, C.
5111 Hold Its anneal banquet at the
nivgrslty OlubMllI Robson street,
On October 22. Ticket* are now on
sale Snd can be obtained from the
Application forms are also on hand
for anyone In trd. 4th or 5th year,
who wishes to become a member.
■ pi Oily SMWUSII tff**S9
Students are cordially Invited to
the meeting ot the Varsity Christian
Union in ArU SOS at 11.10 on Thursday. Mr, C. H, Judd, representative ot
the China Inland Mission on this
S", His subject will be an*
er ea the usual notice
...   entr
ier 11,
In aoooraaaee
tion of relies sad deou-
itorieal vans wlU be held
eommittse before Bat-
Plans for the winter work, which
wltt be carried on largely by correspondence, were drawn up, and district
representatives chosen.
tlons" were told at such ^ this thW
those students, who wanted to help
their jjjljy^jillpg,, t^e obliged  to
flj their first Tecture; Because these
I so, tbey we* reprimanded by
elr professors, and after all, it was
that made the "election" possible. <
I understand that in previous years
this same cross-handed method has
been used in the Frosh elections, and
it ia high time that the Freshmen
were given the chance io control
their own elections in a more orderly
way. ■■■» -A- • .*,.   .
Tours from a Freshman,
.,.:, ,;a^.0£~jjf.
,,HH'0il ' '.jiiii-'.rfTJTJiHT il nniii ..Hm!
- *e —•*_—Af -■  tm*i     ta    i           ;s— .,», nig—.Win-
iA? A' ' »% ''-■■/■■' !ti..      "''•
so »_V
.'■.  i v*
Tims aha _-iea S__aa that Disk's boat as_i l_ls wife
■s'^BV   -sWSs^W   *m**mmMStmw   asmm*******'   w^^nam****   an** s^s^^si> ^   mwm^mwmf  ^*mm*^aM*a   *******    *^ maeawmx
WsJPflP   ™Vw"    WBJH^^^   SBBv   eS*SVW .12   mo^/reeowW^f   0gSJePjM^ 9    nj^aOtaw   ^PsJinM
liledie herd teltsv«swerftliln| aloe, soo. t
•f    'i '
Shsm DffififieHit t*m*M ehabarrasssaeatl albs *%*%% th%s
Ana a_s_s__ba ftba ___a_Ai atre waa a. at__r__li_ -»l***i*~-*. baih
Tf**n; *7Vfn*FwT T^-* m'**r *" "f ▼  e?,^* *' ft"' ***"> 0*v W""*Jt' w'"™*ri
hM^Aie^harshmeptfea.      .  ■  •      ;(j      ■■ ^^^SbJ
Usttt et% mil diffttiifci fight. Ploaty ef Ugh*, bat In- ■   ;
direct or diffused light. It's se ebeep, too, A 40-w*t*
lamp bums steadily for twenty^ye hours for mj$/im
eeats at the lew Vaaeeavgr rates.
i       (I
^   *     i
________I____________________A ^_n______k ____I_*_L ^^^b^M ^mtm
Residence for Two
Girl Students
tonlian MOiloi'table). Itg-Hiihaatart homa.
m^*mwm*mm, ^tTBgr&jl^ c!_j^__L_3__—"__~2c^'=^^ *wmW'*mMm*
*v*, mrCTa^B.^~sPf'__f_IS|sBs.H.*---ail» >.  ,_-
M_ra___> __ ■BaiB___n_____J___.v     ' BIS__i__.'dtf - :    __S____L______________>
wwm pfiviNBpt, -iTsjBa, Trpownwr.
i%i*^*Ws*W^ T",' .if \ iftji,; 0*
, ,aAr "m
-.„*.ih8_at. 1 <A,.i,^5
i   A
Varsity Lunch
1 A__rj____^*__^__jl'
^i^F*e  ai^BM^'asw wpBjg^^
. V. via Parker Ptessiitdbs Touch
t> •- /
•Tho Fifksf Duofold
roumaln Sm Is rosds
M SWv IMtlone Mtls-
iH-ioa. AnrtUfKilvs
pom wtil b« rtpiactd
wUmmm chuti, pro-
trUai coiasliu pin Is
■MM w th* hctoiv wtiK
tie fer Ncum pomi*
mmI NskmuioA.
24e/o Greater Ink
Capacity Th_in Average, and ^Guaranteed
Against All Defects
Hctse'sepenthntme^eeeoht^-myktvriceaaeaay enabteeyou
to do quicker, better work beoeuoe it eJeeiw tttet riwoAibr thintUns}.
.It writes without pressure from the flngere-you merely guide
h»-the pen itselfdoee all tho writing Ibr you NoeAgt Noetjwl-L.
Mo fatigue.
And noneof tho flagging totettts|iletiaeatteedbj> wdtogM pssis.
Always a gliding, smooth reepooe*—always « esMdry til Bow,
no matter how Burt you write.
Parker Duofold offers you also Non-Breakable biurets of hie.
trous Perr__u-ite,in Ave jowol-llke ookmrsfic Modsr_nBk_oli and
Peart-ISe> lighter than rtibber-boidlng 34 f* taore ink than
average else tor stee.
Try Parker Pressureless Touoh at a nearby pea counter, gee
ether makes in popularity at 15 collage* sued 13 teehiilosdBeheeis.
Pens, |S to |t0, according to sise and finish. Penolle to matob
tbe pens, 93 to 99.
Tha Psrkt. VmuKolii tarn Cwneuir.UNsltoS, TofoaM I, Oateife
ror »oi« reo.lti in
yMttomlalSi son --WW
Duofold _ ^SPiawr^r-m ? '
October 18,1929.
  '"^flttJOf f| J' if 'J 'f ' f^mmm$miiam*affam
Senior Shocked
At Drastic Draw
'  V
For Men Students
The Collegiate
"Oa fa* CasvMtt"
Hot and Cold Water
See our Presentation
Fur Coats
The Utmost in Style
and Quality
Broadtails, Caraculs
Fine Muskrat
Hair Seal, Hudson Seal
a. Cfcee. OerAm. Meaecet
ill Granville       Doug. 1380
Ospoelt* B. a Ble-tarfc
Winnipeg Veaeewer
MdUod'i Barber Shop
069 Dttnsmtdr Itreet
(Vadflc Stage Depot)
> Sn|  I  I i|ii|ii|i S iSi I iS <*••"* il S S »i I  I  I  I I  IH
Brightest Store on
OtaavtUe atreet
We feature Lunches, Aftsraeoa
Teas sad After-Theatre Specials.
Octerlng le Salle anS Baneuete
e Specialty.
We mens our own CanSy end
Pastry frem .he  keel  Ineredlente
711 Oranvllle Itreet
i iniin i
US,.11.     I     .     t    H     »!.«'   .     «!«,»..
Class draws, the apparition that
haunts the Blinds of all students,
struck its flrst blow of the year at
the unhappy Seniors. Tremblinff
fourth year men and women were
slowly drawn to Science 100 aa it by
some powerful magnet, such is the
malignant power of the event. Some
came to laugh and went away with
long faces T some came with drawn,
worried faces, and went away the
same; others laughed ln Joyous abandon—they were blank-drawers.
In the crowded room, the president
slowly drew forth the fateful slips of
paper and read forth the names to a
breathless audience. The vloe-presi*
dent also read out names in unison
with the president.
"Mr. Blank," orled the president.
"Miss Dash," droned tha vice-president.
Mr. Blank heaved himself tor a moment and then subsided* back into
his seat. Three hundred necks craned
to the left to See the victim.
Miss Dash quickly rose aid hastily
sat down. Three hundred necks
craned to the right to see the doomed one,
This procedure went slowly on with
a male, then a female rising to show
the spectators their undaunted courage in thi face of danger. At length
the meeting ended with a chorus of
sighs of relief, Joy and mourning.
"Thi lists of partners will be posted to-morrow," remarked the exhaust-
ed president. There Was no escape
from the menace.   A man must gain
te knowledge of a woman's name,
in start a heotic search over tie
campus gnd track down the dance
"A course in detective work should
be Installed In the University," remarked one bewildered recipient of
an unknown beauty.
"Don't bother," remarked his associate; "she probably lives In New
Westminster.' '
As the crowd poured out the doors
there came a huge number ot cries,
"Whod'Ja, whod'Ja flett" from all sides
and no answers from anyone.
Cries of "Cooked! cooked!" assailed the ears of tbe president, who
hotly denied any culinary efforts on
his part as he left the scene of battle. _____
Mucketeer Portrays
Class Characters
Scienceman: "Yah, I hate waiting on this stand for the bus. It's
the bunk. Yeah, I know it's raining.
Quit saying so, will yuh? Why oanTt
tbey get a move on? Hello, Joe, got
your—no, I can't lend you a .ticket.
What? Well, there's a hole In them,
and the H20 comes ln. No, I told
yuh, I can't lend yuh a ticket. Quit
asking, will yuh? Oh, 1 dunnc. Hero
she ls. Quit, shoving, will yuh? I
can't get near the door if you grab
my— Hello, Johnny, old acid, can I
buy a ticket? No, I ain't got 30c.
Wot a question! Oet a move on, will
yuh? I got a nine, and It's nine ten,
but the prof.— No, that one doesn't
work, because there's no fog. I tried
lt before. Eh? No, Joe, I can't lend
you a ticket. Move back, Johnny
says O.K. Let's go. Ye gods, and
hot chemicals, it bumps!"
Artsman: "Good morning, Joseph,
Yes, I agree with you with regard
to the state of the precipitation. It
ls slightly chilly. How I do wish the
bus would come. Lend you a ticket?
Of course, my man, of oourse. Pardon me—it's a habit of mine—but t
must remark on the excellence of
your shoes. Ob, here is the bus. You
may enter before me. (Here follows
a quotation from "Romeo and Juliet"
in. French, Latin translation.) Oood
morning, John. Yes, I am early this
morning, but I must obtain a good
seat. Oh? Yes, awfully! I'm so enthusiastic about It, you know. Young
lady, would you like this seat? It's
much more comfortable than standing. Oh, do not mention lt, I assure
The Silent Aggie: "Hello, Joe.
Yes, It's about time we had some
rain. No, the milk Is only skim at
our boarding house. No, the butter
is poor too. Say, Joe, tread ou that
Sclenceman's toe, will you? Thanks.
I owe him Just one, now. What!
gone up! Holy cow, and the straw
on the Common Room door needs
changing too. No one has had the
energy to do It since CBto left. Ah,
the good old days! Wall, here's the
bus. Ticket? Sure. I believe in cooperation. Hullo, Johnny. Help us
with the next pep meeting, eh?
Thanks. I wish that Scienceman
wouldn't— Oh. well, he can't help lt.
Could you hurry, as I have to feed
my thesis cow. Yeh. On grass clippings.   Thanks."
Litany Coroner
being a tribute to his anonymous
1*   ■■
See In me a model Bdltor
Who lends his best ability
To help a Freshette bolster up the
"Ideals" of our college,   ,
And dons (It we should credit her),
Appropriate humility
To "critlolse constructively" despite
his private knowledge,
For the Bdltor, they tell me,
Holds an office full ef "Influence
Upon the Student Body" (though lt
. does not seem to feel it);
And if honest men expel me.
'Tls but befitting recompense
For shameless ways of telling truth
when others would conceal lt
But my "moral plane is lowered"—
Alas, I feel it terribly.
"The glory ot our Alma Mater" seems
to be diminished.
Curses are upon me showered
For I cannot "write admirably."
"Subjected to amusement," (sobI) my
wild career Is finished.
Are quite alright.
But gowns on
Are not
Just think of
Nothing by which
To distinguish a Senior
From the common
Herd of Juniors, Sophs.
And FroBh.
Even the Sophs.
May get
The idea
Of wearing
downs and then
There's no telling
Where the Idea may end.
Imagine a college crowd
Clad in gowns.
It's Just not done
According to Hollywood.
Of course
The gowns afford
Protection ln the Caf. and
They flutter nicely
In the wind, so
The flrst thing we know
The girls will abbreviate
Well, anyways If the
Frosh get going for gowns
We suggest bibs to match,
And bonnets In place of
And rattles for ornamentation.
But, maybe, If they do wear
Gowns it may muffle
Rancous, rowdy and
Frosh orchestra.
*Pon Oar Honor
l waa au autumn evening
The Senior's work was done
And be before the Oounoil door
Was sitting in the sun
Instructing—as it well might be,
A freshman—from Arts Thirty-three.
"We are our Alma Mater'a pride,
Upon us falls the load,
Her name to nave—we must behave-
According to her Code."
"And what is thatt" asks TMriv-thm.
"Ah, that's a deep dark mystery,"
"We have an Honor System here,
We have a Students' Court
To hold our college honor dear
We must perforce report
Any Infringement we may see."
"That   honor?"   murmured   Thirty*
"You must not smoke vile cigarettes
In our fair corridors,
You must not ever make your bets,
With dice upon the floors,"
"But if the Counoil eatekes met'*
"Ah, that's the deep, dark mystery."
"The rule of silence you must keep,
In Chateau Ridington.
Lest you disturb the keeper's oleip,
When his day's work ii done."
"But, sir," sai/e guileless Thirty4kfee,
"Worn some one aitoays tell on met"
'if your best friend pulls out a tag
Outside a lecture room,
Ton must not let a moment lag,
To seal the culprit's doom.
Right on the Instant you should run
And tell the crime to Russell Munn,"
"Now, as our^ Alma Mater's son,
Your honor you must prise,
Do what Is right with all your might,
But sometimes close your eyes.
For some fell misdeed you might see,
Embarrassing the Varsity."
"For Councillors are mortal men
And so the Students court     <
May find something embarrassing,
If you did what you ought—
But they must all rest comfortably,"
"With honor," murmured Thirty-three.
"But, Senior, sir," says Thirty-three,
*' The problem my io«l rends,
Shall I betray the Varsity,
Or tattle on my friends t"
"That question haa a oatch, I see-
It Is a deep dark mystery."
"Bui does the system really work,
And keep our honor bright,   .
Shining throughout confusions murk,
As our great guiding tight t"
The Senior answers wearily,
"It Is a deep, dark mystery."
**a**m**m**t*******M   m   n    n<< *
At Last!
In Green, Bias and Tan
Come in and learn to
tie thst r " " "
late Knot.
tie that real Collsg*
•   Barryntore Tux shirts sold
out. New shipment on »th
"Your Bosom Friend"
GoU'i Haberdaihery
S-Sp    fc(^^^    osjoetrnp    S^^n*n*s§    ^SjM
■     M  nil ni ■ IllH.ill W
■!■  ■i_hlli_|,,lSSlMii|Hl!ll«i,l
7  i      Aiy
l(Hh A Sasamat
Tobacco,      Stationery
Mpee.etc.,   Candles
(Aiwatsj IS-***)
Braster, Don't you think It would
be a good Idea If we had a debate In
my school?
Munn: Why, yes, provided It Isn't
on any controversial subject.—Ex.
• •    •
Lloyd: How did you come out in
the blindfold test?
Dick: I chose my girl's lipstick
four times out of five.—Ex.
• *    *
McOregor: This love business
gives me a pain in the neck.
Sanderson: Maybe you are too athletic about it.—Bx.
• •    •
Sparks: Will your people be sur
prised when you graduate?
Cokle: No, they've been expecting lt for several years.—Ex.
What People
Are Saying
"Cokle" Shields — What!  you
don't want a car!
Jean Woodworth—I must censor
these Jokes.
"Bill"   Haggerty   —   But   that
doesn't alter the fact that Its
"Doo" Sedgwick—Let me have
that thirty-flve cents, Byron.
Dr. Clarke—Now ln Europe	
Dune MeNaughton—Oh! where
and ohl where Is my garter?
Oavls Carey—Oet off my heels,
Alf. Bvans — I'm only playing
around with 10 units.
Prank Burnham—I Just love to
translate Tacitus.
Marjorie McKay-It seems there
were two travelling Q-r-e-e-k-s.
Doug. Mclntyre — We're Just
stringing the runners.
4W3 West 10th Avenue
■fwHSPW   a m^^^nsMSMMi
Pbosw Pt Orey IIS
2l7d West 41st Avenue
i Kerr. a7d
Varsity women
are invited to use
the facilities of
the hosiery department of this
All of the best known Canadian stockings are here for
your comparison and selection.
Saba Bros.
SUk Specialists
023 Oranvllle St.
"My plate Is damp," complained a
traveller ln an Edinburgh hotel.
"HushI" whispered hla wife; "that's 1
your soup." —Bx.
Phone, Sey. tet-S-i
- SEE -
For Your Next
Etc, Etc.
VANoouvaa. a. a
*mt**ri*k*et ISSS
We have a most
complete   range
af    Shoes    and
i Skates.
Combinations: a good Tube
Skate and Hackey Boot riveted on, ready to go
sr.eso, fftiOsiX)
M.8MLDIN8 Altos.
484 Hastings Itreet, W
Sey. 1470 Key. 6404 THE    UBYSSEY
October li,19_J&
Speakers to Guide wis. wmm
The series ot weekly noon talks on
chjoslng aprofession will commence
on Wednesday 23rd. ..
These talks, which are given by various membere of the Faculty of App.
Silence and by outside professional
mitt, are intended to assist the stu*
dent to make an intelligent Selection
of a oourse that will flt htm for a
career suited to his particular UstoS
and aptitudes, They are primarily for
Freshmen who are considering whither to entir Applied Science or not and
for Applied Science students who are
endeavouring to decide which oourse
to select for their final years, but any
student is welcome.
The flrst talk will be by Dean Brock
on the choice of a profession. It will
deal with the fundamental factors
that should be considered and upon
whieh the choice should be made.
Thla will be followed by talks on the
training In Applied Soience and the
Spupations for which such a train*
I is especially suitable and these b;
talks on individual professions, i£
nature of the Workt the special m
ilea necessary for success and 'the
life in this profession.
The first talk will be given by Dean
Brook on "The Choice of a Frofea-
Ston," on Wednesday, Ootober M, In
' Science 102, at 12,1. noon.
SThe menders of tbe Historioal So*
ty have decided tbat the1 discus-
ns of this yeir will deal mainly
h Canada and her relations with
other countries. *     Aah
Tbe first meeting will be held at
the home of Mr. E M. Keenleyside
on November 4, Mr. Brian Tobln Will
discuss,the economic and social as*
pacts of Canada and the United
States from 1783 to l«97, while Mr.
Julius Shore will deal with the
political aspect, '  A-n/iiW
On November 25, at the, homiof
Hon. Leoh Lodner, Mr. Donald"Wii*
son will continue the discussions of
the economic and political relations
of Canada and the United States from
1817 to 1114. On the same evening Mr.
Thomas Barnett will discuss the
question "Is Canada being American*
Isod?" *
Miss Margaret Ross, On January
ll, will give a paper on "The Marl*
times" while Mr. Hush Morrison
those for bis subject "The Canada*,''
These will be discussed In their relations to "The Struggle for Responsible Government." The meeting will
be at the home ot Miss Belle MoOaU-
ley. ■'.'-,
"The Settlement of Canada" will be
discussed on February 3, at Mr. R. L.
Raid's home, by Mlas Donalda Mc-
Rae, Miss M. Bell, and Miss Marguerite Sargent who will deal with
the European, British and American,
and Oriental aspects of the question,
On February 7, at the home of Dr.
J. A. Tolrnie, Mr. Percy Henderson
will deal with "Canada and the Imperial Conferences" from a prewar
viewpoint, while Miss Betty Moore
will discuss them from a post-war
The last meeting of the term on
March 3, will be held at Professor
Soward's home and will include discussions on "Canada and the Orient"
led by Miss Belle MoGauley, and
"Canada's Part in the League ef Nations" by Miss Helen Trltes.
Nurses Discuss Plans
And Elect officers
At a meeting of the Undergraduate
Nurses held in the West Wing of the
Nurses' Home, on Thursday laat, activities for the coming year were ^discussed and decided upon.
It was decided that the Nurses'
Danoe would be held ln the flrst week
of November and tbe Annual Tea on
the first Saturday tn February. A Hospital representative waa chosen from
third year, and a Treasurer from Srst.
Marion Miles, and Margaret Jenkins
were elected to these positions.
The feea for the yoar were fixed at
two dollars, and are to be paid to
the Treasurer as soon as possible,
A short, Important meeting of the
Nurses will be held In the west wing
of the Nurse's Residence to-night at
7.30 sharp.
The Wppin's Literary Sbclety open*
ed the term's activities with a tea
held Thursday afternoon In the Upper Common Room,
New members were welcomed by
the president who alec outlined the
program for the term. It Is proposed
that the executive endeavor to, have
Miss B. Patterson, Miss Holland, Hiss
Pumphrey and Miss Edwards address
them in a course of vocational lectures to be held every Tuesday noon
In Aggls 100.
During the afternoon a play was
read _y Ann Ferguson and Marian
Tea was poured by Miss Blakey,
while Misses Isabel Dee, Marjory McKay, Isabel Besooby, Barbara Ashby,
MavlB Holloway, Jean Whltbeck, and
Bdna Goranson assisted In serving.
The next meeting of the Society
will be held on October ll at noon
In Aggie 100.
Pipers Feature Travel
and Rome
SSpars by Miss Muriel Lalng and
s Marjorie McKay were the chief
entertainment at the flrst meeting of
the Classics Club, Wednesday evening at tbe home of Prof. H. T. Logan,
McOlll Road. Miss McKay discussed
"Greek Travel" in an entertaining
and unusually witty manner causing
muoh mirth by her struggles with
Orsek names.'
Miss Lalng took "Roman Travel"
and had evidently spent a great deal
ot time in preparation, tor Tier paper
Wis keenly enjoyed and aroused
lengthy discussion and comment from
members of the olub and faoulty.
Refreshments and general conversation rounded off a delightful even*
ingv _   m^^m^^mmrmm_ ■.;  ■■■;
- - i n,
Tbe MuslbSl Society Is dally becoming augmented by new members.
Try-outs have been held during the
past week. About one hundred and
twenty-flve tried out, Mr. Haydn Williams announces, and of these about
eighty have been accepted. The Band
had ite first practise Thursday noon,
and Is now successfully established.
A meeting of the Musical Sooiety
is called for Friday noou in Arts 100.
Nick: I should get your lowest
rate on this life Insurance policy I'm
taking out.
Salesman:   How so?
Nick: Don't you remember: "The
good die young"?—Bx.
i Ware Addresses
V. C. U. on Life
"Life is a wonderful thing," stated
Mr. S. V, Ware when he spoke on
"The Source and Power of Life" before a small gathering of the V.C.U.
members, Tuesday, October 15. Mr.
Ware is the Secretary and Missionary
of the Children's Special Service Mission of Canada.
"Thinking people must ask themselves where they came from, what
they are here for, and where they
are going," stated the speaker and
traced the development and gradual
displacement of the many theories
explaining the source of life, The reul
answer is contained in tbe flrst four
words of ths Bible: "In ths beginning
Ood—." The source of lite is Ood.
"In Him Is life," Mr. Ware remarked
on the U. B. C. students who were
sealously filling themselves with know
ledge and wondering what was the
objeot ot it all. To answer this he
quoted the Bible that men are created
by Ood and for His pleasure and added that "We can find our greatest
Sleasure and our greatest success In
The power ot life also presents an
Interesting problem. Scientists say
that everything is composed of electrons. Matter irf* therefore energy
crystallised. But how ls this brought
about? The answer is again contained
in the Bible. The heavens were or>
a ted by the Word of Ood. "He spake
and it was done. He commanded and
it stood forth."
In conclusion Mr. Ware summed up
his address—the source ot lite is in
God, the power of life is in His word,
and the object of lite is to live for
His pleasure.
The flrst meeting of "Der Deutsche
Verein" was held at the home of Miss
Constance Holmes. Officers elected
for the session 1111*10 were: Dr.
Isabel MoOinnlS, Honorary President;
Miss Hallamore, Honorary Vice-President; Letty Hay, President; Constance Hbiihil. Vice-President*, Thai-
ma Johnson, Secretary.
We've heard a Tot about the beauty
of B. C. scenery as a lure to the tour-
1st. The advertisement didn't say a
word about tbe perambulating scenery
so we are going to toll you that the
Hollywood Beauty Shop specialises in
turning out beautiful perambulating
scenic effects. You should be one of
The Hollywood Beauty Shop
$29 Oranville St.  *  *  Sry. 45IJ
University Book Store
Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Saturdays, 9 a.m. to I p.m.
Loose-Leaf Note Books, Exercise Books and Scribblers
at Reduced Prices
Graphic and Engineering Paper, Biology Paper.
Loose-Lea. Refills, Fountain Pens and Ink.
Pencils and Drawing Instruments.
Crepe Paper for Masquerades, etc.
FOR solid comfort you cannot equal a Camel-
hair coat. Soft and warm, light in weight
Just the coat for the man who is particular about
his appearance. In greys or fawns, with herringbone or overplaid effects.      Others $40 to ISO
One Store Only
Hastings and Homer Sts.
The Bay Cleaners
and Dyers
Cleaning, Jtyeing,
Alterations and Repairing
-Expert Work Quuromtood
Phone Pt 0.118
Expert Tlrt
and Battery Service
Qeneral Repairs
D. 8. Beach A Son
Gas Oil
A Badminton Racket to
suit you at from
ai.us to aiti.oo
Three Specials '
K50, $7.50 and $9.00
Tea Caiutof Bent Them
George Sparling
Deng, em m ao-isoy st,
Choice leathers expressed
in correct styles distinguish
Church's-made in England
Ingledew's Ltd.
IS'HH I'I I I  I l|Hll|i*l»|l| ll|l|i| Illllll llll
Trimble Florists
44IO-IOt_.Ave„W.  i
Pi. Gwy302
Decorations, Cat Flowers
Bouquets, Designs
Prompt Service
mi in ii
ii s ii I sis I iii|n|i msusi iii
TRY   US  fer  yew   next
Drue .wsnts and nets the
BRU6 00., LTD.
of Western Canada
Munroe's Confectionery
Cor. 10th and Tolmie
Soda Fountain Tobaccos
Exclusive Agents in Point Grey
Sapps' Famous Chocolates
Mrs. Fleming's Delicious
Calces and Pastry
Bert Ptltchard
378S-10th W,
Dry Cleaning, Pressing
Alterations** Repairing
We Cnli and Deliver
Bay, 874* Pt.O. 2SM.
iiiHi-   ■     II  nun ml
(Eommnbote €#t*
DaHeiou* MaaJs   •;•   C\>ur**Ou» Setwise
S72 ORANVILLE ST.    - jf
iiiw siin miim.iii-    ■ i mmii****e»M***
Ideal for Dances
and Parties
Prompt Delivery
Vein Bros*
I9B0 CommeroinJ Dr.
Phono High. 90
Crosby & Bonner
Everything in
Electrical Supplies
Special on Flashlights
4463 10th Ave, West
U- Drive
A New Ford    $1
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One Year
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Mul         mm       i2Hn_       4111 nd KMNSWAY, tt
mmit       DEATH!         MAH!         WEST ItVM. JlYC.
SII.77N       F*.713       liy.M7      Mff.S>1 Cart. ISM !~-"T
13 -108Q
2Ve*f Week
at the
Fannie *Brice
.A, IN t.
Il_____i __a__M a_si#v
f*BW ™ aay wmm*w ■
-LU Mark CaaMSM
lalefeetitmany Pa*
'/ !-_
Per Young Men
»*n'iilii   ill j in _iitgWHBW^*'J"-.i- il'lji !- -
i ;
ZsBgfsM star.
0* the Stage
j 11 novation
Horton Bpurr, Vina Zelle
Telaak A Dean. Hang A Nee
'), OlKithdt Pierce   .
Jackls fioudorg
W    Bfnd
noon, after a heated
discussion, during which much of the
customary political loud was freely
exchanged, the Senior Class government ''railroaded" their new tariff
bill through the House. The opposition,' the lunior Year, heatedly opposed the government's proposal that
a higher tariff, was ln the best inter
eats of Canadian industries, and
sought to gain the support of Labor
and Independent parties. But these
two sections were won over to the
government ranks by the eloquence
of Senators Peden and Orauer, who
rose to oratorical heights in dofenss
of the government bill.
ty >
yssmwsm*masm»n\\\m mu 'i .msemsmm
»»»ijar thf Nem (Ikpheum Cafe
Wi feature a **001M>AT MTWOH for 60a, *a* la hai* * eassl.     ,
ns..., -i   ii<  iiupniim |i|»-n>ii|l|iii*i»^,yrni<
day orrici:
cvininc owes:
719 tots Mf.    4517-llttttt.i.
siv.3710 PT.daivseex
For Haircutting
University men have
long regarded
as an institution
qbosvbnob hotel building
848 Howe St
(Jutt Sou* a/Robaon)
Moonlight Auto Livery
726 Smithe Street Sey. 1313
t»   mat
Hously Rates
11.00 to 11.10 per hr.
(Om •at** In all mms)
Pasty Rates
1A.M. to 6 r M. 16.00 to 17.00
6 P.M. to Sa.M. 16,00 to 17.00
This ad ls worth $1.00 to you ln trade
On Wodneeday evening, at the University Olub, the U. B, 0. Agrioul
turai Alumni Fraternity entertained
the undergraduate upper olass men.
This banquet, an Innovation by tbe
Alumni to serve as a link between
the Orads. and their Undergraduate
brothers, was a typical Aggie success.
The catering and service were excel*
lent, the speeches meaty, witty, short
and to. the point, and the toasts proposed by Dick Asher, master of ceremonies, met the hearty approval of
all. ^amnf thT_jfa mH^were
^tug," rA^uiturW^Qrads.
*r«»P&*fci £*•«•« being
m. Dr. Moe, Lfiie Atkinson,
rsSier, Professor Hare, Profes*
m Rffeob, And "Spud"
Lights of Trip
On Tdesday evening, Professor
HSM WfThost to the member iii
the Agricultural Olub, when Professor
3. B, King gave a vivid account of hits
recent trip to Europe. Por over sip.
hour an audience ot faculty members
and students followed with interest
as the speaker described the "high
lights" of his toun in Scotland. England, Holland, Germany, France,
Switzerland and Italy.
Was the Frosh Danco a
successf We'll tell the world!
They surely rushed us with
orders the previous week.
Now that the Frat. dances
and class parties are coming
along it is time to order the
new tuxedo. Just think this
over. We are selling them
complete (i! piece) for $26.
We have received a new
shipment of tweeds and worsteds that are just the thing
you are looking for. Why not
come aud see them.
We will soon know all the
boys at the rate they have
been coming in.
159 Haiti nqsSt.W.
P6€t Esca&dMfe
Correspeadea ce
See how easily, and how
well the,
MgtMi Portable
Campus Representative
Pt. Qrey 1470-0
''Poetry was a supreme means of
escape from ail he found distasteful
ln life," said William Robbing in his
paper on James Blroy Flecker, delivered to the Letters Club when it met
on Tuesday at the borne of Mrs. H. C
"He created a world of his own
where beauty ruled supreme," con*
tinued Mr. Bobbins. Few have excelled hint-in the art of choosing the
exact word. He revised all his work
with painstaking thoroughness.
The genius of Flecker was in sympathy with the French Parnassian
sohool, whioh insisted on perfection
of form, intellectual rather than emotional treatment and objectivity rather than subjectivity in mood, but the
personal element in his work made
him superior to the Parnassians.
Along with the attraction that oriental scenes had for him went a fondness for classical themes which be
handled with ease and grace.
On the whole, thought Mr, Bobbins,
Fischer's prose is inferior io his poetry, He wrote one imaginative novel and several fantastic bits. 'tThe
Grecians" was an extraordinary treatise on education. Hla two dramatic
attempts show sound knowledge ot
character and contain some uniorget*-
-aid the    _„^ „ „, ,^
which Flecker showed himself at his
joyously fantutlo and delightfnHy
impossible best, WW** .*«.,.
Five new members were welcomed
to the olub. The Meeting wm,honored kr ths presence of two of tbe
New Zealand debaters.
our anu contain some -worgev-
the reader.  This was a play in
Illllll Kll'l S IS II Hi I HH Stl> | |  |  |  ,  US i, ,11
in sisi'Si' ifm.sin nnumm |ii|,)|.s|.m„|.»._.
It is with sundry pleasure that one
haa heard the voice ot tbe Players
Olub. And a truly formidable array
ot plays! There only remains now to
see the prise play submitted by a student; then the suspense will be over,
in this lalt, for good or for worse
Convention, I know, forbids a^y rtvo
lutionaiy oriUoUnl but for my part, I
Slweys eipeot from en organisation of
sis tm, mettle unhampered by the
earthward progress of the commercial
theatre, a sort of stern Independence;
a nucleus ot true Artists Moving away
from the rottenness, tbs hypocrisy,
the ludicrous falsity of modern theatrical activity. It is in their power to
do away with one going to see a play
merely tor the sake of a man or woman taking part in it, or because ita
a 'mystery' play or because it ls con*
celved to saUsfy outer instincts. Such
thing, are not of the theatre—but
are bred from the utter degeneration
of Art, which Is a calamity. Nevertheless, we await with interest what tbe
Players' Club will show us.
A most curious sensation is that
of suddenly, at the sight of someone
or something to be transported back
from present surroundings: a sort of
harking back to old memories. To
enter a street-car, and rub Bhoulders
with a true Russian priest of the old
regime ls like a sudden revelation, a
comparison. He, heavily bearded,
draped in a black flowing cassock,
with a minutely patterned cap slung
on a heavy chain around the neck,
represented the Old World- The grind
Ing street-car, the people, the aimless
haste, the noise, that waa the New
World. A strange sensation! Though,
indeed, the laconic conductor, true
pattern of ready-made philosopher,
took the matter more lightly. "Some
uniform that, ehl Looks like something I dreamed about once!" he announced to the world at large. A
frowning Individual, with butterfly
collar and no chin nodded portentlous-
ly. "I know his likes," he said slowly.
"He's one of them there Bolshevlkis.
I knows. I saw a picture once, only
he didn't have no moustache . . . ."
I didn't hear any more. Truthfully, I
was glad.
At a meeting of the Aggie Freeh-
man class on Tuesday, the following
executive was elected:
Hon. President, Pror. King; President, Waldo Rogers; Vice-President,
C. D. Osborne; Secretary-Treasurer.
W. Whlmster.
Th* 9th annual Aggie staff-student
dinner will be held at the Hotel
Oeorgla, Monday, October 21, at 6.30
All Aggie students are expected to
be present.
There are exactly 100 Arts Penants
for sale at the ticket office in the
Quad. Come eariy and avoid the
RUSH.    Price, |1.2B.
Audieuct Takes Part
In N. Z, Ostites
By OR. Powles"
Debating in New .ZeS^i-d has two
outstanding features. ThTllret ft ^a.
nected with the style of the D_bate_
SWSiMlB. *■'■*»•
In Victoria University College, Wel-
Sl!^.!0 ^«W#e5 holds
^•ftfe-TOHf^^ fertnigbt ta
tbe College Hall. There are two men
oa each side who respectively move
and second aad oppose and seoond
the motion to be elJwuaseTTip l£
bate to then thrown open and any
member preseat who wishes to speak
may ooms up on tbe platform and
deliver himself (or hemlf) of hU
(or her) considered (or Ill-considered)
2E_____l 0_* **•*. ^"iv l»Tttsea.
number of speakers is about twelve.
The leaders ou each side sum up
£•£; «»••. end the Judge ter tbe
evening then gives his decision, plac-
JyJfi.-?' flw_^'i#**Mi «■ eSB
of merit A record Is kept ef theae
Piscinas and at the dose of the year
the fooiety gives to the winner a
valuable prise of books. Once faAmi
year there Is an evening tor lmpromp-
tors'" Debate. At these "Visitors'"
Debates the leader $ each sldejs a
promtn.nt public man interested In
the question to be dlBcussed. F_? £
etwee the las!Debate ot Sis net**
wasob the motion*rha* (Sverwieet
of New, Zealand by the Ubor p3*
would hole the rtett^ests oi the
a^wf *f» *»r«*r the ifi.
bates aire also open to all members
The second and questional
audiences' at political meet]
fWt.iA,the close of a recent
In &,$., the chairman thi
• tor the "close and ,
they had given the *&„-_»
■ft not the plaoe to go tleeply in*
«■■_-4lro,..nll CWIi *_? ^emm*
tat suffice it to say (hat as gt least
ifi 5S..5!!?.* *!. *• 'awn»tk»nli
of a deoidedly humorous nature, debates become highly eaicrta^fr*-*.
the cost ot course of the eMakers'
peace of mind. WhrnTebsSTa*
broadcast there are always two microphones, one on the pUtfora for tiie
speeches, and one in the body of the
hah for the interjections,
The executive of the Senior year
entertained in honor of the out of
town girls on Wednesday afternoon
from 3.30 till 5.30 in the Upper Common room.
Assisting the executive were Dean
Bollert who welcomed the girls and
Mrs. L. Robertson who presided over
the tea table.
Miss Betty Whiteside had charge
of the affair and was assisted by Miss
Belle McOauley, Miss Rene Harris,
Miss Jean Salter, Miss Dory Keillor,
Miss Barbara Ashby, Mtsa Jean Mc-
Gougan and Miss Margaret Riggs.
As a definite beginning to this seas*
on's activities, the Studio Club will
hold its flrat meeting next Tuesday
evening at the home of Miss Kathleen
Walker, 1400 King Edward Ave., one
half-block east of Oranvllle and is
reached by a number 7 cay.
It haa been requested by the Bxeoutlve that all members, both old and
new, be pleased to attend the function. The following are tho new members elected to the Club: Bnid Williams, Madelyn Steges, Margaret Boul-
ton, Owendyltne Northcott and Frank
Mi.ictl Netici
AU second year Science students
please report at the University Health
Service, No. 80S Auditorium at once,
whether you have reported previously or not.
Appointments for Medical Examination on November 16, tor the men
have been changed to Monday, December I, and for the women to Wednesday, November 10. Please change
these dates on your Medical Cards.
The women students playing basketball for the 1129-10 session, please
report at the University Health Service, No. 300 Auditorium, at their
earliest convenience for their Medical Examination. ,s   4$>uy<...-H
Making Qeme-back
The Junior Canadian Rugby team
rapples with the Dodekas At Con-
naught Park, at 2.10, JJeturday. For
IIBmBII-    * eea sm*    *e»    «iw¥|.-tunvvw? WTW* *    " w~
years the Junior Cahidlan Rugby has
*•  rpeart, until last Sat-
greatjy surprised the
been completely passfuatU Jaei Sat-
urdey tbi hoys ***# autwised the
**gd b> taking a IN victory over
the Cougars. Thi last Ume that even
a game was ton Wiur tour years ago
when thi bacon ln the form of the
Junior Provincial championship was
dragged home. From thst time on,
thmgs went from bed to worse, and
tbe^nlversity fergot thi *mlors.
Now, without nny^ifsroing, without
•van a whisper of whit they have,
the team comes back and displays
some of tbe old-time vim, vigor and
^"would not be fair at this early
stage ot the game to mention one
player and not the others. Let It suffice to say that the boys are all working well and Tom Brown, captain.
feels that nothing more could be desired. The all-needful co-operation ts
SSient and Se way the town ran
olroles around" the Seniors at the
practise on Wednesday morning was
nobody's bbsiness^wept Dr. Burke s
who elsims that if tne boys keep on,
he may send them to Victoria on Sat.
urday instead of the Seniors.
However, while tb« Senters are
Kne. the Juniors will deal witb the
Sskas. -Sr this game, everybody
shbuld be out and help the teaw
/8S. foT they have a tough proposition ou their hands. Tbe podekannare
no miaa adversely, ,and a ■trong
backing from the side lines willjnenn
everything to tbe boys, They are out
SS yea?\o bring to tbi tfolverslty
. once again tbe Prov.no.al eup.
Muy fisod Track Mm
fun. Anong Frosh
The Senior Soccer team meets ita
stiffest assignment so far tomorrow
when lt clashes with the fast step*
ping Pt. Orey United eleven at Kerrisdale Park.
A win for the Students will en*
trench them firmly in second place
while If the leaders lose the Varsity
man go to the head of the league
table. The following men will battle
tor Varsity: McOregor; Roberts,
Manning; Wright r(H), Phillips, Stafford; Wright (B), Partridge, Wong,
Chalmers and Cooks.
The Juniors are facing a tremendous task In Hastings Athletlo league
leaders. The team has not been chosen yet but wtll be selected trom:
Saunders; Smith, Wiles; Thaln, Fraser, Moffat, Hodges, Hammett, Smith,
Southey, Verdlel, MoKsllar and Dickson.
the commencement at the thW lip
Carey sprinted for 80 yards and ever*
t^7th. Arts man. Nine lape irejt
iy with Harjmeft elose on Ji_wfs
heels; as Sesud Btedjhpsallijttf.
fist lap, Carey started to sprint
HSmmoit kept pace with hint for the
when it came to a teat sprint at the
Snisb. Both men were sadly eat el.
training aa the time II min. 48 sec.
The'Freshman, Cockburn. dwervee
a word of praise. Although the Srst
two men finished over a lap ahead of
Mm he plodded on to the finish and
won one point for tbi Frosh.
The meet waa a great suocoss and
the Track Olub hive^ found a wealth
Ofmaterial among the Frosh which
will be very useful next term when
tbe Inter-Collegiate meete come along.
The following were officials to
whom much of the success of the
meet was due: Mr. Bob Granger, Dr.
Davidson, Dr. Harris, Dr. Shrum, Dr.
Sedgewick, President Kllnck, Dean
Brook, aud Professor H. Logan.
High hurdles-Allen, Arts '31; McOregor, Froah; Morrow, Prosh.
100 Yards, men—Gaul, Arts '31;
Barry; Science '31; Morrow, Froah.
Time, 10 3-5.
100 yards, women—T. Mahon, Arte
'80; S. Milne, Frosh; K. Blngay, Arts
'82. Time 12 4-6.
. One mile—Allen, Frosh; Selby,
Soience '80; Verner, Frosh. Time,
4.49 2-6.
Broad jump, men—N. Allan, Arts
'81; Hayoshl, Frosh. Distance, 18 feet
8 inches.
220 yards— Norman, Froah; Thornbur, Science '80; Barry, Frosh. Time,
24 8-5.
High jump, women—T. Mahon,
Arts '80; M, Carder, Arts '82; R.
Harris, Arts '80. Height, 4 feet. 8
High jump, men—McNaughton,
Arts, '82; Thornbur, Science '32; Allen, Arts '31. Height, 6 feet 7 inches.
Shot put—Ledingham, Science '32;
McNaughton, Science '32; Peden, Aggie '30. Distance, 40 feet 1-2 Inche
(new record).
80 yards, women—T. Mahon, Arts
'30; M. Clarke, Arts '32; A. Harper,
Frosh. Time, 8 4-1.
Broad Jump, women—T. Mahon,
Arts '80; B. Barriach, Frosh; M.
Shelly, Frosh. Distance, 13 feet * 1-4
Discus—Ledlngham, Science '32;
Peden, Aggie '80; Shelling, Froah.
Distance 91 feet 8 1-2 Inches.
Javelin—Ledlngham, Science '83;
Peden, Aggie '80; McLeod, Prorfh. Distance, 118 feet 11 Inches.
Pole vault—Alpen, Science '81;
Root, Arts '82; Morrow, Frosh. Height,
10 fset 10 Inches.
Three miles—Carey, Science '32;
Hammett Arts '32; Cockburn, Frosh.
lime, 14.42.
Relay, women—Varsity, Froah.
Time, 2.S 4-6.
Badminton Enthusiasts
ItoW Rrst Practice
In spite of the drawback of lit
weather, the Badminton Club met for
Its flrst practice on Wednesday at
8 o'cloik in the gym. with an excellent attendance. According to Nicho-
Ms Solly, membership will be limited
to One hundred.
From now on practices will be held
every Monday and Wednesday evenings at I o'clock sharp, and a speolal
bus leaving at 10.40 has been charter-
a for the convenience of members,
turday practices fill take place in
the afternoon.
Two teams, an A. and a B, are to be
chosen by the end of the month to
enter the Vancouver and District
league, and % ill players are , being
watched closely for possible membership on these. „ ;
'New members are invited to Join
the Club, and every effort will be
made to help along those learning to
The club fees ot 14.00 may be paid
to Charlie Btrachen, treasurer, now.
The Women's Grass Hookey Club
Will bold a meeting to-day at 11:16 In
Arts 101, tor the purpose of electing
captains for tbe teama. It Is very important for everyone to be out.
The Club has received another dos*
en sweaters so both teams are pro*
vlded for. Announcements of practise
dates will be given at tbe meeting.
Any girls who Intend to play hockey
must either report to Angela van
Vooght at the meeting or turn out
ready to play. It Is not necessary to
have to come out to earlier practises
but this is the very last chance to
Join. Anyone out Is sure of a game.
At the league meeting held last
Friday night, It was decided that
league games will- be held, starting
next Saturday, October 28. A cup has
been presented by Major Bentham of
Spaldlngs for the winning team. University has a very good chance for It
with two strong teams entered,
Swimming Club Schedule
Has Beefljhangcd
It has been found necessary to
change the schedule of hours previously fixed by the Executive of the
Swimming Olub.
Those In effect at the present time
at the Memorial Swimming Tank
Monday—8 p.m. to 8 p.m. Mixed
Tuesday — 6.80 p.m. to 6.15 p.m.
Team Practice. Mixed.'
Wednesday—5 p.m. to 6 p.m. Men,
Thursday—0.30 p.m. to 10.80 p.m.
Team practice, mixed.
Friday—6 p.m. to 7 p.m. Women,
Owing to the line painting the Badminton practice on Saturday afternoon will be cancelled. Next practice
will be on Monday evening from 8
p.m. on,
Niw Zi«lwd D^atii on Saturday
(Continued from Page 1)
for in return we can hope you will
treat ua kindly tomorrow night."
Mr. Dunn and Mr, Morley have already had success by winning the
same side of the same debate on Saturday evening at Mount Lehman.
Tickets will be on oale Thursday,
Friday, and Saturday at noon ln the
box office of the quadrangle.
«very HUUI wants/
THB man who buys his
clothes at Tip Top Talkie
Just about cute hli dothhkTbttl
Here you eat gel FOUR
suits, TUB feu.* suits a w0H-
dressed man needs.at little mote
tbaa the price of TWOI
It makes rp difference whether
you want a business suit, a sport
suit, a dressy blue serge, a
tuxedo or evening dress. s^uW
own measure lor only IH
""■•"-     <'«■• • ' A -
■*_mssi^fcn wga^gsBai#a  ■»ew,ieg Bs^^weasg^w %^b
this extraordinary value. Tie
Top Talldrs have become Mj-
largeefe one-price tailors ia
world I
em yiia
selection of inexpensive gifts in
Novelty Jewellery.  China,
Leather and
A i „   f
♦♦oi»eo»eeesiMM'4e»rt»eee .
•   rrsnsadshft lima rfsnalrs il
arW|rw^p^S|BW «——»•»—■  a^umvpws w  sm
AI Sh^^^ir^^
Cor. Saiaaut asd^Ott Avsssss >
tsisgisaeesiMsitsiesi-ms <j
v« t. m.
' * A
u i A
.'in   '     '»*'» '(    A i'     ''     <'» A   ^1
. ...-* ,1,. H*«t^.'.
College Men
'     'H
i .
"The Renfrew"
Our Feature Young Men's Coat
HERE is a Clothing Department filled with
Young Men's Clothes —
Clothes with College Style
—youth—dash—and (to some
extent) daring.
All that Clothes Personality
you have dreamed of is here.
A selection of Imported
Woollens—in College weaves
for example.
Suits and Coats


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