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The Ubyssey Jan 18, 1929

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Issued Twice Weekly by the Students' Publications Board of The University of British Columbia.
No. 21
Professor F. W. Vernon Gives
Address to Engineers
A largely attended meeting was held
on Monday last, January 11, when
two hundred students were present.
Prof. F. W. Vernon gave a very interesting talk on "Aeroplanes and Aviation."
On Saturday, January 19, a trip will
be taken to the B. C. Electric Railway
Sub-station at 5th Avenue and Fir St.
Members will meet, either in the 5th
Civil Draughting room at 1 p.m. or at
the sub-station at 1:30 p.m.
At a meeting to be held In Applied
Science 100 on Wednesday, January
23, Mr. P. Z. Cavorhlll will speak on
"Forestry ln different parts of the
world." Mr. Caverhill has just returned from n year's study of forest
conditions throughout the world.
There will be a social evening on
Wednesday evening, January 23.
Music, songs, cards and badminton
will ensure a pleasant evening. This
Is an opportunity to meet some of
the down-town engineers. All members are requested to come and to
bring a friend.
"Piirllmontury Procedure" wns the subject of Ihe lecturo given by Judge
H, 0. MacOlll before, the Women's Literary Society, Wednesday, January
1*. This was tlie llrst of a course of four lectures on public speaking given
by the society.
Jn opening, Judge MucCllll explained that lt wus Important to know the
ales of procedure, and to conduct meetings according to those rules.   "It Is
HO rod tape that saves you from the discussion after," she stated.    During
lie lecturo sho referred constantly to books on parliamentary procedure by
Palgraves, Bournlno and Sir T. Ersklne May.
"All business should be introduced
f way of a motion." After explaining the different kinds of motions and
tne correct forms, Judge MacOlll dis*
eassed amendments which should be
thoroughly understood though they
ire complicated because they result
In lawsuits. The final resolution
should be a logical and concise statement of what Is to be done.
The duties of the officers were then
defined. One of the chief duties of
the president is to see that all remarks are addressed to the chair.
This not only takes the heat out of
fiery discussion but it promotes orderly meetings and keeps the guiding
reins In the hands of the president.
In discussing the keeping of minutes
Judge MacQill quoted the words of
Bournlno: "Minutes are no place for
men's speeches." Only the briefest
Outlines of speeches should appear in
the minutes, while all "nice remarks"
Should be included ln the vote of
In speaking of the vote of thanks,
Judge MacQill pointed out the common fault of an elaborate vote of
thanks which detracted from the
speech itself. The vote of thanks
Should be "a simple expression of appreciation."
In concluding the address the speaker dealt with the proper method of
holding discussion and the duties of
executives and committees.
Tea was then served by Dean Bollert. Pouring tea was Miss Qerry
Whitaker and assisting in serving
were Miss Beth Dow, Miss Grace
Adams, Miss Barbara Ashby, Mlse
Helen Smith, Miss Grace Ryall, Miss
Ethel McDowell, Miss Margaret Orms-
by, Miss Velina McGauley and Miss
Muriel Dixon.
Flayers' Club Announces Cast
For "Rollo's Wild Oat"
The Players' Club production, 'Rollo's Wild Oat," which is to be presented early In March, gives evidence of
being one of the most ambitious plays
the Club has ever attempted. The
theme of the production Is comedy-
drama, being a play within a play.
Holo who Is the chief character, ln
attempting to produce "Hamlet," justifies ln one sense the ambiguity of
the title which however Is very
pleasantly fulfilled at the close of the
If the judgment of the Players'
Club Is correct, the productions should
be a great success with everyone both
In and outside the University. The
characters and those tentatively assigned to play them follow.
■ Rollo, Alfred Evans; Horatio, A. 0,
Smith; Aunt Lane, Frances Madeley;
Queen, Ann Ferguson; Polonlus, H.
Ormsby; Goldie, Doris Crompton,
Vivian Hood; Hewston, Sidney Risk;
Lydln, Elizabeth Magee, Mary Stewart; King, Orevllle Rowland; Lucas,
Eric North, understudy: Bill Plom-
mor; Stein, Dave MacDonald, Malcolm Pretty; Bella, Not filled.
Musical Enthusiasts
To Continue Recitals
The success of last term's Noon
Hour Recital has encouraged the Musical Society to arrange another of
these musical hours to be held next
Thursday noon at 12:15 in the Auditorium.
The programme which will he announced In full In Tuesday's Issue,
will include several well known local
artists. If the same interest Is shown
upon this occasion as was In the last.
plans will he made for more of these
recitals. The recent purchase of a
grand piano hy the Musical Society
will make lt possible to bring these
programmes to the University.
Seniors to Meet
Seniors of Arts, Science, "Aggie,"
and Nursing take notice that the first
combined meeting of the senior year
will bo held ln Arts 100 on Monday at
12:15. Several social functions have
beon planned for this term Including
the Senior Ball and the usual Boat
Trip and Hike. Plans will be made
for others and a discussion ot graduation events. All seniors are urged to
be present and bring their suggestions.
The Totem Staff wishes to t.hnuk
those members of ">i\ who have already handed lu their write-ups, thus
helping to relieve tin later congestion.
With such nn auspicious beginning, |
we are permitted to hope thut the :
remaining portion of '21) will follow !
their example, and hand In their bio-'
graphics by the day appointed on the
Notice Hoard, January 21. I
We would ulso like to remind the
executives of Literary, Scientific, and
Athletic Clubs thut. the write-ups for
their clubs will soon be needed, Letters have been mulled to the presidents of these clubs stating regulations regarding these. Secretaries of
classes   may   expect   similar   letters
Co-eds Contribute
To College Capers
One of the hlg events of the year
will he the "Coed" hall, to be held
In the Auditorium ou February ."I
from It to I o'clock.
The women will Invite the men, buy
Die tickets and see to It that their
partner luui u full program.
It Is lo he an evening dress affair,
The proceeds are for the Women's
I'nlon Building The price of admission Is S'i.an ii couple, Watch the
'Thyssey" for further announcements.
Alter this was announced, Dean Hollert. gave a short talk to the women
about the lundvlsubllity of going out
for refreshments after either of thu
dances and hoped that tho girls would
follow this advice.
Sylvia Thrupp Wins
I. O. D. E. History
Word wns recelvod Thursday morning that Miss Sylvia Thrupp of Arts
'25 has been awarded the I.O.D.K.
Scholarship In History. Tho award Is
an annual scholarship to the value of
$1400 providing for advanced study
at any British University. It Is decided by open coinpetlton In each of
Ihe provinces and the successful candidate Is arrived at by a thorough
comparison of records and tho estimates of Instructors.
Miss Thrupp Is nt present engaged
in post-graduate work leading to her
M. A. degree which she expects to receive this year. For the subject of
her thesis she hus chosen "The His
tory of the Cranbrook District ln East
Kootenay." Throughout her entire
career In this university, Miss Thrupp
has manifested n brilliancy in her
chosen subject and her record Is one
of ti consistently high standard. As
a Sophomore she was the recipient
of the Terminal City Club Memorial
Scholarship ln History and ln her
Junior Year won tho Gerald Myles
Harvey Book Prize, ln 1925 she was
awarded the Historical Society Gold
Medal in History.
Miss Thrupp is as yet undecided as
to the institution at which she will
pursue her studies, having under consideration Oxford, Cambridge or London.
Varsity's second gamo ln the battle
for the city English Rugby leadership
ls scheduled for 2 o'clock Saturday
afternoon at the Brockton Point Oval.
Seaforths will provide the opposition
and a life and death struggle Is expected. Tho city team has not registered a win this year and are determined to remain in the Tlsdall cup competition by taking the college boys Into camp. To do this they must field a
faster-stepping fifteen than usual, for
the U. B. C. squad showed, In their
snappy workout Wednesday, that, notwithstanding the loss of several regu
lars, they would be a hard team to
Although Fraser and Noble nre still
on the sick list and will be missed on
Saturday, Murray, Sparks and Foer-
rester showed up well in practice and
with Wilson in shape gain a good forward line Is assured. At Coach Tyr-
whltt's recommendation, Willis is trying his hand at live-eighths. This
position is new to him but. he Is expected to show his usual stellar form.
The Varsity team have been playing rugby of high calibre for some
time. Last week they won hands
down besides taking tho three previous Millar cup gumes by decisive
The U.B.C. line-up will be picked
from the following: Ford, R. Barratt,
Gaul, Estabrook, Locke, Fell, Willis,
B. Barratt, Murray, Mason, Player,
Farrls, Foerrester, Sparks, Nixon, Alpen, McNeil.
Coming Events
TO-DAY, JAN. 18—
Pep Meeting, 12:15. Something new, A chance to
win ■ box of oandy.
Intercollegiate Debate. U.B.C.
vs. Manitoba. Women's
Building, 8 p.m.
Rugby.   Varsity    Seniors    vs.
Seaforths.   Brookton   Point.
Varsity    Intermediates   vs.
Seaforthe.    Renfrew    Park.
Frosh   vs.   I*-King   Oeorge.
Renfrew Park.
Soooer. Varsity  Ole-harde vs.
Christ Church.
Arts  31   Class   Party.    Hotel
VanewMver. 9 • 12,
Dr. Harvey will speak on "Debating"     Women's     Upper
Common   Room.    1 p.m,
Arts 30 Clasa Party.    Willow
Meralomas Triumph Over Senior T
Women in Jhrilling Hoop Contest
Varsily Hoop stars lost one of Ihe most spectuculur gumes of the season,
when the Meralomas teum sent the Senior, "A" women home to the tuna
or 11) 17. ou Tuesday night, at 8 o'clock, In the V, A. C, gym. The teams were
fairly evenly matched, neither side displaying notlceuble brilliance. Vanity
lost (he gamo simply because tt didn't play hard enough. The team as a
whole wus not up to Its usual standard, missing plenty of perfectly good
chances rot* scoring. Rene Harris and Claire Menten were the only players
on tho student team who turned In their usual game and wero responsible
for many good teum plays.
Mussolini is Discussed at
S.C J. Lecture
"Mussolini und Present Day Conditions lu Italy" formed the topic for
nn Interesting lecturo given by Harold
Brown of this city under S.C.M. auspices.
Frank Mackenzie, second vice-president of the S.C.M. Introduced Mr.
Brown to the audience as one interested in Itulian conditions and conversant with the present day conditions of this state.
Mr. Brown opened his topic with
a discussion of the problems present-
day Industrialization has precipitated
in the society of Europe and the world
generally. The deleterious results
arising from unchecked conditions in
this highly specialized mechanical
age, Mr. Brown observed, were ln such
countries as Russia marked by violent upheavals. Even British Columbia, he stated, had too much poverty
lu consideration of Its population and
wealth. «
With this In mind Mr. Brown continued to discuss how such a dynamic
personality as Mussolini could effect,
in one sweep, startling reorganizations of social conditions ln an effort
to avert Impending catastrophe. Thus,
though Mussolini is autocratic he is
vindicated by his Innate modesty and
his great purpose of Italian rejuvenation. From his historic "March on
Rome" to the present day Italy's welfare has been Mussolini's paramount
thought, and in his position as the
moulder of Italian destiny, he has always acted with the precision a cold
and calculating mind was supplied.
Fascism, created by Mussolini's
guiding hand, was shown by Mr.
Brown to he Italy's nation wide confederation built on the solid foundation of active comradeship. Fascism
Is the unbounded faith of Italians In
Italy, and we, emphatically stated Mr,
Hrown, have reason to be eternally
grateful to its standards since il was
the force which in its own sphere
checked rampant Bolshevism. Fascism
stood too as a steadfast guardian and
an Impartial arbltor In '.he distribution of a common heritage. Fascism
is unrestricted In its spirit of youthful enthusiasm and Impetus. For
eight years Fascism, and Its guiding spirit, Mussolini, had stood for
law and order against the opposing
forces of Bolshevist anarchy and internal strife and had won out.
Mr. Brown concluded by his observation that we in British Columbia
could derive a beneficial lesson from
this spirit of the new Itnly.
A hearty round of applause was
rendered the speaker for his Interesting address.
Orators To Be Chosen
Literary Representatives ure reminded that the tryouts for the oratorical contest will he held on Monday at ;i p.m. lu Room Arts ion. Four
men and four women will be chosen
as finalists to compete on the even
lug of Februury ft lu the auditorium
An unprecedented enthusiasm has
been shown to dat*' and the contest
this year promises to be Hie best
since   Its   Inception.
Several newcomers to Varsity's ora
torlcnl ranks are expected lo turn
out and may displace some of their
more experienced opponents. In nny
event It Is claimed the competition
will be unusually keen. An effort Is
being made to procure tin assist
mice ol the Musical Society to add
lo   the   aesthetic   enjoyment   of   the
Tho tlrst quarter was fairly even.
Rettie Ttngloy scored the flrst point
of the evening by a free shot. Mora*
lomus retaliated with two baskets,
After some fast team work and clever
passing, Rene Harris chalked up three
points for the Co-eds, making the
score 4-all at quarter time. The second quarter was uneventful. Varsity
still had the edge, but was unable to
penetrate the strong Meraloma's defense. Rene Harris scored the only
basket of the quarter, giving the blue
and gold a 6-4 lead.
In the third quarter Varsity weakened. Meralomas made a decided
spurt, scoring three baskets in quick
succession. Claire Menten brought
the count up to a 12-all tie just before tho three quarters whistle, by
scoring a nice basket.
In the last quarter the real game
began with , Meralomas forcing the
play and Varsity defending. After
some fine team work Thelma Mahon
got her fast dribble ln to advantage
and scored. Rene Harris then scored
on a penalty making the tally 15-12,
Varsity's favor. Meralomas "pepped
up" and reduced the student lead to
2 by scoring a penalty. Thelma,Mahon again scored a fine basket, making the count 17-13. Then with live
minutes to play, Meralomas began to
force the play, Despite the fact that
they called "time" Varsity simply
couldn't check the Meralomas onrush.
Passing cleverly and scoring quickly,
Meralomas wrought havoc with the
student team. The score was 17-16
when Rettie Tingley failed to tie the
count in a free shot. Meralomas
scored another penalty on Thelma
Mahon, giving them a lead of 2. Varsity rallied desperately in the last
minute but failed to score. The
whistle blew with Varsity vanquished
For Varsity, Rene Harris starred and
Claire Menten played a steady game.
The team: Thelma Mahon (4), Claire
Menten (I), Rene Harris (8), Rettie
Tingley (l), Jean Whyte, Mary Campbell, Marjorie Lannlng, Flo Carlisle.
The acclamatory eleotion of Jlmmie
Dunn as President of Men's Athletics
was recorded by the Students' Council
last Monday night. The contract for
the Totem was given G. A. Roedde
Ltd. In view of the high standard of
their work. O. A. Roedde, Ltd., have
been publishing the Ubyssey throughout the session and have given every
satisfaction. The engraving was given to Cleland-Kent while Brldgeman's
contract for tho photography was held
over for further enquiry. It wis aleo
decided to write to Victoria College
Informing them that February S, $
and 10 would be satisfactory for tbe
lu addition, the Council decided to
give BUI Mastursou 925.00 towards his
personal expenses on the N.F.C.U.8.
Debating Team, taking Into consideration tho stringency of the National
body's funds.
Co-eds to Stage High Jinks
One of the traditions of the University will he curried out on Wednesday, January Do, when the women wilt
meet for their it initial Fancy Dress
hull nf III-.!Inks nt Lester Court,
The program will be ns follows;
Assembly at 7:MO,
Gruml March    S o'clock.
Judging of costumes prize* for the
most original, prettiest, funniest and
for the best couple.
Dancing   -fl to 11.
A women's orchestra will be ln attendance.
Au admission charge of 25 cents Is
necessary to covor expenses. THE    UBYSSEY
January 18. 1829.
ihe Mbpanj
Class and Club Notes
(Member of Pacific Inter-Collegiate Press Association).
Issued   every   Tuesday   and   Friday   by   the   Student   Publications   Board   of   the
Unlvorslty of British Columbiu, West Point Grey.
Phone t Point Grey 1434
Mall Subscriptions rate: $3 per yoar.    Advertising rates on application.
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF--Maurice  DesBrlsay
Editorial Staff
Senior Editors—May Chrlstlson and Margaret Orant
Associate  Kdltnrs:   1'li.vllls  Fivcmuii.   Ilruce  Carrick  and  Malcolm   Pretty
Assistant  Kdltor:  Maxine Smith 	
Feature  Rdltor—Hindu  Kimlu.voy.    Utorary  Editor— Lauren™   Meredith
Sport  Editor:  Teitiplu  Kuullujt Kxohniigu  Kdltor:   Murjnrlo   McKay
Reportorlal Staff
News Manaiur—Roderick A.  Pllkington 	
Doris Martini, Kdgar Brown, Murgurot Crmdmun. Mulrl Ithigwull, I'lutrh's ill leHple,
Ronald Orantliiuii, .Milton HurivlT, Fred HeinMworth. II. A, King, Hushi-I l\ iinln-
mont, Mnraarut l.ylc, W. A. Madtdcy, Munile Moloney. M. F. Mctlregnr, .lolm Morris,
Knthlet'ii Murruy, Nlch MiiMHiilImn, olive T. Hulfu, W. Hhllvnck,  Vernon van Sickle
Hdlth Sturdy, Mills VVIiiiuin.
•uslnets atsff
HiisliitiNs Miiniigor—Knlph Hrown
Advertising  Manager—Alan  Chandler.    Circulation   Manager—John   Locky
IIunIiii'ms Assistants —Myron IDdwurds and Victoria Itciulcll
Keillor: May I'hrlstlNnii Assoclaics: I'hyllls Fri'einnu uud Malcolm rutty
Phmf Iti'iider:   Hurls lliil'ton Copy  Rrailer;   F.velyn  I**»ill.-i-
Ab the Varsity paper, we should evenly distribute our Mupport
to ill Varsity affairs. Hence we take up our pen to point out
onoe more to the student body that to-night there Ih to be a
debate betwoen the U.B.C. and the University of Manitoba. Probably a great many will promptly give up trying to read this
effusion at this point, Therefore we beg those who continue the
good work to consider that Intellectual diversion can surely give
as much enjoyment as athletic or social. University is supposed
to furnish opportunities for the exercise and enjoyment of our
minds: and debates we consider come in this category. Hence
we may suggest that any who turn out to-night will get "their
money's worth" as much as at a rugby game.
Next year, sixteen students will be selected from the University of British Columbia as ambassadors to various universities throughout Canada, if present plans of the N.F.C.U.S. are
carried out, state J. Ross Tolmie, president' of tho A. M. S., who
has recently returned from the N.F.C.U.S. convention in Kingston.
In return, sixteen students from various Canadian universities will attend U. B. C.
This exchange of students, promoted by the work of the
National Federation of Canadian University Students, promises
a wider scope for the work of Canadian universities, ubviously
sixteen chosen students coming into U.B.C. as "ambassadors"
from other universities will mean the advent of new Ideas and
probably new methods, while most of those selected to carry U.
B. C. ideas to other universities will probably return here for a
final year.
As a result of this inter-universlty contact, a better spirit
of co-operation should result among the universities of Canada,
and as national institutions with a more national outlook they
will become more unified. The chosen students will no doubt
be selected as representatives of different student activities; some
tire-eminently as scholars, others as athletes, as debaters, legis-
ators, Journalists, actors, and all activities which represent the
various phases of student life.
British Columbia, under such a system, will have much to
gain and little to lose. Located as we are, in a somewhat isolated
position from other universities, we will secure perhaps the greatest gain in financial arrangements as well as in the contact of
The scope of the N.F.C.U.S. is empire-wide and international
in many respects. Through this organization, Canadian universities will get in touch with universities throughout the world.
The Empire conference of rniv'M'Hity Students held in Eastern
Canada in September should prove of vast importance to universities in the Empire, hut especially to universities in Canada.
At the present time, there is on tlio campus a small band
of giant-killers performing the laudable task of ridding us of our
telegraph poles. Visitors have expressed surprise that those
pillars of ugliness have been allowed to mar an otherwise beautiful campus and we think that the University authorities have
taken a very necessary step in having the wires put underground.
From the practical point of view, tlie poles had many things
ln their favor. They were cheap, the wires could be repaired easily
and so on; but ye gods, they were hideous! It is good to think
that in at least one corner of Vancouver utility is placed second
to beauty. And it is only right that such a place should be at
the University.
This is entirely in keeping with the purpose of a university.
It is not a technical school. Ita benefits cannot be measured in
dollars. Except for Appliod Science, it does not aim to be practical In the money-making sense. It strives to show that there
are more things in life than the accumulation of money. It
distinguishes the means from tiie end.
This part of the university education cannot be obtained
from books alone. It comes from the beauty of mellow buildings
from the associations and traditions of the college, from the
memories of famous former studentH. The U. II. (\ as yet lacks
all thin. The grandeur of the Arts (lullding has still to Inspire
reverence In the beholder. Hut at least we are developing (he
natural beauty of a setting uiie<|iiulled by any university lu North
America. And until the permanent struct tires are erected and
the Ivy grows thick upon the Library, the beauty of the campus
will remain an educational factor as Important as any course of
That Is why we consider that the removal of the unsightly
line of poles does more to bulltl up the University than any synthetic outburst of "college spirit" over an athletic contest.
All organizations drawing up a program for the coming events, will find
a list of dates for future functions,
ulroady granted by Council In the
Rooms and Dates tray on the council
table. Since the dates fh this hook
have been definitely arranged, by consulting It many clashes can be avoided
Fixture dates arc only granted after tho proper form, obtainable In
the Council Room, has been tilled out.
Varsity Christian Union
The attention of studentH Is drawn
In a mooting In Arts 204, al 12:10 ou
Monday January 21, when Mr. ('. W.
Hokk <>r London, lOng,, will speak on
the subject or "Evolution." Mr. Hogg
Is a missionary, author und lecturer
and very competent to spunk ou such
a subject. H» has been lecturing
In Vancouver during tho past week.
In view of tho great Importance of
this subject and the enormous amount
or discussion which has centered a-
bout It, the address should bo of special Interest and value to all, It Is
hoped that many will attend.
Radio Club
An Interesting and enthusiastic
'Meeting was held In Science 200 on
Wednesday, January 18, at 3 p.m., for
the purpose of organizing a Radio
Club. Dr. H. Vlckors opened the
meeting* with a few remarks on tho
purposes and organisation of the club.
The following officers were elected
for the ensuing term:
Hon. Pros.—Dr. H. Vlckers.
President -Mr. W. Smith.
Secretary—Mr. II. W. Blackett.
Treasurer—Mr. J. Loggle.
It was decided to hold the regular
weekly meetings of the Club every
Tuesday at noon. The next meeting
will be held at noon on Tuesday, January 22. All members and others Interested are urged to attend as the Committees In charge will report on the
Club constitution and other Important
Biological Discussion
The Rlologlcul Discussion Club will
hold a meeting nt the home of Miss
Mildred Campbell. 2015 Ash St., on
Monday nt 8 p.m.
Ian Cowan will give a paper on tho
"F.uiiin of Mt. Whistler Region."
La Canadlenne
The first meeting of La Canadlenne
this term was held on Tuesday evening, January 16, at the home of Miss
Jean Macintosh. All members were
responsible for anecdotes, some of
which were most amusing. An Instructive and Interesting game, requiring the payment of forfeits, gave
ample scope for hidden genius. After
refreshments were served, the time
was enjoyably spent in singing, with
Miss Molly Macintosh as accompanist.
Letters Club
A meeting of tlie Letters Cluh was
held on Tuesdii) evening at the home
of All's. Tliorlief Lursen, when a paper
was read hy Mr Lawrence Meredith,
on "The Silwells." The paper was
accompanied liy numerous readings
from the work of Modern poets. Following the paper a long argument ensued us to the various merits of these
poets, and It was finally agreed that
there were In their work occasional
lapses Into poetry.
International Clnb
Mr. Paul Suzor, French consul will
speak on his experiences in Ecuador
and Colombo at the mooting of the
International Cluh io be held at tho
home of Miss Doanle Owen-Jones on
Tuesday, January 22. Mr. Sujor Is
well known as a world traveller and
as a big game hunter. All students,
whether members of the Cluh or not,
are welcome.
Women's Athletics
A meeting of the Women's Athletic
Executive will he held on Monday, at
12:15 sharp In tlie L.S.K. room.
Three hundred and fifty -one studentH
wore dropped from Ihe I'niverslty he
cause of failure lo ineel scholastic re
•liilreiiients during the fall (|i,ni'tci
Registrar K. M, Stevens declnred to
day, The llgure is llll less than the
Hunk list last rail
The hoard of deiius met .Saturday
lo consider petitions for reinstatement. No otlh lal llgiircs of tlie iiiiiii-
het re-admitted will he announced un
til later this  week.
True friendship without mutual comprehension is a contradiction In terms,
-Ex., J.L.
VsiMiuver'i  Lssdlni  Builssn Colltgs
Night 8chool four nights eaoh
Students may enroll at any time
422 Riohardl 8t.   at Haatlnao
Phone, Sey. 9135
We have our
At Special Prices for a
Quick Clearance
Come and get yours while they last
A. G. Spalding & Bros.
424 Hastings Street. W.
(Jhf Imurraitii
Britiah (Mantbia
All cheques must be certified and made payable to
"The University of British Columbia"
Arts and Science
Applied Science
Teacher Training Course, $30.00
Last Day for Payment
January 21.
F. DALLAS, Bursar January 18, 1929.
Just beoause thla line le here
la no reason to expeet It to be
a Joke.
Economically speaking there
seems te be something wrong
with the supply and demand at
Class Drawo.
Corner of
Hastings and Homer Sts.
; Litany Coroner
Phone, Sey. X88
•— SEE —
Por Your Next
Etc., Etc.
Setabluhed me
4*4 *y«|M|ns* sj. T Tl* *g *> fjixjs T*g *fJy.TT TTTT
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3 to 6 Months Protection
Without Cost
New Rates on Public Liability
and Property Damage reported
to show Hn increase of
I!;")' ; to 5(>A'
and will go into effect ns Aoon
a3 formulated.
Policies Can Still Be Written
At Old Rates
Parsons, Brown & Winckler, Ltd.
801 Rogers Building
Phones: Sey. 5244; Res. Doug. 1921
We Insure Everything:!
!sj- __ __"_-".-■'.-. .*_! JsL A. -_"-£ J_ a' X"i»V sistststttiufcA Jkimm tt
Brighett Store on
Oranvllle atreet
Wa feature Lunches, Afternoon
Teas and After-Theatre Specials,
Catering to Salle and Sanqueti
a tpaolalty.
We maks our own Candy and
Pastry from the beet Ingredients
732 Oranvllle Street
Horrow-Btrleken Students
Comes Senates' decree
or no more
Talking tit thu Library,
Thoughts now stalk
About, unuttered
And uiisiiiik and
Must wait
Tholr expression
In thu
Of tho open air.
With cuto
Little cards
On  which there Is
Daintily printed
The decisive words,
All talking.
Aud whistling
Have been relegated
Into the Umbo of the past.
Silence reigns supreme,
Kven over John and
Probably there will be
Inculcated at U.B.C.
A course in
Sign languages,
For, since
Co-eds aro now tongue-tied,
They will have to
Express themselves
In some handy manner.
Let us hope, that
!n the future
When conversations
Will ho carried on by
Mental telephathy,
Chagrined officials
Won't  cancel
Providing of course, that the
Students possess them.
Alleged Jokes
"Do you know what Ford is figuring
on now?"
"No.    What?"
"Paper." —Ex.
* •    *
His mother called him Louis, he
wns tho fourtheenth. —Ex.
* *    ♦
The sweet young tlgug turned to a
polite   youiiK   man   who  was   showing
her   through   the   factory   und   mild,
"Wlmt in thut big thing over there?"
"Thut is n locomotlvi   holler."
"Why do they boll Ihe locomotives?"
"To   make   the   locomotive   tender."
And   the   polite   youm?   limn   eontlnued
lo look  straight  ahead. Kx.
«     *     *
A Scotch travelling salesman, held
up In the Orkney Islands hy a bad
storm, tlegraphod to his firm In
Aberdeen: Marooned here by storm
wire Instructions.
The reply came. Start summer
vacation an from yesterday.       —Ex.
* *    *
"Walter. I'll have pork chops with
French fried, nnd I'll have the chops
"Yes, sir; whieh way'.'" —Ex.
* *    *
Tho row stood on the railroad truck,
A train came round the bend;
She'd stood there many times before,
Hut It got hor In the end.
Sw«et nnd low, sweet und low,
Marks thut have come to me,
Low, low, tlh! what n blow,
The marks for I ho family to see
liver the poorest papers go
Look at Ihe ones that are invfully low,
Are they III I'or falher io see')
How   call   the   lowest   oius,   how    rail
Ilie  poorest  ones  be?
Ui your best!  INi your best!
Futiier will find out soon
/est, /esi  never mind the rest,
Father  will  be arter them  soon.
Father will rave like one possess'!,
Ho wot to work, never mind the rest;
Keep out or Ihe Dean's room,
Now's your chance  »o catch up with
the best.
Trinity  University Review,
Sleuths Investigate
Cafeteria Robbery
Sleuths hired by the Cafeteria are
now on the trail of the criminal who
bus been stealing tump sugar from
thnt mansion of mastication. It may
be remembered by tho readers of the
Muck Page that a notice appeared
thereon last Issue stating that a reward would he given for evidence
lending to Ihe apprehension of the
Urged on by this reward, several
amateur sleuths, who are unmentionable, that Is, their iinines can not be
mentioned, have voluntarily offered
their services to track down the fiend
who ta doing our Caf. dirt. Their
offer was readily accepted by the Caf.
management, on the advice of the
Feature Bdltor who has a personal
Interest tn the matter oh account of
his sugar (not the modern sense)
being stolen while he wan peacefully
Imbibing tea and crumpets.
Other cases of missing lump sugar
have been reported to the authorities
by highly Indignant customers. Waitresses, in tears, have brought to notice the fact that seventy-eight and
three quarters lumps have turned up
missing. One frequenter of the Caf.
remarked that In all hla three years
In flrst year at Varsity he had never
heard of such startling, daylight robberies. Another stated that crime
whs too low for oven a Lower Common room Inhabitant to commit.
Mr. X. 0. McHootch, well known
I'niverslty Professor, gave an In-
Btnnce of the perpetration of one of
these crimes to a Muck Staff reporter,
"I hud just finished smearing a muffin with great care to see that evory
possible square inch on the surface
of tho object at hand was covered.
1 then reached for the sugar to make
a non-preclpltant solution In the tea
which according to Boyle's Law was
In u high state of heat. Imagine my
surprise, or to use n more npt phrase
from tho idioms of our every day
speech, my embarassmeiit when I discovered that It had vanished Into thin
air. You must pardon that Inst expression as It Is only used to exemplify my case, for the nlr at that time
was of normal pressure to the square
Thus from the above Illustration ot
a theft the render may gather that
the situation is quite serious nnd that
Instant steps must be taken to bring
the person responsible to Justice,
The cunning of the culprit Is shown
In Ihat he or she has leH very few
clues for Ihe detectives to follow lip,
Only one thing leads thein to think
thai the author of these robberies Is
masculine since on a rainy Hay last
week huge fool prints were noticed
near the scene of a sugar stealing
Further developments of this startling case will he reported nt a later
date on  this page.
Placidly, Haltleman Arbuthnot, honor student In History, waxed and
polished the floor of the Library Concourse until it had reached the high
state of gleaming cleanliness that the
endowed* demanded for sliding purposes. He waa contented, not like a
oow but like an exam-presiding Prof.,
for he had reached the ultimate of
desirable positions by m*aiM of his
Years he had toiled m a atudent to
obtain honors In History so as to enable him to hold a good place in lite.
Hie thesis on the "History of Great
Ntok, Long Is.," had startled the
thinking world into a great flurry of
thinking. With all this future behind
him he deolded to go out to make his
career as a man of the world.
The method by which he rose to
his present high position is unique ln
the annals of History students. This
Is how It came about:
One day while finishing his fourth
year by sleeping dally In the stacks,
his nasally musical emanations
caught the attention of the master,
head and rulor-ln chief of the literary
lair. The great man was startled by
this unusual procedure for usually
when the occupants wished to sleep
they adopted an attitude of concentrated study,
But this sleeping man had apparently cast aside all affectation of stu-
dlousness and he was sleeping. With
ejaculations the bearded one asked,'
"Do you know who I am?"
"I'll bite," answered the student.
Frightened by this ferocious reply,
the lordly one almost fled, but seeing
the bravery of the man and his ability
to sleep In tho Library, he instantly
perceived that here was the right person suited for the empty Janitor's position.
Thus through his education, for lt
was at Varsity, he had learned to
sleep properly, the Honor Student triumphed In the battle ot life.
Chang Suey To Return
Manitoba News Note
Mr. Leslie Outchelor Iuih been selected to represent the Unlveralty at
the forthcoming Interprovlnclnl De-
hate. We forget the date and we ulso
forget tho subject, but let us one and
all turn out and support our man on
the grout day. Mr. IhUchelor Is a
man of Intellect, sobriety uud Integrity
nnd where he will end up It ls Impossible to say. — Ex.
vrr i .     1 	
The flapper co-ed went to (he young
prof, nnd suld: "Prol'l'y, dear, what are
my marks ?"
lie put his arms around her uud
whispered sweet little nothings In her
*    *    •
"You'll   come   crying   home   when ,
your last  scent  Is gone," suld mother
skunk to lur wuvwurd sou j
There will he n return of Chung
Suey and the mint who dogged his
footsteps, Oscar Scrlbblewell In the
next Issue of the "Ubyssey." The same
rules hold for this serial aR for the
Inst one. Anyone, Including former
contributors, can start and carry the
two above mentioned through their
coining perils. The winner of the
prize for the best Instalment for the
Inst series was presented with that
itwiird, one decorated nnd enamelled
milk bottle.
All contributions may he handed In
either at the letter-rock In compart-
nieiit "F" or nt the Pub. Office,
For Warm
Ankles and
Smart Style
You'll find a complete
variety of thia newest
Hosiery   rage   at
B. M. Clarkes
a pair
Full Faahioned
a pair
Hosiery and Lingerie
443 Hastings Street, Weat
716 Oranvllle Street
Drive to Varsity In a Horse and
continue to use anolent mothods In
your correspondence?
le the At* af Slxe* In th*
Typewriter He lei.
See TOM LEACH, '31
Cetmpue Representative
Phone Bayvlew 2332 R
'hot's have some ginger ale.
No, Jusi  a glassful '
Would you neck the cheapest dress
imtker with Inadeqiiute equipment uud
I ability lo build your trousseau? Like-
')\. -wise would von go to the cheapest unil
I most poorly equipped beauty shop for
your beauty needs?   Of course not
Ships   olllcer:      There   goes   four I ut b'lisi. nol with knowledge.    We do
hells.    I  must  usk  you  lo excuse  me, | not  recommend ourselves us  builders
It's my wntch below. ! of   trousseaux   but   we   do   know   Ihe
(llrl:   Oh,  stop being  funny.    Who  homily  business  from  A   to  Z,    The
TRY   US   for   your   next
Drug wants and note the
of Western Canada
ever hoard of a wirtch striking <.s loud
as that. —Bx.
Hollywood Beauty S»;>p, S25 Oranvllle
St.. Hey. 468.T --(Advt.)
See our exceptional
models in young men's
Snappy Suits, Overcoats and Tuxedo
Suits tor Fall.
Exceptional Values
at Moderate
January 18, 1929.
North Shore Trounces
Senior 'fiTWomen. 21-9
Varsity's Senior "B" women basketballers lost 21-9 to the North Vancouver team at the Normal Gym. at 7
o'clock Wednesday night. The North
Shore team proved' too strong tor the
atudents. Varsity played cleanly but
were at a disadvantage in being lighter than their opponents.
in the first quarter Varsity began
successfully playing a swift game.
Clara Mercer und Kay Kldd scored a
basket each for Varsity, but after a
■hort "time out" North Vancouver
chalked up four more points while
Lois Tourtellotte scored a free shot
for the "B" team. The first quarter
ended with North Vancouver uhoud
8-6. The victors kopt tho load tn the
aecond quarter while the Varsity teum
made three points displaying fast
passing throughout, At halt time tho
count stood 10-8 for North Vancouver.
The Senior "B's" found It harder to
avoid their checks In the third quarter. North Vancouver, after a closo
■truggle managed to chalk up 4 morn
points while Wllma Watson made a
tree shot tor Varsity. The North Vancouver points were creeping ahead,
finishing this quarter 14-9. In the last
quarter both teams, playing hard,
North Vanoouver scored three baskets
In succession and one free shot. Varsity players couldn't check their
sturdy opponents. The whistle blew
with North Vancouver in the lead 21-9.
Lola Tourtellotte, Kay Kldd as torwarda, and Wllma Watson as guard
turned In their usual good games for
the Senior "B" team.
For Varsity were: Lois Tourtellotte,
Kay Kldd, Clara Mercer, Ella Hardy,
Muriel Crawford and Wllma Watson.
Rejuvenated Soccerites
To Play Christ Church
To-morrow the Jubilant Varsity Soccerites will clash with Christ Church
at Oranvllle Park.
After last'week's triumph, the team
will enter the field confident of chalking up another win. The eleven has
been further reinforced by Allan and
Partridge. Varsity have now one of
the best defences in the league. Partridge, another sharpshooter will add
further strength to the forward line.
Thla year ahould be ono of success for
the pigskin chasors in their effort to
resuscitate the prestige of Varsity
The team will line up as follows-.
McGregor, Allen, Roberts; King, New-
all, Miles; Wright, Partridge, Chalmers, McKellar, and England. Sandor-
,«on and Thaln will travel as reserves.
Campus is Improved
The unsightly telephone poles
which have fringed the east side of
The Mall are being removed by the
university. Like a well-trained squad
placed on duty In the dim past, these
weather-beaten veterans have resolutely stood their ground throughout
the years, bearing on their patient
shoulders the wires for the wireless
station. Ignored by the hundreds of
students, who daily sauntered hy lt,
frowned upon hy the majestic piles
which flanked it, scorned hy an avenue of embryonic trees, this gaunt
array has steadfastly maintained Its
posts until forcibly dislodged. The
wireless station, however, will not
be without wires, but the lines will
be re-routed along tho northern extremity of the campus.
% W'ssiiii—wm «-hi»i»<i.—n«-n im—ii—iw
Chapman Camp, B.C.
January VI, 1!)2U
Editor "Ubyssey,"
University of B.  C,
Dear Sir: —
I would have liked to have had a
meeting of the Men's Athletic Association before leaving Varsity, but it
was Impossible. So I am writing you
with the hope that you may be able
to find space for this in your paper.
To say the least, It was disappointing to have to drop out In the middle
of the year, and especially so with regard to my work in Men's Athletics.
I felt as though I was breaking faith
with the men of the Unlvorslty In not
finishing the work I hud undertaken,
and I wish to express to them my
Hlncerost regrets. I also want to
thank them for the honor they did
me In electing me to the office. Hut
particularly 1 wish to show my appro-
elation for the splendid cooperiilloii
given me throughout lust term hv
the Men's Athlotlc Kxeciitlve, With
such nn executive to work with the
new president need hnve no fears In
taklni* up the work nt this late Hinge.
I know they will all he even more
solidly behind him,and I am glad to
have this opportunity of wishing him
the very best of luck.
Yours for a successful 1021),
Rowing Club Outlines
Crew Day Program
The term's activities in rowing were
outlined at a recent meeting of the
Boat Club, when the plans for the
novice regatta and the Crew Day were
outlined. The novice regatta is intended to give competition and racing
experience to the new oars, which
could not be arranged In nny other
way. An entry fee Is being charged
for this event, which wtll provide a
prize for tho winning four. The Haul
heat of this regatta will bo one of
the races on tho Crew Day Program.
The rest of the Crow Day activities
will Include tho First VIll.'s race wilh
Light IV. and Novlco IV, racos. There
may also be races with crows from
the Vancouver Rowing Club, nnd
Brentwood College, A ten-dunce In
the V.K.C, clubhouse nt foal Harbour
will bo hold after tho races,
Notice to Swimmers
All team swimmers, both men and
women, ure asked to turn out at the
regular practice tonight at 0 p.m. A
Club gala will be held ut the Memorial
Tank and will establish records for
the year us well as assisting In the
chance of the Banff team.
At the extraordinary meeting held
last week, the fee tor the term was
set at 11.50. At this rate new members may enjoy all the tank, privileges and receive expert coaching for
less than 50 cents a mouth.
" Oht 1 never read the Ubyssey!"
It seems unlikely, almost impossible,
but the fact remains there are people
who never reud lt. Thy can deliberately cast aside temptation and take
home half-a-dozen copies merely to
wipe their shoes or light the fire. I
admire their self-control. Not everyone could be so—I might almost say,
aloof! But occasionally the Ubyssey
ls put to even stranger purposes. I
have seen some In the Cafeteria, tear
out spy-holes arid gaze benevolently
through them at objects that particularly please their sense of humour.
Gilbert wrote:
"I've often thought
That headstrong youths
Of decent education
Determine all Important truths
With strange precipitation."
Be pleased to Judge yourself.
*    *   *    »
Next March tho Players' Club will
present "Rollo's Wild Oat." By superficial glimpses this play seems to be
worthy of their usual standard. It ls
no earthly good digging up old bones
but one cannot suspect the Players'
Club of having gratified their Intelligence by "Cootie Consequences." Ono
was compelled to admire the conncl-
enttoasness of the actors In this burlesque but as a play It was both crude
and grotesque. Fortunately, however,
lt was eclipsed by the other productions and In March they will have the
opportunity to vindicate themnelve.!.
«    *    ♦    *
The various class draws are taking
place and Ihe complacent attitude of
not a few men and women has been
sadly shaken. The theory of a class-
draw Is splendid but all splendid
things have a dlsudcuntince. Perhaps
one of the couples thrown together by
chance has other desires or views and
lu some, acquaintance may not even
bo mutual. At least, those few who
Indulge in caustic remarks at such
functions, can withhold their dolicnio
thoughts til! In the privacy of their
own circle, j To the aofter-hearted
class -draws are not at. all pleasant,
but needless to say aomo men and
women could make It. so.
4+4.++++4,+++++4,+,1.4.4i4.4.+ +++++
Tha Finest In Canada-18 Chairs
Special Attention lo Varnitfi Students
Postage stamp collectors, students
of Canadian History, and others, will
be pleased to know that a number of
additions has recently been made to
the collection of postage stamps of
Canada and the early British North
American Colonies started by the University about two years ago, and that
already quite a fair collectloln has
been gathered together. (Those Interested may have access to the collection through the Registrar.
The work is being carried on, under
tho direction of the President, by a
special committee appointed for tho
pnrpoue, nnd this Committee ls -om-
missioned not only to add, regularly,
the stumps that may from time to
time to bo Issued In Canada, but also
to endeavour to secure, through gifts
or otherwise, any stamps of Canada
thnt will add to the completeness of
the collection,
All contributions of old Cunadlnn
post ago stumps are welcomed; and
thoso who havo stamps that might
add to Its completeness or who know
the owners of old stamps who might
bo pleased to help build up the University collection nre urged to cooperate with the committee In making
the collection, especially of early issues, as complete as possible., Students who wish to do so may see the
stamps of the new Canadian "King's
Head Issue," and the Pictorial Issue
In the Registrar's office.
L08T—-A Droooh with a green Sham-
rook and a ailver hand between Soience Building and Arts Building. Will
finder please return same to book
Members of the Women's Grass
Hockey Club are requested to meet
at Brldgnmn's Studio on Saturday,
Jan. 19 at 3 p.m.
(University Hill)
Up-to-date in every
respect with all modern conveniences.
Very reasonable rates
Phone Pt. Grey 877
For the
Arts '31 Ball
and all other Formal
Occasions we carry
a Complete Line of
758 Granville Street
Ask for your Varsity Discount
\U ^?on>'fiiq (Eomparitj $
Take advantage of these
clearance prices on desirable
lines in our men's Sporting
Goods Section.
$l.nl) Sweat Shirts,
each $1.00
•..'Wil Football Shoes,
per pair $2,75
Mr Football Hose,
per pair 45c
Id.IX) Footballs,
each $2.95
IH no Rugby IUIIh,
each $4,50
*U.;!a Gymnasium Shorts,
pur pair 45c
II.IH) Gymnasium Shirts,
each 50c
111.(ll) Raxing Gloves,
per set $5.45
$21.(10 Cms* Country Skis,
per pair $14.95
One price only, buys all the
style and comfort a young
man needs. At the National Clothes Shops.
Clothes Shops
Oor. Gamble and Baitings Sts.
Satisfaction   Guaranteed
draftsmen have
ended their world
quest for the ideal
drawing pencil by
to wusterdmvty/xndl"
Note :   Eldorado   Pencils
are carried in stock by the
University of British Columbia Book Store.
Do You
— where to buy a new
Fountain Pen?
— where   to   repair
your old one?
At our pen counter are all the reliable, well-known makea and
expert advice on the ills that pent
are heirs to.
Stationers * Printers
-.or —
« in number la Vonoonvw l
and >
Bin Britiah Columbia   J
Ars svsry Ity srsviif <k*l*
USSltttMH ts mm* U*lv»r.
•Ity an**, sr Usfsrsrt**.
Nit ssly Ss thsy mis tar
tks IwlMM «srls\ *u\ tftty
»Im ily* sxstrt Cm**I»i tt
thsM s*t Mtt* sitlttMss
Is ttwlr  University ststflM.
Thoy have Just recently opened a
New School of Aviation.
// you need such services
and You'll Neoer Regret It.
R. J. SPROTT, ».A.f President
PHONISl   SEYMOUR 1810 * 71M
University Book Store
HotHs: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Saturdays, 9 a.m. to I p.m.
Loose-Leaf Note Books, Exercise Books and Scribblers
at Reduced Prices
Graphic and Engineering Paper, Biology Paper.
Loose-Leaf Refills, Fountain Pens and Ink.
Pencils and Drawing Instruments.
Crepe Paper for Masquerades, etc.
Have You a
To bo more exact have you a suit with a
double-breasted vest? It's the style that's
meeting favor with college men. We have
thorn in fine English Worsteds in neat pin
stripes, checks and novelty weaves. A
real value at-
Hastings, at Homer


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