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Totem 65 1965

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 totem 65 j university of hritish Columbia
 university of british Columbia
President's Message
Scott Mclntyre
Chancellor's Message ;
Paul Clancy
Faculty Administration
Taja Bhaven
Board of Governors
John Tyrrell
Graduate Studies
Home Economics
Physical Education
Social Work
 * *.
1 *
As I view the photographic record of the life of this campus, I
cannot help but be impressed by
the extensive and varied activities
available to the students. Something for everyone and enough for
all, no matter how big the appetite.
And the appetites appear to be
enormous. Clubs of all kinds,
twenty-seven (legitimate) sporting
activities, and a wide variety of social events are available to all. As
the Ubyssey asked editorially this
year, "Who says students are apathetic?" The enthusiasm, good humor, energy and imagination of
U.B.C. students is a promise of
things to come. Today's students
are tomorrow's leading citizens and
today's performance will be mirrored by the same undergraduates
over the years. I know that you will
treasure this record of student days
in your future life when from time
to time you pause to look back.
photo: b. c. Jennings
There is nothing of greater importance than education, for it
alone guarantees that we as individuals and as a nation will have a
place of dignity and worth in the
unusual world of tomorrow. But at
most a University can give wise
guidance, encouragement and leadership in academic affairs, so that
students may—for themselves and
by themselves—gain access to the
best that men have thought and
dreamed and planned and created.
All the rest—the acquisition of wisdom, the enlargement of spirit, the
searching after knowledge—belongs
to the private world of the individual.
Your lives have been touched by
those of men and women, your professors, who have contributed richly
to your education. Yet, in final analysis, all education is self-education, and not the most inspired
teacher can endow students with
broad horizons unless the student
has somehow acquired the most
valuable of all traits: intellectual
curiosity. I hope each of you is now
seized and possessed by that curiosity and that you leave us resolved
to transform yourselves and the
world in which you live. I hope, too,
that you will continue to remember
this University, and the good friends
you have made, with pride and
photo: tony archer
 faculty administration
Walter H. Gage
Dean of Interfacuity and Student Affairs
G. R. Selman
Director of Department of Extension
J. E. A. Parnall
Mrs. Helen McCrae   ■
Dean of Women   I
 General Sir Ouvry L. Roberts
Director of Traffic
William White
Bursar and Treasurer
Dr. A. M. Johnson
Director of University Health Service
John F. Haar
Director of Housing
A. F. Shirran
Director of Student Services
 Back: Mr. A. Fouks, Q.C., The Honourable Mr. Justice N. T.
J. E. Liersch, Mr. D. F. Miller, Dr. W. Koerner.
Front: Mr. Leon J. Ladner, Q.C., Mr. G. T. Cunningham, Chairman of the
Board, Chancellor Phyllis G. Ross, President John B. Macdonald.
Absent from the meeting: Mr. E. M. Gunderson, Mr. J. S. Keate.
The voice of renowned historian Dr.
H. R. Trevor-Roper rose above the
rustle of gowns and tradition at the
October 30th congregation to admonish graduates to regard their degrees
not as "status symbols", but as the
means "to see past our vulgar loyalties, past stunted and travestied ideas
of truth, to see reality."
In this address, Dr. Trevor-Roper
reminded the graduates that, although
"the tradition of the university is universal—whether it is in London, Paris,
Upsala, Montreal or Vancouver," they
must recognize and respect the merits
of the world outside the university. He
congratulated the graduates on their
achievements and at the same time
challenged them to derive full benefit
from their learning.
Dr. Trevor-Roper, regius professor of
modern history at Oxford University,
was awarded an honorary degree of
Doctor of Laws; and Dr. H. Rocke
Robertson, principal and vice-chancellor of McGill University, the degree of
Doctor of Science.
Over eight hundred graduates were
honoured in the Autumn Congregation.
Chancellor Phyllis Ross and President
John B. Macdonald conferred the degrees upon the graduates after they
had been presented by their faculty
The impressive ceremony was attended by parents, guests, and dignitaries, among them, Lieutenant-Governor George Pearkes.
Following the ceremony, a reception was held in Brock Hall for graduates, faculty, and guests.
 Dr. H. R. Trevor-Roper addresses the Fall Congregation.
 faculty of
Dean of Agriculture
From one extreme to another: a farm
peeping out from the centre of a vast
university—this is the Faculty of Agriculture. It is the most complex faculty
at U.B.C., and by comparison, the rest
of the university seems uncomplicated.
There are many sides to agriculture:
a student may be found poring over
a microscope in a cramped hut or
examining an animal in a sprawling
barn, tending plants in a greenhouse
filled with warm humid air, or he may
be found studying a sociology or economics textbook. And the broad scope
of this fascinating faculty is quickly
reflected by the worn heritage of the
inadequate main building, by the improvised research laboratories scattered around a number of huts, and by
the gleaming modern equipment that
is used in the fields and barns.
Although agriculture has now been
transformed into one of the most complex of sciences, the keystone of all
agricultural sciences remains the same
—soil. Soil science constitutes an integral part of agricultural study, which
includes classification of monolithic
collections, to the analysis of soil
crystals by the diffractograph. From
this basic plateau, plant and animal
sciences branch out to widely diversified fields, all leading eventually to food
sciences and food technology.
MA \ut'm
"   1
 At one time agriculture required ninety
workers to feed every hundred people, but
today, because of agricultural mechanics
and engineering, thirty-five workers can feed
the same number of people. However, the
necessity of supplying food to a modern nation has become unbelievably complicated.
As the science of agriculture expands,
not only locally on our campus, but the
world over, each aspect of the science becomes increasingly detailed, each advancement means there is yet another facet of
agriculture to be explored. Even the social
sciences, and commerce, and economics
continually open up new fields to agriculture, all of which emphasizes agriculture's
place in world importance.
Similarly, the concept of agriculture at
a university is fast changing. It is being
recognized now as a field that is more specialized and more basically demanding in
terms of dedication than any other.
■ s3as»
The faculty of Agriculture is guided by Dean
Blythe Eagles. And Miss Joy Woolley, the
first female vice-president of the Agricultural
Undergraduate Society, is a symbol of the
increasing number of women who are joining
the Faculty. As this field grows more specialized, the stress on university courses becomes
more emphatic and women are being welcomed into all areas of agricultural study.
Also, since agriculture is linked with education, business, farming, management, marketing, quality control and research, the appeal
of agriculture to the student is more inviting
than ever before.
Anderson, Albert F.: Langley
major: animal physiology, chemistry
Biely, R. B.: Vancouver
major: mechanics
Bond, Malcolm Thomas: Ganges
major: animal science
Bourgeois, William: Vancouver
major:   soil   science
Bremmer, John: Vernon
Challenger, Barry: West Vancouver
Constable, Rod:
major: mechanics
Creighton, Brace: Fort St. John
major: animal husbandry
Curylo, Ed: Vancouver
major: animal science
Donkersley, James: Vancouver
major: mechanics, chemistry
Driediger, Herman: Abbotsford
major: agronomy
Duncan, A. Barrie: Vancouver
major: horticulture, plant science
Elizinga, Harold:  Pitt Meadows
Grant, Mary: Lake Cowichan
major: floriculture
Hall, Kenneth M.: Vancouver
major: plant science
HaDaday, D. Ray: New Westminster
major: agricultural and wildlife management
Henson, Robert G.: Lincoln, England
major:  agricultural economics
Huba, D. K.: Vancouver
Jamont, Agnes: Langley
major: horticulture
McConnell, M. G.: North Vancouver
major: animal breeding
McKenzie, G. W.: Williams Lake
major: animal science, zoology, genetics
 McKinnon, Phflfp John: Alberai
major: animal science
McLeod, John Roderick: North Surrey
Navarrete, A. L.: Belize City, Br. Honduras
major: animal science
Odermatt, Wayne: Ladner
Pearson, Wilnam Daniel: West Vancouver
major: entomology, plant science
Penis, D. W.: North Vancouver
major:  agricultural economics
Peters, Wally: Burnaby
Piercy, Muriel: North Vancouver
major: animal breeding
Potts, Joy M.: Kamloops
Ranta, James L.: Vancouver
major:  animal science
Reid, Gurney D.: Carenage, Trinidad
major: food technology
Rogers, Donald George: Richmond
major: poultry nutrition
Ross, James Petten Vancouver
major: animal science
Ruskin, Jim: Vancouver
Secter, Jonathan P.: Vancouver
major: animal science
Sinclair, James C: Vancouver
Smith, Robin M. R.: West Vancouver
Vanderstoep, John: Langley
major: poultry science (nutrition)
Vielvoye, John: North Burnaby
major: horticulture
Watson, T. K.: Vernon
major: horticulture
White, Derek: Banff, Alberta
major:  animal science
Wilson, Diane M.: Vancouver
major: animal physiology
Woo,  Janette:   Port  Alice
Woofley, Joy: Vancouver
major: food technology
Yorston, John M.: Quesnel
major: plant pathology
class off 65
arc hi -
Director of
the School of
The purpose of the School of Architecture is to teach its students to understand their subject and to give them
the means to apply it. U.B.C. has the
only school in Canada that demands a
university education before admittance.
This means that instead of a straight
five year course following high school,
each student must have at least three
or four years of general higher education before the three year Architecture
course. It changes the process of
Architecture from a skill to a learned
pursuit, and places understanding of
Architecture on an academic basis. A
great amount of responsibility is also
placed on the student. The school is
not concerned with issuing problems
with a known solution. They are concerned primarily with understanding.
To understand is the student's responsibility.
Professor Elder is emphatic in pointing out that the standard of students
attending the school is as high as anywhere on the continent. Seventy-five
percent of the students have a B.A.
Only three-quarters of the applications
are accepted. Half the students are
from outside British Columbia.
 By emphasizing decision making, creative endeavour, and the anticipation
of the future, the school hopes to solve
some of the problems facing architecture today. As an experimental school
for ail Canada and the west coast of
the United States, the school is interested in developing and nurturing new
trends in architecture as well as sponsoring original research. One such research project is that of the simulation of space. By use of photography
and projection, researchers hope to
develop a method whereby an architect
or client can picture more accurately
a whole building before its completion.
Employment opportunities are excellent; there the enough jobs for four
times the number of graduates. Two
years after graduation, graduates may
apply for membership in the Architectural institute of B.C.
 According to Professor Elder, Architecture is going through a period of extreme dullness. Buildings seem to be
lacking in symbolism, and this fact
is exemplified by many of those on the
U.B.C. campus. The buildings are functional but they lack atmosphere conducive to higher education and seem
to typify our system of mass education.
Professor Elder feels that a greater intellectual environment is needed.
Balbi, Renato: Vancouver
Bruneski, D. W.: Rossland
Challier, H. C: Vancouver
Craig, C. W.: Vancouver
Everett, R. K.:  Vancouver
Fassier, R. J.: North Vancouver
Griblin, F. B.: Calgary, Alberta
Haave, L. C: North Surrey
Harrison, P. W.: Vancouver
Harrison, T. R.: Port Alberni
Hys, Elizabeth: Edmonton, Alberta
Lane, D. G.: Timmins,  Ontario
Maconachie,  C.  R.:  Vancouver
Miller,  M.  C:  Vancouver
Milne, A. D.: Toronto, Ontario
Miner, T. C: Vancouver
Nixon, Barry: Vancouver
Rapanos, Dino:  Vancouver
Rayher, P. C: Calgary,  Alberta
Suen, Sidney: Kowloon, Hong Kong
Takeuchi,  Ken:  Vancouver
Yuzda, Eugene:  Vancouver
 In Memoriam  —  Dean K. Naegele
The Faculty of Arts offers the student
a grounding for a liberal education.
Arts, besides giving a basic programme
of studies, is a faculty that caters to
the particular student specializing in
one or possibly two fields. In many
cases these studies are prerequisite to
the many professional schools on
campus such as Law, Social Work, and
Graduate Studies.
The subjects may be grouped into
two classes: humanities and the social
sciences. Humanities is generally a
strictly academic field and is designed
to give a student "a broadening experience" to carry into such occupations as business, teaching, or writing.
Social science tends to be a slightly
different activity where trained Economists, Sociologists, and Anthropologists, for example, can fit themselves
for government and private positions
involving research, consultation, and
administration. Many of them are taking their professional training in the
Arts programmes.
 Besides English and many of the
world's major languages, there are
courses offered which, although they
emphasize the past, are directed to an
understanding of the present and
future. These include Classics, Economics, History, and Philosophy. There
are also courses for students who wish
to develop their artistic abilities: Creative Writing, Music, Theatre, and
Graphic Arts. Two new and unique
departments are Asian Studies and
Religious Studies.
Arts is essentially a service faculty
offering courses required by other faculties and facilitating the institution of
specific courses required by them, for
example, Scientific German.
Since the Faculties of Arts and
Science were separated a year ago, and
a new Dean of Arts appointed, the
general Arts degree is being re-evaluated in an effort to create a distinct
Thus the future of the Faculty of
Arts lies in its individual departments,
for the measure of any faculty can
only be determined on the merit of
its parts.
The Times
 Adolph, Terrance W.: Vancouver
major: english, math
Akune, Bonnie: Richmond
honours: psychology, asian studies
Adolphe, R. E.: Vancouver
Alexis, Joseph: Trinidad, West Indies
major: latin, mathematics
Allen, Adrienne: Kamloops
honours: english
Amren, Wayne: Vancouver
major: psychology, sociology
Anders, Heather Louise: Vancouver
major: psychology, english
Anderson, Cynthia Davis: Kelowna
major: psychology, biology
Anderson,  Kerry:  Vancouver
major: english, fine arts
Anderson, Robert Clement: Kelowna
Anderson, Robert S.: Vancouver
major: anthropology, sociology
Anderton, Marjorie: Courtenay
major: history, Spanish
Anonby, David: Nakusp
major: english, history
Anstruther, Helen: Fort Saskatchewan, Alta.
major: english, zoology
Askew, Ellen: Alberni
major: psychology, sociology
Atkinson, Arlene J.: Victoria
major: psychology, sociology
Atkinson, Brian Kennedy: Vancouver
major: mathematics, economics
Babcock, John D.: Vancouver
Baehr, Paul:  Vancouver
major: english, economics
Bain, Meredith L.: Vancouver
major: english, psychology
Bannister, John C: Vancouver
major: psychology, english
Banno, Robert: Kamloops
major: economics, political science
Barkworth, Delia: West Vancouver
major: english, classical studies
Barnes, L. Ray: Vancouver
major:   economics,   geography
Barrow, Malcolm McD.:  Barbados, West
major: sociology, economics
BaiHe, P. F. W.: Westbank
major: economics, sociology
Barry, Wendy: Vancouver
major: french, english
Baxter, Ken: Vancouver
major: economics, political science
Bell, Alan S.: West Vancouver
major:  fine arts,  french
Belyea, Barbara: Vancouver
major: english
Bennett, Joan E.: Vancouver
major: english, history
Benson, Peter J.: North Vancouver
major: political science, economics
Bentall, Chuck: Vancouver
major:  english, fine arts
Berger, Peter G.: Vancouver
major: english, economics
Berman, Freyda: Vancouver
major: psychology, sociology
Bertuzzi, R. L. G^ Trail
 Bie, Beverley S.: West Vancouver
major: english, french
Bier, William George: Vancouver
major: sociology, psychology
Bigelow, Jean: Vancouver
major: english, zoology
Bismanis,  Bze:   Vancouver
major: psychology, french
Black, Brenda J.:
major: english, psychology
Blott, Stewart G.: Wellington
honours: english
Blyth, Christina: Vancouver
major: english, history
Blow, Catherine Marion: North Vancouver
major: sociology, psychology
Bolton, Mike: Kamloops
major: political science, international
Bonnel, Lois: Victoria
Booth, Michael D.: Vancouver
major: english, economics
Born, Arthur H.: Kelowna
major: mathematics, geography
Boskovich, Joseph Andrew: Vancouver
major: economics, psychology, geography
BounJIier, Lois: Vancouver
major: sociology, psychology
Bouvier, Ray: New Westminster
Bowden, Gary K.: Langley
major: english, economics
Bradley, Harry WOlard: Vancouver
major: economics, psychology
Brandt,   Maja:   Vancouver
major: french, german
Braund,   Peter  R.:  West  Vancouver
major: political science
Brawn, Stephanie Margaret: North Vancouver
major: zoology, psychology
Brayley, Carol A.: Burnaby
major: english, mathematics
Brelsford, Peter C: North Vancouver
major: history, geography
Briard, Donald H.: Vernon
major: english, history
Brierley, Ernest Lawrence: Wynndel
major: political science, sociology
Broderick, Catherine E.: Vancouver
major: fine arts, english
Brown, A. G. D.: Vancouver
Brown, Christopher: Vancouver
major: english, religious studies
Brown, Ruth: Vancouver
Brown, Sheena: Vancouver
major: history, psychology
Bruce, Margaret: Vernon
major: history, english
Brucker, Bob: Vancouver
major: english, psychology
Bucholz, Bernice: New Westminster
Bull, Christopher Neil: Sussex, England
major: economics, psychology, sociology
Burge, Ann: Calgary, Alberta
major: english, asian studies
Burge, Barry E.: Vancouver
major:  english,  history
Burtt, P. S.   Burns Lake
major:   french
Butcher, Michael  A. J.:  Ottawa,  Ontario
major: international studies, psychology
Campbell, Charles William: Burnaby
major:  geography, history
Campbell, Ian J.: Powell River
Carr, Goldie Zlatica: Vancouver
Carter, Rudolph L. S.: Salmon Arm
major:  Slavonic studies, psychology
Cashman, Harris L.: Vancouver
major:  political science, economics
Cha,  Karen  Lynda:   Vancouver
major: psychology, sociology
Chambers, Graham A.: Vancouver
honours: mathematics
Chapman,  Eldon:  Victoria
major: mathematics, fine arts
Chataway, Thomas Martin: Nanaimo
major: english, mathematics
Cherniwchan, Pearl: Edmonton, Alta.
major: anthropology, sociology
Chorney, Michael George: Halifax
major: psychology, english
CiamieDo, Pina: Vancouver
major: english, zoology
Clarke, Carol: Vancouver
major: english
Clark, Ross: Vancouver
major: russian, mathematics
Clarke, Robert John: Vancouver
major: psychology, zoology
Cleveland, Catherine E.: Calgary, Alta.
major:   sociology,   psychology
Coady,   Wendell   C:   Vancouver
major: zoology, psychology
Coleman, KaraLee: Vernon
honours: anthropology
Coleman,   William   I.
honours:  asian studies
 Collier, David A.
honours: economics
Collis, Stan: Vernon
major: english, geography
Cooke,   Janet:   Halifax
major: history, anthropology
Conn,  Charlene
major: english, anthropology
Cooper,  Fraser Barry
honours:  political  science
Cornish, R. Dome: Rapid City, Man.
major: psychology, history
Cornwall, Susan: West Vancouver
major:  sociology,  english
Coughlan, Mary Ann Roberta:
major: psychology, sociology
Cowie, Brenda: North Vancouver
major:  economics,  political  science
Crosby,   Barry   Arnold
major:   psychology,   sociology
Crowe, Michael Charles: Prince George
major:   economics,   geography
Cummings, Ernest Peter
major: history, biology
Cush,   I.  J.:   Seattle,  Washington
Damtoft, Fun: Vancouver
Daneault,   Lionel   Emile:   New   Westminster
Darcus,   Roy:   Vancouver
honours: classics
Davis, D. Gail: Vancouver
major: english, philosophy
Davis, Gwynneth Lynn: Vancouver
major: english, french
Davy, J. Lynn: New Westminster
major: psychology, english
Dickinson, Gail Verlaine: Gainsborough,
major: zoology, english
Dickson, Karen Norma
honours: english
Diebolt,   Robert   David:   Vernon
honours: economics
Dingman, Judith: Vancouver
major: french, latin
Doell, Robert C: Victoria
major:  political science, history
Donner, Barbara Louise
major: psychology, sociology
Drache, Lindsay
major: psychology, sociology
Dueck,  Victor:  Aldergrove
major: mathematics and music
Duerden, John Derek: Courtenay
major: sociology, psychology
sip***^         i
Dunbar,   A.   Blain   Vancouver
inaior^sociology,   psychology
|  Vancouver
major: classics, psychology
Edgar, Mary J.
major:  anthropology, psychology
Edwards, Mary E.
major: english, history
Elliott,  G.  Duncan
major:   economics,   geography
Elliot, Mary: Vancouver
major: english, french
Enomoto,   Randy  K.
honours: english
Elms,   Steven   Lee:   Vancouver
major: psychology, sociology
Esdin,  Sally:  Victoria
major:  anthropology, psychology
Evans, Elaine
major: english, international studies
Evans, Brice Allen Frasen Vancouver
major: mathematics, economics
Evans, M. Joan: Nelson
major: english, psychology
Farenholtz, Bercha: Abbotsford
Farr, Maureen:  Vancouver
major: english, fine arts
Feir, Lynn: Quesnel
major: english, psychology
Flndlay, Margaret E.
major:  geography,  anthropology
Finley, Jean C: Vancouver
major: french, english
Fisher, P. J.: Vancouver
major: italian, english
Fletcher, Charles Thomas
major: economics, political science
Fletcher, Elizabeth M.
major: mathematics, russian
FoUc, Linda
major: german, english
Foot, J. Christopher: Toronto, Ontario
major: english, psychology
Ford, Edward Eugene: Vancouver
major: history, english
Forsyth,  Patricia:  Vancouver
major: psychology, sociology
Fouks, Jeanette: Vancouver
major: psychology, sociology
Fowler,   Joan   Valerie:   North   Vancouver
major: english, psychology
Fowler, Kenneth Robert: Vancouver
major: zoology, Slavonic studies
Fox, Gordon A.: Prince George
major: english, psychology
 Franklin,   Donald   Robert:   Smithers
major: psychology, english
Fraser, Joy D.: Vancouver
major: sociology, psychology
Fraser, Robert W.: Vancouver
major: mathematics, english
Freeman,   Linda
honours:   international  studies
French,  Betty-Lou
major: english, french
Freybe, Henning
major: economics, mathematics
Friecke, Jurgen O. C: Prince George
major: history, german
Fugler, Margaret J.: Vancouver
major: history, psychology
Gabriele,   Costanzo   M.:   Vancouver
major:  french,  mathematics
Gahn,  Elizabeth F.:  Victoria
major: english, anthropology
Gardner,   Hatim:   Trinidad,   West   Indies
major: latin, Spanish
Garret,  Margot:   West  Vancouver
major: english, mathematics
Gaston,  Craig:  Vancouver
major: economics, political science
Geddes,  Michael  Dawson:  London,  England
Giesbrecht,   David:   Vancouver
Gonial],   Dennis:   Victoria
Gower,   David   E.:   Coquitlam
honours:  economics
Graham, E. W.: Courtenay
honours: fine arts
Graham, Margaret: Vancouver
honours: fine arts
Gram, Gordon D.
major: economics, international studies
Gray, Dawn
major: asian studies, french
Gray,  Douglas  Alvin
honours: psychology
Gray,   Margaret:   White   Rock
Greenfield, E. Ann
major: sociology, psychology
Greenwood, Olivia Anne: Victoria
Groberman, H: Vancouver
Groeneveld, Tom: Vancouver
major: russian
Guzyk, Katherine: Spences Bridge
major: english, french
Hague, J. B.: Armstrong
Haigh,  T.  W.:  Vancouver
major: english, psychology
Hallonquist, John David: Vancouver
major: zoology, psychology
Halsey-Brandt, Gregg: Coquitlam
major:  geography, history
Hamilton, Wayne Bruce: North Surrey
major: english, history
Harcourt, Michael F.: Vancouver
major:  political  science,  english
Harcourt, V. J.: Vancouver
Hassell,   Carol   M.:   Vancouver
major: anthropology, english
Hawkesworth, Richard B.: Vancouver
major: political science, economics
Hembling, David Warren: Vancouver
major: sociology, english
Hembling, John N.: Vancouver
major: philosophy, psychology
Hemming, Delma: Duncan
Hempel, Rainerdutz: Vancouver
major: history, sociology
Herbison,   Katherine:   Argenta
major:   sociology,  history
Hermanson, Donald F.: Vancouver
Hibbard, W. R.: Vancouver
major: history, international studies
Hilton, Robert L.:North Vancouver
major: economics, psychology
Hilton, Gerald Burnett: South Burnaby
major: history, political science
Hislop,   Mervyn   W.:   Vancouver
honours:  psychology
Hinds, Andrew: Port-of-Spain, Trinidad
major:  economics, political science
Hodson, Lawrence F.: Vancouver
major: economics, political science
Holger,   Herwig:   Vancouver
honours: history
HoIIiger, Judiann: Vancouver
honours: french
Holloway, J. N.: Vancouver
major: sociology, english
Holmes, Christopher Ronald: North
major: history, political science
Hope,   Sheelagh   Graham:   Greenwood
major:  english, french, psychology
Huber,   Henry   P.   U.:   North   Vancouver
major:  english, fine arts
Hucal, Peter Michael: Cranbrook
 Hudson,   James  F.:   Vancouver
Hulme,   Brian  E.:   Haney
Humphries, Manfred I. J. T.: Toronto, Ont.
honours: psychology
Hunt,   Frederick   M.:   Burnaby
major: psychology, english
Hyde, Patrick: New Westminster
major:  history, political  science
Hylkema,   Mies:   Vancouver
honours: german, french
Inglis, Gay E.: Lumby
honours: english
Inouye,   Judy:   North   Burnaby
major: fine arts, english
Isted, Sharon: Vancouver
honours: english
Iwasald,   Lynne   Reiko:   Vancouver
Iwasaki,  Mickey:   Vancouver
major: mathematics, physics
Jackson, Kathleen
honours: english
Jamieson, John L.: Vancouver
honours: psychology
Jamieson, Susan V.: Winnipeg, Manitoba
major:  history, fine arts
Jang, Judy: Vancouver
major: english, history
Jansen, E. Joyce: Vancouver
major: english, psychology
John, Fred
major: mathematics, fine arts
Johnson, Eric
major: french, english
Johnston, Eve: White Rock
honours: english
Johnston, Katherine: Vancouver
major: english, fine arts
Johnstone, Joan: Vancouver
Jones, Sylvia: Sierra Leone, West Africa
major: geography, economics
Jones, Trevor Norman: Port Alberni
major: music, english
Joy, Charles H.: Victoria
major: geography, history
Jubb, Douglas E.: Vancouver
honours: french, english
Kabush, Dennis: New Westminster
major: psychology, religious studies
Karvonen, Carol: Princeton
major: history, english
Kaser, Linda: Vancouver
major: english, history
Keate, R. S.
Kellas, B.: Vancouver
Kennedy B.: Vancouver
Kent, Jocelyn Eileen: West Vancouver
major: english, psychology
Kermer, Hans-Joerg: Calgary, Alberta
Kerr, Helen D.: Vancouver
major: russian, Slavonic studies
Kerr, John C.
major: economics, political science
King, Leslie A.
major: english, french
Kirby, Diane E.: Calgary, Alberta
major: mathematics, psychology
Kirby, Robert Michael
Kirby, William James Gordon: Courtenay
major: mathematics, fine arts
Kirkparrick, E. Stewart: Courtenay
major: history, geography
Klein, Manfred
major: economics; honours: geography
Kline, Judy: Edmonton, Alberta
major: psychology, sociology
Konya, Bona Julianna: Vancouver
major: russian
Korbin, Linda Ruth: Vancouver
major: sociology, religious studies
Krug, Kersri: Vancouver
major: english, zoology
Kulai, Derek M.
major: history, international studies
Kull, Kersti: Burnaby
major: english, german
Kurita, Roy: Vancouver
Kurtz, Phyllis: Vancouver
Laing, Ian: West Vancouver
Lamoni, S.: New Westminster
Landon, B.: Armstrong
Laverock, J.: Vancouver
Lawrence, J. H.
Lawrence, Paul R.: North Vancouver
Lee, Pat: Vancouver
 Lee, V.: Victoria
LeGoff,  T.:  Vancouver
Leith, Karen: Victoria
Lekich,   William:   Vancouver
major: history, economics
Levitt, Stewart: Vancouver
major: psychology, sociology
Lind,   Karin:   Vancouver
major:  anthropology
Linnell,   R.:   Vancouver
Litttehales, John M.: Vancouver
major: english, economics, psychology
Logan,   Rod:   Vancouver
major: geography, asian studies
Longmuir,   D.   G.:   Vancouver
honours:   political   science
Lorenzen, Antoinette
major: english, history
Loucks, Susan
major: english, history
Lyon,   Donald   G.:   Vancouver
major: english, international studies
McAuley,   Margaret   E.:   Vancouver
honours: french
MacDonald, Brian
major: political science, economics
MacDonald, D. A.: Vancouver
major: Spanish, latin
MacDonald,  John  A.:  Vancouver
major:   political   science,   int.   studies
MacDonald,  Mary  N.:  North Vancouver
McFetridge, Gail: Kelowna
major: psychology, sociology
McGee, T. Darcy
major: history, political science
McGladdery,   Brendan:   New  Westminster
major: history, psychology
McGregor,   William   D.:   Vancouver
major: psychology, sociology
McGuff,   Doreen:   Vancouver
major: english, history
Mclntyre, Douglas: North Vancouver
major: english, Slavonic studies
Mclntyre,  Gordon  Scott:  Vancouver
honours: fine arts
Mclntyre,   Wayne   Howard
major: int. studies, psychology
Mackay,   D.   Stewart:   Vancouver
major: english, zoology
Mackenzie,   David   R.:   West   Vancouver
major: english, psychology
MacKenzie,  D.  G.
major: english, history
McKenzie,  Elizabeth  A.:   Vancouver
major: psychology, sociology
MacKinnon, DoUna F.
major: sociology, anthropology
Maclachan, C. E.: Chilliwack
major: political science, english
McMaster,   Kathryn   A.:   Victoria
major: psychology, english
McMeans, M.
McMillan,   Carole;   Richmond
major: psychology, english
McNamara, F. Karen: New Westminster
major:   english,   international  studies
McNeal,   Wayne   C:   Vancouver
major: geography
McPhedran, David Alexander
major: political science, english
McPherson, John A.
major: history, geography
McRae, Sheryl:  Vancouver
major: psychology, anthropology
Madden,  J.:  Vancouver
major: english, sociology
Madiuk, Robert Allan
major: mathematics, economics
Magnuson, Karin Lind: Calgary
major: Spanish, italian
Maharaj, Chris: San Juan, Trinidad
major: english, history
Main, William: Richmond
major: english, chemistry
Mains,  David Reid
major:   sociology,   political  science
Manery, Richard: New Westminster
major: geography, physical education
Markle, J. M.: Vancouver
Marshall, Pat J.
major:  geography,  psychology
Marsman, Pieter H.: New Westminster
honours: french
Martin,   Marylile:   Vancouver
major: english, history
Mathiasen, Kirsten: North Vancouver
May, Robert Charles: Vancouver
Meikle, Ian: Edmonton, Alberta
major: sociology, psychology
Meister, Marilyn: Vancouver
major: english, classical studies
Menkes, Marilyn Judith: Calgary, Alberta
major: zoology, english
 Mercer, Donald Gordon: New Westminster
honours: economics
Mervyn, Marcia: Kelowna
major: psychology, english
Meunier,   Roger   J.
major: psychology, sociology
Midgley,  R.  M.:  Vancouver
major: economics, geography
Millard, Eleanor: Quesnel
major:  english, fine arts
Miller,   Arnold:   Vancouver
major: psychology, sociology
Millerd, William: West Vancouver
major: political science, int. studies
Mime,   Sherry:   Vancouver
major: english, theatre
Minty,   Francis   C.   W.:   Vancouver
major: economics, political science
Minuto, Silvana Ester: Vancouver
honours: romance studies
Mitchell, Allan Kenneth
major:  english, sociology
Mitchell, Nancy R.: North Vancouver
honours: psychology
Mitchell,   Penny:   North   Vancouver
major: theatre, psychology
Mitchell, Wendy: Vancouver
Moen,   Andrea   Beverly:   Cawston
major: zoology, psychology
Morgan, Kenneth Hill
major: english, sociology
Morris,   Donna   Carol:   Winnipeg
Morris,   Karl:   Fort   Nelson
major: political science, int. studies
Muna, Marikt Marlene: Vancouver
major: psychology, religious studies
Munro, Katherine L.
major: geography, history
Murdoch, David: Vancouver
major: physics, math., geography
Murkin,  Stewart
major: english, history
Mysko,  Phyllis:  Vancouver
major: english, mathematics
Nara, Megumi: Ikeda-shi, Japan
major: psychology, mathematics
Nasgaard,   Roald:   Chilliwack
major: philosophy, english
Navey,  Jullianne:  West  Vancouver
honours: french, major: italian
Ng, Agnes
Neudorf, Peter: Aldergrove
major: zoology, german
Nip,  Carolyn  W.  M.:  Victoria
major: psychology, sociology
Nishi,   Jane:   Kitimat
major: fine arts, asian studies
Nixon, Graham Edwin: North Vancouver
major: english, zoology
Noble,   Sandra   Mae:   Victoria
Nordstrom, David E.: Armstrong
North,   Mary   D.:   Vancouver
honours: latin, greek
Nye,  Erie:  Kamloops
major: history, geography
O'Brian, Phyllis: Prince George
major: psychology, anthropology
Ord,  Patricia:  West Vancouver
major:   anthropology,   sociology
Oussoren,  A. H.  Harry:  Stonewall,  Man.
major: german, history
Owen-Jones, Marlys E. K.: Vancouver
major: Slavonics, history, english
Pakasaat,   Hendrick:   Nanaimo
major: geography, history
Parker,   Dave   Alan:   Vancouver
honours: psychology
Parkes, Roger J.: Westbank
major: history, geography
Parsons,  Bruce:  Richmond
major: english, history
Patterson, Marian B.: Vancouver
major: english, economics
Paulson, Sara: West Vancouver
major: english, psychology
Pelland, Raymond Brian: Vancouver
major: history, international studies
Pelman, Barbara: Vancouver
major: english, sociology
Pepper,  Donald  A.:  Vancouver
honours:   economics,   sociology
Perreten, Bernard G. L.: Williams Lake
honours: french
Peters, Edwin M.: Mission
Peters,  J.  E.: Vancouver
Peterson, Patricia: New Westminster
major: english, mathematics
Peterson, Susan: Beaconsfield, Quebec
major: psychology, sociology
Perter, Martin: Victoria
major: history, english
Pharis, Donna: Vancouver
major: physics, mathematics
Piddington, Pamela: Vancouver
major: english, russian
 Plato, Charlie:  Vancouver
major:   english,   history
Poison,  Lindsay E.:   Vancouver
major: english, classics
Popow,  Mary: Vancouver
honours: Slavonics, russian
Porter, Richard  P. R.:  Duncan
honours: geography
Powell, Wayne Ross: North Vancouver
major: economics, history
Power,  Lois:  South Burnaby
major: english, zoology
Proctor, Maureen: Whitehorse, Yukon
major: english, Spanish
Purslow, E. Anne: Kelowna
honours: psychology
Reeder, Kenneth F.: Vancouver
major: english, psychology
Reif, Eric Anthony: Vancouver
honours: english
Reimer,   Louis:   Vancouver
Renshaw, Linda Anne: North Vancouver
Rhodes,   Jim:   Vancouver
Riordan, Penny: Vancouver
major: english, history
Roberts, Carolynne: Chilliwack
major:  english, sociology
Robertson, David R.: Vancouver
major: economics, political science
Robinson, Carole: Vancouver
major:   psychology,   sociology
Robson, Douglas B.: Vancouver
honours: economics, int. studies
Rogers, Ken: Vancouver
Roidl,  Michael I.  H.:  Vancouver
major: physics, mathematics
Rossander, Evangeline: Vancouver
major: history, geography, psychology
Ruben,   Linda:   Abbotsford
major: english, history
Ruddell, T. D.: Vancouver
major:   sociology,   history
Samis,   Merle   Diane:   Vancouver
honours: psychology
Sandiford, Fernley F.: Vancouver
major: economics, russian
Sandilands, Andrew George: Vancouver
major: english, philosophy
Sands,   Lynda   E.:   Vancouver
major: english, zoology
Sauve, Ivan: Coquitlam
major: history, french
Scott, Mary E.: Vancouver
major: french, english
Searle, A. G.: Port Credit, Ontario
major: zoology, psychology
Seymour,  John  W.:  Vancouver
major: economics, geography
Shark,   Judith   Mary:   Courtenay
major: mathematics, english
Shelly,  Brian L.:  Vancouver
Shepherd, Charlaine: Vancouver
major: french, english
Shimokura,   Alan  M.:  Vancouver
major: english, psychology
Siddall, Jean: Vancouver
major: english, political science
Sims,   William   D.:   Vancouver
major: anthropology, geography
Sjoberg,  Elsa E.: Vancouver
major: english, anthropology
Skinner, Gerald R.: Victoria
honours: political science
Sleigh,  Dorothy  E.:  Vancouver
major: math, english
Slipper, Susan: West Vancouver
major: english, history
Smith, Doreen: Vancouver
major: english, psychology
Smith, Judi: West Vancouver
major: political science, psychology
Smith, John C: Vancouver
major: classics, english
Smith, Patricia L.: Oliver
honours: philosophy
Sommer, M. Anne: Victoria
major: fine arts, psychology
Spankie, Caroline: Vancouver
honours: fine arts
Sparks, Roger: Victoria
Stark, Maureen:  Richmond
major: english, history
Steiner, George A.: Vancouver
StockdW, Thomas V.: Victoria
major: english, mathematics
Stoddart,   Kenneth  Wayne:   Vancouver
major: sociology, psychology
Stonier,  William  Robert:  Vancouver
major: history, music
Storey, Gordon: Vancouver
major: economics, psychology
Stuart,  Reginald  C:  Richmond
Sweet, Robert Arthur: New Westminster
 Swinburn, Kent M.: Burnaby
honours: economics
Szostak, John R.: Vancouver
major: mathematics, political science
Taggart, J.  S.:  Vancouver
major:   economics,   geography
Tanigam, Sandra: Steveston
major: fine arts, english
Tanner, Imbi Silvia: Vancouver
major: english, classical studies
Taron,   Katherine  Joyce:   Victoria
Taylor,   John   Craig:   West   Vancouver
major: history, political science
Tenta, Frances: Vancouver
major: english, german
Teranishi,   Tom:   Vancouver
Thiele, P. E.: Vancouver
major: english, french, sociology
Third, Eleanor: Penticton
major: french, international studies
Thomas,  Michael,  A.:  Vancouver
major: mathematics, french
Thompson, Sheilan M.: North Vancouver
honours: english
Tischer,   Herbert:   Vernon
Toews, P.: Vancouver
Tovell, Marianne: Toronto
honours: classics
Trafford, John A.: Vancouver
major: english, psychology
Trapp, Nancy Lin: Vancouver
major: psychology, english
Treat,   Marie-Belle:   Salmon  Arm
major: history, sociology
Tromba, Ellen R.: Port Alberni
major: history, geography
Tsohannen, F. Edward: Smithers
honours: economics
Tubbesing,   Helene:   North   Vancouver
Turndull, Christopher John: Vancouver
major: anthropology, history
Turner, Thomas Sidney: Vancouver
major: psychology, economics
Tyler, W. Warne: Vancouver
major: geography, history, psychology
Ullmann,   Christiane:   Birmingham,   Engl.
honours: english;  major:  german
Urquhart,   Donald  G.:  Vancouver
major: english, french
Uyede,   Richard   Seiji:   Vancouver
major: economics, english
Vague, Maedyrhe: Vancouver
honours: english, fine arts
Vale,   Marcia:   Vancouver
major: english, classics
Van   Eynsbergen,   D.:   Vancouver
major: anthropology, fine arts
Van Snellenberg, Brenda Elayne: Vancouver
major: economics, english
Verner, Marg:  Vancouver
major: french, english
Vickson,   Lynne:   Vancouver
major: english, political science
Vinge, R. Joel T.: Vancouver
major: sociology, psychology
Waldhaus,  Axel  H.  M.:   Port Alberni
Wallace, Robert S.: Winnipeg, Manitoba
honours: english
Walsh, Lauradell: Vancouver
major: psychology, sociology
Ward,   James   Thomas:   North   Kamloops
major: psychology, political science
Warren,  Donald  George:  Victoria
Waters, Frederick, D.: Van Anda, B.C.
major: theatre, psychology
Watts,   Reginald  J.:   Vancouver
major: creative writing, philosophy
Weld,   Joan:   West   Vancouver
major: sociology, anthropology
Wells, Solveig: Vancouver
major: english, german
Werts,  Elizabeth:  Kelowna
major: english, geography
Westereng,   Ken:  Vancouver
major: mathematics, chemistry
Westinghouse,   Carlene:   Victoria
major: german, Spanish
White, C. Edward: Oshawa, Ontario
major: sociology, english
White, William Robert: Vancouver
major:  geography, political science
Whitelaw,   David   John:   Vancouver
major: english, psychology
Whittaker, Gerry: West Vancouver
major: english, psychology
Whyte, Robert John: Vancouver
Wiebe,   John:   Abbotsford
major: political science, economics
Wiens,   Paul:   Vancouver
major: english, psychology
Wilkin,   Linda:   North  Vancouver
major: psychology, zoology
Williams, David George: Burnaby
major: political science, psychology
 Williams,   Leonard   James:   Vancouver
major:  english, history
Williamson, Martha: Vancouver
major: english, history
Willoughby,   Donald:   Vancouver
major: english, history
Wilmot, John H.: Prince George
major: economics, psychology
Wilson, Bonnie E.: North Vancouver
Wilson, Gordon A. J.: Burnaby
Wilson,  Patricia B.:  Vancouver
major:  theatre, english
Wodinsky,   M.:   Vancouver
Wong, Ernest: Vancouver
major: english, economics
Woodfield, J.: Vancouver
Woodsworth, J. A.: Vancouver
Woolliams, David: Vancouver
Wootten, Christopher E: Vancouver
major: english, economics
Wright, Brian: Burnaby
major: english, classics
Wright, E. Philip: Salmon Arm
Wyne, Harold M.: Vancouver
major:  philosophy, fine  arts
Yakura,  Sachie:  Vernon
major: psychology, history
Yearsley, Margaret: Nanaimo
honours: english
Yen, Raymond: Vancouver
major: mathematics, economics
Yenning, Clive: Trinidad
honours: creative writing
Yip, Douglas: Toronto
major: english, psychology
Yuen,  Ronald:   Vancouver
Zaslawsky, Mira: Vancouver
Ziegler,  Helen  Joy:  Vancouver
major: english, psychology
Zingrich, JiH: Vancouver
honours: Slavonic studies
Zumpano, F.: Vancouver
MacKenzie, Lynn: Vancouver
major: history, english
Dean of Commerce
faculty off
"The world of commerce is in a state of constant
change," says Dean Perry, "but with the most progressive businessman there must always be an
underlying agreement on principles and a fundamental knowledge of the basic concepts of successful management and marketing. We are training
thinkers, men who are equipped to deal with the
problems that will arise in new techniques of successful business administration."
Commerce graduates, executives of the next
decade, will face the same problems found today,
but will also find new demands due to the increasing information being accumulated. Theoretical
questions will become plausible and answerable.
The businessman must be sophisticated, able to
detect subtle flaws in new information and alert
to business trends.
Efficient business management, influenced by
other scientific disciplines, is becoming a science
in itself. Computer mathematics is being integrated
with new statistical methods, and knowledge of
human behaviour and of technical solutions is on
the increase. Only a "business scientist", a man
with a keen mind, and an ability to analyse and
advise can fully utilize this information.
The faculty of Commerce seeks to stimulate the
student's appetite for knowledge. It is not training
specialized technicians, but equipping the students
to be intellectually capable of exploring future positions and fields. The training it offers is a blend of
Arts and Sciences with Accounting, Marketing, Finance, and Transportation.
The Dean used an interesting analogy to describe
the commerce grad: "He must have a multiplicity
of antennae, that are able to pick up and interpret
signals from any field."
• art gg *■■? SR7-1 j
Adie, Ron: Kamloops
major: accounting, economics
Algar, Robert D.: Nelson
Atkinson,   Brent:   New   Westminster
Baker,   Richard:  West  Vancouver
major: marketing, commerce
Bennest, David Grant: Oliver
Bildfell, Peter G.: Vancouver
major: marketing
Bodner, Jimmy Allen:  Vancouver
major: accounting
Borys,   Sugius:   Edmonton,   Alberta
major: economics
Brown,  Don James:  Vancouver
major: accounting
Brown,  Robert J.:   Summerland
Buchanan, David W.: Vancouver
major: law option
Bunting,  Gerald R.:  Vancouver
major: accounting
Burnett, Richard P.: Victoria
major: public administration
Butorac,  Michael  E.:   Rossland
major: marketing
Campbell,  John  B.:   Vancouver
major: finance
Carre,   Stephen   C:   Vancouver
major: economics
Coleman, John: North Vancouver
Contini, Osvaldo: Vancouver
major:  finance
Crawford, Charles Nicol: Burnaby
major: transportation
Creighton, Terence D.: Vancouver
major: marketing
Davis, W. Lloyd:  Burnaby
Dockendorf, Kenneth Gordon: Burnaby
major: economics
Dueck,   David  Curtis:  Vancouver
major: finance
Earle,  William  D. S.:  Vancouver
major: finance
Elliot, Robin A. W.: Vancouver
major: finance
Evans, R. J.: Vancouver
major: accounting
 Ewachniuk,   A.  T.:   Vancouver
major: law option
Ferguson, Glenn: Vancouver
major: B. Commerce, C. A. (combined
Fidler, Grant: Powell River
Fofonoff, Dmitri D.: Grand Forks
Forward,  Nelson:  Vancouver
Fribance, Gary: New Westminster
Galichenko, Tania: Vancouver
Glasner, Kenneth: Vancouver
Godding, John Norman: Vancouver
Goepel,  Rusty:  Vancouver
major: marketing
Grange, John F.: Vancouver
Hall, Brent: Vancouver
Hama,   Joyce:   Richmond
Hamilton, John: Vancouver
major: marketing
Hare,   John   David:   Vancouver
major: marketing
Hemsworth,  Brian  J.:   Vancouver
Henry, Charles Mervyn: Chilliwack
Hick, Kenneth Henry: North Vancouver
major: marketing
Hrennikoff,  George:  Vancouver
major: marketing
Jang, Herbert Quon: Vancouver
Jefferson,   Lancelot   Malcolm:   Vancouver
major: transportation
Johnson, Terry Donald: Trail
Kamikura, Roger Mitsuo: Vancouver
major: accounting
Kendrick, Duncan D.: Vancouver
major: finance
Kennedy, William D.: West Vancouver
major: public administration
Kingston, Kenneth Edward: Vancouver
major: marketing
Libby,   Keith  Jerome:   Vancouver
Larsen, Holger H.: Vancouver
major:   transportation
Lilley, Ledford G.: Ottawa, Ontario
major:  accounting
Limantour, Jose I.:  Mexico City,  Mexico
Little,   William  J.:   Oliver
major: accounting
McClurg,  John  M.:  Vancouver
McConnachie, Brian A.: West Vancouver
McDiarmid, David: Vancouver
major:  industrial relations
MacDonald, William: Vancouver
major: industrial relations
McDonnell, Gary K.: Vancouver
major: accounting
McGowan, Malcolm E.: Burnaby
McKinnell, Henry Alexander: Vancouver
major: transportation
MacLean, Kenneth Robert: Vancouver
major: transportation
McLellan, T.  A.:  Burnaby
major:  finance
Mayede, Donald T.: Vancouver
major: finance
Mein,   Allan:   Vancouver
major: marketing
Miller,   Bryan   G.:   West  Vancouver
major:   accounting
Miller,   Murray   W.:   West   Vancouver
major: law
Moorhead, Denis Alan: Vancouver
major: marketing
Morris, David H.: Trail
Nichols,   Peter:   Winnipeg,   Manitoba
major:   transportation,  utilities
Nye, David J.: Vancouver
major: finance
Oliver, George Wayne:  Vancouver
major: accounting
Parker,   Robert  L.:   West   Summerland
Paterson, Ken A.: Vancouver
Paterson, H. Rolf: Vancouver
major: industrial administration
Paulding,   Richard   Stephen:   Duncan
Pearson, G. F.: Vancouver
major: industrial relations
Piry,  Pierre:  Kowloon,  Hongkong
major:  business administration
Pretty,   Laurence   Charles:   North   Delta
major: industrial administration
 Quan, Henry W.: Vancouver
Quon, Edward, B.: High River, Alberta
Rauser, Roy Edward: Kelowna
major: finance
Ruehlen, Murray Dennis: Vancouver
major: accounting
Ruskin, Richard: West Vancouver
Ryall,   Jack   Norman:   Vancouver
major: marketing
Sawkms,   William  Philip:   Vancouver
major: public administration
Schmidt, Lawrence D.: Burnaby
Scott,  John  M.:  Whitehorse,  Yukon
major: finance
Shaw, Robert A.: White Rock
Smith, Janet R.: Provost, Alberta
major: economics
Speer, Peter John: Vancouver
major:  accounting
Staley,  Donald:  Vancouver
major: actuarial science
Steele, G. W.
major: forestry
Sturrock, Frederick J.: Vancouver
Superle, Murray N.: Victoria
major: industrial relations
Sung, Brian D.: West Vancouver
major: finance
Swetnam, W. Bryce: Victoria
Teja, Hardev S.: Vancouver
Thomson, Ronald: Vancouver
major: transportation
Toth,  Edward:  Osoyoos
major: accounting
Tutri, Tiit Dan: Vancouver
Tutton, James W.: West Vancouver
major: estate management
Van Laare, Fred K.: Vancouver
major: industrial relations
Willis,   David:   Scarborough,   Ontario
Wootton, Robert D.: Vancouver
major: industrial administration
Worthington-White, Philip S.: Delta
major: industrial administration
Yada,   Shane:   Vancouver
major: business administration
 faculty of
Yes, there really is a Faculty of Dentistry at UBC. Although facilities are
almost non-existent, the school is operating and should produce UBC's first
Dentistry graduates in 1968.
At present, there are only eight students and eight faculty members. More
faculty are needed, but it is difficult
to find them for some fields.
Planning for a new building for the
faculty has been underway for two
years, and construction is scheduled
to start at the beginning of 1965. Completion will require another two years,
and in the meantime, dentistry students will continue to use the medical'
laboratories and temporary facilities.
The limitations imposed by lack of
space and equipment force a restricted
policy of enrollment. New students will
be screened, with emphasis on academic achievement. In 1965 the school
will probably admit another eight or
ten students. Fees are relatively high,
and a considerable amount must be
spent on equipment, but financial assistance is available.
Eventually, it is hoped to have about
one hundred and fifty students entering
dentistry, with a graduating class of
about forty.
To enter the faculty, the student
should have a general social science
and humanities background in the arts,
with special interest in the biological
sciences. The actual Dentistry programme, which is the same for all
undergraduates, is four years. The student wishing to specialize must do
post-graduate work in his particular
The faculty is conducting some research work on campus, but has no
special center.
Opportunities within the profession
are not limited to private practice, but
include teaching and research.
The new Faculty of Dentistry at UBC
is the seventh such school in Canada.
Dean of Dentistry
 faculty of
Dean of Education
 The faculty of Education, under Dean
Neville Scarfe, is the second largest
faculty at UBC, with over 3000 students enrolled.
Education is constantly faced with
the problem of producing enough
properly trained and qualified teachers
to meet the increasing demands of the
schools in a growing province. In order
to provide adequate facilities for the
student teachers, it is necessary to
plan ten or fifteen years in advance.
One result of such planning is the new
College of Education building, the most
modern in North America. The building
contains, for example, a ceramics laboratory, an observation suite, and a
$60,000 greenhouse on the roof.
There are two main divisions in the
Faculty: elementary and secondary
programmes. In the Elementary programme there are two courses offered:
a four year course to a B.Ed, degree,
and a two year course for an Elementary Basic teaching certificate. In addition there are two one-year courses
of professional work for either graduate
students or for those transferring into
Education after a number of years in
another faculty. The Secondary programme includes a five-year course to
a B.Ed, and a one year course for those
with a bachelor's degree from another
The students, in addition to regular
practice teaching days and a practi-
cum, take non-credit music appreciation and art courses in the Elementary
programme, or specialize in sciences
or humanities in the Secondary programme.
Those students taking the academic
majors must work in fields of study
offered by the Faculties of Arts or
Science, with the requirements for
that major being higher than for students on the general programme of
those respective faculties. Education
students, the future teachers of our
province, must in fact carry a relatively heavy load of courses to qualify for
their teaching certificates.
Anderson,  Kathleen: Vancouver
major: primary
Arnold, Shirley: Aldergrove
major:  primary
Ashton, Barry: Burnaby
major: english, history
Atchison, Lloyd M.: Vancouver
major: history, geography
Austin, Margaret: Victoria
major: english, history
Bagshaw,  Alison E.: Vancouver
major:  fine  arts
Bailey, Dorlean: Richmond
Bardon, Michael Harold:  Vancouver
major: history, english
Bate, A.: Vancouver
Bate, L.: Vancouver
Belsheim, Laurie Lynne: Vancouver
major: home economics, geography
Bigsby, Robert Alexander: Vancouver
major: industrial arts
Billett, Anne M.: Powell River
major: english, history
Black, Alison: Langley
major:  english
Blankenbach,  Frances:  Vancouver
major: primary
Bradbury, Joyce: Vancouver
major:  english,  political science
Brandon, Barry: Langley
major: phys. ed., bio. sciences
Brown, Robert W.: North Burnaby
major: history, geography
Brown, Ron: Burnaby
major: history, geography
Budnick, Joy E.: Vancouver
Burge, Thora Rose: Vancouver
major: english
 Byers, Lynda K.: Burnaby
major: primary
Caldwell, Joan: Nanaimo
major: primary
Caldwell,  Sandra:  Vancouver
major: primary
Cameron, Eldon: New Westminster
major: commerce, history
Cameron, R.: Vancouver
Campbell, Heather: Vancouver
major:   physical  education,  history
Cashin, Alexis:  Vancouver
major: primary
Celli, Floyd: Vancouver
major: english, french
Coates, Eleanor: Oliver
major: french, english
Coleman,  Fred:  South Burnaby
major:   french,   english
Conlyn,  Barbara Joan: Vancouver
major: primary
Conner, William Watson: New Westminster
Cooper, William Larry: Vancouver
major: geography, history
Corben, Len:  North Vancouver
major: physical education, history
Cornwell, Shannon B.: Vancouver
major: primary
Cownden, Albert B.:  California
Craig, Susan E.: New Westminster
major: intermediate
Crandell, Eva E.: Vancouver
major: primary
Crowe, Pene S.: West Vancouver
major: english, intermediate
Cumming, Rita L.: Trail
major: physical education
Daly, Linda Ann: Youbou
major: english, primary
Davis, Eleanor Kathleen: North Vancouver
major: primary, academic
Day, Leslie Norman: Vancouver
major: physical education, history
Deans, Marion:  Saanichton
major: primary, english
Devlin, Beryl Annette: Vancouver
Diamond, Ken: Vancouver
major: mathematics, physics
Dicmanis, Dzintra: Vancouver
major: english, history
DockeriH, Avis: West Vancouver
 c^ /L     ^HLX~
Dovey, Vernon J.: North Burnaby
Dreger,  Henry:  Vancouver
major: history, geography
Dumont, Ruth:  Vancouver
major: physical education, english
Dunn, Robert C: Lethbridge, Alta.
major: elementary
Dyble, Shirley: Chilliwack
major: art
Edmondson, Edward James: West Vancouver
major:  geography
Edwards, Barbara Gayle: Richmond
Emerson, Barbara: Burnaby
major:  physical  education,  history
Enns, Maureen: Vancouver
Estergaard, E. David: Vancouver
Faulkner, Patricia Marie: Vancouver
major: home economics, mathematics
Ferguson, Dale: Trail
major: primary education
Ferguson, Jan: North Vancouver
major: english, intermediate education
Fishwick, Brian T.: Kinnaird
major: intermediate
Flemming, Elizabeth E.: West  Vancouver
major:  primary
Ford, Patricia M.: Castlegar
major: elementary
Forst, Doreen E.: Vancouver
major: primary
Foss, Leonard P.: Vancouver
major: intermediate
Franklin, Gillian: Vancouver
major: librarianship, english
Fraser, Gail Christine: Tappen
major: primary
Frost, Vicki: Vancouver
major: intermediate education, anthropology
Funk, Carole R.: Vancouver
major: primary education
Gilliland, Jane Katharine: Victoria
major: english, history
Graham, Donna C: Erickson
major: intermediate education, geography
Guns, Robert William: Vancouver
major:  english, history
Hagemoen, Judith: Vancouver
major: english
Hanushewsky, Ann K.: Richmond
major: music
Hardie, David A.: Vancouver
major: mathematics, chemistry
 Hasler, Linda M.: Vancouver
major: primary
Haverstock, Diane L.: Vancouver
major: english
Hay, Pat: Vancouver
major: primary
Heinrichs, John: Vancouver
major: intermediate
Heisler, Merna Kathrine: West Vancouver
major: primary
Hemsworth, Barrie R.: North Kootenay
Hendricks, Karen: Dawson Creek
Henry, William P.: Vancouver
major:  geography
Hipp, Phyllis Margery: Burnaby
major: english, intermediate
Hoare,  Rosemary: Vancouver
major:   history,  geography,  library
Hodge, Shirle J.: Vancouver
major: home economics, history
Hodgson, Sandra: Lumby
major: fine arts, history
Hoeg, Nils M. A.: Vancouver
major: mathematics, physics
Holm, Alex: Vancouver
major: intermediate education, english
Holmes, Robert: Vancouver
major: history, geography
Holmgren, Lydia: Vancouver
Hou, Charles: Vancouver
Howes, Paul: Vancouver
major: geography, history
Hrytsak,  Doris: Crescent Beach
major: fine arts
Hughes, Raymond C: Vancouver
major: chemistry, mathematics
Hutchings, Arlene: Montreal, Quebec
major: elementary education
Irwin,  D.:  Vancouver
Jacobse, Kima Christine: North Vancouver
major:   librarianship
Jenner, Lynda A.: Vancouver
major: intermediate
Johnsen, Robert: Vancouver
major: history
Johnston, Robin Douglas: Langley
major: secondary
Jones, Carol: Kelowna
Jones, Ivor H.:  Vancouver
major:   industrial  arts
 v m
■c       ^^
Jones, Ron K.: North Surrey
Kelly,  Sue M.: Vancouver
Kinne,  Margaret:  Nanaimo
major: elementary
Kirby, Jill Chadwick: Vancouver
major: english, history
Knight, Leslie N.: Richmond
major: primary education
Knott, Anne: Brentwood, Van. Island
Korstad, Lynne: Harrison Mills
major: primary
Krautter, Edvard: Chilliwack
major: english, art
Laidman, Marilyn E.: Powell River
major: physical education, history
Lakes, Jill: Vancouver
major: english
Landstrom, William C: Vancouver
major: mathematics, history
Laycock,  Kenneth A.:  Vancouver
major: biological sciences, geography
Le Comte, Guy: Vancouver
major:  intermediate and special
Leuck, Geri: Lillooet
major: primary
Lewis, Roy C: Vancouver
major: industrial and fine arts
Lynn, David A.:  Kelowna
major: history, geography
McCombe, Lorna Anne: Ladner
major: primary
MacFarlane, Christine: Vancouver
major: commerce
McGregor, D. Penelope: Vancouver
major: elementary
Mclntyre, Betty: Vancouver
major: science
MacKay, Robert: Vancouver
major: physical education, history
MacKay, Sharon Rhene: Vancouver
major: physical education
McKay, Wendy E.: Crescent Beach
major: history, physical education
McKenzie, Lorna J.: Vancouver
major:  primary
McKenzie, Rex Bruce: Kelowna
McLean, Gary A.: Vancouver
major: english, history
McMenemy, James R.: Vancouver
major: mathematics, history
McMillan, W. D.: Vancouver
 McNie, Diane: Victoria
major: double commerce
MacQuarrie, Lois: Vancouver
major: intermediate elementary
McRae, Rosalyn: Vancouver
major: primary
MacSwan, Naomi: Vancouver
major:  primary
MacWatters, Karen Ann: Vancouver
major:   primary
Mark-Haelford, Kathleen Margaret: Vancouver
major: librarianship
Meszaros, Marcia: Penticton
major: primary
Milburn, Pamela Adair: Vancouver
major: elementary
Miles-Pickup, Daphne Elaine: North Vancouver
major: primary
Miller, Pat: Vancouver
major: french, english
Milne, David Gordon: Vancouver
major: history, geography
Mitchell, E. W.: White Rock
Mochizuki, Rieko: Kamloops
major: primary
Montgomery, John S.: Cloverdale
Morgan Jill: Vancouver
major: primary
Muller, Dave: Kamloops
major: biology, mathematics
Mylroie, Donna M.:  Port Coquitlam
major: geography
Nichols, Jacqueline H.: Victoria
major: home economics, fine arts
Oddy, Mary Louise: Vancouver
major: exceptional children
Olexiuk, Eileen: Valemount
major: mathematics, zoology
Olofson, Maureen B.: North Vancouver
Olson, Arthur R.: Terrace
major: geography, intermediate
Oxtoby, Fred: Richmond
major: history, geography
Parker, Lionel Patrick:  North Vancouver
major: geography, history
Parkes, Miriam: Vancouver
major: primary
Pearse, Harold Edward:  Cumberland
major: fine arts
Patterson, Ron David: Vancouver
major: commerce, geography
Phillips, Esther Helen: Vancouver
major: music
Phillips, Sharon: Vancouver
major: french, physical education
Pierce, Graham: Vancouver
major:  english,  history
Poje, Theresa H.:Vancouver
major: library
Pound, Grace A.: Vancouver
major: primary education
Rankine, Frederick Charles: Vancouver
Reich, Otto: Vancouver
major:  physical  education,  german
Reid, R. D.: Vancouver
major: geography, history
Reveley,  Darlene:  Burnaby
major: intermediate, geography
Rhodes, Judith A.: New Westminster
major: handicapped children
Riis, Nelson: New Westminster
major: history, mathematics
Robertson, Carol  Ann: Vancouver
major: fine arts
Robertson, Judith B.: Youbou
major:  double commerce
Ryan, Gordon: White Rock
major: french, history
Rye, Roger: Quesnel
major: industrial education
Sandstrom, Eric:
major: math, physical ed.
Sargent, Joan E.: Vancouver
major: exceptional children
Service, Donald G.: Vancouver
major: mathematics, commerce  ■
Sherlock, Margaret: Vancouver
major: english
Simington, Audrey Helen: North Vancouver
major:  intermediate
Skidmore, Harold: Vancouver
major: intermediate
Smith, Clint: New Westminster
major: physical education, english
Smith, Eleanor G.: Vancouver
major: english, librarianship
Smith, Gary Given: Vancouver
major:  industrial education
Spriggs, Gordon: Victoria
major: geography, history
Sproxton, Jack: North Surrey
major: intermediate
Stainton, Sharon L.: Vancouver
major: english
Stark, William D.: Vancouver
major: history, geography
Stonehouse, Susan: North Burnaby
major: professional intermediate
 Swanson, David: New Westminster
major: english, physical education
Taylor, Audrey Lynne: Vancouver
major: music, english
Thomas, Gordon H.: South Burnaby
Thorlakson, Ruby L.: Vernon
major: mathematics, english
Trounce, Douglas Gordon: Vancouver
major: intermediate
Tuning, Susan: Vancouver
major: primary
Van Wouw, Albert Peter: Vancouver
major: french, english
Vollans,  Norma  Gail:   Vancouver
major: physical education, english
Wakabayashi, Vivian Fumiko: Vancouver
major: primary, english
Walker, Barbara M.: Vancouver
major: english
Walther, Gerrrud J. R.: Vancouver
major: home economics, german
Walton, Margaret Helen: Trail
major: fine arts
Wasylik, Eugene Edward: Powell River
major: physical education and
Watson, Eleanor Jeanne: Vancouver
major: elementary, physical education
Weber, Margaret L.: Vancouver
major: business
West, Sandra: Vancouver
major: double commerce
Wennberg, Ingrid: Vancouver
major: english
Whitesell, Sydney H.: Vancouver
major: intermediate
Wilson, Sandra Louise: North Vancouver
major: primary
Wilson, Shirley: North Vancouver
major: creative writing, home economics
Wood, Elizabeth: Vancouver
major: home economics, physical education
Yee, Sharon: Vancouver
Young, Richard Allan: Port Alberni
major: botany, zoology
Young, S.: Vancouver
major: primary, intermediate
class of 65
 faculty of
Dean of Applied Science
|^pM""»—^                                    ^^^^^m                                                   ■MMur-
__^—rffi                HHH^^^b
 The Faculty of Applied Science, better
known as Engineering, is famous for its
esprit de corps. While serving a worthwhile purpose by enlivening campus life,
the faculty is much more important for
supplying a very great need in the growing economy of B.C. The purpose of the
school is to turn out trained scientists
to aid in industry and business. At the
moment industry in B.C. has a long way
to go in comparison with industry in
Ontario and Quebec and still farther in
comparison with that in the U.S. Industry
here depends on primary products. It is
therefore economically dependent on the
fluctuations of the world's demands and
prices. B.C. needs more secondary industries to stabilize her economy. Engineers can help develop these new industries and in return the industries would
provide expanded job opportunities for
 It is the opinion of D. M. Myers, Dean
of Applied Science, that although it is
significant that B.C. is at present importing more engineers than it is exporting, there- is a tendency for many
able engineers to leave B.C. through
lack of suitable opportunities here.
This is likely to continue until secondary industry has developed to a stage
capable of primary production.
 The province is not only lagging in the
production of enough engineers, it is
also failing to produce the necessary
technicians to complement them.
Theoretically, there should be now
four or five technicians for each engineer but in reality the ratio is far
less. As a result fully trained engineers
are filling jobs normally accorded technicians. With the construction of the
B.C. Institute of Technology it is hoped
that this problem will be solved.
As to the problem of engineers being ignorant of the humanities, Dean
Myers stated that every high school
student is assumed to have spent a
long time studying humanities courses,
but is usually scientifically illiterate.
The problem is not so much to provide humanities studies for engineers
as it is to provide scientific studies
for the humanists. Remarked Dean
Myers, "I deplore the narrow specialization which is characteristic of Arts
courses in so many universities."
Post graduate studies in engineering
are becoming increasingly important.
Students who proceed to the degree
of Master of Applied Science or PhD
are provided with extensive post-graduate courses and research facilities.
To receive the MASc a candidate
must first show a high level of accomplishment in his undergraduate studies,
then proceed to complete a substantial
programme of academic courses and
research covering at least twelve
!■»                         M      m      <A
1          •*  ,	
I                 *   %
r •.!
 >^. >3
. B
f **■*         lfl
«^ ^^«f|
To be accepted as a candidate for a Ph.D.
a student must prove to have a high academic and research ability. At least two
years must be spent on a PhD programme
after the completion of the MASc.
There have been and will be several
changes in the structure of the Faculty of
Applied Science. A new department has
come into existence. The Department of
Mineral Engineering will replace the old
Department of Mining and Geological Engineering. Dr. C. R. Emery has been appointed
professor and head of the new department.
In Civil Engineering Dr. W. D. Tinn replaces
Dr. J. F. Muir as head of the department.
Also D. W. M. Armstrong replaces Dr. F. A.
Forward as head of the Department of Metallurgy. Plans are also progressing for the
remaining parts of the new Engineering
complex. Two buildings have already been
completed. Within five years a central faculty building and buildings housing Metallurgy, Mechanical and Civil Engineering
will be built.
As is obvious to most U.B.C. students,
the E.U.S., or Engineering Undergraduate
Society plays a major part in adding color
(red) to life on campus.
 Since the courses in Engineering are
among the most intensive and difficult
it is natural that the Engineers enjoy
relieving their tensions with a little fun.
But the work of the E.U.S. includes
more than dunking people in pools,
stranding them on library roofs or singing risque songs. Unnoticed by most
people the Engineers make worthwhile
contributions in the way of service.
For example Engineers take an active
part in the annual blood drive, control
traffic at Open House, and stage stunts
which help to bolster U.B.C.'s sagging
school spirit. Dean Myers sums up the
spirit of the E.U.S. by saying, "It is
very good within limits because it produces a better sense of social responsibility and togetherness."
Kennedy, Gary F.: Tappen
Whitelaw, Steve: Vancouver
Allen,   R.   W.:   Edmonton,   Alberta
Brevner, Fitzroy J.: Vancouver
Caddick,  Brian  F. J.:  Victoria
Clark, Michael  G.: West Vancouver
Easton, Thomas H.: Port Alberni
Green,   Robert   T.:   Vancouver
Henton, J. E.: Leicester, England
Hogg, D. R.: Campbell River
Innes, Robert A.: New Westminster
MacDonald,   G.  L.   W.:   Crofton
Maranda, F. Dale: Kelowna
Morrison,   Keith   Ian:   Courtenay
Moy, Walick Alexander: Vancouver
Potkins,   William   Edward   :   North   Burnaby
Stockman,  Gordon E.:  Kitimat
Suderman, Henry L.: Abbotsford
Thomas, Derril L.: Creston
Thorpe, Brian D.: Vancouver
White,   Don  A.:   Port  Coquitlam
Bowering, Dave: Victoria
Brown, Guy: Vancouver
Chu, Norman: Vancouver
Chui, Wai-Fat: Hong Kong
Grant, Chris: Vancouver
Gregson, John A.: Kamloops
Henningson, R. M.:  Vancouver
Higgins,   Dave:   Vancouver
Jensen, Ole: Vancouver
Kerr,  Peter  A.:  Victoria
Lambert, Jim Marlow: Vancouver
MacDonald, Don W.: Port Alberni
Mak, Kwok-Kwong: Vancouver
Palmer, D. L.: Kaslo
Pecknold, D.: Vancouver
Peters,  John:  Langley
Pickold, D.: Vancouver
Pleasance, Ken: Vancouver
Reimer,   Richard   B.:   Downey,   Calif.
Rottmann, Andrew: Vancouver
Schoof, R. W.: Burns Lake
Scott, Paul F.: Nanaimo
Siu,   A.   L.:   West   Vancouver
Suzak, Ray: Burnaby
Walsh, Glenn H.: Comox
Woods,   Barry   C:   Vancouver
Allegretto, Walter: South Burnaby
Ashton: J. M.: South Burnaby
Baird, N. C: Nanaimo
Baker, Ron: Vancouver
Broderick, Michael J.: Burnaby
Burk,   Brian   John   Douglas:   South   Bby.
Carriere,   Kenneth   C:   Nanaimo
Connolly, Steve J.: Kitimat
Craig, John H.: Terrace
Davison,   William   H.:   Victoria
Dixon,   Bryan:   West   Vancouver
Docherty, Douglas: Vancouver
Doerges, Raymond: Vancouver
Drakos,   John:   Vancouver
Eng, Dale: Vancouver
England, Douglas A.: Vancouver
Fenger, Nick:  Nelson
Godfrey, Robert D.: Prince George
Groberman, Les: Vancouver
Hall,   William:   Vancouver
Harrison,   Kenneth   A.:   West   Vancouver
Hassard, Kennth A.: Vancouver
Heineman, Terrance Wayne: Alberni
Huni,  Michael:  Vancouver
Jamieson,   J.   A.:   New   Westminster
Keyworth, Thomas Bryce: White Rock
 Lee, James Edward: Greenwood
MacDonald,   H.   C.   L.:   Vancouver
McLane, P. J.: Vancouver
McSpadden,   Terrence   G.:   Vancouver
March, Dale R.: Vancouver
Marston,  Glendon  Peter:  Vancouver
Messerli,  E. J.: Vancouver
Moran, J. T.:  Peace River, Alberta
O'Kelly,  Patrick D.: Vancouver
Olsen, R. L.: Burnaby
Parker,   Neil   J.:   White   Rock
Prystajeckyj, Jaroslaw: Vancouver
Ryall, J. H.: Vancouver
Rycar,   Ken   W.:   North   Vancouver
Rycroft, Glen: Vancouver
Sahay, Vishnu: Vancouver
Siddall, R. G.: Trail
Skirrow,  Jan  Denis:  Vancouver
Smart, Fred H.: Burnaby
Taylor,  Harold:   Downey,   California
Thorliefson, Jon M.: Burnaby
Vaccani,   Paul:   Vancouver
Wanstall,   Michael   W.:   Haney
Warman, Lloyd A.: Burnaby
Wellings, M. G.: Abbotsford
White, John E. R.: Victoria
Wilson, Noel H.: Nakusp
Yan, George: Bagvio City, Philippines
Barrett, John David: Vancouver
FaUdner, R. W.: Nakusp, B.C.
Hamaguchi, Ed:  Greenwood
Young, George Glendon: Powell River
Armstrong, William  P.:   Montreal P.Q.
Blackburn, Charles Melvin: Prince George
Hamilton,   John   Murray:   Richmond
Headley, George S.: Port Coquitlam
McCracken, Douglas Allan: Chilliwack
Macdonald, Robert D.: West Vancouver
McKnight,   Bruce  K.:   Powell  River
Banning, David A.: Burnaby
Collins, Boyd J.: Vancouver
Davis,   Ronald   M.:   Vancouver
 Earle, Thomas Leonard: North Vancouver
Edward,   Lee:   Vancouver
Feung, E. C: Vancouver
Fisher, Mel A.: Vancouver
Fujimura, Samio:  Greenwood
Gardiner,  J.  Kyle:  West  Vancouver
Grams, Gordon Richard: Vancouver
Hengeveld,   Leonard   D.:   Richmond
Hui, Stephen: Hong Kong
James, Charles R.: Sault Ste. Marie
Jang, Henry: Vancouver
Johnson, Lawrence O.: Barons, Alberta
Kimberly, Alan: Fort Langley
Leeson, Robert W.: West Vancouver
Leung,   Ernest   C.   F.:   Hong   Kong
Lok,   G.   C:   Vancouver
McEwan, Thomas Kenneth: Vancouver
Mclwaine, Robert H.: Vancouver
Meehan, Patrick J.: Langley
Mesher, Terry B.: Vancouver
Mori,   Kenneth   N.:   New   Denver
Raisbeck, Andrew Lawrence: North
Rooney,   Laurence   B.:   Victoria
Sault, John: South Burnaby
Tovell, Gordon W.: Vancouver
Uegama,   Victor:   West  Summerland
Whitaker,  Richard:  West Vancouver
Young, James Randolph:  Vancouver
Andrichuk, Edward S.: Fort Langley
Barber, John A.: Vancouver
Fairweather,  Michael  J.:  Victoria
Green, Ralph A.: Victoria
Groom, Stuart: Lethbridge, Alberta
Hopland, Norman J.: Langley
Jacobi,   H.   Peter:   Thompson,   Manitoba
Jacobson, Perry A.: Alberni
Joe,   Dale:  Kimberley
Katai,   Edward   S.:   Richmond
Lo, Robert K. H.: Kowloon, Hong Kong
McQuhae, Ken:  Chilliwack
Murray,   Allan   D.:   West   Vancouver
Norquist, William E.: West Vancouver
Ogle, Iain: Victoria
Pugh,   Robert:   Victoria
Putt,  Kenneth  Walter:  Victoria
Rogers, Charles James: Burnaby
Rooney, Kevin J.: Victoria
Sanderson,  Craig:  Burnaby
Shindel, Roger:  Vancouver
Stanley, Earl K.: West Vancouver
Sunderland, Philip: Vancouver
Waldron, Robert: Vancouver
Atkinson, Richard Collier: Vancouver
Bottaro, John Carl: Coquitlam
Clarke,   Harvey  Spencer:   Vancouver
Good, Bryan H.: Haney
John,  H.  Thomas:   Salmo
Postle, John T.: Vancouver
Smith,   Colin:   Vancouver
Trythall, Willougbby A.: North Vancouver
Bensted,   David   John:   North   Vancouver
Campbell, Glen: Sidney
Cripps,  William C:  Rutland
Fowler, James M.: Vancouver
Mackay, Richard: West Vancouver
Miller, D. B.: Quesnel
Rigby, G. L.: New Westminster
Tiffin, D. L.: Vancouver
Vyse,   Robert:   Vancouver
I *J i \T^-r~j [«4ct
B| **• ^H
Dean of Forestry
faculty of
Under the newly appointed Dean, Dr.
J. A. F. Gardner, UBC Forestry continues its claim to produce the qualified
foresters needed in Western Canada.
The forests of this province support a
multi-million dollar industry whose
future depends upon proper management and utilization by professional
The first courses were offered to
serve these ends in 1922 within the
Faculty of Applied Science. Upon successful completion of the four year
programme the student received a
B.A.Sc. degree in Forest Engineering.
By 1939 a more specialized programme was introduced which led to
the B.S.F. degree. Forestry became
a separate faculty in 1950 with the
B.S.F. curriculum, and the Forest Engineering programme remained under
the Faculty of Applied Science. This
was suspended in 1962 with its logging and engineering field transferred
to the Forestry Faculty under the logging option.
There are eight options available to
the student's particular field of interest. This enables the graduate to acquire a specific aptitude for employment, as well as a field that could
be followed in post-graduate study.
As a forestry graduate one is in a
position to seek a professional job in
industry, to study toward a new career
—possibly in medicine, teaching or
law—or to use the degree as a prerequisite to one of many post-graduate
In B.C. opportunities are very good
for careers in many aspects of the
forest industry. The choice could include management, harvesting, protection of growing forest crops, as well
as manufacturing or selling forest products. Approximately 60% of B.C.
graduates are recruited into industry
and about 80% are employed in this
province. There are good opportunities
in the other provinces as well. Vancouver is the headquarters for several
national and international forestry consultant firms, production companies,
and forestry associations, all of which
offer employment possibilities.
 The courses in the Faculty of Forestry
are as interesting as they are varied.
The curriculum provides a strong, well-
rounded professional training and supplements the study of applied science,
for a background to further specialized
education. The student is required to
take a set of electives along with the
essential basic subjects. The electives
are from the technical phases of forestry and include: management, busi
ness administration, logging, forest
products and wood technology, si Ivies,
pathology, entomology, and wildlife
To supplement this study, the student must also gain practical experience in industrial or professional work.
This is in addition to field trips, and
instruction at different levels of research.
To practise forestry in B.C., a graduate must be registered with the Association of British Columbia Foresters
by submitting a satisfactory thesis after
two years of forestry work.
Keeping pace in this changing field
the university utilizes a nursery, greenhouse, forest products hut, and campus and research forests. This year an
X-ray machine for seed testing has
been added to the various equipment
for projects. In all, UBC is well qualified to produce professionally trained
graduates in the field of forestry.
Babalola, Olaolu: Ibadan, Nigeria
major: silvics
Beard, Robert E.
major: harvesting
Ben, Donald Robert: Vancouver
Blakeney, K. J.: North Vancouver
Bunbury, Donald L.: Edmonton, Alberta
Bunnell, Fred: Vancouver
Butler, Derek: West Vancouver
Clark, Brian J.: Vancouver
major:  management
Diggle, Paul Kirkman: Vancouver
Fowler, Ralph A.: Vancouver
major: harvesting
Gilpin, William J.: Edmonton, Alberta
major: management
Gray,  Andrew  S.:  North  Vancouver
Halabisky, Donald Denis: Edmonton Alberta
major:  management
Hamilton, J. Roger: Calgary, Alberta
major: silvics
Harding, Leslie: Silverton
major:  management
Jennejohn, Bob: Nelson
Johnson, John H.: Harrison Hot Springs
major:  management
Jukes, David Robert: St. Catharines, Ontario
Kokoshke, Adolf Reimuno: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Latham, John A.: Edmonton, Alberta
major: silvics
 Leslie, Frank Thomas: Kelowna
Lowenberger, Frederick John: North Surrey
Mclntyre, Bruce: Vancouver
McMulIan, Donald E.: Vancouver
Modeland,  Russ C:  Vancouver
Morgan, David John: Lethbridge, Alberta
Morrison, Duncan John: Vancouver
major: forest pathology
Noble, Stuart H.: Vancouver
major: business administration
Paget, Michael: West Vancouver
major: business administration
Pallan Sadi Ram: Victoria
Parchomchuk, W.: Vernon
major: management
Paver, Daryl Brian: Victoria
Romaine, Michael J.: Kinnaird
major: silvics
Russell, Robert N.: Vancouver
major: management
Sedlack, John Paul: Penticton
major: silvics
Seigo, Arnold Norman: Vancouver
major: silvics
Shaw, David A.: Vancouver
major: business administration
Stevens, Harold Edward: Port Alberni
major:  management
Thompson, Brian I.: Ajax, Ontario
major: management
Thompson, William A.
major: business administration
Van Apeldorn, John Louis: Chilliwack
Van Sickle, Gordon Allan: Calgary, Alberta
major: pathology
Vink, Dingeman A.: Vancouver
major: management
Wang, Yu-min: Vancouver
Williams, James Stephen: Cowbridge, Wales,
major: business administration
class of 65
Dean of Graduate Studies
faculty of
A university draws most of its future
instructors, lecturers and professors
from its Faculty of Graduate Studies.
Yet figures contained in the Macdonald Report on Higher Education show
that only 6% of the total enrollment
at UBC is at the graduate level. Last
year enrollment in the Graduate Faculty
was 1100; out of 1800 students who
graduated with Bachelor degrees last
year, only about 200 enrolled for Graduate studies. 45% of these were from
out of the province. Thus Dr. Ian Mc-
Taggart Cowan, the new Dean of Graduate Studies, is deeply concerned with
the shortage of graduates.
What are the ramifications of this
shortage? In the first place, it means
we must sacrifice quality for quantity
in an effort to keep growing Canadian
industry supplied with enough competent professional people to meet the
needs of an expanding population.
Graduates, hastily trained are often
incompletely trained. Thus Canadian
industries, trying to compete against
better staffed American and British
companies will be hurt. It is a vicious
circle, says Dean McTaggart Cowan,
which can only be broken if we change
our philosophy of education by laying
more emphasis on expansion of grad
uate faculties, and developing original
and excellent graduate schools. More
than one-half of UBC's graduate students are working in the related fields
of Science and Applied Science, and
UBC's department of electrical and
metallurgical engineering, chemistry,
physics, and zoology have an international reputation. But the shortage of
people doing graduate work in the
humanities is serious. Last year there
were only 279 grad students in Arts,
and in Medicine only six. Dean McTaggart Cowan calls this "ridiculous".
There is another problem—in some
departments there is too much teaching at the undergraduate level. Thus
the professor has little time to devote
to graduate students. The ideal teaching arrangement, according to Dean
McTaggart Cowan, is to have each
professor looking after no more than
two undergraduate courses, as is already the case in Physics, Zoology,
and Chemistry.
There should be a new, concerted
effort to attract non-science professors,
preferably "bright young scholars"
who, it is hoped, will retain their enthusiasm while teaching a graduate
programme. At this time, about half
of UBC's professors are from diverse
backgrounds—mainly Europe, Britain,
and the United States. This diversity
helps broaden our academic climate,
but competition with leading U.S. universities, and European universities
(where salaries are improving), means
that we are under-suppliea with really
good professors.
The first prerequisite of an expanded
graduate programme is money. There
is no serious lack of funds for research
in scientific fields, where support is
coming from private donors, the National Research Council, and other
sources, but there is a great need in
the humanities.
What is this leading to? According
to Dean McTaggart Cowan, our goal is
to have enrolled 5000 or more graduate students at UBC by 1972. At this
time UBC will be the centre of graduate studies in B.C., in tempo with a
recommendation in the Macdonald
Report. The plans for making UBC a
centre for grad students in B.C., and
Canada as well, will be costly. But,
Dean McTaggart Cowan says, "a nation
that neglects advanced scholarship
is as good as dead."
 wildlife research
Wildlife research is perhaps the most unusual field in grad studies. Dr. Norden of
UBC has said, "The research project that
they have here is the only one of its kind
in Canada."
UBC's research is done on the campus
where there are herds of caribou and deer
which have been flown in from the North
West Territories; previously, all wildlife
studies were done in the animals' natural
environment. Under regulated conditions on
UBC's laboratory-farms, it is easier to study
details of nutrition, growth and development,
and physiology.
Grad Don Leckenby is trying to establish
a deer's nutritional history. His deer are
kept on a diet in which he can manipulate
proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Don is experimenting in particular
with vitamin A, which is of primary importance in normal growth and reproduction.
Another UBC student, Don Thomas, was
awarded one of the first three graduate
scholarships ever offered in wildlife biology
in Canada, for his research on reproduction
in black-tailed deer.
"We know less about the ocean than
we do about outer space." With more
than two-thirds of the world's surface
covered by water we can see that there
are vast opportunities for discovery
open to the student going into Oceanography.
Dr. Pickard, Institute head, was
anxious that we give as full and as
fair a coverage as possible of the different branches, so one Totem reporter
was introduced to scientists in every
Stuart Smith, graduate student from
McGill, describes physical oceanography. Its object is to understand and
predict the currents and temperature
structure of the ocean. This year, seven
grad students are doing air-sea interaction research, with equipment set
up off Spanish Banks to measure the
force of wind on water. Another group
is investigating the exchange of water
vapour and heat between air and water,
of importance in weather forecasting.
Chemical oceanographers, working
closely with biologists, are examining
the environment in which marine animals live, and, with physical oceanographers, the salts which affect water
Totem took a close look at graduates
in biological oceanography, and with
the help of Dr. Alan Lewis we found
ourselves on a research cruise with
PhD candidates Ed Gilfillan (Yale),
Charles Woodhouse (U. of California),
and Lance Regan (UBC).
We left Vancouver at 9:00 AM,
loaded with huge thermos flasks, polyethylene containers, plankton nets, and
other gear, on the C.S.S. Ehkoli. Our
purpose was to collect water and plankton samples from a depth of 1000 feet,
and to bring them back alive for study
in the labs at UBC.
The expedition was part of the programme of environmental studies on
plankton. Their purpose: to discover
how the environmental needs of species vary in such things as temperature
and salt content of the water. Each of
the students is doing research on a
certain species of plankton. Lance is
working on the relationship between
plankton and fish, hoping some day to
be able to define the areas where large
bodies of plankton are, and show how
they can be related to fish distribution.
Ed and Chuck are more the "pure"
scientists: research for research's sake,
to add to the store of general knowledge of the sea and its inhabitants.
We were out from 9:00 AM to 7:00
PM on a cold grey sea. Working with a
special container called a Van Dorn
bottle, forty gallons of water were
brought up from 1000 feet, a long and
tedious process when a bottle only carries two quarts at a time! A winch
lowers the Van Dorn bottle, a tube with
lids held open at both ends by a spring.
When it reaches the proper depth a
brass weight called a "messenger" is
sent down the wire to trigger the closing mechanism. Then up comes the
container full of water exactly as it is
1000 feet below.
Next we dropped the long tube-
shaped nylon mesh plankton net, and
brought up a seething mass of crustaceans, crab larvae, annelida, and other
planktonic organisms. When the net
arrived on deck the plankton were
rushed into the ship's lab where Ed
 and Chuck set to work immedately examining and identifying their catch.
The idea is to get the different species
out and into temperature controlled
flasks before they die. They are sensitive animals, and in previous experiments have died during the trip back
to the lab or within the following week.
On longer cruises, of several days
to several weeks, the scientists do on
the spot analyses: what species are
present, what depths do you find them
at, what effect do temperature, oxygen,
and salt content have? Their finds help
them determine some of the key factors that limit distribution of various
plankton species.
The sea is not inexhaustible. It can
be spoiled by pollution or abusive exploitation as can the land, so we are
faced simultaneously with its possibilities and its problems. The young
oceanographers on this campus, by
contributing to our knowledge of the
ocean and its resources, can help us
to exploit but also to conserve its yet
unknown wealth for the use of future
Metallurgical processes worked out at
UBC are now used all over the world.
The machine shown on the left is an
autoclave. Functioning somewhat like
a pressure cooker with stirrer inside,
it will take ground-up raw ore and,
mixing it with chemical agents, finally
extract the pure metal.
The Forward process, worked out
on an autoclave designed and built
right here at UBC, excels in extracting
nickel from its ore. Grad students in
the department are doing research to
work out processes for the extraction
of zinc and lead.
Other interesting specialized equipment in the metallurgy labs are an
electron microscope and X-ray fluorescence analytical apparatus. In the first,
electrons are directed through the
metals to get exceedingly fine images,
up to magnification one million, compared with magnification one thousand
in ordinary microscopes. The X-ray apparatus estimates very small amounts
of elements and the structure of elements by a non-destructive method.
Barcham, D. W.: Vancouver
Baijal, M. D.
 Bhan, Autar Krichen
metallurgical engineering
Bismanis, Maija R.: Vancouver
Bonser,  Richard  I.:  Vancouver
community planning
Braaten, Harry Carson: Moose Jaw, Sask.
education administration
Buchanan, Donald M.: Edmonton, Alberta
community planning
Cameron, Dorthy  M.
adult education
Campbell, H.
physical education
Chi, Chu Hsinag
biology and botany
Chaing, I.
Cromie, Maureen
Damptey, Nathan Wilson: Ghana,
West Africa
community and regional planning
Elliot, J. A.
physics and oceanography
Engmann, Virginia E. A.: Ghana,
West Africa
community  and  regional  planning
Falk, Willie Robert: Saskatoon, Sask.
Farquhar, Michael E.: Victoria
international studies
Ferguson, Nelson: Vancouver
mechanical engineering
Foo, Chee Chin: Singapore, Malaysia
business administration
Gardy, Terry Tyrone: Edmonton, Alberta
Garland, Maureen R.:
Gautschi, Edwin H. M.: North Burnaby
physical education
Gerard,   Bernice   M.:   Vancouver
Gilmour, James Fredrick: Vancouver
Haddon, Rona: Vancouver Island
Hall,  E.  S.
Hamblin, Paul F.: Toronto
Hasan, Muhammad Abrariel
Hepner, Edward M.: Vancouver
political science
Hirano, Aldko: Tokyo, Japan
Hou,   Cynthia   Isobel:   Vancouver
agricultural microbiology
Inaba, Tadanobu: Kobe, Japan
masters in chemistry
Ing, Albert: Vancouver
Irwin,  Robert  Richard:  Agassiz
mathematical education
Jacques, Alfonso F.: Kingston, Jamaica
community   and   regional   planning
Jakoy, Andrew Geza: Vancouver
Jewsbury, Frank: Glenford, Manitoba
civil engineering
Kay, William W.: Richmond
Kee, Herbert W.: Toronto
Ko,   P.   L.
Kwicho,   Yw
Lee, C. Y.: Vancouver
MacArthur, Douglas Brian: Vancouver
McFadyen, Stuart M.: Flin Flon, Manitoba
McMillan, W. D.:  Kamloops
Maroun,  David  P.:  Sydney, Nova Scotia
Mitchell, Ronald E. J.: Vancouver
Morris,  Inga:  Aldergrove
Mounce, Lewis B. J.: Vancouver
international studies
Nibset, Thomas George
agricultural economics
Nortey, Peter A.: Accra, Ghana
North, John Stanley: Vancouver
O'Gorman, Denis Keith: Calgary, Alberta
community and regional planning
Olenick,  Norman  F.  E.:  Vancouver
physical education and biology
Payne, C. Allan: Vancouver
structural  design—civil engineering
Penz, Peter: Vancouver
Petijovich, P.: North Surrey
Prakash, C. B.: Dish-Mathura, India
chemical engineering
 Radojicic, D.: Vancouver
Roller, Peter Paul: Vancouver
Santosham, Thomas V.: Vancouver
mechanical engineering
Scandand, James G.: Vancouver
physical education
Shankowski, Allison
electrical engineering
Shelbourn, Judith Anne: Vancouver
master of arts
Shelbourn, John E.: Vancouver
Smith, E. J.: Vancouver
Smith, Stuart D.: Vancouver
master of science
Stanfield, Barrie
plant science
Stanley, T. Brock: Calgary, Alberta
community and regional planning
Stobbe, Elmer H.: Abbotsford
Strong, James Thomas: Gander, Nfld.
electrical engineering
Styan, Garrick E.: Vancouver
Tang, Shih I.: Vancouver
mechanical engineering
Thompson, D. T.
Tiessen, Eric: Leamington, Ontario
community and regional planning
Urban, Dieter: Abbotsford
Walbank, Michael B.: Vancouver
Walden, Thorn: Vancouver
Wang, Y. M.
Wilson, William Taylor
master of arts
Wilton, Stephen R.
electrical engineering
Wood, Gordon H.:  Nelson
engineering physics
Wylie, Vivian: Scarborough, Ont.
Yang, Kuan Jen: Kwangton China
Yang, Li
civil  engineering
Zindler, Margaret: Vancouver
 school of
home economics
Professor and Director
 Two years of chemistry, two years of zoology, one of physics and one of bacteriology emphasize the highly scientific nature
of the Faculty of Home Economics. The
social sciences such as economics, sociology, and psychology are also a valuable part
of the home economists' training.
The student learns to apply scientific
principles to foods and textiles with special
attention to chemical structure. In the foods
department, physiology and food intake,
food packing, foreign foods—exotic and nutritious, and food preparation and storage
are all a part of the experimentation and
research programme carried out in Home
There is a large amount of time spent
on the design of clothes and home furnishings complemented by courses in fine arts.
Doors open wide to Home Economics
graduates. Studies can be continued in the
Faculty of Education, leading to a teaching
profession, or a diatetic internship, leading
to work in large institutions. Interior design,
home furnishings and fashions are also
fascinating careers open to Home Economics graduates. Some students leave university and go directly into home service work
or extension work or get married.
Relief from studies is found through a
very active social life—intramurals and of
course, the annual Tea Cup football game.
Balden, Elizabeth A.: West Vancouver
Balmer, Shirley Ann: Vancouver
major: education
Boultbee-Lye, Elizabeth May: Kamloops
major: general
Brecka, Geraldine Y. E.: Picture Butte,
Brown, Beverly Jean: Vancouver
Butt, Shannon E.: Vancouver
Caldwell, J.: West Vancouver
Dougherty, Iris: West Vancouver
Elliott, Anne: Vancouver
Ellis, Barbara: Edmonton, Alberta
Foreman, Barbara: West Vancouver
major: science
Gelhorn, Janet: Vancouver
major: diatetics
Gormely, Kathy: Vancouver
Gorsuch, Deirdre: Langley
Griffin, Judith: North Surrey
Hiplop, Jane: Nanaimo
Horton, Maureen: Vancouver
 Howden, Sandrea Louise: Youbou
Huffman, Sandra: Richmond
major:  dietetics
Johnson, Laurel A.: Vancouver
major: teaching
Johnsrude, Memorie Grace: Burnaby
Jones, Linda R.: Chilliwack
Langdale, Joann Leslie: Vancouver
Latimer, Jean Elizabeth: South Burnaby
McArthur, Sharon: Cloverdale
McCall, Ines Anne: Salmon Arm
McDonell, Lila: Vancouver
MacDougall, Margaret: North Vancouver
McMynn, Marnie: Trail
Maitland, Patricia
major: dietetics
Mitchell, Jo-Lynn: North Burnaby
major:  dietetics
Morrison, Linda: Vancouver
Peskett, Jan: Don Mills, Ontario
major:  dietetics
Ripley, Vera A.: Vancouver
Searl, Gloria L.: Trinidad, West Indies
Skelton, M. I.: Vancouver
Smith, Louise: Vancouver
Smith, Noreen: Revelstoke
major: dietetics
Smitten, Nugla: Rossland
major: dietetics
Timbers, Bernice A.: North Vancouver
Trass, Martina: Langley
major: dietetics
Wood, Barbara A.: North Surrey
Wright, Gale Nadine: Vancouver
Yoshida, Betty: Steveston
Law, although it is one of the smaller
faculties at UBC, has distinguished
itself as one of the finest law schools
in Canada. The standards of the school
which were regarded previously as high
have been raised because Dean Curtis
and his staff were not satisfied with
the old course. Their activities included
a systematic investigation of admission
standards, and an intensive curriculum
of study to keep up with modern legal
trends. (Ninety percent of all entrants
have completed at least four years of
college and as a result, the average age
of first year students enrolled is 21.)
The UBC Law School has the largest
law library of any Canadian university.
Open stacks are a feature which permit students to have easy access to
books. There is study space in the
library for every student.
The main building of the faculty,
completed in 1951, houses the library,
while all classes within the Faculty of
Law are held in drafty and temporary
army huts which have been in use for
the past 20 years. An integral part of
the law programme is the Moot Court,
before which each student must prepare and argue a minimum of one case
a year.
Dean of Law
 The Supreme Moot Court of the University of British
Bernadino, William S., B.A. (U.B.C.)
Blane, Rex D., B.Com. (U.B.C.)
West Vancouver
Browne, Dennis B., B.Com. (U.B.C.)
White Rock
Castle, Alan D., B.Com. (U.B.C.)
Christensen, K. L„ B.A. (U.B.C.)
Cohen, Bruce Irving, B.A. (U.B.C.)
D'Aquino, Thomas Paul, B.A. (Queen's)
Deane, W. J.
Duncombe, Robert B.: B.A. (U.B.C.)
Dungate, J. K.
Edwards, R. T.
Elder, Philip S.: B.A. (Hons.) (Queen's)
Ewart, Peter W.
Farquhar, D. A.: B.com. (U.B.C.)
Feltham, Dean E.: B.Com. (U.B.C.)
Gaffney, James L.: B.S. (U.of Texas)
Gillanders, David E.
Gillespie, David Webb: B.Com. (U.B.C.)
Grant, Kenneth D.: B.A. (U. of Oregon)
South Burnaby
Hayes, Richard D.: B.A. (W.Wash. Coll.
of Ed.)
Hemsworth, Barry H., B.Com. (U.B.C.)
Hogg, John Wellesley
Hohmann, William: B.A. (U.B.C.J
Hopkins, Derek T.: B.A. (U.BC.)
Howard, Peter N. H.: B.A. (U.B.C.)
Hugh, Rees L.: B.A. (U.B.C.)
Irwin, Brian C: B.A. (U.B.C.)
Jensen, Leslie P.: B.A. (U.B.C.)
Shaunavon, Saskatchewan
Lau, Jurgen T.: B.A.Sc. (Toronto)
Hamburg, Germany
Louie, Raymond D.: B.A. (U.B.C.)
McColl, Bruce Holt: B.A. (U.B.C.)
McEwen, John A. E.
MacFarlane, Robert F.: B.Com. (U.B.C.)
McKenzie, Ian
Maidand-Carter, Mrs. Grace: B.A. (U.B.C.)
Martineau, Raymond A.: B.A.Sc. (U.B.C.)
 Meyer, Robert John
Neumann, George John: B.A. (U.B.C.)
O'Keefe, Michael J.: B.Com. (U.B.C.)
Pollard, Edward St. J.: B.A. (U. of Vic.)
Ragona, Michael P.
Reynolds, Bryan J.: B.Com. (U.B.C.)
Ridgeway, Harold H.: B.A. (U. of Vic.)
Robertson, John H. Rocke: B.Com. (U.B.C.)
Robertson, R. G.
Scardina, Richard J.: B.Com. (U.B.C.)
Sikula,  M.  Michael
Simon, Stephen D.: B.A. (U.B.C.)
Simpson, Donald R.: B.A. (Sask.)
Swift Current, Saskatchewan
Skillings, Charles D.: B.Com. (U.B.C.)
Smith, Kenneth James, B.A. (U.B.C.)
Soberlak, Peter John:  B.A.  (U.B.C.)
Thompson, Patrick M.: B.A. (U. of Vic.)
Tolmie, John A.: B.A.  (U.B.C.)
Ottawa, Ontario
Turner, Robert J. A.: B.A. (U. of Vic.)
Wai, Tsang-Wing: B.A. (Hons.) (U.B.C.)
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Warren, Terrance Peter: B.A. (U.B.C.)
Wenger, Donald Paul: B.Sc.Eng. (Alta.)
Bentley, Alberta
Wilder, M. David: B.A. (U.B.C.)
Wilson, David R.: B.A. (U. of Vic.)
Wozniak, Walter J.: B.A. (Ottawa)
Young, Kenneth G.
Zalkow, Samuel: B.A. (U.B.C.)
 school off
The newest of the professional schools
at UBC, the School of Librarianship,
was founded only four years ago. At the
time of its founding it had a class of
twenty-eight. Today the figure is doubled.
In the opinion of the director of the
school, Dr. Samuel Rothstein, this exceptional growth has been prompted
largely by the keen demand for graduates. Dr. Rothstein states that the
demand for qualified librarians is greater than the demand for professionals
in any other field, and reports that during their year of training, students are
plagued by potential employers.
As the enrollment of universities increases, the demand for books and
trained personnel to handle them similarly increases. Dr. Rothstein feels
that in the future librarians may act
as informal advisors, as they would be
freer to instruct than professors who
must stick to a required program for
Gaining admission to the school is
not easy. The student must have a
degree, and must have had a second
class standing in the last two years.
In choosing the candidates, Dr. Rothstein looks not only at their academic
record but also at their experience and
qualifications. Graduates range in age
from twenty-two to forty-three giving
this school the greatest range of age
and experience.
Like the School of Librarianship, the
UBC library has undergone tremendous
growth. Starting with the central library, the university has built a system
of departmental libraries. This year,
the Woodward Library was added to
the growing list.
 __   ■-—* *^;.^2^
Albrecht, E.: Penticton
Berkoff, Barbara: Sarnia, Ontario
Bisset, Vicki: Willowdale, Ontario
Boettger, Judith Anne: Waterloo, Ontario
Brown, John Antliff: Calgary, Alberta
Burke, Margaret E.: Vancouver
Capron, Margaret: New Westminster
Code, Mary Ann: Islington, Ontario
Cooper, Diana: Vancouver
Detwiller, Georgina J.: West Vancouver
Dubuc, Bernke: Edmonton, Alberta
Ferguson, Donna: Vancouver
Floch, Hannelore: Winnipeg, Manitoba
 Flook, Adrienne Marie: Vancouver
Forgay, W. A.: Estevan, Saskatchewan
Gillies,   Gail:   Sherwood  Park,  Alberta
Henslowe, Shirley A.: Richmond
Johnstone, Kathleen: New Westminster
Kolody, Anne: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Kwong,  Linda:  Vancouver
Lepp, Wilbur Norman: Saskatoon, Sask.
Lindberg, Barbara: Vancouver
Mcintosh, Mary: Calgary, Alberta
MacNair, Marcia: Vancouver
Martin, Elaine: Regina, Saskatchewan
Nichols, Susan J.: Kitchener, Ontario
Paap, Thea: Vancouver
Poole, Jan: Corvallis, Oregon
Rowswell, Ronald G.: Edmonton, Alberta
Rutherford, Nancy K.: Kitchener, Ontario
Sargent, Sally: Hazelton
Shorthouse, Tom: Vancouver
Sun, Chun-Lan: Vancouver
Tate, Ruth: Vancouver
Teeple, Fiona Diane: Woodstock, Ontario
Von Weiss, Renate: Vancouver
Warner, Wendy: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Wine, Ann: Vancouver
class off 65
Dean of Medicine
faculty of
The Faculty of Medicine of the University of British Columbia is the third
largest medical research centre in
Canada. Each year, it selects the top
sixty students of three hundred applicants for training in medicine. Of these
sixty, approximately only twenty will
receive a Bachelor of Medicine degree.
Students take three years of pre-
med studies in zoology, chemistry,
physics, bacteriology, mathematics,
sociology and psychology, in order to
prepare themselves for four years of
intensive study in medicine. This
course includes pharmacology, neurology, anatomy, physiology, to name
only a few.
The facilities which are available at
present are very crowded, with students
having to take training at Vancouver
General Hospital and other centres in
the Vancouver area. The key to future
opportunity lies in the proposed plans
for a multi-million dollar medical complex to be situated on campus.
This complex will involve an eight-
storey general hospital, which, except
for fourth year medicine, will provide
comprehensive general medical training, facilities for nursing, dentistry, rehabilitation medicine, and pharmacy,
climaxed by a twenty to forty storey
research tower. When completed, it
will be the largest medical complex
in North America.
Technological advances in medicine
are so great that only a centre such
as that planned by this university can
hope to deal with the never-ending
flood of knowledge becoming available
for the alleviation of disease.
 Dean John F. McCreary predicts that
enrollment will increase by only twenty
students but that selection requirements and standards will be of even
higher levels. He states that one
advantage of this on-campus medical
centre will be that the faculty and students will be interrelated to a much
higher degree with other medically-
oriented training programmes offered
at UBC. All research activities will be
capable of complete correlation with
the latest advances being made in the
research of the pure sciences. Lack
of contact with the university has been
a distinct disadvantage in the past.
At present, the Faculty of Medicine
is involved in building up its own staff
with highly qualified individuals from
many areas of medical research so
that they will be ready for the monumental task of staffing the new complex. When in operation, the hospital
will be under the administration of the
university, with its own medical teams
working under the direction of the
Faculty of Medicine with complete
facilities for the study of all aspects
of normal and disease processes.
Archer-Duriry, Joyce V.: Trinidad,
West Indies
Beattie, Beverley Lynn: Nelson
Blanchard, J. Ian: Vancouver
Brown, Brent: Vancouver
Bull, K.: Vancouver
Cuthill, John David: Vancouver
Burnham, Carole
Denhoed, F.
De Paoli, Mario: Natal
Ford, Ronald W. J.: Vancouver
Gelling Barry M.: Victoria
Grant, Douglas Alleyne: Vancouver
Grant, Lorna Jean: Lake Cowichan
Hagen, Barry A.: Kimberley
Hillson, R. F.
Henderson, Christopher B.: Comox
Irish, R. H. K.
 Jastrzebski, Z.: Montreal
Kardera, Edward P.: Vancouver
Krell,   Robert:   Vancouver
Lawder, John B.: West Vancouver
Levson, Bryan D.: Vancouver
Livingstone, Donn A.: Nelson
MacVicar, K.: Vancouver
McLean, Alan Robert: Trail
McLean, M. J.
Mortimer-Lamb, C. D.: Vancouver
O'Brien: Vancouver
Orlaw, Richard G.: Vancouver
Phillips, M. F.
Pogson, R. S.
Ratzlaff, Elmer Harry: Abbotsford
Rivers, Norman: Victoria
Rodrigues, Albert Edward: Hong Kong
Rudd, Noreen L.: Vancouver
Samaroo, Leslie: Vancouver
Smith,  C.:  Vancouver
Wilkins, G. E.
Wright, Blake Newton: Vancouver
Wright, Virginia Josephine: Vancouver
Wong, S. L.
Woo, George H. L.: Hong Kong
class off 65
Professor and Department Head
department of
The Department of Music, part of the Faculty
of Arts, is in its sixth year, giving a Bachelor
of Music degree when the student has completed a four year programme. Students major
in composition, history of music, literature of
music, general music, and instruction in performance of voices and of musical instruments, including violin, piano, trombone, bass,
percussion instruments, and almost all instruments that are used in orchestras today.
Besides a full time programme under the
Faculty of Arts, additional music courses are
offered in the Faculty of Education. And the
programme offers continuing practical facilities
for students who plan to pursue music professionally.
In the Music programme a student, besides
his approximately forty hours of classroom
time a week, needs time for practising, be it
voice or piano, or even conducting and for
participating as performer or even as conductor in various capacities such as the U.B.C.
choir, concert band, symphony orchestra and
other groups related to music.
UBC is the only university in Western Canada with a comprehensive programme in
music, and it is growing rapidly. Dr. W. G.
Marquis, Director of the Department, expressed the feeling that it should remain relatively small, accepting only about sixty students for the first year, which would make a
total of less than two hundred students enrolled.
The Department of Music is located behind
the College of Education, on the southwest
corner of University Boulevard. It comprises
five huts for practising in and two main classroom buildings. In the near future, projected
for 1966-67, the new music building located
in the area of the Fine Arts complex will open.
1      \\T<
3^%^"* ?^^k1i:i"
IP- J '             ';.      "--"r^.-
- US!
w   1J   ^
 Brodie, Andrew C: Vancouver
Brodie, Marilyn Ethel: Vancouver
major: general music
Capon, John Samuel
major: general music
Dickinson, Pamela: Vancouver
major: piano
Clouston, Carol A.: St. John's, Nfld.
major: voice
Donald, Gillian D.
major: general music, english
Forst, Judith: Vancouver
major: voice
Griffiths, Brian: North Vancouver
Hamper, Robert K.: Vancouver
major: general music
Haythorne, Allan R.: North Surrey
Jackson, Kathleen Louise
major: piano
More, Bruce E.: Vancouver
Pavey, Percy H.: Vancouver
Quan, Gerald W.: Victoria
Robinson, C. Franklin: Nelson
major:   general music
Seney, Lynne: New Westminster
major: general music, history
Waugfa, Nola: Vancouver
Webster, P.
Williams, Garth M.: North Vancouver
Of the vast university population, there
is a small group of students whose
means of education vary considerably
from those of the general UBC student.
These are the young women enrolled
in the School of Nursing—Faculty of
Applied Science.
The Basic Degree Programme offered by UBC in nursing includes, as
a prerequisite, first year science courses, followed by four years of intensive
study in the School of Nursing. Each
year involves the student in courses
which are designed to lend depth and
breadth to concepts of nursing, progressing from basic techniques to instruction and learning opportunities
in the fields of education, public health
and administration. General courses
such as chemistry, sociology, psychology and English, help fill the needs of
a university graduate nurse.
Director of the School of Nursing
 At present, the university is limited in
the number of students it can accept
for nursing education by the clinical
resources which are available for its
use. Students take their practical experience at St. Paul's Hospital, together with other areas such as Grace
Hospital, Holy Family Hospital, and
Essondale Provincial Mental Hospital.
The Victorian Order of Nurses and the
provincial public health organizations
aid in providing experience outside of
the hospital sphere. As a result of this
situation, only thirty students are accepted into the basic training programme each year, with a graduating
class of approximately twenty-five qualified nurses with a Bachelor of Science
in Nursing degree.
Graduate nurses of hospital programmes of nursing enroll in post-basic
courses which lead them to diplomas
in such fields as Public Health, Teaching, or Administration. They are also
able to take a degree programme of
three years, in addition to their hospital training, for their BSN.
 Nursing students are very active in
campus activities, despite a heavy
schedule of thirty-eight hours per week,
taking part in leadership conferences,
academic symposia and, of course,
Engineering pranks. The annual Tea
Cup Game, which draws the largest
crowd of any football game throughout
the year, is played against Home Economics—the inevitable result—defeat.
A look to the future — presently,
there is a great demand for university
trained nurses who are able to fill positions in supervisory and administrative
capacities. There are not enough facilities available, however, for training
purposes in order to meet this demand.
It is hoped, therefore, that the new
Medical complex, which is to be completed in the next decade, will greatly
increase the number of students which
can be accepted for nursing education.
What is the aim of the university in
offering a degree course in nursing? In
the words of Miss E. Mallory, Director
of the School of Nursing, "Our purpose is not to produce an educated
idealistic robot, but, first and foremost,
a good nurse."
Agnew, Mary: Vancouver
Bergman, Josephine Helen: Prince George
Brown, Annabelie Mary: Victoria
Dewolfe, Judy: Vancouver
Dryer, Linda: Vancouver
 Galen, Cheryl Janis: Vancouver
Griffiths, Judith Daune: Victoria
Grubbe, Penny: Vancouver
Gushue, Donna: Vancouver
Hironaka, Tomoe: Rosemary, Alberta
Howie, Mary Suzanne: Vancouver
Jenkins, Pamela E.: Vancouver
Keith, Mary: Vancouver
Lake, Gertrude: South Burnaby
Lamarre, Patricia: Calgary, Alberta
Little, Edna May: Port Coquitlam
McAllister, Kathleen M.: Vancouver
McDonald, Sheila Mary Christine:
McFadyen, Patricia Janet: Calgary, Alberta
Marshall, Lois': Wellington
Mitchell, Heather Anne: Vancouver
Nuttall, Diana M.: Vancouver
Oliphant, Marcia: Vancouver
Prevost, June M.: Vancouver
Rodney, Sharon Ann: Vancouver
Roth, Margaret: Vancouver
Rusler, M. Sheridan: Vancouver
Stephens, Barbara Elsie: Vancouver
Weston, Elaine: Kitimat
White, Wendy W.: Vancouver
Wkkett, Adele: Vancouver
Woodland, Wendy: Vancouver
Wyness, Margaret A.: Vancouver
mil mkk^'
Dean of Pharmacy
faculty off
Every morning, Monday through Friday,
and even on Saturday, 150 students
who in their frosh year decided they
didn't like walking in the rain, head
for the doors of the George Cunningham Building for a full day's work.
Their lectures and labs which go on
from 8:30 to 5:30 will prepare them
for careers as pharmacists in community retailing (drug stores), industry,
or hospital or clinical dispensing.
There are ten professors in the faculty under Dean A. W. Matthews, who
lead the students along their various
paths, teaching them such subjects as
Pharmaceutical Law and Ethics (hark!
Miss Hughes and Mr. Selman) and
Clinical, Biological and Pharmacodynamic aspects of drugs.
 Dean Matthews, who has headed the
faculty since 1952, is now looking forward to the construction of the new
medical complex which will include
a hospital and dispensary large enough
to be used for teaching. The dispensary will accommodate interning students when they graduate.
The Faculty of Pharmacy was indirectly honoured this year when George
Cunningham, for whom the faculty
building was named, was given the
Great Trekker Award, our A.M.S.'s
highest honour.
Bergh, Gwen L.: Fort St. John
Chan, Fung Yin: Hong Kong
Colby, Judith Eva: Osoyoos
Decaris, Michael: Vancouver
Evans, William Murray: Kitimat
 Frumento, John: Vancouver
Grant, Brian D.: Ladysmith
Grieve, Robert A.: Victoria
Heinrichson, Dagman Richmond
Ko, Cecilia Wai Yin: Hong Kong
Krause, Larry C: Trail
Lee, Gilbert: Vancouver
Lee, Jack F.: Vancouver
major: hospital pharmacy
Lum, Peggy Q.: Vancouver
McCartney, Kenneth W.: Vancouver
MacKenzie, Helen M.: Ladysmith
McLean, Margaret E.: Vancouver
Malkin, David S.: Vancouver
Moon, Joanne B.: Vancouver
Netherton, James R.: Vancouver
Patenaude, Phyllis Margaret: N. Vancouver
Proceviat, Cliff: Victoria
Shatzko, Roy: Vancouver
Toll, Betty: Powell River
Turner, Joan: Kamloops
Wat, L. C. K.: Hong Kong
Watt, Alex C: Vancouver
Weinstein, Etta: Vancouver
Wildeman, Richard A.: Enderby
Woodland, E. H.: Courtenay
Yarston, Joan: Prince George
Young, Allen Andrew: Powell River
Young, David Ross: Duncan
Director of the School of
Physical Education
faculty off
The School of Physical Education at
UBC is the largest in Canada. More
emphasis in this field has been necessary because of the increased demand
for trained physical education instructors for elementary and secondary
schools, universities, municipal parks
boards, community centres and the
Canadian school students are being
instructed by better-qualified physical
education teachers since the passing
of Bill 131 which allotted greater
sums of money for an increase in
physical fitness programmes and for
amateur sports.
To qualify for the many positions
developing for physical education graduates, students can follow one of four
programmes offered at the UBC school:
the four-year B.Ed, programme for elementary schools, the five-year B.Ed,
programme for secondary schools, the
B.P.E. programme for university and
recreation options, and the M.P.E.,
which requires a subsequent year of
work and the completion of a thesis.
Intramurals are run by the School
of Physical Education, acting in an
advisory capacity, and leaving referee-
ing and organization up to the participants. Professor Robert F. Osborne,
director of the school, plans to organize a referees' club in the future which
should greatly improve the quality of
When the Student Union Building
construction begins, UBC will lose the
stadium field and the stadium building. Professor Osborne hopes that the
construction of a new stadium behind
Wolfson field will be finished by the
second year. A stadium may be rented
for the 1965/66 term.
 I        L
Allen, Graham D.: North Bondi, N.S.W.,
major: english
Alexander, Marion: Victoria
Austin, John: Nelson
major: zoology
Brown, Lome David: Courtenay
major: zoology
Campbell, H.
Christensen, Cann: Campbell River
major: mathematics
Clark, Alfred T.: Burnaby
major: zoology
Coleman, John Brian: Cobble Hill
major: english
Couvelier, Lorraine: Powell River
major: zoology
Curie, Gerald Robert: Ladner
Drdul, Joe: Chilliwack
Drysdale, John: Creston
Elliot, Susan: Vancouver
major: recreation-psychology
Ellis, Maurice L.: Vancouver
Farenholtz, Earl Richard: Nelson
major: zoology
Fielder, Carole: West Vancouver
major: zoology
Forham, Bob: Newmarket, Ontario
major: geography
 Gooding, William Lome: Vancouver
major: psychology, history
Gray, Bryan J.: Vancouver
major:  zoology
Groome, Gerald F.: Vancouver
Groome, Margaret: Vancouver
major: mathematics
Harcus, Ronald E.: Port Alberni
major: zoology
Hjelt, Mauri A.: Pemberton
major: geography
Hotner, Donald: North Surrey
major: history
Johnson, Larry E.: Vancouver
major: history
Johnston, Norman Earl: Sardis
Kariya, Tetsuhiko: Vancouver
major: mathematics
Kay, Laurence George
major:  zoology
London, William C: Vancouver
major: mathematics
McGavin, Robert J.: Vancouver
major: sociology
McKay, Roger B.: Vancouver
major: geography
MacKenzie, John Barry: Toronto
major: zoology
Mennie, Ian: Kimberley
major: english
Murray, Bruce: Vancouver
Patchett, Ron: Quesnel
major: biological sciences
Scorer, Brian Leslie: Powell River
major: psychology, english
Simpson, Mary Suzanne: Calgary, Alberta
Spencer, Steve: Vancouver
major: history
Suderman, Jack: Abbotsford
major: zoology
Tisdale, Christina
major: zoology
Wilcox, Gary P.: Victoria
major: psychology, zoology
Wilson, Les Andrew: Vancouver
Wurz, Paul V.: Keremeos
major: geography
> ^^   ^^B
off 65
 faculty off
Dean of Science
 . . . PHYSICS . . .
UBC is fortunate in having one of
Canada's finest science faculties. There
are eight departments within the faculty itself; the two largest being Chemistry and Physics, and the others being Bacteriology and Immunology, Biology and Botany, Geology, Geophysics,
Mathematics, and Zoology.
Students may proceed to their BSc
in any one of these fields in one of
three ways: 1. honours—a programme
of intense specialization with strict
academic requirements, normally taken
as preparation for graduate study; 2.
major—a programme of specialization
in a single field which, although it requires no graduating thesis, can with
a sufficiently high standing lead to
graduate study in Science, Medicine,
Dentistry, or Education, or to employment in government or industry; 3. the
general programme—with many electives, designed to give a general education oriented to the sciences.
Dr. V. J. Okulitch, Dean of the Science
Faculty, says that, bearing in mind today's higher standards of education,
a BSc is still an adequate education
for anyone who is aiming at scientific
work on a strictly technical level either
in research or industry. But, he says,
those who are interested in becoming
professional scientists by today's
standards must look forward to studies
at the PhD level before going into serious research. Consequently by aiming
to have one-third of all students of
science engaged in graduate study—
it is hoped that this will be realized
in five years—the faculty is trying to
expand its facilities to fulfill its needs.
Unfortunately, present financing falls
far short of demands. The requests for
equipment and staff are three times
the amount that can be provided under
the present budget. The solution, says
Dean Okulitch, is to reduce the undergraduate teaching load, provide increased space, and find more funds.
 . . . MATHEMATICS . .
The recent changes in the high school
science programme will affect the campus in about two years, and this will
ease the situation somewhat, because
it will permit specialization at an earlier
level, and thus step up the undergraduate science course.
 Recent developments within the various departments of science include
new techniques and increased amounts
of research in genetics, cell biology,
and molecular biology. The Geology
Department, in co-operation with the
government, has recently started work
on a survey of a cross-section of land
from the Great Plains of the prairies
across the Cordillera to the Pacific.
This year a new course in Introductory
Astronomy has been added. It will
eventually be expanded into a full department with the goal of providing
staff for the world's second largest
telescope, to be completed within five
years at a site not far from the Geology
field training school in Oliver.
. . ZOOLOGY . . .
 Adshead, Meredith: Vancouver
Alblas, Arie
honours: zoology, biology
Amundson, William Kenneth
major: mathematics, chemistry
Anderson, Keith: Vancouver
major: chemistry, mathematics
Andrews, John Charles: Vancouver
major: biology, botany
Ball, Norbert L.: Oliver
major: geology, geography, zoology
Bardsley, Dianne Noreen: Snowflake, Arizona
major: chemistry, mathematics
Barg, Peter
major: zoology
Barrow, Bevil: Trinidad, W.I.
Beauchemin, Mary Lou: Calgary, Alberta
Beaudoing, Denis L.: New Westminster
major: zoology, biology
Beckmann, Philip: New Westminster
Beebahkee, B.: Vancouver
Benson, Garry W.: Dawson Creek
major: mathematics, physics
Best, Melvyn Edward: Lake Cowichan
honours: mathematics, physics
Bews, Walter J.: Cloverdale
Bird, Geoffrey: Salmon Arm
Bloudoff, Michael J.: Port Coquitlam
Bora, Walter Alvin: Kelowna
Brearly, Christopher: Campbell River
honours: mathematics, physics
Britten, Josephine: Lethbridge, Alta.
Brock, Roy Brace: N. Vancouver
major: biology, zoology
Brockway, John Anthony: Trail
Buckham, Brenda: Vancouver
Bunnell, Pille: Vancouver
honours:  zoology
Burge, James Duncan: West Vancouver
major: physics
Cameron, Norman: Calgary, Alberta
major: zoology, biology
Carroll, P.
Cartlidge, Dennis
honours: chemistry
Chand, Krishan: Port Alberni
Christianson, Elizabeth I.: Vancouver
Christie, James Stanley: Brampton, Ontario
honours: geology
Chu, Lawrence Dit Fook: Vancouver
major: physics
Claridge, Lloyd Arthur: Vancouver
major: zoology, botany
Collie, J. F.: Vancouver
major: chemistry, biochemistry
Cooley, John H.: Campbell River
major: physics
Coombes, A. S.: Ganges
major: botany
Cooper, Diane: Port Alberni
major: bacteriology, biochemistry
Cormick, Ronald K.: Vancouver
honours: geology
Corrie, Ralph G.: Kelowna
honours: physics, geophysics
Coulthard, Warren J.: Edmonton, Alberta
major: mathematics, physics
Cox, John W.: Osoyoos
major: mathematics
Cuddie, Harold W.: North Vancouver
major: mathematics, physics
Cunningham, F.: Nelson
Dagenais, Jean J. E.: Yellowknife, N.W.T.
major: geology, geophysics
Dalton, Virginia: West Vancouver
major: mathematics
Davies, Gordon S.: Vancouver
Davis, David W.: Summerland
Davis, Kenneth F.: North Burnaby
major: geophysics
 DeBriske, A. L.: Trail
DeLarge, John J.: Almonte, Ontario
major: mathematics, physics
Dinsmore, Laurie Annette: Burnaby
major: chemistry, mathematics
Doerksen, Robert N. J.: Dewdney
Dollman, Barry
major: chemistry, mathematics
Dolly, William: Vancouver
major: mathematics, physics
Dougan, Sharon: Shawnigan Lake
honours: biochemistry
Downard, Edward R.: Calgary Alberta
major: mathematics, physics
Drozdiak, Robert Walter: Vancouver
Eckersley, John A.: Richmond
Ehlers, Peter: Kitimat
major:  physics
Eldridge, R. G.: Vancouver
Elmore, Ken: Langley
Fairey, Randall N.: Vancouver
honours: zoology
Fan, W. Y. William: Kowloon, Hong Kong
Farrell, David Mitchell: Port Moody
Feir, Gordon D.: Quesnel
major: physics
Field, Norman George: Vancouver
major:  chemistry, physics
Finley, Brian Leroy: Vancouver
honours: chemistry
Folk, A. G.: Vancouver
Foster, Geoffrey: Castor, Alberta
honours: zoology
Fraser, L: San Mateo, Calif.
major: geophysics, geology
Freeman, Kenneth Richard: Chilliwack
Fynn, Sonia W.: Vancouver
major:  mathematics
Gaglardi,  Kenneth  J.:   Mission  City
major: mathematics, physics
Gansen, Gunnar: Nanaimo
major: physics, mathematics
Gardner, R.: Trinidad, West Indies
Garland, Christopher B.: Burnaby
Gautier, Sharleen: Creston
major: physics, mathematics
Geros, J. M.: Seattle, Washington
major: bacteriology, zoology
Gidluck, Marcus John: Creston
Gillies, John H.: Vancouver
major: chemistry, mathematics
Gleis, Martin: Vancouver
major: physics, mathematics
Gletsos, Constantine: Phthiotidos, Greece
major: chemistry
Godfrey, John D.: Burnaby
Gordon, Robert B.: Prince Rupert
honours: mathematics
Goudy, Barbara: Vancouver
honours: biochemistry
Gray, Brenda: Coquitlam-New Westminster
major: mathematics, botany
Grayston, Margaret Joan: Vancouver
major: mathematics, zoology
Gregory, Robert B.: Port Arthur, Ontario
Gunn, K. S.: Vancouver
major: mathematics
Hadaway, William C: Vancouver
major: bacteriology, chemistry
Haddock, Albert J.: Madeira Park, B.C.
major: mathematics, physics
Hampton, Marlene A.: Vancouver
honours: chemistry
Handfield, Robert Charles: Vancouver
honours: geology
Hanson, Arthur John: New Westminster
honours: zoology
Harder, Harold: Abbotsford
major: physics
Hargrove, Ken: Prince Rupert
Harrington, Herbert: Vancouver
major: mathematics, chemistry
Harrington, Kenneth M.: North Kamloops
major: geology, mathematics
Harrison, J. P.: Osoyoos
Harrison, Roy William: Campbell River
major: chemistry
Head, David A.: North Vancouver
honours: chemistry
Healey, David A.: Vancouver
major: mathematics
Hebden, James A.: Vancouver
honours: chemistry
Hepburn, John Duncan: Fulford Harbour
honours: physics
 Hoge, Reinhold: Vancouver
honours: mathematics, chemistry
Hope, John A.: Vancouver
major: mathematics, physics
Horseman, Brock Curtis: North Burnaby
Houghton, Terrance D. S.: Terrace
major: zoology, biology
Howard, Robert W.: New Westminster
major: mathematics, physics
Howell, B. Diane: Vancouver
honours: bacteriology
Hume, Donald C: Vancouver
major: mathematics, physics
Hunter, John Byron: Vancouver
major: mathematics, physics
Huss, Friedrich: Wandastr, Germany
honours: geology
Ingledew, William Michael: Nelson
honours: bacteriology
Isham, Colin: Milton, Ont.
major: mathematics, physics
Izen, Edward H.: Vancouver
honours: mathematics, physics
Jacobs, Marilyn Joy: Vancouver
major: zoology, bacteriology
Janssen, Hartley: West Vancouver
major: chemistry
Jeffrey, Paul: Kitimat
honours: physics
Jelking, Robert P.: Vancouver
Joe, Barry: Vancouver
major: biochemistry
Jones, L. M.: Vancouver
Kan, Ying-Pui G.: Vancouver
Kanigan, Lawrence: Winlaw
honours: mathematics
Karazin, Tamara: Vancouver
major: biochemistry
Kelly, David A.: Nanaimo
major: chemistry, mathematics
Kerby, Donna: North Surrey
major: physics
Kidd, Richard W.: West Vancouver
major: physics, chemistry
Kidd, R. Russel: South Burnaby
major: chemistry, mathematics
Kierstead, John Theodore: Vancouver
major: bacteriology, biochemistry
Kishi, Christina S.: Steveston
honours: biochemistry
Knox, Derek William: Vancouver
major: physics, mathematics
i           j
, J
Kraynyk, William: Vancouver
major: physics, mathematics
Kropinski, Andrew M.: Kamloops
major: bacteriology, biochemistry
Kuan, M. Dolores: Erinita, Manila
major: bacteriology, biochemistry
Landa, Ben: Vancouver
major: biochemistry
Lange, Harry: Duncan
major: chemistry, mathematics
Lanner, Arthur Melville: North Vancouver
major: mathematics, physics
Lau, M. L.: Hong Kong
major: mathematics
Lee, Henry: Vancouver
Lee, James: Vancouver
major: zoology, biology
Lee, Keh Chin: Vancouver
Lee, Wai Y.: Vancouver
major: physics
LeRoss, John A.: Terrace
major: mathematics, physics
Levings, Colin D.: Vancouver
honours: zoology
Lewchuk, Kathy S.: Vancouver
honours: chemistry
Lorinczi, Geyza: Vancouver
major: chemistry, geology
Lott, John N. A.:  Summerland
major: botany, zoology
Louie, Sonny: Vancouver
major: chemistry, mathematics
Lucuik, George S. M.: Porcupine Plain,
major: botany, zoology
Ludwickson, Ronald David: Vancouver
major: geography, zoology
MacArthur, Ronald Douglas: Prince George
major: mathematics, zoology
McCarthy, Charlie: Salmon Arm
major: mathematics, physics
McCrory, Wayne Patrick: New Denver
McCuaig, Mavis J.: Vancouver
major: chemistry, mathematics
McEwen, Norman P.: Vancouver
major: chem, biochem, oceanography
McKay, George Michael: Vancouver
honours: zoology
McLennan, Peter Gordon: Vancouver
major: bacteriology, biochemistry
McLeod, Douglas Lynn: Chilliwack
McLeod, Torquil Ian Douglas: Richmond
major: physics, mathematics
 McMeekin, Sheila: Vancouver
honours: chemistry
MacPherson, D. Ian: Vancouver
McPherson, Neil: North Vancouver
McRae, William Allen: South Burnaby
major: chemistry, math, economics
MacRury, Thomas Bernard: West Vancouver
honours: chemistry
MacWilliam, Brace: Vancouver
major: mathematics
McWilliams, Peter Ronald: N. Vancouver
Mak, Kwok Kuen C: Vancouver
major: chemistry
Marr, Allan Wayne: North Vancouver
Medley, Sidney Sylvester: Vancouver
honours: physics
Meech, Larry: Vancouver
honours: geology
Melville, Michael: New Westminster
major: chemistry, zoology
Miller, E. A.: New Westminster
major: biology, zoology
Miller, Terry G.: Vancouver
major: mathematics, physics
Morris, Lome G.: North Kamloops
major: geology, mathematics
Morrison, Burns Fraser: New Westminster
major: chemistry, biochemistry
Mortensen, Ebbe: Hay Lakes, Alberta
honours: geology
Murdoch, Douglas Blah*: North Vancouver
major: mathematics, chemistry
Mustart, David: New Westminster
honours: geology
Much, Douglas John: Rossland
major: zoology, biochemistry
Nakahara, Gensiro: Cranbrook
Nakatsuka, Yukiko: Skeena River
major: mathematics, zoology
Nelson, Douglas Errol: West Vancouver
Nelson, Robert H.: New Westminster
honours: physics
Nelson, Vera R.: Nelson
honours: chemistry
Newton, J. H.: Penticton
major: mathematics, physics
Nielsen, Ole A.: Powell River
Odermatt, Ailsa: Vancouver
major: bacteriology, zoology
Oizumi, Satosu: Vernon
major: zoology, biochemistry
Okerstrom, Norman E.: Lloydminster, Alta.
major: botany, zoology
Olsen, David Keith: Burnaby
major: zoology, biochemistry
Olson, Glenda: Vancouver
Padgett, Judy Linda: Powell River
major: physics, zoology
Pare, F. Garth: Kamloops
major: mathematics, physics
Parry, Dilys: Vancouver
Patchell, Brian E.: Vancouver
major: chemistry
Paulson, Ronald Edward: Vancouver
major: botany, zoology
Pawelchak, Gordon Allen: New Westminster
major: physics, chemistry
Peacock, James Blair: Mission
Perkins, Valerie M.: Port Kells
major: biology, biochemistry
Phillips, Malvern G.: Vancouver
Pink, David Anthony: Vancouver
Pon, Wayne Kai: Edmonton, Alberta
major:   mathematics
Potter, Ian Lyle: North Vancouver
major: mathematics, chemistry
Price, Barry James: Agassiz
Przybylski, Benno: Vancouver
Radojicic, Dragutin: Vancouver
Raycevich, Dan: Nanaimo
major: chemistry, biochemistry
Reich, Allan Richard: Vancouver
major: mathematics, physics
Reitsma, John L.: Vancouver
major: mathematics, physics
Rempel, Garry L.: Vancouver
honours: chemistry
Reynolds, Kenneth D.: New Westminster
Rickards, Bradley A.: Vancouver
honours: physics
Ripmeester, John A.: Vancouver
honours: chemistry
Rockel, Edwin Ross: Richmond
major: geophysics
Rodway, Gerald E.: Burnaby
major: mathematics, physics
 Rogier, John Charles: Vancouver
Rollkk, Brace I. A.: Riondel
honours: mathematics
Roos, Judith May: North Vancouver
major: botany, zoology
Rose, Allan: Edmonton, Alberta
Sadler, Shirley J.: Vancouver
major: zoology, biochemistry
Sakata, George Masaald: Quathiaski Cove
major: chemistry, zoology
Sanguinetti, Michael H.: Vancouver
major: geology, zoology
Sankey,  Neville  V.:  Vancouver
major: mathematics, physics
Schau, Barbara Ann: Vancouver
major: bacteriology, zoology
Scott, James C: Vancouver
honours: chemistry
Segal, David J.: Vancouver
Shaak, William A.: North Vancouver
major: mathematics
Shaw, Kenneth Lee: North Vancouver
Sheffield, R. Douglas: Vancouver
honours: chemistry
Shier, Glenn: Trail
major: physics, chemistry
Shu, Marjorie Yavin: Vancouver
major: bacteriology
Silbernagel, Jonathan: Vancouver
major: mathematics, chemistry
Smith, Mico Alastair: Vancouver
Smith, Peter Lloyd: Vancouver
honours: physics
Spray, Andrew, R. L.: West Vancouver
honours: mathematics, physics
Stainton, J. Brian: Vancouver
Stenson, D. G.: Vancouver
Stittte, D. R. Keith: Kimberley
major: chemistry, mathematics
Strange, Phillip: Vancouver
major: mathematics, physics
Summers, Wayne R.: Vancouver
honours: chemistry
Skyanda, Alexander: Hines Creek, Alberta
major: chemistry, math, philosophy
Taguchi, Ivan T.: Vancouver
major: mathematics, physics
Tan, Kay Soon: Penang, Malaysia
honours: biochemistry
^* f   i  m ^
Tanaka, Jim Hiroyuld: Richmond
major: biochemistry, zoology
Taylor, Jean:  North  Vancouver
major: biology, botany, zoology
Telford, Malcolm K.: Vancouver
major: bacteriology
Thomas, Gary E.: Vancouver
Thompson, Ian David: West Vancouver
major: chemistry
Thompson, Leslie: Vancouver
Tippett, Robert Graham: Nanaimo
major: mathematics, physics
Tod, Donald A.: Penticton
Toole, Stannard: Victoria
Torapka, Edward John: Vancouver
honours: chemistry
Tough, Thomas R.: Port Credit, Ontario
major: geology
Tse, Aida: Vancouver
major: chemistry, zoology
Tudor, John M.: Hensall, Ontario
Tutti, Veiko: Vancouver
major: biochemistry, zoology
Uchida, Satoshi: South Burnaby
Unrau, Frank J.: Chilliwack
major: mathematics, physics
Van  Gilder, Ronald Lawrence:  Port Co-
major: chemistry
Van Netten, Frank: Victoria
major: biochemistry, zoology
Vickson, Ray: Vancouver
Virgo, Brace: Vancouver
honours: zoology
Waggoner, C. E.: Richmond
Waldman, Mark C: Vancouver
honours: chemistry
Walker, D.: Vancouver
Walton, Thomas George: Port Coquitlam
Ware, Maureen: Vancouver
honours: bacteriology
Warn, Nicol D.: Gibsons
honours: zoology
Watson, Roberta Diane: Vancouver
major: zoology, bacteriology
Weber, Joseph: Vancouver
major: zoology, biology
 Weir, Richard B.: Port Kells
major: mathematics, physics
West, Ronald F.: Vancouver
major: bacteriology, zoology
White, Don: Vancouver
Whitlow, Simon Hugh: Victoria
honours: chemistry
Whittaker, Joseph B.: Duncan
major: physics
Wickett, John F.: Nanaimo
major: mathematics
Wiens, Raymond F.: Vancouver
major: mathematics
Williams, Brian: Vancouver
honours: geology
Wilson, James D.: Cloverdale
Wishlow, Lynne: New Westminster
major: bacteriology, zoology
Wong, Edmund Kent: Vancouver
major: biochemistry
Wong, George T.: Quesnel
major: chemistry, mathematics
Wong, Martin Soon: Nanaimo
major: mathematics, physics
Wong, Ping-ki: Hong Kong
major: physics, mathematics
Wood, Anthony W.: Kelowna
major: mathematics, physics
Yeung, Kim-Hung Francis: Hong Kong
major: physics, mathematics
Yip, Michael Robin: Paldi, B.C.
Yip, Randall Wing Ho; Vancouver
major: chemistry, mathematics
York, Donald H.: New Westminster
honours: physiology
Yuen, Kenneth B.: Victoria
Zarek, Richard N.: Prince George
Zimmerman, B. W.: Niagara Falls, Ontario
Zwick, Eugene: Kitimat
major: chemistry, mathematics
class off 65
Director of Social Work School
school of
social work
One of the few graduate professional
schools on campus is the School of
Social Work located in the former
Graham residence. Entrance requirement for the two year course is a
Bachelor of Arts or its equivalent. The
programme of studies is "generic" in
that there is no real specialization until
after graduation. Topics dealt with are
case work, group work, research, communication, and administration, with
emphasis now on community development. The students receive two types
of instruction: three days of the week
are given to lectures and seminars
and two days to field instruction in
various agencies throughout the lower
 A Bachelor of Social Work is awarded after the first year of study. Here
some of the students waive their studies for a year or more to get better
experience and then later most of
them return for the second year to
receive their Masters degree.
The Graham House provides an atmosphere conducive to study as it is
quiet and away from the rest of the
campus. Besides the beauty of the
lawns and gardens of the old estate,
the classrooms, offices, new library,
and common rooms are all part of the
renovated and enlarged house. The
director, W. G. Dixon, said that although the house is suitable there are
plans for a new building on campus in
the near future.
' T-
1' }   V\-
? Ill
 social work
Atkinson, Ray G.: Vancouver
Ball, L. R.: Vancouver
Bewell, Ruth: Winnipeg
Budnick, Angela F. M.: Vancouver
Cheung, Lorretta Y. K.: Hong Kong
 Choy, Ivy: Hong Kong
Clewes, John: Lethbridge
Colbura, Patricia
Cushnie, John R.: Oakville, Ontario
Davies, Joan E.
Dlin, Rhetta: Edmonton, Alta.
Dron, Diana Margaret: Victoria
Erb, Headier May: Victoria
Fogel, Judy: Saskatoon, Sask.
Foster, Lynn: Calgary, Alta.
Fraser, L.: Vancouver
Gelling, Sharon P. T.: Victoria
Goode, Barbara Lucille: Saskatoon, Sask.
Hamar, Donna: Lac La Biche, Alberta
Hartley, Allan William: Vancouver
Ikeda, Joyce: Vernon
Kane, Florence Y. S.: Hong Kong
Kargbo, Marian J. T.: Kamakwie, Sierra
Levitt, Kenneth L.: Vancouver
L'Heureux, Marcel O.: Assiniboia, Sask.
Louie, Joanne: Vancouver
MacKinnon, D. F.: Victoria
Majchrzak, Bogna: Vancouver
Maben, Brenda M.: Edmonton, Alta.
Matheson, Harold: Hoquiam, Washington
Matsune, Kenneth: Vancouver
Moker, Elizabeth-Lou: Prince Albert, Sask.
Mussen, W. J.: Chilliwack
Neufield, Henry: Vancouver
Nomme, Mary: Vancouver
Parsons, Diane: Westlock, Alberta
Petersen, Orla J. L.: Abbotsford
Proznick, Nick E.: Vancouver
Pype, Catherine Anne: Vancouver
Ripley, Joan L.: Vancouver
Robinson,   Brian:   Vancouver
Rogerson, Gayle: Calgary, Alberta
Sereda, Margaret Beth: Edmonton, Alberta
Sieben, Mike: Macklin, Sask.
Simpson, Bernard: Vancouver
Skahan, Bryan: Montreal
Skahan, Maureen Jane: Montreal
Soiseth, Leonard: Mayfair, Sask.
So, Winifred: Hong Kong
Souetewarth, Sharon L.: Penticton
Statak, Igon Vancouver
Steidle, Utho G.: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Stickland, William G.: Vancouver
Thomlison, Barbara: Edmonton, Alberta
Thomlison, Ray J.: Edmonton, Alberta
Thompson, Douglas T.: Vantage, Sask.
Wickett, G.: Vancouver
Willman, Pamela, M. A.: Vancouver
Young Soon, William S.: San Fernando,
Ball, L. R.: Vancouver
  Right: Alumni Association Director Tim
Hollick-Kenyon. Below: Some of the
full-time staff employed by the Alumni
Telephone CAstle 4-4366
ROOM     282,    BROCK     HALL..     U.B.C.
VANCOUVER     8.     B.C.
On campus, the Alumni Association
functions as a link, working with students, Faculty and Administration. To
perform this function, the Association
maintains a wide variety of committees,
conducts Seminars and Conferences,
and supports your Alma Mater; in short,
works for the needs of higher education.
Beyond the campus, the Alumni Association unifies the entire graduate
family through Alumni branches around
the world. The Association ensures that
you, the graduate, are informed of new
developments at UBC through the publication of the UBC Alumni Chronicle
and the circulation of UBC reports. Current addresses of all alumni are kept
on file. Finally, the Alumni preserves
that link formed at university between
you and your fellow graduates by holding the Annual Alumni Dinner, Homecomings, reunions, and many other
Above: Meeting of the delegates to an MLA tour of campus, one of many events devoted to the cause of higher
education promoted by the
Alumni Association. Right: Part
of the ceremonies during the
1964 Homecoming activities.
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622 COLUMBIA STREET        - 526-3771
Jewelers to the People of British Columbia
at U.B.C. and
Throughout the West
950 Raymur Ave., Vancouver
Iteclmgs m a hospttA bed;
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Will use this saving stratagem-
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Bank of Montreal*
fauuUu. "?tntt So** jo* Student*
jj^The Bank where Students' accounts are warmly welcomed
Your Bank on the Campus—In the Administration Building: MERLE C. KIRBY, Mgr.
^_J * REG. T.M.
Jantzen of Canada Limited 196 Kingsway Vancouver 10, B.C.
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'Internationally known for Chinese Cuisine Par Excellence"
Exotic multi-course dinners for small or large groups
at surprisingly moderate cost.
Let us plan a menu for your dining pleasure
Phone MU 3-1935
One hour free parking next door —
Totem Parking, entrance on Main St.
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Transistor Radios Records
Stereos Hi-Fi
Fine Furniture and Electrical Appliances
2914 Granville Street     738-5144
Customer Parking at Standard Station
13th and Granville
J. and M. Burchill, B.S.P.
C A 4-3202
5754 University Blvd.
Vancouver 8, B.C.
With the Compliments of
Remember! The
For your convenience the locations are:
at Wesbrook
Common Block
(Snack Bar)
Arrangements may also be made for:
Symbol of Craftsmanship
The Jenkins valve is itself a symbol, not merely of quality and
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too* fOft the warn bmmotd
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Canada's Most Elegant Men's Shop
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Second Floor
• Machine Tools • Electric and
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• Bridge Cranes Equipment
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PHONE 876-4191
TELEX 045-782
With the Compliments of
Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co.
Chartered Accountants
Vancouver, B.C.
410 Seymour St.
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411 Quebec St.
Public Skating
Skating Parties
Scrimmage Hockey
Thunderbird Hockey
Dancing & Banquets
South End of Wesbrook Crescent
Ph. CA 4-3205 UBC Loc. 365
Montreal Trust Company
466 Howe St. 1111 Government St.
310 Oakridge Shopping Centre PRINCE GEORGE, B.C.
41st and Cambie St. 1259 - 4th Ave.
Commercial  and  Social   Printers
and  Publishers
2015 W.  12th Ave. REgent 6-4401
For many years, and in many ways, Dairyland has
worked closely with UBC to help our dairy
farmers and to perfect dairying techniques and
dairy products in B.C.
Dairyland's contribution has included whole-hearted
cooperation with UBC Faculties and the
donation of bursaries and scholarships to promising
agriculture students. In addition, UBC graduates
are at work in various Dairyland departments,
and of course, Dairyland milk and dairy foods
are enjoyed on the campus every day.
We are very proud of this long, happy association
with the University of British Columbia.
a division of the
Fraser Valley Milk Producers Association
Canada's first-since1833
1281 West Georgia Street
Vancouver 5, B.C.
1061  Fort Street
Victoria, B.C.
Yowr assurance of the
finest merchandise
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Yo«r Family Shopping Centres
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in a caree
ian busine
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r t
:n who car
parts of the
e met anc
rather thai
It Toronto-
ew decades
t expansion
hat touches
. . . come
HH^ju'l                  A   1 P^
^r            II            ^Mm            Hfi&£j^^^^^^^^^^^J^^^H |^|       Burl
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I.A.C. Group of Companies
Specialized financial and insurance services
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Merit Insurance Company
Niagara Finance Company Limited
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Planned Investments Corporation
The Sovereign Life Assurance Company of Canada
The Department of National Defence, through the Regular Officer Training Plan
(ROTP), sponsors a programme of university education and leadership training
for selected numbers of young men who have the potential to become officers
in the Royal Canadian Navy, the Canadian Army, or the Royal Canadian Air Force.
University undergraduates taking suitable courses, are eligible to apply for enrollment in the Service of their choice, at any time during any undergraduate year.
The Department of National Defence provides:
ir Tuition and other essential fees
~k $75 each year to purchase books and instruments
ir $73 per month pay throughout the year
ir $65 per month living allowance
ir Free medical and dental care
ir Annual leave (30 days plus travelling time) with pay and allowances,
usually after the summer training period
ir Twenty evenings of training during the academic year
A UBC student may apply at any time direct to the Resident Staff Officer of the
Service of his choice, at the Armoury.
Lieutenant Commander H. R. Irving — CA 4-3313
Captain D. Williams — CA 4-5433
Flight Lieutenant R. B. Robinson — CA 4-1910
The University of British Columbia
When You Need
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4409 W. 10th AVE.
LIU   University District
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Whatever Happened to Success?
SUCCESS as an ideal (platonic) seems to be sicklied o'er
these days. In some circles, we are reliably informed, it
tends to be regarded as a fate worse than death. Still
and all, there ARE people who, for want of a more pejorative term, can be called "successful" and a sociologist
(certified) has been rummaging among them to see what
makes them that way. He comes up with one significant
finding: that they as a group read more newspapers than
ordinary or non-successful blokes. This figures; it probably sharpens anyone's wits to know what's going on in
the world.
I       I
iyb    ofi
 Serving U.B.C. Students
Western Sporting Goods
3715 W. 10th Ave.
Vancouver, Canada
CA 4-5040
612 Davie Street
Reservations: 683-9790
utmost in:
coming attractions
@ driftwood singers
@ josh white jr.
@ other outstanding
a pot of message
304-1040 barclay street, Vancouver 5
 congregation, October 30
 Dr.Trevor - Roper
gives trie
cong regat ion
To-day, as we all know, there is
a greater demand for university
education than ever before. It is
declared an essential condition of
promotion to the higher spheres
of worldly success. It is considered
by some, who do not always look
too closely at the real metal of
which it is made, as a golden key.
In such circumstances those who
can exhibit such a trophy too easily regard themselves as an glite;
and, as a natural corollary, those
who are without it, feel the need
for excuse, may even resent their
deprivation. In our status-ridden
society the university degree is becoming a status-symbol. Such a
development seems to me deplorable. I hope that our English-speaking society, which has been so
dynamic in its past history, will
never allow itself to be stratified on
so simple a pattern: will never
value titles more than substance,
or sink, with however specious
slogans on its lips, into a Chinese
A year ago a distinguished English lawyer, Lord Shawcross, publicly declared that 'those who go
into the universities will always
tend to think themselves a  cut
above those who do not. And of
course they will be. This is the
aristocracy of brains, not of birth
or social class.' Such a statement,
I must admit, appals me. It appals me not only by its smugness
—why should we encourage anyone to thank God that he is not as
other men are? — but also by its
content. When it was uttered, it
appalled my friend Sir Thomas
Armstrong, himself a university
teacher of distinction, now President of the Royal Academy of
Music. 'Opinions like those of Lord
Shawcross,' he wrote, 'have coloured our whole attitude to education and had a disastrous influence.' What, he asked, about all
the creative artists who have not
been to universities, and yet on
whom 'the quality of our life depends'? If our society is to retain
its quality we need 'an enlightened
sense of the value and status of
skilled and indispensable workers,
whatever their craft. We must not
give a wrong bias to the whole educational system by elevating into
a false aristocracy those few who
have chosen to work in one field
while underestimating others no
less useful.' To these humane and
intelligent sentiments I gladly subscribe 'Amen'. We can all of us lower our pride a little by thinking of
men and women whom we admire,
whether in history or in our own
experience, who have not chosen,
or perhaps not been able to choose,
this particular ticket to success.
Their numbers are legion, and they
include some of the greatest of our
What, then, is the distinguishing quality of a university education? It is not, of course, mere
expertise in a particular branch of
learning. Naturally it includes such
expertise; but it also transcends it.
It is something which, I believe,
can be summarized quite simply.
It is the fact of having pursued different intellectual sciences in common, in mutual understanding and
respect, and, in consequence, the
capacity to think in general terms.
A university is not, of course, the
only way towards this capacity.
There are other ways too, ways
which many powerful and original
minds have individually found out.
But a university is the most
effective social institution for the
Much has been written recently
about the 'two cultures.' The high-
priests, who would celebrate the
nuptial mass of these two phantoms, eloquently deplore their divorce. But I do not think we need
take this too seriously. It is not by
intellectual omnivoracity but rather
by pursuing our own branch of
study in intelligent contact with
others who are pursuing other
branches that we learn to respect
the variety of knowledge, to make
comparisons, to discover the interdependence of sciences, to appreciate the creativity of ideas, to generalize our understanding; and this
power once acquired survives the
particular experience by which it
was generated. It becomes a habit
of mind. I like to think that it is the
most distinctive habit of mind of a
university man. Not every university man attains it; nor does every
university seek consciously to create it. But its acquisition seems
to me evidence, more convincing
than any number of certificates
or status-symbols, of a good university.
It is also a habit of mind that is
particularly necessary in the world
today. The world has always been
a complex place: to think otherwise is mere romanticism. Different societies have always had different ways of thought, different
traditions, different prejudices,
different truths. But never before
have these differences been thrust
so closely against each other.
Never, therefore, has it been so
necessary for those who move in
the world to appreciate the legitimate variety of opinion, to free
their minds from parochial ways
of thought, to see past the vulgar
prejudices, the narrow loyalties,
the plausible parrot-cries of our
time; or, for that matter, to detect
and not to despise the stunted and
 travestied truth which sometimes
lurks behind such unpromising
This, I believe, has always been
the function of a university. In the
800 years of their continuous existence, the society around our western universities has changed out
of all recognition. The sciences
studied and taught there have multiplied in number, altered in character, and changed in their order
of precedency. But the ultimate
tradition has not changed. It is a
tradition of general study: that is,
not amateur or superficial study,
but particular study against a
general intellectual background, a
general philosophy of freedom to
question, of comparison, of cosmopolitanism. And this tradition,
or at least the ideal of this tradition has been common to them all.
The best of them have always pursued it; even the worst have always
paid lip-service to it. In the early
years of their history in Europe,
any one of their scholars was
equally at home in Paris and Oxford, Bologna and Salamanca,
Padua and Prague. Today he is, or
should be, equally at home in
Paris and Uppsala, Moscow and
Cairo and Harvard, Oxford and Mc-
Gill and Vancouver.
Madam Chancellor, I thank you
for the example of this universal
spirit which you have shown to
me in British Columbia, and on
behalf of us both for making President Robertson and myself feel
equally at home.
»S   Off
It is the tradition of universities
to gather in formal academic assembly to pay honour and respect
to young men and women whose
achievements and distinctions
give them entry into the world community of scholars. The ceremony
of Congregation reminds us all that
whatever barriers — physical or
political, emotional or ideological
— separate the nations of this
world, there is, between all men,
a vast realm of identity in the common search for truth, reason and
The men and women who will
shortly be presented to me for the
conferring of degrees now join a
great legion of like-minded persons across the world who seek
their rewards and satisfactions in
the cultivation of the intellect, and
who, through the expansion of
their own knowledge, seek to render service to others. These men
and women are linked not only
with the present but also with the
past: the robes, the hoods, and the
caps of my colleagues seated on
this platform are symbolic of the
traditions of some of the most ancient scholarly foundations—Oxford, Cambridge, Paris, Harvard,
London, Belfast, and so many others. And so we hold a rich heritage of ideas, beliefs, and sentiments which, though engendered
in the past, still work their salubrious effects upon the present.
To the members of the graduating class of this day I express
my warmest and most sincere congratulations; this is a moment of
high pride for you, a moment
shared by parents, relatives and
friends, and shared directly by the
men and women who have been
responsible for teaching you during your years at this University.
Congregation means leave-taking, transition, transformation, a
moving-on . . . and in preparing
my address for this day's ceremony,
I could not help but reflect upon
the unusual changes which have
taken place since I was myself an
undergraduate on this campus.
There is an obvious, and overwhelming physical transformation
as new buildings arise for the
faculty and students; there are
whole new areas of study and investigation literally undreamed of
a short decade or two ago; there
are unusually complex and difficult
problems to be solved as we measure up to the mission that is ours;
there is, in brief, a ceaseless ferment and activity, the distinguishing marks of urgent, incessant,
demanding growth and evolution.
In the midst of such transformation we must not forget the men
and women who, some forty years
ago, had a dream of what this University might one day become.
They too were pioneers, and in
their own day they encountered
and imposed their will upon circumstances no less formidable
than those we face today.
The traditions of universities, in
all their gentleness and mellowness, are slowly built up across
long years by each succeeding
generation of scholars and students. On this day, we say goodbye
and godspeed to one generation,
but only last September we welcomed another. The process is
ceaseless and timeless. May those
of you who are leaving us today
always remember this University
with pride and affection; and may
each of you, wherever you go or
whatever career you may follow,
find your heart's desire. You leave
us with our affections, our warmest
good wishes, and our compliments
upon the distinction you have won
and so well merited.
Scott Mclntyre, Kristin de Jong, Gregg Burhoe, Don Drinkwater,
Mike Humenick, Fran Leach, Heather Soles.
Paul Clancy, Gerry Campbell, Don Drinkwater, Randy Glover, Dave
Freeman, Derek Grant, Dave Henderson, Steve King, Ken Lindsay,
Greg Mclntyre, Jim McJannet, Peter Snidel, John Tyrrell.
Ellen Sommers, Richard Anderson, Dave Bell, Betty Dennison,
Lynn Meehan, Tracy Mercer, Pat Morrison, Maureen Schutz, Jessie
Simpson, Heather Soles.
Taja Bhavan, Chris Johnson, Graydon Moore.


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