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Hedda Gabler Mar 13, 1935

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Array rK»A
MARCH 13™ 14th 15th 16th
UNIVERSITY    THEATRE Twentieth Anniversary
of the
University Players' Club
"Hedda Gabler"
Henrik Ibsen
University Theatre March 14, 15, 16
Point Grey Curtain 8.25 p. m. The History of the Players' Club
The Players' Club ts ihe oldest club at the University and !sas always claimed to be the foremost* I: has done much u> bring amilcur dramatics in British Columbia lo their prevent
honoured position.
just si* weeks after the University v'jmc into existence in the uld
'shacks" at Fairview, ir.uder.is uf Professor F. G. C. Wood's drama
Course felt the urge to produce plays. Th<;v elecicd Mr. Wood av
honorary president and director and Organised ■* club, [Hen open to
.lTiy student but now restricted, bv competitive try-outs, to 70 members.
With Jerome K, Jerome's "Fanny jnd the Servant Problem," presented on February IK, 1*1 ft, in aid (if the University Red Cross,
repeated by request anil given also in Victoria and New Westminster,
The Players" Club began both its annual tour .nut its contributions to
The club raised SA.QOfi for the University Red C rtns, Western Um-
vcrvities Battalion, Shaughnessy Military Hospital and other war-time
purposes, 11,500 lor a University war memorial, $4,1 00" for stage
cquipment and s200 for Green Room furnishings. The Vancouver
General Hospital and the Jubilee Hospital. Victoria* have received
UrgC sums through Players' Club efforts; and all tour profits, beyond
guaranteed expenses, have been turned over to the local sponsor* for
charity work.
The tour grew rapidly* as can be seen from the list of plays and
number of performances; IV14, "! jnny and the Servant Problem, '
Jerome R. Jerome, fowr times; 1917„ "Merely Mary Ann," Israel ZangwJI* four times; MMH,
"Alice Sit-by-thcFirc." Sir James M, Barrie. four times; I 91^, The Importance of being
Lamest," Oscar Wdde* three times; 1920, "Green Stockings." A- l.r W. Minwn, ten times;
1921, "Sweet Lavender." Sir Arthur Pinern* twelve time*; 1922. "Mr, Pirn Passes By," A. A,
Milne, seventeen times; 192*, "You Never Can Tell/' George Bernard Shaw, fifteen times;
.924. "The World and Hn Wife/" J, I-chcgaray* eighteen times; (52$, "You and I/* Philip
Barry* twenty times; l*2ft, "Pygmalion*" George Bernard Shaw, eighteen times; 1927, "The
Romantic Young Lady," G. Martine* Sierra* eighteen times; 19^8. "Polly wiih a Past." Gairge
Middleton and Guy Bolton, twenty-three times; 1929, "Rnllu's Wild Oat/* Clare Kumner.
twenty times; 19)0, "Friend Hannah." Paul Kester. twenty-three times; 1911, "The Young
Idea," Noel Coward, twenty-five times; 1*32* "Alice Sit-by-the-Fire." Sir James M. Barne,
nineteen times; 193), "Alibi," Agatha Christie and Michael Morton, seventeen times; 19)4,
"Caesar and Cleopatra," George Bernard Shaw,  four  times.
Last year's spectacular show could be produced only in the University Theatre, but this year
the tnur will be renewed and* if possible, extended into Alberta and Washington. The tour
establishes contact with ouilvmg parts of British Columbia, and provide* wonderful training
for actors.
But the work of the Players' Club by no means consists of the spring play only. Lour one act
plays are given annually at Christmas, mainly for the benefit of new members and wuli no
charge for admission.    They have always been of high standard.
Anuther activity is the Play Distribution Bureau, which helps amateurs all over the province
by sending them plays free on  request.
The club encourages student playwrights by a $50 prize and production of the winning play.
In 19)1 no less than three student plays were given, and one, "Fog," by Mr. Sydney Risk, has
recently had world broadtail  by the B.B.C
The Players' Club has alsu developed distinguished actors. Miss Jessie Todhunter, first leading
lady, played on Broadway, Miss Dorothy Adams in repetory* and Mr. Garrett Livingstone at
Hollywood; others in the Little Theatre and Players' Club Alumni- In the Regional Drama
Festival last year eight of the nine competing casts contained  former  Players' Club actors*
At early as 1921, Mr. J. Butterfield wrote in The Province: "The UBC Players' Club has
succeeded in the face of the greatest difficulties in bringing its annual performances to a pitch
of perfection that I have never seen equalled by amateurs in j very wide experience of the
drama," Fur this the credit belongs chiefly to the directors: Mr. Wood, 1915 in I9U (exeep
ting L929); MrJ. W, A. Ferguson, 192?; Mr. Sydney Ritk, 19)2 and 19)3. and Miss Dorothy
Somerset, E9)4 and 1935. Thanks are also due to Mrs. D- A. Suttie* gracious chaperone on
M tours, and to the Christmas play coaches, particularly  Dr.  A.  F. B> Clark.
{Continued qu B*ck  I'j.vi j DlsleNEEjav  FRED AM£5b
"People don't do such things!"
Don't they?
Well, Hedda Gabler does. Her story, says
William Archer, is "the most poignant character-
tragedy in literature."
Hedda is a flesh portrait of a hyper-aesthetic
woman — poised, cultivated, intellectual, yet torn
by repressions. She is a moral coward, jealous
and selfish, hopelessly warped by conflicting passions. In short, as one cynical critic remarks, "she
is the woman you took in to dinner last night."
Of all Ibsen's plays this is the most perfectly
shaped, the most clear-cut and direct It is not only
good literature, but good theatre. Like "Camille,"
it is the goal of every ambitious actress, and has
been the favourite vehicle of such stars as Mrs.
Patrick Campbell, Mrs. Fiske, Alia Nazimova, Elean-
ora Duse and Eve Le Gallienne.
In celebrating its twentieth anniversary by
presenting "Hedda Gabler" for the first time in
Western Canada, the Players' Club truly "comes
of age" and takes its place in the adult theatre. The Georgia Pharmacy Limited
takes this opportunity of congratulating The Players' Cluh
on (heir Twentieth Anniversary
Specializing in Prescriptions for a quarter of a Century
777 West Georgia Street Seymour 1050
1,11M , 11 M« M1..««, ,„, 111
Honorary Members
Miss Margaret Anglin Mr. Charles Rann Kennedy
Miss Edith Wynne Matthison Professor F. G. C. Wood
Honorary President
Professor Thorleif Larsen
Art Director
Miss Dorothy Somerset
 Dr. D. C. B. Duff
Advisory Board
Mr. William Buckingham Miss Dorothy Jefferd
Professor Ira Dilworth Miss Dorothy Somerset
Dr. D. C B. Duff Professor C. B. Wood
Professor Walter Gage Mrs. F. G. C. Wood
President  _ _ Margaret Powlett, Arts *)5
Vice-President  _   _._ _ Gerald Prevost, Arts ')5
Secretary      _   _  Eleanor Gibson, Arts ')7
Treasurer _ __   William Whimster, Arts ')5
Committee     .._   — ...Amy Seed, Arts '37
William Sargent, Arts '36
Alan Walsh, Arts '37
■  M tttm 4, Ml I I'm
r*III(< 11111". *tII■IM1111irr	
i . , : : i f ■ i, : . i . |* [ i f . n [ i f . i [ i . . s ■
■ 111 mi i ii ii i ii 11 >. m 1111 >. m i ■ m n 111 ii 111 ■ >. t
Your favorite Coffee comei to you in this
Beautiful New Glass Jar
contains one pound net
Jar is full quart size sealer
Use it for preserving or as handy container. THt. BOOK STORi. which occupies .1 room in the Auditorium Building, was
established for the convenience of the students, and has effected a considerable
sas'ing to the students in time and money. It is prepared to supply all the text
books required for the various courses offered in the university, also such articles
at not'' books, loose-leaf sheets, fountain pens, drawing paper and instruments.
You owe someone a PHOTOGRAPH.
We make the kind you will be proud to give.
Q/Xi tOYlCL     83) Granville Street ALL SEATS RESERVED
Admission, $1.00; 75c; 50c.
Reservations may be made, on and after March 9th, at the
J. W. Kelly Piano Co., 659 Granville Street, or immediately
by mail irom the Players' Club, University of
British Columbia
A Special bus service, leaving Tenth Avenue and Sasamat at
frequent intervals, has been arranged. TUUM EST—its Up to you
The University motto "Its Up T<i You" (Tuum Est) can well be carried into
business. Its Up To You what you do and what you buy. When you are
buying Ginger Ale Its Up To You what you buy, but may we suggest that
you can buy no better Ginger Ale than
At your nearest store or direct from Bay view 4200
Under the patronage of
Mrs. J. W. Fordham Johnson
Mrs. R. E. McKcchnie
Mrs. L. S. Klinek
Mrs. F. F. Wesbrook
Mrs. F. J. Burd
Mrs. J. N. Ellis
Mrs. D. Murphy
Mrs. F. P. Patterson
Mrs. R. L. Rcid
Mrs. C. Spencer
Mrs. C. A. Welsh
HlllltlllllltlMIIII I Illll'hllSf • f,,iIM	
8S?       The Choice of Champions
Sj* *f        i°r Wtohsale Distributors
Vancouver, B, C. A Line Ibsen
Didn't Write-
"I am so tired!   Please give me a cup of
Miss Tesman
Mrs. Elvstld .
Jcdci Brack
(in order of appearance)
Marjorie Griffin, '36
Mary Moxon, '38
Stuart Keatc, '35
Eunice Alexander,'38
Audrey Phillips, '37
Hugh Palmer, '35
William Sargent, '34
The action is not dated.    The setting chosen for this performance is late nineteenth century.
The scene throughout is laid in the drawing room of the George Tesman's villa.
The action takes place on the two days following the Tesmans' return from a
trip abroad.
There will be an interval of nine minutes between Acts 2  and  3.    The other
intervals will be of three minutes each.
 Ml i i     mi
Alice Morrow—President
W. R. Morrow—Vicc-Pres.
tlH Richards Street
Vancouver, B. C.
Sevmour   1424 Latyonda
At the gateway
to Marine Drive
Seating capacity 210
Orchestra every night
Minimum charge 35c, Saturday 75c
Hewer's Hardware
4459 West 10th Ave. Elliott 1552
Student Lamps $1.95 to 53.95        Everything in Hardware
Production  Manager—Margaret  Powlett.
Director's Assistants — Winifred Alston, Gerald
Business Manager-—William Whimster.
Advertising—J. Gould, convener; Dorwin Baird, Jim
Beveridgc, Rodney Poisson, Ludlow Beamish, Molly
Eakins, Connie Baird, Joy Campbell, Mary Brad-
shaw, Margaret Buchanan, Eleanor Gibson, Charles
feature write-tip — Gerald Prevost, convener; Margaret Ecker, William Robertson, Lloyd Hobden.
Tickets—Betty Moscovich, convener; Dorothy Men-
ten, Gordon Cummings, Armand Powlett, Bob
King, Gertrude Pitman, Estelle Matheson.
Programmes — Mary McGeer, Stu Clarke, Eileen
Simon, Charlie Locke, Dorothy Planche.
Stage Manager—Allan Walsh.
Supplies the
of most of the U.8.C. Sororities
and Fraternities
710 West Hastings Street
Phone Seymour 677
2633 Granville Street
Phone Bayview 2172
Scenery—Allan Walsh, building; Jack Davidson, designing; Pat Larsen, lighting; Don Ingham, Jack
Hill, Goodwin Johnson, Bill Robertson, Sam Rod-
dan, Bob King and Philip Akrigg, crew.
Costumes—Hugh Palmer, designing; making, etc..
Hazel Wright, convener, Mary Dickson, Dorothv
Planche, Kay Youdall.
Properties — Amy Seed, convener; Hazel Merten,
Frances Wright, Leo Gansner.
Make-up—Vivian Hood, convener; Margaret Palmer.
House Manager—Eleanor Gibson.
Ushers—Ruth Armitage, Mary Dickson, Joy Campbell, Gertrude Pitman, Mary Bradshaw, Dorothy
Menten, Dorothy Planche, Margaret Buchanan,
Kay Youdall, Estelle Matheson.
Doorman—Jack Conway.
■ sI'IIMItll'HI
I ■ ■ s a I i I . i I i s i > < r . I ; I 11. HI ■ II rl
Members of
Vancouver Stock Exchange Vancouver Bond Dealers Association
British Columbia Bond Dealers Association
Canadian Commodity Exchange Inc., Montreal
Chelsea Shop Ltd.
2127 Granville Street
Upholstery, Loose Covers, Curtains,
Lamp Shades, Etc.
Bayview 6404
"Gold Medal" Furs are Better Furs
Munro Fur Store
905 W. Georgia St.
Opposite Canadian National Hotel
Phone Sey. 9419—Res. Bay. 2403R • Moving
• Packing
• Shipping
• Storing
Sey.  8084
I Mill stall MM HttH HUM
Mr. Fred A mess
Mrs. W. K. Anderson
Mr. Frank Crowson
Georgia Hotel
Harvey and Gorrie
Hudson's Bay Co. Ltd.
Kelly Piano Company
Lewis Piano Company
Little Theatre
Mr. Ross Lort
News Herald
Parisien Costumiers
Mr. Charles H. Scott
Sinclair's Antiques
Swedish Community Hall
David Spencer Limited
Teak wood Box Shop
The Ubyssey
The University Musical Society
The Vancouver Daily Province
The Vancouver Posten
The Vancouver Sun
Vancouver Hotel
Mr. C. Haydn Williams
■ urn i HiuiiiiniiiiiiiiiiMii "I
i i<fH"siitiH ■•••••>• t mil
i| I	
An event of
Sensational Values
Now in Progress
Dominion Furniture
Chain Stores
With the Compliments of
Mme. La Vac
Specialists in ail types of
Beauty Culture
Phone Sey. 5762 for appointment ANNOUNCING
Drama School
Third Summer Session
August 5th-26th, 1935
A  Practical  Training School   for
students of the theatre
Special  attention paid to rural and
educational dramatic problems
For further information write to
E. A. CORBETT, Director
Department of Extension,
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Atta.
One of  many   models exclusive  to
2566 Granville, near Broadway
Enjoy the play and complete a perfect evening
by making the last act a Supper Party at Scott's,
Vancouver's smartest and cosiest cafe.
Afternoon teas with free tea cup reading . . .
snappy service luncheons , . . satisfying dinners
. . . tasty after-theatre snacks.
Reduced Prices.
722 Granville Street, near Birks ALUMNI OF PLAYERS' CLUB
(In an effort to keep the membership list up-to-date the  Players' Club will be
glad to have any errors or omissions brought to its attention)
The following Members are residents of Vancouver
Jessie   Adams   74
(M^, Tel turd James)
Marjurie Agnew "22
Odette  Ains^irth   74
Jnhn   Allardyce   '18
FfcSIlk   Alpen   73
L.vlc   Atkinson    25
Oenniie   Raillie   '25
(Mf**   Gordon   ShnmU
Art   Hagnall    32
I subrl    llaitt.ni   75
Mary   K.   Barton
Dorothy    Barrow   72
Hinky   Bell  73
(Mrs. Jack  Macau ley)
J.   U   Bennett  75
Hill   Birmingham  73
Helena   Bodie  ' 19
(Sirs.   Arnold   Whitmorc)
Mina  Bodie 74
Erica   Bridgman  'JO
Mona   Brown 75
Douglas  Brown 72
Fred   Buller   34
W.  F. Cameron 78
Nance Carter 74
Sally Carter 71
(Mrs.  R.  Dubois Phillips)
E.   Chamberlain  '26
Helen  Clark 73
Norman Clark '30
Ted  Clark, JO
Maurice Clement 71
Jack Clyne 73
Dorothy  Colledge  72
(Mrs, John Farris)
Mark  Collins 74
May  Gosgravc '19
Irene Cowan "21
(Mrs-   Ernest  Rogers)
Frances Cowan '24
Lillian Cowdefl 74
(Mrs. P. W. Gates]
Margaret Craig '25
H.   5.  Cross 74
Catherine  Cotton
Dorothy Dallas '23
Drusilla Davis '32
Alicia Earl 73
L  Edgett 74
Marjorie  Ellis '33
Phil Elliott 78
Jack  Emerson "33
Reynolds  Esler "34
Alfred   Evans   71
Muriel  Evans  74
(Mrs,J,  MacDotigidlJ
Kvelyti   Eveleigh  73
(Mrs. R.  E. Walker)
I tan Faulkner 75
(Mrs, J+ L. Hunt)
Anne Ferguson '31
Lacey Fisher 71
Isobel   Form '19
G. L,  Frauer '17
G. W.  B,  Fraser 72
Pauling Gintzhurgtr *lv
Eileen Griffin '31
Marion   Grant   "30
W.   P.   Haggerty  72
Winifred   Hall    23
(Mrs.   Geo.   Futchcr)
K.   C   Harris  75
J.   Harkness  *23
Gladys  Harvey  75
(Mrs.   Roberta *n   Xoble)
Isobel   Harvey   '18
Phyllis   Hemsworth  '27
Grace   Henderson  '18
(Mm,  C   Dcwulf)
Victor Hill 71
Gordon Hilker 74
Robert  Hunter 73
Betty Jack  73
Suzanne Jackson 79
Beatrice J,  Johnson   73
(Mrs. F, G. C, Wood)
Honor Kidd 75
J,  ().  C   Kirby  71
Helen   Kloenfer  73
R,   1,   Knight   73
Kathleen   Knowlton  72
(Mrs.   Douglas  Roe)
G   A.  Knox  76
Helen Lamb 78
Harold  Lando 74
Gordon   Lea  74
Dorothy  Lees  73
Katherine  Lee  72
Gordon  Letson  74
Sam   Lipson  74
Archie Little 71
Ethel   Livingstone  71
Cecilia   Long 72
A.  & Lord 71
Frances  Lucas 72
Bill Lynott 73
Beth  MacLennan 73
(Mrs.  G.  W.   B.   Fraser)
David Macdonald 70
Rosa  Marin  76
li.  Martin 73
Elizabeth Magee
Tom  Mansfield 74
W.  J.   Mastertun  78
Gerald McClay 70
May McCriitimuii "1",
(Mrs. M.  Bolduc)
Mary McDonald '18
(Mrs.   Paul   Nicholson)
Stella McGuire '18
(Mrs.   Hunter  Lewis)
Veil McCallum 73
Frances Mclntyrc 73
Gcorgiaua  McKinuon  72
(Mrs.   Rolxrt   Klson)
Dorothy McKelvic 73
(Mrs. G. W.  Fowler)
T. H. McLennan 73
Rod McRae 72
Dorothy Mole 71
Louise Morrison  75
Altec Morrow   72
Kdumnd  Mnlhcrn  78
Denis  Murphy  79
Paul  Murphy 79
Gum   Mttsiirave  75
(Mrs.  li.   M.   KournusstilT)
E.  T,  W.  Nash *2&
Olive   Xorgrove   '34
Ralph   Xormaii  77
Helen  Xorihev '28
Frank   Painter  '25
lack   Parker  'JO
Margery   Patterson   72
J. W. Plonuner 79
K. Portsmouth 73
J. M. Pretty 72
Avis Pnmphrcy 75
Frank Pumphrey 72
Daniel Qnigley '34
Madge  Rankin  77
(Mrs.   Ralph   HrownJ
Helen  Reid 73
( Mrs.    Ettinger J
Klsie  Rilance 75
(Mrs.   Dermot   Davie*)
William  Rose 71
Hugh   Russell   74
Isalwl   Russell  75
Patricia   Ryan  74
Jean Salter 70
Jack   Sargent   72
M.   Saunders 73
Gordon Scott '19
Tan  Shaw   '18
Venie  Shilvnck  73
Winston  Shilvock  71
1.  W.  R,  Shore 75
Htrt Smith 72
A. G, Smith 72
Doug.   Smiley  74
Betty   Somerset   74
(Mrs. Jack Qytte)
Jane  Stevenson  72
Katie Duff Stuart 72
Annie  Taylor  76
(Mrs. Robert Brooks)
Bins Taylor '18
(Mrs.  C  W-  Stoess)
Mildred  Teeple 74
(Mrs.  Montague Caple)
Alireda  Thompson   78
Jean  Thomson  75
^ (Mrs.   Frank  Tunibutl)
Ethlyn  Trapp
Eleanor Turn bull 72
(Mrs,   Frederick Bussons)
Harry Warren 75
Arnold  Webster 72
Glady Weld 73
(Mrs. Keith Shaw)
David Wodlinger 78
Geoffrey Woodward 70 ALUMNI OF PLAYERS' CLUB-Continued
Jean   Al*rnethy     17   (Mn.   T.   Miller),  Calgary
Jessie  Adam   '30,   Tennessee
Dorothy  Adams  "21   (Mrs.   Byron   Fuglcr).
Pasadena.   California
Milla Alihan  '37, Xew  York,  Xew  York
Kathleen   Allan   78   (Mrs.   t    E.   Trent),
Kloisc  Angell  75   (Mrs.   J.   B.   Tudhope).
Chicago,   Illinois
George Amiable '16, Outlook,  Sask.
Janet   Bagnell  '19
Bert  Bailey  77, Victoria
Lellie  Ballentine   19  (Mrs,   Rattray),
Westerose.   Aha.
Wilham   Barclay "21
Percy   Barr,   Berkeley.   California
Doris   Baynes  75   (Mrs,   E>  Wooliams),
Summer land
John C   Berto 70, London.   England
lohn   Billings  79
Ruth  Rostock   32,  Monte Creek
Mrs.   IrLa   Breeze  73.  California
David   ]11 ■. = k   '30.   Cambridge,   Mass.
If.   Li   Brown 7tf.   Mexico City.   Mexico
Brtty   Ruckland  71.   Xew   Westminster
Mary   Buhner  73   (Mrs.   P.   E.   Waters).
Xamaka.  Alta.
Wni.   Cameron   73.  Oxford,   England
Kenneth   Caple   '2S,   Summerland
Harry  M.   Cassidy  72. Victoria
May Christison  76,   Midlothian.  Scotland
George Clark 72, Abholsford
Bice  Clegg   75   (Mrs.   Kenneth   Caple).
Bonnie Clement "18 (Mrs. J. P. C Southcott)
Shirley   Clement   "17   (Mrs.   C.   Murison).
Wells Coates 72.  Herts,  England
Willson   Coates  70,   Rochester*   Xew   York
J.  C.  A.  Cole 71,  Xew  Zealand
John Coleman 70. Toronto
Norah  E. Coy "18  (deceased)
D. B. Charlton 75. Lincoln, Nebraska
Alphonie Crawford 72.  Edmonton
Reginald  Cribb 71.  Xew  Westminster
Doris  Crompton 79   (Mrs,  Geo,  Anderson)
West Vancouver
Mary  Darnborough 73  (Mrs.  Roddon  Irving).
Mcrril  Debriaay H17,  Toronto
Ethelwyn  Dee 79  (Mrs,  Logan). Kelowna
Archie Dick 74,  Cumberland
Malcolm  Dickson '23   (deceased)
Charles A.  Duncan '16 (deceased)
L.  Eckert 73* Toronto
James E, Ellard 71. Dallas. Texas
R. C  Elsey 74.  Departure Bay, V.I.
Donald  Emery '29. Feterboro. Ont.
Harold  Etter 74.  Port  Haney
Maudeen   Farquhar  74
E. W.   Faulkner 71   (deceased)
Violet   Ferris 76,   Mills College,  California
Frances   Fowler  79,   Montreal
Jamm  R.   Galloway  '16, Grand  Forks
Cecilia Garesche  78   (Mri.   Lauder),   Victoria
Hendrie  Gartshore  76,   San   Francisco.   Cal-
James Gibson 71,  Victoria
Henry Gibson 76*  New  York
E,   W    Gilbert  72,  Toronto
Dorothy Gill  72. Ottawa, Ont.
Janet K» Gilley 70.  New Westminster
Peter   Grauer  73.   Revel stoke
Mary  Griffin  74.  Oxford
Iona Griffith  'IS   (Mrs.  H.   R.   Campion),
M idd it**x,  Engl and
Tom   Groves   71,   Port   Neville
Jack Hamilton 72.  Revelstoke
Don  Hart  73.  Jamaica
Marion C-  Hatch '17,   Los Angeled.  Cal.
Connie Hlghmoor  '19   (Mrs.   Cecil Adams),
Long view,  Wash.
Fred Hubaon 73,  Victoria
Grace Hope 77,  Montreal
Leslie   How Lett  76,  Victoria
Dorothy  Holmes 74   (Mrs.  C.   E.  Laundy),
John Hulbert 77, Chilliwack
Allen   Hunter 73.  Tyler,  Texas
Harold   Hunter   72,  San   Francisco,   Cal.
Russell   Hunter  71,   Prinville.   Oregon
Bessie  Hursi   "28,   Bryn  Mawr,   Penn.
Erie Jack-on  74.  Grand   Prairie.  Alta,
Moliic Jackson   (Mm.   H.   B.   Smith)   (deceased)
J.   M.  Jacob 76.   Edinburgh,  Scotland
Harold   Kerr " 1JH.  Paincsville, Ohio
Wilfred   Kelly   75,   Cumberland
Gerald   Lee 78,   Sriuamish
Hope   Leeming   77    (Mrs.    K.   Salmond).
M,   K,   Leveson  73   (Mrs.   Arthur   SeddonL
Shanghai.   China
Dick   Lendrum   71.   Duncan
Jack   Liersch  76.  Washington.   D.C,
Frarer   Lister 73.  Victoria
G.   Livingstone  74.   Xew   York
Jacqueline   Macgregur  73,   Penticion
Jean   MacXaughtoii  73,   Cuml-erland
Frances  Madelev  79*   \"ictoria
St,  John   Madeley    iit  Trail
A-   Manuel  73,  North  Vancouver
A.   Lincoln  Marshall    18.  Princeton,  X.J.
D'Arcy  Marsh   76.   Calgary
Viva   Martin    18   (Mrs    McPhee).
Melbourne.   Australia
W\  W+,   Malthews   25,   Rangoon,   India
Swanhdd   Matthison   72,   Xew   Westminster
C.   Rami   Matthison   '^S.   New   Westminster
Don  Mclntyrc  72.   Kaslo,   B.C.
Bob  McKeown,   New   Westminster
Evelvu C.  McKay "18.  Xew  York
Don  McTavish   74,   Oxford
Lawrence  Meredith  '29,  I^ondon. England
Joan  Meredith  75   (Mrs,   W.   McKinnou),
Blakebum.  B.C.
Isabel   Miller  72   (Mrs.  John   KuhnJ,   China
Lome Mnrgan.  Toronto
Agnes   Morrison  *18   (Mrs.   Cecil   Hasthigs).
Albany,  X.Y.
Jack  Morse "34.  Kamloops
Vera  Muddell *17   (Mrs.  A.   Meston).  Winnipeg
L.   A.   Murphy  75,   Xew  Westminster
Ethel   Mutch   T18   (Mrs.   Douglas   Horth),
J. Cecil  X el son '20.  London,  England
Gera I d   Xew march   {deceased)
Eric North 71.  Armstrong
Virginia Page '18  (Mrs. Kirtley)  U.S.A.  Xavy
Peter   PalmeT   75,   Walla   Wall*.   Washington
R.  C-   Palmer  71, Summerland
Kathleen   Peck   (Mrs,   James   Lawrence)
Joe de Pencier 71. Niagara Falls. Ont.
Constance Peter 73 (Mrs. J, Adams),
Redhill,   Surrey
Allan  Peebles 70.  New  York
Dorothy  Pound  70   (Mrs.  Flaunt).  Toronto
Peter   Price  75,  Xoranda  Mines,  Que.
A.  E.  Richards 73. Ottawa, Ont.
Eleanor   Kiggs  79,  Toronto
C.   V.   RobftOfl 73, Great  Central.   V.L
Gwen   RobfF-.in  72  (Mrs,   Lloyd Johnson),
Windsor  Mills,   Que.
Pearl   Roseburgh   '17   (Mrs.   StauU),
Portland.   Oregon
Celmer   Ross  73,  Hollywood.  Cal.
Greville   Rowland   79,   Vernon
Sydney   Risk  70,   London,   England
Jack   Ruttan   73.   Oxford.   England
Jack  Shakespeare  77,  North Vancouver
Margaret   Shepherd   73,   New   Westminster
Carmen Sing   25.  New York
Ada  Smith    20  (Mrs.   Leslie  Lmtleman >.
New  York
Gerald  Stevens 76,   Saanichton
Margaret  Stewart  75,  Toronto
Mary   Stewart   72,   New   York
Maisie Suggett    17   (Mrs. A.  Cook).
Seattle,  W'aahiugtou
aVancy Symes 74.  Cambridge.   England
Alistair Taylor 72, New Westminster
C.  J.  Taylor 74.  North  Vancouver
Tom, Taylor 75, Toronto
Gordon Telford 75, Cambridge, Mass.
Hester Thompson 78, Toronto ALUMNI OF PLAYERS' CLUB-Continued
Roberta  Thurston   74   (Mrs.   Leon   Smith),
Grimsby,  Out.
Edith  Tisdall    29   (Mrs.   Harley   Hatfield!.
Sheila  Tisdell   71,  Toronto
Jessie Todhunter   18 (Mrs, John Taititer Foote)
Ronald   Todd   '2^.   Seattle.   Washington
Frances  Tremayne.   William   Head,   V.L
Dorothy   Trapp 'l*>   (Mrs    Roger   Coiintr} num >,
Minneapolis,  Minn.
G.   G.   Vincent  76.   London,   England
Alice  Walter  76,   London.   England
Violet  Walsh  '18  (Mrs.  A.  R.  Woods).
Bristol.  England
Eleanor Walker  '^^.   Brentwood,  V,I.
Beecher   Weld    18.   Toronto
Helen  Wesbn«»k     19   (Mrs.   G.   C   Robertson).
London.   England
Alice   White   74.   Greenwich,   Conn.
Helen   Whitr     17    (Mrs.   C   Thormeii),
Xorah   Willis   '22   (Mrs.   R.   Michem-r),
Betty   Wilson 73,   Xew  Westminster
R,   H.   Wright   '28,   Frederickton,   K.B.
Anatole  Zaitzeff   '31
Charles  Zink  73,  San   Francisco
A, Zound 74. London, Kugland
{Continued from Front Page)
Mr. Wood, especially, by his personality and untiring efforts, inspired in the members that high
morale and club tradition which enabled them to carry on when in I9J1 his retirement due to
ill health suddenly left them rather in the position of an Italy without a Mussolini.
A professional director took over the coaching duties so long
performed voluntarily by Mr. Wood; the late Dr, F. C, Walker
became honorary president. Dr, Walker realized that never again
would the club find anyone to work for it as Mr. Wood bad done,
md he encouraged the student executive to take more responsibility,
at the same time helping them with his experience and inspiring
them with his inimitable personality. Dr. Walker died suddenly
last summer: the Players' Club echoes the words written about him
by Dr. G. G. Sedgcwick—-"Not many people can be at once so
matter-of-fact and so sensitively thoughtful, so individual in nature
ime so strictly loyal to fellowship and duty,"
cr  last  year  the club made an  increased  effort  to
put  the  University   in  its  proper   position as  a  leader  towards  the
the ultra-modern staging of "Caesar and Cleopatra" was for the first time built
/matter-of-fact  »n<j
and at the same tit
A      Under  Dr.  Wiike
Hi   put  the  Universit
besc in drama
entirely by students under the direction of Tommy Lea,
Professor Thorlcif Larsen, the present honorary president, is .also
enthusiastic for this work of educational leadership, and consequently the club is presenting this year one of the greatest tragedies of
all time.
The year has been exceptionally active. A reading group and
make-up classes have been formed, a visit of the Cornish School
Puppeteers from Seattle was sponsored, the Christmas plays were
the greatest success in years, a good first showing was made in the
Dominion Drama Festival, and the tour is to be revived.
Altogether, after a difficult period of transition, the Players' Club
now looks forward to renewed advance on firmer and broader lines. BEACON
Week Starting Friday, March 15
And on our Stage
*  All Star  •
MARSHALL       ...,J
But don't let the title fool you! It's gay, spicy and
sophisticated! "The month's best!", says Photoplay
Magazine—"Orchids!", says Walter Winchell—"Most
appealing since 'Little Women'!", says the New York
The Laugh Hit of the Year!


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