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UBC Reports May 31, 1978

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 i V
Volume 24, No. 11, May 31, 1978. Published by
Information Services, University of B.C., 2075
Wesbrook Mall, Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1W5.
228-3131. Jim Banham and Mardie Gait,
editors. ISSN 0497-2929.
ubc reports
Ceremony has traditional roots
Ivy-covered traditions and new
beginnings — the ceremonial procession which originated in 1916 with
UBC's first graduation class continues as a record 3,444 graduates of
1978 receive degrees today (Wednesday, May 31) through Friday, June 2.
Chancellor Donovan Miller will
preside over Congregation
ceremonies and will confer honorary
and academic degrees which have
been approved by the Senate, UBC's
supreme academic body.
UBC's degree-granting ceremony
recognizes graduating students as individuals. Each student taking part
in the ceremony is presented to
Chancellor Miller by the dean, or his
representative, of the faculty in
which the student has been enrolled.
The chancellor taps each graduate
on the head with his mortar board to
symbolize the conferring of the
degree and the student's admission to
Convocation, the entire body of
graduates of the University.
The top students in each of UBC's
degree programs are singled out for
special attention when they receive
their degrees. The winner of the
Governor-General's Gold Medal as
head of the graduating classes in the
Faculties of Arts and Science is invited to the Congregation platform
where he or she receives the medal
from the chancellor following the
reading of a special citation.
Six honorary degrees will be conferred during the three-day
ceremony and a highlight of the final
day will be installation of Hon. J.V.
Clyne as twelfth UBC chancellor by
Hon. Henry P. Bell-Irving,
Lieutenant-Governor of B.C.
Congregation begins at 2:15 p.m.
each day in the War Memorial Gymnasium and is followed by a reception for students and spectators in
the Student Union Building.
Wednesday, May 31
Students from the Faculty of Arts
will  be granted doctor's degrees in
musical arts; master's degrees in arts,
fine arts, music, library science and
Continued on Page Two
UBC's 1978 Congregation will be the last one presided over by Chancellor
Donovan Miller, shown above conferring degree on graduating student.
His successor, Hon. J.V. Clyne, will be installed as chancellor for a three-
year term on June 2 by B.C.'s new lieutenant-governor, Hon. Henry Bell-
Graduates aid handicapped
Rehabilitation medicine graduates
asked for $1,500 to help improve the
physical environment on campus for
wheelchair students (approximately
25 attended classes last year). Their
request topped the polls.
Their proposals were based on a
survey on building accessibility at
UBC undertaken jointly by the '77
rehabilitation medicine grad class
and the Office of Student Services.
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A grant to improve access to more
campus facilities for wheelchair-
bound UBC students this is one of
the gifts to the University from the
1978 graduating class.
Children in the Acadia Camp area
and people in need of free legal advice will also benefit from the
generosity of the Class of '78.
Every year the graduating class sets
aside part of a graduation fee and a
vote is taken on projects submitted
for consideration. Continued from Page One
social work; bachelor's degrees in
arts, fine arts, home economics,
music and social work. Master of
Science and master's degrees in
business administration, bachelor's
degrees in commerce and Licentiate
in Accounting degrees will also be
The honorary degree of Doctor of
Laws will be conferred on Jack
Shadbolt, widely regarded as one of
Canada's finest painters. Mr.
Shadbolt's works are included in the
permanent collections of major
galleries across Canada and he has
had exhibitions in England, Poland,
Belgium and the United States. Born
in England and raised in Victoria, he
taught for many years at the Vancouver School of Art.
Dorothy Blakey Smith receives the
honorary degree of Doctor of Letters.
Dr. Smith earned her Master of Arts
degree at UBC in 1922 and obtained
her doctorate in 1933 from the
University of London. She was appointed to the Department of English
at UBC in 1935 and in 1957 joined
the staff of the Provincial Archives as
a researcher and editor, remaining
there until her retirement in 1968.
Thursday, June 1
On this day students will receive
the degrees of Master of Science,
Bachelor of Science, Doctor of
Education, Master of Arts in Education, Bachelor of Education, Master
of Physical Education, Bachelor of
Physical Education and Bachelor of
Recreation Education.
UBC professor emeritus of geological sciences Harry Warren and
McGill University Principal Robert
Bell will receive honorary Doctor of
Science degrees.
Dr. Warren, who attended UBC in
1921, was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford in the late 1920s where he obtained his Bachelor of Science degree
and his doctorate in natural science.
He has received many honors as a
scholar, teacher, scientist and
amateur sportsman, has visited
Moscow at the invitation of the
U.S.S.R. Academy of Science, and
last year was singled out as the
"father" of field hockey in Canada by
the International Hockey Federation.
Dr. Bell, who earned his bachelor's
degree from UBC in 1939, is a
distinguished nuclear physicist and
president-elect of the Royal Society
Dorothy Blakey Smith Harry Warren
Robert Bell
Thomas Dohm
Lawrence Wallace
of Canada. During the Second
World War he worked on radar
development with the National
Research Council and did research at
the Chalk River energy project. He
has been principal of McGill since
Friday, June 2
On the final day of ceremonies
Doctor of Philosophy degrees will be
conferred and students from UBC's
professional faculties and schools will
receive master's and bachelor's
degrees in applied science, architecture, engineering, agriculture, nursing, forestry, pharmacy, medicine,
rehabilitation medicine, dentistry
and law.
Hon. J.V. Clyne will be installed as
chancellor of UBC and honorary
Doctor of Laws degrees will be conferred on Thomas Dohm and
Lawrence Wallace.
Lawyer Thomas Dohm graduated
from UBC in 1937 and has been a
member of the UBC Board of Governors since 1972. He was a Supreme
Court justice for six years, was president of the Vancouver Stock Exchange and is a director of the Bank
of B.C. He also received the
Humanitarian Award of the B.C.
Lions Society for Crippled Children
in 1974.
Lawrence Wallace, born in Victoria, was a UBC graduate of 1938
and gained his master's degree from
the University of Washington in 1946
after serving in the Canadian navy
during the Second World War. He
joined the provincial Department of
Education in 1953, was appointed
deputy provincial secretary in 1959
and served as deputy to the premier
before accepting his present post as
B.C. Agent-General in London.
Following are the heads of
graduating classes of 1978. Unless
otherwise noted, winners are Vancouver residents:
The Association of Professional Engineers
Gold Medal (Head of the Graduating Class
in Engineering, B.A.Sc. degree): Brian W.
The Helen L. Balfour Prize, $300 (Head
of the Graduating Class in Nursing, B.S.N,
degree): Wanda M. Gordon, Lancashire,
The Ruth Cameron Medal for Librarian-
ship (Head of the Graduating Class in
Librarianship, M.L.S. degree): Mary K.W.
Matthews, Hamilton, Ont.
The Canadian Institute of Forestry Medal
(best overall record in Forestry in all years of
course, and high quality of character,
leadership, etc.): Alan J. Waters, Burnaby,
The College of Dental Surgeons of British
Columbia Gold Medal (Head of the
Graduating Class in Dentistry, D.M.D.
degree): Stanley Soon.
The College of Dental Surgeons of British
Columbia Gold Medal in Dental Hygiene
(leading student in the Dental Hygiene pro-
2/UBC Reports/May 31, 1978 gram): Joan I. McMillan, New Westminster,
The Dean of Medicine's Prize (School of
Rehabilitation Medicine) (Head of the
Graduating Class in Rehabilitation
Medicine, B.S.R. degree): Penny A. Wilson,
Chemainus, B.C.
The Governor-General's Gold Medal
(Head of the Graduating Classes in the
Faculties of Arts and Science, B.A. and
B.Sc. degrees): James L. Teichroeb, Penticton, B.C.
The Hamber Medal and Prize, $250
(Head of the Graduating Class in Medicine,
M.D. degree, best cumulative record in all
years of course): Penny J. Ballem, Montreal,
The Horner Prize and Medal for Pharmaceutical Sciences, $100 (Head of the
Graduating Class in Pharmaceutical
Sciences, B.Sc.Pharm. degree): Marilyn J.
Fraser, Kincaid, Sask.
The Kiwanis Club Prize, $300 (Head of
the Graduating Class in Commerce and
Business Administration, B.Com. degree):
Brian R. Watts, Edmonton, Aha.
Tree planted
The Class of '78 has continued the
tree-planting tradition initiated in
1919. Since that time trees have been
planted in different areas of the campus by graduating students.
A red cedar was carefully settled into the ground April 24 in the Fair-
view Grove on the Main Mall and
joins a growing cluster of red cedars
previously planted there by the
Classes of '75, '76 and '77.
The Law Society Gold Medal and Prize
(Call and Admission fee) (Head of the
Graduating Class in Law, LL.B. degree):
Marc E. Gold, Montreal, Que.
The H.R. MacMillan Prize in Forestry,
$200 (Head of the Graduating Class in
Forestry, B.S.F. degree): Carol A. Frost,
Chicago, 111.
The Physical Education Faculty Award
(Head of the Graduating Class in Physical
Education, B.P.E. degree): Wendy J.
The Recreation Society of British Columbia Prize (Head of the Graduating Class in
Recreation, B.R.E. degree): Leslie E.
The Royal Architectural Institute of
Canada Medal (outstanding student in Architecture, B.Arch. degree): Allan A.
Hepburn, Hamilton, Ont.
The Wilfrid Sadler Memorial Gold Medal
(Head of the Graduating Class in
Agricultural Sciences, B.Sc. degree):
Gertrud Jensen, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Special University Prize, $200 (Head of
the Graduating Class in Fine Arts, B.F.A.
degree): William J. Jeffries, Jersey City,
Special University Prize, $200 (Head of
the Graduating Class in Home Economics,
B.H.E. degree): Patricia A. Buckley.
Special University Prize, $200 (Head of
the Graduating Class in Licentiate in Accounting, Lie. Acct. degree): William D.
Special University Prize, $200 (Head of
the Graduating Class in Music, B.Mus.
degree): John F.I. Fairlie, Deep River, Ont.
The University Medal for Arts and
Science (Proficiency in the Graduating
Classes in the Faculties of Arts and Science,
B.A. and B.Sc. degrees): Yvonne Y. Hsieh,
Hong Kong.
Last degree ceremony for
key Congregation figures
Two people who play key behind-
the-scenes roles in the arrangements
for UBC's Congregation ceremony
for the awarding of academic and
honorary degrees retire this year.
The 1978 degree-granting ceremony on May 31 and June 1 and 2 will
be the last for Miss Peggy Sayle, administrative assistant in the UBC Ceremonies Office which makes the arrangements for all official University
occasions, and for Prof. Robert
Osborne, who has served as chief
marshal for the student procession
for a quarter of a century.
Planning for the spring ceremony
begins the previous autumn. When
the three-day event gets underway,
Miss Sayle has supervised the mailing
of thousands of invitations and
catalogued acceptances for the ceremony itself and the social events held
in conjunction with it, and circulated
to other key UBC personnel and
special guests instructions on
everything from seating arrangements to parking.
Prof. Osborne, who retires on June
30 after 32 years as director of UBC's
School of Physical Education and
Recreation, arrives at the Student
Union Building an hour before the
ceremony starts to calm the nerves
and avert confusion among the
graduating students who must line
up in a specific order for the degree
His humorous and good-natured
remarks to the graduating students
just before they file out of the Student Union Building on their way to
the ceremony in the War Memorial
Gymnasium are designed to eliminate cases of the jitters and butterflies in the stomach.
And as students reach the Congregation platform and prepare to
step forward to receive their degrees,
Prof. Osborne is there to "say a little
something" to each.
Miss Peggy Sayle and Prof. Robert
Osborne, key figures in behind-the-
scenes arrangements for UBC's annual Congregation, retire this year.
When the even files of honored
guests, faculty members and graduating students settle into their
places on the main floor of the War
Memorial Gymnasium there seems to
be an appropriate place for everyone
and, miraculously, everyone seems to
be in their proper place, thanks in
large measure to Miss Sayle and Prof.
And it has to be done right the first
"After all," says Peggy Sayle,
"there are no dress rehearsals for
UBC Reports/May 31,1978/3 NEXT WEEK AT UBC
"Next Week at UBC" will next appear on July 5
following the commencement of the 1978 Summer Session.
Three sessions of two weeks each will be held for boys and girls aged 7 to
14 at Unit 11, Physical Education Centre, at UBC July 3 to Aug. 11. Cost is
$32 per person per session. For more information and application forms,
contact Dr. F. Alex Carre, 228-3341.
Recitals, lectures, demonstration lessons, master classes and coaching sessions will be featured in a workshop sponsored by the National Association
of Teachers of Singing June 19 to 23, Recital Hall, Music Building. Judith
Forst, mezzo-soprano with the Metropolitan Opera Company, will give a
recital June 19. Other recitals by: Donald Brown, UBC; Dr. Thomas Galeeke,
Tacoma, Washington; Susan McBerry, soprano, Portland, Oregon. Cost for
the session, $45 for members; $65 for non-members. $4 for each evening
recital. For information on daily rates, call 228-3113.
The Centre for Developmental Medicine, in co-operation with the Departments of Pediatrics and Obstetrics and Gynaecology, will present seminars
from 12 noon to 1 p.m. in the Seminar Room. 811 W. 10th Ave. on June 7,14
and 21. Topics to be discussed, in order, are Recent Advances in LCAT
Research, Possible Role of Prolactin in Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy and Current Research in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
UBC Law Students Legal Advice Program offers free legal assistance to
people who cannot afford lawyers, at day and evening clinics in the Lower
Mainland. For information about the clinic nearest you, telephone 228-5791
or 872-0271.
The Three Cuckolds, adapted by Leon Katz, June 14 to 24; The Hostage, by
Brendan Behan, July 12 to 22; 'Tis Pity She's a Whore, by John Ford, Aug. 9
to 19. All productions begin at 8 p.m. in the Dorothy Somerset Theatre.
Adults $3, students $2.
Day school sessions from July 24 to Sept. 1 for boys aged 7 to 16. Five-day
course per session. $50. Seven-day resident school sessions for boys 8 to 16
from July 1 to Aug. 26. $155 per week. For further information and application forms telephone 228-3177, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday to Friday.
Batiks by Kirstie Schoolbraid, UBC Day Care Co-ordinator, will be
displayed at the Community Arts Council Gallery, 315 W. Cordova St., June
1 to June 28. Gallery hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday. For further information contact Winnifred Nowell at 683-4358.
2:15 p.m. CONGREGATION in the War Memorial Gymnasium. Reception following ceremony in the cafeteria of the Student
Union Building.
2:15 p.m. CONGREGATION in the War Memorial Gymnasium. Reception following ceremony in the cafeteria of the Student
Union Building.
2:30 p.m. COMPUTING CENTRE LECTURES. The second in a series of
ten lectures on FORTRAN LANGUAGE by Carol Bird, Computing Centre, UBC. Room 107, Computer Sciences Building.
2:15 p.m. CONGREGATION in the War Memorial Gymnasium, and installation of Hon. J.V. Clyne as Chancellor. Reception following ceremony in the cafeteria of the Student Union Building.
9:30 a.m. COMPUTING CENTRE LECTURES. The first in a series of
three lectures on SPSS — Statistical Package for Social
Sciences: An Intermediate Level Course by S. Kita, Computing Centre, UBC. Room 443, Computer Sciences Building.
10:30 a.m. COMPUTING CENTRE LECTURE. One lecture on Use of Terminals by M. DuMont, Computing Centre, UBC. Room 443,
Computer Sciences Building.
PUBLIC FORUM on new Grace and Children's Hospital.
Panel discussion by Lillian Moreton, facilities planning consultant; Stuart Fine, UBC psychiatry department; Jennifer
Warnyca. childbirth education; and Peter Burns, Faculty of
Law. Lecture Hall 2, Woodward Instructional Resources
8:00 p.m. IMMUNOLOGY SEMINAR. Dr. Mike Longenecker, Department of Immunology, University of Alberta, Edmonton, on
Genetic Resistance to Herpesvirus — Induced Lymphoma.
Music Room. Faculty Club.
2:30 p.m. CHEMISTRY SEMINAR. Prof. John W. Gilje, Department of
Chemistry, University of Hawaii at Manoa, on Organo-
uranium Chemistry with Phosphorus Ylides. Room 225,
Chemistry Building.
Continued from Page One
The hope is that as architectural
barriers on campus are removed, an
increasing number of disabled
students will be able to attend
University. Presently many register
for courses held in rooms that are inaccessible to them.
The Law Students' Legal Advice
Program will receive $2,500, which
will  ensure continuation of a pro-
4/UBC Reports/May 31, 1978
gram initiated in 1968.
Ten free daytime legal clinics in
the Lower Mainland area will be
staffed by 17 law students this summer to provide advice to those who
do not qualify for B.C. legal aid.
Evening clinics staffed by volunteers
are held during the winter months
(some will be held this summer also).
The law students are backed up by
supervisory and practising lawyers on
call. More than 6,000 people come to
the clinics for assistance annually.
A third grad class gift of $5,000
will go to the University Day Care
Council which operates nine centres
in the University area.
The money will help restore and
equip Hut 89 on Acadia Road for use
as a gymnasium. The hut was
destroyed by fire and when refurbished will be used by 170 day care pupils
and some 600 neighbourhood


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