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UBC Reports May 17, 1990

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UBC Archives Serial
The University of British Columbia
Vancouver. British Columbia
Volume 36. Number 10
May 17. 1990
Drug found to reduce
pain from arthritfe
A team of Canadian medical researchers including an investigator from UBC has found
that medication used in the prevention of organ
transplant rejection reduces inflammation and
pain, and improves joint movement in persons
suffering from severe rheumatoid arthritis.
Cyclosporine lessened joint swelling and
morning stiffness in one third of the patients
receiving the drug after six months of treatment,
the researchers report. Previously, cyclosporine
has offered significant improvements in long-
term heart transplant survival and has helped
transform liver transplantation from an experimental procedure to a practical therapy.
Rheumatoid arthritis, a chronic, recurring
inflammatory joint disorder, affects more than
200,000 Canadians. In the most severe cases, it
can lead to substantial disability and even death.
The cause of rheumatoid arthritis is not known.
Rheumatologist Dr. Andrew Chalmers of
UBC's Faculty of Medicine was the chief inves-
Dr. Chalmers
tigator for B.C.'s clinical
trial centre. Six centres in
Ontario, Quebec and B.C.
involving 144 patients in
clinical trials using low
doses of cyclosporine began tests in 1987.
"In patients with very
severe rheumatoid arthritis, this drug performed as
well as some of our standard therapies do in patients with only mild cases," Dr. Chalmers said.
"This type of study could not have been done
without the cooperation of multiple centres," he
explained. "It is a unique collaboration that is
developing in Canada to look at issues related to
rheumatoid arthritis."
The $1.1-million funding for the study was
provided by Sandoz Canada, the Ontario Ministry of Health, the Fond de Recherche du Quebec
and the Canadian Arthritis Society.
Provincial program
Researchers win $2.19 million
A total of 38 projects funded by
$2.19-million in grants will be headed
by UBC scientists and engineers under
a new provincial research program.
Winners of the Science and Technology Development Fund — Assistance Grants for Applied Research
competition were recently announced
by Bruce Strachan, Minister of Advanced Education, Training and Technology.
The competition is designed to support applied research and development
in all sectors of the economy and regions of the province.
Projects were judged by the volunteer peer review committee of the Science Council of B.C. and were examined on the basis of four criteria: scientific and technical merit, economic
potential, planning and the applicants'
capabilities and resources.
Altogether, 140 B.C. companies and
organizations received a total of $8.78-
million in support of their applied research and development projects.
Awards ranged from $10,000 to
Williams Lake-based New Trend Oil
Inc. to $194,000 to Richmond-based
EBCO Industries Ltd. The average
award was $60,000.
Some of the larger grants to UBC
included: Philip Hill, Mechanical Engineering, $142,040 to develop an in-
tensifier-injector for natural gas fuel
ling of diesels; Tom Tiedje, Physics
and Electrical Engineering, $108,592
for molecular beam epitaxy growth and
semiconductor films; $104,989 for
Keith McErlane, Pharmaceutical Sciences, for determination of washout
time for antibiotics and their tissue
distribution in salmon; John Carlson,
Forest Sciences, $98,500 for DNA
marker-assisted selection for weevil
resistance in Spruce.
Other   UBC   projects   included:
Stephen Withers, Chemistry, $90,060
to study environmentally benign control of the fungal degradation of wood
projects; John Grace, Chemical Engineering, $87,080 to develop a new
process for natural gas reforming;
Hamish Kimmins, Forest Sciences,
$85,440 to study methods of recycling
urban sewage sludge and other organic
waste as slow release forest fertilizer;
Douglas Kilburn, Microbiology,
$84,000 to study high-intensity batch
cultures of animals cells.
Law School ranked
second in Canada
UBC Law School has been ranked
second in Canada by a U.S. rating service.
Only the University of Toronto
topped UBC in the 1989 edition ofthe
Gourman Report, a rating of graduate
and professional programs in universities in the United States and other countries. It was the first time that Canadian universities were ranked.
"We are delighted," Associate Dean
of Law Elizabeth Edinger said of the
results, which were widely distributed
within the faculty. "It put us right up
where we think we belong."
Ratings are based on factors such
as qualifications of faculty, requirements for admission, budgets, libraries
and curriculum.
Some Canadian law educators have
downplayed the Gourman rating system, saying it places too much emphasis on budgets and the number of books
in the library and not enough on the
intellectual climate of the school.
Others were surprised that York
University's prestigious Osgoode Hall
was ranked second to last among Ca-
See LAW on Page 2
Photo by Media Services
Rick Hansen (No. 12) helps the British Columbia team at the 1990
National Wheelchair Basketball Championships, part of UBC's
Discover Summer celebration. Alberta won the men's division and Red
Deer the women's.	
McGeer team
sheds new light
on Alzheimer's
Anti-inflammatory drugs may impede the development of Alzheimer's
disease in persons with rheumatoid arthritis, a UBC neuroscientist has reported.
Studies by Dr. Patrick McGeer and
his colleagues suggest that the prevalence of Alzheimer's disease in patients receiving long-term anti-inflammatory drug therapy for rheumatoid
arthritis is unexpectedly low.
Alzheimer's disease is a progressive deterioration of intellectual functions involving irreversible memory
loss. It usually occurs between ages 40
and 60 and more often in women than
in men. There are an estimated 350,000
Alzheimer's patients in Canada.
Dr. McGeer bases his findings on
data from post mortem analyses of
Alzheimer's patients, rheumatoid arthritis clinics, Alzheimer's disease clinics and hospital statistics.
Patients over the age of 64 who
were diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, rheumatoid arthritis or both were
analyzed. Only .39 per cent of those
patients diagnosed with rheumatoid
arthritis had Alzheimer's disease, and
.50 per cent of those with Alzheimer's
disease had rheumatoid arthritis.
The average of several studies on
the prevelence of Alzheimer's disease
in the over-64 general population is
about 2.7 per cent, Dr. McGeer said.
"We know from studies on post
mortem tissue that Alzheimer's disease is characterized by low-grade in-
Dr. McGeer
flammation of
the brain, but
we do not know
whether the
apparently low
prevelence of
the disease in
rhematoid ar-
thritics is due to
their anti-inflammatory
therapy,"    Dr.
McGeer explained. "One way to find
out would be to conduct clinical trials
of mild anti-inflammatory agents in
early Alzheimer's disease. The best
one can hope for is to arrest or inhibit
the progression of the disease."
The study was recently published
in the British medical journal, Lancet.
Co-authors were Dr. Edith McGeer of
UBC; Dr. Joseph Rogers of the Institute of Biogerontology in Sun City,
Ariz.; and Dr. John Sibley of the University of Saskatchewan.
UBC Reports
publishing schedule
The next edition of UBC Reports
will be published on Tuesday, May 29
to coincide with the beginning of Congregation.
UBC Reports will publish once in
each of June, July and August on June
14, July 12 and Aug. 2.
The regular biweekly schedule will
resume with the Sept. 6 issue. UBC REPORTS May 17.1990       2
Photo by Steve Chan
More titan 5,000 Lower Mainland riders of all ages took part in the 52-kilometre Manulife Ride for Heart in
late April which began and ended at UBC. The ride raised money for the B.C. and Yukon Heart Foundation.
Proposals presented for
Women Students' Office
A university review of the Office
for Women Students recommends that
it continue as an independent unit and
its mandate, which includes advising,
counselling and advocacy, be confirmed.
The review committee, chaired by
Associate Dean of Law Elizabeth Ed-
inger, was formed in March, 1989 to
advise the President's Office on the
need for and effectiveness of the services provided by the Office for Women
"Continuing the Office for Women
Students will constitute a positive statement by the university that it recognizes the special needs of women in
contemporary society," the
committee's report stated.
The committee was asked to review the history of the office, its mandate and functions, its relationship to
other student service units and academic departments and examine its
effectiveness as an academic support
It was also asked to recommend
future directions for the office.
The committee's recommendations
included the development of cooperation and coordination between the Of-
Longhouse event
in Fall
The site dedication ofthe new First
Nations House of Learning longhouse
has been postponed until the Fall, said
Vema Kirkness, director.
The new building, which will resemble a traditional West Coast long-
house, will function as a student centre
with a library and meeting and seminar rooms.
flee for Women Students and the Student Counselling and Resources Centre
in terms of programs offered.
It also recommended greater coordination among the office, the
Women's Studies Programme, the
Academic Women's Association and
other academic organizations.
A search committee for a new director, chaired by Nursing Professor
Clarissa Green, is now being established. Candidates are being sought
from within the academic community
and in the outside community.
The President's Office has accepted
the review committee's recommendations.
"I'm pleased with the review report
and look forward to working with the
new director," said K.D. Srivastava,
Vice-President, Student and Academic
The review committee members
included Green, Chemistry Head Larry
Weiler, Faculty of Commerce and
Business Administration Assistant
Dean Catherine Vertesi, Faculty of
Medicine Professor David Godin, and
students Mary McBurnie and Lisa
Berkowitz & Associates
Statistics and Mathematics Consulting
•research design
•data analysis
• forecasting
Jonathan Berkowitz, Ph.D.
4160 Staulo Crescent, Vancouver, B.C., V6N 3S2
Office: (604) 263-1508      Home: (604) 263-5394
Law School ranked
Continued from Page 1
nadian universities.
Canadian law schools, as ranked by
Gourman in descending order, are:
Toronto, UBC, McGill, Ottawa, Alberta, Dalhousie, Manitoba, Western
Ontario, Queen's, Victoria, Windsor,
Calgary, York and Saskatchewan.
UBC Reports
ad deadlines
UBC Reports is now distributed by the
Vancouver Courier on the west side on
alternate Sundays
May 29 (Congregation)
June 14
July 12
August 2
September 6
Deadline 4 p.m.
May 17
June 4
July 3
July 23
August 23
For more information, or to place
an ad, phone 228-4775
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photo-copies just like your
Not like the original at all.
Our Canon Laser Copier makes an accurate copy from your artwork,
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of functions there is so much this copier can do. You will be surprised
at just how affordable it is to have your own custom made colour copies.
Please call for more information.
UBC Media Services Photography 228-4775
Classified advertising can be purchased from Media Services. Phone
228-4775. Ads placed by faculty and staff cost $6 per insertion for 35
words. Others are charged $7. Thursday, May17at4p.m. isthedeadline
for the next issue of UBC Reports which appears on Tuesday, May 29.
Deadline for the following edition on June 14 is 4 p.m. Monday, June 4.
All ads must be paid in advance in cash, by cheque or internal requisition.
professional looking results with WP5
and HP Deskjet Plus printer. Editing
and proofreading. Competitive rates.
Pickup and delivery available at extra
cost. West End location. Call Suzanne
VICTORIA REAL ESTATE: Experienced, knowledgeable realtor with faculty references will answer all queries
and send information on retirement
or investment opportunities. No cost
or obligation. Call (604) 5t»5-3200.
Lois Dutton, REMAX Ports West, Victoria, B.C.
EDmNG: Nleedtr^finalpofehing touch?
Experienced English PhD Student will
erJt your MS, thesis, novel, etc for spelling grammar and general style, 536-5137.
NOTARY PUBLIC: for all your Notarial Services including Wills, Conveyancing and Mortgages, contact Pauline
Matt, 4467 Dunbar St., (at 28th &
Dunbar), Vancouvei, B.C. Telephone
(604) 222-9994.
HOUSECLEANING: Environmentally
friendly. I use products that are less
damaging to the environment. Call me
to clean your house or teach you how
to "clean green." Kelly 732-8927. UBC
or 14th and Dunbar area.
CHILDREN 6-12. Professionally run
fun summer childcare service on campus. 7:45 am - 6 pm. Excursions, arts/
crafts, beach hikes, swimming, etc.
Weekly, monthly rates. Call Bonnie or
Lynn 228-6424.
IS YOUR BABY Between 2 and 24
months? Perhaps you'd be be interested in participating in research on
language development at U.B.C. Just
a one-time visit to our infant play room!
Please contact Dr. Baldwin if you'd
like more information: 228-6908.
JIVE CLASSES. Will be offered by
UBC Dance Club starting Thursday,
May 3rd, 7.30-8.30pm in the Osborne
Gym. Lessons run for 5 weeks. $25
per person (couples not necessary).
Space is limited. Call 228-3248.
HELP! Our wooden sign from "The
Shop in the Garden," UBC Botanical
Gardens was "borrowed" by naughty
little elves last week. Please return it
and receive our heartfelt thanks, or
call us at 228-4529 with any information you have that might lead to its
would like to offer you the opportunity
to meet new people, assist others
and learn new skills through volunteering. Help is currently needed in
our gift shops, a variety of activity
programs and visiting. Call Volunteer
Services Association 228-7528 or
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Media Services Photography at 228-
4775. (3rd floor LPC, 2206 East Mall). UBCREPORTS May 17.1990       3
Summer Dental Clinic
helps Vancouver kids
School-age children from Greater
Vancouver requiring extensive dental
care and financial assistance have only
one place to turn to in the province —
UBC's Summer Dental Clinic, organized and operated by the Faculty of
Approximately 1,000 children between the ages of six and 12 will be
bused in from as far away as Chilli wack to receive dental care at this
year's clinic, running May 7 to June
"There are literally thousands of
children who wouldn't have anywhere
else to turn without this program, the
only one of its kind in the province,"
said Dr. Jack Hann. coordinator ofthe
clinic with Dr. John Silver for the past
five years.
The provincial government has
funded the Summer Dental Clinic at
UBC since it began operation in 1974.
The grant pays for supplies used at the
clinic as well as the transportation of
the children, and provides a small stipend to the third and fourth year students from the Faculty of Dentistry
Johal named
to Board
Asa Johal, founder of Terminal
Sawmills, has been appointed to UBC's
Board ofGovernors.
Johal is a member of numerous
associations including the Council of
Forest Industries in B.C. and the North
American Lumber Wholesalers Association. He is also active in the International Punjabi Society and B.C.'s
Children's Hospital.
"The role of board members in the
leadership and governance of our universities is very important," said Bruce
Strachan, Minister of Advanced Education, Training and Technology, in
making the announcement. "Mr.
Johal's background and expertise will
be a valuable asset to the Board."
UBC President David Strangway
added that the university is honored to
have Johal, with his long-standing
commitment to community service,
join the Board ofGovernors.
Johal's appointment is for three
years effective immediately.
Photo by Media Services
Dr. Jack Hann (left) greats children from the Vancouver area arriving
at UBC's Summer Dental Clinic.
who perform the dental treatments.
Ministry of Health personnel visit
schools in the health jurisdictions of
Burnaby, Richmond, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Surrey and Vancouver throughout the year, identifying
children in need of dental care.
Their lists are then sent to UBC's
Faculty of Dentistry for consideration.
Applications for treatment at the clinic
are assessed according to urgency and
financial need, Dr. Hann explained.
Each Summer Clinic day is divided
into two clinical sessions of three hours
duration. The children first undergo
oral examinations, x-rays and diagnosis. They may then receive oral treatments ranging from temporary fillings
to crowns and extractions.
"About 25 per cent of all people in
B.C. don't have dental coverage," said
Dr. Hann. "If a child's family doesn't
have funds to visit a dentist on their
own they don't get dental care. It's as
simple as that. But the children who
come to our clinic can get access to
care of all kinds, no matter how extensive or costly."
During its six weeks of operation
last year, the Summer Dental Clinic
treated about 800 children in the combined regions within the Greater Vancouver area.
The estimated value of dental services provided was almost $200,000, or
about $230 per child.
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Fitness Appraisal
Physical    Education   and    Recreation,
through the John M. Buchanan Fitness
and Research Centre, administers physical fitness assessments. Students, $25,
others $30. Call 228-4356.
Surplus Equipment
Recycling Facility
All surplus items. Every Wednesday,
noon-3 pm. Task Force Bldg, 2352 Health
Sciences Mall. CaH 228-2813.
Neville Scarfe Children's Garden
Located west of the Education Building.
Free admission. Open all year. Families
interested in planting, weeding or watering the garden, call Gary Pennington at
228-6386 or Jo-Anne Naslund at 434-
Botanical Garden
Open every day from 10am-7pm. Free
admission Wednesdays. Call 228-3928.
(Also see: Discover Summer At UBC.)
Nitobe Garden
Open Monday to Friday, 10am-7pm. Free
admission Wednesdays. Call 228-3928.
The UBC Computer Shop\$
moving up to new heights.
By June 1 st, we will be serving
your personal computer needs
on the mezzanine level of the
Bookstore. Drop by and check
out our new location.
"nit     i       .    •      ),
^SSSv' ****** '
y I 5 -  I '* >) I
UBC Computer Shop. 228 - 4748
Table tennis
championship set
Which Olympic sport reportedly was originally
played by members of the
British Army in 19th century
India with champagne
corks and cigar box tops
across a table divided by a
row of books?
The answer is table tennis
and from Friday, May 18 to
Monday, May 21 the War
Memorial Gym will
be the site of furious table tennis action, The Canadian
will be decided ~>
over the long
weekend, with
events getting under way at 9 a.m.
Friday. This is a return engagement
at the gym for the
championships —
they were also
held there in 1979. For more
information call 737-3000.
Seniors are an active,
growing segment of the
UBC community and the
Centre for Continuing Education has developed a
summer program just for
them. Courses run for a
week at a time, at a cost of
$29 per week. Offerings will
include thought-provoking
lectures and discussions on
topics ranging from politics
and religion to Shakespeare
and Picasso.
There will also be opportunities for hands-on experience with user-friendly computers. There are no prerequisites for any of the
courses, which run from 9:30
a.m. to noon, Monday, May
28 to Friday, June 22.
Registration before May
22 is recommended. And
for those wanting a real
taste of university life, campus accommodation is
available. For more information call 222-5237.
Director of Ceremonies
Dr. CE. Slonecker and his
team in the Ceremonies
Office are hard at work preparing for Congregation,
which will be held at the
War Memorial Gym from
Tuesday, May 29 to Friday,
June 1.
More than 5,500 students
are scheduled to receive
their degrees in eight ceremonies spread out over four
days. Twenty-three honorary degrees will also be
awarded. Recipients will be
recognized for achievements in such areas as public service, research, the
creative and performing
arts, broadcasting and law.
Again this year UBC President David Strangway will
host a fun-
dra isin g
dinner     at
House as part of
Opera's  Night  of
1,001 Dinners. On Friday, June 8 a total
of 29 dinners will
take place in Vancouver to benefit
the VO.
This year's theme
at MacKenzie House
will be Alice in Wonderland.
Guests in Victorian period
attire, or costumed as a
character from the
children's story will play
croquet before enjoying
dinner and entertainment.
Singer Ann Mortifee is the
celebrity guest. Tickets for
the fundraiser are available
from Vancouver Opera at
JULY 10-15
Another national sporting
event at UBC this summer is
the Canadian Special
Olympics, which, in keeping with the Olympic tradition, are held every four
years. From Tuesday, July
10 to Sunday, July 15 about
800 athletes will be at UBC
to compete for the sheer
joy of participating.
Most of the events (aquatics, power lifting, rhythmic gymnastics and soccer) will be held at UBC,
while track and field and
bowling will take place off-
Teams of mentally handicapped athletes from all 10
provinces and two territories will compete, including
about 150 B.C. participants.
Opening ceremonies will
take place on July 11 at
B.C. Place Stadium, featuring honorary games coach
and former Vancouver
Canucks hockey star Dave
"Tiger" Williams.
Each event also has an
honorary coach, including
UBC's 1984 Olympic gold
medallist Lori Fung for rhythmic gymnastics, For more
information call 737-3105. UBC REPORTS May 17.1990       4
May 20
June 2
Biochemistry Seminar
Gene Transfer In Murine B
Cells Using Retroviral Vectors and Cytokine Regulation of B Call Differentiation. Dr. Kenneth Grab-
stein,   Immunology,   Im-
munex, Seattle. IRC #1 at 3:30pm. Call
Medical Genetics Seminar
Congenital Muscular Dystrophy And Brain
Malformations. Dr. David Wargowski,
Med. Genetics, University Hospital,
Shaughnessy Site. IRC #4 at 8am. Coffee at 7:45am. Call 228-5311.
Puip And Paper Centre Seminar
Liquid Crystalline Cellulose Derivatives.
Dr. Derek Gray, Pulp/Paper Research
Institue of Canada and McGill U., Montreal, PQ. Pulp/Paper Centre, 2385 East
Mall, Seminar Room 101 from 2-3:00 pm.
Call 228-8560.
Microbiology Seminar
T Cell Development In TCR Transgenic
Mice. Dr. Doug Carlow, Postdoctoral Fellow, Microbiology, UBC. Wesbrook 201
from 1230-1:30pm. Call 228-6648.
Orthopaedics Grand Rounds
Teaching And Learning
Orthopaedics. Alan Graham-Apley, London, England. Chairman: Dr.
Robert McGraw. Eye Care
Centre Auditorium at
7:30am. CaH 875-4646.
Economics Departmental
^■bm Public Policies In The Sup-
4^^. ply Of Child Care Services.
■L^h James Walker, U. of Wis-
^Hj^A consin. Madison. Host:
^^^ Prof. C. Riddell. Econom-
^^■^^^ ics   Conference   Room,
Buchanan Tower 910 from 4-5:30pm. Call
Robotics/Automation Lecture
Final for 1989/90 of the CICSR Distinguished Lecture Series. The Potential Of
Robotics. Dr. Michael Brady, Prof, and
Head, Engineering Science, Oxford, England. Civil/Mechanical Engineering Building 1202 from 1-2pm. Call 228-6894.
Biotechnology Laboratory
Gene For Gene Interaction Specifying
Disease Resistance In Plant-Bacterial Interactions. Dr. Brian Staskowitz, U. of
California, Berkeley. Wesbrook 201 at
4pm. Call Dr. I_ Glass at 228-3155.
UBC Reports is the faculty and
staff newspaper of the University
of British Columbia. It is published every second Thursday by
the UBC Community Relations
Office, 6328 Manorial Rd., Vancouver, B.C, V6T 1W5.
Telephone 228-3131.
Advertising inquiries: 228-4775.
Director: Margaret Nevin
Editor: Howard Fluxgold
Contributors: Connie Filletti,
Paula Martin, Jo Moss
and Gavin Wilson.
For events in the period June 3 to June 16 notices must be submitted by CBC faculty or staff on proper Calendar forms no later
than noon on Friday, May 18 to the Community Relations Office, 6328 Memorial Rd., Room 207, Old Administration Building.
For more information call 228-3131. Notices exceeding 35 words may he edited.
Chemical Engineering
Special Seminar
Dynamic Interfacial Tensions Between
Acidic Oils And Alkaline Solutions. Dr.
Vladimir Hornof, Syncrude Canada/U. of
Ottawa. ChemEngineering 206 at 3:30pm.
Call 228-3238.
Psychiatry Academic
Lecture Program
Seasonal Affective Disor-
der-The Alaskan Perspective. Dr. Carla Helleckson,
Clinical Asst. prof., U. of
Washington, Providence
Sleep Disorders Centre,
Seattle. University Hospital, UBC Site
2NA/Bfrom8-9am. Coffee and muffins at
7:45am. Call 228-7325.
African Student Association
(UBC) Video
Mozambique: The Struggle
For Survival. Examines the
origins, the effects on the
people and the economy of
the war with the Rename
Everyone welcome.    Free
refreshments. International House Lounge
at 5pm. Call 738-5917.
MONDAY, MAY 28   j
Biochemistry Seminar
The Ick Gene In Oncogenesis And T-Cell
Function. Dr. Jamey Marth, Biomedical
Research Centre, UBC. IRC #4 at 3:45pm.
Call 228-2792.
Statistics Seminar
Bayesian Belief Network
Models In Medical, Eco-
~ _-_   logical and Cognitive Sci-
U /0U!m  ences.    Dr. Timothy C.
Haas,   Statistics,   U.   of
Washington.    Ponderosa
Annex C 102 at 4pm. Call 228-3167.
Pathology Special Lecture
The Clinical Use Of The Polymerase Chain
REaction. Dr. K.A. Fleming, Oxford U.
Taylor Lecture Theatre, Laurel Street
Pavilion 1, Vancouver General Hospital
from 9-10am. Call 875-4577.
Orthopaedics Grand Rounds
Orthopaedics And Research Study Design. Drs.
SjSf^lj^ Martin Schecter and Sam
Shep, both Epidemiology,
UBC. Chairman: Dr. P. J.
O'Brien. Eye Care Centre
Auditorium at 7:30am. Call 875-4646.
Biotechnology Laboratory
SOP *5.£ *" Designing Metabolic Path-
«-*■# *I:' ways With Novel Activities.
%,"* ^ "* Dr. Kenneth Timmis, Na-
iljje?' 4**- tional Research Centre for
SMS**^** Biotechnology,      Braun-
^^k,-,° **■ schweig, West Germany.
IRC #3 at 4pm. Call Dr. M. Smith at 228-
Botanical Garden Theme Tours
May theme is alpine and native plant life.
Tea available. May 27 at 10:30am and
1:30pm. Call 228-4028.
Spring/Summer Sports Program
Adult and children's recreational sport
programs. Continues to August 30. Call
Community Sport Services at 228-3688
Picnics On The Point
Combine a variety of complete picnic
packages and barbecues with visits to
pools, museums, gardens and other campus attractions. Available for groups from
2-500. Call Food Services at 228-6828.
Campus Tours
Special walking tours of campus facilities
and attractions. Continues until August
31. Monday to Friday from Student Union
Building 10am, 1 pm and (by arrangement)
3pm. Call 228-3777.
B.C. Asian Art Exhibition
Featuring six prominent local artists who
specialize in Asian themes and techniques.
Continues until May 27 in the Asian Centre
Auditorium. Tuesday to Sunday, 11 am-
5pm. Call 228-2746.
Outdoor Theatre For Children
The UBC Summer Players present Androcles and the Lion. A family show. Until
August 17 at the west side of Student
Union Building. Monday, Wednesday and
Friday at noon upon completion of the
10am campus tours. Call 228-2678.
UBC Summer Strings Concerts
A series of concerts by a select group of
string players from the School of Music.
May 23 and 30, 12:30pm. Tickets $2 at
the door. May 24 at 8pm. Adults $8,
senior citizens and students $4. School of
Music Recital Hall. Call 228-3113.
Summer Program For
Retired People
Twenty course options including anthropology, music, geography, literature, current events and computers. May 28-June
22. From 9:30am-12noon Monday-Friday. Call Centre for Continuing Education
at 222-5237.
Annual Congregation
Annual congregation for conferring of
degrees in course and honorary degrees.
May 29-June 1 at War Memorial Gymnasium. Morning ceremonies at 9:30am;
afternoon ceremonies at 2:30pm.
Summer Stock Theatre
UBC Players present Cole, a musical revue of Cole Porter's greatest hits. With
drinks and desserts, cabaret style. Tickets $10. Group discounts available. May
22-August 11 in the Dorothy Somerset
Studio at 8pm. Reservations 228-2678.
For The Record
Documents from the UBC Fine Arts Gallery archives 1948-1990. Continues until
July 28 at the Fine Arts Gallery. Tuesday-
Saturday, 1-5pm. Call 228-2759.
Dairy Barn Tours
Five tours daily including during milking
times. Until August in the Animal Science
Dairy Barn, 3473 Wesbrook Mall. Call
Triumf Tours
Tri-University Meson Facility containing the
world's largest proton-beam producing
cyclotron. Not recommended for children
under 14. Parts of the route my be difficult
for the pregnant or handicapped and persons with pace-makers should not take
the tour. May through August, weekdays
at 11 am and 2pm. Call 222-1047.
Canadian Table
Tennis Championships
First time in Vancouver since 1979. May
18-21 at War Memorial Gym. Call 737-
3000 loc. 2012.
Physiology International
Amino Acids and Neurotransmitters.
Twelve internationally renowned speakers. Fee: $100. May 28-29 in IRC. Call
J.R. Ledsome at 228-2671.
Newman Association
50th Anniversary
Vancouver branch. Celebration May 26-
27 at St. Mark's College and The Faculty
Club. Pre-registration required. Call 922-
0493 or 732-6296.
One/two day business seminars. May 20-
June 2 series includes Child Care Policy,
$325; Employment Law, $450; Inventory
Management, $595; Dealing With Troubled Employees, $495. Call 224-8400.
Hispanic/Italian Studies
7th colloquium of Catalan Studies in North
America. Most of the papers will be given
in Catalan. May 23-26, foyer of Walter
GageTowersat10:15am. Call228-2268.
AMS/UBC Job Link
A summer-long service which links employers in private, public and non-profit
organizations with qualified, capable UBC
students looking for career-related work.
Register or post a job at SUB 10OB, Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm, FAX 228-6093
or call 228-JOBS.
Language Programs/Services
Japanese and Mandarin Intensive weekend at Lake Okanagan Resort, May 19-
21. Non-credit, conversational. Fee: $300
includes meals and tuition. Call LP/S,
Centre For Continuing Education at 222-
English Language Institute
Professional Development
Series for practicing language teachers.
Topics range from Teaching Literature In
The ESL/EFL Classroom to Using The
Language Lab. One/two evenings per
week; primarily Tuesdays from 7-9pm.
Through June. Call 222-5208.
CNPS Quarter Century Reunion
Call for registration. All CNPS students,
alumni, associates, faculty and staff are
invited to meet old friends and make new
ones at Counselling Psychology's 25th
Year Reunion. Call 228-5259.
International House
Reach Out Program
Local students/staff/faculty correspond
with international students accepted to
UBC. Act as contact and provide useful
information to incoming students while
making global friends. Canadians and
Internationals welcome. Call 228-5021.
Sleep Disorders Study
Volunteers 18-45 years suffering from
Chronic Insomnia needed for a study on
sleep-promoting medication (hypnotics).
Must be available to sleep overnight at a
lab for five nights. Call Carmen Ramirez
at 228-7927.
Career Development Study
Research study on communication between parents and adolescents regarding
career and educational choices. Young
people aged 12-19 and one parent needed
to participate in an interview. Call Dr.
Richard Young at 228-6380.
Hypertension in
Pregnancy Study
Pregnant women, concerned about their
blood pressure, are invited to participate.
The study compares relaxation training
with standard medical treatment (own
physician). Call Dr. Wolfgang Linden at
Daily Rhythms Study
Volunteers needed, aged 30-40 and living
with a heterosexual partner, to keep a
daily journal (average 5 min. daily) for 4
months, noting patterns in physical/social
experiences. Call Jessica McFarlane at
Post Polio Study
Persons with polio needed
for functional assessment
and possible training programs. Elizabeth Dean,
PhD, School of Rehabilitation Medicine. Call 228-
Multiple Sclerosis Study
Persons with mild to moderately severe
MS needed for study on exercise responses. Elizabeth Dean, PhD, School of
Rehab. Medicine. Call 228-7392.
Back Pain Research
Volunteers needed for magnetic resonance imaging of healthy spines.. Men/
women aged 18-60, non-pregnant, no
pacemakers, no intracranial clips and no
metal fragments in the eye. University
Hospital employees excluded. Call June
8am-4pm, Monday-Thursday at 228 -
Psychology Study
Opinions of teenage girls and their parents on important issues surfacing in family life. Volunteers needed, aged 13-19
plus one or both parent(s). Call Lori Taylor at 733-0711.
Sexual Harassment Office
Two advisors are available to discuss
questions and concerns on the subject.
They are prepared to help any member of
the UBC community who is being sexually
harassed to find a satisfactory resolution.
Call Margaretha Hoek or Jon Shapiro at
To find an interesting and challenging volunteer job, get in touch with Volunteer
Connections, Student Counselling and
Resources Centre, Brock 200. Call 228-
Narcotics Anonymous Meetings
Every Tuesday (including holidays) from
12:30-2pm, University Hospital, UBC site,
Room 311 (through Lab Medicine from
Main Entrance). Call 873-1018 (24-hour
Help Line).
See CALENDAR on Page 3


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