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UBC Reports May 15, 1986

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 May 15,1986
Volume 32 Number 10
Calendar Deadlines
For events in the period June 1 to June 14, notices must
be submitted on proper Calendar forms no later than 4
p.m. on Thursday, May 22 to the Community Relations
Office, 6328 Memorial Road, Room 207, Old
Administration Building. For more information, call
Victoria Day. University Closed.
Mining and Mineral Process
Engineering Seminar.
Pilot Plants in Mineral Processing. Dr. David G.
Osborne, Kilborn Engineering (B.C.) Vancouver. Room
317, Frank Forward Building. 9a.m.
Joint Applied Mathematics and
Mathematics Seminar.
TBA. Dr. Alan Jepson, Computer Science, University of
Toronto. Room 229, Mathematics Building. 2 p.m.
Joint Applied
Engineering Seminar.
On Pressure Boundary Conditions and Numerical
Methods for the Navier-Stokes Equations. Dr. Philip
Gresho, Atmospheric and Geophysical Sciences Div.,
Physics Department, Lawrence Livermore National
Laboratory. Room 229, Mathematics Building. 2 p.m.
Biochemical Discussion Group.
Regulation of the   -globulin Gene by Glucocorticoids.
Dr. William Addison, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory,
Cold Spring, NY. Room 4210, Block A, Medical Sciences
Building. 4p.m.
Cancer Research Seminar.
Radiosensitization of Cervix Cancer in Anemic Patients
by Metronidazole Treatment. Prof. Laszlo Revesz,
Tumor Biology II, Karolinska Institute, Sweden. Lecture
Theatre, B.C. Cancer Research Centre, 601 W. 10th
Ave. 12 noon.
Medical Genetics Seminar.
Parental Grief. Dr. Sydney Segal, Paediatrics, UBC.
Parentcraft Room, Main Floor, Grace Hospital, 4490 Oak
Street. 1 p.m.
Continuing Education Lecture.
Growing Up, Moving On: Linking Personal Growth and
Societal Transformation. Ruben Nelson, public and
corporate affairs consultant, futures researcher,
philosop her and theologian. Author of The Illusions of
Urban Man and Thinking About the Future of Work.
Admission is $7. Inquiries at 222-5261. IRC 4. 8 p.m.
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Continuing Education Seminar.
Growing Up, Moving On: Linking Personal Growth and
Societal Transformation. Rueben Nelson, public and
corporate affairs consultant, futures researcher,
philosopher and theologian. Author of The Illusions of
Urban Man"and "Thinking About the Future of Work."
Fee is $40. Inquiries at 222-5261. Conference Room,
Centre for Continuing Education. 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
Mystery Petroglyph Tour.
Beth Hill, author of "Guide to Indian Rock Carvings of
the Pacific N.W. Coast" will lead this tour. Cost is $46;
children and museum members $42 (children over 10
years of age welcome) Inquiries at 222-5237 or 222-
5252. Meet at Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal at 6:45
a.m., return 7 p.m.
Cancer Research Seminar.
In Viva and In Vitro Anti-Genotoxic Action of Retinal and
Beta Carotenes. Dr. Richard H. C. San, Carcinogen
Testing Laboratory, Cancer Research Centre. Lecture
Theatre, B.C. Cancer Research Centre, 601 W. 10th
Ave. 12 noon.
Neuroscience Discussion Group.
Mechanisms of Eye-Head Coordination in Primates.
Dr. David Tomlinson, Playfair Neuroscience Institute,
Universityof Toronto. IRC 3. 4:30 p.m.
Psychiatric Lecture.
Humour in Psychotherapy. Dr. Sidney Bloch,
psychiatrist, The Warneford Hospital, Oxford, England.
Lecture Theatre, Psychiatric Unit, Health Sciences
Centre Hospital. 8:30 a.m.
UBC Congregation.
Degree-granting ceremony for students receiving
degrees in the following areas: Agricultural Sciences,
Engineering, Forestry, Architecture, Community and
Regional Planning, Interdisciplinary Studies (Ph.D.,
M.A., M.Sc, M.Eng., M.F., M.A.S.A., M.Arch., B.Sc,
(Agr.), B.L.A., B.A.SC, B.S.F., B.Sc. (Forestry), B.Arch.)
An honorary degree will be conferred on Joseph H.
Cohen. War Memorial Gym. 9:30a.m.
UBC Congregation.
Degree-granting ceremony for students receiving
degrees in the following area: Science (Ph.D., M.Sc,
B.Sc.) An honorary degree will be conferred on Jack
Halpern. War Memorial Gym. 2:30 p.m.
UBC Congregation.
Degree-granting ceremony for students receiving
degrees in the following area: Education (Ph.D., Ed.D.,
M.A., M.Ed., M.P.E., B.Ed. Elementary, B.Ed.
Secondary, B.Ed. Special Education, B.P.E., B.R.E.,
Diplomas in Education). An honorary degree will be
conferred on John Fergus O'Grady. War Memorial Gym.
9:30 a.m.
UBC Congregation.
Degree-granting ceremony for students receiving
degrees in the following areas: Arts, Music, Library,
Archival and Information Studies (Ph.D., D.M.A., M.A.,
M.Sc, M.F.A., M.Mus., M.L.S., M.A.S., B.A., B.F.A.,
B.Mus., Diplomas in Applied Linguistics, Art History,
Film/Television Studies, French Translation, German
Translation. Honorary degrees will be conferred on
Kazuyoshi Akiyama and Audrey Hawthorn. War
Memorial Gym. 2:30 p.m.
Electrical Engineering Seminar.
New Directions in Cryptography. Dr. Martin Hellman,
Electrical Engineering, Stanford University. Room 402,
Electrical Engineering Building. 3:30 p.m.
UBC Congregation.
Degree-granting ceremony for students receiving
degrees in the following areas: Dental Science,
Medicine, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Audiology and
Speech Sciences, Family and Nutritional Sciences,
Nursing, Rehabilitation Medicine, Social Work (Ph.D.,
M.A., M.Sc, M.H.Sc, M.S.N., M.S.W., D.M.D., M.O.,
B.M.L.Sc, B.S.N., B.Sc. (Pharm.), B.Sc. (O.T.), B.Sc.
(P.T.), B.H.E., B.S.W., Diplomas in Dental Hygiene and
Periodontics). An honorary degree will be conferred on
the Hon. Pierre Elliot Trudeau. War Memorial Gym. 9:30
Medical Genetics Seminar.
Hereditary Melanoma in Fish - A Model to Study
Genetic Mechanisms in Cancer Formation. Dr. Jurgen
Vielkind, Environmental Carcinogenesis Unit, B.C.
Cancer Research Centre, VGH. Parentcraft Room,
Grace HospitaL 1 p.m.
Regional Mass Spectometry
Discussion Group.
Analytical Investigations at the Workers Compensation
Board. Ms. P. Stoddart, Laboratory Manager, WCB.
6951 Westminster Highway, Richmond. 2 p.m.
UBC Congregation.
Degree-granting ceremony for students receiving
degrees in the following areas: Law and Commerce and
Business Administration (Ph.D., M.Sc. (Bus. Admin.),
M.B.A., LL.M., B.Com., LicAcct., LL.B.). An honorary
degree will be conferred on the Hon. R. G. Brian
Dickson. War Memorial Gym. 2:30 p.m.
Campus Walking Tours.
The Community Relations Office offers free guided
walking tours of the UBC campus at 10 a.m., 1 p.m. and
2:30 p.m. Monday to Friday throughout the summer.
Tours last approximately two hours in the morning and
one hour in the afternoon and can be geared to the
particular interests of the group. To book a tour or for
more information, please call the Community Relations
Office at 228-3131.
UBC Alumni.
Stay in touch: help the UBC Alumni Association keep its
records up to date. If you are an alumnus and have
recently moved or are planning a move, please send your
new address to Alumni Records, UBC Alumni
Association, Campus Mail. Don't forget to include your
student number.
Stage Campus '86.
Stage Campus '86, UBC's summer stock theatre
company, will present four plays May through August.
From May 21 to 31 The Hollow by Agatha Christie will
be staged; from June 11 to 21 Five Finger Excercise by
Peter Shaffer will be presented: The Komagata Maru
Incident by Sharon Pollack will be staged from July 2 to
12; and the season will end with a production of Dogg's
Hamlet/Cahoot's Mac Beth by Tom Stoppard from July
23 to Aug. 2. Tickets are $5 regular admission; $4 for
students and seniors; Monday evenings are two-for-
one regular admission. For information and
reservations, please call 228-2678.
Geological Museum.
Spectacular crystals and fossils and B.C.'s only dinosaur
skeleton — an 80 million-year-old Lambeosaurusareon
display at the UBC Geological Museum, located in the
foyer of the Geological Sciences Building. The
Collector's Shop is open from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. on
Wednesdays and by appointment. Museum hours are
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays.
Free Excercise Classes.
Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Lunchtime
excercise class (continuing Dr. Brown's winter class).
Leader: Eleanor Haydock, graduate student. Free.
Meet at Gym E, Osborne Centre (outside during good
weather). Call 222-5237 or 222-5238 for details.
Sunday Afternoon Teas.
Old-fashioned English teas are offered every Sunday
afternoon from 1 to 5 p.m. at Cecil Green Park, a
beautiful turn-of-the-century mansion overlooking
Georgia Strait. Enjoy English scones with Devonshire
cream and preserves, fresh fruit and pastries, tea
sandwiches and specialty teas and coffees. Price is
$8.50 per person. For reservations, call 228-2018. Food
Services also offers a Sunday food operation at the
Botanical Garden Visitor's Centre. For more
information, call 228-2616.
Women and Education
The Faculty of Education will host the conference
"Women and Education" at UBC June 12-14.
Researchers from across Canada as well as Britain and
the U.S. will address the issue of gender inequality in
education and the labor force. Registration is limited to '
50 people. $80 ($40 students, unemployed) includes two
lunches. For further information: Women and Education
conference, Facultyof Education, UBC, V6T 1Z5, 228-
Student Union Building Photo
From the Students Perspective: The Ubyssey 1985 - 86
is on display in the concourse of the Student Union
Building until Aug. 31. For more information, call lolanda
Weisz at 228-5320.
Canadian Association for
Information Science Annual
Communications: Message, Mind, & Machine. To be
held June 24-28. Keynote speaker: D. R. Olson (Ont.
Inst. Ed.). Guest speakers: G. Salton (Syracuse Univ.), T.
H. Cannon (BLL), P. Licker (Univ. Calgary). For
preliminary program and advance registration, contact:
Mrs. Viona Essen, B.C. Research Council, 3650
Wesbrook Mall, 224-4331 (local 245).
Universities submit proposals to gov't
Proposals from B.C.'s throe public
universities for operating-budget increases in
trw current fiscal year were delivered to the
Senate approves
new programs
UBC's Senate has given academic
approval for establishment of three new
programs, two of them leading to degrees.
The degree programs are a four-year
Bachelor of Science in dietetics to be offered in
the School of Family and Nutritional Sciences
of the Faculty of Arte, and a program leading to
the Doctor of Philosophy degree in urban land
economics In the Fact% of Commerce and
Business Administration.
Senate also approved a proposal from the
Faculty of Medicine to offer a Residency
Program in Vascular Surgery for graduate
physicians. It will consist of 12 months of
training at three Lower Mainland hospitals.
AH the programs must now go forward to
UBCs Board of Governors for approval. In
addition, the vascular surgery program w*
require approval by the Royal College of
Physicians and Surgeons of Canada before K -
can be offered.
provincial government and the Universities
Council of B.C. on April 30.
The universities also submitted a
preliminary list of proposals for funds to
develop centres of excellence in areas which
the provincial government said It would fund
when it announced the Fund for Excellence in
Education in February ~ forestry, international
business and trade, links with cultural
industries, Pacific Rim studies, biotechnology
and computer systems.
Money to supplement university operating
budgets will also come from the Fund for
Excellence in Education.
Detailed proposals from the universities for
funding for centres of excellence have to b? in
the hands of the provincial government by May
30, President David Strangway told the April
meeting of UBC's Senate.
He said there had been "good
cooperation" between the three public
universities in drawing up proposals for
additional operating funds. "It was our belief,"
the president said, "that it was important for us
to work together to identify the highest priority
proposals that dealt with issues of common
need and interest across the university."
The president said he hoped for "fast
action" by victoria on the university proposals
so that a budget can be developed for the
current fiscal year.
Search committee for new VP formed
A committee chaired by President David
Strangway has begun a search for an
individual to fill the recently created position of
vice-president, student and academic
services, in the Presidents Office.
The new vice-president wM report to the
president and will be responsible for, but not
Hrrited to, matters affecting the library,
computing ~ both central and distributed —
and student services.
Other members of the screening committee
are Prof. Daniel Birch, vice-president
academic; Dean Robert Miller, Science; Dean
Robert WiH, Arts; Dr. Jane GaskeU, a member
of UBC's Senate and the Department of Social
and Educational Studies in the Faculty of
Education; Robert Gill, a graduate student in
the Department of Geological Sciences; and
Simon Seshadri, the current president of the
Alma Mater Society.


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