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UBC Reports Jun 30, 1986

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Calendar Deadlines.
For events in the period July 13 to August 2, notices
must be submitted on proper Calendar forms no later
than 4 p.m. on Thursday, July 3 to the Community
Relations Office, 6328 Memorial Road, Room 207, Old
Administration Building. For more information, call 228-
Cancer Research Seminar.
Nuclear Binding Sites for Androgen Receptors. Dr. Paul
S. Rennie, Cancer Endocrinology, CCABCand UBC.
Lecture Theatre, B.C. Cancer Research Centre, 601 W.
10th Ave. 12 noon.
Plant Science Seminar.
Studies on the Induction and Release of Seed
Dormancy in Wild Oat (Avena Fatua L.). Heidy R, Tilsner,
graduate student, Plant Science Department. Room
342, MacMillan Building. 12:30 p.m.
Neuroscience Discussion Group.
Cholinargic-Specific Antigens and Their Applications.
Prof. Victor P. Whittaker. IRC 4. 12:30 p.m.
AMS Films.
AMS Summer Films presents White Nights. Admission
is $2. Call 228-3697 for more information. Continues on
Sunday, June 22.   Student Union Building. 7:30and
Graduate Student Society Jazz
Jazz night featuring the Garge Orchestra. No cover
charge. For further information, call 228-3203. Garden
Room Lounge, Graduate Student Centre. 6:30 p.m. -
Cancer Research Seminar.
Dysplastic Nevi. Dr. David I. McLean, Medical Oncology
Division, CCABCand Medicine, UBC. Lecture Theatre,
B.C. Cancer Research Centre, 601 W. 10th Ave. 12
Continuing Education Lecture.
Faith and Freedom in Conflict? Bryan Ralph, Deputy
Secretary of the Law Society of B.C. Cost is $7.
Conference Room, Continuing Education. 8 - 9:30 p.m.
Research Seminar.
Lipid and Detergent Interactions with Carnitine
Palmitoyltransferase. Dr. Linda Brady, Food Science
and Human Nutrition, Washington State University.
Room 202, The Research Centre, 950 W. 28th Ave. 12
Medical Genetics Seminar.
Genetic Factors Controlling Serum Cholesterol. Phillipa
Talmud, Charing Cross Sunley Research Centre,
London, England. Parentcraft Room, Grace Hospital. 1
Continuing Education Lecture.
Famine in the Sahel: A Not-So-Natural Disaster. John
M. Fryxell. Cost is $7. Conference Room, Continuing
Education. 8-9:30 p.m.
Cancer Research Centre.
Use of Prolactin Dependent Nb Lymphoma Cell Cultures
in Endocrine and Cancer Research. Dr. Peter W. Gout,
Cancer Endocrinology, CCBC. Lecture Theatre, B.C.
Cancer Research Centre, 801 W. 10th Ave. 12 noon.
Immunology Seminar.
Divalent Cations in Lymphocyte Activation. Dr. Michael
Quastel, Soroka Medical Centre, Beer-Sheba, Israel.
Room 201, Wesbrook Building. 4 p.m.
Continuing Education Lecture.
Between Donor & Recipient: Tracking Our Aid Dollars.
Arthur Perret, Executive Director of International Unit,
Y.M.C.A. Cost is $7. Conference Room, Continuing
Education. 8-9:30 p.m.
Medical Genetics Seminar.
Genetics of Diabetes. Dr. Jerome Rotter, Medical
Genetics, Harbor - UCLA Medical Center, Torrance,
California. Parentcraft Room, Grace Hospital. 5 p.m.
Continuing Education Lecture.
Kushan Sculpture. Marilyn Leese. Cost is $7. (Bus tour
to Seattle Art Museum on Wednesday, July 9, $46,
museum members $42- includes lecture and tour).
Room 102, Lasserre Building. 8-9:30 p.m.
Medical Genetics Seminar.
Mutations in the LDL Receptor Gene. Dr. David
Russell, Molecular Genetics, University of Texas, Dallas.
Parentcraft Room, Grace Hospital. 1 p.m.
Campus Walking Tours.
Free guided walking tours of the UBC campus are
offered at 10 a.m., 1 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. Monday through
Friday by UBC's Community Relations Office. To book a
tour, or for information on UBC's pu blic attractions, call
Research Forest Tours.
UBC's 5157-hectare Research Forest in Maple Ridge
off ers free tours each Sunday at 2 p.m. led by an
experienced guide. Weekday tours for groups are
offered for a minimal charge and visitors are welcome to
explore the forest on their own. You can also take
advantage of the special full-day forest tours during
Expo, which depart from and return to downtown
Vancouver. The cost of the Expo tours ($25 for adults,
$12 for children 10 and under) includes transportation, a
guided tour and picnic lunch. Call 463-8148 for more
Room and Board Needed
A group of 30 mature Indonesian students will be
attending English Language Institute classes from July 2
to Aug. 22 under the auspices of the World University
Services/Canada. Room and board is required and
reimbursement is provided. For further information,
please call Pat Robertson at 222-5225.
Retirement Gathering.
Friends and associates of Marilyn Pomfret, the retiring
director of Women's Athletics at UBC, are invited to
attend a retirement social in her honor at 3 p.m. on
Thursday, June 19 in the Faculty Lounge of the War
Memorial Gym. An associate professor in the School of
Physical Education and Recreation, Marilyn Pomfret
was recently awarded the YWCA Woman of Distinction
Award in the Sport, Fitness and Recreation category.
For more information, call 228-2767.
Library Tours.
Tours of the Library offered at 10:30 a.m. and 12:45 p.m.
daily June 7-11. Meet at Main Library entrance. Tour
lasts 45 minutes. Everyone welcome.
CAIS '86 Exhibits.
The Canadian Association for Information Science
presents exhibits on the latest technology and products
for information storage and retrieval as well as computer
assisted learning. No charge. Everyone welcome.
Scarfe Building (Education). June 25 - 12 noon - 5:30
p.m.; June 28-27- 6:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.; June 28- 8:30
a.m.- 12 noon.
Reading, Writing and Study Skills.
Summer non-credit courses for those who want to
develop learning and communication skills begin the
week of July 7. Basic Skills: Five courses in one.
Improve those skills essential for post-secondary
studies, including reading for speed and
comprehension, grammar, composition, vocabulary and
study skills. Monday-Thursday mornings, July 7- 31.
Travel Writing: Tuesday evenings, July 8 - August 5.
Speaking for Success: Wednesday evenings, July 9 -
Augusts. Thinking On Your Feet: Friday. July 18 and
Saturday, July 19. For registration information on these
and other reading, composition, study skills and
vocabulary courses offered this summer, phone 222-
5245.   Enrolment is limited, so register early.
Stage Campus '86.
The Komagata Maru Incident by Sharon Pollack will be
staged July 2 through to July 12. Adult admission is $5
and student or senior admission is $4.  Monday
performances are two for one adult admission. For
information and reservations, call 228-2678. Frederic
Wood Theatre. Curtain time is 8 p.m.
New Education curriculum approved
UBC's Senate and Board of Governors
have approved a new curriculum in the Faculty
of Education to take effect in September, 1987.
The new program requires prospective
elementary and secondary school teachers to
take at least five years of university-level
studies. The curriculum was developed over
the past eight years by a Faculty of Education
curriculum committee.
The main features of the new program are:
* Elementary school teachers will require
three years of university studies, including
background in elementary school curriculum
subjects, followed by two years of study and
practicum in the Faculty of Education.
This program includes an extended
teaching practicum, a full school term in length,
in the fall of the second year in education.
Successful candidates will be awarded the
Bachelor of Education degree and a
professional teaching certificate.
* Prospective secondary school teachers
will be admitted to the Faculty of Education
after they have completed a bachelor's degree
with appropriate subject-matter preparation in
one or, preferably, two teaching subjects.
The program for secondary teachers
consists of a full calendar year (September
through August) of courses and school
experiences, including an extended teaching
practicum during the winter. Successful
candidates will be awarded a professional
teaching certificate in August and a Bachelor of
Education degree following a further summer
session of studies.
* All programs include increased emphasis
on classroom management, communication
skills, special education and instructional
* The new curriculum includes an optional
special education program for both elementary
and secondary teachers. Multicultural, French
immersion and other specialty programs will
continue to be offered under the new
* The Native Indian Teacher Education
Program (NITEP) will become an integrated,
five-year elementary teacher preparation
program offered in cooperation with regional
colleges in years one and two and including all
features and requirements of the basic
elementary teaching program.
Dr. Murray Elliott, associate dean of
Education and chairman of the faculty's
curriculum committee, said the new degree
program reflects contemporary trends in
teacher education. It also addresses problems
highlighted in "Lef s Talk About Schools," a
provincial-government study of public and
teacher perceptions of schooling in B.C.
"One important feature of the program is its
response to the provincial government's policy
of mainstreaming," says Dr. Elliot. "Under this
policy students with mild learning handicaps
are integrated into regular classrooms. All
graduates of our program will be prepared to
identify and deal with this situation."
The new curriculum represents a significant
change from existing programs leading to the
Bachelor of Education degree.
UBC expands defence studies
UBC is expanding military and strategic
studies' teaching and research as the result of
a five-year, $450,000 grant awarded by the
federal Department of National Defence.
Part of the grant will be used to pay the
salary of Dr. Douglas A. Ross, an expert in the
areas of arms control, Canadian defence and
foreign policy and Asia-Pacific security. Dr.
Ross has been appointed an associate
professor in the UBC Political Science
Department, where he will teach graduate and
undergraduate courses in strategic studies as
well as a new course in Canadian foreign
The remainder of the grant will be used to
support research studies and graduate
Dr. Ross will also continue an association
with the UBC Institute of International Relations
(IIR), where he has been a post-doctoral
research fellow and research associate since
He is currently co-director, with Prof. Frank
Langdon, of the Pacific Security Project, a
study of the defense roles of Pacific Rim
countries that are not super powers, including
Canada, Japan, New Zealand and Australia.
The study is funded as part of a major IIR
research project, "Canada and International
Regulatory and Management Regimes,"
supported by a $300,000 grant from the
Donner Canadian Foundation.
Prof. Mark Zacher said the Department of
National Defence had fostered institute
research in the past, giving grants to support
post-doctoral fellows.
Dr. Ross is the author of a book regarded
as one of the best published recently on
Canadian foreign policy (In the Interests of
Peace, Canada and Vietnam, 1954-197C He
has also co-authored books both on the roles
of China and Japan as emerging global
powers and also on Canadian nuclear export
He has written numerous journal articles on
topics such as Canada and "Star Wars,"
Canadian foreign policy and the Pacific Rim
and the evolution of American and Canadian
strategic policy perspectives.
Dr. Ross was educated at the University of
Toronto, where he was awarded the Doctor of
Philosophy in 1979 in international politics and
Canadian foreign policy. He taught at Trent
University in Ontario before coming to B.C.
UBC's Institute of International Relations is
part of the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Its
major purpose is to organize large-scale
research projects, especially those of a multi-
disciplinary character, and to promote
international studies at the University. For the
most part, the institute draws upon staff from
the Faculties of Arts, Law and Commerce and
Business Administration,


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