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UBC Reports Dec 2, 1981

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 Board begins search for
President Kenny's successor
The University of British
Columbia's Board of Governors
has approved the establishment
of a broadly-based committee to
advise on suitable candidates to
succeed Dr. Douglas T. Kenny,
who will retire as UBC's president
on June 30, 1983.
Dr. Leslie Peterson, Q.C.,
chairman of the Board of
Governors, said:
"Douglas Kenny is truly one of
the most dedicated people ever to
serve the University, who has set
a very high standard of
excellence. He has made an
extraordinary contribution to the
enrichment of the quality of
education at UBC through his
overriding insistence on
excellence in teaching and
research and his strong belief in
high admission standards to the
"During his tenure as President
of UBC Dr. Kenny has rigorously
pursued his goal of leading the
University to its current preeminence among Canadian
institutions of higher learning
and its establishment as a
university of world stature.
"He will continue to serve with
the full confidence and support
of the Board of Governors, until
his successor assumes office."
President Kenny became
UBC's chief executive officer on
July 1, 1975. In 1978, two years
before his five-year contract as
president was due to expire, Dr.
Kenny reluctandy agreed to a
three-year extension of his
contract to June 30, 1983, under
the proviso that there would be
no further extensions of the
Dr. Kenny plans to return to
teaching and research in
Psychology. When he steps down
as UBC's seventh president on
June 30, 1983, he will have
completed 39 years of association
with the University as student,
teacher, researcher and
Dr. Peterson said the proposed
advisory committee would have
essentially the same structure as
the advisory committees which
recommended the appointment
of the late Dr. Walter Gage as
president in 1969 and that of Dr.
Kenny in 1974. The composition
of the committee would be
referred to the University Senate
for approval at its meeting on
Dec. 16 and it is hoped that the
committee will be formed early
in the new year.
The proposed membership of
the committee is as follows:
* The chancellor as chairman
and four members of the Board
of Governors;
* Three members of the
Senate, to be elected by Senate;
* Four members of faculty, to
be elected by the Joint Faculties;
* Three deans, to be chosen
by the Committee of Academic
* Four students (a member of
the executive of the Alma Mater
Society; two undergraduates to
be chosen by Students' Council;
and one graduate student to be
chosen by the Graduate Students'
* Three members of the
Alumni Association, to be
appointed by the Board of
Management of the association;
* One member of the non-
academic administration, to be
appointed by the chairman of the
Board of Governors.
The terms of reference of this
committee shall be:
(a) To adopt criteria to guide
it in the selection of presidential
candidates; and
(b) To recommend a short list
of presidential candidates to the
Staff Committee of the Board of
Dr. Peterson said that, under
the University Act, the Board has
the responsibility for appointment
of the president, but it wishes to
obtain the assistance of this
advisory committee.
The criteria for the selection of
a new president will be a matter
for the committee to consider,
but the Board wishes to appoint
a Canadian, who is highly
regarded in his or her own
academic discipline.


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