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UBC optimistic
talks will resume
VOL. 21, No. 16/Dec 5,1975/Vancouver
This edition of UBC Reports has been
produced by Information Services for
the benefit of students, faculty and
others seeking information on the
AUCE strike and how it might affect
the operation of the University.
Reason for
There's a good reason why you're
only getting a recording when you
telephone the registrar's office during
the strike.
The registrar and his happy helpers,
normally associate and assistant
registrars and supervisory staff, are
busy xeroxing, collating, stapling and
distributing next week's examinations.
There are normally 51 people working
in the registrar's office; during the
strike by clerical and library workers
there are 9.
"Monday's ready to go," said
Associate Registrar Ken Young on
Thursday afternoon. There are 33
examinations scheduled to be written
on Monday, Dec. 8, and many of those
exams are printed in the registrar's
office. "We're just working day by
day, but it doesn't look like there'll be
any problems for Tuesday, either,"
Mr. Young said. "We're rather
optimistic here today."
Many departments on campus have
volunteered to do their own copying
and stapling of examinations, a service
normally provided by the registrar's
office for major exams. "We've had
great co-operation from departments,"
Mr. Young said. Some departments
that cannot handle exam production
on their own are picking up the exams
Please turn to Page Four
The University of B.C. is optimistic
that contract negotiations will be
resumed with the striking Association
of University and College Employees,
Administrative Vice-President C. J.
Connaghan announced Thursday
"I expect that we will probably be
back at the bargaining table within 24
hours," he said. "We hope to be able
to set the time and place for a meeting
some time Friday."
Apart from salary matters, 16
contract articles remain to be resolved
in the dispute.
Before negotiations broke off
Tuesday, and AUCE's 1,300 members
went on strike, many other issues had
been settled after weeks of bargaining.
Initially, AUCE presented the
University on Aug. 7 with a request
for 172 changes in 37 contract articles.
The union reiterated its position on
the unresolved issues Thursday in a
detailed brief to the University's Board
of Governors.
The University announced
Thursday that it has analysed the costs
of AUCE's demands. The total cost to
the University would be an increase of
at least 27 per cent over current costs.
This includes 24 per cent in increased
salaries and an additional percentage
for increased vacation 3nd other
Administrative Vice-President C. J.
Connaghan said the University
negotiating team told their AUCE
counterparts, when discussions broke
off Tuesday night, that they would be
willing to resume negotiations any
The University has since informed
provincial mediator Ed Sims that it is
prepared to meet the union at any
time and place in an attempt to settle
the dispute.
However, Mr. Connaghan repeated
that "the University's capacity to
negotiate has been seriously hampered
by two factors: one, the federal wage
guidelines, and two, the possibility of
a ceiling being imposed on university
budget increases for the coming year.
''We     have     received     a
communication from the provincial
Department of Labour stating that
when the federal legislation is in place,
the University will be covered by the
wage guidelines," Mr. Connaghan said.
"The University has written to
Education Minister Eileen Dailly,
drawing to her attention these two
serious constraints."
Some of the key issues still to be
resolved in the dispute are:
AUCE wants to reduce the number
of job classifications to 7 from 17 and
raise salaries in two ways. First, it has
set a base rate for each of the seven
Rumor has it...
Heard any good rumors lately?
If you have and you want to know
whether they are true or not,
Information Services has set up a
Rumor Line, 228-2108, where you can
find out the Truth about what is
affected by the strike by
non-professional library and clerical
workers at UBC. Hours of operation
will be 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays.
UBC's general switchboard at
228-2101 is answering calls about
on-campus telephone numbers from
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays.
Physical Plant is manning the
trouble line, 228-2173, where any
problems with the physical operation
of the campus can be reported, 24
hours a day, including the weekend.
new categories, then has increased that
rate by 10 per cent or $100 a month,
whichever is greater. AUCE wants this
restructure-and-raise package made
retroactive to Oct. 1, 1975.
The University has offered a general
increase of 14 per cent, with a
minimum of $100 a month,
retroactive to Oct. 1, plus an
additional 5 per cent next April 1.
Please turn to Page Four
See UNION, UBC Campus services carry on
A surprising number of
non-academic UBC departments are
continuing to provide services during
the current strike by the AUCE.
The following alphabetical list
indicates the status of service for
Friday and the weekend:
AWARDS OFFICE - This office in
the Buchanan Building is open from 9
a.m. to 5 p.m. and is providing services
to students. Closed on the weekend.
campus branches in SUB and the
General Services Administration
Building are open and providing full
regular service at regular hours. Closed
on the weekend.
BOOKSTORE - UBC's Bookstore
is closed for the duration of the strike.
CAMPUS MAIL - The mail room is
closed and there is no pickup or
delivery of campus or other Canadian
mail for the duration of the strike.
Some mail from United States points
is being picked up and is available
through the purchasing department in
the Main Mall North Administration
Building. Call Local 2686 for
information. Closed on the weekend.
town-gown centre has cancelled all
bookings for the duration of the strike
because of lack of janitorial services.
unit on Acadia Road has also
suspended operations because no
janitorial services are available.
a.m. to 9 p.m. on Friday, and from 1
to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.
care centres on Acadia Road are open
on weekdays and providing normal
services. Closed on the weekend.
Room 456, Buchanan Building —
Operating regular hours. Closed on the
DENTAL CLINIC - Closed for the
duration of the strike; other areas of
the Dentistry building are functioning
FACULTY CLUB - Open from 12
noon to 2 p.m. Friday for lunch.
Dinner may be cancelled on Friday.
Call Local 2708 for information.
Closed on the weekend.
Operations reduced to essential
2/UBC Reports/Dec. 5, 1975
— Closed for the duration.
building — Open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m,
Emergency service is provided on
weekends. Call 228-2151.
Room 111-118, Buchanan Building -
Operating on a reduced basis from
8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Full range of
language tapes is available, however.
Closed on the weekend.
LIBRARIES - All campus libraries
are open and operating on slightly
reduced schedules. For hours, call
Local 2077.
Maintaining normal services with
reduced staff from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30
p.m. Closed on the weekend.
Maintaining essential services only
from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Some
mail from United States points is
available in this department's office in
the Main Mall North Administration
Building. Call Local 2686 for
RECREATION     UBC    -    War
Memorial Gymnasium facilities
(circuit-training area, weight room and
gymnasium floor) are open. No towel
service or equipment available.
student-operated advisory service in
SUB is operating from 9:30 a.m. to
9:30 p.m. Will definitely operate on
Saturday, but no guarantees for
student counselling and job placement
office is open normal hours on
weekdays. Closed on the weekend.
Open Friday and on the weekend from
7:00 a.m. to 1:30 a.m. Bowling alleys,
games room and the Pit will operate at
normal hours. Pit operations depend
on continuing supplies. The Delly, a
private food outlet in the basement of
SUB, will be open from 10 a.m. to 5
p.m. Friday and closed on the
weekend. Some food is available in the
SPORTS CENTRE - Closed for the
duration   of   the  strike.
Some events cancelled
This final pre-exam weekend is
normally a light one for social and
other activities, but a number of
campus events had been scheduled.
Most have been cancelled because of
the strike.
A notable exception is the Disco
Dance sponsored by the Thunderbird
hockey team. It goes on as scheduled
tonight (Friday) at 8 o'clock. Gage
Also still on is the Christmas
musical concert and skit, featuring the
Chamber Pot Choir, at 12:30 p.m.
today in the recital hall of the Music
Topping the list of cancellations is
the Saturday night Vancouver
Institute lecture at the Woodward
Instructional Resources Centre. The
speaker was to have been Marjorie
Nichols, Ottawa correspondent for the
Vancouver Sun. Vancouver Institute
lectures are scheduled to resume on
Saturday, Jan. 10.
Also cancelled is the
Beethoven-Franck-Mozart concert
scheduled for tonight in the Old
Tonight's meeting of the Young
Alumni Club is also off. The regular
Thursday and Friday night meetings of
the club will resume at Cecil Green
Park when the strike has been settled.
Another strike victim is the Artists
in Russia exhibition in the UBC Fine
Arts Gallery. The gallery is closed for
the duration of the strike.
And, since the Thunderbird Winter
Sports Centre is also closed until the
strike ends, there will be no public
skating or other activities at the
There is one change of day and
venue because of the strike. The soccer
game between UBC Thunderbirds and
Wesburn Kajacs will be played at 1
p.m. Sunday at Capilano Stadium,
instead of at Thunderbird Stadium on
Saturday at 2 p.m. Lecture
still high
Attendance at lectures throughout
the University — and especially in
professional faculties such as Medicine,
Agricultural Sciences and Law —
remained high on Thursday (Dec. 4),
the second day of the AUCE strike.
Faculties reporting close-to-normal
attendance included Medicine, Applied
Science, Agricultural Sciences, and
Dean Robert Will estimates that
about 70 per cent of the enrolment in
his Faculty of Arts showed up for
lectures on Wednesday. (Yesterday,
UBC Reports said an estimated 50 per
cent of Arts students were at lectures.)
The Faculty of Education reported
"good to very good" attendance at
most lectures. One Education
professor who has refused to cross the
picket line is holding classes in his
The Faculty of Law reports
"strong" attendance at lectures, which
continue next week for first-year
students, who won't start exams until
Dec. 13. Lectures ended Thursday for
second- and third-year Law students,
who start exams on Wednesday (Dec.
Please take
your garbage
with you
If you make it, take it.
That's the aphorism that applies to
personal garbage, which could become
a problem unless students and faculty
members co-operate.
The Department of Physical Plant
has no trucks available to haul away
the normal accumulation of discarded
office paper and lunch bags.
So bag up sandwich wrappers,
crusts and apple cores and take them
home with you when you leave the
If the mess in your office is
becoming difficult to live with, call
Physical Plant at Locals 4011 or 2173
and they'll tel! you how to get large
plastic bags for storing non-food dry
It takes 40 tarps, 726 tables to cover Armory floor.
Biggest room ready
Take 40 tarpaulins capable of
covering more than 20,000 square feet
of space.
Add 726 tables and chairs.
Put them all together and you've
got the Armory, UBC's biggest exam
room, which is normally used as an
indoor tennis court.
The problem facing UBC's
Department of Physical Plant
Thursday was that when UBC's
current strike began the Armory
wasn't set up for the exams that begin
Supervisory personnel from many
UBC departments were busy Thursday
night and today readying the former
armed services drill hall for the exam
period from Dec. 8 to 19.
Tarpaulins are laid on the floor of
the Armory to protect a special
asphalt-type finish.
Library Hours
FRIDAY: Main, Sedgewick and
Woodward Libraries — 9 a.m. to 6
SATURDAY: Main and Woodward
Libraries — 10 am. to 5 p.m.;
Sedgewick Library — 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
^SUNDAY: Main and Woodward
Libraries — 12 noon to 6 p.m.;
Sedgewick Library — 12 noon to 5
If you need further information,
call 228-2077.
Normally it takes 12 Physical Plant
workmen two days to ready the
building for exams.
Fire station
fully manned
UBC's Fire Department on the West
Mall is fully manned and ready to
answer emergency calls on campus.
Fire Chief R. W. Rowland said he
has received assurances that the
Vancouver Fire Department, will assist
the campus unit if necessary.
Fire, inhalator and emergency
services can be summoned by calling
Local 4567.
The first strike
The current strike by the
Association of University and College
Employees isn't the first to hit UBC.
In April, 1968, members of Local
882 of the International Union of
Operating Engineers staged an 88-hour
walkout that threatened to close down
UBC's steam plant, which provides
heat to almost all campus buildings.
While the 18 operating engineers
went on strike, supervisory personnel
kept the plant operating, but restricted
service to essential academic and
research buildings.
UBC Reports/Dec. 5, 1975/3 Union, UBC positions outlined
Continued from Page One
The union wants the University to
absorb any deficits that may occur
through the sale of coffee, doughnuts,
etc. in staff rooms. It has, however,
said it would drop this request if the
University would agree to grant
paternity leave of two weeks, with
The University has not agreed to
either provision.
The union wants a two-hour lunch
break on the second Thursday of each
month so that employees may attend
union meetings.
The University now gives a
two-hour lunch break for this purpose
every second month. It has agreed to
consider requests for special extra
The union wants one day off, with
pay, for any employee changing her or
his place of residence.
The University has not agreed to
The union wants a meal period of
not less than 30 minutes and not more
than one hour, with time and duration
of the meal period to be determined
by the employee, provided
departmental needs are met.
The University has maintained that
the scheduling of meal periods is a
management function.
The union says work normally done
by employees must not be contracted
out without its agreement.
The University has agreed that
there shall be no reduction of the
work force by contracting out.
Under a recent Labor Relations
Board ruling, student assistants -that
is, full-time students employed by the
University for 10 hours a week or less
— are paid the base hourly rate in the
AUCE contract (now $4.16 an hour).
AUCE wants this spelled out in the
4/UBC Reports/Dec. 4, 1975
new contract. The University feels
students should be excluded from the
contract as they do not come under
the union's certification. Most student
assistants are employed in the library.
The union is asking that UBC pay
60 per cent of premiums for medical
and dental plans. UBC wants to
maintain the present arrangement,
with each party paying 50 per cent.
The union wants five weeks'
vacation during the seventh year of
service, and an additional day's
vacation for the eighth and each
additional year of service.
The University wants to maintain
the present entitlement of five weeks'
vacation after eight years of service,
but would add an additional day's
vacation for each year of service after
15. It says the present plan is one of
the most generous in B.C.
AUCE wants a sick-leave insurance
plan like that at rirr.cn Fraser. This
would provide one week's sick leave at
full pay for those with less than three
months' service. For those with 3 to
12 months' service, benefits would be
4 weeks' leave at full pay, 12 weeks at
75 per cent of salary, and 10 weeks at
No sign
of sewage
Public hpjlth officials repo"
thdr they Ldn find no loncltisnc
(•virii'nci- thjt URC's north campus
storm drain system is polluted v.'iIh
humdn sf'wagt
This npuit. based on <an.ilysis of
Wiitet -amples tdk«n from ihi* UBC
system in October rnv.sns jm ••eirlier
statenvnt whirh irli>ntifii'ri Hie
campus storm duun system ds erne
!$of the factors, contributing to
[.pollution <it Town: Beach below the
Dr W G. Mpfkiyjn. iliri'rrrir of
thp Boundary Health Unit, the
piovmcia. health unit responsible
for the Point Grey jtoj, s<ud the
latest re-ults "tend to vindicate
UBC" as a major contributor fn the
pollution problem.
60 per cent. For those with 1 to 5
years, it would be 12 weeks at full
pay, 4 weeks at 75 per cent, and 10
weeks at 60 per cent. For those with 5
or more years' service, AUCE wants 26
weeks at full pay.
The University proposes to
maintain the present policy of 1.25
days' sick leave a month, cumulative,
which is the standard plan for other
unions on campus. However, it agrees
to a joint study of the Simon Fraser
plan and other alternatives.
The union wants the full week off
between Christmas and New Year's
Day, in addition to the regular annual
The University has not agreed to
this. Employees now get Christmas,
Boxing Day and New Year's Day off.
The union wants a pay differential
of $1 an hour for all employees
working evening or night shifts.
The University now pays a
differential of 25 cents an hour for
evening shifts, 44 cents for night
shifts. It has offered to increase to 30
and 50 cents an hour.
Continued from Page One
from the registrar's office rather than
having them delivered.
All Christmas examinations will be
held as scheduled. Examinations for
correspondence courses, scheduled for
3:30 p.m. Friday in Room 106 of the
Buchanan Building, will be held as
However, no student who, because
of the strike, is prevented from writing
an exam — whether by reason of
conscience or any other strike-related
cause — will be penalized
academically. He or she will be
allowed to write an 'exam at a later
date, or his or her achievement will be
evaluated by some other means.
If you can't get through by
telephone to the registrar's office, and
you have an enrlergency on your hands,
the front counter in the off ice is being
staffed and there will be someone
there to help you. The office is on the
second floor of the General Services
Administration Building at University
Boulevard and Wesbrook Place, and is
open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


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