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UBC Reports Sep 7, 1983

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 Volume 29, Number 15
September 7, 1983
Late budget means financial difficulties
UBC's president, Dr. K. George
Pedersen, continues to carry out an
intensive round of consultations with deans
and other University officials in order to
resolve what he describes as a  "difficult"
1983-84 budget situation.
In an interview with UBC Reports, Dr.
Pedersen said the University's financial
difficulties largely stem from the fact that
"we are two months into the second
UBC won't
lack students
in 1983-84
UBC may be experiencing some fund
shortfalls this year, but there's one thing it
won't lack in 1983-84 — students.
UBC Registrar Kenneth Young says
enrolment at UBC could increase between
8 and 9 per cent this year — a rate of
increase UBC hasn't experienced since the
His guess is based on the number of
authorization-to-register forms which were
issued up to the end of August. This year,
30,813 forms were issued compared to
28,367 at the same time last year.
That's an increase of 2,446 or 8.6 per
cent. *
The number of forms issued to students
classified as new admissions (applicants for
first-year programs and transfers from
colleges and other universities) is also up by
nearly 20 per cent from 7,566 in 1982 to
9,024 this year.
Mr. Young doesn't have comparable
figures for the number of forms issued for
first-year programs as of Aug. 31.
However, as of Sept. 15 last year, forms
had been issued to 4,053 entrants at the
year-one level. The comparable figure for
the same programs as of Aug. 31 this year
is 4,623, an increase of 14 per cent.
The registrar is quick to point out that
not everyone who gets an authorization-to-
register form actually shows up to register.
He said the "shrinkage" rate in the past
has varied between 10 and 15 per cent, but
last year dropped to 8.9 per cent.
Some quick calculations will tell you that
if the shrinkage rate this year is the same
as last, some 28,000 students will register
for day and nighttime credit programs, an
increase of 8.6 per cent over last year when
25,831 enrolled.
The biggest increases in enrolment are
likely to be in the Faculties of Arts and
Science, Mr. Young said.
UBC's dean of Science, Dr. Cyril
Finnegan, said his faculty would be hard
pressed to accommodate even 100 more
undergraduate students than the 3,885 who
enrolled last year. His problems centre on
a lack of classroom and laboratory space.
UBC's Faculty of Forestry will introduce
its new four-year program this year, which
means it will be taking in students directly
from high school for the first time in its
A total of 129 students have been
admitted to the first year of the new
program. Students who last year were
Please turn to Page 6
quarter of the fiscal year with
commitments to everything that was in
place at the end of the last fiscal year."
(The full text of the interview with Dr.
Pedersen begins on page two of this issue.)
UBC's current fiscal year began on April
1, 1983. However, the provincial
government did not introduce a budget in
the legislature until early July, and it was
not until Aug. 9 that the Universities
Council of B.C. announced the division of
government grants to the three public
In his UBC Reports interview, Dr.
Pedersen said it was incorrect to say that
UBC will have the same operating budget
in 1983-84 as it had in the last fiscal year.
The operating grant to the universities
for 1983-84 totalled $300,993,292, exactly
what was provided last year after a $12
Dr. Roy Taylor, right, head of UBC's Botanical Garden, was among the first
visitors to Norman MacKenzie House when UBC's new president, Dr. George
Pedersen, and his wife, Joan, moved into the renovated house on Sept. 1.
Appropriately, Dr. Taylor brought with him a bouquet of flowers from the
campus garden, which formerly had its headquarters in the house and which has
moved a stone's throw away to the former Home Management House on
Northwest Marine Drive.
Pedersen Exchange provides
chance to air your concerns
Dr. George Pedersen, UBC's new
president, plans to continue at UBC one
activity he initiated while president of
Simon Fraser University.
It's called the Pedersen Exchange and is
designed to give any member of the on-
campus University community an
opportunity to meet personally with the
president to discuss matters of concern.
The Pedersen Exchange begins on
Monday (Sept. 12) at 3:30 p.m. in a room
adjacent to the Librarian's office in the
Main Library. President Pedersen will be
available until 5 p.m.
Members of the University community
who wish to meet with the president should
speak to the receptionist in the Librarian's
office, which is immediately to the left of
the main entrance of the Main Library
building. She'll direct those wishing to see
the president to the meeting room.
"As I see it," President Pedersen said,
"the exchange allows me to get to know
people in the University community and at
the same time provides an avenue for the
expression of concerns, both positive and
He said the exchange proved to be both
useful and successful when he was
president of Simon Fraser University. "The
bulk of those who took advantage of it
were students who had some difficulty with
the organizational bureaucracy of the
Not all those who appeared for the
exchange came with problems. "I found
that many people came to tell me how well
they'd been treated by some campus unit,"
he said.
Normally, the Pedersen Exchange will
take place every Monday from 3:30 to 5
p.m. if the president is on campus. It is
cancelled for Sept. 19 because Dr.
Pedersen will be away on that date.
million rollback in the middle of the
financial year. UBC's share of the global
grant is $172,370,508 for general operating
purposes, plus $8,342,405 for expansion of
the medical school, the same as last year.
However, the government has reduced
by about $3 million the funds for a wide
range of miscellaneous higher-education
programs which are designated in the
ministry budget as "Operating Grants-
Other." In UBC's case, a total of more
than $2 million has been removed under
this category for the support of such
programs as Health Care Teaching Costs,
the Industrial Education Program, non-
metropolitan programs and a project in the
UBC library involving computerization of
library holdings.
UBC also has to fund permanently a
liability of about $1.1 million arising out of
faculty salary increases awarded last year
and must provide an additional $800,000
to pay for increased utility costs in 1983-84.
These commitments, the president said,
total between $3.5 and $4 million and
don't take into account salary increases for
faculty and support staff, inflation on
supplies and expenses and the introduction
of new programs.
"I'm not at all sure that the University
can deal with a problem of (that)
magnitude. . .five-twelfths of the way
through the fiscal year.
"It may be that when we've considered
everything in the way of options UBC, for
the first time in its history, may have to
seek approval of the provincial government
to run a deficit."
Under Section 28 (1) of the University
Act, the provincial legislation that outlines
University government, the University's
Board of Governors is prohibited from
incurring any liability or making any
expenditure in a fiscal year over and above
the total of funds expected from the
provincial government, student fees and
miscellaneous revenues, "unless an estimate
of the increased liability or overexpenditure
has been first submitted to the universities
council and approved by the minister (of
universities) and Minister of Finance."
The president also expresses concern
about a problem arising out of the
expansion of UBC's medical school. He
said the position of provincial universities
minister Dr. Patrick McGeer is that
sufficient monies have already been
provided to enable the medical school to
double its intake of first-year students from
80 to 160.
UBC will this year enrol 130 first-year
medical students, the same number as last
year. UBC received no increase in funds in
its 1983-84 budget to enable it to consider
expanding the first-year class beyond 130
The president said he had received a
letter from the provincial ministry of
universities indicating that if expansion to
160 students does not occur the minister
would be forced to reallocate funds from
the medical expansion program to the
development of equally important
programs at other B.C. universities.
Dr. Pedersen also said in his UBC
Reports interview that serious consideration
will have to be given in the coming year to
placing enrolment restrictions on UBC
programs that currently do not have
enrolment limits. UBC Reports September 7, 1983
Enrolment limitations may be necessary at
UBC Reports interviewed UBC's new
president, Dr. K. George Pedersen, on two
occasions last month — on Aug. 2, the day
before he left for meetings of the
Association of Universities of the British
Commonwealth in England, and on Aug.
29, shortly after his return to the campus.
What follows is an amalgamated version of
the two interviews, during which he
discussed a wide range of University
problems and activities.
UBC REPORTS: On Aug. 9, more
than four months after the start of the
current fiscal year, the University was
told by the Universities Council of B.C.
what its operating budget would be for
1983-84. In the time that's been available
to you since your return from meetings
in England, what have your priorities
we've been trying to understand where the
University stands financially. We're in a
difficult financial position, largely
stemming from the fact that we are two
months into the second quarter of the
fiscal year with commitments to everything
that was in place at the end of the last
Fiscal year.
The stories that have appeared in the
media seem to indicate that we have the
same operating budget as last year. In
UBC's case that's not true. We have the
same dollars in the general operating
budget, but in terms of special funding for
a number of specific programs, which
comes under the heading of "Operating
Grants-Other" in the provincial budget, a
total of more than $2 million applicable to
UBC been removed. It appears the
University is expected to find the shortfall
out of its general operating budget.
UBC REPORTS: Can you be specific
about the items which have been removed
under Operating Grants-Other?
shortfall — just over $1.6 million — is
accounted for under two headings —
Health Care Teaching Costs* in the
Faculty of Medicine and the Industrial
Education program** in the Faculty of
Last year, the funds for Industrial    -
Education were cut in half by the
government and this year the allocation
has been reduced to zero. Last year, we
met the other half of our obligation in this
area through surplus funds, but this year
we're not in a position to provide support
from that source. The deans of Medicine
and Education are looking at these matters
The other large reduction is in the
funding for non-metropolitan programs,
which is vital to our commitment to extend
programs beyond the Greater Vancouver
UBC REPORTS: What other fiscal
problems do we have?
liability arising out of faculty salary
increases awarded last year. That liability
is of the order of $1.1 million and was to
be met in whole by not replacing a number
of retiring faculty members. There remains
a gap of about $250,000 to be found. And
funds of the order of $800,000 have to be
found to provide for anticipated increases
in the cost of utilities.
To this point, I have mentioned
commitments totalling some $3.5 to $4
million. There is also the question of
providing salary increases for our teaching
and support staff. Some 89 per cent of our
general operating budget comprises salaries
and benefits, two-thirds representing
faculty costs and one-third support staff.
♦Health Care Teaching Costs pay for UBC
library and audio-visual space as well as
utility costs at affiliated Vancouver hospitals
where UBC medical students receive clinical
♦♦The Industrial Education program of the
Faculty of Education enrols 100 students who
are being trained as teachers of industrial arts
at the secondary school level. UBC is the
only B.C. university involved in the training
of such teachers. The program was
undertaken by UBC in 1957 at provincial-
government request.
Each 1 per cent increase in the salary base
is equal to $1.8 million.
I should mention, too, that nothing has
been provided for inflation on non-salary
items, nor for the provision of new
programs in pulp and paper engineering
and journalism, which we would like to
So our short-run problem to balance the
1983-84 books is considerable and is
compounded by the shortage of time. It
may well be that after considering all the
options UBC, for the first time in its
history, may have to seek approval from
the provincial government to run a deficit.
Added to this is a problem arising out of
the expansion of the medical school. A
letter has been sent to me indicating that
it's the position of the minister (Dr. Patrick
McGeer, minister of universities) that he
has given UBC all the funds it needs to
double enrolment in first-year medicine
from 80 to 160 students. +  And it's been
indicated that if we don't comply with that
expectation, resources will be withdrawn
and applied to programs at the other two
So that's another problem we're going to
have to deal with. The problem of the
medical school is not an isolated one, even
though there was a clear understanding
that expansion of the medical school would
not be at the expense of any existing
UBC REPORTS: In the light of what
you've said so far, do you think student
fees will have to increase?
University has only three possible options at
the present time in terms of financial
support. One is that the government will
provide increased levels of support;
secondly, that the private sector will come
to the aid of the universities and provide
more in the way of recurring
support . . . and it has to be recurring,
because one-time-only money is not
helpful . . . and the third option is student
fees. There's no question that student fees
are going to be reviewed.
I have a somewhat schizophrenic view of
fees . . . two views that make some sense to
me. One is to go to the British or
Australian system, where there are no fees.
Under this system there are very
demanding standards for getting into
university, but once admitted the students
pay nothing and no one who has the
capacity for a university education is
denied the opportunity to go.
The other route is that of charging
considerably higher fees to the student
. . . considerably higher than we now
charge. This is based on an economic
argument which goes like this: The present
relatively modest level of fees that students
are required to pay serves as a subsidy to
those of us who can afford to pay higher
fees to send our children to university.
I am an example of an individual who
can obviously pay higher fees to send my
daughter to university in this province, in
effect, what I get is a subsidy of the
difference between whatever level we think
would be the right one to set and the
current levels.
That latter view, of course, terrorizes a
lot of people. The corollary that has to be
in place with that option is a very effective
aid system to ensure that qualified students
aren't denied admission on the grounds
that they don't meet the financial
We have to recognize that over the
years, universities have allowed the
proportion of the operating budget that's
carried by students to be reduced
substantially and this has created the
expectation among B.C. students that their
tuition fees are going to be relatively lower
than elsewhere. So it's difficult for them to
accept the idea of substantial increases.
I'm of the view that this is something the
three universities should sit down and
discuss together and come to some
agreement on what proportion of the
+  UBC last year enrolled 130 first-year
students in the Faculty of Medicine. This
year, an equal number will be admitted
because the University has received no
increase in funds to provide for further
expansion of the medical school.
President George Pedersen
budget should be borne by student fees,
ensure that we have an adequate financial
aid program so that good students aren't
prevented from enrolling and ensure that
the three institutions have the same level of
tuition fees.
The second aspect of this question is how
the University maintains quality of
education and, indeed, builds on it, at the
same time as it's faced with restraint.
There are two basic ways one can go.
The first is to say that we will make
across-the-board cuts over some period of
time and continue to support all areas
equally on the earlier budget base. I have
a problem with that. It's a neat solution
simply to say that everyone has to take a
two- or five-percent cut, or whatever the
required level of cutback. But in the long-
run, UBC will not be well served by that
So one has to have time to go through
the exercise of knowing where we have
strong academic units that continue to get
supported and where we have units that
perhaps need improvement . . . where it
would be possible to reduce the
complement of people in those units
without harming them in an academic
I think it's important for people to
recognize that the restraint problem is not
here just for 1983-84. It's likely to be with
us for three to five years. As I understand
it, the provincial Treasury Board is not
expecting an improvement for at least that
period and any improvement in that period
is largely dependent on the government's
ability to get its bill for health services
under control ....
It's my understanding, too, that the
major forest companies in B.C. will not be
paying any corporate income tax for the
next three years because they have tax
losses they can write off over that time. So
there's no doubt the government has some
difficult choices to make in terms of
getting its own budget in order.
As far as UBC is concerned, we have to
start to do the longer-term planning that's
necessary to deal with a period of restraint
that is longer than just the short run. So in
answer to the question, we may not be
bigger, indeed we may be smaller. But
the question is, can you reduce size and at
the same time maintain the existing quality
of the institution and even build on it?
That's a very difficult assignment.
UBC REPORTS: Are enrolment
limitations in programs that don't now
have them a possibility in the future?
think there's any question that we are
going to have to take a hard look at the
number of students this University can
accommodate. Overall this year the
number of students eligible to register is up
8.4 per cent to more than 29,200 and the
numbers eligible to register in first-year
programs is up by nearly 25 per cent.
I don't think the universities can
continue to admit more and more students
without increases in operating grants. That
doesn't seem to bother the government too
much . . . the minister of universities is on
record as saying that too many students are
going to university in this province.
I don't agree with that given the
percentage of students in British Columbia
who take advantage of higher education
relative to other Canadian provinces. And
I think that policy has the potential to be
difficult for the government in the long
haul, especially when it becomes
increasingly evident to more and more
people that they can't get their sons and
daughters into university.
Limiting enrolment is clearly a difficult
step for the universities to take, but I don't
think we have much choice. If we don't
take that position we would have to
acknowledge that we have sufficient funds
to continue to grow without the additional
support that's implied as the result of
enrolment increases.
UBC REPORTS: Do you have some
general philosophy of higher education
that underlies your activities as an
academic and president?
on the things that have influenced me over
the years, there are a couple that come to
mind. One is something that I didn't
realize until fairly recently, but probably
should have much earlier. It really has to
do with my parents, who came to this
country as immigrants and started out in g
very modest way. They did two things —
they worked very hard and felt that when
you did something you did it as well as you
possibly could. J_IH»:: (U-jMianJ! : S^dunf dan■ :\, I e«e?
UBC in years ahead
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Uni¥ersities Week
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KJ[t UBC Reports September 7, 1983
UBC Reports September 7, 1983
ADMINISTRATION BUILDINGS: General Services    2075 Wesbrook Mall F-7
Old      6328 Memorial ftoad D-4
Admissions Office    2075 Wesbrook Mall f-7
Adult Education Research Centre    5760 Toronto Road H-9
Advanced Technology and Microelectronics, Centre tor    2356 Main Malt H-5
Agricultural Economics Department    2014 Lower Mall E-3
Agricultural Sciences, Faculty of      2357 Main Mall H-4
Agriculture Canada 6660 Northwest Marine Drive G-2
Alma Mater Soctety 613B Student Union Building Boulevard E-6
Alumni Association    6251 Cecil Green Park Road A-5
AMS Box Office ....    6138 Student Union Building Boulevard E-6
Anatomy Department 2177 Wesbrook Mall F-7
Angus Building {Commercel     2053 Main Mall E-4
Animal Care Centre    6199 South Campus Road 0-6
Animal Resource Ecology, tnstttute ot   2204 Main Mall G-5
Animal Science Department     2357 Main Mall H-4
Anthropology, Museum of 6393 Northwest Marine Drive B-4
Anthropology/Sociology Department  6303 Northwest Marine Drive B-4
Applied Mathematics and Statistics    1984 Mathematics Road D-4
Applied Science. Faculty of    2324 Main Mall G-5
Aquatic Centre    6121 University Boulevard E-6
Archaeology     6303 Northwest Marine Drive B-4
Architecture, Scfiool ot    6333 Memorial Road C-4
Armoury 6363 Memorial Road C-4
ART GALLERIES: Fine Arts Gallery  1956 Main Mall D-5
Arts, Faculty ot      1866 Main Mall C-5
Arts One General Office    6358 University Boulevard F-4
Asian Centre   1871 West Mall C-3
Asian Research, Institutenf     1871 West Mall C-3
Asian Studies Department    1871 West Mall C-3
Asian Studies Library   1871 West Mall C-3
Astronomy. Department of Geophysics and,     2219 Main Malt G-4
Athletic Office   6081 University Boulevard E-7
Audiology and Speech Sciences    5804 Fairview Crescent J-8
Auditorium, Vum Yum s at the  6344 Memorial Road D-4
Auditorium Office Annex     1924 West Mall D-4
Audio Visual Services    2206 East Mall G-6
Awards and Financial Aid 2075 Wesbrook Mall F-7
Bank of Montreal: SUB Branch    6138 Student Union Building Boulevard E-6
Barn Coffee Shop   2323 Main Mai) G-4
B.C. Enrollmenl Forecasting Committee    6326 Memorial Road D-4
B.C. Mental Retardation Institute    2765 Osoyoos Crescent K-8
B.C. Research    3650 Wesbrook Mall Q-8
Berwick Centre 2765 Osoyoos Crescent K-8
Berwick Preschool . 2765 Osoyoos Crescent K-8
Bio-Resource Engineering Department
Agricultural Mechanics   , 2357 Main Mall H-4
Biochemistry Department    2146 Health Sciences Mall F-6
Biological Sciences Building    6270 University Boulevard F-5
Biomedical Communications Department 2194 Health Sciences Mall (3-7
Biopsychology Building   .....    6386 University Boulevard F-4
Board ot Governors     6328 Memorial Road D-4
Bookstore   6200 University Boulevard F-5
Alpine Garden    6400 Stadium Road M-3
Asian Garden   6400 Stadium Road M-3
B.C. Native Garden    6400 Stadium Road M-3
Education Centre/Office 6501 Northwest Marine Drive B-3
Main Garden and Centre   6400 Stadium Road M-3
Nitobe Memorial Garden  1903 West Mall C-3
Nursery    6088 South Campus Road B-7
Physic* Garden    6400 Stadium Road M-3
Rose Garden 6200 Crescent Road B-S
Botany Department    6270 University Boulevard F-S
Box Office: AMS    6138 Student Union Building Boulevard E-6
Frederic Wood Theatre  6354 Crescent Road C-4
Brock Hall    1874 East Mall D-6
Buchanan Building (Arts)       ... 1B66 Main Mall C-5
Buchanan Fitness Centre 6121 University Boulevard E-6
Buchanan Tower (Arts)    1873 East Mall C-5
Bus Stop Coffee Shop    2009 Main Mall E-4
Campus Man Room  2075 Wesbrook Mall F-7
Canada Employment Centre (Students)  1874 East Mall D-6
Canadian University Service Overseas (CUSO)    1763 West Mall C-3
Carey Hatl (Baptist)                       5920 Iona Drive C-8
Cecil Green Park (Alumni Association) 6251 Cecil Green Park Road A-5
Centre for Continuing Education  5997 Iona Drive 8-8
Centre for Human Settlements         2206 East Mall G-6
Ceremonies Office  6328 Memorial Road D-4
Chancellor's Office    6328 Memorial Road 0-4
Chemical Engineering Department    2216 Main Mall G-5
Chemistry Department   2036 Main Mall E-5
Childcare Centre (Daycare)  2727 Acadia Road K-10
Child Study Centre (Faculty of Education)    2855 Acadia Road K-10
Civil and Mechanical Engineering Laboratory   2246 Main Mall G-5
Civil Engineering Department     2324 Main Mall G-5
Classics Department    1866 Main Mall C-5
Coal and Mineral Processing Centre       2332 West Mall H-4
Commerce and Business Administration. Faculty of    2053 Main Mall E-4
Community and Regional Planning, School of  6333 Memorial Road C-4
Community Health Centre   ...    5804 Fairview Crescent J-8
Computer Science Department  6356 Agricultural Road E-4
Computing Centre    . 6356 Agricultural Road E-4
CONFERENCE CENTRE: Business Office    2071 West Mall E-3
Residence   . 5959 Student Union Building Boulevard D-7
Continuing Education. Centre for    5997 Iona Drive 8-8
Continuing Education in Health Sciences   2194 Health Science* Mall G-7
Co-operative Education/Internships     1874 East Mall D-6
Copy and Duplicating Centre    6326 Memorial Road (Basement) 0-4
Crane Memorial Library    1874 East Mall C-6
Creative Writing Department    1666 Main Mall C-5
Cunningham Building (Pharmacy)    2146 East Mall F-6
Curtis Building (Law)   1822 East Mall C-6
Dairy Cattle Teaching and Research Unit    3473 Wesbrook Mall P-7
Data Processing Centre 2075 Wesbrook Mall F-7
Daycare   2727 Acadia Road K-10
Day House    2250 Wesbrook Mall H-8
Dentistry: Clinic and Faculty    2199 Wesbrook Mall G-7
Dean's Office   2194 Health Sciences Mall G-7
Dorothy Somerset Studio    6354 Crescent Road C-4
East Mall Annex  1824 East Mall C-b
Economics Department 1873 East Mall C-5
Education, Faculty of    2125 Main Mall F-4
Electrical Engineering Department    2356 Main Mall H-5
Employee Relations (Personnel)  6253 Northwest Marine Drive B-5
Engineering (Faculty of Applied Science)    2324 Main Mall G-5
English Department  1873 East Mall C-5
Executive Conference Centre (Commerce)  2053 Main Mall E-4
Extra-Sessional Studies          . 6323 Cecil Green Park Road A-4
Facilities Planning Department     6365 Bioiogical Sciences Road F-4
Faculty Association    1924 West Mall D-4
Faculty Club and Social Centre     6331 Crescent Road C-4
Family Practice Department and Teaching Unit 5804 Fairview Ciescent J-B
Finance Department    2075 Wesbrook Mall F-7
Financial Aid (Students) 2075 Wesbrook Mall F-7
Fme Arts Department    6333 Memorial Road C-4
Fine Arts Gallery   1S56 Mam Mall D-5
Fire Department (UEL) 2992 Wesbrook Mall L-8
Fish and Wildlife (Provincial)  2374 Mam Mall H-5
Fisheries & Oceans (Federal), Department of     . , 6640 Northwest Marine Drive G-2
Food Sciences Department    2357 Main Mall H-4
Food Services Department        2071 West Mall E-3
Forestry. Faculty of   2357 Main Mall H-4
forintek    6620 Northwest Marine Drive F-2
Forward Building (Metallurgy)   6350 Stores Road G-4
FRATERNITIES, Aipha Delta Phi   2270 Wesbrook Crescent H-8
Beta Theta Pi  2140 Wesbrook Crescent H-8
Delta Kappa Epsilon   5765 Agronomy Road H-6
Kappa Sigma   2280 Wesbrook Crescent H-8
Phi Gamma Delta    5785 Agronomy Road H-6
Psi Upsilon     2260 Wesbrook Crescent H-8
Sigma Chi    5725 Agronomy Road H-9
Frederic Wood Theatre and Box Office  6354 Crescent Road C-4
French Department   1673 East Mall C-5
Geography Department    1984 West Mall D-4
Geological Sciences Department    6339 Stores Road G-4
Geophysics and Astronomy Department 2219 Main Mall G-4
Germanic Studies    J673 East Mall C-5
Graduate Student Centre (Thea Koerner House)   6371 Crescent Road C-4
Graduate Studies, Faculty of   2075 Wesbrook Mall F-7
Greenhouse {Plant Science) 2334 West Mall G-4
GYMNASIUMS: Robert F. Osborne Centre   6108 Thunderbird Boulevard K-6
War Memorial Gym    6081 University Boulevard E-7
Health Care and Epidemiology Department     5804 Fairview Crescent J-8
Health Sciences, Co-ordinator s Ofice   2194 Health Sciences Mall G-7
Health Service 2211 Wesbrook Mall G-7
Hebb Building (Physics)     2045 East Mall E-5
Henntngs Building (Physics)       .... 6224 Agricultural Road E-5
Hittel House    1B82 EastMall D-6
Hispanic and Italian Studies Department 1866 Main Mall C-5
History Department  1873 East Mall C-5
Home Economics, School of  2205 East Mall F-5
Hortline                                             6S01 Northwest Marine Drive B-3
Hospital Administrator   2194 Wealth Sciences Mall G-7
HOSPITAL: Acute Care    2211 Wesbrook Mall G-7
Extended Care 2221 Wesbrook Mall H-6
Psychiatric    2255 Wesbrook Mall 'H-7
Student Health Service    2211 Wesbrook Mall G-7
Housing Administrator, Office of    2071 West Mall E-3
Human Settlements, Centre for    2206 East Mall G-6
Information Services   6328 Memorial Road D-4
Institutional Analysis and Planning   6328 Memorial Road D-4
Instructional Resources Centre (IRC)    2194 Health Sciences Malt G-7
International Development Research Centre    5990 Iona Drive B-7
International House 1783 West Mall C-3
International North Pacific Fisheries
Commission   6640 Northwest Marine Drive G-2
International Relations. Institute of    1866 Main Mall C-5
Japanese Garden and Teahouse  1903 West Mall     C-3
John Owen Pavilion (Sports Medicine)   3055 Wesbrook Mall     M-6
Kinsmen Laboratory (Neurological Research)
Knowledge Network Office 	
 2255 Wesbrook Mall      H-7
 2206 East Mall     G-6
2194 Health Sciences Mali     G-7
Ladner Clock Tower   1956 Main Malt D-5
Language Institute    2042 West Mall E-4
Office , 5997 Iona Drive B-B
Language Laboratory  1866 Mam Mall C-5
Lasserre Building (Architecture/Fine Arts/Planning)   6333 Memorial Road C-4
Law.facultyof 1822EastMall C-6
Librarianship. School of  1956 Main Malt D-5
LIBRARIES: Animal Resources Ecology Library     2204 Main Mall G-5
Asian Studies Library 1871 West Malt C-3
Crane Memorial Library  1874 East Mall C-6
Curriculum Laboratory    2125 Main Mall F-4
Data Library             6356 Agricultural Road E-4
Law Library  1822 East Mall C-6
MacMillan Library (Forestry/Agriculture)    2357 Main Mall H-4
Main Library 1956 Main Mall D-5
Mathematics Library    1984 Mathematics Road D-4
Music Library 6361 Memorial Road C-4
Processing Centre 2206 East Mall G-6
Sedgewick Library  1958 Main Mall D-5
Social Work Library    6201 Cecil Green Park Road A-5
Woodward Biomedical Library   2194 Health Sciences Mall G-7
Linguistics Department     1866 Main Mall C-5
Lost and Found    1874 East Mall C-6
Lutheran Campus Centre 5889 University Boulevard F-B
MacdonaW Building (Dentistry)   2199 Wesbrook Mall G-7
Maclnnes Playing Field     E-7
MacLeod Building (Electrical Engineering)    2356 Main Mall H-5
MacMillan Building (Forestry/Agriculture)  2357 Main Mall H-4
Main Library    1956 Main Mall D-5
Mathematics Department    1984 Mathematics Road D-4
Mather Building  5804 Fairview Crescent J-8
Mechanical Engineering Department 2324 Main Mall G-5
Medical Genetics Department    6174 University Boulevard F-6
Medical Microbiology   6174 University Boulevard F-6
Medical Science Buildings; Block A    2t46 Health Sciences Mall F-6
Block B      2177 Wesbrook Mall F-7
Block C    2176 Health Sciences Mall F-6
Medicine, Faculty of  2194 Health Sciences Mall G-7
Metallurgical Engineering Department    6350 Stores Road G-4
Microbiology Department     6174 University Boulevard F-6
Mining and Mineral Process Engineering 6350 Stores Road G-4
Molecular Genetics, Centre for    .■ 6174 University Boulevard F-6
MUSEUMS: Museum of Anthropology 6393 Northwest Marine Drive B-4
M.Y. Williams Geological Museum    6339 Stores Road G-4
Music Department 6361 Memorial Road C-4
On these two pages you'll find a
new and updated campus map,
together with an alphabetized
Index that will direct you to all
major buildings and all UBC
faculties, departments, schools
and Institutes. Save It for future
Here are some special campus
features to note.
EMERGENCIES. The numbers to
call are: RCMP - 224-1322; fire,
Inhalator and major accidents —
228-4567; UBC Traffic and
Security - 228-4721. RCMP and
fire departments are on Wesbrook
Mall (Co-ordinates L-8),' UBC
Traffic and Security Is also on
Wesbrook Mall (M-8); first aid and
emergency health services are
available In the Health Sciences
Centre Hospital acute care unit
SQ-7), which also houses the
Student Health Service.
FOOD SERVICES. Major campus
food outlets are located in the
Student Union Building (E-6), The
Barn (G-4), the Scarfe (Education)
Building (F-4), the Bus Stop
Coffee Shop (E-4), the Old
Auditorium (D-4), the Faculty Club
(members and guests only) (C-4)
and the Graduate Student Centre
(members and guests only) (C-4).
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-JJUa^aK MEb'C
Neurological Sciences 2255 Wesbrook Mall
Nitobe Memorial Garden    1903 West Mall
Norman MacKenzie House   6365 Northwest Marine Drive
Nursing, Director's Office 2194 Health Sciences Mall
Nursing. School of       2211 Wesbrook Mall
Oceanography Department    ...    6270 University Boulevard
Oral Biology Department   2199 Wesbrook Mall
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery  2199 Wesbrook Mall
Oral Medicine Department 2199 Wesbrook Mall
Orthodontics Department    2199 Wesbrook Mall
Osborne Gymnasium    6108 Thunderbird Boulevard
Panhellenic House (Sororities)    6478 Northwest Marine Drive
Paprican    2216 Main Malt
Pathology Department  22n wesbrook Mall
Personnel and Labour Relations     6253 Northwest Marine Drive
Pharmaceutical Sciences: Deans Office    2194 Health Sciences Mall
Facultyof   2146East Mall
Pharmacology Department   2176 Health Sciences Mall
Philosophy Department    1866 Main Mall
Physical Education and Recreation  8081 University Boulevard
Physical Plant: Main Office  2210 West Mall
Stores. Dispatch and Receiving  6381 Stores Road
Physics Department 6224 Agricultural Road
Physiology Department   2146 Health Sciences Mall
Place vanier Residence 1935 Lower Mall
Plant Science Department    2357 Main Mall
Police(RCMP)    2990WesbrookMall
Political Science Department   1866 Main Mall
Ponderosa Cafeteria    2071 West Mall
Ponderosa Office Annex: Block A 2011 West Mall
Block B        2029 West Mall
Block C    2021 West Mali
Block D   2014 Lower Mall
Block E   .. . .2034 Lower Mall
Block F    2008 Lower Mali
Block G 2054 Lower Mall
Post Office    2065 Wesbrook Mall
Poultry Science Department 2357 Main Mall
Pre-School tor Special Children    2765 Osoyoos Crescent
President's Office 6328 Memorial Road
Preventive and Community Dentistry      2194 Health Sciences Mall G-7
Psychiatry Department    2255 Wesbrook Mall H-7
Psychology Department  2136 West Mall F-4
Public Salety Building    2990 Wesbrook Mall L-8
Pulp and Paper Research Institute of Canada 2216 Main Man G-S
Purchasing Department     6253 Northwest Marine Drive B-5
Reading, Writing and Study Skills Centre       5997 Iona Drive B-B
Regent College     2130 Wesbrook Crescent G-8
Registrar's Office      2075 Wesbrook Mall F-7
Rehabilitation Medicine: Director's Office  2194 Health Sciences Mall G-7
School of    2211 wesbrook Mall G-7
Religious Studies Department   1866 Main Mall C-5
Research Administration. Office of  6344 Memorial Road D-4
Resources Management Sciences    2357 Main Mall H-4
RESIDENCES: Acadia Park     2725 Metfa Road K-9
Place Vanier 1935 Lower Mail E-3
Totem Park     2525 West Mall J-3
Walter H Gage 5959 Student Union Building Boulevard D-7
Restorative Dentistry Department 2199 Wesbrook Mall F-7
RoseGarden     6200 Crescent Road B-5
St. Andrew's Hall (Presbyterian)  6040 Iona Drive C-6
St. Mark's College (Roman Catholic)    :... 5935 Iona Drive B-8
Scarte Building (Education) 2125Main Mall F-4
Scholarships. Bursaries and Loans    2075 Wesbrook Mall F-7
Science. Dean's Office  6270 University Boulevard F-5
Sedgewick Library    1958 Main Mall D-5
Slavonic Studies Department 1666 Main Mall C-5
Social Work, School of    8201 Cecil Green Park Road A-S
Sociology, Department of Anthropology and  6303 Northwest Marine Drive B-4
Soil Science Department    2357 Main Mall H-4
Speech Sciences. Audiology and  5804 Fairview Crescent J-8
Sports Medicine Clinic  3055 Wesbrook Mall M-6
Stadium       6288 Stadium Road M-4
Statistical Centre 1866 Main Mall C-5
Statistics Department 1984 Mathematics Road D-4
Student Financial Aid   2075 Wesbrook Mall F-7
Student Counselling and Resources    1874 East Mall D-6
Student Health Service              2211 WesbrookMall G-7
Student Housing and Conferences    2071 West Mall E-5
Student Union Building (SUB)    6138 Student Union Building Boulevard E-6
Swimming Pool 6121 University Boulevard E-6
Task Force Building    2352 Health Sciences Mall H-6
Theatre Department    6354 Crescent Road C-4
THEATRES: Frederic Wood ThsBtre  6354 Crescent Road C-4
Dorothy Somerset Studio  6354 Crescent Road C-4
ThunderbirtJ Park (Sports Fields) East Mall L-7
Thunderbird Stadium        6288 Stadium Road M-4
Thunderbird Winter Sports Centre     6066 Thunderbird Boulevard K-7
Totem Park Residence   2525 West Mall J-3
Traffic and Security Department          3030 Westbrook Mall M-8
Transportation Studies, Centre (or    1924 West Mall D-4
Travel Office (CUTS)    6138 Student Union Building Boulevard E-6
TRIUMF Cyclotron: Office        4004 Wesbrook Mall T-7
Visitor's Residence  5745 Agronomy Road H-8
UBC Aquatic Centre  6121 University.Boulevard E-6
University of B.C. Press    6344 Memorial Road D-4
University Co-ordination Office    1924 West Mall D-4
University Development Office    6251 Cecil Green Park Road A-5
Vancouver School of Theology   6000 lorta Drive C-7
Vice-Presidents' Office    6328 Memorial Road D-4
Walter Gage Residence    5959 Student Union Building Boulevard D-7
War Memorial Gymnasium  6081 University Boulevard E-7
War Memorial Gym Playing Field    E-7
Wesbrook Building   6174 University Boulevard F-B
West Mall Office Annex     1933 West Mall D-3
Westwater Research Centre    1933 West Mall 0-3
Winter Sports Centre     6066 Thunderbird Boulevard K-7
Women Students' Office 1674 East Mall C-6
Woodward Building (IRC/Biomedical Library) 2194 Health Sciences Mall G-7
World Fed. for Mental Health  2352 Health Sciences Mall H-7
Zoology Department    6270 University Boulevard F-5 t»:: IHAqrxiora; Jo;qo>3irlilei ■ :\ , [ mi
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tdeoiB jea: icd' ban^j;-9.i;anDfi;ri(jj; la^nodiniBanij
Ii hmbsit'Dnr:*. UBC Reports September 7, 1983
Faculty members wishing more information
about the following research grants should
consult the Research Services Grant Deadlines
circular which is available in departmental and
faculty offices. If further information is
required, call 228-3652 (external grants) or
228-5583 (internal grants).
October (application deadlines in
• Agriculture Canada
— Extramural Research Grant (15)
• Alberta Forest Service
— Forest Development Research Fund Grant
• Alberta Heritage Fdn. for Medical Research
— Medical Research Fellowships (1)
• American Lung Association
— Training Fellowships (1)
— Trudeau Scholar Awards (1)
• Arthritis Society
— Associateships & Assistantships (15)
— Fellowships (15)
— Research (15)
• Association for Canadian Studies
— Intercultural/Interregional Enrichment
• AUCC: International Relations
— Canadian Studies Visiting Prof in Japan
— International Scholarships Post Doctoral
• B.C. Health Care Research Fdn.
— Development & Training Fellowship (1)
— Research (1)
— Research Scholar Award (1)
• B.C. Heart Foundation
— Clinical Fellowship in Cardiovascular
Disease (1)
• B.C. Medical Services Foundation (BCMSF)
— Research (3)
• Canada Council: Killam Program
— l.W. Killam Memorial Prize (15)
— Killam Research Fellowship (15)
• Canada Council: Writing/Public.
— Translation Grant (15)
• Canada Mortgage & Housing Corp.
— Research Grants Type A (to $3500) (29)
• Canadian Commonwealth Schol/Fell.
— Research Fellowships (31)
— Visiting Fellowships (31)
• Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Fdn.
— Fellowships for Training and Research (1)
— Research (1)
— Scholarship (1)
• Educational Research Inst, of BC (ERIBC)
— ERIBC Research Grant (1)
UBC grad
gets medal
Vancouver native Betty Keller has been
named the winner of the University of
British Columbia's Canadian Biography
Award for 1982. The award, given
annually since 1952, is for Ms. Keller's
book Pauline: A Biography of Pauline
Johnson, published by Douglas and
Mclntyre Ltd.
The UBC award, a silver medal designed
by noted Indian artist Bill Reid, is given
for the best book by or about a Canadian
published in the previous year.
Canadian Literature, a UBC-based
literary magazine, said in announcing the
award that Ms. Keller had succeeded in
looking behind the persona that Pauline
Johnson showed her public, to reveal her
"deliberateness and motivations, her
personality as it really was.
"The handicap Keller faced was the fact
that Pauline Johnson's sister carefully
destroyed her papers, with what intent it is
not sure .... Keller's accomplishment, in
the face of such an obstacle, is to have
amassed an extraordinary amount of data
from other sources, and to have presented
it in a most attractive, readable form."
Ms. Keller was educated at UBC and has
taught drama and drama writing at both
the high school and university level in B.C.
• Fitness and Amateur Sport
— Fitness Canada Grants (14)
• General Motors Cancer Res. Fdn.
— Research Prize (2)
• Guggenheim Memorial Foundation
— Guggenheim Fellowships (1)
• Hannah Institute
— Publications Assistance (1)
• IMASCO-CDC Research Foundation
— Research (1)
• Industry Trade and Commerce
— Technological Innovation Studies (SI)
• International Union Against Cancer
— Eleanor Roosevelt Cancer Fellowships (1)
— International Fellowships (1)
• International Development Research Centre
— Education Research Awards Program (30)
• Japan World Exposn. Commemor. Fund
-   International Projects (31)
• Juvenile Diabetes Fdn. (US)
Career Development Award (1)
Postdoctoral Fellowships (1)
• Kidney Foundation of Canada
— Research (15)
• March of Dimes Birth Defects Fdn. (US)
— Research (1)
• MRC: Grants Program
Program Grants (1)
Travel (1)
• MRC: Special Programs
INSRM/MRC Exchange (1)
Research for Dyskinesia & Torticollis (1)
Symposia & Workshops (1)
• Multiple Sclerosis Soc. Canada
Career Development Grants (1)
Postdoctoral Fellowships (1)
Research (1)
- Research Studentships (1)
• National Defence Canada
Military and Strategic Studies Program
• National Inst, of Education (US)
NIE Research Grants (6)
• National Kidney Foundation (US)
— Research Fellowships (1)
• National Research Council of Canada
— The Steacie Prize (4)
• NSERC: Fellowships Division
— University Research Fellowship (1)
• NSERC: Intl. Relations Division
— Exchange: Brazil, Czech, Japan, Bulgaria,
Germany, U.K., Suisse (15)
— International Collaborative Research (15)
— International Scientific Exchange Awards
• NSERC: Major Installation
Major Installation (1)
• Osgoode Society
Fellowship in Canadian Legal History (1)
• Peterhouse Cambridge
— Research Fellowships (25)
• Secretary of State
- Canadian Ethnic Studies Program:
Professorships (31)
— Canadian Ethnic Studies: Research (31)
• SSHRC: Fellowships Division
Jules & Gabrielle Leger Fellowship (1)
— Leave Fellowship (1)
— Postdoctoral Fellowship (1)
• SSHRC: Intl. Relations Division
Aid to International Secretaries (I)
Bilateral Exchange: China (1)
— Bilateral Schol. Exchange: Japan &
Hungary (1)
— Bilateral Scholarly Exchange: France (1)
— Grants to Canadian Scholars to Lecture
Abroad (1)
— International Collaborative Research (1)
Visiting Foreign Scholars (1)
• SSHRC: Research Communic. Div.
— Aid to Occasional Conferences (30)
• SSHRC: Research Grants Division
— Research (15)
• St. John's College
Commonwealth Fellowship (1)
• University of British Columbia
— UBC-SSHRC Travel Grant (10)
• University of Tasmania
— University Research Award (31)
• Woodward's Fdn. (Mr. & Mrs. P.A.)
— Foundation Grants (1)
• World Wildlife Fund (Canada)
— Arctic Grants (31)
General Research (1)
Note: All external agency grant requests must
be signed by the Head, Dean, and Dr. R.D.
Spratley. Applicant is responsible for sending
application to agency.
*$# •&
UBC Thunderbird football hopefuls get the word straight from the coach's
mouth. Frank Smith is shown readying his charges for their home opener against
the University of Calgary on Sept. 16.
Loss of key football players
means Interesting' season
"It could be an interesting football
That's the comment many observers are
making when discussing the prospects of
the Canadian university football champion
UBC Thunderbirds in the 1983 season.
And rightly so. This season the 'Birds
will be defending their Vanier Cup
championship, but they'll be without
several key veterans who helped make last
season successful.
Last February saw 10 T-Birds drafted by
the Canadian Football League. Key losses
include all-Canadian offensive linemen
Pieter VandenBos and Jerry Dobrovolny
(now with Edmonton and Calgary,
respectively), linebacker Mike Emery
(Saskatchewan), defensive back Dave Singh
(Saskatchewan) and end Jason Riley
(Winnipeg). Bernie Glier (B.C.),
linebacker Steve Harrison (Ottawa),
running back Pat Cantner (Winnipeg) and
George Piva (Hamilton) round out the list
of 1982 T-Birds currently in the C.F.L.
Veteran cornerback Mark Beecroft has also
graduated and will be missed in the
Coach Frank Smith had this to say on
the departure of so many starters from
UBC. "The players we've lost were all great
athletes who we'll really miss. I enjoyed
coaching all of them as they were
exceptional individuals. It'll be extremely
hard for any future Thunderbird football
team to surpass the achievements of that
1982 team."
The 1983 edition of Smith's  Birds
features six returning starters on both
offense and defence but the newcomers
coming in this season will add depth to the
lineup. On offense, all-Canadian junior
tailback Glenn Steele (232 carries, 1,603
yards, 16 touchdowns) returns for another
season as does senior fullback Peter
LeClaire, third-year starting quarterback
Jay Gard and tight end Rob Ros.
The offensive line, however, has to be
suspect as only returnees Peter Jeffrey and
Don Adamic are back from the best front
line in Canada. All other positions are wide
open as newcomers battle for spots.
Last year's stingy defence has also been
decimated by the draft and graduations.
Another big question mark for the team
will be the defensive secondary, where
three key starters are gone from 1982's
unyielding backfield.
In sum, the Thunderbirds appear to
have a lot of depth this season, much more
than last year. The team is replete with
talented ball players, but their lack of
experience in working within a new system
and with new teammates means that there
will be plenty of exciting games in the
Western Intercollegiate Football League.
Their 1983 schedule of 10 games began
on Labor Day Weekend in Helena,
Montana where they defeated Carroll
College Fighting Saints 34-21 in a non-
conference game. On Sept. 10 they open
the WIFL slate of eight games with a road
match against the University of Manitoba
Bisons. First home game for the team will
be Friday, Sept. 16 at 7:30 p.m. when they
host the University of Calgary Dinosaurs in
Thunderbird Stadium.
* * »
A new bowl game has been added to the
list of trophies that will be competed for
annually by UBC and Simon Fraser
UBC's Thunderbird soccer team will
meet their SFU counterparts on Sunday
(Sept. 11) at 7:30 p.m. in Thunderbird
Stadium to compete for the Diachem Bowl
donated by Konrad Tittler, Sr., president
of Diachem Industries and the father of a
Thunderbird soccer alumnus.
Organizers of the match hope that the
annual event will attract as much interest
as the annual Shrum Bowl football
competition between UBC and SFU.
The game is the first of two matches this
month. Following the Diachem Bowl, the
Clansmen will meet the 'Birds in a
Wednesday, Sept. 14, return match called
the Challenge Cup, to be held in Swangard
Stadium at 7 p.m.
UBC coach Joe Johnson has been
tutoring his squad at Thunderbird Park in
preparation for the season opening match.
"We've been practising for more than two
weeks now and I've got the team down to a
reasonable number. Players who haven't
heard about the tryouts can call me at
228-2531 if they're interested in a place on
UBC's Canada West squad."
All UBC students with valid AMS Cards
will be admitted free to the Sept. 11 game.
For more information, call the Athletic
Office at 228-3917.
* * *
Andre Bleim, and Rob Moretto, a pair
of first-year football players from Notre
Dame high school, have been named as the
1983 winners of Frank Gnup scholarships.
In making the announcement, Gnup
scholarship committee chairman Tom
Thomas described the winners as "the two
outstanding candidates in the applications"
and termed Bleim's straight-A average in
high school "an outstanding level of
athletic scholarship."
Bleim is a 5'8" 180-pound running back
who last year led Notre Dame Jugglers to
the B.C. high school football
championship. A great talent, he was
selected the outstanding offensive player at
the 1983 B.C. Lions' high school
development camp. UBC Reports September 7, 1983
Calendar Deadlines _
For events in the weeks of Sept. 25 and Oct. 2 ,
material must be submitted not later than 4
p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 15. Send notices to
Information Services, 6328 Memorial Road (Old
Administration Building). For further
information, call 228-3131.
Calendar Forms
New calendar forms have been printed
and are available by calling 228-3131 or
dropping by Information Services, Room
207, Old Administration Building.
The Vancouver Institute.
Saturday, Sept. 17
The Forgotten Party:
The Victim of Crime.
The Honorable Mr.
Justice Brian Dickson,
Supreme Court of
Canada, Ottawa.
Saturday, Sept. 24
China's Race Against
Time: Modernization
and Education.
President William
Say well, Simon Fraser
Both lectures take place in Lecture Hall 2 of the
Woodward Instructional Resources Centre at
8:15 p.m.
Medical Genetics Seminar.
Drug Exposure As Possible Teratogens,
Chan; Incidence of Hypospadias in B.C., T.
Leung: Investigation of Lipoprotein Metabolism
in Down Syndrome, H. Lui; and Incidence of
Twins in Huntington's Chorea, J. Soles.
Parentcraft Room. Grace Hospital. 1 p.m.
^^"    • •■*
on P
ublished every
drmation Serv
rial Koad,
V6T  1W5.
SI. Al Hunter
rtyk, associate
tributing edito
ond C
UHC Reports is p
Wednesday by In
UBC, 6328 Memc
Vancouver. B.C.
Telephone 228-3
editor. Lorie Cho
Jim Banham, con
O O)
Maranatha Christian Club.
The Maranatha Christian Club, in co-operation
with other Christian groups on campus, is
sponsoring a welcome reception for first-year
students and international students. UBC
President George Pedersen, AMS President
Mitch Hetman, Chancellor J.V. Clyne and
faculty deans will be introduced. Graduate
Student Centre. 1:30 to 4:30 p.m.
Sanka Fun Run.
Sanka is sponsoring an 8km run to support
Canadian Olympic teams. The race starts at 10
a.m. at UBC's Thunderbird Stadium. Pre-
registration is from 8:30 to 9:45 a.m. on race
day in the concourse of the stadium. For more
information, contact Ken Black at 228-2503.
UBC meets SFU to compete for the Diachem
Bowl, donated by Konrad Tittler Sr., president
of Diachem Industries. Thunderbird Stadium.
7:30 p.m.
Biochemical Discussion Group
E   coli RNA Polymerase: Mechanism of
Promotor Selection. Dr. Carol Cech, Chemistry,
University of Colorado. Room 4210, Block A,
Medical Sciences Building. 12:30 p.m.
The Pedersen Exchange.
An opportunity for any member of the on-
campus University community to meet with
UBC's president. Dr. George Pedersen, to
discuss matters of concern. Persons wishing to
meet with the president should identify
themselves to the receptionist in the Librarian's
office, which is immediately to the left of the
main entrance to the Main Library building.
The president will be available every Monday
when he is on campus from 3:30 to 5 p.m.
Biochemical Discussion Group
Self Splicing RNA: An RNA Mediated Enzyme
Like Activity. Dr. Tom Cech, Chemistry,
University of Colorado. Lecture Hall 4,
Woodward Instructional Resources Centre.
4 p.m.
Volunteer Fair.
Volunteer opportunities can be explored with
representatives from more than 30 community
agencies and institutions. Sponsored by
Volunteer Connections at the Student
Counselling and Resources Centre and the
Vancouver Volunteer Centre. Continues on
Thursday, Sept. 15. Lobby, Student Union
Building. 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. both days.
Noon-Hour Concert.
Valerie Tyron, piano. Recital Hall, Music
Building. 12:30 p.m.
Faculty Club.
Pre-Senate dinner buffet. Cost is $9, reservations
required. Main Dining Room. 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.
UBC meets SFU to compete for the Challenge
Cup. Swangard Stadium. 7 p.m.
Folk Dance Club.
Folk dances and steps from many countries
taught at beginning and intermediate level.
Open to students, faculty, staff and community.
Yearly fee is $10 (students $5). No partner
necessary. For further information, call Marcia
Snider at 7S8T246. Upper Lounge,
International House. 7:30 p.m.
Psychiatry Lecture.
Factors That Determine Medical Students'
Interest in Psychiatry: A Three Year University
Multinational Study. Prof. P. Ney, Christchurch
Clinical School, New Zealand. Room 2NA/B,
Psychiatric Unit, Health Sciences Centre
Hospital. 9 a.m.
Lost and Found Sale.
There will be a sale of miscellaneous items that
have been unclaimed from the UBC Lost and
Found. All proceeds to University bursaries.
Room 208, Brock Hall. 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
English Lecture.
Dylan Thomas: A Reappraisal. Professor
emeritus R. George Thomas, Medieval English,
University College, Cardiff. Sponsored by the
Committee on Lectures. Room A202, Buchanan
Building. 12:30 p.m.
Faculty Association Meeting.
A special meeting will be held to welcome
President Pedersen. Lecture Hall 2, Woodward
Instructional Resources Centre. 1 p.m.
Computer Science Colloquium.
Is Vision Possible? Dr. Alan K. Mackworth,
Computer Science, UBC. Room 301, Computer
Sciences Building. 4 p.m.
Medical Genetics Seminar.
Neurogenetics. Dr. T. Bird, University of
Washington, Seattle. Parentcraft Room, Grace
Hospital. 1 p.m.
UBC vs. the University of Calgary. Thunderbird
Stadium. 7:30 p.m.
Biology Lecture.
Structure Variation and Inheritance of Maize
Ribosomal Genes. Elizabeth Ann Zimmer. Room
3219, Biological Sciences Building. 12:30 p.m.
Plant Science Seminar.
Alcohol and Alcohol Dehydrogenase in Plants.
Dr. K.J.R. Edwards, head. Genetics, University
of Cambridge. Room 160, MacMillan Building.
3:30 p.m.
Applied Mathematics Seminar.
Plate Theories and Saint Venant's Principle.
Prof. F.Y.M. Wan. director, Institute of
Applied Mathematics and Statistics, UBC.
Room 229, Mathematics Building. 3:30 p.m.
The Pedersen Exchange.
The exchange is cancelled this week because of
President Pedersen's absence from Vancouver. It
provides an opportunity for any member of
UBC's on-campus community to meet the
president personally to discuss matters of
concern. Normally it is held every Monday that
the president is on campus from 3:30 to 5 p.m.
in the Main Library.
Biochemical Discussion Group
Bacterial Gene Regulation. Dr. Lasse Lindahl,
Biology, University of Rochester. Lecture Hall 4,
Woodward Instructional Resources Centre.
4 p.m.
Oceanography Seminar.
Atmospheric Tides as Indicators of
Environmental Change. Dr. Kevin Hamilton,
NSERC University Research Fellow,
Oceanography, UBC. Room 1465, Biological
Sciences Building. 3 p.m.
Chemistry Lecture.
The Third Age of Quantum Chemistry. Prof.
Henry F. Schaefer III, Chemistry, University of
California, Berkeley. Room 250, Chemistry
Building. 4 p.m.
Anatomy Seminar.
Hormone-Drug Interactions in Breast Cancer
Therapy. Dr. J.T. Emerman, Anatomy, UBC.
Room 37, Anatomy Building. 12:30 p.m.
Leon and Thea Koerner Lecture.
The Great God Pan. Prof. John Boardman,
Lincoln Professor of Classical Archaeology,
University of Oxford. Room 102, Lasserre
Building. 12:30 p.m.
Noon-Hour Concert.
Philip Tillotson, harpsichord; Elissa Poole,
baroque flute. Recital Hall, Music Building.
12:30 p.m.
Leon and Thea Koerner Lecture.
Greek Myth in Art. Prof. John Boardman,
Lincoln Professor of Classical Archaeology,
University of Oxford. Room 107, Lasserre
Building. 3:30 p.m.
Frederic Wood Theatre.
Opening night of Samuel Beckett's Waiting for
Godot. Continues until Monday, Oct. 3 (except
Sundays), with the final night marking the
opening of a UBC Festival of the Arts during
National Universities Week Oct. 2 to 8. Tickets
are $6.50: $4.50 for students and seniors. For
ticket reservations, call 228-2678. Frederic Wood
Theatre. 8 p.m.
Psychiatry Lecture.
Opiate-Endocrine Regulation in Depression. Dr.
A.P. Zis, Psychiatry, University of Michigan.
Room 2NA/B, Psychiatric Unit, Health Sciences
Centre Hospital. 9 a.m.
Biology Lecture.
Expression of Agrobaclerium tumefaciens T
-DNA in Crown Gall Tumors. Dr. Joan C.
McPherson. Room 3219, Biological Sciences
Building. 12:30 p.m.
Faculty Recital.
Music of Russell, Chatman and Reimer. Michael
Borschel, clarinet; John Rudolph, percussion,
and Kathleen Rudolph, flute. Recital Hall,
Music Building. 12:30 p.m.
Librarianship Lecture.
Come Home, Storyteller: The Library and the
Oral Tradition. Alice Kane, childrens' librarian
and founder. Storyteller's School of Toronto.
Room 835, Main Library. 4:30 p.m.
Medical Genetics Seminar.
Clinical and Genetic Aspects of Movement
Disorders. Drs. D. Calne and M.H. Hayden.
Parentcraft Room, Grace Hospital. 1 p.m.
Information Systems Lecture.
The Role of Information in General Systems:
Some Informed Opinions on Information
Theory. Dr. L.M. Ward, Psychology, UBC.
Salon A, Faculty Club. 4 p.m.
UBC vs. the University of Alberta. Thunderbird
Stadium. 7:30 p.m.
Women's Volleyball.
Grad Reunion. War Memorial Gymnasium.
6 p.m.
The Woodward Biomedical Library is currently
displaying reprints of Leonardo da Vinci's
anatomical drawings. The exhibit is in the main
foyer. For information, call 228-4447.
Japanese Tea Art Exhibit
An exhibit highlighting the traditional Japanese
tea ceremony is on display at the Asian Centre
until Sept. 18. The exhibit is open from 11 a.m.
to 6 p.m. daily and is free of charge.
Daycare Available
Spaces are available in Unit I of UBC's daycare
facility, 2727 Acadia Road, for children aged 17
months to 3 years. The daycare is open from 8
a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and
accepts children on a full- or part-time basis.
For more information, call 228-3019 (days) or
261-8964 (evenings).
Library Tours
Guided tours of Main and Sedgewick Libraries
will be offered weekdays Sept. 12 through 23 at
10:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. Tours meet in the
Main Library entrance and last about 45
Fine Arts Gallery
An exhibit of clay sculpture by Saskatchewan
artist Victor Cicansky will be on display until
Oct. 1 in the UBC Fine Arts Gallery. Gallery
hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through
Language Programs
French, Spanish and Japanese daytime, evening
and weekend programs begin the week of Sept.
19. For more information, call 228-5227.
Beginner and experienced curlers are invited to
join a mixed curling league on Fridays at 7:15
p.m. at the Thunderbird Winter Sports Centre.
For information, call John Lomax at 228-2612.
Internships Available
Study-related, non-paid work experience is
available for third- and fourth-year students in
the Faculty of Arts. For more information,
contact the Office of Internship Programs,
Room 213, Brock Hall (228-3022).
Volunteer Connections
For assistance in finding a volunteer job for
career-related experience or personal
satisfaction, contact Volunteer Connections in
the Student Counselling and Resources Centre,
Room 200, Brock Hall (228-3811).
Music Department Ensembles
Students interested in joining one of the music
department's performing ensembles for credit or
non-credit should contact the department by the
end of the first week of classes. For details, call
Museum of Anthropology
Exhibits: The Copper that Came from Heaven:
Dance Dramas of the Kwakwaka'wakw,
continues through April, 1984. Calendar Prints:
Popular Art of India, opens on Sept. 21 and
continues through January, 1984. For details on
museum activities, call 228-5087.


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