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«WC ^toes Serial
February 5, 1998
Find UBC Reports on the Web at www.external-affairs.ubc.ca/paweb/reports/ ■
All Aboard
Ian Smith photo
Abreast in a Boat, a dragon boat racing team composed entirely of
breast cancer survivors, including three UBC faculty members, heads
to the World Dragon Boat Races in New Zealand this month. The
original team, which formed in 1996, has been the focus of research
into the relationship between exercise and breast cancer recovery.
Human Kinetics Prof. Don McKenzie of the Allan McGavin Sports
Medicine Centre is the team's head coach.
Proposal could open
gathering place in fall
The former UBC Faculty Club building
will get a new lease on life by late 1998 if
a plan to re-open the building for bistro-
style lunch service goes ahead.
Closed due to bankruptcy in 1994, the
40-year-old building may re-open in October or November as a licensed lunch
facility for students, staff, faculty and
campus visitors.
In its initial phase the proposal would
see a restaurant facility open from 11
a.m. to 2 p.m. as well as 12 guest rooms
re-opened. Building space would also be
available to rent for catered functions.
Re-opening is contingent on the ability
of the University Gathering Place Committee and UBC ancillaries, including
Food Services and Housing and Conferences, to come up with a financial plan to
cover operating costs while also dealing
with the residual $ 1.66-million debt, says
committee chair Chuc k Slonecker.
Other groups involvi :d include the Dept.
of Parking and Transportation/Campus
Security and the profe ssors emeritii who
may gain the use of the former library as
a meeting space.
Slonecker said details still need to be
ironed out, but a recent favourable reception by the university's Board of Governors is encouraging. The facility will aim
to break even initially.
"We're going to take a cautious approach to re-opening the entire building. If
the first phase is successful financially,
we'll consider a second phase that will
bring more of the building into use, includ-
Strangway, faculty
to receive honours
Former UBC president David
Strangway, Globe and Mail national
affairs columnist and author Jeffrey
Simpson, and UBC alumnus and ambassador for
Year of Asia
Pacific John
Bell, are
among nine
to be
degrees by
UBC this
Prominent in all
aspects of
and community life,
honorary degree recipients are recognized
for their distinguished achievements and
for their contributions to the life of the
university and the betterment of society.
Honorary degrees will be awarded during
Spring Congregation, May 24-29, and
Fall Congregation, Nov. 26 and 27.
Strangway was NASA's chief of geophysics and vice-president of the University of Toronto before being appointed
UBC's president in 1985. A member of the
Order of Canada,  Strangway recently
served as Canada's special envoy in the
Pacific salmon negotiations with the U.S.
Simpson has won three of Canada's
major literary prizes: the Governor General's Award for Non-Fiction writing, the
National Magazine Award for Political
Writing, and the National Newspaper
Award for Column Writing.
Bell's diplomatic engagements include
chief negotiator  and
head       of
to   the   Rio
Earth Summit in 1992,
high   commissioner to
ambassador to Brazil
and ambassador to the
Ivory Coast.
m  e  r c  e
graduate,  Bell has promoted links between UBC and Malaysia. He received a
UBC Alumni Award of Distinction in 1995.
Other honorary degree recipients include:
former president of Chile Patricio Alywin;
former UBC Political Science professor and
distinguished Canadian scholar Alan Cairns;
See HONOUR Page 2
Motion passed:
Consultation required
before gov't events
UBC will not serve as a venue for
another event like APEC without consultation with the campus community,
a motion passed by both the Board of
Governors and Senate states.
"Afull and informed consultative process" is called for in the motion, put
forward by President Martha Piper, if the
university has future opportunities to
serve as a venue for major international
meetings organized by governments.
The motion states that such events
must honour the mission of the university, provide academic and intellectual
benefits and ensure that freedoms of
speech and assembly and other individual human rights are fully protected.
The university has heard many concerns from the campus and the broader
community concerning APEC, the actions of the federal government, and the
RCMP in dealing with the protests held
before and during the APEC leaders'
meeting Nov. 25.
Many of them were aired at a post-
APEC forum attended by more than 250
people at the Chan Centre for the Per-
See MOTION Page 2
Dental Decay
A UBC study suggests rest home residents deserve better dental care
Western Wit 3^
Offbeat: There's gold in them thar films...words that is
hereditary material of life"
UBC GENETICIST; Genetics Society of Canada's
1997 Award of Excellence
UBC RESEARCH 2 UBC Reports • February 5,1998
failure to
protest APEC
Ms. Hinchliffe (UBC Reports, Dec. 11, 1997) notes the
failure of the unions on
campus and the Faculty
Association to question holding
the APEC meeting on campus.
On Sept. 11, 1997 I wrote to
the Faculty Association's president Prof. Robert Blake expressing concern about the failure of
the executive to take a stand on
the university's decision.
Specifically, I asked him if the
executive perceived its responsibilities so narrowly as to think
this matter did not come under
its purview. Or whether it was so
concerned not to offend an
administration so blinded by
ephemeral benefits and potential
favourable (?) media coverage
that it had seen fit to ignore the
disgust that many felt at having
imposed on them the presence of
Continued from Page 1
internationally recognized ophthalmologist and UBC Prof. Emeritus
Stephen Drance; UBC Prof. Emeritus Peter Oberlander, respected
world-widein urban settlementand
regional planning; and John
Spears, secretary-general of the
World Commission on Forests and
Sustainable Development Eminent
biochemist P. Roy Vagelos, will
receive an honorary degree this
year after being unable to attend
last year's ceremonies. Acclaimed
actress Martha Henry, who was
nominated this year, will receive
her honorary degree next year.
Continued from Page 1
ing a possible pub or sports bar in
the lower level," Slonecker said.
The university gathering place
will be the subject of an open
forum on Thurs., Feb. 26 from
12:30 - 2:20 p.m. in the former
Faculty Club building.
UBC Reports welcomes letters to the editor on topics relevant to the
university community. Letters must be signed and include an address
and phone number for verification. Please limit letters, which may be
edited for length, style and clarity, to 300 words. Deadline is 10 days
before publication date. Submit letters in person or by mail to the UBC
Public Affairs Office, 310 - 6251 Cecil Green Park Road, Vancouver B.C.,
V6T 1Z1, by fax to 822-2684 or by e-mail to janet.ansell@ubc.ca.
Continued from Page 1
forming Arts on Jan. 20.
Concerns raised at the two-hour
eventincluded the appropriateness
of holding APEC at UBC, the university's role in security issues and
negotiations with the federal government and RCMP, and the Tibetan flag incident at the Graduate
Student Centre.
Panelists at the forum, which
was moderated by Lynn Smith,
former dean of Law, were President Martha Piper, Law Prof.
Wes Pue, Arnab Guha of the
APEC-University Forum and
Shehnaz Karim and Jill Chettiar
of APEC Alert.
Meanwhile, more than 1,100
pages of documents related to
events surrounding APEC have
been released under the Freedom
of Information and Protection of
Privacy Act. This material is available to the public through the Law
Library in the Curtis Building.
The university is awaiting a
report by the RCMP Public Complaints Commission and other
investigations and inquiries into
police actions.
dictators whose behaviour
represents the very antithesis of
the values of a liberal university.
Prof. Blake replied that the
executive had twice considered
the matter and on both
occasions had decided it did
not fall within its mandate.
As I responded to Prof. Blake
at the time, it is quite beyond my
comprehension to see how the
executive could fail to regard the
holding of an APEC meeting on
campus as affecting "the welfare
of faculty members...and of the
University" [the association's
stated mandate].
Even without taking into
account the larger issues
involved, an executive which
has set as one of its priorities
the need for faculty to regain
its proper role in the governance of the university should
surely have recognized in the
past president's failure" to
consult even his Board of
Governors, far less the academic Senate, a gross violation
of the established procedures
of the university.
If the executive of the
Faculty Association could
neither protest this before the
APEC meeting nor the deplorable events that occurred
subsequently, what in heaven's name will they protest?
Prof. James Russell
Classical, Near Eastern and
Religious Studies
I       wreak havoc
:     with shuttle experiments
Tim Salcudean, Electrical and <
Engineering; Forest Resources Manager*-
Experiments on space shuttles help solve problems in areas from medicine to
material composition.Vibrations on board wreak havoc with experiments.Tim
Salcudean and astronaut (and UBC grad) BjarniTryggvason have developed the
Microgravity Isolation Mount which solves this problem. The MIM has been
used on a NASA shuttle flight as well as on the Russian space station, Mir.
About K
Edwin Jackson 224 3540
It is not enough to have a good mind.   4524 West 11 th Avenue, phone & drop in,
The main thing is to use it. Rene Descartes
or by appointment, your place.
Term Deposits,
Competitive rates
with leading financial
Mutual Funds
Services Ltd.
Life and
Wax - a
Histology Services
Providing Plastic and Wax sections for the research community
George Spurr RT, RLAT(R)                      Kevin Gibbon
(604)822-1595                   Phone
spurrwax@univserve.com   E-mail
Web Page: www.uniserve.com/wax-it
Berkowitz & Associates
Consulting Inc.
Statistical Consulting
' research design ■ data analysis • sampling • forecasting
Jonathan Berkowitz, Ph.D ,
4160 Staulo Crescent, Vancouver, B.C., V6N 3S2
Office: (604) 263-1508 Fax: (604) 263-1708
Review of
Student Services
(including the Office of the Registrar)
A committee chaired by Moura Quayle, Dean of the Faculty
of Agricultural Sciences has been established to conduct a
review of Student Services. Student Services comprises the
following units:
Awards and Financial Aid
Disability Resource Centre
International Student Services
Records and Registration
Scheduling and Administration
Secretariat and Publications
Student Health Services
Student Resources Centre
Student Systems
Undergraduate Admissions
Women Students' Office
The Committee's mandate includes, but is not limited to the
• To examine the operation of the 11 units and their role in
support of the University's mission
• To comment on the accountability and the overall effectiveness of the Department's staff, and its organizational
• To identify the Department's strengths and also any
opportunities which the committee perceives for improving
its programs, its relations with internal and external organizations and for better utilization of the University's resources.
The Committee will welcome written submissions from individuals or groups. Submissions should be received no later
than Feb. 28,1998 and should be addressed to:
Byron Hender
Secretary, Student Services Review Committee
123-6328 Memorial Rd.
Vancouver B.C. V6T 1Z2
Fax: 822-8194
E-mail: hender@unixg.ubc.ca
The Madeleine Sophie Barat Award
Subject: "The Creative and Responsible Use of
Choose your own focus, e.g. Literature,
Art, Capitalism, Philosophy, the Environment, Interpersonal Relations, Economics, History etc.
Eligibility: Open to 3rd and 4th year undergraduate
and graduate UBC students.
Deadline: Friday, 29 May, 1998
Prize Awarded: Friday, 25 September, 1998
Prize: $1000
Application forms may be picked up Monday to Friday, 10am
to 4pm at St. Mark's College, 5935 lona Drive, at the extreme
northeast corner of the campus.
UBC Reports is published twice monthly (monthly in
December, June, July and August) for the entire university
community by the UBC Public Affairs Office, 310 - 6251
Cecil Green Park Road, Vancouver B.C., V6T 1Z1. It is
distributed on campus to most campus buildings and to
Vancouver's West Side in the Sunday Courier newspaper.
UBC Reports can be found on the World Wide Web at
Managing Editor: Paula Martin (paula.martin@ubc.ca)
Editor/Production: Janet Ansell (janet.ansell@ubc.ca),
Contributors: Stephen Forgacs (stephen.forgacs@ubc.ca),
Sean Kelly (sean.kelly@ubc.ca),
Hilary Thomson (hilary.thomson@ubc.ca),
Gavin Wilson (gavin.wilson@ubc.ca).
Editorial and advertising enquiries: (604) 822-3131 (phone), (604)
822-2684 (fax). UBC Information Une: (604) UBC-INFO (822^1636)
UBC Reports welcomes the submission of letters and
opinion pieces. Opinions and advertising published in UBC
Reports do not necessarily reflect official university policy.
Material may be reprinted in whole or in part with
appropriate credit to UBC Reports. UBC Reports • February 5,1998 3
Nursing homes need
help with oral hygiene
by Hilary Thomson
Staff writer
Many residents of long-term care facilities have undetected oral health problems and staff feel inadequate to help
with oral hygiene, according to a recent
UBC study.
A team of three researchers from the
oral health sciences, nursing and health
services and policy research areas evaluated the oral health programs of care
facilities in the Lower Mainland to determine what makes a program successful
and to find out what dental services are
"We didn't know too much about the
environment of long-term care facilities,"
says team member Michael MacEntee,
professor of Oral Health Sciences. "Learning about needs for this population can
help dentists target resources for residential facilities."
The research team interviewed facility
management, staff, dentists and residents.
They found that facility workers have
trouble squeezing oral hygiene into an
already demanding routine of changing
bed linen and clothing, assisting residents to the bathroom and bathing. Lack
of training for aides and resistance from
some residents, including biting, contribute to inattention to oral hygiene.
The provincial government requires
dental services be available to all facility
residents. These services may include
mobile clinics or an on-site clinic.
These minimal standards of oral health
care are not widely enforced, MacEntee
Four of the facilities studied made no
provision for dental treatment on site;
three had a fully equipped dental clinic;
and the remainder hid mobile dental
equipment, a dental chair or access to a
dentist with mobile equipment.
Researchers found 1 hat no one model
of care was superior. Oral hygiene, diagnostic assessment and dental treatment
all need to be in place; for a successful
But services alone don't guarantee
effective oral health care, the team discovered.
"We found that organizational factors
such as budget, management style and
training were secondary and that individual influence was more significant,"
says research team member Arminee
Kazanjian, associate director of the Centre for Health Services and Policy Research. This points to a policy vacuum
which needs to be addressed by the Ministry of Health."
Fellow researcher Sally Thorne agrees
that the philosophy and people skills of
the facility management were key factors.
"Engaging the staff to pull together
toward the same goal is critical," says
Thorne, a professor in t he School of Nursing. This study suggests that the values
people hold are just as important as any
other aspect of health care delivery."
The researchers hope to include training on dental care outside dental facilities
as part of undergraduate and continuing
dental education.
by staff writers
s the popular song asks, 'Where
have all the cowboys gone?'
lYou sure won't find them in Hollywood, but those who hanker for the
days when westerns ruled the silver screen
should take a look at Tall in 'he Saddle:
\ . _^r^f£~   ~# -~vv. Great Lines from Classic Westerns.
2^Ulbmus^H^mmm^-i   ^he book is the latest collection of
quotable quotes from the movies edited by
UBC Creative Writing Prof. Peggy Thompson and co-author Saeko Usukawa.
Folksy, tough and laced with humour, the movie lines include such gems
• "Draw fast and aim slow," from Tombstone.
• "Sonny, I can see we ain't going to have you 'round long enough to get
tired of your company," from The Law and Jake Wade.
• "I like my coffee strong enough to float a pistol," from Jubal.
And this exchange from The Misfits:
• "He's a cowboy."
"How do you know?"
"I can smell, can't I?"
Thompson and Usukawa viewed 150 westerns — from Stagecoach to
Little Big Man — to compile 350 quotes for the book.
There's really no other way of doing it," Thompson said of the video
marathon, "but because we're such big film buffs, it was a pleasure."
Even so, the authors just scratched the surface of the genre. The western
is as old as Hollywood itself and more than 7,000 have been made, many
during the golden age from the 1930s to the late 1960s.
Although the genre has fallen out of favour in recent years, don't be too
quick to bury it on Boot Hill. The western movie has been declared dead
since its inception, Thompson notes.
"It was said that no one could ever top Thomas Edison's The Great Train
Robbery, one of the first silent films ever made, but the genre always seems
to re-invent itself."
Generously illustrated with lobby card art, stills, posters and ads. Tall in
the Saddle is a sequel to the authors' earlier work. Hard Boikd: Great Lines
from Classic Noir Films.
Will there be yet another book in the "Great Lines" series?
"We're doing science fiction next," confirms Thompson.
Thompson knows a thing or two herself about movie scripts. Her feature
film The Lotus Eaters was nominated for eleven Genie Awards and won
three, including best screenplay. She has also written and produced independent short films and written drama for the stage and radio.
Stephen Forgacs photo
RCMP Const. Dominique Couillard discusses bicycle safety with a cyclist
on the University Blvd. bike path. RCMP have been warning cyclists riding
to and from campus that cycling without lights after dark carries a possible
$86 fine, while riding without a helmet at any time carries a $29 fine. UBC's
Director of Transportation Planning, Gordon Lovegrove, is working with
the City of Vancouver, the provincial government and the Greater
Vancouver Regional District on ways to improve bike routes to UBC.
Cyclists with suggestions can contact Lovegrove by e-mail at trek@ubc.ca.
Brass take concert
stage for ArtsFest '98
Jazz trombonist Bill Watrous and brass
ensembles from across western Canada
are the featured performers at ArtsFest
'98 concerts hosted by the School of
Music Feb. 5-7.
Grammy nominee Watrous has performed with jazz legends such as Woody
Herman, Roy Eldridge and Count Basie,
and was voted best jazz trombonist for
seven years in a row by Downbeat magazine.
He performs on Friday evening, Feb. 6,
at the Chan Centre for the Performing
Arts, along with the UBC Jazz Ensemble.
Watrous will also perform a free jazz
workshop on Saturday, Feb. 7 at 11 a.m.
in the School of Music's Recital Hall.
Two concerts are scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 5: the UBC Brass Ensemble at
the Recital Hall at 12:30 p.m., and the
UBC Symphonic Wind Ensemble, the
Vancouver Brass Ensemble and the University of Calgary Wind Ensemble at 8
p.m. in the Chan Centre.
On Friday, Feb. 6, the University of
Victoria Brass Choir performs at the Recital Hall at 12:30 p.m., with a special
guest appearance by the UBC Symphonic
Wind Ensemble.
Call 822-5574 for more information.
T-bird swimmers leave
rest of West in big wake
UBC swimmers have been making
waves nationally and internationally with
a string of successes that includes the
first ever UBC sweep of the Canada West
University Athletic Association Men's and
Women's Swim Championships.
The teams blew the competition out of
the water in mid-January despite the
absence of top swimmer Mark Versfeld,
who was making it clear to an international field at the World Aquatic Championships in Perth, Australia, that he's a
force to be reckoned with.
Without Versfeld, the men's team overwhelmed the field at the Canada West
championships with an aggregate total of
801 points, leaving defending champion
Calgary floundering in second with 594
and Alberta in third with 537.5. Other
competitors included teams from the
universities of Victoria, Manitoba,
Lethbridge and Regina.
UBC swimmers broke five conference
records in the process including Greg
Hamm's 100-metre backstroke swim of
56.68 seconds.
The women's team, led by record-
breaking performances by first-year sensations Katie Brambley and Amanda
Marin and 1996 Olympic 100-metre but
terfly competitor Sarah Evanetz, narrowly
edged the host Victoria Vikes 582.5 to
569. Calgary finished third with 450.5.
Brambley, an 18-year-old Victoria native, set two meet records with a 4:20.68
performance in the 400-metre freestyle
and a 2:03.50 swim in 200-metre freestyle. Evanetz, the previous record holder
in 200 freestyle and the winner of a total
of 15 gold medals in her three CIAU
national championship appearances to
date, broke the record for 100-metre
breast-stroke with a swim of 1:12.64.
Marin rounded out the record-breaking
performances with a swim of 2:15.07 in
200-metre backstroke.
Meanwhile, Versfeld was making an
international mark by capturing a silver
medal in the 100-metre breaststroke at
the Worlds, followed by a bronze in the
200-metre backstroke. He will rejoin the
UBC team as it sets its sights on the CIAU
Championships in Quebec Feb. 21-23.
UBC narrowly missed its attempt to
capture dual CIAU national championships in 1996/97 when the women's team
won its third consecutive CIAU crown
while the men fell second to Calgary.
Both UBC teams are currently ranked
first in Canada. 4 UBC Reports • February 5, 1998
February 8 through February 21
Sunday, Feb. 8
Graduate Symposium On
Instant Asia: Constructing New
Identities In An Era Of Globalization. Green College from 9am-
12pm. $20. Call Arnab Guha 221 -
Jean Coulthard: 90th Birthday
Celebration. Faculty artists. Music Recital Hall at 3pm. Call 822-
Green College Performing
Arts Group
AReading From His Work. Crispin
Elsted, poet. Green College at
8pm. Call 822-1878.
Joe Sealy's Africville Suite. Joe
Seary Quartet. Chan Centre Chan
Shun Concert Hall at 8pm. Call
Monday, Feb. 9
Jean Coulthard: 90th Birthday
Celebration. Student performers.
Music Recital Hall at 12:30pm.
Call 822-5574.
Canadian Studies Lecture
Elizabeth MacKenzie: Canadian
Feminist Artist. Prof. Susan
Gingell, U of Sask. Buchanan B
212 at 12:30pm. Call 822-2147.
Mechanical Engineering
Design of Ice Class Marine Propellers. Neil Bose, Ocean Engineering Research Centre, Memorial U. CEME 1204 from 3:30-
4:30pm. Light refreshments. Call
Comparative Literature/
French Department Lecture
Figures Of The Immigrant In
Works By Julia Kristeva And
Tahar Ben Jalloun. Lawrence D.
Kritzman, Dartmouth U. Green
College Coach House at 3:30pm.
Call 822-1878.
Biochemistry And Molecular
Biology Discussion
Structure Prediction By Protein
Threading. Dr. Stephen Brysat,
National Institute of Health. IRC
#4 at 3:45pm. Refreshments at
3:30pm. Call Dr. Murphy 822-
Astronomy Seminar
There Is More To Mlcrolensing
Than MACHO. Geralnt Lewis.
Hennings 318 at 4pm. Coffee tea
at 3:30pm. Call 822-4134.
Theatre At UBC
AMouthful Of Birds. Joyce Miller,
director. Chan Centre BC Tel Studio Theatre at 7:30pm. Continues to Feb. 14. Call 822-9197.
St. John's College Resident
Speaker Series
Poetry And Performance: A Slice
Of Life. Shulamit Klinger. St.
John's College social lounge at
8pm. Call 822-8788.
Tuesday, Feb. 10
Continuing Studies Lecture
International Scene - Mahathir
to Malaysia: Is It Time For A Last
Hurrah? Stephen Milne. Vancouver Public Library downtown,
Peter Kaye Room from 12-
1:30pm. $70: $60 seniors. Call
Microbiology And
Immunology Seminar Series
The Effects Of Photodynamic
Therapy On Mitogenic And Stress
Signaling In Murine
Keratinocytes. Jlng-Song Tao.
Wesbrook 100 from 12:30-l:30pm.
Call 822-3308.
Botany Seminar
The Fucoxanthin-chl A/C Proteins
Of Heterosigma Carterae - Har-
vestingThe Sun In Chromophytes.
Julia Harnet. BioSciences 2000
from 12:30-1:30pm. Call 822-
UBC Humanists' Society
The Internet And Your Privacy.
Richard Rosenberg, Computer
Science. Scarfe 206 at 12:30pm.
Donuts. Call 739-9822.
Biotechnology Seminar
Don't Eat Yellow Snow: The Adventures Of A Co-op Student. Chris
Radziminiski, Microbiology And
Immunology. IRC #1 from 12:30-
1:30pm. Refreshments prior to
seminar. Call Dr. Haynes 822-
Metals And Materials
Engineering Seminar
Sulphur Pathways During
Biooxldation. Lyn Jones. Frank
Forward 317 at 3:30pm. Call 822-
Statistics Seminar
Procedures For Multiple Outcome
Measures With Applications To
Multiple Sclerosis Clinical Trials.
Daphne Guh. CSCI 301 from 4-
5:30pm. Refreshments, bringyour
own mug. Call 822-0570.
Green College Speakers'
An Example Of The Inter-face Of
Disciplines In Conversing About
How A Person Manages Face-To-
Face Conversation. Kathy Pichora-
Fuller; Carolyn Johnson, Audiol-
ogy and Speech Sciences. Green
College at 5:30pm. Reception.
Graham House, 4:45-5:30pm. Call
Health And Medicine Lecture
His And Her Anatomy: Shifting
Representations Of The Female
Body. Patricia Vertinsky, Educational Studies. Green College at
8pm. Call 822-1878.
Wednesday, Feb. 11
Orthopedics Grand Rounds
The Canadian Health Care System: Crisis And Challenge. Dr.
Robert W. McGraw. Vancouver
Hosp/HSC, Eye Care Centre Aud.
at 7am. Call 875-4192.
Wednesday Noon Hours
Lafayette String Quartet; Jane
Coop, piano. Music Recital Hall at
12:30pm. $3 at door. Call 822-
Faculty Financial Planning
Lecture Series
Powers Of Attorney And The Representation Agreement Act. Jim
Carphin, senior estate lawyer,
Russell & DuMoulin. Chemistry 250
from 12:30-1:30PM. Call 822-1433.
President's Lecture
Herodotus, Mark Twain And Navigation In The Greco-Roman World.
Prof. John Oleson, UVic. Laserre
102 from 12:30-1:30pm. Call 822-
Ts"kel Program Lecture
Canon Voice - Counter Voice From
Ts"kel 5086: Research And (Self)
Representation. Ts"kel 5086
Graduate Students. Longhouse
Sty-Wet-Tan from 1 -4pm. Call 822
Obstetrics And Gynecology
Research Seminars
The Integrin-Linked Kinase Prevents Mammary Epithelial Cell
Differentiation. Dr. Calvin
Roskelley, Anatomy. BC Women's
Hosp. 2N35 at 2pm. Call 875-
Institute of Applied
Mathematics Colloquium
The Particle Motion Of Reflected S-
Waves At Near Incidence. Prof.
Flavian Abramovici, Tel Aviv U.
CSCI 300 at 3:30pm. Call 822-
Evolution, Ecology And
Biodiversity Seminars
Snowshoe Hare Behaviour And
Demography During A Cyclic Population Low. Karen Hodges, Zoology. FNSC 60 at 4:30pm. Cookies
Hut B-8 at 4pm. Call 822-3957.
Respiratory Research
Seminar Series
The Role Of Latent Adenoviral Infections In The Pathogenesis Of
Emphysema. Dr. James Hogg,
Pathology. Vancouver Hosp. Doctors' Residence, 3rd Floor conference room from 5-6pm. Call 875-
Public Lecture
Getting To The Heart Of It: Children's Conversations About Moral
Matters. Linda Farr Darling, Curriculum Studies. Italian Cultural
Centre Activity Room at 7pm. Reception to follow. Call 822-5512.
Canadian Studies
Banking Without A Central Bank:
Lessons From Canadian History
For An E-cash World? Angela
Redish, Economics. Green College
at 7:30pm. Call 822-1878.
Archeological Institute
Archeology On Earth's Last Frontier: Excavation Of Ancient Shipwrecks 2800 Feet Down. Prof. John
Oleson, UVic. Vancouver Museum
Aud. at 8pm. Call 822-2889.
Thursday, Feb. 12
Physiology Seminar Series
New Insights Into Mechanisms Of
Preterm Labour. Dr. John R.G.
Challis, U of Toronto. COPP seminar room from 12-lpm. Call 822-
Botany Seminar
Strategies For Growth Management Of PorphyraZezoenis In Suspension Cultures: A First Step
Towards Land Based Mariculture.
Jeff Hafting. BioSciences 2000
from 12:30-l:30pm. Call 822-
UBC Symphony Orchestra. Jesse
Read, conductor; Lambroula
Pappas, soloist. Chan Centre at
12:30pm. Call 822-5574.
Human Kinetics Seminar
Exercise, Antioxidants And
Oxidative Stress. Assoc. Prof. Peter M. Tiidus, Wilford Laurier U.
War Memorial Gym 100 from
12:30-1:30pm. Refreshments. Call
Law and Society Lunchtime
Convict Rebellion In London, 1789.
Simon Devereaux, History. Green
College at 12:30pm. Please do not
bring food or lunches. Call 822-
Computer Science
Telepresentations And Scalable
Reliable Multicast. Jim Gemmell,
Microsoft Bay Area Research.
CICSR/CS 208 from 4-5:30pm.
Refreshments. Call 822-0557.
Genetics Graduate Program
Seminar Series
Beyond Sixes And Sevens: A Map-
pingTale. Dr. Stephen Wood, Medi
cal Genetics. Wesbrook 201 at
4pm. Refreshments. Call 822-
Physics And Astronomy
The Search For Axion Dark Matter. Pierre Siklvie, U of Florida.
Hennings 202 at 4pm. Call 822-
6673 or 822-3853.
Agricultural Sciences
Caring For Animals in A World of
Colliding Values. David Fraser,
Animal Science, Pacific Space
Centre {Planetarium) at 7:30pm.
Website; www.interchg.ubc.ca/
agsci or call 822-2620.
Continuing Studies
Continent of Dreams: A History Of
The Imagination. Leonard George,
Vancouver psychologist and writer.
Carr Hall conference room from
7:30-9:30pm. Continues Thursdays to March 26. $135; $125
seniors. Call 822-1450.
Poetic Persuasions
Open Reading. Green College at
7:30pm. Call 822-1878.
Friday, Feb. 13
Pediatric Grand Rounds
International Projects In Maternal
And Child Health. What We Have
To Offer And How Do Staff Become
Involved? Various speakers. GF
Strong Aud. at 9am. Call 875-
Fish500 Seminars
Expert Systems And BC Herring
Fishery. Steve Mackinson, Fisheries Centre; Harvest Control Of
Schooling Fish Stocks Under Ocea-
nographic Regimes. Marcelo
Vasconcellos, Fisheries Centre.
Hut B-8 Ralf Yorque Room at
11:30am. Refreshments at 1 lam.
Call 822-3731.
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Diabetes In The Elderly. Dr.
Graydon Meneilly, Medicine.
Cunningham 160 from 12:30-
1:30pm. Call 822-4645.
Occupational Hygiene
Program Seminar Series
Improving The Quality And Use Of
Industrial Hygiene Information In
Industry. Ian Drummond, Imperial Oil. Vancouver Hosp/HSC,
UBC, Koerner G-279 from 12:30-
1:30pm. Call 822-9302.
Leon And Thea Koerner
Foundation Creative Writing
Masters Series '98
Drama - Discussing Their Writing
Careers. Morris Panych; Ian Weir;
Bryan Wade, moderator. Green
College Coach House at 12:30pm.
Call 822-0699.
UBC Contemporary Players;
Stephen Chatham; Eric Wilson,
directors. Music Recital Hall at
12:30pm. Call 822-5574.
Women's Studies Research
Centre Lecture Series
Sandi Tome, scholar, English.
Women's Studies Centre main
lounge at 12:30pm. Call 822-
Chemical Engineering
Weekly Seminar
Optimization Of The Production
Of Peroxymonosulfate For Pulp
Bleaching Processes. Mohammed
Shaharuzzaman. ChemEng 206
at 3:30pm. Coffee ChemEng 204
at 3:15pm. Call 822-3238.
Linguistics 1998 Colloquia
Reducing Computational Complexity Against Expletive Raising. Soowon Kim, U of Washington. Buchanan block B penthouse at 3:30pm. Refreshments.
E-mail leora@unixg.ubc.ca or call
Mathematics Colloquium
Polynomial Growth Harmonic
Functions On Complete Manifolds. Prof. Peter Li, U of California. Math 100 at 3:30pm. Refreshments, Math Annex 1115 at
3:15pm. Call 822-2666.
Geography Colloquium
Recent Hydroclimatic Variability
In British Columbia. Dan Moore,
SFU. Geography 229 at 3:30pm.
Call 822-2663.
Physical Chemistry
Protein Folding Studied By
Electrospray Ionization Mass
Spectrometry. Lars Konermann,
Chemistry. Chemistry D-225
(center block) at 4pm. Call 822-
UBC Symphony Orchestra. Jesse
Read, conductor; Lambroula
Pappas, soprano soloist. Chan
Centre at 8pm. Call 822-5574.
Saturday, Feb. 14
Continuing Studies
No Money, No Problem: A Look At
Low-Budget Filmmaking. Dean
English, Lynne Stopkowich, producers. Kissed. Continuing Studies 211 from 10am-5pm. $150.
Call 822-3656.
Vancouver Institute Lecture
History As The Enemy Of
Memory: An Anatomy Of Remembering. Prof. Richard White, History, U of Washington. IRC #2 at
8:15pm. Call 822-3131.
The UBC Reports Calendar lists university-related or
university-sponsored events on campus and off campus within the Lower Mainland.
Calendar items must be submitted on forms available from the UBC Public Affairs Office, 310 - 6251 Cecil
Green Park Road, Vancouver B.C., V6T 1Z1. Phone:
822-3131. Fax: 822-2684. An electronic form is available
on the UBC Reports Web page at http://www.ubc.ca under
'News.' Please limit to 35 words. Submissions for the
Calendar's Notices section may be limited due to space.
Deadline for the February 19 issue of UBC Reports—
which covers the period February 22 to March 7 — is
noon, February 10. Calendar
UBC Reports • February 5,1998 5
February 8 through February 21
Sunday, Feb. 15
Beethoven - The Complete Piano
Sonatas. Robert Silverman, piano. Chan Centre Chan Shun
Concert Hall at 3pm. Call 822-
Green College Fireside Chat
An Informal Discussion. Jeffrey
Simpson, Globe and Mail. Green
College at 5:30pm. Call 822-
Monday, Feb. 16
Continuing Studies
Book Talk: The Writer Remembers. Angela Deery. Vancouver
Public Library downtown, Peter
Kaye Room from 7-9pm. Continues to June 1. $75; $65 seniors.
Call 822-1450.
Tuesday, Feb. 17
Continuing Studies
Book Talk: Books And Bites.
Angela Deery. Vancouver Public
Library downtown, Peter Kaye
Room from 12-2pm. Continues
to May 19. $65; $55 seniors. Call
Microbiology And
Immunology Seminar
UnderstandingThe Sugar-Modifying Enzymes Of Capsule Biosynthesis. Martin Tanner, Chemistry. Wesbrook 100 from 12:30-
1:30pm. Call 822-3308.
Statistics Seminar
Asymptotic Normality Of Good-
ness-Of-Fit Statistics For Sparce
Poisson Data. Ursula Mueller, U
of Bremen. CSCI 301 from 4-
5:30pm. Refreshments, bring
your own mug. Call 822-0570.
Centre For Applied Ethics
The Protection Of Privacy: Ethics
And Human Rights. David
Flaherty, B.C. privacy commissioner. Angus 413 from 4-6pm.
Call 822-5139.
Faculty Mentoring/Faculty
Association Seminar
Promotion And Tenure Seminar.
Various speakers. First Nations
House of Learning from 4-6pm.
Refreshments at 3:30pm. Call
UBC Continuing Studies
Multimedia Seminar
Legal And Ethical Aspects Of
Multimedia. S. Tyler Barrs, entertainment lawyer. David Lam
Centre seminar room from 6:30-
9:30pm. $300. Call 822-0693.
Wednesday, Feb. 18
Orthopedics Grand Rounds
TBA. Dr. Henry Broekhuyse. Vancouver Hosp/HSC, Eye Care Centre Aud. at 7am. Call 875-4192.
Obstetrics And Gynecology
Research Seminars
Regulation Of B-Catenin
Signaling Pathway By Integrin-
Linked Kinase. Dr. Shoukat
Dedhar, Jack Bell Research
Center. BC Women's Hosp. 2N35
at 2pm. Call 875-3108.
Evolution, Ecology and
Biodiversity Seminars
Trade Off Behaviour Of Juvenile
Coho Salmon Between Foraging
And Predator Avoidance. Uli
Reinhardt, Zoology. FNSC 60 at
4:30pm. Refreshments, Hut B-8
at 4pm. Call 822-3957.
Respiratory Research
Seminar Series
Tracheal Bronchial Stents. Dr.
Lindsay Machan, Radiology. Vancouver Hosp/HSC Doctors' Residence, 3rd Floor conference room
from 5-6pm. Call 875-5653.
Continuing Studies Seminar
Practical Applications Of GIS In
Tourism, Land Use And Forest
Planning. Catherine Berris, planner and landscape architect. Continuing Studies 211 from 6:30-
9:30pm. $105. Call 822-1420.
History And Memory:
Repositioning The Past
Red Flags And Lace Coiffes: History, Anthropology And The Politics Of Survival. Charles Menzies,
Anthropology and Sociology. Green
College at 7:30pm. Call 822-1878.
Senate Meeting
Regular Meeting Of The Senate,
UBC's Academic Parliament.
Curtis 102 at 8pm. Call 822-
An Evening With Rita MacNeill.
Chan Centre Chan Shun Concert
Hall at 8pm. Call 822-9197.
Thursday, Feb. 19
Biotechnology Lab Seminar
Functional Genomics In Yeast: An
Overview. Dr. Philip Hieter, Centre for Molecular Medicine and
Therapeutics. Wesbrook 100 at
3:30pm. Refreshments prior to
seminar. Call 822-9117.
Critical Issues In Global
Trade And Underdevelopment.
Ashok Kotwal, Economics. Green
College at 8pm. Call 822-1878.
Friday, Feb. 20
Health Care And
Soft Tissue Injury Recovery Management Program. Bill Dyer, ICBC.
Mather 253 from 9-10am. Paid
parking avail, in Lot B. Call 822-
Pediatric Grand Rounds
Thinking About Human Leukemias
By Studying Yeast Chromatin
Regulators. Asst. Prof. Lorraine
Pillus, Asst. Prof. Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology,
U of Colorado. GF Strong Aud. at
9am. Call 875-2307.
Fish500 Seminars
Fisheries Impact On Marine Ecosystems. Daniel Pauly, Fisheries
Centre. Hut B-8, RalfYorque Room
at 11:30am. Coffee muffins at
11am. Call 822-2731.
Multimedia Information
Learn More About UBC Continuing Studies' Multimedia Program.
Various speakers. David Lam Centre Lab A from 6:30-9:30pm. Call
Saturday, Feb. 21
Continuing Studies
Scenarios For The Future Of
Canada. Carr Hall conference room
from 9:30am-4:30pm. Bring refreshments. Call 822-1450.
Continuing Studies
How'd They Do That? Producing
Visual Effects For Film And Television. Tracey Friesen; Christine
Petrov; Stephen Pepper,
Rainmaker Digital Pictures.
Rainmaker Digital Pictures from
10am-2pm. $125. Call 822-3656.
Faculty, Staff and Grad Students
Volleyball Group. Every Monday
and Wednesday. Osborne Centre
Gym A from 12:30-l:30pm. No
fees. Drop-ins and regular
attendees welcome for friendly
competitive games. Call 822-4479
or e-mail kdcs@unixg.ubc.ca.
UBC Zen Society
Each Monday during term (except
holidays) meditation session. Asian
Centre Tea Gallery from 1:30-
2:20pm. All welcome. Call 228-
Parents with Babies
Have you ever wondered how babies learn to talk? Help us find out!
We are looking for parents with
babies between four to 15 months
of age to participate in language
development studies. If you are
interested in bringing your baby
for a one-hour visit, please call Dr.
Janet Werker's Infant Studies Centre, Psychology, 822-6408 (ask for
UBC Medical School
Needs male and female volunteer
patients of any age, either healthy
or ill to help students learn how to
interview and complete a physical
examination (external only). The
total time for each teaching session is between two-four hours,
Tues-Thurs. pm. Travel expenses
will be paid. Call Vancouver Hos-
pital/HSC 875-5943.
Museum of Anthropology
Current Exhibits. From Under The
Delta: Wet-Site Archaeology In The
Lower Fraser Region Of BC. Continues to April 1/98. 6393 N.W.
Marine Drive. Hours of operation
are Wed.-Sun llam-5pm. Tuesday 1 lam-9pm. Free 5-9pm. Call
Studies in Hearing and
Senior (65 years or older) volunteers needed. If your first language
is English and your hearing is
relatively good, we need your participation in studies examining
hearing and communication abilities. All studies take place at UBC.
Hearing screened.  Honorarium
paid. Please call The Hearing Lab,
14th International Seating
Feb 26-28/98. Pre-Symposium
Workshop, Feb. 25/98. Vancouver, B.C. Call (604) 822-4965. E-
mail: elaine@cehs.ubc.ca.
Parents With Toddlers
Did you know your child is a
word-learning expert? Help us
learn how children come to be so
skilled at learning new words!
We are looking for children (two-
four years old) and their parent(s)
to participate in language studies. If you are interested in bringing your child for a 45-minute
visit please call Dr. Geoffrey
Hall's Language Development
Centre, Psychology at UBC, 822-
9294 (ask for Kelley).
Parents With Adolescents
Are you interested in learning how
family conversation and activities
are integral to the career development of your adolescent? We are
inviting mothers and fathers with
their 14/15 year old(s) to come to
UBC to participate in parent adolescent conversations about career. Follow-up for 6 months. $ 100
honorarium paid. Please call Dr.
Richard Young's project team,
Counselling Psychology Dept. 822-
Children's Art Program
The Dept. of Curriculum Studies
— Art Education invites children 7-10 to participate in a
unique visual art program at the
UBC Child Care Services Bldg.
Mondays 5-6:15pm. Feb 2-Mar
22/98. $20 per child. Call 822-
Art Exhibition
Recalling The Past: A Selection Of
Early Chinese Art From the Victor
Shaw Collection. MOA Dec 2-Aug
31/98, Wed-Sat 1 lam-5pm; Tues
llam-9pm.  Call 822-5950.
Research Study
Relationship Study. Heterosexual
men (25 years of age and older), in
relationships of greater than six
months needed for a UBC study of
relationships. Complete questionnaire at home, receive $10. Call
The UBC Writing Centre offers six-week non-credit
courses emphasizing English writing for academic,
technical and research purposes.
Classes are held on the UBC campus.
Getting Ahead with Grammar
Enables participants to detect and
correct grammatical errors as well as
produce clear, concise sentences and
Tuesdays, February 24-March 31,
7-10 pm. $175.
Writing Essays about Literature
Focuses on literary terminology, close
reading, essay development and
techniques for incorporating
quotations and references.
Tuesdays and Thursdays,
February 24-Apr 2.12:30-2 pm. $175.
Tuesdays and Thursdays,
February 24-Apr 2,4:30-6pm. $175.
Persuasion and Rhetorical Analysis
Focuses on effective organization,
development and expression in
argumentative essays.
Tuesdays and Thursdays,
February 24-Apr 2,12:30-2 pm. $175.
Tuesdays and Thursdays,
February 24-Apr 2,4:30-6 pm. $175.
Preparation for Professional
Communication I: Case Studies for
Memos and tetters
Outlines standard memo and business
letter formats and analyzes the most
effective ways to communicate
messages to their intended recipients.
Mondays and Wednesdays,
February 23-April 1,4:30-6 pm. $175.
Preparation for Professional
Communication II: Oral Presentations
Enables students to assess and engage
an audience, present themselves clearly, organize material logically and use
audio/visual tools effectively.
Mondays and Wednesdays,
February 23-April 1,4:30-6 pm. $175.
Information: 822-9564
UBC Campus Tours
The School and College Liaison
Officer offers guided walking
tours of the UBC campus most
Friday mornings. The tours begin at 9:30am and run for 90
minutes. Interested students
must pre-register for the tours at
least one week in advance. Call
UBC Botanical Garden
Tours of the garden will be given
by garden volunteers. Wednesdays and Saturdays at lpm.
Tours are Included in the price of
admission to the garden. Call
Testosterone Study
Volunteers Needed
Men aged 55-70 with low free
testosterone are needed to test
the effects of an approved form of
oral testosterone (Andriol) on
bone mass, body composition and
sexual function. Dr. Richard Bebb
is the Principal Investigator. For
more information or to sign up
for this study please contact
Mary-Jo Lavery, RN (Study Coordinator) at 682-2344 ext. 2455.
Classroom Hearing
Accessibility Conference
The Institute for Hearing Accessibility Research is sponsoring a
conference, "Interdisciplinary
Views of Classroom Hearing Accessibility: The Sum of the Parts".
Feb. 21-22 at GF Strong. For
more information, please call
822-9474 or 822-4716.
Writing Centre Courses
Upcoming six-week courses include Getting Ahead with Grammar, Writing Essays about Literature, Persuasion and Rhetorical Analysis, and Preparation for
Professional Communication.
Weekday and evening courses
begin the week of Feb. 23. Call
Call for Submissions to
UBC's Anthology of Literary Non-
Fiction. Deadline: Feb 15. 1998.
Works of biography, memoir,
rhetoric, personal essay, etc. up
to 3,000 words. No academic essays. No fee. Include phone
number on submissions. Submit to Fugue, Buchanan E-462,
1866 Main Mall, V6T 1Z1. Call
Food Services Hours of
Reading Break, Feb. 16-20. Edibles, 7:45am-2:30pm; Trekkers,
llam-2pm; The Express,
7:30am-4:30pm; Pacific Spirit
Place Cafeteria, 8:30am-2pm;
Espresso on the Go, 7am-2pm;
Steamies at the Bookstore, 9am-
2pm. Roots, Arts 200 and Yum-
Yums are closed. Please check
postings at your favorite locations. All campus locations are
open Monday to Friday. Residence dining rooms are open
seven days a week.
September 1998
Care & Preschool
Open House
Wednesday, March 4,1998
5:30-7:00 p.m.
Contact: 822-5343
UBC Child Care Services
2881 Acadia Road, Van. 6 UBC Reports • February 5, 1998
News Digest
The Women's Students Office (WSO) hopes to raise awareness
about sexual communication with its third annual Valentine's Day
Creative and respectful answers to the question, "How do I ask
my valentine for consent?" will be judged by a panel of WSO's Safer
Campus Peer Educators. Winners are eligible for prizes sponsored
by campus and University Village merchants.
Entry forms will be available at the Woodward Library lobby on
Feb. 6 and at the UBC Bookstore entrance on Feb. 9, from 11:30-
1:30 p.m. Contest entry information for students in residence will
be displayed on posters in residence commons blocks.
The Campus Advisory Board on Student Development has
extended the deadline for nominations for UBC Student Development Awards until Feb. 15.
The awards recognize exceptional contributions or significant
improvements to the student experience and learning environment
during the past three years.
There are four awards: for an Alma Mater Society, Graduate
Student Society, or UBC student service; for an individual; for an
undergraduate program or department; and for a graduate program
or department.
Nominations, including a written statement and two supporting
letters from students, faculty, staff and recent graduates, should be
directed to the Office of the Vice-President, Student and Academic
Services, Room 123, Old Administration Building, 6328 Memorial
Road, V6T 1Z2.
For more information call Byron Hender, executive coordinator,
Student and Academic Services, at (604) 822-6799.
A new academic centre aimed at monitoring, controlling and
preventing communicable diseases has been established in the
Faculty of Medicine.
The UBC Centre for Disease Control (UBCCDC) will support
programs in epidemiological services, sexually transmitted diseases and HrV control, tuberculosis control and the Provincial
The centre is part of the British Columbia Centre for Disease
Control (BCCDC), formerly under provincial authority and now a
part of the Vancouver/Richmond Health Board.
The majority of research and education functions will originate
in the new BCCDC building, adjacent to the Vancouver Hospital and
Health Sciences Centre. Medical and research staff will collaborate
on disease control projects provincially, nationally and internationally.
3-week Chinese Language & Culture
Program in Suzhou, China
April 25-May 17th, 1998
CDN $2850.00 includes return airfare,
tuition & workshop fees, all meals
and accommodation, local sightseeing.
Limited enrolment. For a pamphlet call
604-263-8203 or send address to e-mail:
cultural hori 68@hotmail.com
Let Yourself Be Transformed
20% off hairstyling
Gerard does not cut your hair right away. First he looks at the shape of your
face. He wants to know what you want, the time you want to spend on your
hair, your lifestyle. Once your desires are communicated, Gerard's design
creativity flourishes into action to leave you feeling great by looking your very
best. Gerard uses natural products to leave your hair soft and free of
chemicals. He also specializes in men and women's hair loss using Edonil
from Paris, France, and is the only one in North America using this technique.
Gerard was trained in Paris and worked for Nexus as a platform artist. Gerard
invites you to his recently opened salon in Kitsilano.
3432 W. Broadway   732-4240
The classified advertising rate is $16.50 for 35 words or less. Each additional word
is 50 cents. Rate includes GST. Ads must be submitted in writing 10 days before
publication date to the UBC Public Affairs Office, 310 - 6251 Cecil Green Park Road,
Vancouver B.C., V6T 1Z1, accompanied by payment in cash, cheque (made out to UBC
Reports) or internal requisition. Advertising enquiries: 822-3131.
The deadline for the February 19 issue of UBC Reports is noon, Feb. 10.
perfect spot to reserve
accommodation for guest
lecturers or other university
members who visit throughout
the year. Close to UBC and other
Vancouver attractions, a tasteful
representation of our city and of
UBC. 4103 W. 10th Ave.,
Vancouver, BC, V6R 2H2. Call or
fax 222-4104.	
accommodation in Pt. Grey
area. Minutes to UBC. On main
bus routes. Close to shops and
restaurants. Includes TV, tea and
coffee making, private phone/
fridge. Weekly rates available.
Call 222-3461. Fax: 222-9279.
Five suites available for
academic visitors to UBC only.
Guests dine with residents and
enjoy college life. Daily rate $52
plus $ 14/day for meals Sun-Thurs.
Call 822-8660 for more
information and availability.
BROWN'S BY UBC B&B Rooms for
rent short or long term in a
comfortable house very close to
UBC. Prefer graduate, mature
students. Call 222-8073.	
BAMBURY   LANE     Bed   and
breakfast. View of beautiful BC
mountains, Burrard inlet and city.
Clean, comfortable. Use of living
rm, dining rm, and kitchen. Min
to UBC, shops and city. Daily,
weekly and winter rates. Call or
fax (604) 224-6914.	
BR guest suites with equipped
kitchen, TV and telephone.
Centrally located near SUB,
aquatic centre and transit. Ideal
for visiting lecturers, colleagues
and families. 1998 rates $81-$110
per night. Call 822-1010.
6th. Heritage House, antiques,
wood floors, original stained glass.
Ten minutes UBC and downtown.
Two blocks from restaurants,
buses. Scrumptious full breakfasts.
Entertaining cats. Views. Phones
in rooms. Call 739-9002. E-mail:
Walk to UBC along the ocean.
Quiet exclusive neighborhood.
Near buses and restaurants.
Comfortable rooms with TV and
private bath. Full breakfast.
Reasonable rates. Non-smokers
only, please. Call 341-4975.
FRANCE Paris Central 1 BR. Close
to Paris 1 BR Provence house fully
furnished. Call 738-1876.
JASMINE'S Peaceful location for
this private, comfortable double
with ensuite bath and separate
entrance. 10 min. from UBC
Nightly and weekly rates. Short
walk to buses, cafes, shopping,
cinema, and foresttrails. Call 224-
CAMILLA   HOUSE   Bed   and
Breakfast. Best accommodation
on main bus routes. Includes
television, private phone and
bathroom. Weekly reduced
rates. Call 737-2687. Fax 737-2586.
House Exchange
suite. Five min to UBC. Private
entrance, N/pets, N/S. $900 incl.
util. Avail. Feb. 1 Call 224-9319.
FURNISHED 1 BR and den with
ocean view, computer. Luxury:
squash court, pool, sauna, steam
room, parking. Pacific/Hornby
near seawall and Granville Island
ferry. Two months or longer. Rent
neg. July/November. E-Mail
sumeria@axionet.com or call
ROOM TO LET Weekdays only.
Writer's attractive Pt Grey house.
Suit faculty member in Vancouver
part week or grad student who
returns home weekends.
Comfortable room, reasonable
rent. Ref req. Fax personal details
and reasons room might suit to C.
Park 228-1446.	
apt. View, hardwood firs, laundry.
Pet allowed. Suitable for N/S,
quiet academic person. $725
plus $60 util. Avail now. Easy
access to UBC. Furniture avail.,
garden. Call or fax 731-7755.
Professional couple wish to
exchange 300 year old cottage
plus car in Devon for house in
Vancouver. Norman and Miriam
Wakefield 2, The Mill, Landkey,
Barnstaple, Devon EX32 ONS. Call
011-441-271-830277 or
Vancouver 454-9518.
ENGLAND would like to
exchange house with two
families from Vancouver
(Kitsilano) two weeks end of July.
Need 3 BR min. each for
equivalent exchange. Call
Maureen Phillips 822-2611.
with mature grad student. 2 BR
house (f/p, hardwood firs). Near
Children's Hosp. (25 and
Cambie). On direct bus line to
UBC (#25). $525 plus 1/2 util. Call
Housing Wanted
or 4 BR apt, condo, house,
townhouse (Van - W end or W
side) Req. 2 pkg. Mar 1 pref. Call
Greg 660-1382 (day); 521-6849
looking to optimize their RRSP,
faculty pension and retirement
options call Don Proteau, RFP or
Doug Hodgins, RFP of the HLP
Financial Group for a
complimentary consultation.
Investments available on a no-load
basis. Call for our free newsletter.
Servingfaculty memberssince 1982.
Call 687-7526. E-mail:
PRESCHOOL available for 3 and
4 year olds. Mornings or
afternoons. UBC Child Care
Services. Call 822-5343.
DIAL-A-MENU No more thinking
of what to cook for dinner! Add
inspiration to your daily cooking.
Cook simple, great, healthy
foods. Save time, money and
stress. To hear this week's menu
call 990-4593.
For Sale
Agr. Econ. Soc, 76 books. Vol. 1-
26; Can. Journal of Econ., 99
books, 1956-1979; Can. Farm
Econ., 236 issues, 1931-1980;
American Farm Econ., 162 books,
1946-1978. Call Ken 261-5962.
SINGLES GROUP Single people
who enjoy science or nature are
meeting nationwide through
Science Connection! Info: P.O.
Box 599, Chester, NS, B0J 1J0;
www.sciconnect.com/orcall 1-
40 hr (Mar 11-15; Jun 24-28; Sept
16-20; Nov 25-29) TESOL teacher
certification course (or by
correspondence). 1,000'sofjobs
available NOW. FREE information
package, toll free (888) 270-2941.
Alan Donald, Ph.D.
Biostatistical Consultant
Medicine, dentistry, biosciences, aquaculture
101-5805 Balsam Street, Vancouver, V6M 4B9
264 -9918 donald@portal.ca
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RRSPs, RRIFs, Mutual Funds, & Retirement Planning UBC Reports • February 5, 1998 7
Dial A Smile
Sean Kelly photo
Faculty of Forestry Dean Clark Binkley rolls up his sleeves to work the phones with Jody
Frolek, a fourth-year Forestry student in the Natural Resources Conservation Program.
Frolek and 18 other Forestry scholarship winners recently called hundreds of Forestry
alumni donors to thank them for supporting the faculty in 1997/98. Of UBC's 12
faculties, Forestry enjoys the highest percentage of alumni support. To date, alumni
donors have given the Faculty in excess of $50,000.
Animal welfare, sustainable
landscapes lecture topics
Horticulturist Judith Zuk,
head of one of North America's
pre-eminent public gardens, the
Brooklyn Botanic Garden, is one
of several speakers featured in a
free public lecture series hosted
by UBC's Faculty of Agricultural
UBC   animal   welfare   re
searcher Prof. David Fraser, Zuk,
and regenerative landscape expert John Lyle will speak as part
of the ongoing Community Lecture Series held at the Pacific
Space Centre (Planetarium). All
lectures begin at 8 p.m.
Fraser, who holds the UBC/
NSERC Research Chair in Ani-
Biomedical Communications
7Ue* rfvtUU&Ce!
C0\0U    V ,ers
Phone 822-5769 for more information
mal Welfare, has more than 20
years' experience dealing with
animal welfare issues. His presentation, Caring for Animals in
a World of Colliding Values,
takes place Feb. 12.
Zuk is a horticulturist with
experience as an educator, researcher and administrator. Her
presentation, on March 19, is
entitled From Garbage to Green
Peppers: A Partnership in Building Communities.
John Lyle, director of California's Institute for Regenerative
Landscapes, will give a presentation entitled Regenerative Design for Productive Urban Landscapes on April 9. Lyle believes
that regenerative design, in
which resources flow through a
sustainable cycle rather than in
a linear direction, is key to sustainable development, whether
in housing, farming or watershed management.
For information or to reserve
a seat call the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at 822-2620.
In Memoriam
Dr. Robert Kerr, founder and
head of UBC's Dept. of Medicine
from 1950-1974 and professor
emeritus of Medicine, died
Dec. 19. He was 89.
Born and raised in Hamilton,
Ontario, he obtained his medical degree from the University of
Toronto in 1933.
A specialist in internal medicine, he was awarded the Order
of the British Empire in 1944 for
successfully treating an extensive outbreak of diphtheria.
He became an associate professor of medicine at the University of Toronto before joining
UBC in 1950.
From 1966 to 1968 he was
president of the Royal College of
Physicians and Surgeons of
Kerr is survived by his wife,
Lois, three sons — John, James
and Charles — their families,
including eight grandchildren,
and his sister Eleanor.
by staff writers
Evelyn Lett, one of the founders of UBC's Alma Mater
Society, has been named an officer of the Order of
Lett was cited for her revolutionary work in women's rights.
One of the first female graduates of UBC, she helped draft the
school's constitution, which gave women the right to vote in
1914 — before women were
given the right to vote in
federal elections.
In 1996, she received a
Lifetime Achievement Award
from UBC's Alumni Association, which she also helped
found and with whom she
served as vice-president.
Years after leaving UBC,
she served on a federal
government commission
studying the employment
problems of women. She was
also a founding member of the
Vancouver Art Gallery and
Vancouver Community Arts
Council women's auxiliaries.
The recipients will be invited to an investiture ceremony at
Rideau Hall in Ottawa, where they will be presented with the
insignia of the order.
Bruce Sweeney, a graduate of UBC's film program, was
in Park City, Utah last month to show his new
feature film at the Sundance Film Festival.
Sweeney won the CityTV Award for best Canadian film at
the Toronto Festival of Festivals in 1995 with his feature
debut Live Bait.
His new film, Dirty, is about four city dwellers whose lives
Assoc. Prof. Takis Mathiopoulos, of the Dept. of
Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Centre
for Integrated Computer Systems Research, has been
appointed by the European Commission in Brussels as the
only non-European member of a panel dealing with advanced wireless and mobile telecommunications.
The five-member panel's mandate is to provide technical
advice in the field of telecommunications and independent
visionary research perspectives to guide the commission's
research and development program. After 1998 the panel will
also advise a major publicly funded European research and
development program called Advanced Communications and
Technologies Services, which has a budget of $500 million.
-.a^    — Sustainable Development Research Institute
SDRI Student Desk/Doctoral
Sustainable Energy Systems
Sponsored by BC Hydro
Applicants are invited for a PhD Research Fellowship in the area of
sustainable energy systems. In conjunction with BC Hydro, the
Sustainable Development Research Institute has established a
Graduate Student Desk that is supported by a fellowship of
$ 17,000/year renewable for a further three years. An additional
$3000 per year will be available for research expenses. The award
is conditional on acceptance into a Ph.D. program at UBC beginning
in September 1998.
The student will explore the challenge of advanced resource
productivity in the energy sector, with particular emphasis on the
hydroelectric sector in B.C.; examine opportunities for the transition to sustainable energy production, distribution and end-uses;
and pursue a specific research program consistent with these
Applicants should submit a letter of application, a 250-word
overview description of proposed research, a curriculum vitae,
names and addresses of three referees, and official transcripts by
March 15, 1998.
Applications should be sent to:
John B. Robinson, Director
Sustainable Development
Research Institute
B5 - 2202 Main Mall
Vancouver, B.C.
Website: www.sdri.ubc.ca
Phone:604 822-8198
Fax: 604 822-9191
Email:   sdri@sdri.ubc.ca 8 UBC Reports • February 5,1998
at    Hampton    Place
From its attractively landscaped surrounding to each lavish
detail of its interior design,The Stratford offers you the
very best in a high quality residence.
An ample array of luxury features and amenities help you
create a home in which spending time is always a joy.
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soaker tub or walk-in shower, ceramic tile flooring... and many more
must see features.
5683 Hampton Place
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mash h mm hir
(Hampton Place)


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