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UBC Library Staff Bulletin 2002

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The Library
UBC Library Staff
No. 266
www. library, ubc. c a/staff/bulletin
Fall 2002
$60 Million for The Ike Barber Learning Center
On October 3, 2002 the Library hosted two events announcing the creation of The Irving K. Barber Learning
Centre. The morning event, hosted by Catherine, featured speeches by President Piper, Premier Gordon
Campbell, Ike Barber and Julie Mitchell, a peer assistant in The Chapman Learning Commons. The afternoon
saw President Piper and Mr. Barber return for a special event for library staff. Following both announcements, there was a chance for guests to mingle in the temporarily cleared Learning Commons, enjoy refreshments and reflect on the news. The Architecture Selection Committee has made its recommendation to the
VP Finance and Administration and the winning firm should be announced soon. Check out the Irving K.
Barber Learning Centre web site for more information and updates at
Second Year Report to library staff
Catherine made her annual presentation to staff outlining the achievements that the Library made over the
past year. The presentation also marks the end of the second year of the Library's strategic plan. Too
numerous to mention here, the highlights are now on the staff web site at www.library.ubc.ca/staff/CQ-
presentation.html. Thanks to a creative suggestion by some library staff, this year's memento to mark the
occasion is the first official UBC Library umbrella, guaranteed 100% water-resistant!
Thank you from Ike Barber
During the ceremony announcing The Irving K. Barber Learning Centre to library staff, Mr. Barber was
presented with a picture of the Main Library as seen in its original design, on behalf of the UBC Library
staff. Mr. Barber recently sent this message of thanks:
Catherine -1 want to thank you and your staff for the very impressive picture. It is now hanging
over the fireplace in our family room. Thank you for your thought fulness.     Ike Barber
UBC Library external and internal reviews
These reviews will commence with the external review being held early in 2003. This process is expected to
take several months, with a number of opportunities for staff and user input. More information will be made
available through the Vice-President Academic's office early in the new year.
AUL Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences and Head, Education Library
The selection processes for both positions are moving along. Interviews for the shortlisted candidates for the
head, Education Library will be held in December and will include visits with staff and public presentations
by the candidates. Public forums for the AUL position will be held early in 2003. Please plan to attend and
meet the candidates!
ChtfiAtvrvewVGwty 2002
This year's annual UBC Library Christmas party will be held Tuesday
December 10th at St. John's College 12-4:30. Lunch will be served a little
after 12, along with live music and a chance to mingle and catch up with
colleagues across the Library. We hope to see you all there!
ubc library bulletin page 2
A Brusn witn Royalty ior tne Library
by Jane Skinn _ Borrower Services, Koerner Library
Tke excitement started to mount wken a RCMP Officer and a Patrol Officer came in
to ckeck out tke corridor and tke waskroom. For security reasons, tkey said. Tke
Queen may kave to use tke waskroom. (I kear tke signal is all in kow ske carries ker
kandLag). Well tkat was all some ol us needed to let our imaginations take tligkt.
Tke Queen in Koerner! Would tke waskroom Le locked and forever preserved. Or
more importantly would it Le cleaned?
Wken asked, some ol tke liLrary administration said tLere was no-way tLat tLe
Queen was coming into Koerner. 'Tkey' also said tLere was no-way tLat I was going
to meet Ler eitLer. But I persisted anyway.
(Pholo: Marif
As tLe day got closer lor tLe Royal visit tke Nortk Elevator Lroke down — for two and a Lall weeks it remained idle. It
needs a part 'tLey' said. It's Leing cleaned up and made secure lor tLe Queen was my tLougLt
TLen Koerner took on a wLole new am-a. Our nigLt stall reported tLat tLe cleaning stall was vacuuming carpets, dusting
tLe Lold sLelt, cleaning tLe top ol card vending macLines. Windows were getting cleaned. Stairs were Leing swept.
Counters Leing wasLed. TLe Iront doors were polisLed and sparkling. Dust was Hying and dirt was disappearing. TLe
culminating lactor was Mel (tLe carpet man) on Lis Lands and knees witk a spray Lottie ol sometLing and a ckisel
scraping tLe gum oil tLe carpet in tLe loyer. TLe Queen IS coming! We knew tLat Lecause (Le Queen is not allowed to
walk on gum.
Finally tLe anticipated day arrived. PLysical plant was out in lorce, in tLeir smart navy Llue jackets, emptying garbage
pails, polisLing every IresL linger print oil tLe Iront doors, sweeping up every errant gum wrapper. TLe liLrary and tLe
pla^a were almost as clean as Disney Land; tke grass was cut twice tLat week. Invited dignitaries arrived and were
sLepLerded to tLe seventL floor for a panoramic view ot tLe proceedings.
TLe nortL elevator still not working. PerLaps it really is missing a part we Legan to tLink.
WLile some staff stayed and looked after tLe circulation desk and stood Ly for anticipated crowd control many joined tLe
crowds ~~ we percLed on top of tLe great little kickstands used for sLelving, literally Lead and sLoulders aLove (Le crowd.
And we watcLed tLe Queen's visit to UBC. Realising (kat perLaps sLe wasn't going to come into (Le liLrary after all we
were content to watcL from afar.
Bu(^ tLere was a royal visitor (kat day to Koerner LiLrary. HRH Prince PLillip did come (krougL tke LigLly poLsLed
glass doors, walked on (Le gum free carpet, passed tLe tresLly wasLed counters and tLe wonderful flower arrangements
and entered wLat was once and is again (Le Student Computer LaL to meet witL UBC students and view a number of
student presentations. And was (kat just a <juick glance across tLe floor at tLe dust free Lold sLelt? TLere was a close up
view ot tLe Prince tor (kose in and around tLe Koerner LiLrary.
All tLe anticipation, tLe planning, (Le cleaning, tLe speculation, and in twenty-five minutes of speeckes, unveiLngs and
cultural displays it was all over. TLe Queen was on Ler way to tLe Lotel and tLe Prince on Lis way to tLe Vancouver
Police Department. But we were not disappointed!
PACUL meeting and new members
The President's Advisory Council on the University Library (PACUL) held their semi-annual meeting at the
Walter C. Koerner Library on Nov 15. Clifford Lynch, Executive Director of the Coalition for Networked
Information, presented to the group and sparked a lively discussion about digital library issues and
institutional repositories. Mr. Lynch presented at the 4th eLibrary Symposium the previous day. New
members of PACUL are Jan Cellucci, wife of U.S. Ambassador to Canada, Paul Cellucci, and a former
Associate University Librarian for Collections at Boston College Library; Alex Himmelfarb, Clerk of the
Privy Council & Secretary to the Cabinet, Office of the MP; Shirley Chan, Interim Regional Director General
for Health Canada, BC/Yukon Region; and Bert Reeve, a geological engineer engaged in mineral exploration
and development, now retired.
ubc library bulletin page3
Digital doings in the University Archives
For several years the University Archives has undertaken a number of digitization
projects to enhance access to selected archival resources and associated printed and
published historical material. To date our activities have focussed primarily on
photographic materials and the Archives currently provides access to approximately
29,000 digitized historical images. During the summer the Library purchased
ContentDM, a web-based database management system created specifically for
digitized material and we hope to complete the migration of our material and that of
Rare Books and Special Collections sometime in December.
Over the summer the University Archives participated in two projects that created
or enhanced important online historical resources. The first, funded by Young
Canada Works and the President's Office, resulted in the digitization of approximately 3,600 pages of the President's annual reports from 1929 to 2000. These reports provide an important
overview of the development of the University and also reflect the changing philosophical directions of the
institution. Access to the reports is provided though a portrait gallery of university presidents
Carried out with the assistance of a professional experience student from SLAIS, the second project allowed
us to update a chronological/alphabetical listing of all campus buildings www.library.ubc.ca/archives/
chrono.html. Providing basic information about dates of construction, architects, sources of funding and
architectural features, the index previously only went to the mid-1950s. The index now provides a comprehensive listing of existing and demolished campus buildings from 1925-2001.
In addition to these projects the University Archives has also been developing digitized resources relating
specifically to the Library. To this end we have digitized the President's 1987 report on the Library
www.library.ubc.ca/archives/presidents/Reports/1987.pdfand also "Scrapbook for a Golden Anniversary" www.library.ubc.ca/archives/scrapbook.pdfwhich is a history of the organization up to 1965. A
portrait gallery of librarians www.libraiy.ubc.ca/archives/librarians/index.html has also been prepared. As with the President's annual reports we will be providing links to some 2,700 pages of the University Librarian's annual reports as they are digitized. Also as a result of a joint initiative of the UBCLAA and
the Library Administration, we are preparing a repository of minutes from the Library Administrative
Group and the University Librarian's Advisory Committee (ULAC). This will be made available on the
staff pages and a notice will be circulated when the minutes are available.
If you have any questions about these or any other projects with which the University Archives is involved
please don't hesitate to contact us.
Chris Hives
University Archives
Treasures from the Arkley Collection: Christmas 2002
An exhibition of children's books in Rare Books and Special Collections features illustrated
books from the "Golden Age" of illustration, including Randolph Caldecott, Walter Crane,
Kate Greenaway, Arthur Rackham, Edmund Dulac, and Willy Pogany. Some "old favourites"
include Alice in Wonderland, The Wonderful World ofOz, The Tale of Peter Rabbit, Winnie-
the-Pooh, and many more.
To celebrate the Christmas season we have a large selection of Christmas children's
books, old and new, including The Night Before Christmas and some early representations
of Santa Claus. A highlight of the exhibition is a display of three of our pop-up books: The City Park; The
Anne of Green Gables Pop-up Dollhouse; and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
Along with them we have a few stuffed toys relating to the books, including Winnie-the-Pooh and a teddy
bear. Teddy bears are celebrating their 100th birthday this year. A selection of seasonal greeting cards of the
postcard style dating from 1907-1910 are also on display. The display may be seen until the end of January.
ubc library bulletin page 4
The Roving Photographer
Halloween 2002
Look who swooped in from David Lam Library to visit The Chapman
Learning Commons on October 31: (left to right) Jan Wallace, Christina
Sylka, Maureen Adams, Nicole Carter, and Ivy Lee.
'There's no place like UBC Library ..."
Kristina McDavid (and "Toto"),
David Lam Library
"Which witch? " Moira Buckham
answers the Halloween Hotline
at David Lam Library.
The White Rabbit, aha Elsa Dickson
frets about punctuality at the
Circulation Desk in Main Library.
Winner of the most elaborate costume
award: kele fleming of Information
Ahoy, matey!
On October 27th, the Library's Longboat team set sail from Jericho Beach as
part of UBC Intramural Sports Day of the Longboat. Although the team did not
sweep to victory, they definitely won the hearts of the watching crowd as they
enthusiastically paddled around the 2 km course. (And you thought explaining
the proxy server was hard work!) Participants came from units across the
system including Technical Services (Sion Romaine), Robson Square
(Amber Lannon, Yani Mitchell) and Biomedical Branch (Kim Leong).
ubc library bulletin
Editor: Simon Neame
Design: Jill Pittendrigh


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