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University of British Columbia Library Bulletin Oct 29, 1973

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 University Of British Columbia  Library Bulletin
No.   102 October 29,   1973 Vancouver,   B.C.
The new composition of  the Administrative  Resources  Committee   is:
Melva  Dwyer,  Ann  Nelson,   Joyce Davidson,   Jim  Sharpe,   Pat Gibson,  John
Smith,  Jane Ainsworth and  Linda Hoffman, with Jack Mcintosh as  the
carry-over member.
During  the busy  term-time   it Is particularly  difficult  for turnstile attendants  -
especially  those who are part-time  student assistants  -  to  recognize   librarians and   library
staff   in general. Please make a point of  showing  the  turnstile attendant  anything
which you may  be carrying out of the  stacks and   of justifying yourself.     Attempted   laxity   in
this  regard   is discouraging   to  the attendant and  sets a  bad example  to students   in   line,
who may well  expect to be able  to emulate you.
The  budget   for supplies  being  nearly exhausted, while prices  continue to  rise,   all
staff members are urged  to economize on  the use of supplies   in any way possible.     Please
re-use envelopes and  the  blank backs of  sheets whenever possible.     Paper companies  have
already announced a  series  of price   increases which will   result   in a one-year   increase of
105fc by next March.
Applications are now  invited  for this  scholarship  from persons   resident   in  Canada,  who
hold a degree from a  recognized university and  in addition a  B.L.S.,  an M.L.S.,   or  the
equivalent.     The  scholarship  has a  value of $6,000   (Canadian  funds)   and   is  tenable only at
the College of  Librarianship, Aberystwyth,  Wales.     This   is  the  largest   institution of   its
kind   in Europe,   having a   teaching  faculty of  forty and an enrollment  of 400  students.
Residence   is  required and the  scholarship-holder wi11   be encouraged  to  register  for  the
degree Master of Librarianship   (M.   L\\x) .     The   research project  should extend  over one
academic year beginning   in  January,  April  or October.
The  scholarship  bears  the name of  the grandmother of Sir Basil   Blackwell,   President
of B.H.   Blackwell   Ltd.     She was the wife of  the first  City  Librarian of  Oxford,   and  the
mother of  the founder of the present company.     The  scholarship has  been  established   to aid
a librarian  to carry out   research   in matters of common  concern to  libraries and  to  the  book
trade.     To this end the  scholarship-holder may avail   himself of  the extensive printing,
publishing and  book-selling expertise of  BCH.   Blackwell   Ltd.     Blackwell1s   is moreover
presently   in  the process of allying  traditional   scholarly  book-selling  skills with  computer
Those   interested  should send applications,   including academic and professional  qualifications and an outline of a proposed project  by 31   December  1973   in  sextuplicate  to  the
Chairman of  the  Selection  Committee,  Mr.   Thomas   F.   O'Connell,   Director of Libraries,   York
University,   Toronto.     The other members of the Selection  Committee are Miss  Hilda  Gifford,
Carleton  University;   Reverend Paul-Emile  Filion,   University de Quebec;   Mr.   Dean W.   Halliwell,
University of Victoria;   and Miss Alberta  Letts,   Provincial   Librarian of Nova  Scotia.
The  following notice has  been   received  from  the Dept.   of Finance.    A copy will   be
...eluded with  the October 31st  salary  statement.
On  November  15th and mid-month   thereafter you will   receive an advance equal   to
one half of your net monthly  salary.     Your mid-month  salary  statement will   show Ut B.C. Library Bulletin Page 2
- f
only the amount of the advance whereas your month end salary statement will show
gross salary and deductions including the mid-month advance.
The mid-month advance will be one half of your gross salary less one half of all
predetermined monthly deductions (i.e. income tax, Canada Pension Plan, Unemployment
Insurance, pension, MSA, dental, group insurance, Disability Insurance and sundry
deductions such as bonds) plus overtime where applicable, rounded to the nearest
Pay days will be on the 15th and the last working day of each month.  If the 15th
is a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, pay day will be the last work day immediately
prior to the 15th.


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