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University of British Columbia Library Bulletin Mar 17, 1969

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 University of British Columbia Library Bulletin
No. 24 March 17, 1969 Vancouver, B.C.
LIBRARY TRUCK - It's True and Blue:
The new truck (referred to first in Builetin no. 23) has arrived and can be seen parked
outside the shipping door. The principal uses of this truck will be to make quick small
deliveries of punched cards, printouts, registered mail around the campus, to collect off-
campus gifts, and to make rush deliveries.  However, it is not intended to replace the
present delivery system, but to be supplementary to it.
Robin Williams (Mail Room) will be the principal driver, although Walter Harrington and
the Commissionaires will also have direct access to the truck as required. Any others who
wish to use it should apply to Mrs. Maclver in the Librarian's Office.
MASTER OF ARTS in Library Science;
The School of Librarianship1s proposal was received by Senate on February 26th and
referred to the Senate Committee on New Programmes.  Perhaps at the next meeting of Senate
on March 26th the Committee will make a recommendation concerning the proposal, which will
then be debated andcfealt with by Senate.
The Facilities List is being refined and the architects are assembling information regarding the desirable characteristics for various library areas. Mr. Forbes and one of
the architects are travelling together this week to visit libraries at Guelph, Dalhousie,
Brown, Cornell, Milwaukee, and Washington University (St. Louis).
The site of the Library remains undetermined, pending completion of traffic studies, one
part of which will be a student questionnaire. Ten thousand copies of this questionnaire
will be distributed in Brock Hall, the Main Library and the Sedgewick Library this week
and will be returned by students to all public service divisions and via book return chutes,
Before the coming of the postal metre the Mail Room used vast quantities of stamps
which staff members would often buy for their own personal mail.  This service has now
been automated out of existence.  From now on you will have to purchase your stamps from
the new Post Office, located in the new Administration Building, or from any other Post
Office of your choice.
Batches of letters (always described as "urgent") are still being brought down to the
Mail Room after the posted deadlines.  Please meet the 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. deadlines if you
really want your mail to receive prompt attention.
The massive file of requisitions and process slips which used to occupy three table tops
in the Acquisitions Division has now been cleared away and replaced by the cumulated printout of the backlog. This, together with the print-outs for "on order/in process" material,
is spread out on one table for easy consultation.
In order to ensure that everyone in the Library actually sees the sheets which are being
added periodically to the Pol icy Manual we have decided to publish them in the Builetin as
they appear. UBC Library Bulletin - page 2
For the next few issues we shall be printing the sheets which have been distributed since
September 1968.  In this way we hope to make the full contents of the Manual Known to everyone.
The first directives for reprinting in this series are filed under "C Personnel":
Requests by librarians to take courses during work hours should be made to the applicant's division head and decided by the division head and the Assistant Librarian to
whom the division head reports. The decision will be based on the effect the absence
of the staff member would have on the division, the usefulness, to the Library, of the
course of study and the number of other staff taking courses at that time.
Time off with pay may be granted if the course is particularly useful to the Library;
otherwise the staff member will be required to make up the time. The Associate Librarian
should be notified of the decision.
1. Recruiting is done by the University Personnel Office.
2. Persons without library experience or without useful library experience, who apply
directly to the Library, should be directed to the University Personnel Office but
without encouragement.
3. Anyone with useful library or related valuable experience, who also meets the
personnel standards the Library attempts to maintain, may be directed to the Associate Librarian and he will provide them with an introduction to the Personnel Office
if there is likely to be a suitable opening.
CIRCULATION of Uncatalogued Books:
The orange IBM cards which come with the books from the Acquisitions Division may be
used in the UBC circulation system. This means that these books may now be charged out
to users prior to the arrival of LC copy and catalogued upon their return, as are "ZZ"
No more rush catalogue requests should be accepted at the Information Desk after March
17th.  Patrons should instead be directed to the Circulation Desk to fill out call slips.
These slips will be sent to the Cataloguing Division where they will be searched each day
(Monday to Friday) from 3 to 4 p.m.  Cataloguing will then deliver the required books to
the ZZ hold shelf in the Circulation Division after 4 p.m. each day.


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