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UBC Library Bulletin Oct 6, 1975

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 No.   126
October  6, 1975
X-Kalay has informed us that they will no longer be picking up our recyclable paper.     We
have consulted with another person who will be happy to carry on the service, but not
until  the current pulp and paper strike has been settled.     So, please throw out all waste-
paper until further notice.
Anne Piternick of the U.B.C.  School of Librarianship is this year's First Vice-President
of the Canadian Library Association and President-elect for 1976/77.     This is a good
opportunity for those of us in the West  to ask questions and especially to make suggestions
about CLA concerns and policy.     lire would be pleased to talk with anyone in the Library,
member or non-member, about the Association,  and she has membership forms available for
anyone who would like to join.     CLA is not just a librarians'  association;  it is open to
everyone and it offers something of interest to everyone wich a library connection.     Contact Anne in her office, Room 833, School of Librarianship,  or call her at local  3359.
Machine Readable Cataloguing (MARC) will soon be the
standard. The excerpt on the right is from a recent
article on the topic. If you wish to read more, the
whole thing may be found in the latest issue of Canadian library, August 1975.
Using the minimarc system and a
Mini-MARC format in the mini-full format
range (one which lagged 504 bibliographic
notes separately from the other notes, and
which subfieid coded the 260 imprint
statement), it would be possible to do the
same  thina.
This year's orientation tours offered during the first week of classes were the most successful yet.     The ISO librarians introduced 574 students to the mysteries of the Main Library
while Sedgewick's librarians gave tours of their library to 465.     The tours will be followed
up with lectures to be offered to each section of English 100 on the preparation of term ■
papers.     These will begin after Thanksgiving and run to the end of November.
The earliest date by which a new staff list may become available is  the New Year.     In  the
meantime, we offer the first of what hopefully will  become a series of "Whim to call"
lists.     From comments made by various library staff members,   the staff lists issued to date
have been used mainly to find the name of "that nice person in Acquisitions who knows the
answers  to my problems" but whose name won't come to mind.     The type of list which follows
is more useful for this type of finding, and there are many divisions and branches which
could publish similar lists.    Any such lists received will be run promptly in the Bulletin. WHOM TO CALL ABOUT PROCESSING PROBLEMS
Accounts and invoices:    David Miller   (4434)
Acquisitions policy, problems,  and beefs:     Walter Harrington   (3749)
Added copies problems:    Carole Wisdom   (3894 or 5951)
Added volumes problems:     Lynda Johnson   (3241)
Audio-visual material:     see Nonbook material cataloguing.
Authority file information:     LC Cataloguing   (3894 or 5951)
Bio-medicine cataloguing:     Jim Sharpe   (3246)
Blind reference in card catalogue:     see Card catalogue errors.
Book catalogues   (university presses and dealers):    Mavis Balshaw  (4600)  or
Janet  Yuan   (3894 or  5951)
Book fund information:     Mavis Balshaw   (4600)   or Bert Hamilton   (Admin.   2740)
Broken catalogue drawer:     jueslie LeMarquand or Catalogue Maintenance   (6649)
Call number conflicts   (two books in the same number or the same book in two numbers):
Mc Elrod   (3510)
Card catalogue errors:    Snag Report   (pick up at Info Desk,  fill out,  drop in box on
top of card file in floor 5 Admin.  Offices)
Card catalogue filing errors:    Red Flag   (pick up red flag from Info Desk and insert)
or Snag Report   (see Card catalogue errors)
Cards missing:     see Card catalogue errors.
Cataloguing policy queries,  complaints, beefs,  suggestions:    Mc Elrod   (3510)
Chinese cataloguing:     Chinese cataloguer   (6278)
Cross reference needed:     see Card catalogue errors.
DCF   (Depc -itory Control File):     Mavis Balshaw   (4600)   or Leah Gordon   (3894 or  5951)
Discards of books:     Rita Butterfield   (Head,  Circ.   3869)  or Bert Hamilton   (Admin.   2740)
Expansion request:     (drop a note in box on top of card file in floor 5 Admin.  Office)
Filing errors:     see Card catalogue filing errors.
Fine Arts catalojuing:   Margaret Pahr   (5478)
Humanities cataloguing:     Margaret Pahr   (5478)
Indie cataloguing:     Indy Bhugra   (5478)
Japanese cataloguing:    Margaret Fukuyama   (6278)
Juvenile material cataloguing:     Pauline Kirman   (6278)
Law cataloguing:     Nadine Baldwin   (5478)
Location file holdings or location information incorrect:     see Card catalogue errors
Location of book in processing:     Leah Gordon or Jan  Taggart   (3891 or  5951);  or if you
know the book has gone  to   larking:    Richard Moore   (6509)
Medicine cataloguing:     see Bio-medicine cataloguing
Microanalytics:     Mary Magrega   (3510)
Music cataloguing:     Eldo Neufeld   (3246)
Nonbook materiel  cataloguing:     Mary Magrega   (3510)
Orders and receipts:     Hilda  uit den Bosch   (3258)
Original  Cataloguing:     Freda Bailey   (4609)
Reclassification requests:    Freda Bailey or see under special subject.
Science cataloguing:     Betty Misewich   (5478)
Searching queries:       Janet Yuan   (3894 or 5951)
Serial record information:     (3241)
Serials cataloguing:    Matt Hartman   (3241)
Serials claims, holdings queries,  and title history changes:     Zorka Srejic   (3192)
Serials Division policies and procedures and other serials problems not listed here:
Ann Turner   (5038)
Serials duplicate and defective issues:    Martina Harrie   (4432)
Serials order follow-up,  cancellations:    Martina Harrie   (4432)
Serials prices and payment information:    Martina Harrie   (4432)
Shelf list information:     LC Cataloguing   (3894 or 5951)
Social  sciences cataloguing:    Margaret Pahr   (5478)
Slavic cataloguing:     Oleg Litwinow   (3426)
Special collections cataloguing:     John Gray   (5478)
Theses   (UBC cataloguing:     Betty Misewich or Nadine Baldwin   (5478)  or Freda Bailey   (4609)
Withdrawals of books;     Bert Hami.lton   (Admin,   2740)
Revised October 1,  1975


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