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University of British Columbia Library Bulletin May 9, 1969

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 University of British Columbia Library Bulletin
No. 28 May 9, 1969 Vancouver, B. C.
A fantastic mistake appeared (probably unnoticed) in the last issue of the Builetin.
In speaking of the value of gifts received we said, "31 volumes having a total value of
$22,814.70." This should have been, "31 gifts ..." which is still quite impressive.
STAFF LOUNGE - Supervision and Care:
Mrs. Elsie Kinnard has just started looking after our coffee break needs in the Staff
Lounge.  Her work would be made much more pleasant and manageable if everyone would make
a point of bringing coffee cups back to the counter and throwing wrappers, apple cores,
etc. into the garbage container when leaving.
LIBRARY LITERATURE - Library School Usage Study:
One of the suggestions made by Mrs. Brearley and her research team in the wake of their
project for the School of Librarianship was that "some attempt should be made to encourage
the library staff to read more, and to read more widely, in the library literature."
We reported already (in Builetin no. 19) that the Social Sciences Division maintains a
browsing shelf for professional journals.  Now we would like to follow this up by asking
that all worthwhile articles be reported to Graham Elliston for citation in this Builetin
as a service to others who might be interested.
The Canadian Library Association is upgrading its publication and is looking for authors.
Each issue of the journal is subject oriented.  The July/August issue is on Professionalism
(Lois Carrier may be making a contribution); the September/October issue is on Children's
Librarianship; and the topic for the November issue is undecided.
Would anyone like to suggest a topic for November, and better still, volunteer to write
an article?  For that matter, could anyone suggest topics for future issues?  Criticism of
the publications of CLA has been heard for years.  But if improvements are to be made,
someone has to write.  Potential authors are encouraged to get in touch with Mr. Stuart-
INDIA HAS Postal Problems Too:
The following message has been received from D.K. Agencies in Delhi.  We reprint it here
as it may have relevance for the business of some divisions in the Library:
Due to postal disturbances in India,
the mail was not received regularly
in the later September and request
you to let us have copies of such
communications sent to us between
15th September to 30th September 1968
for necessary action.
INFORMATION And Orientation.Services - A Change of Location:
Serena Newman's work location has been changed to Room 861 (South Wing).  The Show-Card
machine and supplies have also been moved to this room. UBC Library Bulletin - page 2
POLICY AND PROCEDURES Manual - C Personnel, Directive #1:
The following directive was released on April 2, 1969.  The previous Directive #1 was
replaced by Directive #7 (reported in Builetin no.26).
The continuing extension of Library hours has created the need for a uniform policy of
compensation for librarians working holidays and overtime.  Effective on the above date
librarians shall be entitled to compensatory time at the following rates:
Statutory Holidays;  one day to make up for the extra day worked plus one day of
compensatory time off.
Other Holidays and Overtime;  one and one half days for each day worked.
(See also C 6 for Holiday and Overtime compensation for supporting staff) BELOW
General Holidays:
According to Provincial Regulations, all staff, both establishment and hourly full-time,
are entitled to a holiday with pay for the following general holidays:
New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Victoria Day, Dominion Day, Labour Day,
Thanksgiving Day, Remembrance Day, Christmas, Boxing Day.
These are the only holidays for which full-time hourly staff are paid without working.
When an employee is required to work on any of these days, he will receive pay at the
rate of time and one half his regular salary or hourly rate for the day worked and in
addition will be given a day off with pay.
If overtime is essential, compensation will be either in time off at straight time rates
or pay at the rate of one and one half hours for each hour worked.
CIRCULATION - Unofficial Borrowing of Books;
Have you "borrowed" any books from the Main Stacks without signing them out? Have you
picked up a book to show someone else or to work on it for a few hours, then left it on your "
desk for several days?  Twice this week Circulation staff have discovered in other divisions .,
small caches of Main Stacks books which had not been signed out and had been there for some
time.  In one case the volume had been kept so long it had been declared missing and a
replacement purchased.  Not only was money and time wasted on an unnecessary replacement,
but one or more borrowers had been denied the use of material which was not being read at
the time and which should have been readily available. A?
ALL Library staff must be more considerate of our borrowers in future.  Next time you have *"
a Main Stacks book for longer than a few hours please sign it out at one of the stack entries:*


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