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University of British Columbia Library Bulletin Sep 3, 1971

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No. 69 September 3, 1971 Vancouver, B. C,
in  an  effort   to help  curb  the  spread  of  pollution  and make better use of  our
dwindling   resources,   the  library  administration  has   struck a  committee on   the
Re-Cycling of Library Waste Materials.     The  four  staff members on  the committee
represent  various  segments of  the   library's  operation:
Joyce Harries (Chairman) Main  Library,   Public Services  Divisions
Claudia Kerr Main  Library,   Processing  Divisions
Leagh  Carrel 1 Woodward  Library
Carol   Martin Smaller branch   libraries
The  Committee's  terms of   reference  are:
1. To establish   routines  for collecting  and   re-using waste materials
within  the  1ibrary.
2. To establish   routines  for the collection of waste materials
for  re-cycling,
3. To establish  and maintain  contact  with organizations  and   individuals
which collect materials  for  re-cycling.
4. To assist   staff members   in   re-cycling   home waste materials.
With  the aid of  Division  and  Branch  Library  heads,   the Committee designated
certain  areas where  specified  categories of waste materials may  be deposited   in
large,   well-marked  containers.     The quality  of material   and  the price   (which
varies  frequently)   it will   bring  per ton  determine  the category:
$65.00 per ton computer cards
manila file folders
55.00 per ton (ledger)       IBM print-outs
overdue notices
xerox paper
^5.00 per ton (ledger)      coloured paper
13.00 per ton heavy corrugated cardboard
8.00 per ton (waste)       paper towels
brown wrapping paper
letters (rip off staples, if possible)
envelopes with stamps and/or windows
5.00 per ton newspapers (must be bundled and tied
with string <- cannot be put in boxes
or plastic bags
NO plastic please
Physical Plant will collect the waste bags from the containers as
often as the Division or Branch desires.  It is, however, not necessary to label
the full bag as to type of material.  The bags will be stored in a special area
awaiting pick-up by the Joshua Society, which will sort and deliver them directly
to a paper re-cycling plant. - 2
On behalf of the Council, Board of Directors and members of the
Canadian Library Association, I would like to thank you and
everyone at U.B.C. whose efforts helped to make the CLA Vancouver
Conference one of the most successful and stimulating of recent
years.  In the long view, it is the content of the conference
program and workshops and the opportunities provided to librarians
to meet informally and visit libraries that are the heart of a
good conference.  Here U.B.C. made a magnificent contribution.
Thank you again for the imaginative and hardworking support
of all at U.B.C.
All those interested in joining the Library Thursday night Bowling League
please meet on Thursday, September 9 at 1:00 p.m. in the Conference Room (north
east corner of the stacks on level 3).  See you then.l
The  Committee  hopes  to encourage   library   staff  to   re-use waste materials   rather
than  discard  them   immediately  after use.     For example,  many  people  send memos  on
the clean   side of used xerox waste.     Large manila  envelopes may  be   re-used   by
merely   lining  through   the old wording  and   re-addressing  them or using  gummed   labels
if  being   sent  out of   the   library.      In  fact,   they may  be   re-used  several   times   if
staff members  can   refrain  from writing   in  a   large  hand.     Jiffy  bags  can   be   re-used
if  the  staples  are   removed  and  the   tab   is  not  pulled.
Lastly,   the committee  hopes  to assist  staff members   in   re-cycling home waste
materials  by  advising  them of  the   locations  of  depots  and   the nature of  the waste
that will   be accepted.
For  further  information contact  Joyce Harries  at 3115 or Claudia Kerr at  230^.
The  following   letter was  addressed   to  the Librarian  from  the  President of  the
<     ^
*-   <
->  *


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