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UBC Library Bulletin Oct 31, 1982

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 u6c (idrary duCCetin
No. 165 October 1982
The first sessions of the new staff orientation programme were held
this last week. All staff hired during the last 4 months are being
scheduled for them and staff members who have been here longer can be
included if they wish.
For support staff members, 2 orientation sessions are held, one in the
Main Library on public services and one in LPC on technical services. They
are being conducted by Joan Sandilands and Jocelyn Foster and include tours
of these 2 buildings. These sessions are being held weekly for the next
month or so until the backlog of new staff is processed (Catalogue Records,
eat your heart out) and then sessions will be held every couple of months
as needed.
For new librarians, orientation includes tours of LPC and Main,
meetings with Doug Mclnnes, the Assistant Librarians, heads of divisions,
and staff members who have responsibilities related to the new librarian's
A package of information about the UBC Library has been compiled and
any staff member who would like one should call Alixe (3871) in the
Librarian's Office. It includes information about the Library's
organization, staff and services, and the orientation sessions.
With over 400 staff, numerous branches, divisions, and buildings, the
UBC Library is a complicated place in which to work, and these sessions
ill give staff an understanding of how their duties relate to the
library's services. If you've been on staff for awhile and have a curiosity
about what happens in the rest of the system, or are new and haven't yet
been scheduled for a session, phone Alixe in the Librarian's Office and ask
her to sign you up for a session.
Borrowed any books recently? Got any books overdue? Now you can't do
the first without being reminded of the latter.
Library checkout terminals now print a list of overdue books when you
borrow another book. If the checkout terminal has no printer, a message
tells you to go to the nearest Circulation Desk for a list of overdue
The Library will continue to mail call-in and end-of-term notices, but
money and effort will be saved processing and mailing the routine overdues.
Not to mention the incentive there'll be for borrowers to return or renew
books to avoid the embarrassment of standing at the head of a queue at a
checkout counter, keeping everyone waiting while the terminal prints a list
One of our student assistants brought home a gold medal from the
commonwealth Games held recently in Brisbane. Claire Backhouse of UBC and
her partner, Johanne Falardeau of Quebec City, upset the favoured English
team in the finals to win the gold medal in the Women's Doubles in
Badminton. Claire works in the Main Circulation Division as a turnstile
attendant and shelver. Congratulations, Claire. (^
The September issue of the Serial List combines Serial List and Gov
List. If you haven't already done so, throw away Serial Title, Gov List and
Gov Title. It's all on the new expanded Serial List. No matter what kind of^
serial you need, look first for it on Serial List.
Look under either title or issuing body, whichever is more distinctive
or more accurate. Serial List now gives multiple access to serials. Items
are listed under both main and added entries. You can find Canada.
Statistics Canada. Murder Statistics under either
Canada. Statistics Canada or
Murder Statistics
and Manitoba Bar Association. Headnotes and Footnotes under both
Manitoba Bar Association and
Headnotes and Footnotes.
What is tricky is that the word by word filing (through all the filing
key) results in some common titles not showing exactly where you might
expect. AACR II often modifies a common title by its responsible body, and
subtitles (which you may not know about) can affect the filing. Look for  v^w
Time magazine and you find it after: t*bSTs?blj
Time: a monthly magazine ^/*&fr     ^
Time and its mysteries
Time and Tide
Time out
Time: the weekly news-magazine c-fauuuj."rw>u tfet t*x y*» uw.)
because of that subtitle. If you're looking for something you think we
should have, persevere.
Think of the Serial List as the best starting point for all serials
now, but remember it's not the last or the only place to look.
Other lists and places to use as back-ups are:
-► Serial List - Supp
Lists currently received items only and updates the Serial List. Tells you
the latest issue received and the latest bound volume. Use this and the In-
Process List to see if the Library is subscribing to a new journal. (If you
are near a computer terminal, you have on-line access to completely current
serials information.)
—*• Microcatalogue (and Card Catalogue)
As the library's primary catalogue, contains the most complete
bibliographical information and access points for catalogued serials. The
structure of cross references is better. So, although you will not get
holdings information here, you'll find records under alternative titles or
forms of entry that you wouldn't on the Serial List. There are also old
titles in the card catalogue which may not yet be on the machine system.
—■►Government Publications Division
We have government serials that are not on the Serial List. For example,
some provincial gov't serials, many U.S. gov't serials currently received
only in microform, and complete holdings information for many UN documents
are missing.
Fine points:
- Keep Gov-Index. It's an index to subbodies of gov bodies and will
give you the correct government hierarchy .
-Statistics Canada and some UN documents are filing also under their
identification number. Those are the cryptic little entries like *A/AC76/
or 11-204 that you see on the Serial List. Good if you have a citation
which includes these numbers.
-There are redundant cross- references in the Serial List now. Ignore
them. They will eventually go away. LIBRARY TELIDON PROJECT
Bill Pelletier is currently working on a Systems project that will see
a public Telidon terminal in the Concourse of the Main Library. Telidon is
n   information retrieval system which uses a television or computer
terminal to send and receive both graphic and textual information.
The terminal will access a UBC Library database containing mainly
orientation material. It will be self-service. People can sit at the
terminal and, by using a few simple commands, search for information.
Topics will include a subject guide to campus libraries, schedules for
campus bus service, loan regulations, and instructions on using the
terminal and searching for information. The popular 'Feedback' service may
also be on-line and people will input their questions at the terminal and
check later for an answer. Bill is incorporating graphics into this data.
The terminal will have the potential to do anything other library terminals
can do (ie. search the Serials system). Bill hopes to have it in place by
the beginning of next term.
Telidon has been heralded as the new information technology because of
its flexibility and graphic capabilities. Libraries, if they are to remain
important sources for information, need to be involved in its use and
application. This experiment is UBC Library's contribution.
Although Human Settlements videos are indeed available for on-campus
use through the Film Library, as we mentioned in last month's Bulletin, we
should point out that the UN Centre for Human Settlements on the 4th floor
-;n LPC is still responsible for on-campus use of Habitat 16mm films. See
.heir catalogues there or at the Main Information Desk.
And not all the videos can be borrowed for off-campus use through the
Film Library. Many of these remain the property of the United Nations and
off-campus use must be arranged through Thomas Howe Associates, 1-1226
Homer Street. So, if you belong to an off-campus group which wants to show
the videos or films, you may have to make arrangements off campus. Obtain
more details from the Film Library (4400) about the videos or the UN Centre
(4415) about the films.
Now, who in LPC will bring the popcorn?
Paul Thiele, head of Crane Library, has been appointed to the new
National Library Advisory Board on Library Services for the Blind and
Handicapped. This board is to coordinate library services for these groups
in Canada and will advise on such immediate goals as the creation of a
national union catalogue of materials for the blind and handicapped and a
registry of materials in production to avoid costly duplication of talking
Crane reports an increase this year of over 5 times in the volume of
books to be recorded. This big increase is a result of the growth in
enrollment of visually handicapped students at UBC and other colleges and
universities in B.C. for whom materials are prepared at Crane..
Blind students at UBC are among those who hope that an on-line library
"Catalogue here may not be too far down the road. Blind students who
presently cannot use the library's microcatalogues unassisted could use a
talking computer terminal like the one in the Computing Centre to search an
on-line library catalogue. It uses a computer-generated voice to speak in
words and sentences whatever appears on the screen. ANNOUNCEMENTS
jj: The Elmer E. Rasmusson Library at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks,
has extended an invitation to anyone pursuing Alaska or Arctic Studies to
use the Alaska and Polar collection there - a collection of 45,000 books,
2400 maps and rare books, manuscripts, and 95,000 photographs, known
internationally as one of the most complete for Arctic Studies.
% Coin-operated apples are a first at the Baltimore County Public
Library, and they're not talking about food services. These are apple II
computers available at cost to library patrons. Maybe that's how we could
get our on-line catalogue. A nickel a peek, a dollar a browse. Systems, how
about it.
•& Gifts and Exchanges needs the following issues to complete a library
• Vancouver Ballet Society. Newsletter : v.1-2, 1973-74 and v.3,nos 1-3,
Please call x2304 if you have any of these issues.
TT Margaret Friesen, Interlibrary Loans, is now Vice-President and
President-Elect of BCLA and Pia Christensen, Social Sciences Division, is
Recording Secretary. Call them if you any questions about the B.C. Library
^ This L.C. subject cross reference reminds me: "Occupations and busy
work see Creative activities and seat work." (isn't that what we all do?)
Thursday,   Dec 2,   3:30 pm,   Sedgewick Conference Room
FILMS          EVERYONE   INVITED          FILMS          EVERYONE   INVITED          FILMS
Yb„ "You'll soon get the hang of it"
^^1   with John Cleese
Basic psychology of training and motivation.
Or,  how to teach someone to do something.      (24 min)
Tuesday,  Nov 9,   12:30 pm,   Sedgewick Conference Room
Wednesday,  Nov 10,   12:30 pm,  School of Librarianship,  Rm 835
Wednesday,  Nov 10,   3:30 pm,  Library Processing Centre,   Rm 308
btf    "When I'm calling you"
4A with John Cleese
Telephone technique.    Or,  how not to
drive a caller to the brink of distraction.   (15 min)
Wednesday,  Nov 24,   12:30 pm,  Library Processing Centre,   Rm 308
Thursday, Nov 25, 12:30 pm, School of Librarianship, Rm 835
Thursday, Nov 25, 3:30 pm, Sedgewick Conference Room
"How am I doing?" £2
with John Cleese q
pq              The appraisal interview and the 3 most common W
25              managerial attitudes that sabotage it: Ethelred H
£>              the Unready, Ivan the Terrible, & William the Silent. (25 min) 2
P5 <                    \
W                   Wednesday, Dec 1, 12:30 pm, Library Processing Centre, Rm 308 J^
pq                  Thursday, Dec 2, 12:30 pm, School of Librarianship, Rm 835 ^


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