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University of British Columbia Library Bulletin May 23, 1973

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No Answer, or
University ut British Columbia  Library Buiiexm
No.  96 May 23,   1973 Vancouver,   B.C.
Several   library assistants have   recently expressed  some concern  to the  Continuing
Education Committee about   the   lack    of opportunities  for completing  college work or attending courses which might  help  them  in  their jobs while  they are on campus.     The  Committee,
therefore,   sent a questionnaire  to most  of the  universities and colleges  across Canada   in
an effort   to find  out   if UBC's policies  are out  of   line with   those prevailing elsewhere.
The forty   institutions answering our survey  replied as follows:
1. Does your university   regularly offer  free  tuition Yes
to non-professional  employees  taking on-campus
courses? 16
2. Does your university   regularly  offer  reduced  fees
to non-professional   employees who are  taking  courses
related to  their work? 16
3. Does your  1? b ra ry ever pay  the  fees of non-professional
employees  taking on-campus courses? 20
*t.     Does your  library often give  time off with  pay   to nonprofessional  employees   taking on-campus courses? 5
5. Does your  library often  permit  non-professional  employees to work ''flexible11  hours   in order to attend
on-campus  courses? 26 12 2
6. Does your  library ever offer "study   leave11  to nonprofessional  employees   in order that  they may
complete degree work? 6        33 1
If you have any  thoughts or observations  about  this matter,   please  telephone Howard
Hurt   in  the Curric.  Lab.   (local  5378).
The Committee on    Continuing  Education   is planning  this  season's programme of "open
house11 visits  to  branches and divisions within  the  library system.     These  visits will   be
informal   and although  the  final  arrangements will   be  left  to  the head of each  branch or
division,  will   probably consist of a  tour  lasting around  two hours.     Those participating
are:     Asian Studies,   Crane Library,   Curriculum  Laboratory,   Fine Arts  Library,   Gifts and
Exchange,   Interlibrary  Loans,   Law Library,   MacMillan  Library,  Map  Division,  Marjorie  Smith
Library,   Mathematics Library,  Music Library,   Prebindery,   Reading  Rooms  Division,   Record
Library,   Science Division,   Sedgewick Library,   Special   Collections,   Systems,   and  the Woodward
Library.   (Those divisions  not   listed above are participating   in a  separate programme of
visits,   previously announced).     The Committee would   like  to emphasize once again  that  these
visits  should  be   learning experiences and  should  be confined  to areas where  the knowledge
gained will   complement an   individual's own work.
On  the form  below please   list  those visits which you would   like  to make.     You will   be
notified of dates  and  times when  the final   schedule has  been prepared.     Please have your
request  form authorized  by your supervisor and   return   it  to Suzanne Dodson,   Government
Publications Division,no   later  than May 30.
I  would  like  to visit   the  following division(s)/branch(es):
Name: Division: Authorized by: U.B.C,   Library  Bulletin Page 2
The  Provincial   Board of  Industrial   Relations has approved  the Library's  application
to carry out an experiment with modified  hours of work schedules.     This experiment will
begin on Monday,  May 28,   and   in   the meantime  schedules are  being  drawn up  and  arrangements
made  for  the completion of   the necessary   records and  the monitoring of  the experiment.     The   ,
letter  from   the  Board   is   reproduced  below and will   be posted according  to  their   instructions.
Mr.   Erik de Bruijn will   be  responsible  for coordinating  the operation of   the experiment.
The Di rector,
Personnel &  Labour Relations,
The Library...
Dear Si r,
Your application signed jointly with your employees for permission to establish
a schedule whereby the necessary employees in the LC Cataloguing & Bibliographic Searching Division, Government Publications Division and Circulation Division may work as follows, was considered by the Board on May 15, 1973.
LC Cataloguing & Bibliographic Searching Division and Circulation Division:  one of
the following schedules:
A. 3 days at 9 hours and 1 day at 9^ hours per week for a total of 36£ hours per week.
B. 5 days at 8 hours for 1 week; and 3 days at 8 hours and 1 day at 8^ hours the
second week, for a total of 72-^ hours in a two-week period.
C. 5 days at 7£ hours per week for a total of 36£ hours per week.
Government Publications:
To average their hours over a 2-week period by working 5 days at 8 hours the first
week; and 3 days at 8 hours and 1 day at 8^- hours the second week, for an average of
36^ hours per week.
Overtime to be paid after the scheduled hours and all benefits under the Annual and
General Holidays Act to prevail.
This is to inform all concerned that pursuant to section 11(3) of the Hours of Work
Act, and the Minimum Wage Act, the Board has confirmed the proposed hours of work schedule,
and the same is given the force of a regulation under the Act.
As and when either party to the arrangement desires a change, the Board should be so
-* -+
The Board   requires  that   this  notice  be posted and  kept posted   in a  conspicuous place
on your premises, where  the employees affected  thereby may have   ready access  to and  see
the  same.
Yours very   truly,
(Signed)     J.R.   Edgett,  Vice-Chairman,   Board  of   Industrial
The Administrative  Resources Committee announces  the following   results of  the  by-
election  held on April   12-19  for the  Committee on Salaries and  Benefits of  Supporting  Staff:
new COSBOSS members are:
Group A:   Ray  Galbraith and Muna  Prasad.     Group  B:   Kathy Walters.     Group  C:   Duane Lunden
The   response was quite good, with  52% of those  eligible  casting  their ballots.
The   recent  by-election for  the Ombudsman  Committee was won by  Barbara  Pearce.
The Library  is  seeking:   Library Association of Alberta.     Builetin,   v.2,   no.  k  (Apr.1971). {
Anyone with a  spare copy  should contact  Graham Elliston at   local   23O^.
The above   is a  correction of a mis-typed appeal   in our  last   issue.


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