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UBC Library Bulletin May 31, 1984

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u6c library Ouffetin
No. 179 May 1984
BCLA and the Library School are cooperating on a project that will
make it easier for library personnel to get help and advice on
microcomputer applications in libraries.
The COMPULINE project will result in a computer—based index to
people in BC who are  using microcomputers in libraries and willing to
help fellow users.  In August when COMPULINE begins operating, an
answering service will record requests which will be searched on the
database, and results phoned back by COMPULINE personnel.
The School is presently compiling data.  If you know anyone using
microcomputers in a library context, who is willing to share expertise,
ask him/her to phone or write the School of Librarianship, Rm 831,1956
Main Mall, V6T 1Y3 to be included in the database.
There's only one desk in Ridington Room now, and one phone number
for information and reference (2725), but a whole lot of new phone
numbers in the offices, and nearly everyone has changed desks.
Humanities and Social Sciences Reference amalgamated at the beginning of
May.  In processing, the code for the new division is in use — hss/ref,
which will print out on the microcatalogue as Humanities/Social Sciences
Div. Ref.  (Suggestions for a nickname gratefully received.)
The new telephone list is a clue to how the staff rearranged
themselves.  There are  2 phone lines to the upstairs office (5923 &
6672), and another for downstairs (6363).  You tell me who's living
There was one displacement.  Jack Mcintosh, when he wears his
Slavic hat, is now on the seventh floor by Gifts and Exchanges (2607).
The other half of his time, of course, he's in Science and can be
reached there at 4363.
The Committee which advises the President on Recommendations for
Confirmed Appointments for Librarians has been reconstituted with a
membership of Dr. Peter Suedfeld (Chair), Dr. Michael Batts, Dr. D.J.
MacDougall, Dr. D. McKie, and Dr. C. Slonecker.
The library administration's recommendations for confirmed
appointments are passed to this committee who make final recommendations
to the President. ilBEE-QHANGES
Thea de Vos, LAI, Circ
Paul Atkinson, LAI, Circ
Duane Lawrence, LAI, MacMillan
Vic Wilson, Clerk 2 (1/2 time), Woodward
and to our hourly summer help
Kim Altrows, Data Control Clerk 1, Systems
Tony Fletcher, Data Control Clerk 1, Systems
Adrienne Brookbank, LAI, Gov Pubs
Martha Whitehead, LAI, Gov Pubs
Neil Mohomed, LAI, Sedgewick
Diane Cummins, LAI, Sedgewick
and welcome back to
Margaret Fukuyama, who is our temporary halftime Japanese cataloguer.
Anita Penner, LA2, Woodward
Mira Blazicevic, LA2, Serials
Mary J. Koretchuk, KPO, Acquisitions
Richard Berger, LA2, Serials
Elizabeth Whittam, LA2, Woodward
Susan Sherlock, LA2, Gov Pubs
and all our good wishes to
Paulina Kirman, who recently retired from her position as LA4, English
Languages, Catalogue Records, after 22 years in the library.  Starting
in Acquisitions, she moved to Cataloguing in 1967 where her knowledge of
languages, including Hebrew, Polish and Yiddish, enabled her to deal
with some of the library's more esoteric materials.  For the next few
months, she's going to put her languages to even better use travelling
to Poland and Israel.
A copy of GRANT APPLICATION DEADLINES, from the UBC Office of Research
Services, listing deadlines and detailed descriptions of research grants is
now kept in Erik's office for staff use.  The current one lists June - August
deadlines and grant information.
Interested in gerontology?  There's money for the development of
research tools such as bibliographies and library resources in the field of
population aging.
The Computing Centre is again offering free non-credit courses during
May and June for members of the university.  A list of courses offered is on
the bulletin board in the I&O Office (or phone 2076 for a few details).
Fraser Valley College is selling used microfiche trays at $20 each,
acid-free rag envelopes for microfiche storage at $25/1000, and mylar index
dividers at $5/10.  What a deal.
Systems, we want to sell our microfiche holders too.  Where's our online
Change your READING ROOMS list.  Eve Peterson is the new attendant in
the Computer Science Reading Room.  The spring and summer hours there are
Tuesday and Thursday from 12 noon to 3pm.
The annual serials count reveals that UBC Library has 41,000 current
serials.  About a half of those are checked in by the Serials Division; the
bulk of the rest are managed in Gov Pubs (9,900), Woodward (6,000), and Law
UPWARD MOBILITY in Erik's office:
Associate Librarian, University of Toronto Library,
Personnel Services Coordinator, University of Toronto Library,
Assoc. Director of Libraries, Branches, Univ. of Washington Libraries,
and more.  Ask for the Upward Mobility binder.  Don't be shy.
The Library Party was so successful that we all want one at Christmas.
Lily Wilson has agreed to help coordinate a committee to plan one.  Call
her (3310) if you're interested in making the next one bigger and better.
Many thanks to those who helped to make the last one a success.  Special
thanks to the piano players, Liora Gelbart, Darrell Short, Tom Shorthouse,
and to Merry Meredith for the display of library personalities.
Don, will you bring your accordian next time? « Xh
V-   _____»
;yr mm
*      pii J_f ^"t H
Kas   t*ie  Orr.qcnd.ls .
r-.-'^"**""",:- a


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