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The Library
UBC Library Staff
No. 269
Spring 2004
ILS Project Wrap-up
Way back in the Fall of 2003 when the
UBC Library formally embarked on
the implementation of the new
Voyager Integrated Library System,
we boldly announced that we would
'go live' on Monday, May 3, 2004 at
12:01 pm precisely. And we did! Oh,
all right - actually we went live
earlier than that. The various
technical services areas started
working in early April on the new
system. Even circulation had a 'soft
go live' on Friday afternoon, April 30.
And the new version of the online
Web catalogue was available for
sneak previews by Library staff for
several weeks before May 3.
The main reason for our successful
implementation is a very simple one.
We had a lot of very good UBC
Library staff who worked long and
hard on an incredible and extensive
variety of tasks that all had to be
completed under a very demanding
timeframe. It would be a very lengthy
list if everyone who made a
significant contribution was
mentioned in this article. And worse,
there would be the risk of
inadvertantly over-looking one or two
people. Aproject of this scale touches
everybody who works at the Library
and all of you played a part in
ensuring its success.
Even successful projects have their
rough spots and we quickly learned to
identify them as the 'flaps du jour'.
Many of these were often very arcane,
technical, or module-specific
problems; although we did have
several 'flaps' that revolved around
cookies, both the Web and edible
varieties. The 'flaps du jour' term was
an apt one because most of these
problems were solved almost as
quickly as they arose. After our official
'go live' on May 3, there were a few
more surprises. Thankfully they were
all relatively minor and quickly joined
the list of the successfully resolved.
Jane Shinn and Catherine Quinlan make history:
the first book is checked out on the new system.
25 Year Club
So what about the DRA system?
It will officially shut down on June
30, 2004. For those of you with a
sentimental attachment to the old
system you will be relieved to know
that some key serials and accounting
data will persist in a special
'snapshot' file on the new Voyager
ILS. DRA served us well during
the past 7 years. But it will be nice
to go into the Fall 2004 term with
a new system able to handle
the increasingly heavy loads we
encounter with each passing year.
contributed by Brian Owen
These six people, as well as 53 from other campus units, were inducted
into the Club at a dinner hosted by Martha Piper on May 11.
Debbie Lim, Anne Miele, Puran Gill, Winnie Wong, Francis Wong, and Suzan Zagar
are joined by Catherine Quinlan. For the Researcher in All of Us!
How did a Nova Scotian
missionary end up
serving in WWII with
Korean officers in the
British Intelligence
Special Forces?
Elsa Dickson (Main Circ) was
interested in the answer to this
question because the Nova Scotian,
Capt. Roland Bacon, was her father.
A research project was born!
Elsa received information on her
father from a number of different
sources, including the British Library
in London, Special Ops Exec (SOE)
in Whitehall, the Canadian veterans
of the B.C. Burma Star Association,
and even our own UBC Library!
Armed with archival photographs,
Capt. Bacon's Service Record, and
first-hand accounts of wartime
missions and conditions, Elsa began
to piece together the story of her
father's adventures.
More key details were revealed when
she answered a request for
information from British author
Nicholas Rankin of the BBC-London.
His recently published book,
"Telegram from Guernica", includes
details of Capt. Bacon's experiences
with Korean intelligence officers
in India and Burma.
And, to wrap it all up, in October of
2002, the Department of Veteran
Affairs of the Republic of South Korea
invited Elsa for a ten day visit. She
attended memorial services and
visited a display that featured photos
of Capt. Bacon with the Korean
officers of his unit. What a way to bring
Elsa's research question to a close!
Late Breaking News
As we go to press, we have learned
that Martha Whitehead
(Head, Info Services) is leaving
UBC to take up the position of
Associate University Librarian
at Queen's University.
It is with great sadness that
we bid Martha farewell and all
the best with her new challenges.
Stay tuned for details on
Martha's farewell reception.
Everyone loves to Snack at the MacMillan Library!
Over the last two years, there have been quite a number of staff
changes at the MacMillan Library. There are 4 new staff- Lorna
Adcock, Julia Popo, Richard Peck Fedje and Gislene Guenard.
With the help & valued experience of Eloisa Anton and Deb Wilson,
the only staff with more than 2 years of service at MacMillan, we have
made some exciting changes to our processes and procedures.
Some of the changes are: in reference, 350-400 AGSC100 students
have mandatory tours of the library (75 tours were given in Sept &
Oct.); the course reserve and ILL/document delivery processes have
been changed; catalogue records have been fixed; and most of the
collections (book, serial, microfiche, reserve, VF, oversize) have either
been reorganized, weeded or moved to provide more space and
improved access.
Also, an Ariel workstation, a book sale, a library display and soon-to-
arrive scanner, donated by the graduate students of the Faculty of
Agricultural Sciences, make up the cornucopia of services and events
at MacMillan. All the staff now have ergonomic workstations; there has
been minor construction in the circulation area to remove the laboratory
countertop and sink; and, there are new blinds in the copy room.
The MacMillan Library provides subject, reference, and circulation
support to the Food Program at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences.
As a result, we have the opportunity to research many different kinds
of snacks (cinnamon buns with cream cheese icing, dried jackfruit,
chocolate and special treats that Eloisa brings back from her annual
trips to the Philippines). Thank goodness we have three flights of stairs
to climb on a daily basis to reach our desks!
Snack anyone? Deb Wilson, Eloisa Anton, Lorna Adcock, (statue),
Gislene Guenard, Richard Peck Fedje and Julia Popo.
contributed by Lorna Adcock STAFF UPDATE
January 1, 2004 - March 31, 2004
Welcome to Recent Hires
Deborah L. Austin - Director, Human Resources UBC Library
Anita Bidinosti - LA C (Temporary 50%), Humanities and
Social Sciences Division
Rita Dahlie - Head, Woodward Biomedical Library
Stephanie Forgacs - Acting Senior Development Officer, University
Librarian's Office
David Harakal - LA B (Term), Law Library
Katherine Kalsbeek - Term Reference Librarian (0.5 FTE),
Woodward Biomedical Library
Erika Luebbe - LA C (Term), David Lam Management Research
Kristina McDavid - Term MD Undergraduate Resources Librarian,
Life Sciences
Jaimie Miller - LA D, Woodward Library
Kjell Olson - LA B, Main Library Circulation
New and Additional Responsibilities
Megan Campbell - LA H, Technical Services
Ramona Cowan - Term LA D (42%), Math Library
Linda Dunbar - Reference Librarian, Education Library
Katherine Kalsbeek - Term Reference Librarian (0.5 FTE), Rare Books
and Special Collections
Lome Madgett - LA C (Temporary), Technical Services, Serials
Erin O'Connor - LA F (Term), Borrower Services (Koerner Library)
Patrick Balena - LA F, Hamber Library
Rachel Brown - Term Reference Librarian, Music Library
Ron Burke - Acting Senior Development Officer, University
Librarian's Office
Marlene Hamakawa - LA J, Technical Services, Periodicals & Binding
Melanie Hardbattle - Term Archivist (60%), Archives
Jennifer Oey - LA C, Borrower Services (Koerner Library) - Sessional
Cathy Rayment - Reference Librarian, Hamber Library
Jenna Thomson - LA D, Woodward Library
Welcome Back
Rachel Chan - LA B, Rare Books and Special Collections
Terry Horner - Librarian, Music Library
Lynne Trudeau - LA D, Law Library
Martha Whitehead - Head, Information Services
Transferring to other UBC Departments
Isgo Nercessian - LA C (Sessional), Borrower Services
to Faculty of Arts
... to Mary Mitchell (Law Library)
who was recently honoured by the
Canadian Association of Law
Libraries (CALL) for her outstanding
service to the Association and her
enhancement of the profession of law
librarianship. For her achievements,
especially her work as compiler of
Periodicals in Canadian Law
Libraries: A Union List, Mary
received the Denis Marshall
Memorial Award for Excellence in
Law Librarianship. Some of you may
remember Denis from his days in the
UBC Law Library. On hand to see
Mary receive this Award at the May
2004 CALL Meeting in Quebec City
were Anna Holeton and Elim Wong.
Congratulations, Mary!
... to Julia Popo (MCM) who will be
married on June 12 to Scott
... and to Diane Lee (Info Services)
for completing her
Way to go Diane!
Works in Progress
Amber Lannon and Christina Sylka
attended a Bloomberg seminar and are
working towards achieving their
"Bloomberg accreditation." Bloomberg
is an online financial service that
provides quotes and analysis of
securities. Bloomberg also provides
company information, industry data,
market news, and economic data.
Notes for the Keeping
Terry Horner (Music) presented his
British Columbia Sheet Music project
at the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the
Music Library Association on April 23
and at the Canadian Association of
Music Libraries on May 14.
The web site for this wonderful sheet
music resource is:
www. library, ubc. ca/    \ JX^ \
music/bcmusic/ \ St<
default.htm Behind the Desk at the Voyager Launch - Jane's Story
Many of the issues that we
uncovered that day have been
solved; others are still works in
progress. Will we ever forget the
one foot long date due receipt?
A remaining issue (as you can see in
the picture) is the number of staff it
takes to sign out a book in Voyager.
Just hope the Admin isn't watching !
contributed, by Jane Shinn
Borrower Services staff await the Launch!
(left to right) Jane Shinn, David Winter,
Lincoln Penner, Linda Wensveen, Alison
Steeves, Peter Sykanda and Rowan Hougham
started off like any other day.
Made tea, commuted to work, got up
- not necessarily in that order.
Arrived at work around the usual
time. But this time there was a sense
of excitement in the air. 'The Queen's
coming again' I thought. Nope, there
is still gum on the carpet and the
windows aren't clean. Oh well. Let's
get on with the day.
The phone rang. 'Can I see you in my
office?' So I walked over to The Office.
There was a mass of people in The
Office. The question was asked: 'Is it
a go?' I thought, is what a go - are we
launching some sort of space ship
here? Well, it turned out we were.
It was time to launch Voyager.
It was an exciting morning; there was
some tension in the air. There was
lots of preparation, lots of action and
lots of talk, but the circulation motto
held firm: Don't Panic! We worked
our way systematically through
Friday morning. Around 11:30 am we
noticed that there were a number of
people loitering in the main foyer.
Not quite the Queen's visit but
impressive nonetheless.
At 11:55 the word came from Systems
- and the command was issued 'Click
on Production.'And we did. The
system gurgled and whirred. All the
data that was supposed to upload
uploaded and reports that were
supposed to print printed! And there
was the Voyager screen. Just like we all
saw in training.
By this time the crowd of on-lookers in
the foyer had grown substantially
larger. Then, the other circulation
motto kicked in. 'Doors open, books in,
books out.' Well the doors were open so
we thought we would try the 'books out'
The foyer was packed with curious
onlookers. Among them was one person
who actually wanted to sign out a book.
So, we clicked on Charge and scanned
the library card. Then we scanned the
item. And, book out! The first few minutes went quite well and staff took turns
helping users at the circulation desk.
Next, it was time to key in the data
that had been recorded manually over
the previous days and also to discharge
the twenty-four trucks of books that
had accumulated. By the end of
the afternoon everyone was quite
experienced at charging and
The following Monday all of the
branches went live - one by one and
with 'experienced' staff on hand.
There were no major hiccups as staff
throughout the Library clicked on
Production for the first time.
My Other Life
Michael V. Smith
When he's not working at UBC
Library Robson Square, mild-
mannered Michael V Smith
performs a popular stand-up
improv audience-participation
act as Miss Cookie La Whore.
Whether entertaining the
cabaret circuit or the Institute
of Chartered Accountants of BC,
Cookie is the sharpest thing in
heels this side of Winnipeg.
Michael is also an accomplished
writer, filmmaker, zinester and
occasional clown. His first novel,
Cumberland (PS8597.M5636 C8
2002) was shortlisted for the
Amazon/Books In Canada First
Novel Award. In May, he was
nominated for the Journey Prize
and a Western Magazine Award
for his story "What We Wanted",
published in UBC's Prism
He's busy working on a number
of short documentary videos,
writing poems for an upcoming
chapbook, and learning to
Editor: kele fleming
Design: Jill Pittendrigh


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