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University of British Columbia Library Bulletin May 29, 1968

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 University of British Columbia Library Bulletin
No. 2 May 29, 1968 Vancouver, B.C.
The summer season, with its comings and goings of key staff, is playing havoc
with the regularity of this publication. We do intend to get it out once a week,
but cannot yet pin-point the exact date of its birth. The eventual aim is to bring
it forth every Monday afternoon.
EMPLOYEE Rating Reports are Now in Use:
Two of the employee rating reports (those relating to the probationary period) which
were described in last week's issue of the Builetin are now being forwarded to the appropriate division heads for completion.
All staff members who started work during December 1967 will be rated on the second
report, and those who started during March 1968 will be rated on the first; this means
that all employees who started work after December 1st will be evaluated on one or both
of these forms during their probationary period. Following is a compressed sample of
each of these reports:
Probationary Report I  (three months after appointment)
  This employee has performed his duties satisfactorily to date.
  This employee is not satisfactory.
Basis of my judgment:  (over half a page of free space provided)
(at bottom of sheet] -
It is the responsibility of the Division Head, after completing this report to
discuss the employee's progress with him and to advise him of the nature of this
report.  If a non-professional's work has been unsatisfactory he must be warned
that his work is under review and failure to improve it sufficiently within one
month will result in dismissal.  If a librarian's work is unsatisfactory, he should
be informed in detail during the interview and told that an appointment has been
arranged for him to discuss the matter with Mr. Bell.
Probationary Report II  (five months after appointment)
  I recommend that this employee's probationary period be ended.
  I recommend that this employee be dismissed.
Report substantiating recommendation:  (over half a page of free space provided)
[at bottom of sheet] -
In the event that dismissal has been recommended on this form the Division Head,
prior to taking any action, should arrange immediately to discuss the matter and
the official procedure with Mr. Bell.
POLICY MANUAL for the Library System:
The Library Administration is presently engaged in the task of codifying the Library's
general policies and procedures. The format of the projected manual is to be loose-leaf,
and the intention is to distribute it in enough copies as to make it easily accessible
to all staff members. UBC Library Bulletin - Page 2
POLICY MANUAL ... contd.
The binder and first half dozen sheets should be ready for distribution by the end of
August. From then on it will be the responsibility of the Library Administration to keep
the manual current by supplying each of the divisions with update sheets whenever additions
or changes are made.
PERSONNEL Turnover Study:
Mr. Bell, Bob MacDonald and Tom Turner (of the Personnel Office) are currently working
on a multi-factor computer-produced survey of staff turnover during the three year period
which began July 1965.
The results, when they are available, should prove useful as a guide both in the initial
selection of staff and its management thereafter.
LAW FACULTY Appointment:
At the May 22nd meeting of the Senate, approval was given to a recommendation by the
Faculty of Law that the Law Librarian be appointed, ex-officio, as one of its members.
This recognition is a well-deserved tribute to the librarians who have done such a fine
job of organizing and administering the Law Library over the past few years.
The Library has received a grant of $64,000 from the Canada Council for the purchase of
books to support research in the Social Sciences and Humanities.
The money will be awarded in three instalments, the second and third of which must be
applied for in separate reports, each outlining how the previous allocation was used.
At a recent meeting of the Board of Governors of the Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation
approval was given to a grant of $250 to add to the collection of modern French plays in
French, and another grant of $500 to purchase books by major writers of the Pre-Raphaelite
School .
BROCK HALL - Future Plans:
The Ballroom and Cafeteria areas of Brock will soon be converted for the use of students
as study halls. The furniture will probably be a combination of tables and carrels, providing a total seating capacity of about 500.
Four of the collapsible, modular carrel units - designed cooperatively by Julius
Benyovits, Rein Brongers and Basil Stuart-Stubbs to combine the necessary attributes of
economy, flexibility and practicality - have been constructed by Buildings and Grounds, and
may be viewed in the Science Division shortly.
LIBRARY SYSTEMS Development Committee:
Bob MacDonald has formed a new committee to achieve the following objectives: I) make
the staff aware of what is going on in systems development within the UBC library system,
and 2) give representatives of all areas an opportunity to share in the making of decisions.
Members of the committee are;  R. MacDonald, Miss G. Dobbin, N. Omelusik, S. Johnson,
Miss R. Butterfield, Mc Elrod, T. Erickson, Miss A. Leith, Mrs. J. Selby, R. Brongers, and
G. Elliston.
Bill Watson is meeting with Mr. Clark of the Personnel Office and representatives of the
Union to negotiate the terms of a new work contract. Three meetings have been held so far
and discussions are still in progress.


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