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University of British Columbia Library Bulletin 1969-11-07

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 University of British Columbia Library Bulletin
No. 36 . November 7, 1969 Vancouver, B.C.
MORE ON COMMUNICATING AND PARTI CIPATING.  In the space of a few years the staff of the
Library has doubled in size; today, over four hundred librarians, library assistants,
clerks, keypunch operators, student assistants, etc., work in over two dozen branches
and departments.  In large and complex organizations complete communication and full
participation are difficult to achieve, and inevitably frustrations develop.  People feel
out of it, at the top and in the middle, as much as at the bottom.
WHAT HAS BEEN DONE TO ALLEVIATE THE SITUATION?  Attempts are made constantly to make the
normal channels of communication and participation more effective:  meetings within
divisions to allow communication, discussion and the exchange of ideas between staff
members and their supervisors; meetingsbetween division heads and assistant librarians to
permit the upward flow of ideas and opinions generated at divisional meetings; and to
complete the circuit in the library, meetings of the assistant, associate and head
librarians; beyond the library, the head librarian meets with students, faculty members
and members of the university administration both formally and informally.  In this chain
of communication, it is essential that division heads do their part in ensuring that their
staff members have an opportunity to make their views known on library matters.
During the early years of expansion, Biblos was established as a staff journal, and has
proved to be a highly successful medium of general communication.  Last year, in order to
transmit specific news regarding the Library's operations, the more frequent UBC Library
Builetin was established.
A number of other steps have been taken to improve communication and increase participation by all staff in the affairs of the Library: consultation and cooperation with the
Library Assistants' Association in matters relating to the welfare of Library Assistants;
inclusion of library assistants and librarians in key standing and ad hoc committees;
establishments of a committee of librarians to set salary objectives, prepare a brief and
negotiate salary increases and determine the method of distribution of the increase; a
librarian's committee to review annual ratings.
WHAT SUCCESS HAVE THESE MEASURES ACHIEVED? Definite improvement has resulted from all of
these activities.  Where they have been partially successful or effective, it has not been
because they have been wrong approaches, but because insufficient time and effort were not
devoted by someone to making them work at some point in place or time.  The ordinary course
of the day's work in the Library does not leave much time and energy for staff sessions
that might or might not produce better results, so it is not surprising when breaks in the
chain occur.
WHAT ELSE CAN BE DONE? More effort can be put into making present systems of communication
and participation work better; everyone can assist in this.  In addition, other means are
being sought to improve things further.  With the aid of a consultant, a careful study is
being made of the Library as an organization; it has been encouraging to learn that the
Library already compares favourably in its organization and operation with other libraries
and large organizations anywhere.  The present review will result in structural modifications in the organization which will result not only in improving work satisfaction for
staff, but in providing better service to the University, which is the Library's primary
role and goal.
BROCK HALL - Study Hours:  Arrangements have been made to extend the closing hour to 2 a.m.
during the following periods: from Monday, November 17 to Thursday, December 18, and from
Monday, March 23 to Thursday, April 30. UBC LIBRARY BULLETIN - page 2
OPEN HOUSE, 1970:  The Library is responding postively to President Gage's call for a major
effort on the part of all University departments to make Open House 1970 a resounding success,.
A committee has been formed to organize a program; other interested individuals are invited
to participate.  How? Nobody knows — yet.  Any suggestions on interesting displays, give- -
aways, gimmicks, etc., would also be welcome.
Please contact Nick Omelusik in Acquisitions if you wish to help.
CIRCULATION Statistics, 1968/69:  Statistics, collected for the Librarian's Annual Report,
indicated a total recorded circulation of 1,622,451 for 1968/69, an increase of 16.73% over
the previous year's total (1,389,916).  The fact that recorded use of collections has more
than doubled during the past four years can probably be attributed to the creation of branch
libraries, improved collections, the introduction of an automated circulation system,
changes in teaching methods and, of course, increased enrolments (up about 40% for the same
period) .
The greatest numerical increases since last year were in the Sedgewick Library, where
434,890 items were borrowed (up 83,886), and in the Main Stacks, with 470,404 items
borrowed (up 83,639).  Spectacular increases also took place in the circulation of records,
as 96.2% more recordings were borrowed from the Music Library, and 37.2% more from the
Wilson Record Collection.  For the first time the total number of recordings borrowed
exceeded 100,000.  Circulation of books from the newer branches also increased dramatically:
Forestry/Agriculture was up 38.2% and Music Library 39.6%.
An encouraging trend, continued from the previous year, is that circulation of reserve
books in the Main Library and in Sedgewick is decreasing in relation to the circulation
of stack books. This would seem to indicate that students are reading more widely and that
they have been able to borrow more of the books they need for more convenient lengths of
t ime than reserve loan periods permit.  It may also mean that material requested for reserve
is being more carefully screened to prevent books from being placed unnecessarily on
restricted loan periods.
WHO TO ASK? - Cataloguing Division or Information Desk;  Questions requiring the alphabetical approach to library records should be directed to the Information Desk (2077) where
both author and title search is possible.  Printouts of the "On order, in process, and
recently catalogued" materials are also available at this point.
Questions requiring the classed approach to library records should be directed to the
Cataloguing Division (3241, Monday-Friday 9 a.m. to 4.30 p.m., or 3510 after 4.30 and on
Saturdays) where the Shelflist and Serial Record can be consulted to give you copy,        <,
location and holding information.
The current status of a book found in the "In process" printout may be checked with
Cataloguing, of course, and charged out by using the Purchase Order number found in the
printout if the book has not yet been catalogued.
CATALOGUING Division - Telephone (again):  In the last issue of the Builetin we announced
that the evening hours for use of telephone number 3510 were 6 p.m. tb 10 p.m.  This was    <,
incorrect — it should have been 4.30 p.m. to 10 p.m.
LIBRARIANS as Lecturers: On Thursday, October 9th, Les Karpinski of the Cataloguing Divisions,
was invited by the Religious Studies Department to deliver a guest lecture on "The Religion
of Palmyra in Syria as shown by historical sources and archaeological excavations".        ^
Mr. Karpinski is expecting to give another lecture in two to three weeks.


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