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UBC Library Staff Bulletin 2003

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The Library
UBC Library Staff
No. 267
www. library, ubc. ca/staff/bulletin
Spring 2003
The Irving K. Barber Learning Centre
Much to report!! Over the past couple of months, the Library has hosted a
number of presentations on The Irving K. Barber Learning Centre project.
On February 19th Stephen Johnson (Architect, Hardy Holzman, Pfieffer
and Associates) explained the inner workings of the ARS (Automated
Retrieval System) that will be part of the north wing of the Learning
Centre (see sidebar). And most recently, on April 9, Mr. Johnson presented
again - this time detailing the architectural design process. A copy of Mr.
Johnson's PowerPoint presentation is available for viewing on The Irving
K. Barber Learning Centre web site (www.ikebarberlearningcentre.ubc.ca).
Staff are encouraged to send feedback on the designs and plans to Catherine
Quinlan (Catherine.quinlan@ubc.ca) or Simon Neame, Coordinator of
Programs & Services for The Irving K. Barber Learning Centre
Keep up-to-date on the progress of the building project by reading The
Irving K. Barber Learning Centre News and visiting the web site.
Another interesting project that is underway through UBC Land & Building Services is the precinct study which includes an examination of the
green space between the future Irving K. Barber Learning Centre and the
Koerner Library. A great deal of thought is going into the area and efforts
are being made to transform it into a more accessible and flexible space.
UBC Authors Week
The Library was involved with the 13th annual UBC Authors Week in
March. In Main Library's Dodson Room, William H. New (Professor of
English & University Killam Professor) gave a talk on his experiences as
editor for the "Encyclopedia of Canadian Literature." Also, Koerner
Library hosted a book display on Level 2 titled "BC in Print Display."
The twenty-seven books on BC subjects were selected from the 167 UBC
works of 2002. They illustrate the richness and diversity of this region for
research, unique insights and creative writing.
If you missed the talk and the display, visit the Library's UBC Authors
web site (www.library.ubc.ca/authorsweek) which was developed by
Margaret Friesen and Paul Lesack.
2002 User Survey Results
In late March all staff received a written summary of the User Survey
Results. If you did not receive a copy, please contact Deborah Taylor
(2-3310 or deborah.taylor@ubc.ca).
Architects' Presentation on
Learning Centre Progress
At a presentation for staff on
February 19, design team
member Stephen Johnson of
Hardy Holzman Pfieffer,
displays a model of the Main
Library "heritage core" (above),
and the ARS (Automated
Retrieval System).
ubc library bulletin page 2
Migration to new ILS
The Library has started the process of purchasing a new ILS (Integrated Library System). A project management team is being hired that will work closely with Library staff throughout this process. An important
factor in the selection of a new ILS is that it must be compatible with the software that operates the Automated Retrieval System (ARS) in The Irving K. Barber Learning Centre. Check future Bulletins for progress
Draft Strategic Plan for 2004-2007
The Library is gearing up for the newest round of strategic planning. This is a great opportunity to get
involved and give feedback on the Library's direction for the coming years. Watch for an announcement in
the coming weeks for staff meetings planned for mid-May.
Everyone's a Winner at David Lam Library
Left to right: Christine Sylka, Maureen Adams, Moira
Buckham, Kristina McDavid, Jan Wallace
From the title of this article you may be wondering what
kind of magic potions the 5 wonderful witches (remember the last edition of the Bulletin??) of the David Lam
Library are concocting. Well, it's nothing really so
spooky, just the hook the librarians used to promote
their WebCT online tutorial to Commerce 299 students.
Here's the premise - Students were asked to complete
an online tutorial that introduced them to information
literacy skills in their discipline in exchange for a chance
to win gift certificates to the Commerce store. The
tutorial was a success (and so were the prizes!) and
plans are in the works to have all 35 sections of Commerce 299 (that's every 2nd year Commerce student!)
take the tutorial next year.
The DLAM staff, while committed to teaching students about electronic resources, are fully aware of how
important the Library's physical space is to students. Many of their students travel long distances to attend
class and spend many hours studying in the Library. To that end, the Library underwent renovations a few
months ago to upgrade the Library's physical space. New carpets
were laid and fresh paint applied to walls, all in warm yellow
and "commerce blue." Comfy chairs, footstools and end tables
were arranged around window spaces. The photocopy room was
transformed into the beautiful Len Henriksson Conference Room
(in memory of the popular Commerce professor) that boasts new
furniture (selected by long-serving and soon-to-be-retiring Library
staff member Maureen Adams), a presentation computer and a
whiteboard. Jan Wallace indicated that the room is very popular
and always booked and that students love the new study space.
And, in keeping with the learning commons theme growing
within the Library, a laptop lending program is coming soon to Lam.
The DLAM staff seem to truly enjoy their environment and the students they serve. And, as is evident from
their creative costumes at Halloween, they believe in injecting some humour into their workplace. Watch out
this Halloween, we heard a rumour that Star Trek is next theme to be explored!
If you know of something new and exciting happening in your branch, please let us know!
ubc library bulletin page3
January 1, 2003 - March 31, 2003
Welcome to Recent Hires
David Brendle-Moczuk LA K, Map Library
Rachel Brown Librarian, Music Library
Nicole Gjertsen Librarian, Chapman Learning
Commons and Information Services
Isgo Nercessian LA B, Education Library
Angus Watson Senior Development Officer, Administration
New Responsibilities
Lee Ann Bryant Nursing Liaison Librarian
Moira Buckham LA E, David Lam Management
Research Library
Larry Campbell Acting Head, Information Services
Joy Kirchner Electronic Resources Librarian,
Technical Services
Simon Neame Coordinator, Programs & Services,
Irving K. Barber Learning Centre
Trish Rosseel Acting Coordinator, The Chapman
Learning Commons
Sandra Wilkins Acting AUL — Public Services
Erik Dierks Senior Development Officer,
Adm inistration
Mimi Doyle-Waters Librarian, Woodward
Biomedical Library
Jirina Hatina LA H, Collections
Avron Hoffman LA G, Technical Services
Catherine Howett LA B, Education Library
Dilma Huggett LA H, Law Library
Ann Hutchison LA H, Technical Services
Isabel Pitfield Librarian, Special Collections
Helene Redding Librarian, Humanities & Social
Sciences Division
Sion Romaine Librarian, Technical Services —
Periodicals & Binding
Jim Swartz LA G, MacMillan Library
Margot Bell, Student Development Officer,
Chapman Learning Commons, is a recipient
of the Margaret Fulton Award. This award
recognizes an individual for their personal
contribution to student development.
Congratuations Margot!
Kitty Edgar, who worked for the Library
for many years as a monitor, will be sadly
missed by all. This card came from her
husband, Library staff member Pete Edgar.
Dear Catherine & the Library Staff
Thank you so much for your donation
to the BC Cancer Foundation. It is
important to someday find a cure.
Peter, Scott & Elizabeth Edgar
Welcome Back, Kat
I was living in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab
Emirates. I worked as an Information Literacy/
Reference Librarian at the Abu Dhabi Men's
College which is part of the Higher Colleges of
Technology (www.hct.ac.ae). I was there for 2
1/2 years. Most people ask if I had to cover, or
wear a burka. No, I did not, as you can see
from the above photo of me and one of my
I had a desire to go somewhere hot and old.
I got hot — today it's 32+C there and in the
summer it can climb to 50+C. But old it is not,
virtually everything in the country has been
built within the last 40 years. The college
where I worked featured a wireless network,
most students had laptops, and 60% of course
content was delivered online.
Many of the grandparents of these fellows
were camel farmers and pearl divers. Residing
in a place like the UAE gave me another
perspective on living with rapid change.
Kat McGrath
Koerner Periodicals & Binding
ubc library bulletin page 4
Woodward Library Gets a Face Lift
The main floor of Woodward Library is getting a grand new
look, in the "learning commons style", that will greatly
improve the functionality of the space for our users. The
work began in late fall with a thorough weeding of the
reference collection followed by the dismantling of the stacks
to make way for the new furniture. The furniture is slowly
being assembled and the space is gradually taking shape. The
revamped space features:
&d?5 Comfy chairs with side writing tablets that can be
pulled together for group work
k&? Round tables that will support group work.
|Qfr The refurbishment of the training room. The furniture
chosen will allow for a variety of configurations.
And, like the Dodson Room in the Chapman Learning
Commons, the training room will be open for public
use when it is not booked.
Wireless laptops that will be circulated for student
group work in the commons. Students will also be able
to book laptops for classroom presentations.
The new reference desk is yet to arrive and the reassembly
of the reference stacks will begin soon.
We already think it looks great. And, our users seems to
like it too! They took to the new arrangement immediately.
At press time the work was nearing completion. Keep
up-to-date and see some before and after shots by
visiting this website wwwJibrary.ubc.ca/woodward/
learningcommons. Or, drop by in person to see the
completed space during the soon-to-be-scheduled open
Thanks to contributors Lea Starr and Suzan Zagar.
Things We Will Miss
About Main
I 20    T
20      2
tt Jcv/wovsKr
Canucks Fan Club Headquarters
(Level 4-Stacks)
Let us know your favourites ....
OUBC ©Links
Coming soon
What is UBC eLink and how does it
UBC eLink is link server software called
SFX, from ExLibris. It provides a more
transparent approach to the Library's full
text offerings directly from index searches,
whether the full text is online or in print.
From the citation, you will be presented
with the UBC eLink icon. Click on the
icon and a new window opens up with
links to the full-text article when it exists
and another click takes you to the Library
catalogue record for the journal.
When will UBC eLink be launched?
UBC eLink will be launched in late
April. Be on the lookout for announcements of our launch date, an upcoming
UBC eLink Infosession for library staff,
and a UBC eLink website.
Joy Kirchner
ubc library bulletin
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