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University of British Columbia Library Bulletin Dec 4, 1969

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 University of British Columbia Library Bulletin
No. 37 December 4-, 1969 Vancouver, B. C.
SENATE Library Committee:
The members of the Senate Library Committee for 1969/70 are: A. Brearley, D.G. Brown,
F.J. Cairnie, D.H. Chitty, .W.-.C Gibson, J.M. Kennedy, S. Rothstein, W.M. Armstrong,
K.R. Martin, A.J. McClean, P. Brock, D. Allen, B. Stuart-Stubbs, and M.F. McGregor (Chair-
CHANGES of Name:
All non-librarians who change their names (by marriage, or any other way you can think
of) must forward notice of the fact to both PERSONNEL and PAYROLL, as neither of these
offices will inform the other for you.
The Senate Library Committee has approved two more reading rooms;  Creative Writing
and Comparative Literature.
SHASTRI Institute:
Mr. Hamilton succeeds Mr. Watson as this Library's representative to the Institute.
Books have begun to be received (see Biblos, October 1969, p.3).
Dr. Richard Seaton and Dr. John Collins have joined the Committee.  Both are members
of the Academic Planning Office and specialize in environmental psychology.  Since the
Alma Mater Society has not succeeded in providing students to sit on this Committee, the
students on the Senate Library Committee, Peter Brock and Drina Allen, have been invited
to join.
ANIMAL RESOURCE Ecology Library;
Discussions with the Institute of Animal Resources Ecology (formerly the Institue of
Fisheries) are taking place in order to determine the future direction of the Library, in
light of the expanding interests of the Institute.  Pending the appointment of a successor
to Mr. Verwey, the Library will be supervised by Mr. Harrington through the Reading Rooms
As an experiment, the on-order/in-process file has been placed on cartridge microfilm
for searching on a reader.  The curious may view this marvel in the Acquisitions Division.
A number of readers will be tried, as will different arrangements of the print-out on the
film, before a conclusion is reached.  Microfiche will also be studied when the tests of
microfilm are completed.
November 24 was an all-time record day for transactions (including returns) on the
automated system.  The day's total was 17,870, compared with just over 13,000 for last year's
peak day.  Here is a breakdown of the day's transactions:  Main Stacks (7,306), R.B.C.
(518), Sedgewick (7,,178), Woodward (926), Mathematics (179), Forestry/Agr icul ture (188),
Music (119), Curriculum Laboratory (1,456).
Miss Mary Ann Johnson, a graduate of Lewis and Clark and of the University of Washington,
has been appointed to the staff of the Government Publications Division. Miss Johnson comes
to us from Simon Fraser University where she was a catalogue librarian for 2j  years. UBC Library Bulletin -page 2
Mr. Tsuneharu Gonnami, who arrived from Japan only a month ago, has joined the staff    <
of the Asian Studies Division.  Mr. Gonnami graduated in 1ibrarianship from Keio
University in 1962 and worked as a librarian for seven years before emigrating.
SWEDES in British Columbia;
The Library is collecting materials relating to the Swedish people of British Columbia.
The Special Collections Division is interested in records of organizations, companies and
individuals « correspondence, clippings, photographs, and anything else, published and
unpublished, relating to the history of Scandinavians in the province.  Anyone having
such material or knowing of its existence should get in touch with Mrs. Yandle (2521).
This branch library is being supervised part-time from the Science Division by Dave
CANADIAN ASSOCIATION For Information Science - (CAIS):
A new association is presently being formed for those individuals interested in the many
different aspects of information science. A start has been made in Ontario where an
Ottawa Chapter has been established.  It is recognized that successful growth of a truly   ,-
Canadian association will require the development of regional chapters so that members
located in the same geographic area can meet foe purposes to be defined in the Constitution. "
Meanwhile, if you are interested in the development of this new association would you
please join the Ottawa Chapter on a provisional basis so that they can prepare regional
lists of members which can be used to bring people together for the purpose of forming
other regional chapters.  The fee is $10, and the address is;  Canadian Association for
Information Science, Box 158, Besserer Street Post Office, Ottawa, Ontario.
CANADIAN LIBRARY Association - Counci1 Meeting, Nov. 7-9, 1969:
Some progress is being made in discussing the re-organization of CLA proposed by the
Council Advisory Group (see: Feasibi1ity study for a Canadian Library Association
Federation).  It is unlikely, however, that any decisions will be made until after
possible changes have been discussed at a general meeting in Hamilton next June.
Judging from this past meeting, it seems unlikely that the CAG proposal -- to organize
into "type of 1ibrary" associations — could be accepted without considerable change.
Further study is needed to determine what kind of relationship provincial and regional
associations should have to CLA, since one of the prime objectives of re-organization
would be to involve people in CLA at the local or regional level.  Hopefully, too, some
way of consolidating the various membership fees and perhaps reducing the number of
different library associations in Canada may emerge.  The answer may lie in a federation    4
of provincial and regional associations if some way can be found to provide within that
framework for people with common interests to meet and carry out their programs.
At present, views on this are being sought from sections of CLA and from provincial and
regional associations.  Their comments, along with the CAG proposal and any other alternative
proposals that may be drawn up in the next few months, will be distributed to members in
advance of the June meeting.  In spite of the fact that, as in any other large organization, -<
there is in CLA a certain resistance to change, the general feeling one had from this
particular meeting was that the need for change was recognized and that there was a fair
amount of agreement on the kinds of change required.


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